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E VANGER FAMILY TREE PART " In#enti$e C!APTER " Fri%a&' De#e()er *+ C!APTER * Fri%a&' De#e()er *+ C!APTER , Fri%a&' De#e()er *+-Sat.r%a&' De#e()er *" C!APTER / Mon%a&' De#e()er *,' De#e()er *0

C!APTER 1' De#e()er *0 C!APTER 0' De#e()er *0 C!APTER 2 Fri%a&' , PART * Conse4.en#e Anal&ses C!APTER 5 Fri%a&' ,-S.n%a&' 1 C!APTER 6 Mon%a&' 0-7e%nes%a&' 5 C!APTER "+' 6-Fri%a&' ," C!APTER "" Sat.r%a&' Fe) "' Fe) "5 C!APTER "* 7e%nes%a&' Fe) "6 C!APTER ",' Fe) *+-Fri%a&' Mar#h 2 C!APTER "/ Sat.r%a&' Mar#h 5-Mon%a&' Mar#h "2 PART , Mergers C!APTER "1 Fri%a&' Ma& "0-Sat.r%a&' Ma& ," C!APTER "0 S.n%a&' "' "+

C!APTER "2 7e%nes%a&' ""-Sat.r%a&' "/ C!APTER "5 7e%nes%a&' "5 C!APTER "6' "6-S.n%a&' *6 C!APTER *+' 3.l& "-7e%nes%a&' 3.l& * C!APTER *"' 3.l& ,' 3.l& "+ C!APTER **' 3.l& "+ C!APTER *, Fri%a&' 3.l& "" PART / !ostile Ta8eo$er C!APTER */ Fri%a&' 3.l& ""-Sat.r%a&' 3.l& "* C!APTER *1 Sat.r%a&' 3.l& "*-Mon%a&' 3.l& "/ C!APTER *0' 3.l& "' 3.l& "2 C!APTER *2 Sat.r%a&' 3.l& *0-Mon%a&' 3.l& *5 C!APTER *5' 3.l& *6-Fri%a&' O#to)er */ C!APTER *6 Sat.r%a&' No$e()er "' No$e()er *1

EPILOGUE9 FINAL AUDIT T!URSDAY' NOVEM ER *2TUESDAY' DECEM ER ,+ A NOTE A OUT T!E AUT!OR COPYRIG!T PROLOGUE A Fri%a& in No$e()er It ha::ene% e$er& &ear' was al(ost a; An% this was his eight&< se#on% )irth%a&; 7hen' as' the =lower was %eli$ere%' he too8 o== the wra::ing :a:er an% then :i#8e% .: the tele:hone to #all Dete#ti$e S.:erinten%ent Morell who' when he retire%' ha% (o$e% to La8e Sil>an in Dalarna; The& were not onl& the sa(e age' the& ha% )een )orn on the sa(e %a&?whi#h was so(ething o= an iron& .n%er the #ir#.(stan#es; The ol% :oli#e(an was sitting with his #o==ee' waiting' e@:e#ting the #all; AIt arri$e%;‖ A7hat is it this &earB‖ AI %onCt 8now what 8in% it is; ICll ha$e to get so(eone to tell (e what it is; ItCs white;‖ ANo letter' I s.::ose;‖ the =lower; The =ra(e is the sa(e 8in% as last &ear; One o= those %o<it<&o.rsel= ones;‖ APost(ar8B‖ ASto#8hol(;‖ A!an%writingB‖ ASa(e as alwa&s' all in #a:itals; U:right' neat lettering;‖ 7ith that' the s.)>e#t was e@ha.ste%' an% not another wor% was e@#hange% =or al(ost a (in.te; The retire% :oli#e(an leane% )a#8 in his 8it#hen #hair an% %rew on his :i:e; !e 8new he was no longer e@:e#te% to #o(e .: with a :ith& #o((ent or an& shar: 4.estion whi#h wo.l% she% a new light on the #ase; Those %a&s ha% long sin#e :asse%' an% the e@#hange )etween the two (en see(e% li8e a atta#hing to a (&ster& whi#h no<one else in the whole worl% ha% the least interest in .nra$elling; The Latin na(e was Le:tos:er(.( DM&rta#eaeE r.)inette; It was a :lant a)o.t =o.r in#hes high with s(all' heather<li8e =oliage an% a white =lower with =i$e :etals a)o.t one in#h a#ross; The :lant was nati$e to the A.stralian ).sh an% .:lan%s' where it was to )e =o.n% a(ong t.sso#8s o= grass; There it was #alle% Desert Snow; So(eone at the )otani#al gar%ens in U::sala wo.l% later #on=ir( that it was a :lant sel%o(

#.lti$ate% in Swe%en; The )otanist wrote in her re:ort that it was relate% to the tea tree an% that it was so(eti(es with its (ore #o((on #o.sin Le:tos:er(.( s#o:ari.(' whi#h grew in a).n%an#e in New Fealan%; 7hat %isting.ishe% the(' she :ointe% o.t' was that r.)inette ha% a s(all n.()er o= (i#ros#o:i# :in8 %ots at the ti:s o= the :etals' gi$ing the =lower a =aint :in8ish tinge; R.)inette was altogether an .n:retentio.s =lower; It ha% no 8nown (e%i#inal :ro:erties' an% it #o.l% not in%.#e hall.#inator& e@:erien#es; It was neither e%i)le' nor ha% a .se in the ( o= :lant %&es; On the other han%' the a)original :eo:le o= A.stralia regar%e% as sa#re% the region an% the =lora aro.n% A&ers Ro#8; The )otanist sai% that she hersel= ha% ne$er seen one )e=ore' ).t a=ter #ons.lting her she was to re:ort that atte(:ts ha% )een (a%e to intro%.#e the :lant at a n.rser& in GGte)org' an% that it (ight' o= #o.rse' )e #.lti$ate% )& a(ate.r )otanists; It was to grow in Swe%en ) it thri$e% in a %r& #li(ate an% ha% to re(ain in%oors hal= o= the &ear; It wo.l% not thri$e in #al#areo.s soil an% it ha% to )e watere% =ro( )elow; It nee%e% :a(:ering; The =a#t o= its )eing so rare a =lower o.ght to ha$e (a%e it easier to tra#e the so.r#e o= this :arti#.lar s:e#i(en' ).t in :ra#ti#e it was an i(:ossi)le tas8; There was no registr& to loo8 it .: in' no li#en#es to e@:lore; An&where =ro( a han%=.l to a =ew h.n%re% enth.siasts #o.l% ha$e ha% a##ess to see%s or :lants; An% those #o.l% ha$e #hange% han%s

)etween =rien%s or )een )o.ght )& (ail or%er =ro( an&where in' an&where in the Anti:o%es; .t it was onl& one in the series o= (&sti=&ing =lowers that ea#h &ear arri$e% )& :ost on the =irst %a& o= No$e()er; The& were alwa&s )ea.ti=.l an% =or the (ost :art rare =lowers' alwa&s :resse%' (o.nte% on water<#olo.r :a:er in a si(:le =ra(e (eas.ring si@ in#hes )& ele$en in#hes; The strange stor& o= the =lowers ha% ne$er )een re:orte% in the :ressH onl& a $er& =ew :eo:le 8new o= it; Thirt& &ears ago the reg.lar arri$al o= the =lower was the o)>e#t o= (.#h s#r.tin&?at the National Forensi# La)orator&' a(ong =inger:rint e@:erts' gra:hologists' #ri(inal in$estigators' an% one or two relati$es an% =rien%s o= the re#i:ient; Now the a#tors in the %ra(a were ).t three9 the el%erl& )irth%a& )o&' the retire% :oli#e %ete#ti$e' an% the :erson who ha% :oste% the =lower; The =irst two at least ha% rea#he% s.#h an age that the gro.: o= intereste% :arties wo.l% soon )e =.rther %i(inishe%; The :oli#e(an was a har%ene% $eteran; !e wo.l% ne$er =orget his =irst #ase' in whi#h he ha% ha% to ta8e into #.sto%& a $iolent an% a::allingl& %r.n8 wor8er at an ele#tri#al s.)station )e=ore he others har(; D.ring his #areer he ha% )ro.ght in :oa#hers' wi=e )eaters' #on (en' #ar thie$es' an% %r.n8 %ri$ers; !e ha% %ealt with ).rglars' %r.g %ealers' ra:ists' an% one %erange% )o()er; !e ha% )een in$ol$e% in nine (.r%er or (ansla.ghter #ases; In =i$e o= these the (.r%erer ha% #alle% the :oli#e hi(sel= an%' =.ll o= re(orse' #on=esse% to ha$ing 8ille% his wi=e or )rother or

so(e other relati$e; Two others were sol$e% within a =ew %a&s; Another re4.ire% the assistan#e o= the National Cri(inal Poli#e an% too8 two &ears; The ninth #ase was sol$e% to the :oli#eCs satis=a#tion' whi#h is to sa& that the& 8new who the (.r%erer was' ).t ) the e$i%en#e was so ins.)stantial the :.)li# :rose#.tor %e#i%e% not to :ro#ee% with the #ase; To the %ete#ti$e s.:erinten%entCs %is(a&' the stat.te o= li(itations e$ent.all& :.t an en% to the (atter; .t all in all he #o.l% loo8 )a#8 on an i(:ressi$e #areer; !e was an&thing ).t :lease%; For the %ete#ti$e' the ACase o= the Presse% Flowers‖ ha% )een nagging at hi( =or &ears?his last' .nsol$e%' an% =r.strating #ase; The sit.ation was %o.)l& a)s.r% ) a=ter s:en%ing literall& tho.san%s o= )roo%ing' on %.t& an% o==' he #o.l% not sa& )e&on% %o.)t that a #ri(e ha% in%ee% )een #o((itte%; The two (en 8new that whoe$er ha% (o.nte% the =lowers wo.l% ha$e worn glo$es' that there wo.l% )e no =inger:rints on the =ra(e or the glass; The =ra(e #o.l% ha$e )een )o.ght in #a(era sho:s or stationer& stores the worl% o$er; There was' 4.ite si(:l&' no lea% to =ollow; Most o=ten the :ar#el was :oste% in Sto#8hol(' ).t three ti(es =ro( Lon%on' twi#e =ro( Paris' twi#e =ro( Co:enhagen' on#e =ro( Ma%ri%' on#e =ro( onn' an% on#e =ro( Pensa#ola' Flori%a; The %ete#ti$e s.:erinten%ent ha% ha% to loo8 it .: in an atlas;

A=ter :.tting %own the tele:hone the eight&<two<&ear<ol% )irth%a& )o& sat =or a long ti(e loo8ing at the :rett& ).t (eaningless =lower whose na(e he %i% not &et 8now; Then he loo8e% .: at the wall a)o$e his %es8; There =ort&<three :resse% =lowers in their =ra(es; Fo.r rows o= ten' an% one at the )otto( with =o.r; In the to: row one was (issing =ro( the ninth slot; Desert Snow wo.l% )e n.()er =ort&<=o.r; 7itho.t warning he )egan to wee:; !e s.r:rise% hi(sel= with this s.%%en ).rst o= e(otion a=ter al(ost =ort& &ears; PART " In#enti$e DECEM ER *+-3ANUARY , Eighteen :er#ent o= the wo(en in Swe%en ha$e at one ti(e )een threatene% )& a (an; C!APTER "

Fri%a&' De#e()er *+ The trial was irretrie$a)l& o$erH e$er&thing that #o.l% )e sai% ha% )een sai%' ).t he ha% ne$er %o.)te% that he wo.l% lose; The written $er%i#t was han%e% %own at "+9++ on Fri%a& (orning' an% all that re(aine% was a s.((ing .: =ro( the re:orters waiting in the #orri%or o.tsi%e the %istri#t #o.rt; ACarl‖ Mi8ael lo(8$ist saw the( the %oorwa& an% slowe% his ste:; !e ha% no wish to the $er%i#t' ).t 4.estions were .na$oi%a)le' an% he?o= all :eo:le?8new that the& ha% to )e as8e% an% answere%; This is how it is to )e a #ri(inal' he tho.ght; On the other si%e o= the (i#ro:hone; !e straightene% .: an% trie% to s(ile; The re:orters ga$e hi( =rien%l&' al(ost e()arrasse% greetings; ALetCs seeIA=ton)la%et' E@:ressen' TT wire ser$i#e' TV/' an%I where are &o. =ro(BIah &es' Dagens N&heter; I (.st )e a #ele)rit&'‖ lo(8$ist sai%; AGi$e .s a so.n% )ite' Jalle lo(8$ist;‖ It was a re:orter =ro( one o= the e$ening :a:ers; lo(8$ist' hearing the ni#8na(e' =or#e% hi(sel= as alwa&s not to roll his e&es; On#e' when he was twent&<three an% ha% >.st starte% his =irst s.((er >o) as a >o.rnalist' lo(8$ist ha% #han#e% .:on a gang whi#h ha% :.lle% o== =i$e )an8 ro))eries o$er the :ast two &ears; There was no %o.)t that it was the sa(e gang in e$er& instan#e; Their

tra%e(ar8 was to hol% .: two )an8s at a ti(e with (ilitar& :re#ision; The& wore (as8s =ro( Disne& 7orl%' so ine$ita)l& :oli#e logi# %.))e% the( the Donal% D.#8 Gang; The news:a:ers rena(e% the( the ear Gang' whi#h so.n%e% (ore sinister' (ore a::ro:riate to the =a#t that on two o##asions the& ha% re#8lessl& =ire% warning shots an% threatene% :assers)&; Their si@th o.ting was at a )an8 in KstergGtlan% at the height o= the holi%a& season; A re:orter =ro( the lo#al ra%io station ha::ene% to )e in the )an8 at the ti(e; As soon as the ro))ers were gone he went to a :.)li# tele:hone an% %i#tate% his stor& =or li$e )roa%#ast; lo(8$ist was s:en%ing se$eral %a&s with a girl=rien% at her :arentsC s.((er #a)in near Jatrinehol(; E@a#tl& wh& he (a%e the #onne#tion he #o.l% not e@:lain' e$en to the :oli#e' ).t as he was listening to the news re:ort he re(e()ere% a gro.: o= =o.r (en in a s.((er #a)in a =ew h.n%re% =eet %own the roa%; !e ha% seen the( :la&ing )a%(inton o.t in the &ar%9 =o.r )lon%' athleti# t&:es in shorts with their shirts o==; The& were o)$ )o%&).il%ers' an% there ha% )een so(ething a)o.t the( that ha% (a%e hi( loo8 twi#e ?(a&)e it was ) the ga(e was )eing :la&e% in )laLing s.nshine with what he re#ognise% as intensel& energ&; There ha% )een no goo% reason to s.s:e#t the( o= )eing the )an8 ro))ers' ).t ne$ertheless he ha% gone to a hill o$erloo8ing their #a)in; It see(e% e(:t&; It was a)o.t =ort& (in.tes )e=ore a Vol$o %ro$e .: an% :ar8e% in the &ar%; The & (en got o.t' in a h.rr&' an% were ea#h #arr&ing a

s:orts )ag' so the& (ight ha$e )een %oing nothing (ore than #o(ing )a#8 =ro( a swi(; .t one o= the( ret.rne% to the #ar an% too8 o.t =ro( the )oot so(ething whi#h he h.rrie%l& #o$ere% with his >a#8et; E$en =ro( lo(8$istCs relati$el& %istant o)ser$ation :ost he #o.l% tell that it was a goo% ol% AJ/' the ri=le that ha% )een his #onstant #o(:anion =or the &ear o= his (ilitar& ser$i#e; !e #alle% the :oli#e an% that was the start o= a three<%a& siege o= the #a)in' )lan8et #o$erage )& the (e%ia' with lo(8$ist in a =ront<row seat an% #olle#ting a grati=&ingl& large =ee =ro( an e$ening :a:er; The :oli#e set .: their hea%4.arters in a #ara$an in the gar%en o= the #a)in where lo(8$ist was sta&ing; The =all o= the ear Gang ga$e hi( the star )illing that la.n#he% hi( as a & >o.rnalist; The %ownsi%e o= his #ele)rit& was that the other e$ening news:a:er #o.l% not resist .sing the hea%line AJalle lo(8$ist sol$es the #ase;‖ The tong.e<in<#hee8 stor& was written )& an ol%er =e(ale #ol.(nist an% #ontaine% re=eren#es to the & %ete#ti$e in Astri% Lin%grenCs )oo8s =or #hil%ren; To (a8e (atters worse' the :a:er ha% r.n the stor& with a grain& :hotogra:h o= lo(8$ist with his ( hal= o:en e$en as he raise% an in%e@ =inger to :oint; It (a%e no %i==eren#e that lo(8$ist ha% ne$er in li=e .se% the na(e Carl; Fro( that (o(ent on' to his %is(a&' he was ni#8na(e% Jalle lo(8$ist )& his :eers?an e:ithet e(:lo&e% with ta.nting :ro$o#ation' not .n=rien%l& ).t not reall& =rien%l& either; In s:ite o= his res:e#t =or Astri% Lin%gren?whose )oo8s he lo$e%?he %eteste% the

ni#8na(e; It too8 hi( se$eral &ears an% =ar weightier >o.rnalisti# s.##esses )e=ore the ni#8na(e )egan to =a%e' ).t he still #ringe% i= e$er the na(e was .se% in his hearing; Right now he a#hie$e% a :la#i% s(ile an% sai% to the re:orter =ro( the e$ening :a:er9 AOh #o(e on' thin8 o= so(ething &o.rsel=; Yo. .s.all& %o;‖ !is tone was not .n:leasant; The& all 8new ea#h other' (ore or less' an% lo(8$istCs (ost $i#io.s #riti#s ha% not #o(e that (orning; One o= the >o.rnalists there ha% at one ti(e wor8e% with hi(; An% at a :art& so(e &ears ago he ha% nearl& s.##ee%e% in :i#8ing .: one o= the re:orters?the wo(an =ro( She on TV/; AYo. too8 a real hit in there to%a&'‖ sai% the one =ro( Dagens N&heter' #learl& a & :art<ti(er; A!ow %oes it =eelB ‖ Des:ite the serio.sness o= the sit.ation' neither lo(8$ist nor the ol%er >o.rnalists #o.l% hel: s(iling; !e e@#hange% glan#es with TV/; !ow %oes it =eelB The hal=<witte% s:orts re:orter sho$es his (i#ro:hone in the =a#e o= the reathless Athlete on the =inishing line; AI #an onl& regret that the #o.rt %i% not #o(e to a %i==erent #on#l.sion'‖ he sai% a )it st.==il&; AThree (onths in gaol an% "1+'+++ 8ronor %a(ages; ThatCs :rett& se$ere'‖ sai% She =ro( TV/; AICll s.r$i$e;‖

AAre &o. going to a:ologise to 7ennerstrG(B Sha8e his han%B‖ AI thin8 not;‖ ASo &o. still wo.l% sa& that heCs a #roo8B‖ Dagens N&heter; The #o.rt ha% >.st r.le% that lo(8$ist ha% li)elle% an% %e=a(e% the =inan#ier !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(; The trial was o$er an% he ha% no :lans to a::eal; So what wo.l% ha::en i= he re:eate% his #lai( on the ste:sB lo(8$ist %e#i%e% that he %i% not want to =in% o.t; AI tho.ght I ha% goo% reason to :.)lish the in=or(ation that was in (& :ossession; The #o.rt has r.le% otherwise' an% I (.st a##e:t that the >.%i#ial :ro#ess has ta8en its #o.rse; Those o= .s on the e%itorial sta== will ha$e to the >.%ge(ent )e=ore we %e#i%e what weCre going to %o; I ha$e no (ore to a%%;‖ A .t how %i% &o. #o(e to =orget that >o.rnalists a#t.all& ha$e to )a#8 .: their assertionsB‖ She =ro( TV/; !er e@:ression was ne.tral' ).t lo(8$ist tho.ght he saw a hint o= %isa::ointe% re:.%iation in her e&es; The re:orters on site' a:art =ro( the )o& =ro( Dagens N&heter' were all $eterans in the ).siness; For the( the answer to that 4.estion was )e&on% the #on#ei$a)le; AI ha$e nothing to a%%'‖ he re:eate%' ).t when the others ha% a##e:te% this TV/ stoo% hi( against the %oors to the an% as8e% her 4.estions in =ront o= the #a(era;

She was 8in%er than he %eser$e%' an% there were #lear answers to satis=& all the re:orters still stan%ing )ehin% her; The stor& wo.l% )e in the hea%lines ).t he re(in%e% hi(sel= that the& were not %ealing with the (e%ia e$ent o= the &ear here; The re:orters ha% what the& nee%e% an% hea%e% )a#8 to their res:e#ti$e newsroo(s; !e #onsi%ere% wal8ing' ).t it was a )l.ster& De#e()er %a& an% he was alrea%& #ol% a=ter the inter$iew; As he wal8e% %own the #o.rtroo( ste:s' he saw 7illia( org getting o.t o= his #ar; !e (.st ha$e )een sitting there %.ring the inter$iew; Their e&es (et' an% then org s(ile%; AIt was worth #o(ing %own here >.st to see &o. with that :a:er in &o.r han%;‖ lo(8$ist sai% nothing; org an% lo(8$ist ha% 8nown ea#h other =or =i=teen &ears; The& ha% wor8e% together as #.) re:orters =or the =inan#ial se#tion o= a (orning :a:er; Ma&)e it was a 4.estion o= #he(istr&' ).t the =o.n%ation ha% )een lai% there =or a li=elong en(it&; In lo(8$istCs e&es' org ha% )een a thir%<rate re:orter an% a tro.)leso(e :erson who anno&e% e$er&one aro.n% hi( with #rass >o8es an% (a%e %is:araging re(ar8s a)o.t the (ore e@:erien#e%' ol%er re:orters; !e see(e% to %isli8e the ol%er =e(ale re:orters in :arti#.lar; The& ha% their =irst 4.arrel' then others' an% anon the antagonis( t.rne% :ersonal; O$er the &ears' the& ha% r.n into ea#h other reg.larl&' ).t it was not .ntil the late nineties that the& )e#a(e serio.s ene(ies; lo(8$ist ha% :.)lishe% a )oo8 a)o.t =inan#ial

n%e#i%e% what to %o.str&.t #o(e to )lows.s ass who got (an& o= his =a#ts . It was t&:i#al o= org to %ri$e to the #o. 7hen therea=ter the& (et )& #han#e in a )ar in SG%er the& ha% all ).:si%e %own an% wrote ho(ages to %ot<#o( #o(:anies that were on the )rin8 o= going .n%erneath the :oli#e station.rne% on his heel an% wal8e% awa&. org #a(e a#ross as a :o(:o. si(:l& to sit there an% la.()er o= i%ioti# arti#les written )& org. !e got o== at Fri%he(s:lan' .rnalist Mi8ael lo(8$ist o= the (agaLine Millenni.>o. The& loo8e% at ea#h other =or a long (o(ent )e=ore lo(8$ist t. Finall& he wal8e% o$er to Ja=M Anna' ne@t to the garage entran#e lea%ing .(ent in his han%.i#i%e )o()ing in 3er.rnalis(' an% now he wor8e% in PR?=or a #onsi%era)l& higher salar&?at a =ir( that' to (a8e things worse' was :art o= in%.( was senten#e% this (orning to 6+ %a&s in gaol =or .te a=ter he ha% or%ere% a #a==e latte an% a san%wi#h' the l. !al= a (in. !e was still hol%ing the >.gh at hi(.s )ra8e% to a sto: in =ront o= orgCs #ar an% lo(8$ist ho::e% on to (a8e his es#a:e.rnalis( an% 4.en#e.ote% e@tensi$el& a n. org le=t >o.#tion in%.%ge(ent an% the news that the go$ern(ent ha% a::ointe% a #o((ission to in$estigate the allege% =or(ation o= a new #artel within the #onstr.n#hti(e news #a(e on the ra%io. The n.rtho.()er /+ ).strialist !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(Cs s:here o= in=l. The stor& =ollowe% that o= a s.

r:rise% hi(.s #ase o= li)el' he sai%.nt #ost hi( ten tho. lo(8$ist was also senten#e% to :a& "1+'+++ SEJ in %a(ages.nease washe% o$er hi(. It was onl& now that a :h&si#al .(ent he now hel% in his han%. In an arti#le earlier this &ear that %rew attention to the so<#alle% Minos a==air' lo(8$ist #lai(e% that 7ennerstrG( ha% . An% then there were the the two %a&s o= the trial s. So ea#h #o.rt to =inish %eli)erating an% to #o(e .aggra$ate% li)el o= in%.n%s inten%e% =or in%.t#o(e.: with the %o#.%ge(ent' he =elt a growing hea$iness an% %is#o(=ort in his sto(a#h.t =eeling an&thing in :arti#. In a state(ent' 7ennerstrG(Cs law&er ertil Ca(ner(ar8er sai% that his #lient was satis=ie% with the >.l% ta8e a (ira#le =or hi( to es#a:e #on$i#tion' an% he ha% )e#o(e re#on#ile% to the o.t the reasons =or =in%ing lo(8$ist g. As he rea% the >.trageo.lar' =or the #o.r:risingl& #al(' an% =or ele$en (ore %a&s he waite%' witho.l% not )ring hi(sel= to thin8 a)o.%ge(ent was twent&<si@ :ages long.strial in$est(ent in Polan% =or ar(s %eals. !e #o. As the trial )egan he 8new that it wo.san% 8ronor an% si@ %a&s in gaol.late% too that it (ight ha$e )een worseH the #o. It set o. The >.nts.t all the e@:enses' ).nts o= aggra$ate% li)el o= the ).ilt& on =i=teen #o.siness(an !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(.itte% hi( on se$en other state =. It was an e@#e:tionall& o. .rt ha% a#4.t he #al#.strialist !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(. This s.rt #osts an% his own law&erCs =ee. !e sat thro.%ge(ent.

7ith :r.l% wor8 o. !e :.)lisher.t. A lightweight #ri(e.s owner was in the (i%%le o= (a8ing it li$ea)le ).gh that wo.t (one& into =i@ing .l% )rea8 his heart.t s.( was not a =lagshi: o= the (e%ia worl% with . Not ar(e% ro))er&' (.s?Millenni.: in his (o.ring a :erio% when he ha% a stea%& >o) an% a :rett& goo% salar&' he ha% loo8e% aro.()le% on an atti# =lat o= 2++ s4.nli(ite% reso. !e re>e#te% the original interior %esignerCs s8et#hes an% =inishe% the wor8 hi(sel=.l% har%l& swallow it an% :.n% =or a :er(anent :la#e to li$e.t the >.l% ta8e #are o= the #o.r%er' or ra:e a=ter all.are =eet right at the en% o= ell( got a >o) at a %ot<#o( #o(:an& a)roa%' an% lo(8$ist was a)le to ).%ge(ent was a tri=le' relati$el& s:ea8ing. At the en% o= the go<go eighties' %.tting in a . Fro( a =inan#ial :oint o= $iew' howe$er' it was serio.7hen he too8 a )ite o= his san%wi#h' the )rea% see(e% to swell .gh it wo.l% :a& hi(sel=' altho. !e :on%ere% the wis%o( o= selling his a:art(ent' tho. The :re$io.rt #osts.t instea% o= :. The >.she% his :late asi%e. The %a(ages o= "1+'+++ 8ronor he' he was )oth a writer an% the (agaLineCs :.l% >.%ge(ent %i% not s:ell #atastro:he. !e ran =ro( one a:art(ent showing to another )e=ore he st. The (agaLine a)o.t wi:e o.: the )athroo( an% the 8it#hen area' ).& it ine@:ensi$el&.%ent ).%geting it wo.r#es' the (agaLine )arel& )ro8e e$en?). The :ro)le( was that lo(8$ist was one o= Millenni.t his sa$ings.(Cs :art owners' an% at the sa(e ti(e' i%ioti#all& eno. This was the =irst ti(e that lo(8$ist ha% =a#e% an& #harge. !e #o.

t that he (ight lose the a:art(ent was nothing )esi%e the =a#t that :ro=essionall& he ha% re#ei$e% a real s(a#8 in the nose.s.(:s an% &et he ha% lost to a se(i<gangster in an Ar(ani s.l% ta8e a long ti(e to re:air the %a(age?i= in%ee% it #ir#.n. . For the =oreseea)le =. !e ha% hel% all the tr.t.ssen lo#8s an% a $iew o= Cit& !all. To%a& he )& E( was an o:en li$ing s:a#e' with the )e%roo( area )ehin% a )oo8shel=' an% the %ining area an% the li$ing roo( ne@t to the s(all 8it#hen )ehin% a #o.::ie with a #ele)rit& law&er who sneere% his wa& thro.l% ne$er )e a)le to a==or% s.nter. .:ar4.)lish a stor& . It walls' an% hi% the worst :at#hes )ehin% two water#olo. The res.l% e$er )e =loor an% interior walls to (a8e it into the :lanne% two<roo( a:art(ent' he san%e% the =loor<)oar%s' whitewashe% the ro.t he was ne$er again going to )e a)le to (a8e the slightest (ista8e. !e ha% a gli(:se o= water )& the Sl.l% a##e:t that he ha% =allen $i#ti( to )a% l.(stan#es' ). 7hat h.l% hesitate to :.siness who wo. A %es:i#a)le sto#8<(ar8et s:e#. The a:art(ent ha% two %or(er win%ows an% a ga)le win%ow with a $iew o= the roo=to:s towar%s Ga(la Stan' Sto#8hol(Cs ol%est se#tion' an% the water o= Ri%%ar=>Nr%en.rt (ost was the h. It was a (atter o= tr.(iliation.el ernstone.#h an a:art(ent' an% he )a%l& wante% to hol% on to the whole trial.n%er his )&line. A &.#8 an% .re' e%itors wo. !e still ha% :lent& o= =rien%s in the ).

((er E$e a &ear an% a hal= earlier.a%e% hi( to #o(e as a =i=th #rew (e()er' one who 8new na$igation.ght (. !er sister starte% arg. A=ter the =irst .t sailing.n% Strait at )arel& 6 8nots' ).%& in Sto#8hol(' ha% agree% to the with her )o&=rien%' an% none o= the( showe% the slightest interest in learning the least little thing a)o.tting .i#8l& )e#a(e #lear that lo(8$ist was e@:e#te% to ta8e #harge o= the )oat while the others ga$e hi( well<intentione% ).t with s.t onl& i= her sister an% her sisterCs )o&=rien% #o.: thro. It )egan )& #han#e' all )e#a.s.!ow in Go%Cs na(e ha% things gone so wrongB The 7ennerstrG( a==air ha% starte% o.#h o= the :ro:osal' ).llan%G .n% when :ro(ise% a =ew %a&s o= rela@ation in the ar#hi:elago with goo% =oo% an% :leasant #o(:an&.#h :ro(ise in the #o#8:it o= a thirt&<se$en<=oot MNlar<.l% #o(e too. !e ha% rashl& hire% a S#a(:i =or a =ew %a&s o= ro(anti# sailing in the Sto#8hol( ar#hi:elago. The& ha% saile% the )ea. It 4. Three %a&s )e=ore the& set o== he ha% #alle% in %es:eration an% :ers.+ on Mi%s.rne% into (ore o= a %isaster than he #o.l% ha$e i(agine%.natel& lo(8$istCs ol% #olleag. The girl=rien%' >.l ). These :ro(ises #a(e to na.nt& F.ting a=ter :.r.sias( than e@:erien#e.te =ro( .t not $er& %ra(ati# ro.t the new girl=rien% was instantl& seasi#8.n=ort.rnalist #olleag.: to8en resistan#e' ).ght' an% the e@:e%ition t.t he #a(e aro.e' now a PR =l.n8& at the #o.ti=.e ha% (ore enth.t )asi#all& (eaningless a%$i#e. None o= the trio =ro( !allstaha((ar ha% an& sailing e@:erien#e' an% .st arri$e% =ro( !allstaha((ar to a =or(er >o.n#il' wante% to i(:ress his new girl=rien%. lo(8$ist ha% not tho.

A!i' Ro))an.t a han% =or the :ainter.s ho(e.%%er straight =or the slot an% at the sa(e ti(e rea%& the line =ro( the )ow. At noon the ne@t %a&' earl& eno.e islan% o= Arhol( =inishe% when lo(8$ist noti#e% a &ellow =i)reglass M<.sing onl& its ( that there were still a =ew s:a#es a$aila)le' the& tie% .n% an% ta8e the ).se &o.a%e% hi( to sta&. %onCt s#ra:e the :aint o== all the )oats in the har)o.n#h together an% ha% >.l% >.night in a )a& on OngsG he was rea%& to %o#8 the )oat at F.+ gli%ing into the )a& .+ wo.: on the railing an% hel% o. 7h& %onCt &o.: the engine' lo(8$ist noti#e%. Onl& their %es:erate a::eals :ers.l ta#8 while the hel(s(an loo8e% =or a s:ot at the whar=. lo(8$ist #li()e% . !e stoo% .res4.r. It was onl& as the (an tosse% the :ainter to lo(8$ist that the& re#ognise% ea#h other an% s(ile% in =it. lo(8$ist too s#anne% the s:a#e aro.s.: to the stern o= the S#a(:i' )& now (o$ing $er& slowl&.: in the stern an% :ointe%H the (an in the M<.+ raise% a han% in than8s an% steere% towar%s the whar=.r engine so &o. The )oat (a%e a gra#e=.rse #orre#tion an% gli%e% :er=e#tl& .i%e the r. !e hear% the rattle o= the an#hor #hain an% se#on%s later the (ain #a(e %own' while the s8i::er (o$e% li8e a s#al%e% #at to g. The new arri$al (a%e one last #o. .rB‖ . The& ha% thrown so(e l. The narrow M<. A lone sailor who was not going to )other starting .n% an% saw that the ga: )etween their S#a(:i an% an !<)oat on the star)oar% si%e was the onl& slot le=t.: at the $isitorsC whar= on the :i#t.

Lin%)erg ha% tangle% hair' was tanne% an% ha% a two<wee8<ol% )ear%. So(eti(e that e$ening' a=ter the& ha% gi$en .siness .ite a =ew shots o= a4.& an% his sill& girl=rien% went o== to %an#e aro.#h o= his :ro=essional li=e to e@:osing #orr. lo(8$ist i((e%iatel& =elt in (.%%ies' the =rien%shi: =a%e% a=ter the& ha% gone their se:arate wa&s.n% the the engine i= I #o.ate% =ro( the Sto#8hol( S#hool o= 3o.siness.rnalis( an% %e$ote% (.+' shooting the )reeLe with his ol% s#hool :al.l% onl& get the :ie#e o= #ra: starte%.: the )attle with Arhol(aCs notorio.t ethi#s in the #or:orate worl%.‖ The& shoo8 han%s a#ross the railings. The& ha% (et (a&)e hal= a %oLen ti(es in the :ast twent& &ears' the last one se$en or eight &ears ago.ght there was so(ething =a(iliar a)o.rne% to =rien%l& )anter a)o. I tho. IC% lo$e to . 7hen the PR g.t &o.itoes an% (o$e% %own to the #a)in' an% a=ter 4. Now the& st.A!i' Mi#8e. An eternit& )e=ore' at J.t )& RG%lGga..a$it in the #o#8:it o= the M< .:tion in the )an8ing an% ).((er :ole in =ront o= the general store on the other si%e o= the islan%' he sta&e% )ehin% with his herring an% a4.#h )etter s:irits. Lin%)erg ha% gone =ro( s#hool to the Sto#8hol( S#hool o= E#ono(i#s an% into the )an8ing ). lo(8$ist ha% gra%. As so o=ten ha::ens with s#hool ).ngshol(en s#hool in the se$enties' lo(8$ist an% Ro)ert Lin%)erg ha% )een =rien%s' e$en $er& goo% =rien%s.%ie% ea#h other with interest. It %ie% two %a&s ago o.a$it' the #on$ersation t.s (os4.

!ow (.l% )e strengthene% as well )& =ollowing the Swe%ish (o%el. In theor&' it was an assistan#e :ro>e#t that ). ItCs nothing IC$e e$er loo8e% into. 8now a)o. A7h& %onCt &o.nit& to restr.ntries get )a#8 on their =eet.#h %o &o.siness worl%.t a %oLen )ig Swe%ish =ir(s.te agree(ents %. write a)o.all& #on#e%e% there were one or two i((oral )astar%s in the ).t the AIA :rogra((eB‖ A7ell' it was a sort o= assistan#e :rogra((e in the nineties to hel: in%.worl%.t %own a their e#ono(ies. It was sh.)$entions =or going in an% esta)lishing the(sel$es as :art owners in .::ose% to gi$e the regi(es in the East the o::ort.‖ AThe Agen#& =or In%.t !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(B‖ AI %i%nCt 8now there was an&thing to write a)o.arantees =or a n.l% get state s.:le o= &ears ago.()er o= :ro>e#ts initiate% in agree(ent with the go$ern(ents in Polan% an% the alti#s. Lin%)erg e$ent.s.‖ ADig.ring the nineties.strial Assistan#e was a :ro>e#t that was )a#8e% )& the state an% a%(inistere% )& re:resentati$es o= a)o. !e loo8e% at lo(8$ist with an e@:ression that was s. Dig' =or Go%Cs sa8e. Their tal8 )egan to e@:lore what was ethi#all& satis=a#tor& in #ertain gol%en :ara#h.#t.%%enl& serio.arantor that the wor8ersC (o$e(ent in the East wo. In :ra#ti#e' howe$er' it (eant that Swe%ish #o(:anies wo.t hi(.ilt on the :rin#i:le o= o==ering hel: =or sel=<hel:' an% it was s. The Swe%ish Tra%e Union Con=e%eration' LO' also >oine% in as a g. The AIA o)taine% go$ern(ent g.str& in the =or(er Eastern lo# #o.

ro:ean #o.i:(ent =or a (etals in%. The =.#o(:anies in Eastern (ar8et. .tB‖ A!ol% on' listen to this.rno$ersB An% how a)o. telling (e that S8ans8a %oesnCt %o s:e#.l% )e %istri).: the rest.t it was =ar =ro( an i%eal o:eration. The )an8s an% in%.t their h&steri#al :ro:ert& %eals in Lon%on an% OsloB‖ AS. At least those #o(:anies a#t.()er o= hea$&weights =ro( the )an8ing an% #or:orate worl%.#h (one& are we tal8ing a)o. Not s:e#.t hal= #a(e =ro( go$ern(ent #ontri).str& in Riga' a #e(ent =a#tor& in Tallinn' an% so on.‖ ASo it was ta@ (one&B‖ AA)o.ntries.t &o.all& .stries li8e ASEA rown o$eri an% S8ans8a Constr.#tion an% the li8e.tions' an% the )an8s an% #or:orations :.‖ AAre &o.i#8 sto#8 t.lation =ir(s' in other wor%s. !ea$& in%.str& were #o. The AIA was %ealing :ri(aril& with )ig Swe%ish =ir(s who wante% to get into the Eastern E.te% )& the AIA )oar%' whi#h #onsiste% o= a n.nting on (a8ing a sweet' there are i%iots in e$er& #o(:an& the worl% o$er' ). That go%%a((e% (inister in the Christian :art& was an ar%ent a%$o#ate o= the AIA' whi#h was going to set . 8now what I (ean.t .late awa& hal= a )illion in 4.‖ A!ow (. Otherwise the& %a(n well wo.l%nCt ha$e )othere%.: a :a:er (ill in Jra8ow an% :ro$i%e new e4.lationB 7asnCt it their (anaging %ire#tor who was =ire% a=ter he let so(e o= his )o&s s:e#.n%s wo.

s )illionaires with a #it& ho(e on Stran%$Ngen' a =a).: an in$est(ent #o(:an&. !e #a(e in )& the )a#8 %oor' so to s:ea8.:ro%. Meaning that heCs a g.e' who has no )a#8gro. !e #reate% 7ennerstrG(<gr.t he has a(asse% a #olossal =ort.#e so(ething.lators' an% 7ennerstrG( ha% not (a%e a signi=i#antl& )ig s:lash. !e la#8e% 3an .& who t.rall&' ).: in Norrlan%' where in the se$enties he set .t 7ennerstrG(. .n% whatsoe$er in hea$& in%.nters an% :ro:ert& s:e#.‖ A7here %oes 7ennerstrG( #o(e into the :i#t.: o.nter' nat.siness getting in$ol$e% in these :ro>e#ts.str& an% all that.ght =ro( a )an8r.::en' the 7ennerstrG( Gro.lo.:' when the& set .( on the sto#8 (ar8et an% has in$este% in soli% #o(:anies. !e tra%e% sto#8 an% o:tions an% li8e% to (a8e 4.reB‖ A7ennerstrG( is the >o8er in the :a#8.:t =or(er tennis star. The )a#8)one o= Swe%ish in%.((er $illa on the islan% o= VNr(%G' an% an eight&<two<=oot (otor &a#ht that he )o.‖ As he sat there in the )oat' lo(8$ist =ille% his glass with Rei(ershol(s )ran%& an% leane% )a#8' tr&ing to re(e()er what little he 8new a)o.str&' an% who reall& has no ). orn .s s.: o==i#es in Lon%on an% New Yor8 an% the #o(:an& starte% to get (entione% in the sa(e arti#les as ei>er. !e (a%e (one& an% (o$e% to Sto#8hol(' an% there his #areer too8 o== in the eighties.rns .t the eighties was the %e#a%e o= the )ean #o.t o= the )l.i#8 %eals' an% he e(erge% in the #ele)rit& :ress as one o= Swe%enCs n. On the #ontrar&' he ha% re(aine% so(ething o= a (an in the sha%ows a(ong his :eers. !e was a )ean #o.

t o= it in re(ar8a)l& goo% sha:e.siasti# re:orts %.‖ Lin%)erg ga$e a sl& s(ile )e=ore he =orti=ie% hi(sel= with a =ew (ore si:s o= )ran%&.=a#t. Let (e g.))le ). In "66/' Minos' o.' then silen#e. A7ennerstrG( #onta#te% AIA an% sai% he wante% =.‖ .##ess stor&'‖ as the Finan#ial Ti(es #alle% it. AIA re#ei$e% a =ew enth. 7ennerstrG( reall& %i% set . !e sai% goo%)&e to real estate an% instea% (a%e (assi$e in$est(ents in the =or(er Eastern lo#.ring "66. A7hat ha::ene% a=ter that is a :ie#e o= #lassi# )oo88ee:ing.‖ A7rong.t with si@t& (illion 8ronor.str& =or the ( o= :a#8aging =or =oo%st.t so(ething along those lines.ite' ). AThat was "66*'‖ Lin%)erg sai%. !e :resente% a :lan' see(ingl& )a#8e% )& interests in Polan%' whi#h ai(e% at esta)lishing an in%.: a :a#8aging =a#tor& in Polan%' in LP%L.‖ ANot 4.‖ AA tin<#an in%.n%ing.e' #olla:se%.rst in the nineties an% one (anaging %ire#tor a=ter another was =or#e% to #ash in his gol%en :ara#h.t o= the )l.==s.‖ AThis is starting to get interesting.te' 7ennerstrG(Cs #o(:an& #a(e o.str&' &o. The #o(:an& was #alle% Minos.Sten)e#8Cs =la()o&an#e an% %i% not s:rea% hi(sel= all o$er the ta)loi%s li8e Per#& arne$i8. (ean. AA Swe%ish s. I ha$e no i%ea who he 8new at the AIA' ). 7hen the ).t he wal8e% o.ess9 that was the last an&one saw o= the (one&.

For(all&' AIA was the go$ern(entCs initiati$e' ).t thirt& )illion 8ronor o= the ta@:a&ersC (one&. It was s.s to get in$ol$e% in #harit&. Swe%en ha%nCt &et )een hit )& the interest<rate sho#8.t.en#e o= in%.::ose% to #o(e )a#8 in =. 7hen the :ro>e#t starte% there was no :ro)le( with =inan#ing.lar little #a:italists o$ernight.(: on the )an%wagon an% hel: ).al =a#t the AIA )oar% was o:erating in%e:en%entl&.Lin%)erg :.: onl& a to8en in$est(ent.rn into reg.t his e(:t& glass %own with an e(:hati# s(a#8. E$er& #a:italist wante% to >. :ro=its.str& was so great that in a#t.#lear war was o$er' an% the olshe$i8s wo.#e%' the threat o= re(e()er those %a&s9 e$er&one was so o:ti(isti# when the erlin 7all #a(e %own.nta::e% (ar8ets a=ter China.ire% to the new E. In%. The go$ern(ent was ha::& to :l. AThe :ro)le( with AIA was that there was no real s&ste( in :la#e =or re:orting on the :ro>e#t. The go$ern(ent wante% to nail %own %e(o#ra#& in the East.ssia an% Eastern E.t the in=l.‖ ASo is there a stor& in all thisB‖ A e :atient.str& ha% no :ro)le( >oining han%s with the go$ern(ent' es:e#iall& when the #o(:anies were re4.‖ A elie$e (e' it was a #a:italistCs wet %rea(. Yo.l% t. In all' AIA swallowe% a)o. De(o#ra#& was going to )e intro%.‖ AI %i%nCt 8now that #a:italists were so an@io.g AIA as one .t .ro:e (a& )e the worl%Cs )iggest .

One o= their hen#h(en ha% #on=.‖ AAn% 7ennerstrG( #o. At that ti(e there were #on#erns a)o.‖ .r (illion 8ronor was in$este% in Minos.ll s:ee% ahea%.t that there were too (an& h.: the entire Eastern lo#. In :ra#ti#e their =a#tor& was sh.: in this.t (one& an% it (a8es no %i==eren#e i= the So#ial De(o#rats or the (o%erates a::oint the (inisters.t )& the #o(:etition =ro( a si(ilar Ger(an :ro>e#t.n%er the Conser$ati$e go$ern(entB‖ ADonCt get :oliti#s (i@e% . sai% that he ha% )een gi$en si@t& (illion 8ronor. Then #a(e the =oreign< e@#hange :ro)le(s' an% a=ter that so(e #raL& New De(o#rats? re(e()er the(B?starte% whining that there was a shortage o= o$ersight in what AIA was into. In the s:ring o= "66/ a #o((ission was a::ointe% to in$ AIA with the Swe%ish International De$elo:(ent A.n% =i=t&<=o.str& to )e a)le to =.#e% an e@#ellent re:ort whi#h showe% that aro.t it t. So' =.l%nCt show what the =or.ght it was all so(e %a(n %o<goo%er :ro>e#t li8e the one in TanLania.t se$eral :ro>e#ts' ). !e a%(inistrati$e :ro)le(s in what was le=t o= Polan% =or a (o%ern :a#8aging in%.‖ AAn% this was all . ItCs all a)o.& .n%s ha% )een .o= the )iggest Swe%ish e==orts to :ro(ote %e(o#ra#& in the East. .n#tion.t one o= the =irst to )e in$estigate% was Minos.thorit& an% tho.rne% o.‖ AFar =ro( it.‖ AYo.t o. The Ger(ans were %oing their )est to ).

‖ AYo.Cre a #&ni#.::lie% )illions in ta@ (one&' an% %i:lo(ats to o:en %oors. .tting .AE@a#tl&.t #o(:are% with the hal= )illion that %isa::eare% =ro( S8ans8a or the CEO o= A Cs gol%en . . So that (eans the ta@:a&ers got nothing at all =or :. All he nee%e% to %o was :a& )a#8 the (one& that was lost when Minos went . The loans were s. So the (atter was settle%' legall& at least. The go$ern(ent s.n%er an% 7ennerstrG( #o.nt o= his own (one&.gh 7ennerstrG( =rittere% awa& a little (one& =or AIA.n%er' an% he #o. 7hat ha::ene% to the other si@ (illionB‖ A7hen it )e#a(e #lear that the AIA :ro>e#t was going to )e in$estigate%' 7ennerstrG( sent a #he4. 7ennerstrG( got si@t& (illion' an% in$este% =i=t&< this #orre#tl&.res =ro( whi#h the& later rea:e% $ast :ro=its.t Minos ha% gone . The i%ea' o= #o.::ose% to )e :ai% )a#8 to the state.r (illion o= it.‖ ALet (e see i= I .: the #ash.‖ AIt it to in$est in >oint $ent.s.l% :a& )a#8 :art o= the (one& o$er a n.l% not )e )la(e% =or it.siness as .l% also show that he ha% lost a #orres:on%ing a(o.arantees 8i#8e% in' an% 7ennerstrG( was in%e(ni=ie%. The (one& ser$e% as an interest<=ree loan.n%s as tho.()er o= &ears.‖ AYo. In other wor%s' ). !ere the state g.e =or si@ (illion to AIA =or the %i==eren#e.stries got the (one& an% .rse' was that the #o(:anies wo. In%. sai% that the& were interest<=ree.

t 7ennerstrG(Cs %eals in Polan%B ‖ AI wor8e% at !an%els)an8en in the nineties.te o= (ore than a )illion 8ronor?whi#h reall& .#h to write a)o.(ents were %rawn .)li# =.lators' e$en i= itCs with :. ATo%a&Cs rea%ers are :rett& tire% o= stories a)o.‖ AGet to the :oint.lo.:. 7e loo8e% at in$oi#es an% trans=ers an% all the %o#. The )alan#e o= the (one& ha% )een :ai% )a#8. M& )oss )elie$e% it. 8now all this a)o. Is there (ore to the stor&B ‖ AIt gets )etter.(ents.‖ A7hereCs the hoo8B‖ .t'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.:set :eo:le ?this %oesnCt see( to )e (.‖ A7ell' AIA got their re:ort =ro( 7ennerstrG(.t in#o(:etent s:e#. AIA was satis=ie% with 7ennerstrG(Cs re:ort. Tell (e (ore. It was an in$est(ent that went to hell' ).‖ A .ess who wrote the re:orts =or the )an8Cs re:resentati$e in AIAB‖ AAha.t there was no #riti#is( o= the wa& it ha% )een (anage%. Do#.t' (& %ear lo(8$ist' that is the :oint. AIA )elie$e% it' an% the go$ern(ent ha% nothing to sa&.:ara#h.‖ A!ow %o &o.n%s. That si@ (illion #o(ing )a#8 was $er& #le$er. I )elie$e% it.nte% =or. E$er&thing was ( a##o. G.

t his stor&.rse'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.t IC( &o.t' ). The rest o= the stor&?what I ha$enCt tol% &o.ght there was so(ething %a(ne% o%% a)o. 7rite whate$er the hell &o.rrent ter(inolog& (eans that IC$e )een tol% so(ething in #on=i%en#e an% #anCt write a)o.‖ AOJ' ). sa& so when &o. I was one o= the :eo:le who in$estigate% 7ennerstrG(' an% the whole ti(e I tho.s so. 7hat IC$e tol% &o.?&o. In hin%sight' this was a (ista8e.t Qo== the re#or%C in #.‖ AS#rew the ter(inolog&.t & it.rnalist' this is o== the re#or%. #anCt sit there telling (e all this st. want' ). want.‖ AI #ertainl& #an. Yo.r anon&(o.)li# re#or%. AAn% sin#e &o. #an loo8 .: the re:ort i= &o. #an write a)o.Cre a >o. signe% o== on his re:ortB‖ .t it.AThis is where the stor& gets ti#8lish'‖ Lin%)erg sai%' loo8ing s. Are we agree%B‖ AO= #o.s so. The Minos stor& too8 :la#e (ore than a %e#a%e ago' >.‖ A7h& %i%nCt &o.r#e. so =ar is in the :.Cll ha$e to treat (e as an anon&(o.r#e.r:risingl& so)er.== an% then sa& I #anCt .st a=ter the 7all #a(e %own an% the olshe$i8s starting a#ting li8e %e#ent #a:italists.‖ ACo(e o== it. Yo. AAll right then.

t (& own e(:lo&er' an% I %onCt want to %o that. 7ennerstrG( is :resente% in the (e%ia as a tre(en%o.t so well.t what str.)>e#ts altho.r gro.s.rn o.t Minos' an% not least )e#a. The %o#.t #ertain s.ght he was %a(ne% ignorant a)o.siness' a#t. ItCs his Qtr.B‖ ANo' nothing that o)$io.‖ AM& i(:ression was that the (an was all )l.#8 (e?the lasting an% o$erall i(:ression' as the& sa&? was not :ositi$e. A)o$e all' I reall& %i%nCt #are =or hi( :ersonall&.(ents were all OJ' I ha% onl& to sign the re:ort. (ean.n% (&sel= at the sa(e ta)le as the (a&or.sse% it with (& )oss. .: ha% %inner with so(e in$estors in LP%L' an% I =o. It was (ore thatII %onCt 8now 4. In =a#t' I tho. Prett& )ig ).siness with 7ennerstrG(. !e wasnCt e$en #a:ital.‖ ASoB‖ AA =ew &ears ago I went %own to Polan% on so(e other (atter.larl& )right as a =inan#ier.all&' an% it %i%nCt t.s =inan#ial ora#le. .C‖ AI 8now what & warriors =or a%$isers. 7e )oth (a%e (one& on the %eals. !e thri$es on that. 7e .‖ A!e #heate% &o.ite how to e@:lain it' an% now IC( tal8ing a)o.t the :ro)le( was that there wasnCt an&thing to :in:oint. O. E$er& ti(e IC$e seen 7ennerstrG(Cs na(e in the :ress sin#e then I thin8 a)o.==.AI he ha% so(e reall& shar: & so(e &ears later' in the (i%<nineties' (& )an8 was %oing so(e ).

ilt in the =i=ties.#t. For the hell o= it I %ro$e o.l% s:ea8 a little Ger(an an% %is#o$ere% that one o= his that the Re% Ar(& ha% ).gate% iron storage ).n% a wat#h(an on the :ro:ert& who #o.r in$estors #o.l% (anage' then Swe%en wasnCt long =or this li=e. The& were ol% an% #o(:letel& o)solete.t. I =o.(n o= "66*. Are &o. At =irst there were no (a#hines' so the wor8=or#e s:ent their ti(e #leaning near)&.gal.l%nCt ha$e )een (ore than a =ew tho.ghe% an% sai%?IC( 4. =ollowing (eB‖ AThat (a&or o= LP%L is o)$io. Are & o= getting Polan%Cs e#ono(& on its =eet an% all that' an% so(ehow or other I (entione% the Minos :ro>e#t. There were at (ost =i=teen e(:lo&ees' the (a>orit& o= the( ol% wo(en.t the %i==i#.‖ AMinos o:ene% in the a.sins ha% wor8e% at Minos an% we went o$er to his ho.tal8e% a)o. Their :a& was aro.san% a shar: =ellow' ). The wat#h(an inter:rete%.ite astonishe% =or a (o(ent?as i= he ha% ne$er hear% o= Minos. !e la.oting wor% =or wor%?that i= that was the )est o. The (a&or loo8e% 4. !e tol% (e it was so(e #r. The s#ra: $al.n%re% =i=t& 8ronor a (onth.((& little ). In earl& O#to)er three #ar%)oar% )o@ (a#hines arri$e% =ro( Port. The giant Minos =a#tor& was a ra(<sha#8le str.t<%own Minos =a#tor& in a s(all town o.t to loo8 at the sh.n% one h.‖ AThe ne@t %a& I ha% a (eeting in the (orning' ).e #o.t go on.t the rest o= (& %a& was =ree.siness an% nothing e$er #a(e o= it. A #orr. intereste% in hearing what he ha% to sa&B‖ AI #an har%l& wait.tsi%e o= LP%L.: the :la#e. The (a#hines %i% wor8' .

t the =a#tor& #o.‖ AThis is starting to so.estion o= (. Then the& starte% (a8ing :a:er )ags.rall& there were no s:are :arts' so Minos s. A7hat %i% the& (a8e at MinosB‖ AThro.n%er two (illion. The total rent (.nte% to "1+'+++ SEJ at (ost?an% IC( )eing the whole o:eration ran =or .#h $ol.gho.#tion. A%% =ees =or :er(its' a little tra$elling )a#8 an% =orth?a::arentl& one :erson =ro( Swe%en %i% $isit the site a =ew ti(es.(ent. 7ages (a& ha$e a(o.t %own' an% a while later a !.((er E$e. It loo8s as tho.()ers.‖ AI ran the n. As grown<.==ere% en%less sto::ages.ngarian lorr& a::eare% an% #arrie% o== the (a#hiner&.‖ In the #o. Cost o= (a#hines an% #ost o= =reightIa $an to %eli$er the egg #artonsIIC( g.:s the& . the =ore(an #a(e %own to the =a#tor& an% sai% it was sh. Nat.rse o= the trial lo(8$ist ha% o=ten tho.((er o= "66.n% "1'+++ 8ronor =or two &ears.).#e% si(:le #ar%)oar% )o@es =or washing :ow%ers an% egg #artons an% the li8e.s here.essing *1+'+++.(e o= :ro%.t "66* an% hal= o= "66. .ght o= that Mi%s.t the& 8e:t )rea8ing %own. One %a& in the s.l% ne$er get raw (aterials' so there was ne$er a 4.n% li8e a giganti# in$est(ent. &e<)&e' Minos. the& :ro%.‖ AThis %oesnCt so. As teenagers the& ha% share% the ).r%ens #o((on to that stage in ha$e )een aro.n% li8e a stor&'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. For large :arts o= the e$ening the tone o= the #on$ersation (a%e it =eel as i= the& were )a#8 at s#hool' ha$ing a =rien%l& arg.

lators.were e==e#ti$el& strangers' )& now 4.: is sitting on so(ewhere #lose to two h.ite %i==erent sorts o= :eo:le.lIwell' #li()er in the )an8ing going to as8 wh& a )illionaire he was a s. E$ent.ring their tal8 lo(8$ist ha% tho.( =or so $ast a ris8. A7ennerstrG( is a to: na(e a(ong (ar8et s:e#.t it this wa&9 wh& wo. !e rarel& got %r.s sailing tri: into a :leasant e$ening.l% not re#all what it was that ha% (a%e the( s. !e re(e()ere% Lin%)erg as a reser$e% )o&' in#re%i)l& sh& with girls.n%re% )illion.)le o= swin%ling a tri=ling =i=t& (illion.t 7ennerstrG( serio.#h a )latant swin%leB‖ AIt wasnCt so o)$io.l% he ris8 his own an% his #o(:an&Cs goo% na(e on s.‖ A7ell' :.all& he was listening attenti$el&' an% the logi#al o)>e#tions s.‖ .##ess=. !eCs (a%e hi(sel= a )illion' has he notB‖ AThe 7ennerstrG( Gro.n8' ).sl& a swin%le gi$en that the AIA )oar%' the )an8ers' the go$ern(ent' an% Parlia(entCs a.t that #han#e (eeting ha% trans=or(e% a %isastro.r=a#e%.#h =rien%s at s#hool. Yo. As an the #on$ersation ha% so (.lo.‖ AItCs still a ri%i#.#h an e#ho o= a s#hool)o& tone' he %i% not at =irst ta8e Lin%)ergCs stor& a)o.t a single %issenting $ote. D. An% )e#a.%itors all a::ro$e% 7ennerstrG(Cs s(all s. A7ait a se#on%'‖ he sai%.ght that he reall& #o.all& his :ro=essional instin#ts were aro.l% go to the tro. Gra%.

s t&:es' ).‖ .(n o= "66*B‖ ADo IB I ha% a $aria)le<rate (ortgage on (& a:art(ent when the interest rate shot .st thin89 the 7ennerstrG( Gro.‖ AThose were in%ee% the %a&s'‖ Lin%)erg sai%. An% !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(?li8e e$er& other :la&er in the (ar8et?was wrestling with the sa(e :ro)le(. AI lost a ).siness(en is an ins.rities' o:tions' =oreign e@#hangeI&o.ACertainl&.‖ ACash<=low :ro)le(s.siness(anI‖ ADonCt sa& ). The . re(e()er the to a serio. The #o(:an& ha% )illions tie% . E$er& ).t to %ro: o.n%s' ).nt the& li8e%.t. Do &o.#8 with nineteen :er#ent interest =or a &ear.ation is to .s :ro=ession.: =i$e h.l% no longer )orrow an& a(o. . Call the( what &o.s.: in :a:er o= $ario.: is an in$est(ent #o(:an& that %eals with :ro:ert&' se#.‖ AE@a#tl&.siness(an. An% 7ennerstrG( wasnCt the onl& one.#h #ash.%%en the& #o.t >. li8e' ).t not so (.n%le that &ear (&sel=. 7ennerstrG( #onta#te% AIA in "66* >.n%re% :er#ent in O#to)er. I was st.r wo. All o= a s.nloa% a =ew :ro:erties an% li#8 &o.t o= the (ar8et.t #alling the( ).& real estate.#h a sit.t in "66* no)o%& wante% to ).st as the )otto( was a)o. na(e thing in s.

. The interest alone on si@t& (illion =or three &ears' thatCs 4. She ha% ta8en #harge o= his . !e :ai% )a#8 si@ (il' ).t #at shit.:)ringing an% his e%. S8Rl' )& the wa&.sli( he %i% not ha$e a %ro: o= Ara) )loo%.arish =a#e' a strong >aw' =i$e<oC#lo#8 sha%ow' an% gre&ing te(:les. The real #ost o= Minos %i%nCt #o(e to (ore than two (illion. !is (other was a osnian M.#ation' whi#h (eant that as an a%.(:e% together with that large' heterogeneo.ssia. !is =ather was an Ar(enian 3ew =ro( elor.AAll right' e$er& s:e#.)le% the AIA (one&' or (a&)e grown it ten ti(es o$er.: %e=ine% )& the (e%ia as M.thorities ha% registere% hi(' strangel& eno. !e was o=ten re=erre% to as AThe Ara)'‖' as a Ser).‖ C!APTER * Fri%a&' De#e()er *+ Dragan Ar(ans8& was )orn in Croatia =i=t&<si@ &ears ago.ite a )it.t onl& a=ter three & he was l. The Swe%ish i((igration a.sli( o= Gree8 e@tra#tion.s gro.lator ha% #ash<=low :ro)le(s. De:en%ing on how he in$este% the (one&' he (ight ha$e %o. Then weCre no longer tal8ing a)o. Loo8 at it this wa&9 7ennerstrG( got si@t& (illion 8ronor. !is :ass:ort #on=ir(e% that he was a Swe%ish #itiLen' an% his :ass:ort :hotogra:h showe% a s4.

Un%er his lea%ershi: the =ir( was now the internationall& re#ognise% Milton !e ha% )e#o(e =as#inate% with the$ersit& st.%. Ar(ans8& hire% (at.rit& A ' an% it ha% a #lient list #onsisting o= sho::ing #entres that nee%e% =loorwal8ers an% (.s#.!e loo8e% a little li8e the stereot&:i#al lo#al )oss in an A(eri#an gangster (o$ie' ).rit& ). !e ha% )een :ro(ote% an% :la&e% a 8e& role in the =ir(Cs %e$elo:(ent an% was an e@:ert in =inan#ial =ra.tting<e%ge te#hnolog&.n his #areer as a >. Three %e#a%es later he ha% a%$an#e% to CEO an% COO o= the #o(:an&. It was li8e war ga(es?to i%enti=& threats' %e$elo: #o.: o= a %oLen :eo:le' was )ehin% =etishists' an% (oonlighting .ar% Ser$i#e.nter<strategies' an% all the ti(e sta& one ste: ahea% o= the in%.ste% se#.ll<ti(e e(:lo&ees an% another .strial s:ies' )la#8(ailers an% thie$es.ntant at Milton Se#. Fi=teen &ears later he )e#a(e CEO. Night wat#h(en well :ast their :ri(e' .re e@<:oli#e(en as o:erations #hie=s' :oliti#al s#ientists . It was s(all #o(:are% to Fal#8 or Swe%ish G.t in =a#t he was a talente% =inan#ial %ire#tor who ha% )eg. 7hen Ar(ans8& =irst >oine%' the #o(:an& was #alle% 3ohan Fre%ri8 MiltonCs General Se#.5+ =. !e ha% trans=or(e% Milton Se#.lar g.%ents ha% )een re:la#e% )& :eo:le with real :ro=essional s8ills. !e was a)le to :ro$e who' =ro( a gro.siness.rit& an% ha% in$este% in #.++ =reelan#ers.rit& in the earl& se$enties.rit& =ir(s. The #o(:an& ha% .rit& into one o= Swe%enCs (ost #o(:etent an% tr. It )egan =or hi( when he %is#o$ere% how the swin%ling o= a #lient ha% )een a##o(:lishe% thro.nior #reati$e )oo88ee:ing.

s.rit& sol.te in E.strial es:ionage.rit& ha% a #oo:erati$e arrange(ent with si(ilar =ir(s o= goo% re:.all& to al(ost two )illion.siness. This last (ar8et ha% grown =ort& ti(es o$er in ten & an% the Unite% States.lators' an% %ot<#o( high =l&ers. Pro$i%ing se#.s)an%s or =ro( stal8ers.rit& to an e@#l.rit& #a(eras' ).$ea.siness now a##o.tions to Swe%ish =ir(s a)roa%' es:e#iall& in the Mi%%le East.rglar an% =ire alar(s' ele#troni# lo#8ing (e#hanis(s an% IT s&ste(sH an% :ersonal :rote#tion =or :ri$ate in%i$i%.nte% =or 2+ :er#ent o= the #o(:an&Cs t.(<siLe% #or:orations an% well<to<%o :ri$ate in%i$i%.rit& #ons. Un%er Ar(ans8&' sales ha% in#rease% =ro( a)o.t =ort& (illion SEJ$e gro.rit& .<ri#he ro#8 stars' sto#8<(ar8et s:e#.all& in$ol$e% the installation o= se#. Latel& a new #lient gro.rit& was e4. A :art o= the #o(:an&Cs a#ti$it& was :ro$i%ing )o%&g.nter<(eas. The #o(:an& also han%le% se#. O:erations were %i$i%e% a(ong three (ain areas9 se#.ent wo(en see8ing :rote#tion =ro( =or(er )o&=rien%s or h.rno$er.: o= #lients' :ri(aril& (e%i. & the start o= the nineties' Milton Se#.ssen' in the heart o= Sto#8hol(.i::e% to o==er a new le$el o= se#.s:e#ialising in international terroris(' an% e@:erts in :ersonal :rote#tion an% in%.als? no. This area o= their ).ar% :rote#tion an% se#. In a%%ition' Milton Se#. The #o(:an& (o$e% =ro( Solna to state<o=<the<art o==i#es near Sl.#rati$e ).: ha% arisen9 a==l.ltations' whi#h #onsiste% o= i%enti=&ing #on#ei$a)le or i(agine% threatsH #o.als or #o(:anies.res' whi#h . Most i(:ortantl&' he hire% the )est tele#o((.ni#ations te#hni#ians an% IT e@:erts.rit& was a l.

t withII thin8 (& wi=e is )eing .t not in=re4.#h #ases the :in%ers were an integral :art o= the o:erational a#ti$it&.nwel#o(e t. It was tro.siness #lients wo.n% #he#8s )e=ore hiring' or to in$estigate s.l% lea% to s#an%al an% #reate legal :ro)le(s =or Milton Se#.:ie% onl& a =ew e(:lo&ees was what was #alle% PI or P<In' in internal >argon :in%ers' whi#h stoo% =or :ersonal in$estigations.entl& his ).=or (an& international $isitors to Swe%en' in#l.t on their own.s:i#ions that so(e e(:lo&ee ha% lea8e% #o(:an& in=or(ation or engage% in #ri(inal a#ti$it&.l% %rag in :ri$ate :ro)le(s that ha% a ten%en#& to #reate .t with an& #ree: she wante% to' an% he tho.ent wal8s near the hotel.r(oil.s)an%s an% wi$es' she ha% the right to go o. Ar(ans8& was not altogether ena(o. 7hi#h was wh& Dragan .t greater %e(an%s on the e(:lo&eesC >. A a##o(:an& her whene$er she too8 her in=re4. I= the o= this :art o= their ).s warrante% ha$ing )o%&g.ghter is going o.rit&. !er agent =elt that her stat.siness.rth' #onsi%era)l& s(aller area that o##. !i%%en in all s.lIThe g. .)leso(e an% less l.ght in=i%elit& was so(ething that h.ghter was an a%.n=aith=.ght to wor8 o.iries were tra:s that #o.r$eillan#e a::arat.%ge(ent an% e@:erien#e than on their 8nowle%ge o= tele#o((. Personal in$estigations were a##e:ta)le when it was a (atter o= #re%it in=or(ation' )a#8gro. In s.#h in4.s.#rati$e.%ing an A(eri#an a#tress who was shooting a =il( =or two (onths in TrollhNttan.: with )a% #o(:an&IIC( )eing )la#8(aile%I Ar(ans8& o=ten ga$e the( a straight=orwar% no.& is OJ ).t heCs (i@e% . It :. I want to 8now what sort o= #ree: (& te#hnolog& or the installation o= s.

A)o$e all' she ha% the a)ilit& to get .ni4.e gi=t. D. In Ar(ans8&Cs e&es' Salan%er was )e&on% %o. .()le% a >o) or t. !e tho.san%th ti(e that no)o%& see(e% (ore o.ise (issile.rne% in a single (e%io#re re:ort.t.)t the (ost a)le in$estigator he ha% (et in all his &ears in the ).e was.s se#.ring the =o.rit& =ir( than she %i%.:' she wo.t o= :la#e in a :restigio.t Salan%er ha% i(agination' an% she alwa&s #a(e )a#8 with so(ething %i==erent =ro( what he e@:e#te%. Ar(ans8& was #on$in#e% that she :ossesse% a .#h a :ersonal in$ was )oth wise an% irrational. On the #ontrar&' her re:orts were in a #lass )& the(sel$es.g .t #re%it in=or(ation or r. !is (istr. So(eti(es he tho. The (orningCs to:i# was >. !e glan#e% s. She 8new the ).nior.r &ears she ha% wor8e% =or hi( she ha% ne$er on#e =.siness.l% =in% o. !ow she %i% it' he ha% ne$er . .sers )e=ore he leane% )a#8 in his #o(=orta)le #hair. An&)o%& #o.rea. I= there was an& %irt to )e %. Ar(ans8& straightene% the #rease in his tro.ght that her a)ilit& to gather in=or(ation was sheer ( s.l% ho(e in on it li8e a #r.n a #he#8 with :oli#e at his #olleag.e Lis)eth Salan%er' who was thirt&<two &ears his >.n%erstoo%.n%er the s8in o= the :erson she was in$estigating.ght =or the tho.Ar(ans8& 8e:t a #lose wat#h on these assign(ents' in s:ite o= how (o%est the re$en.#rati# ar#hi$es insi%e o. So(ehow she ha% alwa&s ha% this gi=t.

