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20 Questions

with Jeff Martone
1. Where do I start?
1. Question:"I recently purchased the Tactical Athlete Pull-up System and I can't wait to get started.! My only question is right now I am in pretty decent shape, what kind of workout routine or split should I be doing with this system?! How often should I workout and what routines from the dvd should I be doing?! Please give me a starting point and direction to go in or something to work towards.! Some workout examples would be very much appreciated as I really don't know where to start or where to go." - David ! 2. Answer: Thank you purchasing TAPS. If you haven't done so already, watch the DVD all the way through. Pick one of the strength circuits and train that 3 days a week. 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps is a great place to start. Finish your strength routine with one of the core exercises in section II. Pick an easy variation of the one of the multi-level-routines and use that as either a finisher or on your off days.


I need a good chest exercise that doesn!t hurt my shoulder.
1. Question: "I attended Tony Blauer's Combatives Camp (in Vermont) back in July and really enjoyed your session on Kettlebell training.! I purchased a 16kg kettlebell that day and have been training with it four days a week for the past month and a half - and recently moved up to a 24kg.! For the past five years I have dealt with much pain in my left shoulder (due to weightlifting, martial arts, baseball, etc..).! The kettlebell training has done wonders for my shoulder strength and stability - it feels better than it has in years - and I owe much of that to the drills (especially the Turkish getup) you demonstrated at the camp.! Thank you! I gave up on bench presses a long time ago due to my shoulder problem and it seems as though every exercise I try for my chest causes pain in my shoulder.! Are there any specific exercises you could recommend to increase size/strength in my chest without causing further damage to my shoulder?! Thanks again for your time...and training!" - Paul 2. Answer: I'm really glad to hear your shoulder is getting better!!! Keep up the good work. In regards to building a size and strength in you chest without reCopyright © Jeff Martone | Page 1 of 11

Oddly enough. holding. You might have limited experience but it sounds like your strength pretty good. If you plan on doing weighted joint mobility you may want to pick up the 8kg.! I have also been attending. inhaling. push ups off of the Tactical Rings. Normally. butt tight and perform one arm floor presses.e. do not bother my shoulder at all. 4. what size kb would you recommend purchasing to be able to do most of the drills? 8. Keep your shoulders low. Pavel made a statement once that said "the difference between elite athletes and "run-of-the-mill" athletes is their ability to contol tension." . each for a 4 sec. 3. If it bothers your shoulder. chest up. Question: "So how do you suppose power breathing and tactical breathing are related?" . count) is great for slowing down your heart rate and calming the mind. floor press).! I really enjoy them (thanks!). for someone of my (limited) experience and strength level (I am about 5'11" 175). Power Breathing vs Tactical Breathing? 1. tongue to the roof of your mouth) increases interabdominal pressure which causes your muscles to contract harder. but I would say 8kg for joint mobility and 16kg for H2H. Passively exhaling (i.e. 12? I'd really appreciate any advice. I would suggest the 12kg.. Answer: I think you would be fine training with the 16kg KB. actively exhaling through your teeth.e. Answer: Just to clarify a point on breathing. You can always work up to the one-arm (assisted) push-ups. Thanks again for the workout drills. What size of KB should I get? 1. Elite athletes can go from maximal contraction to max relaxation Copyright © Jeff Martone | Page 2 of 11 . on occasion. A partial bench press movement from the floor (i. The warrior/tactical breathing (i. just pushups. a full chest looks good for body composition but other than that there really is nothing to be gained from doing benches. Power breathing (i.! My question is. I plan to purchase H2H I and II in the next few months.20 Questions with Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete Training Systems injuring your chest.! Anyway. I usually just say no to benching. increasing your strength. This is a great tool for maximal exertions.Nathan ! 2. I would not recommend flys on the rings. Aesthetically. a KB class run by an RKC who incorporates H2H drills into the program. than go with the 12kg.that's a tough one..! I would like to invest in another in another KB and am more interested in H2H and maybe some weighted joint mobility than I am in going heavier. exhaling and holding. Question: "I have recently gotten started with kb's. is great for stretching and releasing the tension. just throw it out. You know your body better than I do. If you think your joints could handle the 12kg and if you think the 16kg is feeling too heavy for H2H. back arched.Mike ! 2. a big open mouth exhale/sigh) causes your muscles to relax.e.! I can handle doubles with the 16's and 24's for most stuff and singles with 32's (doubles for some stuff).

