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(fuck I hate it when people call "son_of_into_the_eagle's_nest" a virtual reality exploration experience) But My buried point is that INDIVIDUALISM is a word that they never understood. Better to kill it while it's still limping than to have it too taken over to be another braindead zombie hip-concept for purposes of granting Black_Fizzy_Liquid PUSHERS another customized wedge in the corporate toolbox. newbies. There are fucking thousands of generations now. The 60s will never come again. It was a patch job and as a result the untethered masses of twentynothings became disenchanted. went to.(!!!!!attention this is sarcasm!!!!!)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ You see they were not covering all their bases because while the 80s kids wore. That's why I'd rather see us admit that cyberpunk is dead. through the geometric wire spiders on the rooftop and other wired ways. we will wind up like our BIG BRO TOMORROW. played. all the Right Things (tm). They were a generation all preaching individualism and now that it's come. goths to ravers. And this is good. This is now ammended. you understand not ONE of them was even close to TheRealThing.So where are we now? This is the ever lasting question of a thinker. and I'll volunteer to help with this euthenasia. and overlooked the unifying principal of what to BE. or not quite. *again*. skull as jail. Gradually we trade the faculties of the latter into the inflexible former. Cyberpunk would have wanted it that way.the whole is more than the sum of the parts. This is a good thing. they forgot Gestalt . of comparable age. listened to. But as every paranoid conspiracy theorist knows. watched. You must admit. 1984 and Brave New World have been discussed here often and their inadequacies are clearly seen but not all fears have gone away. are painted in the sinister schema we always imagined. They need a whole toolbox for us and that's a bonus. The most terrifying torturer wears a menacingly accurate loving smile and enters your house almost welcome. We must be heading worse if we look out for the new Nike ad with whoever that funny old guy is. rockers to hackers. If it's not dead then it should be dead. Enough DOOM. barbies. the corprate citizens[???] of DollarSpace regret this marginalization. If they keep driving that thin edge under us. Many people have predicted a future which never seemed to come. but they ended up with mobile phones anyway. The flower children knew they were misunderstood. yes. These days it just isn't safe to be a generation. along comes a new hip thing. ferals. I have a postulate I want to throw at you: Knowledge precludes thought. The future *will* come and it's gonna be a lot bleaker if we crack like THEY did. Ahhh time. There will never be another band as popular as The Beatles and all the rest of them. Never will such a small amount of clue be distributed to so many. . None of the agents of our slow incarceration. it's a silent war. drank. But fucked if I want to be pinned down. etc etc. ate. grunge and deathmetalurgists. Now that things are looking like we are actually being the individuals they wished they were. often. We have everything named to unknown. and.

think again. and the confrontation moved down the street where some ARA members b roke into the office of Gary Shipper (of The Heritage Front white supremacist organization) and ransacked the Free yourself right now. the ARA has decided to beat the racists down with their own hands. Never be an easy sell.html. Comments or flames regarding the following interview can be directed to exclaim@io. I know someone who was involved. while spreading information about racist organizations in order to educate the public. ====================== __ __ __ |_ |\| / _ | |\| |_ |__ | | \_) | | | |__ ====================== !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# E X C L A I M M A G A Z I N E I N T E R V I E W !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# For those of you who were under the impression that !*@# magazine is as they feel they can t be as effective if they ---------------------------------------------Chris Mountford <cjmount@extro. specifically that if you are going to do violence against helpless people. Or you'll end up the same. Anti-Racist Action by Tony "The Interogator" Malone My first awareness of the ARA (Anti-Racist Action) came last summer when I read about a clash between skinheads and the ARA outside of Sneaky Dee s. Remember that the hippies fell. so I asked him about it.ucc. He felt that the love your neighbour policy that most Canadians seem to adopt was useless against violent uneducated peopl e who go out and stomp on the heads of immigrants and homos for their evening s pleasure. we re going to show up and stop you an y way we see fit . reviews and nothin' Remain without a name. I spoke to a founding member of the ARA to find out more about how they wo rk. Don't be GenX.personally I like to be an optimist and suggest that this slight awareness would have come anyway through shunning the saccharine taste of a fully determined life. The skins were going to make trouble and the ARA decided to be there to stomp> ______________________________________________ .su. His last name is omitted because the ARA aren t into publicity for their members. ones called MTV and BAYWATCH. We have to use this to fight our newly deigned ID: You are Generation X. Zippie <ugh>. Since the cops are never there when you need them. the hardest fucking market to crack of all time. but we will get this hip stick here and hit this tag with it and pretty soon you will be watching commercials like never before.oz. CyberPunk. because once they know your name you are enslaved. You can get more of !*@# from their WWW page at http://www. He said that the only message these racists will understand is one that deals on their level.

