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• Further the user is provided the facility of printing only when his/her application is submitted. Example: 3. s/he can save his/her data for future changes. While filling the registration form it is mandatory to fill all mandatory data & attach all required documents that are listed. which allows the new applicant to register now online for GUJCET examination of current year in an acceptable and defined format & period from Education Board. Notes: 1. • This online mode of registration is very simplified. system will not allow to save registration form. Once application is submitted applicant cannot modify the details. • During this process. s/he can change his/her password if s/he wishes to.Introduction • Online GUJCET registration system is proposed by GSHSEB. Once all final changes are done. Without these. Candidate's Photo (Passport Size) Candidate's Signature The documents should be only in JPG/JPEG format. and straight forward which will reduce the cumbersome conventional paper application mode which demands bunch of papers from user and very tedious one for both user and approving department in turn. easy to use. Enlisted documents are required to attach before submitting application. Applicant should have valid Email address. Application can be edited after saving and before submitting. • Applicant has to register him/her self first. 2. . After completing registration with required details provided in registration form. On this s/he would get an application number that will send to his/her mail address. Size limit: between 5KB to 50KB (120px X 120px) Uploaded documents should be clearly visible in size. s/he needs to submit his/her application.

To select image or file from directory. Save changes for password. Remove the uploaded image. Change Password Link. To logout from application. To clear the entered data. * This shows field is mandatory. Temporarily save the application details without submitting. Submit button disabled. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Icons Functions To login application. To select date. 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Help link on other pages. Submit button enabled. To print the application after submit. Help on login page.Notations Sr No. .

please click on ‘Login’ button. Please note that this login will be enabled only if you have not finally submitted the form. Board & School Details 2. please enter your details (i. If you want to clear the contents. At first to register online. You can save your details and edit later. Once clicked on submit. Examination Details . Personal Details 3. Registration Page Registration page contains of 3 sections: 1. these edits cannot be done & your login hence will not be allowed.e UserId & Password provided to you) in the panel provided on the left side of the page. click on ‘Clear’ button.Login This is the main first step screen to login. If you want to proceed further with the process.

e.999 Center Code will be: 201 Name of Center will be: AHMEDABAD CITY o If the ‘Board Code’ is 01 (i. Candidate is free to choose his center according to his suitability.: o If the ‘Board Code’ is 01 (i. ‘Center Code’ will automatically be filled with a list of predefined center codes (207. on entering ‘HSC School Index No. o ‘Board Code’ & ‘Name of Board’ are compulsory fields. o On entering the same. GS&HSEB) and ‘HSC School Index No.’.216.’ field will be enabled for you to enter. GS&HSEB). Name of School: o ‘Name of School’ is a compulsory field.Board & School Details The first section of the registration form contains board & school details. GS&HSEB). ‘Name of the board’ will be filled automatically. GS&HSEB).: 01.’ is a compulsory field if it is enabled.’ is to be entered in format like ’01. For eg: Board Code: 01 HSC School Index No. o If the ‘Board Code’ is 01 (i. . ‘HSC School Index No. o ‘HSC School Index No. o If the ‘Board Code’ is not 01.e. o Please enter valid ’Board Code’ provided from the list in the booklet. HSC School Index No.’ field contains value of district code as 20 (like 20.234). else it will be disabled.XXX). ‘Center Code’ & ‘Name of Center’ will automatically be filled with the district code corresponding to ‘HSC School Index No. else it will be disabled.’ field will be enabled for you to enter.e.’.999’. You cannot edit this field. ‘Center Code’ will automatically be filled with a list of all centers.e. ‘HSC School Index No. Board Code & Name of Board: o ’Board Code’ is a 2 digit numeric field. o ‘HSC School Index No. o If the ‘Board Code’ is 01 (i.

Date Of Birth: o ‘Date Of Birth’ should be entered only in dd/mm/yyyy format. o They all allow only alphabetical characters. . ‘Name of Center’ will be filled automatically.' in case required in some cases. ‘Address 2’ & ‘City’ are compulsory fields. Please select the one applicable to you. you can deselect it anytime. A value should always be selected from dropdown list. o ‘Address 3’ is optional. o Only one selection can be made at a time. You cannot edit this field. Address 1. o If you have wrongly selected anything. Candidate Name: o ‘Surname’ & ‘First Name’ are compulsory fields whereas ‘Father's Name/Gaurdian Name’ is optional.Center Code & Name of Center: o ‘Center Code’ is a compulsory field. Address 3 & City: o ‘Address 1’. Sex & Caste: o ‘Sex’ & ‘Caste’ are compulsory fields. o Your age should be minimum of 14 years. Personal Details The second section of the registration form contains personal details. Address 2. Physically handicapped: o Please select only if applicable. o 'Surname' field will allow '. o On selecting any value.

