Damned Fucking Shit Issue #30 Title: A Chat With Sandman Of 414 Date: 6/7/94 By: Access Denied -----------------------------------------------------------------------------A Chat With Sandman Of 414 [Editor's note: Hey! Another /<-RaD chat log!!! W0w!!!!! It's between me (Access Denied) and some local 414 guy named Sandman. N33t!!! He's trying to get access to Paradise Lost with minimal success. -AD] 7:30 pm Mon May 23, 1994 Recorded with user: Sandman #53 Chat reason: None -----------------------------------why do you think you should get access here? Why not? I managed access on boards more scared of the SPA than U... [Hmm.. the SPA... "Hi.. I'm a WaReZ d00d!!!"] why would you think I'm afraid of the SPA? Are you some sort of warez lamer no, but i am aware of some...What do you have to offer? U've been sort of non-descipt?maybe? huh? You sound.. er... lemme ask you this: where did you get DFS? I'm not stoned, just really, tired. I got it off a board. yeah.. that helps. Most people tend to get it off of boards these days.. what one is what I'm asking Major Destuction [A lame board in 414]

I see... I suppose you know a lot about H/P right? depends. what do you want to know? well I assume you know like the basics of switching right? yeah. do you ever beige? not yet. all i've done is red, blue and silver(i think it was silver.) I'm doing lunch right now...

] blotto? no. It was totally hacked by everyone. speak Spanish! [Well... The system is a LOT better than Marquette's. oh hacking your local university's computer system or something... anyway.] er.] oh you mean the 7ess switch right? [Not that 7ess exists but. did you do it from your house? one minute.... what NPA did you do it off of. yeah. I heard UW's easy.. hurry up though.. now boy. a whole system actually. The only uni i've done is Marquette..[Eating lunch or using lunch boxes?] silver is with A B C and D keys....... [At least he knows what THAT is!] green then I think. UWM (UW Milwaukee) is what he's talking about.. but I have no use for that..Pennsylvania when they still had that system with 2600. it wasn't silver.. [Yeah after he reads all of his /<-RaD t3x7 F1l3Zzzzzzz!!!] ok.. I don't have them all memorized. They discovered this and changed to System V. [He is now dropping to DOS and looking through all of his blue box text to see what a blue box does....I have to take a leak. People still hack it.] . ok... What's that one where you open the canister and hook up call waiting or a tap? [Seems that he's just reading off box names now.. it ran SunOS. or do you mean crack? nah.. I heard that it's pretty tough now. ok.. i couldn't afford the generators. so do you ever hack? hack what? boards. UW is the University of Wisconsin. I bet I have that text file somewhere....] You're in America.i don't remember...not urine. I'll get back to you. The run Ultrix. no. he's totally lost now. hacking like . that system with 2600.. [Marquette is a university in 414.] no.. not cracking. [He's probably never even left the state. well when you blue boxed.

i didn't spend much time locally. a reason for what? hacking UWM what? To hack my accounts? who said anything about your accounts. low-level ummm you know what. I can't spell that word. But you have InterNet access right? yep.] can i have one? make my life easier... do you go there? of course not....] no. Now i have a reason. He's probably drooling now.nevermind.] interesting. [Low-level what? Formatting???] Nick Ovens?? he's some faggot who has his very own board.maybe I should try that.. I'm only in high school. real name of the system is StudSys. i haven't explored it much yet. . why? [Now he's probably spitting all over the keyboard and screen. what do I get in return? [Why'd I even ask this? He can't offer anything.. do you ever go on IRC? no.. All i've done is Foley&Larder once. why. have you ever played with PSNs? psn's? Packet Switching Networks No.] wow.. I've never used a psn.. did you hack SYSSTUD? [Testing his intellegence.. know any SuperUser passwords? all of them.. I get my accounts other ways.ahh... cool.. Can u get on the internet from UWM? why do you ask? I think you can.... Marquette. He's younger than ME even. [All the truth.] what do you want. and Nick Ovens pathetic board... [This Sandman guy is 14 BTW.ask and .