! Anymore tips on training to do more?! When doing the pull-ups I always go completely down with my arm totally stretched out. Question: "Can the Man Maker Drills [from PBP] be a replacement to conventional running?! I want to have strength and I love doing the H2H drills since it's fun to do plus enhances my martial arts training. do I do that first and then the H2H drills or vice versa?" . I suggest going to www. I do practice sprinting. while the competition wastes energy in a semi-tense state.! My goal is to do 10.! I can't seem to get past 3. If you want to enhance your martial arts training stick to the Man Maker Drills and sprinting and drop the conventional running.! Are the Man Maker drills more effective and efficient?! Would you recommend using them instead of just running?! If I can use the Man Maker Drills instead of just running. do I do it for time or sets or ?! If it would be okay to use the man maker drills. long slow runs)like the plague. 6. Is this a good way of building up upper body strength to do more pullups? 1. GXP"." . Fighting is anaerobic.cbass.I totally agree.20 Questions with Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete Training Systems in fractions of a second. Question: "I am now able to do 3 pull ups.e. I avoid running (i. The time you waste in long slow runs could be better utilized honing your fighting skills. They have more cardio vasuclar benefit and will burn more fat in less time. It will be a "light bulb" experience. I have good news! The Man Maker Drills can definitely replace conventional running. Answer: What's the purpose of your conventional running? Do you run purely for the cardiovascular and fat burning benefit? If that's your only reason for and check out article 12 "Intervals for Fat Loss" and article 110 "Tabada vs.! When I started I could not do one.E.Henry ! 2. I'm sure. Running vs Kettlebell Drills? 1.A. as definitely a must in any program.! Someone saw me and said to not go down but to just go a little bit past 90 degrees. You are doing your pull-ups correctly.! Is this a good way of building up upper body strength to do more pullups? Thanks so much for your TAPS" -Nannette ! 2. but I want to be able to burn fat. 5. "What have you found is the best combination for tactical close-quarters combat? I found the S. Copyright © Jeff Martone | Page 3 of 11 . Answer: 1.R.! Isn't going down all the way the correct way?! I ordered that wheel where you put your feet in it and walk on your hands. However. Ignore whoever is telling you not to fully extend your arms/elbows.! I want my training to be effective and efficient. Personally.P.

The benefits of building strength/ endurance. Hanging leg or knee raises will definitely improve your pull-ups. would you actually recommend this? Would you use different drills throughout the week or stick to the same drills for say a 2 week cycle as per PTP?! How long should someone have been using kettlebells before you think they are able to progress to your H2H stuff?" . Listen to your body and train around injuries. Learning to absorb shock with your abs and legs while actively exhaling are very important. 2.e. and work on perfecting your technique. Question: "I am a Police officer in the UK serving on a tactical unit. It doesn't work well for me personally. every day (i. fig." . 2. weight on heels. You don't train to failure.Chris 2. People commonly forget about the hip drive once they start releasing and catching the KB. What is greasing the groove? 1.. Do mulitple sets of perfect 1-2 reps.! I have read that in Pavel's book as well. back straight. The wheel might help with your pull-ups. Question: "I have been reading a lot of your articles on your web site. cleanning. you are practicing a skill. and lightning quick reflexes are a cool after affect. because every week and most days are different in regards to where I'm training and what equipment I may or may not have access to. Learn one at a time. hot potato drill can be easily learned by folks. Be sure to have air in your abs when your body is folded at the hip. sling shot. DARC swing. 4. vary the exercise and intensity). Don't train the same exercise with the same intensity. 3. Answer: You can train everyday if. The principles stay the same.! I have used Pavel's PTP and have been using Kettlebells (I have a 16kg and 24kg). When you can do 5 reps.20 Questions with Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete Training Systems 1. Different drills or same drills for the week? 1.! Could you kind of clear that up for me?! I am very confused as to what "greasing the groove" really means. 8 pass. 3.! I have read that an LEO should train everyday. You can add simple H2H drills as soon as one has mastery of the kb swing. Like anything else. stay fresh. and you keep talking about "keeping the groove greased". but be sure to pressurize for lower back safety. start adding wieght! Enough weight where you can do 1 strong rep. hand-eye coordination. 3.! How would you suggest as an officer in my postion set up his training routine. Hip drive is key during the execution of any swinging.Branden ! Copyright © Jeff Martone | Page 4 of 11 . Two week cycles work great if your work schedule is predictable. 2. snatching exercise. 1..

