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& ways to burn &// calories

#ower row
New #orkers are wait-listed 'or trainer <ay Blahnik;s rower-meets-toners Shock=a*e class at E4uino(. But you can do his custom *ersion o' the +&-minute sculpt-a-thon whene*er. Have 10-pound weights handy. > ow6 keeping a steady6 strong pace6 &// meters. > !o "ront-lunge pass-throughs. Stand ne(t to rowing machine6 a dumbbell in one hand. ?o a 'orward lunge6 passing weight 'rom one hand to another through 'ront leg with each rep6 > > alternating legs 'or 0 minute. est 0& seconds. ow6 picking up speed. 9ush hard against 'oot pedals6 &// meters.

> !o ussian twists. Sit on 'loor6 leaning back with abs engaged6 knees bent and raised in $-sit position6 holding a dumbbell in 'ront o' chest. "wist torso to tap weight to 'loor on right side6 then le't6 'or 0 rep. ?o & reps6 then hold a right-side plank 'or 0/ seconds. ?o & more twists6 then hold le't-side plank. Repeat 'or 0 minute. > > est 0& seconds. ow as 'ast as you can6 &// meters.

rthur Belebeau

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More 5rom SE!5
& simple steps to cellulite-'ree skin Secrets to 'iring up your metabolism , mo*es to resi2e your butt and thighs ./ super'oods 'or weight loss ./01 best healthy beauty buys How to lose weight and 'eel great in 3...

> !o du#$$ell thrusters. Stand with 'eet shoulder-width apart6 a dumbbell in each hand6 palms 'acing in and elbows bent so hands are at shoulders. S4uat6 then press weights o*erhead as you stand. Repeat 'or 0 minute. > est 0& seconds.

answers to your health 4uestions

epeat circuit 4 ti#es. =ith each additional round6 aim to 'inish the row a 'ew seconds sooner and do 0 to . more reps per mo*e. Sports bra, Onzie Active Apparel, $42, Onzie.com; shorts, CA by Vitamin A, $58, ac!sS"r#boar$s.com; bracelet, %& by a'bone, $()*, a'bone.com; 'atch, &"ma, $+*, Shop.&"ma.com; snea!ers, $(8*, A$i$as.com.

be well6 'eel better
Turkey day training
It7s man *s. 'east in the war 'or your waistline.






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