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Adresele magazinelor: Boarders Brezoianu 11; Base intersectia Carol cu Armeneasca, H20 BlanariBacani 3-5, Billabong Blanari 14,

Ascent Blanari 10, The Kitchen Smardan 4, South Shop Soseaua Cotroceni 29, Himalaya osilor 2! agazinul e"clusi# Con#erse se a$la %e strada &raian 24', in intersectia *ut+ osilor cu (acia , #iza#i de )izza

The Violence of Tone Group exhibition

Curated by Anders Kreuger On May 12 at 8 pm, Anders Kreuger, curator of The Violence of Tone, ill be holding a tal! in the e"hibition space #AKT Curator$s %tatement& 't sometimes happens that you send mysterious messages to yourself( ' once o)erheard myself saying& $Oh yes, but don$t forget the )iolence of tone($ ' could not forget this phrase, so ' anted to continue articulating it( *hat sense could it possibly ma!e+ ' seem to ha)e defined $)iolence$ rather generously as $something inflicted upon someone contrary to his o n desire, an unpleasant and une"pected intrusion into the sphere of pri)acy$( -ut ho )iolent is such rhetorical )iolence in comparison to the hands.on practice of physically )iolating a sub/ect+ 'n itself, the concept of $tone$ contains memories of )iolence( 't can be traced bac! to a 0ree! )erb that means $stretching, stretching out, pulling tight, applying tension$( This is a plausible image of ho the )ocal chords function( -y analogy to )oice and music, tone has come to signify $tonalities$ in many other fields of culture& nuances that are communicati)e and meaningful, but difficult to systematically define(

Tone is a )ery physical aspect of speech( 't is therefore surprising that linguists ha)e been e"plaining $intonation$ as an afterthought or a decoration hen it could /ust as ell be seen as one of the fundaments of language( 'n art, tone is often associated ith general )agueness( 't belongs to the surface and the substance of an art or!( 't refers to the hole and the parts of an artist$s oeu)re( 't is immediately graspable and totally incomprehensible( The Violence of Tone is not a thematic e"hibition( 't is not really concerned ith 1uestions and ans ers, nor ith issues and positions( ' ha)e, ho e)er, noted some possible thematic understandings of the admittedly enigmatic title& Tone as intensity( Tone is the preferred code for e"pressing percepti)e detail and emotional nuance( The more concentrated this information, the more comple" the statement and the more complicated its decoding( Tone as difference( 2ifferences bet een disciplines in artistic or intellectual life are often created and upheld by differences in tone( 't is ho professionals tal! about hat they do that identifies them and their field, rather than hat they actually do in that field( Tone as operation( There are important non.analytical aspects to tone( Tone is acti)ity, tension, energy( 3nderstanding tone is more a matter of percei)ing holeness than of pic!ing it apart( Tone as po er( More than /ust a means of communication, tone is a force in its o n righ, operating as a free agent of order or chaos( Tone can be both anti.hierarchical and pro.establishment( The Violence of Tone is an e"hibition about hat is commonly referred to as $emotional intelligence$( 't is meant to be sensual and cerebral, instincti)e and intellectual(

#articipating artists& 4iliana -asarab 5ric! -eltran Miriam -ac!strom 6ane Calo)s!i Alicia 7ramis 8araldur 9onsson Ann 4islegaard Arturas :aila Tobias %/oberg #raneet %oi 2arius ;iura *1<= is a contemporary art organisation based in Amsterdam, the >etherlands( *1<= is originally located in a former theatre building in the city$s red light district( The building is currently closed for reconstruction( 'n the meantime, *1<= presents pro/ects and inter)entions at different locations in Amsterdam( The Violence of Tone is funded by& Amsterdam City Council, Mondriaan 7oundation and ;eeburg 4ocal Council ?Amsterdam@, Office for Contemporary Art >or ay ?Oslo@, Moderna Museet ?%toc!holm@, 'celandic Ministry of 5ducation and Culture ?:ey!/a)i!@( Opening hours& *ednesday through %unday, 1 . A pm *1<=, located at #AKT, ;eeburgerpad B<, 1C1= A- Amsterdam tel D<1 C2C A22=E<E fa"& D<1 C2C A2B122A