what kettlebell exercises should I do on those days?!'s counterproductive! Neuroscientists have known for half a century that you stimulate the neural pathway. This is training to success! The opposite is also true. It's easier to keep good form. M. the dead lift and the one arm press.! Should I do! M. but stay as fresh as possible. The bottom line: don't train to muscle failure. The key is that you are now practicing the technique of generating tension.Sa: High repetition KB drills. thanks to the so called 'Hebbian rule'." Basically take the high tension generating principles that Pavel explains in the "Naked Warrior" and apply them to the dead lift and press. Doing a triple with a weight that you could have done five reps with is a lot safer and more effective than an all out-set of ten. Here's a quote from Pavel's book: !"Muscle failure is more than unnecessary . A few years ago Pavel wrote a book titled "Power to the People: Russian Strength Training secrets for Every American". running). How do I gain overall strength? 1. Here's a sample routine. if you are training to failure.!! T. say the bench press groove. Answer: Here's the skinny on "greasing the groove":! It's a concept very foreign to all of us who have been indoctrinated on the more is better. Train as heavy as possible. 3.F: Deads/presses/run. You are pushing as hard as usual. train to failure mentality.TH.F! deadlifts and presses.W.20 Questions with Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete Training Systems 1.e. would you recommend that I run before or after a weight workout?" . The most intelligent way to develop strength is to lift much heavier weights than most weekend warriors play with but to terminate your sets before your muscles fail. I would recommend you limit your reps to 3. Should bodyweight and kettlebell routines be in the same training session? Copyright © Jeff Martone | Page 5 of 11 . Answer: You could literally train your deadlifts and presses daily if you wanted to because you are not training to failure.Steve 2. Strength training should be practiced before cardio (i. It explains how to get a total body workout and how to become very strong by practicing only two exercises. the groove will get 'rusty'. Terry Todd. future benching will be easier. 2. but the muscles contract weaker then before! To paraphrase power lifting champ Dr. if I want to continue running. The groove has been 'greased'.H. Next time the same amount of mental effort will result in a heavier bench. Question: "What would a good routine look like for a guy who wants to be strong all over (I don't care as much about size as I do strength)?! I was thinking of 5-6 days of working out. you are training to fail. If your body fails to perform your brain's command.W.Sa! kettlebells?! If so. Three sets of 3 is better than two sets of 5. and the outcome is positive. Three days a week is fine. and! T.

