Curriculum Vitae

'Your CV should reflect your personality and professional skills'

Why Write a CV?
In an increasingly competitive job market, a well-written resume or CV is a vital component in obtaining the right job and progressing in a career. Curriculum Vitae (commonly abbreviated to CV literally translated means !course o" one's li"e!. In the #$ Curriculum Vitae is the term usually used instead o" resume whilst in the #% a Curriculum Vitae re"ers to a "uller version o" a resume. &mployers regularly receive many CVs "or each available job and so having a pro"essional 'uality CV is vital i" you are not to be "iltered out o" the hiring process be"ore even having an interview. ( pro"essional CV is also vital during an interview as, "or e)ample, many interviews use your e)perience as detailed your CV by as a template "or the interview, and so having one which "ocuses on your strengths and achievements is important. (lthough there are many pro"essional CV writing services who o""er to tell you how to write a CV "or a "ee it is relatively easy to produce a decent CV yoursel" with a little e""ort. *he tips and samples on this site should help start you on the correct path to achieving a 'uality resume or CV.

CV Writing Tips
#sually the best CV "ormat is a reverse one in reverse chronological order+
• • • •

,asic-contact in"ormation (name, address, email address, contact phone number . .ro"ile section detailing your e)perience and areas o" pro"iciency. /everse chronological employment history emphasi0ing recent achievements. &ducation (/ecent graduates may put this at the top .

#se plain white paper and black ink. #se a clear "ont, ideally 12-13 point. 4ake headings bold and use space to break up the page. It makes the reader "eel immediately negative towards you i" they are con"ronted by a "ull page o" small, tightly spaced te)t. (lthough you may like unusual "onts and may be proud o" your large clipart collection, many people will not share your views. It is better when writing a CV to aim "or a smart, pro"essional look rather than a "lash multi-coloured masterpiece. ( one page resume is unlikely to contain enough in"ormation "or people to decide they want to interview you. 5ikewise people do not want a slipped disk li"ting your CV. 6bviously use your judgement, but it is more important to include detail on your most recent positions and avoid great detail on what you did in 1789. *ypically between two and four pages will suffice "or most

(lso keep your CV up to date. marital status etc. (void using personal pronouns such as !me! or !I!. it is ama0ing how many people just add their most recent position to their old CV without updating previous positions to the past tense or giving leaving dates. Cut down on personal in"ormation that is not relevant to your career. !( challenging position enabling me to contribute to organi0ational goals while o""ering an opportunity "or growth and advancement. Include months as well as years "or start and end dates "or previous positions etc. %tatements like. 4any candidates lose their readers in the beginning. replace the objective with a tagline stating what you do or your e)pertise. children's names.! are overused. (t this stage nobody needs to know you height. don't go overboard on a hobbies-personal interest section unless they are relevant to your job. #se dates to show when you did things and avoid vague re"erences such as !one year!. weight.people. I" you're on a career track. :our pro"ile-summary statement should sell your skills and e)perience and avoid vague meaningless generalisations that could apply to anybody. too general and waste valuable space. . 4ake sure you spell check and proo" read your CV be"ore submitting and be especially care"ul with names etc. that will not be in a spellchecker.

<owever. There are three general types of cover letters: • • • *he application letter which responds to a known job opening *he prospecting letter which in'uires about possible positions *he networking letter which re'uests in"ormation and assistance in your job search :our cover letter should be designed speci"ically "or each purpose outlined above as well as "or each position you seek.aragraphs . 4iddle . Cover Letter Format *o be e""ective. creating a critical "irst impression.<ow you will "ollow-up .hy you are writing 3. ( cover letter is o"ten your earliest written contact with a potential employer. not duplicate your resume.Cover Letter 'Never send a CV or resume without a proper cover letter' Writing Effective Cover Letters .aragraph . Concluding . you'll soon be an e)pert at writing letters to send with your resume. how to "ormat your cover letter. ( cover letter should complement.hat you have to o""er 9.. @irst . i" you take it one step at a time. :our cover letter may make the di""erence between obtaining a job interview and having your resume ignored. your cover letter should "ollow the basic "ormat o" a typical business letter and should address three general issues+ 1. so. ( cover letter typically accompanies each resume you send out.aragraph . ?e)t. *hey should e)press a high level o" interest and knowledge about the position. &""ective cover letters e)plain the reasons "or your interest in the speci"ic organi0ation and identi"y your most relevant skills or e)periences (remember. relevance is determined by the employer's sel"interest . what to include. it makes good sense to devote the necessary time and e""ort to writing e""ective cover letters. =o not design a "orm letter and send it to every potential employer (you know what you do with junk mail> . Its purpose is to interpret the dataoriented. "actual resume and add a personal touch.riting a cover letter o"ten seems like a particularly daunting task.. and "ollowing up with prospective employers.

