International Federation of Aeronautical Information Management Associations


On behalf of the Executive Board

Global AIM Congress 2008 Singapore 23 Persons representing 37 Countries have signed the convention for the creation of IFAIMA

Singapore Convention

;To operate as a non-political Federation of AIM AssociationsTo promote safety, efficiency and regularity in International Air;Navigation To assist and advise in the development of AIM , in order to maintain;the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic To uphold a high standard of knowledge and professional efficiency;amongst AIM personnel To protect and safeguard the collective professional interests of AIM;personnel To make mutual benefit affiliations with other professional;organisations .To strive for a worldwide Federation of AIM Associations-

In order to follow these objects, IFAIMA will:
• Closely co-operate with national and international Aviation Authorities and other Institutions or persons concerned with Air Navigation; Set up Committees for studying new techniques and facilities necessary and useful for the safety of International Air Navigation; Collect and distribute information on professional problems and developments; Levy affiliation fees, annual subscriptions and charges upon its member Associations to provide the funds for an effective management of IFAIMA activities; Issue an official journal and other publications for the purpose of promulgating and advancing matters of AIM; Sponsor and support the passage of legislation and regulations which will increase and protect the safety of air navigation through the improvement of working conditions of AIM personnel; Endeavour to carry out the work of IFAIMA in the official language of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

• •

Implementation Commission
For the first year, IFAIMA has been managed by the Implementation Commission which fulfilled its task with great commitment and to whom we have to be thankful Egypt – Mr. Ahmed Allam Indonesia – Mr. Budiono Richwan Nigeria - Mr. Kabir Gusau Portugal - Mr. Fernando Lopes Slovak Republic - Mr. Lukas Galbavy Turkey – Mrs. Mehtap Demir

Amongst others, the IC has:
- Registered IFAIMA before the Portuguese Official Authorities (2008/08/13); - Implemented a blog ( a discussion forum ( a website ( and the IFAIMA official mailbox (; - Prepared the logistics for the Federation’s Administration and for the organization of the first General Assembly; - Accepted the registrations of the first Affiliated Associations, Individuals and Corporate Members; - Made contacts so as to publicize IFAIMA throughout the Aviation Community and the AIM Community in particular.

General Assembly and Election
General Assembly has occurred, parallel to the Global Johannesbourg 2009 and elected the first Executive Board:
President : Mr. Fernando Henriques Lopes - Portugal Vice-President : Mr. Kabir Yahaya Gusau - Nigeria Vice President : Mr. Lukas Galbavy - Slovakia Vice President : Mr. Azim Bul - Turkey Executive Secretary : Mr. Jorge Manuel Duarte Dias - Portugal Treasurer : Mr. João Paulo dos Anjos de Mendonça - Portugal



Regional Directors
APAC (Asia and Pacific) : Mr. Budiono Richwan – Indonesia ESAF (Eastern and Southern African) : Mrs. Charity Muthoni - Kenya EUR/NAT (European and North Atlantic) : Mr. Roland Reiser - Luxembourg MID (Middle East) : Mr. Ahmed Allam - Egypt WACAF (Western and Central African) : Mr. George Crankson - Ghana NACC (North American, Central American and Caribbean) : To be nominated SAM (South American) : To be nominated

By now, IFAIMA represents: 12 Member Associations 18 Individual Associates 5 Corporate Members We can proudly say that we now represent 709 persons around the World which make us a real Global Organization.


We, the Executive Board of IFAIMA, wish to salute all the colleagues and organizations present in this event. We offer our services and the services of IFAIMA so as to cooperate with you all, in order to make AIM and COM a safer and more efficient part of Air Navigation. We also would like to appeal for you to join IFAIMA and make our Federation bigger, contributing to the enrichment of our knowledge and experience, which will help us be more effective on the procurement of our objectives. The Executive Board

Application for Membership
You may download the membership form from our website or our blog or get it from one of our members

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