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com ( AspirinKid ) Subject: PUNK NATION: A Viable Threat by Example Date: 1 Aug 1994 19:46:06 -0400 I would like to take this opportunity to inject a into the tired discourse concerning major aspirinkid@aol. like the preceeding point.... though albeit put forth more as ideas than beliefs as I remain opposed to corporate America co-opting punk music.AspirinKid Gilberte Cote-Mercier Josh Dixon.... Therefore.. Anyway. it is deserves attention... The outrageous money for which a band signs constitutes a redistribution of wealth in the sense that the money previously reserved for the private extravagance of the typical purveyors of so-called "corporate rock" is being channeled into the punk scene.... which I suspect it does. including access to MTV and major radio venues... Landslide sound-bites now on the Web PUBLIC SERVICE INFOMERCIAL: The Beast of the Apocalypse: 666... Michael (no joke) !*@# John Labovitz's E-Zine List --------------------------================-------------------------||||||||||||||||||||||||| c o n t e n t s ||||||||||||||||||||||||| ===========================---------------========================== PUNK NATION: A Viable Threat by Example by AspirinKid ANNOUNCEMENTS: BLAST..famy now in the UmicH E-text archives.. constitutes an injection of much needed..... Collins.... an important issue and The following are points in favor of punk bands signing. punk ideology. Author: aspirinkid@aol... highly intelligent cultural criticism into public discourse... long-since stagnated within the hallowed pages of it may possibly be rescued here. etc.. it is a possibility worth investigating. after all. bands like Jawbox and Bad Religion run their own indy labels (de Soto and Epitaph respectively).. major label distribution..... Again...... a giant self-programming computer !*@# REVIEWS: BILEOUS VENOM: More musical judgement from Exclaim's specially-trained-review-squad Why I think all christians should be lined up against a wall and shot (except the United Church) E-ZINES GALORE: Entries from John Labovitz's E-Zine list that you find to be of interest.. R. Punk claims to be interested in change... If this does not happen... this does not apply in all cases but is.... few somewhat alien ideas Since the debate has MMR's letters section.. The excess capital generated by "For Your Own Special Sweetheart" is redirected to put records out by much smaller bands via deSoto.......... 2.. For example..... is decidedly political. In The Pilgrims of St. a potential that has in some cases been realized... I offer these as stimualtion: 1.. Erin Hawkins johnl@netcom..... D. to the extent that a unified ideology exists within any underground culture.... Of course the influence of lyrics is ... ..

before you as a consumer make a purchasing decision about `Songs in the Key of Disaster'. But before signing off on it. You can find it at the Online Shmooze's URL cited in above item. LANDSLIDE has uploaded sound-bites to the World Wide Web. replies guaranteed. How about the establishment of a collective whose primary objective would be to pool the tremendous capital from major label punk bands and use it to create a viable alternative in many fields? For example. and much more. Append "/landslide. they can be found at the amazingly-huge etext/zine archives at: etext. snagging a missed issue of Scream Baby. a studio. Comments. so I uploaded the rest.umich.html" to it to go straight to LANDSLIDE's page. I can't help but think that the American consciousness would sooner benefit from the lyrics of bands like Bad Religion or even Green Day than Guns & Roses or the like. plug) * + * Without experiencing any fear whatsoever. So then. My address: AspirinKid@aol.. and the new Journal of American Underground Computing. I was poking my head in the University of Michigan etext archives today. After /pub/Zines/Blastfamy (Note: The latest copy of the aforementioned two zines I was DL'ing can also be found on the Online Shmooze zines page http://www.plug. it would be OWNED by the collective.archive. Hopefully this will stimulate a new thread which will transcend the original ideas put forth here and re-invigorate the long-stagnant If you're in want of back issues. that's what they're there for. the decadent capital generated by punks "selling out" could be used to create a "Punk Nation:" a viable threat by example and a political/cultural force powerful enough to make itself felt in the dominant culture. If on the other hand you want to listen to the bites.. copyright be damned". publishing equipment. when lo and behold I notice a directory by this zine's name with the premier ish festering in there all by it's lonesome. It could be a greatly expanded Gillman but would not be subject to landlord approval/hassle. a venue for shows. Seeing as major-labels have to check their undies for shit-stains after mere contemplation of the prospect. Just ideas. I'll end this already lengthy post with that second point.a contestable notion but nonetheless. I tell ya it's all one BIG coNSPirAcy . are welcome and can be either posted or sent direct. if you want to spend 40 minutes downloading a 1 minute sound-bite for the purpose of bootlegging. the grounds for a commune could be purchaced by the collective which would house not only punks but various facilities including all means necessary for the production of vinyl. go nuts. I can't see it being all that Feel free to use it. ((((((((((((((((((((((((( A N N O U N C E M E N T S )))))))))))))))))))))))) * + * Well. etc. plug. the band said: "Here it . I would like to make a proposal which I hope will stimulate debate. cds and cassettes. to glean what LANDSLIDE sounds like. go right ahead. Punk is in a position to have real cultural and political influence/power.

