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Damned Fucking Shit Edited by Access Denied Issue #19 Title: Gothic #1 Date: 1/14/94 By: Nosferatu [Editor's

s Note: Here's a new 'Zine coming out of 608. It's being published on its own and in DFS to help it get around more. So maybe DFS is now DFS/Gothic, or maybe not. Who cares about a name. This magazine has no connection with the ANSi group called Gothic. The editor (Nosferatu) had no idea that there was an ANSi group with the same name when he came up with the name. Enjoy! More issues should be coming soon.]

issue #1 Jesus had days like these Date:01-12-94 Location:Somewhere in CyberSpace Author:Nosferatu of Black Productions Disclaimer:Do not read past this point if you are a racist, or are a homophobic person, or are a hypocrite, or if you have a heart condition. No Rights Reserved !

Welcome to another fabulous release by Black Productions. Many of you may think you don't know me, but trust me, you do. My old handle just didn't fit me anymore. muahahaha I decided to make my own 'zine because I feel like wiriting, and am tired of reading the same old stuff all over the place. In my zine entitled "Gothic" look for review of what's happening in our culture, music, and anything else about computers and cyberspace. Part I -- What's Cool? ----------------------According to a poll by the Zandl Group of 200 males and females, ages 13 to 24 cool is: (My input is indicated in brackets) A)Frugal stuff like cheap clothes, renting movies, outlet shopping, and

acting like you're poor. B)Grungy stuff like flannel shirts and Doc Martens shoes [Give me a break], tattoos and body piercing, coffeehouses, and Pearl Jam [Oh Lord] C)'70s-style stuff like bell bottoms [Ding Dong] and platforms, braids, waifish or romantic looks like velvet and poet shirts D)Urban party stuff like hip-hop and rave fashion [Kill all the wannabees!] dancing, MTV [sold out], smoking pot [I wanna get High], and 40 ouncers (malt liquor) Uncool is: A)Expensive stuff everyone else has, movie theaters, the mall B)Fake stuff like lots of makeup, revealing Spandex Clothes [I like 'em :)] shoulder pads and big hair C)Tired stuff like Def Leppard [They smell], the preppy look [They all want to be alternative], pearls and excessively oversize clothes [Rave and hip - hop ??] D)Dangerous stuff like gangs, guns, beepers [Oh they hurt] and cigarets. E)Boring stuff like stress [umm I love it], clubs [rule] and trying to be cool [How do I do that] So there you have it, if you want to be cool, go buy the newest pearl jam tape, get yourself a pair of dock martens, and go for cup of coffee somewhere. Even though trying to be cool is uncool, try anyways. Maybe a strategically placed body piercing will do the job. I just think it's kind of funny to see people all of a sudden dressing and doing things that people I know, and myself have been doing and wearing since we knew how to write our own names. The Data Information Super Highway (Article taken without permission from the Milwaukee Journal) Los Angeles Calif. - Vice President Al Gore has told the communications companies serving as the construction crew for the information superhighway that they could escape burdensome regulation by offering their products to everyone [is this good or bad?] "We cannot tolerate - nor in the long run can this nation afford - a society in which some children become fully educated and others do not, in which some adults have access to training [where at mcDonalds?] and lifetime education and others do not," Gore said Tuesday at a "Superhighway Summit" held at the University of California at Los Angeles. The gathering was held to look at the coming merger of entertainment, telephone and computer technologies [Sounds like found eh?]. Experts say people will someday select movies [don't we already have pay per view movie channels], shop [Oh no, not another home shopping network] and visit the library from thier homes, offices and classrooms [sounds fimiliar]. Under the Clinton administration's plan: Phone Companiesnow regulated by regulation if they meet FCC test for services. The FCC would be directed right!] for any group of rate payers states could elect to come under FCC combination video, data and voice to prevent "undue rate increases" [yah [Including us modemers?]

Regional Bell telephone companies could manufacture equipment and provide their own data and video services immediately. But they could not but out a local cable company in their service area for at least five years, and thereafter only if there is a competing phone service. An exception would be made for phone companies serving rural areas. Companies providing the wire or transmission into the home would have

to provide open access to all programmers at reasonable cost. The FCC will decide the level of service that should be available to every home and assess subsidies on a sliding scale - bigger companies would pay more. States would enforce the regulations under FCC guidelines. New or small telecommunications companies could be exempted by the FCC from all price regulations. Executives in the audience reacted warily [they shoulda heard me if I was in the damn audience]. "The answer's going to be in the details." media mogul Rupert Murdoch [Is he from the A-team?] said Tuesday after Gore's address. Tom Norris [the Antichrist], vice president of government affairs for AT&T, said Gore offered "a flexible approach and a good approach." But Norris [satan] saifd there would still have to be financial subsidies [more taxes on us???] for consumers to make sure some are not left off the highway. Rather than offer federal financing, the Clinton administration wants business to develop and invest in the technology needed to make the highway a reality. That could cost as much as $400 billion [holy cow!] over the next 20 years. =====================---------------------------------======================= \ MUSIC SCN / =====================---------------------------------======================== Well, way back when I was a little tike, I started to listen to music. I listened to groups that most people today label as alternative. (which is kinda funny, since most of the people who now love "alternative music" used to rip on me and call me a freak just because of the clothes I wore, and the music I listened to, and because of my beliefs.) muahhahahaha Well, anyways, The Cure has to be one of my favorite groups of all times. Here's the lyrics to a very moving song entitled "end", which is off of wish, and was the lost song played at their show concert in Detroit. @SONG:end i think i've where giving are both the are both the reached that point up and going on same dead end to me same old song

