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This is another action-packed blast e-mail with updates on myriad fronts: Israel & the Middle East (locally

and overseas), Guzzardi vs. Corbett, Pennsylvania-Linked issues, Philly (news and sports), Levity, Culture Wars, Foreign Affairs, Politics [GOPs Civil-War and Dems], BHO [Imperialism and Scandal-Sheet], ObamaDontCare, Illegal Immigration, Reverse Racism, 2nd Amendment vs. Gun Control, and the Media. {A friend provided a copy of a monograph [Zionism-Unsettled-Presbyterian-Church-USA] that many feel serves as the basis for promotion of the BDS-movement; note the section on Political-Zionism.} Finally, at the very end [as if this werent sufficiently-lengthy] is a legislative-update c/o Heritage Action; it is highly recommended that people sign-up to listen to the half-hour briefings each Monday @ 5:30 p.m. (ending promptly @ 6); the Dial-in number [1-800-757-3718] allows the listener to query the speakers.

[So much to discussso little time/space.]

Israel & Middle East Local Manifestations Regarding the effort to enact Mandatory Holocaust Education in the Commonwealth, the key -players have emerged and intense discussions have been initiated to ID common-ground; on the one hand, acting as a freelance negotiator is a role that has emerged incrementally over the past four months but, on the other hand, Im filling a vacuum and [thus far] Im being heard by those in authority. Meanwhile, three pieces were published that relate to Phillys Holocaust Museum, reflecting its growth [Jewish children were placed in foster homes to escape Nazis, Holocaust survivor Ronnie Breslow, and Documenting Holocaust horrors]. We must not kid ourselves, however, regarding the task-at-hand, for Hatred of Jews is alive and kicking; such is the story-of-jews; for example, a jewish-writer was blackballed at amnesty-international event-featuring-anti-israel-activist-ben-white. {Also of interest, for whatever reason (s), is the fact that the Philadelphia Jewish Federation just Named its First Female CEO.} A man was lying in bed on Shabbat morning. His wife said to him, Get out of bed and go to synagogue! I dont want to go to synagogue, and there are three reasons: (1) I am tired, (2) I dont like the service, and I hate the sermons. And (3) the congregation doesnt like me. Those excuses are no good. Youre getting out of bed and going to shul for three reasons: (1) A decent Jewish family goes to shul together. (2) G-d will never forgive you if you dont come. And (3), youre the Rabbi! {When the above-rabbi finally went to Shul, this week, he will have read the Parashot detailing why two of Aarons sons [abusing the role of newly-anointed priests] were

zapped by the Deity for having created a strange fire [Leviticus 10]; my essay on this topic [while studying @ Gratz College a few years ago] is homologous with an essay on the algemeiner website themed on the balance between reticence-vs-impetuosity.}

Israel & Middle East I berated Alan Dershowitz for his two-facedness during the Q&A @ Penns University Museum after a documentary lambasting J Street had been shown before a packed-house; he retreated to attacking Republicans on social-issues and claimed the political high-ground (You need Dems to listen to Jews). This conflict was a continuation of his presentation @ the Zellerbach [@ Annenberg] two years ago when [during the POTUS-electoral prodrome] he endorsed BHO, claiming it was OK that his policies deviated from those of the Israelis. On Thursday-p.m., beforehand, the audience had warmed to him but, after I berated him (for he adamantly refused to reverse his reflex-support for all-things-Obama], restlessness supervened; indeed, he repeatedly returned to responding to my attack during his replies to subsequent queries. [He opposes BBs policies regarding the Territories (Judea/Samaria). This event was previewed [Philadelphia Feud Erupts Over Federation Embrace of Anti-J Street Film] and reference was made to when dershowitz debated meir kahane (prior to the assassination of the JDL-founder). One speaker commented at-length regarding what other Jewish Advocacy Groups have been arguing; California Must Address Campus Anti-Semitism, Anti-Semitism raises ugly head at New York University, and death-threats, violence, and-antisemitism are oozing-from-university-of-michigan, where pro israel students were called kike and dirty-jew. Nationally, palestinian-activists-violently-threaten-proisrael-students; also, an apology was made over a trip that a portion of Harvards Jewish students made to the grave of Yasir Arafat, although some doubt the sincerity of this Apology and others are not apologetic. {In related news, american-university-students-cant-name-a-single-u-s-senator.} leonard-nimoy-on-the-jewish-story-behind-the-vulcan-salute Israel One Year On, a Team of Rivals Rules BBs Coalition Like a Petulant Schoolgirl, US Demands Apology from Israeli DM sderot-snaps-back Israels Zin River in the Negev Begins Flowing After Years of Drought Israel no longer worried about its water supply, thanks to desalination plants

Three Killed in Jenin Clashes IDF soldiers wounded as clashes break out during operation to arrest ticking time-bomb. Islamists call on PA to end security cooperation. My friend Yori Yanover was recently sacked as editor of the online Jewish Press. His crime was a biting condemnation of a demonstration of protestors in New York against a proposed law, now passed by the Knesset, requiring a significant number of Israeli Charedi men to serve in the Israeli army or do some form of social service even within their own communities. U.S. Races to Salvage Peace Talks in Wake of New Disputes mandel-a-fatal-flaw-in-the-palestinian-peace-process Arab League rejects Israel as Jewish homeland Kerry to meet with Palestinian leader in Jordan Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday that recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, one of Israels conditions for peace, will not be discussed in negotiations. You cant have it both ways, you cannot claim to be the source of an important Middle East peace initiative, the Saudi Peace Plan, and at the same time declare that your own country is Juden Verboten, Arab League declares total rejection of Jewish state recognition The Israeli media on Wednesday was abuzz with reports that America might finally be ready to release jailed Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard as part of a three-way compromise aimed at keeping alive current U.S.-brokered Israeli-Palestinian peace talks; Pollard would be released to Israel, BB would go through with a fourth release of Palestinian and Israeli-Arab terrorist prisoners, and Abbas would commit to remaining at the negotiating table at least until the end of the year. U.S. Should Release Pollard AnywayNot for Bogus Negotiations Secretary of State John Kerry has interrupted a trip to Europe to press the Palestinians and Israelis to extend their peace talks as a deadline looms. Suicide Bomb Survivor Beseeches Obama Not to Release Barghouti Palestinian Peoples Message to Kerry: Go Away! Abbas-We-will-not-compromise-on-east-Jerusalem-as-capital-of-Palestinian-state Abbas defined Jewish history in Jerusalem as a delusional myth Three More Palestinian Nos to Peace President Obamas Bilateral Meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Phantom Nation: Inventing the Palestinians as the Obstacle to Peace UNs Falk Accuses Israel of Ethnic Cleansing Richard Falk, the UNs human rights expert, accuses Israel of a campaign of ethnic cleansing and apartheid policies against Arabs. what-happens-when-the-prophet-muhammad-visits-israel PA Teaches Kids Indivisible Palestine Replaces Israel PA TV and Fatah Facebook unite in campaign teaching kids before they learn to read and write that all of Israel is Palestine. arabs-of-east-jerusalem-are-throwing-puppies-at-the-idf-instead-of-rocks palestinian-arabs-try-to-disrupt-jerusalem-marathon obama-needs-israel-to-rattle-its-saber Uncertain Future for Greek Statue Seized by Hamas Militants Hamas MP Al-Astal: We Must Massacre Jews, Impose Jizya Poll Tax on Them Hamas: We Must Slaughter the Jews

