Index of Software Project Management Plan Sr.1 5.3 2.3 5. Tools and Techniques Software Documentation Project Support Functions Work Packages.2 1.Dependencies& Constraints Risk Management Monitoring and Controlling Mechanisms Staffing Plan Technical Process Methods. 1.4 5.4 3.2 4. 1.1 1.2 2.2 5.5 6.2 3.4 3.3 5. 4.5 2.1 4.1 6. Schedule.No.1 2. 2. 3.3 3. 6.4 1.1 3.5 4.3 1. .2 Content Introduction Project Overview Project Deliverables Evolution of SPMP References Definitions and Acronyms Project Organization Process Model Organizational Structure Organizational Boundaries Project Responsibilities Managerial Process Management Objectives & Priorities Assumptions . 5. and Budget Work Packages Dependencies Resource Requirements Budget and Resource Allocation Schedule Additional Components Index Appendices Page No.

There would be features like login. Following are the benefits for using the online portal: 1) Security can be enforced Providing complete restrictions over the database the administrator ensures different means to access the database by providing various authentication rules so that security of data is maintained. The database is aware about reducing or avoiding such functions that are existed. browsing properties. managing properties and managing payment. That means any change made to any two entries than it takes either one of them by applying operations on it automatically. . payment gateway integration. The location of the property can be viewed with the help of Google Map.1 Project Overview It is online portal of the company for buyer and seller who want to invest in real estate businesses. Our system provides the facilities of buying and selling of homes in a very user friendly format. 6. Objective: Develop a software product “Real Estate Portal Using Google Map” for real estate organization intended to automation of Real Estate Company. 1. booking home. 5. The buyer can browse for the property according to his requirement and can also view where exactly the property has been located. User can find exact location on Google Map with different techniques and ways. registration. 3) Redundancy can be reduced All redundancies or duplications created during the existence of data should be eliminated.1. 4) Inconsistency can be avoided to some extent If the redundancy of data is not removed but it is controlled then the DBMS guarantees that the database created is not in consistent state. 2. searching properties. We have adapted PayPal payment gateway for secure payment transactions. finding location on Google Map. 3. use of web services. sending mails. The seller can upload his/her property along with the information of its exact location. 2) Sharing of data Sharing of data means the existing application can share the data from the database in order to operate certain functions. managing customers. 4. There are many advance modules using Google API. The buyer can book the property with the help of PayPal by paying the booking amount.

Client will be responsible for acquiring the recommended hardware and software by the time the product is delivered.2 Project Deliverables Complete source code & user and operations manuals will be delivered 10 weeks after the project commences. . documentation and testing standards. Rob and Mary (software engineers).4 References Refer to our company coding. Project Organization 2.5 Definitions and Acronyms WAD – Waterloo Art Dealers – our client SPMP – software project management plan 2. budget & personnel requirements: Phase Week Requirements Analysis Planning Design Implementation Integration Total # Team 2 2 2 2 3 3 n/a Budget 1.2 Organizational Structure Development team consists of Pat (owner). All changes must be documented in order to keep the SPMP correct and up to date.3 Evolution of the SPMP All changes must be agreed to by Pat before they are implemented. 1.1 Process Model Software life-cycle model to be used is the waterfall model with rapid prototyping. 1. 2.Specification were written by Rob & Mary & verified at meetings with client by Pat Design task will be shared between Rob & Mary while Pat will check overall design Coding will be performed by Rob & Mary. 1.Time. Rob & Mary will test each other’s code while Pat will perform integration testing.

