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The Fourth World Fighting Tournament had come down to one final bout between Kage-Maru and Shun Di. But as Kage-Maru launched his final offensive, the glowing, silver form of Dural interrupted the match. Mother... Kage-maru whispered, facing the transformed being that had once been Tsukikage. Knowing full well that it was too late to save his mother, Kage-Maru destroyed her with his own hands. But when he looked at her face, his expression froze. This is... Concerned by Durals defeat, J6 captured Vanessa for the next step of the Dural program. But before they could turn her into the next Dural, she disappearedapparently with inside help. But they had already transplanted her combat data into the production-model Dural, and thus J6 announced the Fifth World Fighting Tournament to test the abilities of the new V-Dural and to determine the identity of any traitors within J6. What is J6? Judgement 6, or J6, is made up of six global corporations. Together, they exert enormous influence over areas ranging from weapons development to international politics. J6s goal is to complete their subtle form of world domination.

GETTING STARTED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 STARTING THE GAME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 ARCADE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 VS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 QUEST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 DOJO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 VF.TV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 CUSTOMIZE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 OPTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 CHARACTER PROFILES & COMMANDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Thank you for purchasing Virtua Fighter 5. Please note that this software is designed for use with the PLAYSTATION3 computer entertainment system. Be sure to read this software manual thoroughly before you start playing. 1

PLAYSTATION3 system front Using the SIXAXIS wireless controller (for PLAYSTATION3)


* The L3 and R3 buttons function when the sticks are pressed. Note: To use the controller, you must first register or pair the controller with the PLAYSTATION 3 system and assign a number to the controller. For details, refer to the instructions supplied with the system.

Button Assignments Button to use Starting a game: Before use, carefully read the instructions supplied with the PLAYSTATION3 computer entertainment system. The documentation contains information on setting up and using your system as well as important safety information. Check that the MAIN POWER switch (located on the system rear) is turned on. Insert the Virtua Fighter 5 disc with the label facing up into the disc slot. Select the icon for the software title under [GAME] in the PLAYSTATION3 systems home menu, and then press the gS button. Quitting a game: During gameplay, press and hold down the PS button on the wireless controller for at least 2 seconds. Then select Quit Game from the screen that is displayed. Directional buttons gA g S g D g F button button button button Menu/Select Screens Move Cursor (ZX: Change setting, where applicable) Cancel Enter Not used Not used Switch costume type during Character Select Delete data during Character Select Screen (Customize Mode only) During Match Control character Kick (K) Punch (P) Punch (P) Guard (G) Display Pause Menu Reset position (Dojo Mode only)

START button SELECT button


To remove a disc, touch the eject button after quitting the game.

Note: The button configurations during the match (kicks, punches, and guards) can be changed in the Controller settings menu of the Options (p.18). Saved data for PLAYSTATION3 format software Saved data for PLAYSTATION3 format software is saved on the systems hard disk. The data is displayed under Saved Game Utility in the Game menu.

Command Display The basic controls used during gameplay are displayed on the right. Note that the controls listed assume the character is facing right. If a character is facing left, the right and left controls of the directional buttons must be reversed. To input a diagonal direction, press the two directional buttons surrounding the direction you wish to press. Basic Controls & Actions With the directional buttons, a character can advance, step back and crouch. UseP l (gS or gD button) to l (gA button) to kick, andG l (gF button) to guard. Also, by combining commands in various ways, punch,K Dash/Back Dash ^ 6^ 6/$ 4$ 4 Dash a short distance forward or backward. For forward dash, it's possible to hold down the directional button 6^) to make the (^ character run. Jump Press and hold * 8+ P l (orK l) The character can jump. Crouching Dash / Crouching Back Dash 3 #3 # or 3 #2 @3 #/! 1! 1 or ! 12 @! 1 Dash a short distance crouching forward or backward.
Note: Press @ to simply crouch.

Down Attack * P l (while your opponent is down) ^ 6 P K G + Hold the directional button in the direction indicated. Tap the directional button in the direction indicated. Press to punch. Press to kick. Press to guard. Press two or more buttons simultaneously. When your opponent has been knocked down to the ground, you can perform a follow-up attack. Some characters have additional attacks as well. Getting Up P l orG l (while currently down) When your character is knocked down, you can make him/her get up faster.

Recovery P+ l K+ lG l (when you are about to fall) When you are just about to hit the l K+ lG l ground, pressP+ to spring back up, and evade a Down Attack from your opponent. Rising Attack K l or 2 @ K l (while knocked down) When getting up, you can make your character perform middle/low attacks.

Defensive Move 2 @ or * 8 (release quickly) You can dodge an attack by moving left or right.

Offensive Move 2 @ or * 8 (release quickly) P+K+G Move quickly towards the left or right, making it easier to get behind the opponent.

ARM (All Range Move)

Walk any direction (except @) and move in any direction you like.

If you press and hold any directional button except @, your character will begin walking. To command your character to walk towards the camera, @, and immeditap 2 ately press and hold @ again. Throw Escape P+ lG l Evade your opponent's throw. For other lG l throws that useP+ and a direction, enter the last direction of the command simultaneously.

Other Actions Some actions can only be performed by specific characters. A sample can be found in the Command List on p.20. You can also view a complete list by opening the Pause Menu (p.7) and selecting Command List. Reversals Turn your opponent's attacks against them using these moves. Deflecting Deflect the opponent's attack. If you deflect successfully, the opponent will stagger, (see below) giving you a chance to attack. Stagger Some attacks will make the opponent stagger, giving you an opening to attack. If you stagger, alternate the directional buttons 4 $6 ^ quickly to recover.

Throw P+ lG l When your opponent is close, you can perform a throw by enterlG l. There are ingP+ also additional throw commands for each character.

Charge Attack Hold down the last button pressed to make a strong charged move.


System Data When you play Virtua Fighter 5 for the first time, you will be asked to create System Data on the HDD. This may take several minutes. The next time you start the game, you will be prompted to load the System Data. The System Data will be saved (overwritten) when you return to the Main Menu from each mode. Please do NOT turn off the power of the PLAYSTATION3 system, reset, or remove/insert the game disc during saving. Main Menu From the Title Screen, press the START button to display the Main Menu. The following selections are available. ARCADE P.7 VS. P.9 QUEST P.10 DOJO P.13 VF.TV P.15 CUSTOMIZE P.16 OPTIONS P.18 Fight against CPU controlled characters through seven stages with unlimited continues. Play against a human opponent. A second controller is required. Play against your rivals at virtual arcades and tournaments to become the top VF player.
5 l 3 l

This is a mode where you play through seven stages against CPU controlled characters, as in the Arcade version. When selected, the Character Select screen will be displayed. Select a character (or character data) and start to fight! Arcade Mode Screen l Selected Character 1 The name and face of your selected character are displayed. Health Bar Remaining This decreases as your character takes damage. If it reaches zero, the character will be K.O.'d. Player Information The ring name of the player, the rank, and the emblem are displayed here (only when Player Data is in use). Rounds Won Displays how many rounds have been won by each player. One lamp lights up in red each time a round is won. Time Remaining When the time reaches zero, the round is over. If the match is undecided, the player with the highest remaining health bar wins. Stagger Mark When staggering, the Stagger Mark is displayed on your player's side. Press the directional buttons and other buttons in quick succession to
1 2 3 4 5 8 6

2 l

4 l

7 l Score 8 l Drink Count (Shun Di only)

Improve your fighting skills. View replays of VS. Mode saved onto the HDD, and promotional movies. Create and customize your own character, using the prize gold and items you collected in Quest Mode. Change various game options, and view Rankings.

6 l

When the character is Shun Di, the drink count is displayed here. Please also see p.31 for details. 7 l Total Time Elapsed and Stage Count Displays the total time elapsed since the game began and the current stage.

Pause Menu Press the START button during the match to pause the game and open the Pause Menu. n Return to the game Close the Pause Menu to resume the match. Note that the pressing the START button again has the same effect. n Command list Displays the Command list of the character in use. Use the directional buttons ZX to select between the command types, and CV to scroll the list up/down. n Controller settings Change button assignments (p.18). n Return to the Main Menu Quit the match.

Character Select Screen and Character Data In this game, except for VF.TV and OPTIONS Modes, you must select a character or character data. Select either one of the character data you've created already, or select Play without using data (not available in Quest and Customize Modes) and select one of the non-customized characters. If you select Create new data, you will create new data with a character of your choice, but customizing must be done later on in Customize Mode. Press and hold the START button while selecting a character to switch the costume type between Main and Sub(stitute). Through Quest and Customize Modes, you can customize your character data with your own ring name and different appearances, and use them in Arcade, VS., and Dojo Modes.

Fight Rules In each match, you must win a predetermined number of rounds for overall victory. When you win a match, you move on to the next stage and fight the next character. Here are the ways to win a round. K.O. Inflict damage to lower your opponent's health bar. If his/her health bar drops to zero, you win the round by a K.O. Some stages have no walls, and some have low walls. Knock your opponent out of the ring, regardless of the health bar remaining, to win by Ring Out. When the time runs out, if neither side is K.O.'d, the player with the most health remaining is the winner. If both players have an identical amount of health remaining at Time Up, it's a draw. Both players are credited with a win for the round. Two players play a match against each other. This mode is for two players only. You will not be able to select this mode if you only have one controller connected to the PLAYSTATION3 system. After each player selects a character to use, the 2P side (or whoever lost on the previous match) has the option to select a stage to play on. Select RANDOM to let the game choose the stage.

Ring Out

Time Up


Sudden Death When the game is at a match point for both characters and the round is a Draw, the game will continue in Sudden Death in which both characters fight with almost no health remaining. If the game still cannot determine the winner and ends in a Draw, then the CPU (or the host player, in case of two-player game) wins the match.

The rules are the same as in Arcade Mode, except you only play one match. The player who paused the game has control in the Pause Menu (p.7); when selected, only the Command list and Controller settings for the player who paused will be displayed. After the match, a Result Screen with menu selections will be displayed. Use the directional buttons CV to select a menu item, and press the gS button.

Game Over & Continue If you lose a match, the game ends, and the Continue screen will appear. Press the START button before the counter reaches zero to restart from the match you just lost.

n Fight again Play a match again with the same characters and stage. n Change stage Play a match again with the same characters, but with a different stage (go to Stage Select screen). n Return to Character Select Play a match again with different characters. n View replay View a replay of the match you just played. For the Pause Menu during replay, please see p.15. n Save replay Save a replay of the match you just played onto the HDD. You can view the replays you have saved later in VF.TV (p.15). Playing with Character Data If you use a character data, your performances in the VS. Mode (or a match in Arcade Mode, when another player joins in) will be reflected. You will earn experience points for the ranking. You may also see an Item Battle. Please see p.12 for details.

Join in during the Game During the gameplay, a second player can join in the game by pressing the START button on his/her controller. The message "Challenger Comes" will be displayed. After the challenger selects a character and a stage, the match begins. The match will be played according to VS. Mode rules (see next page). The winner of the match will continue on with the Arcade Mode.

Battle against different rivals at the arcades to win the local tournaments and get your chance to compete in the national tournament. Through the mode, improve your Ranking, and earn items to customize your character. Character Select In Quest Mode, you must use character data. On the Character Select Screen, select one of the existing character data or create a new one. The selection Play without using data will not be available. Entering an Arcade Inside the arcade, there are three Virtua Fighter 5 video game units, each with the current player's name. If a local tournament is in progress, tournament information will be displayed instead. Select either one of the three players to challenge, the local tournament (if in progress), or Customize (p.16). To exit the Arcade, simply press the gA button.

Map Screen From the Map Screen, you can go to any arcade in town or the Event Square. Select your destination using the directional buttons, and press the gS button to enter. Event Arena Whenever an announcement for an Official Tournament is made, go to the Event Arena. Select the indicated Official Tournament to participate. This can be selected only when one is being held, and until you clear it. If you have already cleared any of the Official Tournaments, select List of official tournaments to participate again at any time. You can also Customize (p.16) your character. Press the gA button to exit.

