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Anthrax is a very harmful disease that affects both humans and animals.

There are three different types of it: cutaneous anthrax, inhalation anthrax, and gastrointestinal anthrax. One way cutaneous anthrax can get inside your body is if anthrax touches a scrape or cut on the skin. Cutaneous anthrax symptoms consist of blisters that later form a black scab surrounded by lots of swelling. n inhalation anthrax, anthrax spores enter the lungs through the respiratory tract. nhalation anthrax symptoms begin with a fever, headache, cough, chest pain, and shortness of breath. !ater, you may go into shock ."astrointestinal anthrax occurs when a person eats anthrax#infected meat. "astrointestinal anthrax symptoms are vomiting, which may include blood, Anorexia, a severe eating disorder, or bloody diarrhea. Anthrax is a deadly disease because it can cause severe body disorders, which result in death. $or example, in gastrointestinal anthrax, you can be cut and there is severe bleeding, which leads to shock, which may lead to death. To prevent anthrax, if you have been exposed to it but have no symptoms, doctors may prescribe preventive antibiotics to you. Also, an anthrax vaccine is open to military personnel, but not open to public. f you do have anthrax, you must be treated early. t can be cured by antibiotics if treated early enough .Cutaneous anthrax is treated by medicine taken through your mouth, and inhalation anthrax treatment takes about sixty days because it may take that long for the spores to grow. f you think you have any symptoms of the disease, you get a culture of your skin sore to check for cutaneous, a chest x#ray, a spinal tap, a sputum culture, or even a gram stain, where they stain your tissue to check for anthrax carrying bacteria. Anthrax is more common in animals than it is in humans. Animals are the organism that starts with the disease. f a lion or cow eats infected grass, carcasses, or even inhales contaminated dust, anthrax will be inside of them. t is spread to humans by skin contact and eating infected animal products. The most vulnerable people to receive anthrax are veterinarians, farmers, and wool

workers because they are constantly touching animals. An interesting fact about anthrax is that it can be used as a weapon for bioterrorism. t is difficult to use a large amount of anthrax as a weapon, but it has been done before. n %&&', anthrax was sent through the (.). postal service, and had infected %% people, * of which had cutaneous anthrax. "erman physician +obert ,och established that it is caused by anthrax bacterium. Also, a $rench scientist named !ouis -asteur developed a vaccine in '..'. )ome historians think it may have been the /th plague of 0gypt. Anthrax is a very harmful disease, but can be cured.

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