The re:ort was' as alwa&s' al(ost s#ienti=i#all& :re#ise' with =ootnotes' 4. The =irst =ew :ages ga$e the s.otations' an% so.sti$e a::en%i@' in#l.n%' e%. She re=erre% to %o#. No' witho. The :i#t.tine #he#8 on a resear#her in the :har(a#e.ntil :age */ %i% Salan%er %ro: the )o()shell a)o.t it %ragge% on =or a while.str& )e=ore a #or:orate ).te in Tallinn' an% there were in%i#ations that he ha% an .st as Ar(ans8& was a)o.l% ne$er =orget the ti(e he assigne% her to %o a ro.(entation in an e@ha.l% )e a #atastro:he =or the in%i$i%.ght se@ =ro( a thirteen<&ear<ol% #hil% :rostit.%ing :hotogra:hs o= the thirteen<&ear<ol% girl in the #o(:an& o= the tone she .r#e re=eren#es.ghter o= the wo(an with who( he was #.#ation' #areer' an% =inan#ial sit. Not . A=ter =o.)>e#tCs )a#8gro.estion was a :ae%o:hile. On two o##asions he ha% )o.(enting that the s. Salan%er ha% ha)its that so(eti(es %ro$e Ar(ans8& to the e%ge o= to re:ort that he li$e% in Sollent. Ar(ans8& wo.ti#al in%.&o. !e rea% it onl& late that e$ening' as he was rela@ing o$er a )ottle o= wine in =ront o= the TV with his wi=e in their $illa on Li%ingG.e Vol$ an% %ro$e a %ar8 ) who lan%e% in her ra%ar.nhealth& interest in the %a.ation.t the tri:s to Tallinn' in the sa(e %r&<as<%.t.res ha% .le% to ta8e a wee8' ).)>e#t.rrentl& li$ing.t in%i#ating )& a single wor% that the re:ort (ight #ontain e@:losi$e (aterial' she lai% it on his %es8 one e$ening' >.r wee8sC silen#e an% se$eral re(in%ers' whi#h she ignore%' Salan%er #a(e )a#8 with a re:ort %o#. In the #ase o= the :ae%o:hile' she %i% not :i#8 .)>e#t in 4.t to lea$e =or the %a&.!er re:orts #o.: the tele:hone an% #all Ar(ans8& or #o(e into his o==i#e wanting to tal8 to hi(. The >o) was s#he%.

n%er the girlCs sweater. She loo8e% as tho. Then he #alle% in the #lient =or a so()re e(ergen#& (eeting. On those o##asions when she ha% )een wearing a tan8 to:' Ar(ans8& also saw that she ha% a %ragon tattoo on her le=t sho. Salan%er ha% tra#8e% %own the girl in 4. She ha% a was: tattoo a)o. The re:ort ha% #reate% :re#isel& the #haos that Ar(ans8& ha% wante% to a$oi%. Ar(ans8&Cs star resear#her was a :ale' anore@i# &o.)een ta8en in a hotel #orri%or in Tallinn' an% the (an ha% his han% .se' an% a :ier#e% nose an% e&e)rows.estion an% she ha% :ro$i%e% her a##o.rit& ris8e% )eing %rawn into a tangle% we).t as well as a ).re a)o.t she %&e% her hair ra$en )la#8.==alo at a )oat show. I= Salan%erCs e$i%en#e e(erge% =ro( a wee8<long org& with a gang o= har% First he ha% to swallow a =ew . She was a nat.n% her le=t an8le.l% not )e s.t an in#h long on her ne#8' a tattooe% loo: aro. This (eant that Milton Se#. MiltonCs i(age was one o= #onser$ati$e sta)ilit&.:set hi(.ral re%hea%' ). !owe$er' it was not Lis)eth Salan%erCs astonishing la#8 o= e(otional in$ol$e(ent that (ost .n% the )i#e:s o= her le=t ar( an% another she ha% >. It was a night(are.itte%' the #o(:an& (ight ris8 a li)el s. . Finall&?o$er the #lientCs =ier#e o)>e#tions?he was =or#e% to re=er the (aterial to the :oli#e.l%er )la%e.l#er ta)lets :res#ri)e% )& his %o#tor.nt on ta:e.)stantiate% or the (an was wo(an who ha% hair as short as a =. Salan%er =itte% into this :i#t.

It was ine@:li#a)le. She was not the sort o= wo(an with who( he wo. So(eti(es she wore )la#8 li:sti#8' an% in s:ite o= the tattoos an% the :ier#e% nose an% e&e)rows she wasIwellIattra#ti$e.t she so(eti(es loo8e% o= that.l% ha$e :.: her =a#e #o.l% ha$e (a%e a #areer in (o%elling i(:ossi)le' ).%ge(ent.i#8<witte% girl with Aa rather tr&ing attit.n8 =oo%.)le% 8i%s an% other so#ial (is=its' ). MiltonCs :ersonal a==airs' ha% tol% Ar(ans8& that this Lis)eth Salan%er was a 4. She ha% si(:l& )een )orn thin' with slen%er )ones that (a%e her loo8 girlish an% =ine<li()e% with s(all han%s' narrow wrists' an% #hil%li8e )reasts. F.r' ).i#8 an% s:i%er&' an% when she was wor8ing at the #o(:. The =a#t that Salan%er wor8e% =or Dragan Ar(ans8& at all was astonishing.rage(ent to re%o.t he %i% ha$e goo% >.(e e$er& 8in% o= >.th' a s(all nose' an% high #hee8)ones that ga$e her an al(ost Asian loo8. She ha% )een hire% as a >ill<o=<all<tra%es. .%e.t with the right (a8e<.She %i% not in =a#t ha$e an eating %isor%er' Ar(ans8& was s.t her on an& )ill)oar% in the worl%. She ha% a wi%e (o.‖ Pal(gren ha% a::eale% to hi( to gi$e her a #han#e' whi#h Ar(ans8& ha%' against his )etter >. She was twent&<=o.l% nor(all& #o(e into #onta#t. !er e@tre(e slen%erness wo. !er (o$e(ents were 4. On the #ontrar&' she see(e% to #ons.%ge(ent' :ro(ise% to %o.l% onl& ta8e Ano‖ as an en#o. !olger Pal(gren' a se(i< retire% law&er who loo8e% a=ter ol% 3.rteen. Ar(ans8& 8new that Pal(gren %e$ote% hi(sel= to tro.ter her =ingers =lew o$er the 8e&s.)le his e==orts' so it was easier to sa& A&es‖ right awa&. Pal(gren was the t&:e o= (an who wo.

st nor =rien%shi:' an% she 4.!e ha% regrette% his %e#ision to hire the girl the (o(ent he (et her.t to tell her that it wo.: at the o==i#e now an% want an o==i#e ser= &o. A=ter a (onth o= nothing ). She was generall& #onsi%ere% a ho:eless #ase. AYo. I #an han%le an&thing an% an&one .es who trie% to tal8 to her sel%o( got a res:onse an% soon ga$e .lt. She %i% not ha$e the Aright attit.t o)>e#tion an% witho. She ha% %ro::e% o.t e$en raising an e&e) his e&es she was the $er& o= her s8ills.%e en#o.:t hi(.)le' Ar(ans8& sent =or her' =. On the other han%' she ha% a talent =or irritating the other e(:lo&ees. !er attit.%e'‖ he #on#l. She listene% to his #atalog.ll& inten%ing to let her go.#ation. Onl& then %i% she interr. She t.%e%' an% was a)o.t o= s#hool an% ha% no sort o= higher e%.tines were anathe(a to her.t tro. >. She %i% not >.t #on$entional o==i#e ho.rne% . Colleag. She ne$er tal8e% a)o. She )e#a(e 8nown as Athe girl with two )rain #ells‖?one =or )reathing an% one =or stan%ing .ll ti(e' well' al(ost =.:.i#8l& )e#a(e an o.l% (a8e )etter . 8now' i= &o.ll ti(e.t hersel=. #an get one =ro( the te(: agen#&.st see( %i==i#. She (a%e #o==ee' went to the :ost o==i#e' an% too8 #are o= the #o:&ing' ).l% :ro)a)l& )e a goo% i%ea i= she loo8e% =or e(:lo&(ent with another =ir( that #o. The =irst =ew (onths she ha% wor8e% =.e o= her o==en#es witho.tsi%er wan%ering the #orri%ors o= Milton li8e a stra& #at.rage% neither tr.intessen#e o= or wor8 ro.

the #o()ination to his %o#.r %ire#ti$e heCs s.t that &.()er o= short#o(ings.::ie the&Cre thin8ing o= re#r. I #o:ie% the :ie#e o= #ra: =or hi( last night' an% I see itCs l&ing on &o.(ent sa=eB‖ Ar(ans8& was aghast.n% his :re$io.t he #h. ha$e a (an here who s:ent three wee8s writing a #o(:letel& .‖ ADi% he gi$e &o.‖ Ar(ans8&Cs e&es went to the re:ort' an% =or a #hange he raise% his $oi#e.‖ AA::arentl& not' ).‖ Ar(ans8& sat there' st. I :. A##or%ing to &o.::ose% to rea% #on=i%ential re:orts.r %es8 now.n%erneath his )lotter along with the :asswor% to his .&o. %i% whatB‖ ACal( %own.#h things hi(sel=' ).tines in &o.n:ert.iting =or that %ot<#o( #o(:an&.s re:ort in the #anteen. AYo.#8e% the re:ort at (e )e=ore he le=t =or the )ar &ester%a&. want' an% i= &o.Cre an =or (e than sorting :ost' then &o.Cre not s.nne% an% angr&' an% she went on .r =ir( ha$e a n.seless re:ort a)o.rit& ro. ANot e@a#tl&H he wrote it on a :ie#e o= :a:er he 8e:t .t it in his in<)o@. %onCt ha$e an& )etter . AYo. An% )& the wa&' I =o.t the se#.r)e%.::ose% to #o:& s.‖ AYo.

( #leaner. Ar(ans8& was )ewil%ere% an% also angr& with hi(sel= =or ha$ing so o)$ &. !e ha% ta8en her =or st.age' an% =ille% with so.ter.t' written in #lear lang. .ate #o.‖ Ar(ans8& sat =or a #o.‖ Three %a&s later she %eli$ere% a re:ort whi#h' with e4.twar%l& :leasant &o.:i%' (a&)e e$en retar%e%.#o(:.Cre =ire%.tes t.l% write a re:ort so gra((ati#all& #orre#t.nrelia)le )astar%.r#e re=eren#es' trans=or(e% the o.rate.t the :oint is that & (is>.r >o8e o= a :ri$ate %ete#ti$e has %one a worthless :ersonal in$estigation. E$en )e=ore he )egan he 8new that her in=or(ation wo.‖ A!ow (. Or that his girl=rien% ha% to see8 hel: =ro( the wo(enCs #risis #entre a=ter he )eat the shit o. !e (isse% the =a#t that the g.:le o= (in.)>e#tCs =rien%s an% a#4.t so (an& #lasses in s#hool that she %i% not gra%.::ie into an . I= &o. #anCt :ro$e &o. Ar(ans8& rea% her re:ort o$er the wee8en%' se$eral ti(es' an% s:ent :art o= Mon%a& %oing a hal=<hearte% %o.t o= her.rning the :ages o= the re:ort..#h ti(e ha$e I gotB‖ AThree %a&s.& has ol% ga()ling %e)ts an% snorts #o#aine li8e a $a#. !e ha% not e@:e#te% that a girl who ha% #.l% :ro$e to )e a##.sti$e so.)le<#he#8 o= so(e o= her assertions.%ge% her. It . Finall& he raise% his e&es an% sai% two wor%s9 APro$e it. It was #o(:etentl& set o.r allegations )& Fri%a& a=ternoon &o.r#e re=eren#es as well as state(ents =ro( the s.all& e@ha.

#h along these lines o$er the :ast =ew %e#a%es.#h =a#ts.‖ !e tho.llen =a#a%e there was an .r)e% hi(? ). !e =o.ite si(:l& #o. !e tho.r:rise he )egan to li8e her.:)ringing' whi#h ha% her wor8 (etho%s' either with hi( or with an&one else.ght a)o. Instea% o= gi$ing Salan%er the )oot' he s.e sin#e he was a teenager' ).t his own M.#h to his s. !e ha% not %one (.gh =or hi( to resist the te(:tation to test her.t (.((one% her =or a (eeting in whi#h he trie% to wor8 o. This %ist.s.rning her so.t he also %is#o$ere% that )ehin% her s.rit& wo.ire% s.ght hi( that it was his %.rse he %i% not )elie$e in Go% an% ha% not )een in a (os4.==ere% =ro( so(e serio.l% ha$e a#4.rnal o= a %o#tor at a wo(enCs #risis #entre.r#es. !is i(:ression was #on=ir(e% that she s.t& to Go% to hel: the o.te hel:. 7hen he as8e% her how she ha% (anage% that' she tol% hi( that she ha% no intention o= ).al girl ti#8.t he re#ognise% Lis)eth Salan%er as a :erson in nee% o= resol.also #ontaine% %etaile% o)ser$ations an% in=or(ation' an% he 4. .l% not #o(:rehen% how she #o.n% her :ri#8l& an% ir8so(e' ).s e(otional :ro)le(' ). !e #o.t the (atter =or se$eral %a&s. It )e#a(e #lear that Salan%er was not going to %is#.t not eno.ght a)o.sli( . !e re#alle% !olger Pal(grenCs sa&ing when he ha% sent her to hi(' AE$er&one %eser$es a #han#e. O= #o.l% ha$e li=te% e@#er:ts =ro( the #on=i%ential >o.n.l% not i(agine that an&one else at Milton Se#.t#asts.t what (a%e the %i==i#.

st as she saw =it. An% )esi%es' he ha% )een (arrie% =or twent& &ears to a Finnish wo(an na(e% Rit$a who still (ore than satis=ie% these re4.l% listen :atientl& an% then set o== to #arr& o. The& sat together all a=ternoon . .n%er nor(al' he too8 her on as a s(all so#ial :ro>e#t.n=aith=.all& attra#te% to were )lon%e an% #.t he ha% a h. This :.r$a#eo.l% not )e s.l% not ha$e :.l% si(:l& shr.rse in IT s#ien#e. She was li8e a nagging it#h' re:ellent an% at the sa(e ti(e te(:ting.l%ers an% )e gone.ters than (ost o= the sta==.s' with =.n%erstan%ing o= #o(:. In tr. It was not a se@.(stan#es he wo.lti(at. !e ga$e her straight=orwar% resear#h tas8s an% trie% to gi$e her g.i%elines on how to :ro#ee%.l% ha$e %e(an%e% that she #hange or go. The wo(en he was .ntil he re:orte% )a#8 that she see(e% to ha$e a )etter .g her o= his own =eelings =or the &o. .l' wellIso(ething (a& ha$e ha::ene% >.lt attra#tion' at least he %i% not thin8 so.n#h that i= he ga$e Salan%er an .( or threatene% to =ire her she wo. She wo.ll li:s that aro.: with an& other e(:lo&ee #o(ing an% going at will' an% .t .ssions' o==ers o= in<ho.n%erstoo% i= she ha% .t the assign(ent >.se% his =antasies.t %es:ite %e$elo:(ent %is#. !e ha% ne$er )een .s :ro)le( was that he #o.O$er the =ollowing (onths Ar(ans8& too8 Salan%er .t Ar(ans8& in a %i==i#.s.n%er his on#e' an% his wi=e (ight ha$e (is. !e as8e% MiltonCs te#hni#al %ire#tor to gi$e her a )asi# #o.ire(ents.tines. A (ore serio. !e wo( training' an% other =or(s o= enti#e(ent' it was e$i%ent that Salan%er ha% no intention o= a%a:ting to MiltonCs o==i#e ro.

naware that he was there. On one o##asion Ar(ans8& was sitting at a #a=M on Stortorget in Ga(la Stan when Salan%er #a(e sa.#h the sa(e wa&.st as well ha$e =allen in lo$e with a :ainting o= a n&(:h or a Gree8 a(:hora.t it.t >eans' an% a leather >a#8et #o$ere% with gra==iti an% ri$ . !e =elt strangel& %ist.ght hi(sel= ha$ing ina::ro:riate %a&%rea(s a)o. .t Lis)eth Salan%er' an% he re#ognise% that he was not #o(:letel& . Ar(ans8& won%ere% how she wo.r:le hair.t the (arriage was ha::& an% he ha% two he #o. That was not his st&le.rn aro.t she ha% a#t.ghters o= Salan%erCs age. She :ro)a)l& wo. In an& #ase' he was not intereste% in =lat<#heste% girls who (ight )e (ista8en =or s8inn& )o&s at a %istan#e. Ar(ans8& ha% wat#he% her with interest.l% rea#t i= one %a& he #a(e to wor8 with green hair' worn<o. She ha% )een sitting with her )a#8 to hi( an% %i% not t.: an% sat at a ta)le a short %istan#e awa&.: .all& al(ost s(ile% at a stor& tol% )& one o= her #o(:anions' a girl with to hi(. .ntering .r)e% )& her :resen#e.n% on#e' o)$io. !e (ight >. She see(e% to )e >.8nown a)o.ght' was that Salan%er was a =oreign #reat. E$en so' he ha% #a.l% >. She was with three girls an% a )o&' all %resse% in (.na==e#te% )& as reser$e% as she was at wor8' ). 7hen at last he got .t the attra#tion' Ar(ans8& tho. Salan%er re:resente% a li=e that was not real =or hi(' that =as#inate% hi( tho.l% not share it?an% in an& #ase she =or)a%e hi( =ro( sharing s(ir8 at hi(.

To =or#e his wa& into her shell an% win her =rien%shi:' or at least her res:e#t.rne% an% stare% straight at hi(' as tho.ntil he t.g.rrie%l& le=t the #a=M. !er gaLe ha% #o(e so s. Onl& on#e' a=ter she ha% )een wor8ing =or hi( =or nine (onths' ha% he trie% to %is#. A=ter that she ha% not a::eare% at the o==i#e or .r:risingl& that it =elt li8e an atta#8' an% he :reten%e% not to see her an% h.l% not hesitate to #o(e to hi(. Nothing ina::ro:riate ha% ha::ene%?he ha% >.ght he noti#e% a so=tening o= her attit. Ar(ans8& =elt so :ro$o8e% )& her la#8 o= e(otional res:onse that so(eti(es he wante% to gra) hol% o= her an% sha8e her.rse.(s& e()ra#e an% le=t the :art&.t it (il%l&' whi#h trie% to tell her that he a#t. .rit&Cs Christ(as :art& one e$ening in De#e()er' an% =or on#e he was not so)er.nnoti#e%' she slin8 awa& .rning into his ne#8.%%enl& t.r' to :.l% :ro(:t a #roo8e%' ironi# s(ile.rne% the #orner %i% the& sto: ).ss these =eelings with her.%e.t o$er ti(e Ar(ans8& tho. She ha% wriggle% o.t o= his #l. !e ha% e$en trie% to gi$e her a h. Most o= all he wante% to e@:lain that he =elt :rote#ti$e towar%s her' an% i= she e$er nee%e% hel: with an&thing' she o= it' an% not . She ha% a %r& sense o= h.t she =ollowe% hi( with her e&es' he was s. She rarel& la.all& li8e% her.(o. It was at Milton she ha% )een aware all the ti(e that he was sitting there an% ha% hi( on her ra%ar. All in =rien%liness' o= #o.ghe%. She ha% not sai% hello e$en' ).

It was serio.estion. !is =irst i(:.lse was to :reten% to )e ins. attra#te% to (eB‖ Ar(ans8& sat as i= :aral&se%' while %es:eratel& won%ering how to answer. !e ha% no i%ea how long she ha% )een there. She #a(e into his o==i#e as silentl& as a ghost' an% he )e#a(e aware that she was stan%ing in the sha%ows insi%e the %oorwa&' wat#hing hi(. She han%e% hi( a it o== she wo.l% ta8e it as an a==ront.ttere% an& s. A7o.l% neither )e la. She wante% to tal8 to hi(' an% he won%ere% how long it ha% ta8en her to . She sat %own o::osite his %es8 an% loo8e% hi( straight in the e&e. Then he saw her e@:ression an% it #a(e to hi( that this was the =irst ti(e she ha% e$er .sl& (eant' an% i= he trie% to la.nish(ent. ADragan' are & he a##e:te% it' =eeling )oth relie= an% terror when she sho$e% the %oor #lose% with her =oot. Then she as8e% the 4. !e ha% no)o%& to %is#. !er a)sen#e ha% =elt li8e a =or( o= :ersonal :.lte%.: =ro( the es:resso (a#hine in the #anteen.#ti$e hol% she ha% o$er hi(.ghe% o== nor a$ his =eelings with' an% =or the =irst ti(e he realise% with a::alling #larit& what a %estr. M. li8e so(e #o==eeB‖ she as8e%. Three wee8s later' when Ar(ans8& was wor8ing late one e$ening going o$er the &ear<en% )oo88ee:ing' Salan%er rea::eare%.l% &o.estion in a wa& that #o.answere% her (o)ile.#h :ersonal 4.

l% i(agine re#ei$ itCll ne$er ha::en.ggle% to =in% the right wor%s. ALis)eth' IC( &o.rsel=.‖ She %i% not s(ile.r han% an% to. She was waiting.t sto::e% &o.: the #o. For so(e reason I %onCt reall& . I #anCt e@:lain it' ). !e str.ghe%. An% the ti(es &o.C% )ite o== (& han% i= I lai% a =inger on &o.t thatCs the wa& it is.' IC% ne$er a#t on it. AThe wa& &o.estion.t to rea#h o. thin8 thatB‖ he sai%.rage to as8 that 4.t itCs not a :h&si#al thing. were a)o. A etween . Finall& he rela@e%.#h (e ). !e slowl& :. e#a.‖ AThatCs goo%.‖ Ar(ans8& la. a lot.s?&es' there ha$e )een ti(es when I ha$e =elt attra#te% to &o. %onCt loo8 at (e.‖ She was still waiting.t &o.‖ !e s(ile% at her.t %own his :en an% leane% )a#8 in his #hair.n%erstan%' I li8e &o.. . . The =irst ti(e she ha% sai% so(ething :ersonal an% it was the (ost %isheartening news a (an #o. loo8 at (e' an% the wa& &o.. A7hat (a8es &o.r )oss' an% e$en i= I were attra#te% to &o.get . AI re#8on &o.

Cre not (& =ather.e wor8ing =or &o. A7hat e@a#tl& %o &o. I= thatCs OJ with &o.rea.all& showe% &o.t I also want &o.t he went on.‖ AIC( not intereste% in an ol% (an o= =i=t& :l.r :re>.Cre so(eti(es st.s. want =ro( (eB‖ AI want to #ontin.‖ She no%%e%. a#t.r wi=e an% I want to 8ee: (& >o) with &o.Cre not intereste% in an ol% (an o= =i=t& :l.rsel= to )e greater than &o. to wor8 =or (e.‖ A=ter a while Ar(ans8& sighe% hel:lessl&. AI reall& %o want &o.C$e %one =or (e' an% IC( not . AI . =or (& lo$er' an% &o.. .rages =rien%shi:'‖ he sai%.s whoCs (& )oss.:i% an% (a%%eningl& ).' an% the (ost i%ioti# thing I #o. to =eel so(e sort o= =rien%shi: an% tr. AIC( aware o= what &o.Cre a#t.ALis)eth' I .Cre not a :erson who en#o.#rati#' )..: a han%.‖ !e no%%e% an% then answere% her as honestl& as he #o.%i#es an% ha$e gi$en (e a #han#e here.‖ She hel% . She see(e% to with%raw' ). I a::re#iate that &o.n%erstan% that &o.Cre (& )oss an% IC$e (et &o.l..t & in (e. AYo.t &o.n%erstan% that .t I %onCt want &o. A7ait' let (e s:ea8.l% %o is get in$ol$e% with &o.‖ Ar(ans8& sai% nothing' har%l& %aring to )reathe. .l%.ngrate=. Yo.all& an attra#ti$e (an' an%II #an also =eelI .

The real (one& wo. e=ore that strange e$ening was o$er' Ar(ans8& an% Salan%er ha% #o(e to an agree(ent. A7e #an )e =rien%sB‖ She no%%e% on#e. It was a (o(ent that Ar(ans8& =on%l& re(e()ere%.t %i% not in#rease his tr.lness.B‖ Salan%er tho. In =.r:rise% to see hi(? an% what he =inall& =o. !e also ha% a long tal8 with !olger Pal(gren?who %i% not see( s.:' wal8ing aro.neasiness an% in#rease% his wat#h=.n% to Ar(ans8&. She wo.t it =or a long ti(e.l% )e (a%e when .ght a)o.n% o.e to li8e &o.&o. Then she re:lie% )& getting .#hsa=e% har%l& a %etail a)o.t her :ri$ate li=e or her )a#8gro.#he% hi(.st in her.t. .n% the %es8' an% gi$ing hi( a h.t this to her or let her 8now that he ha% )een snoo:ing into her li=e. !e was totall& sho#8e%. Instea% he hi% his . On#e he a::lie% his own 8nowle%ge o= the :in%erCs art on her.l% re#ei$e a s(all (onthl& in#o(e whether she %i% an& assign(ents or not.l% %o resear#h :ro>e#ts =or hi( on a =reelan#e )asis. A=ter =o. !e ne$er (entione% a wor% a)o.r li=e' an% ICll tr& not to %o that. Onl& when she release% hi( %i% he ta8e her she wo. %onCt want an&one inter=ering in &o.g.t is it all right i= I #ontin. That was the onl& ti(e she e$er showe% hi( an& ten%erness' an% the onl& ti(e she e$er to.r &ears she ha% still $o.

r)lin%.tion that was a%$antageo. To%a&Cs assign(ent was an on it o= E. In other wor%s' she was e@#e:tionall& %e#8e% o.s to hi(' the #o(:an&' an% Salan%er hersel=.rit& ha% a#t. All #o(:li#ate% or tri#8& assign(ents he t.t on (a8e<. She ha% :.rn she :le%ge% ne$er to %o an&thing that (ight e()arrass hi( or ris8 s.all& no res:onsi)ilit&.t Salan%er wor8e% onl& when she =elt li8e it. Ar(ans8& a##e:te% her as she was' ).t )la#8' (i%<length leather >a#8et' ri$et )elt' hea$& Do# Marten )oots' an% horiLontall& stri:e%' green<an%<re% 8nee so#8s. Salan%er was %resse% =or the %a& in a )la#8 T<shirt with a :i#t.)leso(e PI %e:art(ent %own to a single =.rit& to s#an%al.: in a #olo.she was :ai% :er assign(ent. with =angs' an% the wor%s I AM ALSO AN ALIEN. !e #. She #o.t the tro.e who han%le% ro.larl& engage% her ser$i#es' she earne% a goo% salar&. It #o.T.l% ha$e )een (.r s#he(e that in%i#ate% she (ight )e #olo.tine >o)s :er=e#tl& well an% ran #re%it #he#8s. For Ar(ans8& this was a sol. Dir#h Fro%e' a law&er' .rne% o$er to Salan%er an% a =ew other =reelan#ers who?in the last resort?were in%e:en%ent #ontra#tors =or who( Milton Se#.est with the thi#8 glasses.)>e#ting Milton Se#.l% wor8 the wa& she wante% toH in ret.#h higher' ).ll<ti(e e(:lo&ee' an ol%er #olleag.t she was not allowe% to (eet the #lients. Sin#e he reg. She ha% on a )la#8 s8irt that was =ra&e% at the he(' a worn<o. Ar(ans8& sighe% an% shi=te% his gaLe to the #onser$ati$el& %resse% g.t.

The na(e was =ollowe% )& a so#ial ASo what #an &o. Ar(ans8& ha% %one all he #i$ill& #o.estion to Ar(ans8&' . Salan%er' who :re:are% the re:ort.t. The law&er re:lie% #al(l& that it (a%e no %i==eren#e?the (atter was not . !err Fro%e sna::e% o. ATell (e what she =o. Now Fro%e' who see(e% to )e in his late si@ties' was loo8ing at Lis)eth Salan%er with e$i%ent =as#ination.t o= his )ewit#he% state an% t. ADonCt )e =oole% )& her &o. !e sai% the na(e o.%.‖ AIC( :ers.()er' neatl& :rinte% on the #o$er.‖ Ar(ans8& hesitate% a se#on% an% then went on with a s(ile that was inten%e% to engen%er #on=i%en#e' ).ha% insiste% on (eeting an% )eing a)le to as8 4. Salan%er glowere% )a#8 with an e@:ression that %i% not in%i#ate an& war( =eelings.t lo.estions o= the e(:lo&ee who :re:are% the re:ort. AThis is Ms. !e resorte% to %ire#ting the 4.t whi#h see(e% hel:lessl& a:ologeti#.‖ It was #lear that Fro%e ha% no i%ea how to a#t towar%s Salan%er.t Mi8ael lo(8$istB‖ he sai%.:le o= %a&s. tell (e a)o. At last there was no wa& to a$oi% )ringing the( together. Ar(ans8& sighe% an% loo8e% on#e (ore at the =ol%er she ha% :la#e% on his %es8 la)elle% CARL MIJAEL LOMJVIST.rgent an% he #o.r a)sol.l% easil& wait a #o.te )est resear#her.a%e% o= that'‖ Fro%e sai% in a %r& tone that hinte% at the o::osite. She is o.l% to :re$ent the (eeting ta8ing :la#e' sa&ing that Salan%er ha% a #ol%' was awa&' or was swa(:e% with other wor8.n% o.rit& n.rne% to Ar(ans8&.

as8 the #lient whether he wo.t ga$e no in%i#ation o= whether there were an&thing in :arti#.))le with her g.n#.l% )e %. Yo. For this reason itCs so(ething o= a :ot:o. Salan%er )lew a )ig ).t "*+ :ages are #o:ies o= arti#les he wrote or :ress #li::ings.lar & i= she ha% not )een in the roo(.r:risingl& hostile that it sent a #ol% shi$er %own Fro%eCs s:ine.rne% to Salan%er an% trie% to re:air the %a(age )& ass.l% :re=er the long or the short $ersionB‖ There was a )rie=' e()arrasse% silen#e )e=ore Fro%e =inall& t. were loo8ing =or.l% gi$e (e a $er)al s.:C a)o.l% )e la%& wo.)li# :erson with =ew se#rets an% not $er& (.e.l% answer' she sai%' ACo.l i= the &o.‖ For a (o(ent her e@:ression was so s. lo(8$ist is a :. e=ore Ar(ans8& #o.i#8l& her e@:ression so=tene% an% Fro%e won%ere% whether he ha% i(agine% that loo8. AI wo.rri o= his li=e.(ing a =rien%l&' a$. AAllow (e to sa& =irst that this was not a $er& #o(:li#ate% assign(ent' a:art =ro( the =a#t that the %es#ri:tion o= the tas8 itsel= was so(ewhat $ag.n%e% li8e a #i$il ser$ant. .st as 4.‖ A .l% &o.t he %oes ha$e so(e se#retsB‖ Fro%e sai%.#h to hi%e.(.((ar& o= the res. The re:ort is "6.g . :ages long' ). wante% to 8now Qe$er&thing that #o.lar tone.lts.t hi(' ). Then >. 7hen she )egan to s:ea8 she so.

AE$er&one has se#rets'‖ she re:lie% ne. !is (other' as =ar as I #o.(:e% three #.t o. lo(8$ist went to s#hool =irst in lo((a an% then to :re: s#hool on J. oth ha$e sin#e %ie%.stralia. !e also has so(e #o.n% a goo% %eal.%&ing to )e a >o.n% thirt&<=i$e when the #hil% was )orn.l% see' was ne$er an&thing ). !e has a sister three &ears & to Sto#8hol( when Mi8ael starte% s#hool. ASo in "600 the =a(il& li$e% in Lilla Essingen.t what the& are. !e ha% %e#ent gra%.rt an% Anita lo(8$ist' were aro.((er o= "626.sewi=e. !is :arents' J.sins' )oth (ale an% =e(ale.nger na(e% Anni8a who is a law&er.ating (ar8s?there are #o:ies in the =ol%er.nnel)ana' sa$e% so(e (one&' an% tra$elle% a) a (atter o= =in%ing o.t a ho.%ie% (.t has ne$er li$e% there. !e was )orn in orlNnge ). :lanning to ser$e #o==eeB‖ This last was %ire#te% at Ar(ans8&' who hastil& :. an% :la&e% )ass in a ro#8 )an% na(e% ootstra:' whi#h a#t. !e was awa& =or a &ear' (ostl& ).t a single that was :la&e% on the ra%io in the s.n% Asia?In%ia' Thailan%?an% a swing %own to A.rnalist in Sto#8hol( . 7ere & "5' "60+' whi#h (a8es hi( =ort&<two &ears ol%.ngshol(en. The =a(il& (o$e% ho.‖ AMi8ael lo(8$ist was )orn on 3an.ring his :re: s#hool %a&s he st.((ing aro. !is =ather was a (a#hiner& installer an% (o$e% aro.trall&. !e )egan st. A=ter :re: s#hool he wor8e% as a ti#8et #olle#tor in the t. !e (otione% =or Salan%er to go on.:s o= #o==ee =ro( the ther(os he ha% or%ere% =or the (eeting. AItCs >.‖ ALetCs hear.all& :.

when he was twent&<one' ). AOne #a(e with the stor& a)o. So(e)o%&C% get a =at li: i= the& e$er #alle% (e Pi::i Longsto#8ing on a news:a:er :la#ar%.‖ A!e hates the ni#8na(e' whi#h is . !e wa$e% =or her to get on with it.: to then he wante% to )e a #ri(e re:orter?an% he interne% as one at an e$ening :a:er.n%erstan%a)le.:te% his st. thin8 is i(:ortant. On (ore than one o##asion he ha% tho. !e has :ri(aril& )een a =reelan#er' with one =.%ies a=ter the =irst &ear to %o his (ilitar& ser$i#e as a ri=le(an in Jir.t interr. want (e to )eB‖ in La:lan%. ThereCs a list.t he has )e#o(e 8nown =or his wor8 as a :oliti#al an% =inan#ial re:orter.rnalist. .nit' an% he le=t with goo% (ar8s.‖ A!e #o(es o== a little li8e Pra#ti#al Pig in The Three Little Pigs. So =ar he has )een an e@#ellent >o.t the ear Gang?the )an8 ro))ers he i%enti=ie%. !ow %etaile% %o &o.ll<ti(e :osition at an e$ening :a:er in the late .st tell what &o.rnalis( %egree an% has wor8e% in the =iel% e$er sin#e. It was so(e sort o= (a#ho .r#e %e#lares that .‖ AJalle lo(8$ist. In the eighties he ha% a lot o= te(:orar& >o)s' =irst in the :ro$in#ial :ress an% then in Sto#8hol(.ght o= Salan%er as :re#isel& Pi::i Longsto#8ing. !is )rea8thro.‖ She #ast a %ar8 loo8 at Ar(ans8&' who swallowe% har%. A=ter (ilitar& ser$i#e he #o(:lete% his >o.

‖ AThat %e:en%s on how &o.lte% in the =or#e% resignation o= a Conser$ati$e :oliti#ian an% the senten#ing o= a =or(er #o. !e le=t in "66+ when he hel:e% start the (onthl& (agaLine Millenni.essing the anar#hists thin8 itCs a wi(:& )o.(.al :ortraits o= #a:tains o= in%. Its #ir#.eighties. 7hile he was :l.()er o= resignations an% legal a n. !e has %one so(e %e$astating in%i$i%.)lishing #o(:an& to hol% its han%.ring the le=t<wing wa$e when he was going to :re: s#hool.C Millenni.‖ AA le=t<wing (agaLine.n#illor to a &ear in :rison =or e()eLLle(ent.‖ .ssions. The (agaLine )egan as a real o.str& an% :oliti#ians?whi#h were (ost li8el& well %eser$e%?an% #a.t #orr.rnalis( he was li$ing with a girl who at the ti(e was a#ti$e in the S&n%i#alists an% to%a& sits in Parlia(ent as a re:resentati$e o= the Le=t :art&. Calling attention to #ri(es #an har%l& )e #onsi%ere% an in%i#ation that so(eone is le=t< as a =inan#ial >o.t IC( g. The e%itorial o==i#e is on GGtgatan onl& a =ew )lo#8s =ro( here.%ents Asso#iation :ro)a)l& thin8s that the e%itors are all olshe$i8s. %e=ine the #on#e:t Qle=t<wing.( is generall& $iewe% as #riti#al o= so#iet&' ). The (ost well<8nown was the Ar)oga a==air' whi#h res.lation has grown an% to%a& is *"'+++ #o:ies (onthl&.rnalist he s:e#ialises in in$estigati$e re:orting a)o.rgeois #ra: (agaLine along the lines o= Arena or Or%=ront' while the Mo%erate St.t an& )ig :.gging awa& at the S#hool o= 3o. There is nothing to in%i#ate that lo(8$ist has e$er )een a#ti$e :oliti#all&' e$en %.:tion an% sha%& transa#tions in the #or:orate worl%. !e see(s to ha$e )een gi$en the le=t<wing sta(: :ri(aril& )e#a.tsi%er' witho.

are =eet on ell(ansgatan?an% he has no loans or %e)ts. 7hat elseB‖ A!e has written two )oo8s. The& %i$i%e% things .t heCs not star$ing.t three &ears ago.nt o= aro. !e has an a##o.t to San%ha(n =airl& o=ten. I ha$e no i%ea what it (ight )e worth to%a&?#ertainl& a =ew (illion?). It :ro(:te% a goo% %eal o= %e)ate in the ( as #ash =or wor8ing e@:enses' tra$el an% s.ght it in the =orties' when s. !e has one other asset?so(e :ro:ert& in San%ha(n o.#h.rnalis( entitle% The Jnights Te(:lar' whi#h #a(e o. One a)o.‖ AMone&B‖ Fro%e sai%. (ean.t in the ar#hi:elago.t on the other han% he %oesnCt see( to want to sell' an% he goes o. !e has a)o. I ha$enCt rea% the )oo8' ).rnishe% as a s. In#o(e ta@ ret. A!eCs not ri#h' ).are =eet' =.t *1+'+++ SEJ in the )an8' in )oth a retire(ent =.t =inan#ial >o.n% an% a sa$ings a##o.%ging =ro( the re$iews it see(s to ha$e )een #ontro$ersial. A::arentl& an .n#le o= his )o. ItCs a #ottage o= *2+ s4.‖ AIn#o(eB‖ .rns are atta#he% to the re:ort.n%erstan% what &o.t >. !e owns a #o<o: a:art(ent thatCs :ai% o==?2++ s4.: in lo(8$istCs han%s.#h things were still :ossi)le =or nor(al (ortals' an% the #a)in en%e% .n% "++'+++ 8ronor that he .((er #a)in an% )& the water' right in the (ost attra#ti$e :art o= the $illage.: so that his sister got the :arentsC a:art(ent in Lilla Essingen an% lo(8$ist got the #a)in.t the Ar)oga a==air an% one a)o.nt.AI .

t'‖ Salan%er sai%. AIs he honestB‖ AThatCs his tr.rnalist' ).t a)o.t a=ter this set)a#8 it will :ro)a)l& )e a long ti(e )e=ore Master Dete#ti$e lo(8$ist wins the Gran% PriLe =or 3o. Last &ear he onl& (a%e "*+'+++ =ro( =reelan#e >o)s. !eCs reall& (a%e a =ool o= hi(sel= this ti(e'‖ Salan%er sai%. !eCll also )e losing (one& while ser$ing his gaol ter(.(' ). AI= I (a& (a8e a :ersonal #o((entI‖ .st (oralit& as o::ose% to the ). AI %onCt want to #lai( that I 8now e@a#tl& what %e(an%s are (a%e on a >o. !is i(age is to a::ear as the g.rnalis(.‖ AThere :ro)a)l& isnCt (.#h le=t o= that #a:ital a=ter his #on$i#tion to%a&'‖ Fro%e sai%.n% /1+'+++. The rest he earns =ro( his =reelan#e >o)s?the total $aries.t "*'+++ in salar& ea#h (onth.A!eCs :art owner o= o= ro).siness worl%' an% he is in$ite% :rett& reg.‖ A!e has to :a& "1+'+++ in ta@es in a%%ition to law&erCs =ees' et #etera'‖ Fro%e sai%.t he onl& ta8es o. !e ha% a )ig &ear three &ears ago when he too8 in aro. ALetCs ass.‖ A7hi#h (eans that heCs going to )e #leane% #a:ital' so to s:ea8.(e that the total is rather high.larl& to :onti=i#ate on tele$ision.

t I reall& thin8 that Mi8ael lo(8$ist was set . I thin8 thereCs so(ething totall& %i==erent in this stor& than what the #o.‖ The law&er s#r.)lish so(ething that see(s to )e so o== the wall. how to #ontin.ite o== the re#or%' so to s:ea8II ha$enCt st. Corre#tion' Ar(ans8& tho.t I %i% =ollow the trial an% ha$e to a%(it that I was a#t.tinise% Salan%er with sear#hing e&es' an% Ar(ans8& noti#e% that =or the =irst ti(e sin#e she )egan her re:ort' the #lient was showing (ore than a :olite interest. Finall& she see(e% to (a8e .re or hesitant.: her (in%. Fro%e loo8e% :atient.t o= #hara#ter =or Mi8ael lo(8$ist to :.Ar(ans8& o:ene% his e&es wi%e. Ar(ans8& won%ere% whether he (ight )e (ista8en or whether Salan%er reall& was .‖ Salan%er s#rat#he% her ne#8.ns. The thing =elt wrong' an% itCs totall&Io.:. The Salan%er he 8new was ne$er .: that Fro%e rea#te%. .ns.estion o= =a#t in the 7ennerstrG( a==air' ). AIt wasnCt :art o= (& assign(ent to loo8 at the at on#e' Fro%e was not intereste% in the 7ennerstrG( a==air?it was when Salan%er hinte% that lo(8$ist was set .%ie% the 7ennerstrG( a==air :ro:erl&' ). !e (a%e a (ental note that the 7ennerstrG( a==air hel% a #ertain interest =or Fro%e.rtCs $er%i#t is in%i#ating. In the &ears Salan%er ha% wor8e% =or hi(' she ha% ne$er (a%e a single :ersonal #o((ent in an in$estigation o= an in%i$i%.all& =la))ergaste%. one<%r& =a#ts were all that (attere% to her.

‖ AAn% what (a8es &o. The alternati$e is that he was s.t IC( >.lation on (& :art' ). I= we are to )elie$e the #o.rnalisti# s.t 7ennerstrG( witho. E$er& #ontro$ersial re$elation he :. (ean' e@a#tl&B‖ Fro%e sai%.t a shre% o= e$i%en#e an% :.: a stor& a)o.‖ 7hen Salan%er (a%e an atte(:t to #ontin.(ente%. That %oesnCt a##or% with his #hara#ter at all.l re:orter.((ing his .rne% o.i#i%e )o()er. !e see(e% to ha$e gi$en . .)lishe% )e=ore was alwa&s well %o#.t a =ight. ThatCs si(:l& not lo(8$istCs st&le.s threat that he threw in the towel an% wo.rn (eans that the so.ess.lating' as I sai%.nt' Fro%e hel% . thin8 soB‖ AE$er&thing in lo(8$istCs )a#8gro.r#e was so(eone he tr.n% shows that heCs a $er& #are=. This in t.t to )e =alse.n%s i(:ro)a)l& #o(:li#ate%.: witho. lo(8$ist )elie$e% in his stor&' ).rt one %a& an% listene%. thin8 ha::ene%B‖ AI #an onl& g.e her a##o.A!ow %o &o.ste% or that so(eone %eli)eratel& =e% hi( =alse in=or(ation?whi#h so.t so(ething ha::ene% along the wa& an% the in=or(ation t. I went to #o.: his han%. AItCs s:e#.rt' he (a%e .l% rather )e seen as an in#o(:etent i%iot than =ight )a#8.t IC( #on$in#e% that so(eone tri#8e% hi(.st s:e#.#h a serio.‖ ASo what %o &o.)>e#te% to s.)lishe% it li8e so(e sort o= >o. !e sat =or a (o(ent' %r.

rne% to her again.‖ The #on$ersation ha% ta8en an .ations 7ennerstrG( has a#te% %ishonestl&.t wo. AI %onCt 8now an&thing a)o. 7hat Fro%e was as8ing was =or Milton Se#. A #ase in whi#h there (a& ha$e )een so(e sort o= threat to the (an lo(8$ist' an% i= the& too8 this on' Milton wo.‖ A .nra$el the tr.rn' an% Ar(ans8& was instantl& on the alert. An% then it %e:en%s what sort o= in=or(ation &o.Cre loo8ing =or. AItCs not (& :la#e to t.t this :arti#.#h #han#e is there that & in the 7ennerstrG( a==airIhow (.l% %e#i%e to engage &o.t it this wa&Ian% I ta8e it that weCre s:ea8ing in #on=i%en#eB‖ Ar(ans8& no%%e%. AI= we sho.r s:e#. I wor8 =or !err Ar(ans8&' an% he %e#i%es what >o)s he wants to assign to (e.‖ ALet (e :. There (a& not )e an&thing to =in%.l% & a==e#te% Mi8ael lo(8$istCs li=e' an% I ha$e an interest in %is#erning whether thereCs an&thing in &o. )e willing to (a8e an atte(:tB‖ She shr.C% =in% o.l% ris8 #olli%ing with 7ennerstrG(Cs regi(ent o= law&ers.%e%. The 7ennerstrG( #ase has serio. Ar(ans8& was not in .t an&thingB‖ AI #anCt answer that.lar (atter' ).)t that in other sit. to .lations.=ingers on the ar(rest o= his #hair )e=ore he hesitantl& t.gge%.rit& to :o8e aro.t I %o 8now )e&on% an& %o.n% in a #ase that ha% alrea%& )een #on#l.

ght hi(sel= #o(:aring Salan%er to his %a. !e #onsi%ere% hi(sel= a goo% =ather who %i% not inter=ere .sness o= Fro%eCs in4.ghters )eha$e% li8e Salan%er or li$e% the li=e she le%.l% not tolerate it i= his %a.#h a sit.ght o= t.r #olleag. She see(e% the :er=e#t $i#ti( =or an&one who wishe% her ill' an% he %rea%e% the (orning he (e' is e@#ee%ingl& #o(:etent.ise (issile o.s that &o.t he 8new that he wo. . AAn in$estigation o= this 8in% #o. Salan%er ha% (a%e :lain that she %i% not want Ar(ans8& to a#t as so(e sort o= worrie% ste:=ather' an% sin#e their agree(ent he ha% )een as &o.l% ne$er sto: worr&ing a)o. AI %onCt %e(an% the i(:ossi)le' ).ing a warning so as to ga. In the %e:ths o= his Croatian?or :ossi)l& osnian or Ar(enian? heart he ha% ne$er )een a)le to she% the #on$i#tion that Salan%erCs li=e was hea%ing =or %isaster.ation' li8e a #r.rning Salan%er loose in s. !e so(eti(es #a.rning to her with a raise% e&e)row. AThen weCll set a #eiling'‖ Fro%e sai%.t her.l% get e@:ensi$e'‖ Ar(ans8& sai%' iss.the least #o(=orte% )& the o= #ontrol.e' >.ge the serio.‖ ASalan%erB‖ Ar(ans8& sai%' t.l ne$er to )eha$e li8e one' ). .t in realit& he wo.nne#essaril& in their li$es. ass. It was not (erel& a (atter o= #on#ern =or the #o(:an&.l% )e awa8ene% )& the news that so(eone ha% %one her har(.t itCs o)$io.

: in his li=e o$er the &ears' an% itCs an . In "650 he (arrie% Moni#a A)raha(sson an% the sa(e &ear the& ha% a %a.r re:ort.#h (ore a:art =ro( his :ri$ate a )ig hit with wo(en.‖ AIn what wa&B‖ AEri8a erger' e%itor in #hie= o= Millenni.AIC( not wor8ing on an&thing else right now.s.n. . .‖ AThat (a& not )e so . The %a. .rning . A)raha(sson has re(arrie%' ).s to )e in agree(ent a)o. !eCs ha% se$eral lo$e a==airs an% a great (an& #as.::er<#lass girl' Swe%ish (other' elgian =ather resi%ent in Swe%en. Di% &o.n.ghter' Pernilla.‖ AOJ.t I want .al'‖ Fro%e sai%.rnalis( s#hool an% ha$e ha% an on<an%<o== relationshi: e$er sin#e.(9 .t the& see( to )e =rien%s still.ghter li$es with her (other an% %oesnCt see lo(8$ist o=ten.rne% to Salan%er. =in% an&B‖ AI (eant that all :eo:le ha$e things the& #onsi%er to )e :ri$ate an% that the& %onCt go aro. lo(8$ist is o)$ relationshi:. sai% that e$er&one has =lings. LetCs hear the rest o= &o.t one :erson has 8e:t t. AYo. erger an% lo(8$ist (et in >o. The (arriage %i%nCt lastH the& were %i$or#e% in "66".n% airing in :.‖ AThere isnCt (.s.t the #onstraints o= the >o).‖ Fro%e as8e% =or (ore #o==ee an% then t.)li#.

n% l. The rent was a#t.all& a )it too stee: =or the (agaLine' ). ItCs a sit.)li# $en.r%a&' De#e()er *" Eri8a erger loo8e% .ation a::arentl& a##e:te% )& all :arties #on#erne%. She glan#e% at the #lo#8.iLLi#all& when an a::arentl& =reeLing lo(8$ist #a(e into the e%itorial o==i#e.‖ ASo sheCs .ting =a#tor to the )rea8. Fri%a&' De#e()er *+-Sat.t the& ha% all agree% to 8ee: the s:a#e. It was 19"+' an% %ar8ness ha% =allen o$er Sto#8hol( long )e=ore.‖ C!APTER .(Cs o==i#es were in the #entre o= the tren%& se#tion o= GGtgatan' a)o$e the o==i#es o= Green:ea#e.l. So(eti(es she slee:s at lo(8$istCs an% so(eti(es at ho( .t their relationshi:.n=aith=.t it was :ro)a)l& a #ontri). I %onCt 8now e@a#tl& how it wor8s' ). She ha% )een e@:e#ting hi( aro.‖ A e#8(an 8nows a)o.: o= lo(8$istCs (arriage to A)raha(sson. .t erger ha::ens to )e (arrie% to the artist Greger e#8(an' a (inor #ele)rit& who has %one a lot o= terri)le things in :.: 4. Millenni.n#hti(e.ANo' :ossi)l& not.

So I sai% nothing. I went =or a long wal8 to thin8 things o$er. All o= it was =ro( IJEA a:art =ro( the two #o(=orta)le an% e@tra$agant ar(#hairs an% a s(all en% ta)le?a #on#ession to (& . She wo.t I was =eeling the weight o= the $er%i#t an% %i%nCt =eel li8e tal8ing.‖ A7hatC% &o.‖ lo(8$ist loo8e% gl. %oingB‖ lo(8$ist sa&B‖ ASo(ething to the e==e#t that we were going to rea% the >.rite ar(#hair ne@t to the win%ow in Eri8aCs o==i#e.rr&ing )& in the %ar8. An% (& o:inion still hol%s9 itCs the wrong strateg&.AIC( sorr&'‖ he sai% )e=ore she (anage% to sa& an&thing. She =ro( TV/ #alle% an% wante% a #o((ent. Christ(as sho::ing was in =. 7e #o(e o== loo8ing wea8 with the (e%ia.n#tional )oo8#ases an% #hea: o==i#e =.‖ AI hear% the $er%i#t on the ra%io.:)ringing' she li8e% to sa&. The %e#or was s:artan' with a %es8 an% =. .%ge(ent #are=.(.ll& )e=ore we (a8e an& state(ents. A!ow are &o. lo(8$ist loo8e% %own on GGtgatan' where :eo:le were h.ll swing.rnit.n so(ething on TV this e$ening.#8e% . The& will r.l% sit rea%ing in one o= the ar(#hairs with her =eet t.n%erneath her when she wante% to get awa& =ro( the %es8. A .gge% an% :lo::e% %own in his =a$o.

D.' the e$ening :a:ers' an% E8o on the ra%io. !e was also :art owner o= the (agaLine together with erger an% lo(8$ist' ).t ta8ing his e&es o== the street. Christer Mal( was the art %ire#tor an% %esigner o= Millenni.(. !e was #o(:etent' o= #o.(e he wasnCt o$er the (oon a)o.::ose itCll :ass'‖ he sai%.t he was on a tri: a)roa% with his )o&=rien%. ItCs the sa(e =or all o= .s. . A!e #alle% to sa& hello. A!a$e &o. !e ha% starte% there >.‖ Mi8ael shoo8 his hea%.rea.‖ A!eCs not the (ost :ositi$e :erson an&wa&.‖ AI ass. A .n% hi(sel= on an e%itorial sta== in #risis ( as the 7ennerstrG( a==air got going' an% he =o.t right now it =eels as i= IC$e got (&sel= a $er& raw %eal. 3anne Dahl(an went ho(e earl& to%a&.AI s.‖ . For the :ast nine (onths Dahl(an ha% )een (anaging e%itor.ring the :ast &ear lo(8$ist ha% o=ten regrette% that the& ha% hire% Dahl(an' who ha% an ener$ating ha)it o= loo8ing at e$er&thing in as negati$e a light as :ossi)le.t he a::arentl& %i% not li8e sailing against the win%.‖ AYes' I #an i(agine. hear% =ro( ChristerB‖ lo(8$ist as8e% witho.t the $er%i#t. lo(8$ist trie% to re(e()er what their reasoning ha% )een when he an% erger %e#i%e% to hire hi(.rse' an% ha% wor8e% at the TT news ).

%.#h to )la(e as &o. . AMi8ael' listen to (e.t I was the one who wrote the arti#le that was :.‖ AYo. I #anCt sta& on as the :.‖ erger =elt that the %is4.)lisher.r o= his %e=eat. 7e )oth 8now e@a#tl& how it ha::ene%.t. That (a8es e$er&thing loo8 %i==erent all o= a s.‖ .n% his ne#8.A!eCll ha$e to )e the one who ta8es o$er as :. 8now that as well as I %o.)lisher &o.t her ar(s ro.%%en. Yo.iet she ha% )een #arr&ing with her all %a& was a)o.n%er a )la#8 #lo. ha$e to #o. are.)lisher o= Millenni. 7e si(:l& ha$e to ri%e o. .(. As :. As =ar as the (e%ia are #on#erne%' the $er%i#t (eans that IC$e )een shot in the )a#8 o= the hea%. Then itCs a (atter o= )a% >. IC( as (.‖ ALa& o==' Mi#8e.%ge(ent.t she ha% ne$er seen hi( as gloo(& an% %e>e#te% as he see(e% to )e now in the ho.n#he% in the nose e$er& so o=ten.t that.t the stor(.n% . The $ital thing is to (aintain the (agaLineCs #re%i)ilit&' to sto: the )lee%ing.nt on )eing :. In the wee8s )e=ore the trial starte%' lo(8$ist ha% )een wal8ing aro.t to e@:lo%e.Cre right a)o.‖ AThere isnCt an& stor( to ri%e o. ItCs :art o= the >o) %es#ri:tion.)lishe% in a (agaLine o= whi#h I also ha::en to )e the :. She wal8e% to his si%e o= the %es8 an% sat on his la:' stra%%ling hi(' an% :.)lisher.

tel& s.Cre "++ :er#ent lo&al to &o.ntil &o.t street =ighting with )illionaires. thin8 itCs s(art to >..‖ AI 8now how &o.t heCs >.B‖ AI= Millenni.( heCs going to tr& to r. Then weCll see. 7e ha$e to )e s(arter than that. Christer is great' ).( is going to a ni#e g.t (e in the &ears weC$e wor8e% together.)lish e$er&thing we 8nowB Sin8 or swi(B‖ A e#a. IC( ). going to %oB‖ AI nee% a )rea8' to )e honest.)lisher' re:orter' an% )oar% (e()er. 7ennerstrG( 8nows that I 8now what he %i%' an% IC( a)sol.n%. LetCs a##e:t that 7ennerstrG( won this ro. now. IC( going to ha$e to %isa::ear =or a while' as :. IC( going to ta8e so(e ti(e =or (&sel= =or a while' so(e o= it in :rison. not his thing.s.& who 8nows a)o. ha% to #hoose' &o.e a)o. ha$enCt learne% a %a(n thing a)o. o:erate' Ri#8&.rsel=' then &o. 7hat are &o.‖ AAn% &o.r$i$e' it %e:en%s on & we #anCt :ro$e a %a(n thing' an% right now I ha$e no #re%i)ilit& at all.r #olleag.r #re%i)ilit& was gone too. ItCs >. ta8e the ra: all )& &o.t i(ages an% la&o.‖ AOJ' ICll =ire &o.t an% %oesnCt ha$e a #l.AI= &o. I= & .(: shi: an% (a8e it loo8 as i= I sa#8e% & that as long as IC( an&where near Millenni.C% 8ee: =ighting against 7ennerstrG(Cs law&ers .es.rne% right o.t.‖ . thin8 I inten% to let &o.‖ ASo wh& not :.

sl& trie% to hi%e their relationshi:' e$en when it le% to aw8war%ness in their %ealings with other :eo:le. lo(8$ist no%%e%.ght. ThatCs how long it ha% )een. She ha% that e==e#t on hi(.r :la#e tonight.t her ar(s aro.()ers. She h.gge% hi( har%. The& ha% ne$er serio.s 8not in his sto(a#h ha% ease%. The #o$ers were %own aro. IC$e alrea%& tol% Greger IC( at &o.erger :. She alwa&s ha% ha%. The& )oth 8new that . !e was rela@e%' an% the an@io. At least.n% her waist' an% he wat#he% her )reasts slowl& rising an% =alling.l% go on slee:ing together =or another two %e#a%es.n% hi( an% :.lle% his hea% %own to her )reasts.%&ing her :ro=ile in the %i(ness. AGoo%. 7hen erger =ell aslee: so(eti(e a=ter *9++ in the (orning' lo(8$ist la& awa8e st. A7ant so(e #o(:an& tonightB‖ she sai%. An% he 8new that he ha% the sa(e e==e#t on her. As =ar as he was #on#erne%' the& #o.rnalis( s#hool.‖ The street lights re=le#ting o== the #orners o= the win%ows were all that lit the roo(. The& ha% (et at a :art& when the& were )oth in their se#on% &ear at >o. Twent& &ears' he tho. e=ore the& sai% goo%night the& ha% e@#hange% tele:hone n.

That 8in% o= relationshi: was al(ost )o. The& ha% )oth le=t )ro8en :ro(ises an% . !e ha% wante% to' ).n% to #a.ring the eighties' when the& were not )o.ltaneo.l% not sta& awa& =ro( Eri8a erger.n% )& other relationshi:s' the& ha% tal8e% o= (o$ing in together.ghter was )orn. !e ha% ne$er lie% a)o.t at the last (in.ght it wo.the& wo. lo(8$ist ha% o=ten won%ere% whether it were :ossi)le to )e (ore :ossesse% )& %esire =or an& other wo(an.t Eri8a alwa&s )a#8e% o. So(eti(es the& were together so o=ten that it =elt as that it was not the ol%<=ashione% 8in% o= lo$e that lea%s to a share% ho(e' a share% (ortgage' Christ(as trees' an% #hil%ren. D. The =a#t was that the& =.or store a=ter a stint on the wagon' the& alwa&s #a(e )a#8 to ea#h other. lo(8$ist was the& reall& were a #o.nha::& lo$ers )ehin%?his own (arriage ha% #olla:se% )e#a.:leH so(eti(es wee8s an% (onths wo.n. .: in )e% together' an% in less than a wee8 the& realise% this #on$i#tion (arrie% Greger e#8(an.l%nCt wor8' she sai%' the& wo.l% ris8 what the& ha% i= the& =ell in lo$e too. Ine$ita)l& it %i% not wor8 in the long r.t she ha% tho. It wo.te.n#tione% well together' an% the& ha% a #onne#tion as a%%i#ti$e as heroin. An% erger ha% al(ost si(.l% en% .t e$en as al#oholi#s are %rawn to the state li4.ght it wo.l% en%' an% =or the =irst &ears o= his (arriage he an% erger ha% onl& seen ea#h other .l% en% when the& (arrie% an% their %a.t his =eelings =or her to his wi=e' Moni#a' ).se :ain. lo(8$ist too ha% tho.t telling their res:e#ti$e :artners.l% go )& )e=ore the& saw ea#h he #o.

erger ha% alwa&s )een o:en a)o. !e went to the 8it#hen an% rea% the #o.rt >.((er #a)in at San%ha(n.)leso(e :erio% in whi#h lo(8$ist wante% $er& (.#h to li$e with his =a(il& an% see his %a. That le% to a tro. lo(8$ist %i% not thin8 $er& highl& o= e#8(an' an% he ha% ne$er .t he was gla% that he a##e:te% that she #o. .l% lo$e two (en at the sa(e ti(e.(ent in his han% he ha% a sense that there ha% )een so(ething al(ost as Salan%er ha% g.l% s:en% two wee8s with her lo$er in his s.t the (eeting at Arhol(a. She e$en %i$i%e% .n%erstoo% ergerCs lo$e =or hi(. Ma&)e it too8 the so.l a)o. lo(8$ist #o.esse%' it was his #ontin.: in his own #reati$it&' or :ossi)l& >.l% not slee:' an% at /9++ he ga$e .t at the sa(e ti(e he was hel:lessl& %rawn to erger.l o= an artist to han%le s.ghter grow .%ge(ent one (ore ti(e =ro( )eginning to en%.s se@ on her %es8.s)an% as soon as the& starte% ha$ing se@' e#8(an see(e% to a##e:t their relationshi:.( an% within a =ew wee8s all their goo% intentions ha% %issol$e%' an% one late e$ening the& ha% =.l% ne$er )e s.:' ).t her =eelings =or Mi8ael' an% she tol% her h.: in hi(sel=' that he %i% not re)el when his wi=e sle:t with another (an. !e #o. Then the& starte% !a$ing the in=i%elit& that %ro$e his wi=e to lea$e. Strangel& wra::e% . 3. .ation' so(eone so wra::e% .:.#h a whether Lin%)erg ha% tol% hi( the %etails o= 7ennerstrG(Cs swin%le si(:l& =or the sa8e o= a goo% stor& )etween toasts in the :ri$a#& o= his )oatCs #a)in or whether he ha% reall& wante% the stor& to )e (a%e :.:ro=essionall&.: her holi%a& so she #o.

ti$e who wasnCt also a #retin.l% ne$er )e a)le to %is#lose his so. So he ha% . I= the (eeting at Arhol(a ha% )een a set<.%&' he was :ri$atel& #on$in#e% that there was not a single )an8 %ire#tor or #ele)rit& #or:orate e@e#.l% sa& what he li8e%' )e#a.nit& o= ha$ing a #a:ti$e >o.:' then Lin%)erg #o.(:e% =or the So#ial De(o#rats' there )eing nothing in his i(agination worse than three &ears (ore with GGsta oh(an as =inan#e (inister an% Thor)>Grn FNll%in Dor :ossi)l& Ola UllstenE as :ri(e (inister. Fro( that (o(ent Lin%)erg #o.r#e. .gh to insist on lo(8$ist treating hi( as an anon&(o. Lin%)erg ha% )een so)er eno.!e ten%e% to )elie$e the =irst.l% not ha$e :la&e% his role )etter. For all that' a=ter &ears o= st. Mi8ael was not . Lin%)erg #o.s so.nintereste% in :oliti#s' ).rnalist on )oar%.t the (eeting ha% to ha$e ha::ene% )& #han#e. lo(8$ist ha% ne$er hear% o= Lis)eth Salan%er an% was ha::il& inno#ent o= her re:ort %eli$ere% earlier that %a&' ).siness reasons' ha% wante% to %a(age 7ennerstrG(' an% he ha% seiLe% the o::ort.l% ha$e no%%e% in agree(ent when she s:o8e o= his loathing =or )ean #o. .t he was e@tre(el& s#e:ti#al o= :oliti#al Ais(s.t ha% he listene% to it he wo.r#e.t it (a& ha$e )een that Lin%)erg' =or his own :ersonal or ).‖ !e ha% $ote% onl& on#e in a :arlia(entar& ele#tion?in "65*?an% then he ha% hesitantl& :l.l% ha$e ha% no notion o= the e@tent o= lo(8$istCs #onte(:t =or :eo:le li8e 7ennerstrG(.se his =rien% wo.nters' sa&ing that it was not a (ani=estation o= his le=t<wing :oliti#al ra%i#alis(.

rs. The e4. Mi8ael ha% no o.n%er the ta)le =or a one< roo( a:art(ent with share% toilet sho.rnalists was )ase% on so(ething that in his o:inion was as :lain as (oralit&.n#or8e% in so(e news:a:ersC )a#8 roo(s that e$ening.all& trans=or(e% hi( into a :ri#8l& g.$ote% =or Olo= Pal(e' an% got instea% the assassination o= his :ri(e (inister :l. A (anaging %ire#tor who :la&s shell #o(:an& ga(es sho.e the tiniest ste:s o.ential =inan#ial re:orters treate% (e%io#re =inan#ial whel:s li8e ro#8 stars. A )an8 %ire#tor who )lows (illions on =oolhar%& s:e#.t o= line o= (inisters an% (e()ers o= Parlia(ent. These re#al#itrant $iews ha% ti(e a=ter ti(e )ro.t to %r&.ght with a gol%en :ara#h. !is #onte(:t =or his =ellow =inan#ial >o.l% %o ti(e.tinise #o(:an& )oar%s with the sa(e (er#iless Leal with whi#h :oliti#al re:orters :.late% awa& the sa$ings o= s(all in$estors' to s#r.)le i(agining that #ha(:agne )ottles ha% )een . A sl.ght hi( into #on=li#t with his :eers. !is ta8ing on a role o= so#ial #riti# ha% a#t. .ng :eo:le to :a& thro.s the o=ors s#an%al an% E))e Carlsson. The >o) o= the =inan#ial >o.l% not =or the li=e o= hi( .gh the nose an% .n%erstan% wh& so (an& in=l.lations sho.rnalist was to e@a(ine the shar8s who #reate% interest #rises an% s:e#. !e #o. org' =or one' was going to )e an ene(& =or li=e.( lan%lor% who =or#es &o.est on TV so=as?he was alwa&s the one in$ite% to #o((ent whene$er an& CEO was #a.l% not 8ee: his >o).ation was si(:le.te worth )illions.l% )e h.

l% han%le e(:lo&ees with war(th an% tr. E$en when the& were in >o.t the& also ha% .l% har%l& ha$e o)taine% in an& other >o).#h a (ission state(ent.rnalis( s.n)eata)le tea(.( was their (. She ha% :. Mi8ael ha% o=ten won%ere% wh& Eri8a ha% set her sights on Millenni.s a#4.:#o(ing when ne#essar&.Eri8a ha% the sa(e attit.(.nwa$ering #on=i%en#e in ea#h other' an% together the& (a%e an .l% ne$er ha$e )e#o(e realit& witho. She was an organiser who #o.%e to the >o. Millenni.e.)li#it& that she #o.e' she was a :art owner?the (a>orit& :artner' in =a#t?an% e%itor in #hie= o= her own (agaLine' whi#h ga$e her :restige an% the #ontrol o$er' loo8e% =antasti# on #a(era' an% .t it wo.(ents' ).t the #ontents o= the .l% )e $er& to. Eri8a #a(e =ro( ol% (one&.t her talent =or %igging . Unli8e Mi8ael' she ha% #on#entrate% on tele$ision a=ter >o. A)o$e all' she ha% an i#& g.& an% the .st ).nion.t =eeling when it #a(e to (a8ing %e#isions a)o.l .t . It was the wor8ing<#lass g.: the initial see% (one& an% then tal8e% )oth her =ather an% $ario.::er<#lass girl in a )ea.rnalis( s#hool the& ha% a(.aintan#es into in$esting #onsi%era)le s. Eri8a was the )est )oss Mi8ael #o.(s in the :ro>e#t.t who at the sa(e ti(e wasnCt a=rai% o= #on=rontation an% the(sel$es )& i(agining a (agaLine with >.rnalistCs role as he %i%. #reation' ).ti=.: =inan#ing.t.l% i(agine. !e %i% the =iel% wor8 o= tra#8ing %own the stor&' while she :a#8age% an% (ar8ete% it.l% ha$e health& arg. She was to. She an% Mi8ael o=ten ha% %i==ering $iews an% #o.

i#8l& )een #on$erte% to .gh when he :la&e% hi(sel= in a %o#.#o.rea.n%o. At thirt&<si@' Mal( was a so.ght<a=ter :ro=essional :hotogra:her an% %esigner who ga$e Millenni. Now the sit.ll<ti(e e(:lo&ees' a =.l% in all :ro)a)ilit& )e #hanging. She also ha% goo% #onta#ts in the ).(' an% he %i% gra:hi# %esign one wee8 in e$er& (onth.#rati$e a==air' ). It was not a l.all& ).t stea%il&.ation wo.l% hol% her own with the #o(:etition.lation an% a%$ertising re$en.)te%l& ha$e ha% a (anagerial >o) at one o= the TV #hannels at a #onsi%era)l& higher salar& than she :ai% hersel= now. Christer an% Arn ha% then )e#o(e a (e%ia ite(. The interest in hi( )egan when he (o$e% in with Arnol% Magn.n% at the Ro&al Dra(ati# Theatre who ha% (a%e a serio.s )rea8thro.#8 to it' she wo.<soa:.( a (o%ern loo8.#ra#&. The Millenni.siness =ro( an o==i#e on the sa(e =loor as Millenni.t the (agaLine )ro8e e$en' an% the #ir#.& into the ( the :ress release whi#h he an% erger ha% %ra=te% an% whi#h ha% 4.ll< ti(e trainee' an% two :art<ti(ers.( sta== #onsiste% o= three =.sson' an a#tor with a )a#8gro. !e ran his ).e ha% in#rease% gra%.l% . !e was an e@hi)itionist ga& #ele)rit& who so(eti(es a::eare% with his )o&=rien% in Aat ho(e with‖ arti#les. lo(8$ist rea% thro. Until to%a& the (agaLine was 8nown =or its =ran8 an% relia)le e%itorial st&le. I= she ha% st. erger ha% also #on$in#e% Christer Mal( to ).

rning a new :age.)lisher o= the (agaLine Millenni.‖ The (agaLine will #o(e o. 3o.‖ erger states that she regar%s the 7ennerstrG( a==air as the res.)>e#te%.ste% a=ter the %ra(a o= re#ent (onths an% nee%s ti(e o=='‖ sa&s erger' who will ta8e o$er the role o= :.(stan#es.n=ort. lo(8$ist #o.)lisher. She regrets the n.(' re:orts e%itor in #hie= an% (a>orit& sharehol%er Eri8a erger.a wire ser$i#e stor& =ro( TT that was alrea%& .nate #ir#.isan#e to whi#h !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG( was s.rnalist Mi8ael lo(8$ist is lea$ing his :ost as :.l% not )e rea#he% =or #o((ent.n%ers o= Millenni.t.s.(' starte% in "66+. CONVICTED REPORTER LEAVES MILLENNIUM Sto#8hol( DT.t as . lo(8$ist was one o= the =o.E.Cre an .: on A=ton)la%etCs we)site. AMi8ael lo(8$ist has :la&e% a (a>or role in the (agaLineCs %e$elo:(ent' ).( o= his own #hoi#e. AMost :eo:le are going to thin8 that &o. A!eCs e@ha. AIt (a8es (e (a%'‖ erger sai% when the :ress release was e(aile% o. erger %oes not thin8 that the (agaLine will ne@t (onth' sa&s erger.t now weCre o= a series o= .==er in the wa8e o= the so<#alle% A7ennerstrG( a==air. lo(8$ist is lea$ing Millenni.

