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1) what is the need of ur planning project ?

The business uses it for budgeting and planning

2) what are ur roles till date ? 3) what is the task that ur working on ? 4) when u create a user in shared services, That User Is Not Able To Enter into the planning application this was the error " The Application Is In The Maintenance Mode " what would be the problem ? 5) In planning unit who is going to set status ? 6) what Is HAL process ? wat are the different ports u worked on? what is Aggregation port used for ? 7) what are the custom defined Dimensions you have created ? Name them and explain with respect to ur project? 8) Explain On CALC SCRIPT which u have worked On ? wat was the business Scenario for this Calc Script ? 9) How to create Supporting Details & wat is the use of it ? 10) wat is ur project status ? 11) why do u need RunTime Prompt ? When we want the user to select a member from a particular dimension at when we run a business rule we use this option. This will enable the user to select the member at runtime For example

.12) Difference Between Alias & Attributes ? 13) explan different Role's when u create a user and wat is the difference ? 14) On how many different currency data u have been working On ? wat is the Triangulation process ? if u have more then three currency how v'll u do ? 15) wat is a TASK explain with scenario u hvae worked on ? 16) wat is Workflow explain with scenario u hvae worked on ? Client: With our existing Excel spreadsheet budgeting. Relational repository( oracle) Essbase back up. your management will be able to track all the department of all geographies in this Planning application right on your browser. Essbase level 0 data backup. Moreover. We find it extremely difficult to track the status of budgets for our departments. who can approve. For example curmonth in calc scripts. application and server level and maintain it at once place. . When we are talking of many geographies and different departments and with different people involved. Planning Consultant: Don't worry. .pag. having several different spreadsheets and different versions of status reports floating around in emails is not helping our organization. report scripts etc We can create a variable at database. We will be implementing the feature called 'Workflow Process'. . we find it extremely difficult to track the status. Substitution variables are global place holders for the information that changes regularly.esm.. files system copy can be used to back up these files outline. This is very common and it's not an exceptional problem only to your organization. Post deployment. When we change the value of the variable its reflected all the places where it’s being used.. The person who enters budget mails to next level manager for his review takes his own sweet time before he promotes to the boss. 17) Explain about substitution variables. which addressed this issue. This reduces manual maintatince. 18) Explain how to take the backup for planning & essbase.ind.tct files back up Planning. . tel me a scenario were u have used in your project. We will never know with any certainty who is causing the delays or not doing their job

Sessions 24) What is the difference if i create a User define DIM for Currency. Copy the report script use files system copy 21) How to create an Planning Application in System 9. 22) Will data copy copies all the data when data is entered from target version ? Yes Does the same scenarion copies if it is tryed by the end user. . 23) When u are going to refresh the planning application. 27) explain the process of HAL Jobs. and whats the size of it. 29) what is an Page file and size of it. 28) what is an Index. how will u check out weather no other person is working on the same cube. 25) Tel me about Run Time Prompt & were have u used in ur project? 26) How will u assign the access to users & what are the different provisions u have explain them.Planning data forms Business rules 19) List out the folders in shared services. 20) How to take the backup of a report.