President Adams, Directors, Thank you for the opportunity to testify today.

My name is Michelle de la Uz and I am the Executi e Director of the !ifth A enue "ommittee, a #$ year old nonprofit comprehensi e community de elopment corporation %ased in &rooklyn 'hose mission is to ad ance economic and social (ustice. !A" directly ser es o er ),)** lo' and moderate income +e' ,orkers per year throu-h a comprehensi e set of pro-rams that includes afforda%le housinde elopment and mana-ement, or-anizin- residents and 'orkers, trainin- and placin- people into li in'a-e (o%s, pro idin- adult education and literacy pro-rams, %enefits access, le-al and credit counselinand pre entin- hundreds of e ictions per year. !A" has %een concerned a%out the lack of pu%lic accounta%ility of the Atlantic ,ards pro(ect since it 'as first announced and 'as one of the plaintiffs that successfully sued E.D and !orest "ity /atner to re0uire a .upplemental En ironmental Impact .tatement for Phase 1 of Atlantic ,ards. Today you are otin- to accept the Draft .EI.. I 'ant to make the E.D &oard a'are of the impact of the delay of the afforda%le housin- at Atlantic ,ards on the socio2economic conditions in the area since your consultants specifically indicated they 'ere not -oin- to study it. As you kno', o er 3,4** of the 1,1)* units of afforda%le housin- 2 %y far the %i--est promised pu%lic %enefit in the eyes of many 5 is in Phase 1 of the pro(ect. E.D6s allo'in- that much needed afforda%le housin- to %e delayed more than 1* years has a dramatic impact on local residents 5 in particular African American residents 5 'ho other'ise 'ould %e eli-i%le for the afforda%le housin- lotteries if the afforda%le housin- 'ould %e pro ided sooner. 7entrification and displacement pressures in "ommunity &oards 1, #, $ and 8 ha e increased to alarmin- le els recently partly due to Atlantic ,ards %ein- appro ed and the Arena %ein- %uilt. The draft .EI. ackno'led-es increases in rents and sales prices %ein- hi-her in the area immediately surroundinthe pro(ect. The afforda%le housin- at Atlantic ,ards 'ill %e su%(ect to afforda%le housin- lotteries and residents of "ommunity &oards 1, #, $ and 8 'ill recei e preference in the lotteries. The racial make2up of "& 1, #, $ and 8 is chan-in- dramatically. African Americans ha e %een the ma(ority in at least t'o of those community %oards and are pro(ected to %e a minority of the population as time -oes %y. Therefore a delay in the pro ision of afforda%le housin- at Atlantic ,ards has a disproportionately ne-ati e impact on African Americans and your consultants ha e ad ised that they are not -oin- to study that impact in the .EI.. The impact of the delays to date is already %ein- felt %y residents in the community and only -ets 'orse 'ith e ery passin- year as displacement pressures mount. Earlier President Adams referenced the 7reenland deal and the 9hope6 that it 'ould accelerate Phase 1 of the Atlantic ,ards pro(ect, and therefore the pro ision of afforda%le housin-. People facindisplacement, e iction and homelessness no' can6t depend on 9hope6 or any additional false promises from this pro(ect. Thank you.

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