make your best e""ort to reach the organi0ation. What You Have To Offer In responding to an advertisement. you may have been re"erred to a potential employer by a "riend or ac'uaintance. re"er speci"ically to the 'uali"ications listed and illustrate how your particular abilities and e)periences relate to the position "or which you are . %how how your education and work skills are trans"erable. I" you are applying "rom outside the employerAs geographic area you may want to indicate i" youAll be in town during a certain time "rame (this makes it easier "or the employer to agree to meet with you . %ource+ about. #nless this is the case. and thus relevant. by name. up "ront since it is likely to encourage your reader to keep reading> I" you are writing in in response to a job posting. (t the very least. I" you are writing a networking letter to approach an individual "or in"ormation. to the position "or which you are applying. In some instances. In conclusion. . e)press your enthusiasm and the likely match between your credentials and the positionAs 'uali"ications. How You Will Follow Up Close by reiterating your interest in the job and letting the employer know how they can reach you and include your phone number and-or email address. I" you are writing a prospecting letter a letter in which you in'uire about possible job openings state your speci"ic job objective. :ou can do this by giving evidence that you have researched the organi0ation thoroughly and that you possess skills used within that organi0ation. make your re'uest clear. indicate where you learned o" the position and the title o" the position. you may indicate that your re"erences are available on re'uest. an employer may e)plicitly prohibit phone calls or you may be responding to a Bblind want-adC which precludes you "rom this "ollow-up. In a prospecting letter e)press your potential to "ul"ill the employer's needs rather than "ocus on what the employer can o""er you.e sure to mention this mutual contact. &mphasi0e your achievements and problem-solving skills. i" you have a port"olio or writing samples to support your 'uali"ications. . (lso. 4ore importantly.e sure to make the call within the time "rame indicated. you should con"irm that your materials were received and that your application is complete. state their availability. 6r bid directly "or the job interview or in"ormational interview and indicate that you will "ollow-up with a telephone call to set up an appointment at a mutually convenient time. %ince this type o" letter is unsolicited.Why You Are Writing In some cases. it is even more important to capture the readerAs attention.

( typical cover letter may look something like the one below. 5etters should not be too long. /emember to "ollow any instruction given such as 'uoting a job re"erence i" re'uested and always remember to sign the letter. . (lthough you can use a template "or your letter it is important that you customise it "or each application. I" the advertisement asks "or e)perience o" D:D mention this and say that you have that e)perience but don't copy chunks o" your resume. just summarise how you have the job skills re'uested in the advert. obviously replacing the values in EF with those appropriate "or your letter.ample Cover Letter .hen applying "or a job it is important to send a cover letter with your application and CV even i" the job advertisement did not speci"ically ask "or one. one page should su""ice.

=ear E<iring 4anager ?ameF. E:our (ddressF. E:our signatureF E:our ?ameF. ECompany (ddressF. ECompany (ddressF. /e" EGob /e"erenceF EGob *itleF :our advertisement "or the above position in Epublication containing advertF has interested me very much and I would like to apply. E:our (ddressF.Eshort summary o" achievement-skill that is relevant to job advertF . (s you will see "rom my enclosed resume-CV my achievements and skills include+ . ECompany (ddressF. ECompany (ddressF. ECompany (ddressF.Eshort summary o" achievement-skill that is relevant to job advertF I will "ollow up with you in a "ew days to answer any 'uestions you may have.Cover Letter ample E:our (ddressF.Eshort summary o" achievement-skill that is relevant to job advertF . . E:our (ddressF E:our *elephone ?umberF E=ateF E<iring 4anager ?ameF. I look "orward to hearing "rom you in the near "uture. :ours sincerely. In the meantime please "eel "ree to contact me on Ephone numberF or via the other contact details on my resume-CV.

