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Exercise 79 1. We believe his innocence. 2. His absence was regretted. 3. The game was lost because of his carelessness.

. He as!ed m" reason to come. #. He ordered the execution of the traitor. $. He is ho%ed to esca%e safel" 7. & don't !now the returning time. (. We ho%e the coming of better time. 9. The enem"'s landing news s%read li!e fire. 1). The success doesn't ma!e me ha%%". 11. He ordered the im%risonment of the rioters to the %olice. 12. *our willingness to believe is incredible. 13. The %rudent one is res%ected. 1 . The winning of our troo%s is re%orted. 1#. His guilt of murder is believed. 1$. *ou tell the meaning Exercise () 1. He sold his brother's horse. 2. The onl" wa" to hel% her is b" giving her some mone". 3. & don't have a horse to lend "ou. . The whi% mar!s were still visible. #. We can cam% in this %lace. $. The grief heart is heav". 7. *our re%l" is foolish. (. The men's bad deed lives after their lives 9. +on't "ou remember "our former friend,

1). This is her !nitting needle. 11. Have "ou nothing to sa", 12. He %ros%ered his friend's hel%. 13. - high court %leader clever law"er advised them 1 . His wea!ness if from his recent illness. 1#. - dead man needs no riches. 1$. & have seen .ama's house. 17. He was the most learned /udge at that time 1(. He died in his born village. 19. 0ure -rabic horse is ver" swift. 2). The drain smell is ver" bad. 21. 1an he get nothing to wor!, 22. &s there no bathing %lace here, 23. The birds have no drin! water. 2 . He shot the district scourge tiger. 2#. That is m" boo!. 2$. & saw a blind man. 27. This is water bottle. 2(. The translation of the 2ible into English is W"cliffe and his friend's chief achievement. 29. & find m" lost boo!. 3). The first standing bo" got the %ri3e. 31. The cit" hill cannot be hid. 32. 4lass house %eo%le must not throw stones. 33. His rendered service to the state cannot be overestimated. 3 . Their %lace is ver" unhealth". 3#. His %hiloso%h" idea is ver" difficult to understand. 3$. & have no time to waste on idle tal!.

37. - self reliant %erson has the best chance to win success. 3(. The barrier cannot be %assed. 39. 5elf actuali3ed %erson is alwa"s res%ected. ). - notorious idle bo" was awarded the %ri3e. 1. That !ind of man cannot be easil" heartened. 2. -n industrious man is sure to succeed. 3. He told us the ex%ected time to arrive. Exercise (1 1. 2eing here6 "ou ma" as well see it. 2. 7%on hearing the result6 he was angr". 3. +oes he !now the conse8uences of his refusal, . He cannot go without m" consent. #. *ou are alwa"s tal!ing nonsense. $. *ou come here onl" to steal. 7. The bo" ran fast. (. We waited for a while in the beginning of the rain. 9. 2eing failed twice6 he will tr" again. 1). His good s%eed made him come in time. 11. 2eing ill6 he sta"ed at home. 12. 9eeling cold6 he lit a fire. 13. 2eing unable to get much6 & acce%t a little. 1 . He will %a" "ou on hearing from me. 1#. He was so tired to slee%. 1$. The" re/oice their going. 17. He congratulated him on his %assing:success. 1(. His richness enables him to be generous. 19. The" started in time.

2). & don't need %roof to believe him. 21. The dog /um%ed u% to see the cat. 22. The old horse cannot wor!. 23. 2eing cunning and ferocious6 the tiger is renowned through all the countr"side. 2 . He was ver" angr" to %a" again. 2#. We will wait longer in the dar!. 2$. He is not enough tall to enter the doorwa". 27. Hearing the signal6 the" s%rang u%. 2(. The truth being !nown6 further l"ing is useless. 29. The" went to an" chea%er %lace. 3). He disa%%eared to see us. 31. Hearing the news6 he wrote to me. 32. & shall %unish "ou for doing this. 33. &n the absence of him6 & s%o!e to his brother. 3 . The" went to the chea%er %lace. 3#. 0eo%le gathered to listen his %reach in ever" direction. 3$. 5he stood li!e a stone. 37. We have come to hel% "ou. 3(. *ou will %ass onl" under hard wor!. 39. He cannot see without his glasses. ). His father still trusted him des%ite his deceiving 1. He is not so %rudent li!e his thought. 2. &t was so dar! to see "our hand. 3. He was im%risoned for fraud. . He was so indolent to be successful. #. -n honest bo" s%ea!s his thought. $. 5it down an"where.

7. The larger brain means more vigorous mind. (. & shall give "ou m" horse for "our silver. 9. We will do the wor! well. #). .obinson 1rusoe was %u33led of the foot %rint on the sand. #1. He will not be frightened of the falling s!". #2. .oman Em%ire lasted li!e the worshi% of -%ollo. #3. & will bu" it at an" cost. # . & am sur%rised to !now "our nonsense believe. ##. & will su%%ort "our ever" deed.