Deadline & budget constraint must be met .Product must conform to hardware .2 Assumptions. Team members will meet at the end of each day to discuss problems and progress. Managerial Process 3. oversee module integration and overall quality of the product and will liaise with the client 3. priority is given to completing the routines needed to buy paintings.Product must be reliable .4 Project Responsibilities Each member is responsible for the quality for the module he/she codes. reports have the lowest priority. 2.4 Monitoring and Controlling Mechanisms 3. Rob and Mary.1 Managerial Objectives and Priorities Overall Objective: to deliver a fault-free product on time and within budget If this cannot be achieved. 3. Dependencies & Constraints 3.3 Organizational Boundaries and Interfaces All work for this project will be performed by Pat.3 Risk Management 3. Formal meetings with client will be held at end of each week to report progress and determine if any changes need to be made.Architecture must be open so that additional modules may be added later .2.2 Assumptions. Dependencies & Constraints .5 Staffing Plan 3.Major changes that will affect milestones or budget will have to be approved by Pat and documented.1 Management Objectives & Priorities 3.Pat will meet weekly with the client to report progress and discuss possible changes and modifications. Rob: code modules to handle bought paintings Mary: code modules to handle sold paintings Pat: handle class definitions and report modules.

Tools & Techniques .specifications documented .Pat will be responsible for all review and auditing .Product must be user friendly 3.Pat is needed for the entire 10 week.Rob & Mary are needed for the entire 10 weeks in development and testing 4. Technical Process 4.Pat will determine whether they are progressing as expected and confirm they are following the specifications and SPMP .At daily meeting.5 Staffing Plan . 3.Object-oriented design will be used .1 Methods.Documentation and coding will be performed in accordance with the company .Source code will be written in C++ and run under UNIX on a personal computer . Tools and Techniques 4.2 Software Documentation 4.Client is assumed to be inexperienced with computers.Slim chance of hardware failure. in which case another machine will be leased. Therefore. for the first 5 weeks only in a managerial capacity and in the second 5 weeks as both manager and programmer .3 Project Support Functions 4. special attention should be paid to the specification phase and communication with the client.Waterfall method with rapid prototyping .4 Monitoring & Controlling Mechanisms .1 Methods. Rob & Mary will present progress and problems . . The product has to be as user-friendly as possible.3 Risk Management Risk factors & tracking mechanisms include: .Any major problems faced by the team will immediately be reported to Pat 3.

Reports listing bought paintings.1 5. Schedule.2 Software Documentation .No phase will be started until the work products of the previous phase have been approved by Pat 5.3 Resource Requirements 5.Methods for each of these classes will be created independently 5.3 Project Support Function .1 Work Packages 5.3 Resource Requirements .3 personal computers running under UNIX with standard UNIX tools 5.Routines are required to store information about bought and sold paintings while assisting the client in arriving at a maximum purchase price and target selling price for each type of painting . sold paintings and fashion trends are required .4 Budget Integration $ 5 070 TOTAL $ 21 125 Implementation $ 7 605 Design $ 3 380 Planning $ 1 690 Analysis $ 1 690 .This will ensure that all the documentation for a particular phase has been completed by the time the next phase is started 4. and Budget 5.Reviews of documentation will be conducted by Pat at the completion of each phase of the process model .Quality assurance will be performed as documented in 2.4 Budget and Resource Allocation 5.Software documentation will follow company standards .As specified in the process model .2 Dependencies .5 Schedule 5.1 Work Packages .Standards 4. Work Packages.2 Dependencies 5.

Specification document approved by client. Additional Components 6. documentation check. Additional Components Security: password will be needed to use the product Training: training will be performed by Pat at time of delivery. determined requirements. inspection of individual modules. Reviewed SPMP. 7 & 8 Design document. Wrote specification document. product testing. Week 2 Met with client. Weeks 4 & 5 Week 3 Produced SPMP. Pat will provide 1 year of support (questions by phone) for the first year of use. A separate contract will be drawn up regarding enhancements. Product Maintenance: Corrective maintenance will be performed by the team at no cost for a period of 12 months. Module testing and documentation.Requirements $ 1 690 Phase Budget 5.2 Appendices 6. Produced rapid prototype.1 Index 6. . Create detailed design document. Client & users approved rapid prototype. Review detailed design document. Week 1 Weeks Task Description 6. Weeks 6.5 Schedule Integration of each module. design review. Weeks 9 & 10 Implementation and inspection of each module.