%panish and Perman "luently.onn+ 4. %ociology. and negotiate contracts.onn.T : O =issertation %urveyed the di""erent attitudes to shopping shown by consumers based in the inner city and suburban area.onn.: 1779 .331 111. E/0C&T*$.11 &-mail+ ehauswaldtNworldonline.irth+ 19-21-178M #$% T&'(ET: Gunior 4anager o" (dvertising =epartment C&)&%*L*T*E : O Consult with clients. and e)ecuted the design.indmRhlenweg. =epartment o" %ociology. =-H9119 . W$'. *. O (ssist in managing and supervising o" advertising and design units. 3M-M3 (denauerallee. O #tilise a diversity o" media+ video. &CC$+)L* "+E. =-33I28 < "ilm in %pain. and computer-generated arts and graphics.177J #niversity o" .: 177I . @lash Praphics =esign Pmb<. O %peak and write &nglish. $Kln F %aturday %ales (ssistant. 4arktplat0. 4Rller (4anaging =irector . schedule. @lash Praphics =esign Pmb< F (dvertising .ehaviour and &conomics mark+ good.rote journalistic articles "or students' news maga0ine ((I&%&C news . . 4s. O (rt-directed and coordinated students' news maga0ine ((I&%&C news .ro". 9rd Q Mth year+ &lementary %tatistics and Computing mark+ good.(.present %ummer 177I %ummer 1778 4arks Q %pencer.11.ersonal tutor . 38 . and direction "or direct mail campaign "or architectural company. %impe) Pmb< F (rchitectural =esign ( =ate o" . #niversity o" . <immelmeier (. O 6rganised.CV ample (resume adapted to the Brazilian culture) Elisa!eth "auswaldt $onrad-(denauer-#"er 99 =-H2IIJ $Kln *el+ (LM7. %ubsidiary subjects studied+ @inal year+ =issertation mark+ e)cellent. 1st year+ %ociology mark+ passed. 3nd year+ <uman .roduction (ssistant. =r. initiate sales and services. O (ssisted in the coordination o" a multi-media campaign "or a </."* T$'. G. 'EFE'EE : . O . animation o" all print. planned.

Sip Code =ear <iring 4anager+ *his letter is to e)press my interest in discussing the %enior . I also have e)perience in learning and e)celling at new technologies as needed.rogrammer (nalyst position posted on the Company web site. I can be reached anytime via my cell phone. . and supported live use applications I am a sel"-starter &ager to learn new things %trive "or continued e)cellence . *he opportunity presented in this listing is very appealing. and I believe that my strong technical e)perience and education will make me a very competitive candidate "or this position. Sip Code :our . *he key strengths that I possess "or success in this position include but are not limited to the "ollowing+ • • • • • I have success"ully designed. *hank you "or your time and consideration. . %incerely.rocess improvement and documentation .rovide e)ceptional contributions to customer service "or all customers. %tate.ample Cover Letter 1 . @irst?ame 5ast?ame Source: about.hone ?umber :our &mail Company ?ame (ddress City.rogramming both new applications and maintenance work . see my resume "or additional in"ormation on my e)perience.roblem isolation and analysis %o"tware 'uality testing (pplication and re'uirement analysis . developed.response to a job posting Programmer Analyst Sample Cover Letter :our ?ame :our (ddress :our City. 4y e)perience includes but is not limited to+ • • • • • • Customer service and support . I look "orward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.ith a 4% degree in In"ormation %ystems 4anagement I have a "ull understanding o" the "ull li"e cycle o" a so"tware development project.

%incerely. is sent to prospective employers that may be hiring. 4y resume. haven't listed a speci"ic job opening to apply "or. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the training program with you and to provide "urther in"ormation on my candidacy.usiness. Your Signature :our *yped ?ame Source: about. HHH-HHH-HHHH.achelor o" %cience degree in 4anagement and . %tate. In addition. I completed two internships "ocusing on retail management. (lso provide in"ormation on how you will "ollow-up and where you can be reached. I look "orward to speaking with you about this e)citing opportunity. as well as retail e)perience as a %ales (ssociate and $ey <older. I read about Company D's retail management training program in College raduate !aga"ine and I would like to in'uire about the possibility o" openings. *hank you "or your time and consideration.hone ?umber :our &mail =ate ?ame Gob *itle Company %treet City. I would be interested in learning more about the company and about available opportunities. :our letter should contain in"ormation on why the company interests you and why your skills and e)perience would be an asset to the company. Sip Code :our .5ast?ame. I can be reached anytime via my cell phone. contains additional in"ormation on my e)perience and skills. I am interested in a career in retail management and am planning to relocate to the ?ew :ork City area in the near "uture. which is enclosed.ample Cover Letter 2 .prospecting letter ( letter o" interest. %tate Sip =ear 4r. also known as a prospecting letter or in'uiry letter. Sample Letter of nterest ! Prospe"ting Letter :our ?ame :our (ddress :our City. . I have a .

