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The LU500. Smaller. Stronger.

Category Intro Voiceover The LU500 is the most powerful, yet lightweight video transmission unit in the history of cellular bonding. It offers all the capabilities of its much larger predecessors and much more, yet in a very small and versatile device. This video will offer a quick start guide for operating the unit. Ready? Ok, lets go! To power up the unit, hold down the white power button. The unit will power up and automatically connect all the cellular modems in about a minute. The status indicator will change from offline to Ready once the modems are connected. Piece of cake. First, lets select a destination server, also known as a Channel . Tap the options arrow at the bottom of the screen, and then Channels. Setting up servers, channels, and user groups, and switching between preview and live outputs can be done on the LiveU Central management console via any browser on a computer or tablet. Now choose your delay by hitting Profiles. For live shots select Live and then your desired latency. For live interviews we recommend between 1-2 seconds of delay. In areas with difficult cellular signal, for feeding footage, or for web shows, we recommend to increase latency as much as possible, up to 20 seconds, in order to improve resiliency and quality. You can also choose Store and Forward, which will record the video on the unit and automatically transmit it at full quality once bandwidth is available. 5. Central 6. Video input 7. 8. 8b. Modems/Int erfaces All settings can be controlled remotely via LiveU Central at the following URL. Please contact LiveU support or your companys engineering for login info. Now lets plug in the camera, via SDI or HDMI. The video will show up on the screen. Excellent! We are ready to transmit. Simply hit the Play button and voila, you are live! To preview your current bandwidth, end-to-end delay, server status, or remaining battery time, simply tap on the icons at the top of the screen. You can also check modem status in the Interfaces menu. [Pause] Most LU500 units ship with 6-8 cellular modems, plus a wifi card [pause]

1. Power

2. Server 2b.

3. Delay Profiles

How did we pack so much fire-power into such a small device? Lets just say thats our secret. 10. Ethernet Looking for a little boost? to connect Ethernet, locate the two LAN ports on the back of the unit. These ports will allow you to use the LiveU wireless or wired Xtender external antenna for enhanced signal in congested areas, as well as hardwired ethernet connection, BGAN, KA-Band satellite, and more. The LU500 is offered in 3 battery configurations: The standard version comes with a LiveU battery that lasts about 3 hours. We also offer an optional 4-hour external battery.

11. Battery 11a. Standard Version: i.e. LiveU battery 11a1. 11b1. Gold and V mount 11b2. Backpack and expandable compartme nts 11c. Version ordering 13. 24/7 Support 14. Outro

To buy extra batteries and other handy accessories, go to the LiveU online store The LU500 is also offered in versions that are manufactured specifically to go with Gold or V-Mount batteries. These versions can be directly mounted on a camera, or fit in the LU500 backpack, which has special expandable compartments for Anton Bauer, v-mount batteries, and other accessories. The battery-mount versions also include an internal 30-minute battery that supports hot-swapping. Please note, each version will only work with the battery types it is intended for, so let us know which one to ship Thank you for watching. For more information please visit the LU500 product page, and as always, LiveU technical support is available 24/7 The LU500 will make your job easier, we promise! Now go get some live video!