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Dear Friend: To get the maximum benefits and most satisfactory results from my Course some of the exercises should be carried out faithfully all through life. You have developed the habit of exercising regularly and have noticed its splendid value. But now for ife! ong "ealth and #trength do the following exercises daily. They are what $ believe you need most to %eep you fit for $F&.

&'&(C$#& )*.+. For Chest, #houlders and Bac%. &xcellent for preventing the -dipping. exercise as described in the first esson at least +// times every day. 0im to do it 1// times daily if you are %een on getting a very big and powerful chest development. Do this by dipping 12 or more times, rest and relax a few moments and do them again. (est and do them again. $f you prefer, do 2/ to 32 at night. $ do 1// or more -dips. daily.

ung and Chest troubles. Do

&'&(C$#& )*. 1. For the 0bdomen. $deal for preventing or re! ducing a large stomach, perfecting the digestive system, relieving constipation, preventing rupture and for the general toning up of the body. 4hile lying on the bed clasp the hands bac% of the head and raise the upper body so that your chin touches your %nees, %eeping your feet flat on the bed. This is to be done 1/ times. (est awhile and repeat. (est and relax and do them as many times as you possibly can. &'&(C$#& )*. 5. 0 similar exercise except that you should bend your %nees to touch the upper chest area. This should be done until you are thoroughly tired, then rest, and repeat several times. 4hile doing this exercise open and cross the legs for variation. &'&(C$#& )*. 6. For Thighs, Bow egs, 7noc% 7nees. Do the s8uat! ting exercise spreading apart the %nees. (epeat at least 52 times or until tired. (est awhile and go at them again. Do this exercise energetically. (est and repeat as before, but this time %eep the an%les close together. This will develop the muscles of the bac% of the thighs. (est one of you hands on some! thing for support if you find it difficult to bal!