Hamas Holds Military Rally at Al Quds University hezbollah is israels-nasty-new-neighbor-in-the-golan The storm after the calm near the Golan. Another Liberal Democrat Loon Takes to Twitter to Trash Israel Media-Matters-Oliver-Willis has stated that The Democratic Party will be at its best only once proIsrael AIPAC-associated liberals like Josh Block are marginalized. He has defended via re-tweet MJ Rosenbergs use of the white supremacist term Israel firsters. He accuses conservatives of attacking everyone who doesnt march in lockstep with Israel. Spike in Israelis denied entry into USA The Israeli Navy has thwarted an attempt to smuggle explosives in the Gaza Strip from Egypt on Palestinian boats. iaf-strikes-gaza-strip-100-rockets-pound-israel Egypt: Court orders leading activist freed on bail EGYPTIAN COURT SENTENCES 529 MORSI SUPPORTERS TO DEATH AFTER TWO-DAY TRIAL Egypt sentences 528 Morsi supporters to death! Muslim Brotherhood Shock Egypts powerful military commander Abdel Fatah al-Sissi formally announced plan to run for president. Obamas Saudi visit will be painful MISTRUST OVERSHADOWS OBAMAS SAUDI TRIP leftists defend Saudi Arabias record on human rights and freedom in the name of tolerance barrel-bomb-air-raids-in-syria Dozens of seasoned militant fighters and mid-level planners have traveled to Syria from Pakistan in recent months in what U.S. intelligence and counter-terrorism officials fear is an effort to lay the foundation for future strikes against Europe and the United States. Syrians Call on Israel to Bomb Their Country IRAN RESUMES FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO HAMAS Iranian Supreme Leader Denies the Holocaust as Crowd Chants Death to America Pakistan Debates Sending Troops to Saudi Arabia Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan Arrest of Sawan Masih after drunken row last year prompted Muslim mob to burn hundreds of homes in eastern city of Lahore In Afghanistan, taliban-commander-tries-to-saw-through-shell-blows-up-family Israel and Turkey will soon sign a deal reconciling relations between the two countries. Turkey shoots down Syrian plane, saying it violated air space twitter-and-turkeys-slide-into-dictatorship-erdogan Islamists Put America on Trial While Shutting Down Free Speech Law Society Criticized for Islamic Law Decision

Civilization Jihad Comes to Court Want to know what our Islamist enemies have in mind for America? Look at Europe. Virtually every country there has found itself under siege from Muslims seeking to impose the supremacist Islamic doctrine they call shariah on everyone else. Sharia law to apply to non-Muslims in Indonesia Here again, the explicit difference between Sharia law and Jewish law and Canon law (apart from the beheadings, stoning, amputations, honor violence, etc.). Unlike Jewish law (which applies only to Jews) and Canon law (which applies only to Catholics), uzzar (Islamic law) asserts authority over non-Muslims. Islamic supremacist, a former official of Hamas-linked CAIRs New York chapter, is thumping his chest on his Facebook page over ABCs cancellation of Alice in Arabia Christians to EU: Israel is Our Safe Haven Kenya: Islamic jihadists storm church, murder four people Libya Falls to Jihad Groups, Out-of-control Weapons Spread across Region Jewish teacher in Paris has nose broken, swastika drawn on chest empire-state-building-denies-muslim-$5-mil-shakedown-attempt muslim-scholar writes-about-bible-without-having-read-it carter-rejects-bds

Guzzardi v. Corbett pa-gov-round-up I wrote this: For whatever reason, you excluded one individual from this roundup, and you should perhaps find it instructive that Guzzardi did not drop-out after the mediation session held this past Wednesday. This contrasts with Paterno, for example, for reasons predicted by myself previously; PATERNO QUITS LT GOV RACE predictably, for I noted the paucity of potentially valid signatures to satisfy the 100+ from 5 county criterion, contrasting with Guzzardi. Stay tuned. Corbett Named Most Vulnerable Gov corbett-reaches-out-to-receptive-main-line-crowd Corbett Campaign Shamelessly Politicizes the Pope Penn State trustees canceled Paterno tribute Fact-checking Gov. Corbett and PA GOP on Obamacare claims

5,573 STATE GOVT EMPLOYEES MAKE $100K+ ***LIST*** State Rep. Brendan Boyle survives ballot challenge that raises more questions than it answered his office notarized his petitions during evening, not during day. [This bodes well for Guzzardi, when the DelCo petitions {which harbor the name of the county of the circulator} are to be rehabbed.] York Daily Record: Tom Wolf is the clear choice in the Democratic primary Wolf: 2001 letter re: coverage of 1969 York race riots a mistake SD-28: Miller Drops Out of Republican Primary house-candidate-hopes-to-draw-wagners-support WAGNER: FINANCIAL REALITY MADE HIM DROP OUT Why Miller Backed Out of SD28, in One Map: State Rep. Ron Miller decided not to pursue a rematch against businessman Scott Wagner. Based on the results of the special election contest between the two of them, its no surprise. Pa. GOPs big majority in US House of Representatives got help from Dems 9th District Pennsylvania Congressman Bill Shuster said that he looked forward to the opportunity for a debate with his opponents in the Republican Primary, but it isnt going to occur, apparently. PA-13: An Exclusive With Daylin Leach