TAPS multi-level conditioning drills are really just icing on the cake.20 Questions with Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete Training Systems 1. Once released. Three days a week is great. If I'm sleep deprived. First. Question: "I've been trying to educate myself on shoulder-rehabilitation after I've subluxed or dislocated my left shoulder for the second time now. sometimes with the assistance of my lovely wife. Do all their exercises until they give you the clean bill of health. how do you do it?! Tons of rotator cuff work?" . I'll concentrate more on low rep strength drills.David 2. How do I rehab a shoulder and/or shoulders? 1. my shoulder(s) have stayed in joint. Sometimes I could put it back in myself. I'm not a medical professional but I am more than happy to share what worked and what didn't for me. and I felt my arm go. not maiming (as said in the H2H DVD).S. quite bad one.! Can you just give me an example of what a typical T. It would literally come out while I was sleeping. Since I started training with Pavel. Answer: I can truly empathize with your situation.! I'm out of the sling now and doing rehab. my training conditions have been less than ideal. A lot depends how I feel and how much time I have. but I want to know that what I'm doing is effective. I truly believe that knowing what I know know. I could have eliminated all the surgeries and unnecessary dislocations. follow your physical therapist's instructions to the "T".! I want to be physically strong as well as look it. Daily H2H training varying the intensity and duration is very smart. When it comes to the multilevel drills I usually pick only one or two drills and go all out until just before my form starts to break down. Since that time I dislocated my left shoulder three times and had surgery 1987. I dislocated my right shoulder more times than the law should allow. Answer: Building up a large reserve of strength is a priority. I had my first surgery in 1985.P.listen to your body. You can do them for time or reps or better yet. I never had problems with my left shoulder since. just until your form breaks down. 3 weeks ago. continue to do their exercises then: Copyright © Jeff Martone | Page 6 of 11 . 4.A.! Have you rehabilitated your shoulder(s) well and can you function well with it? In this case. Lately.! I threw a left hook.! This time it happened when boxing. Please keep in mind that there is the way things ought to be and the way things are. I didn't rehab it properly and continued to dislocate/sublux it about 10 more times until my second surgery in 1987. I dislocated it at least 5 more times until 2000. program would be for you?" . You can do them after your strength routine or by themselves on alternate days.Henry 2. My right shoulder is a completely different story. Finishing with Hanging leg raises and variations is right on track. Running and sprinting on alternate days is the way to go. Question: “Should I incorporate both the bodyweight and the kettlebell routines into one training session or separate it?! I know it should be training. First and foremost .

cleans. stability. Keep the reps low 1-3. any tips other than eating right?" . Follow this rule of thumb: If it hurts. It will add strength. I had a long conversation with Steve Baccari. The math is always the same. If you don't know what a TGU is. stick with the straigt left jab.20 Questions with Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete Training Systems 1. no hooks. Eliminate it from your boxing arsenal. Going from traditional exercising to the TAPS way of training Copyright © Jeff Martone | Page 7 of 11 . I dislocated my right shoulder hitting the heavy bag with a horizontal elbow (same mechanics as a right hook) and dislocated it with an over extended right cross in a fight out of the ring. Turkish Get-up: Functional & Fun. By adding extra high repetition KB lifts throughout your day. 5. Practicing H2H drills will definitely make your training sessions more demanding and fun. but cutting out the white flour and white sugar. calories in verses calories burned. Wisdom to select the right exercises. including soda would be a huge step in the right direction. Start with a light dumbell or kettlebell. and flexibility to your shoulder.Branden 2. Eliminate the bench press from your strength and conditioning routine. Last but certainly not least. Stop throwing hooks with your bad shoulder. Begin with a steady diet of Turkish Get Ups. He explained in detail as to the how and why the shoulder comes out of joint on left hook. bodyweight squats.! 3. I am a stocky 270 lbs 5'9. Keep the shoulder low and the lat activated. I know your options are a bit limited right now. the butter will definitely start burning off. boxing coach and co-author of Power Behind the Punch. Even if you didn't change one thing on your diet and added kettlebell swings. Get a kettlebell. please see the article I wrote. Perform an active recovery between sets by jumping rope. hook up with a local KB certified instructor. The key is to actively keep your shoulder in it's socket. It's has a lot to do with timing and distance. I need to get rid of the gut. Wisdom to listen to your own body. 5. Question: "Are there any superb exercises that help burn off fat. will increase your metabolic rate all that much more. pray and ask God for wisdom. If you don't know how to use one. 2. Fat burning exercise 1. Wisdom to say no to things that aren't in your best interest. but with 22% body fat. don't do it. 6. Answer: There's no doubt that eating right would help you lose some fat. light jog. 4. don't even think about going to muscle failure. or snatches throughout the day.5". His advice. etc. that would help reverse the calorie intake.

