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We and the fascists: (25) fascist
WE AND T HE FASCIST S: (25) FASCIST (“L’Europeo” December 26, 1974, Massimo Fini interviews Pier Paolo Pasolini, subsequently published in the volume “Scritti corsari”) ABST RACT: A collection of documents on the radicals’ libertarian antif ascism: to recognize f ascism means to understand what it has been and above all what it can be. Apparent antif ascism too of ten hides a complicity with those who represented the true continuity with f ascism, the reprise of laws and methods typical of that regime. (” WE AND T HE FASCIST S”, T he radicals’ libertarian antif ascism, edited by Valter Vecellio, pref ace by Giuseppe Rippa - Quaderni Radicali/1, November 1980) T here is today an archeological kind of anti-Fascism which serves as a good pretext f or obtaining a license f or true anti-Fascism. It is an easy kind of anti-Fascism whose target is an archaic Fascism that no longer exists and never will exist again. Let us take as a point of departure Naldini’s recent f ilm “Fascist”. Well then, this f ilm which has posed the problem of the relationship between a leader and a mob has demonstrated that both the leader Mussolini, and that mob are nothing but two archeological f igures. A leader such as he would be absolutely inconceivable today, not just because of the f utility and irrationality of what he says, but because he would simply not f ind any credibility or sphere of action in the modern world. Television would be enough to negate him, to destroy him politically. T he techniques of that leader were ef f ective f rom a platf orm, in an assembly, f aced with a sea of people. It would absolutely not work on a screen. T his is not simply a superf icial, purely technical observation: it is a symbol of the total change in our way of being and communicating with each other. And the same f or the crowd, f or that sea of people. It is enough to lay eyes on those f aces f or a moment to realise that the crowd there no longer exists, that it is dead and buried, that it is ancestral. T his is enough to make us understand that this kind of Fascism cannot come back again. T hat is why a good part of today’s anti-Fascism, or what is called anti-Fascism, is either ingenuous, or stupid, or a pretext in bad f aith. Why f ight or pretend to f ight a buried corpse, an archeological remain that cannot scare anyone? In short, it is an anti-Fascism that is entirely convenient and restf ul. I believe deeply that the true Fascism is what the sociologists have much too good-naturedly called the “consumer society”. T his def inition seems innocuous, purely indicative. Yet the truth is other. If one observes reality well, and if above all one knows how to read the objects, the landscape, the urbanistic structures, and even more, men, one sees that the results of this caref ree consumer society are the results of a dictatorship, real and true Fascism. In Naldini’s f ilm we have seen pictures of young men in unif orm… With a dif f erence, however. In those days when the young men took of f their unif orms and set out f or home, f or their villages and f ields, they again became Italians of f if ty or a hundred years earlier, bef ore Fascism. Fascism, in reality had made f ools, lackeys of them, and it may have also partly convinced them, but it had not seriously touched their true nature, the depth of their souls, their way of being. T his new Fascism on the other hand has prof oundly changed young people, has touched their inner nature, given them other f eelings, other ways of thinking and living, other cultural models. T hey have not been superf icially denatured as in Mussolini’s time when it was a kind of pose, but they have been truly denatured, their souls have been stolen and transf ormed. Which means that this consumer society is a dictatorial society. In short, if the word Fascism ref ers to an overbearing exercise of power, then in the consumer society Fascism has been completely achieved.

