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Peoples Army Directive No 60 year 52 Having kept the war going for five years using Mao’s revolutionary

pattern we are ready to enter the manoeuvre phase. We have spent five long years amassing our forces ready to strike at the imperialist heart land. We have launched a diversionary attack out of the Viet Bac and having lured the French into counterattacking in that direction we are about to show our true intentions. he French would never suspect an attack from the hai highlands where the only French presence is a small fort at u !e. "s the colonel of regiment #$#from the %#&th 'ivision Ban re( your regiment has been chosen to be our spearhead unit. )our regiment will infiltrate as far as the *ed river at )en Bay( then with your rear elements attack the post at u !e. he rest of the regiment will ambush any forces sent to the forts rescue. When your regiment has beaten off any reinforcements and secured the bridge at )en Bai then our main force can begin its glorious advance to push the imperialists back into the sea. "chieve this task and the rank of +eneral can’t be far away( fail and a re,indoctrination course with some of our most dedicated commissars will be waiting. Main Objectives #- .top any link up between any French forces. /r &- 0nflict as many casualties as possible. /r Deployment here are si1 sectors the following must be in a sector wo companies of any type from the forces below e1cept the following rules apply #- here can only be one heavy weapons company in a sector. &- here can be no more than three regular infantry companies in a sector. %- here can be no more than one 2ngineer company in a sector. "n engineer company may be split up or kept together. "fter splitting if the 3H4 has less than si1 s5uads to command it is removed. 67ote engineers will be needed to clear any minefields and defuse any demolition charges as well as booby trap any roads. $- 'eath volunteers are basically suicide bombers they roll 81 '9 can destroy armour( have a saving roll of a 9( are suppressed on a 9 and are removed after they e1plode. " very scary unit that each infantry company can create only once by turning a basic s5uad into a suicide unit..

#&.mm mortars. 6#1 s5uad per company may become a death volunteer1x &eavy (eapons company #1 3H4 $1 mg %1 8#mm mortars.<:mm pack howit=ers. %1 fire support s5uads.Forces Available #1 *egimental H4 1x Rein orce! "n antry Re#iment comprisin# o $x Re#%lar in antry battalions eac& comprisin# o #1 BH4 'x "n antry companies eac& o #13H4 91 "ssault s5uads. % missions per gun. & missions per gun. " heavy weapons company may be split up amongst fighting companies on table but will lose it>s 3H4 if it has less than 9 units left to command Assets 2x )n#ineer *ompanies eac& comprisin# o #1 3H4 60f needed?1 2ngineer s5uads #1mg 1x Re#imental &eavy (eapons company #1 battery 6$ tubes. . &1 :. #1 battery 6% guns. %1 <:mm recoilless rifles %1 mortars.