The deadlifts will strengthen the legs and abs when performing proper pressurization.! So the H2H drills are a perfect fit to my workout.! I am small so doing pull-ups has come easy for me.! Once you watch it all the way through.! If your bar is so too low.! I own both of them and use them regularly to create my own H2H drills. consider purchasing the "simulator" at the following link:! http://www.! If you can't find this kind of pull-up bar. it will challenge your cardio and endurance with the Multi-level pull-up drills.! I also have been a long time student of MMA training and an avid cyclist. and Janda sit-ups 2-3 times a week and the circuits or h2h drills on the other days.! I live in Question: "First off I would like to say thank you for creating such excellent H2H DVDs. you will understand exactly what you need to do to make it work in your apartment. NY and picked up KBs a few months ago. will this DVD be a good fit for me?" . the key is to have your pull-up bar at a height where! you can stand under it and touch it with your hands (i. now I'm hooked.! But your DVD looks very challenging! Given that I only have the doorway bar and no room as a city dweller for the TAPS system. you'll knees will be really bent.! If you are already proficient at pull-ups. I would say that a doorway pull-up system wouldn't be the best choice. 7. which isn't optimum for generating tension for weighted pull-ups or hanging leg raises.20 Questions with Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete Training Systems 1. likes to do two times a week deadlift and press and the other days circuit or h2h drills. Question: "From what I understand the boxing coach.metoliusclimbing.! The key is having a bar that is high enough where you have to jump up to reach it. Copyright © Jeff Martone | Page 8 of 11 . The Janda sit-ups are a great ab strengthener. Answer: I would do deadlifts.html! This one is made to be mounted above your doorway. the TAPS DVD will show you how to safely develop a strong upper body and core. For the multi level conditioning drills I would seriously consider purchasing an additional pull-up bar and mount it at a higher level above your door frame.Paul 2.Sherri 2.! Which days would you do legs and stomach and which stomach and leg exercise do you like if you could only do one for each?".! This kind of bar should not be too hard to find. Steve. To build strength. How do you break up your different exercises for different parts of the body throughout your week? 1. Answer: Normally. with out stepping on a box or block). especially if you are short and your doorways are tall.! It has to be mounted above a door way because you will have to be able to work underneath it. I am thinking about picking up a copy of the TAPS DVD but I only have a permanently mounted doorway pull up bar.e.! I had been using free weights for over 20 years and wanted to try something different. presses. The DARC swings will really tax your core on the off days. but for you and your circumstances. we might be able to make it work. I really think you will benefit from the TAPS DVD.! Later in the DVD.

