luka perawatan luka, abrasi, luka bakar. menjaga daerah bersih dan kering.

menjaga luka ditutupi dengan dressing bersih, perubahan rias dailay. menjaga bagian beristirahat dan meninggikan untuk 12 bours. menonton kemerahan, nanah atau peningkatan nyeri. Hubungi dokter Anda jika hal ini terjadi. memiliki luka Anda diperiksa dan Anda remod jahitan di... hari seperti yang disarankan oleh dokter darurat.

o Arifudin as nurse 1 o Deden as patient o Jani as doctor o esatari as ahli gi!i

o "urhayati as nurs 2

#ada suatu hari ada seorang pasien bernama deden datang kerumah sakit untuk memeriksakan luka diabetes melitus pada daerah tangannya ke dokter. $ne day there was a patient named deden came in hospital for e%amination diabetes mellitus wound in the hands to the doctor.

patient Doctor #atient Doctor #atient Doctor #atient Doctor #atient Doctor

& 'ood morning, e%cuse me doc.( & 'ood morning, )es, can * help you +r ( & * will checking my condition. & ,hat is your name ( & +y name is deden. & How old are you ( & 22 years old doc. & ,hat is your problem( & * am ha-ing an increasingly se-ere diabetes wounds and e%tends. & $k +r. * want to checking your condition, #lease sit down in e%amination room.

from the results of the e%amination were diabetes. +r. it0s +r. Doctor & /his +r. please to wound care in order to get treatment immediately. * am understand. Deden willing( #atient "urse 1 #atient "urse 1 #atient & )es of course & before anybody want to ask there or in a less in understand.( & enough already nurs. #atient Doctor & $k doc. do care in wound care. & what is your name ( & my name is deden & $k +r. 2%cuse me nurse & good morning. get wound care by nurses here.emudian mr. And suggest to do the treatment. /hen the doctor performing an e%amination on +r. he is +r. #atient & )es Doc. * ha-e created reference letter. his wounds were so se-er. & )ou are welcome. Deden so get wound care. * ask permission for a bit to set up tools and hand wash & $k please . Doctor & All right +r. Deden datang ke ruang perawatan luka. 1etelah itu dokter membuatkan surat rujukan untuk +r. After that the doctor make a referral letter to +r. . Deden comes to wound care room. Deden di ruang pemeriksaan.emudian dokter melekukan pemeriksaan pada mr. #atient "urs 1 #atient "urs 1 #atient "urs 1 wound & good morning. can * help you +r ( & * will checking my diabetes wound. /hank you -ery much. the purpose of to clean up the and replace the bandage wounds on +r. Deden supaya mendapatkan perawatan luka. Deden in e%amination room. /hen +r. Dan menyarankan untuk di lakukan perawatan. & ok 1ir. * will do your diabetic wound care.#atient & ok doc. 1o +r. . )es.

"urse 1 "urse 2 & nurs jani. melon. * ask the patient a complete data about nutrition that should be gi-en to the patient. peach.emudian perawat menyiapkan alat dan cuci tangan untuk menjaga keseterilan. . #atient & ok 1ir.( & good morning. * ha-e already finished doing wound care.. )es. and clear soups. "urs 2 #atient & good morning sir( & good morning. mushrooms. sweet. pear. $nce done then nurses 1. * am ready "urse. "utritionsts & ok let me check first briefly. tell the nurse 2 to collaborate with nutritionists. deden. /hen the nurse began to replace the bandage and do wound care. "urse 1 cooperation.emudian perawat 2 pergi ke ahli gi!i untuk berkolaborasi menetukan hasil pemeriksaan tuan deden. red rice. we recommend that these patients in order to gi-e ad-ise on food& 1. seaweed. curcumae. low in sugar 2. /hen the nurse prepares tools and hand3washing to keep seteril. menyuruh perawat 2 untuk melakukan kolaborasi dengan ahli gi!i. . "urse 1 patient & Are you ready ( & )es. carrot. potato juice. e%cuse me .emudian perawat kembali ke ruang perawatan luka untuk memberikan pendidikan kesehatan pada tuan deden. & $k nurse. "urs 2 "utritionists & good morning. /hen the nurse came back to the room to pro-ide wound care health education on +r. from the results of this e%amination. and melon. 1etelah selesai kemudian perawat 1. . "urs 2 "utritionsts & ok thank you for the recommendation & you are welcome. /hen the nurse 2 go to a nutritionist to collaborate to determine the results of the e%amination of +r deden.emudian perawat mulai mengganti balutan dan melakukan perawatan luka. /hank you for your & you are welcome. . #lease pro-ide the inspection results to the nutritionist +r. kale hioko. pumpkin. deden. can * help you "urs ( "urs 2 & *t reports the inspection results. 4ruits are good for diabetics is a low3calorie fruits such as& cucumber.

low in sugar 2. red rice. seaweed."urs 2 & How is the situation( is it better( #atient & )es * am already -ery comfortable now. kale hioko. and clear soups. Deden in the recommend to do wound care at regular inter-als and recommend to eat food& 1. pumpkin. . #atient "urs 2 & ok thank you for the recommendation & you are welcome. 4ruits are good for diabetics is a low3calorie fruits such as& cucumber. melon. pear. and melon. "urs 2 & from all the wound e%amination processes. +r. $nce completed in doing wound care and pro-ide health education then +r deden home to his home. curcumae. mushrooms. carrot. potato juice. peach. sweet.