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TEST PAPER NAME : _____________________________ Date : _______________________ P.No. :_____________________________ Marks :________________________ Designation :_____________________________ Invigilator Sign. :________________________ INSTRUCTIONS : 1) ATTEMPT ALL QUESTIONS. 2) EACH QUESTION CARRIES EQUAL MARKS 3) FOR EACH QUESTION TO ANSWER, CHOSE FROM DIFFERENT OPTIONS GIVEN. WRITE YOUR CHOICE OF ANSWER IN THE BLOCK AGAINST EACH QUESTION.

Q-1.___________ is the heaviest of ammonia, carbon dioxide and urea. Ammonia Carbon dioxide

Q-2.Viscosity of oil increases with ___________ in temperature. Increase

Q-3.Thrust bearing limits the amount of ______________

Radial movement
Axial Movement Both A & B None of A & B

Q-4.Percentage of nitrogen in ammonia is _______________. 88 14



Q-5.Atmospheric pressure at sea level is ___________ pressure at hill station.

Higher than
Lower than Equal to

Q-6.Liquid level can be determined by measuring ______________ at the bottom of tank.

Weight Density.

Q-7.The only best way to operate the furnace efficiently is to _____________. Analyse the flue gases. Check color of flame. Measure fuel pressure. All of above . A,B & C.

Q-8.Steam turbine should ______________ when the steam exhaust valve is closed.

Never be started
Be started. Q-9.Purpose of steam N.G. reforming reaction is to produce ______________________ Oxygen Carbon monoxide None of above.


Q-10.Reforming reaction is favoured by _______________. High temp. High pressure Low Temp. Low Pressure. Both A & B

Both A & D

Q-11.The percentage of pure liquid caustic is generally. 50 40 100

Q-12.Oxygen in gas fired boiler exhaust is kept at ________________

2~3 %
20% 25% 50%

Q-13.Hardness of ground water is ________________ river water. More Than Less Than Same as None of above

Q-14.Centrifugal pumps are designed for _________________

High flow requirement

Low flow requirement High pressure requirement None of above.

Q-15.Natural gas is __________________ Heaver than air. Same in weight.

Lighter than air

Q-16.Temperature of water in steam drum is ______________

Same as steam temp.

Slightly higher than steam temp. Slightly lower than steam temp. None of above.

Q-17.Moisture from air can be removed by _______________ Alumina balls

Silica gel None of A&B

Both A&B

Q-18.CBD of cooling tower is done to __________________ Maintain PH. Reduce temperature. None of above.

Q-19.Complete the equation : 2NH3 + CO2


NH2 CO NH2 NH2 CO NH3 None of above

Q-20.Ammonia synthesis reaction is ________________ Endothermic Isothermal None of above.


Q-21.N2 and H2 are supplied for NH3 synthesis reaction at molar ratio of ______________________ 2:1 3:1 1:2


Q-22.Density of water is _______________ the lube oil

Greater Than
Less Than Equal to

Q-23.There is greater percentage of power loss in the form of P in case of Rota meter Venturimeter Pitot tube.

Orifice Meter

Q-24.When the velocity of liquid or gas increases, its pressure will Also increase Remains Same

Q-25.Combustion is a chemical reaction in which fuel reacts with _______________ to release heat. Nitrogen Hydrogen None of above.

Q-26.Explosive range of hydrogen is 4 ~ 40% 35 ~ 75% None of above.

5 ~ 74%

Q-27.Repeated testing has shown that 14.7 psi of pressure supports a column if mercury _________________ inches. 22.5 27 34.2

Q-28.In a barometer the height of mercury column indicates atmospheric pressure. Q-29.In a thermometer the height of a column of mercury indicates temperature. Q-30.Fluid flows because of pressure differential as electricity flows because of potential


Q-31.For same velocity of different fluids of different densities, flowing, in different pipes, mass flow rate will be different Q-32.Which impeller is the best likely to become clogged Open Semi enclosed

Q-33.Two centrifugal compressors operating in parallel will give advantage of Increased discharge pressure. Not increased flow & pressure.

