Bernoulli’s Equation

Topics covered in this session 1.! Conservation of energy 3.! Overview 2.! Bernoulli’s Equation 6.! Static Pressure in Airflow is Potential Energy 4.! Bernoulli’s Equation Applied to a Venturi Tube 7.! Bernoulli’s Equation Applied to a Wing in Flight .! Dynamic Pressure in Airflow is Total Energy 5.

save it as a .WNTBPC !! Read ANA text pages 4 through 9. !! This should be no more than a page of YOUR OWN . and Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK) !! Watch this lecture !! Create your own notes in word.pdf version of notes and post it in Dropbox as homework. Bernoulli’s principle and subsonic airflow.

Bernoulli’s !! Bernoulli’s equation is based on the conservation of energy principle. Overview !! Continuity equation explains why airflow on top of a wing is faster than the airflow underneath the wing. equation explains: !! Pressure on top of a wing is lower than the pressure underneath the wing. !! Once understanding Continuity. .1.

!! Energy level of a system remains constant !! Energy neither created nor destroyed Total energy TE = potential energy PE + kinetic energy KE = constant TE = PE + KE = constant .2. Conservation of Energy !! Bernoulli based on CONSERVATION OF ENERGY principle.


Kinetic and Potential Energy .

3. . PE = static pressure = Ps = p. potential energy is static pressure. Static Pressure in Airflow is Potential Energy !! Bernoulli transformed the general conservation of energy equation into airflow terms. In airflow.

4. ρ = air density in slugs per cu. Dynamic Pressure in Airflow is Kinetic Energy KE = dynamic pressure= PD = q. ft v = true airspeed (TAS) velocity in fps .

5. Total Pressure in Airflow is TOTAL ENERGY !! TE = Total pressure. or H (head pressure) !! Pitot tube – pitot head measuring total pressure TE = total pressure = PT = H “Head” pressure. Pitot “head pressure.” .

Bernoulli’s Equation !! Bernoulli’s Equation for conservation of energy in subsonic airflow .6.

subsonic. i. ρ and σ are constant. So in qualitative terms.e. Bernoulli says that if the velocity increases. constant altitude.. the pressure decreases and vice versa.Note: !! With no density changes. This is the same as saying kinetic energy increases then potential energy decreases and vice versa. .


Bernoulli’s Equation Applied to a venturi tube .7.

!! In the venturi tube below. unlike the tubes previosuly drawn. . the divergent area A3 is greater than the initial area A1.

8. Bernoulli’s Equation applied to a wing in flight .