Home Menu Home Menu can be accessed either by selecting your home or pressing the SELECT button. n Customize Customize your character by purchasing items or adjust settings. See p.16 for details. n Status View status of the game. You can also view a list of players you have defeated in the Quest Mode, and Emblems you have collected. n Quest settings Adjust the Quest Mode difficulty and Commentary settings. n Save Save the current game onto the HDD. n Return to Character Select Change character data. n End Quest Mode Return to the Main Menu. Record Display Your current record is displayed on the bottom half of the screen. It shows your ring name, your current rank (p.12), win/loss records, win ratio, the number of orbs you have (p.12) and the amount of Gold (G) you have. Tournaments There are two types of tournaments: Official Tournaments and Arcade-sponsored local tournaments. If you are placed within the top three, you earn a prize. Whenever you see an announcement for a tournament, visit the location where it will be held. l Official Tournaments Official Tournaments are held in the Event Arena. You can clear these events by placing in the top three, and you can keep trying until you clear the tournament. Note: You can also re-enter a tournament you have already cleared by selecting it from List of official tournaments, but unless the current tournament is cleared, no new tournaments will be held. l Local Tournaments These are Arcade-sponsored tournaments of smaller scale. In these tournaments, the rules (number of rounds needed to win a match) could be different from the norm. Although you only have one try at each, these are held on a regular basis at each of the arcades.



Official Ranking and Ranking Match Every player has an Official Ranking, and experience points 1 (l) gained by winning matches. When a Ranking Match message is displayed before the match, you will be promoted a rank by winning the match. At higher ranks, you may lose experience points by losing the match. You may see a Ranking Match where your loss will cause you to be demoted to a lower rank. Note: The experience points can be earned in both the Arcade (when another player joins in) and VS. Modes. You must be Item Battle Occasionally, there will be an Item Battle, where you can win a prize. This could be an item, fight money (Gold), or an orb (see below). Note that a Ranking Match and Item Battle may occur at the same time. Note: The Item Battle may occur in both the Arcade (when another player joins in) and VS. Modes. You must be using a character data in these modes. Orbs and Orb Discs As you create a character data, you are given an Orb Disc with seven seven holes, each of which can be filled by an orb you win as a prize. When all seven holes are filled, a special reward is given, and the Orb Disc will disappear. You can then buy another Orb Disc at the shop (p.17). Orbs will not appear as a prize if you do not have an Orb Disc. You cannot hold more than one Orb Disc at a time. There is also a limit to the total number of Orb Discs you can buy. Hone your skills in the Dojo. There are two types of training available. Dojo Menu Command Training Practice different fighting skills according to commands displayed. If you enter the command correctly, you will move on to the next skill.

1 l Command in Training 1 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l

The current Command name and button combination are displayed. Command Display Input Display Hit Display Time (Time Attack only) Displays the Record Time (top) and Elapsed Time (bottom).

Training Menu Press the START button to display the Training Menu n Return to the game Close the Training Menu and resume training. n Command list Displays the Command list. Use the directional buttons ZX to select between the command types, and CV to select the command. If you select the command with the gS button, you will resume the training with the selected command as your new Command in training. n Display settings Toggle On/Off the following displays on the screen. Command Display Displays button presses and frame count in real time. Input Display Displays button presses. Hit display Displays the location of hit (HIGH/MIDDLE/LOW) upon contact. n Reset positions Resume training with initial positions. Note: pressing the SELECT button during the training has the same effect. n Controller settings Change button assignments (p.18). n Time attack How fast can you go through all available commands? Test your skills by selecting Time attack. If you wish to quit, open the Training Menu again and select End time attack. n Return to Character Select Select to train with a different character. n Return to the Dojo Menu Exit Command Training.



Free Training Select your character and sparring partner, and train freely in an advanced fighting situations.
1 3 2

View replays of VS. Mode matches and short movies of Virtua Fighter 5. Replays View replays of the VS. Mode matches you have saved.

1 l Number of Combo hits 2 l

3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l

The number of attacks hit in succession (combo). Amount of Damage Displays the amount of damage inflicted by an attack, or total amount in Combo hits. Sparring Partner's Health Bar Command Display Input Display Hit Display

Use the directional buttons CV to select the replay data to view, and press the gS button. After confirmation, the replay starts.

During the replay, press the START button to display the Pause Menu.

Training Menu Press the START button to display the Training Menu n Return to the game Close the Training Menu and resume training. n CPU settings Set up the actions and reactions of the CPU character in various ways for more advanced training. Note that the Menu Items appearing in CPU settings change according to your setting selections. n Display settings Toggle On/Off the following displays on the screen. Command Display Displays button presses and frame count in real time. Input Display Displays button presses. Hit display Displays the location of hit (HIGH/MIDDLE/LOW) upon contact. n Position settings Change the default position against the sparring partner. n Ring settings Change the height of the walls around the ring (No walls/Half fence/High fence). n Command list Displays the Command list. Use the directional buttons ZX to select between the command types, and CV to view the commands. n Controller settings Change button assignments (p.18). n Return to Character Select Select to train with a different character. n Return to the Dojo Menu Exit Free Training.

n Return to Replay Close the Pause Menu and resume the replay. n Play from the beginning View the current replay again from the beginning. n Replay settings Display commands and button inputs (separately for 1P and 2P sides) on the screen. For each selection, use the directional buttons ZX to toggle the setting On/Off. Select End Adjustment and press the gS button to return to the Pause Menu. n Return to VF.TV Menu Quit the replay and return to VF.TV Menu screen. Exhibition matches

View pre-recorded match-ups of the selected characters.

Use the directional buttons ZX to select a character, and CV for the opponent. The recordings of the Exhibitions give you an idea of how to fight against the opponent in various situations. As in Replays, press the START button to display the Pause Menu.

Movie Theater

You can view demos and promotional movies of Virtua Fighter 5.



Here you can create and edit character data to be used in the Quest Mode (p.10). The edited characters can also be used in Arcade, VS, and Dojo Modes. Character Select First, select an open slot to create new data, or select an existing character to edit. If you create new data, you must next select a character to use. Once the data is created, you cannot switch characters. To delete existing data, select the data and press the SELECT button. n Main/Sub costume settings Out of four costume types, select one type for Main costume, and another for Sub costume. Only these two can be selected during the Character Select Screen.

Item shop

With the prize Gold you earned, you can buy items.

Customize Menu Costume settings Change the appearance of the character. n Item Edit Select from four available costume types (see Main/Sub costume settings below), and customize the First, select from four types of character appearances. Note that some items can be equipped only with certain costume types.

If you earn enough Gold, you can purchase items to customize your character's appearances. First, use the directional buttons ZX to select the body part and press the gS button. Next, use the directional button CV to select the item, and press the gS button to buy. Information for the selected item (usable types, item points, etc.) is displayed at the left side of the screen, so use this as a guide to make your purchase.

Change ring name

Enter a unique ring name with up to 10 alphanumeric characters.

Personal Edit a two-line PR comment that appears before the match. comment settings Software Keyboard Next, use the directional buttons ZX to select the area to edit items, and press the gS button. Next, use the directional buttons CV to select the item, and press the gS button to equip (or select Return to default to return style of the area to its default; Remove to remove item in the area). The areas you can edit, and the items the character can equip vary depending on the selected character and the costume type. Note: Rotate the view of your character, using the tQ/tE buttons. Each item has a certain amount of item points. The total item points of the items equipped must not exceed the maximum allowed. Also, only one item can be equipped in one area. Note that some items in the different areas may not be equipped together. Ring name and Personal comment are entered using the software keyboard. Use the directional buttons to move the cursor on the software keyboard, and press the gS button to enter a letter/symbol or function. Press the gD button to delete a letter. Press the gF button to undo changes. The left- and right-most keys are functions: A1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Use letters/numerals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Delete a letter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Use accented letters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Switch between the lines @ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Use symbols (Personal comment only) A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Use uppercase letters OK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Exit with changes a . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Use lowercase letters

Emblem settings

Change emblem to appear next to your ring name.

You can have an emblem appearing with your Ring name. Use the directional buttons ZX to select the Emblem type. Next, select the emblem to appear. If you do not want the emblem to appear, select Remove emblem. End customization Return to the Main Menu screen. 17


In Options, you can change various game settings, manage saved data, or view rankings. Use the directional buttons CV to select an option to adjust, and ZX where applicable to make changes. In any menu with the following menu items, select Return to defaults to return all values of the selected settings menu to the default value; select End adjustment to exit with changes. Where applicable, press the gA button to cancel (exit without changes). Game settings Make a variety of changes to gameplay settings in ARCADE and VS modes. Save data Manage saved data. Sound settings Make adjustments to the volume of the following voices/sound effects used in the game.

n Volume: sound effects Adjust the volume level for the sound effects. n Volume: music Adjust the volume level for the background music. n Volume: commentary Adjust the volume level for the commentary during the match.

n Difficulty Adjust CPU skill level (from 5 levels). n Round count Adjust the number of rounds required to win the match. n Time limit Adjust the time limit for each round. n Max. health bar: Player/CPU/1P/2P Adjust the health bar for each player/CPU. n Stage select Allows you to select the stage (ring) to play on. The game selects the stage randomly if this is set to Off. n Commentary Toggles On/Off whether to have announcers commenting on the Controller settings Edit controller button configurations/functions for each player.

n Save Save the System Data on the HDD. n Load Load the System Data from the HDD. n Autosave settings Toggle On/Off the autosave feature. When this is set to Off, the game will prompt to confirm whether to save (overwrite) the System Data. n Delete saved data Select and delete any game data on the HDD, including data from other games. Use this utility to create free space, when


View rankings of the game from three categories.

For each player, use the directional buttons of the respective SIXAXIS wireless controller CV to select the button, and ZX to select its function. Select Return to defaults to reset.

Press the gS button to change between the categories. Press the SELECT button to reset the rankings. n SCORE RANKING The top ten scorers in the Arcade Mode. n TIME RANKING The top ten clear times in the Arcade Mode. n WINNING STREAK RANKING The top ten longest winning streaks in 2-player versus matches of the Arcade Mode (second player joining in) or the VS. Mode. For VS. Mode, you must be using the same character, selecting either Fight again or Change stage during the Result Screen to

Screen settings

Make adjustments to the screen sharpness and position.

n Display settings Choose the display to appear either Sharp or Soft. n X-axis Adjust the display position (horizontal). n Y-axis Adjust the display position (vertical). 18 Note: The options X-axis and Y-axis are available only when you are using the standard television set (TV Type 4:3).



Akira Yuki

Country: Japan

Fighting Style: Hakkyoku-Ken

El Blaze

Country: Mexico

Fighting Style: Lucha Libre

Akira left the Fourth World Fighting Tournament in the semifinals, defeated by Kage-Maru. With only disappointment to show for his efforts in the third and fourth tournaments, Akira began to doubt himself. But one day, as he continued his training deep in the mountains, Akiras gaze dropped to a creek nearby. A single leaf rode the current, and spun around a boulder in the middle of the stream, avoiding it neatly. The leaf spins because it rides the stream, not trying to resist the flow With a new epiphany fresh in his mind, Akira resumed his training. And now, as his training nears its close, an invitation for the fifth tournament arrives. Now, I should be able to hold my ownand moreagainst him. MOVES Normal Moves Hachimon Kaida Kansuitai Shousui~Tanheitou ~Anshou Chouchu Rimon Chouchu Yakuho Chouchu Jouho Senshou Fukko~Shichiseiho Fukko~Shichiseiho ~Chouchu~Ouda Housui Mouko Kouhazan ~Kakuda Chouchu Byakko Soushouda Koboku Youhou Kenhou Renkantai Sokutai Youho Shousui Renkan Toushou Suisou Senzankou~Shichiseiho Hazan Ryoutenchi Chouzan Housui Tetsuzankou Maho Shoukou Gaimon Chouchu (deflect) Souka Housui Hekisui Youshi Saiken Teishitsu Dantai COMMAND
PP PK 6P4PP 66P 666P 46P 43P2 (or 8) PP during Fukko~Shichiseiho 2P @6P, then P during guard or hit @46P 214P 33P 6KP 66KK 3K P+KP P+K6P P+KP+K 66P+K2 (or 8) 66P+KP 46P+K (can be charged) 466P+K @6P+K 214P+K 3P+K 33P+K K+GP (can be charged) K+G (release G after 1 frame)

Unrivaled in the light-heavyweight division, El Blaze viewed Wolf's victories in the heavyweight division with envy and jealousy. In order to surpass Wolf and finally put these feelings behind him, El Blaze decides to enter the Fifth World Fighting Tournament.