Pennsylvania-Linked Issues AG-Kane approved deal dismissing informants charges in sting Kathleen Kanes imperial Attorney Generalship Fruits of the sting: Gov candidates call for tougher ethics laws Kanes hometown newspaper chain (Times Shamrock) speaks out on sting, possible suit vs. Philly Inquirer Rep. Metcalfe calls dibs on legislation to end cash gifts 10 burning questions about Kanes abandoned sting Activist: PA gifts law should be best in country after ethical lapses Senators aide: Most of workday spent on birthday gala Sen. Yudichak pushes 5% tax on natural gas extraction York lawmaker readying bill for independent counsel to investigate Legislature Wolf criticizes AG Kanes handling of sting operation: surely there are ways to hold legislators accountable Says Kane wrong to drop sting investigation Rendell: legislature should...censure [lawmakers caught taking money] and perhaps even expel them from office RENDELL DEFENDS AG KANES DROPPING OF STING CASE PA House ethics panel may investigate Dems involved in sting PA Senators seek to ban cash gifts Bill requires receipts for lawmaker expenses Ferrick on AG Kane: Ten-inch talons Day-care center tied to sting operative shut down

AGs office: Gov. Corbett, others immune from malicious prosecution lawsuit by ex-Computergate defendant Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus P. McCaffery and his wife, Lise Rapaport, sued The Inquirer, accusing the newspaper of maliciously tarnishing their reputations in a series of stories on fees Rapaport received for referring clients to personal-injury law firms. Attorneys: Ex-Sen. Musto battling cancer, may have 2 months to live paycheck-protection-helps-pa Paycheck Protection lessens the money from unions to officials. Paycheck Protection will level the playing field of fairness. Paycheck Protection gives workers a voice. Union Membership Ruling Could Radically Change College Sports Scholar Athletes Between the upcoming unionization of Northwesterns football team and this damning ESPN segment on massive academic fraud in the African American studies program at UNC, can we stop pretending that college football and college basketball are anything more than minor league affiliates for the NFL and the NBA? Union Officials Spent Thousands on Red Sox tickets in 2013 PA teacher union lashes out at critics, foes is-this-week-the-beginning-of-the-end-for-common-core? Common Core Expert Sandra Stotsky: Indiana Should Return to 2006 English Language Arts Standards Oklahoma Abolishes Common Core eleven-dumbest-common-core-problems common-core-math-problem-asks-kids-to-write-the-friendly-answer-instead-of-the-correct-one School choice indubitably works and it celebrates heterogeneity. illinois-middle-school-workbook-second-amendment-is-for-certain-weapons-that-are-registered despite-outrageous-school-spending-students-actually-dumber-than-in-1972 [Guzzardi coined the term the guzzardi divergence to depict the dichotomy between increased spending and flat performance.] Superintendent Stands By Book Which Teaches 2nd Amendment Requires Gun Registration Anti-fracking/Keystone groups make desperate cancer claims to push agenda The Daily Show Takes on Fracking in PA Local govts put drilling fees to variety of uses Anti-fracking activist case in court PA Turnpike spent $50M more than necessary to buy computer software, which doesnt work as it should Key lawmakers dont want to force UPMC to contract with Highmark PUBLIC ACCESS LAWS UNDER FIRE? State Treasurers open records lawsuit vs. group called abuse of office

Philly-News City Council Oks ban on e-cigarettes DOCTORS TRADE UNION: BAN SMOKING FOR EVERYONE BORN AFTER YEAR 2000 new-concerns-about-e-cigarettes-after-kids-drink-nicotine A claim has been made that that e-Cigs Promise as Effective Quitting Tool Up in Smoke: wnl_edit_medn_imed&spon=18 The potential of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) as an effective quitsmoking tool has been extinguished, new research shows. Results from a longitudinal analysis of e-cigarette use and smoking cessation in a national sample of 1549 participants showed that baseline e-cigarette use was not associated with change in cigarette consumption at 1 year. [W]e found that e-cigarette use by smokers was not followed by greater rates of quitting or by reduction in cigarette consumption 1 year later, the authors, led by Rachel A. Grana, PhD, MPH, University of California, San Francisco, write. The study was published online March 24 in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Contributor to Nicotine Addiction These findings mirror those of another recent study of e-cigarettes conducted in a pediatric population and reported by Medscape Medical News at that time, which showed that e-cigarettes not only did not deter smoking in teens but that they actually contributed to nicotine addiction. Furthermore, the investigators cite another recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that also showed that ecigarette use was not followed by greater rates of quitting or by reduction in cigarette consumption 1 year later. Bill Godshall [Smokefree-PA] provided a rebuttal that trashed UCSFs latest junk science: Mike Siegel: New study on electronic cigarettes by UCSF researchers is not only bogus science, but is also dishonest Clive Bates: Rogue research group opens the slurry gusher again ACSH: JAMA headlines blare, and gullible press swallows the hype against e-cigs, again Carl Phillips: More anti-THR junk science from UCSF, the new Karolinska Responsible news media expose, repudiate UCSF junk science on e-cigs & quitting smoking Philly schools facing $320M deficit Parents sought after barging into school, assaulting students Citys school district suspends seniority rules philadelphia-uses-the-mosquito-to-buzz-away-loitering-teens Philly mayor very optimistic about pope visit Slots at Philly airport? Council to roll dice

Philly-Sports DeSean Jacksons gang connections troubling to Eagles EAGLES CUT DESEAN JACKSON... REPORT: GANG CONNECTIONS TROUBLE TEAM... ***DeSean Jackson releases statement*** Players back DeSean, Mathis Chip Kelly discusses DeSean Jacksons status DeSean Jackson: he talked to Chip Kelly

Chip told DeSean not to worry, get ready for camp Eagles coach Chip Kelly wont deny DeSean Jackson trade possibility Chip: I Like DeSean, but Well Do Whats Best for Eagles GM Drops Hints About DeSean, Desire to Draft WR Mark Sanchez draws interest from Eagles Rollins_is_who_he_always_was_going_to_be Cliff Lee: We expect to ultimately win World Series 76ERS Tie NBA Record With 26th Loss In A Row Sixers tie longest losing streak in NBA history