AItCs the onl& wa& o.r &ears o= wor8 will ha$e )een in $ain.t o= its so#8s.t o= the s:otlight.e.n8 o= sto#8 in that #o(:an&' so itCs no a##i%ent.lle% her #lose.‖ AAt least o.t I thin8 weCre (a8ing a (ista8e'‖ she AI %onCt ha$e a :lan ' ) a)o.t he %oesnCt own e$er&thing in Swe%en' an% we ha$e o.nit& to sa#8 &o.‖ A7ennerstrG( has a #h.‖ lo(8$ist :. 7eC$e alrea%& ta8en a )eating on the a%s re$en.t.t an ar( aro.(: o.ter #o(:an&' )& the wa&B ‖ She sighe%.‖ lo(8$ist trie% to (a8e light o= itH she was not the least a(.n% her an% :.. . AThe& tol% (e this (orning that the& %i%nCt want to ta8e s:a#e in the ne@t iss.r #onta#ts. !ow %i% it go with the #o(:. ASo(e %a& weCre going to nail !err 7ennerstrG( so har% 7all Street is going to >.t to%a& Millenni.‖ . 7ennerstrG( (a& )e a )ig wheel' ).( has to get o. I= the (agaLine #olla:ses' all o.‖ A7e #an s#are .i%iot an% IC( a )it#h whoCs ta8ing the o::ort.r =rien%s will ha$e so(ething new to la.: so(e new #lients.

Cre )eing =or#e% into a %isg.AI 8now all that' ).t his %es8.#8ing )it#h' an% &' weighing .t I %onCt li8e #o(ing a#ross as a =. lo(8$ist s:ent Mon%a& washing %ishes an% #leaning the a:art(ent' then wal8ing %own to the o==i#e an% #learing o. an% (e.-Th.‖ ARi#8&' as long as &o.t he ha% e$ent. The& got .sting sit.#tantl& a%(itte% that there was a %e:ressing logi# to what he' De#e()er *0 erger sta&e% o$er the wee8en%.ation i= we :reten% that thereCs so(e sort o= %i$ision )etween &o.t the =. !e ha% no intention o= )rea8ing ties with the (agaLine' ).st ea#h other weC$e got a #han#e. 7hen %awn #a(e on Mon%a& (orning it was the %a& )e=ore Christ(as E$e an% she 8isse% hi( goo%)&e?.all& #on$in#e% erger that he . The& ha% lain hea% to =oot =or ho.‖ She rel.t. an% I tr. 7e ha$e to :la& it )& ear' an% right now itCs ti(e to retreat. C!APTER / Mon%a&' De#e()er *.: onl& to go to the )athroo( or to get so(ething to eat' ).t the& ha% not onl& (a%e lo$e.ntil ne@t ti(e?an% %ro$e ho( an% tal8e% a)o.: the :ossi)ilities' an% the o%%s.

l% li8e & tra&s o= :a:ers an% :a#8ing )oo8s in #artons to ta8e awa& when the tele:hone rang. !e wo. li8e this .t &o.‖ AThatCs =ine' :lease as8 &o.‖ AI (ean that he wants to (eet with &o. The (e%ia ha$e the a)ilit& to attra#t the #raLiest :eo:le to #all in :er=e#tl& a)s. AIC( a law&er' an% I re:resent a #lient who wo.‖ AOJ' (a8e an a::oint(ent an% sen% hi( .t . E$er& newsroo( in the worl% gets . to $isit hi( in !e%esta%?itCs onl& three ho.she% a =iling tra& asi%e.n#e%' so to s:ea8.‖ AForgi$e (e =or )othering &o..#h li8e to ha$e a tal8 with &o.n=a(iliar $oi#e on the line. .es were gone.: to the o==i#e. AIC( loo8ing =or Mi8ael lo(8$ist'‖ sai% a ho:e=.r #lient to #all (e. in :erson.‖ lo(8$ist note% the na(e an% the ti(e.:%ates =ro( .nanno.rr&H IC( #learing o.l% $er& (. M& na(e is Dir#h Fro%e.ha% to )e se:arate% =ro( the (agaLine =or a ti(e.‖ lo(8$ist :. !e was wee%ing thro.r% ti:s. AS:ea8ing.l% wor8 =ro( ho(e.‖ AM& #lient wo.t (& %es8 right now.C% )etter h. The o==i#e was #lose% =or the Christ(as holi%a&s an% all his )& train.l ).

AItCs too %angero.()er o= a(ate. She h.rit& Poli#e' ran e@:eri(ents on tho.l% )e so 8in%I‖ .r in$estigators ha% t.r%ere% Olo= Pal(e. This alone heral%e% an interesting %e$elo:(ent' an% no)o%& was s.ring the S an% A ha% ta8en the :ro==ere% (i#ro:hone an% then lowere% her $oi#e to a )arel& was serio.sT‖ lo(8$ist won%ere% whether this Fro%e was another one o= the tr.‖ Fro( the stage it was s.l% )e :re=era)le i= &o. the tr.r:rise% when the wo(an )egan )& #lai(ing' AI 8now who (.sting to #o(e %own to Sto#8hol(. insist' we #o.UFOlogists' gra:hologists' s#ientologists' :aranoia#s' e$er& sort o= #ons:ira#& theorist.t a<sa&ers who #o.:.r%er o= Pri(e Minister Olo= Pal(e.%i)le whis:er.l% re$eal the se#ret (ental hos:ital where SN:o' the Se#.s' an% in the a.%ien#e were Lennart o%strG( an% other =rien%s o= Pal(eCs.l% )e hel:=. lo(8$ist ha% on#e listene% to a le#t.ght )& the writer Jarl Al$ar Nilsson at the A F hall on the anni$ersar& o= the (.l i= she share% it with the Pal(e in$estigation at on#e. M& #lient is o$er eight&' an% =or hi( it wo. One o= the( was a wo(an in her =orties who %.l% #ertainl& arrange so(ething' ).se #alls'‖ he' it wo.r:rising n. to (a8e an e@#e:tion. wo.rrie% to re:l&9 AI #anCt'‖ she sai% so so=tl& it was al(ost i(:ossi)le to hear. AI ho:e I #an #on$in#e &o. I= &o.ggeste% so(ewhat ironi#all& that i= the wo(an ha% this in=or(ation then it wo.t to tell &o.rne% . The le#t. . AI %onCt (a8e ho.l% )e too e@ha.

‖ lo(8$ist leane% )a#8 in s.str& in the wel=are state' et #etera. A7h& %oes !enri8 Vanger want to (eet (eB‖ . !e %i% not 8now (. !enri8 Vanger ha% )een o. . !enri8 Vanger.str&' one o= the twent&<:oint stags o= the ol% s#hool' along with Matts Carlgren o= MoDo an% !ans 7erthMn at the ol% Ele#trol.#h a)o.s:e#t &o. !enri8 Vanger?o= #o.A7ho is &o.rse he ha% hear% o= hi(.n to%a& )& Martin Vanger' whose na(e lo(8$ist asso#iate% with a short' :l.t hi(. A #ornerstone o= Swe%ish in%.@.l% not )en% in a strong win%.t o= the :i#t. The #o(:an& was r. An in%. The )a#8)one o= in%.r wor8.t the Vanger #o(:anies' still =a(il&<owne%' ha% )een ra#8e% in the :ast twent&<=i$e &ears )& reorganisations' sto#8<(ar8et #rises' interest #rises' #o(:etition =ro( Asia' %e#lining e@:orts' an% other n.r #lientB‖ AA :erson whose na(e I s.(: (an with thi#8 hair who o##asionall& =li#8ere% :ast on the TV s#reen.strialist an% =or(er hea% o= the Vanger #o(:anies' on#e renowne% in the =iel%s o= saw(ills' (ines' steel' (etals' te@tiles. Vanger ha% )een one o= the reall& )ig =ish in his %a&' with a re:.tation =or )eing an hono. ha$e hear% in & =or at least twent& &ears.ra)le' ol%<=ashione% :atriar#h who wo.r:rise.isan#es whi#h ta8en together ha% #onsigne% the na(e Vanger to the )a#8water.

l% &o.ite a lot to ta8e #are o= an%II s. a =reelan#e assign(ent.B‖ AI )eg &o.t is there an& :ossi)ilit& o= #on$in#ing &o.rall& we will :a& all &o.r e@:enses an% a reasona)le =ee.‖ AThis is one o= the o%%er #alls IC$e ha% in a long ti(e.l%nCt get (ore e4.‖ AYo.AIC$e )een !err VangerCs law&er =or (an& &ears' ). !e wants to o==er &o.::ose &o.t to tell &o. nee%B‖ ANot e@a#tl&.n%ing the trial that #a. On the other han%' I #an sa& that !err Vanger wo.‖ A3o)B I %onCt ha$e the slightest intention o= going to wor8 =or the Vanger #o(:an&. IC( onl& a (essenger. .r #all #o(es at rather an in#on$enient ti(e. on a :ri$ate ( $al.t it other than to sa& that !err Vanger is e@#ee%ingl& an@io.r :ar%on =or that. Is it a :ress se#retar& &' it was the :..B‖ . to :a& a $isit to !e%esta%B Nat. I ha$e 4.rro.t he will ha$e to tell &o.l% li8e to %is#.t (e in the :ast =ew %a&s.‖ AYo.e. an% #ons. hi(sel= what he wants.C$e seen the hea%lines a)o.s to (eet &o.‖ AThe 7ennerstrG( a==airB‖ Fro%e #h. AYes' that %i% ha$e a #ertain a(.ss a :ossi)le >o) with &o.)li#it& with &o.t it. !ow #an I rea#h &o. .#8le%. I %onCt 8now how to !err Vanger to ta8e noti#e o= &o.. #o.i$o#al' #o. 7hat the (atter #on#erns is so(ething onl& he #an e@:lain. the tr. Let (e thin8 a)o.

ntr& Cl. Martin Vanger a::eare% %iligent in his #a:a#it& as CEO o= the Vanger Cor:oration. She %ran8 #o==ee as she wat#he% the =ort&<si@<&ear<ol% wo(an who with #l. Fro%e 8e:t a low :ro=ileH he was on the )oar% o= the !e%esta% Co.ntie the 8not on the ri))on.l% not i(agine what sort o= >o) Vanger wo. !e sa$e% a %oLen #o(:an& anal&ses an% then sear#he% =or Fro%e' an% !enri8 an% Martin Vanger.l% #o(e )a#8' went ho(e. She ha% )ro.)lishe% a tri).sing his #. !e :.rsing !o(e in U::lan%s<VNs)&. Salan%er s:ent Christ(as E$e at the O::el$i8en N. It (ight )e in the )a#8waters ). %e toilette )& Dior an% an English =ro( UhlMns %e:art(ent store.(s& =ingers was tr&ing to . The !e%esta% Co. !e #o.).l% want to o==er hi(' ).lo(8$ist sat loo8ing at the %isor%er on his %es8.) an% a#ti$e in the Rotar& Cl.%e% a short s8et#h. Salan%er .t it see(e% to )e in the (e%ia al(ost %ail&.rier ha% :. Then =inall& he e(:tie% his %es8' seale% the #artons' an%' ha$ing no i%ea whether he wo.ght :resents9 a )ottle o= ea.t together a =ol%er o= =i=t& :ages or so.te to the =or(er (agnate on his eightieth )irth%a& two &ears ago' an% it in#l. !e Google% the Vanger #o(:an&.##ee%e% in aro.riosit&.n% o= the #o(:an&.t the law&er ha% s. !enri8 Vanger a::eare%' with one e@#e:tion' onl& in arti#les gi$ing the )a#8gro.

‖ AIn the s. Salan%er :.n%agatan.n=air. I ha% to ta8e o$er the :a&(ents. !er (other ga$e . .re.((erti(e (a&)e I #an #o(e an% see &o.t that this strange wo(an was her (other ne$er #ease% to a(aLe her. wor8ingB‖ AYes. li$eB I %onCt e$en 8now where &o.she% a#ross the s#issors that ha% )een in :lain sight on the ta)le an% her (other s. IC$e li$e% there =or se$eral &ears.r ol% a:art(ent on L.ha% ten%erness in her e&es' ).ggle an% loo8e% hel:lessl& at the :a#8age.(.st thin8 IC( st.‖ AI li$e in &o. AYo.‖ AShe ne$er #o(es.(. IC( %oing =ine.t li=e is .:i%.‖ .:. li$e. She %oesnCt see (e either..l% re#ognise not the slightest rese()lan#e in loo8s or nat. It was not one o= her )etter %a&s.%%enl& see(e% to wa8e .: the str.Cre not st.‖ AI 8now' M.‖ A7here %o &o.:i%.‖ ANo' M.‖ A!a$e &o. seen &o.r sisterB‖ ANot in a long ti(e. Yo.‖ AAre &o. (. She #o.

PernillaCs :arents were %i$or#e% when she was =i$e' an% she ha% ha% a new =ather sin#e she was se$en.l% store her h.((erti(e. Pernilla #a(e to see hi( a)o.s.rse.‖ !er (other at last got the Christ(as :resent o:en an% sni==e% at the aro(a' #o. Father an% %a.all& got along well' ). :la&er har%l& )igger than a (at#h)o@ whi#h #o. Salan%er sai% that the& sho. 7hen the& s:ent ti(e together the& .l% go to the TV roo(.‖ !er (other loo8e% e()arrasse%.r o= the Disne& s:e#ial on Christ(as E$e with his %a.s)an% in Sollent. In the s.t on#e a (onth an% ha% wee8<long holi%a&s with hi( in San%ha(n. There ha% )een a #o.ghter %e#i%e how o=ten she wante% to see hi(' the (ore so a=ter her (other re(arrie%.' Ca(illa'‖ she sai%.t lo(8$ist ha% let his %a.ghter s:ent the ti(e together in her roo( .:le o= &ears in her earl& teens when #onta#t al(ost sto::e%' an% it was onl& in the :ast two &ears that she see(e% to want to see hi( (ore o=ten. .:stairs. AThan8 & CD #olle#tion. A=ter %is#.ssions with her (other the& ha% agree% to gi$e Pernilla an iPo%' an MP. IC( Lis)eth.ghter Pernilla at the ho(e o= his e@<wi=e' Moni#a' an% her new h. lo(8$ist s:ent the ho. ALis)eth.

gh she was the onl& law&er in the roo(.r#h.ite s.s)an% an% their two #hil%ren.t he was e@:e#te% with his sister an% her =a(il& o.ite . That (orning he ha% also ha% an in$itation to #ele)rate Christ(as E$e with the e#8(ans in Salts>G) that he ha% no a()ition to =in% o.r) o= StN8et. 7ith a :latoon o= her h.t the trial an% re#ei$e% (.t to #ar$e the Christ(as ha(. She s:e#ialise% in =a(il& law' an% witho.seless a%$i#e.t in the &.t lo(8$ist ha$ing ta8en sto#8 o= its ha::ening' his little sister )egan to a::ear in news:a:ers as re:resenting .lgen#e an% 4.).t he #o.t than8 &o. !e sai% no' ).ring %inner he answere% 4. The onl& one who ha% nothing to sa& a)o.rt an% as an assistant :rose#.' #ertain that there was a li(it to e#8(anCs in%.estions a)o. !e was in$ite% to sta& =or %inner ). D.t what that li(it (ight )e. She tol% hi( a) o:ene% a law =ir( o= their own with o==i#es on J.s)an%Cs relati$es' the& were a)o.r:rise% hi( )& sa&ing that she ha% >oine% a #h.l% not :ro$e it. lo(8$ist re=raine% =ro( #o((ent.t the $er%i#t was his sister' altho.tor =or se$eral &ears )e=ore she an% three #olleag.She ha% =ollowe% the trial in the =ir( )elie= that things were >.#h well<(eaning an% 4.t a sort<o= )o&=rien% who was in another #lass' an% she as her =ather sai%9 he was inno#ent' ). Instea% he was 8no#8ing on the %oor where Anni8a lo(8$ist' now Anni8a Giannini' li$e% with her Italian<)orn h. She ha% wor8e% as #ler8 o= a %istri#t #o.::ie s.ngshol(en.' Sis' so(e other ti(e when all the %. AIt :ro)a)l& the Christ(as #a8e an% the #o==ee.l%nCt ha$e hel:e% in this #ase. Then lo(8$ist e@#. AGet &o.)attere% or threatene% wo(en' an% on :anel %is#. ADare I ho:e & hi(sel= an% as8e% to .‖ She ga$e hi( a h. ICll #o(e . will =orgi$e (e' IC$e got #hil%ren an% gran%#hil%ren $isiting an% #an har%l& hear (&sel= the tele:hone in the 8it#hen. I a( in#re%i)l& :lease%.t weCll tal8 it all the wa& thro.: &o.l% hear there too the ). to(orrow to agree on a ti(eB 7here #an I rea#h &o.LL o= $oi#es in the )a#8gro.g an% 8isse% hi( on the #hee8 )e=ore the& #arrie% o. !e tol% her he =elt as low as he ha% in li=e.s to 8now (ore..t a han% on his sho.‖ AE@#ellent' e@#ellent.rsel= a real law&er ne@t ti(e'‖ she sai%.B‖ . .l%er an% as8e% hi( how was he %oing. !e #alle% the law&er in !e%esta% an% #o. AMerr& Christ(as'‖ Fro%e sai%. ha$e (a%e .ssions on TV as a =e(inist an% wo(enCs rights a%$o#ate. Can I #all &o.r (in%B‖ AI reall& %onCt ha$e an& i((e%iate :lans an% I a( is settle%. As he was hel:ing her :re:are the #o==ee' she :.: the %a& a=ter Christ(as i= that s.its &o. Yo.

r north o= GN$le. AFirst ti(e in !e%esta%B‖ Fro%e sai%. . Fro%e was right' it was not a long >o. In the #entre o= !e%esta%' snow #learing was in =.t the s8ies ha% now #leare% an% the air was i#e<#ol% when lo(8$ist alighte% at !e%esta%. !e%esta% was one o= the s(aller ones' a little (ore than an ho. !e ha% a %ri$erCs li#ense' ).strial towns along the Norrlan% #oast.lar =a#e with s:arse' )ristl& white hair an% thi#8 glasses :er#he% on an i(:ressi$e nose.t he ha% ne$er =elt the nee% to own a #ar.t )& then it was too aw8war% to #all an% #lothes =or winter in Norrlan%.l wa& the narrow streets.ll swing' an% Fro%e wo$e his =ro( Sergels Torg in %owntown Sto#8hol(. On Christ(as night there ha% )een a )ig snowstor(' ). So on the (orning o= De#e()er *0 he was on the train hea%ing north. Fro%e 8new what he loo8e% li8e an% 8in%l& #olle#te% hi( =ro( the :lat=or( an% le% hi( straight to the war(th o= his Mer#e%es.lo(8$ist regrette% his %e#ision )e=ore e$en he le=t =or ho(e' ).e #ontrast to Sto#8hol(. lo(8$ist no%%e%.rne&. The town see(e% al(ost li8e another :lanet' &et he was onl& a little (ore than three ho. !igh )an8s o= snow :resente% a :i#t. !e stole a glan#e at the law&er9 an ang. A=ter U::sala #a(e the string o= s(all in%. !e realise% at on#e that he wasnCt wearing eno.res4.

ns. Yo. li$e here tooB‖ AI %o now. to a wholl& %i==erent (atter. I was )orn in S8Rne %own so.rsel= short.‖ ADo &o. ANo'‖ sai% Fro%e.lation o= onl& */'+++.strial town with a har)o. IC( a #or:orate law&er' an% o$er the &ears !err Vanger an% I )e#a(e =rien%s.‖ ADonCt sell &‖ AOnl& to s#ra:e .t !err Vanger is not re(otel& in 7ennerstrG(Cs #ir#le o= =rien%s' an% he =ollowe% the trial with interest.‖ A7hi#h it isnCt (& :la#e to tell &o. ADoes this in$itation ha$e an&thing to %o with 7ennerstrG(B‖ he sai%. !e wants to (eet &o. %onCt want to tell (e a)o. !eCs retire% too' o= #o.t :eo:le li8e li$ing here.t. A .AItCs an ol% in%.‖ lo(8$ist t.Cre not the =irst one to lose a (at#h against !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(.t.‖ A7hi#h &' ).ate% in "60*.thern e%ge o= the town.ine% re:. 7e ha$e arrange% it so that & how to rea% that re:l&.: >o. !err Vanger li$es in !e%e)&? at the so.rne% to Fro%e' .r. a)o.rse' an% %oesnCt nee% (& ser$i#es $er& o=ten. I= . . Po:.tations.t I starte% wor8ing =or Vanger right a=ter I gra%. To%a& IC( o==i#iall& retire%' an% !err Vanger is (& onl& #lient. #an s:en% the night at !err VangerCs ho.rnalists with r.

r#h' an% a#ross the street glowe% an ol%< =ashione% neon sign that rea% SUSANNECS RIDGE CAFV AND AJERY.n% an% won%ere% what insane i(:. ATra%itionall& the :erson who lea%s the Vanger #on#ern li$es here' ). a roo( in the Gran% !otel in town.t to%a& onl& !enri8 an% a ho.ghe%' an% Fro%e (anoe.ilt his :ossi)le he wo. The =ar(ho.&o.t it was #onsi%era)l& larger than the rest o= the ho.n%re% &ar%s =arther an% t.rn to .est roo(s.t a h. wo. This was the (asterCs %o( was too s(all to )e #alle% a (anor' ).l= o= othnia' an% aro.rt&ar% in =ront o= a stone ).n% the( larger' (ore (o%ern ho(es.)' ).ses in the settle(ent.n:lo. Fro%e :ointe% north. AThis is the Vanger =ar('‖ Fro%e sai%.‖ lo(8$ist loo8e% aro.ll o= li=e an% h.‖ The& got o.lse he ha% satis=ie% )& a##e:ting Fro%eCs in$itation.t Martin Vanger wante% so(ething (ore (o%ern' so he ).l% ret. There are :lent& o= g.‖ The roa% into !e%e)& was still .se on the :oint there.l% rather not %o that' we #an )oo8 &o.ts.$re% the #ar %own =roLen t&re r. On the (ainlan% si%e o= the )ri%ge stoo% a s(all' white stone #h. Fro%e %ro$e a)o.t. The ol% town #entre #onsiste% o= along the G. AOn#e it was =. !e %e#i%e% that i= h.‖ AI (ight )e ta8ing the e$ening train )a#8 to Sto#8hol(.se8ee:er li$e there.rne% le=t on to a newl& sho$elle% #o. The town )egan on the (ainlan% an% s:ille% a#ross a )ri%ge to a hill& islan%.)).

AIC( not s.sers' a white shirt' an% a well<worn )rown #as.t. An% this is Anna N&gren' who loo8s a=ter (e. It %e:en%s on what this ga(e is all a) that I shall )e sta&ing =or %inner. She too8 his #oat an% h. !e i((e%iatel& re#ognise% !enri8 Vanger =ro( the :hotogra:h :oste% on the Internet.Sto#8hol( that e$ening.rne% to !enri8 Vanger. IC$e arrange% a g.est roo( =or & o= the %ra.r:rising in$itation. Mi8ael than8e% her an% then t.‖ . AThan8 &o. AIC( !enri8 Vanger'‖ he sai%.t he loo8e% s.:)oar%.s =or eight&<two9 a wir& )o%& with a r.:B 7eCll )e ha$ing %inner a little later. A stone stairwa& le% to the entr&' ).t )e=ore the& rea#he% it the %oor was o:ene%. >a#8et. =or agreeing to $isit (e.t wo(an in her it in a hall #.res there he was &o. !e ha% a narrow (o.r:risingl& $igoro. li8e to =reshen . It was a s.nger' ).‖ A!ello. She o==ere% hi( a :air o= sli::ers )e#a. !e wore neatl& :resse% %ar8 tro.l% &o.‖ ACo(e insi%e where itCs war(. In the :i#t.gge%' weather<)eaten =a#e an% thi#8 gre& hair #o()e% straight )a#8..‖ lo(8$ist shoo8 han%s with a short' sto.sta#he an% thin steel<ri((e% glasses.

Yo.‖ lo(8$ist rea#he% into his >a#8et :o#8et an% towar%s the water %own =ro( the )a8er&.rning his attention to lo(8$ist.++ s4.Vanger e@#hange% a glan#e with Fro%e.nloo8e%<=or in$itation to !e%esta% #a(e into that #ategor&.tesH the thir% ho.nit& to lea$e & a#ross the )ri%ge. two alone'‖ sai% Fro%e.‖ !e t. This is no ga(e.rren#es an&where near hi(' an% an .are =eet.rne% to Mi8ael.Cre a >o. Yo.rnalist' an% I want to gi$e &o. to listen to what I ha$e to sa& an% then (a8e .‖ The o==i#e was a re#tangle o= (ore than "'. I= &o.l% not inter:ret. AICll get right to the :oint in that #ase.n%erstan%ing )etween the two (en that lo(8$ist #o. I as8 &o. AI ha$e to go ho(e an% %is#i:line the gran%8i%s )e=ore the& tear the ho. There was an . a =reelan#e assign(ent.l%er in =arewell an% #lose% the =ront %oor )e=ore t. Vanger :atte% Fro%e on the sho. #an wal8 there in =i$e (in.:stairs in (& o==i#e. AI li$e on the right' >. !e ha% no i%ea what Vanger wante%' ).t a=ter the :ast twel$e (onths o= ha$o# with 7ennerstrG( he nee%e% a :re#ise re#or% o= all strange o##. Anna has ser$e% #o==ee . One wall was %o(inate% )& a =loor<to<#eiling )oo8shel= .rne% on a ta:e re#or%er.: &o. nee% (e' >.r (in%. AI thin8 ICll ta8e this o::ort.

str&' an% A/ )in%ers.all& &o.s loo8H a &o.ght.siness an% in%. Vanger gest. It loo8e% li8e a )oo8shel= that was . It was a::arentl& a #on=ir(ation :ortrait that ha% =a%e% o$er the &ears it ha% )een there. On the wall )ehin% the %es8 was a large #olle#tion o= :resse% =lowers in neat (eti#. At its e%ge was a sil$er<=ra(e% :hotogra:h o= a %ar8<haire% girl' )ea. An% a#t.t lo(8$ist :reten%e% not to seeH instea% he (a%e a to.t a ther(os' rolls' an% :astries. Thro. The )oo8s were arrange% in no a::arent wo(an on her wa& to )e#o(ing %angero.s rows.re9 )iogra:hies' histor&' ).rne% an% shoo8 his hea%.r o= the roo(' =irst st.%&ing the )oo8shel= an% then the wall o= =ra(e% =lowers. ARe(e()erB‖ AYes' &o. towar%s the tra&' ).l ).t with a (is#hie$o.‖ lo(8$ist t.s' he tho. ADo &o.thirt& =eet long #ontaining a re(ar8a)le assort(ent o= literat. (et her.se8ee:er ha% set o.ti=. The o::osite wall was %o(inate% )& a %es8 o= %ar8 oa8. There was a so=a an% #o==ee ta)le where the ho. ha$e )een in this roo( )e=ore. The %es8 was or%erl&' onl& a =ew :a:ers in one hea:.lo. re(e()er her' Mi8aelB‖ Vanger the win%ow in the ga)le the %es8 ha% a $iew o= the )ri%ge an% the #h.

Ma&)e &o.ghter o= (& )rother Ri#har%.t I %onCt ha$e the least re#olle#tion o= what &o. Yo.‖ lo(8$ist #o. AI .th. were two' going on three. I hire% J.t I re(e()er &o. I #o.n% e$er&where on the =ar( with !arriet in tow. It was har% to =in% a :la#e =or &o.((er o= "60. were here the whole s. were alrea%& three then?I %onCt re#all.Cre telling (e.‖ lo(8$ist =elt a #hill insi%e. 7hen he was ol%er it ha% stoo% on a shel= in his )e%roo(.r shrie8s whene$er &o. Yo. AThis is !arriet Vanger' to r. Yo. were #raL& a)o.n that Vanger was telling the tr.t it.: the :hotogra:h.‖ Vanger :i#8e% . (an& ti(es that s. The &ellow tra#tor he %i% re(e()er.%&ing an% )e#o(e an engineer. I thin8 that was the #olo. re(e()erB I 8new &o.r. Yo..l% not e$en )e s. .ANo' how #o.((er. Yo.l% hear &o. . She too8 #are o= &o. I re(e()er I ga$e &o.a%e hi( to 8ee: st.t new (a#hiner& in the :a:er (ill in !e%esta%. !e was a talente% (an. I trie% to :ers.l% &o. =ell.' when we :.r =ather. a to& on#e' a &ellow' sheet<(etal tra#tor that I ha% :la&e% with (&sel= as a )o&. li$e in the woo%en ho. #an see it =ro( the win%ow. She was thirteen.n%erstan%.r =a(il& to li$e' so we sol$e% it )& letting &o. .rt =irst as an installer an% (a#hinist se$eral ti(es in the =i=ties an% si@ties.‖ AI a( sorr&' ).se a#ross the roa%.

I‖ The ol% (an went o$er to the )oo8shel= an% :. . !e loo8e% at the :hotogra:h with (i@e% =eelings as Vanger :o. The& :.s e@:ression.r (other' an% the )o& to the le=t o= &o.( =ro( one o= the lower shel$ AThis is &o. ALet (e show &o.she% o$er the :late o= rolls. re(e()er that to&B‖ AI %o.t a #all =or ol% original to&s ten &ears ago. Yo.ADo &o.( on the #o==ee ta)le.ns the Vanger #o(:an& to%a&.r =ather is !arrietCs )rother' Martin' who r.t o.r :arents are sitting on the gar%en )en#h in the ) #o==ee an% :. !e 8new what he was loo8ing =or9 a )la#8<an%<white sna:shot in whi#h the :hotogra:herCs sha%ow showe% in the )otto( le=t #orner. Is & to 8now that the tra#tor is still ali$e an% well' at the To& M.n%. !arriet is :artl& hi%%en )& & )en%ing o$er an% ha% to )ra#e hi(sel= on the )oo8shel= when he straightene% .r =ather is %ea%' I 8now.‖ lo(8$istCs (other was o)$io. AYo.#8le% with %elight.. An% &o. In the =oregro. lo(8$ist noti#e% that he ha% %i==i#. !e lai% the al).‖ AReall&B‖ Vanger #h. will )e a(.n% was a =air<haire% )o& in shorts' staring at the #a(era with a slightl& an@io.( in Sto#8hol(.sl& :regnant?his sister was on the wa&.lle% a :hotogra:h al).r (other still ali$eB‖ AShe %ie% three &ears ago'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.

Cre right.t IC( at an age when I ha$e to a##e:t that (& ti(e is a)o.t . I s. IC$e )een wor8ing on what I wante% to sa& to &o.Cre a#t.nts an% ta8e #are o= .‖ A .t wh& IC( here'‖ he sai% again.str& an% the >o) (ar8et. .ite 8now where to )egin.e Norrlan% st&le?an% won%ere% where this was going to lea%. Do & &o. I re(e()er her $er& well.en#e in Swe%ish in%. . AI ha$e :ain in (& hi: an% long wal8s are a thing o= the :ast.::ose &o. To%a& IC( an ol% (an who will :ro)a)l& %ie =airl& soon' an% %eath :erha:s is an e@#ellent starting :oint =or o.n=inishe% ).r #on$ersation.:.‖ lo(8$ist too8 a swallow o= )la#8 #o==ee?:lainl& )oile% in a :an in tr.t ol% ti(es &o.s a)o. ha% with (& :arents.Cll %is#o$er =or &o.t IC( neither (or)i% nor senile. Yo.all& here I %onCt 4.rsel= how strength see:s awa&' ).n%erstan% what I (eanB‖ lo(8$ist no%%e%. want to #lose the a##o.siness.t IC(‖ AYo. =or se$eral %a&s' ). Vanger s:o8e in a stea%& $oi#e' an% lo(8$ist ha% alrea%& %e#i%e% that the ol% (an was neither senile nor irrational.AShe was a ni#e wo(an. AIC( (ostl& #. IC( not o)sesse% )& %eath' ). %i% so(e resear#h' so &o. %i%nCt as8 (e to #o(e here to tal8 a)o. 8now that I on#e wiel%e% so(e in=l. One %a& &o.t now that &o.

7e werenCt #lose =rien%s' ). Yo.: in the news.nts.ght awa&. IC$e =ollowe% &o.‖ AYo.t hiring so(eone' &o. to hel: (e =or senti(ental reasons. (a8e the #onne#tionB That was in the earl& si@ties.l% &o. want (e to %oB ‖ .st that I ha% the i(:. sat on (& 8nee when &o. AI %onCt loo8 to & to see hi( o$er the &ears when I ha% ).se as I was thin8ing a)o.n%erstan% (e.siness with Farin%erCs.r hel: with this #losing o= a##o.r #areer an% rea% (an& o= &o.r na(e #ro::e% .( 4. I .A e#a. !e was e@tre(el& :ro.t how #o.t what is it e@a#tl& that &o. thin8 IC% )e a)le to hel: &o. Then &o.‖ A7h& (eB 7hat (a8es &o.l% #hat =or a while.‖ AOJ' IC( with &o. .r =a(il& (o$e% to Sto#8hol( when & (e. s:e#i=i#all&.rnalis( I want to as8 =or &o.%. It was >. were a little =ellow. DonCt (is.' ).t we wo. )e#a(e =a(o.‖ !e wa$e% the tho.rse. The last ti(e I saw hi( was the &ear )e=ore he %ie%' an% he tol% (e then that &o. were' o= #o.r arti#les o$er the &ears. ha% got into >o. An% (a&)e itCs )e#a.B‖ A e#a.r 8nee.s with the stor& o= the )an8 ro))er gang.r =ather got the >o) as the wor8sho: =ore(an at Farin%erCs Me#hani#al.ite o=ten. As a (atter o= =a#t' I rea% Millenni. I 8new who &o. I 8new he was a goo% wor8er. I was the one who got hi( the >o).lse to #onta#t & &o.‖ Mi8ael ga$e a =rien%l& la. A7ell' I %onCt re(e()er )eing :er#he% on &o. (is.

se to start in the #ol%. lo(8$ist ha% the =eeling that e$er& last thing that ha% ha::ene% sin#e he arri$e% was stage%9 the intro%. The se#on% :art o= the stor& %eals with (& a#t.ght long an% har% how he was going to hoo8 hi(. ThatCs the :rete@t.t what I want &o. I want &o.Vanger loo8e% %own at his han%s' then si::e% his #o==ee' as i= he nee%e% a :a. ItCs a long' %ar8 stor&' an% ICll tr& to sti#8 to the .th.(' an% the e(:hasis on the =a#t that his =ather an% Vanger ha% )een =rien%s' along with the =latter& that the ol% (an 8new who Mi8ael lo(8$ist . to %o an% also what I a( o==ering?)e=ore &o.#tor& s. One is a :rete@t an% the other is (& real o)>e#ti$e.r (in% whether to ta8e on the >o) or not. (a8e . to hear (e o. The =irst is a)o.‖ lo(8$ist sighe%. !e was s.Cll :ro)a)l& thin8 so(e o= the stor& isI#raL&.l% at last )egin to )roa#h what he o= his :arents in the al).al o)>e#ti$e. Yo.t?a)o.n$arnishe% ha$e tho. 7hat I want is =or & that i= he #alle% Fro%e to as8 =or a li=t to the station' the #ar wo. to %o two things =or (e.l% so(ehow re=.‖ A7hat =or( o= agree(entB‖ AIC( going to tell & Vanger was not going to let hi( go in ti(e to #at#h the a=ternoon train.: &o. The ol% (an (. A e=ore I get starte%' Mi8ael' IC% li8e to (a8e an agree(ent with & )e=ore he #o.t the Vanger =a(il&. a stor& in two :arts.r:rise that as a #hil% he ha% (et his host' the :i#t. O)$io..

Then IC( #alling a ta@i an% going ho( with (e. Tell (e what &o.‖ ASo i= I #anCt #on$in#e &o.l% %ete#t the r.‖ AYo. No %o.‖ . Vanger was a :ra#tise% (ani:. AForgi$e (e' !err Vanger'‖ he sai%' AIC$e )een here alrea%& =or twent& (in. e@a#tl& thirt& (in.was an% that he ha% )een =ollowing his #areer =or &ears =ro( a %istan#eI.r then I wo. An% >.th #. %onCt ha$e to )eat aro.str& =ro( his %a&s o= :ower #on=ronte% )& a set)a#8.lator?how else ha% he )e#o(e one o= Swe%enCs lea%ing in%.t it was also :rett& ele(entar& :s&#holog&. thin8.n%erstan%. want (e to %o' so that I #an %e#i%e whether I want to %o it or not.tes (ore to tell (e what & :ossi)l& )e in ti(e to #at#h the a=ternoon train.‖ For a (o(ent the (as8 o= the goo%<nat.)t it ha% a #ore o= tr. in hal= an ho.n% the ).tes. AI .‖ ASo(ething along that line.strialistsB lo(8$ist %e#i%e% that Vanger wante% hi( to %o so(ething that he was not going to ha$e the slightest %esire to %o. want. ICll gi$e &o.rle% in a gri( s(ile. !e ha% onl& to wrest =ro( hi( what this was an% then sa& no than8 & :atriar#h sli::e%' an% lo(8$ist #o.thless #a:tain o=' ). !is (o.l%nCt )e a)le to %o it in a (onth either?thatCs what &o.

se I 8new &o. are.. le=t &o. )e#a. In &o. I get &o. I= &o.n%erstoo% the (atter #orre#tl&' &o.‖ Vanger hel% . .‖ ASo &o.A . A goo% >o.t itCs ne$er goo% :s&#holog& to e@aggerate.r %a& the Vanger Cor:oration was one o= the (ost i(:ortant in%. I nee% so(e)o%& who #an %o resear#h an% thin8 #riti#all&' ). I thin8 &o. 7hi#h (eans that &o.Cre in a tight =inan#ial s:ot.t Mi8ael?i= I (a& #all &o.alities' an% I rea% & o= the 7ennerstrG( a==air. Then ICll ha$e to =in% so(eone else to wor8 with (e.t who also has integrit&. (ight )e a)le to e@:loit (& :re%i#a(ent' is that itB‖ APerha:s.r )oo8 The Jnights Te(:lar with great interest. ha$e no >o) at the (o(ent' an% :ro)a)l& &o. ha$e it' an% thatCs not =latter&.strial =ir(s in Swe%enH . . 8now a)o.t (& stor& is long an% #o(:li#ate%.(: in the la8e.‖ AOJ' tell (e what this >o) in$ol$es. AEno.‖ AShorten an% si(:li=& it. %onCt li8e what I sa&' &o.r =ather an% )e#a. I= I .: a han%.r :oint. ItCs tr.r (agaLine as a res.‖ A!ow (.tes.t the Vanger =a(il&B‖ A7ell' onl& what I (anage% to rea% on the Net sin#e Fro%e #alle% (e on Mon%a&. Twent&< nine ( I 8now who & #an tell (e to >.rnalis(.#h %o &o. IC( too ol% =or that.rnalist o.ght to :ossess these 4. ThatCs what we %o in >o.e that I :i#8e% &o. Mi8aelB?I wonCt lie to &o.

t I want &o.ite% to )e the (anaging %ire#tor o= a #o(:an& in #risis.stries' an% the Vanger #o(:anies will )e #onsigne% to the s#ra: hea: o= histor&.san%' :ri(aril& in s(all (an.ghl& this #on#l. To%a& (an& o= these >o)s are in Jorea or raLil.t ten tho. The& were (& worst ene(ies' =ar worse than #o(:eting #o(:anies or the go$ern(ent.:.s #o(:etitor to the 7allen)erg Gro. #an as8 4.san% e(:lo&ees in Swe%en.t )asi#all& heCs a =air<weather his i%eas an% his =inan#ial (anage(ent is wea8 an% then sai% in a tone o= (o.ring in%.nting .llies' an% in#o(:etents.t what are &o. I ran the #o(:an& =or thirt&<=i$e &ears? al(ost all the ti(e in the (i%st o= relentless )i#8ering.ntr&. !e ha% #o(e to ro. to ta8e (e at (& wor% when I sa& that I %etest (ost o= the (e()ers o= (& =a(il&. !eCs .san% e(:lo&ees an% in a &ear or two?i= Martin %oesnCt get so(e win% into his sails? weCll ha$e =i$e tho. Thirt& =a(il& (e()ers are (inorit& sharehol%ers.‖ Vanger :a.t also o.ns. Twent&<=i$e &ears ago the Vanger #on#ern was a serio.=a#t. AThe Vanger #o(:anies are still a(ong the =ew =a(il&<hel% =ir(s in the #o. This has alwa&s )een the strength o= the #or:oration' ).rgen#&' AMi8ael' &o.‖ lo(8$ist thro. getting atB‖ AMartin isIheCs a goo% (an ). Martin Vanger itCs so(ewhat %i(inishe%.sion on the )asis o= the :ie#es he ha% %ownloa%e%. 7e are %own to a)o. The& are =or the (ost :art thie$es' (isers' ).t he #anCt :.estions later' ).ite a )it (ore' ). !e wants to (o%ernise an% s:e#ialise?whi#h is goo% thin8ing?). .r greatest wea8ness.ns it. 7e ha% =ort& tho. I 8now 4.

will ha$e a##ess to (& inner(ost tho.rnals an% ar#hi$es at &o.ghts an% &o. I want this stor& to )e there =or :osterit& when I %ie. #an' Martin has the . First' I want &o. IC$e ne$er :la&e% :oliti#al ga(' I %onCt #are whether the )oo8 is e$er :.‖ ATo tell &o.:. %eli$er %ire#tl& to the Ro&al Li)rar&.)lishe%. IC$e ne$er ha% :ro)le(s negotiating with tra%e .nions.t (& e(:lo&ees. O%%l& eno.::ose. I thin8 this stor& will (a8e Sha8es:eareCs trage%ies rea% li8e light =a(il& entertain(ent. M& (oti$e is the si(:lest i(agina)le9 re$enge. For si(:li#it&Cs sa8e' we #an #all it (& a. the tr.)lish all the %irt &o. to %o two things. Yo.)lish a s#an%alo. to write a histor& or )iogra:h& o= the Vanger =a(il&.to)iogra:h&. E$en Pri(e Minister Erlan%er ha% res:e#t =or (e in his %a&.s histor& o= the Vanger =a(il&B Or wh& %o I as8 &o. For (e it was a (atter o= ethi#sH I was res:onsi)le =or the li$elihoo%s o= tho.l% )e written' i= onl& in a single #o:& that &o. I will :.t I %o thin8 that the stor& sho.‖ A7hat %o &o.‖ A7h&B‖ A7h& %o I want to :.% that (& na(e is a )&wor% =or a (an who 8ee:s his wor% an% re(e()ers his :ro(ises. %ig . want to re$engeB‖ AIC( :ro.AI sai% that I wante% to #o((ission &o.t (& >o. to write itB‖ A oth' I s.r %is:osal. .san%s o= :eo:le' an% I #are% a)o.

sai% there were two things. Sa%l& Martin an% I are rare e@#e:tions in o.rnalist.ghter o= (& )rother Ri#har%. either'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.tinise the =a(il& with the e&es o= a >o.‖ AI )elie$e I #an tal8 &o. write the )iogra:h& I want &o. I %onCt .sl& again' an% too8 the :hotogra:h o= !arriet Vanger =ro( the %es8. The )oo8 is the :rete@t. 7hat is the real o)>e#ti$eB‖ Vanger stoo% .r real assign(ent.l% #reate this =lo#8 o= #hil%ren whoI‖ For . an ali)i =or :o8ing aro.n%erstan% how Go% #o.l% ta8e (onths. A7hile & heCs a $er& %i==erent :erson. AResear#hing an% writing a )oo8 li8e this wo. to s#r.ngest' )orn in "6*+.t tor:e%oing the =ir(.‖ AI %o.r =a(il&. into it.‖ A7hat (&ster&B‖ A!arriet was the gran%%a. There were =i$e )rothers.‖ AI wonCt lie to &o.)t it. I= &o. 7hat I want is =or &o. .sa(e attit. I was the &o. !e too has trie% to %o the right thing. !e set it %own in =ront o= lo(8$ist. to sol$e a (&ster&.t &o.n% in the =a(il& histor&. Ri#har% was the el%est' )orn in "6+2. It will also gi$e &o. ThatCs &o. I %onCt ha$e the (oti$ation or the energ& to %o it. a##e:t the assign(ent' ICll e@:lain how (& =a(il& went a)o. There are (an& reasons wh& the Vanger Cor:oration is on the ro:es to%a&' ).%e' e$en tho.:' la)orio.t one o= the 8e& ones is the short<ter(is( an% gree% o= (& relati$es.

AIn "6*/' now se$enteen' Ri#har% was a =anati#al nationalist an% anti Se(ite.rne% the :age in the al).l% )e the %isgra#e o= the nation. In "6.n% the :age he was loo8ing =or. Thin8 o= this as a s(all sa(:le =ro( the =a(il& #hroni#le I want &o.gRr%' soon to )e#o(e the lea%er o= the so< #alle% (ost o= the NaLi gro.:s in the #o. to write.e' one o= the =irst NaLi gro.r.ghts. !e >oine% the Swe%ish National So#ialist Free%o($eral se#on%s Vanger lost the threa%' i((erse% in his tho.t Ri#har% %i% not sta& with hi(.(9 Ri#har% Vanger in .. IsnCt it =as#inating that NaLis alwa&s (anage to a%o:t the wor% =ree%o(B‖ Vanger :. Then he went on with new %e#isi$eness.‖ !e :o.ntr&.r =atherCs wishes?an% %. An& si#8 #ons:iratorial asso#iation that e@iste%' &o.gRr% (o$e(ent' the )ig NaLi (o$e(ent o= the earl& thirties. #an )e he =o. ALet (e tell &o.( an% lea=e% thro.t (& )rother Ri#har%.t another al).lle% o.:s in it .ring the thirties he (a%e his wa& thro. the Lin%hol( (o$e(ent was =or(e%' that is' the National .re his na(e was on their roster. A!ereCs Ri#har% with the $eterinarian irger F. a)o. .r. !e >oine%' a =ew &ears later' the Swe%ish Fas#ist attle Organisation' the SF O' an% there he got to 8now Per Eng%ahl an% others who (ore #o==ee =or hi(sel=. A!e enliste%?against o.‖ !e t.

A large n. In his =ree ti(e he tra$elle% aro.ghter o= a tea#her in Fal.ring the =irst hal= o= the thirties' (& )rother sent his wi=e an% #hil% here to !e%esta% while he was statione% with his regi(ent in GN$le. Ri#har% was one o= the( an% )& then a #a:tain in the Swe%ish ar(&.l o= i%iots gather at a #e(eter& in Sto#8hol( on the anni$ersar& o= his %eath to hono.t IC$e rea% a =ew )oo8s.0 he ha% a h.‖ AIn "6*0' when he was nineteen' he was going o. !ow well %o &o. E$en now a han%=.t with a wo(an #alle% Margareta' the %a.So#ialist 7or8ersC Part&.‖ AI .‖ AIn "6.: na(e% a=ter hi(. 8now the histor& o= Swe%ish NaLis(B‖ AIC( no historian' ). !e was 8ille% in Fe)r. The& (et in so(e :oliti#al #onte@t an% ha% a relationshi: whi#h res. In "6.tting hi( o==.lte% in (& =ather #.n%erstan%.‖ A!e ha% no (one& o= his ownB‖ .()er o= the Lin%hol( (o$e(ent >oine% as Finlan% $ =ight with (& =ather whi#h res.lte% in a son' Gott=rie%' who was )orn in "6*2. The )e=ore the :ea#e treat& with the So$iet Union?an% there)& )e#a(e a (art&r in the NaLi (o$e(ent an% ha% a )attle gro. !e (o$e% with his =a(il& to Sto#8hol( an% li$e% in relati$e :o$ert&.r hi(.6 the Se#on% 7orl% 7ar )egan' an% in "6/+ the 7inter 7ar in "6/+?>.:le (arrie% when the )o& was )orn. A=ter that Ri#har% ha% to (a8e his own li$ing.n% an% %i% :rosel&tising =or NaLis(. D.

#h. !e #o.n%er (& wing?he was (& %ea% )rotherCs son' a=ter all?an% &o.rne% into an al#oholi#' an% in "601 he %ie%?the $i#ti( o= an a##i%ental . It isnCt eas& to %es#ri)e (& =eelings =or hi(Ihe wasnCt a goo%<=or<nothing' ). This was a=ter the war.: #owe% an% ). !e was thirteen when Ri#har% was 8ille%. AI= Ri#har% :ersoni=ie% the =a(il&Cs %ar8' =anati#al si%e' Gott=rie% e()o%ie% the in%olent one. !e )eat his wi=e an% a). ha$e to re(e()er that the age %i==eren#e )etween Gott=rie% an% (e was not so great.ght the( here to !e%esta%' where he =o.tal %o(esti#.l% ta8e o$er =ro( (& =ather' while Gott=rie% was (ore or less regar%e% as an o.l%nCt sell o.t he was laL&.s:e#t it was the ha::iest %a& o= his li=e . M& =ather too8 :it& on the wi%ow an% #hil% an% )ro. I was onl& se$en &ears ol%er' ). !e was a #har(er an% goo%<ti(e CharlieH he ha% a wa& with wo(en' an% there were :erio%s when he %ran8 too (.:.t he was not the least )it relia)le an% he o=ten %isa::ointe% (e %ee:l&.ght =or a (o(ent. I s. 7hen he rea#he% the age o= eighteen I %e#i%e% to ta8e hi( .‖ Vanger tho. AM& =ather %i%nCt reall& 8now how to %eal with his gran%son' so I was the one who ga$e hi( a >o) in the #o(:an&.: to that :oint.tsi%er.AThe inheritan#e he ha% in the =ir( was tie% . O$er the &ears he t. 7orse than their straitene% #ir#. Gott=rie% grew .n% an a:art(ent =or Margareta an% saw to it that she ha% a %e#ent li=e.llie%.(stan#es' Ri#har% was a )r.t )& then I was on the =ir(Cs )oar%' an% it was #lear that I was the one who his son.tsi%e the =a(il&. !e %i% tr& to %o a reasona)le >o)' ).

!arriet :ro)a)l& got (ore o= her genes =ro( her (other rather than =ro( Gott=rie%. Regretta)l& she share% (an& o= Gott=rie%Cs $i#esH she was laL& an% :artie% in#essantl&. She was 4.‖ ASo heCs the =ather o= !arriet an% MartinB‖ lo(8$ist sai%' :ointing at the :ortrait on the #o==ee ta)le.#tantl& he ha% to a%(it that the ol% (anCs stor& was intrig. Their #hil%hoo% was #haoti#' with a (other who was =ore$er lea$ing the( an% a =ather who was $ A . #an see =ro( the :hotogra:h' she was :rett& e$en at =o. Rel.ilt' an% where he .‖ lo(8$ist an% Vanger #onte(:late% the ha$e =elt as i= she ha% arri$e% in :ara%ise on earth when she lan%e% in Swe%en.rteen. As &o.t&?I (ean that she ha% a lo$el& ra%ian#e li8e Gar)o or Ingri% erg(an. ACorre#t.t let (e #ontin. Isa)ella was )orn in "6*5 an% is still ali$e.ring the aerial )o()ar%(ents. #an i(agine what it was li8e to )e a teenager in erlin %. Martin was )orn in "6/5 an% !arriet in " to hi%e awa& to this a==e#te% the #hil%ren. That ha::ene% at the other en% o= !e%e)& Islan%' where heC% ha% a #a)in ). .%rowning. In the late =orties Gott=rie% (et a Ger(an wo(an )& the na(e o= Isa)ella Joenig' who ha% #o(e to Swe%en a=ter the war. She was ele$en when the war )egan' an% &o. It (. She tra$elle% a great %eal in Swe%en an% a)roa%' an% la#8e% all sense o= res:onsi)ilit&.all& an al#oholi#. O)$io.e.ite a )ea.

I too8 #are o= Martin an% !arriet' an% the& )e#a(e in (an& wa&s the #hil%ren I ne$er ha%. At the ti(e' Gott=rie% an% Isa)ella were li$ing in !e%esta%?I insiste% that the& (o$e o. A=ter onl& a &ear Gott=rie% (o$e% o.t he straightene% hi(sel= o.t he #o.t their (arriage was on the ro#8s.l% also )e %elight=.t to his #a)in.s #&#le.‖ Vanger glan#e% at the #lo#8.)le% &ears in his teens' ).th when I was a=rai% he was going to =ollow in his =atherCs o= Vanger. AMartin wasIto tell the tr. !e ha% so(e tro.t here. !e was wea8 an% intro$erte% an% (elan#hol&' ). !e li$e% there alone =or long :erio%s an% went )a#8 to Isa)ella when it got too #ol%. Martin an% !arriet were (ore or less le=t to =en% =or the(sel$es.:' ).l an% enth.tes are al(ost' there was a ti(e in his &o. !e isIwell' in s:ite o= e$er&thing he is CEO o= whatCs le=t o= the Vanger Cor:oration' whi#h I s. 7ill &o. AIn short'$ersit&. AM& thirt& (in.t IC( #lose to the en% o= the stor&. gi$e (e a re:rie$eB‖ AGo on'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.AIn "615 IC% ha% eno. Gott=rie% an% Isa)ella %i% (o$e here' ).gh an% %e#i%e% to tr& to )rea8 the $i#io.‖ AAn% !arrietB‖ .::ose is to his #re%it. I was #hil%less?in stri8ing #ontrast to (& )rothers an% other =a(il& (e()ers' who see(e% o)sesse% with the nee% to :ro:agate the ho.t when he starte% at the .

: )eing #loser to (e than to her :arents.siness one %a&' or at least :la& a #entral role in it.sins' ne:hews' an% nie#es aro.nli8e an&one else in the =a(il&. Yo.n% (e?who was %estine% to r. She ha% )oth (orals an% )a#8)one. 7hen she was =o.‖ ASo what ha::ene%B‖ ANow we #o(e to the real reason I want to hire &o. see' !arriet was $er& s:e#ial. to =in% o. .ghter' an% she en%e% .rit& an% %e$elo: her sel=<#on=i%en#e' an% we too8 a li8ing to ea#h other.: in religion' .sl& intelligent.n the Vanger ).t she ha% a #lear talent an% she was tre(en%o.A!arriet was the a::le o= (& e&e.t who in the =a(il& (.r:rise.‖ C!APTER 1 Th..rteen or =i=teen I was #on$in#e% that she was the one?an% not her )rother or an& o= the (e%io#re #o. I loo8e% on her as (& own %a. !e ha% to as8 .rs%a&' De#e()er *0 For the =irst ti(e sin#e he )egan his (onolog. I trie% to gi$e her a sense o= se#. She was intro$erte%?li8e her )rother?an% as a teenager she )e#a(e wra::e% .r%ere% !arriet' an% who sin#e then has s:ent al(ost =ort& &ears tr&ing to %ri$e (e insane.e' the ol% (an ha% (anage% to ta8e lo(8$ist )& s. I want &o.

ng :eo:le in the =a(il&. AIt was Se:te()er */' " ) a=ter *9++ in the a=ternoon.ttings ha% hinte% at a (.r%a&' an% it t.ssions a)o.te o= that %a&?e@#e:t the (ost i(:ortant thing.::ose% to )egin at 19++' an% she was e@:e#te% to ta8e :art along with the other &o. She #a(e )a#8 here to !e%e)& Islan% >.r%er.‖ !e (a%e a swee:ing gest.lar )oar% (eetings an% )& $oting. ThatCs the )est %e#ision he e$er (a%e. Let (e tell & %inner. It was a tra%ition whi#h (& =atherCs =ather intro%. It was a Sat. A!ere in this ho. The tra%ition #a(e to an en% in the eighties' when Martin si(:l& %e#ree% that all !arriet ha% gone into the town %.()er o= (& =a(il& ha% gathere%. Nothing in the #.r%ere%I‖ A7ait. IC$e gone o$er the e$ents so (an& ti(es that I thin8 I #an a##o.‖ AYo. !arriet was si@teen an% ha% >.hi( to re:eat it to )e s. what ha::ene%. Dinner was s. It was the loathso(e a great n.rne% into the worst %a& o= (& li=e.l% ta8e :la#e at reg.r%a&' as I sai%.rne% into :rett& %etesta)le he ha% hear% #orre#tl&.) in !e%esta%.siness wo.#e% an% whi#h generall& t. sai% that !arriet was (.‖ .nt =or what ha::ene% in e$er& (in. It was also the %a& o= the :art&' with the Chil%renCs Da& :ara%e that was arrange% )& the s:orts #l.ring the %a& an% wat#he% the :ara%e with so(e o= her s#hool=rien%s.n her se#on% &ear at :re: s#hool. It was a Sat.t the ).

rrie% to tr& to hel:H the ris8 o= =ire was signi=i#ant an% a (a>or alar( was so. !e was :inne% in an% serio.lan#e' the res#.‖ The ol% (an went )a#8 to his #hair.rall& all o= the( asse()le% on the (ainlan% si%eH here on the islan% si%e we %i% what we #o. A (an #alle% G.t o= the wre#8' whi#h :ro$e% to )e %a(na)l& %i==i#.t o= his #a) .rre% o. AThe a##i%ent a#t.rne% his wheel awa& =ro( the #ar' hit the railing o= the )ri%ge an% the tan8er =li::e% o$erH it en%e% .t. Poli#e o==i#ers' an a().re%.l% ha$e )een a (inor #ollision :ro$e% a #atastro:he.Vanger got .t it was signi=i#ant in a #r.rting o. In the (eanti(e Aronsson sat :inne% insi%e his #ar' s#rea(ing in :ain. E$i%entl& )oth were going too =ast an% what sho. Nat.all& ha% nothing to %o with !arriet.t there on the )ri%ge.(a)l& instin#ti$el&' t.n%e%. !e (otione% lo(8$ist to >oin hi(' an% :ointe%. One o= the railings ha% )een %ri$en into the oil tan8 an% =la((a)le heating oil )egan s:.l% to get Aronsson o.sta$ Aronsson' )rother o= a =ar(er at KstergRr%en?a s(allhol%ing on !e%e)& Islan%?t.e%9 :eo:le on )oth si%es o= the )ri%ge h.#ial wa&. The %ri$er o= the ).tes a=ter !arriet #a(e ho(e' a %ra(ati# a##i%ent o##.t (anage% to s#ra()le o. . The tan8er %ri$er was also in>.a%' the =ire )riga%e' re:orters an% sightseers arri$e% in ra:i% in>.rne% on to the )ri%ge an% #rashe% hea%<on with an oil tr.#8' :res.: an% went o$er to the win%ow.: a#ross the )ri%ge with its trailer hanging o$er the e%ge. A sha()les ens.e s4. AAt *9"1' a =ew (in.

ntil S.r )elow the #h.l%nCt %o an&thing that ris8e% stri8ing a s:ar8H we were stan%ing in the (i%%le o= a sea o= oil ne@t to a tan8er tr.t or sawe% o.(:e% o.r ho.: )& #rane an% the )ri%ge o:ene% =or tra==i#.l% )e li=te% .se% onl& )& the )oat was .n%erstan% the signi=i#an#e o= thisB‖ AI ass.t the a##i%ent is that the )ri%ge was )lo#8e% =or twent&< his interest.(e that so(ething ha::ene% to !arriet here on the islan%'‖ lo(8$ist sai%' Aan% that the list o= s. Not .sl& rehearse% stor&' %eli)eratel& to #a:t. Do &o.r ho. For se$eral ho.r on this si%e to the ol% har)o.#8 was we%ge% right a#ross the )ri%ge' an% #li()ing o$er it wo.ite late on Sat.t o== =ro( the rest o= the I= it ha% e@:lo%e% we wo.ring these twent&<=o.r:oses #. The (an was an e@#ellent stor&teller' no !e%e)& Islan% was to all intents an% :.estion.l% get hel: =ro( the (ainlan% si%eH the tr.#8 l&ing on its si%e.‖ lo(8$ist #o.e #rews?it wasnCt .ght in to trans:ort :eo:le =ro( the s(all<)oat har)o.lo.r#h.t' ). .l% not resist the =eeling that the ol% (an was telling a (eti#.A7e trie% to :rise hi( loose with o.l% ha$e all )een 8ille%.ntil 4.n%a& e$ening was the last o= the oil :. !e wo. It too8 a long ti(e )e=ore we #o.t' an% then the tr.l% ha$e to )e #. On the other han%' where was the stor& hea%ingB A7hat (atters a)o.r%a& night that stran%e% islan%ers )egan to )e =errie% a#ross.r )are han%s' an% that %i%nCt wor8.#8 #o. D.l% ha$e )een the sa(e as #li()ing o$er a )o(). The onl& wa& to get a#ross to the (ainlan% was on a =ire)oat that was )ro.s:e#ts #onsists .t we #o.

I= we also in#l. She le=t thro. %onCt 8now how right &o. Along with ser$ants an% resi%ents' there were si@t&<=o.te or so later there was the #rash on the )ri%ge an% the )e%la( that =ollowe% .rse o= the %a&.l%nCt s:are the ti(e =or her.rteen' I arrange% =or her to (o$e into (& ho.s& getting settle% in neigh)o. !arriet ha% )een li$ing here =or the :ast two &ears. Then she #a(e .n(arrie% g. E$en I ha$e rea% (& Doroth& Sa&ers. AMi8ael' &o.t so(ething. 7e 8now that she (et an% e@#hange% so(e wor%s with !aral% in the #o.n%er(ine% her st. A!arriet ha% :re$io.()er o= :eo:le tra::e% here. A sort o= lo#8e%<roo( (&ster& in islan% =or(atB‖ Vanger s(ile% ironi#all&. These are the =a#ts9 !arriet arri$e% here on the islan% a)o.o= the =inite n.t =ort& =a(il& (e()ers arri$e% in the #o.‖ . So(e o= the(?the ones who were going to s:en% the night?were ).rt&ar%?heCs one o= (& ol%er )rothers.:set the girl' . Right then I ha% so(e other =a(il& (e()ers with (e an% I #o. She sai% that she wante% to tal8 to (e a)o.l% #learl& see how that .est roo(s. :lans =or the %a&.ests' all in all a)o.%ies an% so on' in "60/' when she was =o.t she see(e% an@io.: the stairs' to this roo(' an% sai% hello to (e.t gi$en that neither Gott=rie% nor Isa)ella was #onsistentl& sta)le' an% one #o. Isa)ella :ro)a)l& tho. So this is where she #a(e that %a&.st =ine to )e s:are% the res:onsi)ilit& =or her %a.r :eo:le either here or near the =ar(.ght that it was >.%e #hil%ren an% .:set all that %oor' an% that was the last ti(e I saw her.s an% I :ro(ise% IC% #o(e to her roo( when I was =ree.t *9"+.ring =ar(s or in li$e% in a ho. .se a#ross the roa%' ). A (in.

The& loo8e% o.r #oo8.t a (in.t so(eone ha% tele:hone% an% he was on his wa& to the )ri%ge. !e ha% )een in )e%' n.::ose I too8 #harge an% was =e$erishl& o##. There was a saw(ill wor8er na(e% Si@ten Nor%lan%er who ha% a ho. !arriet sto::e% hi( on the roa% an% a::arentl& .rre%' :eo:le %ro::e% whate$er the& were %oing an% ran to the s#ene. At that ti(e the :arsonage was where Martin Vanger has his $illa to%a&' an% the :astor li$e% on this si%e o= the )ri%ge. 7hen the a##i%ent o##. !e was onl& si@teen' an% I sho.sta$ in the #ar.l% reall& ha$e sent hi( awa&' ). A)o.rt&ar%.t he was the ne:hew o= G. She was seen )& Isa)ella.t *9/+ !arriet was in the 8it#hen here in the ho.#t an&one who wasnCt in$ol$e% in getting Aronsson o.s re(aine%. AAt a) %own )& the =ishing har)o. There was a (an na(e% Magn. An% there was a =ellow na(e% 3er8er!ow %i% she %ieB‖ AItCs (ore #o(:li#ate% than that' an% I ha$e to tell the stor& in #hronologi#al or%er.:ie% =or the ne@t =ew later she ran into Otto Fal8' the :astor in !e%e)&. There were (&sel= an% (& )rother !aral%. I wasII s.t the %anger o= an e@:losion (a%e (e instr.r.rsing a #ol%' when the a##i%ent too8 :la#eH he ha% (isse% the %ra(a' ). !arriet #a(e %own to the )ri%ge right awa&?se$eral :eo:le saw her ?). AAt *911 !arriet #rosse% the #o.t o= his #ar to sta& well )a#8.t o= the win%ow at the #o((otion %own at the )ri%ge. She %ran8 a glass o= (il8 an% tal8e% )rie=l& to Astri%' o.s Nilsson' one o= (& wor8ers. Fi$e o= .

sa&' &o.wante% to sa& so(ething to hi(' ). So it wasnCt .‖ A!ow %i% she %ieB‖ lo(8$ist sai% again. AI %onCt 8now'‖ Vanger sai% with a tro.r%ere%.ring the e$ening I ha% to %eal with $ario. Fal8 was the last :erson to see her ali$e.ssions an% arg.t he was not in goo% sha:e?an% so(eti(e a=ter 09++ the threat o= =ire was #onsi%ere% :ast.s %is#.t she #a(e )a#8 to sa& that she #o.r$i$e%' )& the wa&' altho.)le% e@:ression.t o= his #ar .(ents with the =a(il&.ntil the ne@t (orning' when Isa)ella went to =in% her' that we realise% that no)o%& 8new where !arriet was an% that no<one ha% seen her sin#e the %a& )e=ore.ntil aro. #anCt )e s.t a tra#e. I sent one o= the #o.ntil we sat %own at the ta)le to ha$e o. The islan% was still #. An% %. AFor all these &ears we ha$enCt )een a)le to =in% one (i#ros#o:i# s#ra: o= that she was (.n% 59++ that we %is#o$ere% !arriet was (issing. I %i%nCt thin8 (.(e% she ha% gone =or a wal8 or she ha%nCt )een tol% that %inner was ser$e%.r long%ela&e% %inner aro.sins to get !arriet =ro( her roo(' ).l%nCt =in% her.t i= she $anishe%' as &o.#h a)o.t he wa$e% her o== an% h. It wasnCt .rrie% :ast. A7e %i%nCt get Aronsson o.t o==' ).‖ A .t itH I :ro)a)l& ass. AAn% =ro( that %a&' she has )een (issing witho.t things )egan to #al( %own.n% 19++?he s.‖ AMissingB‖ lo(8$ist e#hoe%.‖ !e s:rea% his ar(s o.‖ .

i#i%e.t two (iles long with a (a@i(.#h a :rote#te% worl%' e$en a $er& a)le girl' )e a)le to (anage on her ownB !ow #o.AI .t as the %a&s :asse%' we all realise% that this wasnCt the #ase.l% ha$e #o((itte% s. She #o. )elie$e that so(eone too8 !arrietCs li=e.l% ha$e ha::ene%.n%erstan% the o)>e#tion. A large :art o= the islan% was #o$ere% )& =orest.rit& #ar% an% an a%%ress.l% ha$e gone o== o= her own =ree will an% )e hi%ing so(ewhere.: one =inger.l% a si@teen<&ear<ol% =ro( s. She #o. I (ean' how wo. An% =inall&' she #o.l% she sta& hi%%en har)o.‖ lo(8$ist %i% as he was as8e% an% .n% the little s.: two =ingers.t a tra#e' one o= =o.rB Go to the %es8 an% o:en the to: %rawer.sion.: area )& the )ri%ge an% aro.ilt<. %o (e a =a$o. On the other si%e o= the islan% was . IC$e weighe% all these :ossi)ilities.l% she get (one&B An% e$en i= she got a >o) so(ewhere' she wo.ght was that she ha% ha% so(e 8in% o= a##i%ent.t one (ile.r things itCs the onl& reasona)le #on#l. AM& ne@t tho.l% ha$e ha% an a##i%ent an% %ie%.((er<ho.ghts along the sa(e lines.tset I ho:e% that she ha% r.n awa&.‖ Vanger hel% . She #o. There was a ). ThereCs a (a: there. .t &o.‖ A .l% nee% a so#ial se#.l% ha$e )een the $i#ti( o= a #ri(e.r. 7h&B‖ A e#a.‖ !e hel% .t )eing %is#o$ere%B 7here wo. !e%e)& Islan% was an irreg. IC$e ha% tho. 7hen a :erson $anishes witho. AFro( the o.n=ol%e% the (a: on the #o==ee ta)le.larl& sha:e% lan% (ass a)o. Can &o.( wi%th o= a)o.

nate Aronsson ha% starte% e$er& :at#h o= =iel%' #li==' an% .st li8e an&where else.l% )e str.(n I loo8e% =or her' e$en a=ter the sear#h :arties sto::e% an% :eo:le ha% gi$en .st )e so(ewhere in this li(ite% area.l% %ie in an a##i%ent >.tsi%e the win%ow.‖ !e hel% . AThereCs >. !er )o%& (. ARe(e()er that she #o.n%erstor( that %a&.t. IC$e one #at#h' an% this also a::lies to the thir% :ossi)ilit& ?that the girl' #ontrar& to e$er& in%i#ation' too8 her own li=e.:roote% tree.:. Yo. The (en wa%e% e$er& %it#h' s#o.#8 )& lightning?).l%nCt ha$e le=t the islan%'‖ Vanger sai%. 7hen I wasnCt . 7e went thro. Yo. #o.t in his #ar. !is $oi#e grew lower an% (ore inti(ate.t there was no th. There are no %o.n=ort.()le into a ro#8 #re$i#e. #o. AThe whole a.: three' #hi(ne&' well' )arn' an% hi%%en garret.)t h. #o.l% )e tra(:le% to %eath )& a horse' =all %own a well' or t.‖ Vanger sla((e% his =ist %own on the (a:.‖ The ol% (an loo8e% awa& =ro( lo(8$ist an% stare% into the %ar8ness e$er& ). A!ere on !e%e)& Islan% &o. AIn the %a&s a=ter she %isa::eare%' we sear#he% e$er&where' #riss#rossing the islan%.the s(allhol%ing' KstergRr%en' =ro( whi#h the .ght o= (ost o= the(.n%re%s o= wa&s to =all $i#ti( to an a##i%ent here.

