APPLICATION Questionnaire

Local Executive Board 2012 AIESEC in Mexico

A. Me and My Experience:
1. Personal Data: Full Name Date of Birth and place Contact Telephone Cell Phone Residence Address AIESEC Mail Skype Which position are you running for?

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AIESEC México A.C | Álvaro Obregón #124 Col. Roma Norte | +52 55 5265 9520

What is the link between your professional vision and this EB experience? AIESEC México A. Excellent. Good. Please provide details of your academic studies including special or external relevant courses. Dates Organization Position Responsibilities 4. Chair) Year Meeting Location Role 7.2.C | Álvaro Obregón #124 Col. Briefly highlight experiences and results achieved and describe how these experiences will help you during your EB term. Please name one challenge that you faced working with others. Delegate. Rank 2 main areas where you have had the most experience. How did you overcome it? B. 8. Please fill the languages table selecting one of the following levels for each competence (Basic. Language Spanish English Other: Writing Reading Speaking 5. and Native). Why have you decided to apply for an EB position for AIESEC in Mexico and what will be your unique contribution? 2. Faci. Please list the National Meetings you have attended and the Role you had (OC. Roma Norte | +52 55 5265 9520 . Motivation and Personal Characteristics: 1. Please list all relevant practical and professional experiences. Maximum School Degree Studying right now? Where? If you are not studying right now. Year of graduation? 3.

answer at the following 6 specific questions) 1. What should be the contribution of your Local Committee towards the AIESEC 2015 vision and the immediate implications that you see in your LC in order to ensure the achievement of this vision? 5. What is in your opinion the uniqueness of AIESEC Experience? 2. Create a proposal for your LC 2012 strategy that should cover the next points (a. AIESEC México A. How are you going to ensure the alignment with the National & Global Plan? What role should be playing your LC in the network? 3. local strategy and external representation) and explain the reasons for your ranking. collaborating with the LCP team. What are your 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses? 4. What is your vision of the Local Committee for the term 2012? How do you see your Local Committee at the end of December 2012? 2. b. sales.C | Álvaro Obregón #124 Col. What elements would best define the ideal culture of your LC and what would be your contribution to implement it? D.3. In the context of the 2012 term. governance and accountability. threads) of your LC. The points above have to be evident in the plan you create and the correlation between them too. b and c): a. What strategies would you propose for each one and what results would you like to see in each of those priorities at the end of your term. What should be your role as LCP in the National Plenary and the interaction with the other LCPs? 4. opportunities. General Questionnaire: 1. rank in order of importance the key responsibilities of the LCP (team management. The external opportunities you can capitalize from your position to get the vision you propose in point (b). 6. Roma Norte | +52 55 5265 9520 . weaknesses. What do you think should be the 3 main priorities for you LC in the next year? What actions would you propose to achieve results in these areas? 3. c. Make a SWOT (strengths. What does “Leadership” mean for you? C. The 3 main priorities for your LC (Local Drivers) based on the general SWOT analysis. Specific Questionnaire LCP: (Please.

he refuses to go to small or middle size local company. If an EP promises to go to some developing country for a GIP. 5. Propose 3 new industries/sectors you think your LC can work with. If you get selected as LCVP OGX GCDP. without paying EP fee and raising EP form) 4. What will be your strategy to drive short term GIP EP raising? What student market will be your target of raising short term GIP EPs? (GIP EPs who will just go for 3-4 months) 4. 80% of GIP opportunities are from developing countries. China. but when he becomes an EP. 2. and increase GIP realization rate (Realized/Raise).LCVP OGX GCDP: (Please. how can we help our GCDP EPs to set correct expectations and live a valuable international experience? LCVP OGX GIP: (Please. he changes his starting date. Turkey etc. What will be your strategy to drive L+X (TLP+GCDP) in your LC? (Both X+L and L+X). How is the current GCDP situation in your LC? What limits your LC to drive GCDP? What mindset your LC needs to have to succeed in OGX GCDP? 2. Roma Norte | +52 55 5265 9520 . like India. answer at the following specific questions) 1..C | Álvaro Obregón #124 Col. What will be your strategy to speed up the matching of GIP EPs. You can choose the best way/format to outline your ideas. What will be your marketing strategy to sell our GIP product in developing countries? Cause maybe most of the people expect to go to West Europe and USA. Brazil. even worse he asks to go to a developed country. what will you do? LCVP ICX GIP: (Please. answer at the following specific questions) 1. How can you increase raising more TT and ET pool? 3. What will be your action plan to maintain EPs after recruitment? (a lot of EPs go out from AIESEC just 1 month after getting selected. Please justify your answer by providing information regarding external and internal trends (AIESEC) and which counties are better to do international cooperation and why? AIESEC México A. he expects high payment. answer at the following questions) 1. currently it’s just bit higher than 50%? 5. The workload of GCDP is quite slight. how would you help EPs to set correct expectations about their destinations to balance between developed countries and developing countries? 3. what are the top 3 actions you want to take to achieve success in GCDP? 3. 2. Please outline a plan specifying how to increase results by taking advantage of regional and global realization peaks per pool.

