Formosa Kitchen by the Sea Nori Salmon

Ingredients: 300g Salmon 15g Lollo Rosa Lettuce 3 Grape Tomatoes 20g Nori sauce 2g Salt 1g Black Pepper

Formosa Kitchen by the Sea Lemon & Chopped Pepper Shrimp Balls
Ingredients: 150g Prawn 1Egg 1Lemon 30g Marinated Chopped Pepper 20g Garlic 2g Salt 10cc Honey 3g Sugar 1 handful Glass Noodle 10g Green Onion 10g Parsley 10cc Vinegar 3g Mushroom Essence

Method: 1.Cut salmon into strips of 12x3x1cm and sprinkle a pinch of salt and black pepper. 2.Immerse lettuce in water to rinse it clean. Rinse clean grape tomatoes and cut them into halves. 3.Take strips of salmon and add some salt and black pepper. Steam salmon strips for 3 minutes and cut them diagonally into 0.5cm slices. 4.Use lettuce and grape tomatoes to decorate the plate and add salmon slices on top. Drizzle nori sauce on top before serving.

Method: 1.Cut the prawns in half from the back and marinate them with egg white, salt, and corn starch. 2.Extract the lemon juice, mince the marinated peppers, and press the garlic and cut into small fine pieces. 3.In a bowl, mix the lemon juice, peppers, garlic, salt, mushroom essence, sugar, vinegar, and honey to make the sauce. 4.Soak the glass noodle until it softens. Cut the glass noodle in half. 5.Cut the parsley and the green onion into small pieces. 6.Place the glass noodle and the prawn on a plate, top the sauce and steam for 10 minutes. Sprinkle some parsley and green onion. Heat oil to boiling point and top before serving.

ice cubes and the chilled tapioca into the taro paste.Mix peppercorn. soy sauce paste. wash it under running ice water. Add sugar into 600 cc water and boil. 2.Fry peppercorns on a dry pan and add green onions. 4. Then rinse the winter squash and put it to the side. Then add this mixture to the onions. Mixed the cooked taro with the boiled sugar water into taro paste with a blender. Lastly. Cook the tapioca with boiling water until the tapioca turns transparent. mixed and serve in small bowl. 1. 2. and winter squash. and steam for 15 minutes. 3. and cut parsley into small pieces. Cut winter squash into slices and marinade it with salt for 3-5 minutes. red chili pepper with salt. Add cream.Rinse and chop up onions and baby cucumbers. sugar. 3. Take out the tapioca.Rinse clean mussels and put them in warm water with a temperature of 60-80 degree Celsius. Sprinkle some parsley on top before serving. mushroom essence. and let it drain.Crush garlic. add mussels and chili oil and mix well. 4.Formosa Kitchen by the Sea Szechuan Hot & Spicy Mussels Taro Tapioca Ingredients: 10 pieces Mussels 30g Onions 20g Baby Cucumber 30g Winter Squash 2g Salt 10g Soy Sauce Paste 3g Mushroom Essence 10g Parsley 10g Red Chili Pepper 20g Garlic 10g Green Onions 3g Peppercorns 5g Sugar 15cc Vinegar 15cc Mirin 20cc Chili Oil Ingredients: 600gTaro 200gIce Cubes 250gWhipped Cream 80gSugar Method: Formosa Kitchen by the Sea 10 Servings 600gWater 250gCoconut Milk 100gTapioca Method: 1. coconut milk. baby cucumber. Peel and slice the taro. vinegar. mince red chili pepper. . Use blender to blend both of these ingredients into powder 5. mirin. garlic.

