IT Service Management Foundation Practice Questions: For ITIL v3 Foundation Exam Candidates
by Steve Mann, Nigel Mear and Tony Gannon BCS. (c) 2009. Copying Prohibited.   

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Which of the following can also report Incidents? 1. IT Operations Management C. Technical Management Page 2 / 3 Reprinted for ibm\pradeehb@in. To provide Incident data to Problem Management C. Network support staff A. Use of Specialised Service Desk groups can allow faster resolution of specific types of Incidents Service Management Foundation Practice Questions: For ITIL v3 Foundation Exam Candidates Chapter 9: Functions   SF 01 Users report Incidents. To ensure all Service Requests are handled using Request Models ? See Guide Chapter 21   SF 03 Which of the following statements is/are correct? 1. IBM BCS. All of the above ?   SF 02 Which of the following most accurately describes the main role of the Service Desk function? A. A Local Service Desk is close to the user community it serves 2. British Informatics Society Limited (c) 2009. 1 and 2 only D. To resolve all Incidents within SLA targets B. Copying Prohibited ? . 2 only C. 4 and 5 only D. Technical Management staff 3. The use of a Virtual Service Desk is not recommended for large organisations A. 2. 3 only ? See Guide Chapter 21   SF 04 To which function does the following apply: ‘… the custodian of technical knowledge and expertise related to managing the IT Infrastructure’? A. 1 only B. Application Management B. Service Desk staff 4. Application Management staff 2. To act as the ‘single point of contact’ for users and customers D. Operations Control D. 4 and 5 only C. 2. IT Operations staff 5. 1 only B.

Page 3 / 3 Reprinted for ibm\pradeehb@in.   C The main role of the Service Desk function is to be the single point of contact for users and customers. Computer Centre Management and IT Operations Support C. technical staff may notice a failure.IT Service Management Foundation Practice Questions: For ITIL v3 Foundation Exam Candidates   SF 05 What are the two formal organisational structures within IT Operations Management? A. IBM BCS. British Informatics Society Limited (c) 2009. IT Service Management and IT Operations Control B. Standard Changes Technical Management refers to the groups. Service Requests and Standard Changes. IT Operations Management and Facilities Management ? See Guide Chapter 25   SF 06 Which of the following would NOT normally be recorded by the Service Desk? A. Facilities Management and IT Operations Control D. Service Requests C. Statement 3 is incorrect as a Virtual Service Desk can be an appropriate option for many large organisations.   D This is a description of Technical Management. Users will report Incidents. Incidents B. departments or teams that provide technical expertise and overall management of the IT Infrastructure. The Service Desk will typically record Incidents. Copying Prohibited .   C Statements 1 and 2 are correct. An efficient Service Desk will contribute to higher levels of availability through participation in first line Incident   C The two formal organisational structures within IT Operations Management are IT Operations Control and Facilities Management. and tools can raise Incidents automatically.   D Problems are recorded by Problem Management and would not normally be recorded by the Service Desk. Problems ? See Guide Chapter 21 Answers   D Anyone may experience an Incident and call the Service Desk to report it.