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Department of Mechanical Engineering, MUST-FET Engineering Mechanics (ME-105 T!

torial" Spring Semester $01%-$01&

Name: #atch: 'oll No":

Engineering Mechanics (ME 105) TUTORIAL SHEET-7

1" $" %" &" 5" /" 4" 6" Define the term friction" Difference (et)een )et an* *r+ friction Differentiate (et)een ,oefficient of static friction an* ,oefficient of -inetic friction State the la)s of *r+ friction" E.plain the follo)ing terms" a ,oefficient of friction ( angle of friction c angle of repose * cone of friction 0o) tensions on t)o si*es are relate*1 (2roof not re3!ire* 5hat *o +o! mean (+ the term )e*ge1 Determine the minim!m hori7ontal force 2 re3!ire* to hol* the crate from sli*ing *o)n the plane an* !p the plane" The crate has a mass of 50 8g an* the coefficient of static friction (et)een the crate an* the plane is 9s : 0"$5" ;ns: 2 : 1&0 N, From sli*ing *o)n 2 : &4& N, From sli*ing !p ,rates ; an* # )eigh $00 N an* 150 N, respecti=el+" The+ are connecte* together )ith a ca(le an* place* on the incline* plane" >f the angle is gra*!all+ increase*, *etermine )hen the crates (egin to sli*e" The coefficients of static friction (et)een the crates an* the plane are 9 ; : 0"$5 an* 9# : 0"%5" ;ns : : 1/"%, F,D : 6"$% N The forces acting on the (loc8 are sho)n in fig!re" Determine )hether the (loc8 is in e3!ili(ri!m an* fin* o!t the magnit!*e an* *irection of friction force 9S : 0"%5 an* 9- : 0"$5 ;ns: F : %% N, The (loc8 is in e3!ili(ri!m 11" Determine the *istance s to )hich the <0 8g painter can clim( )itho!t ca!sing the & m la**er to slip at its lo)er en* ;" The top of the 15 8g la**er has a small roller an* at the gro!n* the coefficient of static friction is 0"$5" The mass center of the painter is *irectl+ a(o=e his feet" S : $"55 m




#loc8 ; )eighing 1500 N is to (e raise* (+ means of 15o (loc8 # as sho)n in fig!re" ;ss!me the coefficient of friction (et)een all contacts s!rfaces (e 0"$" 5eight of the (loc8 # is 500 N" Determine the minim!m force re3!ire* to mo=e the (loc8 ; !p)ar*s" ;ns: 2 : 1$&4"$ N


Dra) the free (o*+ *iagram of crate ; an* )e*ge # hence *etermine the smallest hori7ontal force 2 re3!ire* to lift the $00-8g crate" The coefficient of static friction at all contacting s!rfaces is 0"%" Neglect the mass of the )e*ge" 2 : 1"<6 8N


5hat is the minim!m coefficient of friction (et)een the rope an* the fi.e* shaft )hich )ill pre=ent the !n(alance* c+lin*ers sho)n in fig!re from mo=ing ;ns: 9s : 0"$$1


Determine the force 2 re3!ire* to (i raise an* (ii lo)er the 45 8g c+lin*er sho)n in fig!re" The coefficient of friction (et)een the cor* an* its s!pporting s!rface is 0"$$5 ;ns: 2 to raise the c+lin*er : 1/%<"$5 N 2 to lo)er the c+lin*er : %%0"$% N


Determine the smallest force 2 re3!ire* to mo=e the (loc8 # sho)n in fig!re if (i (loc8 ; is restraine* (+ ca(le ,D (ii ca(le ,D is remo=e* 9s : 0"%, 9- : 0"$5 ;ns: (i 2 : 15&5 N (ii 2 : 110%"/% N


Determine the hori7ontal force 2 re3!ire* to ca!se impen*ing motion ;ns: 2 : 1%5"%4 N