’. o If ‘Board Code’ is 01 (i. Examination Details The third section of the registration form contains examination details. kindly add any mail Id of a known person. ‘SID No. You can change accordingly as required. o If ‘Board Code’ is 01 (i. It should be of proper format (like B000001). Pincode: o ‘Pincode’ is a compulsory field.State: o Default selection for Gujarat is given for your convenience.’: o ‘HSC Exam appearing year’ is compulsory o Your application number & other related details will be sent to this email ID for your reference.e. 'Course'. Please enter 10 digit valid mobile number. EMail ID: o ‘EMail ID’ is a compulsory field. o It has to be 6 digit numeric.’. If the course selected is new you need to enter your ‘SID No. You have to make a selection at any case.e. GS&HSEB) & ‘HSC Exam appearing year’ is current year. o Please enter a valid EMail ID according to the standard format (like abc@xyz. . If the course selected is old you need to enter your ‘Seat No.’ & ‘Seat No. you need to select your course either new or old. you need to enter your ‘Seat No. o ‘Landline Number’ is optional. It should be of format like '12V-999999'. Mobile & Landline Number: o ‘Mobile’ is a compulsory field.’. o ‘State’ is a compulsory field hence selection is necessary. HSC Exam appearing year. It should be of proper format (like B000001). o If you don’t have your mail ID. GS&HSEB) & ‘HSC Exam appearing year’ is not the current year.

Please select the one applicable to you. Group & Medium: o ‘Group’ & ‘Medium’ are compulsory fields. both ‘SID No.JPG/. your details will be filled and you can edit & update them. the subjects chosen by you will be displayed in the below box. o Please note that after submitting it. o You are allowed to take the print of your application only after submitting the same. Biology. o After submission. o For your convenience. you need to click this button. Chemistry. on changing groups selection. o Uploads are necessary. check the checkbox of declaration. o ‘Submit’ button will be enabled now click on this button to submit the final application. .’ & ‘Seat No. you can click on remove button & upload again. Save button: o You can save your details by clicking on ‘Save’ button. you will get a digit application number on your screen as well as on your mail. Candidate Picture & Signature: o Uploads only in . Approximate dimensions should be 120px X 120px. They cannot be left blank. Group 'B' and 'AB' students are allowed. you cannot edit any details. If you login again. All attachments should be clearly visible. Logout Button: o Anytime you need to move out of your login & the application. o In case you need to change your uploaded picture. Submit button: o To submit your application.JPEG format & size limit between 5KB to 50KB is allowed. Exam will be taken for subjects Physics.’ will be disabled.o If ‘Board Code’ is not 01. o Fields which are enabled will have to be entered.

You need to login again for printing your application from the panel given on the right side of the page. There are two options provided for taking out print of your application. by login from application number Second. Click on clear to clear all field’s data. Click on save to change password. update any details if needed and submit the same finally.Change Password This functionality is provided for the ease of the users. by login from User Id/Password The printed form would look like this For this time we are introducing Qr code for security purpose. you cannot update it with your new password. It will helps to student identity verification. QRcode storing the student's detail. Any applicant can change their existing given passwords to their customized ones. If not submitted. Print Print can only be taken if the application was submitted earlier. Qr code is scan by using compatible any smart phone. All fields are compulsory to enter. . They need to enter Current Password. If your current password is not correct. then you can login again. New Password & the same in Confirm Password. One.

your uploaded picture. Any number of times the print can be taken. For authentication. signature & application number will be printed on the same. a button for printing the same is given. The form is not editable. At the end of the form. For that please remember your login/Application number. .Logout button is provided to logout from the application.

Size limit:between 5KB to 50KB (120px X 120px) Uploaded documents should be clearly visible in size. please feel free to contact us on the following: Address: Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board.382043 Email: gshseb_gnr@yahoo. Gandhinagar .in Phone: (079) 23220538 List Of Documents Enlisted documents are required to attach before submitting application. Example: . Sector 10. Candidate's Photo (Passport Size) Candidate's Signature The documents should be only in JPG/JPEG format. Near Old Sachivalaya.Contact Us If you have any query/problem regarding the same.