Ryusoushiki~Maho Chouchu~ 3K+G6P466P+K Tetsuzankou (Shura Ha'ou Koukazan) Fujinkyaku~Jouho Choushitsu ~Fukko (Fujin Shoushitsu Fukkogeki) 2K+GK6P P+K+G, then 43P+G6 (or 4) P during hit 2P+K+G 6P+K+G

Houken~Youshi Senrin~Soushou (Hougeki Unshin Soukoshou) Gekiho Honko (stagger) Kaiko (stagger)

MOVES (during stagger) Mouko Kouhazan (during stagger) Byakko Soushouda (during stagger) Utankyaku Geimon Tessen Hougekishu ~Gaimon Chouchu Tenzankou Toushou Juji Toutai Throws Toushin Soutai Kaikyusei Kaikyu Tenshin Touda Daiden Housui Shin'iha Junshin Honko Junshin Honko~Shin'iha Junshin Honko~Chinho Chinho~Kouzanheki Junho Honko (stagger) Shishi Hougetsu Youshi Senrin Shinporiko Reversals Youhou Gaimon Chouchu Tan'yokuchou Youhou Gaimon Chouchu Tan'yokuchou Gaimon Chouchu Jouho Shoukou Haiho Richu Senpu Soushou Shoutenkou Honshin Tanda Souhakushu Down Attacks Soukahou Gekihousui

26P (during stagger) 246P (during stagger) 66K (during stagger) 46P+K+G 3P+K+GP P+K (during Defensive Move) P (during Offensive Move) K (during Offensive Move) P+G 6P+G 6P+G2 (or 8) 46P+G 16P+G 64P+G P+K (during Junshin Honko) 2 (or 8) (during Junshin Honko) P+K (during Chinho) 42P+G 3P+G 43P+G 1P+G 4P+K (vs. right high punch) 4P+K (vs. left high punch) 4P+K (vs. high kick) 1P+K (vs. right mid punch) 1P+K (vs. left mid punch) 1P+K (vs. mid kick) 1P+K (vs. elbow) 1P+K (vs. right side kick) 1P+K (vs. left side kick) 1P+K (vs. knee) 1P+K (vs. somersault) 2P+K (vs. low punch) 2P+K (vs. low kick)

(opponent down) 3P (opponent down) 8P

MOVES Normal Moves Burnout Combo Jab~High Kick Jab~Low Kick Shadow Fang Shadow Storm Combo Rising Back Spin Kick Back Spin Low Kick Inferno Savate Rolling Low Knuckle Sit Jab Body Blow Fake Roll Venus Venus Diversion Shadow Spear Shadow Lance ~Combo Rocket Discharge Face Smash Darkness Savate ~Combo Rocket Discharge Head Smash Kick Face Hit Quick Savate Death Scythe Slash ~Combo Rocket Discharge Middle Kick Fade Roll Kick ~Combo Rocket Discharge Drop Kick Volcano Knee Combo Elbow Upper Quick Combo Shadow Hammer Hammer Smash Shutdown Knee Handsome Scratch Rush ~Combo Rocket Discharge Volcano Upper Darkness Hammer Jumping Hammer Knuckle Rolling Body Press

PPPK PK P2K 6PK 4PKP 46PPK 46PP2K 46PKK 1P 2P 3P 41236P

MOVES Demon Dance Demon's Tail High Spin Kick Jumping Savate Darkness Sword ~Combo Rocket Discharge Low Spin Kick Tornado Spin Darkness Flame


From Demon Dance: K

K+G 6K+G 3K+G, then 6 during hit 2K+G P+K+G

From Fake Roll: P From Fake Roll: P, then K during hit

6K 66K, then 6 during guard or hit 4KPP 4KPK, then 6 during hit 46K 2KPP 2KPK 8K, then 6 during guard or hit 3K 7K6 9K K (while rising from a crouch) P+KPP 6P+KP @6P+K 46P+K 3P+KPK 43P+K, then 6P+G6 during hit 4P+K 2P+K 8P+K 7P+K

From Tornado Spin: K, then P+G during hit Quick Back Spin Kick P+K (during Defensive Move), ~Combo Rocket Discharge then 6 during hit Quick Body P (during Offensive Move) Quick Knee K (during Offensive Move) Moves from Rocket Discharge Rocket Discharge 6P+K+G Flying Cross Chop From Rocket Discharge: P Drop Kick From Rocket Discharge: K Low Drop Kick From Rocket Discharge: 2K Dj Vu From Rocket Discharge: P+G Throws High-Speed Brain Buster P+G Decapitation 6P+G Whirlwind 41236P+G Just Face Lock P+G (during Whirlwind) Screw Drag 4P+G Hole Drag 64P+G Swing DDT 63214P+G 44 42P+G Astro Scissors 3P+G Head Scissors 33P+G Hammer Through 1P+G Hammer Through 1P+G6 ~Combo Rocket Discharge High-Speed 9P+G Hurcan Rana Rolling Clutch (opponent crouching) 2P+K+G Fantasma (opponent crouching) 3P+K+G Spread Wing (opponent crouching) 33P+K+G Down Attacks Tread Smash (opponent down) 3K 450 Splash (opponent down) 8P




Country: China

Fighting Style: Kou-Ken

Pai Chan

Country: China

Fighting Style: Ensei-Ken

After losing both her parents at a young age, Eileen was raised by her grandfather, a martial arts master. In addition to her grandfather's training, she also spent much time studying with a Beijing opera troupe. One day, she happened to see a martial arts demonstration by Pai Chan, and was amazed by the beauty of her movements. Since then, Eileen thinks of little else besides finding some way to approach Pai.

Pai had entered the Fourth World Fighting Tournament out of concern for her sick father, Lau. But before she could see him, she was defeated and had to leave the tournament. Pai searched for her father afterward, and found him just in time to save the weakened Lau from Lei-Feis killing blow. Hit with the realization that Lau did not have long to live, Pai realized that she could do nothing for her fathershe had to respect his desire to pursue ultimate strength for as long as he lived. So when Pai learned that Lau was participating in the fifth tournament, she decided to enter as well, telling herself that the only way she can show her love for her father is to be strong, both emotionally and in combat. MOVES Normal Moves Renkan Tenshinkyaku Renkan Haitenkyaku Renkan Tenshin Soukyaku Renkan Enshi Rantsui Renken Toukikyaku Renkentai~Bokutai Gyokujo Kensho Hi'en Dantai Ensei Soushou Ensei Soushouheki Souchuken Ensei Kosouha Ensei Raigekiken Souka Rensuishou Souka Senpukyaku Rikensui Koushu Kasui Senpukyaku Ko'en Senkyaku Koudantai Shi'en Kousen Renkan Tanheki Ensei Haikyaku~Bokutai Touku Kouhaikyaku Ensei Haijinkyaku Renka Sentai Senkyaku Chushou Hi'en Rekkyaku Ensei Katanheki Chouho Soukasui ~Bokutai Kasuishou Ensei Senpukyaku Enbu Renkyaku Ensei Touku Haikyaku Kochoukyaku Zensoutai Honshin Soukyaku COMMAND
PPPK PPP4 (or 7) K PPP2K PP4PK2K PPKK PK2 6PK 66PK 64PP 4P 2P @6P @4P 3PP6P 3PK (can be charged) 1P KPK (can be charged) KK K (while rising from a crouch) 6KPK 66KP 4K2 44KK @4K @ (or 1) KK 3KP 9KK P+K 66P+K4 46P+K (can be charged) K+G 6K+G 66K+G 4K+G 2K+G 1K+G

MOVES Normal Moves Rakuho Senpukyaku Renkan Zensou Senpu Enkou Gekisou Shoukou Yakutou Rententai Matsumen Soubi Enkou Nyurin Enkou Yurin Nichigetsu Tenkan Enkou Kenka Fukushinshou Koushi Choukan Taisei Rensou Enkou Santen Hikou Hagetsu Rinheki Hairen Hikou Bokushoku Kousokuhon Hikou Niki Hikou Senshi Hairenkyaku Kousokutan (deflect) Taisei Kouten Taisei Dakka Hikou Choukan Sokutantai Tanhikyaku Dokuritsu Sougan Sayu Gekishou ~Koushi Choukan Sayu Gekishou ~Taisei Honsou Sayu Gekishou ~Taisei Chouzan Sayu Gekishou ~Taisei Dakka Sayu Gekishou ~Zenkuhon Sayu Gekishou ~Enkou Nyudou

PPPK PPP2KK PP6P P3PK PK 6PP2K 66P 4PPK 44P 46P 2P 236P 214PP 3PP 33P 1PK 9P K (while rising from a crouch) 6K 66K 4K 46K 236KK, then K during hit 214K 8K 3K 9K P+K 6P+KP, then 236P during guard or hit 6P+KP, then 214P during guard or hit 6P+KP, then 236K during guard or hit 6P+KP, then 214K during guard or hit 6P+KP, then 236P+K during guard or hit 6P+KP, then 214P+K during guard or hit

COMMAND MOVES Sayu Gekishou 6P+KP2P+K+G ~Rakuchi Bougetsu Sayu Gekishou 6P+KP8P+K+G ~Rakuten Hagetsu Jinrai Santen 6P+KPP Sayu Hashitsu 4P+KPP Taisei Soudou 46P+K Enkou Toutou 3P+K Koushi Renzan @3P+KP Shashin Sousou 1P+K Rigou Tenshintai K+G Hikou Rantsui 6K+G2K Renkan Touku Kouhaikyaku 4K+GK Kesshi Hanbi 46K+G Zensou Senpu 2K+GK Honshin Kousoutai 3K+G Goku Shicchi 6P+K+G Goku Kouzan From Goku Shicchi: P Goku Santeki From Goku Shicchi: K Shashin Hon'yaku P+K (during Defensive Move) Shashin Sousou P (during Offensive Move) Shashin Teikyaku K (during Offensive Move) Moves from Zenkuhon Zenkuhon 236P+K Zenku Soutsui From Zenkuhon: P Zenkuhon Rakutai From Zenkuhon: K Taisei Soumen From Zenkuhon: P+G Moves from Enkou Nyudou Enkou Nyudou 214P+K Enkou Shutsudou From Enkou Nyudou: P Shukushin Zensoubi From Enkou Nyudou: 2K Throws Kou'ou Enten P+G Kou'ou Touten 6P+G Kou'ou Gezan 6P+G6 Kou'ou Tekikyu 6P+G2 (or 8) K Kou'ou Roukyu 64P+G Kou'ou Batsuzan 63214P+G Kou'ou Kouzan 3P+G Down Attacks Enkou Shousui (opponent down) 3P Enkou Rakuten (opponent down) 8P

MOVES Sokushin Senpuga Sokushin Toushou Soushin Danshitsu Moves from Bokutai Bokutai~Chuken Bokutai~Raigekishou Bokutai~Kousou Soushougeki (deflect) Bokutai~Kinkei Bokutai ~Zensou Taitoukyaku Throws Toushin Housoukyaku Raishin Nyurin Toushin Inshou Ensei Monka Kuretsu Tenhou Shun'en Ryouku Honshin Haisetsukou Senpu Enka Ensei Houshin Katai Sei'en Katou Hi'en Honko Junsui Suishu Hi'en Tenshin Shoukyaku Enfu Rinshou Ensei Shoutai Reversals Ensen Hairyu Rasen Anshou Hi'en Hairyu Ensen Hairyu Rasen Anshou Hi'en Hairyu Kakyaku Senten Shitsuten Toukai Down Attacks Rai'in Shouda Enshu Raigeki Hi'en Youshu

P+K (during Defensive Move) P (during Offensive Move) K (during Offensive Move)

From Bokutai: P From Bokutai: PP From Bokutai: KP From Bokutai: P+K From Bokutai: K+G
P+G 6P+G 66P+G 46P+G @6P+G 4P+G 64P+G 63214P+G 62P+G 42P+G 3P+G 33P+G

(opponent crouching) 2P+K+G (opponent crouching) 6P+K+G (opponent crouching) 46P+K+G

4P+K (vs. high punch) 4P+K (vs. high kick) 4P+K (vs. high elbow) 1P+K (vs. mid punch) 1P+K (vs. mid kick) 1P+K (vs. mid elbow) 1P+K (vs. side kick) 1P+K (vs. knee)