an anti-Fascist Socialist leader kidnapped and killed by Fascist squads in 1924. without realising it themselves. the glacial coldness of the crimes committed f rom December 12. then they perpetrated the Brescia and Bologna massacres and blamed the Fascists in the ————————————————————————————————*) Giacomo Matteotti. perhaps a bit novelistic but I believe it is correct. and the Christian Democrats have become. this was the human material which in Germany produced the Nazis. is just as ridiculous as Mussolini. but which has not yet acquired the new ones generated by industrialisation.T he neo-Fascists have played a marginal role. the sense of f reedom regained and of a whole way of being new had made people better af ter the liberation. And it is this very risk that Italy is running. Let’s take the Fascist lead. the Secretary of the neo-Fascist MSI (Movimento Sociale Italiano). but is not yet either the one or the other. In these circumstances the “of f icial” Fascists are nothing but the continuation of archeological Fascism. the nastiness. T here is an enormous mass of people who f ind themselves in a state of f lux. T he people is becoming lower middle class. In Italy too one sees the levelling and the abandonment of the old. the inhumanity. T here was the Matteotti (*) killing. Twenty years of that old Fascism did directed at the wrong target. which was the humus on which Nazi Germany grew. With regard to the f all of Fascism. the violence. T he terrorist attacks were thus all perpetrated by the same people. today’s authentic Fascists. In my opinion Italy is going through a period analogous to what happened in Germany at the dawn of Nazism. at the archeological Fascists rather than at the real power holders. T hat is why I have said that to reduce anti-Fascism to a struggle against those people is a swindle. traditional ————————————————————————————————*) Giorgio Almirante. but the aggressive arrogance. Horrible things like the massacres of Milan. T hen. was all things told a better Fascism than today’s kind. purely and simply. T he real Fascism. several of the men who have been governing us f or thirty years . in a state where values are imponderable. T he plot is this: the men in power. less capacity f or f orgiveness… Only that this hatred . What is a more real danger today are the young Fascists f rom the neo-Nazi f ringe who today only count on a f ew thousand f anatics but who tomorrow could become an army. T he victory and the enthusiasm f or it. I have said and repeat. For me the problem is much more complex. 1969 onwards had never been seen in Italy. T hat is why there is more hatred in the air. peasant values. and I could perhaps even name names without f ear of being very wrong . I think. twenty any case. . regional and characteristic. f irst of all there is a contingent psychological f act. is the consumer society. the renewal of hope. (*) although he may have tried to bring himself up to date. But then there is the other more real f act: the Fascism of that time. true. the same identical persons put into action the anti-Fascist strategy of tension.sometimes in good f aith and other times in perf ectly bad f aith . once the worries about subversion in ‘68 and of an immediate danger f rom the Communists were over. but also very clear. Yes. For me the nucleus of the Nazi army was just this hybrid mass. Brescia and Bologna (*) had never happened in those ————————————————————————————————*) All terrorist bomb attacks on the civilian population. and as such are not to be taken seriously. and there were other victims on both sides. ever create as many victims as today’s Fascism has done. From this point of view Almirante. more scandal. better. I have an idea. of the way things work. First they perpetrated the Piazza Fontana massacre and accused lef t-wing extremists. experienced by the people who were anti-Fascist and who had gone through twenty years of war and the Resistance.f irst were in charge of the strategy of tension against the Communists.

Or a terrorist. Otherwise one will inevitably champion the theory of the “opposing extremisms” or “Stalinism equals Fascism”. I would not call them intolerance exactly. one must recognise prof oundly dif f erent realities. the coldest and most ruthless f orm of intolerance. Both the one and the other are terrorists. most insidious. Because it is intolerance masquerading as tolerance. it is true. according to me. Because it is the true Fascism f rom which then comes the Fascism of manners: useless. Or at least it is not intolerance typical of the consumer society. In reality they are cases of ideological terrorism.hasty and desperate attempt to reconstruct that virginal anti-Fascism that they so badly needed af ter the ref erendum and the ref erendum campaign to continue controlling the power situation as if nothing had happened. But beneath the schemata of these sometimes identical f orms. But this kind of ideological terrorism has only a f ormal relationship to Fascism. I would not say that a lef tist prof essor who. But I have called these episodes of terrorism and not intolerance because. worst. Unf ortunately the lef t are presently living in an atmosphere of terrorism that began in ‘68 and continues until today. because it is not real. With regard to the episodes on intolerance that you have recalled. true intolerance is that of the consumer society. because it can be revoked whenever the power holders f eel the need. . hypocritical and basically welcome to the regime. of permissiveness conceded f rom above. is intolerant. which is the truest. desired by those above. I think he is terrif ied. corrupted by a certain lef tist chauvinism won’t give a diploma to a rightist student.