the main organizations of Toronto. There s also still elements of the !: What are the court cases about? C: The human rights hearing has ruled that they CAN run their hate-line [a phone number where you can call up and hear racist ranting] but now they re up on another charge because I believe there was a condition that they couldn t run another hot-line while these hearings were going on and they vio lated that. handed out phot ographs of ARA people and traded intelligence on ARA organizers. They have said publicly that we re just as bad . that the police seem to be there to protect the nazis. There s an incident where they went to a Heritage Front organizer s home. If you hear they re going to be somewhere. A policeman. the far right in is still around. Craig: Well.of course the Heritage Front certain extent they re crippled by the on. but to a court cases that are going Church Of The Creator. !: So they just see you as vigilantes. but that there is a network supporting racism that can be traced back specifically to earlier racist organizations. I mean.become public figures. I guess. C: Exactly. I m not in the police so I don t know their mentality.. !: Why do you think they do that? C: For various reasons. Wolfgang Droeg is being charged. !: When the ARA shows up for situations like that street clash you are into dealing with these people on a street level. they keep saying we re not being political in this case. Ken Barker and some others are in trouble for robbing a donut store. and they weren t supposed to talk to the media and they violated that too. !@#: The thing I get from your literature is that you want me and whoever reads this stuff to know that racist problems that exist here (Toronto) are not just unrelated incidents perpetrated by individuals. How do you deal with cops? C: You can see if you look at our demonstrations. Tell me how many racist or white supremacist organizations there are in the city. and that they are growing even now... I n an affidavit from Elise Hategan.. you show up and outnumber them. one of the people who defected from Heritage Front. we ll charge the nazis but we ll also charge the anti-facists . You know. Now that s not 100% of the time but it happened at the courthouse demos. she gave evidence about Coulbeck and about police working with Heritage Front to gain intelligence on Anti-Racist Action. Brad Coulbeck was actually charged with belonging to the Heritage Front and organizing for them. Const. . There are also assault charges from the street clash June 11 (last year) which happened after a protest at Gary Shipper s house. but I know in the police force there is a lot of sympathy for far-right activities. we re a criminal organization.