circuit. If you continuously practice crappy form. !In other words. Answer: I think kettlebell training would be excellent for your athletes. Don't get tunnel vision on weight.! My question is do you train the strength circuits. and I'm wondering your thoughts on KB training for these kids. You could change "boxer" to any sport name and it would be totally applicable. then you will become a crap master and an injured one at that! 9. Don't slip into the pit fall of always moving and training like your hair is on fire.! After that. time or reps. Balance speed with accuracy.. whats one thing that they all have in common. both men and women.. etc.! Thank you for having such an exceptional quality training equipment..I train high school athletes. what would that concept be?” . appearing effortless. but recently I have found my way into the “kettlebell community” if you will. I would recommend purchasing the 90 minute "Power Behind the Punch: Kettlebell Conditioning for Boxers". reps or weight. smooth is fast.. Question: “As long as I can remember I have been involved in sports and weightlifting. I'm a personal trainer (NASM) and have just started training with KB personally. do you have suggestions as to what books. Think long term. would you recommend KB training only?! Or a combination of KB and free weights?! Finally.. then Copyright © Jeff Martone | Page 9 of 11 . among all of these really good products/dvd's/etc. and like what I see and feel. 10. Would it be beneficial for athletes to use kettlebells? 1. This tape features fighters from young kids to adults.Bob 2. Question: "I just received your TAPS pull up bar and it is superb quality.? Like if you only could share a single concept that you find the most important. from everything you know about exercising.Caleb 2.! Also. and then I pick two multilevel drills with a kettlebell and do three sets of as many reps until my form breaks. Answer: Never sacrifice technique for time. primarily ice hockey players and soccer players (boys and girls). What!s the one thing thing that is more important than anything when it comes to exercising? 1. I do core strength drills. DVD's.! I have one question.! I do my TAPS strength circuits.! Here's my question. and how good it will be for them. In what order do you do your core. !Focus on quality not quantity because practice make permanent. Your body will adapt on it's own schedule. and multi-level drill exercises? 1. So my question is.. strive to perform every rep with perfect technique. other resources I should check out to learn more and be able to implement into training my clients with confidence?" . Question: "I'm pretty new to KB training. Don't let the name fool you.20 Questions with Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete Training Systems 8.

13. then ballistic drills afterward.20 Questions with Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete Training Systems core. That's basically how I train. save it for the end of your training session. Don't fall into the trap of increasing weight too quickly. The rule of thumb is strength circuits first. Listen to your body. Once you have your technical skills mastered. I train grind first then ballistics. etc. Answer: You're right on target. If time allows. and then the multi-level drills???! Or do you train Strength circuit.lower body) and follow this up with some ballistic stuff. Just have fun with whatever size KB you have. Multilevel drill and then Core???! Let me know when you have the chance. firearms training. What size kettlebell do you use for your throws? 1.! Thanks and thank you again for such an excellent product. You don't want to fatigue your core and destabilize the back.pull. Question: "At the moment I pick about 3 grind exercises (press. Answer: I usually warm up with the 16kg KB.Chris 2.! The exercises can change sometimes change from session to session. then conditioning circuits. On the high repetition days. practice you skill training first. 12. Jeff!s top 5 favorite exercises? 1. occasionally practice skills under a fatigued state (i. after high rep/ballistics). then mostly practice with the 24 kg. It only leads to injury and setbacks. Here's how you can add in skill work (i.e. not only with creating really great products but also Copyright © Jeff Martone | Page 10 of 11 . Question: "I was wondering what size you normally use for your throws?" Branden 2. arrest/control techniques.! Train hard and stay safe (as stated from Tony Blauer)" . Combining grinds and ballistics exercises? 1. If time is short I will save the ballistic stuff for later that day or the following day. When I'm feeling good. Most of the time by activating the core. throw around the 32kg and occasionally 40kg. Answer: I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the TAPS pull up bar!! You can add one core exercise into your strength circuit as long as you don't go to failure. Question: “Hey Jeff.Henry 2. 11.! Is this how you would recommend I continue or would you separate the grinds and ballistics to separate days?! And is it ok to vary the exercises like this or should I stick to the same ones for a period of time?" .) On strength days practices your grind lifts first then your skill training.e. I just want to start off by saying thanks for what you are doing the fitness community. it will make your other lifts stronger. If the core exercise is particularly difficult or taxing.

Answer: Hi Caleb.Double Kettlebell Clean & Jerks • Power Clean • Bent Press • HandStand .20 Questions with Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete Training Systems just how willing you are to share any of your wealth of knowledge.all variations • Deadlifts • Weighted Pull-ups • Handstands If you are talking more general to include future products. !If you are just talking about existing products I would say: • Long Cycle .all variations • Muscle ups (rings) Copyright © Jeff Martone | Page 11 of 11 .Double Kettlebell Clean & Jerks • H2H uppercut Drills . this could be answered a couple of ways. so my question is what are your top 5 favorite exercises/drills?” -Caleb 2. I would say: • Long Cycle . I know that you show many different exercises and drill variations in all of your products.