(opponent down) 3P (opponent down) 8P (opponent down) 8K+G




Country: China

Fighting Style: Shaolin Kung-Fu

Aoi Umenokouji

Country: Japan

Fighting Style: Aiki Ju-Jutsu

Lei-Fei had received orders from his master to put an end to the Koen-ken style. But when he found Lau in the fourth tournament, he saw for himself the amazing power of the style, and approached Lau after the tournament as a promising student. Impatient to learn quickly, Lei-Fei attacked Lau, hoping to see the secrets of Koen-ken. But the weakened Lau was unable to fight back, and survived only because of Pais sudden appearance. Lei-Fei had failed in his mission to destroy Koen-ken, and had failed to learn Koen-ken for himself. His only choice was to develop the strength required to defeat anyone who came after him. Lei-Fei used the pressure to push himself to new heights. Now, Lei-Fei is ready to enter the fifth tournament. COMMAND MOVES Normal Moves Rengeki Soushouha~Hai Shiki PPP Kakushu Suigeki 6PP+K+G ~Ura Koko Shiki Kakushu Suirengeki 6PP Toushou 66P Rakengeki 4PP Fukusoushou 2P Toutenshou @6P Honrai Konten 3PP Shatenshou 33PP+K+G ~Ura Nehan Shiki Shaten Renshou 33PP Haisenkyaku~Bokutai K, then 2 during guard or hit Rigoutai~Koko Shiki 6K Toukyaku~Dokuritsu Shiki 66K (hold K) Bunkyaku 3K Kongou Renshin Houda P+KPP Zaban Hekishou 66P+K Kyuho Soufuken 46P+K Goka Zasan 466P+K Kochouheki (deflect) 236P+K Haisetsukou~Koko Shiki 3 (or 9) P+KP Sousuigeki 1P+K Senpukyaku~Koko Shiki 66K+G Zensoutai 2K+G Chisen Choukyaku 2 3K+GK Toushin Sen'enkyaku 33K+GKK+G Souhikyaku 9K+G Teishitsu Sokushou P+KP (during Defensive Move) Shaho Toushin P (during Offensive Move) Shaho Shitsuda K (during Offensive Move) Moves from Dokuritsu Shiki Dokuritsu Shiki 8P+K+G Senshin Toushou~Hai Shiki From Dokuritsu Shiki: P Nikikyaku From Dokuritsu Shiki: KK Fukushintai~Hai Shiki From Dokuritsu Shiki: 2K Shinpo Bunkyaku From Dokuritsu Shiki: K+G Zenten~Touku Rensenkyaku From Dokuritsu Shiki: 6P+K+GK Zenten~Hou'ou Ten'yoku From Dokuritsu Shiki: 6P+K+GP+G From Dokuritsu Shiki: (vs. high Dokuritsu Senshou punch/mid punch/low punch/elbow) COMMAND MOVES Moves From Hai Shiki Hai Shiki 2P+K+G Housui Rengeki~Dokuritsu Shiki From Hai Shiki: PP Housui Shouheki From Hai Shiki: PP+K Koudantai~Dokuritsu Shiki From Hai Shiki: K Hai Shiki Zensoutai From Hai Shiki: 2K Senshippo From Hai Shiki: P+K (can be charged) Moves From Bokutai Bokutai From Hai Shiki: 2 Shinpo Senshinken From Bokutai: PP Senkyutai From Bokutai: 3K Hanshouda From Bokutai: P+K Moves From Nehan Shiki Nehan Shiki 1P+K+G Sokushukyaku~Dokuritsu Shiki From Nehan Shiki: PK Zensoutai From Nehan Shiki: 2K Renkan Honshin Mahosui From Nehan Shiki: P+KPP Moves From Suirakan Shiki Rakan Dako From Suirakan Shiki: P Fukuchi Settai~Ura Nehan Shiki From Suirakan Shiki: K Moves from Koko Shiki Renkan Sousui (deflect) From Koko Shiki: P Koushutai (deflect) From Koko Shiki: K Moves from Ura Nehan Shiki Rakan Doushou From Ura Nehan Shiki: PPP Kishin Niki From Ura Nehan Shiki: KK Moves from Ura Koko Shiki Jirou Tanzan (deflect) From Ura Koko Shiki: P Touku Kobi From Ura Koko Shiki: K Throws Raishin Senbu P+G Kyusen Shouheki 66P+G Kouryu Haibi 46P+G Soufu Kanji 41236P+G Sousai Haiken From Soufu Kanji: 46P+G Rakan Shintengeki From Sousai Haiken: 236P+G Haikyaku Soutou 64P+G Kinryu Gakkou 3P+G Haizan Toukai 33P+G Down Attacks Toushingeki (opponent down) 3K Rakugeki Houda (opponent down) 8P

Aoi left the fourth tournament with only frustration and anger. She had to endure a slew of pick-up lines before her match, and the match itself was a complete loss. Her opponents nimble footwork and powerful kicks were more than impressive, but his tendency to come on to any woman he saw only angered Aoi. Even after the tournament ended, Aoi thought about her opponent often. There had never been any fighters like that in the previous tournaments, and he had made a strong impression on her. Aoi found herself training harder because she wanted to show him a thing or two. Now that the invitation to the Fifth World Fighting Tournament has arrived, Aoi can barely contain her desire to enter the tournament and see him again. COMMAND MOVES Normal Moves Rentotsu Kodachi PPPK Rentotsu Kusanagi PPP2K Rentotsu Kinuguruma PP6PPG ~Sundome Rentotsu Ryusen Soushou PP2 (or 8) PP Nirentotsu Kugikyaku PPK Shougerigasane PK Tsumujisakura 6PP Koromoguruma 66P Ougimai~Tachikaze 4PK Tenkai 46P, then P+G during hit Ryoushi 43P Gedan Shouda 2P Sodeguruma @3P, then 4P+G during counter hit Hou'oushu 3P Uegeri~Datotsu KPK ~Abarakudaki Kusarigama KK Kumogeri 6KK Sou'unha 66K Kamageri 4K Kasumi Renshou 2KPP Maegeri 3K Oushu Hiji'ate 6P+KP Ouka 66P+KP Iwaodome 64P+KP Soushouda 46P+K Jousei Ryusenshou 44P+K Inshou 43P+K Shinchuzuki (deflect) 236P+K Tengu Otoshi @3P+KP ~Kaname'uchi Sodeshinken 33P+K Shigure K+G Ogamigeri (deflect) 4K+G Kusanagi 2K+G Mikawashi Ouda P+K (during Defensive Move) Abara'uchi P (during Offensive Move) Hiza'ate K (during Offensive Move) Moves from Tenchi In'you Tenchi In'you 4P+K+G (can be charged) MOVES Ryusen Throws Ko'ate Hikichigai Okurite Mawashi Wakigarami Yumigatame Ebi'ori Taiboku Taoshi Taiboku Kudaki Aikinage Okuri Otoshi Kiri'e Otoshi Morotebiki Konoha Otoshi Oboroguruma Hangetsuha Tekime Toushin Shin no Kurai Reversals Uzuneri Tenshin Nyushin Edasaki Kusabi Otoshi Uzuneri Tenshin Nyushin Edasaki Kusabi Otoshi Senryu Kaede Otoshi Ryuseishu Down Attacks Tate Shutou Kusei Komashutou Kusei Gatotsugeri Edakudaki COMMAND From Tenchi In'you: 2 (or 8) P
P+G 6P+G (change throw direction with 4 or 2 or 8) 46P+G 41236P+G 62 (or 42) P+G

(during Wakigarami) 28P+G (during Yumigatame) 2486 (or 8426) P+G


(during Taiboku Taoshi)

@6P+G 64P+G 2684 (or 8624) P+G @4P+G 3P+G 33P+G 1P+G (opponent crouching) 2P+K+G (opponent crouching) 1P+K+G 4P+K (vs. right high punch) 4P+K (vs. left high punch) 4P+K (vs. right high kick) 4P+K (vs. left high kick) 1P+K (vs. right mid punch) 1P+K (vs. left mid punch) 1P+K (vs. right mid kick) 1P+K (vs. left mid kick) 2P+K (vs. low punch) 2P+K (vs. low kick)

From Tenchi In'you: (vs. high punch/mid punch/elbow) (opponent down) 3P (opponent down) 8P (opponent down) 8K+G (opponent lying face up, feet toward you) 2 (or 3) P+G



Goh Hinogami

Country: Unknown

Fighting Style: Judo


Country: Japan

Fighting Style: Hagakure-ryu Ju-Jutsu

Goh found himself in an old, abandoned dojo. This was a former J6 training facility, where Goh had spent much of his youth. As he lay on the ruined tatami mats, sunlight filtered in from the holes in the ceiling to play across Gohs face. His orders had been to assassinate certain fighters taking part in the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, but he had failed completely. He had explained to his superiors that Durals interruption of the final match had disrupted his plans as well as the tournament itself, but the organization had done little to hide its disappointment in him. He could not afford to fail again. The Fifth World Fighting Tournament is his last chance to redeem himself. MOVES Normal Moves Tsurane Shouda Shouda~Kasumigoroshi Rengoku Yomi'okuri Aragami Urahiji Soukyu Sune Kudaki Sune'uchi Raika Kirin Inazuma (Migi Hibara) Geri Tsukikage Garyu Kyousengeri (deflect) Yamibaraigeri Uchikurubushigeri Ura Inazuma (Migi Hibara) Geri Senryukeri Jun'you Fudousatsu Arata Karura Kotetsu Kokuryusatsu Todome Kokuryusatsu Arata Minamobarai Goukitotsu Gohou Yuri'ori (deflect) Yoroidoshi (deflect) Ikaruga Raijinsatsu Murakumo De'ashibarai Ni'ousatsu Orochinagi Tengusatsu Basara~Mekira~Bikara (Shinshou Sangou) Basara~Mekira~Indara (Ura Shinshou Sangou) MOVES Zenpou Kaiten Ukemi Suigetsugeri Shouda Keri'age Throws Makikomi Tsuchikumo Osotogari Tsuyubarai~Todome Tachidori~Todome Se'oinage Tai Otoshi Hiza'ate~Oguruma Uchimata Onigari Naraku Otoshi Gourai Kuchikitate Orochi Moves from Tsukami Kumite Harai~Tsukami Tsukitobashi Zenpou Kuzushi Zenpou Kuzushi ~Osotoguruma Kouhou Kuzushi Kouhou Kuzushi ~Yashaguruma Uhou Kuzushi Uhou Kuzushi~Okuri'ashibarai Gou~Todome Sahou Kuzushi Sahou Kuzushi 66K+G, ~Ashibarai Gou~Todome then 4P+G during guard or hit Down Attacks 2 (or 8) K+G 3K+G, then 6P+G during counter hit Todome Hayate 1K+G
PP PK 6PP 66P, then 4P+G during counter hit 4PK 44P 46P 43P 2P 3P 33P K 6K 66K 46K 4K 2K 3K 1K 6P+KP 66P+K 4P+K 4P+K (when fully charged) 46P+KPP 46P+KP6P 2 (or 8) P+K @6P+K 3P+K 1P+K K+GP 46K+G 9K+G P+K+G, then 43P+K6P during hit P+K+G, then 43P+K4P during hit

Kage-Maru had entered the fourth tournament to save the soul of his mother, Tsukikage, who had been transformed into Dural by J6. He made it to the final round, but the finals were interrupted by the sudden intrusion of Dural. Kage-Maru tried to reach whatever was left of Tsukikage, but realized that it was too late. He destroyed Tsukikage and Dural with his own hands. Afterwards, however, he realized that the destroyed Dural he held in his arms was not Tsukikage, but one of the production-model Durals. After further investigation, Kage-Maru found that J6 had continued the Dural Project with a new model with Vanessas abilities. Kage-Maru decides to enter the fifth tournamentto stop J6, and to save Tsukikage. COMMAND MOVES Normal Moves Sandan Urageri Sandan Fujinkyaku Sandan Rasen Urageri Rekku Renkyaku Hagasane Hiji'uchi Rasen Rasen Urageri Jizuridan Hagakure-ryu In Yougeki Shippuzan Sokudangasane Fushin Hizageri Doukudaki Ryu'eikyaku Tenshin Agokudaki Ura Tsumujigeri Kuruwageri Rasen Kouryujin Jibashiri Senpugeri Tobimaegeri Bosatsushou (stagger) Hagakure-ryu In Fujingeki Rakusenjin Gaeshi Kasumi Yaiba Hagakure-ryu In Suzaku Hishoukyaku Naraku Otoshi Fujin Urasuisha Souhajin Rasengeri Fusen Renkyaku Hagaryu Gen'you Otoshi Ryubisen Tsumujigeri Suishageri Engetsugeri Rairyu Hishoukyaku Hagakure Senjin COMMAND
PPPK PPP4 (or 7) K PP4PK PPKK PK 6P 4P 4PK 2P @3P 3PP 1PK @6K 6K 66K 4KKK 44K 46K 3KPP 1K 7K 8 (or 9) K P+K 46P+KP 6P+KP 66P+K