i think i've reached that point where every wish has come true and tired disguised oblivion is everything i do please stop loving me please stop loving me i am none of these things i think i've reached that point where all the things you have to say and hopes for something more from me are just games to pass the time away please stop loving me please stop loving me i am none of these things

i think i've reached that point where every word that you write of every blood dark sea and evry soul black night and every dream you dream me in and every perfect free from sin and burning eyes and hearts on fire are just the same old song please stop loving please stop loving i am none of these i am none of these me me things things

i am none of thses things [I reach for the kleenex box to wipe the tears from my eyes :)] If you like the cure, I suggest you get their two live concert disks - Show and paris (and also sideshow if you don't get the two disk version of show) HCknG Novell Part I okay, I you've made it to the section you've been waiting for. Today's topic is getting into Novell Networks. I'm not going to give you a technical discourse on the inner commands and makings of a novell network. If you want to find out every pidally detail, go to the god damn book store or library and get yourself a copy of whatever operatoring manuals you're looking for. Chances are pretty good, that you'll run into a novell network some day when you're running through the nets in a distant place. Once you find a novell net, you want to get into it. If the sysop has half a brain, you'll have a hard time getting in. If all of the security features available are implemented then I wish you luck. Novell networks have many differnt types of security which the sysop has the chance of using. The number one type of security is password protection of all accounts. Most syops will instruct their users to use a password of no less than 5 digits that is not obvious, and can't be found ina dictionary. Most users will say forget it, and either not use a password, or may use an abvious one anyways. Sysops have also been know to create test accounts, and other similiar accounts with no passwords, since they believe they are the only one's that know about them. Half the time they forget to delete them when they are done, and they can serve as a nice portal for you to get into the net with. The sysop also can set up station and time restrictions on the accounts. These restrictions can really bite when you're trying to get into a system. For example, the station restrictions only allow you to log onto the net from a certain physilcal fixed terminal, that more than likely is impossible to reach. Time restrictions also suck, since they limit the time you can hack the system. Also, if you try an acocunt, and it happens to have a password, don't randomly guess passwords for too long, since novell nets also have an account logout feature, which will lock out an acocunt after a specific amount of illegal logon attempts. When this happens, the sysop is allerted to your (the hackers) presence, and will definetly make sure you can't get in with the locked account. One good thing about accounts is that their passwords can be set to

expire after a certain amount of time. The sysop probably thinks this is a great feature, but in some versions of Novell, including newer ones, if you try logging onto a net with an account with an exp password, it will tell you that your pw has expired blah blah blah, and that you have so many grace logins to change it, blah blah blah, "do you want to change it now?" All that you do is hit y and enter a new password and the account is yours. The stupid software never even makes you enter the ole pw. hehehe So there yah have it, the basics on login security. The easiest way to get in, is with a account that has either no pw, or an easy to guess one. Once your inside a net with any account (for example the guest account), you can dump the user list(I'll get into that next issue) and target more powerful accounts to hack into, leave trojans that'll give you more access, etc. Following is a list of common acocunts that I've run into that don't have passwords, or have simple passwords that I easily guessed. these accounts are usually worth trying. I've hopped onto many nets and have found at least a couple of these on everyent without a password. format is accountname / password (description) ? after the / indicates the account may or may not have a pw any password indicated after the / and accountname is a default which could possibly be changed ny the sysop upon activation of the system. supervisor/? (network supervisor) sup/? (network supervisor) sysop/? (network system operator) admin/? (network administrator) lanman/? (lan manager) officeadmn/school (office administrator) root/? (root access account) guest/? (network guest) ccgtw/? (cc:mail gateway) charon/? (charon mail gateway) charontest/? (mail gateway test) mailman/? (mail manager) email/? (mci mail gateway) pmail/? (pegasus mail gateway) ops/? (general operations account) basicrights/? (account with basic network rights) archivist/? (backup account) tst/? (test uesr) zzz/? (test user) xyz/? (test user) testuser/? (test user) (for all of the test accounts try pw's like 'test', 'testuser', etc.) pserv/? (print server) ftphost/? (ftp host printing) ftp/? (ftp service) ftpd/? (ftp service) attach/? (rprinter users) mgmt/? (management) xxx/? (extra account) nobody/? (extra account) winuser/? (windows user) back/? (network backup) backup/? (network backup) hdclean/? (hd cleanup) this is a pretty decent list. it should help yah out. Next issue, I'm going to explore user and file rights, and directory structures, etc.

greets go out to Black, Tron, Lithium (I'll make it down someday guys :), Q-ball, X-Fx (you dork), Caveman (grow up), OG, Short DOg, and all the APHER's nationwide. see yah and peace

Nosferatu A soul in Black

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