Levity NYC Freedom Tower B.A.S.E. Jump Little Dog Strategically Rolled A Chair Into Place To Reach Food On A High Counter. Viewing shag-dancing by Charlie Womble & Jackie McGee will draw you into a seemingly-infinite set of follow-up presentations. 9-Year-Old Musician Plays And Sings Blue Yodel No. 6 At The Sweetwater, Tennessee Flea Market. Twin brothers lost parents but their bond takes the song to a complete new level! 14-Year-Old Boy Is Asked To Play A Second Song After Impressing His Judges And The Audience. close-calls Talented English Bulldog Does Everything From Flushing The Toilet To Riding On A Skateboard. This man moves like mercury Catgroove Melbourne Shuffle Punxsutawney Phil, the King of the Groundhogs, was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound -- apparently stressed out after predicting an early spring.


Culture Wars 28-points-of-comparison-between-1970s-america-and-america-today; which-do-you-think-is-better Americas priorities and their lack of confidence that government can address them [bar-graph]. Cronystocracy Killed the American Dream gutfeld: when-did-american-dream-become-joke Two Hampden Town Councilors remain seated during the Pledge of Allegiance Texas court says abortion law is constitutional Senator Patty Murray Begs SCOTUS Not to Turn Clock Back on Abortion Rights Obamacare Abortion Mandate on the Ropes at Supreme Court Missouri Joins Five States with Only One Abortion Clinic A panel of judges at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Texas tough new abortion restrictions bureaucrat-smears-16-year-old-abortion-protester-battered-by-ucsb-prof gay-pride-parade-blocking-catholic-league-president-from-marching-with-pro-straight-message Attorney General Eric Holder on Friday extended federal recognition to the marriages of about 300 same-sex couples that took place in Michigan before a federal appeals court put those unions on hold. ONLY GOD KNOWS: OBAMA, POPE DIFFER ON ACCOUNTS OF SOCIAL SCHISMS TALK pope-francis-warns-mafiarepent-over-bloodstained-money-or-prepare-for-hell NYT Hopes Pope Inspires Obama to Return to Inequality Pope abolished honorary title of monsignor for diocesan priests under the age of 65 beck called Noah the-babylonian-chainsaw-massacre Darren Aronofsky, a self-described atheist, directed the $100 million dollar film Noah, which he described as the least biblical biblical film ever made. Missing Word in Noah Film? God Glenn Beck: I Hope Dangerous Noah Is a Massive Failure Noah Review Noah isnt about a massive flood, or animals two by two, or a wrathful God. It features those things, but it is not about them. Its about how man reacts to the evil of the men around him.

Never before in history have liberal clichs about the evils and the rapacity of capitalism been combined so ironically as they are in The Lego Movie, a gargantuan triumph at the box office. Song from the faith-based movie Banned From The Oscars philip-seymour-hoffmans-best-work-died-with-him [50 movies in 25 years] Clint Eastwood Saves Man From Choking Larry Danielson [a paleocon] griped about Sochi and The Monuments Men, Hollywoods reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise because it was entirely unfair to the Russians. OJ says he has brain cancer, begs for clemency so he can die at home BILL NYE, KEN HAM MEDIA EVENT WAS NO DEBATE ON CREATION AS A MODEL OF ORIGINS Full Debate: Bill Nye The Science Guy Debates Ken Ham on Theory of Creation cosmos-bungles-the-history-of-religion-and-science, because Brunos conflict with the Catholic Church was theological, not scientific, even if it did involve his wildand occasionally correctguesses about the universe. Liberals Want Rush Limbaugh Removed from Childrens Book Author Contest Company That Dumped Limbaugh Over Flukegate [Carbonite] Admits: Yeah, That Hurt us More Than we Expected it Would Majority of Democrats Okay with Redskins Name CROWD TURNS ON COLBERT Social Media Boomerang Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder released a statement late Monday night announcing that despite widespread calls for the team to change its name, the name and logo would remain the same. But in lieu of a name change, Snyder has created the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation, with hopes to provide meaningful and measurable resources that provide genuine opportunities for tribal communities. On the occasion of Gloria Steinems 80th Birthday, feminism has been rescrutinized. Jimmy Carter Blames Religion for Abuse of Women The Dark Nature of Entertainment Culture Joan Rivers Returns to Tonight Show as Guest After 26-Year Ban with Jewish, Vagina Jokes... ...Rivers Smears Johnny Carson lady-gagas-charity-only-donated-$5000-out-of-$2.1-million

Foreign Affairs Ukraine military unprepared for attack The Real Threat to Ukraines Jewish Community Seeking Peace in the Middle East by Waging War? Moodys Puts Russia On Downgrade Review; Cites Event Risk, Investor Sentiment, And Weak Economy Putin Calls Obama WIRE: Russia threatened countries ahead of UN vote

100,000 troops amassed at border State Department offers selfie Putin plans for Crimean casinos MOODYS Puts On Downgrade Review John McCain: Send military assistance to Ukraine a broken sweep-hand clock is correct twice daily. Vladimir Putin calls Obama to discuss Ukraine crisis On Russia, Obama is the one who misunderstands, not Vladimir Putin Russia seizes 51 Ukrainian ships in Crimea RUSSIAN TROOPS STORM LAST UKRAINE SHIP IN CRIMEA Ukrainian Protester Alleges Electric Shock Torture While Detained in Crimea Ukraines Yulia Tymoshenko Says Russia Media Edited Caustic Phone Call the likelihood of a major Russian incursion into the Ukraine has increased. Russian Troop Movements Near Eastern Ukraine Trigger Fears of Imminent Invasion Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said that she will run for president in elections on May 25. She was released from jail after street protests ousted former President Viktor Yanukovych, who had beaten her in a tight runoff election in 2010. Russia Could Cut Off Critical Supply Line to Afghanistan Crimea Is a Dangerous Place to Stay If You Support Ukraine Tense Standoff in Crimea Between Russian, Ukrainian Forces Putin ready to invade Ukraine; Kiev warns of war VENEZUELAN CRACKDOWN CONTINUES: THREE GENERALS ARRESTED, CONGRESSWOMAN EXPELLED venezuelas-wild-west-reinforces-barricades-against-government msnbc-takes-off-mask-shows-open-support-for-communists-murderers-in-venezuela VENEZUELA DEATH TOLL REACHES 34 venezuelan-food-lines eu-is-an-antidote-to-democratic-governments-argues-president-barroso Anti-EU, Anti-Immigrant French Conservatives Surge in Local Elections NATIONAL FRONT MAKES LARGE GAINS IN FRENCH ELECTIONS MAY COME FIRST IN EUROPEAN VOTE RISE OF LE PEN: French right triumphs in local elections that hammer Socialists Venice Votes for Independence from Italy Vietnam and Philippines Unite to Confront China in South China Sea China waging Three Warfares against United States in Asia Activists Call for Action Against North Korea