6P+K+G P+K (during Defensive Move) P (during Offensive Move) K (during Offensive Move) P+G 66P+G 46P+G 41236P+G 2486 (or 8426) P+G 64P+G 63214P+G 2684 (or 8624) P+G 62P+G 3P+G 43P+G 33P+G (opponent crouching) 2P+K+G (opponent crouching) 3P+K+G P+KP+G

COMMAND MOVES Ryusuizan P (during Offensive Move) Ryusui Urageri K (during Offensive Move) Moves from Hagakure-ryu You Jumonji Kamae Hagakure-ryu P+K+G You Jumonji Kamae From Hagakure-ryu You Jumonji Kamae: Hagakure-ryu In Kama'itachi PKK+G From Hagakure-ryu You Jumonji Kamae: Hagakure-ryu 6P You Kusabi'uchi Hagakure-ryu In Dounuki From Hagakure-ryu You Jumonji Kamae: 6K Suimengeri From Hagakure-ryu You Jumonji Kamae: 2K Hagakure-ryu From Hagakure-ryu You Jumonji Kamae: P+K In Suigetsuhou (deflect) Hagakure-ryu You Hi'en From Hagakure-ryu You Jumonji Kamae: K+G Fushin Randangeki From Hagakure-ryu You Jumonji Kamae: P+G Moves from Hagakure-ryu In Shippujin Hagakure-ryu In Shippujin 4P+K+G Hagakure-ryu From Hagakure-ryu In Shippujin: PPP In Shinsoku Renjin From Hagakure-ryu In Shippujin: PK From Hagakure-ryu In Shippujin: 3P From Hagakure-ryu In Shippujin: 6P From Hagakure-ryu In Shippujin: 2KK From Hagakure-ryu In Shippujin: P+G
P+G 6P+G 46P+G 4P+G 64P+G 64P+G8P+G 42P+G 3P+G 9P+G 4P+K (vs. high punch) 1P+K (vs. mid punch)

From Tsukami: P+G From Tsukami: 6 From Zenpou Kuzushi: 6P+G From Tsukami: 4 From Kouhou Kuzushi: 4P+G From Tsukami: 2 or 8 (back side) From Uhou Kuzushi: 2 (or 8) P+G (back side) From Tsukami: 2 or 8 (front side) From Sahou Kuzushi: 2 (or 8) P+G (front side) (opponent down) 3P (opponent down) 8P (opponent lying face up, feet toward you) 2 (or 3) P+G (opponent lying face down, feet toward you) 2 (or 3) P+G

Matasaki Hi'engaeshi

Hagakure-ryu In Kumobarai Hagakure-ryu In Shouryuzan Hagakure-ryu In Kusanagigiri Hagakure-ryu In Ryubi Renkyaku Fushin Randangeki Throws Taitou 623P+KPK, then K during hit Jungyaku Jizai Kagegasumi 623P+KK Tomoenage 2P+KK Ko'enraku 3P+K Izuna Otoshi K+G Fugasumi 6K+G Katanagasumi 66K+G 4K+G, then 4P+G during guard or hit Fushin Randangeki Reversals 44K+G Kotegaeshi 2K+G Kotegaeshi 7K+G Down Attacks 9K+G Kakato Otoshi 66P+K+G Hi'endan P+K (during Defensive Move)

(opponent down) 3K (opponent down, close range) 8P



Sarah Bryant

Country: U.S.A.

Fighting Style: Martial Arts

Jacky Bryant

Country: U.S.A.

Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do

Sarah had entered the Fourth World Fighting Tournament in the hopes that surpassing her brother would allow her to put her past behind her. But while she was able to push Jacky to the edge, she was unable to defeat him. In addition, Sarah was faced with the sudden disappearance of Vanessa, who had been protecting her. Then one day, Sarah heard that Jacky had resumed his training in order to destroy J6 itself. Sarah decided that if she could destroy J6 first, she could both surpass her brother and prevent anyone else from becoming a victim of the evil organization. But Sarah knew too little of the power of J6. Her efforts to infiltrate J6 play neatly into their hands, and danger threatens her once again... MOVES Normal Moves Combo Rising Knee Combo Somersault Kick Combo Scarecrow Combo Reverse High Kick Serpent Tail Punch High Kick Elbow Side Chop Double Joint Butt Elbow Hook Kick Serpent Frenzy Tail Sweep Serpent Claw Squat Straight Setup Combination High Kick Straight Double Thrust Kick Knee Kick Switch Kick Sharpsword Combo Jackknife Middle Kick Mirage Kick Dragon Smash Cannon Full Spin Heel Kick Somersault Kick Hide Side Kick (deflect) Storm Combination Blizzard Kick Double Rise Kick Serpent Smash Cannon Crush Tornado Shadow Slash Spear Kick Combo Crescent Heel Leg Slicer Rising Knee Double Round Kick Low Spin Kick Valkyrie Sword Valkyrie Strike COMMAND
PPPK PPP4 (or 7) K PPP8K PPKK PP2K PK 6PP 6PK 6P4K 4PK, then K during hit or guard 4PKK+G 4PK4K 2P 3PK KP KK 6K 4K 44KK 2KK 3KK 33K 9K 7K P+K 6P+KPK 6P+K3PK 4P+K 2P+KK

Jacky could barely contain his anger against J6, the mysterious organization that was after his sister, Sarah. He was goaded into entering the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, but then had to deal with the disappearance of Vanessa, who had been guarding his sister. Even in his races, the continuing series of incidents, including sudden pull-outs by his sponsors and improbable mechanical breakdowns, seemed to indicate someone tampering with his racing career. J6 was behind everything, and unless the organization itself was destroyed, there would be no end to Jacky and Sarahs troubles. With this new realization, Jacky was determined to put an end to J6. With almost perfect timing, the invitation to the fifth tournament arrives. COMMAND MOVES Normal Moves Flash Piston Punch Double Punch Slash Kick Combo Smash Back Knuckle ~Side Slide Shuffle Combo Smash Back Knuckle Spin Combo Smash Back Knuckle Low Rib Crush Combo Smash Sword Jab Straight Back Knuckle ~Side Slide Shuffle Combo Back Knuckle Spin Jab Double Straight Punch High Kick Middle Smash Sword Double Back Knuckle Spinning Arm Kick Spinning Back Knuckle Low Slash Spinning Slant Back Knuckle Squat Straight Smash Upper Lightning Back Knuckle Smash Back Knuckle Rage Kick Flash Sword Kick Combo Knuckle Spin Kick Combo Knuckle Low Double Spinning Kick Knee Kick Dash Hammer Kick Fake Elbow Back Knuckle Spin Kick Combination High Angle Upper Kick Somersault Kick Double Dragon Beat & Back Knuckle Beat Spin Kick Chopping Left Combo Bil Jee COMMAND
PPP PPK PP6PP2 (or 8) P+K+G PP6PPK PP6PP2K PP6PPP+K PP6PK PP4P2 (or 8) P+K+G PP4PK PP8P PK 6PK 4PP 4PK 4P2K 4P1P 2P @3P 3PPP 3PPP+K (can be charged) 1PK ^K, then G just before hit KPK KP2K KK 6K 66K 2K, then PP just before hit 3KPK 33K 7K 9K P+KP P+KK 6P+KP 46P+K

MOVES Sword Rush Combo Sidestep Kick Sidestep Slash Sidestep Knee Moves from Flamingo Cut-in Punch Cut-in Chop Side Kick Combination Valkyrie Lancer Hand Hold Neck Cut Somersault Kick Back Knuckle Side Kick Edge Kick Combo Triple Low Spin Kick Leg Hook Throw Gatling Kick Beat Moves from Step Step Toe Kick Combination Step ~Edge Kick Combo Triple Step~Serpent Tail Throws Valkyrie Rage Requiem Requiem ~Mirage Step Kick Neckbreaker Drop Leg Hold Throw Sweet Pain Mermaid Phalanx Front Suplex Falling Angel Throw Rolling Face Crush Down Attacks Soccerball Kick Jumping Knee Stamp

9K+GKK P+K (during Defensive Move) P (during Offensive Move) K (during Offensive Move)

From Flamingo: P From Flamingo: 3P From Flamingo: KK From Flamingo: 4K From Flamingo: 2K, then P+G during hit From Flamingo: 8 (or 7) K From Flamingo: 6P+KK From Flamingo: 6P+K2K, then KK during hit From Flamingo: 2K+G From Flamingo: P+G From Flamingo: 2486 (or 8426) P+G From Flamingo: P+K+G From Step: KKK From Step: 2K, then KK during hit From Step: 2K+G
P+G 6P+G 6P+G2 (or 8) 66P+G 46P+G 2486 (or 8426) P+G 4P+G 64P+G 61P+G 9P+G

(while rising from a crouch) K+G (can be charged)

6K+GK 66K+GK 4K+G 2K+G @6K+GK 8K+G 3K+G 1K+GK 9K+GPPK

COMMAND MOVES Lightning Kick 5 2P+KKKKK Rage of Dragons 3P+K, then P+G during hit Dragon Combination 2 1P+KP2 (or 8) P+K+G ~Side Slide Shuffle Dragon Combination 3 1P+KPP Spinning Kick Low Spin Kick K+G2K+G Step-in Middle Kick 66K+G Spin Heel Sword 4K+G Middle Spin Kick 46K+G Spin Leg Slicer 2K+GK Jumping Savate 8K+G Head Hook Kick 3K+G Switch Spin Kick P+K+GK Barrier Kick P+K (during Defensive Move) Sidestep Body P (during Offensive Move) Sidestep Hammer Kick K (during Offensive Move) Moves from Side Slide Shuffle Elbow Back Knuckle From Side Slide Shuffle: PP Moves from Slide Shuffle Slide Shuffle 4P+K+G Flash Back Knuckle From Slide Shuffle: P Step-in Sword From Slide Shuffle: K Step-in Low Slash High From Slide Shuffle: 2KK Dragon Back Knuckle From Slide Shuffle: P+K Ducking~Heavy Body From Slide Shuffle: 33P From Slide Shuffle: Toe Kick Somersault Kick 33K, then P+G during hit Ducking~Fire Darts From Slide Shuffle: 33K+G Throws Face Smash Kick P+G One-Inch Blow~Switch 6P+G2 (or 8) Back Blow Combo Dragon Fist Knee Strike Dragon Snap Sadistic Hanging Knee Moves from Pak Sao Pak Sao Pak Sao Knuckle Down Attacks Soccerball Kick Jumping Knee Stamp
66P+G 64P+G 3P+G 33P+G

(opponent down) 3K (opponent down) 8P

Lever neutral (vs. high/mid punch) From Pak Sao: P (opponent down) 3K (opponent down) 8P



