Researchers are working on a new smart contact lens that could give its wearer infrared ‘night vision’. Scientists developed the first room temperature light detector that can sense the full infrared spectrum and has potential to put heat vision technology into a contact lens.

Researchers at Swiss institute are working on a device that could read facial expressions of the driver. They adapted a device for use in a car, using an infrared camera placed behind the steering wheel. The idea was to get the device to recognize irritation on the face of a driver.

Scientists have uncovered a mysterious structure that surround the earth like a giant zebra print jacket. The structure is produced by the slow rotation of earth, previously considered incapable of affecting the motion of radiation belt particles, which have velocities approaching the speed of light.

 AN APP TO LET YOU ‘DONATE’ YOUR VOICE TO SPEECH-IMPAIRED A new Smartphone app may allow people to donate their voice to be customized into synthetic speech for those who are unable to speak. The bottom is an antenna that transfers power to a target on the ground. smaller than the Higgs particle that will form an extension of the standard model which includes three generations of quarks and leptons. so the module can receive greater concentrations of sunlight without overheating. This allows heat to radiate more efficiently . On top is a photo-voltaic panel that absorbs the sun’s rays. however. Parkinson’s or cerebral palsy. not been possible to prove their existence.  PARTICLES SMALLER THAN HIGGS BOSON MAY EXIST The Higgs boson is a central part of the standard model of particle physics that describes how the world is constructed. An electronic system in the middle converts energy to radio frequency. So far it has. . The app is being developed under a program called VocaliD which aims to give a voice to those with severe speech impairments because of a stroke. Techni-quarks can be the yet-unseen particles. POWER FROM SPACE TO LIGHT UP CITIES The scheme used a ‘sandwich’ module which packs all electrical components between two square panels.

000.000. These batteries could eventually yield implantable drug-delivery devices that are controlled by radio signals. which has for long sold its Office software to small businesses in CDs and downloads. SANS 4G The Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally launched in India but the phone costs at least Rs. . The battery uses anodes of Magnesium foil and cathodes of Iron.51K-PLUS.  MICROSOFT EYES BIG BUSINESS FROM SMALL FIRMS Microsoft. It could be as high as Rs.  BIODEGRADABLE BATTERY MELTS INSIDE THE BODY A new battery is designed to dissolve in the body after doing its work as power source for devices embedded in tissue. 51. is now eyeing a potential market of 40 million small and medium businesses (SMBs) in India by betting on cloud computing in which companies can simply rent its popular software over broadband links. along with the biodegradable polymer packaging the battery comes in. SAMSUNG LAUNCHES S5 IN INDIA FOR RS. All these metals would slowly dissolve in the body and their ions are biocompatible in low concentration. 53. Molybdenum or Tungsten.

. satellites and solar powered planes to provide web access around the world. FACEBOOK WANTS TO BEAM THE INTERNET FROM THE SKY Facebook revealed it has a lab working on using drones. the team is interested in using satellites orbiting the Earth. For remote regions or spread out populations. The lab is looking at varying tactics to achieve its mission.