GOPs Civil War & 16 2016 ANALYSIS: GOP PRES. FIELD MOST SPLIT IN 40 YEARS Gallup Polling Warns of Democrat Wipeout in 2014 BUCHANAN: How the GOP lost Middle America

billionaire-mogul-sheldon-adelson-looks-for-mainstream-republican-who-can-win-in-2016 The Sheldon Primary is one reason Americans distrust the political systemper the lefties. Sarah Palin: 2014 Mama Grizzlies Endorsements On the Way How 2014 Could Give the GOP False Hope because it may not fix the partys problems. OREGON GOP: WE WANT OUR STATE BACK Cantor Responded to Breitbart News Report Says He Is in Support of Boehner as Speaker gov-scott-walker-refuses-to-take-down-religious-tweet wisconsin-gop-cracks-down on early-voting POLL: 78% Favor Proof of Citizenship Before Being Allowed to Vote TED CRUZ STIRS 2016 SPECULATION WITH NEW VIDEO CRUZ MOCKS OBAMA BY CITING PRINCESS BRIDE: I DO NOT THINK IT MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS Cruz, Cornyn Join Hobby Lobby in Obamacare Legal Fight cruz-agreed-with-study-naming-obama-5th best-president-in-history New Ted Cruz ad: Yes We Can! Ted Cruz: Obama's 'Consistent Pattern of Lawlessness' Is 'Extraordinarily Dangerous' sen-ted-cruz-with-glenn-beck sen-ted-cruz-condemns-the-state-of-investigations-into-irs-scandal/ Sen. Ted Cruz with Michael Berry Sen. Ted Cruz supports School Choice Tea Party icon Rand Paul turns to establishment Republicans for 2016 help Rand Paul claims Obama should not Cut Tomahawk Missile because its needed and it Leaves Real Waste Untouched; it protects troops [allowing them to avoid much direct person-to-person combat], and the navy has depended heavily on them. Christie woos national crowds, one megadonor Christie lawyers clear him in Bridgegate Review Finds Ex-Christie Aides Closed Lanes to Target Mayor Wildstein said that he personally informed Mr. Christie of the lane closures on Sept. 11, as they were going on, but that the governor said he doesnt recall the conversation. Chris Christie: They love me in Iowa Chris Christie cleared of bridge scandal, but thats not how the left is framing the news CHRISTIE: PORT AUTHORITY CHAIRMAN RESIGNING NJ Democrat: Republicans Have Been Proven Right about Misuse of Sandy Aid Bruce-Springsteen-and-Jimmy-Fallon-sing-about-Chris-Christie-and-the-bridge Christie-was-with-Wildstein-on-9-11-13-during-Bridgegate Study: NJ's Blacks, Latinos More Likely to Be Rejected for Sandy Grants Top GOP Money Men Attack Christie Carville: Chris Christie 'Was Never Going to Be' the Republican Presidential Nominee Conservative Media Ditches Christie Establishment Republicans: Christie 'Still the Odds-On Favorite' in 2016 Christie wants NJ schools -- to serve dinner Chris Christie-Appointed Port Authority Chairman Faces Corruption Probe NY NAMED 'WORST' FOR STATE TAXES; NJ RUNNER-UP

Scandals Follow Christie on Florida Fundraising Trip 'BridgeGate' Mastermind Will Testify if Given Immunity New Jersey Lt. Governor Denies Withholding Sandy Funds from Hoboken Major Kristol on Christie: You Cannot Let the Liberal Media Decide Who Is an 'Incredible' GOP Candidate Trump: Christie is 'one email away from disaster' Christie accused of shutting urban DMV office because local pols opposed him spin-begins-in-earnest-for-jeb-bush-presidential-run Jeb-Bush-Giving-2016-Serious-Look Rick Perry on 2016 Presidential Run: Im Keeping the Option Open John Bolton Steps Up Super PAC Game With Eye On 2016 Indiana Gov. Mike Pence: Empowering Our States to Innovate Will Yield Prosperity Morning Joe Scarborough 2016 Run for President Murky Senate Democrats Livid After Nate Silvers GOP Senate Takeover Projection Numbers Dont Lie: Its a Tough Year for Democrats Joni Ernst political ad: I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm. So in Washington, Ill know how to cut pork. Washingtons full of big spenderslets make em squeal. Iowa Senate Candidate: Ill Use My Hog Castrating Experience To Help End Pork Barrel Spending Republican civil war goes to Oklahoma Senate race Mark Levin Joins Sarah Palin in Endorsing T.W. Shannon FreedomWorks announced that it is rescinding its endorsement of former Nebraska Treasurer Shane Osborn in the Republican Senate primary, and will instead support another primary contender, Midland University President Ben Sasse.

