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Ways and Means Committee for Academic Year 2014-2015

A Committee Proposal by Councilor Walter Martin Sumakwel M. Tamayo

What is the function Ways and Means Committee? As stated in the University Student Council Constitution Article VIII, Sec. 5.

Sec. 5 The Business Manager shall: (a) Keep an inventory and take charge of all council properties (b) Supervise all business and fund-raising activities of the Council (c) Head the Ways and Means Committee

What is our New Ways and Means Committee? Our primary mission is to provide and deliver enough funding and resources to all committees in the council for a smooth flow and delivery of projects, services and activities. We must create a council that is financially stable by utilizing all sources and means necessary to generate funds. Of course, our income generating activities will be progressive, funding not only basic projects, services and activities, but also advocacy-oriented projects of the council. As the University Student Council Business Manager, we shall ensure transparency and accountability with all contracts and memorandum of agreements signed with our future partner organizations, companies and other groups/individuals. As we usher in a new Ways and Means Committee, we shall strengthen and develop other functions the committee will take this year. Education and Training for students, an organized Relief Collection Operations and a new UP FAIR will be the additional functions the committee will forward in our new USC.

General Program of Action Income Generating Program Target of Aprroximately 1 Million Pesos of Funds A. Income Generation Projects - Bulk of the Income Generation Projects will be managed by the Vice Chairperson for Operations Project Movie Screening UP Shirt UP Hoodies UP Annual Planner Brand Sale Other IGPs Minimum Units 3 2,000 500 500 2 NA Minimum Profit 30,000 100 300 100 100,000 100,000 Total Total 90,000 200,000 150,000 50,000 200,000 100,000 690,000 Tentative Dates May/June, August,November June onwards November onwards November onwards August/September, December Year Long

B. Sponsorship Approximation of about 200,000 Will be managed by the Vice Chairperson for Marketing Marketing will look for company sponsorships for year round and semestral projects of the council. Marketing can also be arranged for individual projects per committee. Procedure: a. All committees that have projects, services and activities that need sponsorship will submit a project proposal (max. 2 pages) to the Ways and Means Committee. Non-compliance with this step will mean no marketing activity for the said project. b. For independent committee marketing and income generating activities, the committee shall submit a project proposal of the income generating activity and the marketing proposal. All proposals must be approved by the Business Manager and forwarded to the Chairperson. c. All marketing proposals will be signed by the Business Manager. d. Approved proposals will be released to the respective committees; a copy for the Secretariat records and the committees own documentation will be provided. e. All memorandum of agreements and contracts will be reviewed and approved by the Business Manager.

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Solicitations- Approximation of about 100,000 Will also be managed by the Vice Chairperson for Marketing. Solicitations will be packaged for year long and semestral projects of the council. Solicitations will be done to indivuduals, groups, organizations, etc. that are not business entities. Procedure: a. Sponsorship letters will be drafted and must be approved by the Business Manager. b. Copies will be given to the Secretariat and forwarded to the Chairperson. c. For indepedent committee solicitations, same procedure with marketing will apply.

Logistics, Training and Relief Operations Collection Will be managed by the Vice Chairperson for Logistics, Leadership and Training

A. Council Check-UP At the start of the year and the semester, the Ways and Means Committee will do an assessment of the supplies and properties the Council have. We will list down all available materials and all items that needs to be purchased for the use of the USC.

B. Isk Ops: Iskonek In order to prepare the council and UP Diliman as a center for relief operations, at the start of the year, Ways and Means will be coordinating with different administration offices and colleges to assign key locations as centers for relief drop off and repackaging of donations. We will also be coordinating with the LCC (for our local college councils) and the Finance Committee to ensure transparency with bank donations for relief efforts. A SOP (Standing Operating Procedures) will also be created for whenever there is a disaster. We will also coordinate with other universities to in our relief effort sin terms of manpower and resource sharing.

C. Marketing and Logistics 101 Ways and Means will initiate a series of marketing and logistics seminars and workshops for organizations, councils and other student groups in the university. We will tie this up with relevant student organizations.

Other Projects

A. USC Financial AssistanceFund - A year long project of the Ways and Means Committee. - We will have a separate solicitation project for this specific financial assistance program for students. Tap relevant institutions such as the UP Alumni Association and other scholarship groups. (#AlumNA!)

B. In Fair sa UP FAIR - This will be a year long project of the Ways and Means Committee. - Rebranding the UP FAIR; to dismantle the idea that it is only an income generating project for the council. The UP FAIR will also be an avenue to present campaigns and advocacies the USC will be bringing the whole year round. - One way of creating a different form of carrying our advocacies will be on Himig Para Sa Bayan, where we will create songs addressing different advocices of the council throughout the year and we will collaborate with our local artists and music students. - We will continue supporting different student groups and other members of the UP community as benifeciaries of the funds we will be able to collect from the UP FAIR. - We will create a UP FAIR that is more collaborative and more close to the students. For starters, we will give back the ticket selling and distriution to organizations. Consultations will also be done, specially with the organizations who would like to hold booths in the fair and conduct activities in relation to promoting the UP FAIR as the main event of the year.

C. Merchause- Merchandise for A Cause -profits derived from merchandising and special sales shall be allocated for progressive projects and campaigns and in support of specified community benifeciaries. D.UP Annual Support -This project aims to stregthen and improve annual activities of students with the University like the Diliman games and Carolfest as an example. We plan to give greater assistance, such as in the form of aid in the reservation of venues and providing a database of possible sponsors for their needs.

Committee Structure Ways and Means Committee Chairperson Vice Chairperson For Marketing Vice Chairperson For Operations Vice Chairperson For Logistics, Leadership and Training


USC Volunteer Corps; LCC; UFC

Vice Chairperson for Marketing

Vice Chairperson for Operations

Vice Chairperson for Logistics, Leadership and Training