sugar. Slice each handmade tofu skin into 3 pieces. mix well and set aside. flatten the garlic. leek. Wash garlic and chop green onion into 4 cm length. 6. Soak in ice water and let it drain. ingredient B and side ingredient together and stir for 2 minutes. then soak into ice water for 30 minutes. Then. Wash and slice the pickled vegetable. Wash cilantro thoroughly and slice to 1 cm pieces. Take out and put in braised pork belly. Wash and take out fresh oyster from the shell. pepper powder and sesame oil. green onion. Take out seeds from hot peppers. Then. . green onion and the sliced belly pork and boil on low heat for 1 hour. 10 Servings 10 Steamed Sandwich 50 g Cilantro 10g Peanut powder 6g Lard 50 g Hot pepper 6g Salad oil 10g Shaoxing rice wine Method: 1. 3. Add 1000 cc water into sauce A and boil. Cook pork belly (length20 cm. Then add garlic. and then let it drain. 4. and potato (skin peeled). 5. Mix pork belly. Wash and chop into small pieces the dice chives. and cook in boiling water until cooked. width 7 cm) in boiling water for 50 minutes. Put the oyster roll in the oil and deep fry until the skin turns to golden color. peanut powder. 2. Salad oil (300cc). sugar powder and cilantro. 5. Drain the oil and enjoy with the sauce. Steam the steamed sandwich in steamer basket for 10 minutes. pickled vegetable. stir-fried until brown. Potato Starch Batter: 3g Flour+3g Water Method: 1. and add hot pepper and garlic. Pour lard into the wok. without skin) 150 g Yam 80 g Celery 100 g Green onion 3g Pepper powder 5g Sugar Dipping sauce: Ketchup oil. Then use the batter to stick them together. Deep fried garlic and onion to golden color. wash under running water for 3 hours to eliminate excess salt. 2 fresh oysters and then wrap together with a tofu skin to a 7 cm long roll. Take out and slice the pork belly into 10 pieces (1 cm width) 2. Flatten and mince the garlic. Take some mixture from step 3. 3. 4. Boil oil to 120 degree and turn to low heat. celery (without leaves). and mince the hot pepper and garlic.Formosa Kitchen by the Sea Braised Pork Steamed Sandwich Ingredients: 600 g Pickled vegetable 8g Sugar powder 1000gPork belly 80 g Garlic 8g Sugar 5g Pepper powder 80 g Green Onion 20gSoy sauce Formosa Kitchen by the Sea Taiwanese Style Oyster Roll 10 Servings Ingredients: 4Handmade dried tofu skin 3g Chicken powder 150 g Chives 300 g Oyster 150 g Leek 3g Sesame 80 g Fish paste 80 g Garlic 300 g Pork belly (ground. add the sliced pickled vegetable. fish paste.

Then. add water. 10 Servings Ingredients: Rice 150g Black Rice 150g Glutinous Rice 200g Mushroom Liquid Filling 2 Duck Legs (Confit) 25g Dried Shitake 2 Shallots 3T Soy Sauce Formosa Kitchen by the Sea 1 Small pumpkin 400 g Squid 1 Onion 2g Pepper powder 2g Butter 1 Hsinchu rice noodle 100g Brown Rice 200g Water 1T Duck Fat 2 Heads Garlic 75g Dried Radishes 3T Duck Fat 1/4 t Sesame Oil Rice Procedure: 1) Rinse black rice. Steam for half hour. Wrap rice mixture in bamboo leaf adding shitake and roasted garlic to the center of the wrap. cook the rice noodle in oiling water for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and add ingredients and duck legs to the rice. 8. soy sauce and sesame oil. Peel and slice pumpkin and onion. 3) Drain. Soak the rice noodle into water for 30 minutes. Pour salad oil and butter into a frying pan. Slice squid. add shitakes and sauté.Formosa Kitchen by the Sea Sticky Rice Dumpling Pumpkin Seafood Fried Rice Noodle Ingredients: 400 g Clam 6g Salad oil 2g Chicken powder 2Green onion 2g Salt 2g Soy sauce 5g Sugar Method: 1. 5. 3. Take out half of the cooked ingredient and add in rice noodle. Add 250 cc of water to the pan and add clam and squid to cook for 6 minutes. 4. 9. 7. add shallots and cook until caramelized. 3. stir fry in the onion. Soak mushrooms and dried radishes until tender. drain. then peel. Heat pan on medium heat with duck fat. cover with water and soak overnight. . Place aside until cool enough to handle. Simmer until all the sauce are soaked into the noodle and then put into a plate. Filling Procedure: 1. green onion and pumpkin. Break garlic into cloves and roast at 350F for 30 minutes or until tender. and cut green onion into 3 cm long. mushroom liquid and duck fat and cook in rice cooker. 2) Next day. 2. Using the same pan. add the remaining cooked ingredient onto the plate. Lastly. Add radishes. Saute for 1 minute. Pick meat off duck legs. Remove from pan and reserve. Soak bamboo leaves in hot water until tender and drain 4. add brown and glutinous rice and soak for 1 hour. 6. 2. Wash clam thoroughly. Drain and reserve mushroom soaking liquid for cooking rice.