Dems a-whole-lot-of-democrat-corruption-going-on

Senatorial INACTION includes Immigration [awaiting House], Reid, D-Nev. Doesnt intend to seek passage of trade deals with Europe and Asia, and an overhaul of tax laws seems remote. hillarys-clinton-dubious-iran-credentials-russia-reset-sanctions 10 Possible Hillary 2016 Challengers american-jewish-congress-vp: hillary-clintons-speech-full-of-lies Bill Clintons Marc Rich Pardon: The Tell-Tale Cable Iowa and Colorado Have More Registered Voters Than Eligible Adults Grassley Mocked as Farmer From IA as Dems and GOP Honor Famed IA Agricultural Scientist Dem. Senate Candidate Apologizes for Insulting Chuck Grassley as Farmer from Iowa Without Law Degree After Cracking Down on Jaywalking, Commie NYC Mayor de Blasio Caught Jaywalking! NYT: A Defeated Bill De Blasio Making Peace with Charter School Advocates As mayor, De Blasio obviously believes closing successful charter schools is what this city needs. If Fahari is allowed to remain open, the path for Eva Moskowitzs Success Academies is clear: Let the teachers unions in, and throw the student standards out. de_blasio_takes_first_step_driving_jobs_out_of_ny paid sick-leave The Democratic Agenda is a Great Success* - Senator Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) summed up the new Democratic platform as follows: Democrats are fighting for a fair shot for everyone, while Republicans are doing the bidding of the Koch brothers, the wealthy, and huge corporations. Harry Reid v. FEC Update Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) reacted swiftly to revelations that his campaign had purchased $16,786 worth of holiday gifts (for donors) from his own granddaughter, announcing that he would personally reimburse his campaign for the cost of the trinkets. The Grandfather Another man might have assumed, correctly, that launching a campaign of insult and insinuation against two billionaires would result in renewed attention to his own finances. Not Harry Reid. Harry Reid to Return Campaign Funds Paid to Granddaughter for Holiday Gifts Reid suggested the GOP was responsible for the Russian invasion and subsequent annexation of Crimea. bill_ayers_fizzled_at_dartmouth_debate_with_dinesh_dsouza A new poll shows Wendy Davis within single digits of her Republican opponent, per the Daily Beast. Gov. Terry McAuliffe will propose a fatter pay raise for state workers and teachers in the budget

BHOs Imperialism In his book The Audacity of Hope he writes: I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction. And so he does. Obamas Executive Order Tyranny How dangerous is a president who wants to rule by pen and phone? by Andrew Napolitano Geraldo Rivera accused Bill OReilly of stripping President Barack Obama of his majesty during his highly-watched Super Bowl interview. Its Not Just the Obama Administration Flouting the Law, So Is the FedPart One OBAMAS EFFECTIVE MANAGER POLL RATING DOWN 33 POINTS hhs-official-resigns-with-scathing-letter-im-offended-as-an-american-taxpayer Nearly Two Thirds of 2013 Government Waste, Fraud Came from HHS More than half of top posts in key Obamacare agency are vacant or held by acting caretakers Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight GM Walloped by 303 Air Bag-Related Deaths, Millions of Recalls, Lawsuit OBAMA: RICHARD NIXON WAS MORE LIBERAL THAN I WAS White House Orders New Rules to Cut Methane Emissions reaction-to-an-obama-speech At the end of a press meeting, only one European clapped. White House mulls killing another US citizen with drone strike Obama: Killing of the innocent never Gods will

Obama tells Students Its True Im Not American...I come from Kenya Obama Social Security Number Fraud Case pends hacker-who-released-obamas-social-security-number-arrested maryland-judge-opened-legal-door-to-investigate-obamas-fraudulent-social-security-number obama_had_lower_sat_scores_than_bush White House Review Hindering FOIA Releases Obama Consumer Finance Protection Bureau Flouts Transparency Law hypocrisy-alert: michelle-obama-bans-press-from-trip-to-china and applauds-free-press-in-speech Sarah Palin Rips Michelle Obama: Do You Think Were Stupid? WH Pastry Chef Resigns: Refuses to Demonize Butter and Sugar obama-spent-$500-mil-on-veggies-for-minorities, but obesity-rate-stays-the-same the-wave was a 1981-film-that-showed-students-trading-their-individualism-for-collectivism Obama muddles his message judge-judy-flawlessly-exposed-the-thought-process [or-lack-thereof] of-an-obama-voter clueless-voters-explain why they voted for obama dnc-again-defends-obama-from-impeachment-possibility EPA Reportedly Releasing Thousands Of Pages Of Records To Dem Operatives EPA Proposes Huge Land Grab 4-out-of-5-authors-of-invasive-fcc-media-study-donated-to-obama

BHOs Scandal-Sheet List_of_federal_political_scandals_in_the_United_States march-madness-style-bracket-ranks-obama-admins-scandals Darrell Issa and Jim Jordan may have another trick up their sleeve [jail] to make Lois Lerner talk IRS Jay Carney And White House Staffers Hide Important IRS Information From Obama

This is why the IRS attacked the Tea Party President Obama Set to Call for Major NSA Spying Overhaul Number of Americans with Security Clearances Exceed Population of Norway JUSTICE SCALIA TO JUDGE NAPOLITANO: NSA STUFF MAY GO TO SUPREME COURT NSA attempted to argue that the water usage at its massive Bluffdale, Utah, data center is a matter of national security. By computing the water usage rate, one could ultimately determine the computing power and capabilities of the Utah Data Center. White House says Snowden damage to NSA will last decades According to a secret document provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the agency tracks down the private email and Facebook accounts of system administrators (or sys admins, as they are often called), before hacking their computers to gain access to the networks they control. nsa-responded-to-edward-snowdens-ted-appearance Snowdens first live: Constitution being violated on massive scale Group Readies Benghazi Report Based on Witness Accounts Top GOP Aide In Charge of Benghazi Investigation Forms Business With Clintoninstas is-blocking-h-res-36-for-benghazi-a-qualification-for-gop-leadership-position? Michigan Republican Rep. Mike Rogers is not seeking reelection, ending a 14-year career in Washington; the 50-year-old chairman of the Intelligence Committee, will join Cumulus, the talk radio company. Holder Begs Court To Prevent Public From Seeing Obamas Executive Privilege Records Relating to Fast And Furious Attorney General Eric Holder and his Department of Justice have asked a federal court to indefinitely delay a lawsuit brought by watchdog group Judicial Watch.