Brad Burns

Country: Italy

Fighting Style: Kick Boxing

Shun Di

Country: China

Fighting Style: Drunken Kung-Fu

The Fourth World Fighting Tournament was like one big party to Bradthe joy of fighting against challenging opponents, and the fact that many of them were beautiful women, was almost too much for Brad to take. But after the tournament ended, Brads life suddenly felt empty. There were still no opponents who could challenge him in the kickboxing ring, and none of the women he had met at the tournament were returning his calls. Then one day, Brad received an invitation to the Fifth World Fighting Tournament. The invitation also included the name of a female fighter that Brad didnt recognize. Hmm... Looks like Ill have to go meet her. COMMAND MOVES Normal Moves Combo Double Knee PPPK Combination Low PPK Gliding Knee~Catch (Neck Clinch) P6PK, then P+G during counter hit Jab~Spin Kick PK Elbow Hook~Screw High Kick 6PK Lumpini Combination 4PK Sit Jab 2P Rising Upper @3P Dtee Sawk Combination 3PP Gazelle Combination 33PP Sharp Shoot 1P High Kick ^K Teep Combination KPK Knee Upper 6K Kao Loy 66K Stop Kick 4K Step Change Knee 46K Double Strike @ (or 1) KK Turn Savate @4K Middle Kick~Catch (Neck Clinch) 3K, then P+G during counter hit Dtee Sawk Bon P+K Sawk Klab 6P+K Upper Combination 66P+KP Shovel Hook Triple~Last Shot 2P+KPP6P Dtee Sawk Lang 3P+KP Tornado Combination K+G2K+G Step-in Knee~Front Kick 4K+GK Pap Sawk Kao 46K+G Jaguar Tail 2K+G Over Step Middle P+K (during Defensive Move) Body Blow P (during Offensive Move) Quick Knee K (during Offensive Move) Moves from Ducking Ducking 6P+K+G Cross Upper From Ducking: PP From Ducking: Ducking Knee Upper K, then P+G during counter hit ~Catch (Neck Clinch) Middle Spin Kick From Ducking: K+G Moves from Long Ducking Long Ducking 6P+K+G6 Double Dtee Sawk Lang Combination From Long Ducking: PPP COMMAND MOVES Double Knee Combo From Long Ducking: KK Corkscrew Straight From Long Ducking: P+K Moves from Sway Back Sway Back 4P+K+G Sway Back Jab From Sway Back: P Sway Back Middle Kick From Sway Back: K From Sway Back: Ratchadamnoen P+KPK, then 3K during guard or hit Combination Moves from Slipping Right Slipping Right 2 (or 8) P+K+G (front side) Body Break From Slipping Right: P Piercing Knee From Slipping Right: K Waving Body~Smash Hook From Slipping Right: P+KP Moves from Slipping Left Slipping Left 2 (or 8) P+K+G (back side) Smash Hook From Slipping Left: P From Slipping Left: Hunting Middle Kick K, then P+G during hit ~Catch (Neck Clinch) Waving Body~Smash Hook From Slipping Left: P+KP Moves from Phasing Turn Phasing Turn 2P+K+G2 (or 8P+K+G8) Chopping Blow From Phasing Turn: PP (can be charged) Grand Sweep Hook From Phasing Turn: 2P Double Crusher From Phasing Turn: P+K Moves from Neck Clinch Elbow Slash From Neck Clinch: P Gohk Kor Dtae Kao 3 From Neck Clinch: K+G Position Change Right From Neck Clinch: 2 or 8 (front side) Position Change Left From Neck Clinch: 2 or 8 (back side) Throws Elbow Slash P+G Body Knee Crush 46P+G Neck Slash 4P+G Hold Elbow 3P+G Face Fang 33P+G Change 1P+G Reversals 1P+K (vs. right mid kick, right side Death Trap~Elbow kick, right mid full spin kick) Down Attacks Gambit (opponent down) 3K Hell Dive (opponent down) 8P

Shun had entered the Fourth World Fighting Tournament to look for his young student who had been abducted by J6. Hoping that he would find useful information by fighting his way through the competition, Shun fought with uncharacteristic energy, and made it to the final round. But he was unable to find anything, and the tournament ended with Durals intrusion into the final round. Shun returned to his quiet life of retirement, and when he was almost ready to give up, an invitation arrived for the Fifth World Fighting Tournament, and the senders name was that of his missing student. Shun enters the fifth tournament, determined to discover the truth behind his students mysterious disappearance. MOVES Normal Moves Gyou'inshu Honshin Tanka Renkan Chougeki~Soukokukyu Rengeki Koukashutai Chougeki Rigoutai Kasenko Kasen Gyou'in~Soukokukyu Turn Ousou Gyou'in~Soukokukyu Turn Suisen Gyou'in~Soukokukyu Turn Rengeki Gakushu MOVES Kasen Renchugeki Kousoku Kouhi Fusshu Shasoku Renkyaku Sokuhi Kanshu Sokuhi Teishitsu Moves from Zabantetsu Zabantetsu Chubu Rakusenkyaku Saikeikyaku Moves from Tentouritsu Tentouritsu Toushin Renkyaku Tenshin Suishukou~Oushin Soushoutai Moves from Oushin Oushin Gyoushi Toutai Nehan Rengeki Katai (8 or more drinks) 3PPKP+K+G Moves from Choukarou Ousou Sengeki 1 (or !) PK Sokutan Senshu KKP Moves from Soukokukyu (16 or more drinks) KK2PK Ha'ou Chouteki 6K Kokukyu Zensou ^KP Kaibou Hanbi 66K 4KP Haishin Renkan Chougeki ~Soukokukyu @4K Rouko Haibi 8K Kokukyu Ryou'in 3K Throws 1KK Suiho Tenshinchu P+KKP+K+G Suiryu Bukazan'un 6P+K Rengeki Tenshin Ousoushu (10 or more drinks) 4P+K Toushu Richu 3P+K (can be charged) Gouhai Senbu K+GP Tenshin Souko 6K+G Tenshin Soukeikyaku 4K+G (hold K+G) Down Attacks (7 or more drinks) 2K+GKK Rasen Suichu 3K+G 6P+K+GP, then P during guard or hit Tenchu Rakukyaku COMMAND COMMAND
2 (or 8) P+K+GPP 1 (or 7) P+K+GP P+K (during Defensive Move) P (during Offensive Move) K (during Offensive Move) 2P+K

P+K+G PP4P PPPK, then 4 just before hit (6 or more drinks) PP2KK PK 6PPPK (6 or more drinks) 6PPPP+K4 (8 or more drinks) 64PP4 (4 or more drinks) 4PP4 46PPP Rengeki Gyou'in~Soukokukyu Turn (6 or more drinks) 46PPPP+K4 Shinho Suikoushu 43P Fukuchougeki 2P Chouwan Saishu (6 or more drinks) 236PP Getsuga Saigeki @3P Gyou'in Haishu~Soukokukyu Turn 3P4

From Zabantetsu: K From Zabantetsu: 2K


From Tentouritsu: K From Tentouritsu: P+KG From Tentouritsu: K+G

41236P+K From Oushin: KPK

Gyou'in Renkan Tankyaku ~Tentouritsu Haisenchu Kaikakyaku Renshu Kaishu Renshu Haika Ryukyaku Sokutan Senshu Rentai Kanshu Chubu Soutenkyaku Getsuga Chougeki Kouhi Tentai Ryubikyaku Sokutankyaku Koushu Rentai Suisen Renkyaku~Tentouritsu Tenshin Souchushou
Tenshin Getsuga Chougeki (deflect)

(10 or more drinks) From Oushin: KP2KK From Choukarou: P From Choukarou: K From Soukokukyu: PPK From Soukokukyu: 2K From Soukokukyu: P+KP (opponent behind) From Soukokukyu: PK, then 4 just before hit (opponent behind) From Soukokukyu: 2K (opponent behind) From Soukokukyu: P+KP
P+G 6P+G2 (or 8)

(3 drinks or more) 46P+G

4P+G (10 drinks or more) 2684 (or 8624) P+G 3P+G (6 drinks or more) 43P+G

Gekizan Senchu Ousoushu Toukyaku

Honshin Rensenkyaku~Choukarou

Renkan Zensen Soutai Senpu Soutai Suisen Honda

(opponent down) 3P (opponent down) 8P

Note: Shun Di's fighting style, Drunken Kung-Fu, requires him to feign drunkenness, often making drinking movements. Some moves require Shun Di to have a certain number of drinks. Certain moves increase Shun Di's drink count, while others will reduce it.



Lau Chan

Country: China

Fighting Style: Koen-Ken

Jeffry McWild

Country: Australia

Fighting Style: Pancratium

Lau was unable to win the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, but he found a worthy successor to his Koen-ken styleLei-Fei. Lei-Fei thirsted for strength, and was obedient to his new master. As they trained, however, Lei Fei suddenly turned on him, and the weakened Lau survived only because of Pais sudden appearance. Lau realized that the bond between father and daughter was there, in spite of everything. But with death fast approaching, there was nothing that he could do for his daughter. True to the way he had lived his life, he disappeared. One day, an invitation to the fifth tournament arrived at what he had thought was a secret hideaway. He is now ready to face the last fight of his life. MOVES Normal Moves Renkan Tenshinkyaku Renkan Haitenkyaku Renkan Tenshin Soukyaku Souken Senputai Tenshin Soukoshou Renkentai~Kokei Ha'ou Soushou~Kokei Kosouken Kosoushou Souchuken Fukko Sougeki Shajou Chusui~Kokei Renkan Soushou Renkan Ko'enshou Renshou Tenshinkyaku Renshou Haitenkyaku Renshou Tenshin Soukyaku Renshou Senputai Junho Renshou~Kokei Hi'en Nyusou Jinrai Kokou Renshu Senpu Renken Sokushu Sokushutai Ko'en Tenshinkyaku Ko'en Senshi Ko'en Kasou Renshou Tenshin Risenkyaku Senkyaku Chushou ~Kokei Senkyaku Renkan Koshou Rakuchi Kobikyaku Touku Kosenkyaku Kokyaku Haiten Enshishou Tenshin Senchugeki COMMAND
PPPK PPP4 (or 7) K PPP2K PPK P4PP PKP+K+G 6PPP+K+G 4P 46P 2P @46P @3PPP+K+G @3P6P @3PP+K 3PPPK 3PPP4 (or 7) K 3PPP2K 3PPK 33PPP+K+G 1PPP 1PP2P 1PKK 1P3K K (while rising from a crouch) KK 66K 2KP @ (or 1) KK 3KPP+K+G 3KPP 8KK 9K 7K P+K (can be charged) 6P+K

Jeffry had entered the Fourth World Fighting Tournament to raise funds to buy a fishing research vessel with high-end radar, but when he returned home, he heard from the local fishermen that the Devil Shark had been captured by J6. His rival, captured!? Jeffry couldnt believe his ears. Im the only one who can defeat the Devil Shark! No one else can touch him! No one! Driven by obsession, Jeffry tried to find out everything he could about J6, but even after spending all of his prize money from the tournament, all he learned was that J6 was the organization behind the tournament itself. Unsure of what to do next, Jeffrys next move is decided for him when he receives an invitation to the fifth tournament. COMMAND MOVES Normal Moves Double Knuckle~Upper Straight Knuckle ~Body Blow~Threat Stance Head Cut Smash Combo Pile Bunker Elbow Hammer Dash Elbow Upper Violence Face Stamp Double Impact Kenka Hook Tornado Punch Rising Hammer Low Knuckle Vertical Upper Double Upper Full Swing Upper Killing Knee Hammer Killing Knee Splash Mountain Knee Attack Kenka Kick Knee Push Bottle Cut Toe Kick Hammer Toe Kick Splash Mountain Side Kick Double Stab Buzzsaw Kick Middle Hell Stab Choke Slam Hell Dunk Hammer Heavy Back Knuckle ~Threat Stance Stomach Destroyer Head Attack Full Swing Double Hammer Megaton Knuckle Hell Dunk Knee Tidal Wave Combo 4 COMMAND
PPP P6PP+K+G P6PP PKP 6P4P 66PP 64PK 4PP 46P 466P (can be charged) 43PP 2P @3P 3PP 33P KKP KK, then 236P+G 6K 66K 4KP 2KP 2K, then 236P+G 3K P+KP P+KP, then 6P+G during counter hit 6P+K 66P+K, then P+G during hit 64P+K 4P+KP+K+G 4P+KK 46P+K 466P+K 43P+K 2P+KK 3P+KPPP

MOVES Souko Sensou Kosou Renshou~Kokei Ko'en Tenshin Utanchu Kokuko Ransensou (deflect) Ko'en Souken Souko Reppa Honshin Hekiken Senpuga~Kokei Koryu Tenshinkyaku Enjin Senpukyaku Chisoutai Kukokyaku Geimen Tansou (stagger) Kousokuhi Ko'enshou Kokuko Toushin Kokuko Choushitsu Moves from Kokei Senshin Shajou Sougeki Kou'ou Sakou Gako Kin'you Touku Renkanshou Kokyaku Haiten Kokei~Enshishou Kosou Gekishou Throws Kensha Touraku Gako Shitsuda Gako Bokushou Tenshin Ha'inshou Houshin Soukosoushou Ryusha Senten Ryushu Katou Raishin Nyurin Ko'en Renbu Daichi Toushu Down Attacks Toushugeki Kosou Raishu

66P+K 4P+KPP+K+G 4P+KP+K 46P+K 2P+K 3P+K 1P+K K+G 6K+G 4K+G 2K+G 9K+G 6P+K+G P+K (during Defensive Move) P (during Offensive Move) K (during Offensive Move)

From Kokei: PPP+K From Kokei: 6P, then P+G during hit From Kokei: 4PPP From Kokei: 9P From Kokei: K From Kokei: P+K From Kokei: 6P+K
P+G 6P+G 6P+G2 (or 8) 46P+G @6P+G 4P+G 42P+G 3P+G 43P+G 33P+G

