MPEG. This strange looking device is the Williams Aerial Space Platform or W.A.S .P for short.

It was built and tested by the US Military in the 1980's. As of 19 93 the wasp's maximum altitude was approx. 10,000 feet. It is/was powered by a 5 00 kg thrust fan-jet engine, General Dynamics or Westinghouse engine. Approx Spe ed is/was 100 KM per hour (MANNED) & the unmanned, capabilities of the WASP rem ain classified. According to my sources it has over 16 variants to date. This fo otage is unbelievable and in my opinion the WASP could well explain a few ufo re ports of the past .Take a look at the three mpeg videos of ufo's below this foot age. Could these three ufo clips listed below, be various forms of the wasp unma nned perhaps?

MPEG. This clip was recorded simultaneously by three separate cameras near the Gulf Breeze area of Florida USA. The footage ,taken near Midway City on the 4th of August 1993, was filmed at three different angles by three separate witnesses . The camera men were lucky enough to capture the craft on tape as it seemed to hover over some dense forest at night. The object seemed to give off puffs of de nse smoke and at one point,it seems to shine an intense beam of light straight a t the camera lens as well as shining a spotlight onto the ground. We do feel str ongly that this footage may well be another form of the WASP possibly being used to create a UFO hoaxed sighting.

MPEG.UFO daylight video from Roger Beard filmed in Henderson Nevada, USA in 1991 . This particular clip was filmed at around 9:00am in the morning. Roger tapes a dull silver oil drum type UFO hovering over the city. It came back the next day and he continued to tape it again. This is extremely rare footage of this type of object. One of the best videos around and still remains unexplained.

MPEG. UFO video recorded by Mike Hawkins at Redfish Florida. This video shows a very interesting drone type object silently hovering over the Florida water. Th e tape says there was over 1 hour of footage of this thing. This particular clip is 25 seconds long, 2.4 MEG .This clip has also featured on the Fox video "UFO' S Best Evidence captured on tape" which has already been shown around the world.

MPEG. This video was taken on August 27th, 1995 by Tim Edwards outside his home with a few witnesses. The entire video lasts 6 1/2 minutes in length. It was sh ot on a 8mm camcorder on 8x. Its considered one of the best UFO videos in the hi story. Watch for the small white object which can be seen to streak past the hov ering saucer towards the end of the clip!