ObamaDontCare Obama must think his healthcare law is written on an etch-a-sketch Taxpayers Still Dont Like ObamaCare But Were Stuck Footing The Bills Anyway Politico Admits Obamacares Mandate All but Eliminated Valerie Jarrett: Im a really good nag for Obamacare Would a GOP takeover of the Senate kill the employer mandate? Obamacare shows why Chuck Schumer probably should avoid the fortune-telling business Support for Obamacare sinks to new low

Top WH Adviser: Is Very Popular Thing Sebelius: Complicated SNAP: Reid Denies Videotaped Lies Comment Valerie Jarrett Nags for Obamacare in Movie, TV Scripts Maryland set to abandon its troubled health exchange Opinion: The First Amendment Is on Trial in Hobby Lobby Case Sarah Palin Praises Rush Limbaugh for Defending Matt Drudge Against MSM on Obamascare Liberty Tax Supremes hear another Obamacare challenge A brief history of Obamacare delays IRS: Healthcare Law Raises Taxes for Some Children Supreme Court Deeply Skeptical of Obamacare Abortion Mandate Obamacare to Register up to 4 Million New Voters in California All the Times White House Officials Said Latest Obamacare Delay Wouldnt Occur Krauthammer: New ObamaCare Delay Is Cynicism Raised to the Level of Comedy Reid Tries to Explain ObamaCare Delay: People Not Educated About Internet Valerie Jarrett to Hollywood: Shill for ObamaCare in Your Scripts obama-administration-extends-obamacare-deadline-yet-again Supreme Court Women Come Out Swinging Abortion fight haunts Obamacare Health law penalizes wrong insurance 18 times more than no insurance White House extends deadline again; To rely on honor system Obama Administration: We Never Mean a Word We Say FLASHBACK: We Lack Statutory Authority to Extend Deadline to Sign Up for Obamacare Pa. gay couple has trouble with access to health insurance Transgender discrimination barred in Maryland bill Inside the Courtroom Hobby Lobby and the Obama administration presented their arguments over Obamacares contraception mandate to the nine justices. All That Remains of the Individual Mandate: 20 Minutes of Paperwork Barbara Boxer: Hobby Lobbys Supreme Court Position Anti-Woman Two cases before the Supreme Court are not about limiting a womans freedom to buy birth control, as they have been widely mischaracterized, but about challenging the governments power to force Americans to violate their religious beliefs. Gingrich: Americans in Grave Danger of Losing Our Religious Liberty

Illegal Immigration

Sen. Sessions: Obama has made dramatic nullification of immigration law Sessions Report Demolishes Obama Deporter In Chief Myth Inhumanities from an Unsecured Border Revealed in Houston Stash House Bust House Dems Will Try to Force Amnesty Vote with Discharge Petition MCCAIN: ILL FIGHT FOR AMNESTY AS LONG AS IM ALIVE AND BREATHING Top Pollster: Higher Levels of Immigration Will Lead to Bigger Government colorado-city-appoints-illegal-immigrant-to-its-human-relations-commission HOMELAND SECURITY SUPERVISOR FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS ON BORDER INVESTIGATIONS DHS secretary meets with Soros-funded illegal alien Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obamas Deportation Numbers are Bogus

Reverse-Racism Oprah: Racism Will End When All the Old White People Die How to be a racist RNC wants apology for racist comments from Ebony editor Ebony magazine apologizes to black conservatives

2nd Amendment vs. Gun Control Rhode Island State Senator to Gun Rights Supporter: Go Fu*k Yourself Woman, 76, chases burglar from home with shotgun Ninth Circuit Upholds San Francisco Laws Banning Hollow-Point Sales, Requiring Guns Locked Up University of Florida Sued Over Gun Restrictions Cops_seek_teens_who_hit_Temple_student_with_brick.html mainstream-media-omits-race-black-gang-attack-white-students GUN RANGE OWNER TO NJ OFFICIALS: YOU CAN PASS MAGAZINE BAN BUT I WILL NOT COMPLY D.C. Man Found Guilty Over Antique Rifle Bullets

Democrat Senator and Top Gun Control Crusader Arrested for Gun Trafficking CA Democrat Arrested, Accused of Working With Mobsters on Gun Deals GUN CONTROL GROUPS FEAR SETBACK FROM YEE INDICTMENT Idaho Gov. Signs Bill Nullifying Federal Gun Laws ELLEN PRODUCER ASKS WHY CONSERVATIVES NEED SO MANY GUNS TO FIGHT GAY MARRIAGE Americans Feel Safer With Gun in Their Home vermont-sheriffs-defying-new-anti-gun-ordinances-in-their-state ct-police-refuse-enforce-new-unconstitutional-gun-laws new-england-gun-control-freaks-paint-themselves-into-a-corner West Virginia Gov Signs Bill Eliminating City Gun Ordinances Customer with gun stops man stabbing security officer at Home Depot Wayne LaPierre: Purchase + Possession = Liberty Restored More Women Getting Concealed Carry Licenses in Florida Law Enforcement Association Urging Sheriffs Not to Enforce Gun Control Bill Maher: Time For a Mass Shooting at The Country Music Awards

Media NYT Reporter: Admin greatest enemy of press freedom in generation The Death of Journalism SCHUMER: SENATE HAS VOTES FOR MEDIA SHIELD LAW sharyl_attkisson_there_is_coordination_between_reporters_and_politicians ex-cbs-reporter-sharyl-attkisson-has-a-new-website, one-the-obama-admin-wont-like media-dont-cover-jihadist-attacks-on-christians 100-200 million Christians are persecuted every year; one Christian is martyred every five minutes. Approximately 85% of this persecution occurs in Muslim majority nations. In 1900, 20% of the Middle East was Christian. Today, less than 2% is. GERALDO: NO DOUBT MAINSTREAM MEDIA HIDING CORRUPT DEMOCRAT PARTY AFFILIATIONS FNCs Bill OReilly said that, if you Choose to Sit It Out, Youre in the Evil Category; he discussed his religious principles and ended with a hint that the end of his Fox Empire is near. Ailes May Launch History Channel Hosted by Bill O'Reilly