a new world system of trade and numbering. 666 Dr. he answered rather bluntly: "We would be obliged to have recourse to force to bring him to conform to the new requirements. And the number could be seen only through infrared scanners. of an international print that would possibly put an end to paper money and coins.. installed in special verification counters or in business places. The number would be invisibly tatooed by laser. either on the forehead or on the back of the hand. A single individual would have.. In their place. The Beast of the Apocalypse: 666 A gigantic self-programming Computer by Gilberte Cote-Mercier The Beast is a gigantic three story computer located in the administrative building of the headquarters of the Common Market. Experts in programming have perfected a plan that will handle by computer all of the world's trade. within reach. due to a mysterious cause." Henry Spaak. and . who was the founder of the European Common Market. credit notes would be exchanged by the means of a world bank's clearing house. on the allegiance of peace and politics. That monster is a self-programming computer that has more than one hundred sources distributing entries. every inhabitant of the world would be given a distinct credic card number. removing the problem of present credit cards. This would establish a walking credit card system. Copies of this leaflet have been mailed to millions of homes throughout Canada in order to inform the population of these important issues. show the need of a world money. World Money Other officials of the Common Market believe that present chaos and disorder. When one of the leading heads of the common market was asked what would happen if someone objected to the system and refused to cooperate. No member could buy or sell without first being given such a numbered imprint. of Rougemont. Eldeman pointed out that by using three entries of six digits each. Quebec.===================================== This Leaflet is a gift This leaflet is a free gift from the Pilgrims of Saint Michael. the number of any inhabitant of the earth. The directors of the Common Market are now convinced that world order demands. This master plan would imply a system of digital enumeration of each human being on earth.. This could be either an instrument of peace or a weapon of dictatorship. Thus the computer would give each inhabitant of the world a number to be used for each purchase or sale.

"each human being of the earth". !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# E X C L A I M M A G A Z I N E R E V I E W S !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# !*@# More from the bottomless-pit of indie product reviewed monthly in !*@# (email exclaim@io.General Secretary of NATO. censor.. register.. I was stoned) PROPHECY OF THE HATED (GOTH INDUSTRY. check.. PO BOX 913. said in one of his speeches: "We don't want another committee. punish all the men of all the nations. with diabolic intelligence. Worth keeping an eye on.. AZ 85311) Four tracks of cool goth/industrial music by Alain Haris' one-man project. go and check this CD out and see for yourself. This computer is really much more than a man. What we want is a MAN OF SUCH STATURE that he be capable to gain the allegiance of peace and politics to pull us out of the economic chaos into which we are sinking. They will rule universally and totally. Send us this man." THE FINANCIERS: SUPREME MASTERS Today. it is a heartless superhuman. The harder moments are even more intensified when considered in light of the acoustic track "Plastic Roses". (yeah. watch. I'm entering these manually `cause I inadvertently deleted this month's review file. Collins TEN WINGS . be he god or demon. -Josh Dixon SUN JAM HOUSE WAH (CARGO) Formed in 1990. Jam House Wah. GLENDALE. Europe's Common Market seems to be the first step towards the world political government. Sun's simple and forceful. And the electronic computer will be that "man of such stature" that he may command. you won't be disappointed. we will welcome him. A very professionally done demo with excellent production and packaging. raised at the top of both civil powers united: politics and economics. the Financiers prepare an absolute world political control. If the description so far intrigues you. -R.. I can hear traces of Christian Death. which exposes Sun's contrasts and melodic diversity. they almost defy description. D. I feel too stupid about it to bug Ian to e-mail another. we already have enough of them. Sisters of Mercy and Remission-era Skinny Puppy on this release. Only short one's this month. German exports Sun manage a full body assault with their debut release. through their economic control. at times coming across like Pearl Jam in a blender. These guys rock so hard and heavy. This three piece power house create a maelstrom with precision and mindnumbing intensity.

Furthermore.from John Labovitz's E-Zine List --(Email johnl@ora. In this day and age that is not only manipulative. My suggestion is that the Catholic Church should be indicted at the World Court of the Hague. I've had it up to here with religious freaks causing more damage than anything else to the world at /pub/Zines/e-text-list) ---------------------------------------------------------------------Albert Hofmann's Strange Mistake . A significant portion of funds derived going to third-world ================================================ Ok. But alas.WISHING WELL (C'EST LA MORT) "There is no greatness. ecological collapse. easy-to-understand terms: THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET. Down to business. Ten Wings are Roxette. Quite. and some as compensation to families of abortion clinic staffers who get whacked by brainless right-to-life zealots. I think the Catholic church should have their tax-exempt status REVOKED in all the nations of the earth. Words cannot convey the extent to which my blood boils in response to the Papacy's opposition to birth control in the Third World (or in any world for that matter). on charges of criminal negligence causing widespread misery and death.. -Erin Hawkins ================================================ Oh my Yod Ve Hod Ve! Throw `em to Lions by markjr@io. puritan and authoritarian. whatever. ---. mass starvation. It's up to us to decide if that number will be a positive integer. nice guitars . In lieu of birth control. regardless of how the case comes out. simple. other forms of population control will occur. One way or another the number of humans alive WILL BE CUT DOWN TO A MANAGEABLE NUMBER. and 90% of the media industry couldn't exist without it. That was just to get your attention. End of discussion. In a nutshell this is a rant inspired by the recent UN mouth-fart session on world safeness. except not as polished. verily doth this be one extremely bad excuse for a record which purports to be in the vanguard of a brave new pop experience.Some of the More Intersting Entries -----. Let's spell it out for the Cathaholics in for the complete list. whether the Vatican says it's ok or not. There is no greatness in safeness. This sucks in ways that aren't even worth wasting time discussing. Which would you prefer? I say we go with whatever causes the least amount of property damage. or ftp etext. Nice strings.. right off the bat I'll state for the record that I'm not serious about the eradication of all god-fearing folk." So say Ten Wings on the sleeve of Wishing Well. it's dangerous and harmful. disease.umich. I'll cut the crap. Warfare.and it's a stretch coming up with such flattery. Okay. It's a mechanism called "journalistic sensationalism".

