Changes to the Environment Form (Template One



Tasia Starling

The rotation of learning center materials help maintain student interest. Enough changes should be made to clearly reflect the current topic of study. Refer to the IQ Guide for Environment for examples and further clarification of appropriate material choices.

Current Topic of Study: Down on the Farm Study: !"!"#$
%eading &rea
Topic related books added to reading area: ooks about farm! farm animals! plants that gro" on farms! apples! and pumpkins #ther rotated books reflecting various genres:       $aterials to promote alphabetic principal:       $aterials to promote literacy development:       %lannel oard: Ten Red &pples

eginning Date for Topic of
(ath &rea
Topic related materials: %arm )ounters -u22les: %arm -u22les )ounting:       'orting:       Recogni2ing shapes:       3and4eye coordination:       $easuring materials:       $ath games: %arm %ile %older Games Real and found:       $aterials to promote literacy development:      

'riting &rea Topic related materials: %arm
'haped ooks (ocabulary cards: %arm (ocabulary )ards *riting instruments:       'tamp+stamp pads:       'tencils:       Real+found items:       #ther changes:      

Science &rea
Topic related materials:       asic materials:       ,iscovery materials:       -ictures: Things that live on a farm .ature collections:       /iving items: -lants in a bag 0*e "ill gro" these1 'ensory table material 0includes tools to use "ith sensory material such as scoops! funnels! cups1:       $aterials to promote literacy development:      

&rt &rea
Topic related materials: $aterials for fruit! vegetable printing 0apples! carrots! corn! etc.1 )ollage materials:       5, materials:       $aterials to promote literacy development:

)istening &rea
ooks "ith corresponding tape+),: )harlotte6s *eb $rs. -iggle *iggle6s %arm

Dramatic *lay &rea
Topic related materials:       ,ramatic play setting and props 0"hen setting changes1:       -rop box+additional play theme: Gardening -rop ox Real+found items:       $aterials to support literacy development:      

loc+ &rea
Topic related materials: %arm &nimals lock accessories:       &dditional type block:       Real+found:       $aterials to support literacy development:      

Changes to the environment ,ased on the interests of students (complete as needed):
/iteracy       ,ramati c -lay       $ath       'cience $ore animals added to science center lock       &rt      

Changes to the environment ,ased on the developmental needs of students (complete as needed):
/iteracy       ,ramati c -lay       $ath       'cience       lock       &rt