Bartiromo: What went wrong at CNBC I just felt this pressure MSNBC Host Chris Hayes Gets Schooled By Conservative Guest Jennifer Stefano after He Gets Personal Al Sharpton Doesnt Know What Anybodys Talking About MSNBC had another one of those now prosaic racebaiting panels on its second rate show hosted by blatant racist Melissa Harris-Perry where panelists sit around claiming everyone but they are racists. But this time another panelist slammed it right back in their face. What does it say about CPAC, where the most popular speaker they had, the one who received the most rousing reception, is a moron, Sarah Palin? msnbc-couldnt-be-lying-more-when-they-call-palin-a-moron msnbc-has-a-message-for-frightened-democrats-dont-worry-obama-is-still-popular-in-kenya Larry King Blasts CNN for Abysmal MH370 Coverage: It Was Never Breaking News CNN Doubles Viewership Still Gets Crushed By Fox News rush-limbaugh-mocks-absurd-media-coverage-of-missing-malaysian-flight bill-maher-tired-of-media-showing-wailing-woman-whose-son-was-on-malaysian-flight Satellite images pick up 122 objects in Indian Ocean [perhaps] Airline CEO Admits Plane Was Carrying Dangerous Cargo CNNS CHICAGOLAND A RATINGS FAILURE PIERS MORGAN LECTURES AMERICANS IN CNN FINALE Bloomberg Editor Quits after China Story Spiked WaPo Defends Decision to Report on Anti-Koch Allegations It Admits Are Baseless washington_post_has_fallen_and_it_cant_get_up Paul Krugman Has Never Given Money to Charity New York Times columnist Paul Krugman on Tuesday formally endorsed the Democratic midterm strategy, spearheaded by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.), of demonizing the libertarian philanthropy barons Charles and David Koch. politico-writer-disillusioned-with-obamas-promise-of-transparency

Feds urge 13-month sentence for FOXNEWS leaker President turns to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court David Brock Joins Ron Paul, Rafael Correa in Criticism of Free Beacon

Heritage Action The House and Senate are both in session this week. IMF Bailout The Senate is poised to vote Thursday on the Ukraine aid bill and have abandoned the effort to tie unrelated International Monetary Fund (IMF) reforms to the bill (sub. reqd):

Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)7%, received unanimous consent to withdraw the Senate bill on the floor (S 2124) and call up a House-passed bill (HR 4152) that would only deal with loan guarantees to Ukraine. After two hours of debate Thursday, the Senate is set to vote on a substitute amendment sponsored by Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ)2%, with ranking Republican Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN)50%, that omits IMF language but otherwise resembles the measure approved 14-3 by the Senate Foreign Relations panel on March 12. A vote on final passage would follow. Minority Whip Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)84%, initially objected, asking for a modified agreement that would allow for votes on GOP amendments, including an amendment by Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY)77%, that would have sped up liquefied natural gas exports to Ukraine, and on his own amendment to provide additional military assistance to Ukraine. Reid, who objected to the modification, said earlier Tuesday that a bill with IMF provisions was headed to nowhere. The decision to abandon the IMF language opened a path for legislation to advance. Mike Needham released the following statement after Sen. Reid removed the IMF reforms: "After 19 days of inaction, Harry Reid finally came to his senses. Not only did these socalled reforms have nothing to do with Ukraine, but they would have increased Russias power at the IMF just as the U.S. was seeking to punish the country. By refusing to give into Reids bullying tactics, conservatives in the House and Senate were able to prevent yet another foreign policy mistake by the Obama administration." Read more: IMF Q&A Expanded Unemployment Insurance The Senate recently struck a bipartisan deal to extend the unemployment insurance program for five months. As the new program will cover retroactive benefits from December, the extension would expire for all beneficiaries in late May. The $9.7 billion compromise will extend to cover the 1.3 million people who lost benefits at the expiration date. To pay for it, the measure would extend customs user fees through 2024, prevent individuals from receiving both unemployment and disability benefits simultaneously; and reintroduce the notion of allowing companies to implement pension smoothing, effectively allowing them to make smaller contributions to pension funds. This would boost corporate profits, which in turn would generate higher taxes to fund the UI extension, while potentially leaving pensions underfunded. This program hurts employment, creates a disincentive to work, and adds to an already substantial taxpayer burden. Sentinels should petition their representatives to oppose this extension. Medicare Doc Fix This week, the Senate will likely take up a measure to address the Medicare physician payments plan. With little time to go before Medicare providers experience cuts, Congress is stalled in its efforts to strike a deal over how to pay for a permanent fix. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it would cost $138.4 billion over the

next ten years to replace Medicares sustainable growth rate formula with new payment systems. If Congress fails to act by March 31, Medicare providers will see their payment rates cut by about 24 percent. Obamacare Late last night, the Obama administration announced it would ignore yet another key deadline in the implementation of Obamacare. Heritage Action released the following statement from chief executive officer Michael A. Needham: "Nothing says most transparent administration in history like a major announcement at 9pm. Last nights announcement is the latest example of President Obama treating his signature legislation not as the settled law of the land, but rather nothing more than an experiment in need of constant tinkering. It is time for the President and his fellow Democrats to acknowledge what Americans have long understood: Obamacare is unworkable, unaffordable and unfair. The sooner they come to this realization the sooner Americans can get the type of health care reform they deserve." Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank The long-since ineffective Export-Import Bank is up for reauthorization in the fall, and some Democrats have already begun to lobby for its renewal. In order to incentivize foreign-based companies to import American goods, the Ex-Im Bank offers loans at sub-market rates. In reality, this practice encourages political favoritism and crony capitalism, all the while crowding out private sector facilitation of trade. In 2012, legislation to reauthorize and expand the Export-Import Banks lending authority by 40 percent, from $100 billion to $140 billion, passed by a vote of 330 93 in the House and 78 to 20 in the Senate. This time around, if the Ex-Im Bank is not reauthorized and expanded, it will be unable to loan funds above its current ($140 billion) cap and will consequently be unable to further distort the international market. The government has no place deciding how, and in what, to invest taxpayer dollars, and it is time to let this defunct institution grind to a halt. DeMint in Philadelphia Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint will be visiting Philadelphia on April 1st at the National Constitution Center. This is the first part of 1210AM's spring event series. Hell be live with local radio host Chris Stigall at this ticketed event. Sen. DeMint will discuss how the American people, not government bureaucrats, can best solve our problems. You can register to attend on the National Constitution Center website. If you're able to come, he would love to meet you and sign your copy of Falling in Love with America Again. Here are all the details: Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 6:30 p.m. National Constitution Center on Independence Mall

525 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 Mike Henry Regional Coordinator Heritage Action for America 484 326 8287 @mhenryjr