This is an islan%' an% water #an hi%e (ost things.n to thin8 that so(eone (.riosit& wo. & that ti(e I ha% )eg. The& #o()e% e$er& s4.ten%ing to (& wor8 I )egan going =or wal8s )a#8 an% =orth a#ross the islan%. Re(e()er that the e@#ite(ent on the )ri%ge was the (ost sensational thing that ha% ha::ene% here on !e%e)& Islan% in se$eral %e#a%es. ALetCs hear the(.‖ ATr. Consi%er the =ollowing9 i= !arriet (et with an a##i%ent an% %rowne%' logi#all& it (. A .st ha$e 8ille% her.are =oot o= the islan%.rrent here' an% the win%s at that ti(e o= &ear were It was as i= she ha% %issol$e% into thin air.t o= the north or northeast. The& wor8e% at it =or three (onths.n% not the slightest $estige o= the girl.t the :ro)a)ilit& isnCt great.n% a tra#e o= her.‖ AI #an thin8 o= a n.((er #a(e I hire% three e@:erien#e% woo%s(en who %i% the entire sear#h o$er again with ha$e o##.()er o= :ossi)ilities'‖ lo(8$ist $ent. So the& also sear#he% =or a gra$e. 7inter #a(e on an% we still ha%nCt =o.s (& sear#h was.rre% so(ewhere in the i((e%iate $i#init& o= the $illage.r:ose. I= an&thing =alls into the water' it .e' ). It was not a ti(e when a si@teen<&ear<ol% girl with a nor(al sense o= #.#h o= a #.l% %e#i%e to go =or a wal8 to the other si%e o= the islan%.t (ore i(:ortant'‖ he sai%' AthereCs not (. 7hen s.ntil I realise% how :re:ostero.l% ha$e %rowne%' a##i%entall& or on :. 7e =o. In the s:ring I 8e:t on loo8ing .‖ AShe #o.

r )& the s.((er #a)ins there were two Pettersson )oats in the water. There were se$en e8a rowing )oats' o= whi#h =i$e were :. She #o.‖ AA rowing )oatB‖ ANo.lle% .ng (en =ro( a s#. There were %oLens o= e&es on the )ri%ge' an% on the (ainlan% si%e there were two or three h.n%re% :eo:le along the water wat#hing the s#ene.ilt .#o(es . 7e %ragge% al(ost all the s:ots where she #o.l% #on#ei$a)l& ha$e gone %own to the water.‖ A .re )oats were alrea%& in storage on lan%.l% ha$e =o.)a<%i$ing #l.) here in !e%esta%.( or rowe% a#ross. I also hire% &o.‖ AIt was late Se:te()er an% the water was so #ol% that !arriet wo.l% ha$e )een seen an% %rawn a lot o= attention. The& s:ent the rest o= the season #o()ing the )otto( o= the so.l% har%l& ha$e set o== to go swi((ing in the (i%st o= all the #o((otion. Down in the s(all<)oat har)o.n% her.%%enl& got the i%ea to swi( to the (ainlan%' she wo.t itCs a short %istan#e o$er to the (ainlan%.: on shore. DonCt thin8 that we %i%nCt #onsi%er this.l% she not ha$e (et with an a##i%ent so(ewhere elseB The )ri%ge was )lo#8e%' o= #o.: so(ewhere along the )ea#h on the (ainlan%' an% o$er there itCs ).: al(ost e$er&where.l% ha$e sw. & KstergRr%en there was a rowing .t i= she s. That %a& there were :re#isel& thirteen )oats on !e%e)& Islan%.t #o. Most o= the :leas.rse' ).n% an% along the )ea#hesIIC( #on$in#e% sheCs not in the waterH i= she ha% )een we wo. . elow the :arsonage one rowing )oat was on shore an% one in the water.

r =ingers.rnalists ha% %e$elo:e% into a gro.t in a straight=orwar% an% engaging wa&' an% e$en :eo:le with no insight into the la)&rinth o= =inan#ial >o.rnalis( #o. The tone was shar: an% sar#asti#' ).‖ Vanger hel% .il%ing was =loating in air.==e% . The =irst #ha:ter was a sort o= %e#laration o= war in whi#h lo(8$ist %i% not (in#e wor%s. It was a %ra(ati# #o$er with whi#h to set the tone =or what was to #o(e. The #o$er ha% a tren%& %esign )& Christer Mal( =eat.t a)o$e all it was :ers. In the last twent& &ears' Swe%ish =inan#ial >o.‖ Lis)eth Salan%er s:ent Christ(as (orning rea%ing Mi8ael lo(8$istCs #ontro$ersial )oo8 a)o.t =inan#ial >o.ring a :hotogra:h o= the Sto#8hol( Sto#8 E@#hange.n awa&' she wo. All these )oats were #he#8e% an% were e@a#tl& where the& were s.tionar& Tale =or Finan#ial Re:orters. ASo thereCs onl& one reasona)le :ossi)ilit& le=t' na(el& that !arriet %isa::eare% against her will.rnalis(' The Jnights Te(:lar9 A Ca.l% learn so(ething =ro( rea%ing it. Mal( ha% wor8e% in PhotoSho:' an% it too8 a (o(ent to noti#e that the ).::ose% to )e.)oat an% a (otor)oat.asi$e.: =o.l% see that lo(8$ist was a =ine writer. So(eone 8ille% her an% got ri% o= the )o%&.: with sel=< .: o= in#o(:etent la#8e&s who were :. I= she ha% rowe% a#ross an% r.l% ha$e ha% to lea$e the )oat on the other si%e. The )oo8 was set o. Salan%er #o.

In %es#ri)ing the %e$elo:(ent o= the #o(:an& he liste% ti(e .s %ot<#o( in si@ %ail& :a:ers' as well as in the Finan#ial 3o.t the least o)>e#tion' so (an& =inan#ial re:orters see(e% #ontent to reg.(:e% together with :eo:le who( he %i% not rate as re:orters at all.nli8el&.sion ) )etra&e% their >o. !e #o(:are% the e==orts o= =inan#ial >o.(ents or inter$iewing the $i#ti(Cs =a(il& )e=ore =or(ing an o:inion o= what was li8el& or .r%er trial' i= a legal #orres:on%ent )egan . !e %rew this #on#l.#ing the :rose#.siness re:ort on Swe%ish TV.lators?e$en when this in=or(ation was :lainl& (islea%ing or wrong.t #ons.i(:ortan#e an% who ha% no re#or% o= thin8ing #riti#all&.les ha% to a::l& to =inan#ial >o.stri' an% AA<e8ono(i'‖ the ).rnalists.n#riti#all& re:ro%.l% ris8 )eing l. lo(8$ist #lai(e% that he ha% o=ten )een asha(e% to )e #alle% a =inan#ial re:orter' sin#e then he wo. !e =irst 4.ation. One long #ha:ter e@a(ine% the re:orting o= a =a(o.l% res. !e :ainte% a :i#t.ght to )e :a#8e% o== to other assign(ents' or the& were :eo:le who 4.lli)le that the& ti(e a=ter ti(e' witho. The rest o= the )oo8 #onsiste% o= a #hain o= e$i%en#e to s.lting the %e=en#e arg.s either so nai$e an% sit.rnalists with the wa& #ri(e re:orters or =oreign #orres:on%ents wor8e%.t#r& that wo.::ort his #ase. A##or%ing to lo(8$ist the sa(e r. These re:orters were th.ite o= the o.n#tion.rgitate the state(ents iss.ote% an% s.((arise% what the re:orters ha% sai% an% written.rnal' Dagens In%.e% )& CEOs an% sto#8<(ar8et s:e#.torCs #ase as gos:el in a (.rnalisti# =. Then he (a%e a #o(:arison with the a#t.

%e%.%ing one 7illia( org' to who( lo(8$ist see(e% to )e :arti#.she% thro.sion o= the )oo8 e#hoe% the intro%.l% not %o so (.e is a::la.lar an% ironi# se#tion' in whi#h so(e =inan#ial writers were #astigate% )& na(e' in#l.#tion9 I= a :arlia(entar& re:orter han%le% his assign(ent )& . It was a neat (o$e.ra)le to the Swe%ish >o.l% )e re(e%ie%.larl& hostile.t whi#h the whole #or:s o= =inan#ial re:orters ha% negle#te% to as8.#h %a(age.l rog.l% ha$e as8e% ).estions that a' no (atter how :re:ostero.##ess=.l% )e =ire% or at the least reassigne% to a %e:art(ent where he or she #o. In the worl% o= =inan#ial re:orting' howe$er' the nor(al >o.n%erta8e #riti#al in$estigations an% o)>e#ti$el& re:ort =in%ings to the rea%ers a::ears not to a::l&.%ge(ent?that re:orter wo. The #o(:arison was not =a$o. Instea% the (ost s.ggestions as to how this %e:lora)le sit.rnalisti# (an%ate to .a=ter ti(e the si(:le 4.: a lan#e in s. The #on#l.ntries. The =inal #ha:ter #ontaine% a s8et#h with s.rnalists.)>e#ts in their own #o. Another #ha:ter %ealt with the IPO o= Telia sto#8?it was the )oo8Cs (ost >o#. A #ha:ter near the en% o= the )oo8 #o(:are% the le$el o= #o(:eten#e o= Swe%ish an% =oreign =inan#ial o= Swe%en is also )eing . !e %es#ri)e% how serio.s re:orter wo.::ort o= e$er& %e#ision that was :.t.s re:orters at Lon%onCs Finan#ial Ti(es' the E#ono(ist' an% so(e Ger(an =inan#ial news:a:ers ha% re:orte% si(ilar s.n#riti#all& ta8ing . In this wa& the =.s' or i= a :oliti#al re:orter were to show a si(ilar la#8 o= >.ation #o.

ote%.ght in a .rsel=' arenCt &o. AYo. !e was loo8ing into the #a(era with an ironi# s(ile an% an e@:ression :erha:s ai(ing to )e #har(ing an% )o&ish. On his wa& to %o three (onths in the sla(( onl& a =ew re:orters were (entione% )& na(e in the )oo8' Salan%er in >o. Or Dan% this was (ore as i= Christer Mal( ha% :ose% hi(.rnalist' #ertain =inan#ial news:a:ers' an% on the =ront :ages an% in the ). She t&:e%9 A!a$e &o.)li#ation The 3o.Cre :rett& :lease% with &o.: her i oo8 an% o:ene% E. lo(8$ist ha% (a%e hi(sel= so(e )itter ene(ies' whi#h was also re=le#te% in the (ali#io.l% 8now e@a#tl& whi#h in%i$i%. got ti(eB‖ She signe% it 7as: an% sent it to the a%%ress .n%erstan%ing the agitate% %e)ate that ha% =ollowe% in the tra%e :. She #lose% the )oo8 an% loo8e% at the :hotogra:h on the )a#8. A $er& goo%<loo8ing (an. E$en tho.#reate%' an% all re(aining tr.siness se#tions o= the %ail& :a:ers.rt in the 7ennerstrG( a==air.als were )eing re=erre% to when $ario. A!ello' Jalle lo(8$ist'‖ she sai% to hersel=.s news:a:ers were 4. lo(8$istCs %ar8 )lon% sho#8 o= hair =ell a )it #arelessl& a#ross his =orehea%' as i= o= win%. Salan%er ha% no %i==i#.n#hti(e Salan%er )oote% .s #o((ents to the #o.rnalists as a #or:s o= :ro=essionals is )eing #o(:ro(ise%.esse% that the =iel% was s(all eno.B‖ At l.%ora to write an e( that e$er&one wo.

She #rosse% the street an% waite% a =ew =eet =ro( the street %oor.t =or a wee8en% stroll' an% she regar%e% her o.t=it as a::ro:riate #a(o. She sa.tting in a n.rne%' the la%& ha% rea#he% the %oor an% was slowl& :.=lage =or an e@:e%ition )ehin% ene(& lines. She ha% to wait =or al(ost hal= an ho.a&H onl& a =ew were on the :a$e(ent si%e. The wo(an sto::e% an% The la%& with the #ane ret. She too8 the rings o.eX@&LX000Yhot(ail. She ha% al(ost got to D>. Salan%er ga$e her a =rien%l& s(ile in wo(an.()er .t on )la#8 >eans' hea$& winter )oots' a war( :olo shirt' a %ar8 :ea >a#8et an% (at#hing 8nitte% glo$es' #a:' an% s#ar=.t wal8ing in the #ol% weather on the %a& a=ter Christ(as were wal8ing along the 4. Then she :.%ie% Salan%er with s.rne% her )a#8 an% too8 a =ew ste:s awa& =ro( the %oor' as tho.t on a :ale :in8 li:sti#8' an% e@a(ine% hersel= in the )athroo( (irror. Salan%er t.t o= her e&e)rows an% nostril' she were i(:atientl& waiting =or so(eone' :a#ing )a#8 an% =orth.rne% her greeting an% loo8e% as tho.r )e=ore an ol% wo(an with a #ane a::roa#he% =ro( the %ire#tion o= D>.ntere% along the #entral reser$e rea%ing the n.rgRr%en.#o(Z To )e on the sa=e si%e' she ran the (essage thro. She too8 the her PGP en#r&:tion :rogra((e.nnel)ana =ro( Fin8ens%a(( to Kster(al(storg an% wal8e% %own towar%s Stran%$Ngen. She noti#e% that (ost :eo:le who were o. 7hen she t.()ers on the ). She loo8e% li8e an& other wo(an she were tr&ing to re(e()er when she ha% last seen the &o.rgRr%s ri%ge when she sto::e% an% loo8e% at the %oor she ha% )een sear#hing =or.

t hal= an ho.t she #ast her e&e %own the list o= resi%ents )& the li=t an% rea% the na(e =or the a:art(ent on the to: =loor. She e@a(ine% the (eters' =. Farther in' to the le=t o= an anti4.n#he% in the #o%e an% the lo#8 #li#8e%. .n%e% on the :ro:ert&.on the #o%e She an% wal8e% ra:i%l& to the National M.e li=t #age' there was a %oor with another #o%e lo#8H she trie% "*0+ an% it wor8e% =or the entran#e to the #ellar le$el an% a set o= :i#8lo#8s that she ha% A)orrowe%‖ =ro( MiltonCs lo#8s(ith to o:en a lo#8e% %oor to what see(e% to )e a (eeting roo( =or the #on%o(ini. At the )a#8 o= the #ellar was a ho))& roo(.n% what she was loo8ing =or9 the ). Slo::&' $er& slo::&. She s:ent three (in.r she (a%e her wa& )a#8 to SG%er an% went .il%ingCs s(all ele#tri#al roo(.se )o@es' an% >. Finall& she =o.rit& #arrie% an% was a#ti$ate% onl& i= an alar( =or a )rea8<in or an atta#8 was so. She :eere% into the stairwell.:.(' where she went into the #a=eteria to ha$e so(e #o==ee an% war( .( asso#iation. Then she .res. Salan%er ha% no %i==i#. There was a se#. 7ennerstrG(. A=ter a)o.nlo#8e% la. On the wa& o.n%r& roo( an% a re#&#ling roo(.t a Canon %igital #a(era the siLe o= a #igarette seeing that the #o()ination was "*0+.rit& #a(era whi#h she glan#e% at an% ignore%H it was a (o%el that Milton Se#.: to her a:art(ent. She too8 three :i#t.))ish roo(. She waite% =i$e (in.tes (ore )e=ore she went to the %oor. Then she le=t the ).n#tion )o@es an% then too8 o.tes in$estigating the #ellar le$el' where she lo#ate% an .

l% ha::en to an& =a(il&.rne%. Des:ite the =a#t that a :ro(inent =a(il& was in$ol$e%' thirt&<si@ &ears later the #ase o= !arriet Vanger was all ).There was an answer =ro( WPlag.#o(Z 7hen she %e#o%e% it in PGP it rea%9 *+. The :re$ailing theor& in arti#les =ro( the late si@ties see(e% to )e that she %rowne% an% was swe:t o. Vanger ha% shown hi( a s#ra:)oo8 with arti#les =ro( )oth the lo#al news:a:er an% the national (e%ia. .t so(ething that #o. The ol% (an ha% still not got to the en%' .strialistCs =a(il& %isa::ears. !e stoo% )& the win%ow r. There ha% )een 4. C!APTER 0 Th.r#h on the other si%e o= the )ri%ge.t to sea?a trage%&' ).nt' ). lo(8$ist ha% )een =as#inate% )& the ol% (anCs in the in$estigation' interest gra%.(inate% =a#a%e o= the #h.t when Vanger e@#.n% an% there was no )rea8thro.t he still ha% a #han#e o= (a8ing the e$ening train at 69.))ing his ne#8 as he stare% hi(sel= to go to the )athroo(' his s#e:ti#is( ret.+' an% there was no ho:e o= #at#hing the a=ternoon train' ).eX@&LX000Yhot(ail.all& wane%. It was /9.t when no )o%& was' De#e()er *0 The ti(e li(it set )& lo(8$ist ha% )een e@#ee%e% )& a goo% (argin.+.t at the ill.ite a )it o= (e%ia interest =or a while?girl =ro( note% in%.t =orgotten.

l% ha$e %isa::eare%. I #anCt :ro$e this' ).n% i= the sear#h was as thoro.t itCs at least within the real( o= :ossi)ilit&. It wasnCt .‖ ATell ( lo(8$ist ha% =inall& :ro(ise% to listen to the whole stor&. I )elie$e that o= those re(aining' so(eone?an% in all li8elihoo% it was so(eone =ro( the =a(il&?8ille% !arriet an% hi% the )o%&.9++ that a=ternoon.ntil I )egan to thin8 o= !arriet as a (.‖ ATo tell &o. O= these' )etween twent& an% twent&<=i$e #an )e r.le% o.n% . thin8 ha::ene% to herB‖ he sai% when Vanger #a(e )a#8 into the roo(.t *911 she was seen )& Pastor Fal8' who was .‖ AI ha$e a %oLen o)>e#tions to that.r%er $i#ti( that I realise% se$eral wa&s in whi#h her )o%&' the sear#h was e$en (ore e@tensi$e than IC$e %es#ri)e%.#h so.‖ A!arriet went (issing so(eti(e aro. %es#ri)e%.t' :rett& (.t ) as the one &o.l% ha$e )een =o. At a) o= the =a(il& gathering there were (ore than si@t& on !e%e)& Islan% that %a&. ANor(all& there were so(e twent&<=i$e :eo:le li$ing here &ear< ro.‖ A7ell' the =irst one is that e$en i= so(eone hi% her )o%&' it sho.‖ ALetCs hear the(. A7hat %o &o. the tr.n%' ).

The sa(e :hotogra:her too8 it aro. AThatCs !arriet.t thereCs one (ore interesting shot.r he too8 a great n.nt' it was al(ost too (.res?=i$e rolls?=ro( the #rash on the ) ta8en o= her.r(oil s. The :hotogra:her was a :ro=essional who ha% (anage% to #a:t.n%ing the a##i%ent.#h to s.‖ Vanger too8 o.n% "9"1 :.(.( #ontaine% a)o.res =ro( that %a&. A=ter ha$ing hear% the in the #row%. The =irst one was ta8en in !e%esta% %. . This is the last :i#t.' an% !arriet is there in it.res o= the %ra(a. 7e?the :oli#e' I (ean?e@a(ine% the :hotogra:hs an% #on=ir(e% that !arriet was not in an& one o= the(H ). S:e#tators thronge% the :a$e(ents. AThese are :i#t.%%enl& see it in the =or( o= shar: )la#8<an%<white i(ages.t e$er& other :erson in town was seen in at least one' a:art =ro( $er& s(all #hil%ren.()er o= :i#t.rr&ing to the )ri%ge.rro. At al(ost e@a#tl& the sa(e ti(e a :hotogra:her arri$e% =ro( the lo#al :a:er' an% =or the ne@t ho. The al).( an% :la#e% it on the ta)le.#8s an% girls in )athing s.its?ha% >.t two :asse%. ItCs a)o.h.t another al).re the t. Vanger :ointe% at a =ig.t "5+ :i#t. A large .‖ The :hotogra:h was ta8en =ro( the se#on% =loor o= a ).il%ing an% showe% a street along whi#h the :ara%e?#lowns on )e=ore she will %isa::earH sheCs with so(e o= her s#hool=rien%s in town.‖ Vanger lea=e% thro.ring the Chil%renCs Da& the :ages.

s on the tan8er tr.n )a#8 here to the =ar( to #hange his shoes' he s:ent the a=ternoon on the )ri%ge. AThis is the interesting :i#t. E@#e:t =or a $er& short while' when he ha% to r.l% %eter(ine it was ta8en )etween .s on AronssonCs #ar.rne% tan8er tr. AThis is (& )rother !aral%.tes a=ter !arriet ran into Fal8.#8.t I thin8 he #an )e eli(inate% =ro( the list o= s. Ta8e a loo8 at the ho.9/1' or a)o.‖ The ol% (an :ointe% to a (an in shirtslee$es )en%ing =orwar% an% :ointing at so(ething insi%e the wre#8 o= AronssonCs #ar. AAs =ar as we #o.‖ AI as8e% e$er&oneH no)o%& wo. Fo#.‖ Vanger t.#8. !ere itCs ha$e )een in !arrietCs roo(.s:e#ts.s on s:e#tators on the =oreshore.res =o#.#h &o.l% a%(it to o:ening the win%ow.‖ ASo(eone (.t /1 (in.:s with a tele:hoto lens. One i(age =ollowe% another.n% the o$ert. Fo#. General $iews. AM& )rother !aral% (a& )e an .se' the (i%%le se#on% =loor win%ow. Fo#. ThatCs !arrietCs roo(.()er o= the :i#t.nger !enri8 Vanger soa8e% with heating oil.lating' (.re the win%ow was on the a#ti$ities'‖ Vanger sai%.n.9/+ an% .rne% so(e (ore :ages.‖ A7hi#h (eans that either !arriet %i% it hersel=' an% she was still ali$e at that :oint' or else that so(eone was l&ing to . Close<.n:leasant :erson' ). In the :re#e%ing :i#t. lo(8$ist ha% no :ro)le( i%enti=&ing a gesti#.

‖ AYo.s:e#ts. These :i#t. .si)le e@:lanation. No e@:lanation :resente% itsel=. ThatCs wh& I #an eli(inate a n.essing that it ha::ene% here?)ehin% the wall in the or shortl& therea=ter.l% an&one lie a)o.estion a)o. A!arriet %isa::eare% so(eti(e aro. To%a& thereCs a s(all =lower )e% an% lawn there' ). %i%nCt answer (& 4. thin8 the )o%& was re(o$e%.l% a (.l% ha$e )een )e a%%e% to the list o= s.t in the si@ties it was a gra$elle% area .t how &o.n% tra#es o= )loo%.r%erer go into her roo( an% o:en the win%owB An% wh& sho.(a)l& %i%nCt .t itB‖ Vanger shoo8 his hea%. So(e sort o= #o((on ol% ill.sionistCs tri#8. So(eti(e aro.res gi$e an i(:ression o= where #ertain :eo:le were at that ti(e. For the sa(e reason I #an =or :ar8ing. 7hen we )egan sear#hing the islan% the ne@t %a&' no)o%& was thin8ing that a #ri(e ha% )een #o((itte%.t !arriet insi%e.t o= the :hotogra:herCs line o= sight an% in a )lin% s:ot =ro( the ho.all& se$eral $er& :ra#ti#al wa&s it #o. IC( g.rt&ar%' so(ewhere o.rse' that there (..n% . 7e . ThereCs a :ath' i= &o.& )e so(e :la.s:e#ts.l% ha$e =o.()er o= :eo:le =ro( the list o=‖ AThere are a#t. want to ta8e a short#.9++ the 8iller str.#8.t' to the :arsonage?the last :la#e she was seen?an% )a#8 to the ho. I realise' o= #o. !e or she :res.n% .%e that so(e :eo:le who were not in the :hotogra:hs at that ti(e (.essing that !arriet was strangle% an% IC( g. All the 8iller ha% to %o was o:en the )oot o= a #ar an% an& sort o= wea:on?or we wo.t wh& wo.

to =in% o..( things .‖ Vanger ga$e a )itter la.‖ A7h&B‖ .ite a =ew (e()ers o= the Vanger =a(il&. lo(8$ist still ha% :lent& o= ti(e to (a8e the last train. Anna ser$e% roast hare with #.e% their %is#. !e tho.‖ ASo no)o%& was #he#8ing the )oots o= ga$e an a:t %es#ri:tion o= 4. a ro).t I still %onCt 8now wh& &o.:.‖ ARight .‖ AAn% )& the =ollowing e$ening the 8iller wo. I= thatCs the wa& it ha::ene%' weCre tal8ing a)o.C$e )een telling (e' I a%(it' an% the woo%s #losest to the $illage.ght it was a)o.r%ere% !arriet. Vanger :o. wante% (e to hear it.l% ha$e )een =ree to get in his #ar an% %ri$e a#ross the )ri%ge to hi%e the )o%& so(ewhere else.=o#.::er at 09++. AItCs a =as#inating stor& &o. . An% I want to hire &o.rrant >ell& an% :otatoes.t ti(e to re% wine. I want to nail the swine who (.‖ The& #ontin.n%er the noses o= e$er&one in$ol$e% in the a #ol%<)loo%e% )astar%.t who it was.‖ AI tol% & on the shorelines' the ).ssion o$er s. >.

Aro. IC$e %e$ote% (ore an% (ore o= (& ti(e to it.r%en %i%nCt get an& lighter o$er ti(e?on the #ontrar&. Do &o.‖ .Vanger :.‖ !e =ell silent an% too8 o== his glasses' s#r. It r. ATo )e #o(:letel& honest with & )egan to a==e#t (& wor8.t %own his 8ni=e an% =or8.t I ha$enCt saile% (an& 8nots sin#e I t. (a& thin8 IC( o)sesse% with it?at least (ost o= (& relati$es thin8 so. The worst thing is that the ).n% "62+ I ha% a :erio% when I >. Then Martin >oine% the )oar% o= %ire#tors' an% he ha% to ta8e on (ore an% (ore o= (& wor8. For the last thirt&<si@ &ears not a %a& has :asse% that I ha$e not :on%ere% !arrietCs %isa::earan#e. I still ha$e a seat on the )oar%' ).' !arrietCs %isa::earan#e was the reason wh& gra%. I lost all (oti$ation.all& I with%rew =ro( the =ir(Cs (anage(ent.‖ AIt was a horri=i# e$ent. ha$e a goo% sense o= &o. In "620 I retire% an% Martin too8 o$er as CEO. Yo.rne% =i=t&. AMi8ael' =or thirt&<si@ &ears IC$e %ri$en (&sel= #raL& won%ering what ha::ene% to !arriet.‖ AMore than that.rsel=B‖ AI thin8 so' &es.tinising so(e in$isi)le s:e#8 o= %irt on the wante% to )e le=t alone. I 8new that there was a 8iller so(ewhere near)& an% the worr&ing an% sear#hing =or the tr. Then he raise% his e&es an% loo8e% at lo(8$ist.ine% (& li=e. ThatCs so(ething IC$e )e#o(e (ore aware o= as ti(e has :asse%.

sti#e =or !arriet. realise' I s.t (& (oti$es ha$e #hange% o$er the &ears.rie%B‖ AI %onCt )elie$e that.‖ A!o))&B‖ AYes' I wo.t I 8e:t going. An% itCs the (ost :er:le@ing o= all.nn& thing is' the ol%er I get' the (ore o= an all<a)sor)ing ho))& it has )e#o(e.n%?the :hotogra:hs' the :oli#e re:ort' IC$e written %own e$er&thing :eo:le tol% (e a)o.‖ AYo. ALetCs =inish %inner an% go )a#8 . .t what the& were %oing that %a&. I wante% to =in% her an% at least ha$e a #han#e to ).t a single %a&. At =irst it was :ro)a)l& grie=. So in e==e#t IC$e s:ent al(ost hal= (& li=e #olle#ting in=or(ation a)o.r& her. It was a)o. IC$e gathere% all the in=or(ation that that wor%.‖ AIn what wa& has that #hange%B‖ ANow itCs (ore a)o.AI %o too.l% . I #anCt =orget what ha::ene%. ThereCs one (ore %etail )e=ore (& stor& is %one.‖ lo(8$ist raise% his e&e)rows at the #on$i#tion in his $oi#e.::ose' that a=ter thirt&<si@ &ears the 8iller hi(sel= (ight )e %ea% an% ).‖ .l% :ossi)l& )e =o.t getting >. 7hen the :oli#e in$estigation :etere% o.t the =.:stairs.t =in%ing the )astar% who %i% it. IC$e trie% to :ro#ee% s&ste(ati#all& an% s#ienti=i#all&. .

She ha% not e@a#tl& as8e% :er(ission' ).rit&Cs (otor as an o==i#e.s. The& ha$e it at the Jons.e.. Yo.sing MiltonCs #ars.((erti( &o. It s(ells li8e a (on8e& ho. She ha% )orrowe% the To&ota =ro( Milton Se#. The (an' who was three &ears ol%er than Salan%er' was si@ =oot two an% weighe% . Sooner or later' she tho. Se#on%s later the lo#8 on the street %oor #li#8e% an% she went .to(ati# trans(ission )& the #o((. e$er went o.n%s. D.t I' it was %ar8 in the a:art(entH the light =ro( a single la(: see:e% o. She hersel= was =o. A!i' Plag.t into the hall =ro( the )e%roo( he .r =eet ele$en an% weighe% 6+ :o.: two =lights an% rang the %oor)ell ne@t to the na(e o= S$ensson. She %i% own a se#on%<han% Jawasa8i "*1' whi#h she .n%s an% ha% alwa&s =elt li8e a (i%get ne@t to Plag.‖ As . A7as:. She wal8e% to !Gg8linta$Ngen an% rang the )ell at 09++ on the %ot.‖ .(.n%)&)erg.e'‖ she sai%.==& an% stale.Salan%er :ar8e% the Corolla with the a. nee% so(ething.ght' I ha$e to get a $ehi#le o= (& own. She ha% no i%ea who S$ensson (ight )e or i= an& s. I= &o. so(e ti:s on soa:.l% gi$e & in the s. ne$er ta8e a )ath' Plag. AItCs ) in here. onl& :o: in when &o.#h :erson e$en li$e% in that a:art(ent. The :la#e s(elle% st.e.ter railwa& station in S.ring the winter the )i8e was lo#8e% in her #ellar.t Ar(ans8& ha% ne$er e@:ressl& =or)i%%en her =ro( .+ :o.

e$er a=rai% that &o. The onl& ill.san% 8ronor. so(ething =or (eB‖ Salan%er .‖ AIC( on a %isa)ilit& :ension'‖ he sai%.t &o. Di% &o.: an% :.!e ga$e her a wan s(ile' ).‖ A7hat %o &o.t sai% nothing.t the( o.rning on a light. get itB‖ !e s(ile% an% lai% a )o@ on the ta)le. ItCs (& own (one&' an% I #anCt reall& either' ). (ight =et#h . wantB‖ AThe ele#troni# #.t two (onths ago. ArenCt &o. as a %e:en%ant. AItCs all I #an s:are. !e (otione% her to =ollow hi( into the 8it#hen. !e :lo::e% %own on a #hair )& the 8it#hen ta)le witho. AIC( so#iall& in#o(:etent.: in the =.nLi::e% her >a#8et :o#8et an% han%e% hi( =i$e tho.t i= IC$e got ol% (il8 #artons that s(ell li8e (aggots I ).‖ ASo thatCs wh& the go$ern(ent ga$e &o. ..(ination #a(e =ro( the street light )e&on% the win%ow.== &o.t. tal8e% a)o.#t &o.t t.‖ A!a$e &o.nn& =ar(. AI (ean' I (a& not hol% the re#or% in #leaning ho.r neigh)o.n%le the( . a :la#e to li$e an% =orgot a) are going to #o(:lain to the ins:e#torsB Then &o.

s. I got it in "615. 7hen !arriet was eight she ga$e (e a )irth%a& :resent' a :resse% =lower' =ra(e%.tter#.t he was . l.‖ Dais&. ‖ Vanger wal8e% aro. A"60+. A"616.‖ For the ne@t =ew (in. AThat was the =irst. The wall was =ille% with :resse% =lowers.rish (o. In "600 she %isa::eare% an% the tra%ition was )ro8en.l% (a8e the =ra(e so(eti(e %.ring the s. I alwa&s h.ntil he on#e (ore ha% lo(8$istCs attention.AShow (e how it wor8s. Then she teste% the #.n4. It ha% an a(ate.e (ight )e a so#ial in#o(:etent' ). Vanger waite% .tes she listene% intentl&. .e)ell.n% the %es8 an% :ointe% to the =irst =lower.‖ .‖ Vanger :ointe% to a ga: in the row o= =ra(es.==.ntil (& )irth%a&.ng the( on the wall in this roo(.nting.‖ !e :ointe% to the ne@t one. lo(8$ist loo8e% at his wat#h an% sai%' AOne :er:le@ing %etail.estiona)l& a geni.:. She wo. Plag.((er an% sa$e it . AIt )e#a(e a tra%ition. lo(8$ist =elt the hairs rise on the )a#8 o= his ne#8. ‖ Vanger sai%9 AI was )orn on No$e()er ".

A"602' a &ear a=ter she %isa::eare%' I re#ei$e% this =lower on (& )irth%a&; ItCs a $iolet;‖ A!ow %i% the =lower #o(e to &o.B‖ A7ra::e% in what the& #all gi=t :a:er an% :oste% in a :a%%e% en$elo:e =ro( Sto#8hol(; No ret.rn a%%ress; No (essage;‖ AYo. (ean thatI‖ lo(8$ist (a%e a swee:ing; APre#isel&; On (& )irth%a& e$er& %a(n &ear; Do &o. 8now how that =eelsB ItCs %ire#te% at (e' :re#isel& as i= the (.r%erer wants to (e; IC$e worrie% (&sel= si#8 o$er whether !arriet (ight ha$e )een ta8en awa& ) so(eone wante% to get at (e; It was no se#ret that she an% I ha% a s:e#ial relationshi: an% that I tho.ght o= her as (& own %a.ghter;‖ ASo what is it &o. want (e to %oB‖ lo(8$ist sai%; 7hen Salan%er ret.rne% the Corolla to the garage .n%er Milton Se#.rit&' she (a%e to go to the toilet .:stairs in the o==i#e; She .se% her #ar% 8e& in the %oor an% too8 the li=t straight .: to the thir% =loor to a$oi% going in the (ain entran#e on the se#on% =loor' where the %.t& o==i#er wor8e%; She .se% the toilet an% got a #.: o= #o==ee =ro( the es:resso (a#hine that Ar(ans8& ha% )o.ght when at long last he re#ognise% that Salan%er wo.l% ne$er (a8e #o==ee

>.st ) it was e@:e#te% o= her; Then she went to her o==i#e an% her leather >a#8et o$er the )a#8 o= her #hair; The o==i#e was a 0"[*<)&<"+<=oot glass #.)i#le; There was a %es8 with an ol% (o%el Dell %es8to: PC' a tele:hone' one o==i#e #hair' a (etal waste :a:er )as8et' an% a )oo8shel=; The )oo8shel= #ontaine% an assort(ent o= %ire#tories an% three )lan8 note)oo8s; The two %es8 %rawers so(e )all:oints' :a:er #li:s' an% a note)oo8; On the win%ow sill stoo% a :otte% :lant with )rown' withere% lea$es; Salan%er loo8e% tho.ght=.ll& at the :lant' as i= it were the =irst ti(e she ha% seen it' then she %e:osite% it =ir(l& in the waste :a:er )as8et; She sel%o( ha% an&thing to %o in her o==i#e an% $isite% it no (ore than hal= a %oLen ti(es a &ear' (ainl& when she nee%e% to sit )& hersel= an% :re:are a re:ort >.st )e=ore han%ing it in; Ar(ans8& ha% insiste% that she ha$e her own s:a#e; !is reasoning was that she wo.l% then =eel li8e :art o= the #o(:an& she wor8e% as a =reelan#er; She s.s:e#te% that Ar(ans8& ho:e% that this wa& he wo.l% ha$e a #han#e to 8ee: an e&e on her an% (e%%le in her a==airs; At =irst she ha% )een gi$en s:a#e =arther %own the #orri%or' in a larger roo( that she was e@:e#te% to share with a #olleag.e; .t sin#e she was ne$er there Ar(ans8& =inall& (o$e% her into the #.))&hole at the en% o= the #orri%or; Salan%er too8 o.t the #.==; She loo8e% at it' (e%itati$el& )iting her lower li:;

It was :ast ""9++ an% she was alone on the =loor; She s.%%enl& =elt e@#r.#iatingl& )ore%; A=ter a while she got .: an% wal8e% to the en% o= the hall an% trie% the %oor to Ar(ans8&Cs o==i#e; Lo#8e%; She loo8e% aro.n%; The #han#es o= an&one t.rning .: in the #orri%or aro.n% (i%night on De#e()er *0 were al(ost none@istent; She o:ene% the %oor with a :irate #o:& o= the #o(:an&Cs #ar% 8e&' whi#h she ha% ta8en the tro.)le to (a8e se$eral &ears )e=ore; Ar(ans8&Cs o==i#e was s:a#io.s9 in =ront o= his %es8 were g.est #hairs' an% a #on=eren#e ta)le with roo( =or eight :eo:le was in the #orner; It was i(:e##a)l& neat; She ha% not snoo:e% in his o==i#e =or 4.ite so(e ti(e' ).t now that she was hereIShe s:ent a while at his %es8 to )ring hersel= .: to %ate regar%ing the sear#h =or a s.s:e#te% (ole in the #o(:an&' whi#h o= her ha% )een :lante% .n%er#o$er in a =ir( where a the=t ring was o:erating' an% what (eas.res ha% )een ta8en in all se#re#& to :rote#t a #lient who was a=rai% her #hil% was in %anger o= )eing 8i%na::e% )& the =ather; At last she :.t the :a:ers )a#8 :re#isel& the wa& the& were' lo#8e% Ar(ans8&Cs %oor' an% wal8e% ho(e; She =elt satis=ie% with her %a&;

AI %onCt 8now whether weCll =in% o.t the' ).t I to go to (& gra$e witho.t gi$ing it one last tr&'‖ the ol% (an sai%; AI si(:l& want to #o((ission &o. to go all the e$i%en#e one last ti(e;‖ AThis is #raL&'‖ lo(8$ist sai%; A7h& is it #raL&B‖ AIC$e hear%; !enri8' I .n%erstan% &o.r grie=' ).t I ha$e to )e honest with &o.; 7hat &o.Cre as8ing (e to %o is a waste o= (& ti(e an% &o.r (one&; Yo. are as8ing (e to #on>.re .: a sol.tion to a (&ster& that the :oli#e an% e@:erien#e% in$estigators with #onsi%era)l& greater reso.r#es ha$e =aile% to sol$e all these &ears; Yo.Cre as8ing (e to sol$e a #ri(e getting on =or =ort& &ears a=ter it was #o((itte%; !ow #o.l% I :ossi)l& %o thatB‖ A7e ha$enCt %is#.sse% &o.r =ee'‖ Vanger sai%; AThat wonCt )e ne#essar&;‖ AI #anCt =or#e &o.' ).t listen to what IC( o==ering; Fro%e has alrea%& %rawn .: a #ontra#t; 7e #an negotiate the %etails' ).t the #ontra#t is si(:le' an% all it nee%s is &o.r;‖ A!enri8' this is a)s.r%; I reall& %onCt )elie$e I #an sol$e the (&ster& o= !arrietCs %isa::earan#e;‖ AA##or%ing to the #ontra#t' &o. %onCt ha$e to; All it as8s is that &o. %o &o.r )est; I= &o. =ail' then itCs Go%Cs will' or?i= &o. %onCt )elie$e in !i(?itCs =ate;‖

lo(8$ist sighe%; !e was =eeling (ore an% (ore .n#o(=orta)le an% wante% to en% this $isit to !e%e)&' ).t he relente%; AAll right' letCs hear it;‖ AI want &o. to li$e an% wor8 here in !e%e)& =or a &ear; I want &o. to go the in$estigati$e re:ort on !arrietCs %isa::earan#e one :age at a ti(e; I want &o. to e@a(ine e$er&thing with new e&es; I want &o. to 4.estion all the ol% #on#l.sions e@a#tl& the wa& an in$estigati$e re:orter wo.l%; I want &o. to loo8 =or so(ething that I an% the :oli#e an% other in$estigators (a& ha$e (isse%;‖ AYo.Cre as8ing (e to set asi%e (& li=e an% #areer to %e$ote (&sel= =or a whole &ear to so(ething thatCs a #o(:lete waste o= ti(e;‖ Vanger s(ile%; AAs to &o.r #areer' we (ight agree that =or the (o(ent itCs so(ewhat on hol%;‖ lo(8$ist ha% no answer to that; AI want to ).& a &ear o= &o.r li=e; Gi$e &o. a >o); The salar& is )etter than an& o==er &o.Cll e$er get in &o.r li=e; I will :a& &o. *++'+++ 8ronor a (onth?thatCs *;/ (illion 8ronor i= &o. a##e:t an% sta& the whole &ear;‖ lo(8$ist was astonishe%;

AI ha$e no ill.sions; The :ossi)ilit& &o. will s.##ee% is (ini(al' ).t i= against all o%%s &o. sho.l% #ra#8 the (&ster& then IC( o==ering a )on.s o= %o.)le :a&(ent' or /;5 (illion 8ronor; LetCs )e genero.s an% ro.n% it o== to =i$e (illion;‖ Vanger leane% )a#8 an% #o#8e% his hea%; AI #an :a& the (one& into an& )an8 a##o.nt &o. wish' an&where in the worl%; Yo. #an also ta8e the (one& in #ash in a' so itCs .: to &o. whether &o. want to re:ort the in#o(e to the ta@ a.thorities;‖ AThis isInot health&'‖ lo(8$ist sta((ere%; A7h& soB‖ Vanger sai% #al(l&; AIC( eight&<two an% still in =.ll :ossession o= (& =a#.lties; I ha$e a large :ersonal =ort.neH I #an s:en% it an& wa& I want; I ha$e no #hil%ren an% a) no %esire to lea$e an& (one& to relati$es I %es:ise; IC$e (a%e (& last will an% testa(entH ICll )e gi$ing the ).l8 o= (& to the 7orl% 7il%li=e F.n%; A =ew :eo:le who are #lose to (e will re#ei$e signi=i#ant a(o.nts?in#l.%ing Anna;‖ lo(8$ist shoo8 his hea%; ATr& to .n%erstan% (e'‖ Vanger sai%; AIC( a (an whoCs going to %ie soon; ThereCs one thing in the worl% I want to ha$e?an% thatCs an answer to this 4.estion that has :lag.e% (e =or hal= (& li=e; I %onCt e@:e#t to =in% the answer' ).t I %o ha$e reso.r#es to (a8e one last atte(:t; Is that .nreasona)leB I owe it to !arriet; An% I owe it to (&sel=;‖

AYo.Cll )e :a&ing (e se$eral (illion 8ronor =or nothing; All I nee% to %o is sign the #ontra#t an% then twi%%le (& th.()s =or a &ear;‖ AYo. wo.l%nCt %o that; On the #ontrar&?&o.Cll wor8 har%er than &o.C$e e$er wor8e% in &o.r li=e;‖ A!ow #an &o. )e so s.reB‖ A I #an o==er &o. so(ething that &o. #anCt ).& =or an& :ri#e' ).t whi#h &o. want (ore than an&thing in the worl%;‖ AAn% what wo.l% that )eB‖ VangerCs e&es narrowe%; AI #an gi$e &o. !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(; I #an :ro$e that heCs a swin%ler; !e ha::ene%' thirt&<=i$e &ears ago' to )egin his #areer with (e' an% I #an gi$e &o. his hea% on a :latter; Sol$e the (&ster& an% &o. #an t.rn &o.r %e=eat in #o.rt into the stor& o= the &ear;‖ C!APTER 2 Fri%a&' ,

Eri8a set her #o==ee #.: on the ta)le an% stoo% )& the win%ow loo8ing o.t at the $iew o= Ga(la Stan; It was 69++ in the (orning; All the snow ha% )een washe% awa& )& the rain o$er New YearCs; AIC$e alwa&s lo$e% this $iew'‖ she sai%; AAn a:art(ent li8e this wo.l% (a8e (e gi$e .: li$ing in Salts>G)a%en;‖ AYo.C$e got the 8e&s; Yo. #an (o$e o$er =ro( &o.r .::er<#lass reser$e an& ti(e &o. want'‖ lo(8$ist sai%; !e #lose% the an% :.t it )& the =ront %oor; erger t.rne% an% ga$e hi( a %is)elie$ing loo8; AYo. #anCt )e serio.s' Mi8ael'‖ she sai%; A7eCre in o.r worst #risis an% &o.Cre :a#8ing to go an% li$e in T>ottahe>ti;‖ A!e%esta%; A #o.:le o= )& train; An% itCs not =or e$er;‖ AIt (ight as well )e Ulan ator; DonCt &o. see that it will loo8 as i= &o.Cre slin8ing o== with &o.r tail )etween &o.r legsB‖ AThatCs :re#isel& what I a( %oing; esi%es' I ha$e to %o so(e gaol ti(e too;‖ Christer Mal( was sitting on the so=a; !e was .n#o(=orta)le; It was the =irst ti(e sin#e the& =o.n%e% Millenni.( that he ha% seen erger an% lo(8$ist in s.#h %isagree(ent; O$er all the &ears the& ha% )een inse:ara)le; So(eti(es the& ha% #lashes' ).t their arg.(ents were alwa&s a)o.t ).siness (atters' an% the& wo.l%

in$aria)l& resol$e all those )e=ore the& h.gge% ea#h other an% went )a#8 to their #orners; Or to )e%; Last a.t.(n ha% not )een =.n' an% now it was as i= a great g.l= ha% o:ene% .: )etween the(; Mal( won%ere% i= he was wat#hing the )eginning o= the en% o= Millenni.(; AI %onCt ha$e a #hoi#e'‖ lo(8$ist sai%; A7e %onCt ha$e a #hoi#e;‖ !e hi(sel= a #o==ee an% sat at the 8it#hen ta)le; erger shoo8 her hea% an% sat %own =a#ing hi(; A7hat %o &o. thin8' ChristerB‖ she sai%; !e ha% )een e@:e#ting the 4.estion an% %rea%ing the (o(ent when he wo.l% ha$e to ta8e a stan%; !e was the thir% :artner' ).t the& all 8new that it was lo(8$ist an% erger who were Millenni.(; The onl& ti(e the& as8e% his a%$i#e was when the& #o.l% not agree; A!onestl&'‖ Mal( sai%' A&o. )oth 8now :er=e#tl& well it %oesnCt (atter what I thin8;‖ !e sh.t .:; !e lo$e% (a8ing :i#t.res; !e lo$e% wor8ing with gra:hi#s; !e ha% ne$er #onsi%ere% hi(sel= an artist' ).t he 8new he was a %a(ne% goo% %esigner; On the other han%' he was hel:less at intrig.e an% :oli#& %e#isions; erger an% lo(8$ist loo8e% at ea#h other a#ross the ta)le; She was #ool an%; !e was thin8ing har%; This isnCt an arg.(ent' Mal( tho.ght; ItCs a %i$or#e;

AOJ' let (e :resent (& #ase one last ti(e'‖ lo(8$ist sai%; AThis %oes not (ean IC$e gi$en .: on Millenni.(; 7eC$e s:ent too (.#h ti(e wor8ing o.r hearts o.t =or that;‖ A .t now &o. wonCt )e at the o==i#e?Christer an% I will ha$e to #arr& the loa%; CanCt &o. see thatB Yo.Cre the one (ar#hing into sel=<i(:ose% e@ile;‖ AThatCs the se#on% thing; I nee% a )rea8' Eri8a; IC( not =.n#tioning an&(ore; IC( ).rne% o.t; A :ai% sa))ati#al in !e%esta% (ight )e e@a#tl& what I nee%;‖ AThe whole thing is i%ioti#' Mi8ael; Yo. (ight as well ta8e a >o) in a #ir#.s;‖ AI 8now; .t IC( going to get *;/ (illion =or sitting on (& )a#8si%e =or a &ear' an% I wonCt )e wasting (& ti(e; ThatCs the thir% thing; Ro.n% One with 7ennerstrG( is o$er' an% he 8no#8e% (e o.t; Ro.n% Two has alrea%& starte%?heCs going to tr& to sin8 Millenni.( =or goo% ) he 8nows that the sta== here will alwa&s 8now what heCs )een .: to' =or as long as the (agaLine e@ists;‖ AI 8now what heCs %oing; IC$e seen it in the (onthl& a% sales =ig.res =or the last si@ (onths;‖ AThatCs e@a#tl& wh& I ha$e to get o.t o= the o==i#e; IC( li8e a re% rag wa$ing at hi(; !eCs :aranoi% as =ar as IC( #on#erne%; As long as IC( here' heCll >.st 8ee: on #o(ing; Now we ha$e to :re:are o.rsel$es =or Ro.n% Three; I= weCre going to ha$e the slightest #han#e against 7ennerstrG(' we

ha$e to retreat an% wor8 o.t a whole new strateg&; 7e ha$e to =in% so(ething to ha((er hi( with; ThatCll )e (& >o) this &ear;‖ AI .n%erstan% all that'‖ erger sai%; ASo go ahea% an% ta8e a holi%a&; Go a)roa%' lie on a )ea#h =or a (onth; Che#8 o.t the lo$e li=e on the Costa ra$a; Rela@; Go o.t to San%ha(n an% loo8 at the wa$es;‖ AAn% when I #o(e )a#8 nothing will )e %i==erent; 7ennerstrG( is going to Millenni.( .nless he is a::ease% )& (& ha$ing stoo% %own; Yo. 8now that; The onl& thing whi#h (ight otherwise sto: hi( is i= we get so(ething on hi( that we #an .se;‖ AAn% &o. thin8 thatCs what &o. will =in% in !e%esta%B‖ AI #he#8e% the #.ttings; 7ennerstrG( %i% wor8 at the Vanger #o(:an& =ro( "606 to "62*; !e was in (anage(ent an% was res:onsi)le =or strategi# :la#e(ents; !e le=t in a h.rr&; 7h& sho.l% we r.le o.t the :ossi)ilit& that !enri8 Vanger %oes ha$e so(ething on hi(B‖ A .t i= what he %i% ha::ene% thirt& &ears ago' itCs going to )e har% to :ro$e it to%a&;‖ AVanger :ro(ise% to set o.t in %etail what he 8nows; !eCs o)sesse% with this (issing girl?it see(s to )e the onl& thing heCs intereste% in' an% i= this (eans he has to ).rn 7ennerstrG( then I thin8 thereCs a goo% #han#e heCll %o it; 7e #ertainl& #anCt ignore the o::ort.nit&?heCs the =irst

:erson whoCs sai% heCs willing to go on re#or% with e$i%en#e against 7ennerstrG(;‖ A7e #o.l%nCt .se it e$en i= &o. #a(e )a#8 with in#ontro$erti)le :roo= that it was 7ennerstrG( who strangle% the girl; Not a=ter so (an& &ears; !eC% (assa#re .s in #o.rt;‖ AThe tho.ght ha% #rosse% (& (in%' ).t itCs no goo%9 he was :l.gging awa& at the Sto#8hol( S#hool o= E#ono(i#s an% ha% no #onne#tion with the Vanger #o(:anies at the ti(e she %isa::eare%;‖ lo(8$ist; AEri8a' IC( not going to lea$e Millenni.(' ).t itCs i(:ortant =or it to loo8 as i= I ha$e; Yo. an% Christer ha$e to go on r.nning the (agaLine; I= &o. #anIi= &o. ha$e a #han#e toIarrange a #ease<=ire with 7ennerstrG(' then %o it; Yo. #anCt %o that i= IC( still on the e%itorial )oar%;‖ AOJ' ).t itCs a rotten sit.ation' an% I thin8 &o.Cre gras:ing at straws going to !e%esta%;‖ A!a$e &o. a )etter i%eaB‖ erger shr.gge%; A7e o.ght to start #hasing %own so.r#es right now; .il% .: the stor& =ro( the )eginning; An% %o it right this ti(e;‖ ARi#8&?that stor& is %ea% as a %oornail;‖ De>e#te%' erger reste% her hea% on her han%s; 7hen she s:o8e' at =irst she %i% not want to (eet lo(8$istCs e&es;

AIC( so =.#8ing angr& with &o.; Not ) the stor& &o. wrote was )aseless?I was in on it as (.#h as &o. were; An% not ) &o.Cre lea$ing &o.r >o) as :.)lisher?thatCs a s(art %e#ision in this sit.ation; I #an go along with (a8ing it loo8 li8e a s#his( or a :ower str.ggle )etween &o. an% (e?I .n%erstan% the logi# when itCs a (atter o= (a8ing 7ennerstrG( )elie$e IC( a har(less )i()o an% &o.Cre the real threat;‖ She an% now loo8e% hi( in the e&e; A .t I thin8 &o.Cre (a8ing a (ista8e; 7ennerstrG( isnCt going to =all =or it; !eCs going to 8ee: on %estro&ing Millenni.(; The onl& %i==eren#e is that starting =ro( to%a&' I ha$e to =ight hi( alone' an% &o. 8now that &o.Cre nee%e% (ore than e$er on the e%itorial )oar%; OJ' IC% lo$e to wage war against 7ennerstrG(' ).t what (a8es (e so #ross is that &o.Cre a)an%oning shi: all o= a s.%%en; Yo.Cre lea$ing (e in the l.r#h when things are a) at their worst e$er;‖ lo(8$ist rea#he% a#ross an% stro8e% her hair; AYo.Cre not alone; Yo.C$e got Christer an% the rest o= the sta== )ehin% &o.;‖ ANot 3anne Dahl(an; & the wa&' I thin8 &o. (a%e a (ista8e hiring hi(; !eCs #o(:etent' ).t he %oes (ore har( than goo%; I %onCt hi(; !e went aro.n% loo8ing glee=.l a)o.t &o.r tro.)les all a.t.(n; I %onCt 8now i= he ho:es he #an ta8e o$er &o.r role or whether itCs >.st :ersonal #he(istr& )etween hi( an% the rest o= the sta==;‖ AIC( a=rai% &o.Cre right'‖ lo(8$ist sai%;

ASo what sho.l% I %oB Fire hi(B‖ AEri8a' &o.Cre e%itor in #hie= an% the senior sharehol%er o= Millenni.(; I= &o. ha$e to' =ire hi(;‖ A7eC$e ne$er =ire% an&one' Mi#8e; An% now &o.Cre %.(:ing this %e#ision on (e too; ItCs no =.n an& (ore going to the o==i#e in the (orning;‖ At that :oint Mal( s.r:rise% the( )& stan%ing .:; AI= &o.Cre going to #at#h that train weC$e got to get (o$ing;‖ erger )egan to :rotest' ).t he hel% .: a han%; A7ait' Eri8a' &o. as8e% (e what I tho.ght; 7ell' I thin8 the sit.ation is shitt&; .t i= things are the wa& Mi8ael sa&s?that heCs a)o.t to hit the wall? then he reall& %oes ha$e to lea$e =or his own sa8e; 7e owe hi( that (.#h;‖ The& stare% at Mal( in astonish(ent an% he ga$e lo(8$ist an e()arrasse% loo8; AYo. )oth 8now that itCs &o. two who are Millenni.(; IC( a :artner an% &o.C$e alwa&s )een =air with (e an% I lo$e the (agaLine an% all that' ).t &o. #o.l% easil& re:la#e (e with so(e other art %ire#tor; .t sin#e &o. as8e% =or (& o:inion' there &o. ha$e it; As =ar as Dahl(an is #on#erne%' I agree with &o.; An% i= &o. want to =ire hi(' Eri8a' then ICll %o it =or &o.; As long as we ha$e a #re%i)le reason; O)$ itCs e@tre(el& .n=ort.nate that Mi8aelCs lea$ing right now' ).t I %onCt thin8 we ha$e a #hoi#e; Mi8ael' ICll %ri$e &o. to the station; Eri8a an% I will hol% the =ort .ntil &o. get )a#8;‖

A7hat IC( a=rai% o= is that Mi8ael wonCt e$er #o(e )a#8'‖ erger sai% 4.ietl&; Ar(ans8& wo8e .: Salan%er when he #alle% her at "9,+ in the a=ternoon; A7hatCs this a)o.tB‖ she sai%' %r.n8 with slee:; !er ( taste% li8e tar; AMi8ael lo(8$ist; I >.st tal8e% to o.r #lient' the law&er' Fro%e;‖ ASoB‖ A!e #alle% to sa& that we #an %ro: the in$estigation o= 7ennerstrG(;‖ ADro: itB .t IC$e >.st starte% wor8ing on it;‖ AFro%e isnCt intereste% an& (ore;‖ li8e thatB‖ A!eCs the one who %e#i%es;‖ A7e agree% on a =ee;‖ A!ow (.#h ti(e ha$e &o. :.t inB‖ Salan%er tho.ght a)o.t it; AThree =.ll %a&s;‖

Otherwise &o. She went to her wor8 #orner in the li$ing roo( an% loo8e% at the notes she ha% :inne% .‖ A7hat sho.‖ Salan%er sat =or a while hol%ing the tele:hone a=ter Ar(ans8& h.t what the& are.ttings an% arti#les %ownloa%e% =ro( the Internet.: on the wall an% the :a:ers she ha% sta#8e% on the a (atter o= =in%ing o.r in the #o. ICll write an in$oi#e =or ten tho. She heCs the one who initiate% the whole . 7hat she ha% (anage% to #olle#t was (ostl& :ress #. ICll ha$e a new >o) =or &o.san%H &o. lo(8$istCs strange )eha$io. ItCs >. #an shre% it.Cll get hal=' whi#h is a##e:ta)le =or three %a&s o= ti(e waste%.t it on the shel= in #ase he #o(es )a#8.A7e agree% on a #eiling o= =ort& tho. ne@t wee8. She too8 the :a:ers an% %ro::e% the( in a %es8 %rawer.:. Peo:le alwa&s ha$e se#rets.l% I %o with the (aterial IC$e gathere%B‖ AIs there an&thing %ra(ati#B‖ ANo.rtroo( ha% :resente% an interesting #hallenge' an% Salan%er %i% not li8e a)orting an assign(ent on#e she ha% starte%. P.‖ AFro%e %i%nCt as8 =or a re:ort.san% 8ronor. !eCll ha$e to :a& )e#a. PART * .

The ta@i %ri$er' whose na(e' a##or%ing to his ID :oste% on the win%ow' was !.it#ases an% a sho. lo(8$ist ha% tol% the( whi#h %a& he 1 7hen lo(8$ist alighte% =ro( his train in !e%esta% =or the se#on% ti(e' the s8& was a :astel )l.ll =or#e in !e%esta%.n%a&' 3an. !e ass.ggling with two hea$& s.ita)le wal8ing shoes. It ha% snowe% (assi$el& all along the Norrlan% #oast )etween Christ(as an% New YearCs' an% >. !e was wearing .-MARC! "2 Fort&<si@ :er#ent o= the wo(en in Swe%en ha$e )een s. The ther(o(eter on the wall o= the station sai% +\F. Unli8e on his :re$io.(e% there was a ).l%er )ag' so he #rosse% the s4.: )& the :lo.are to the ta@i stan%.-S.s $isit' there was no !err Fro%e waiting with a war( #ar. C!APTER 5 Fri%a&' 3an.t in =.s to !e%e)&' ).ghs' the roa% tea(s ha% )een o.ssein' no%%e% when lo(8$ist as8e% whether the& ha% .%ging )& the ri%ges an% :iles o= snow thrown .ns.)>e#te% to $iolen#e )& a (an.e an% the air i#& #ol%.en#e Anal&ses 3ANUARY .Conse4.t not on whi#h .t he %i% not =eel li8e str.l% arri$e' ).

l% %o his own ho.‖ The& shoo8 on to the #o))lestones an% wat#he% the ta@i hea% )a#8 towar%s !e%esta%. s.r g.rt&ar% in =ront o= a s(all ti()ere% ho.: here' &o.n#ertain. settle% into & & was not lo#8e%.arters where he #o. AI= &o. %onCt want to sta& in the (ain ho. The ho. nee% to learn to %ress (ore war(l& =or this ti(e o= &ear. AAre & weather.t :eo:le . In the )roa%est Norrlan% a##ent' he re:orte% that it ha% )een the worst snowstor( in %e#a%es' an% he )itterl& regrette% not ta8ing his holi%a& in Gree#e o$er the Christ(as :erio%.)een ha$ing ro.r #oat' thi#8 )oots' an% a #a: with ear=la:s. Vanger le% lo(8$ist )a#8 along the roa% towar%s the )ri%ge an% then t.se8ee:ing an% #o(e an% go as he :lease%.t %own his s. !e hear% the %oor o:en )ehin% hi(.%%enl& =elt lonel& an% .all& :. Vanger was wra::e% .se #lose to the en% o= the )ri%ge. !e s.rne% to o:en the gate to another newl& sho$elle% #o.: who are going to sta& =or a longer :erio% o= . The& ste::e% into a (o%est hallwa& where lo(8$ist' with a sigh o= relie=' :. lo(8$ist was in >eans an% a thin leather >a#8et.Cre going to li$e .seB NoB Then I thin8 weC% )etter start getting &o. AThis is what we #all o.s.‖ One o= the #on%itions in his negotiations with Vanger an% Dir#h Fro%e ha% )een that he ha$e li$ing 4.est ho. lo(8$ist %ire#te% hi( to !enri8 VangerCs newl& sho$elle% #o.: in a hea$& =.r new lo%gings. ItCs where we .it#ases.rt&ar%' where he li=te% his

: hal= the s:a#e an% was (a8e s.nless it gets )itterl& #ol%. The =irewoo% )in is there in the hallwa&' an% &o. The one on the right' #losest to the #onsiste% o= a large 8it#hen an% two s(aller roo(s' totalling a) in the $illage' ).:)oar%s' so(e 8it#hen #hairs' an ol% )en#h' an% a shel= =or news:a:ers.)le )e%' .r :arents li$e% in "60. %onCt hang an& #lothes on the(' or it (a& start a =ire.ti(e. %onCt nee% to . I as8e% Nilsson' (& #areta8er' to light the =ire this (orning.tsi%e wall' was har%l& (ore than a #. ItCs one o= the ol%est ). In one #orner was a s(aller ta)le that #o.t itCs )een (o%ernise%.are =eet.ite (o%ern' with an ele#tri# sto$e an% a s(all re=rigerator. has )een .nli$e%<in this &o.l% )e .(n.s. Against the wall =a#ing the =ront %oor stoo% an ol% #ast< iron sto$e in whi#h a =ire ha% in%ee% )een lit earlier in the %a&.‖ The ho.n%.e o= See =ro( "602. The ele#tri# heaters are .t. Two narrow %oors le% to s(aller roo(s.Cll =in% a woo%she% at the )a#8.rnishings in the 8it#hen in#l.))&hole with a %es8' a #hair' an% so(e shel$es along the wall.‖ lo(8$ist loo8e% as a %es8. The =.all& s.t 1++ s4.t a h.. 7in%ows =a#e% three %i==erent %ire#tions' an% =ro( the 8it#hen ta)le he ha% a $iew o= the )ri%ge' a)o. On to: was an iss. The other roo(' )etween the hallwa& an% the little o==i#e' was a $er& s(all )e%roo( with a narrow %o. The 8it#hen too8 . The ho.%e% three )ig #.==i#ient. an% & the woo%sto$e .n%re% =eet awa&. This was where &o. 3.

rie% $er& %ee:' an% i= this #ol% hangs on =or long the& (a& =reeLe. The =. wo.a )e%si%e ta)le' an% a war%ro)e.rnit.r or so o= %a&light le=t. So(eone ha% wor8e% o$er the =loor with a %ose o= soa:.‖ AThis will )e >.ng lan%s#a:e :aintings. (a& ha$e a :ro)le( with the water'‖ Vanger sai%. #hange & =ine'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. A7e #he#8e% it this (orning' ). AYo. AIC$e alrea%& or%ere% one.l% )e wel#o(e in the (ain ho. So' what %o &o.t the :la#e s(elle% ni#e an% #lean.t the :i:es arenCt ). nee% were all ol% an% =a%e%' ).l% go sho::ing =or long . ThereCs a ). thin8B I= &o. On the walls h.‖ AICll nee% a tele:hone'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. #an =a(iliarise &o. The )e%roo( ha% another %oor to the hallwa&' where a storeroo( ha% )een #on$erte% into a )athroo( with a shower.ggest that &o. :. Shall we ta8e a wal8 so &o.t on so(e hea$& so#8s an% a :air o= )ootsB Yo.#8et in the hallwa& so #o(e . . 7e ha$e another an% wall:a:er in the ho. The&Cll )e here to install it the %a& a=ter to( at an& ti(e.r (in%' &o.‖ lo(8$ist %i% as he s.: an% get water =ro( .ggeste% an% %e#i%e% that the $er& ne@t %a& he wo.n%erwear an% a :air o= goo% winter shoes.rsel= with the $illageB Might I s.s i= &o.Cll =in% the( )& the =ront %oor. AE@#ellent.

s is retire% an% li$es in !e%esta%.nnar li$es here with his wi=e' whose na(e is !elena.‖ Vanger :a. An% ICll re:eat what I sai% )e=ore9 I %onCt thin8 IC( going to )e a)le to sol$e the (&ster&.to)iogra:h&.r :resen#e here is that &o. . an e@#.:erinten%ent =or all the ).estions.‖ .‖ AAll I as8 is that &o. The real assign(ent is stri#tl& )etween &o. G. G. an% (e an% Dir#h Fro%e.r )& e@:laining that lo(8$istCs neigh) =or a (o(ent to sha:e what he wo. !e was :rett& intereste% in her' at an& rate. That will gi$e & on !e%e)& Islan%' an% he also ha% res:onsi)ilit& =or se$eral ).n% in all the %ar8 #orners an% as8ing 4. A!is =ather was Magn.r a#ross the roa% was G.estion that I ne$er got answere%?!arriet an% G. ThereCs one 4.The ol% (an starte% the to.t at the a##i%ent on the )ri%ge.l what we sa& in =ront o= an&one in !e%esta%.‖ AI .st )e =or :o8ing aro. %o &o.r )est.l% sa& ne@t' whi#h was9 AMi8ael' the o==i#ial e@:lanation =or &o. .nnar Nilsson' the assistant who( Vanger insiste% on #alling Athe #areta8er. Magn.s Nilsson' who was (& #areta8er in the si@ties' one o= the (en who hel:e% o.nnar were goo% =rien%s' an% I thin8 so(e sort o= #hil%ish ro(an#e went on )etween the(.t we (.n%erstan%.t on the %a& .Cre going to hel: (e write (& a.nnar is =i=t&<si@' whi#h (eans that he was nineteen when !arriet %isa::eare%.t. Their #hil%ren ha$e (o$e% o.t lo(8$ist soon realise% that he was (ore o= a s.

tin&. E@#e:t =or that ho.ntil e$ening.t heCs rather well 8nown as a lan%s#a:e .she %isa::eare%' he was in !e%esta%H he was one o= those stran%e% on the (ainlan%.‖ AI ass.n:leasant =or hi(. ThatCs where E. The #a)ins %own there at the =ishing har)o.‖ AThatCs #orre#t.n#tions as li$ing 4. It was 4.ite .ring the winter.‖ lo(8$ist saw the s(o8e rising. !eCs in his late se$enties an% is a :ainter o= sorts.gen Nor(an li$es. ha$e a list o= e$er&one who was on the islan% an% what e$er&)o%& was %oing that %a&. AItCs a (isera)l& %ra. !e was with so(e =rien%s all %a&' an% he %i%nCt get )a#8 here .n%. The :oli#e #he#8e% his ali)i an% it was o= their relationshi:' he #a(e . Shall we go onB‖ The& sto::e% at the #rossroa%s on the hill' an% Vanger :ointe% %own towar%s the ol% =ishing har)o.(e that &o.ght& ho$el that =.r are :ri$atel& owne%' ).ses here in the $illage. AAll the lan% on !e%e)& Islan% is owne% )& the Vanger =a(il&?or )& (e' to )e (ore :re#ise. The one e@#e:tion is the =ar(lan% at KstergRr%en an% a =ew ho. I thin8 his wor8 is 8its#h' ).se% =or s(all )oats. #an see s(o8e #o(ing =ro( the #hi(ne&.((er #ottages an% are (ostl& $a#ant %.t the&Cre s. !e was =roLen to the )one.n%er #lose s#r. =arthest awa&?&o.arters &ear<ro.r' now .

!eCs ninet&<two now' an% the onl& one o= (& =o. A!aral% is a re#l. %onCt #are (.t he owns this ho. The whi#h at =irst glan#e see(e% .‖ Vanger g.:ainter.est ho.#h =or ea#h other' an% &et & a=ter the other.r %isagree(ents o$er the =ir(?heCs a sharehol%er?weC$e )arel& s:o8en to ea#h other in nearl& 0+ &ears.t towar%s the :oint' i%enti=&ing one ho.l% see the =oot:rints o= so(eone who ha% tr. the %etails later' ). The =irst ho. !e an% I ha$e ne$er seen e&e to e& ICll tell &o. The $illage #onsiste% o= si@ ). A:art =ro( an% the Vanger estate' )elonge% to !enri8 VangerCs )rother !aral%. On se#on% glan#e' the& the snow =ro( the roa% .se' #losest to lo(8$istCs g.lar' two<store& stone ). It was a re#tang.n% li8e a s#o.r )rothers still ali$e.‖ lo(8$ist on the west si%e o= the roa% an% =o.rne% se$ent&.Cre neigh) on the east.: to the %oor.‖ AI =in% hi( %etesta)le' an% I wo. Yo. (ight #all hi( the o)ligator& e##entri# in the $illage.rtains were %rawn an% the :ath to the =ront %oor ha% not )een #leare%H it was #o$ere% with a =oot an% a hal= o= snow.%ge% thro.n%relB‖ .t he traine% to )e a %o#tor an% s:ent (ost o= his :ro=essional li=e in U::sala. Do I so.l% ha$e rather heC% sta&e% in U::sala' ). !e (o$e% )a#8 to !e%e)& when he t.:ie%.

