Critical Perspectives on Accounting 21 (2010) 533–535

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Critical Perspectives on Accounting
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Don’t look at my finger; look at the moon
Pala Molisa

We seem so enamoured With ‘discourse’ But what if liberation Is that Which is beyond discourse? We seem So pre-occupied With thoughts But what if inner peace Requires That we just stop thinking? We seem so concerned about encouraging different ideologies Proliferating Multiple worldviews Needing To have plural everything But what if all these belief-bundles Simply reinforces Our sense of separation? We seem To place so much importance On becoming critically conscious On becoming critically conscious But what if we just need to be conscious? But what if we just need to be? We seem To be so concerned About changing The external reality of social practice But what if the change in our inner state Is much more fundamental? As academics We deal in thoughts But can our thoughts touch the One Life beneath it? We are constantly calling for The need to develop social movements

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Molisa / Critical Perspectives on Accounting 21 (2010) 533–535 But what if the ‘moving’ is much less important than the Being? We seem To always want change But what if the eternal is where true liberation lies? We seem to love naming I am ‘critical accounting’ I am ‘social accounting’ But what if It is enough To just say ‘I am’? What if It is enough To simply Be? We privilege resistance But do we realize the profound power of non-resistance? We seem to always want to get somewhere But what if we just need to get ‘no-where’? What if we just need to be ‘now-here’? We stress the need to be critical But what if the end of suffering Actually requires nonjudgment? We seem to affirm the obligations of responsibility But is emancipation Not something more Than conformity To this normativity? We valorise social struggle But we may be simply creating an unhappy world A world in our own egoic image Missing all the while The mark Covering all the while The stark The sublime The sheer The sweet serenity of surrender Our discourses While critical Are still based On ‘Us and Them’ Still reproduce the dichotomy Of ‘Self and Other’ Reinforcing our separateness Perpetuating our loneliness Cutting us off From the One Life Locking us into This world of strife Making us seem so alone Making us feel so far from home It is however Not that far To go From alone To all one It is not that far To go From all done with life with love with living To at one with whatever life is giving .534 P.

P. Molisa / Critical Perspectives on Accounting 21 (2010) 533–535 535 This journey however Does not take time And to undertake We need not make time It has nothing to do with history Although we seem to think so Given the importance we seem to place On the socio-historical process This journey does not primarily need doing Despite our emphasis on becoming To go there To make that journey To make that leap You just need to stop looking at my finger All you need Is just to look at the moon .