General Agitator, general

Propeller Propeller, agitator

Check valves

Angle check Angle check valve

General Check valve, general

Lift check Lift check valve

Swing check Swing check valve


Axial Axial fan

Centrifugal Centrifugal fan

Ejector Ejector compressor

Fan Fan, general

General Compressor, general

Liquid ring Liquid ring compressor

Reciprocating Reciprocating compressor

Roller vane Roller vane compressor

Rotary piston Rotary piston compressor

Screw Screw compressor

Scroll Scroll compressor

Turbo Turbo compressor


Combined Combined pressure control low/high

Differential Differential pressure gauge

Flow indicator Flow indicator

Flow switch Flow switch

Level indicator Level indicator

Level transmitter Level transmitter

Local Local instrumentation

Local control Local control panel

Local control. Local control panel

Local. Local instrumentation

Moisture control Moisture control

Pressure control Pressure control

Pressure gauge Pressure gauge

Remote control Remote control panel

Remote control. Remote control panel

Remote control.. Remote control panel

Saftey diff. low Saftey differential pressure switch set point low

Saftey press. high Saftey pressure cut out, high

Saftey press. low Saftey pressure cut out, low

Temperature control Temperature control

Temperature control elec. Temperature control electric

Temperature switch elec. Temperature switch electrical

Thermometer Thermometer

Time control Clock or timer


Spray nozzle Spray nozzle


Bag Bag filter, catridge filter for gases

Carbon Activated carbon filter

Cartridge Cartridge

Fixed-bed Fixed-bed filter e.g. filter-drier

Gas/Air Gas/air filter, general

General Filter, general

Liquid Liquid filter, general

Heat exchangers

Cooling tower Cooling tower, general

Double-pipe Double-pipe heat exchanger

Finned-tube Finned-tube heat exchanger

Fixed Tube-bundle heat exchanger shell w. fixed tube sheets

Floating Tube-bundling with floating head

General Heat exchanger, general

Plate-type Plate-type heat exchanger

Spiral Spiral-type heat exchanger

Spray cooler Spray cooler

Steam boiler Steam boiler

Tube coil Heat exchanger with tube coil

U-types Tube-bundle with U-tubes

With intersecting Heat exchanger with intersecting flow lines

Without intersecting Heat exchanger without intersecting flow lines

Heating and cooling

Burner Firing system, burner

Coil Inserted coil

General Facility for heating or cooling, general

Jacketed Jacketed vessel


Combustion Combustion engine

Electric motor Electric motor, general

General Drive, general

Hydraulic Hydraulic drive

Pneumatic Pneumatic drive

Turbine Turbine

Pipe fittings

Atmosphere Outlet to the atmosphere

Compensator Piping compensator

Funnel Funnel

High pressure High pressure float valve (opens at rising level)

Joint Disconnectable joint

Low pressure Low pressure float valve (opens at falling level)

Orifice plate Orifice plate

Reducer Reducer, general

Sight glass Sight glass

Sight glass. Sight glass with humidity indicator

Silencer Silencer

Steam trap Steam trap


Actuating Actuating line

Connection Connection

Flexible Flexible piping

Flow Flow/motion in direction of arrow

In-/outlet Arrow for inlet or outlet

Inlet Arrow for inlet

Insulated Piping, insulated

Outlet Arrow for outlet


Centrifugal Centrifugal pump

Diaphragm Diaphragm pump

Gear Gear pump

General Pump, general

Liquid jet Liquid jet pump

Reciprocating Reciprocating pump

Screw Screw pump

Regulating valves

Butterfly Butterfly valve w. constant control behaviour

Capacity Capacity controller

Differential Differential pressure valve

Electronic Electronic expansion valve

Evaporating Evaporating pressure valve

Gate Gate valve w. constant control behaviour

General Valve with constant control behaviour

Straight Straight globe valve w. constant control behaviour

Thermostatic Thermostatic expansion valve


General Scales, general


General Separator, general

Impact Impact seperator

Shut-off valves

Angle Angle valve, general

Angle safeguard Angle valve safeguarded assistant deliberate actuation

Butterfly Butterfly valve

Construction kit 1 Construction kit for symbols for valves

Construction kit 2 Construction kit for symbols for valves

Construction kit 3 Construction kit for symbols for valves

Four-way Four-way valve, general

Gate Gate valve

Globe Globe valve

Normal closed Closed at normal operation

Normal open Open at normal operation

Saftey Saftey valve with spring

Three-way Three-way valve, general

Trough safeguard Trough valve safeguarded assistant deliberate actuation


Belt Belt conveyor, general

Construction kit Construction kit for symbols for conveyor

General Continuous conveyor

Valve actuators

Diaphragm Diaphragm drive

Electric motor Electric motor drive

Float Float valve drive

General Drive, general with actuating energy or automatic

Manual Drive, manual

Piston Piston drive

Solenoid Solenoid drive

Spring Working pressure against fixed spring

Weight Working pressure against fixed dead weight


Bursting Bursting disk. Curvature is on outlet side

Saftey Saftey valve. Thick line indicates the outlet side


Version 1.00.04 Refrigerating and heat pumps. Date: 13.10.2003

Vessel w. internals

Bubble trays Vessel with bubble trays

Cascade plates Vessel with inbuilt cascade plates

Fixed bed Vessel with fixed bed

General Column, general.

Random packing Filling for general valve = random packing

Splash plates Filling for general valve = Spalsh plates or baffles

Trays - general Vessel with trays, general

Vessels and tanks

Dished Vessel with dished heads

Gas Gas cylinder

General Vessel, general

Spherical Spherical vessels

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