AYo.t the& werenCt ene(ies either. that she (ostl& le=t the #hil%ren to their own %e$i#es. The wo(en ha$e to )e in#l. Isa)ella #an )e )elonge% to Isa)ella' !arriet VangerCs (other. (eet wasnCt #a:a)le o= ta8ing res:onsi)ilit&. so.s:e#ts. I #anCt )e s. AShe was (arrie% on#e an% li$e% in !e%esta%' ). Then I %is#o$ere% that )eing relate% is no g.' ).t she an% her h. She is a tea#her' an% in .arantee o= lo$e an% I ha% =ew reasons to %e=en% !aral%. ASheCll )e se$ent&<=i$e this &ear' an% sheCs still as st&lish an% $ain as e$er.%e% a(ong the' ).‖ A!ow was her relationshi: with !arrietB‖ AGoo% 4.t so(eti(es sheCs not all there.estion.Cll see what I (ean when & an% o==ere% to let her (o$e in. I tol% &o.ghter o= !aral%.t the& %onCt ha$e (.‖ Isa)ellaCs neigh)o.t I thin8 her heart was in the right :la#eH she >.‖ The ne@t ho. She an% !arriet were ne$er #lose' ).#h li8e his )rother.r was Ce#ilia Vanger' the %a.s)an% se:arate% so(e twent& &ears ago. SheCs also the onl& one in the $illage who tal8s to !aral%' an% o##asionall& $isits hi(' ).‖ AI s:ent the =irst twent&<=i$e &ears o= (& li=e a:ologising =or :eo:le li8e !aral% ) weCre =a(il&.#h in #o((on. I own the ho.n% li8e so(eone who %oesnCt (.

Cre .ests on the islan% that %a&. The last ho.t what & ha% )een e(:t& =or (an& &ears sin#e irger (o$e% to a (o%ern ho.(an& wa&s sheCs the %ire#t o::osite o= her =ather. to :on%er the (atter witho. The ho.t an& #onstraints' regar%less o= what I thin8 or )elie$e. Ce#ilia (a& see( =light&' ).il%ings lining the roa% were soli% stone in !e%esta%.‖ A!ow ol% is sheB‖ A orn in "6/0.n%eresti(ate her. The ne@t ho.l%nCt sa& that.s:e#t herB‖ AI wo.t in =a#t sheCs shrew%er than (ost. Most o= the ).‖ The ho. I want &o.r&.t it was lease% to an el%erl& #o. DonCt . It was in a .se was o= a %i==erent t&:e' a (o%ern' ar#hite#t<%esigne% ho(e ).res =ro( the earl& twentieth was owne% )& irger Vanger' Ce#iliaCs )rother. %onCt s.ilt o= white )ri#8 with )la#8 win%ow =ra(es. The& ha% (o$e% to !e%e)& Islan% in the eighties' so the& ha% nothing to %o with !arrietCs %isa::earan#e. I (ight a%% that she an% her =ather s:ea8 to ea#h other onl& when ne#essar&.:le =or(erl& :art o= the (anage(ent tea( o= the Vanger #o(:anies. An% &es' she was one o= the g.: to' sheCs the one. I (ight a%% that sheCs one o= (& relati$es =or who( I ha$e the highest regar%.#t.‖ ADoes that (ean that &o. I= an&oneCs going to =erret o. So she was twent& when !arriet #losest to Ce#iliaCs was also owne% )& !enri8 Vanger' ).

l sit.rants.s. Ale@an%er owns a s(all share o= the Vanger Cor:oration' ).ses was a :lot o= lan% with two s(aller' e(:t& ).rne% to the #rossroa%s' an% with that the to.‖ In the last ).se in "625 when he too8 o$er as stoo% a :ri$ate %welling where another retire% e(:lo&ee li$e% with his wi=e' ).s8 was )eginning to =all.t that ).st )e (agni=i#ent' =a#ing the sea to the east an% !e%esta% to the north.==ers =ro( as g.ilt this ho. AThis is where Martin li$es?!arrietCs )rother an% the Vanger Cor:oration CEO.:le re:aire% to S:ain. The :arsonage . . D.t he r.r was o$er. lo(8$ist too8 the initiati$e.all& s:en%s a =ew (onths ea#h &ear in ar)a%os' where he has in$este% a #onsi%era)le s. AGer%a is si#8l&.%ing resta. The& were .ation' an% lo(8$ist =or =a(il& (e()ers.sinesses' in#l.rist tra%e. On the other si%e o= !enri8Cs ho.( in the to. !e .(atis(.se% to )e here' ). She on the east si%e o= the roa% li$e% Ger%a Vanger' wi%ow o= !enri8Cs )rother Greger' an% her son' Ale@an%er.t it was e(:t& in the winter when the was %estro&e% )& a =ire in the se$enties' an% Martin ).est ho.ns a n.()er o= his own ).‖ etween Ger%aCs an% !enri8Cs ho. The& ret.l% see that the $iew =ro( the to: =loor (.

ICll write & with &o. wish.‖ ANo' than8 &o.‖ AIC( a night owl'‖ Vanger sai%.ll& an% #riti#all& as I #an.‖ . 7hen I start ha$ing 4. ICll arrange =or &o.‖ AThat so.‖ AAs &o.est ho.t !arriet as #are=.n%erstan%.r o==i#e' ). I >.: here' an% &o. tonight.r o= it whene$er &o. an% gather (aterial =or &o. to realise that IC( not a :ri$ate %ete#ti$ ea#h %a& so that I #an inter$iew &o.estions a)o.t IC( not going to start throwing 4.r & the' an% ICll h. 7eCll (eet =or a =ew ho.r %is:osal an& ti(e a=ter l. )& rea%ing all the (aterial a)o. 8now. to ha$e an o==i#e .‖ AFine.‖ AI e@:e#t nothing. I ha$e an o==i#e in the g. 7eCll wor8 on two =ronts.estions at &o. ASo IC( at &o.t !arriet whi#h I nee% to %is#.‖ AI .' ICll let & want &o.:le o= wee8s to rea% thro.‖ AI= I nee% to tal8 to &o.(o.r )iogra:h&. AItCs going to ta8e a #o.' weCll %o it in &o.A!enri8' ICll %o what IC$e )een hire% to %o.‖ The ol% (an see(e% i(:ro)a)l& ti(' an% thatCs where ICll %o (& wor8.n%s sensi)le. li8e. #an (a8e .

l% ha$e to %ro: what IC( %oing an% go there. ItCll :ro)a)l& )e so(eti(e this &ear. #an set &o.rse' &o.r )oo8 in :rison.le an% %o the wor8 as &o. I want &o.t that &o. I= &o. see =it. I= so(ething ha::ens that re4. #an alwa&s re4.t i= I =in% o.Cre not %oing the wor8' ICll #onsi%er that a )rea#h o= #ontra#t.‖ AYo. Yo.( an% as o= now itCs a (agaLine in >o) on the assign(ent IC$e gi$en &o.nt (an' an% lo(8$ist tho.est a :ost:one(ent.l% )e %one.‖ Vanger =rowne%.‖ AI %i%nCt ta8e &o.r own s#he%. !e was a ga.:.ght that he loo8e% at that (o(ent li8e a (elan#hol& s#are#row.‖ AI s.::ose &o.‖ Vanger loo8e% o$er towar%s the )ri%ge. One (ore thing9 IC( still :art owner o= Millenni. 7eCll ha$e to sol$e that :ro)le( when it #o(es .gh (aterial' I (ight )e a)le to wor8 on &o. AThatCs .‖ AI= itCs :er(itte% an% I ha$e eno.rsel= how the wor8 sho.nate.' ). nee% to ta8e so(e ti(e o==' =eel =ree to %o it' ).rs.t' o= #o. %e#i%e =or &o.ires (& :resen#e in Sto#8hol(' I wo. on as a ser=.AIC( going to re4. I %onCt 8now e@a#tl& when' ).Cre aware that I ha$e to s:en% a #o.t IC( not going to a::eal. to %o a thoro.:le o= (onths in :rison. .ire a =ree han% to %o (& wor8' an% I wonCt ha$e an& set wor8 ho.n=ort.

It %oesnCt (atter how (an& a%$ertisers we ha$e i= no<one wants to ).( is #on#erne%' we o.ssion a)o.Cll )e ali$e.n%erstan% it' the a%$ertisers ha$e )eg.n to :. 7e ha$e to :la#e .t. IC( still on the )oar% o= %ire#tors o= 4.‖ A!enri8' =orgi$e (e =or sa&ing this' ). the in=or(ation a &ear =ro( now.‖ AOh no' IC( not thin8ing o= %oing that. =elt li8e it. #o.‖ The ol% (an ga$e lo(8$ist a har% loo8.ll o. ICll gi$e &o.t as =ar as Millenni.‖ Vanger sighe% an% #ast a what 8in% o= #risis itCs in an% whether I #an hel: in so(e wa&.ite a large #or:oration' al)eit in a :assi$e role. As I . the in=or(ation now' &o.‖ AI realise the #risis goes %ee:er than that. I= I gi$e &o. AThe onl& reason &o.‖ AThe )est assistan#e & I :ro(ise% to e@:ose 7ennerstrG(.& the (agaLine.AAs =ar as Millenni.ght to ha$e a %is#.l% sto: wor8 on the >o) whene$er &o.‖ AThe a%$ertisers are the i((e%iate :ro)le(' ). AFair that a &ear =ro( now &o. #an o==er is to gi$e (e 7ennerstrG(Cs hea% on a :latter right here an% now.t.r. ItCs a (atter o= tr. too8 this >o) was )e#a. . ICll tal8 to Fro%e an% see i= we #an wor8 so(ething o.t I #anCt )e s.l gaLe o$er the =ishing har)o.ght=.( is #on#erne%' I (ight )e a)le to hel: in another wa&.

n8 on wheels.()er o= other ite(s he regar%e% as essential 8it =or a &ear in e@ile.& so(e gro#eries' an% ta8e a loo8 aro.a%$ertise(ents so(ewhere. !e s:ent an ho.t !arriet to )e (o$e% o$er to (& :la#e. !is teeth were #hattering )& the ti(e he got in%oors.est ho.‖ AThe& nee% to )e han%le%I‖ A7ith great #are?I &o.‖ lo(8$ist ret.t his #lothes in the war%ro)e in the )e%roo(' his toiletries went in the )athroo( #a) the (atter at so(e stage. Fro( it he too8 )oo8s' CDs an% a CD :la&er' note)oo8s' a San&o ta:e re#or%er' a Mi#rote8 s#anner' a :orta)le in8<>et :rinter' a Minolta %igital #a(era' an% a n. li8e to ha$e %innerI‖ ANo.l%nCt re(e()er e$er =eeling so #ol% as a=ter that wal8' whi#h ha% laste% )arel& twent& (in.rne% to the g.‖ AIC% li8e the =iles a) was a#t.r settling hi(sel= into what was to )e his ho(e =or the #o(ing &ear. The ther(o(eter o.tsi%e the win%ow sai% 1\F' an% he #o. !is se#on% s.n%. I want to get settle%' ). LetCs %is#. !e :. . To(orrow ICll go to !e%esta% an% sho: =or winter #lothes.‖ AGoo% i%ea.all& a tr.tes. 7o.

The (aterial was .lle% on an e@tra sweater.est ho. lo(8$ist #alle% the Telia tele:hone #o(:an& =ro( his (o) ha% %ro::e% to <"\F. At the =ront %oor he sto::e% shortH he ha% )een gi$en no 8e&s to the ho.r#h. !e went )a#8 to the 8it#hen an% )egan o:ening %rawers. !e' an% his )ig<#it& instin#ts re)elle% at the i%ea o= lea$ing the =ront %oor . !e %i% not e$en ha$e a tele:hone >a#8 to #onne#t an ol% %ial<.t hi( with a shee:ish e@:ression.t three .l% not let it go.l% han%le ADSL an% was tol% that it wo.rn those two =ol%ers into ). A=ter a slight hassle' he (anage% to get so(eone to =in% the or%er that Vanger ha% :la#e% =or the g.: the hill :ast the #h.nlo#8e%.t his i oo8 on the %es8 in the o==i#e. Finall& he =o.t he #areer. !e wante% to 8now whether the #onne#tion store was #on$enientl& lo#ate% a)o.t on a :air o= thi#8 so#8s an% the )orrowe% )oots an% :. There was nowhere to :l. Finall& he o:ene% his sho.l% ta8e se$eral %a&s. So(ehow he ha% to t. The te( )lo#8s =or his #ontin. Then he sto::e% an% loo8e% a)o. The Jons.!e arrange% the )oo8s an% the CDs on the )oo8shel= in the o==i#e alongsi%e two )in%ers #ontaining resear#h (aterial on !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(.g in the )roa%)an% #a)le.l%er )ag an% :. !e wal8e% )ris8l& a#ross the )ri%ge an% .l% )e :ossi)le )& wa& o= a rela& in !e%e)&' an% that it wo.seless' ).: (o%e(. The )ene=its o= li$ing in the #o. It was a=ter /9++ )& the ti(e lo(8$ist was %one.ntr&si%e' =orsooth.n% a 8e& hanging =ro( a nail in the :antr&.

The no$el was a)o.ght the )oo8 )e#a.t o= a teenage =e(inist. Mi8ael sat there .%ent. !e :.sto(er.lar #.+ he #alle% erger' ).rier =ro( the news:a:er ra#8 an% sat at a ta)le with a $iew o= the )ri%ge an% the #h. !e as8e% whether she was S.)te%l& going to )e a reg.sanne o==ere% hi( #o==ee when he or%ere% san%wi#hes an% )o.sto(er' an% S.()er was not a$aila)le.h.:.rning a#ross the )ri%ge.r#h' its =a#a%e now lit . !e =ille% two :a:er )ags to o$er=lowing with s. Pro)a)l& not.t =o.n%o. It loo8e% li8e a Christ(as #ar%.)lisher ha% haile% the =irst<ti(e no$elist as Aa new Carina R&%)erg.ntil the #a=M #lose% at 09++. It too8 hi( a)o.i#8l& as#ertaine% that this was not the #ase in either st&le or #ontent.sanneCs ri%ge Ca=M.t his own se@ li=e in the $oi#e o= a high<s#hool st. This ti(e he sto::e% at S.: a #o:& o= the !e%esta% Co.sanne an% then intro%.tes to rea% the news:a:er. The onl& news o= interest was a )rie= ite( e@:laining that a lo#al :oliti#ian )& the na(e o= irger Vanger DLi)eralE was going to in$est in AIT Te#hCent‖?a te#hnolog& %e$elo:(ent #entre in !e%esta%.‖ !e the :.ring a tri: to Paris' an% lo(8$ist won%ere% whether he #o. At 29.thorCs atte(:t to get a han%le on her se@ li=e %.ght a loa= o= )rea%.l% )e #alle% a =e(inist i= he wrote a no$el a)o.t the a. The wo(an )ehin% the #o. !e :i#8e% .n%re% &ar%s awa&.r (in.nter was in her =i=ties. !e sat on the 8it#hen )en#h an% trie% to rea% a no$el whi#h' a##or%ing to the )a#8 #o$er te@t' was the sensational %e). !e ha% )o.#e% hi(sel= )& sa&ing that he was .t was a%$ise% that the :art& at that n.::lies an% then #arrie% the( ho(e )e=ore ret.t the )oo8 asi%e =or a while . !e was =or the ti(e )eing the onl& #.

tter silen#e.#h o= a (orning :erson' an% it .: witho. It was strange to awa8e to .rne% o== the light an% went to ) was %ar8. It was 29+5?he ha% ne$er )een (.rne% o==. . It was #ol% in the roo(.rne% his hea% an% loo8e% at his wristwat#h on a stool ne@t to the )e%.r he hear% the #. lo(8$ist :asse% =ro( %ee: slee: to total alertness in a =ra#tion o= a se#on%' an% then la& still' at his sit.n a high ris8 o= going stir<#raL& in !e%e)&.t ha$ing at least two alar( #lo#8s.e o= Re8or%(agasinet =ro( the (i%<=i=ties.ation.l% not see an&one insi%e the ho. Aro.t lo(8$ist #o. !e was s.t so(e water on =or #o==ee )e=ore getting into the shower.te% #lang o= the #h.t )e=ore he =ell aslee: was that he was going to It was eeril& 4.n% 69++ a #ar %ro$e a#ross the )ri%ge an% %isa::eare% towar%s the :oint.rt' (. E$er& hal= ho. Jalle lo(8$ist?on a resear#h tri: in the )a#8 o= )e& instea% rea% a !o:along Cassi%& stor& in an !e %i% so an% then t. Lights were $isi)le in the win%ows at the ho(e o= the #areta8er a#ross the roa%' ). At (i%night the lights on the =a#a%e o= the #h. !aral% VangerCs ho.ll e@tent o= the entertain(ent in !e%e)& on a Fri%a& night in earl& 3an.r#h )ell. !e :.r#h were t. That was a::arentl& the =. !e trie% again to #all erger an% got her $oi#e(ail' as8ing hi( to lea$e his na(e an% a ( to )e har% =or hi( to wa8e .%%enl& a(. The last thing he tho. !e t.ght a)o. To%a& he ha% wo8en all )& hi(sel=' an% he e$en =elt reste%.iet.

!e st.n% a s(all :orta)le TV with ra))it ears.l% at least )e a)le to get SVT' the state TV #hannel' o. The ).s sto: =or !e%esta% was o$er the roa% =ro( Jons. !e ha% sto::e% s(o8ing ten &ears ago' ). At the ele#troni#s store he =o.The shower hea% #hange% =ro( s#al%ing to i#e<#ol% at the slightest to.rne% o.ght a r. It was Sat. Finall& he )o.ght hea$& winter )oots' two :airs o= long .#8sa#8 =or #arr&ing his new :ossessions.t o:ening hi( that he wo.(' an% lo(8$ist starte% o== his e@ile )& #arr&ing o.t at !e%e)&' an% lo(8$ist :ro(ise% to as8 =or his (one& )a#8 i= that t.ght #onta#t lens sol.#8 the :a#8 in his >a#8et :o#8et witho. & *9++ he was )a#8 in !e%e)&' an% he was >.n%erwear' se$eral =lannel shirts' a :ro:er thigh<length winter >a#8et' a war( #a:' an% line% glo$es.ght a :a#8 o= #igarettes.tsi%e. !is last sto: was the o:ti#ianCs' an% there he )o. Along the wa& he )o.t not to )e the #ase. The ). !e sto::e% at the li)rar& to get hi(sel= a #ar% an% )orrowe% two (&steries )& EliLa)eth George.ght :ens an% note)oo8s.l% ha$e a rela:se.r o= the #entre o= re(o$ing the :ri#e tags =ro( his new #lothes when he hear% the =ront .tion an% or%ere% new lenses. !e also )o.t o##asionall& he wo.s )& the railwa& station an% (a%e a to. !e got o== the ). The sales #ler8 ass. It was still :it#h %ar8 o.tter was =roLen.tensils.#h.r%a&. The ther(o(eter showe% 0 )elow Lero.t his :lan to go sho::ing in town. There was no (orning :a:er on the 8it#hen ta)le. !e )o. There was no #heese sli#er in the %rawer o= 8it#hen .

She )egan to o)>e#t ).t on so(e #o==ee.#e% hi(sel=. It loo8s li8e so(e )o@es =or &o.r :a#8ing #rates insi%e.rti$e glan#e o.t wh& lo(8$ist was in !e%esta%?the =a#t that he was wor8ing =or !enri8 Vanger was e$i%entl& eno.: o. lo(8$ist o)ser$e% the intera#tion )etween the Nilssons an% Vanger' #on#l.#e (&sel=. A!ere #o(es !enri8 with (& o= an e@:lanation.s)an%.‖ Vanger an% G. AOh &es' IC$e seen &o.‖ lo(8$ist :. A!ello.t the #o==ee #..tsi%e with a %oll&' an% lo(8$ist r. She was #arr&ing a s:onge #a8e on a :latter.t into FrG8en NilssonCs s:onge #a8e. lo(8$ist got o. .s a)o.t the win%ow. The Nilssons were :leasant :eo:le.%ing that it was rela@e% an% la#8ing in an& sort o= g. I hear weCre going to )e neigh) wante% to #o(e o$er to intro%.l= )etween (aster an% ser$ants. I >. The& set the )o@es on the =loor ne@t to the sto$e.%oor o:en. M& na(e is !elena Nilsson' an% I li$e a#ross the roa%.‖ The& shoo8 han%s an% he intro%.t then sat at the 8it#hen ta)le' #asting a =. ItCs going to )e ni#e to see lights o$er here in the e$ening.:s an% #. A )lon%e wo(an?:erha:s in her =i=ties?8no#8e% on the o:en 8it#hen %oor as she ste::e% a#ross the to greet the( an% to hel: #arr& the =o.nnar Nilsson %rew . The& %i% not see( #.she% o. on TV.

t how Nilsson ha% #o(e ho(e one night to %is#o$er the $illage i%iot =ro( a#ross the )ri%ge tr&ing to )rea8 a win%ow at the g. The Nilssons wo.The& tal8e% a) ho.ght it )est that lo(8$ist sort thro. lo(8$ist won%ere% whether this was an . 7hat was #lear was that the ol% :atriar#h ha% ta#8le% the >o) with the s&ste(ati# a::roa#h o= an a(ate.ghter ha% )een going on =or thirt&<si@ &ears.ilt the g. Nilsson ins:e#te% lo(8$istCs little TV with (isgi$ing an% in$ite% hi( to #o(e a#ross to their ho. 7hen he was alone on#e (ore' lo(8$ist #arrie% the )o@es into his o==i#e an% (a%e an in$entor& o= the #ontents.r ar#haeologist?the (aterial was going to =ill twent& =eet o= shel$ing.nlo#8e% =ront %oor. !ar% to )elie$e an or%inar& (issing<:erson #ase wo.ent wh& he %i%nCt go in thro. Nilsson went o$er to as8 the hal=<witte% %elin4. The largest se#tion o= it #onsiste% o= twent&<si@ )in%ers' whi#h were the #o:ies o= the :oli#e in$estigation.est ho.l% ha$e . !e' on the other han%' tol% a =. !e the .t the $illage an% the (an who ha% ).se i= there was e$er a :rogra((e he wante% to i= he ha% an& :ro)le(s.nn& stor& a)o. VangerCs in$estigation into the %isa::earan#e o= his )rotherCs gran%%a.l% #o(e to the where lo(8$ist was li$ the =iles hi(sel=' an% he #o. Vanger sta&e% on )rie=l& a=ter the Nilssons le=t.nhealth& o)session or whether' o$er the &ears' it ha% %e$elo:e% into an intelle#t.l% :ro(:t Vanger when his (e(or& =aile% hi(.al ga(e.

(es o= one h.t !e%esta% an% the Vanger =ir(' !arrietCs %iar& Dtho. Mi8ael :o.alit&' an% he ha% the =eeling that these te@ts were =air #o:ies o= :erha:s (an& (ore note)oo8s. There were si@teen ) lea%s.#e% s. It was a=ter "+9++ )e=ore lo(8$ist ha% the s#o:e o= the (aterial #lear in his (in% an% ha% arrange% it on the .lations' theories' %igressions.n% the g.est ho.(s' (a:s' te@ts a)o. In these note)oo8s he ha% re#or%e% in an i(:e##a)le han% his own s:e#.: )oth =or a while. A re%%ish< )rown #at sli::e% swi=tl& :ast hi( into the war( so(e (il8 into a %ish' an% his g.:.rle% .#h #o(:rehensi$e (aterial.)t ha% eno.n% A/ $ol. An% there she sta&e%. There were ten )in%ers #ontaining (aterial on (e()ers o= the Vanger =a(il&H these :ages were t&:e% an% ha% )een #o(:ile% o$er the inter$ening &ears' VangerCs in$estigations o= his own =a(il&.:.n%re% or so :ages ea#h' whi#h were VangerCs log)oo8 o= the in$estigations. Then the #at ho::e% on to the 8it#hen )en#h an% #.% (eowing at the =ront an% i( the(.t to 8ee: the !e%esta% :oli#e =ollowing .gh #lo. Aro. Vanger no %o. A7ise #at'‖ he sai%.:ro%. lo(8$ist lea=e% thro.n% 29++ he hear% a it %i% not #ontain (an& :agesE' her s#hool)oo8s' (e%i#al #erti=i#ates.est la::e% it . The #at sni==e% aro. The te@t ha% a literar& 4. Then there were s#ra:)oo8s' :hotogra:h al).

erger ha% not #alle%.#h an e@tensi$e #ast that it wo. 3.rst.t =arther o.t on war( #lothes an% his new shoes an% wal8e% a#ross the )ri%ge. All o= a s. !e t. I#e ha% =or(e% on the so. 7hile all the na(es were still =resh in his (in%' he wrote %own who li$e% in ea#h ho. !e #o.t on a :ot o= #o==ee an% (a%e hi(sel= two san%wi#hes.rne% o== the roa% an% along the so. !e :.n% hi(.st )e=ore (i%night he :.n% an% insi%e the ol% har)o.t he #o. It was i#& #ol% an% stars =ille% the s8&. !e trie% her on#e (ore.l% ta8e ti(e to learn who was who. erger was right9 he sho.nintereste% in =oo%. !e o==ere% the #at a :ie#e o= sa.r#h.t o= his >a#8et :o#8et an% o:ene% the :a#8. One o= the =irst ste:s lo(8$ist ha% ta8en was to s#an in the (a: o= !e%e)& Islan% that he ha% )orrowe% =ro( Vanger.%%en lo(8$ist =elt %e:resse%. As he stoo% there' the lights on the =a#a%e o= the #h.n%erstan% how he ha% allowe% Vanger to tal8 hi( into ta8ing on this assign(ent.l% )e in Sto#8hol(?in )e% with her' =or instan#e?an% :lanning his #a(:aigns against 7ennerstrG(.shel$es. The Vanger #lan #onsiste% o= s.sage an% so(e li$erw. Again onl& her $oi#e(ail.t he =elt . !e ha% not eaten a :ro:er (eal all %a&' ). A=ter %rin8ing his #o==ee' he too8 the #igarettes o.t he was strangel& . !e #he#8e% his (o) .r#h went o.t' an% it was %ar8 all aro.l% not =or the li=e o= hi( .l% see a %ar8er )elt o= o:en water.r' ).n% )elow the #h.

se' #an#elle% his #ontra#t' an% gone ho(e.est ho.((oning :arishioners to (orning ser$ was %ar8' ).se. & noon he ha% showere% an% eaten )rea8=ast. !e went resol.l% a #a=M s. Fro( the ga)le win%ow he #o.t there were lights on in Ce#iliaCs ho(e' as well as in MartinCs $illa o. !e sta&e% in )e% .t =ro( the rise )esi%e the #h.ntil he hear% an .sanne s:e#ialise% in .==e% the )in%er into his sho. !a% it )een %a&light' he wo.l%er )ag an% :.t all the ho. It was nearl& ""9++. There were also lights on in the to: =loor o= the #a=M' an% lo(8$ist won%ere% whether S.l% (a8e o.r#h )ells s. !aral% VangerCs ho.l% ha$e wal8e% straight to VangerCs that was lease%.nter<strateg&.a:atheti# a)o. It too8 hi( a se#on% to get his )earings an% realise that it was the #h.ght& #a)in o= the artist an% little #lo.r there were lights on in the %ra.sanne li$e% there' an% i= so' whether she was alone.t the #at.l% see S.n% it )ri((ing with #.sto(ers' an% there he ha% the answer to a 4.t that too' an% he %i%nCt e$en ha$e the =aintest i%ea how to )egin :lanning a #o.t on his o.t )& the :oint an% in the ho.: to let o.r$i$e in a )a#8water li8e !e%e)&B S.estion that ha% )een in the )a#8 o= his (in%9 how into his o==i#e an% too8 %own the =irst )in%er =ro( the :oli#e in$estigation. Then he hesitate%.n%a& (orning he awo8e in :ani# at the in#re%i)le %in that =ille% the g. On S. .rgent (eowing in the %oorwa& an% got .t%oor on the islan% si%e. 7hen he rea#he% the #a=M' he =o.%s o= s:ar8s were rising =ro( his #hi(ne&.sanneCs ri%ge Ca=M.r#h he #o. In the s(all<)oat har)o. !e st.

!e too8 a wal8 instea%.#h. . Along the water an% to the so. A!i' Mi8ael. 7hen he (et S.r#hgoers an% :res. She no%%e% as she t.r#h were (ostl& single<=a(il& ho(es.n%a& r. AThe S.t S. re(e()er (& na(e.n% !e%e)&' =a(iliarising hi(sel= with the town )e=ore the )ri%ge. The area #losest to the #h.#8e% a lo#8 o= hair )ehin% one ear.esse% ha% )een ). !e s:ent an ho.( was the #entre' with ol%er ).‖ A!ar% to =orget'‖ she sai%.(a)l& %i% #o==ee an% #a8es =or =.r trial on TV. !e%e)& loo8e% to )e a relati$el& well<to<%o area =or !e%esta%Cs %e#ision< (a8ers an% #i$il ser$ on the #a=M ha% e))e%' ).: the news with so(ething'‖ he (.res whi#h lo(8$ist g.‖ ASo &o. 7hen he ret.nerals an% other =.n#tions.r#h an% :ast Jons.sanne was still #learing %ishes =ro( the ta) =or =a(ilies with #hil%ren.rne% to the )ri%ge' the assa.‖ AThe& ha$e to =ill .ght news:a:ers at a :etrol station.n%re% &ar%s towar%s !e%esta%' where he )o. Jons. North o= the roa% into town were well<8e:t a:art(ent ).r wal8ing aro. AI =ollowe% & o= the #h.n%a&s' an% he #ontin.( was #lose% on S.shB‖ he sai% in greeting.sanneCs e&es' she s(ile%.ilt in the "6"+s or C*+s an% whi#h =or(e% a short (ain street.#t.ttere%' an% %ri=te% o$er to the #orner ta)le with a $iew o= the )<store& stone str.e% a =ew h.

!e (a%e one (ore $ain atte(:t to rea#h erger. The (aterial was all arrange% in #hronologi#al or%er.(e% the AD. !e #o.l% not tell whether Vanger ha% reorganise% it that wa& or whether that was the s&ste( . !e loo8e%' onl& a =ew #. Instea%' he (a%e hi(sel= #o==ee' (o$e% the #at =arther along the 8it#hen )en#h' an% o:ene% the )in%er on the ta) she was =.#8 his note)oo8 into his )ag an% wal8e% )ris8l& ho(e a#ross the )ri%ge.sto(ers ha% #o(e an% gone.)se4.n#e% that she was #losing the #a=M =or the %a&. & late e$ening' when he #lose% the )in%er' he ha% =ille% se$eral :ages o= his own note)oo8?with re(in%ers an% )& the :oli#e at the ti(e.ent )in%ers.sanne anno.‖ The .t he ha% alrea%& le=t eno.O.O.estions to whi#h he ho:e% to =in% answers in s. !e st.t& o==i#er.ll& an% slowl&' not wanting to (iss an& %etail.9++ S. !e rea% #are=.‖ stoo% =or A%. The #at was waiting on the ste:s. O)$io.At . R&ttinger' an% lo(8$ist (essages. !e #o. !e let it insi%e all the sa(e' sin#e the #at was at least so(e sort o= #o(:an&.r#h r.()er' ). The =irst :age was a :hoto#o:& o= a han%written re:ort =or( hea%e% !e%esta% Poli#e E(ergen#& Centre.l% ha$e trie% #alling her %ire#t line at the o==i#e or her ho(e n. lo(8$ist ha% rea% (ore than a =i=th o= the =irst )in%er o= the :oli#e in$estigation. The o==i#er who ha% ta8en the #all ha% signe% his na(e D.s with hi(' won%ering whose #at it was. A=ter the #h.

ghter DBE !arriet Ulri8a VANGER' )orn "1 3an. Vanger' stating that his )rotherCs %a. Another at ""9.ation.r%a& a=ternoon.(. on site at !<)&H will ta8e o$er the (atter.9 G. At "*9"/ :.M.(.sson re:orts that )ri%ge to !e%e)& Islan% still )lo#8e%. "61+ Dage "0E has )een (issing =ro( her ho(e on !e%e)& Islan% sin#e Sat.t the sit. The last note was re#or%e% at "9/* :.n%a&' Se:te()er *1' "600' at ""9"/ a. Magn.(.M.' in a less legi)le han% than R&ttingerCs' inserte% that O==.e to )lo#8e% )ri%ge. . Trans:. Fa(il& e@:resse% great #on#ern. Magn. in=or(e% )& tele:hone a)o. R&ttinger is )a#89 Tele:hone #on$ersation in !<)& #on=ir(s that "0<&ear<ol% !arriet Vanger (issing sin#e earl& Sat.(. !is a%%ress an% tele:hone n.1 a. The te@t was la#oni#9 Call =ro( !r8. state% that P<+"/ D:oli#e #arB :atrolB :ilot o= a )oatBE ha% )een sent to the site.(.(. Not )elie$e% to ha$e sle:t in her )e% last night. None o= =a(il& (e()ers has an& 8nowle%ge as to !VCs wherea)o.#aller was !enri8 Vanger. The re:ort was %ate% S.ts.l% not ha$e le=t islan% %. Co. In the (argin an illegi)le signat. At "*9"6 :.r%a& a=ternoon. )& )oat.9 G. The #aller e@:resse% great #on#ern. A note sent at ""9*+ a.()er ha% )een note%.

r:rise% lo(8$ist.een.rre% an% he ha% no 8nowle%ge o= where she (ight )e at :resent.s night an% ha% not seen !arriet =or se$eral %a&s. She a::eare% to ha$e insiste% on (eeting Dete#ti$e Ins:e#tor Morell solel& to gi$e air to her o:inion that the :oli#e ha% to a#t at on#e' i((e%iatel&. Then he tal8e% in t. The =ollowing :ages re#o. !e ha% seen !arriet onl& )rie=l& when she ret.‖ re=erre% to Dete#ti$e Ins:e#tor G. Ulri8a li$e% at the Vanger estate an% was a)le to :ro$i%e no in=or(ation.The ne@t :age re$eale% that the initials AG. !aral% Vanger ran8e% as n. lo(8$ist #a(e to the #on#l.t he ha% not seen her sin#e the a##i%ent on the )ri%ge o##.rn with Ulri8a Vanger' !aral% Vanger' Greger Vanger' !arrietCs )rother Martin Vanger' an% Anita Vanger.s #o(:ara)le to that o= a %owager 4.M. Ulri8a Vanger was !enri8 VangerCs (other' an% e$i%entl& she hel% a stat. Unli8e the initial notations with their nee%less a))re$iations' MorellCs re:orts were written on a t&:ewriter an% in $er& rea%a)le :rose.rne% =ro( the =esti$ities in !e%esta%' ).sta= Morell' who arri$e% at !e%e)& Islan% )& )oat an% there too8 o$er #o((an%' :re:aring a =or(al re:ort on the %isa::earan#e o= !arriet Vanger.sion that these inter$iews ha% )een #on%. Morell ha% =irst inter$iewe% !enri8 Vanger along with Isa)ella Vanger' !arrietCs (other.res ha% )een ta8en' with an o)>e#ti$it& an% wealth o= %etail that s.nte% what (eas.#te% a##or%ing to a s#ale o= %e#reasing i(:ortan#e. She ha% gone to )e% earl& on the :re$io.()er two on the list. .

e i= she was thin8ing o= r.estion was (et with :rotests =ro( !arriet VangerCs (other' ). Martin Vanger was inter$iewe% in a #.l% rea::ear soon.l% not #ross .((er holi%a& an% ha% no in=or(ation o= $al. She was al(ost the sa(e age as !arriet an% the& ha% )e#o(e #lose =rien%s.((er in !e%e)&. There was no roo( =or hi( in !aral%Cs #ar' so he ha% ta8en the train ho(e to !e%e)&' arri$ing so late that he was stran%e% on the wrong si%e o= the )ri%ge a##i%ent an% #o. The 4. 7hen as8e% how she (ight in that #ase ha$e le=t the islan%' he o==ere% no answer.n%' ).t Martin ha% not s:o8en with his sister sin#e the liste% as !arrietCs A=irst #o.ghtlessl&' gone to $isit so(e =rien% witho.ntil late in the e$ening )& )oat. !e was inter$iewe% in the ho:e that his sister (ight ha$e #on=i%e% in hi( an% :erha:s gi$en hi( so(e #l. She state% that she ha% arri$e% at .t at that (o(ent Ins:e#tor Morell was :erha:s thin8ing that !arrietCs ha$ing r. !e was in his =inal &ear at the :re:arator& s#hool in U::sala' where he li$e% in the ho(e o= !aral% Vanger.nning awa&.Greger Vanger' )rother o= !enri8 an% !aral%' state% that he ha% seen the (issing si@teen<&ear<ol% in !enri8 VangerCs st.t he e@:resse% the $iew that she ha% :ro)a)l&'$ersit& in Sto#8hol( an% ha% s:ent the s. !e ha% no i%ea where she (ight )e =o.‖ She was in her =irst &ear at the .rsor& =ashion.n awa& wo. . Anita Vanger' %a.sin.t telling an&one an% wo.%&' as8ing to s:ea8 with !enri8 a=ter her $isit to !e%esta% earlier in the %a&.ghter o= !aral% Vanger' was erroneo.e. Greger Vanger state% that he ha% not s:o8en with her hi(sel=' (erel& gi$en her a greeting.l% )e the )est the& #o.l% ho:e =or.

The )ri%ge was still #lose% to tra==i#' so it was %i==i#.n%erta8en a n.:ie% ho. The latter was sear#he% )e#a.: #onsiste% o= a) to #all in rein=or#e(ents.n%' the se#tion o= woo%s #losest to the $illage' an% the hill #alle% SG%er)erget )ehin% the =ishing har)o.t at his %is:osal on the gro.r' the shoreline at the :oint an% along the so.t =orwar% the theor& that !arriet (ight ha$e gone .no##.: his hea%4. !enri8 an% Isa)ella Vanger #on=ir(e% that this was the #ase.t the sear#h was =r.nit& to =in% her. The areas the& sear#he% that a=ternoon in#l. D.arters in a %rawing roo( that !enri8 Vanger ha% :.itlessH it was not #alle% o== . The te( o$ernight %ro::e% to =reeLing. !e ha% .: there to get a goo% $iew o= the s#ene on the )ri%ge.t telling the =a(il&.ntil long a=ter %ar8 =ell' at "+9++ at night.t thirt& a$aila)le in%i$i%. .res.t to KstergRr%en an% to Gott=rie%Cs #a)in on the other si%e o= the islan%' whi#h !arriet o##asionall& $isite%.ring the a=ternoon Ins:e#tor Morell set .als' (en an% wo(en o= $ar&ing ages.the islan% with her =ather on Sat. Anita state% that she =elt . Patrols were also sent o.%e% the .neas&' an% that it was not li8e !arriet to go o== so(eone ha% :. . 7hile Ins:e#tor Morell was inter$iewing =a(il& (e()ers' he ha% tol% Magn.()er o= (eas.t she ha% not ha% the o::ort.sson an% erg(an?:atrol +"/?to organise the =irst sear#h :art& while there was still %a&light.r%a& an% was loo8ing =orwar% to seeing !arriet' ). The at the =ishing har)o.n% =loor o= the Vanger estate o==i#e.

sl& re:orte%.ghterCs war%ro)e.ring those %a&s.) an% a::eale% =or hel: in s. She o=ten wore >eans' ).((one% (ore :eo:le to )e inter$iewe%' =a(il& (e()ers an% e(:lo&ees. Isa)ella' a note i(:lie%' ha% not )een hel:=.nior %i$ision' :eo:le so(ehow tho.rse was on her %es8. !enri8 Vanger #alle% in :art o= the (orning shi=t' n.rning with %isheartening re:orts' the ins:e#tor %e#i%e% that a (ore s&ste(ati# sear#h ha% to )e ( to )ring in rein=or#e(ents' an% also )e#a.l% )e at the Vanger estate at 29++ the ne@t (orning.l an% %i% not see( to )e =a(iliar with her %a.te% to the #on=.l% $i$i%l& i(agine the s#enes :la&e% o. Morell #onta#te%' a(ong others' the #hair(an o= !e%esta%Cs Orienteering Cl.t the& all loo8 the sa(e' %onCt the&B !arrietCs :.sion %.l% in%i#ate that !arriet ha% r. All the inter$iews were ( (a8ing it %i==i#.t at the Vanger estate %.n awa& =ro( ho(e.In the #o(:an& o= Isa)ella Vanger' he ha% e@a(ine% !arrietCs roo( an% trie% to as#ertain whether an&thing was (issing9 #lothes' a s. !e also arrange% =or =oo% an% %rin8 =or the( all. A=ter the ins:e#tion' !arrietCs roo( was lo#8e%.()ering =i=t& (en' =ro( the :a:er (ill.ght that these two .it#ase' or the li8e' whi#h wo.((oning $ol.lo.ring the =irst ho. Morell ha% s. 7hen the :arti#i:ants in the =irst sear#h :art& )egan ret.nteers =or the sear#h :art&. lo(8$ist #o. It #ontaine% ID' a wallet hol%ing nine 8ronor an% =i=t& Gre' a #o()' a (irror' an% a han%8er#hie=. The a##i%ent on the )ri%ge ha% #ertainl& #ontri). That e$ening an% night' rein=or#e(ents were #alle% in. & (i%night he was tol% that =i=t&< three (e()ers' (ostl& =ro( the >.

l% #o(e to a swi=t an% ha::& resol.s %i==i#.%ra(ati# e$ents ha::ening at the sa(e :la#e an% #lose to the sa(e ti(e (.n4.#8 was hoiste% awa&' Ins:e#tor Morell went %own to the )ri%ge to )e s. 7hen the tan8er tr.t e==e#ti$el&.rre%.e in the #ri(inal %i$ision to inter$iew ).nli8el& t. !e %e#i%e% that an all<:oints ).nt the :ossi)ilit& that she ha% r.s %ri$ers an% sta== at the railwa& station' to =in% o.: .se% to %is#o.nnoti#e%' Morell re=.rn o= e$ents' en%e% .l% %ete#t in the ins:e#torCs #on%.ring those =irst #on=. In s:ite o= the o)$io.tion twent&<=o.t whether an&one (ight ha$e seen her.n%er the wre#8. Poli#e an% =ire=ighters who ha% e@:erien#e with .all& re:la#e% )& two theories. Instea%' the& were gra%. !e also sent a #olleag.r ho.l% tell' #arrie% o. As the negati$e re:orts #a(e in' it )e#a(e in#reasingl& li8el& that !arriet Vanger ha% =allen $i#ti( to so(e sort o= (is=ort.estiona)l& )een seen on the islan% a=ter the a##i%ent ha% o##. This theor& en%e% .n awa&.re that !arriet Vanger ha% not' )& so(e .ation wo.: %o(inating the in$estigati$e wor8 o= the =ollowing %a&s.l% )e sent D.lletin sho. The )ig sear#h :art& two %a&s a=ter her %isa::earan#e was a::arentl&' as =ar as lo(8$ist #o.t =or !arriet Vanger' an% he ga$e instr.lties in lea$ing the islan% .rs' their ho:es that the sit.#t' sin#e the (issing girl ha% .#tions =or the :atrol o==i#ers in !e%esta% to 8ee: their e&es o:en =or the (issing in so(e wa& ha$e )een #onne#te%. That was the onl& irrational a#tion that Mi8ael #o.

l% to sear#h the waters That %a& the& also sear#he% #. Patrols were sent o.t to (a8e a se#on% swee: o= the' an% atti#s in the $illage.t it was ne$ertheless a s(all area' an% the islan% was sear#he% with a =ine<tooth #o() in one %a&.all& rea#he% as =ar in the in$estigation as he wo.t at that (o(ent he ha% a#t.rse' not &et aware o= it' ).nteer Pettersson )oats %i% what the& #o.stration #o.n% the o:erations ha% organise% the sear#h.ilt %. Morell was' o= #o. !e was :. !e%e)& Islan% %i% ha$e so(e :arts that were al(ost ina##essi)le' ).ar& 0-7e%nes%a&' 3an.ght to )e :.l% e$er get. A #ertain =r.gge% terrain' as well as an area 8nown as Athe =ortress‖?a now<a)an%one% ).tho.LLle% an% str.larl& r.ring the Se#on% 7orl% 7ar. !arriet Vanger see(e% to ha$e %issol$e% into thin air' an% !enri8 VangerCs &ears o= tor(ent ha% )eg.e% with %e#rease% (an:ower.ral ne@t ste: or an& :la#e where the sear#h o.))&holes' wells' $egeta)le #ellars' o. On the =ollowing %a& the sear#h was #ontin.e%.n8er s&ste( that was ).l% )e rea% in the o==i#ial notes when the sear#h was #alle% o== on the thir% %a& a=ter the girlCs %isa::earan#e. C!APTER 6 Mon%a&' 3an. A :oli#e )oat an% two $ol.ggle% to i%enti=& the 5 .n.

‖ AI saw &o. The& al(ost #olli%e%.‖ A7ennerstrG( isInot $er& :o:.ntil the s(all ho. Vanger ha% a::arentl& ) an% %i% not get . AYesB Can I hel: &' no %o.e' late<(o%el Vol$o was :ar8e% o.n s:rea%ing lo(8$istCs #o$er stor&.se. !e s(ile% an% st. The (anCs e&es )rightene%.tsi%e VangerCs ho.: .st )e Mi8ael lo(8$ist' the one whoCs going to hel: !enri8 with the =a(il& #hroni#le' rightB‖ The& shoo8 han%s.)t' o= too (an& &ears o= negotiating in o==i#es an% #on=eren#e roo(s?).‖ .t lo(8$ist noti#e% at on#e the li8eness' the si(ilarit& )etween his =a#e an% !arriet VangerCs. The (an was o$erweight?the res.‖ AE$er&)o%& see(s to ha$e seen (e on TV.‖ AThan8 &o.rr&. The (an see(e% to )e in a h.. E$en as he rea#he% =or the %oor han%le' the %oor was o:ene% )& a (an on his wa& late on E:i:han& Da&.t. AYo. AIC( Martin Vanger'‖ the (an sai%.lar in this ho. on TV a while ago.B‖ AIC( here to see !enri8 Vanger'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. A7el#o(e to !e%esta%.#8 o.t his han%. A na$& )l.lo(8$ist 8e:t rea%ing . (.

IC( waiting to hear the rest o= the stor&.ghe%. . IC% reall& li8e to hear what a#t.‖ Vanger glan#e% at his wat#h. .‖ Vanger was sitting on a so=a in his o==i#e where he ha% the !e%esta% Co. a::ealB‖ AIt wonCt %o an& goo%.rier' Dagens In%.‖ Martin Vanger no%%e%' s.:stairs.: at the right (o( h.t to )e honest' I nee%e% to get awa& =ro( Sto#8hol(' an% !e%esta% #ro::e% .: here. An% an&wa&' IC( going to ha$e to go to o= 7ennerstrG( that &o. A!e sai% it was :ro)a)l& )e#a. !enri8 is . ICll )e )a#8 in a =ew %a&s.rt #ase ne$er!enri8 (entione% that.all& went on %.stri' S$ens8a Dag)la%et' an% )oth national e$ening :a:ers on the #o==ee ta)le.rr& awa&. I #anCt :reten% that the #o.s. ACan &o. At least I thin8 so.‖ A!e tol% (e a =ew %a&s ago that heC% hire% &o.‖ Martin Vanger la. Go right in.%%enl& serio. Co(e o$er an% ha$e %inner. AI ha$e to )e in Sto#8hol( tonight' so I (.ring that trial.‖ lo(8$ist hesitate% )e=ore %e#i%ing to tell the tr.. AThat was one i(:ortant reason. too8 the >o) .

‖ lo(8$ist sat %own' won%ering wh& Vanger loo8e% so a(.n%erta8e in$estigati$e >o.(o.r is re:orters who . This a%$ertising tri#8 (a& wor8 with &o.e or who anar#hists who want .‖ The arti#le was written )& a #ol.lating that Millenni. Now' se$eral wee8s a=ter the trial in the 7ennerstrG( a==air' he was )ringing his =ire to )ear on Mi8ael lo(8$ist' who( he %es#ri)e% as a #o(:lete i%iot.#8 their ne#8 o.rnalis( an% e@:ose the s#o.##ess=.(nist who ha% :re$io.n%rels o= the ).it.siness worl%.shing o== to sa$e the e(:ire'‖ Vanger sai%.sing a single #on$i#tion o= his own. Eri8a erger was :ortra&e% as an in#o(:etent (e%ia )i()o9 A r.( is on the $erge o= #olla:se in s:ite o= the =a#t that the e%itor in #hie= is a =e(inist who wears (ini<s8irts an% :o. AYo.‖ AR. ACo==eeB‖ AYes' :lease.t.r$i$e% on the i(age that has )een s. For se$eral &ears the (agaLine has s.l% all re#8on on re#ei$ing their Fe(inists' antira#ists' an% en$iron(ental a#ti$ists #o.ll& ri%i#.ts her li:s on TV.ll& (ar8ete% )& the e%itors?&o.t an& iss.le% e$er&one who =elt :assionate a)o.Cre (entione% in the wor8e% =or Mono:ol& Finan#ial MagaLine' (a8ing a na(e =or hi(sel= as one who #heer=.‖ Vanger sho$e% a#ross one o= the e$ening :a:ers' o:en at a :age with the hea%line AMe%ia Short Cir#.AI ran into Martin o. The writer was not 8nown =or es:o.tsi%e.

Vanger waite% witho.(:s on the )an%wagon an% #asts the =inal stone in the (ost %a(aging ter(s he #an get awa& with. A7hat %o &o. lo(8$ist realise% that the ol% (an was allowing hi( to )rea8 the silen#e.rt.e.t &o.tton. I= thereCs one thing IC$e learne%' itCs ne$er engage in a =ight &o. .‖ AIC$e ha% (an& ene(ies o$er the &ears.t sa&ing an&thing.n% o.ghe%' ) s. lo(8$ist swit#he% on his (o)ile an% #he#8e% to see i= he ha% an& #alls =ro( hear >.Cre in a :osition o= strength? e$en i= &o.‖ !e set the ta:e re#or%er )etween the( on the ta)le an% :resse% the re#or% ).t. Vanger la.t it %oesnCt wash in the %istri#t to lose. get awa& with it. There were no (essages.t heCs not the one who was senten#e% )& the #o.r =a(il&.#h a (essage' ).r ti(e an% stri8e )a#8 when &o.‖ AThatCs tr. =or &o. !e ne$er sa&s an&thing originalH he alwa&s >. A!eCs a (oron'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. An% he ne$er will )e. want to 8nowB‖ . As Jalle lo(8$ist re#entl& =o. no longer nee% to stri8e )a#8. i%e &o.r wis%o(' !enri8.lte% & >. Now IC% li8e &o. to tell (e a)o.Cre s.t he sai%9 AThat (a& )e.‖ AThan8 &o. On the other han%' ne$er let an&one who has ins.

ste% to the lo#8e% war% at St. She was not a=rai% o= >.r)e% .rne% thirteen' the the =irst )in%er' a)o. Ste=anCs Ps&#hiatri# Clini# =or Chil%ren in U::sala. E. to%a&B‖ 7hen she' two o= those &ears in a #hil%renCs #lini#' she ha% ne$er on#e gi$en the sa(e answer to the si(:le 4. On the other han%' she =elt . .e that sai% AA%$o8at N.n%er laws go$erning the g.#rati# :e#8ing or%er.n#o(=orta)le with this new The lo#8 on the entr& %oor #li#8e%.s an% 8in%.rt ha% %e#i%e%' .t three (onths ago Pal(gren ha% ha% a stro8e' an% Nils Eri8 >. It was their se#on% (eeting' an% she ha% a )a% =eeling a)o.r(an?Salan%er was rarel& a=rai% o= an&one or an&thing.t o= (inors' that she sho.AIC$e rea% thro.r(an‖ )e=ore she rang the )ell. It was >.t the %isa::earan#e an% the sear#hes' ).estion9 ASo' how are &o. In the twel$e &ears that Salan%er ha% )een .t there are so (an& Vangers (entione% that I nee% &o.l% )e entr.rea.‖ For nearl& ten (in.tes Salan%er stoo% in the e(:t& hall with her e&es =i@e% on the )rass :la4.n%er so#ial an% :s&#hiatri# g.r hel: i%enti=&ing the( all. !is :re%e#essor' A%$o8at !olger Pal(gren' ha% )een o= an entirel& %i==erent il89 #o.r(an ha% inherite% her in a##or%an#e with so(e ). The %e#ision was :ri(aril& )ase% on the =a#t that she was %ee(e% to )e e(otionall& %ist.

7hen she t.thorit& =ig. This tr.thorities #o.llen silen#e an% a great %eal o= intense staring at the =loor' #eiling' an% walls. Gra%.nt o= tr. In short' Lis)eth Salan%er was an&thing ).re' weigh' #hart' anal&se' or e%. & the ti(e she was thirteen' it was also %e#i%e% that a tr.stee was A%$o8at Pal(gren who' in s:ite o= a rather %i==i#.l% #hain her to the )en#h' ).stee sho.ntil she #a(e o= age. !er resistan#e to all atte(:ts to (eas.l% )e assigne% to ta8e #are o= her interests an% assets .n#tional' an% she ha% no relati$es .sing to li=t a :en to write an&thing.all& he won not onl& a #ertain a(o.t the& #o.rne% =i=teen' the %o#tors ha% (ore or less agree% that she was not' a=ter all' %angero. She #o(:lete% the nine &ears o= #o(:.t eas& to han%le.##ee%e% where :s&#hiatrists an% %o#tors ha% =aile%. All atte(:ts )& a tea#her or an& a.entl& )e#o(e asso#iate% with the great to :arti#i:ate in an& :s&#hologi#al tests.l% =ol% her ar(s an% $iolent towar%s her #lass(ates an% :ossi)l& towar%s hersel=.nt o= war(th =ro( the girl.t also a (o%est a( to initiate a #on$ersation with the girl a) ). !er =a(il& ha% )een #ategorise% as %&s=.lsor& s#hooling witho.t her =eelings' e(otional li=e' or the state o= her health were (et' to their great =r.#ate her a::lie% also to her s#hool wor8?the a.l% not sto: her =ro( #losing her ears an% re=. This ha% #onse4.t a #erti=i#ate.stration' with a s.l% ha$e her #arrie% to a #lassroo( an% #o. She $iolent' nor %i% she re:resent an& i((e%iate %anger to start' ha% o= e$en %iagnosing her (ental %e=i#ien#ies.

The se#on% an% thir% =oster =a(ilies =ell )& the wa&si%e in 4. .l% )e release% =ro( the :s&#hiatri# #lini# =or #hil%ren in U::sala an% ease% )a#8 into so#iet& )& wa& o= a =oster =a(il&.n8 an% (.rne&. That ha% not )een an eas& >o.who #o.rre% three wee8s )e=ore her eighteenth )irth%a&' when she' :er=e#tl& so)er' 8i#8e% a (ale :assenger in the hea% insi%e the gates o= the Ga(la Stan t. . At the age o= se$enteen' Salan%er was arreste% )& the :oli#e on =o. She ran awa& =ro( the =irst =oster =a(il& a=ter onl& two an% )atter&.ntl& that i= she :ersiste% on this :ath she wo.tionalise% again.rt or%ere% a :s&#hiatri# e$al.#h that the %istri#t #o.t it %i% not (ean' howe$er' that she )eha$e% hersel=. She was with an e4.sto(' to answer an& 4.ation.s %is#. This threat ha% the e==e#t that she a##e:te% =oster =a(il& n. The last arrest o##.: in the e(ergen#& roo(' an% on#e she was :lainl& .tor %is(isse% the #ase.()er' as was her #.all& %r.l% )e instit.ssion with her' e@:laining )l.t her )a#8gro. At that :oint Pal(gren ha% a serio. Sin#e she re=. Salan%er #lai(e% that the (an ha% gro:e% her' an% her testi(on& was s.n%er the in=l.::orte% )& witnesses.##ession.en#e o= nar#oti#s. The :rose#.n8' with her #lothes in %isarra&' in the )a#8 seat o= a #ar :ar8e% at SG%er MNlarstran%. On one o= these o##asions she was =o.:le who li$e% in Mi%so((ar8ransen.l% loo8 a=ter her wel=are' so it was %e#i%e% that Lis)eth Salan%er sho.i#8 s.n% was s.r o##asionsH twi#e she was so into@i#ate% that she en%e% .estions or to :arti#i:ate in the .r?an el%erl& #o.n% %ea% %r.nnel)ana station.#h ol%er (an. She was #harge% with assa.

An assistant hea% o= the so#ial wel=are )oar% wrote an o:inion in s.#h ol%er (an. 7ith regar% to her :ersonal re#or%' the o:inion #on#l.sions o= the :s&#hiatri# e@:erts.%e that Salan%er was serio.t#o(e see(e% a =oregone #on#l. 7hen the %istri#t #o.te. She was o)$io. She was on#e sto::e% an% =ris8e% in Tantol.l% %eter(ine her' an% that she la#8e% sel=< awareness.e@a(inations' the %o#tors #ons.tion that wo.%e% that there was gra$e ris8 o= al#ohol an% %r.n%en' again with a (.lte% )& the National oar% o= !ealth an% 7el=are han%e% %own an o:inion )ase% on Ao)ser$ations o= the :atient.==er =ro( so(e 8in% o= e(otional %ist.r' %i==i#. & then her #ase)oo8 was =ille% with ter(s retar%e%.g a).n#lear :re#isel& what #o.s (en‖ in the area aro.r)an#e' whose nat. Another (ar8 against her was that the so#ial ser$i#es street :atrol ha% on se$eral o##asions o)ser$e% her Awith $ario. It was =eare% that Salan%er was :ossi)l& o:erating as' or ran the ris8 o= )e#o(ing' a :rostit.‖ It was was o= the sort that #o.rt?the to %e#i%e on the (atter' the o.ntreate%.#8 o.rt wo.nli8el& that the a :ro)le( #hil%' an% it was . The onl& %eter(ination (a%e was that she (.l% )e o)ser$e% when it was a (atter o= a silent &o.::ort o= the #on#l.t.n% Mariatorget. An&one who rea% her #ase)oo8 (ight )e te(:te% to #on#l.l% not )e le=t .lt& in #oo:erating' an% in#a:a)le o= assi(ilating learning. The (e%i#al[legal re:ort re#o((en%e% #are in a #lose% :s&#hiatri# instit.#h as intro$erte%' so#iall& inhi)ite%' la#8ing in e(:ath&' ego<=i@ate%' :s&#ho:athi# an% aso#ial )eha$io.l% .ng wo(an sitting on a #hair with her ar(s =ol%e% an% her lower li: st.sion.

all& it )e#a(e #lear that sin#e the :atient ha% re=.tinise%' an% the %o#tor was re4.t in this :arti#.tion. E$er& %etail o= the o:inion was s#r. At the en% o= the hearing' Pal(gren inti(ate% that #o(:.ations' ).se% to #o(:lete a single test' the )asis =or the %o#torCs #on#l.sions was in =a#t nothing (ore than g.)>e#t o= :oliti#al an% (e%ia re:risals.r:rise' he was =ir(l& in her #orner' an% he (a%e a :ower=. The =irst :erson she saw in the #o. LG%er(an' who ha% signe% his na(e to the re#o((en%ation that Salan%er )e lo#8e% awa& in an instit.r:rise%' ). She %i% not )etra& with so (.t she listene% intentl& to e$er& wor% that was sai%. E$ent. She =elt li8e a :risoner =ro( a #on#entration #a(:9 she ha% no ho:e o= s.tionalisation.rtroo( was Pal(gren' an% it too8 a while =or her to realise that he was not there in the role o= a tr.r$i$ing the %a&. 3es:er !.#o(e to an& %e#ision other than to a##e:t the re#o((en%ations o= )oth the :s&#hiatri# an% the so#ial in4.l a::eal against instit. On the (orning the #o.rt hearing was to ta8e :la#e' Salan%er was )ro.#h as a raise% e&e)row that she was s. To her s.lsor& instit. So it was in e$er&oneCs .esswor8.t rather as her legal re:resentati$e.ire% to e@:lain the s#ienti=i# )asis =or ea#h state(ent.iries.ring the two ho.tionalisation was in all :ro)a)ilit& not onl& #ontrar& to Parlia(entCs %e#isions in si(ilar sit.ght =ro( the :s&#hiatri# #lini# =or #hil%ren where she ha% )een #on=ine% sin#e the in#i%ent in Ga(la in whi#h he #ross<e@a(ine% the :h&si#ian' a Dr.lar #ase it (ight in a%%ition )e the s. Pal(gren was )rilliant %.stee ).

st )e willing to tr.‖ !e t.rist an% so#ial wor8er' o= the ol% tho.ire% whether he (ight )e willing to ta8e on the g.#h lang. On the other han%' the so#ial wel=are %ire#torCs re#o((en%ation o= g. Until now no<one ha% as8e% =or her o:inion.#tant sense o= .st (e an% a##e:t (e as her g.s.rt #on#l.rne% to =a#e her. The #o.: .l% )e ha::& to ta8e on the >o) o= ser$ing as FrG8en Salan%erCs g.ths.stee' an% in4.t that her #on%ition %i% not ne#essaril& warrant intern( At =irst he ha% )een a :oliti#all& a::ointe% (e()er o= the so#ial wel=are )oar%' an% he ha% s:ent nearl& all his li=e %ealing with :ro)le( &o. Pal(gren was a :e#.rt t.ntil then ha% )een her tr.rt ha% s4.r)e%' ).sl&.tion was also a #o(:ro( =or negotiations in this t&:e o=' an% the (e()ers o= the #o. Lis)eth Salan%er was so(ewhat )ewil%ere% )& the e@#hange that ha% gone )a#8 an% =orth o$er her hea% all %a&.%e% that Lis)eth Salan%er was in%ee% e(otionall& %ist. She loo8e% at !olger Pal(gren =or a long ti(e an% then no%%e% on#e.l% )a#8 awa& an% tr& to :. S.rne%' with a $eno(o.t on one #on%ition9 Athat FrG8en Salan%er (.re o= >. The #hair(an o)$io. The #hair(an o= the #o.liar (i@t.s s(ile' to !olger Pal(gren' who . On the #ontrar&' Pal(gren %e#lare% that he #onsi%eration. The was ta8en .ght that Pal(gren the res:onsi)ilit& on to so(eone else.interest to =in% an a::ro:riate alternati$e sol.tion. A ner$o.age was .

Finall& a %o#tor whose na(e she ne$er %is#o$ere% too8 her into a roo( to e@:lain the gra$it& o= the sit.:' le=t the hos:ital' an% %i% not ret.t .estiona)l& the (ost o= the %oor. !e was onl& si@t&<=o. 7hen he %i% not o:en the %oor e$en tho.((ons' ).rth =loor.lse was to ignore the s.: a %rain:i:e to the )al#on& on the =o.le% (onthl& (eetings.l wat#h%og' she 8e:t an e&e on e$er& %o#tor an% he ha% e$er ha% to %eal with. She =o. She stoo% . !e was not e@:e#te% to regain #ons#io. She neither we:t nor #hange% her e@:ression. Li8e a =aith=. !er initial i(:. Their relationshi: ha% laste% ele$en &ears' =ro( her thirteenth )irth%a& .: an% %own the #orri%or li8e a lost to s:ea8 or (o$e.n% hi( l&ing on the =loor in the hall' #ons#io.res:e#t' al(ost )or%ering on =rien%shi:' ha% in ti(e =or(e% )etween Pal(gren an% his war%' who was .ar%ianshi: Agen#& s.rse who went in or o.s &ear' when a =ew wee8s )e=ore Christ(as she ha% gone to see Pal(gren at ho(e a=ter he (isse% one o= their s#he%.rn.r &ears she #o.((one% Salan%er to the =irst (eeting with her new g.lan#e an% a##o(:anie% hi( to SG%er !os:ital with a growing =eeling o= :ani# in her sto(a#h.n4.n%s #o(ing =ro( his a:art(ent' she )ro8e in )& #li()ing .l' =i@ing her e&es on e$er& %o#tor who #a(e near.tsi%e the intensi$e #are . For three %a&s she har%l& le=t the #orri%or o.ntil the :re$io. !err Pal(gren was in #riti#al #on%ition =ollowing a se$ere #ere)ral hae(orrhage.ation. Fi$e wee8s later the G.s ). She #alle% =or an a(). She wan%ere% .t Pal(gren .nit.sness.l% hear so.

Th. She st. Tri( )o%&.es%a&s an% Fri%a&s.%ge )& the (agaLines on the si%e ta)le' his interests were h.==lin8s with the initials NE . Salan%er %e#i%e% that she %i% not li8e A%$o8at >.%ie% hi( =.r(anCs o==i#e on St.sion that the easiest wa& o. Re% tie with a gol% tie:in an% ostentatio.rti$el& as he rea% thro. Thinning hair.r she le=t Salan%er in the #are o= A%$o8at >.ha% i(:rinte% in her #ons#io.sness that e$er& a#tion has its #onse4.n%erstan% what &o.t hal= an ho.()ag ha% gro:e% her in Ga(la Stan.t what the& ha% to sa&. Tennis on T.e s. The wo(an ha% 8in%l& as8e% Salan%er how things were going' an% she see(e% satis=ie% with the sti=le% silen#e she re#ei$e% in re:l&. Steel< ri((e% glasses.r(an.en#es. l.nting an% shooting. Age9 o$er =i=t&. .en#es an% so she ha% #o(e to the =ro( s#hool ha% e$er r.ring the &ears she ha% 8nown Pal(gren' he ha% alwa&s o==ere% her #o==ee an% #hatte% with her.:set was when she ha% )een #harge% with assa.t o= this :resent %ile((a was to satis=& the G.go oss a=tersha$e.r(an. A slight #le=t in his #hin. Gre& e& an% )atter& a=ter that s#.s' in De#e()er?ta8ing a )rea8 =ro( her resear#h on Mi8ael lo(8$ist?she arri$e% at >. She ha% learne% to anal&se the #onse4. Eri8s:lan' where an el%erl& wo(an re:resenting the )oar% ha% han%e% o$er Salan%erCs e@tensi$e =ile to A%$o8at >. !.lar tr. To >. her #ase)oo8.==le% his #o( Agen#& )& )eha$ing as i= she #are% a)o. lon%.C$e .s #. A=ter a)o. Not e$en her worst es#a:es =ro( =oster ho(es or her reg. Do & The onl& ti(e Pal(gren ha% )een reall& .

%rin8B Di% Pal(gren a::ro$e o= those rings &o. A=ter she (o$e% )a#8 to L.r(an %i% not ha$e ti(e =or s(all earnB I want a #o:& o= &o.%oneB Yo.r =inan#ial re#or%s.:le o= )lo#8s awa&' an% the& wo.l% eat Christ(as ha( an% :la& #hess. !e li$e% on !ornsgatan' a #o.n%e% li8e an ol% tea#her' an% she ha% :atientl& ignore% e$er& wor% o= his s#ol%ing.(an )eing' Lis)eth.lations o= g.t h&gieneB F. . !e ha% insiste% on (eetings with her at least on#e a (onth' so(eti(es (ore o=ten.n%agatan' the& were also :ra#ti#all& neigh)o. ha$e har(e% another h.r rent on ti(eB Do &' an% the =a#t that he ha% a::arentl& allowe% the Salan%er girl to ta8e #harge o= her own ho.stee right a=ter All The E$il ha% ha::ene%. Pal(gren ha% ne$er trie% to i(:ose' ). >. ha$e on &o.#8 &o. Pal(gren ha% )e#o(e her tr. She ha% no real interest in the ga(e' ).t a=ter she learne% the . !e ha% i((e%iatel& #on#l.n into ea#h other an% go =or #o==ee at Gi==&Cs or so(e other #a=M near)&.%e% that there was a %is#re:an#& )etween Pal(grenCs o)ligations' a##or%ing to the reg. s:en% ti(e withB Do &o.#h %o &o. !e ha% so.. 7ho %o &o.r(an starte% in on a sort o= interrogation9 !ow (. The& wo. She ha% a stan%ing in$itation to $isit hi( whene$er she li8e%' a :ri$ilege that she sel%o( too8 a%$antage o=. #are=.l a)o. :a& &o. >.t a =ew ti(es he ha% $isite% her' )ringing so(e little gi=t =or her )irth%a&.sehol% an% =inan#es.l% r.r =a#eB Are &o.t when she (o$e% to SG%er' she ha% starte% s:en%ing Christ(as E$e with hi( a=ter she went to see her (other.

les an% go$ern(ent reg.t at least it was a roo= o$er her hea%. . !e then (a%e a long s:ee#h a)o.l% )e s:en%ing Christ(as E$e at his ho. Nils >. Pal(gren ha% let her ta8e #are o= her own a==airs an% not inter=ere% in her li=e. !is =irst (o$e ha% )een to :.ntil Salan%er nee%e% her own :la#e to li$ The a:art(ent was a)o. It was Pal(gren who ha% s.les' she ne$er lost a (at#h. She :ai% her )ills an% #o.r. !e was a wi%ower' an% Salan%er ha% seen it as her %. Prior to the (eeting with >. No wa& she wo.r(an was a wholl& %i==erent sort o= :erson.t& to ta8e :it& on hi( on those lonel& holi%a&s.les on the (anage(ent o= her a##o. AThatCs one o= the :ro)le(s'‖ >.r(an sai%' ta::ing her #ase)oo8. She #onsi%ere% hersel= in his %e)t' an% she alwa&s :ai% her %e) her sa$ings as she saw so as to allow her to ta8e #are o= her own =inan#es.t in :la#e new r.n%agatan =or her .t )en%ing the #on%itions o= his Now Pal(gren was gone' an% another tie to esta)lishe% so#iet& ha% )een se$ere%.t the r.ste% her an% ha% ne$er )een gi$en o##asion to %o otherwise. Pal(gren ha% ne$er ha% an& :ro)le(s a)o.)let her (otherCs a:art(ent on L.t 1++ s4.nreno$ate%' ).r(an the wee8 )e=ore Christ(as she ha% :re:are% hersel=H on#e there' she ha% trie% to e@:lain that his :re%e#essor ha% tr.nt at !an%els)an8en.are =eet' sha))& an% .lations on g.l% .

