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Areas of application: Key account management and fieldwork Number of users: 40 Installations: Germany In use since: 2001 Interfaces: SAP and Business Intelligence (BI) Solution: update.seven

Spanning sales activities from order entry, visit planning, listing, sales management, key accounts analysis to promotion management, MÄURER + WIRTZ has all the key tools required for success in today’s world of branded products. The foundations for the success of the MÄURER + WIRTZ Dalli-Werke were laid over 160 years ago when Michael Mäurer and his stepson Andreas Wirtz began manufacturing soap in Stolberg, near Aachen in Germany. Today, the company is being run by the fifth generation of the Wirtz family.
ÎÎ Covers all operational requirements ÎÎ Depicts and integrates all distribution channels ÎÎ Integrates seamlessly with SAP ÎÎ Regular updates and further development of update.seven ÎÎ Effortless maintenance and upgrading ÎÎ Maintenance-free interface to SAP

» Our customers are more successful.


Synergy Consultants was the company chosen to carry out the implementation because of their industry-specific experience. Before the solution was rolled out. Head of internal sales at MÄURER & WIRTZ The company’s traditions extend beyond its products and into the realms of CRM. All relevant departments were involved.com “Every single day we benefit from the solution. Employees were trained to use the new system during the annual company conference in December. beauty and 4711 product lines. Satisfied with the outcome. Case Study | MÄURER & WIRTZ . MÄURER + WIRTZ has been an independent subsidiary of the Dalli Group since 1990 and is known in the beauty and fragrance industry for the famous. the fragrance producer exports to 135 countries worldwide and has set the most demanding quality standards ever since it was first established.seven. OTTO KERN. Sales management kept a close eye on the project at all times and all key decisions were made by MÄURER + WIRTZ’s steering committee.” Harald Ripp. These adjustments took very little effort since update already covers many industry-specific processes. Following this milestone. they further customized the solution and integrated it with SAP. Among the top companies in this sector. which was finally replaced in 2001.seven has grown alongside us ever since 2001 and we are looking forward to our next 10 years together.update. Synergy Consultants created a prototype during the specification phase to demonstrate all the key functions. In addition to the prestige brands Strellson and Baldessarini. update. The system was launched without delays. This success stems from laying solid foundations right at the beginning of the project. they gave the green light for implementation. it was tested by pilot users under real life conditions.www. NEW YORKER and Betty Barclay. a decision was made to use update. branded perfumes and beauty care products in its prestige. the portfolio also includes licensed brands from the fashion labels s. This was highly challenging due to time constraints: the system was to be replaced on a 1:1 basis and an interface to SAP implemented by a fixed deadline at the turn of the year. MÄURER + WIRTZ already had a CRM system in 1990. the classic perfume 4711 Original Eau de Cologne and Tabac Original.Oliver. This requirement was fulfilled one hundred percent. The project team had only 6 months for the implementation. After a selection procedure. The requirement was for new software which would help the sales department adapt to changing working conditions in a fast-moving industry and trade environment. The sales department put this Christmas present to good use and went live with the update solution at the beginning of 2001.

management of decorations and quotas were also optimized. Users can effortlessly view information about visits.” Harald Ripp. Klaus Eichhorn is enthusiastic about the advantages of update CRM: “The product offers a lot – even in its standard version – and its no-fuss interfacing capabilities (as seen here with SAP) make it outstandingly suitable for the needs of the brand article industry. director of sales at Mäurer +Wirtz. Head of internal sales at MÄURER & WIRTZ “MÄURER + WIRTZ demonstrate the long term advantages of CRM systems.» Our customers are more successful. The current listing is easilyaccessible at all times. update’s implementation partners in what he sees as a ‘project with an ideal outcome’. a further advantage of this implementation. Case Study | MÄURER & WIRTZ . For example. Plan/ actual comparisons are possible at all times. director of Synergy Consultants. the current status can be accessed at every hierarchy level. order entry. special campaign activities and the current order situation. head of sales management. the employees’ daily workload has been reduced.” Using update to work the market more effectively “The main issue was not replacing an existing system.” according to Reinhard Brill. Analysis tools were by no means left aside: Flexible analysis opportunities on the customer and product level support customer and sales management. Now that cumbersome forms have been dispensed with. visit planning. We wanted the new software to include tools for managing visits and promotions ”We fulfilled almost all our requirements and went live with a stable solution complete with an SAP interface – despite a very tight schedule. and monitoring the extent to which goals are met. Contact management. listing. “We fulfilled almost all our requirements and went live with a stable solution complete with an SAP interface – despite a very tight schedule. Evaluation tools (plan/actual comparison) have also been improved and are available at all levels in the hierarchically structured customer and product data. update CRM gives sales representatives efficient tools for planning and managing visits.” concludes Klaus Eichhorn.” comments a pleased Harald Ripp. The introduction of the update CRM solution with these features led to improved sales control as sales representatives gained access to detailed information about agreements with client companies. leaving them more time to concentrate on the essentials.

: fax: mail: +43 (1) 878 55-0 +43 (1) 878 55-220 info@update.de Interested? If you want to receive further information about our customers. And what constantly drives us forwards in this is not only our will to succeed – but also our love of perfume. We have been a step ahead in the development of the finest fragrances and body care products for over 160 years.: +49 (89) 890213-30 mail: helene.Über MÄURER & WIRTZ The sensual fragrance of a perfume or the refreshing effect of Eau de Cologne – at MÄURER & WIRTZ we make sure that these little luxuries can be enjoyed day by day. just let me know. www.m-w. In no event shall update software AG be liable for the completeness of the information contained in this document.1/November 2012_EN www.com » Our customers are more successful. without any prior notification and may not be reproduced or circulated in any form without the prior written approval of update software AG. Our entire expertise is at their service and we accompany each one of them from creation and product design through to successful marketing – both at home and internationally. Headquarters Operngasse 17-21 A-1040 Vienna Austria update software AG tel.kehren@update. All information contained herein may be changed at any time if required.com copyright 2012 | update software AG All company and product names contained in this document might be protected trademarks of the respective entities. .update. Hélène Kehren Marketing Manager Consumer Goods tel. Creativity in the effects of perfumes together with a sure feeling for trends and markets have made us into the powerful partner we are in 140 markets worldwide.com Case Study MÄURER & WIRTZ Version: 2. Our whole passion is directed to the care of our brands. We know their potential and we make good use of it for our long-term success.