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OBJECTIVES OF THIS COURSEWORK Develop the practical ability to describe, justify and implement an object oriented system Introduce current technical issues in the field of object oriented programming !""P#


LEARNING OUTCOMES At the end of this course$or%, you should be able to& • • • '(plain object oriented programming concepts and apply them to the modelling of real $orld systems '(plain the object oriented paradigm and utilisation of the offered facilities Demonstrate the ability to develop and derive ne$ class structures and organise them such that they $ill model real $orld systems $ithin computers


TYPE Individual Assignment


ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION )ou are re*uired to choose and develop an object+oriented program from one of the follo$ing scenarios Sc !"#$% 1 AP, music club has a big collection of music from different countries As the collection becomes bigger, a system is re*uired to manage the e(isting collection efficiently monitor the club.s music collection -here are t$o users for the system/ club members, $here they need to login into the system in order to add, remove, edit, search and vie$ the collections, and AP, students able to search to vie$ available music from the club collection -he system $ill be used to %eep a record of the club music collection $here the member able to

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and save and e(it the program -he result $ill be recorded at the end of each game Note: )ou are re*uired to carry out e(tra research on your chosen scenario and document any logical assumptions you made after the research &.se object+oriented concepts in the solution Document your codes by using comments $here necessary .niversity of -echnology and Innovation 1213 .C features .Programming Concepts in C++ Individual Assignment Page 1 of 7 Sc !"#$% 2 Design and develop an object+oriented program that allo$s a player to play against the computer or t$o players to play sna%e and ladder game Players have three options& start a ne$ game. continue from previous game by loading the re*uired data from a meaningful names for identifiers )ou should store all the information that is added and edited in a te(t file or a data file or other form of C++ features and 4".0 GENERAL RE'UIREMENTS -he program you submit should compile $ithout errors using any C++ compiler )ou should comply $ith the follo$ing coding style guidelines& • • • • • . so that the information can be uploaded bac% into the system once activated or saved $hen the system is e(ited 5alidation should be done for each entry from the user in order to avoid logical errors -he implementation code must highlight the use of object oriented programming concepts such as& • • • Classes 6 "bjects Inheritance Polymorphism 0evel 1 Asia Pacific .se indentation .

. on 2.$--$%! of deliverables should be made to the administrative counter on or before .niversity of -echnology and Innovation 1213 .00/.01 J*! 2012 • A softcopy of solution !C plus plus program# and documents submitted in softcopy via CD or D5D  -he completed application must be compiled into an e(ecutable file !8 e(e#  -he program must contain all the relevant source code !8 cpp.0 DELIVERABLES) S*+.Programming Concepts in C++ Individual Assignment Page 3 of 7 Note: )ou are re*uired to demonstrate your system A ma(imum of 12 mar%s $ill be allocated in a situation $here the student failed present his 7 her system at the time allocated (.s name and id  Date Assigned !the date the report $as handed out#  Date Completed !the date the report is due to be handed in# 0evel 1 Asia Pacific .8 h# and data or te(t files !e g 8 dat or 8 t(t# #  Do not compress your source code  A project report • A printed document  project report based on the follo$ing format& A) Cover Page: All reports must be prepared $ith a front cover A protective transparent plastic sheet can be placed in front of the report to protect the front cover -he front cover should be presented $ith the follo$ing details&  9odule  -itle  Inta%e  :tudent.

of 7 B) Contents:  Design of the solution $ith sample implementation codes < at least a use case diagram and a class diagram  Description of object oriented programming concepts applied $ithin the solution $ith sample implementation codes < class 6 object.niversity of -echnology and Innovation 1213 . inheritance and polymorphism  Description of additional concepts of C++ 7 "bject+oriented programming that $as applied in the solution C) Conclusion  A critical evaluation of the $or% done and the lessons learnt in the process D) References  )ou are advised to limit the number of pages of the report to t$enty !12# pages -he font si=e used in the report must be 11pt and the font is -imes 4e$ >oman ?ull source code is not allo$ed to be included in the report -he report must be typed and clearly printed  )ou may source algorithms and information from the Internet or boo%s Proper referencing of the resources should be evident in the document  All references must be made using the @arvard 4aming Convention as sho$n belo$& -he theory $as first propounded in 1A72 !0arsen. but since then has been refuted/ 9 B 0arsen !1AC3# is among those most energetic in their oppositionDDD 788 8 ?ollo$ing source code obtained from !Danang.Programming Concepts in C++ Individual Assignment Page . A ' 1A71#. : 4 1221# 87 int noshapeE1/ 0evel 1 Asia Pacific .

8Available from http&77$$$ codeproject com7bitmap7cbir asp. 0ondon Danang. .u%-li!rar"-resources-general-info. Universit" of Western Englan$. (Accesse$ /t+ #e.s%ills-+arvar $2. Availa!le fro* +tt. -he Code Project.:--'''.stu$".+t*. A ' 1A71. 1221. : 4 . 2003..u'eac.niversity regulations on plagiarism 0evel 1 Asia Pacific . i!rar" #ervices #tu$" #%ills: &o' to reference (online).te*!er 2003). A Guide to the A*uatic :cience 0iterature. and :taffordshire . HAccessed 1.Programming Concepts in C++ Individual Assignment Page F of 7 noshapeEGet:hape!#/  0ist of references at the end of your document or source code must be specified in the follo$ing format& 0arsen. ?inding :imilar Images H" 8:eptember 122JI  ?urther information on other types of citation is available in Petrie. 9cGra$+ @ill. UWE Englan$.niversity of -echnology and Innovation 1213 .0 ACADEMIC INTEGRITY • • )ou are e(pected to maintain the utmost level of academic integrity during the duration of the course Plagiarism is a serious offence and $ill be dealt $ith according to AP.. A.

!0"0$%! 72&89 9apping bet$een the design and implementation ?ile handling 7 other storage concepts 9odule >e*uirements scenario 1: • • • Club members < login. delete and vie$ collection AP.A55%c"0 6 FK FK 1FK scenario 2: Game playing for one or t$o players include validation • Game logic D%c*.!0"0$%! 71089 Ability to ans$er *uestions addressed by the lecturer and $rite 7 modify codes as re*uired during presentation 1FK 12K 0evel 1 Asia Pacific . students < search and vie$ music collection M"#4.0 ASSIGNMENT MARKING CRITERIA -he assignment assessment consists of three components& Implementation !1FK#."!c C#$0 #$" I. add. !0"0$%! 71&89 • Description and justification  Design solution  object oriented programming concepts applied in implementation • "verall documentation content. structure and presentation P# . Documentation !1FK# and Presentation !12K# Details of the division for each component are as follo$s& P #3%#. search./5 .niversity of -echnology and Innovation 1213 . edit.Programming Concepts in C++ Individual Assignment Page J of 7 2.

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