ANo' &o. .)le% 8i%s all his li=e.l% %o.#h (one&. In =.A!e let &o.ll<ti(e an% a##e:ting all the assign(ents Ar(ans8& o==ere% her.l% :a& her )ills' an% she' an% as long as I ha$e that role' I a( legall& an% =inan#iall& res:onsi)le =or &o.nt in her na(e' an% she was s.l% )e gi$en an allowan#e ea#h (onth.t. .#h li8e. The #ost o= her a:art(ent was a)o. She >. AIC( not a #hil% an& (ore'‖ Salan%er sai%' as i= that were e@:lanation eno.)le that )& wor8ing =.t *'+++ 8ronor a (onth' an% in s:ite o= her (o%est in#o(e' she ha% 6+'+++ 8ronor in her sa$ings a##o.t she no longer ha% a##ess to it. !e tol% her that he e@:e#te% her to :ro$i%e re#ei:ts =or all her e@:enses. She‖ Salan%er earne% (ore than "0+'+++ 8ronor a &ear. .t IC$e )een a::ointe% &o..r(an wo. The goo% ol% %a&s were o$er.l% re#ei$e "'/++ 8ronor a wee8?A=or =oo%' #lothing' =il( ti#8ets' an% s.Cre not a #hil%.t she ha% =ew e@:enses an% %i% not nee% (.‖ !e o:ene% a new a##o.n =ree' is that itB I won%er how he got awa& with it.r g. .::ose% to re:ort it to MiltonCs :ersonnel o==i#e an% .se he was a #raL& so#ial %e(o#rat who ha% wor8e% with tro.nt.‖ it =ro( now on. r.

t the Vanger =a(il& ha% an entire galli(a.t this so#iet& is res:onsi)le =or &o.n#tion well eno. ha$e to :.r (one&'‖ he sai%.:)oar%s' ). She %i% not 8now wh& she ha% lie%' ).‖ IC$e ta8en #are o= (&sel= sin#e I was ten' &o. She ha% instin#ti$el& lie% a)o.t what 8in% o= wor8 assign(ents she was gi$en at Milton Se#.t %onCt worr&H ICll ta8e #are o= all that.: his notes an% :ie#e together the genealog& into a #o(:rehensi)le whole. E$er& =a(il& ha% a =ew s8eletons in their #.AThis has to %o with the =a#t that IC( res:onsi)le =or &o.ita)le eno. The answer she ga$e hi( was a %es#ri:tion o= her $er& =irst wee8s at Milton.‖ !e 4. in so#ial ter(s that &o.estione% her #losel& a)o..=r& o= the( it was a wise %e#ision. >.t she was s. The =a(il& histor& that e(erge% was a %ra(ati#all& %i==erent $ersion =ro( the one :resente% as the o==i#ial i(age o= the =a(il&.rs with Vanger' an% it too8 (. %onCt nee% to )e instit. to t&:e .ties.rit&.t (one& asi%e =or the tas8s =or so(eone who was a little slow?an% see(e% satis=ie%.#h o= the night an% all o= T. . lo(8$ist ha% s:ent =i$e ho.r(an got the i(:ression that she (a%e #o==ee an% sorte% the :ost?s.tionalise%' ).t her %. AYo. #ree:T AYo.

lt' or an a##i%ent :.ite si(:l&' a terri=i# stor&.gs' :rostit.(ing she ha% )een (. !is tr.n awa&' (a&)e hea%ing =or Sto#8hol(' an% that so(ething ha% )e=allen her s.sion in the ho.t 7ennerstrG( that Vanger #lai(e% to :ossess. It was' 4.t what ha% ha::ene% to !arriet Vanger. .re an% si(:le. A=ter a &ear he %ie in so(e =rea8 a##i%ent. !is arg. . On the other han%' he %i% not e@#l.l% )e the in=or(ation a)o.e rewar%' he ho:e%' when the islan% was #.entl&?%r.r%ere% an% that a =a(il& (e()er was res:onsi)le?:ossi)l& in #olla)oration with so(eone else.e.t to =in% o.t o== an% all e&es were %ire#te% at the a##i%ent.ring the #on=.: )& Fro%e ha% )een signe%.#ra#&' were none@istent.%e the :ossi)ilit& that !arriet Vanger ha% r.t a=ter listening to Vanger' he )egan to see that the &ear %i% not ha$e to )e a waste o= ti(e.l% re#ei$e his :re:ostero.)se4. lo(8$ist agree% with Vanger that the #han#es o= a si@teen<&ear<ol% girl going o== o= her own a##or% an% then sta&ing hi%%en =or thirt&<si@ &ears' %es:ite the o$ersight o= all the go$ern(ent ).t the Vanger =a(il& ha% signi=i#ant $al. A )oo8 a)o.tion' an assa.(ent was )ase% on the =a#t that !arriet ha% %isa::eare% %.r%ere%' that is' an% %i% not >. Vanger was #on$in#e%' =or his :art' that !arriet ha% )een (. The i%ea that he (ight light .l% )e no (ore than :la&ing to the galler&.:on !arriet VangerCs 8iller ne$er #rosse% his (in%?ass.s salar&?the #ontra#t %rawn .lo(8$ist ha% ha% to re(in% hi(sel= se$eral ti(es that his real assign(ent was not to write a )iogra:h& o= the Vanger =a(il& ). The Vanger )iogra:h& wo.rea.

t the galler& o= #hara#ters.r%er (&ster&. Few :rogra((es were as .t lo(8$ist was )eginning to see that !arrietCs =ate ha% :la&e% a #entral role in the =a(il&' an% es:e#iall& =or !enri8 Vanger. Ea#h =a(il& (e()er was gi$en his or her own %o#.(.t a h.te% to %esta)ilising the #or:oration.entl& =.sation against his relati$es was o= great signi=i#an#e in the =a(il&Cs histor&.i)ri.rnalist.l =or an in$estigati$e >o.seE' one o= those =.l% )e to (a: o. A st. That was the gist o= his =irst long #on$ersation that %a& with the =a(il& gatherings an% gi$en rise to :oisono.r&' when the na(e was Vangeersa%.n#tion as a #ha:ter all on its own' as well as :ro$i%e a re% threa% thro.#ts that two (en at the Ro&al Te#hni#al College ha% #reate% an% %istri).sation ha% )een aire% o:enl& =or (ore than thirt& &ears' an% it ha% #olo.e :ro%. One starting :oint' whether !arriet Vanger was his :ri(ar& assign(ent or whether he (a%e %o with writing a =a(il& #hroni#le' wo.r#e (aterial.s ani(osities that ha% #ontri). The a##.n%re% in%i$i%. No (atter whether he was right or wrong' VangerCs a##. .te% as shareware =or a :ittan#e on the Internet.als' #o. The =a(il& was so e@tensi$e that he was =or#e% to #reate a %ata)ase in his i #onse4.erger ha% )een right to sa& that his ta8ing the assign(ent was )e&on% all #o((on sense i= the goal was to sol$e a (.ll<$al.sins an% se#on% #o.sins. The =a(il& tree #o.nting all the #hil%ren o= #o.(ent in the %ata)ase. !e .l% )e tra#e% )a#8 to the earl& si@teenth the =a(il& histor&?an% there was an a).%& o= !arrietCs %isa::earan#e wo. A##or%ing to .se% the NotePa% :rogra((e Dwww.n%an#e o= so. The =a(il& #onsiste% o= a)o.

n% whi#h !e%esta% was ).t at his =atherCs re4.stries.: =ar(ing an% =orestr&' .n%e% a (o%est (ining ). !is son' A%rian' was )orn in Fran#e' ).r#hase #onsi%era)le se#tions o= =oreste% lan% in' an% he =o. The el%er !enri8 Vanger %i$ersi=ie% the =a(il& enter:rises an% =o. !e too8 . !e le=t two sons' irger an% Gott=rie%' an% the& were the ones who lai% the )asis =or the high< =inan#e Vanger #lan. .t he ha% %isting.est he (o$e% to !e%e)& in that re(ote area o= Norrlan%' =ar =ro( the salons o= Paris' to ta8e o$er the a%(inistration o= the estate.ilt.ishe% hi(sel= as the #a:a)le hea% o= a garrison.Vanger the na(e (a& ha$e originate% =ro( the D.r&. Ale@an%reCs gran%son was na(e% !enri8' an% he shortene% his s. Ale@an%re Vangeersa% also ha% his own =ort.sing new (etho%s i(:orte% =ro( E. In (o%ern ti(es' the =a(il& #a(e =ro( northern Fran#e' arri$ing in Swe%en with Jing 3ean a:tiste erna%otte in the earl& nineteenth #ent.ring the (i%< "5++s.n%e% the :.siness' as well as se$eral o= Norrlan%Cs =irst (etal in%.t#h $an GeerstatH i= that was the #ase' the lineage to :.str& %.ainte% with the 8ing' ).r&.rna(e to Vanger. !e %e$elo:e% tra%e with' whi#h he .ssia an% #reate% a s(all (er#hant =leet o= s#hooners that ser$e% the alti#s an% Ger(an&' as well as Englan% with its steel in%.l: an% :a:er (ill aro. Ale@an%re Vangeersa% was a sol%ier an% not :ersonall& a#4. In "5"5 he was gi$en the !e%e)& estate as a rewar% =or his ser$i#e.l% )e tra#e% as =ar )a#8 as the twel=th #ent.

Martin hol%s (ore than "+ :er#ent o= the sharesH I ha$e 1 :er#ent a=ter selling so(e o= (& shares' to Martin a(ong sharehol%ersC (eeting #onsists o= 1+ :er#ent =a(il& (e()ers. It was no %o.ggle threatene% the $er& s.ght li8e #ats?the& were legen%ar& #o(:etitors =or :ower an% in=l.‖ AItCs l. 8now an&thing a)o.l% re#ei$e a :ortion o= the inheritan#e?a share?in the ).t (ost o= the :eo:le who #o(e to the sharehol%ersC (eeting ha$e onl& one or hal= a :er#ent.t it too.s. I= a =a(il& (e()er wishes to sell his shares' the& ha$e to sta& within the =a(il&.se% a) s.siness.siness. For that reason their =ather %e#i%e%?shortl& )e=ore he %ie%?to #reate a s&ste( where)& all (e()ers o= the =a(il& wo. ANo.t the ol% inheritan#e lawsB‖ Vanger ha% as8e%.tsi%e' we ha% a )oar% o= %ire#tors #onsisting onl& o= =a(il& (e()ers. M& )rother !aral% owns 2 :er#ent' ). A##or%ing to =a(il& tra%ition' irger an% Gott=rie% =o. To%a& the ann.‖ AIt so.)t well< intentione%' ).‖ AAn% that a::lies to%a&B‖ APre#isel&.ation in whi#h instea% o= )eing a)le to )ring in s8ille% :eo:le an% :ossi)le :artners =ro( the o.::ort =ro( at least *+ :er#ent to *1 . It (eans that to%a&' i= Martin wants to i(:le(ent so(e :oli#&' he has to waste ti(e on a lo))&ing o:eration to ens.r$i$al o= the #o(:an&.n%s (e%ie$al in so(e wa&s.‖ AIC( #on=.en#e o$er the =a(il& ).t it le% to a sit. In (an& res:e#ts the :ower str.ADo &o.

t a :hotogra:h al).(e% the histor&9 AGott=rie% Vanger %ie% #hil%less in "6+". There is still a )ran#h o= the =a(il& o$er there. The :hotogra:hs =ro( the earl& "6++s showe% two (en with st. . The& were all )orn towar%s the en% o= the nineteenth #ent.nt.t a hint o= a s(ile. The& owne% shares' ). !e traine% as an engineer' an% he %e$elo:e% the (an.r&. It wasnCt .te% the ownershi: interest.r%& #hins an% :lastere%< %own hair who stare% into the #a(era lens witho.:er#ent o= the sharehol%ers.‖ Vanger too8 o. Those were %i==erent ti(es.res =ro( the galler& o= #hara#ters as he tal8e%.ilt o= allian#es' =a#tions' an% intrig.r %a.str& . 7e #an ignore Gi%eonH he sol% his shares an% e(igrate% to A( in those %a&s wo(en %i%nCt reall& #o.ntil wo(en won the right to $ote' well into the twentieth #ent.ghters' ).t it was the (en in the =a(il& who #onstit.‖ Vanger res. At an& rate? Gott=rie%Cs )rother' irger Vanger' ha% three sons9 3ohan' Fre%ri8' an% Gi%eon Vanger.r&' that the& were e$en allowe% to atten% the sharehol%ersC (eetings.‖ ANo nee% to )e sar#asti#.=a#t.t 3ohan an% Fre%ri8 Vanger (a%e the #o(:an& the (o%ern Vanger Cor:oration.‖ AVer& li)eral.ring in%.( an% showe% lo(8$ist :i#t.s o= the =a(il&. Or rather' (a& I )e =orgi$en' he was the =ather o= =o. A3ohan Vanger was the geni. ItCs a :at#hwor8 4.

‖ lo(8$ist ha% %rawn .n%erline% the na(es o= all those on !e%e)& Islan% =or the =a(il& (eeting in "600 an% th.l% ha$e ha% so(ething to %o with !arriet VangerCs %isa::earan#e. A=ter so(e :on%ering' he also le=t o.res o= )ig<).%ing te@tiles. !e was a#ti$e in #o(:an& (anage(ent right .ste% wo(en with wi%e<)ri((e% hats an% #arr&ing :arasols. Steel an% iron )e#a(e the )asis o= the =ir(' ). 3ohan ha% onl& %a.s' at least theoreti#all&' who #o.t !enri8 Vanger. I= the :atriar#h ha% ha% an&thing to %o with the %isa::earan#e o= his )rotherCs gran%%a.siness(an an% in%. AIt was e@a#tl& li8e the :re#e%ing generation?).ntil his %eath' altho. 7e were =i$e )rothers9 Ri#har%' !aral%' Greger' G.‖ Vanger showe% lo(8$ist to win a%(ittan#e to the #o(:an&Cs sharehol%ersC (eetings.rne% o$er %ail& o:erations to (e in the =i=ties. 3ohan Vanger %ie% in "610 an% ha% three %a.t #hil%ren . M& =ather li$e% .ghters9 So=ia' MNrit' an% Ingri%' who were the =irst wo(en a.with se$eral new in$entions' whi#h he :atente%.ghters. AAn% Fre%ri8?(& =ather?ha% onl& sons.siness also e@:an%e% into other areas' in#l.n%er the age o= twel$e?he ha% to %raw the line so(ewhere. !e .t the ).: . AThe other )rother' Fre%ri8 Vanger' was (& =ather.str& lea%er who trans=or(e% 3ohanCs in$entions into in#o(e. !e le=t o.: a =a(il& tree on se$eral sheets o= A/ :a:er ta:e% he ha% t.t in re$erse. !e was a ).sta$' an% (&sel=.ntil "60/.ghter' his .

s:e#ts.: o= to !arriet Vanger while she was growing .l% =all into the :s&#ho:athi# arena.l% reasona)l& also )e eli(inate%. Dir#h Fro%e )egan wor8ing =or Vanger as his law&er in the s:ring o= "60*. VangerCs (other' who in "600 was alrea%& eight&<one' #o. Re(aining were twent&<three =a(il& (e()ers who' a##or%ing to Vanger' ha% to )e in#l.‖ Se$en o= these were now %ea%' an% se$eral ha% now rea#he% a res:e#ta)le ol% age. A n. .a#tions o$er the :ast thirt&<si@ &ears wo. An% asi%e =ro( the =a(il&' who were the ser$ants when !arriet $anishe%B G.s' was in all li8elihoo% :resent on !e%e)& Islan%' as were the artist Nor(an an% the :astor Fal8. It was .s:e#ts. lo(8$ist was not willing to share VangerCs #on$i#tion that a =a(il& (e()er was )ehin% !arrietCs %isa::earan#e.:?what sort o= relationshi: %i% the& ha$eB 7as Aronsson still (arrie%B Di% other :eo:le li$e at that ti(e on the =ar(B As lo(8$ist wrote %own all the na(es' the list ha% grown to =ort& :eo:le.nnar Nilsson?ali)i or not?was nineteen &ears ol%' an% his =ather' Magn. 7as Fal8 (arrie%B The KstergRr%en =ar(er Aronsson' as well as his son 3er8er Aronsson' li$e% on the islan%' #lose eno.%e% in the gro. !e longe% =or his own )e% on ell(ansgatan.+ in the (orning an% the ther(o(eter rea% <0\F.()er o= others ha% to )e a%%e% to the list o= s.

!e :ar8e% hi(sel= at his .: an% no longer =elt 4. M.#o(Z9 I !OPE YOU SUCJ COCJ IN T!E SLAMMER YOU FUCJING COMMIE #orner ta)le. !e swit#he% on his e(ail :rogra((e an% loo8e% ra:i%l& the nearl& . AIC$e )een ser$ing Vangers =or thirt&<=i$e &ears' an% I 8now (ost o= the gossi: a)o. S. 7ith #hil%ren' gran%#hil%ren' an% great<gran%#hil%ren? who( he ha% not )othere% to in#l. For the =irst ti(e lo(8$ist .sanne .rge% hi( to #he#8 with her when he was rea%& =or the real re$elations.)s#ri)e% to.sti# :la#e' well worth a $isit.!e was awo8en )& the wor8(an =ro( his #o$er stor&. !e was starting to =eel 4.‖ 7hen it =elt li8e l.n#hti(e he :.l% not #all the o==i#e.1+ (essages sent to hi( o$er the :ast to tell &o. She as8e% hi( what he was wor8ing on.ght hi( #o==ee an% san%wi#hes' #asting an in4. On the other han%' his own tele:hone re(aine% st.ite :ig<hea%e% an% wo. S. !e sa$e% a %oLenH the rest were s:a( or (ailing lists that he s.%e?the . that IC$e got the Net wor8ing an% #an )e rea#he% when &o.sanne )ro.))ornl& silent. The =irst e(ail was =ro( W%e(o8rat55Y&ahoo.t his i oo8 in his )ag an% wal8e% to S.)ergerY(illenni.s.ter. !e%e)& is a r. #an =orgi$e (e.ite as :ro=essionall& han%i#a::e%.seZ9 A!i Ri#8&. The& e@#hange% :leasantries.t that =a(il&'‖ she sai%' an% sasha&e% o== to the 8it#hen. !e wrote to Weri8a. & ""9++ he was hoo8e% .sanneCs ri%ge Ca=M.isiti$e glan#e at his #o(:. 3.(. !e =ile% it in the AINTELLIGENT CRITICISM‖ =ol%er.

The =a(il& ha% a ten%en#& to li$e to a ri:e ol% age. O= Fre%ri8Cs sons who were &et ali$e' !aral% was ninet&<two an% !enri8 was eight&<two. Ri#har%Cs onl& re(aining %es#en%ant was Martin Vanger who' at =i=t&<=o. The others who ha% %ie% & ha% %ie% &o. lo(8$ist note% two =a#tors in the =a(il& tree. . The onl& e@#e:tion was G. .ng ha% s. Ri#har% Vanger was 8ille% in the 7inter 7ar' onl& thirt&< three &ears ol%.sta$' who %ie% o= l.n(arrie%.r' was still .lar )ran#h o= the =a(il&?gran%=ather' =ather' an% %a. The =irst was that no Vanger ha% e$er %i$or#e% or re(arrie%' e$en i= their s:o.sta$ ha% alwa&s )een si#8l& an% ha% gone his own wa&' ne$er reall& =itting in with the rest o= the =a(il&. Mi8ael (a%e note o= the strange s&((etr& in that =or &ears' ).()e% to other =a#tors than illness. Gott=rie% Vanger' !arrietCs =ather' ha% %rowne% the &ear )e=ore she %isa::eare%. An% !arriet hersel= was onl& si@teen. !e ne$er (arrie% an% ha% no #hil%ren.t a::arentl&' the& were still (arrie%.t Vanger ha% e@:laine% that his ne:hew was a $erita)le her(it with a wo(an who li$e% in !e%esta%.ghter ha% all )een Fre%ri8 an% 3ohan Vanger ha% a::ro@i(atel& =i=t& li$ing o==s:ring to%a&.#8 )& (is=ort. Vanger ha% e@:laine% that G. Fre%ri8 Vanger li$e% to )e se$ent&<eight' an% his )rother 3ohan to se$ent&<two. !e won%ere% how #o((on that was' in ter(s o= statisti#s. Ce#ilia Vanger ha% )een se:arate% =ro( her %isease at the age o= thirt&<se$en.

n%erl&ing (oti$e =or !arrietCs (.#8 hi( as o%%.#e% onl& %a.t so (an& (e()ers o= his =a(il& in a #onte(:t.s an% %enigrating (anner.(inating on one other o= the #o(:an&?the =a#t that earl& on he ha% (a%e it 8nown that !arriet was s:e#ial to hi(H the (oti$e (ight ha$e )een to har( Vanger hi(sel=' or :erha:s !arriet ha% %is#o$ere% so(e sensiti$e in=or(ation #on#erning the #o(:an& an% there)& )e#a(e a threat to so(eone. !e was the e%itor in #hie= o= the !e%esta% Co.liarit& was that whereas Fre%ri8 VangerCs %es#en%ants' in#l.%ge(ent in the (atter o= !arrietCs %isa::earan#e' ).lationsH ne$ertheless' in this (anner he ha% i%enti=ie% a #ir#le #onsisting o= thirteen in%i$i%.r%er (ight )e =o.als who( he #onsi%ere% to )e o= :otential interest. .t now he was starting to realise that Vanger ha% (a%e an a(aLingl& so)er assess(ent.((er holi%a&s or the (ore i(:ortant (eetings. lo(8$ist won%ere% whether the :atriar#hCs s.ghters' ha% (arrie% an% %is:erse% to Sto#8hol(' Mal(G' an% GGte)org or a)roa%.o. These were (ere s:e#.nnar Jarl(an' li$e% in !e%esta%.s:i#ions a)o.t his =a(il& ha% war:e% his >.The other :e#. It str.ght that the .#t. Thin8ing as a :ri$ate %ete#ti$e (ight' Vanger tho. An% the& onl& #a(e to !e%esta% =or s.rier.siness an% li$e% :ri(aril& in or near !e%esta%' 3ohan VangerCs )ran#h o= the =a(il&' whi#h :ro%.%ing !enri8' ha% :la&e% lea%ing roles in the ). The single e@#e:tion was Ingri% Vanger' whose son' G.n% in the str. Fro( the start the ol% (an ha% tal8e% to lo(8$ist a)o. lo(8$istCs #on$ersation with Vanger the %a& )e=ore ha% )een ill.

In "6.t in all the (ore or%inar& as:e#ts was 4. The onl& ti(es he ha% won his =atherCs res:e#t #a(e later in li=e' thro.all& lea% to the Finnish tren#hes.sse% in the =a(il&?the )o& ha% (o$e% to U::sala to st.ite #learl& %&s=. !enri8 VangerCs =ather ha% )een a #ol%' insensiti$e (an who sire% his #hil%ren an% then let his wi=e loo8 a=ter their .l' ). 7hat the ol% (an ha% not (entione% :re$io.##ess=.n#tional.%&. On the #ontrar&' the son was o=ten tol% that he was in#o(:etent an% was the target o= %e$astating #riti#is(. Cor:oral :.(ent?the reason =or whi#h was ne$er %is#. A=ter an arg.l% not re(e()er his =ather e$er e@:ressing an& =or( o= lo$e' e$en in the s(allest wa&.re to what e@tent the& ha% s:ent ti(e with his a##o(:lish(ents within the Vanger Cor:oration.+ !aral% an% Greger ha% =ollowe% in Ri#har%Cs =ootste:s to U::sala. It was it wasnCt ne#essar&. The two ha% )een #lose' ).t Vanger was not s. There ha% )een sown the see%s o= the the NaLi #areer whi#h Vanger ha% alrea%& (entione%' an% whi#h wo.:)ringing an% wel=are.l% e$ent.t also in$isi)le. !enri8 #o.The i(age that was e(erging re$eale% a =a(il& that was so#iall& an% =inan#iall& s. Until the #hil%ren rea#he% the age o= si@teen the& )arel& saw their =ather e@#e:t at s:e#ial =a(il& gatherings when the& were e@:e#te% to )e :resent ). The ol%est )rother' Ri#har%' ha% re) was that two other )rothers ha% ha% si(ilar #areers.nish(ent was sel%o( .ite #lear that the )rothers all >oine% Per .

en#e. !aral% #ontin.te' an% as a :h&si#ian he )e#a(e a :ro(inent #a(:aigner =or the sterilisation o= . Peo:le who are (entall& ill wo.ntil Eng%ahl %ie% in the nineties' an% =or #ertain :erio%s he was one o= the 8e& #ontri).t .tors to the hi)ernating Swe%ish =as#ist (o$e(ent. !aral% Vanger st. !aral% ha% lo&all& =ollowe% Per Eng%ahl o$er the &ears' =irst to Swe%enCs National Union' then to the Swe%ish O::osition gro.l% regar% %eath as a =or( o= li)eration' .n%er a :se.tting to %eath :eo:le who o==en%e% his aestheti# tastes an% %i%nCt =it his i(age o= the :er=e#t Swe%ish DonCt allow the Saa(i :eo:le to s:rea%H the& ha$e a Mongolian )e one o= the (ost %isg. In "6. In other wor%s' he was a::ealing =or wholesale (.r%er in a te@t that was written in i(:e##a)le a#a%e(i# :rose an% #ontaine% all the re4.e% not onl& =or sterilisation ).ote' !enri8 Vanger' ta:e *' +*61+9 !aral% went e$en =.2 he #o<a.age. For a ti(e he wor8e% at the Swe%ish Ra#e iolog& Instit.t also =or e.%on&(' than8 Go%?a )oo8 entitle% The Peo:leCs New E.rther.ntil the se$enties. #an rea%.thanasia?a#ti$el& :. I ha$e a #o:& that &o.n%esira)le ele(ents in the :o:. It (. S.thore%?.ire% (e%i#al arg.Eng%ahlCs =as#ist (o$e(ent' The New Swe%en.e% to )e a (e()er . Get ri% o= those who are han%i#a::e%.(ents. I %i%nCt =in% this o. !aral% arg.)lishe% in the Swe%ish lang.:' an% =inall& The New Swe%ish Mo$e(ent a=ter the war.sting )oo8s e$er :.%ie% (e%i#ine in U::sala an% lan%e% al(ost i((e%iatel& in #ir#les that were o)sesse% with ra#e h&giene an% ra#e )iolog&.

Vanger tho.entl&' three o= (& )rothers were :oliti#all& insane. In (& )rotherCs =antasies' A. 7h& %i% he (o$e )a#8 to !e%e)&B‖ A!e (o$e% ho(e in "626.ote' !enri8 Vanger' ta:e *' +/"029 Conse4.l% ha$e )een lo#ate% in Dalarna.‖ .ng %isease in "611.sta$' who %ie% o= l. A=ter the war Greger Vanger )e#a(e a se#on%ar&<s#hool tea#her an% e$ !e ha% re(aine% a (e()er . lo(8$ist as8e% Vanger9 ANow &o.wo.l%nCt the&B Loose wo(en' $agrants' g&:sies' an% 3ews?&o.ntil he went thro.l' with a)sol. !e owns that ho.ght that he no longer )elonge% to an& :art& a=ter the war an% ha% gi$en .all& the hea%(aster o= the !e%esta% :re:arator& s#hool. S. !ow si#8 were the& in other res:e#tsB The onl& )rother worth& o= a (eas.ntil his no interest in ).siness or wor8ing in the Vanger Cor:oration. an% !aral% are the onl& ones le=t. ).t totall& #ra#8:ot se#t #alle% the Nor%i# National Part&.sta$ ha% ne$er )een intereste% in :oliti#s' an% he see(e% to )e so(e sort o= (isanthro:i# artisti# so.: NaLis(.re o= e(:ath& in VangerCs e&es was the si#8l& G. #an i(agine.s#hwitL his )rotherCs #orres:on%en#e that he learne% that in the =i=ties Greger ha% >oine% the :oliti#all& ine==e#t. !e %ie% in "62/' an% it wasnCt .

l% s:en% his last &ears hating (e at #lose 4. On "+ =eel strange li$ing so #lose to a )rother that &o.‖ AI %onCt hate (& )rother. !eCs a #o(:lete i%iot' an% heCs the one who hates (e. A=ter he t. hate.Cre going to ha$e to e@:lain that.rg. !e was onl& .siness.‖ A!e hates &o. !e )e#a(e =a(iliar with all the la)&rinths o= the =a(il& ). !e ha% no interest in :oliti#s an% steere% #lear o= U::sala. !e was the onl& )rother to show an I got (arrie%. Instea% he st.t war?Vanger was sent to Ger(an& =or a si@<wee8 $isit at the Vanger Cor:oration ). I thin8 thatCs wh& he #a(e )a#8' "6/"?in the (i%st o= an all<o.((er holi%a& wor8ing at one o= the o==i#es within the Vanger Cor:oration or wor8ing with the (anage(ent o= one o= its #o(:anies. I= an&thing' I (a& :it& hi(.rne% eighteen he s:ent e$er& )rea8 an% s.B‖ APre#isel&.siness?he was his =atherCs last ho:e.siness o==i#es in !a().‖ A7h& %oes he hate &o.%e =or ). So that he #o.‖ Vanger ha% lost #onta#t with his ol%er )rothers earl& on.%ie% e#ono(i#s in Sto#8hol(.B‖ A e#a.arters.‖ AI thin8 &o.AIt (.

rhoo% o= !a().ring the ti(e I was there' the :eo:le see(e% to thin8 it was (ostl& a te(:orar& anno&an#e?that soon there wo.rg %.ring (& wee8s in !a().‖ Vanger o:ene% one o= his (an& :hotogra:h al).lt to :.t against !a().(s.r& later' itCs still %i==i#. ThatCs what it so.t it wo.t when I went there' !itler an% Stalin were still goo% =rien%s an% there wasnCt &et an Eastern Front.t =or #on$enien#e he was a (e()er o= the :art&. 7e s:ent ti(e together e$er& %a&. More than hal= a #ent. I thin8 those are the right' whi#h was ri=e a(ong or%inar& :eo:le in !a().ro:a. I was sta&ing with hi( an% his =a(il& in an elegant a:art(ent in a well<to<%o neigh)o. !e %isa::eare% in "6//' :res. with all the %etails' ). D. !e was no (ore a NaLi than I was' ).n%e% li8e in the :ro:agan%a. DonCt get (e wrong?I was not a NaLi' an% in (& e&es !itler see(e% li8e so(e a)s.l% )e :ea#e an% !itler wo. Des:ite the =a#t that the war was getting #loser' an% se$eral )o()ing rai%s were #arrie% o.(a)l& lost in so(e )o()ing rai%.t wor%s to the (oo%. 7e ne$er 8new what his =ate was.t the =.l% esta)lish his Ne. !is . .rg I )e#a(e #lose to hi(. E$er&one still )elie$e% that !itler was in$in#i)le.l% ha$e )een al(ost i(:ossi)le not to )e in=e#te% )& the o:ti(is( a)o.r% #hara#ter in an o:eretta.t. AI wonCt tire &o. Peo:le wante% to )elie$e that !itler was Go%.twent&<one an% the VangerCs Ger(an agent' a #o(:an& $eteran )& the na(e o= !er(ann Lo)a#h' was his #ha:erone an% (entor. AThis is Lo)a#h.rg. There was a =eeling o=I)oth o:ti(is( an% %es:eration.

7hen I as8e% hi( what it all (eant' he re:lie% with =oresight that it (eant the en% =or Ger(an& an% NaLis(. Gra%. 7e went %ownstairs an% sat in the s(o8ing salon.(e()ershi: #ar% o:ene% %oors an% =a#ilitate% o::ort.siness was :re#isel& what we An% Lo)a#h 8new how to lan% a #ontra#tH he was entertaining an% goo%<nat.#tions' ).ilt =reight wagons =or their trains?IC$e alwa&s won%ere% whether an& o= o. Ger(an& ha% in$a%e% the So$iet Union on Mi%s. AFirst' he ha% no :ossi)ilit& o= #onta#ting (& =ather =or instr.rne% his attention to :ra#ti#al (atters. 7e sol% =a)ri# =or their . Lo)a#h ha% )een . AIn the earl& ho.t on his own initiati$e he ha% %e#i%e% to #.sing the goo%s =or.t . Then he t.s ha% ha::ene%. ALo)a#h too8 o.t two glasses an% :o.: all night.nities =or the Vanger Cor:oration?an% ). I onl& hal= )elie$e% hi(?!itler see(e% . !e ha% the ra%io on' an% I realise% that so(ething a genero.‖ lo(8$ist no%%e% to signal that he was still =ollowing the stor&. M& roo( was ne@t to his wi=eCs )e%roo(' an% he signalle% (e to )e 4.all& I )egan to see that he was also a (an who was %es:eratel& tr&ing to hi%e a se#ret.)es =or their ra%io sets?altho. The :er=e#t ** in "6/"' Lo)a#h 8no#8e% on the %oor o= (& )e%roo(.s a4.n%e=eata)le' a=ter all?). !e was o)$io. O:eration ar)arossa ha% )eg. 7e ).((er E$e.a$it =or ea#h o= .‖ Vanger gest.s.t Lo)a#h an% I %ran8 a toast to the =all o= Ger(an&.re% in an% t.iet' get %resse%' an% #o(e with hi(.sl& sha8en.r wagons were %estine% =or o==i#iall& we %i%nCt 8now what the& were o= 3.

ghter' who was #hristene% E%ith.ess what her =ate was. In "6*" she ha% a %a. The wo(an was 3ewish' an% #onse4.short (& $isit to Ger(an& an% sen% (e ho(e.ght )& the %e:art(ent o= the Gesta:o whose >o) it was to tra#8 %own =.l wo(an hal= his age' an% he =ell ho:elessl& in lo$e with her.entl& Lo)a#h was the =ather o= a 3ew in the (i%st o= NaLi Ger(an&. She )e#a(e his ( wo(an' an% a lo$e #hil%?that #anCt ha$e #a. In the s.ation.rg' E%ithCs (other was so(ehow .((er o= "6/"' the wee8 that I arri$e% in !a().#h o= a s#an%al in the =orties'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.t in "6"6 he (et a wil%l& )ea.rte% her' an% li8e so (an& other wealth& (en' he #o.rse' that she ha% a %a.giti$e 3ews. 7hat ha::ene%B‖ AE%ithCs (other ha% )een :i#8e% . It was 8nown' o= #o.ti=.%e% on an& trans:ort list' an% who was now )eing so.‖ ARi#h ol%er (an' :oor &o.‖ Vanger :ointe% to a &ellowe% :ortrait o= a %ar8<haire% wo(an' in three<4. Lo)a#h #o. She %isa::eare%' an% we #an onl& g.6.C‖ AAhIThat %oes #hange the sit. !e was what the& #alle% a Qtraitor to his ra#e. She was a :oor' si(:le sea(stress.l% a==or% to install her in an a:art(ent a #on$enient %istan#e =ro( his o==i#e. I= it ha%nCt )een =or one thing. ALo)a#h ha% )een (arrie% =or =ort& &ears' ). Se#on%' he as8e% (e to %o so(ething =or hi(.arter $iew. AA)sol.ghter who was not &et right.: in " (.

& "6.((one% =or an inter$iew.2 the :erse#. She (.st as (.l% thin8 o=?right in =ront o= e$er&oneCs nose. I was s. Then he went to get his %a.ghter (ight )e' an% he ha% not ha% an& #onta#t with her in ten &ears. !e ha% arrange% =or #o.l% #o(e 8no#8ing on the %oor.(ents' an% he ha% ta8en her in as their ho.ghterB‖ AI ha% seen her e$er& %a& in the Lo)a#hsC ho(e. It ha% wor8e% =or =o. A sweet an% 4.t he state% that he ha% no i%ea where his %a. An% he %i% hel:?Lo)a#h lo$e% his illegiti(ate #hil% >.‖ A!owB‖ A!e ha% arrange% the whole thing. She was $er& sh& an% %i%nCt e$en %are loo8 (e in the e&e.tion o= the 3ews ha% )een going on =or se$eral &ears' an% E%ithCs (other ha% )egge% Lo)a#h =or hel:.‖ ADi% his wi=e 8now who she wasB‖ ANo' it see(e% she ha% no i%ea.lin8e% to Lo)a#h' an% he was s.ghter an% intro%.#e% her to (e as s.iet twent&<&ear<ol% girl who #leane% (& roo( an% hel:e% ser$e %inner.t now Lo)a#h =elt the noose tightening.: hal= the night waiting to )e #alle%.r &ears' ).::ose% to )e sta&ing another three wee8s an% then to ta8e the night train .#h. !e hi% her in the (ost .#h as his legiti(ate #hil%ren. It was onl& a (atter o= ti(e )e=ore the Gesta:o wo. Lo)a#h )egge% (e to sa$e her ha$e )een .‖ ASo where was the %a.nter=eit %o#.nli8el& :la#e he #o.se8ee:er. !e a#8nowle%ge% the relationshi: an% his :aternit&' ).

.n%re% #rates #ontaining (a#hiner&.ne. The #hange in (& tra$el :lans ha% to )e a::ro$e% )& the se#. A ritish )o()ing rai%?the hea$iest I ha% then e@:erien#e%' an% the har)o.:i%. Otherwise I was s. The #a:tain was #alle% Os8ar Granath' an% he was =ar =ro( :lease% to )e (a%e res:onsi)le =or his e(:lo&erCs snott& little heir. . 7e were >.t.t so(ehow we got thro.e )& =err& a#ross the so.rne&.rg hea%e% =or Swe%en.‖ AE%ith was s(.to Co:enhagen an% #ontin.t %ela&.(e.rit& ser$i#eH it was a =or(alit&' ).ggle% on )oar%' hi%%en insi%e one o= three' an% a=ter an engine )rea8%own an% a (isera)l& stor(& night in (ine<=ille% waters we arri$e% the =ollowing .r #on$ersation a =reighter owne% )& the Vanger Cor:oration was to lea$e !a().‖ ATogether with E%ith' I :res.::ose% to wait .ntil we were a goo% %istan#e =ro( Ger(an& )e=ore I let her o. M& >o) was to :rote#t her i= she sho.t not a :ro)le(.t it t.n%e% si(:le to (e' ).n%s terri=&ing. 7e le=t !a(). .st (a8ing o.r when the air<rai% sirens went o==.t o= the inner har)o.rse' the (ain target.‖ AIt so.‖ AIt so.rne% into a night(are >o.r was' o= #o.n%?a relati$el& sa=e tri:' e$en in warti(e.rg aro.t two %a&s a=ter o.t Lo)a#h wante% (e on )oar% that =reighter.n% 69++ in the e$ening in late 3. Lo)a#h wante% to sen% (e with the =reighter instea%' to lea$e Ger(an& witho.l% )e %is#o$ere% while we were still in Ger(an territorial waters' an% to :re$ent the #a:tain o= the shi: =ro( %oing an&thing st.r wa& o.

‖ A . I :ro:ose% to her an% ga$e (& =ather an .‖ A . An% thatCs wh& (& )rother hates (e.l%nCt ha$e :.t I was alrea%& >.lti(at. An% the girl #o.l% ha$e )een %e:orte% =ro( Swe%en at an& ti(e. .n%erstan%a)l& =.t e$er&thing at ris8 with (& i%ioti# $ent.l%nCt ha$e #hil%ren. (arrie% her.‖ A .(?either he a##e:te% An% it t.‖ AM& =ather was . She ha% a #ongenital heart %e=e#t.‖ C!APTER "+ . !e ga$e &o.Cre :ro)a)l& going to as8 (e what ha::ene% to the his own wor%s?I (arrie% a =ilth& 3ewish whore. I ha% :.rne% o.‖ AI as ho:elessl& in lo$e with her as Lo)a#h ha% )een with her (other. Yo.‖ AI thin8 I 8now.‖ A e#a.a=ternoon at Jarls8rona.t it )etter (& she %ie%B‖ AYes' =ar too &o.r (arriage or heC% ha$e to loo8 =or another =atte% #al= =or the =a(il& ).t that I #o.t heCs' in "615.

ntr& was the #ol%est in re#or%e% (e(or&' or Das Vanger in=or(e% hi(E at least sin#e the warti(e winter o= "6/*.: in a )lan8et as he sat at the 8it#hen ta)le' %rin8ing #o==ee an% rea%ing ol% :oli#e re:orts." A##or%ing to the !e%esta% Co. !e s:ent a long ti(e ea#h %a& s:litting woo% in the she% ne@t to the 6<Fri%a&' !e ha% se$eral (isera)le %a&s in the (i%%le o= the (onth when the te(:erat. .re %ro::e% to <.t on one (ore sweater an% wra: .rs%a&' 3an. A=ter onl& a wee8 in !e%e)& he ha% learne% all a)o.t long .n%erwear' wooll& so#8s' an% %o. Instea% he wo.ring the &ear he s:ent in Jir.t in the #o. Then the weather #hange% an% the te(:erat.#h woo% he in La:lan% %oing his (ilitar& ser$i#e.)le .ar& .re rose stea%il& to a )al(& "/\F.l% :.t in the sto$e' he was still #ol%.t the #ol% was :aral&sing.n%ershirts. Nilsson ga$e hi( two )ig :lasti# #ontainers o= water =or #oo8ing an% washing' ).1\F. I#e =lowers =or(e% on the insi%es o= the win%ows' an% no (atter how (.rier' lo(8$istCs =irst (onth o. One (orning the water :i:es At ti(es he was on the )rin8 o= tears an% to&e% with ta8ing the =irst train hea%ing so. !e ha% e@:erien#e% nothing li8e it' not e$en %.Th.

gh.ntil the& were (i%%le<age%.l% ha$e %elighte% the #onnoisse. ASheCs that lo(8$ist saw' ho. She was a %entist an% li$e% in !e%esta%' ).se% a Swe%ish en#&#lo:e%ia an% so(e #o==ee ta)le )oo8s that :eo:le (ight .i::e% to a :ro=essional #he=Cs stan%ar%. E$i%entl& the& saw no reason to (arr&. The 8it#hen was e4.rnishe% in )la#8' white' an% #hro(e. The )oo8shel$es' at least in the :art o= the ho. lo(8$ist gra%.t that the& ha% not starte% going o. It was also i(:ersonal. Martin VangerCs $illa was =. The artwor8 on the walls was re:ro%.all& learne% that the& ha% 8nown ea#h other =or (an& &ears ). Martin Vanger 8e:t his :ro(ise an% in$ite% hi( =or a (eal o= (oose stea8.Mi8ael was )eginning to get to 8now :eo:le in !e%e)&.n#tional. AAn% (arr&ing into this #raL& =a(il& isnCt reall& (& thing'‖ E$a sai%' :atting Martin a==e#tionatel& on the 8nee.r Christer Mal(. lo(8$ist =o.t she s:ent the wee8en%s at MartinCs ho(e.n% her e@traor%inaril& attra#ti$e.@.#tions an% :osters' o= the sort =o.t together . There were e@:ensi$e %esigner :ie#es that wo. Martin Vanger ha% (one&' an% his ho(e was )oth l. In the li$ing roo( there was a high<en% stereo with an i(:ressi$e #olle#tion o= >aLL re#or%s =ro( To((& Dorse& to 3ohn Coltrane. E$a was a war(' so#ia)le' an% entertaining wo(an.n% in IJEA.s an% (& %entist'‖ sai% Martin with a la. !is la%& =rien% >oine% the( =or %inner.

ha$e gi$en hi( as Christ(as :resents' =or want o= a )etter i%ea.e #o.sse% the internal :ro)le(s o= his #o(:an& so o:enl& that it see(e% re#8less.)le re(e()ering the na(es o= all the relati$es. All in all' he #o.ire% how the wor8 was going. As the& listene% to ANight in )een o$er the sa(e an% #oo8ing.rning the #on$ersation to the ol% (anCs o)session with !arrietCs %isa::earan#e.l% )e %e%.t :asse% no >.lging o$er his )elt. Martin a##e:te% the stor& that lo(8$ist ha% )een hire% to write a =a(il& #hroni#le' an% he in4.#e% =ro( the =a#t o= MartinCs sto(a#h ). Vanger (.re o= si(:li#it&' shrew%ness' an% a(ia)ilit&.se% )& his =a(il&Cs in#orrigi)le =oll&. !e as8e% i= he (ight #o(e )a#8 to %o an inter$iew in %. lo(8$ist sai% with a s(ile that he was ha$ing the (ost tro.(e% that lo(8$ist was one o= the =a(il& sin#e he was wor8ing =or his great<.n#leH an% li8e the =or(er CEO' Martin too8 the $iew that the =a(il& (e()ers onl& ha% the(sel$es to )la(e =or the sit.est was a =inan#ial re:orter who( he har%l& 8new' &et he %is#. Twi#e he #onsi%ere% t. !e was #ertainl& aware that his g. E$a no%%e% ).'+++ or so LPs s:o8e =or the one an% the other #o. On the other han%' he see(e% al(ost a(.nisia'‖ the #on$ersation was %e$ote% to the Vanger Cor:oration' an% Martin (a%e no se#ret o= the =a#t that the #o(:an& was =ighting =or s.n% )e=ore. The& ha% o)$io. It too8 no great anal&ti#al s8ill to #on#l. !is . The (an hi(sel= was a (i@t.r$i$al.%ge(ent o= her ha$e :estere% her )rother with his theories' an% Martin .l% %is#ern onl& two :ersonal as:e#ts o= Martin VangerCs li=e9 (. Perha:s he ass.%e that the #or:orate CEO was a (an with :ro)le(s.n% itsel=.rse.ation in whi#h the #o(:an& =o.

‖ .t the Vangers' he #o. One a=ternoon that I #are =or the i%ea.ghter o= !aral% Vanger' a::eare% to )e an o:en an% engaging wo(an.n%erstan% that & tho. AI .(.est ho.:s. IC( Ce#ilia Vanger. are.n%s o= $o%8a' at *9++ in the (orning. Ce#ilia' %a.(stan#es.n8 as he s8i%%e% the three h. The& #hatte% =or a while )e=ore she )ro. I >.ring lo(8$istCs se#on% wee8 in !e%e)& there was a 8no#8 on the %oor. I wante% to see what sort o= :erson &o.t asi%e the )in%er =ro( the :oli#e re:ort that he ha% >.t the =a(il&'‖ she realise that i= lo(8$ist was going to write a)o. !e :. lo(8$ist re(e()ere% that Vanger ha% s:o8en o= her a::re#iati$el&H he ha% also sai% that she was not on s:ea8ing ter(s with her =ather' her ne@t<%oor neigh)o.: against the #ol%.Cre writing a )oo8 a)o.t Martin showe% no sign o= wanting to %is#.ght .‖ The& shoo8 han%s an% he got the s. It ha% )een a :leasant e$ening. AIC( not s.t the #o==ee #. The e$ening en%e%' a=ter se$eral ro. .)> o:ene%?the si@th in the series?an% #lose% the %oor to his o==i#e )e=ore he o:ene% the =ront %oor to a )lon%e wo(an well wra::e% . A!i.l% not ignore the =a#t that one =a(il& (e()er ha% $anishe% in %ra(ati# #ir#. lo(8$ist was =airl& %r.: the reason =or her $isit.ght IC% #o(e an% sa& hello.n%re% &ar%s to the g.

‖ Ce#ilia Vanger s(ile% ).s NaLiB‖ lo(8$ist sai%.%ie% her' .%e towar%s the =a(il&. A7hat I want to 8now is9 will I ha$e to go into e@ile or e(igrate when the )oo8 #o(es o. An% it %oesnCt reall& (atter what I thin8.‖ lo(8$ist st.r goo% !enri8 isnCt e@a#tl& ne.‖ ALi8e (& =ather' =or instan#eB‖ AYo. AYo.Cre o::ose% to ha$ing a )oo8 written a)o.t )& now &o. .t (e()ers o= the =a(il&' ).ns. ItCs his stor&' so to s:ea8.#h Ce#ilia 8new a)o.r =ather the =a(o.‖ lo(8$ist ha% no i%ea what Vanger ha% sai% or how (. .t witho.‖ AAn% o.tral in his attit. APeo:le will )e a)le to tell the shee: =ro( the goats.r .t ICll )e sti#8ing stri#tl& to what #an )e %o#.t the Vanger =a(il&B‖ AI %i%nCt sa& that.(ente%. (.n#le to write a =a(il& #hroni#le. !e has so(e $er& #olo.tB ‖ AI %onCt e@:e#t so'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.l $iews a) what she was getting at.r=. AIC( #ontra#te% )& &o.A7ell' !enri8 Vanger hire% ( ha$e realise% that it hasnCt alwa&s )een :lain sailing to )e :art o= this =a(il&. !e threw o.t his assign(ent.t his han%s.t war(th.

. :lanning to 4.t to :resent a (ali#io.s :ortrait o= an&one.‖ AIC( sorr&. AM& =ather is #raL&. IC( s.t &o. is that & an% it will to.' that &o.Cre (arrie% ).estionsIAre & wh& the e(:ire is in %i==i#.Cre a tea#herI‖ AItCs a#t.B‖ AM& >o) is to write a )oo8 starting with Ale@an%re Vangeersa%Cs arri$al in Swe%en with erna%otte an% going .t that %oesnCt (ean that IC( going to set o.r .t =ear o= )eing 4.ote%. I 8now that &o. In s.r$e& itCs i(:ossi)le to a$oi% ha$ing so(e %irt& linen =loat to the s. A7hat I 8now a)o.t se:arate%Ian% thatCs a)o.ote an&thing I sa&B Or #an I #arr& on a nor(al #on$ersation with &o. So %o :lease go ahea% an% tal8 to (e witho.r %oor so(e %a& soon.r=a#e. I onl& see hi( a =ew ti(es a &ear.‖ A7h& %onCt &o. .re ICll #o(e 8no#8ing on &o.te?)e=ore &o.n#le is =on% o= &o.#h on the ani(osit& that e@ists within the =a(il&.all& worse than that?IC( the hea%(istress o= !e%esta% :re:arator& s#hool.siness e(:ire o$er (an& %e#a%es' ).‖ Ce#ilia Vanger %i% not re:l&. want to see hi(B‖ A7ait a (in.t all so =ar.#h a s.: to the :resent. ItCs to #o$er the ).t it will also %is#. start in as8ing a lot o= 4. For e@a(:le' IC$e (et Martin VangerH he see(s to (e a $er& s&(:atheti# :erson' an% thatCs how IC( going to %es#ri)e hi(.Ce#ilia Vanger rolle% her e&es.

so(ethingB‖ APlease.Then it will )e an o==i#ial inter$iew' an% &o. I loo8e% in !arrietCs ol% roo(' where !enri8 8ee:s it' an% it was gone.r .‖ .‖ A .‖ AOJ.‖ ASo I #an tal8 to &o.‖ A!ow (.all& as he #o. #an #hoose whether &o. want to answer (& 4.r (assi$e )o@es o$er here. This is a so#ial $isit a=ter all.‖ AAn% this is o== the re#or%B‖ AO= #o.gge% =o.Cre not here to loo8 into her %isa::earan#eB‖ A7hat (a8es &o. That #o. then or nowIo== the re#or%' as the& sa&B‖ AO= #o.n#le' at the $er& least. It (ight =ill a #ha:ter.rse. Then #an I as8 &o.estions or not. It was a %ra(ati# e$ent that has #ast a sha%ow o$er &o.l%9 ATo )e honest' I ha$e no i%ea.l% )e !enri8Cs :ri$ate in$estigations o$er the &ears.#h o= this )oo8 is going to %eal with !arrietB‖ lo(8$ist )it his li: an% then sai% as #as.t &o. thin8 thatB‖ A7ell' the =a#t that Nilsson l.rse.

s.t !arriet reall& %i% ha$e listene% to hi( on !arrietCs %isa::earan#e a what ha% )een #olle#te%.‖ A7hat IC( #.‖ A7hat %o & AI won%er so(eti(es whoCs #raLier' (& =ather or (& . .l% )e interesting to rea% thro.: with !enri8' not with (e'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. to 8now that !enri8 has tal8e% a lot a) #. AIC( >. 7hether &o.estionB‖ ANo'‖ he sai% with a la.t #ase‖ A . thin8 ha::ene% to herB‖ AIs this an inter$iew 4.t the girlCs %isa::earan#e' an% I tho.l :eo:le I 8now.t it wonCt s. AYo.san% ti(es. !eCs one o= the war(est an% (ost tho. I (.‖ AYo.t on this :arti#.Cll ha$e to ta8e the (atter .s a)$e swallowe% !enri8Cs #on$i#tion or whether in =a#t &o.Cre a n. IC( $er& =on% o= hi(.Cre the one whoCs egging hi( on.‖ Ce#ilia ga$e hi( another o= her >o&less s(iles.ght it wo. A .lar to:i#' heCs o)sessi$e.t #aseB‖ ADonCt get (e wrong.r:rise &o.t is whether &o.‖ . thin8 that !enri8Cs a n.n#le.Ce#ilia Vanger was no =ool.

nter with Isa)ella.‖ She t. She loo8e% li8e an ageing $a(:ire?still stri8ingl& )ea.sanneCs.:tl& an% :. .r li$es =or %e#a%es' an% it %oesnCt sto: %oing so.estion.t loo8ing at hi(.rne% to s(ile at hi(?=or the =irst ti(e with war(th. I thin8 it was an a##i%ent that has s.ti=.t. She was thin' %resse% in a )la#8 Persian la() #oat with (at#hing #a:' an% she was leaning on a )la#8 #ane when lo(8$ist ran into her one (orning on his wa& to S.#h a si(:le e@:lanation that it will astonish . Yo. She #alle% to hi( =ro( the #rossroa%.‖ AThan8 &o. AI ha$e no i%ea.r #oat.'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. I= it ha% )een an agreea)le =irst (eeting with Ce#ilia Vanger' the sa(e #o. AYo. AI ha$e to go.el& o= La. IC( al(ost alwa&s ho(e in the e$ening. Isa)ella Vanger was a::arentl& on her wa& ho(e a=ter ta8ing a wal8.t on her =.s i= we e$er =in% so %a(n si#8 o= the whole stor&.t as $eno(o. Yo.Cre wel#o(e to #o(e =or #o==ee at (& ho. %i%nCt answer the 4. Then she was gone. li8e.‖ She whene$er &o. !arrietCs (other was e@a#tl& as !enri8 Vanger ha% warne%9 she :ro$e% to )e an elegant wo(an who re(in%e% hi( $ag.t his >. Martin thin8s so too' ).estion that wasnCt an inter$iew at the %oor an% re:lie% witho.%ge(ent isnCt alwa&s relia)le.l% not )e sai% o= his =irst en#o.‖ She got .s as a a#all.l ). ItCs :oisone% o.: a)r. see( li8e a :leasant sort.AIC( >.

ss with !enri8.r =a(il& a==airsB‖ A7ell' i= &o.((one%.t .‖ AThatCs none o= &o. AI a( Isa)ella Vanger'‖ the wo(an sai%. !e %i% as instr.t the Vanger =a(il&' then &es. I %onCt #are =or :eo:le :o8ing aro.‖ !e st. A!ello.%e% that he was the one s. that :erson whoCs )een snoo:ing aro. The rest &o.r li=e.#te%. 8now :er=e#tl& well what I (ean. M& na(e is Mi8ael lo(8$ist.siness.n%er #ontra#t to hel: hi( with his )oo8 a)o.n% in o.n% in (& (an.#8 o. lo(8$ist loo8e% aro.n% an% #on#l. (ean a( I the :erson that !enri8 Vanger has :.‖ . AAre &o.‖ A7hi#hB The =a#t that !enri8 Vanger o==ere% (e a #ontra#t or the =a#t that I a##e:te%B‖ AYo.‖ AI wonCt :o8e aro.Cll ha$e to %is#.‖ The #o((an%ing tone was har% to (ista8e.n% in &o.r ).t his han%' whi#h she ignore%. Co(e here.A!ello there' &o.

lo(8$ist ha% trie% to =or( an i(:ression o= Morell )ase% on the wa& he #a(e a#ross in the :oli#e re:ort.: while he was rea%ing the :oli#e re:ort.estions were si(:l& an e@#.#ial 4. The onl& tra$elling that lo(8$ist %i% (.st &o. 7hat he =o.estion9 was there an& single thing in the in$estigation that ha% not )een (et a real li$e #o(i#<)oo8 #hara#ter. She %i% not .estions' (ainl& i%eas that ha% #ro::e% .ght with hi( a note)oo8 with ten 4. lo(8$ist went on stan%ing where he was' loo8ing li8e a (an who has >.rne% on her heel an% wal8e% .Isa)ella raise% her #ane an% :resse% the han%le against Mi8aelCs #hest.t he too8 a ste: )a#8 in s. Finall& lo(8$ist :.n% was a wir& ol% (an who (o$e% so=tl& an% s:o8e e$en (ore slowl&. In his han% he was hol%ing a towar%s her ho.te. lo(8$ist )ro. 7hat he reall& wante% was to ha$e a #hat with hi( an% as8 one =or a (eeting.t awa& his notes an% e@:laine% that the 4.estion :. A3. 7hen he loo8e% .ring that =irst (onth was a %ri$e to a )a& on La8e Sil>an.:erinten%ent Morell.t to hi( in a s#hool(asterl& wa&.gh a snow& lan%s#a:e to s:en% the a=ternoon with Dete#ti$e S.#h =or#e' ).:' whi#h he raise% in an ironi# sal.r:rise. !e )orrowe% Fro%eCs Mer#e%es an% %ro$e thro.n#hes' e$en' that the ins:e#tor (ight )e willing to share with hi(B .: he saw Vanger in the win%ow o= his o==i#e.%e% in the written re:ortB An& h. Morell answere% ea#h 4. 8ee: awa& =ro( (e'‖ she sai%' an% t.

AThe (.t we ne$er %is#o$ere% what the (oti$e (ight ha$e )een.t so(eone who has ner$es o= i#e. . I= we ha% 8nown the (oti$e' weC% ha$e 8nown who 8ille% her. A7ell &es' o)$io. & that I (ean that so(eone seiLe% an o::ort.r%erer hi% the )o%& an% then at so(e later ti(e re(o$e% it while we were sear#hing =or her.‖ A7eCre tal8ing a)o. !enri8 an% I agree on that. In hin%sight' it see(s to (e a strange wa& to )eha$e? she 8new he ha% his han%s =.r%ere% =or a $er& s:e#i=i# reason?it wasnCt so(e a#t o= (a%ness or a ra:e or an&thing li8e that.nit& when it :resente% itsel= in the #o(ing an% going in the wa8e o= the a##i%ent. thin8 ha::ene%B‖ AI thin8 !arriet was (.se Morell' li8e Vanger' ha% s:ent thirt&<si@ &ears :on%ering the (&ster&' lo(8$ist ha% e@:e#te% a #ertain resistan#e?he was the new (an who ha% #o(e in an% starte% tra(:ing aro. Morell (etho%i#all& =ille% his :i:e an% lit it )e=ore he re:lie%.t there was not a hint o= hostilit&. .ll with all the relati$es who were hanging aro. I thin8 she was (.r%ere%. ItCs the onl& reasona)le e@:lanation.‖ A7hat %o &o. The ( I ha% (& own i%eas.‖ AThereCs one %etailI!arriet went to !enri8Cs roo( wanting to s:ea8 to hi(.e an% =leeting that I #an har%l& :.t the( into wor%s. .r%er (a& ha$e )een #o((itte% s:ontaneo.n%. I thin8 !arriet ali$e re:resente% a gra$e threat to so(eone' that she was going to .‖ Morell sto::e% to thin8 =or a (o(ent.t the&Cre so $ in the thi#8et where Morell ha% gone astra&.

%%en an% tol% the (.neas& a)o.r :eo:le in the roo(' )esi%es !enri8.ghter o= So=ia Vanger' one o= !enri8Cs #o. ASheCs the %a.tell !enri8 so(ething' an% that the (.t that %oesnCt tell .rse. .C‖ AThe )oo8 sa&s that (ost 8illers are (en.sti#.t toIwell' s:ill the )eans. Ce#ilia Vanger #an )e e@tre(el& #a. In her #ase weCre tal8ing a)o. !a$e &o.sin na(e% Magn. .s& with se$eral =a(il& (e()ersB‖ AThere were =o.::ose that !arriet ha% %is#o$ere% that so(eone ha% e()eLLle% (one& =ro( the #o(:an&?h&:otheti#all&' o= #o.‖ ASheCs one o= the(.r%erer 8new she was a)o.s an&thing.C$e sai% QheC an% Qhi(. !is )rother Greger' a #o. She (a& ha$e 8nown a)o.‖ AAn% !enri8 was ). She (a& ha$e trie% to )la#8(ail hi(' or she (a& ha$e =elt sorr& =or hi( an% =elt . . She (a& ha$e %e#i%e% all o= a s.sse% it with the :erson in 4.t itCs also tr.estion.e that in the Vanger =a(il& are se$eral wo(en who are real =ire)ran%s.‖ AYo.t there are others.r%erer so' an% he in %es:eration 8ille% her.l& .t it =or (onths' an% at so(e :oint she (a& e$en ha$e %is#. ‖ AIC$e (et Isa)ella. LetCs s.n:leasant an% .t e@:osing hi(. (et Sara S>GgrenB‖ lo(8$ist shoo8 his hea%.sins.t a tr.s S>Ggren' an% two o= !aral%Cs #hil%ren' irger an% Ce#ilia.

The :.LLle a)o.::ose that !enri8 wo. E$en a=ter I was :ro(ote% an% (o$e% awa& =ro( !e%esta%.nt o= wor8 into this #ase.‖ AThe :ro)le( is that no (atter how we twiste% an% t.: with a (oti$e.‖ ASo sheCs o== the list.l% tal8 in the #anteen a)o. ANo. 7as there an& lea% &o.t thatCs not the reason. re(e()er not ha$ing =ollowe% . I (eanIitCs li8e this9 e$er& :oli#e o==i#er has his own . .:.t e$en in GN$le I went on %igging into the #ase.:B‖ Morell #h.:erinten%ent an% (o$e% to the GN$le :oli#e %e:art(ent =or the rest o= (& #areer.nt o= ti(e to this #ase' an% I #anCt thin8 o= an&thing that I %i%nCt =ollow . la%&.‖ AI %onCt s. There was one o==i#er in :arti#.l% e$er let .es wo. I re(e()er =ro( (& %a&s in !e%esta% how ol%er #olleag.‖ AMo$e% awa&B‖ AYes' IC( not =ro( !e%esta% originall&. .l% as#ertain' she ha% no (oti$e =or 8illing the girl.lar' a (an na(e% Torstensson? .t the #ase o= Re)e#8a. . IC$e %e$ote% an en%less a(o.ntil "605. A=ter that I was :ro(ote% to s.‖ AThatCs tr. I ser$e% there =ro( "60.rne% things' we ne$er #a(e .t !arriet still =as#inates (e to this %a&. ThatCs the i(:ortant thing.t a $ast a(o.itless en%.e' ).: to the )itter' =r.‖ AYo.t she was li$ing in Mal(G' an% as =ar as I #o.nsol$e% (&ster&.#8le%.

This girl was 8ille% in the (ost )r.‖ AI #an . an% get . ThatCs not altogether .n%erstan% that.ring the in$estigation.‖ AChrist Al(ight&.lte% in !e%esta%' ra:e%' an% (. Then he s(ile% when he realise% that lo(8$ist was loo8ing =or so(e sort o= #onne#tion. 7hene$er there was a :erio% o= #al( a(ong the lo#al hooligans he wo. In his =ree ti(e an% when he was on holi%a&.st ha$e en%.n#o((on.t.r%ere%.#8 her hea% into the s(o. Poor Torstensson was the =irst %ete#ti$e on the s#ene a=ter she was =o.n%.rning to that #ase.t what IC( tal8ing a)o.l%ering e()ers o= a =ire:la#e. The Re)e#8a #ase was so(ething that ha::ene% )e=ore !arriet Vanger was e$en )orn' an% the stat.n%er &o. So(eti(e in the =orties a wo(an was assa.t are those #ases that sta& with &o.t those =ol%ers an% st. The 8iller tie% her .tal wa&.heCs )een %ea% =or &ears?who &ear a=ter &ear 8e:t ret.r:rise%.l o= a :oli#e(an. It was so sa%isti#.‖ AE@a#tl&. ANo' thatCs not wh& I (entione% it.: an% st.l% ta8e o.ess how long it too8 =or the :oor girl to %ie' or what tor(ent she (.‖ .gh e@:erts were #alle% in =ro( Sto#8hol(. IC( tal8ing a)o.t a (issing girlB‖ Morell loo8e% s.%& the(.r s8in %.n o.t the so.te o= li(itations has long sin#e r. One #an onl& An% the (.‖ A7as that also a #ase a)o. !e #o.nsol$e%' e$en tho. E$er& o==i#er' at so(e :oint in his #areer' has to in$estigate that 8in% o= #ri(e' ).l% ne$er let go o= that #ase.r%er re(aine% .

t sooner or later?a=ter wee8s or (onths?the& go )a#8 to their e$er&%a& li$es.t #. Ale@an%er share% the ho. The thir% =a(il& (e()er was !aral% Vanger. !aral%Cs ho. Vanger tol% lo(8$ist that Ale@an%er was :resentl& in the 7est In%ies' where he ga$e hi(sel= o$er to his =a$o. Ale@an%er Vanger' son o= Greger' )orn in "6/0' li$e% in a reno$ate% woo%en ho. Ale@an%er ha% )een twent& an% he ha% )een there on that %a&. In this instan#e we %onCt e$en 8now how she %ie%. Li=e has to go onH it %oes go on. For the #losest =a(il& it ta8es longer' ).ring his =irst (onth lo(8$ist ha% not (anage% e$en a gli(:se o= hi(. .t =or the (ost :art' to so(e %egree' the& too get o$er their grie$ing an% %es:air.r%er was #o((itte%. with his (other' Ger%a' eight& &ears ol% an% wi%ow o= Greger Vanger.nsol$e% (.rtains . lo(8$ist ha% ne$er seen herH she was (ostl& )e%ri%%en.‖ Three other :eo:le in the Vanger =a(il& li$e% on !e%e)& Islan%. A eing a ho(i#i%e %ete#ti$e #an )e the loneliest >o) in the worl%.AM& Re)e#8a #ase was !arriet.:set an% in %es:air' ). The =rien%s o= the $i#ti( are . 7e #anCt e$en :ro$e that a (.se% to thin8 =or a (o(ent.t I ha$e ne$er )een a)le to let it go. .rite :asti(es9 sailing an% whiling awa& the ti(e' not %oing a s#ra: o= wor8.t the $i#ti(9 itCs the o==i#er whoCs le=t with the in$' the one #losest to lo(8$istCs #a)in' loo8e% gloo(& an% o( the .‖ !e :a.r%ers 8ee: gnawing awa& an% in the en% thereCs onl& one :erson le=t who thin8s night an% %a& a)o.s with its )la#8o.

se at a startling :a#e' &elling an% the snow%ri=ts .: an%' shi$ering' went to )e%.n%ings =ro( )ehin% the #. lo(8$ist so(eti(es tho.s.rt&ar%' >.se the gate was too narrow =or the tra#tor.: to his %oor.:stairs. In the (orning the #.t !aral% %i% not want an&one to set =oot on his :ro:ert&. .rtains were )a#8 in :la#e. !aral% was $isite% on#e a %a& )& the ho(e<hel: ser$i#e D. Onl& on#e' %. She wo.t o= his ho. !aral% see(e% to )e an in$isi)le ).: there to #lear the snow =ro( the #o. !aral% ha% #o(e o. !e ha% o==ere% to %o the sho$elling' he sai%' ). A snow sho$el an% (an.t !aral%.ntil Nilsson went awa&.%ging thro.l% )ring )ags o= gro#eries' tr.t to go to )e% late' he noti#e% a gli((er o= light #o(ing =ro( a roo( .( who s:ie% on his s.all& an el%erl& wo(anE =ro( the other si%e o= the )ri%ge.%rawn a#ross all the win%ows. There was a ga: in the to #lear lo(8$istCs &ar% )e#a.rro.ring the =irst winter a=ter !aral% ha% ret.rne% to !e%e)& Islan%' %i% Nilsson %ri$e the tra#tor . Nilsson shoo8 his hea% when lo(8$ist as8e% a)o.rtains an% %e$ote% hi(sel= to no< one<8new<what (atters in his )arri#a%e% #a$ern. In lo(8$istCs i(agination' !aral% in#reasingl& too8 on the =or( o= an e$il Goll.r were still the onl& wa& to %o it.ght he saw a ri::le in the la)o.lating .st as he %i% =or all the other %ri$ewa&s.rtains as he :asse%' an% on#e when he was a)o.natel&' Nilsson was .tes he stoo% in the %ar8 at his own 8it#hen win%ow an% wat#he% the light )e=ore he got =e% . Un=ort.t e$er<:resent s:irit who a==e#te% li=e in the $illage )& his a)sen#e.rtains. For (ore than twent& (in.

#h enth.n%' a (ini(.i#8l& as :ossi)le.t to )e easier than he ha% e@:e#te%.rit& :rison.(<se#.n%s o= all the ho.s to ta8e #are o= the (atter as lo(8$ist as8e% his law&er to =in% o. !e was an@io.: a theor& that Vanger wo.t when he was going to )e e@:e#te% to ser$e his three (onths in :rison. So(eti(es the& wo.l% then shoot %own.llR8er Prison o.l% sit together =or ho. Getting into :rison t. A=ter a $er& =ew wee8s o= %is#. lo(8$ist trie% to (aintain a #ertain %istan#e =ro( his assign(ent' ). !e sat at the 8it#hen ta)le an% :ette% the #at' who now arri$e% e$er& =ew %a&s to s:en% the night with lo(8$ist.rne% o.ssion' it was %e#ree% that lo(8$ist :resent hi(sel= on Mar#h "2 at the R.tting .t (. Fro( the Nilssons he ha% learne% that the #atCs na(e was T>or$en.t there were (o(ents when he =o.lar' it >.n% hi(sel= ho:elessl& =as#inate% )& the enig(a o= the girlCs %isa::earan#e. It %i% not )elong to an&one in (a%e the ro.In the (i%%le o= 3an. The #on$ersation o=ten #onsiste% o= lo(8$ist :.sias(. lo(8$ist (et his e(:lo&er al(ost e$er& a=ternoon.l% $er& li8el& )e shortene%. The law&er a%$ise% hi( that the senten#e wo.tsi%e Ksters. AFine'‖ lo(8$ist sai%' witho. .ses.l% ha$e a )rie= #on$ersationH so(eti(es the& wo.

t 7ennerstrG( an% his own sit.: the tele:hone an% #alle% Sto#8hol(. sho. A!i' Ri#8&.: the )attle with 7ennerstrG(' ).n% hi(. reall& inten%ing to sta& . At e$er& ti(e he tho.tation ha% i(:lo%e%' an% his (eans o= re#o$ering was to hi%e hi(sel= awa& in a tin& town in the %ee: #o. Yo.rsel=.l% not at =irst re:l&.l% tr& it &o.)si%e. It ha% ta8en al(ost that whole (onth =or ergerCs' the ol% (an (a%e a %e#ision that s.ght hi( to the %o#8 in the %istri#t #o.ntr&' #hasing ghosts.lo(8$ist ha% ass.r:rise that lo(8$ist #o.l% tell that lo(8$ist was on so(e %a&s a )it o== )alan#e.: thereB‖ she )egan.t li$ing in the )a#8 o= )e&on%B‖ . & the en% o= 3an.rt.ght a)o. The #on$ersation laste% twent& (in. !is :ro=essional re:. On the #ontrar&' he ha% %eli)eratel& :. The #all was s.she% the (atter asi%e )e#a. AAre &' she #alle% hi(. !e :i#8e% .l% IB 7hat is so #har(ing a)o. !e won%ere% whether he was going #raL& li8e the ol% (an.ation' he wo. Then he s(ile% an% wra::e% the )lan8et tighter aro.tes an% %ealt largel& with Mi8ael lo(8$ist.r& to s.‖ A7h& wo. Vanger #o.r:rise% e$en hi( erger that he wo.l% also =or(.#h a s.t a=ter a (onth in !e%esta% he ha% not &et o:ene% the =iles whi#h ha% )ro.l% sin8 into %e:ression an% listlessness.late a strateg& =or ta8ing .+ in the e$ening' on one o= the last %a&s in 3an.

