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Ficha Formativa de Ingls 8 Ano Outubro

Part I: Reading Comprehension

B. Complete the table according to the text, in note form Holidays Marie Joe Place Weather Food Activities


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C. Find the opposite of the words below in the first paragraph. 1. Iate: __________________ 3. cold: __________________ 2. Upstairs: ______________________ 4. old: ______________________

D. Answer the questions about the text 1. What day is it today?

2. How is Marie Joe going to school?

3. Why is it a good thing to go to school on this day?

4. Who is Marie Joe's best friend?

5. Did Marie Joe and Jimmy have a great time on holiday? Explain.

6. They went to different places on holidays. Which place do you prefer? Why?

Part II Looking for Language

A. Ask questions for the following answers. 1. ____________________________________________________________? It's seven o'clock 2. ____________________________________________________________? Yes, they do. They have breakfast in the kitchen.

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3. ___________________________________________________________? Marie Joe's father goes to work every day. 4. ___________________________________________________________? Marie Joe prepared her school bag last night.

B. Fill in the blanks with the correct possessive adjectives: My (3), your, his, her, our, their.

Marie Joe: _________ mother doesnt have a car. Jimmy: But _________ father can drive you to school. Marie Joe: No, he cant. ______ job starts very early in the morning. Jimmy: ______ father works very early in the morning too. ________fathers are very busy men. Marie Joe: Weve got a new neighbour, Christine, and she goes to school with _____ mother. Jimmy: ________ neighbours, David and Ann, go to school with mother too.

C. Fill in the blanks with the correct possessive pronoun: mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs.

1. Marie Joe and a friend of _______ are talking about their summer holidays. 2. Marie Joe: My dream is to go to Spain for the summer holiday. Whats _______? Jimmy: ______ is to go to Miami because I really like surfing. 3. Jimmy: I didnt go on holidays with my grandparents but I think they liked ______. Marie Joe: I loved ______ too. Your brother didnt go with you, did he? Did he like ____? Jimmy: Yes, he did. He liked his holidays a lot.

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D. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense. (Present Simple or Past Simple).

1. Last year she ________ (go) to Spain for her summer holiday and she really _______ (love) the country. But she _______ (be) sick because she ____________ (not/like) the Spanish food. 2. Every year he ______ (go) to the same place in August. He ______ (take) his grandfather with him because they ____________ (enjoy) doing the same things. 3. ________________ (he/eat) exotic food yesterday evening at the restaurant? No, he _________. He _________ (have) a steak and some rice.

Part III - Writing

Choose A or B A. Write a text about going back to school! You can mention the positive and the negative aspects.

B. Write a text about your summer holidays. Where you went Who you went with What you did What you ate What was the weather like

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