COMMAND MOVES Destruction Wave K+G Ducking Low 2K+G Heel Scythe Kick 3K+G Turn Straight P+K (during Defensive Move) Body Hook P (during Offensive Move) Quick Knee K (during Offensive Move) Moves from Threat Stance Threat Stance P+K+G From Threat Stance: Heavy Knee Strike P, then 6P+G during guard Counter Side Kick From Threat Stance: K Spear Straight From Threat Stance: P+K Rising Rush From Threat Stance: P+G Throws Knee Smash P+G Power Slam 6P+G Head Butt 46P+G Head Crush From Head Butt: 4P+G Double Head Butt From Head Butt: 6P+G Triple Head Butt From Double Head Butt: 6P+G Head Crush From Double Head Butt: 4P+G Front Backbreaker 41236P+G Machine Gun Hammer 16P+G Body Lift Go To Sleep Spine Buster Sharkbite Tackle Splash Mountain Back Throw Iron Claw Machine Gun Knee Lift Power Bomb Air Catch Bomb Down Attacks Stomping Body Press Raiden Drop Devil Reverse Claw Neck Hanging Bomb

(change throw direction with 2or8 )

63214P+G 2P+G 3P+G 33P+G 1P+G

(opponent crouching) 2P+K+G (opponent crouching) 26P+K+G (opponent crouching) 3P+K+G (opponent falling, face up with feet in the air) 9P+G (opponent down) 3K (opponent down) 8P (opponent down) 8K+G (opponent lying face up) 2P+G (opponent lying face up) 3P+G

(opponent down) 3K (opponent down) 8P



Vanessa Lewis

Country: Unknown

Fighting Style: Vale Tudo

Wolf Hawkfield

Country: Canada

Fighting Style: Pro-Wrestling

When Vanessa learned that J6 was targeting Sarah, she volunteered to protect her, and infiltrated the Fourth World Fighting Tournament as a security officer. But midway through the tournament, Vanessa suddenly lost contact with her team and disappeared. After a few years passed with no leads on her whereabouts, Vanessa was suddenly found unconscious in a room in the Bryant home. When she came to, she could only remember events up to midway through the fourth tournament. Her body, however, showed signs of conditioning and training beyond anything she remembered. As Vanessa struggled with her lack of memories, she learned of the fifth tournament. Hoping to find out what had happened, Vanessa decides to enter the tournament. COMMAND MOVES Normal Moves (Defensive Style) Shadow Combo High Kick PPPK Feint Body P3P Crush Jaw P (while rising from a crouch) Back Knuckle Stream 6PKK Back Knuckle Toe Kick 6P3K, ~Hold Face Knee then 6P+GK during counter hit Ducking Body Smash 66PP Heavy Impact 4P Takeoff Elbow~Switch Knee Lift @3PP+K+G Cut Upper 3P Defensive Elbow (deflect) 1P Front Sleeper~Hold Face Knee 6K, then 6P+GK during counter hit Shadow Slicer 66K Parrying Combination 46KP Stopping Low 2K Bone Crush Middle 3K (can be charged) Boomerang Hook 3P+K Low Spin Slicer 2K+G Intrude Hook G (hold G) 2 (or 8) P (front side) Set-up (Offensive Style) P+K+G Barrier Kick P+K (during Defensive Move) Body Hook P (during Offensive Move) Smash Toe Kick K (during Offensive Move) Normal Moves (Offensive Style) Quick Back Blow PPPP Machine Gun Combination PPPK Smash Straight PKP Smash Upper P (while rising from a crouch) Stride Combination 6PPK Long Barrel Blow 66P Assault Combination 46PPPK Stinger Strike 41236P (can be charged) Death Scythe ^K Cluster Knee K (while rising from a crouch) Knee~Kick~Jab~Hook 6KKPP Hunting Kick 66K2 (or 8) K Intruder Step 4K, then 6 just before hit
Stealth Body Blow~Switch Knee Lift 3KPPP+K+G HAWK Strike 9K Lightning Lancer Tackle 66P+K

When Dural appeared during the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, Wolf was on hand to watch the final match. He saw a small mark on Durals body that was very similar to a symbol he had seen in his nightmaresa recurring dream of the apocalypse. Almost as if to confirm the connection, his nightmares ended. Wolf returned to his life as a professional wrestler, and received a challenge from El Blaze, and an invitation to the Fifth World Fighting Tournament. Wolf hid a smile, knowing that hed have something else to look forward to besides fighting Akira. MOVES Normal Moves One Two Upper Combo Elbow Butt Hammer Kick Dragonfish Blow Rolling Back Elbow Screw Lariat Elbow Butt Shoulder Attack Emerald Flowsion COMMAND
PPP PP6P4P PK 6PP 6PP+K 63214PP 4P 46P (can be charged)

COMMAND MOVES Russian Hook 43P+K Set-up (Defensive Style) P+K+G Sidestep Lancer P+K (during Defensive Move) Body Smash P (during Offensive Move) Quick Knee Kick K (during Offensive Move) Moves from Intruder Step (Offensive Style) Rising Upper~Switch Back Blow From Intruder Step: PP+K+G Spear Tackle From Intruder Step: P+G Moves from Takedown (Offensive Style) Hammer Knuckle From Takedown: P V1 Armlock From Takedown: P+G Moves from Hand Hold (Defensive Style) From Defensive Style: Lever neutral Hand Hold (vs. high punch/mid punch) Face Crush Upper From Hand Hold: P Shoulder Breaker From Hand Hold: P+G Throws (Defensive Style) Canyon Dive P+G Elbow Rush 6P+G Army Combination 41236P+G Heaven's Gate 2684 (or 8624) P+G Hell's Gate 62P+G Rolling Arm Crusher 42P+G Rib Crush Body (opponent crouching) 2P+K+G Rib Crush Knee (opponent crouching) 3P+K+G Throws (Offensive Style) Canyon Dive P+G Leg Breaker 41236P+G Styx Hole 63214P+G Triangle Lancer 33P+G Upkeep (opponent crouching) 2P+K+G Hellhound (opponent crouching) 3P+K+G Reversals (Defensive Style) Prison Armlock 4P+K (vs. high punch) Prison Armlock 1P+K (vs. mid punch) Down Attacks (Defensive Style) Soccerball Kick (opponent down) 3K Rolling Leg Drop (opponent down) 8P Down Attacks (Offensive Style) Soccerball Kick (opponent down) 3K Bryants' Knee Stamp (opponent down) 8P

43P, then 41236P+G during hit 43P, then max input speed Emerald Flowsion Variant 41236P+G during hit Low Hammer 2P Vertical Smash @3P Reverse Sledgehammer @36P Arrow Knuckle 3P Comet Hook 1P Elbow Rush 3 16PPP European Elbow 9P, then 6P+G during counter hit Double High Kick KK Knee Lift 6K Savate 4K Face Lift Kick 3K Drop Kick 9K Level Back Crush P+K (can be charged) Dragon Chop 6P+KPP Quick Shoulder 66P+K 63214P+K, Half Nelson Suplex then P+G during hit Short Shoulder 46P+K 41236P+K, Burning Hammer then P+G during hit Grizzly Lariat 3P+K Regret Discharge 33P+K Pounding Elbow 9P+K Death Scythe K+G Toe Kick Side 4K+GK Toe Kick Stunner 4K+G, then P+G during hit Kenka Kick 1K+G Sidestep Catch P+K (during Defensive Move)

MOVES Body Blow Dynamic Kick Throws Face Crush Chop Catch Quebradora Slam Schwein Spiral Bomb Change One and Only Calf Branding Dangerous Backdrop Giant Swing Giant Swing (fastest input) KS DDT Turbo Drop Third Low Sway Tackle F5 Snap Meyer Soccerball Kick Smash Down Bottom Jackhammer Swing Through Frankensteiner Side Suplex Vertical Tiger Driver Double Arm Suplex Reversals Captured Dragon Screw Low Punch Cut ~Shining Wizard Down Attacks Elbow Drop Elbow Double Claw Ankle Lock

P (during Offensive Move) K (during Offensive Move) P+G 6P+G

From Catch: P+G From Catch: 1P+G From Catch: 4P+G From Catch: 6P+G From Change: P+G From Change: 3P+G From Change: 4P+G

(max input speed) 41236P+G

2486 or 8426P+G 4P+G 63214P+G 44P+G 2684 or 8624P+G 3P+G From Snap Meyer: 46K 43P+G 33P+G 1P+G 9P+G (opponent crouching) 2P+K+G (opponent crouching) 3P+K+G (opponent crouching) 1P+K+G 4P+K (vs. high kick) 1P+K (vs. side kick) 2P+K success, then 6P+G

(opponent down) 3P (opponent down) 8P (opponent lying face up) 2P+G (opponent lying face up, feet towards you)


Note: Vanessa has stances in Defensive and Offensive Styles. All moves in Defensive Style assume that she is taking Defensive Style stance, and likewise for the Offensive Style moves.


Lion Rafale

Country: France

Fighting Style: Tourou-Ken

The following credits list the staff responsible for the localization and marketing for the North American release of Virtua Fighter 5. See in-game credits for the complete list of the development staff.
CEO Naoya Tsurumi President/COO Simon Jeffery Executive VP Hitoshi Okuno VP of Product Development Dave Cobb Producer Justin Lambros Associate Producer Andy Alamano Localization Consultant Osamu Shibamiya VP of Marketing Scott Steinberg VP of Sales Sue Hughes Director of Public Relations Charles Scibetta Director of Marketing Rick Naylor Senior Product Marketing Manager Erica Mason Assistant Product Marketing Manager Derrek Peel Creative Services Manager Jen Groeling Production Specialist Heather Lucchetti Graphic Designer Marco Garcia Senior Copywriter/Editor Bridget Oates Development Services Manager Deni Skeens QA Supervisor Josh Morton Mastering Lab Technicians Rhianna Kellom Rey Buzon Andrew Byrne Test Lead Nestor Protacio Compliancy Test Lead Stephen Akana Compliancy Assistant Leads Lawrence Mann Joe Floyd Compliancy Test Rudolfo Junior Sison Jason Mahar Director of Web Development Chris Olson Web Producer Marjorie Puruganan Online Art Director Rodwin Pabello Senior Web Developer Ricky Viray

At the end of the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, Lion returned home. He had not been able to win the tournament, but was satisfied with his performance and fighting. His father congratulated him as well, and it seemed that his life would continue without incident. But one day, Lion stumbled on the documents that seemed to link his fathers company to J6. Lion threw himself into his training, trying to forget about his suspicions. Just when he could no longer stand to keep quiet, an invitation arrived for the Fifth World Fighting Tournament. Somewhat bothered by the timing of the invitations arrival, Lion decides to enter the tournament, in part to learn about his fathers involvement with J6. MOVES Normal Moves Renkan Senshou Rensui Hachihon ~Tourou Soufu Rensui Mabanshu ~Honshin Rensui Soushu Rensuitai Shumen Rensuitai~Kanpo Banchu Renkanshu Senshippo Ni In'you~Tourou Soufu Shinpo Tourou Soushu Katousui Shippo Shousenshu Rakugekishou Tougeki Rensui Rensentai Koushu Teishitsu~Kanpo Fujin Rentankyaku Sentai Shumen Tanhikyaku Zensoutai Katoutai Dantai Senkyutai Souji Senpu Tenshin Touho Soushukyaku Tourou Youzan Taizan Soukoushu Kouho Hachihonsui ~Tourou Soufu Rensansui Banchu Ryusei Mabanshu ~Honshin Takuhi Hoshinshou Juchou Senshou Honsui Zaban Shuhou Shaho Shasousui Shippu Sanrentai COMMAND
PPP PP4PP+K+G PP2 (or 8) PG PP2P+K PKP PKP+K+G 6PP 66P 4PPP+K+G 43P 2P @6P 3PP 1PP KK 6KP+K+G 66KK 4KP 46K 2KK 8KK 3K 1K P+K 6P+KK 66P+KP 4P+K (can be charged) 44P+KP+K+G 46P+KPP 46P+KP2 (or 8) PG @6P+K 8P+K 3P+K 33P+K 1P+K K+GKK

