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ABSTRACT During election period the percentage of casting of vote is becoming less day by day. The Indian citizens those who are living in other countries cant cast their vote, those whose are sick, old aged and virtually handicap. Each and every person has their own right to vote as an Indian citizen and it is also a rule followed in the country. We give an opportunity to the people those who are not able to vote. Our application relies both on security and integrated web services to vote from anywhere with all necessary proofs such as voter id, photo, adharcard, etc. EXISTING SYSTEM The system used in existing is ballot machine which has been introduced to reduce the paper work, human resources and fake vote. You might have been heard about re-polling process because of electronic voting machine. The people have to travel to the polling booth and cast their vote. PROPOSED SYSTEM Our application has service call enabled only to the available pooling city, state or country on that particular date and to that particular hour. The voter can cast only one vote after that the session get closed immediately, and he cant able to cast using any one of the proof. The counting process and monitoring process are managed by the administrator; the counting is done after casting of vote has been finished within an hour. The system is more efficient and will have all kind of security technique such as cryptography, etc. MODULES Administrator User Voting Counting Nomination

MODULE DESCRIPTION Administrator The administrator is responsible for the management of online voting system. Both the voter id and nomination for are verified by the administrator and for only authorized users the voter id and nomination receipt is issued. User In user module the user is allowed to apply for voter id and after the approval of the administrator only the voter id is issued. The finger print of each and every user is scanned and saved in the database. The user details can be changed. Voting In voting module only the authorized user are allowed to vote after verifying their finger print. The user is allowed to vote only once and after one vote is registered the session gets terminated by itself automatically. Counting In counting module the counting of voted are done and the counting is carried out by the administrator after login. Nomination In nomination module the application of nomination for can be enrolled and after the approval of the administrator the receipt of nomination can be issued and the nominator get the enrollment.

HARDWARE REQUIREMENT CPU type Clock speed : : Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz

Ram size Hard disk capacity Monitor type Keyboard type

: 512 MB : : : 40 GB 15 Inch color monitor Internet keyboard

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT O p e r a t i n g S ys t e m Language Database Technology : Windows XP : JAVA : M ys q l : Web service

CONCLUSION T h e s ys t e m p r o p o s e d i s v e r y e f f i c i e n t a n d h a s v a r i o u s a d v a n t a g e s t o increase the voting percentage and to make people to become aware of voting technique and to choose the right person to lead them.