I am aware of that. Gibson) obviously feels. and thus not eligible for unemployment insurance (however in spite of this U. pay some money I owe to my father (who's retired and could actually use it now). as one of your employees (Mrs. Once I get home I usually stay up until about 3am programming my next software release. I would like to explain my situation to you in order to illuminate another fact. 9/94 . chip away at various other payables and try to keep the phone bills current. I want to know what they do. my account is past due..!: So they re tying you both up. I have opted to write this. I am a self-employed computer programmer/consultant. hardware installations. The deal with these is that I don't see a dime until the product ships. use half the ticket. I ask you to take the time to read it. however I do manage to keep myself busy. so I'll have another ticket for next time. programming away. that being: I am not some form of scum. Can I look at anything that s concrete? Proof that these people are behind any particular thing that happens in the city? Or are they more subtly stirring up shit and creating an environment where other people are going to go out and do the damage? C: There s a fine line there. Often on the same days at the same courthouse. C: A lot of the court dates happen on the same days. My account number is: xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx. because I'm paid per unit. Yes. You see for the past two years I have been developing various software companions for nationally distributed financial-planning textbooks. My name is Mark Jeftovic.C premiums are still deducted from my pay for nebulous reasons). and sporadic UNIX system administration. !: Obviously that wouldn t happen by me that s the exact same thing. Clair + Oakwood (about 1. !: Tell me more about the different factions of people in Toronto who are stirring up racism.. and you organize nazi skinheads. After this I have $10 a day to spend any way I want. try to put a dent in my student loans (for my worth-it's-weight-in-gold college diploma). I get the rent paid (barely). Rather then calling you on phone and risking losing my temper. A N Mr Morset. Between doing odd freelance programming.5 hours. if you re organizing it. or around the same times. If you go out and preach hatred and spread leaflets all over the place. If I have any work to do in the downtown core.I. 2 if I stop in the bookstores on Harbord). telling myself that it's O P E N L E T T E R T O A C R E D I T O R Sept. I by a 2-way TTC fare for 3 dollars. Why would they do that? C: I think it s so that we can t hold a demonstration because we re too busy worrying about supporting our own people. This means that in the eyes of the government I am never unemployed. I am currently working on one that has me up until the wee hours of the morning. I am currently between contracts. and walk home to St.

Your dept. In total the above activities add up to anywhere between 40 and 60 hours a week of what I consider "productive" activity.. Gibson would think. These users can be grouped into three (very) loose categories: 1) THE INTERNET IS A MENACE TO SOCIETY! These people are the ones who KNOW they're right. no money. playing in a -and if you don't have email. however I resent that tone of dialogue. (Furthermore. hard work and toughing out these dismal times can be accomplished. Mrs. (How do I afford to go to London every week? I get a ride down with a friend. free of the modifications made to it by newspapers. and they delight in dictating their opinions to others.. (I usually make it about threequarters of the way down before I run out). I am also working as a partner in a fledgling internet information service. and publishing an electronic newsletter (these are "creative" activities which yield no monetary rewards).. it's called "paying your dues". As far as "getting off my butt and paying my bills" I'm working on it. your department shall refer to me as Mr. On weekends I get to go to London and see my girlfriend for two days.. Have a nice day.internet! It's the Usenet group whose ultimate goal is nothing less than the destruction of the Internet. lot's of sweat. DESTROYITKILLITBLOWTHEFUCKERUPERADICATEITSOMEHOWITMUSTBESTOPPEDNOWAAGGHHH!!!! alt. magazines. Understand me clearly. secure in the knowledge that their opinions will be taken as gospel.or at least countless millions of dollars. I do not "have a chip on my shoulder". I'm just going to screen them out. Once again. and for the return trip I get a ride with someone else in exchange for helping him load his truck). (I sent in a payment last week).these are the people whose existence is threatened by the Internet. It has been two days in row so far. I do not think of myself as "lazy".the. The Internet allows the transmission of uncensored news and information. REAL email.internet by Modemac Welcome to alt. In the future I wish all correspondence between our parties to take place via e-mail. radio . Why destroy the Internet? The answer to this can be found by looking at the users of the newsgroup. now has lowest priority on my list of "bills I should pay now that I have some money".destroy. and anyone can question anyone else's opinion. The media barons. don't waste postage on those bogus "Electronic Letter" mailings.the. The Internet actually dares to make all of its users EQUAL. I do not think I'm the one with the "attitude problem". that menace to society whose very existence threatens the lives of countless millions of people. if one of your stultified zombies calls on Monday morning.all an investment in the future. Gibson has accomplished nothing more than to have Bank of Montreal MasterCard bumped to the bottom of my list of creditors. This doesn't include the time I spend writing articles about the internet for various alternative music magazines. My email address is markjr@io. Jeftovic in all future communications). get with the times. Contrary to what Mrs. the politicians.destroy. I will accept no more 9am phone calls from your staff. the self-proclaimed Watchdogs of Society.