.. well. I'd type the whole thing but OOP is a lot easier to do.. do you ever do any OOP? stop using the abbreveitions. Basic. oh sorry. you found the missing link.... [Yeah. neat. better than neat.. PHile. a night.. I'm stumbling through making a game. COBOL.I don't really need them.saved me a night's work. I doubt he knows Pascal or C though.... C. oh. he's never heard of it probably. did you.. Do you have a snake that actually works? a few... dunno.] well. rats. sounds cool. I have one DeMon that is not worth shit.. have you broken any Sys75's? I gave you my short list before.no. C(++).... something. hhmmm.. sure. 107321404.. [Learn it from a file...] thatz Uwm SU? one of a few. or very little at most.. well it's been nice chatting with you..Logo.. here's one: 107321404 [Yeah. ok.. I'll learn. [A snake??? What's that anyway?] you program? Enough to get along in Pascal. Common Business Oriented Language. FORTRAN.... do you know assembler? oh.. also seen in 10732-1-404-988-9664.. maybe he's some scientist? ADA. but as soon as I find someone.. Yes.] cool. have you read most of the DFSs? .. Fortran... ok. in fact. The others took a bit longer.. lemme quickly drop to DOS and check my list.no..I had to almost totally reprogram it..Cobol. Basic and Logo MAYBE I can believe.. an ANI readback. Yeah..... here I'll give you a password.well. now I get it! He works for the DoD!!!] that's pretty good. or some phile... Pascal.......... and a little ADA [Hmm. it took me like 10 minutes to figure that one out. I've used that.... OOP=Object Oriented Programming. it's not too hard to get SU passwords....

but I live with it.] 17 . Do you play computer games or have you <outgrown> it?:) sometimes... [You're reading it now!] Why? (what have i done now. [He feels good now. but I don't care. I ran out of DL credit. yeah.(then again I only have 200megs anyway) [Yeah. They're pretty damn awful/annoying/cool if I do say so myself.. How old are U? [Getting a bit personal now. but I mostly program in Pascal.get off the warez thing. I know a bit..) well no.... I mentioned it... what do you play . (moment of silence).I'm flattered... I might even mention you in one... yeah I know.] yep.] cool.. [It's the truth.. I guess .. well watch for some new ones really soon.. but not often. well I'll let you go now. Do you have a Cddrive or tape drive for you BBS? why would I need one? It's not like people are running warez through here jeez.. Call back in two or three days and I should have your account ready. you know a lot of stuff....Do you use C? Nope. I guess. I was going to do one where I'd talk about all the new talent that's popping up in this area code... long live C... I only got a few.. Pascal is dead.. so I wondered if otherz were having similar Harddisk space problems.I just like to keep EVERYTHING i have ever had.. once before?] yeah.. it tends to get a bit cramped sometimes. R U running Unix or Dos? I'm running DOS. Idolize me or something.no. hmmm.. that's why I'm learning C and SmallTalk right now..

I'm not that good. Like I care.740..oh. [When I get around to deleting it.FONE (3663) DFS Southern HQ | | Under World Element +1..ITS.226..] have you beat it? nah.. call Paradise Lost and log on as DFS..well. yeah...476.. months...881.6789 DFS Affiliate | | Twilight Of The Idols +1.216.613.203..] [Pretty funny eh? Now he's probably going to start some sort of "Ban Access Denied from your board and crash Paradise Lost" movement or something.] you'll have to wait. can I sign on to your magnificent board? [Butt kissing never gets you anywhere.archive. I won't be able to get your account ready for like a day or two. I haven't seen people type alt-h to say good bye for. anyway. all sorts of stuff.. I have his 1nPh0!!!!! Bahahaha!!!!!!! Haha. [Never even seen a screen from it.464..DOWN DFS Affiliate HQ | | Plan 9 Information Archives +1.....3386 DFS Canada HQ | | | | AE .] Find DFS On These Fine Systems ========================================================================== | Paradise Lost +1.NOW... need help? not right now.9571 DFS Eastern HQ | | 7th Heaven +1.etext. I like to figure stuff out on my own. that's a funny chat!!! Ahh.Plan 9 Information Archives . The password is: | | JINGLE JINGLE | ========================================================================== .edu .. I played Space Quest 3 for a couple minutes once..414..] alright.716. and look for new dfs's real soon! C-Ya. bite me.... c'ya.alt-h [Shit. ok..Login: DFS | | FTP .umich.3181 DFS World HQ | | Temporary Insanity +1. and I actually though Space Quest 1 was pretty k-rad.#DFS (Whenever Access Denied or Incarnate is on) | | | | To submit. Space Quest 5? yeah that's a great game./pub/Zines/DFS | | IRC ..