(n.n%.rt. Yo.AI >.r reg. No<one wants to #o(e right o.rsel= to )la(e. A (anCs gotta %o what a (anCs gotta %o' an% all that #ra:.t.r (essages.()ers' an% i= we %onCt ro:e in so(e new a%$ertisers' weCll )e ).st )r. IC( sorr& I was s.‖ AMi#8eIIC$e r.t itCs #ol% as hell %own here in Sto#8hol( too.‖ A7eC$e lost two<thir%s o= o.rn aro.‖ ALetCs hear the worst. ha$e onl& &o.‖ AThings will t. ItCs as si(:le as that.B‖ .‖ She la. So(e%a& weCll %o a goo% stor& on the(.st )& the a.#h a )it#h an% %i%nCt answer &o.‖ AEri8a' IC(I‖ AI 8now.(: shi:.: there in La:lan%er hell. %onCt ha$e to sa& an&thing.ghe% wearil& on the other en% o= the line. Ma8e a list o= the ones that >. AThatCs not so(ething &o. #an sa&' nestling . .t an% sa& it' ).‖ AYo. Can we start againB Do I %are #o(e .n the n.lar a%$ertisers.tI‖ AI 8now.she% (& teeth with i#e water. It (a8es (& =illings h.: there to see &o.

r#h' an% )oth Jons. There was not (.r own La::s' %og tea(s an% all the gear. #o(ingB‖ AFri%a& e$ening' OJB‖ A:art =ro( the narrow sho$elle% :ath to the %oor' there was a)o.‖ ADo I nee% to )ring along a ri=le with wol=<shotB‖ ANot at all.rrie% ho( o= Re8or%(agasinet =ro( the =i=ties that were still there' an% getting engrosse% in his =iles in the o==i#e. So the& h.n% 09++. That was no :ro)le(H the& ha% roo( in the to as8 whether erger #o.( an% S.#h longer.t three =eet o= snow #o$ering the :ro:ert&.tlets with :otatoes in #rea( sa.#h to see in the %ar8ness e@#e:t =or the ill.n% in his ho. erger %ro$e thro.gge% ea#h other =or (.se' (a8ing re(ar8s a)o. li8e.)le garage' an% the& e$en ha% engine heaters. 7eCll ha$e o. 7hen are &o.(inate% #h.l% :ar8 her M7 there.:. lo(8$ist trie% to ta8e .sanneCs ri%ge Ca=M were #losing . The& stare% at ea#h other waril& =or se$eral se#on%s an% then h. lo(8$ist #oo8e% %inner while erger :o8e% aro.#e an% %ran8 re% wine. The& ha% la() #.: the threa% o= .A7hene$er &o.t the the a=ternoon an% arri$e% aro. lo(8$ist ga$e the sho$el a long' #riti#al loo8 an% then went o$er to NilssonCs ho.

It t.r(an s(elle% =aintl& o= %rin8.ssing with an&one. Instea% the& tal8e% =or two ho.l%' too8 her to the #ine(a' an% so(eti(es share% her )e%.rless answers o= the sort she ass.r(an was res#he%.: as .their earlier #on$ersation' ).se% to answer his the %o#.s‖ was =i#tionH she (a%e hi( .s (eetings' Salan%er was greete% )& a (i%%le<age% wo(an who s(elle% o= (.t her se@ li=e?whi#h she ha% no intention o= %is#.: there an% how he an% Vanger were getting on.l% =it with her :s&#hologi#al :ro=ile.ter :rogra((er her own age who treate% her li8e a gentle(an sho.s8 an% wor8e% as his se#retar&. At =irst she re=. At the :re$io. This ti(e he as8e% Salan%er a) Millenni.rne% o.:' so she starte% gi$ing hi( )rie=' to hol% )oth o= the(.t erger was in no (oo% to %is#.(ents on his %es8 . Later the& went to see i= the )e% was )ig eno. !e wa$e% Salan%er to a $isitorCs #hair an% lea=e% %istra#te%l& thro. A=ter the (eeting she 8new that she ha% han%le% it )a%l&.ntil he see(e% s.t what lo(8$ist was %oing .%%enl& to )e#o(e aware o= her :resen#e.le%' an% =inall& set =or 19++ on that sa(e Fri%a& a=ternoon. She (entione% AMagn. This ti(e she ha% le=t =or the %a&' an% >. !is inter:retation o= this was that she was sh&' retar%e%' or ha% so(ething to hi%e' an% he :resse% her =or answers. !er thir% (eeting with A%$o8at Nils >.s‖?who' a##or%ing to her %es#ri:tion' was a ner%& #o(:.(. Salan%er realise% that he was not going to gi$e .rs a)o. AMagn.(e% wo.t to )e another interrogation.

t he ha% ne$er ta8en a wal8 inlan%H .nt as a :rete@t =or (eti#.larl& ni#e to )e =.r along the roa% to KstergRr%en. C!APTER "" Sat.all& on (& )a#8. Do &o. or hi(B I %o.estions. Pal(gren wo.she went along' ).r%a&' Fe)r. . 7ho ta8es the initiati$e?& an&thing.r =a$o. She le=t his o==i#e with a =eeling o= %isg. She ha% 8e:t her e&es on the =loor so the& "5 D.rse?she 8new a) (a::ing' Fe)r.siness is it o= &o.r(an too8 her a##o.l% not )etra& her #on%o(sB O= #o. ha$e se@B O##asionall&.t her se@ li=e.l% ne$er ha$e %rea(e% o= as8ing s. Not that she %i%.t !IV.ring the )rie= ho.rite :ositionB !((' . 7hatCs & "-T. e$er ha% anal se@B ANo' itCs not :arti#.t what the hell ).lo. >. 7hen she loo8e% at hi( again' he was grinning at her =ro( a#ross the %es8. en>o& oral se@B Er' wait a se#on%I!a$e &o.r(an was on his wa& to )eing a Ma>or Pro)le(.#h Do &o.r%a&' lo(8$ist an% erger too8 a wal8 :ast the s(all<)oat har)o.rsB‖ That was the onl& ti(e she lost her te(:er.t >. !e ha% )een li$ing on !e%e)& Islan% =or a (onth' ). !ow o=ten %o &o. On the other han%' he ha% alwa&s )een there i= she ha% wante% to %is#.#8e% in the arse?).rs o= %a&light on Sat.s.

l% see a white woo%en str.rne% to hea% )a#8 the sa(e wa&.re an% re% =ar( ).((er<#a)in area the& were wal8ing in %ense =ir =orest. As soon as the& le=t the s. The roa% was line% with snow' :lo. The& #o.nn& an% :leasant.#h higher an% (ore ina##essi)le SG%er)erget' the hill a#ross =ro( the #a)ins' was than it a::eare% =ro( the $illage.ght with her a hint o= s:ring. li8e to (eet a #or:orate legen%B‖ lo(8$ist sai%. The& t.t then he :. (.the =reeLing te(:erat.r #o(ing to !e%e)&.il%ings arrange% in a s4.res an% reg.‖ Vanger re#ei$e% the( at the %oor to his o==i#e.r:rise% )& how (.st ha$e :la&e% here as a #hil%' ). !e tho. As the& :asse% the %ri$ewa& to the estate ho. A7o.:stairs win%ow an% gest.r%a& was s.t Sat.ght a)o.are.t o= his (in%.t a (ile the woo%s en%e% at a =en#e where the KstergRr%en =ar(lan% )egan.r%a&s. lo(8$ist was s.l% &o.ghe% three =eet high. A=ter a)o. lo(8$ist an% erger loo8e% at ea#h other..‖ .se' Vanger 8no#8e% on the . AMi8ael %i%nCt sa& a wor% a)o.t how (an& ti(es !arriet Vanger (.‖ he sai%.#t.she% all tho. It was as i= erger ha% )ro.lar snowstor(s ha% %eterre% hi(.re% =ir(l& =or the( to #o(e .t & )e FrG8en erger' I re#ognise &o. AYo. ADoes he )iteB‖ ANot on Sat.ghts o= her o. .:.

t (ight also ha$e a::lie% to se@.ring her :.rnalist ).nli8el& in%i$i%.lte%' ).rn on the #har( =or =i$e<&ear<ol% )o&s' who within ten (in.One o= ergerCs o. !e ha% ne$er re(arrie%. erger starte% o== lo(8$ist so(e goo%.tes erger an% !enri8 Vanger were ignoring lo(8$ist as the& #hattere% on. An% in that #ase' Vanger sai%' a :erio% o= r.ll& :re:are% to a)an%on their (others. The ol% (an re:lie% that as =ar as he #o.sse% lo(8$istCs short#o(ings in the (ost irritating ter(s. For =i$e (in.ral an% rela@e%. lo(8$ist ha% seen her t. It was as i= the& ha% 8nown ea#h other sin#e #hil%hoo%?well' sin#e Eri8aCs #hil%hoo%' at an& rate.%e to his =ailings as a >o.ite )ol%l& )& s#ol%ing Vanger =or l. lo(8$ist was astonishe%.l% %o &o.tes the& %is#. A=ter two (in.t he =rowne% when erger (a%e so(e #r&:ti# re(ar8s that (ight all.ite a #har(ing' attra#ti$e la%iesC (an.nger?or e$en thirt& &ears?(.r& he ha% re(aine% a )a#helor. An% ha% she not %one so' then now (ight )e high ti(e to get ri% o= e@#ess )allast in the e%itorial o==i#es. !e #o.sti# li=e :rowess. .tstan%ing talents was her a)ilit& to instantl& get on =rien%l& ter(s with the (ost .l% tell?=ro( assorte% :ress re:orts?she ha% in =a#t =ire% hi(. lo(8$ist leane% )a#8 an% :reten%e% to )e ins.tes were =. There ( ha$e )een wo(en who #rosse% his :ath' &et =or nearl& hal= a #ent.)lisher awa& into the ha$e )een 4.als. !e ha% ne$er seen Vanger so nat. Vanger tilte% his hea% )a#8 an% roare% with la.l% s. Men o$er eight& see(e% not to )e an e@#e:tion.%%enl& see that Vanger' =i=t& &ears &o.

lo(8$ist #a.r (agaLine' >.tion' o==i#esIYo.%%enl& t.n o= *"'+++' (an.r internal o:erations' ).lties.Cre ha$ing :ro)le(s at the (agaLine. On those o##asions when .)t it'‖ Vanger sai%.‖ ASoB‖ ASo =rien% 7ennerstrG( is a $enge=.t "+ (illion.l% ha$e to )e %ea= an% )lin% not to see that & o= a)o.rne% serio. nee% re$en.sse% &o.‖ AIC( #on=i%ent that we #an re:air the sit. AI %o. ha$eB Si@B A (onthl& (agaLine with a :rint li8e the Vanger Cor:oration' is in %i==i#.: his ears again when he realise% that the #on$ersation ha% s. I thin8 we 8now what :er#entage o= that a(o.t a :erson wo.‖ erger glan#e% at lo(8$ist.l an% narrow<(in%e% )astar% who isnCt going to =orget his re#ent #ontrete(:s in a h. ANo' he hasnCt %is#. !ow (an& a%$ertisers ha$e &o.rr&. A7h& is thatB‖ ALetCs see?how (an& e(:lo&ees %o &o.=a#t.e.ation'‖ erger sai%.ring #osts' salaries' %istri).ght hi(sel= hol%ing his )reath. AMi8ael has tol% (e that &o. lost in the :ast si@ (onthsB‖ erger regar%e% Vanger with a war& e@:ression.(.s an% ha% to %o with Millenni.lo(8$ist too8 a si: o= #o==ee an% :ri#8e% .nt has to #o(e =ro( a%$ertising re$en.

ghe% again' r.ation in relation to lo(8$istCs a)ilit& to =inish his wor8 in !e%esta%.ishe%' international =a(il& tree.C$e %one & o= Millenni.t o= the win%ow. 8now that I was on#e in the news:a:er ). 7e %onCt ha$e #a:ital to 8ee: o. The #h.#he% on the =.rsel$es a=loat longer than that.: at on#e.t Vanger was now a%%ressing Eri8a alone' one )oss to another. ADi% &o.l% not inter:ret' whi#h (ight ha$e ha% to %o with the =a#t that he was )asi#all& a :oor wor8ing<#lass )o& =ro( Norrlan% an% she was an .ll&.sinessB‖ he sai%' on#e (ore a%%ressing the( )oth.s to ha$e a .e=. Signals :asse% )etween the( that lo(8$ist #o.‖ A!ow longB‖ A7eC$e got si@ (onths to t.he an% the ol% (an ha% to.t. 7eCre )lee%ing.r ho(ewor8.r#h was still stan%ing her a #.::er<#lass girl with a %isting.l% I ha$e a little (ore #o==eeB‖ erger as8e%. A7e owne% si@ %ail& news:a:ers in Norrlan%.rn o.‖ The ol% (anCs e@:ression was ins#r.ght it (ight )e :oliti#all& a%$antageo. It was (& =atherCs i%ea?he tho. Vanger :o. lo(8$ist an% erger )oth shoo8 their hea%s.(' it ha% alwa&s #on#erne% anno&ing re(ar8s or the (agaLineCs sit. .n%. ACo. Vanger la. That was )a#8 in the =i=ties an% si@ties. Eight (onths' (a@.rsel$es aro. AOJ' &o.ta)le as he stare% o.

ag(ire.all& still one o= the owners o= the !e%esta% Co.%get' it was one o= the =irst assets that we sol%.: o= owners.#t.t this' an% i= &o.n a :. AAn% also a lo#al :oliti#ian'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. P. .t I 8now what it ta8es to r. ACor:orate restr. en%e% .)li#ationIMa& I as8 &o. irger is the #hair(an o= the )oar% =or the gro. lo(8$ist %i% not. ha$e a stor& or %i%nCt &o. 7eCre a#t. !aral%Cs son'‖ he a%%e%' =or lo(8$istCs )ene=it. IC% li8e to 8now how &o. !e 8ee:s irger in line.rier.‖ Vanger no%%e%' as i= he .ta)le.t it was a $er& %i==erent stor&. AI ha$enCt as8e% Mi8ael a)o.estionB‖ This was %ire#te% at Eri8a. .ring in the o= the (e%ia )ehin% .B‖ Now it was lo(8$istCs t.: in this 4.rn to loo8 ins#r. let go o= the news:a:ers &o. 7hen we nee%e% to tighten the ). %onCt want to answer' &o.s.‖ A7h& %i% &o. %onCt ha$e to.n%erstoo% :re#isel& what erger was sa&ing. Di% &o. a :ersonal 4. AMartin is on the )oar% too. . owne%B‖ lo(8$ist as8e%. erger hesitate% onl& a se#on% )e=ore she sai%9 A7e ha% a stor&.)lishing news:a:ers was in so(e wa&s (ore a ho))& than an interest.

sta&ing in !e%esta%B‖ AIC( going ho(e to(orrow.)lisher in the :ast' an% I #an )e one again. I #anCt re#all a si(ilar stor& e@#e:t :erha:s the L.‖ VangerCs $oi#e was s.ngsters ha$e e$er hear% o= it.n%ahl a==air in E@:ressen in the si@ties' i= &o. 7hat wo. #onsi%er?&o.#h a (ine=iel%. . 7as &o.%%enl& shar:.r#e also a (&tho(ania#B‖ !e shoo8 his hea% an% t.itB‖ .r#es =or e$er& last thing &o.t the %is#.l% wal8 into s.r#es I nee%e%. wroteB‖ AI %i%.n%erstan% how the hell &o.‖ AYo.ietl&' AIC$e )een a news:a:er :. &o.AI %onCt want to %is#.t erger %i% not see( the least )it s.(o.r so.t o= the )l. an% Mi8ael' o= #o.ring an ol% (an )& >oining (e =or %inner tonightB 7o. ha% so. ATell (e (ore'‖ she sai%.l% &o. Vanger sai%9 A!ow long are &o.t then it all went to hell.estion #a(e li8e a )olt o.‖ A7o. I ha% all the so. sa& to ta8ing on another :artnerB‖ The 4. AI %i% the resear#h an% wrote the arti#le.‖ lo(8$ist #.rse? the (atter.l% 29++ s.l% &o.ssion short.r:rise%. #o.e' ). AI wonCt :reten% to .rne% to erger an% sai% 4.

want to )e a :artner in Millenni. No<one is #o(:letel& when erger :.ght har% so that we #o. .‖ ANonsense.t IC( not o.t to o:en his (o.)lishing Mo%ern Ti(es' so wh& #anCt I )a#8 Millenni.l% &o.t' a:ro:os this to:i#?‖ !e t.t to ta8e o$er the (agaLine' an% I %onCt gi$e a %a(n a)o.estion I as8e%.t in all si(:li#it& I #an sa& that I ha$e (one& to in$est.t her han% on his 8nee.AThat wo. That )astar% Sten)e#8 got all sorts o= :oints =or :. I >.ss it o$er %inner.estion.rne% to erger again. AMi8ael an% I ha$e =o.(B 7hi#h ha::ens to )e an e@#ellent (agaLine' )& the wa&. I= not?well' IC$e ha% signi=i#antl& )igger losses in (& %a&.it . I= the (agaLine s.t ahea%. 7h& wo.t &o. Vanger s(ile%.l% %is#.s.ght we #o. . I ha$e to tal8 with (& law&er )e=ore I #an tho. There are things I regret not %oing an% :eo:le I regret not =ighting (ore.t the #ontents.s =ine.t together a #on#rete o==er.(B‖ AIC( not a$oi%ing the 4.l% s.‖ ALetCs hear it'‖ erger sai%. 7eC% lo$e it.Cre not answering the 4. .l% )e #o(:letel& in%e:en%ent. .l% ha$e at least one #on%ition. .‖ ADoes this ha$e an&thing to %o with 7ennerstrG(B‖ lo(8$ist sai%.r$i$es an% starts (a8ing a :ro=it again' then ICll #o(e o.‖ lo(8$ist was a)o. AMi8ael' IC( eight& &ears :l. AThis t&:e o= in$est(ent wo.

ARi#8&' &o. that will #onsi%er ta8ing s:a#e.t.‖ lo(8$ist :lante% hi(sel= in =ront o= her.)lisher.all& #.t &es'‖ Vanger sai%' e4. 7ennerstrG( isnCt o(ni:otent.rning as :.(e his :osition as :.‖ lo(8$ist was enrage%.#h a sweetie. #all a%$an#e :ro)es =or a ).9++' an% I want to )e :ro:erl& entertaine% )e=ore %inner.t he ha% ne$er (anage% to )e enrage% at Eri8a erger =or $er& long. AI thin8 itCs what &o.lling o.)lisher. %i%nCt tell (e that !enri8 Vanger is the #learest signal we #o.‖ A7hat the hell was that all a)o.lle% the =ront %oor sh. An% that alone will gi$e the a%$ertisers who are thin8ing o= :.(' an% at the sa(e ti(e &o. !e has ene(ies too' an% there are #o(:anies new to &o.t. AYo.t a :ress release sa&ing that the Vanger Cor:oration is )a#8ing res.Cre ret. . . A . A7ennerstrG( will ha$e a stro8e i= we sen% o.l% sen%?e$er&one will .rt.tB‖ lo(8$ist sai% as soon as erger :.t reason to re#onsi%er.‖ ANo'‖ lo(8$ist sna::e%. 8new e@a#tl& what this #on$ersation was going to )e a)o.n%erstan% that itCs not a ta8eo$er an% that the e%itorial :oli#ies wonCt #hange.AMi8ael lo(8$ist (. ThatCs a)sol. ItCs onl& .‖ A!e&' to& )o&.siness %eal'‖ she sai%.

gho. wear'‖ he )e=ore the& ha% the o. erger was in high s:irits thro.t the %inner.s tone.s :osition on the . AThe a%$antage o= )eing o$er eight& is that no<one #an #riti#ise what &o.(:s' whi#h she >. !e wore a )ow tie an% a )rown #ar%igan.l% set .l% #o(e =ro( VangerCs :ersonal assets. E$er&one was wearing a >a#8et an% tie e@#e:t =or Vanger. In ret.l% #o$er the ga: )etween in#o(e an% e@:enses =or Millenni. It was not .t that Dir#h Fro%e an% Martin Vanger were also a(ong the g.(.l% ha$e a #ons:i#.( o= (one& that wo.ntil the& (o$e% to the %rawing roo( with the =ire:la#e an% #ogna# was :o.She wore a )la#8 %ress' a waist<length >a#8et' an% ha::ene% to ha$e ) that the %is#. 7hen the& 8no#8e% :.l% #onsist o= !enri8 an% Martin Vanger an% Fro%e.all& on the %oor o= VangerCs ho(e' it t.o.ests.n#t. The (one& wo. !e :.rne% o. O$er a =o.sers' a gre& shirt' %ar8 tie' an% gre& s:orts #oat.t on his )la#8 tro. The& tal8e% =or al(ost two ho.tline =or a %eal on the ta)le.l% in$est a s.: a #o(:an& to )e wholl& owne% )& !enri8 VangerH the )oar% wo.rn' Vanger wo. Fro%e too8 on a serio. She insiste% that lo(8$ist wear a >a#8et an% tie.r<&ear :erio%' this #o(:an& wo.ght along in her little s.

thless.l% )e :resente% on the sa(e %a& that lo(8$ist )egan his :rison senten#e in (i%<Mar#h.)lisher =.( he ha% in$este%.ll<ti(e at the en% o= the &ear.l% )e $ali% =or =o.l% onl& )e )o.ght o. . I= Martin wishe% to #ontin.t to )e ha.l% not ).#h a #l.ttering o$er Millenni.ties as :.ring whi#h the agree(ent was $ali%.t it #o. Vanger (a%e a :oint o= leaning towar%s lo(8$ist' an% in a low $oi#e tol% hi( that this new arrange(ent ha% no e==e#t whatsoe$er on the agree(ent that e@iste% )etween the(.l% (a8e that %e#ision hi(sel= when the ti(e #a(e.r &ears' ). It was also %e#i%e% that the reorganisation' in or%er to ha$e the greatest i(:a#t in the (e%ia' sho. The agree(ent wo.( )oar% =or the re(ain%er o= the :erio% %. lo(8$ist #o.(Cs e%itorial o==i#es was a)o. .t )& re:a&(ent o= the s.(s& error that it #o.le% %ownH the (agaLine ha% )a#8ers who were willing to )e r.l% )e ter(inate% )& Millenni.t astonish lo(8$istCs %etra#tors an% garner o:ti(.e his in$ol$e(ent )e&on% this :erio%' he #o.l% ter(ination wo.( attention =or !enri8 VangerCs new role. Martin re=ille% their glasses.( a=ter two &ears.t e$er&one also saw the logi# in it?it was a wa& o= in%i#ating that the &ellow :lag.l% re:la#e hi( on the Millenni.l% )e #ostl&' sin#e Vanger #o. !e see(e% a(. The Vanger . In the e$ent o= VangerCs %eath' Martin Vanger )& the :ros:e#t o= getting e$en with 7ennerstrG(' an% lo(8$ist won%ere% again what the origin was o= the ani(osit& )etween those two.(e his %.t this t&:e o= :re(at.e =lag =l. Co()ining a strongl& negati$e e$ent with a reorganisation was' in PR ter(s' s.(agaLineCs )oar%.

l% go on the o==en#e i= the nee% arose. resigne% as :.‖ A7h& %i%nCt &o. AIs Christer in agree(entB‖ AO= #o. an% !enri8 Vanger )een %is#. A!ow long ha$e &o.t it was still a :ro(inent in%. le=t the e%itorial sta== an% the )oar%' an% &o. went to li$e in the woo%s. %o. tell (eB‖ A7h& in the worl% sho.ght. The whole #on$ersation was a %is#.‖ AOh &es'‖ she sai%.t a wee8'‖ she sai%' s(iling. reall& ha$e )een (a% at (e.B Yo.ssing this arrange(entB‖ AA) it with &o.Cor:oration (ight )e in a #risis' ). ADe#i%e%l& &o.‖ ASo I %eser$e to )e treate% li8e an i%iot. No<one as8e% lo(8$ist what he tho.strial =ir( whi#h #o.l% I %is#.‖ . Late that night lo(8$ist la& with his hea% resting on Eri8aCs )reasts' loo8ing into her e&es.ssion )etween erger' on one si%e' an% !enri8 an% Martin Vanger on the other.‖ AYo.)lisher' &o.

:set with &o. !e rea% .s' so a)an%one%' an% so )etra&e% as when &o. !e (a%e #o==ee' too8 o. & the ti(e erger le=t !e%e)& on S. !e en%e% his o. There were a n.AMi8ael' IC$e ne$er =elt so =.(ents.n%a&' lo(8$ist was still so anno&e% with Vanger that he %i% not want to ris8 the %o#. Instea%' on Mon%a& he too8 the ).nli8e h.s into !e%esta% an% s:ent the a=ternoon wal8ing in the town' $isiting the li)rar&' an% %rin8ing #o==ee in a )a8er&. In so(e wa&s this #hange #o.()er o= 4. )e=ore.tionar& %is#o$eries that he (a%e all on his ownH the& were :ro)le(s that ha% :reo##.‖ She too8 a =ir( gri: on his hair an% then sho$e% hi( =arther %own in the )e%. IC$e ne$er )een this .ght the last ).ght that or#s' .ting at M#Donal%Cs in !e%esta% an% #a.(an )eings' were si(:le an% .l% )e e@:laine% as the #hange that . !e tho.ring the last &ear o= her li=e' !arriet ha% #hange%. D.t a )in%er' an% sat at the 8it#hen ta)le.:ie% Ins:e#tor Morell =or long :erio%s' es:e#iall& in his =ree ti(e. In the e$ening he went to the #ine(a to see The Lor% o= the Rings' whi#h he ha% ne$er )e=ore ha% ti(e to see.rther lo(8$ist went thro. The& were not re$ol.s to !e%e)&.n#o(:li#ate% #reat.nning into either hi( or an& other (e()er o= his #lan. le=t.ntil /9++ in the (orning.estions regar%ing the in$estigation that see(e% in#reasingl& o%% the =.res.

.:.rne% to !e%e)& Islan%Cs :astor' Otto Fal8' who was a =rien% o= the Vanger =a(il&.r#h. Instea%' %.n% her.n to %istan#e hersel= =ro( e$er&one aro.ght o. This wor% was . Class(ates' tea#hers' an% se$eral (e()ers o= the =a(il&' howe$er' all testi=ie% that she ha% t.s in=at.t a Pente#ostal #ongregation in !e%esta%.n%a& s#hool' sa&ing e$ening :ra&ers' an% )e#o(ing #on=ir($e.ation o= a teenagerB Perha:s' ).n#o((.s' an% it was %i==i#.t now she )eha$e% in an Ai(:ersonal‖ (anner' as one o= her =rien%s %es#ri)e% it.l%' o= .i%e% her. !arriet Vanger ha% )een a Christian' in a #hil%Cs sense o= the wor% ?atten%ing S.s. The e@:lanation he got was that !arriet ha% sto::e% tal8ing a)o. In her last &ear she see(e% to ha$e )e#o(e &et (ore religio.t she ha% not =or Morell to ha$e (a%e a note o= it an% then as8 (ore 4. One e@:lanation =or her interest in Go% in one =or( or another %.t hersel=' sto::e% gossi:ing' an% sto::e% #on=i%ing in her =rien%s.estions. The girl who' two &ears earlier' was a li$el& teenager ha% )eg. !arriet was growing .s. She rea% the i)le an% went reg.r#h %i% not last long.t no<one else in the Vanger =a(il& ha% e$er )een noti#ea)l& religio.larl& to #h.t the Catholi# =aith.e$er&one goes thro.ring the s:ring she ha% so.rne% in on hersel= an% )e#o(e . In s#hool she still s:ent ti(e with her =rien%s' ). The religio.lses (a& ha$e g.n.ring their teenage & to %is#ern what i(:. Yet her in$ol$e(ent in the Pente#ostal eno. A=ter onl& two (onths she le=t the #ongregation an% instea% )egan rea%ing )oo8s a)o.

.t lo(8$ist %i% (a8e a note o= a %is#re:an#& in the re:ort9 the in=or(ation a)o. For se$eral wee8s the two o= the( ha% also sta&e% at Gott=rie%Cs #a)in on the $er& ti: o= the islan%.n8 on a )ottle o= wine the& stole =ro( the Anita ha% no soli% in=or(ation to o==er.t !arrietCs :ri$ate tho. Morell #a(e to the #on#l. On#e the& ha% got ha::il& %r. The& ha% h.)ling her or a==e#ting her. The =irst .((er' swi((ing' ta8ing wal8s' tal8ing a)o.estions a)o.ght o= her as )eing intro$erte% at all. .ng o.l )o.rse' ha$e )een that her =ather ha% %rowne% the :re$io. A (ore #on#rete 4.ti=. The 4.s &ear.n#o((. !arriet ha% so(eti(es gone with Anita when she too8 %ri$ing lessons. So(e (eas.ghter o= !aral%.ght to )e #lose =rien%s.r:rising :age in !arrietCs %ate )oo8' a )ea.t her .n% )oo8 she ha% )een gi$en as a Christ(as :resent the &ear )e=ore she %isa::eare%.nanswere%.sion that so(ething ha% ha::ene% in !arrietCs li=e that was tro. !e (a%e a note to %is#.#o.((er o= "600 on !e%e)& Islan% an% the& were o= ho:e was :inne% on Anita Vanger' two &ears ol%er than !arriet an% the %a.t (o$ies' :o: )an%s' an% )oo8s.#h (ore attention' was a s.estion' to whi#h Morell ha% %e$ote% (. Morell' li8e Vanger' ha% %e$ote% a great %eal o= ti(e to tal8ing to !arrietCs =rien%s' tr&ing to =in% so(eone in who( she (ight ha$e #on=i%e%.ghts an% =eelings re(aine% .t together that this (atter with Vanger at so(e :oint. Anita Vanger ha% not tho. She ha% s:ent the$e =ra(e o= (in% #a(e #hie=l& =ro( her #lass(ates' an% to a #ertain e@tent =ro( the =a(il&.

()ers.?.se% the %iar& onl& s:ora%i#all&.L. A=ter that she wrote nothing :ersonal . She )egan a()itio.t :eo:le she ha% (et o$er the Christ(as holi%a&s an% se$eral a)o.t =il(s she ha% seen. The %ate )oo8 also ha% a large se#tion =or a %iar&' ).ar& with (an& )rie= entries a)o.ntil the en% o= the s#hool &ear when she a::arentl&?%e:en%ing on how the entries were inter:rete%?)e#a(e intereste% =ro( a %istan#e in so(e ne$er< na(e% )o&.sl& eno.*+"0 Sara?.*+"5 . On the $er& last :age o= the a%%ress )oo8' whi#h was )lan8 an% not reall& :art o= the al:ha)eti#al se#tion' there were =i$e na(es an% tele:hone n. Neatl&' in al:ha)eti#al or%er' were the na(es an% n. The :ages that liste% tele:hone n.?.*"+6 R.+""* in 3an.als in her #ir#le o= a#4.()ers o= =a(il& (e()ers' #lass(ates' #ertain tea#hers' se$eral (e()ers o= the Pente#ostal #ongregation' an% other easil& i%enti=ia)le in%i$i%.()ers were the ones that hel% the real (&ster&.3.*+*2 Mari?.aintan#es.hal= o= the %ate )oo8 was a %a&<)&<%a& #alen%ar in whi#h !arriet ha% liste% (eetings' the %ates o= e@a(s at s#hool' her ho(ewor8' an% so on. Three =e(ale na(es an% two sets o= initials9 Mag%a?.t !arriet .

+ was a Norr)&n n. .()ers in the si@ties. She wasnCt intereste% in sewing. The se#on% n.()er )elonging to AMag%a‖ initiall& see(e% :ro(ising.nli8el&. . The onl& $ag.The tele:hone n.n%(ar8' whose (otherCs na(e was a#t. The :ro)le( was that when Morell #onta#te% e$er& one o= !arrietCs =rien%s an% a#4. It le% to a ha)er%asher& at Par8gatan "*. Nor was there an& e$i%en#e that !arriet ha% e$er $isite% the sho: or )o. The tele:hone was in the na(e o= one Margot L. So theoreti#all& there was a #han#e that the& ha% (et' it (ight )e #onsi%ere% e@tre(el& .t a tile% roo= on the s#hool whi#h !arriet atten%e%.t in the store.()ers the& were.t Mag%a was si@t&<nine &ears ol% an% ha% no i%ea who !arriet Vanger was.all& Mag%aH she so(eti(es hel:e% o.()ers that )egan with .()er' not =ar =ro( !e%esta%.ght an&thing there. There was no Sara in the =a(il&' nor %i% the& 8now o= !arriet Vanger' other than that she ha% )een re:orte% in the (e%ia as (issing.* were !e%esta% n.%e% An%ers an% Moni#a an% their #hil%ren' 3onas an% Peter' who at the ti(e were :re<s#hool age. The =a(il& in#l.e #onne#tion )etween !arriet an% the Toresson =a(il& was that An%ers' who was a roo=er' ha% se$eral wee8s earlier :.aintan#es' no<one ha% an& i%ea whose n. The one )eginning with .()er =or ASara‖ )elonge% to a =a(il& )& the na(e o= Toresson' who li$e% in VNststan' on the other si%e o= the tra#8s. The =irst n.

natel&' she ha% %ie% se$eral &ears earlier.*"*2? whi#h was the to Fro%eCs o==i#e in !e%esta%.all& )elonge% to one Ros(arie Larsson. Ins:e#tor Morell #on#entrate% a great %eal o= his attention %. The ins:e#tor then #on#entrate% on the na( :ointe% to !e%esta%' he set a)o. or R.() o= the n.*0+" or .l% thin8.*"0+ le% to a Mag%a.+2 :eo:le. A(ong these' *6 a#t.(erolog&' he realise% that i= he :la&e% aro.*+"0' he got .L.The re(aining three n.t one lin8 li8e that (eant nothing. !e o)taine% a list o= e$er&one in !e%esta% na(e% Mari' Mag%a' or Sara or who ha% the initials R. For e@a(:le' i= he a%%e% one to ea#h o= the three re(aining %igits in . esi%es' he ne$er %is#o$ere% a #o%e that (a%e sense o= all =i$e o= the n.n% with eno.nt& registration #o%e an% =i$e %igitsB Another %ea% en%.()er .all& ha% so(e #onne#tion to .e% his n.l% the %igits (ean' =or e@a(:le' #ar n. One :ossi)ilit& was that the tele:hone n.‖ ha% a#t. Co.3.L.ess how a teenage girl wo.l% =in% so(e lin8 to !arriet. Morell )roa%ene% his in4.()er :lates' whi#h in the si@ties #ontaine% the two<letter #o. As Morell #ontin.ring the winter o= "600-02 on tr&ing to e@:lain wh& !arriet ha% written %own these na(es an% n. !e ha% a list o= .*+*2 =or AR. Sin#e the thirt&<two series o)$io.()ers le% to si(ilar %ea% en%s.()ers' sooner or later he wo. . Un=ort.()ers. The n.()ers were written in so(e :ersonal #o%e?so Morell trie% to g.t rearranging the re(aining three %igits. Neither .

i::e% with a "/<in#h s#reen.n% to :.le% (eetings.t.3. The (&ster& o= the n. She was =or#e% to (a8e #onta#t with hi(.rit& an% :ar8e% it )ehin% a :illar in the garage.i:(ent was the onl& e@tra$agant entr& on her list o= *++* an% e4. .nter with A%$o8at >.nwitting' %ro$e o== .n% =ro( her Salan%erCs la:to: =ell $i#ti( to an a##i%ent that was so . Salan%erCs #o(:. She ha% her )a#8 t.n#alle% =or that she =elt an .t on the )i8e lo#8' a %ar8 re% Saa) )egan re$ersing o.rations? #o(:.:gra%e% with the $er& latest an% so(eti(es (ost e@:ensi$e #on=ig.ters were . In the se#on% wee8 o= Fe)r.#8sa#8 on the gro. The in 3an.!arriet. An% there was no lin8 to the tele:hone n.()er.#8sa#8.nsol$e%.=a#t. The& s#ar#el& 8new ea#h other an% ha% ha% no #onta#t sin#e !arriet starte% :re:arator& s#hool.#8sa#8 #ontaine% her white A::le i oo8 0++ with a *1<gig har% %ri$e an% /*+ (egs o= RAM' (an.r(an was not one o= their s#he%. The %ri$er %i%nCt noti#e a thing an%' .ght it' it was A::leCs state<o=<the<art la:to:.rth en#o.: the e@it ra(:. As she set her r. For instan#e' a )o& =ro( her #lass was na(e% Rolan% 3a#o)sson?R. She ha% ri%%en her )i8e to a (eeting at Milton Se#. !er =o.rne% ).ter e4.rgent %esire to 8ill so(eone.()ers in the %ate )oo8 re(aine% .t hear% the #ra#8ing so. At the ti(e she )o.

l% see that the li% o= her #o(:. Salan%er ha% ha% an e@#ellent relationshi: with it %. A=ter =i%%ling with it =or a short ti(e' Ti((& shoo8 his hea%.s.+ G!L in an al.: all her %o#.t she nee%e% a =ast' (o%ern (a#hine.tion o= "//+ @ 6++ :i@els' whi#h shoo8 the PC a%$o#ates an% o.t not %isastro.( #ase with a PowerPC 2/1" :ro#essor with an AltiVe# Velo#it& Engine' 60+ M RAM an% a 0+ G har% %ri$e.ter was %e:ressing ).ters' ).l% )e sa$e%.( that the 8e&)oar% was .7hen she o:ene% the r. She ha% )a#8e% .Cll ha$e to arrange a ni#e =.ilt<in CD an% DVD ).s Sho: on rNnn8&r8agatan' ho:ing that at least so(ething on the har% %ri$e #o. Uns.neral. ASorr&.se. It ha% l. No ho:e'‖ he sai%.terH not e$en a %eath rattle.gge% in the :ower a%a:ter an% trie% to )oot . She :l. In ter(s o= har%ware' it was the Rolls<Ro&#e o= :orta)le #o(:. at ho(e' as well as a =i$e<&ear<ol% Toshi)a PC la:to: that she #o.rners.‖ The loss o= her #o(:. AYo. est o= all' it ha% the =irst "2<in#h s#reen in the la:to: worl% with NVIDIA gra:hi#s an% a resol. . She too8 it o$er to Ti((&Cs Ma#3es.t what reall& triggere% Salan%erCs nee% to ha$e it was the si(:le =eat.: the #o(:.#8sa#8' she #o.ter was #ra#8e%.l% .tran8e% e$er&thing else on the (ar8et.eTooth an% ).(ents' an% she ha% an ol%er %es8to: Ma# G.ring the &ear she ha% owne% it.r:risingl& she set her sights on the )est a$aila)le alternati$e9 the new A::le Power oo8 G/[".

r(an' ).s ta@.t he re#8one% that Ins:e#tor Morell ha% )een e@#e:tionall& to e@:lain that she nee%e% (one& =or an . She was tol% to )e at his o==i#e at 29.ating #ri(inal in$estigations' ).i::e% with )a#8lighting' so that she #o.s.nt. 7h& ha% no<one tho.t in her or%er at Ma#3es.: her e@:enses.: as a :la&er in VangerCs own notes.isition' she was still "5'+++ 8ronor short.ghts to !err >. lo(8$ist (ight ha$e no e@:erien#e o= e$al.s. Salan%er re:lie% that it wo.l% #o$er a goo% :art o= the :ri#e' ). Co(e what (a&' she :.5'+++ 8ronor' :l.e4.e =or "+'+++ 8ronor.l% ta8e the (an twent& se#on%s to write o. She tallie% .llet an% #alle% her g. The& ha% .t a e@:ense. It #ost . She ha% "+'+++ 8ronor hi%%en in a #o==ee tin at ho(e ).ine% #o(:. She )o.ter a##essories there' so the& ga$e her a reasona)le %is#o.+ that e$ening. So si(:le.ran#e on her r. She sent e$il tho.ter wo. The ins.r(anCs se#retar& sai% that he ha% no ti(e to see her that %a&.l% see the letters e$en i= it was :it#h %ar8.rning .ght all her #o(:.ght o= that )e=oreB It was lo$e at =irst sight. >.t that was all. 7hen lo(8$ist ha% =inishe% with the :oli#e in$estigation' Morell still 8e:t t.t then she )it the ). That was the :ro)le(.t with the warrant& an% the higher :ri#e o= her new a#4.

lo(8$ist a:ologise% at on#e =or %ist.t she wa$e% hi( into the li$ing roo(.t on >eans an% a #he#8 =lannel shirt.nli8el&' in his $iew' that Morell ha% (isse% an&thing.str& )e#a(e.als in$ol$ the s.ent lea%s an% ti:s )e#a(e. The sol.rther into the in$estigation he got' the (ore o)s#. were ne$er going to #all. It was . !e ha% not rea% e$er& wor% o= the re:ort' ).t the =.r)ing her an% (a%e to retreat' ).rne% on the #o==ee(a8er an% $anishe% .te =or hi( to ta8e was to tr& to =in% o.l% a%o:t to the :ro)le(.estion ha% )een as8e%' an% all lea%s =ollowe% .)se4. She t.:stairs in Ce#ilia VangerCs ho.n%er a &ellow towel.t the :s&#hologi#al (oti$es o= the in%i$i%. E$er& i(agina)le 4.‖ .:' e$en so(e that see(e% a)s.n%e#i%e% what a::roa#h he sho.)e#o(e =rien%s' an% lo(8$ist won%ere% whether Morell ha% )een as o)sesse% as the #a:tain o= in%.estion ha% to %o with !arriet hersel=.:stairs =or a =ew (in. E$ent. AI was starting to thin8 &o. !e was not going to =in% an&thing that his :ro=essional :re%e#essor an% his e@:erien#e% tea( ha% (isse%' an% he was . 7ho was sheB Fro( his 8it#hen win%ow lo(8$ist ha% noti#e% a light go on .n% in the :oli#e as the news )roa%#ast was starting on TV.r%l& =ar<=et#he%. 7hen she #a(e )a#8 %own' she ha% :. The =irst 4. !e 8no#8e% on her %oor at at a little a=ter 19++ in the a=ternoon.tion to the (&ster& was not going to )e =o.all& it #a(e to hi( that the onl& reasona)l& :ra#ti#al ro. She o:ene% the %oor %resse% in her )athro)e' her hair wet .+' >.

se% to tea#h histor&' religion' an% so#ial st. Yo. AAn% &o. AItCs t.r :la#e.‖ AIC$e seen the lights on all night at &o.r =orties.AI sho. !ow ol% are &o.‖ AYo.lse.B‖ A7ell' o$er =ort&'‖ lo(8$ist sai% with a s(ile.‖ Ce#ilia Vanger ser$e% the #o==ee an% as8e% i= he was h. .e.t I saw &o. An% I ha$e a =ew &ears le=t.r light was on an% #a(e o$er on i( =irst' ).ngr&.l% ha$e r. An% &o.Cre a night owlB‖ lo(8$ist shr.‖ AVer& =lattering.gge%.t that wa&. %onCt loo8 a %a& o$er =i=t&' (ore li8e in &o.ngr&. . !ow =ast it all goes.‖ ALe=tB‖ She s(ile%. ICll )e retiring soon. !e sai% that he ha% alrea%& eaten' whi#h was :artl& twent& the other %a&. !e %i% not )other with #oo8ing an% ate onl& san%wi#hes. Li=e' that is. AIC( =i=t&<si@.Cre o=ten o.‖ !e loo8e% at se$eral te@t)oo8s sta#8e% on the e%ge o= the 8it#hen ta)le.%ies.t I . ADo &o. still tea#hB‖ ANo' as hea%(istress I %onCt ha$e ti(e.rne% o.t wal8ing a=ter (i%night. . were >.t he was not h.

st wante% to sa& hello. SheCs (arrie%. IC( (ore a =rien% an% o##asional lo$er.nn&B‖ AThe wa& &o. . O##asional lo$er. (o$e to !e%e)&' #la()er thro.Cre senten#e% to :rison' &o.AThen wh& %i% &o. o$er the wee8en%B‖ AEri8aISheCs the e%itor in #hie= o= Millenni. ‖ lo(8$ist too8 a li8ing to Ce#ilia Vanger.tB‖ AM& li=e is going to the %ogs. I thin8 I >.ghter. I li8e the e@:ression. sai% that.‖ She s(ile%. A7hatCs so =. AYo.‖ AYo. #o(e o$erB Is it ti(e to as8 (e those 4.‖ A7ho was that wo(an $isiting &o. %onCt slee: at night an% ta8e long nightti(e wal8s when itCs =reeLing #ol%I!a$e I le=t an&thing o.estions.‖ Ce#ilia Vanger hoote% with la.estionsB‖ ATo )e honestII %i%nCt #o(e o$er to as8 4.rite ho))&' &o.r girl=rien%B‖ ANot e@a#tl&.(.gh all the (aterial o= !enri8Cs =a$o.

lo(8$ist a.().st )e three &ears now.l% I ha$e se@ withB One o= the tea#hers at s#hoolB I %onCt thin8 so.t his han% on her =oot an% stro8e% the an8le. 7ho sho. An% here on !e%e)& Islan% there are onl& relati$es an% :eo:le alrea%& (arrie%.s)an% in getting on =or twent& &ears. !e hesitate% =or a se#on%?he #o.AI #o.::l& an% %e(an%.s stor& =or the gossi:ing ol% la%ies. . No<one gets %i$or#e% in the Vanger :. I ha$e no interest in a )o&=rien% or a (arrie% (an or so(eone li$ing with (e.‖ She leane% =orwar% an% 8isse% hi( on the ne#8.‖ AI ha$enCt seen (& h. AI 8now. One o= the st.siness. . AIC( (arrie% too'‖ she an o##asional lo$er (&sel='‖ she sai%.r ).‖ A7hat ha::ene%B‖ AThatCs none o= &o.‖ AThat s.t tentati$el& he starte% (assaging the sole o= her =oot with his th. She 8i#8e% o== her sli::ers an% :ro::e% one =oot on his 8nee.‖ A7h&B ItCs a (atter o= s.l% . An% the& 8ee: a #lose wat#h on :eo:le #alle% Vanger. I %o )est on (& own.l% sense he was getting into .r:rises (e.%entsB A %eli#io. I ha$enCt ha% se@ inIh(((' it (.

n% her sho. I= there was one lesson !olger Pal(gren ha% ta. She :resse% against hi( when he 8isse% her )reasts. .ADo I sho#8 &o.r(an #a(e ro.t to )e honest' !enri8 :ro)a)l& wo. .l% =eel his )reath on her ne#8 as she st.B‖ ANo. !e stoo% )ehin% her. .ttons on her =lannel shirt an% :.ght her o$er the &ears' it was that i(:. I wor8 =or &o. !e :.l%ers. She ne$er %i% an&thing witho. She #o.en#es.en#es.l%nCt ha$e an&thing against it.t I %onCt 8now whether this is a goo% i%ea.%%enl& he was (assaging the )a#8 o= her ne#8' an% he let one han% sli%e =ro( her le=t sho.t she %i% nothing.)le #o. >.nt?whi#h she 8new %own to the last Gre' altho.()le% with the ). !e =.lle% it %own aro. She ha% no )ra. 7hen she %i% not see( to o)>e#t' he s4.n:leasant #onse4.eeLe% her )reast.r .t =irst weighing the #onse4. !er hair was still wet an% =ragrant with sha(:oo.t his han% o$er her right )reast an% le=t it S.‖ She sat astri%e hi( an% 8isse% hi( on the (o.l% rea#h it with her =ree han%.n% the %es8 to show her the state(ent o= her )an8 a##o.l%er a#ross her )reasts. Salan%er %i% not (o$e.‖ AAn% IC( the last one whoCs going to tell.lsi$e a#tions le% to tro.l% ha$e .gh it was no longer at her %is:osal. .n#le.)le' an% tro.%ie% the letter o:ener on his %es8H she #o.

‖ >.lt?whi#h in legal ter(s assa.‖ AI want to ha$e #ontrol o= (& own (one& li8e )e=ore. First &o.#h an e@:ensi$e #o(:. li8e'‖ he sai%.r(anCs s(ile (ight ha$e )een (ore s.e% i= he #o. nee% s. AI #anCt han% o. . .se =or :la&ing #o(:.t it was eno.r(an .gh to irre$o#a)l& #ross a )o.terB There are :lent& o= #hea:er (o%els that &o.l% in theor& get >.ter ga(es.l% )e %e=ine% as se@.r(an ga$e her a :it&ing loo8.ghts )ehin% the e@:ressionless e&es.l% ha$e rea% her tho.l% rea% the on his =a#e.‖ >.t (one& to &o. Salan%erCs own =a#e )etra&e% no e(otions at all. A7eCll ha$e to see how things go. >. A7h& %o &o.r(an (o$e% )a#8 to his si%e o= the %es8 an% sat on his #o(=orta)le leather (olestation an% the e@:loitation o= an in%i$ in a :osition o= %e:en%en#e' an% #o.The initial se@.n%ar&.)%.ll& %e=ine% legal relationshi:' she was at the (er#& o= his %is#retion an% %e=en#eless. whene$er &o. 7hen their e&es (et a =ew se#on%s later' his li:s were slightl& :arte% an% she #o. For Salan%er it was a %is:la& o= strength )& an ene(& =or#e?an in%i#ation that asi%e =ro( their #are=. nee% to learn to )e (ore so#ia)le an% get along with :eo:le.: to two &ears in :rison?laste% onl& a =ew se#on%s. #an .

l% =eel his genitals thro. A7e ha$e to )e a)le to tr. . !e hel% her hea% with )oth han%s an% t. !e too8 her han% an% :resse% it to his #rot#h. AI= &o. She #o. ACo(e here'‖ he sai% an% hel% o. In ter(s o= :h&si#al strength' she was no (at#h =or hi(H she weighe% 6+ :o.t his other han% aro. !e s(elle% as i= he ha% >.t he hel% her in a tight gri:.: an% went o$er to hi(..Cre ni#e to (e' ICll )e ni#e to & the %ar8 ga)ar%ine tro.n% her ne#8 an% :.C$e %one this )e=ore' ha$enCt &o.rne% her =a#e awa& an% trie% to get .sers. an% I are going to )e goo% =rien%s'‖ he sai%.:' ). washe% hi(sel= with soa: an% water.lle% her %own to her 8nees with her =a#e in =ront o= his #rot#h.AI thin8 &o.‖ !e :. Salan%er =i@e% her gaLe on the letter o:ener =or se$eral se#on%s )e=ore she stoo% .st ea#h other.n%s to his *"+. AYo.t his han%.‖ 7hen she %i% not re:l& he sai%9 AYo.B‖ he sai% as he lowere% his Li:.Cre a grown wo(an now' Lis)eth.en#es. Salan%er t.rne% her =a#e so their e&es (et.‖ She no%%e%.

lle% her =ier#el& towar%s hi(. !e waite% .l% &o. li8e thatB‖ She sai% nothing. AYo.tion =or the rest o= &o.%&ing so(e :a:ers. !e 8e:t his gri: on her ne#8 an% :. li8e thatB‖ he sai% again. She =elt li8e gagging the whole ten (in. ASit %own' Lis)eth'‖ he tol% her witho. A7o.(: an% grin%H when =inall& he #a(e' he was hol%ing her so tight she #o.l% &o. She sat %own. Then he :.lle% her #loser.Cre grown<.th. She shoo8 her hea%. Salan%er was sha8ing all o$er as she wi:e% her =a#e an% trie% to r. Finall& he loo8e% at her an% s(ile%. Salan%er o:ene% her li:s an% too8 hi( in her (o.' Lis)ethB‖ She no%%e%.ntil she lowere% her e&es' in what he regar%e% as s.)le' I #an :. 7hen she went )a#8 to his o==i#e' he was sitting i(:assi$el& )ehin% his %es8' st. She #hewe% so(e o= his tooth:aste to get ri% o= the taste.Cre ni#e to (e' ICll )e ni#e to &o.r li=e. !e showe% her the )athroo( in his o==i#e.)(ission. AI= &o. 7o.'‖ he re:eate%. awa& in an instit.: now' arenCt &o.t &o. .AI= &o.tes he too8 to ). (a8e tro.t loo8ing .:.) o== the s:ots on her sweater.l% har%l& )reathe.

!e ga$e her an arrogant s(ile. also nee% to )e a)le to :la& grown<. She gets :ai% with her own (one&. This is )etter than a whore.(ents stating that &o. to tell an&one a)o. were s(art to #o(e an% see (e to%a&.l% )e &o. !ar%<nose% )it#h. thin8 wo. !e han%e% her the #he4.AThen &o. Yo. C!APTER "* .: ga(es'‖ he sai%.t o.l% )e a goo% i%ea =or &o.r wor% against (ine.e he ha% written when she was in the )athroo(. A s(all =rown a::eare% on his )row. Salan%er too8 the #he4. !e . #an alwa&s #o(e to (e.t he #ontrolle% hi( sat there in silen#e' loo8ing at hi(?).ing the #on$ersation the& were ha$ing )e=ore the interr.r(an raise% his e&e)rows. AI %onCt thin8 it wo.t it?who wo. an% I'‖ he sai%.#8ing retar%e%.:tion. !e was anno&e% at the wa& she >.r ga(es.Cre non #o(:os (entis. Thin8 a)o.B There are %o#. 7hose wor% %o &o. She reall& is =.e an% le=t.l% )elie$e &o. It wo.l% #arr& (ore weightB‖ !e sighe% when still she %i% not s:ea8. AI thin8 &o.‖ AI nee% "+'+++ 8ronor =or (& #o( a tone o= $oi#e as i= he were s:ea8ing to a #hil%.ter'‖ she sai%' :re#isel&' as i= she were #ontin. She %i% not re:l&. A7eCre going to )e goo% =rien%s' &o. >.

7e%nes%a&' Fe)r.steeshi: an% g.lte% in Salan%er )eing gi$en a :ro:er law&er' so(eone well<$erse% in assa.stee. There are two le$els o= so#ial wel=are :rote#tion?tr. I= there is no<one #lose to the :erson in 4.#e% (e or an& other e@#.l% instantl& ha$e )een stri::e% o= his #ontrol o$er her.ilt& o= so (an& )rea#hes o= the g.r(anCs o==i#e.stee is o=ten a relati$e or #lose =rien%.l% ha$e naile% hi(. The )r.tinel& .l% ha$e :res.als who' =or $ario.(a)l& res.lations that he wo. Sin#e "656' the ter( Alegall& in#o(:etent‖ has no longer )een a::lie% to a%. The :erson who is a::ointe% as a tr.estion' the wel=are' he wo. . A re:ort wo.l% (ost li8el& ha$e #alle% the :oli#e an% re:orte% the ra:e as soon as she le=t A%$o8at >.stee ste:s in to o==er $ol. A tr.l% ha$e )een o= his se(en staining her )o%& an% #lothing' "6 I= Salan%er ha% )een an or%inar& #itiLen' she wo.lts.ntar& hel: =or in%i$i%.rn (ight ha$e le% to a %is#.thorities #an a::oint a tr.s reasons' ha$e :ro)le(s (anaging their %ail& li$es' :a&ing their )ills' or ta8ing :ro:er #are o= their h&giene.ssion o= the $er& heart o= the :ro)le(?(eaning the reason she ha% )een %e#lare% legall& in#o( on wo(en' whi#h in t. E$en i= the law&er ha% #lai(e% that she wante% to %o it or she that ra:ists ro.ises on her ne#8' as well as the DNA signat.

The (ost #o((on reason =or a #on%itions.n%er g.==ering =ro( %e(entia.estions o= g. Ta8ing awa& a :ersonCs #ontrol o= her own li=e?(eaning her )an8' an% are :rote#te% )& rigoro. The e@a#t wor%ing states that the g. . For the (ost :art the G.als .thorit& to han%le his or her own (one& or to (a8e %e#isions regar%ing $ario.n%er g.s ( o= al#ohol or %r.n%er the' )& the Parlia(entar& O().ar%ianshi:' in whi#h the #lient?the :erson %e#lare% in#o(:etent?still has #ontrol o$er his or her assets an% %e#isions are (a%e in #ons. This agen#& #o(es .n#tion with hea$& a). Agen#& #arries shall ta8e o$er all o= the #lientCs legal :owers.ltation with the tr. G.steeshi: is a (il% =or( o= is a stri#ter =or( o= #ontrol' in whi#h the #lient is relie$e% o= the are relati$el& &o.thorities' re(ar8a)l& =ew #o(:laints or s#an%als are e$er re:orte% in the ( :eo:le. One o= the( was Lis)eth Salan%er.%es those is (ental illness or (ental illness in #on>.ar%ianshi:.t its a#ti$ities .nt?is one o= the greatest in=ringe(ents a %e(o#ra#& #an i(:ose' es:e#iall& when it a::lies to & Agen#&.stee.Tr.: han%le% )& the a.lations an% #ontrolle% )& the G.t #onsi%ering the sensiti$e iss. In Swe%en a::ro@i(atel& /'+++ :eo:le are .ar%ianshi: are there=ore :otentiall& sensiti$e :oliti#al iss.n%er<=i$e or less. A s(aller gro. It is an in=ringe(ent e$en i= the intent (a& )e :er#ei$e% as )enign an% so#iall& $ali%. .s reg.%s(an.nt& a%(inistrati$e )oar% an% is #ontrolle%' in t. Man& o= the in%i$i%.

l% not e$en e@#hange a :olite Agoo% (orning‖ with her tea#hers?the a.stee or g.o ha% res.nit& to #o(:lain an% in a #re%i)le wa& (a8e the(sel$es hear% )& the (e%ia or )& the a.lo.#t an ann.ire(ents o= the a.thorities are #arr&ing o.l% ta8e #harge o= her own (one& an% her own o= two things9 the re$iew to see whether an& In all other res:e#ts he ha% treate% Salan%er li8e an& other nor(al )eing' an% he ha% not inter=ere% with her #hoi#e o= li=est&le or =rien%s.lte%' an% so &ear a=ter &ear she was retaine% .entl&' a sit. Sin#e Salan%er :ersiste% in her e@ists =or re$o8ing a g. !e %i% not thin8 it was either his ).al re$iew.O##asionall& there are re:orts that #harges ha$e )een )ro.)(itte% a (onthl& re:ort as well as an ann.sal to s.siness or that o= so#iet& to %e#i%e whether the & Agen#& is )o.s #ase. That those #ases are relati$el& rare (a& )e the res.t their >o)s in a satis=a#tor& (anner' or the #lients ha$e no o::ort. The G.l% ha$e a ring in her nose or a tattoo on her la%& sho.l=ille% the re4. The wor%ing o= the law states' howe$er' that the #on%itions o= a g.ation o= stat. !e ha% (eti#.thorities an% s.)(it to :s&#hiatri# e@a(ination?she wo. Conse4.ght against so(e tr.n% an& reason to alter their or sol% his #lientCs #o<o: a:art(ent an% st.n%er who has (isa::ro:riate% =.n% to #on%. This .‖ Pal(gren ha% inter:rete% this to (ean that Salan%er #o.==e% the :ro#ee%s into his own Ashall )e a%a:te% to ea#h in%i$i%.thorities ha% ne$er =o.

al assa.n%er arrest or h.r(an =or se@. Onl& later %i% she =in% o.rt was one o= the reasons wh& the& ha% got along so well.l%ers with his )aton.rne% on his heel an% ran o== )e=ore she #o.t the slightest :ro$o#ation on her :art' he ha% str. She ha% a r.t that ARe#lai( the Streets‖ was hol%ing a %e(onstration =arther %own the roa%. As long as Pal(gren was her g. Salan%er was not li8e an& nor(al :erson. The last %ealing she ha% ha% with the :oli#e was in Ma& o= the :re$io.% that so(eone ha% e$en )othere%.l% )e :ro. Visiting the o==i#es o= those $isor<#la% )r.sing a Co#a<Cola )ottle that she ha% in her han%.(iliate% her.%%enl& =o. An& o==i#er wo.%e that with her (iniat. She s.tes to =ile a re:ort against Nils >.s &ear when she was wal8ing :ast GGtgatan on her wa& to Milton Se#.%e $is<]<$is the %istri#t %i% not e$en #ross her (in%.all& ha::ene%' she sho. The o==i#er t. 7itho.l% ta8e one loo8 at her an% #on#l.s rea#tion was to la. An% )esi%es?what was she s.%i(entar& 8nowle%ge o= the law?it was a s.rit&.)>e#t she ha% ne$er ha% o##asion to e@:lore?an% her =aith in the :oli#e was generall& e@ig. For her the :oli#e were a hostile =or#e who o$er the &ears ha%' Salan%er ha% not :ai% (.l% in>.s.#8ing his %i#8?it was' as he ha% warne% .rather st.s.nli8el&. An% the :art a)o.t s. An% i= it ha% hi(.::ose% to re:ortB >. !er s:ontaneo.nteratta#8' .t her .r(an ha% to.#8 her on the sho.))orn attit.n% hersel= =a#ing a $isor<#la% riot :oli#e o==i#er.o.n#h a =ier#e )oo)s' that was highl& .#h attention to her legal stat.#he% her )reasts.

.rsts' ). Most o= these assa.nt o= =or#e' (a%e s. An or%inar& :erson (ight ha$e =elt that her la#8 o= rea#tion ha% shi=te% the )la(e to her?it (ight ha$e )een another sign that she was so a)nor(al that e$en ra:e #o.ate e(otional res:onse.t it.lts in$ol$e% slightl& ol%er )o&=rien%s who' . There was no :oint whi(:ering a) a#t against her will.r(anCs o==i#e an% went ho(e' too8 a shower' ate two san%wi#hes with #heese an% :i#8les' an% then sat on the worn<o. As a girl she was legal :re&' es:e#iall& i= she was %resse% in a worn )la#8 leather >a#8et an% ha% :ier#e% e&e)rows' tattoos' an% Lero so#ial stat. & the ti(e she was eighteen' Salan%er %i% not 8now a single girl who at so(e :oint ha% not )een =or#e% to :er=or( so(e sort o= se@.aintan#es was not large' nor %i% it #ontain an& (e()ers o= the sheltere% (i%%le #lass =ro( the s. The :oli#e were not an o:tion.s.). She le=t >.ral or%er o= things.r)s.sing a #ertain a(o. In her worl%' this was the nat. As =ar as Salan%er 8new' these in#i%ents ha% le% to #r&ing an% angr& o.her' her wor% against his' an% generall& in her e@:erien#e the wor%s o= other :eo:le weighe% (ore hea$il& than hers. !er #ir#le o= a#4.t ne$er to a :oli#e re:ort.t so=a in the li$ing roo( to that the& ha% their wa&.t).l% e$o8e no a%e4.

re she was an&thing ). In (i%%le s#hool she ha% se$eral ti(es )een sent ho(e a=ter getting into $iolent =ights with #lass(ates.n% her %i%. Salan%er ha% )een sent ho(e )e#a. In those %a&s she %i% not 8now what the wor% Aharass(ent‖ (eant' ).l% )e 4. So she ha% %e#8e% hi( with a right >a) =orti=ie% with a gol= )all?whi#h le% to (ore )loo%she% an% a new entr& in her #ase)oo8.l% grow . For as long as she #o.siness an% %i% not inter=ere with what an&one aro.t her legal stat.s was %i==i#. She still re(e()ere% her $i#ti( with anno&an#e?an o$erweight )o& )& the na(e o= Da$i% G.l% not =or a se#on% hesitate to .nning an% .estion o= A%$o8at >.l% rather )e )eaten to %eath than ta8e an& shit.les =or so#ial intera#tion in s#hool ha% alwa&s )a==le% her.r(an going .n% with the attit.: to )e an ar#h ).tel& wo.%e that she wo.n:. She (in%e% her own ).ite .l% not lea$e her in :ea#e. Salan%er ne$er =orgot an in>. . M. .sti#e' an% )& nat. She went aro.On the other han%' there was no 4.ll&. The =irst re:orts in her #ase)oo8 #a(e =ro( the =iles o= the s#hool n.t when she #a(e to s#hool the ne@t %a&' the )o& ha% threatene% re$enge. The r.n:leasant to =ight with that s8inn& girl.rse =ro( ele(entar& she hit a #lass(ate an% sho$e% hi( against a #oat :eg an% %rew )loo%.t =orgi$ her =ists or an& wea:on at han% to :rote#t hersel=.nishe%.l% re(e()er' she was regar%e% as to tease her an% throw things at herH he wo.sta$sson who . Yet there was alwa&s so(eone who a) $iolent.#h stronger )o&s in her #lass soon learne% that it #o. Unli8e the other girls in the #lass' she ne$er )a#8e% %own' an% she wo.n>.

ght she was #raL& an% treate% her a##or%ingl&. She also aro. The& le=t her on the gro. She was so o)$io. She was no (at#h =or hi( :h&si#all&. That was wh& she en%e% .larl& tal8ati$e' an% she )e#a(e 8nown as the :.:i% girl 8e:t atta#8ing hi(' an% a=ter a while e$en his #lass(ates )egan to realise that things ha% gone too =ar. She sta&e% at ho(e =or two %a&s.An% she alwa&s got re$enge. .sse% at $' whi#h she was =re4.n% )ehin% the g&(.l to wat#h.#h stronger he was' the st.:il who ne$er raise% her han% an% o=ten %i% not answer when a tea#her as8e% her a %ire#t 4. For that :ran8 she was sent to see the hea% tea#her' who %e#i%e% to re:ort her to the :oli#e =or assa. No<one was s.n#he% her in the =a#eH it s:lit o:en her li: an% (a%e her see stars.t nothing %i% an& goo%H no (atter how (.lt girl' e$en whether this was )e#a.)t that she ha% :ro)le(s' ).s tea#hersC (eetings.lte% in a s:e#ial wel=are in$estigation. No %o.: in . !er #lass(ates tho.n% se$eral ti(es' then he sla::e% her when she trie% to =ight )a#8.estion.n% hersel= in a =ight with a (. Salan%er on#e =o. On the (orning o= the thir% %a& she waite% =or her tor(entor with a )ase)all )at' an% she wha#8e% hi( o$er the ear with it. She ha% ne$er )een :arti#. Finall& the )o& :.#h )igger an% stronger )o&.sl& %e=en#eless it was :ain=.entl& she %i% not 8now the answer or i= there was so(e other reason' whi#h was re=le#te% in her hi(sel= sho$ing her to the $er& little s&(:ath& a(ong the tea#hers.t no<one wante% to ta8e res:onsi)ilit& =or the %i==i#. At =irst he a(.

l% ha::en i= she lost the )attleB 7o. An . 7ith the a::earan#e o= Nils >.ation where the tea#hers ignore% her an% allowe% her to sit in s. That sort o= =latter& was alwa&s #hil%ishl& satis=&ing. Then' as she was on the threshol% o= her teenage &ears' All The E$il ha::ene%' whi#h she %i% not want to thin8 a)o.: at hi(. A=ter that she was #onsi%ere% to )e legall&I well' #raL&.‖ !e s(ile%.the sit. The last o.rst set the :attern an% :ro(:te% a re$iew o= the #ase)oo8 entries =ro( ele(entar& s#hool.Cre not )a%. She le=t (i%%le s#hool an% (o$e% to another' was !olger Pal(grenH i= the nee% arose' she #o.t ha$ing a single =rien% to sa& goo%)&e to.)leso(e ).t. .(ents to 8now that she was %i==erent.t). No (atter who she t.llen silen#e.ll& with their legs intertwine% an% Ce#iliaCs )reasts resting against his si%e' she loo8e% .rne% to' :it=alls wo.nlo$e% girl with o%% )eha$io.r.. Salan%er ha% ne$er nee%e% an& %o#.r(an' the %e#laration o= in#o(:eten#e threatene% to )e#o(e a tro.l% o:en . AThan8 &o.r%en in her li=e.n% her little =inger. ItCs )een a long ti(e. Later that night' when Ce#ilia Vanger an% lo(8$ist were l&ing :ea#e=.l% wra: hi( aro. .t it was not so(ething that )othere% her =or as long as her g. A =rea8. An% &o.:H an% what wo.l% she )e instit.tionalise%B Lo#8e% .:B There was reall& no o:tion.

