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Issued by Lieutenant-Colonel J.A. MacMillan Commanding Officer

ROUTINE ORDER NO. 003/2014 1085-10-1 (CO) 28 Feb 14 (…)

Social Media and the Canadian Cadet Program 18. Social media offers an effective way of connecting and provides a widely accessible and proliferative method of communicating with the various levels of stakeholders involved with the Canadian Cadet Program. Because the line between professional and personal use of social media is not always clear, those personnel who engage in the use of social media are reminded to abide by the principles of professionalism, transparency, respect and accountability at all times. In practice and IAW QR&O 19.14, Improper Comments and DAOD 2008-2, Media Relations and Public Announcements this means:     Avoid comments that violate CAF/DND or CCO regulations, or that advocate illegal acts, including copyright violations; Do not make remarks or pass criticism tending to bring a superior into contempt; Show respect for others and their views; Refrain from derogatory comments including those related to race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, citizenship, employment or health status, and avoid comments containing gratuitous profanity; Do not offer personal opinion on government, DND or CAF policy; Avoid offering speculation about events, incidents, issues or future policy decisions; Avoid supporting the dissemination of articles, postings, comments, etc. which contravene the principles of professionalism, transparency, respect and accountability and do not draw unnecessary attention to items which do not enhance the CCO’s overall image; Be mindful of the sites, pages, organizations that you overtly support and the impact such affiliations may directly or indirectly impart on your role and credibility as a youth development mentor and member of the CAF; and

  

Check the privacy settings on your social media accounts regularly and ensure that you do not post information that can jeopardize your sensitive personal information or that of another person.

19. As public ambassadors of the CAF and DND, CIC and COATS members are important spokespeople - while both on and off duty. Social media, in turn, represent important channels through which to communicate and portray our citizenry as well as our capacity to act as worthy mentors and leaders of Canada's youth. For additional information, please refer to the Guidelines for the External Use of Social Media Platforms or Services document and Using Social Media Responsibly PowerPoint presentation both available on the File Repository under the "Manuals, Guides, and SOPs" folder:\Central%20%20Centre\Manuals,%20guides%20and%20SOPs