.internet.destroy. to preserve the status quo and make sure that the advertising industry remains safe and secure. the sudden dropped carriers. bandwidth-wasting... they can question the content of advertising so that messages can't be beamed directly into their heads the way they can on TV! And as the Internet becomes more popular. or file that you've just spent the past SIX HOURS writing suddenly vanishes into the black hole of the Net because your system has just frozen. on billboards.. time-wasting utilities like IRC and MUDs.on TV.destroy. sacred purpose: for people to discuss (and hopefully carry out) various wasy of destroying the Internet once and for all. traditional advertising methods (the backbone of standard media) are being threatened! Billions of dollars in profits are are risk! So.what's more. come all! The masses CRY OUT for the destruction of that creeping.look at what happens when those brave pioneers. So come one. This concept of free thought and questioning of authority is a dangerous one! So to preserve the status quo.. this is the place to go. btw) and noticing a fair number of Freenet subscribers. on the radio. and they just want to go somewhere to vent their frustrations at this so-called miracle of modern technology. to HAVE FUN while doing so! For the college student and office worker who has had a lousy day and just wants to let off steam. crawling DISEASE that is known by the Great Unwashed as THE INTERNET! Cross-post this message to your favorite weird and sick newsgroup. thousands and thousands of useless Usenet messages.. and people with a SICK AND TWISTED SENSE OF HUMOR are all welcome here. Coinspiracy's such a royal PAIN! People get so damn frustrated at the Net. the public doesn't even have much of an opportunity to speak out against it.the..famy's subscription list (which now spans 7 countries. Canter & Seigel and Skinny Dip Thigh Cream. actually dared to do an in-your-face ad on Usenet! People are actually able to speak out against advertising. in the mail. THE INTERNET MUST BE DESTROYED! 2) THE INTERNET THREATENS BUSINESS! An entire industry has been built on the structure of society. But the Internet is largely opposed to mass.not to mention the urge to KILL you get when the message. THE INTERNET MUST BE DESTROYED! But the largest group consists of users who say: 3) THE INTERNET IS A PAIN IN THE ASS! The terrible lag. poorly-written sex stories. This newsgroup is here to serve a vital.and above all.and best of all.and TV.the.hackers.. . and pester your newsadmin to carry alt. and in any other form that can be conceived. in-your-face advertising. mass Spammings. I thought I'd include this post from alt. Billions and billions of dollars in profits are made from advertising in this manner. anarchists. where the few tell the many what to think. in newspapers and magazines.internet! SMASH THE NET! ((((((((((((((((((( FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY ))))))))))))))))))))) After looking over BLAST.. where the mindless masses sit at home while messages are beamed at them twenty-four hours a day ... The Internet? BAH! Who needs it?!? Let's just DESTROY THE INTERNET so that we never have to deal with the damn thing again!! AAARGH!!! The cries of outrage from the vast numbers of people who comprise these three groups of anti-Netters demanded the creaton of alt.

trail. but I was delighted to find it. This usually does not appear to be intentional. P. Several Freenets have undocumented open telnet available. The following is one way to access telnet. report this to their system administrators. ============================================================================== TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS EZINE = email pwcasual@io. work your way through the menus until you come to the "Open Telnet" item.more.S. uh. Go to your Freenet's Gopher server and and do a Veronica search for "tools and surfing". Open FTP is available using the same and say "sign me up!" ============================================================================== . COIN (bigcat. After you find "Tools for Surfing the Internet" at "service. Sometimes it takes several tries to find "Tools for Surfing the Internet".org The following may be old news to the initiated. It did work on Ciao! ( they can. this may provide free net access for you. The SUNET server seems to work". How to Hack a Telnet Session Off a Freenet by and the majority of others I tried. You can now telnet *anywhere* (not just the sanitized menu which most freenets offer. It would not work on Erlangen Freenet. If you have a local freenet.bc). This feature is disabled on some systems.