COMMAND MOVES Tenshin Ryou'inkyaku 6K+G Senpu Haisoushu 46K+G2P Kousoutai 2K+G Zensou Tenshinkyaku 1K+G Mabanshu P+K (during Defensive Move) Shashin Konryuchu P (during Offensive Move) Shashin Sokusouteki K (during Offensive Move) Moves from Kanpo Tourou Shugan From Kanpo: PP Kanpo Teishitsu From Kanpo: K Moves from Tourou Soufu Tourou Soufu 6P+K+G Taitou Bougetsu From Tourou Soufu: P Ousen Soufu From Tourou Soufu: 6P Tenshin Senputai From Tourou Soufu: KK Roushu Matsumen From Tourou Soufu: P+G Senputai Moves from Tourou Maifuku Tourou Maifuku 4P+K+G Tourou Sanrensou From Tourou Maifuku: PPP Maifuku Toubi From Tourou Maifuku: 2K Tourou Soutansou From Tourou Maifuku: P+K Throws Hatoushu Shutai P+G Saishu Houkou 66P+G Hiten Soukukyaku 46P+G Goda Renkanheki 41236P+G Tozan Honshakyaku @6P+G Shichisei Tenbunchu 4P+G Tenshin Soukoushu 63214P+G Haika Senten 3P+G Youzan 43P+G Tourou Chouhi Soukoushu 33P+G Bokuho 61P+G Renkan Sakusui 3 From Bokuho: PPP From Bokuho: Rakushu Soushu 2 (or 8) P+G (left side) From Bokuho: Rakushu Dantai 2 (or 8) P+G (right side) Down Attacks Rakusenshu (opponent down) 3P Hiten Rakutai (opponent down) 8P




THIS AGREEMENT (THE AGREEMENT) DESCRIBES THE TERMS ON WHICH SEGA CORPORATION AND ITS AFFILIATED COMPANIES (COLLECTIVELY, "SEGA") OFFER YOU ACCESS TO PLAY A VIDEO GAME (THE "GAME"). BY ACCEPTING, YOU ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BELOW. BY NOT ACCEPTING, YOU DECLINE THIS OFFER, IN WHICH CASE YOU SHOULD CONTACT YOUR RETAILER REGARDING ITS RETURN POLICY FOR THE GAME. If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please contact customer service listed in the information accompanying the Game. 1. To play the Game, you must (a) purchase the Game Blu-ray disc (the "Blu-ray disc"), which includes software required for the Game (the "Software"), (b) have an Internet connection (which SEGA does not provide) to access on-line play, and (c) have all applicable or required hardware and software to operate the Game (which SEGA does not provide). In addition to any fees described herein (if applicable), you are responsible for paying all applicable taxes (including those that SEGA is not required to collect) and for all hardware, software, service and other costs you incur to access on-line play or to otherwise play the Game. This Agreement does not entitle you to any subsequent releases of the Software, or to any expansion packs or similar ancillary products. You understand that SEGA may update or otherwise enhance the Software at any time and in doing so incur no obligation to furnish such updates to you pursuant to this Agreement. 2. SEGA may amend this Agreement at any time in their sole discretion. 3. SEGA may terminate this Agreement (including your Software license) immediately and without notice if you breach this Agreement or repeatedly infringe any third party intellectual property rights, or if SEGA is unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to them, or upon Game play, chat or any player activity whatsoever which SEGA, in its sole discretion, determines is inappropriate and/or in violation of the spirit of the Game. SEGA may also terminate this Agreement if SEGA decides, in its sole discretion, to discontinue offering the Game. 4. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, SEGA hereby grants to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use the Software solely in connection with playing the Game. You may not copy, distribute, sell, auction, rent, lease, loan, modify or create derivative works, adapt, translate, perform, display, sublicense or transfer all or any portion of the Software. You may not copy any of the written materials accompanying the Blu-ray disc. You may not reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile the Software except to the extent that this restriction is expressly prohibited by applicable law. The Software may contain license management software that restricts your use of the Software. 5. SEGA shall retain all rights, title and interest, including, without limitation, ownership of all intellectual property rights relating to or residing in, the Blu-ray disc, the Software and the Game, all copies thereof, and all game character data in connection therewith. You acknowledge and agree that you have not and will not acquire or obtain any intellectual property or other rights, including any right of exploitation, of any kind in or to the Blu-ray disc, the Software or the Game, including, without limitation, in any character(s), item(s), coin(s) or other material or property, and that all such property, material and items are exclusively owned by SEGA. 6. You may not use any third party software to modify the Software to change Game play. You may not create, facilitate, host, link to or provide any other means through which the Game may be played by others, such as through server emulators. You may not take any action which imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on SEGAs infrastructure. You may not buy, sell or auction (or host or facilitate the ability to allow others to buy, sell or auction) any Game characters, items, coin or copyrighted material. 7. As part of the Game, you may be able to upload content to SEGAs servers in various forms, such as in the selections you make for the Game and in chat rooms and similar user-to-user areas (collectively, your "Content"). Your Content shall not: (a) infringe any third party intellectual property, other proprietary or publicity/privacy rights; (b) violate any law or regulation; (c) be defamatory, obscene, child pornographic or harmful to minors; or (d) contain any viruses, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots or other computer programming routines that are intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information. SEGA may take any action with respect to your Content if they believe it may create liability for SEGA or may cause SEGA to lose (in whole or in part) the services of ISPs or other suppliers. You hereby grant to SEGA a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicenseable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise all intellectual property rights, in any media now known or not currently known, associated with your Content. 8. SEGA cannot ensure that your private communications and other personally identifiable information will not be disclosed to third parties. SEGA may be forced to disclose information to the government or third parties under certain circumstances, or third parties may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications. Additionally, SEGA can disclose any information about you to private entities, law enforcement or other government officials as SEGA, in its sole discretion, believes necessary or appropriate to investigate or resolve possible problems or inquiries. Furthermore, if you request any technical support, you consent to SEGAs remote accessing and review of the system you load the Software onto for purposes of support and debugging. You agree that SEGA may communicate with you via email and any similar technology for any purpose relating to the Game, the Software and any services or software which may in the future be provided by SEGA or on their behalf. You are subject to the terms and conditions, privacy customs and policies of SEGA while on such web sites and in connection with use of the Game, which terms and conditions, policies and customs are incorporated herein by this reference. Since SEGA does not control other web sites and/or privacy policies of third parties, different rules may apply to their use or disclosure of the personal information you disclose to others. Solely for the purpose of patching and updating the Game, you hereby grant SEGA permission to (i) upload Game file information from the Game directory and (ii) download Game files to you. You acknowledge that any and all character data may be stored and may reside on SEGAs servers, and any and all communications that you make within the Game (including, but not limited to, messages solely directed at another player or group of players, if applicable) may traverse through SEGAs servers, may or may not be monitored by SEGAs personnel and, accordingly, you have no expectation of privacy in any such communications. You acknowledge and agree that SEGA may transfer such information to the United States or other countries or may share such information with SEGAs licensees and agents in connection with the Game. 9. SEGA WARRANTS TO THE ORIGINAL CONSUMER PURCHASER OF THE GAME THAT THE RECORDING MEDIUM ON WHICH THE GAME IS RECORDED SHALL BE FREE FROM DEFECTS IN MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP FOR A PERIOD OF NINETY (90) DAYS FROM THE ORIGINAL DATE OF PURCHASE (THE LIMITED WARRANTY). IF A DEFECT COVERED BY THE LIMITED WARRANTY OCCURS DURING THIS NINETY (90) DAY PERIOD, THE DEFECTIVE GAME SHALL BE REPLACED BY THE RETAILER FROM WHICH YOU PURCHASED THE GAME, FREE OF CHARGE. PLEASE RETAIN THE ORIGINAL OR PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR DATED SALES RECEIPT TO ESTABLISH THE DATE OF PURCHASE FOR IN-WARRANTY REPLACEMENT. FOR REPLACEMENT, RETURN THE GAME, WITH ITS ORIGINAL PACKAGING AND RECEIPT, TO THE RETAILER FROM WHICH THE SOFTWARE WAS ORIGINALLY PURCHASED. IN THE EVENT THAT YOU CANNOT OBTAIN A REPLACEMENT FROM THE RETAILER, PLEASE CONTACT SEGA TO OBTAIN SUPPORT. THE PROVISIONS OF THE LIMITED WARRANTY ARE VALID IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA ONLY. ANY APPLICABLE IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE HEREBY LIMITED TO NINETY (90) DAYS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE OF THE GAME, AND ARE SUBJECT TO THE CONDITIONS SET FORTH HEREIN. SOME STATES AND JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIED WARRANTY LASTS, OR THE EXCLUSION OF THE CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, AND IN SUCH STATES AND JURISDICTIONS, SEGAS AND ITS LICENSORS LIABILITY SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. YOU MAY HAVE OTHER RIGHTS THAT VARY FROM STATE-TO-STATE OR FROM JURISDICTION-TO-JURISDICTION. 10. THE LIMITED WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY IF THE DEFECTS HAVE BEEN CAUSED BY YOUR NEGLIGENCE, ACCIDENT, UNREASONABLE USE, MODIFICATION, TAMPERING, OR ANY OTHER CAUSES NOT RELATED TO DEFECTIVE MATERIALS OR MANUFACTURING WORKMANSHIP, AND SEGA AND ITS LICENSORS SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE, INJURY OR LOSS IF CAUSED AS A RESULT OF ANY OF THESE REASONS. HOWEVER, SEGA AND ITS LICENSORS DO NOT SEEK TO EXCLUDE OR LIMIT THEIR LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY ARISING FROM THEIR NEGLIGENCE. THE LIMITED WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY TO A USED GAME OR TO A GAME ACQUIRED THROUGH PRIVATE TRANSACTIONS BETWEEN INDIVIDUALS OR PURCHASED FROM ONLINE AUCTION SITES. IN NO EVENT SHALL SEGA OR ITS LICENSORS BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM POSSESSION, USE OR MALFUNCTION OF THE GAME, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE RISKS CONNECTED WITH LOST PROFIT, DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, LOST DATA, LOSS OF GOODWILL, CONSOLE, COMPUTER OR HANDHELD DEVICE FAILURE, ERRORS AND LOST BUSINESS OR OTHER INFORMATION AS A RESULT OF POSSESSION, USE OR MALFUNCTION OF THE GAME, OR PERSONAL INJURIES, EVEN IF SEGA HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH LOSS OR DAMAGES. FURTHERMORE, IN NO EVENT SHALL SEGA OR ITS LICENSORS BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE BREACH OF ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES. SEGAS TOTAL LIABILITY SHALL NOT EXCEED THE ACTUAL PRICE PAID FOR THE GAME. 11. You shall comply with all applicable laws regarding your use of the Blu-ray disc and the Software and your access to your use and your playing of the Game. Without limiting the foregoing, you may not download, use or otherwise export or re-export the Software except in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including, without limitation, the laws of the United States. 12. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold SEGA, its parents, partners, affiliates, contractors, licensors, officers, directors, employees, and agents harmless from all claims, damages, costs and expenses (including legal expenses) arising directly or indirectly from your acts or omissions to act in using the Game pursuant to the terms of this License.



13. This Agreement represents the complete agreement between you and SEGA concerning the License, in relation to the use of the Game, and supersedes all prior agreements and representations, warranties or understandings between you and SEGA (whether negligently or innocently made but excluding those made fraudulently), regarding the same subject matter. SEGA reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time, at its sole discretion. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable, and the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and not be affected. This Agreement shall be construed under California law as such law is applied to agreements between California residents entered into and to be performed within California, except as governed by federal law, and you consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts in San Francisco, California. Any conflicts between this Agreement and the PSN Terms of Service and User Agreement shall be resolved in favor of the PSN Terms of Service and User Agreement. If you have any questions concerning this Agreement, you may contact SEGA at 650 Townsend Street, Suite 650, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA, Attn. Legal Department.

SEGA of America, Inc. warrants to the original consumer purchaser that the game disc or cartridge shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90-days from the original date of purchase. If a defect covered by this limited warranty occurs during this 90-day warranty period, the defective game disc or cartridge will be replaced free of charge. This limited warranty does not apply if the defects have been caused by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, modification, tampering, or any other causes not related to defective materials or manufacturing workmanship. This limited warranty does not apply to used software or to software acquired through private transactions between individuals or purchased from online auction sites. Please retain the original, or a photocopy, of your dated sales receipt to establish the date of purchase for in-warranty replacement. For replacement, return the product, with its original packaging and receipt, to the retailer from which the software was originally purchased. In the event that you cannot obtain a replacement from the retailer, please contact SEGA to obtain support.

Obtaining technical support/service

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