edu: Zines/HToMC gopher. PO Box 30904. with strong ties to the finest SubGenius traditions.conway@njcc. hypertext fac/tion on CIA-sponsored acid tests. otherwise $1. NC 27622-0904. thoughts.umich. USA ----------------------------------------------------------------------Holy Temple of Mass Consumption "Articles. NJ 08690. drug and hallucenogenic or "neat stuff") ---------------------------------------------------------------------People's Freedom Alliance "It's a magazine compiling info about explosives and weaponsmithing.discordia Other: StarFleet BBS (+1 919 954 5028) Phone: +1 919 954 5956 Postal: HToMC.> Format: ASCII text ---------------------------------------------------------------------- .connected.wisdom.personalities. Commentary on nearly everything.Edu> Format: Storyspace hypertext application (Mac/PC) FTP: ftp. opinions. and testimonials solicited from users all over the world.slack e-serials/alphabetic/h/htomc FTP: quartz.umich." Editor(s): Bobby Rabyd <ST001747@Brownvm.archive."A hypertext 'zine commemorating the 51st anniversary of the accidental discovery of /pub/Zines/HToMC/ ftp.> Format: ASCII text Gopher: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/h/htomc/ Usenet: alt. Box 2554.bubble. and artwork of a loosely-defined collection of> Craig Jolley <craig@hebron. /pub/journals/HToMC/ Publications etext. freaks. net.sf. USA (hardcopy version available with SASE. with particular attention to societal decay in general and mass-media conspiracy programming in particular. personal problems. 16 April. and hacking and phone phreaking. Trenton. The document contains archives by authorities from Albert Hofmann to Abbie Hoffman. /pub/bobby_rabyd/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------Fat Nipples "Essays. weirdos. c/o Chris.brown. Or anything else we decide to write about. P.connected." Editor(s): Karl Trunk <drmenace@hebron. punk rock. the "underground" scene. and anyone else who turns us on at the time. poetry and more on the subjects of> ASCII text approximately once every four months Fat Nipples.well." Editor(s): Wayne Aiken <slack@ncsu. Raleigh.O. curmudgeons." Editor(s): Format: Frequency: Postal: Chris Conway <chris.

weird space-time kinks.well. art. Music. a sexy Mexican maid.archive.archive. and someone to use their fucking brains around here.bga. In fact it was about 2:00 am one night a few months ago when I was exposed to> ASCII text once a week on Wednesdays To subscribe write a message with "subscribe terrorist" in the subject line.umich. and re:views of 'Stuff I Think Is Cool. training. After reading the submission guidelines.Scream Baby "What do I want? Besides world peace. events. interviews. ============================================================================= S U B S C I P T I O N S : email pwcasual@io.famy. humor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------I should mention at this point that this is the end of the Publications FTP: etext.sf." Editor(s): Format: Frequency: Email: Chris DiBona < and say "sign me up!" ============================================================================= -|||| p r i v a t e w o r l d ||||| Create Yer Own cOunTEr-cULtUre |||| |||| the Online Shmooze ||||| http://www. and that the procedure outlined below pertains to BLAST. (a poor editorial/layout scheme on my part I admit. manpower as well as funding and other trivia. Each issue of Scream Baby will come out whenever I can scrape together 25-30 kilobytes of really good |||| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------31 Roseneath Gdns. literature. television.famy was transmitted about 2 hours later) ---------------------------------------------------------------------The Terrorist Profile Weekly "contains a description of a major terrorist groups' I want a really good all-encompassing-sub-culture zine.gmu.' Not all at /pub/Zines/ScreamBaby/ Other: WWIVNet: 46@5285 Tejas BBS (+1 512 467-0663) (16." Editor(s): Blade X <bladex@wixer. [Fuck you. and not the above entry. area of operations. of course..8 HST modem) (this one gets my nod of> Format: ASCII text Gopher: Zines/ScreamBaby gopher. information. film. * Toronto * Ontario * C A N A D A * M6C 3X5 . start your own e-zine] the first issue of BLAST. Past issues available on request.