Region15 Sweet Adelines Bringing Harmony to Albany Annual Convention Held in Albany April 10th-13th, 2014.

Albany, NY, March 29, 2 1! "" Greater NY/NJ Region #15, of Sweet Adelines International will hold its annual Regional Contest and Convention in Al an! for the first ti"e eginning #hursda!, A$ril 1%th through Sunda!, A$ril 1&, '%1() Choruses and *uartets will travel to Al an! to +o"$ete for the o$$ortunit! to re$resent Region 15 at the International Convention) #his is the first ti"e the re+entl! e,$anded region will hold its +onvention in Al an! after thirt! !ears in -hiladel$hia) Greater NY/NJ Region #15 in+ludes over .%% wo"en who sing in '& +horuses and (1 registered *uartets within its regional orders whi+h +over New Jerse!, New Yor/ Cit!, 0ong Island and $arts of 1$state New Yor/) #here will e a "ass sing 2in+luding "e" ers of all Greater NY/NJ Region #15 +horuses3 held on the ste$s of the State Ca$ital 4uilding at 1' noon on 5rida!, A$ril 11th) All are wel+o"e to +o"e and en6o! the sounds of a +a$$ella, four $art har"on! in the ar ersho$ st!le) #he *uartet and +horus +ontests will e o$en to the $u li+ and held at the 7"$ire State -la8a Convention Center) #he 9uartet Co"$etition starts at '$" on 5rida!, A$ril 11, '%1( and the Chorus Co"$etition egins at 1' noon on Saturda!, A$ril 1', '%1() #i+/ets will e on sale at the ti+/et offi+e at 7"$ire State -la8a Convention Center ti+/et ooth 6ust efore ea+h +o"$etition) 5or either the 9uartet or Chorus +o"$etitions, ti+/ets are :'5)%% ea+h 2:1%)%% ea+h for students3 and :'%)%% ea+h for Show of Cha"$ions whi+h will e held at ;$" on Saturda!, A$ril 1', '%1( at the Grand 4allroo" of the <ilton <otel) =edia is wel+o"e to attend the events however $hotogra$h! is not $er"itted during the +o"$etition) -lease forward all re*uests for "edia attendan+e to #ri+ia >i+hello, Greater NY/NJ Region 15 =ar/eting Coordinator at .1?@A%1@;;AA or #8i+hello2at3g"ail2dot3+o") #o learn "ore a out Greater NY/NJ Region #15 and its +horuses, visit our we site at htt$B//www)sairegion15)org or Sweet Adelines International, at htt$B//www)sweetadelineintl)org) Greater NY/NJ Region #15 +an also e found on fa+e oo/, #witter and -interest) Sweet Adelines International is a worldwide organi8ation of wo"en singers +o""itted to advan+ing the "usi+al art for" of ar ersho$ har"on! through edu+ation, +o"$etition and $erfor"an+e) #his inde$endent, non$rofit "usi+ edu+ation asso+iation is one of the worldCs largest singing organi8ations for wo"en) D<ar"oni8e the EorldD is the organi8ationCs "otto) #he international "e" ershi$ of nearl! '5,%%% wo"en, all singing in 7nglish, in+ludes +horuses in "ost of the fift! 1nited States as well as in Australia, Canada, 7ngland, 5inland, Ger"an!, Ja$an, New >ealand, S+otland, Sweden, Eales and the Netherlands) #he organi8ation en+o"$asses "ore than 1,'%% registered *uartets and A%% +horuses) #ontact$ #ri+ia >i+hello %reater NY&N' Region (15 Al an!, NY F1 .1?@A%1@;;AA #8i+helloGg"ail)+o" htt$B//www)sairegion15)org

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