networking letter %ample networking letter "or a student to send to set up an in"ormational interview or to obtain career assistance "rom a college or university contact. classes and co-curricular activities I should consider i" I were to decide to move in this direction. %incerely. alike. Sample #o$ Sear"h %etwor&ing Letter' Stu(ent :our@irst?ame :our5ast?ame (ddress City. %tate. I appreciate your willingness to advise me. the pros and cons o" working in law. I am a junior at %ample College. I am hoping that you will be able to help me learn more about options in law. I am interested in hearing about how and why you entered the "ield.ample Cover Letter 3 . Sip =ate Contact ?ame *itle Company (ddress City. and would like to determine i" it would be a good match "or me. :our@irst?ame :our5ast?ame TDD (Class :ear . Sip =ear 4s. Contact. %tate. I have been encouraged to consider the "ield by "amily and pro"essors. and look "orward to contacting you to set up an in"ormational interview. e)perientially. over the ne)t "ew summers. and your advice on how I might test the waters. and "ound your name and contact in"ormation on our (lumni Career ?etwork.

public transport etc.e "amiliar with your own e)perience and resume-CV. &nsure you answer the 'uestion that is asked and i" you are not clear what the 'uestion is ask "or clari" is better to be early and have to wait that to be late. *here are many 'uestions that can be asked at interview. 4ake sure shoes are polished etc. but some are more common than others . 4ost companies have a website that provides a range o" in"ormation but o"ten i" you call the company's reception a "ew days be"ore an interview and ask "or company literature they will send you some. 'esearch the company @ind out what as much as possible be"ore the interview about the company. I" possible ask "or a job speci"ication be"ore you attend interview. I" not already covered in the interview ask such 'uestions as why did the previous position holder leaveU .*nterview 4uestions and Tips &ppearance =ecide what you will ware well be"ore the interview and make sure it is clean and ironed. %e )repared .hat training is availableU &tc. . but no pri0es "or cracking the bones in the interviewers hand> Listening It is important to listen care"ully to what is said. )unctuality ?othing kills your chances 'uicker than being late. %e pecific I" asked about your knowledge o" D:S give speci"ic e)amples o" your e)perience in this area. &sk them 5uestions 6"ten you are given the opportunity to ask 'uestions. %e )ositive &nthusiasm counts so be positive. a simple phone call can save your chances. <air should be neat and men should shave unless they have a beard.ring e)tra copies o" your CV-/esume and any re"erences or certi"icates you may need. 4ake eye contact during the interview and shake hands "irmly. I" you are delayed let the interviewing company know. 4ake ade'uate provision to be there slightly early allowing "or rush hour tra""ic and other un"oreseen delays etc . @ind out where the interview is be"ore time. <ave some 'uestions ready should they ask "or them. <ow "ormally you should dress will depend on the individual company and job but generally assume it is "ormal business dress and be it is better to be conservative unless told otherwise. including parking.

Why do you want to leave your current 6o!? &mphasise that you are looking "or a positive career move and new challenge. It is common "or potential employers to check on current salary in re"erences or ask "or recent payslips so do not attempt to in"late your current salary i" asked but do include any bene"its you may have.whilst at the same time not having an obvious answer. $now your bottom line and appear reasonable. What makes you want to work here? *his is an opportunity to show you know something about the interviewing company and mention areas o" their products-services-technology-culture that appeals to you. state your reason "or leaving in as positively as possible. I" you are out o" work. 4ake e""orts to know the salary range be"ore attending interview. Why should we employ you? . (void 'witty' !in your job! type answers.rovide a summary o" your achievements and e)perience and relate that to how it could bene"it a new employer. . (void being unduly negative about your current employer or boss or appearing too mercenary. (void giving the impression that this is one o" a huge number o" potential employers that you have approached at random. Where do you see yourself in two years? #sually best to mention short and medium-term goals such as improving skills. contributing to a success"ul company etc. What do you think are your weaknesses? *ry and minimise any "ailings and emphasise strengths without claiming to be per"ect> (void personality "ailings and concentrate on mentioning pro"essional skills that you could improve on. What salary are you seeking? 6"ten can be a balancing act between ma)imising a potential o""er and pricing yoursel" out o" the running. (t this stage it is best to give a ballpark "igure and say you would be negotiable around that level.

*reat your search as a project. =espite the "act that 4icroso"t . 4ost o" the time they do. =e"ault . =e"ine your targets and deadlines clearly. every situation may di""er "rom eachother.y post or by e-mailU .hat lingoU (ll these and other 'uestions may be answered with a thorough research.ord is the industry standard "or te)t documents. CV or /esumeU .ersonallyU .hoto or no photoU .hat languageU .ord documents are hard to protect. In our globalised corporate world. *hus your adaptability skill may be the key "actor that can make a di""erence between success and "ailure in your search.otes ● ● ● . :our research must be thorough. your primary "ormat "or sending your CV or /esume must be pdf "or it is sa"e and uneditable.. *oday pd" "iles are the pre"erred "ormat "or o""icial and "ormal documents. .otes and )lanning ● %earching "or Gob 6pportunities can be a daunting task.