Exercise (2 1. +"ing of starvation is a terrible thing for %eo%le. 2. What "ou were sa"ing is inaudible for me. 3. We didn't go because of the storm" weather. . His chance of success is doubtful. #. He was unable to wal! because of his illness. $. ;oone is %romoted to a higher class without examination. 7. He could ran ver" fast. (. He read about his coming tomorrow. 9.Tell me the address. 1). He confessed being guilt". 11. 2eing dar!6 we lost our wa". 12. Tell me "our age. 13. The time is not "et !nown. 1 . 4rant me m" favour. 1#. We ho%e for the better time.

1$. & insist on going with "ou. 17. & shall remain m" %lace. 1(. Turning right6 "ou will soon reach the tem%le. 19. He gave in his esca%ing gra%hic account. 2). 2eing half an hour earlier6 we might get a good seat. 21. He com%lained about being un/ustl" treated. 22. His coming is certain. 23. The commissioner gave rewards to the deserved men. 2 . & as!ed his reason to come. 2#. - lost child is to be %itied. 2$. The" left at six o'cloc! to catch the earl" train. 27. 5us%icion alwa"s haunts the guilt" %erson's mind. 2(. He went to <ot" to im%rove his health. 29. -n animal %icture boo! was %resented to him b" his uncle. 3). 5eeing 2rutus among the assassins6 1aesar covered his face with his gown. 31. =ohn 2right once said that a first class carriage in an ex%ress train as the safest %lace in England. 32. The com%licated 8uestion cannot be settled immediatel". 33. He being absent6 the motion would have been carried. 3 . & cannot com%rehend the difficult %assage. 3#. We must wor! well. 3$. Having fought most valiantl"6 the" were defeated. 37. He will be crowned on winning the battle. 3(. & wish to !now his dead time. 39. Those survived soldier have received medals. ). This machine is used for sewing. 1. <ur coming made him ver" anxious. 2.The %riests were satisfied getting the mone" from him.

3. Having not dined ma!e "ou hungr". . &t is time for "ou to go. #. His coming is luc!" then. $. He will hel% "ou for certain. 7. .eaching 2omba"6 "ou must write to me. (. He gave awa" his brother's boo!s. 9. 1an "ou tell me the boo! writer's name, #). He !illed himself. #1. & cannot come due to m" %arents' absence. #2.& cannot do the hard sum. #3. <ne too! the %lace of the falling man. # . *ou must wor! hard. ##. *ou ma" drin!. #$. That !ind of man should succeed. #7. The %olice !now this from the received information. Exercise (3 1. - child who is not %unished when he deserves it ma" turn out to be a bad %erson when he grows u%. 2. He went outside after he %ut on his hat. 3. 5he s%ent a long %eriod of time before she wo!e and loo!ed around. . &f "ou don't !ee% 8uiet6 "ou will be %unished. #. The crew was saved even though the shi% was wrec!ed. $. 5he will send a letter if 5hirin will come. 7. &f "ou do "our best6 "ou will never regret it. (. -fter he received "our telegram6 he set off at once. 9. >" business will greatl" suffer6 if & don't hurr" bac! at once. 1). &f "ou do this6 "ou will not be %unished. 11. -lthough .ama is not clever6 he is certainl" industrious.

12. -fter & %ut m" hand into m" %oc!et6 & gave him a ru%ee. 13. &f "ou onl" do the right6 "ou will have no reason to be ashamed. 1 . -fter the crow stole a %iece of cheese6 it flew it to a tree. 1#. When & called at "our house "esterda"6 "ou were out. 17. &f we don't do our wor! well6 our master will be angr" with us. 1(. *ou shall not go unrewarded because "ou have earned his gratitude. 19. -fter he failed in his first attem%t6 he never tried again. 2). 2ecause time flies fast6 it sometimes a%%ears to move slowl". 21. That mos8uito cause >alaria is well !nown. 22. &f she doesn't wee%6 she will die. 23 -lthough he ran to the station6 he still missed the train. 2 . 2ecause the bo" was tired6 he went to bed. 2#. -lthough he is %oor6 he is contented. 2$. -lthough life has few en/o"ments6 we still cling to it. 27. &f "ou eat few su%%ers "ou will need few medicines. 2(. He succeeds because he is wor!ing hard. 29. He wor!s hard so that he succeeds. 3). When he was going along this road6 he met a dragon. 31. -lthough the" were refused to %a"6 the" went on wor!ing. 32. -lthough & frowned u%on him6 he still loves me. 33. Will we find rewards after we find victories, 3 . -lthough the archers were %oorl" armed6 the" offered a stubborn resistance. 3#. &f "ou cross this line6 "ou will be ca%tured. 3$. &f "ou are not warml" clad6 "ou will catch a cold. 37. &f "ou ta!e care of the %ence6 the %ounds will ta!e care of themselves. 3(. -lthough he adored his %roud wife6 he was in mortal fear of her fierce tem%er. 39. -lthough we are few6 we are of the right sort.

