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Sentence Guessing Game Activity

Speaking Game: Sentence Guessing Activity (ESL/EFL)
Min. # of Students: 3 Activity Strengths: Review, warm-up, entertaining, and communicative ESL/EFL Level: Duration: Intermediate to Advanced 10-15 minutes

Basic Speaking Game Idea: Students try to get one of their classmates (Student A) to elicit a sentence written on the board. Student A is seated with his/her back to the board, unable to see the sentence. The other students must get Student A to say the sentence, completely, by using synonyms, alternative descriptions, and other clues. Speaking Game Preparation: Go through your class notes and pick some expressions (e.g. "kill two birds with one stone"), vocabulary (e.g. "hire", "ethnic") or grammar items ("hardly ever") you'd like to review next class. Then, make some interesting sentences with them, for example: "I killed two birds with one stone. / "A month after I was hired, I was fired." / "I rarely eat ethnic cuisine." Get creative. Bring the list to class. Speaking Game Execution: 1. Pick one student from the group ("Student A") and seat him/her at the front of the class, with his/her back to the board. 2. Write the easiest of the sentences you prepared on the board, e.g. "I killed two birds with one stone." 3. Tell the other students that they have to make Student A say the complete sentence on the board. Tell them the game rules: they can only use use English and they cannot repeat any of the key words in the sentence to Student A.

That's it. The students may think it'll be hard at first, but they'll soon get into the game. Be sure to give the easier sentences to the lower-level students. Let each student have a turn at the speaking game. My students seem to enjoy this speaking activity. If you have a large class, the game can be played inteam vs team format as well by putting one student from each team at the front of the class. The first team to get their student at the front to elicit the sentence wins the speaking game. Have fun.

Simple Idiom/Phrasal Verb Speaking Activity

Tell them you're going to give them 5 minutes to create a conversation dialogue with their partner using as many of the idioms/phrasal verbs as possible. Therefore. 2. His name was on the tip of my tongue… but I couldn’t remember it. put your studentes into pairs. Give it a shot and be sure to commend your students on their role-plays and review major mistakes after they have finished. Upper-Intermediate. Tyler was too hung-over from last night’s party to go to work. After teaching your students 8-12 idioms or phrasal verbs (for a print-out of useful idioms. On the one hand. Students enjoy using their creativity. but this probably won't be necessary). Let them do it. I tried to keep an open mind about Allan even though I’d heard some bad things about him. 3. 4.ESL Role-play Activity for Practicing Phrasal Verbs or Idioms Basic Idea: Have students create a role-play using recently taught idioms or phrasal verbs. (You can say "the group who uses the most/all the expressions wins" if you want to motivate them. Let’s meet around 4ish. Listen while they plan it and offer help where possible. ing a bell on the one hand / on the other hand have/keep an open mind A: Do you know April O’Neil? B: Hmm. see here). 5. The role-plays my students create are usually pretty entertaining. Peter’s roommate is kind. On the other hand. Advanced The bulk of idioms and phrasal verbs are native to spoken English. role-playing is perfect for practice. Maybe. This activity is simple but effective. he’s quite messy. Tell them to try to make their role-play about 2 minutes or longer. Total Time: 15 minutes (depends on the number of groups) Strengths: entertaining + allows students to use their creativity + reinforces language Levels: Intermediate. That name rings a bell. if they can. Execution: 1. Have each group present their role-play. on the tip of your tongue a hangover (noun) / hungover (adj) ~ish .

then give it a shot. A: George. It takes you 15 minutes to walk to school? Big deal! My dad gave me a hand with my homework. give it a shot No way! The more the merrier. The more the merrier. It was going to be a surprise party. If you think you can make the team. .fed up Big deal! Give sb a hand let the cat out of the bag I’m fed up with my neighbour’s dog. until Todd let the cat out of the bag. B: No way! A: Can I invite my brother? B: Sure. I’m pregnant.