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Operation “Bruno “

Tonkin, 1952. Les Viets have caught us napping yet again, but this time it`s serious. The reds have managed to out manoeuvre the high command with a series of diversionary attacks against the delta defences. Whilst drawing away most of our reserves they have at last played their hand. They have launched an attack from the high region in the Nghlia Lo area unfortunately we have only one small post at Tu Le held by a company of the legion in the path of the Viets onslaught. !our unit is the last uncommitted "ara battalion in the whole of north Vietnam however as well you know the #th colonial parachute is also the best. !our mission is to attempt to delay the attack as long as possible and buy some time for us to assemble a force large enough to launch a counterattack. !our unit is being offered up for sacrifice to save the whole delta from being over run. There are two ob$ectives so you will have to split your force but how you do it is at your discretion. %irstly we have identified an ideal drop &one ' miles north of Tu Le, after assembling your unit you will march to Tu le and if the post hasn(t fell you will add the garrison to your force and abandon the fort. "art of your force will drop # miles to the east at !en bai to secure the bridge over the )ed river to allow *+, to cross. !ou will then make for !en -ai and rende&vous with the rest of your unit and *+, which has been sent to e.tract you and the survivors of your gallant unit.!our Legion d /onour and 0roi. de guerre will be awaiting you posthumously if need be as well as a citation for the whole of the valiant #th -"0. -on chance and vive le %rance.

6th Battalion Parachutists Coloniaux
/1 Major Bi ear! "Co# 1$% 2ic Capt Tho#as "Co# 1$% &upport co#pan' (t )llaire "Co# 9%

2.34mm ,.56 cal mg`s 5.7'mm )ecoilless rifles 1st co#pan' (t (e Pa e "co# 9%

8.infantry s9uads ,.#6mm mortars ,.56 cal mg`s. 4. '7mm recoilless rifle 2n! Co#pan' (t Trapp "co# 9% 8. :nfantry s9uads. ,. #6mm mortars ,. 56 cal mg`s 4. '7mm recoilless *r! Co#pan' (t Ma nillat "co# 9% 8. infantry s9uads ,. #6mm mortars , .56 cal mg`s 4. '7 recoilless rifle +th Co#pan' (t !e ,il!e "co# 9% 8. infantry ,. #6mm mortars ,. 56 cal mg`s. 4. '7mm recoilless rifle

They are suppressed on a 2. napalm.ic must drop at !en -ai The /eavy weapons company under Lt =llaire may be split up and attached to the rifle companies :f so then =llaire`s command base will be removed. =t least one company of the #th -"0 must be dropped at !en -ai. . =mmo and "ersonnel.)ssets 4. standard The -attalion commander must be dropped at The . This represents the confusion after a $ump and the gathering of heavy weapons. '7mm recoilless rifle. . also all troops under their command suffer a ?4 to their combat rolls@ for e.# and on a score of 'or # the officer and men of that company resort to their normal ratings. =t the start of their turn each officer rolls 4.ample 5 instead of 2A. -u#p Con. infantry s9uads 4. ' or # instead of a # and are eliminated after retreating 46cm instead of 4'cm. =ll =irborne command stands suffer a ?4 to their command roll.usion. >r it may be left intact and used as a fighting unit.< north of Tu Le while the . 56 cal mg 4. . . #6mm mortar 4. )t Tu (e 1/1/2n! 012 Co#pan' 34 (t (e#onier "co# 5% #. %ac with 5 air strikes 4.

56 cal mg 4. missions per gun. greyhound armoured cars 1st Colu#n C34 Captain Barrou "co# 5% -eep #. battery of 2. 56 cal mg #.. . +.6roupe #o7ile 2 B34 Major Cle#ent "co# 9% M* hal.2 light tanks t )ssets 4 .track .2 light tanks 2n! Colu#n (t Charton "co# 5% -eep #. trucks for infantry 4. %oo in $eep 4. dodge weapons carriers 5. 46' mm howit&ers @off tableA 5 . dodge weapons carrier 5. 4st line infantry s9uads 5. +. +5 half track for infantry 5. trucks for infantry 4. 4st line infantry s9uads 4.