Increased flow.
Q-34.A small pipe offers more resistance them a larger pipe.

False. Q-35.When the gas is at the tips of the impeller blades, it is at maximum ______________. Pressure Volume None of Above.


Q-36.Vapour pressure of water at 100o C is _______________ 13.6 Cm.Hg 100 Cm.Hg 100 N/Cm2

76 Cm.Hg
Q-37.Velocity meters are used primarily for measuring the flow rate Liquid Gases.

Q-38.Orifice meter and venturi meter measures. Point velocity Pressure

Avg. velocity

Max. Velocity.

Q-39.SCF is the volume a gas would occupy if it were measured at a standard pressure of ________________ psia anr a standard temp. of ______________- oC

14.7 25
0,0 Q-40.____________________ valve is used for controlling direction of flow.

Check valve
Gate Valve Butter fly valve.

Q-41.The P determines the ________________ of fluid flows. Pressure

Q-42.Momentum is the tendency of an object to keep it once it is started.

Moving Q-43.The ________________ can change low voltage current to high voltage current. Generator Turbine.

Q-44.Thermocouple measure temperature________________. Physically Chemical Pneumatically

Q-45.Which is not a parameter of fire triangle?

Continuous Combusting
Fuel Some heat

Q-46.Ignition of fuel oil at its flash point would cause Continuous Combustion No combustion.

Momentary flame
Q-47.Ignition of fuel oil at its fire point would cause.

Continuous Combustion
Momentary flame No combustion.

Q-48 A pyrometer is used to measure Pressure Flow All of Above.

Q-49.Mercury is _________________ water.

Lighter than
Heavier then Q-50.Compressing a gas increase its pressure and decrease its ______________ Temperature

Q-51.Steam gives off more heat when it is Cooling


Q-52.Which is the smallest unit of pressure. PSI In. HG

Q-53.CO degree in Celsius scale area to ______________ degree on Kelvin 18 14


Q-54.Static pressure depend upon. Height of liquid Mass of liquid Weight of liquid

All of above.
Q-55.Which of the following effect the separation of petroleum product Temperature Pressure Feed rate All of the above

Q-56.When any liquid is allowed to evaporate, the temperature of the liquid will ________________. Increase

Q-57.To accomplish the most cooling in a cooling tower, a _______________ rate of evaporation is desire.

Low Q-58.A _______________ can measure average temperature over many location. Thermocouple Thermo pole Pyrometer.

Q-59.On the Fahrenheit scale, absolute zero, the ______________ possible temperature is _____________ oF. Lowest, -492 Highest, -492

Lowest, -460
Q-60.The lowest possible temp. is the theoretical point called absolute zero where an object would contain _____________heat energy, and there would be no molecular motion.


Very little. High.

Q-61.The heat transfer rate _________________ on the temperature difference.

Dont depend Q-62.In parallel flow, when both fluids flow in the same direction, the not fluid _________________ be closed below the highest temp. of the cooler fluid. Can


Q-63.Counter flow ______________ cooling a fluid to a temperature lower them the highest temp. of the cooling fluid.

Prevent. Q-64.At atmospheric condition ammonia is _________________

Liquid Solid

Q-65.Methane is main component of ________________ Natural gas CNG

Q-66.Which of the following in not an explosive.

Calcium ammonia nitrate

Nitro-glycerine Cellulose Nitrate.

Q-67.Which is heavier at atmospheric condition.


Carbon monoxide.

Q-68.Catalyst is used to ___________________ rate of reaction Increase


Q-69.1 MM is an abbreviation for one ________________ Thousand Billion

Q-70.A foot valve is a

Back pressure valve

A relief valve Direction control valve Pressure reducing valve.

