1) The Metric package content is stored in a)Metric studio b)Metric store c)Metric data d)None 2) A Metric Package contains

a)connection information b)Reports c)Metric Management Application d)All the above ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) We can import the files in metric store using a) cognos connection b) Metric studio c) Both d) None of the abo e 2) !mported data is temporaril" stored in a) Metric store b) Metric studio c) Staging tables d) None #)We can manuall" enter small amounts of data into metric store using user interface a) True b) $alse %)Metric studio has the default choices& a) 'urrenc" b) (eneral c) Percent d) All ))Tab delimited files are used to load the staging tables *hen data is currentl" maintained in spread sheets+ True,false

cmm file -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) What is.-)We can translate the defaults but *e cannot delete them or change the s"mbols that are associated *ith them+ a)True b)$alse .cmv file0 need not to recreate and load the .are the alues monitored in metric studio4 a) actual alue b) target alue 5 tolerance alue c) user defined column 5 actual alue d) all ans& d .) Re/ected tables are added to the tables0so that "ou can fi1 the problem and reload+ a)True b)$alse -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1+ 'ognos2 pro ides a default datasource for tab-delimeted files named installation_directory/deployment/cmm. 2+ The files from *hich can delete ob/ect are a) b) c) d) +cmm3metric t"pe) +cmo3scorecards and metrics) +cml3ob/ect links) +cmp3custom parameters) e) All the above #+ !f metrics are alread" loaded and the changes do not loaded in ol e the metrics 0"ou need onl" to load the .

are used to monitor the same t"pe of metrics throughout an organi7ation+ a) $ranchise model+ b) $unctional Model c) 8alanced Model d) All ans& a #) 9efault permissions of Metric studio are i) run importing and e1porting options in 'ognos 'onnection ii) define data sources iii) create and edit diagrams and documents i ) ha e unrestricted access to all scorecards0 metric t"pes0 and metrics a) i 5 ii b) ii0 iii0 i c) i0 i d) all ans& d %) The rollup *hich describes the more periods+ i) :um of indi idual alues ii) A erage of indi idual alues iii) $irst of indi idual alues i ) :upplied b" client ans& i alues supplied in a +cm file for one or )) 9eri ed metrics use the scores of other metrics to generate a 666666 and a 6666666+ ans& status0 score -) 666666666666666metrics use mathematical operations to generate a alue for actual0 target0 tolerance0 or user-defined columns+ ans& $ormula-based calculated metrics .) 9eri ed metrics are useful for .2) 666666is.

a) tracking the performance of related metrics b) pro iding a numerical assessment of something that cannot be directl" measured c) generating an o erall status and score of multiple metrics d) none e) a0b and c ans& e 2) A 6666666666 is a label that distinguishes t*o metrics of the same metric t"pe on the same scorecard+ ans& .ualifier+ <) The follo*ing actions can be performed on scorecards and metrics+ a) 'op" a scorecard to another scorecard b) Mo e 3cut and paste) a scorecard c) 9elete a scorecard d) 9elete a metric e) all ans&e 1=) !f Metric 9esigner is used to load data from a cube data source0 a report is automaticall" associated *ith each metric that is created+ a)"es b)no ans& a 11) !f a >R? is used0 it is not possible to pro ide parameters that pass metric0 metric t"pe0 scorecard0 and period information from Metric :tudio to other applications+ a) true b)false ans&b 12) A report can be associated *ith *hich of the follo*ing ob/ects& a) scorecards b) metric t"pes c) metrics d) pro/ects e) actions f) all i) a0 b0 d ii) b0 e0 d iii) d0 e0 f i )f .

uare brackets+ a) true b)false ans&a 1)) :"mbol represents 6666666 studio+ a) Metric studio b) Report studio c) Anal"sis studio d) @uer" studio ans& b 1-) :"mbol represents 6666666 studio+ a) Metric studio b) Report studio c) Anal"sis studio d) @uer" studio ans& d 1.ans& i 1#) A report for a scorecard can be inherited b" all the scorecards under it but it is not inherited b" the metric t"pes or metrics that belong to those scorecards+ a) true b)false ans& a 1%) The report parameter name must be closed in s.) :"mbol represents 6666666 studio+ a) Metric studio b) Report studio c) Anal"sis studio d) @uer" studio .

ans& c 1+'an a metric t"pe ha e another metric t"pe a+ true b+ false Ans& b 2+An acceptable range for a result that de iates from a set target a+ Actual Aalue b+ Target Aalue c+ Tolerance Aalue d+ >ser defined 'olumn Ans& c #+The metadata for the metrics package is contained in a+ 'ontent :tore b+ 'ontent namespace c+ Metadata Repositor" d+ :taging namespace Ans& b %+The highest and lo*est le el of a scorecard application are a+ Metric 5 Pro/ect b+ Pro/ect 5 Metric c+ :corecard 5 Metric d+ Pro/ect 5 :corecard Ans& b ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) Metric :tudio is not a Reporting tool a+ True b+ $alse Ans+ a 2) The namespaces in the Metric :tudio model+ a+ 'ontent b+ :taging c+ Metric d+ 8oth 1 5 2 .

is the le el of e1pected performance for the Metric a+ Target b+ Tolerance c+ Actual Ans+ a 1) 66666666666 are the graphic representation of the performance of a Metric in a Metric :tudio a+ 9efault columns b+ Time periods c+ :tatus !ndicator d+ None Ans+ ' 2) A :tatus indicator can appear *ith other alues *hich describes the status of a Metric a+ True b+ $alse Ans+ A #) The direction of change in the performance of a Metric is sho*n b" a+ :tatus indicator b+ Trend indicator c+ 8oth d+ None Ans+ 8 2) A Metric Package contains a) connection information b) Reports .Ans+ d #) The t*o t"pes of reports that the Metric :tudio pro ides to monitor the acti ities in the Metric :tudio application a+ >sage and it report b+ >pdate and it report c+ 8oth a 5 b Ans+ c Ans+ %) --------.

c) Metric Management Application d) All the abo e #) !n *hich phase *e can "ou can specif" business calendar settings a) $irst phase b) :econd Phase c) Third Phase d) None %) 8usiness calendar le el for loading and entering data setting in the metric properties is to match the time le el defined in the ro*s contained in the 66666666666 files+ a) +cm b) +cpf c) +cs d) +css )) The default tolerance for metrics is6666666666target+ a) )B abo e or belo*+ b) 1=B abo e or belo*+ c) 1)Babo e or belo*+ d) 2=Babo e or belo*+ -) Metric studio does not Aalidate666666666 alues against higher thresholds+ a) :ource b) 9efault c) Target d) None .

.) A >ser-defined column or target can be used as the threshold for multiple statuses but then 66666666666666status is not sho*n a) Cigher b) Medium c) ?o*er d) None 2) :cores calculates using thresholds use the same scale as the default score calculation method to produce the 6666666666 same status indicator patterns+ a) 9ifferent b) :ame c) 'ommon d) None .