). &f "ou are diligent6 "ou will succeed. 1. -lthough it seems too good to be true6 it is a fact. 2. &f "ou resist the devil6 he will flee from "ou. 3. 7nless & recover it6 & will die in the attem%t. . &f "ou ta!e a farthing from a hundred %ounds6 it will be a hundred %ounds no longer. #. He cannot eat hard food because he has lost all his teeth. $. &f "ou give him an inch6 he will ta!e an ell. 7. &f "ou hear him out6 "ou will understand him better. (. &f "ou advance another ste%6 "ou will be a dead man. 9. -fter "ou send the deed to me6 & will sign it. #). He was ver" learned that he seemed to !now ever"thing. #1. & !illed him because he was ambitious. #2. -fter we landed at ?arachi6 we s%ent a ver" en/o"able wee!. #3. -fter we called u%on >r. 0undit6 he introduced us to his %artner # . & loved him because he was m" friend.

Exercise ( 1. &f "ou give me the boo!6 & will read it. 2. &f "ou ta!e 8uinine6 "our fever will be cured. 3. -lthough & tell him to be 8uiet6 he ta!es no notice. . -lthough he is deaf6 he will alwa"s %retend to hear. #. -lthough "ou have %aid the bill6 "ou will get no more credit. $. -lthough & ran all the wa" to the station6 & still missed the train. 7. 2ecause .ama is better %la"er than ?rishna6 he must ta!e %lace in the team. (. &f "ou called me6 & will be here. 9. 2ecause the master is nearl" blind6 the bo"s are ver" sorr" for him. 1). &f we don't win6 we will die.

11. &f "ou don't let me come in6 & will brea! down the door. 12. &f "ou are careful in "our diet6 "ou will !ee% health. 13. &f "ou listen to me6 & will tell "ou. 1 . & don't li!e him because he is agreeable. 1#. & shall wear a coat because it is cold. 1$. &f "ou send me the gun6 & will mend it. 17. &f "ou are good6 "ou don't need to be clever. 1(. &f "ou follow me6 "ou won't lose "our wa". 19. The foods have been sent when "ou ordered the food. 2). 7nless "ou %a"6 "ou must sign a chit. 21. & don't attend his lectures because & don't li!e them. 22. &f the had not had run awa"6 the" would have !illed him. 23. -lthough6 he has in/ured me6 & forgive him. 2 . &f "ou are not 8uiet6 & will %unish "ou. 2#. &f "ou are /ust6 "ou won't have fear. 2$. -lthough he was never %resent6 he alwa"s sent a de%ut". 27. &f "ou are !ind6 "ou will hel% me. 2(. &f "ou %a" heed to the small details6 the general %lan will surel" succeed. 29. &f he is certain to be late6 wh" will we wait for him, 3). 7nless "ou6 & will go awa". 31. 5rilan!a lost the match because the" went in first in a ver" wet wic!et. 32. The %eon was too clever for them although the" tried to bribe him. Exercise (# 1. <nce u%on a time a man owned a hen and his hen laid a golden egg ever"da". 2. We had tried several times6 and we selected this bic"cle. 3. He didn't succeed6 and it's not sur%rising. . *ou must exercise6 or "ou will be ill.

#. *ou must run6 therefore "ou will be in time. $. He was afraid and he ran awa". 7. & s%o!e to his brother6 but he was not there. (. He saw the danger but he still %ressed on. 9. *ou tr" with all "our might but "ou won't succeed. 1). & must be invited or & won't go 11. *ou eat too much and "ou will be ill. 12. &n the case there is nothing in the boo!6 the boo! is still a boo!. 13. *ou !ee% 8uiet and "ou won't be %unished. 1 . 1aesar loved me and & wee% for him. 1#. *ou have done this6 so & %unish "ou. 1$6 He heard the news and he wrote to me. 17. *ou have rested6 so "ou go on with the wor!. 1(. He was d"ing and & forgave him. 19. He was ill6 so he sta"ed at home. 2). He had deceived his father but his father still trusted him. 21. &n the case the s!" falls6 he won't be frightened. 22. He was educated at a %ublic school and he learnt latin. 23. He ventured to obstruct m" %ath so & struc! him. 2 . The" might extend their em%ire so the" went to war. 2#. The" fought most valiantl" but the" were defeated. 2$. He writes so illegibl" and & cannot read his letter. 27. *ou told him and & !now that. 2(. The shi% steered so s!illfull" and it reached the harbor safel". 29. *ou must be res%ectable and "ou would be res%ected. 3). He was ambitious and therefore & !illed him. 31. 5he was often ca%ricious and im%ertinent but she was never out of tem%er.

32. &'ll row "ou over the ferr" but the waves are raging high. 33. He began late but he finished first. 3 . He is seldom successful but he still tries hard. 3#. The sun set and he returned home. 3$. The dut" calls us and we must obe". 37. He had a cow and it gave enormous 8uantities of mil!. 3(. He was too rash so he failed. 39. We eat and we ma" live. ). He was ver" learned and he seemed to !now ever"thing.