There are 14 more days until the realization date and you have 5 TNs Matched and the other 5 TNs are available. GCDP)? AIESEC México A. What is the role of ICX in ensuring financial sustainability for the LC? 5. What is your approach in driving a GCDP sales culture in your local committee? 5. LCVP ICX GCDP: (Please.C | Álvaro Obregón #124 Col. the activities that should be done and the timeline of implementation. answer at the following questions) 1. so they can`t help you that much. Outline the plan of a local project that is relevant in your community by underlining the main aspects regarding the goals. You have only 2 schools interested to implement your project and the total amount of students they can engage is 50.)? Why? 4. answer at the following questions) 1. What are the tools. Roma Norte | +52 55 5265 9520 . Please provide the 3 action steps that you would take to have a successful implementation of the project in the following situation and explain your decision: You have a project running in your LC that aims to bring 10 trainees to work in a high school delivering trainings to 200 students on topics as leadership. impact it generates. LCVP TM: (Please. Please propose a structure for Incoming Exchange. members. For the 5 TNs you have already applied for the incoming permit and you should get it in approximately 3 weeks. trainees. 2 members of your team are working full time and have classes as well. You have just 4 members in your team and the EB team is very focused on their functional areas having no time to help you. 3. Also. instruments and methods that are needed to be implemented in order to have a qualitative delivery of the GCDP TNs for all the entities involved in the process (TNTakers. what are the 3 main focuses of ICX GCDP area that your local committee should have in order to deliver a higher number of exchange experiences? Please give details. Please mention how many Middle Management positions you would create and how many members you would manage. Having in mind the local market reality and the current supply and demand reality of GCDP in the international network. etc. TLP. sponsors. How would you ensure the delivery and growth of High Quality Team Member and Team Leader Experiences? How are you going to manage your pipeline and operations taking into account the rotation of the TMP & TLP participants and the flexibility of the new AIESEC Experience? 2. explain how your structure will cover all the needed processes and actually make them more efficient in order to deliver better service to our customers. and aligned to the AIESEC Programs (TMP.4. GIP. 2. How do you propose to work with OGX and Communications to make more effective recruitments. materials. global mindset and team work.

Make a SWOT analysis about the current reality of TM in your LC. TN & EP Promotions. to change this. According to this: What are the 3 main challenges you are going to face? How do you plan to manage the changes? 5. explains the impact of the area to the core work of the organization. 3. and specific activities on each one with a specific timeline for your old and new system from user management perspective and propose process and how you would use it to improve on the performance of the LC. c. Finance is commonly understood as a very operational area. b. LCVP Finance: (Please. Since Finance does not reflect a direct organizational goal. 4. What would be the 3 main challenges and define 3 main priorities for the Communication and Information Management Area in your LC? 2. 2. 5. Make an Income Projection based on the ICX and OGX goals of the past years and develop a financial analysis of your LC making a forecast of it and giving your recommendations for the next year. AIESEC México A. Roma Norte | +52 55 5265 9520 . answer at the following questions) 1. What should be the ideal role of an LCVP Finance and LEgal into the organization. answer at the following questions) 1. Recruitment. 5. Objectives and Initiatives). Events (It can be an internal or an external event). what are the most tangible results and impact of the area? (Be as specific as you can). 3. Explain the logic behind the Ideal Financial Strategy that you are going to implement during your term as LCVPF (Goals. What will be the 3 main actions of your LC to increase the number of X+LR? And Members taking more the one program? 4. What are the elements of successful virtual and physical internal and external communications? Create a draft of an internal communications plan. Make an example of a product based on the Engagement with AIESEC stage. 4.3. How will the new AIESEC XP and 2015 vision affect the way TM works. knowing that they are the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) of AIESEC? LCVP Comm&IM: (Please.C | Álvaro Obregón #124 Col. and define strategies to capitalize the opportunities and not be affected by the weaknesses and threats. Describe how the communications and information area supports 3 of the main processes in AIESEC: a. based on 3 main priorities. Critically evaluate MyAIESEC.

2. Explain what kind of products you could develop with the alumni market to generate incomes for your LC. What would you do to ensure the quality and high impact in the LC's results through this event? 4. Describe at least 3 strategies you could run in your LC in order to keep updated your alumni database and increase the mapped alumni. Roma Norte | +52 55 5265 9520 . What do you think is the potential that your LC has for alumni involvement? What percentage of this potential do you want to reach during your term and what strategies you propose to get this done? 3. Please include 2 – 3 examples of your work. develop an alumni event with a draft of the agenda and main objectives. answer at the following questions) 1. Please describe your experience with design and creation of logos/Videos and publication layout. Based on the new criteria of the Life Long Connection Phase. AIESEC México A. if you don’t have any explain how will you manage the design part of your role? Alumni Manager: (Please. How could alumni support the LCs results and health? Mention 3 initiatives working in synergy with other functional areas. chair or facilitators. 5. mentors.6. Taking in consideration the following roles in which alumni can be involved with the LCs: BOA. coaches.C | Álvaro Obregón #124 Col.