Q-71.Charles low states that the volume of gas changes in direct proposition to changes in absolute ___________proportion. Pressure

Q-72.Oleum is represented is represented by formula. H2SO3 H2SO4 H2S2O6

Q-73.One HP is equal to 746 ___________________. K. Watt Joule

Q-74.Poison for platinum catalyst is _________________ Sulphur Phosphorous

Coke. Q-75.The fluid that is flowing fastest is _____________ of the main stream

In the Center
At the edge. Q-76.A fluid can be excepted to absorb heat at a faster rate in ______________ flow. Laminar

Q-77.The thicker the static film, the ________________ the heat transfer rate. Greater

Q-78.The value parentage of oxygen in the air is ___________% 79 19 23


Q-79.Molecular weight of heavy water is _________________ 18 19 None of above

Q-80.Liquefying a petroleum gas is ___________ change Chemical Mechanical

Q-81.Valves are used to control ________________ Level Pressure Flow rate

All of above.
Q-82.Table salt solution in water has a pH _______________ 7

Equal to
Above Below.

Q-83.Steam has good fire extinguishing property. Yes No

Q-84.___________________ is the formation & collapse of vapour bubble in the liquid. Hunting Surging Air Binding

Q-85._________________ convert the velocity of gas to increase the gas pressure. Impeller Casing Volute

Q-86.The purpose of an ejector is to remove _______________ from a vessel or line Gas Air

Both A & B
Q-87.Temperature indication on centrifugal scale and Fahrenheit scale is equal to ________________ 40 -32 32

Q-88.________________ signal moves faster Pneumatic



Q-89.Heat transfer by conduction is described by _____________

Fouriers Law
Ficks Law Newtons Law of cooling Stefon Boltzman Law

Q-90.Heating of a steam turbine is started ____________ start of lube oil circulation. Before After Both case A & B

Q-91.If pressure of saturated steam is let down (lowered). The resultant steam would be _____________.

Saturated steam
Super heated Steam Super saturated steam

Q-92.Which type of pump is equipped with PSV at discharge ___________

Positive displacement
Centrifugal Both

Q-93.The blow down line provided from the bottom of a steam drum is _______________ line Continuous blow down Intermittent blow Down

Can be used for both A & B

Q-94.Before handing over an exchanger on hydrogen gas service, for maintenance, it must be purged with _______________

Inert Gas
Natural Gas Air

Q-95.Pressure gauge at outlet line of a catalyst bed reactor is showing more pressure than the gauge at inlet line of that reactor what does it indicate?

High differential pressure Low differential pressure

Faulty gauge
Q-96.Which fluid is introduced first in heat exchanger Heating medium

Cooling medium.
Q-97.Is cooling tower heat exchanger ?

No Q-98.Rapid flow of gas back and forth in the centrifugal compressor is called ______________

Chocking None of A & B Both A&B

Q-99.Sleeves bearing mounted at the end of the shaft prevent

Axial movement
Radial movement None of the Above.

Q-100.A gas leaving a compressor contains added energy usually in the form of increased _________________

Pressure & Velocity

Pressure & Temperature. Velocity & Temperature.

Q-101.Water with a pH value of 7.9 is _________________ Acidic Neutral

Q-102.Pressure inside a furnace is ____________________ atmospheric in forced draft type of furnaces.

Higher Than

Lower Than Equal to

Q-103.Heat is transferred from the heat source to the air by Conduction

Q-104.Cleaning, while the exchanger is operating is called _______________ maintenance Q-105.Rate of conduction varies with temp. difference

False Q-106.Coupling need no lubrication

Flexible Both A & B

Q-107.Labyrinth seal ____________ touches the shaft. Does

Does not.
Q-108.When oil is used as a fuel, it must be changes from a liquid to a with air. Q-109.Flash backs at individual burners may be corrected by adjusting the ______________ air doors. Primary Secondary


before being mixed