Cognos connection


1. -------- is a data structure containing imported data from one or more data sources. Ans: A Model 2. ----------creates a package that defines a subset of data that is relevant to an intended group of users. Ans: The data modeler. 3. ----- values that are used to filter data when a report is run. Ans: rompt !. ---------often refers to other entries such as packages" reports" anal#ses" or $ueries. Ans: an entr# %. &n 'ognos 'onnection" an Anal#sis (tudio report is called an. Ans: anal#sis. ). ----------- is a comprehensive report authoring environment. Ans: *eport (tudio. +. -------preview mode lets #ou create or modif# reports without retrieving actual data from the database. Ans: ,uer# (tudio-s. .. -------is an ob/ect in the content store that is contained in a package.

After #ou create a--------" the entr# or /ob runs at the time and date specified. 12. Ans: 1rill-through. 13. 11. Ans: schedule. 0. Ans: Trigger-based 1). 1!. Ans: 3ursting 12. -----is the process of running a report once and then sending the results to recipients" each of whom see onl# a subset of the data. Ans: run histor#.Ans: A drill path. ------scheduling applies onl# to the entr#" not to an# entr# view associated with it. --------definitions support both dimensional and relational used to see the times at which the entries ran and whether the entries ran successfull#. ------. A report output version is also kept each time a report is run according to a -------. 1%. Ans: 'ubes. -----can be used as drill-through targets onl# if the# are set up for drill-through in the Transformer model. Ans: schedule. To schedule an entr# based on an occurrence and confirm trigger-based scheduling" #ou must have .

Ans: grouping. Ans: A metric package 23. Ans: Metric. ------contains the event condition and the associated tasks to perform. application 5reports" models" and so on6 to a different instance of 'ognos.Ans: read" write" e4ecute" and traverse permissions. 22. 21. Ans: A a measurement of performance in ke# areas of a business that compares current results to planned values. A model" called a design model" is created and maintained in -----. . Ans: deployment 22. The process of moving a 'ognos. 10. Ans: 'redentials. -------. ------are created for 'ognos components. --------.contains connection information" reports" and metric management tasks for that application. 1+..describes data ob/ects" structure" and grouping" as well as relationships and securit#. Ans: An agent 1. &n reporting" ------is the action of organi7ing common values of $uer# item together and onl# displa#ing the value once. ----. 2!.

. references.Ans: 8ramework Manager. summar# of #our logon information for the current session. c. server. b.322 Ans: a . 2+. %22 c. 2%. Ans: *eport 2. -----. A mechanism for displa#ing 9eb content as part of a portal page. :avigation through ortal-. none of the above. a. The ma4imum number of characters which are used for a screen tip. -----------.222 d. ersonal tab gives a. Ans: b 20. the details of organi7ation. Ans: the generic term for the ob/ects created b# edited b# . 122 subset of a model" which can be the whole model" to be made available to the 'ognos. d.uer# (tudio" *eport (tudio" and Anal#sis (tudio. the details of web browser. Ans: package 2).

h#sical wa# c. creating shortcut to an entr# c. <ogical wa# b. both the above d. Ans: b 33. &f a propert# is not applicable to the t#pe of entr# #ou are customi7ing" will it appear in the set properties page or not= a6 it will appear . create new output for a report. none of these Ans: a 31. (et polic# is used in a. create entries in a container such as a package or a folder d. none of these Ans: a 32. c.32. *eview the entries and attempt to group them in a a. read and modif# the securit# settings for an entr#. (et polic# is used for a. access permissions b. choosing the language for the entr# name d. delete on entr# b.

Ans. 3 3+. 'an we enable the communication between cognos portlets= e6 #es f6 no Ans. &n cognos architecture" tiers are separated b# k6 gatewa#s l6 network fire walls m6 servers n6 none of the above Ans. A 3%. supports which t#pe of gatewa#s . 9hat is cognos navigator= g6it is a source portlet h6 it is a target portlet i6 not a portlet /6 :one of the above. A 3). 3 3!.b6it will not appear c6 appears but doesn-t work d6:one of the above. 'ognos. Ans.

Ans.o6 '>& p6(ervlet $6Apache-mode r6 All of the above. 1 .