#h a )it#h. SheCs s.‖ .‖ AYes' ).l%nCt thin8 o= it'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.l% )e goo% i= &o.B‖ AAn o##asional lo$er'‖ Ce#ilia sai%.‖ !e loo8e% at her. %i%nCt tell the whole $illage what weC$e )een .‖ AIC% )e ha::& to %o it again'‖ Ce#ilia sai%.AIt was . %onCt (ean that &o. here )e=ore I (anage to %o (& e@er#ises an% =i@ (& =a#e.‖ A7o.rIIC$e (et her. An% it wo.. AMost o= all I %onCt want Isa)ella to 8now. Mi8ael' :lease )e %is#reet.r #losest neigh)o. A . I %onCt want to wa8e .‖ AAn% &o. %rin8B‖ ASo(eti(es.t I ha% =.: to(orrow (orning an% =in% &o.#8il& she #anCt see (& =ront %oor =ro( her ho.‖ AThan8 &o.‖ AICll )e %is#reet. AYo. AI= &' ). Do &o.C% li8e to ha$e a lo$er' %o &o.t IC% li8e &o. =eel li8e l. to go ho(e )e=ore &o.: to. =all aslee:.

stI‖ AYo. Yo.AIC$e got a #ra$ing =or so(ething =r. 7hat I )elie$e is 8nown in the tra%e as a lo#8e%<roo( (&ster&' on an islan%.n% hersel= an% went %ownstairs.nanswere%' e$er& #l.‖ AItCs the 8in% o= thing :eo:le #an get o)sesse% a)o.Cre )roo%ing a)o. rea% the in$estigationB‖ AParts o= it. lo(8$ist was stan%ing na8e%' loo8ing at her )oo8shel$es when she ret.all& a =as#inating #ase. E$er& 4. The& %ran8 a toast. A7h& %i% &o. I >.t. #a(e o$er with gin in it.t )eing a==e#te% )& the (&ster& o= !arriet.t. #anCt s:en% ti(e with !enri8 li=e with it. #o(e o$er hereB‖ she as8e%.e lea%s to a %ea% en%. 7ant so(eB ‖ AS. ANo s:e#ial reason.‖ She wra::e% a sheet An% nothing in the in$estigation see(s to =ollow nor(al logi#.:er intelligent to 8now what & !enri8Cs in$estigation. A :erson %oesnCt nee% to )e s. were sitting at ho(e' rea%ing thro.‖ AItCs a#t.‖ A!a$e &o.‖ .estion re(ains .rne% with a #ara=e o= i#e% water an% two glasses o= gin an% li(e. IC$e li$e% (& entire a%. An% then &o.

O)$io.nha::&.: li8e a whore an% went to s#hool wearing the tightest sweater she :ossesse%.: the gossi:.‖ AI ha$enCt the least i%ea what was going on insi%e !arrietCs .s #ra#8:ot. The& either :artie% or the& =o.t on (a8e<.AYo. So(eti(e in the earl& si@ties he (o$e% (ore or less :er(anentl& to his #a)in' where Isa)ella ne$er set =oot.%&ing.t' as I sai%' I wasnCt here an% >.‖ .rse. .st :i#8e% . An% then heC% so)er . I was li$ing in Sto#8hol( at the ti(e' st.‖ A7hat triggere% the :ro)le(sB‖ AGott=rie% an% Isa)ella' o)$io. were on the islan% that %a&.l% t. One %a& she was a she was serio. I wish I ha% sta&e% at ho(e that I was here' an% I witnesse% the whole #o((otion.Cre thin8ing o= her last &ear' o= #o. There were :erio%s when he wo.‖ AYes. She ha% a horren%o.rn .ght. Nothing :h&si#al? Gott=rie% wasnCt the t&:e to hit an&one' an% he was al(ost a=rai% o= Isa)ella.‖ AIs this o== the re#or% orIB‖ AItCs o== the re#or%.s te(:er. Yo.: an% %ress neatl& again an% tr& to ten% to his >o). Their (arriage was totall& ha&wire.‖ A7hat was she reall& li8eB Peo:le see( to ha$e #o(:letel& %i==erent $iews o= her. The ne@t %a& she :.: in the $illage' loo8ing li8e a $agrant.

t it see(e% as i= she %i%nCt ha$e an& so. She trie% har% to 8ee: . !e =ell o.ntil then she wasII %onCt 8now how to e@:lain it9 e@tre(el& gi=te% an% :re#o#io.ring the last &ear she was still )rilliant' getting to: (ar8s in e$er& e@a( an% so on' ).' I %i%nCt ha$e an eas& #hil%hoo% (&sel= with !aral% as (& =ather.l.‖ AYes.n% hi(.‖ ADenial.t on the whole a rather or%inar& teenager. #an >. Martin was the one who I was in U::sala an% then in Sto#8hol(?an% let (e tell & i(agine how it ha::ene%. In the en% she (o$e% into his ho.s.l% no longer :reten% that e$er&thing was OJ.strialist. !e was .‖ A!ow %i% her =ather %rownB‖ AIn the (ost :rosai# wa& :ossi)le. !e ha% his tro. She #o.‖ . D. In hin%sight IC$e realise% that the :ro)le( was that !arriet ne$er #on=i%e% in an& .s' ).t %onCt =orget that he was :reo##.t o= a rowing )oat right )elow his #a)in.:ie% :la&ing the role o= the )ig in%. I (isse% a lot o= this )e#a.rse.all& o== tra$elling so(ewhere an% %i%nCt ha$e a lot o= ti(e to s:en% with !arriet an% Martin.sers o:en an% an e@tre(el& high al#ohol #ontent in his )loo%' so &o.t she #hange% when her =ather %rowne%. .: a::earan#es an% :reten% that the& were one )ig ha::& =a(il&. U: .A7asnCt there an&one who wante% to hel: !arrietB‖ A!enri8' o= #o.

She an% I get along =ine' ).l% ha$e sai% that he was the one in the =a(il& who nee%e% :s&#hiatri# #are.‖ A7h& soB‖ A!arriet wasnCt the onl& one who s.nn& in the Vanger =a(il&.rne% o.t we are not (.‖ AItCs =.(e &o.ation. I (ean' we all %i%.==ere% ill e==e#ts =ro( the sit. M& sister' Anita' ha% the sa(e :ro)le(' as %i% Ale@an%er' (& #o. To%a& sheCs a senior (anager o= ritish Airwa&s.‖ A7h& notB‖ AAn insane ti(e o= it. It was to.‖ A7hat ha::ene% to &o. She ne$er #o(es to !e%esta%. I ha% (& own :ro)le(s with (& =ather?I ass. realise that heCs star8 ra$ing (a%.AI %i%nCt 8now that.#h in #onta#t an% onl& see ea#h other e$er& other &ear or so. I= &o. Martin has t.iet an% intro$erte% that he was e==e#ti$el& )eing &o. She went there in the se$enties to wor8 in a Swe%ish tra$el agen#&' an% she sta&e%.r sisterB‖ AShe li$es in Lon%on. IsnCt that e@:lanation eno. oth #hil%ren ha% a ro. She (arrie% so(eone' ne$er e$en intro%.ghB‖ .#e% hi( to the =a(il&' an% anon the& se:arate%. ha% as8e% (e thirt&<=i$e &ears ago' I wo.t to )e a reall& =ine :erson. For (an& &ears Martin was so 4.

all ha$e s. So thatCs a)o.t the Vanger =a(il& is that &o. . Along with irger' (& )rother.‖ lo(8$ist stret#he% o. sta&e%. all get straight to the :oint. Loo8 at it this wa&9 i= &o. AI wasnCt here =i=teen (in.#h her )reast.l% win.tes )e=ore &o.‖ AThatCs not reall& tr. (ean. An% I ne$er s:ea8 to (& =ather.r ( in Parlia(ent an% (a&)e (inisterial ran8' i= the #onser$ati$es sho. learn earl& on to s:ea8 &o. irger isI well' (ore o= a :o(:o.#h low o:inions o= ea#h other.e.A . atta#8e% (e.‖ AOne thing that ti#8les (e a)o. In :oint o= =a#t heCs a (o%eratel& talente% lo#al #o.‖ AAre &o.t I see what &o.t =i=t&<=i=t& in the =a(il&.‖ AOh &es' IC$e noti#e% that &o.n#illor in a re(ote #orner o= Swe%en' whi#h will :ro)a)l& )e )oth the high :oint an% the whole e@tent o= his #areer. 7eC$e ne$er )een $er& #lose.t &o. An% I alwa&s got on well with (& sister' =or all that we sel%o( see ea#h other. 7e %o sa& what we thin8. IC( $er& =on% o= Martin an% !enri8.n o= (eB irger is ol%er than Anita an% (e.‖ .‖ AThe :oliti#ian. In his own e&es heCs a =antasti#all& i(:ortant :oliti#ian with a =.s =athea% than a )a% :erson.t.t his han% to to. I %etest Isa)ella an% #anCt a)i%e Ale@an%er.Cre a (e()er o= the Vanger =a(il&' &o. (a8ing =.‖ AI %i%.

‖ For the =irst ti(e in her li=e Salan%er =elt a strong nee% to as8 so(eone =or a%$i#e. Not an o:tion.l% (ean re$ealing her se#rets. .l% )e in )e% e$er sin#e I =irst saw &o.l% ha$e to #on=i%e in so(eone' whi#h in t. :artners %. .r(an to )elie$e.t he was %e=initel& not a =rien%' an% he was the last :erson on earth who wo.(. On the other han%' se@ ha% alwa&s Dor at least (ost o=tenE o##..l% tal8 to Plag.e' who was (ore or less a stea%& :resen#e in her li=e. That translate% into a::ro@i(atel& =i$e :artners :er &ear' whi#h was OJ =or a single girl who ha% #o(e to regar% se@ as an en>o&a)le :asti(e.aintan#es. A=ter going thro. The :ro)le( was that as8ing =or a%$i#e (eant that she wo. 7ho sho.l% ha$e #o(e o= age.ite as (o%est as she ha% le% A%$o8at >. She ha% ha% o$er =i=t& :artners sin#e the age o= =i=teen.l% she tellB She was si(:l& not $er& goo% at esta)lishing #onta#t with other :eo:le.s &ears in her late teens when she sho.t.l% )e a)le to hel: sol$e her :ro)le(.rn wo.ring a two<&ear :erio%. Those were the t.t she ha% ha% (ost o= these #as. .gh her a%%ress )oo8 in her (in%' she ha%' stri#tl& s:ea8ing' ten :eo:le who (ight )e #onsi%ere% her #ir#le o= a#4. An% it =elt right to tr& it o. Salan%erCs se@ li=e wasnCt 4.ATo )e honest' IC$e )een won%ering how & She #o.rre% on her #on%itions an% at her initiati$e.

l% not re(e()er.rne% twent& an% starte% wor8ing at Milton Se#.ring the :ast &ear she ha% ha% onl& one reg.s instit.)' an% she %i% not e@:erien#e the slightest %egree o= sel=<=.s:i#io.rit&' she ha% #al(e% %own a::re#ia)l& an%?she Cilla' she ha% )e#o(e a (e()er o= AE$il Fingers'‖ whi#h ha% starte% as a s. Salan%er was not the easiest :erson to )e =rien%s with' an% es:e#iall& not %.There was a ti(e when Salan%er ha% stoo% at a #rossroa%s an% %i% not reall& ha$e #ontrol o$er her own li=e?when her =.t together.tions.r)an )an% #onsisting o= .gs' al#ohol' an% #. D. For her' se@ ha% (ost o=ten )een with one o= a loose gro.s' as her #ase)oo8 entries %.ght?ha% got a gri: on her li=e.sto%& in $ario. The& ha% glare% s. For so(e reason Salan%er %i% not .t. Thro.ring her late teens ha% %esignate% her.n8 whose na(e she #o.).t she was a##e:te% )e#a. Cilla ha% #o.t Cilla ignore% her silen#es an% too8 her along to the )ar.n%erstan%' the& ha% starte% hanging o.lar se@ :artner?har%l& :ro(is#.l=il(ent )& going ho(e with so(e %r. She (et Cilla in her late teens when' at Pal(grenCs insisten#e' she was tr&ing to get the s#hool #erti=i#ate she ha% =aile% to #o(:lete at Jo($.@.ring the =irst at ea#h other %.ght her three )eers in a :. A=ter she t.: o= =rien%sH she was not reall& a (e()er' ).t %r.(<re% hair strea8e% with )la#8' )la#8 leather tro. She no longer =elt the nee% to :lease an&one who )o.ring those &ears' ).sers' a ring in her nose' an% as (an& ri$ets on her )elt as she 8new Cilla NorMn.l% ha$e ta8en the =or( o= another series o= #ase)oo8 entries a)o.

Their hair #olo.: o= =rien%s who (et at J$arnen on T.all& %i%nCt she .: an% rarel& #ontri). She was also in$ite% to )irth%a& :arties an% Christ(as glGgg #ele)rations' tho. .e that Salan%er ha% a %istri#t #o. The& wo.r teenage girls in Ens8e%e who were into har%' an% :oliti#s while the& %ran8 large 4.ring the =i$e &ears she h.l% listen.antities o= )eer. Ten &ears later' the& were a gro. Not an o:tion.l% #o(e an% go as she :lease% an% was allowe% to sit in silen#e o$er her )eer all e$ening.%ie% or wor8e%' an% one o= the girls )e#a(e a (other.&s who were =rien%s with the girls.: to their na(e.t the& still ha% =.ti4.t she was a##e:te% =or who she was.s.n% hersel= on the =ringe o= the gro. rather than =ro( =.n8& M&rorna.t with AE$il Fingers'‖ the girls )egan to #hange. I= there was one :la#e where she =elt an& sort o= gro.: soli%arit&' it was in the #o(:an& o= the AE$il Fingers‖ an%' )& e@tension' with the g. She =e(inis(' the :entagra(' (. . Salan%er =elt as i= she were the onl& one who ha% not #hange% a )it' whi#h #o.l% also stan% . AE$il Fingers‖ wo.te% to the tal8' ). .=o.t the& ha% no #l.: =or her.rt or%er %e#laring her non #o(:os ( nights to tal8 trash a)o. She %i%nCt want the( to )e e&eing her the wrong wa&' too. The& st.l% also )e inter:rete% as that she was si(:l& (ar8ing ti(e an% going nowhere. The& also li$e% .r )e#a(e less e@tre(e' an% the #lothing #a(e (ore o=ten =ro( the !^M )o.t )o&s an% %is#. Salan%er =o.

sl& that he wo. E$en tho.t to as8 hi( =or hel: went against the grain. She ha% no networ8 or s. Crisis #entres e@iste%' in her e&es' =or $i#ti(s' an% she ha% ne$er regar%e% hersel= as a $i#ti(. That was %e=initel& an o:tion.rre% to her to t. .r(an.l% ta8e sha:e i= Ar(ans8& were her g. Ar(ans8& ha% gro:e% her one ti(e too' ). Salan%er to&e% with the i%ea o= how her li=e wo. So who #o.l% she t. . She %eli)erate% =or a long ti(e a)o. An% she was she was well aware o= what a wo(enCs #risis #entre was =or' it ne$er o##.rn to one hersel=. That wasIwell' :ossi)l& an that he (eant it. An% it %i% not )o%e well =or !err A%$o8at Nils >. !e ha% tol% her that i= she nee%e% hel: with an&thing' she sho.: or :oliti#al #onta#ts o= an& 8in%.r(an.l% :.entl&' her onl& re(aining o:tion was to %o what she ha% alwa&s %one?ta8e (atters in her own han%s an% sol$e her :ro)le(s on her own.l% #on=i%e in Dragan Ar(ans8&.::ort gro.n:leasant' ).l% s(other her with attention.A:art =ro( that' she %i% not ha$e a single e@<#lass(ate in her a%%ress )oo8.l% not hesitate to #o(e to hi(.t Ar(ans8& (ight ta8e the assign(ent so serio.t her in his %e) instea% o= >. She s(ile%. The i%ea was not .rn to an% tell a)o.t whether she sho.t her :ro)le(sB There (ight )e one :erson. Conse4. !e was her )oss' an% it wo.t it ha% )een a =rien%l& gro:ing' no ill intentions' an% not a %e(onstration o= :ower.

!is re:. !is =inan#es were in goo% or%erH >.gh on se$eral o##asions he ha% signe% his .rs%a&' Fe)r.(ents she #o.l% la& her han%s nearl& ten &ears ago o= )eing the (i%%le(an in an . The res.lts were %is#o. !e was a law&er' (e()er o= the ar Asso#iation' an% a.r(an' *+-Fri%a&' Mar#h 2 D. She in$estigate% his #ir#le o= relati$es an% =rien%s.ring the last wee8 o= Fe)r. On onl& one o##asion was he re:orte% to the ar Asso#iation?he was a##. Asso#iation.t e$er& %etail o= his .C!APTER ".re%.tation was s:otless.t he ha% )een a)le to :ro$e his inno#en#e.t e@#e:tionall& te%io. A%$o8at >.thor o= a res:e#ta)l& long<win%e% ).' )orn "61+' as a high<:riorit& s:e#ial :ro> o= all the ar#hi$es an% :.)li# %o#.n%er<the<ta)le :ro:ert& %eal' ). She wor8e% al(ost si@teen ho.r(an ha% ne$er )een e$er& %a& %oing a (ore :ersonal in$estigation than she ha% e$er %one )e=ore. She (a%e .s %issertation on =inan#e law.r(an was well<to<%o' with at least "+ (illion 8ronor in assets. !e ha% rarel& a::eare% in the (ass (e%ia' altho.:)ringing an% #areer. She loo8e% at his =inan#es an% (a::e% o.raging. !e :ai% (ore ta@es than he owe%' was a (e()er o= Green:ea#e an% A(nest& International' an% he %onate% (one& to the !eart an% Salan%er a#te% as her own #lient' with >.

All o= these #ases in$ol$e% (inors' an% the assign(ents #a(e to an en% with a #o.t how #hil%ren hitherto .l there.%& a)o.ths )e=ore he )e#a(e Salan%erCs g.rt %e#ision when the& #a(e o= age.r &o.rteen &ears' an% the %i$or#e went thro.r(an (arriage ha% laste% =o.r ha% esta)lishe% li$es =or the(sel$es with a )o&=rien% or girl=rien%H the& all ha% >o)s' :la#es to li$e' an% Co<o: %e)it A%$o8at >.tes.)le with the law. !e ha% )een tr. !e li$e% in a =i$e<roo( a:art(ent on U::lan%sgatan near O%en:lan' an% he was the se#retar& o= his #o<o: a:art(ent to :.lte% >.ths who got into tro.r(an in his role as a%$o8at' so there %i% not see( to )e an& ani(osit& there either.l% =in% no tra#e o= wrong%oing.stee =are% later in li=e #o(:are% to other #hil%ren.t %is:.r(anCs =or(er #olleag.r #lients' intro%.n%er the #are o= a tr. Salan%er witho.rall&' e$er&one will )e . She #alle% ea#h o= the =o. I= >. She was )orn in Polan% ). Yes' nat. All =o.)li# a::eals =or :oliti#al :risoners in the thir% worl%.stee =or =o.:er$isor =or &o.t ha% li$e% all her li=e in on his e@<wi=e' whose na(e was Elena.larl& a#te% as a s. She wor8e% at a reha)ilitation #entre an% was a::arentl& ha::il& re(arrie% to one o= >.r(an ha% )een s&ste(ati#all& e@:loiting his war%s' there was no sign o= it' an% no (atter how %ee:l& Salan%er :ro)e%' she #o.#ing hersel= as a so#ial wel=are se#retar& wor8ing on a Nothing . The >. One o= these #lients still #ons. !e was %i$or#e% an% ha% no #hil%ren.r(an reg.

sting =i=t&<three<&ear<ol% (en ha% heart atta#8s at her )e#8 an% #all.t the hall.n#tione%?i= the& ha% an& o:inions a)o.t it o.i#8 heart atta#8. Se$eral o= the 4. lo(8$ist #arrie% on his a==air with !ea%(istress Ce#ilia Vanger with the greatest %is#retion.t hi(.l& realisti# alternati$e.estionnaire with ten En% o= :ro)le(. It was ti(e to #onsi%er another o:tion. She ha% :.stee' A%$o8at >.les9 she %i%nCt want an&one to 8now the& were (eetingH she wante% . A=ter all the anal&ses were %one' one :ossi)ilit& re(aine% that starte% to loo8 (ore an% (ore attra#ti$e?or at least see(e% to )e a tr.: the %o#.l% =in% nothing to :ro$e it.t together a 4. >.r(an wasnCt itB No<one ha% an&thing )a% to sa& a)o.l% )e =or >.s.)t that he was a #ree: an% a :ig' ).t with the twent& )ags o= ol% news:a:ers o.r(an si(:l& to %isa::ear =ro( her li=e.t that sort o= thing #o.l% . .t she #o. The easiest thing wo. She 8new )e&on% a %o.estions were %esigne% to get the res:on%ents to gi$e their $iews on how well the tr.steeshi: ha% =.anon&(o. A 4. She ha% three r.estions' whi#h she as8e% on the tele:hone.t their own tr.l% )e arrange%. There was nothing in his :ast that she #o.(ents in a )ag =ro( I#a an% :.r(an was a::arentl& )e&on% re:roa#h. 7hen Salan%er #o(:lete% her =erreting' she gathere% . The #at#h was that not e$en %isg.

se% to see her h.s.r:rise% an% astonishe% hi(. !e =elt torn an% at the sa(e ti(e #. I (a%e s.: in the he was =ire%.t her )a#8gro. I o==ere% (& hel:.t a=ter a #o. She (et a (an )& the na(e o= 3err& Jarlsson' who .ssing the )a#8gro.s.rt an% en%e% . .natel& wor8e% =or the Vanger Cor:oration. lo(8$ist %i% not want to :r& into her :ersonal li=e' ).sl& h.‖ ATell (e a)o.t he ha% )een hire% to :r& into the :ersonal li$es o= e$er&one in the Vanger =a(il&.al stor&?he )eat her an% she lo&all& %e=en%e% hi(. The& (arrie%. Finall& he hit her one ti(e too (an&.rio. ACe#iliaB I %onCt thin8 she ha% an&thing to %o with !arriet.hi( to #o(e o$er onl& when she #alle% an% was in the (oo%H an% she %i%nCt want hi( to sta& all night.t the& are still (arrie%B‖ . It was the .n% o= Ale@an%er an% irger. One %a& he as8e% Vanger who( she ha% )een (arrie% to an% what ha% ha::ene%.t #ool an% %istant. 7hen he ran into her at S.estion while the& were %is#.ght the (arriage was a ha::& one?an&wa& in the )eginning. !er :assion s.l% )e. !e (istreate% her.n=ort.‖ A . She (o$e% o. I tho. She was serio.‖ AShe (o$e% )a#8 here a=ter gra%.sanneCs' she was =rien%l& ). 7hen the& (et in her )e%roo(' she was wil%l& :assionate. !e as8e% the 4.ating an% starte% wor8ing as a tea#her.s)an% sin#e.:le o= &ears I )egan to see that things were not as the& sho.t here to !e%e)& Islan% an% has re=.

al :oli#e in$estigation she too8 =or grante%H sooner or later her na(e wo.s (etho%s .l% not )e an& in%i#ation that his %eath e$en ha% a #onne#tion with an& o= his #lients.r(anCs res:onsi)ilities were e@a($erse o= :resent an% =or(er #lients' she ha% (et hi( onl& =o.t she has ne$er wante% to re(arr&' so I s. There was also what was .%e% in an& e$ent.l% ne$er )e lin8e% to the #ri(e. Onl& one #on%ition ha% to )e =.l=ille%.: when >.ntil she ha% narrowe% it %own to a =ew realisti# s#enarios =ro( whi#h to #hoose.‖ Salan%er %e$ote% a wee8 to :lanning Nils >.‖ AOJ. %e=ine it. She #an )e tri#8& to %eal with' ). I %onCt 8now wh& she hasnCt =ile% =or %i$or#e.AItCs a 4.t sheCs one o= the goo% :eo:le in (& =a(il&.#h a wa& that she hersel= #o. No a#ting on i(:. .estion o= how &o.‖ AMi8ael' IC( =on% o= Ce#ilia.::ose it hasnCt (a%e an& a#4.aintan#es' #olleag.r(an ha% to %ie in' an% others. The =a#t that she wo.t she was onl& one :erson in a whole .‖ AThis Jarlsson' %i% he ha$e an&thing to %o withI‖ AIwith !arrietB No' he wasnCt in !e%esta% in "600' an% he wasnCt &et wor8ing =or the =ir(. There were =or(er girl=rien%s' relati$es' #as.lse.l% )e in#l.r(anCs %e(ise.all& . .r ti(es' an% there wo. She #onsi%ere%?an% re>e#te%?$ario. >.l% show .

all& %ie.arantee that he wo.sing a )o() o= so(e sort' ). So it wo. The tele:hone rang. .l% )e %i==i#.ggle' whi#h #o.als on how to (a8e the %ea%liest %e$i#es.l% )e the :er:etrator.t it wo.t .ll& goo% at tra#8ing %own =irear(s. esi%es' there was again no g.rre% in s. She tho. 7orse' it (ight :ro$o8e a str.l% not )e a :ro)le(? the Internet was =.t the )o() so that inno#ent :assers)& wo.l% )e no great :ro)le(' ).l% )e :.r#hase% at an& har%ware store' ).sing a g.: witho. It wo.arantee that he wo.l% stain her #lothes' )e e$i%en#e against her.rt.l% a#t.l% )e a hel:less' in#o(:etent girl with %o#. A#4.t warning an% %ro$e the 8ni=e into his )a#8' there was no g.l% attra#t attention' an% )loo% #o.:' she wo.nli8el& that a (entall& han%i#a::e% girl #o.#h a #o(:li#ate% (anner that it the )o() itsel= wo.#h too #o(:li#ate%.ll o= (an.t %e#i%e% against that too.l% )e highl& .n wo.l% %ie at all.n.n%' or that he wo. She re>e#te% the o:tion o= .t (a8ing a so. E$en i= she t.iring a g.l% %ie instantl& an% witho.r(anCs %eath o##.t the :oli#e were aw=.(ents showing her to )e (entall& %e=i#ient.%e=ine% as Aran%o( $iolen#e'‖ when the :er:etrator an% $i#ti( %i% not 8now ea#h other.rne% .l% not )e h.ght a)o.l% )e an a%$antage i= >. She #onsi%ere% a 8ni=e' whi#h #o. .lt' on the other han%' to =in% a :la#e to :.l% )e (. I= her na(e #a(e .

.r:rise% her' ).(< siLe% #it&.n% in a #he(istr& set =or #hil%ren =or a =ew h. Dragan. O)$io.t it #o.n%er stri#t #ontrol.=a#t.‖ She :. . Finall& she settle% on :oison.s&.sehol% :ro%. The (an. All that was nee%e% was a (o%est a(o.‖ AIC( ).l% )e :ro%.‖ AThis is i(:ortant. .#e% in al(ost . One o= the( was a(ong the (ost %ea%l& :oisons 8nown to s#ien#e?h&%ro#&ani# a#i%' #o((onl& 8nown as :r.#h a lethal s.nli(ite% 4.)stan#e was 8e:t . A =ew (illigra(s were as a #o(:onent in #ertain #he(i#al in%.#ts.n%re% 8ronor' along with se$eral ingre%ients that #o.nt o= la)orator& e4. Pr.t a (e%i.stries' in#l. The #hoi#e s.l% wi:e o. Salan%er s:ent se$eral %a&s #o()ing the Internet.%ing the (an.t on #loser #onsi%eration it was :er=e#t.i:(ent' an% that #o.t %own the re#ei$er.‖ AI %onCt ha$e ti(e.ssi# a#i% was .gh to 8ill a :ersonH one litre in a reser$oir #o.antities in an or%inar& 8it#hen.l% )e =o. IC$e got a >o) =or &o.l% )e e@tra#te% =ro( or%inar& o= %&es. There were :lent& to #hoose =ro(.al =or the :ro#ess was on the Internet.A!i' Lis) s.ssi# a#i%.

l% e@tra#t eno.nning thro.tes he wo. A=ter an% th.l% not o= itsel= gi$e her )a#8 #ontrol o= her own li=e' an% there was no g.l:hate' whi#h ha% the :ro:ert& that it #o.n#ons#io. It was not an a::ealing o:tion' an% it re4.l% )e .##essor wo.a%e% that there were no te#hni#al i(:e%i(ents to (a8ing short wor8 o= her g. Anal&sis o= the #onse4.ght.ation. An e$en )etter s.l% )e a)sor)e% the s8in.#ts #o. At least' so she tho.t together a new :lan.l% )e an i(:ro$e(ent.#e' was ni#otine s.t i= she #arrie% it o==' she wo.arantee that >.r%er )& :oison an% :.s her own sit.)stan#e' altho.l% ha$e to %o was :.s s&r. There were two :ro)le(s9 >.sehol% :ro%.)stan#e an% heat it to (a8e a $is#o. . & the en% o= the night' she ha% s#ra::e% the i%ea o= (.%&ing the s.Another o:tion was ni#otine. Salan%er ha% ha% no i%ea that so (an& ho.ire% her to allow >.gh slightl& (ore #o(:le@ to :ro%. .:. Fro( a #arton o= #igarettes she #o.r(an in the =a#e. 7ithin twent& se#on%s he sho.s' an% within a =ew (in.t on 7hat she nee%e% was a wa& to #ontrol her g.r(anCs %eath wo.r(anCs s. All she the sit. She sat on the worn so=a in her li$ing roo( =or one whole e$ening r.l% )e trans=or(e% into %ea%l& wea:ons.))er glo$es' =ill a water :istol' an% s:ra& >.ation in her (in%.l% ha$e (illigra(s o= the s.r(an to atta#8 her again.l% )e %ea% as a %oor<nail.)>e#t =or se$eral %a&s' she was :ers.

to<)iogra:h&.l% )e VangerCs a. D. !e was wor8ing s&ste(ati#all& thro.ntil "9++ or *9++ in the (orning.sing on Vanger as the :erson hol%ing the stor& together.l% go o$er to see Vanger to as8 hi( 4.& the en% o= Fe)r. In the a=ternoon he wo.l% #ra( new (aterial into his hea%. Thro. !e ha% written "*+ :ages o= the =a(il& #hroni#le in ro.n% 29++ he wo.tine that trans=or(e% his sta& in !e%e)&.ntil noon.%ing !elene LGGwCs %o#toral %issertation' The Swasti8a an% the 7asa Shea=' whi#h %ealt with the s&()ols a%o:te% )& the Ger(an an% Swe%ish NaLis. Aro.l% ha$e to (o$e (ore slowl& an% start weighing his the li)rar& in !e%esta% he ha% or%ere% )oo8s %ealing with NaLis( %. e&on% this :oint he wo.r<long wal8' no (atter what the weather was li8e. !e ha% %ra=te% another =ort& :ages a)o.t Vanger an% his )rothers' =o#.estions that ha% arisen was (o$ing s(oothl&.n%r&' go into !e%esta%. !e wo.9++ an% 09++ he was alwa&s =ree.l% sho: =or gro#eries' %o his la.l% go on wor8ing' either at ho(e or at S.sanneCs ri%ge Ca=M' :ro#essing what he ha% rea% in the (orning or writing se#tions o= what wo.ring that ti(e' in#l.l% ta8e an ho. & "+9++ he was ho(e' an% he wo.( lo(8$ist =ell into a %ail& ro.: at 69++ e$er& (orning' ate )rea8=ast' an% wor8e% .ring this ti(e he wo. !e got . Then he wo.)>e#ts he nee%e% to resear#h on the wa& the #o(:an& o:erate% . !e ha% rea#he% the "6* VangerCs %o#. !e ha% a list o= %ra=t.l% rea% .ring the %a&. etween . The wor8 o= sha:ing the a.

t %onCt gi$e .l% =in% not a single :ie#e o= in=or(ation that #ontra%i#te% the in$estigati$e re:ort. The ol% (an listene% :atientl& as lo(8$ist liste% all the %ea% en%s he ha% r. AIC( he ha% a #on$ersation with Vanger in whi#h he re:orte% on his la#8 o= :rogress. No (atter how (.re we (.r%a& e$ening in late Fe)r.#h he )roo%e% o$er the %etails in the =iles' he #o.‖ AMa&)e so.ring that ti(e. A##or%ing to the s#he%.‖ AItCs :ointless. AFinish the >o).‖ AJee: at it'‖ Vanger ha$e (isse% so(ething.le he ha% %e$ise%' he wante% to ha$e a =inal %ra=t =or !enri8 Vanger to loo8 at )& the =irst o= Se:te()er' so that he #o.t. ANo #ri(e is :er=e#t'‖ Vanger sai%. .%. For all his rea%ing an% listening' lo(8$ist ha% (a%e not an in#h o= :rogress in the !arriet Vanger #ase. !e esti(ate% that he ha% a)o.l% s:en% the a. An% he ha% %is#o$ere% that the Vanger =a(il& was also hea$il& in$ol$e% in I$ar Jre.(n re$ising the te@t.gerCs e(:ire?another si%e stor& he ha% to e@:lore.‖ A7e still #anCt sa& whether a #ri(e was #o((itte%.‖ lo(8$ist sighe%.t . .++ :ages le=t to write.:. One Sat.n into.

AThe tele:hone n.()ers'‖ he sai% at last; AYes;‖ AThe& ha$e to (ean so(ething;‖ AI agree;‖ AThe& were written %own =or so(e :.r:ose;‖ AYes;‖ A .t we #anCt inter:ret the(;‖ ANo;‖ AOr else weCre inter:reting the( wrong;‖ APre#isel&;‖ AThe&Cre not tele:hone n.()ers; The& (ean so(ething;‖ AMa&)e so;‖ Mi8ael sighe% again an% went ho(e to #ontin.e rea%ing; A%$o8at >.r(an was relie$e% when Salan%er #alle% again an% e@:laine% that she nee%e% (ore (one&; She ha% :ost:one% their (ost re#ent s#he%.le% (eeting with the that she ha% to wor8' an% a $ag.e sense o= .neasiness gnawe% at hi(; 7as she going to t.rn into an

.n(anagea)le :ro)le( #hil%B .t sin#e she ha% (isse% the (eeting' she ha% no allowan#e' an% sooner or later she wo.l% )e )o.n% to #o(e an% see hi(; !e #o.l% not hel: ).t )e #on#erne% that she (ight ha$e %is#.sse% what ha% ha::ene% with so(e o.tsi%er; She was going to ha$e to )e 8e:t in #he#8; She ha% to .n%erstan% who was in #harge; So he tol% her that this ti(e the (eeting wo.l% )e at his ho(e near O%en:lan' not at the o==i#e; U:on hearing this news' Salan%er was silent =or a long ti(e on the other en% o= the tele:hone )e=ore she =inall& agree%; She ha% :lanne% to (eet hi( at his o==i#e' e@a#tl& li8e last ti(e; Now she was =or#e% to see hi( in .n=a(iliar territor&; The (eeting was set =or Fri%a& e$ening; She ha% )een gi$en the ).il%ing #o%e' an% she rang his %oor)ell at 59,+' hal= an ho.r later than agree%; That was how (.#h ti(e she ha% nee%e% in the %ar8ness o= the ).il%ingCs stairwell to r.n her :lan one last ti(e' #onsi%er alternati$es' steel hersel=' an% (o)ilise the #o.rage she wo.l% nee%; At 59++ lo(8$ist swit#he% o== his #o(:.ter an% :.t on his o.t%oor #lothing; !e le=t the lights on in his o==i#e; O.tsi%e the s8& was )right with stars an% the night was =reeLing; !e wal8e% )ris8l& .: the hill' :ast VangerCs' ta8ing the roa% to KstergRr%en; e&on% VangerCs he t.rne% o== to the le=t' =ollowing an .glier :ath along the shore; The lighte% ).o&s =li#8ere% o.t on the water' an% the lights =ro( !e%esta% glea(e% :rettil& in the %ar8; !e nee%e% =resh air' ).t a)o$e all he wante% to a$oi% the s:&ing e&es o= Isa)ella

Vanger; Not =ar =ro( Martin VangerCs he re>oine% the roa% an% arri$e% at Ce#ilia VangerCs %oor >.st a=ter 59,+; The& went straight to her )e%roo(; The& (et on#e or twi#e a wee8; Ce#ilia ha% not onl& )e#o(e his lo$er o.t here in his :la#e o= e@ile' she ha% also )e#o(e the :erson he ha% )eg.n to #on=i%e in; It was signi=i#antl& (ore rewar%ing %is#.ssing !arriet Vanger with her than with her .n#le; The :lan )egan to go wrong al(ost =ro( the start; >.r(an was wearing a )athro)e when he o:ene% the %oor to his a:art(ent; !e was #ross at her arri$ing late an% (otione% her )r.s4.el& insi%e; She was wearing )la#8 >eans' a )la#8 T<shirt' an% the o)ligator& leather >a#8et; She wore )la#8 )oots an% a s(all r.#8sa#8 with a stra: a#ross her #hest; A!a$enCt &o. e$en learne% to tell the ti(eB‖ >.r(an sai%; Salan%er %i% not re:l&; She loo8e% aro.n%; The a:art(ent loo8e% (.#h as she ha% e@:e#te% a=ter st.%&ing the ).il%ing :lans in the ar#hi$es o= the Cit& Foning O==i#e; The light< was )ir#h an% )ee#h<woo%; ACo(e on'‖ >.r(an sai% in a =rien%lier tone; !e :.t his ar( aro.n% her sho.l%ers an% le% her %own a hall into the a:art(entCs interior; No s(all tal8; !e o:ene% the %oor to the )e%roo(; There was no %o.)t as to what ser$i#es Salan%er was e@:e#te% to :er=or(;

She too8 a 4.i#8 loo8 aro.n%; a#helor =.rnishings; A %o.)le )e% with a high )e%stea% o= stainless steel; A low #hest o= %rawers that also =.n#tione% as a )e%si%e ta)le; e%si%e la(:s with (.te% lighting; A war%ro)e with a (irror along one si%e; A #ane #hair an% a s(all %es8 in the #orner ne@t to the %oor; !e too8 her )& the han% an% le% her to the )e%; ATell (e what &o. nee% (one& =or this ti(e; More #o(:.ter a##essoriesB‖ AFoo%'‖ she sai%; AO= #o.rse; !ow st.:i% o= (e; Yo. (isse% o.r last (eeting;‖ !e :la#e% his han% .n%er her #hin an% li=te% her =a#e so their e&es (et; A!ow are &o.B‖ She shr.gge%; A!a$e &o. tho.ght a)o.t what I sai% last ti(eB‖ AA)o.t whatB‖ ALis)eth' %onCt a#t an& (ore st.:i% than &o. are; I want .s to )e goo% =rien%s an% to hel: ea#h other o.t;‖ She sai% nothing; A%$o8at >.r(an resiste% an i(:.lse to gi$e her a sla:?to :.t so(e li=e into her; ADi% &o. li8e o.r grown<.: ga(e =ro( last ti(eB‖ ANo;‖

!e raise% his e&e)rows; ALis)eth' %onCt )e =oolish;‖ AI nee% (one& to ).& =oo%;‖ A .t thatCs what we tal8e% a)o.t last ti(e; I= &o.Cre ni#e to (e' ICll )e ni#e to &o.; .t i= &o.Cre >.st going to tro.)leI‖ !is gri: on her #hin tightene% an% she twiste% awa&; AI want (& (one&; 7hat %o &o. want (e to %oB‖ AYo. 8now what I want;‖ !e gra))e% her sho.l%er an% :.lle% her towar%s the )e%; A7ait'‖ Salan%er sai% hastil&; She ga$e hi( a resigne% loo8 an% then no%%e% #.rtl&; She too8 o== her r.#8sa#8 an% leather >a#8et with the ri$ets an% loo8e% aro.n%; She :.t her >a#8et on the #hair' set her r.#8sa#8 on the ro.n% ta)le' an% too8 se$eral hesitant ste:s to the )e%; Then she sto::e%' as i= she ha% #ol% =eet; >.r(an #a(e #loser; A7ait'‖ she sai% on#e (ore' in a tone as i= to sa& that she was tr&ing to tal8 sense into hi(; AI %onCt want to ha$e to s.#8 &o.r %i#8 e$er& ti(e I nee% (one&;‖ The e@:ression on >.r(anCs =a#e s.%%enl& #hange%; !e sla::e% her har%; Salan%er o:ene% her e&es wi%e' ).t )e=ore she #o.l% rea#t' he gra))e% her )& the sho.l%er an% threw her on to the )e%; The $iolen#e #a.ght her )& s.r:rise; 7hen

she trie% to t.rn o$er' he :resse% her %own on the )e% an% stra%%le% her; Li8e the ti(e )e=ore' she was no (at#h =or hi( in ter(s o= :h&si#al strength; !er onl& #han#e o= =ighting )a#8 was i= she #o.l% h.rt hi( )& s#rat#hing his e&es or .sing so(e sort o= wea:on; .t her :lanne% s#enario ha% alrea%& gone to hell; Shit' she tho.ght when he ri::e% o== her T<shirt; She realise% with terri=&ing #larit& that she was o.t o= her %e:th; She hear% hi( o:en the %resser %rawer ne@t to the )e% an% #a.ght the #lan8ing so.n% o= (etal; At =irst she %i% not .n%erstan% what was ha::eningH then she saw the han%#.==s #lose aro.n% her wrist; !e :.lle% .: her ar(' :la#e% the han%#.==s aro.n% one o= the )e%:osts' an% lo#8e% her other han%; It %i% not ta8e hi( long to :.ll o== her )oots an% >eans; Then he too8 o== her 8ni#8ers an% hel% the( in his han%; AYo. ha$e to learn to (e' Lis)eth'‖ he sai%; AIC( going to tea#h &o. how this grown<.: ga(e is :la&e%; I= &o. %onCt treat (e well' &o. ha$e to )e :.nishe%; 7hen &o.Cre ni#e to (e' weCll )e =rien%s;‖ !e sat astri%e her again; ASo &o. %onCt li8e anal se@'‖ he sai%; Salan%er o:ene% her ( to s#rea(; !e gra))e% her hair an% st.==e% the 8ni#8ers in her (; She =elt hi( :.tting so(ething aro.n% her an8les' s:rea% her legs a:art an% tie the( so that she was l&ing there #o(:letel& $.lnera)le; She

hear% hi( (o$ing aro.n% the roo( ).t she #o.l% not see the T<shirt aro.n% her =a#e; It too8 hi( se$eral (in.tes; She #o.l% har%l& )reathe; Then she =elt an e@#r.#iating :ain as he =or#e% so(ething .: her an.s; Ce#ilia Vanger still ha% a r.le that lo(8$ist was not to sta& all night; So(e ti(e a=ter *9++ in the (orning he )egan to %ress while she la& na8e% on the )e%' s(iling at hi(; AI li8e &o.' Mi8ael; I li8e &o.r #o(:an&;‖ AI li8e &o. too;‖ She :.lle% hi( )a#8 to the )e% an% too8 o== the shirt he ha% >.st :.t on; !e sta&e% =or one (ore ho.r; 7hen later he :asse% )& VangerCs' he was he saw one o= the #.rtains shi=t .:stairs; Salan%er was allowe% to :.t on her #lothes; It was /9++ on Sat.r%a& (orning; She :i#8e% .: her leather >a#8et an% r.#8sa#8 an% ho))le% to the =ront %oor' where he was waiting =or her' showere% an% neatl& %resse%; !e ga$e her a #he4.e =or *'1++ 8ronor; AICll %ri$e &o. ho(e'‖ he sai%' an% o:ene% the %oor; She #rosse% the threshol%' o.t o= the a:art(ent' an% t.rne% to =a#e hi(; !er )o%& loo8e% =ragile an% her =a#e was swollen =ro( #r&ing' an% he al(ost re#oile% when he (et

her e&es; Ne$er in his li=e ha% he seen s.#h na8e%' s(o.l%ering hatre%; Salan%er loo8e% >.st as %erange% as her #ase)oo8 in%i#ate%; ANo'‖ she sai%' so 4.ietl& that he )arel& hear% the wor%; AI #an get ho(e on (& own;‖ !e :.t a han% on her sho.l%er; AAre &o. s.reB‖ She no%%e%; !is gri: on her sho.l%er tightene%; ARe(e()er what we agree%; Yo.Cll #o(e )a#8 here ne@t Sat.r%a&;‖ She no%%e% again; Cowe%; !e let her go; C!APTER "/ Sat.r%a&' Mar#h 5-Mon%a&' Mar#h "2 Salan%er s:ent the wee8 in )e% with :ain in her a)%o(en' )lee%ing =ro( her re#t.(' an% less $isi)le wo.n%s that wo.l% ta8e longer to heal; 7hat she ha% gone was $er& %i==erent =ro( the =irst ra:e in his o==i#eH it was no longer a (atter o= #oer#ion an% %egra%ation; This was s&ste(ati# )r.talit&;

She realise% (.#h too late that she ha% .tterl& (is>.%ge% >.r(an; She ha% ass.(e% he was on a :ower tri: an% li8e% to %o(inate' not that he was an all<o.t sa%ist; !e ha% 8e:t her in han%#.==s hal= the night; Se$eral ti(es she )elie$e% he (eant to 8ill her' an% at one :oint he ha% :resse% a :illow o$er her =a#e .ntil she tho.ght she was going to :ass o.t; She %i% not #r&; A:art =ro( the tears o= :h&si#al :ain she she% not a single tear; 7hen she le=t the a:art(ent she (a%e her wa& with to the ta@i stan% at O%en:lan; 7ith she #li()e% the stairs to her own a:art(ent; She showere% an% wi:e% the )loo% =ro( her genitals; Then she %ran8 a :int o= water with two Roh&:nol an% st.()le% to her )e% an% :.lle% the %.$et o$er her hea%; She wo8e .: at (i%%a& on S.n%a&' e(:t& o= tho.ghts an% with #onstant :ain in her hea%' (.s#les an% a)%o(en; She got .:' %ran8 two glasses o= 8e=ir' an% ate an a::le; Then she too8 two (ore slee:ing :ills an% went )a#8 to )e%; She %i% not =eel li8e getting .: .ntil; She went o.t an% )o.ght a )ig )o@ o= ill&Cs Pan PiLLa' st.#8 two o= the( in the (i#rowa$e' an% =ille% a ther(os with #o==ee; She s:ent that night on the Internet' rea%ing arti#les an% theses on the :s&#ho:atholog& o= sa%is(;

She =o.n% one arti#le :.)lishe% )& a wo(enCs gro.: in the Unite% States in whi#h the a.thor #lai(e% that the sa%ist #hose his Arelationshi:s‖ with al(ost int.iti$e :re#isionH the sa%istCs )est $i#ti( was the one who $ol.ntaril& went to hi( ) she %i% not thin8 she ha% an& #hoi#e; The sa%ist s:e#ialise% in :eo:le who were in a :osition o= %e:en%en#e; A%$o8at >.r(an ha% #hosen her as a $i#ti(; That tol% her so(ething a)o.t the wa& she was $iewe% )& other :eo:le; On Fri%a&' a wee8 a=ter the se#on% ra:e' she wal8e% =ro( her a:art(ent to a tattoo :arlo.r in the !ornst.ll %istri#t; She ha% (a%e an a::oint(ent' an% there were no other #.sto(ers in the sho:; The owner no%%e%' re#ognising her; She #hose a si(:le little tattoo %e:i#ting a narrow )an% an% as8e% to ha$e it :.t on her an8le; She :ointe%; AThe s8in is $er& thin there; ItCs going to h.rt a lot'‖ sai% the tattoo artist; AThatCs OJ'‖ Salan%er sai%' ta8ing o== her >eans an% :.tting her leg .:; AOJ' a )an%; Yo. alrea%& ha$e loa%s o= tattoos; Are &o. &o. want another oneB‖ AItCs a re(in%er;‖

lo(8$ist le=t the #a=M when S.sanne #lose% at *9++ on Sat.r%a& a=ternoon; !e ha% s:ent the (orning t&:ing .: his notes in his i oo8; !e wal8e% to Jons.( an% )o.ght so(e =oo% an% #igarettes )e=ore he went ho(e; !e ha% %is#o$ere% =rie% sa.sage with :otatoes an% )eets?a %ish he ha% ne$er )een =on% o= ).t =or so(e reason it see(e% :er=e#tl& s.ite% to a #a)in in the #o.ntr&; At aro.n% 29++ in the e$ening he stoo% )& the 8it#hen win%ow' thin8ing; Ce#ilia Vanger ha% not #alle%; !e ha% r.n into her that a=ternoon when she was ).&ing )rea% at the #a=M' ).t she ha% )een lost in her own tho.ghts; It %i% not see( li8el& that she wo.l% #all this e$ening; !e glan#e% at the little TV that he al(ost ne$er .se%; Instea% he sat at the 8it#hen )en#h an% o:ene% a (&ster& )& S.e Gra=ton; Salan%er ret.rne% at the agree%<.:on ti(e to >.r(anCs a:art(ent near O%en:lan; !e let her in with a :olite' wel#o(ing s(ile; AAn% how are &o. %oing to%a&' %ear Lis)ethB‖ She %i% not re:l&; !e :.t an ar( aro.n% her sho.l%er; AI s.::ose it was a )it last ti(e'‖ he sai%; AYo. loo8e% a little s.)%.e%;‖

She ga$e hi( a #roo8e% s(ile an% he =elt a s.%%en :ang o= .n#ertaint&; This girl is not all there; I ha$e to re(e()er that; !e won%ere% i= she wo.l% #o(e aro.n%; AShall we go into the )e%roo(B‖ Salan%er sai%; On the other han%' she (a& )e with itI; To%a& ICll ta8e it eas& on her; .il% .: her; !e ha% alrea%& :.t o.t the han%#.==s on the #hest o= %rawers; It was not .ntil the& rea#he% the )e% that >.r(an realise% that so(ething was a(iss; She was the one lea%ing hi( to the )e%' not the other wa& aro.n%; !e sto::e% an% ga$e her a :.LLle% loo8 when she :.lle% so(ething o.t o= her >a#8et :o#8et whi#h he tho.ght was a (o)ile tele:hone; Then he saw her e&es; ASa& goo%night'‖ she sai%; She sho$e% the taser into his le=t ar(:it an% =ire% o== 21'+++ $olts; 7hen his legs )egan to gi$e wa& she :.t her sho.l%er against hi( an% .se% all her strength to hi( %own on to the )e%; Ce#ilia Vanger =elt a little ti:s&; She ha% %e#i%e% not to tele:hone lo(8$ist; Their relationshi: ha% %e$elo:e% into a ri%i#.lo.s )e%roo( =ar#e' in whi#h lo(8$ist ha% to ti:toe aro.n% tr&ing to get to her .nnoti#e%; She in t.rn :la&e% a lo$esi#8 teenage girl who #o.l% not #ontrol hersel=; !er )eha$io.r the :ast =ew wee8s ha% )een re#8less;

The :ro)le( is that I li8e hi( too (.#h' she tho.ght; !eCs going to en% .: h.rting (e; She sat =or a long ti(e wishing that Mi8ael lo(8$ist ha% ne$er #o(e to !e%e)&; She ha% o:ene% a )ottle o= wine an% %r.n8 two glasses in her loneliness; She t.rne% on the TV to wat#h Ra::ort an% trie% to =ollow the worl% sit.ation ).t $er& soon tire% o= the reasone% #o((entar& on wh& Presi%ent .sh ha% to )o() Ira4 to s(ithereens; Instea% she sat on the li$ing<roo( so=a an% :i#8e% .: Gellert Ta(asC )oo8 The Laser Man; She rea% onl& a =ew :ages )e=ore she ha% to :.t the )oo8 %own; That (a%e her instantl& thin8 o= her =ather; 7hat 8in% o= =antasies %i% he ha$eB The last ti(e the& reall& saw ea#h other was in "65/' when she went with hi( an% irger' hare<h.nting north o= !e%esta%; irger was tr&ing o.t a new h.nting %og?a Swe%ish =o@ho.n% whi#h he ha% >.st a#4.ire%; !aral% Vanger was se$ent&<three at the ti(e' an% she ha% %one her $er& )est to a##e:t his' whi#h ha% (a%e her #hil%hoo% a night(are an% a==e#te% her entire li=e; Ce#ilia ha% ne$er )e=ore )een as =ragile as she was then; !er (arriage ha% en%e% three (onths earlier; Do(esti# $iolen#eIthe ter( was so )anal; For her it ha% ta8en the =or( o= .n#easing a).se; lows to the hea%' $iolent sho$ing' (oo%& threats' an% )eing 8no#8e% to the 8it#hen =loor; !er h.s)an%Cs o.t).rsts were ine@:li#a)le an% the atta#8s were not o=ten so se$ere that she was a#t.all& in>.re%; She ha% )e#o(e .se% to it;

Until the %a& when she str.#8 )a#8 an% he #o(:letel& lost #ontrol; It en%e% with hi( =linging so(e s#issors at her whi#h lo%ge% in her sho.l%er )la%e; !e ha% )een re(orse=.l an% :ani#8& an% %ro$e her to the hos:ital' (a8ing .: a stor& a)o.t a )iLarre a##i%ent whi#h all the sta== in the e(ergen#& roo( saw at on#e; She ha% =elt asha(e%; The& ga$e her twel$e stit#hes an% 8e:t her in the hos:ital =or two %a&s; Then her .n#le :i#8e% her .: an% %ro$e her to his; She ne$er s:o8e to her h.s)an% again; On that s.nn& a.t.(n %a& !aral% Vanger ha% )een in a goo% (oo%' al(ost =rien%l&; .t witho.t warning' a long wa& into the woo%s' he )egan to )erate her with h.(iliating in$e#ti$e an% re$olting re(ar8s a)o.t her (orals an% :re%ile#tions; !e snarle% that no won%er s.#h a whore #o.l% ne$er 8ee: a (an; !er )rother a::arentl& %i% not noti#e that e$er& wor% =ro( their =ather str.#8 her li8e a whi:lash; Instea%' irger s.%%enl& la.ghe% an% :.t his ar( aro.n% his =ather an% in his own wa& (a%e light o= the sit.ation )& (a8ing so(e #o((ent to the e==e#t that &o. 8now =.ll well what wo(en are li8e; !e ga$e Ce#ilia a #heer=.l win8 an% s.ggeste% that !aral% Vanger ta8e .: a :osition on a little ri%ge; For a se#on%' a =roLen instant' Ce#ilia Vanger loo8e% at her =ather an% )rother an% realise% that she was hol%ing a loa%e% shotg.n in her han%; She #lose% her e&es; !er onl& o:tion at that (o(ent see(e% to )e to raise the g.n an% =ire )oth )arrels; She wante% to 8ill the( )oth; Instea% she lai%

%own the wea:on at her =eet' t.rne% on her heel' an% went )a#8 to where the& ha% :ar8e% the #ar; She le=t the( high an% %r&' %ri$ing ho(e alone; Sin#e that %a& she to let her =ather into her an% ha% ne$er )een in his; Yo. r.ine% (& li=e' Ce#ilia Vanger tho.ght; Yo. r.ine% (& li=e when I was >.st a #hil%; At 59,+ she #alle% lo(8$ist; >.r(an was in :ain; !is (.s#les were no .se to hi(; !is )o%& see(e% to )e :aral&se%; !e #o.l% not re(e()er i= he ha% lost #ons#io.sness' ).t he was %isoriente%; 7hen he slowl& regaine% #ontrol o$er his )o%& he %is#o$ere% that he was l&ing na8e% on his )e%' his wrists in han%#.==s an% his legs s:rea% :ain=.ll& a:art; !e ha% stinging ).rn (ar8s where ele#tro%es ha% to.#he% his )o%&; Salan%er ha% :.lle% the #ane #hair o$er an% was :atientl& waiting' her )oots resting on the )e% as she s(o8e% a #igarette; 7hen >.r(an )egan to s:ea8 to her he =o.n% that his ( was seale%; !e t.rne% his hea%; She ha% :.lle% o.t all his %rawers an% %.(:e% the( an% the #ontents on the =loor; AI =o.n% &o.r to&s'‖ Salan%er sai%; She hel% .: a ri%ing whi: an% :o8e% aro.n% in the hea: o= %il%os' harness )its' an% r.))er (as8s on the =loor; A7hatCs this one =orB‖ She hel% .: a anal :l.g; ANo' %onCt tr& to s:ea8?I wonCt hear what &o. sa&; 7as this what &o. .se% on (e last

)ri#ant' rightB‖ >.#8sa#8 I ha% when I $isite% &o. ADo I ha$e &o. AGoo%.‖ She .tto#8s. She loo8e% at hi(' still hol%ing the whi: in her han%. !er =a#e was e@:ressionless.n%i$i%e% attentionB DonCt tr& to tal8?>.==s. She ha% :la#e% his DVD :la&er on the =loor.: her #o(:lain' ICll ha$e to :. I )orrowe% it =ro( Milton Se#. ADo &o. !e =ollowe% her hel:lessl& with his e&esI7hat the hell was thisB Salan%er ha% rolle% in his thirt&<two<in#h TV =ro( the li$ing roo(. She ha% ta8en #ontrol.gge% at his han%#. re#ognise thisB‖ !e no%%e%.‖ She stoo% .r . en>o& sho$ing things insi%e :eo:le' is that itB‖ She loo8e% hi( in the e&es. I(:ossi)le. Di% &o.g )etween his ).nLi::e% the )otto( :o#8et.nish &o. AI= &o. last wee8.rit&. hear what I sai%B‖ !e no%%e%. !e t. ASto: whi(:ering'‖ Salan%er sai%' i(itating his $oi#e.ghl& s:rea% his #hee8s an% ra((e% the :l. .l% %o nothing to resist when Salan%er )ent o$er an% :la#e% the anal :l.Cre a sa%ist'‖ she sai% (atter<o=<=a#tl&. >.#8sa#8.r(an howle% into the a%hesi$e ta:e when Salan%er ro.g into its :ro:er :la#e. A :ra#ti#al ite(. ASo &o.r(an =elt #ol% terror :ier#ing his #hest an% lost his #o( no%.wee8B All &o. A7itho.‖ She )ent %own an% :i#8e% .: an% went to the other si%e o= the )e%.t a l. AItCs the r. AYo. ha$e to %o is no%.‖ She leane% towar%s hi( e@:e#tantl&. !e #o.

Ma&)e &o.‖ She Li::e% the :o#8et )a#8 . re(e()er that I :. Then she got . e$en learne% to tell the ti(eB She :la&e% the whole %is# =or hi(.se when the& ha$e to re#or% so(ething with a hi%%en #a(era.t the r. 7i%e angle =i)re o:ti#s.l% sit an% wat#h the s#reen.AThis is a %igital $i%eo #a(era. Then she t.: a DVD an% sli::e% it into the :la&er. !er $oi#e was li8e san%:a:er. A%$o8at >.t it.: an% went into the )athroo(. .r(an sat leaning against the )e%stea% %rin8ing a glass o= wine as he loo8e% at Salan%er' #.tes witho. The lens loo8s li8e a ).B This is the gear that those nast& re:orters . She t. I (a%e s. Do &o.:.s#le.rle% .tes' in the (i%%le o= a s#ene where a na8e% A%$o8at >.r(an saw hi(sel= o:en the %oor =or Salan%er.rne% o== the TV an% sat in the #hair =or a goo% ten (in.l%er stra:. e$er wat#h Insi%er on TV.: with her han%s =ettere% )ehin% her.r(an %i% not %are (o$e a (. A7hereCs the lens' &o. ThatCs the great thing a)o.tton an% sits hi%%en in the ).t loo8ing at hi(. The $i%eo en%e% a=ter ninet& (in.#8le on a sho. >.Cre that the lens was %ire#te% straight at the )e%. 7hen she #a(e )a#8 she sat again in the #hair. !a$enCt &o.#8sa#8 here on the ta)le )e=ore &o. She lit another #igarette an% :resse% the re(ote.‖ She hel% . starte% to gro:e (e.rne% the #ane #hair so that she #o.

t she #o. AGoo%. ra:ing a (entall& han%i#a::e% twent&<=o.n%erstan% how in &o. I tho.sting eno.AI (a%e a (ista8e last wee8'‖ she sai%.: #lose so she #o.Cre not (erel& a :er$ert ).ire goo% %o#. =ollowing (e so =arB‖ She waite%. A!a$e &o.t an insane sa%ist.lle% the #hair .ght &o. ItCs 4.l% not gi$e her an answer.t not so %isg.tionalise%' not (e. AIC( going to s:ea8 :lainl&'‖ she sai%. She gra))e% the whi: an% =li#8e% it right o$er his genitals.l% %o a) !e %i% not rea#t' ).i$ering. were. !e no%%e%. thin8B M& g. An% &o. AI tho. an& goo% i%easB‖ 7hen he %i% not rea#t she rea#he% o.#ti$e' %onCt &o.t an% gra))e% his . An&one who sees this $i%eo will %is#o$er that &o.l% loo8 into his e&es.r #ase' ).‖ She #o(es to sho$e. were a::ointe% g. I %i%nCt .Cre the one whoCs going to )e instit. thin8 we sho. ha$e no i%ea how (entall& han%i#a::e% I #an )e i= :. were going to (a8e (e gi$e &o.ite instr.Cre a =ilth& ol% :ri#8. I (is>. A7hat %o &o.%l&.l% easil& a#4.(entation to :ro$e &o.ght I #o.sting that I #o. a )low >o) again' whi#h is %isg. =ollowing (eB‖ she sai% (ore lo.%ge% &o. AAre &o.t this :ro)le(B‖ !e #o. Are &o.l% see hi( 4..r<&ear<ol% girl =or who( &o.#8ing si#8 &o. AThis $i%eo shows &o. So weCre singing =ro( the sa(e song sheet.ess is that &o. This is the se#on% an% I ho:e the last ti(e ICll e$er ha$e to wat#h this $i%eo.l%nCt %o it.

))e% her #igarette o.( an% :. %onCt thin8 there is an&thing a)nor(al a)o. In the =.lle% . OJB‖ !e no%%e%.r re:ort on (& wel=are to the G. .Cre .r arse' &o.r.: in e$er& newsroo( in Sto#8hol(.r(an‖ !e no%%e% re:eate%l&. (anage to shit o.t (& )eha$io. Yo. got an& goo% i%easB‖ she re:eate%. will re:ort that (& li=e is #o(:letel& nor(al' that I ha$e a stea%& >o)' that IC( s. !e shoo8 his hea%.t. Yo.n%er a restraining or%er to sta& awa& =ro( (e. e$er tr& to #onta#t (e again' #o:ies o= this DVD will win% .t.Cre going to in=or( (& )an8 that I?an% I alone?ha$e a##ess to (& a##o.#8ing (a% at &o. AGoo% )o&.re we will (eet onl& i= I %e#i%e itCs ne#essar&.ntil his =a#e #ontorte% in :ain. AOn#e a &ear &o. AThis is whatCs going to ha::en. She %oesnCt inten% to 8ill ( Agen#&.n%erstan%B‖ !e no%%e%. Yo. Ne@t wee8' as soon as &o. will t. e$er ha$e an& i%eas in the =.s#rot.nt. Do &o.::orting (&sel=' an% that &o.n%erstan% what IC( sa&ingB‖ >. i= &o.‖ She leane% )a#8 an% st. I ha$e to get hol% o= that $i%eo. Do &o. A!a$e &o. IC( going to )e :rett& =. .))er :l. will ne$er e$er #onta#t (e again. AI= &o.t on the #ar:et. AGoo%.g in &o.rn in &o. .t that o$ersiLe% r.

r $er& )estB e#a. Yo.r non<e@istent (eetings with (e.r =a8e% re:orts =ro( o. Do &o.rt to ha$e (& %e#laration o= in#o(:eten#e res#in%e%. tr& to #onta#t (e. =.#8ing #. !is e&es were ).Cre going to win% .Cre going to ha$e to (a8e an e==ort. will :ost a #o:& to (e. ADo &o.‖ !e no%%e%.t &o.‖ She (i(e% a throat< slitting (otion. will %es#ri)e in %etail how :ositi$e I a( an% how well things are going =or (e. will initiate negotiations in the %istri#t #o.rning with hatre%.‖ !e listene% to e$er& s&lla)le Salan%er was sa&ing. Yo.r (eetings as the )asis =or &o. AGoo%)&e to this elegant li=est&le an% . !e %e#i%e% she ha% (a%e a (ista8e )& letting hi( li$ that I a( %e#lare% #o(:etent.l% in re:l& to e$er& 4.n%erstan%B‖ !e no%%e% again. AIn a &ear or so' letCs sa& two' &o. Yo.r :ower to ens. AThe sa(e a::lies i= &o. Yo.)li#. will .t he #ontin.r :ro:osal.nt.e% no%%ing as $igoro. 8now wh& &o. ha$e a =. &o. Sooner or later IC( going to #r. will %o :re#isel& e$er&thing in &o. will :re:are a re:ort a)o. Yo. I= & &o. . Yo.AEa#h (onth &o. =ail IC( going to (a8e this $i%eo e@tre(el& :.Cre going to %o &o.estion. will =in% a shrin8 who will swear . Salan%er noti#e% a)sent< (in%e%l& the )ea%s o= sweat =or(ing on his &o.: eating this' &o.n%er oath that I a( #o(:letel& nor( as he #o..#8ing goo% reason. .

tel& )elie$e% her.: on &o.#8ing hell %i% she 8now thatI She s(ile% an% too8 o. AIn the =.. 7hen &o.s a re:ort in whi#h I %es#ri)e what itCs li8e to ha$e &o.r =ine re:. .to(ati#all& )e :oste% to the news:a:ers. AI= &o. IC( going to ha$e #ontrol o$er &o. with an& wo(an at allI‖ Salan%er (a%e the throat<slitting (otion an% &o.r li=e.ntaril& when she (entione% the (one&.‖ She leane% =orwar% again so that her =a#e was onl& a #o.#h (e again I will 8ill &o.‖ !is e&es wi%ene% in$ol. She leane% =orwar% an% s(ile% sweetl&. An% thatCs a :ro(ise.‖ >.l% %ieIi= I sho. least e@:e#t it' when &o.r (illions in that o==shore a##o. There was not a $estige o= )l. AICll )e #he#8ing .Cre in )e% aslee: :ro)a)l&' IC( going to a::ear in the )e%roo( with this in (& han%.r s:are set o= 8e&s to this a:art(ent an% &o.‖ !e =rowne%. ha$e )een with a girl again?an% it %oesnCt (atter i= sheCs here o= her own =ree will? i= I e$er =in% &o. AI= I sho. AI want &o.r(an a)sol.&o.l% =all $i#ti( to an a##i%ent an% )e r. !ow the =.t &o.r o==i#e.: the taser.:le o= in#hes =ro( his. as a g.t. AOne (ore thing..n o$er )& a #ar or so(ethingIthen #o:ies o= the $i%eo will a.nt. e$er to.‖ She hel% . I= I e$er =in% o.== in her e&es.t another #igarette.

ha$e #ontrol e$en tho. thin8 & to let &o. an% I are going to )e goo% =rien%s'‖ Salan%er sai%. So &o.‖ .se this is the =irst ti(e IC$e .r(an ha% no i%ea what she inten%e% to %o' ).%%en terror.Cre going to get a :resent =ro( (e so &o.Cll alwa&s re(e()er o.AJee: it in (in% that IC( #raL&' wonCt &o.lating &o. She ga$e hi( a tho. is to let &o.B‖ !e no%%e%. Yo. !e was )eginning to =eel $er& ill in%ee%.t he =elt a s. >.Cre (& :risoner' sin#e &o. ALie rather still )e#a. Then he saw the nee%le in her han%. #an so(ehow re#o$er &o. !e =lo::e% his hea% )a#8 an% =orth an% trie% to twist his )o%& awa& . AI %onCt thin8 &o. AYo.Cre l&ing there #ongrat.t a 8nee on his #rot#h an% :resse% %own in warning. A( I rightB‖ !e shoo8 his &o.r :ower o$er (e right awa&.‖ She ga$e hi( a #roo8e% s(ile an% #li()e% on to the )e% an% 8nelt )etween his legs.i:(ent. ARight now &o. li$e.ll o= ho:e that &o.r agree(ent.ght=. go.ntil she :.rsel= that IC( %i( eno. thin8 the onl& thing I #an %o i= I %onCt 8ill & this e4.Cre =.l loo8.

She ha% . The letters loo8e% at )est i(:ressionisti#. !e see(e% to )e al(ost in a state o= a:ath&. She .rne% her =a#e to hi( in s.nlo#8e% one o= the han%#. AOn Mon%a& I ha$e to go to :rison =or . !er artisti# talents were li( a)o$e his genitals9 I AM A SADISTIC PIG' A PERVERT' AND A RAPIST.She wor8e% stea%il& =or two ho.: to three (onths.#8sa#8. It was as the& share% a #igarette so(e ti(e a=ter (i%night that he tol% her the& #o. Then she went to the )athroo( an% re% an% )l. She =elt a lot )etter when she #a(e )a#8 in the )e%roo(. Ce#ilia t.n%le o= 8e&s with her.==s an% :. She too8 her DVD an% his ). 7hen she was =inishe% he ha% sto::e% whi(:ering.t the 8e& on his sto(a#h )e=ore she le=t.‖ .e in8. She got %own =ro( the )e%' #o#8e% her hea% to one si%e' an% regar%e% her han%iwor8 with a #riti#al e&e. (eanB‖ !e loo8e% asha(e%. AGoo%night'‖ she sai%. A7hat %o & The (essage was written in #a:s o$er =i$e lines that #o$ere% his )ell&' =ro( his ni::les to >.: the nee%les an% :la#e% the in8 #artri%ges in her r. She gathere% .l% not see ea#h other =or a while.r:rise.

: sa&ing she was ). I tho.‖ Salan%er loo8e% at hi( #al(l&. o=ten see( to ha$e things to straighten o. !a$e &o.s when Salan%er 8no#8e% at his %oor on Mon%a& a=ternoon. ASorr&.ar&' an% e$er& ti(e he trie% to rea#h her she either %i% not answer or h. %ie% or so(ething.s:i#io. Not at the (o(ent. A!a$e &o.ght &o.‖ AThere were things I ha% to straighten o. IC( )a#8 now. !e ha% seen no sign o= her sin#e he #alle% o== the in$estigation o= the 7ennerstrG( a==air in earl& 3an. .‖ AThis ti(e it was .rgent.all& %onCt ha$e a thing.No other e@:lanation was ne#essar&. IC$e ha% to :a& other :eo:le to #o$er =or &o. an% I li8e to gi$e &o. Dragan Ar(ans8& was s.t &o. Great to see &o.t. She =elt li8e #r&ing. >o)s. got a >o) =or (eB‖ Ar(ans8& shoo8 his hea%.‖ .t an& greeting. Yo. Ce#ilia la& in silen#e =or a long ti(e.s&.t.Cre si(:l& not relia)le. A!i.C$e )een gone =or two (onths an% IC$e ha% tons o= >o)s. ALis)eth' &o. got a >o) =or (eB‖ she as8e% witho.' an% right now I . A=ter a while he starte% tal8ing.. 8now I li8e &o.‖ AYo.

: the $ol.ACo. I want to #he#8 so(e st. A7ait.: an% hea%e% =or the %oor.(e his role as :.l% &o.strialist !enri8 Vanger will )e :art owner an% will ha$e a seat on the )oar% o= %ire#tors o= Millenni. 7here are &o.t' with a stor& =ro( the TT wire . A=ton)la%etCs e$ening e%ition was alrea%& o.(.)lisher Mi8ael lo(8$ist )egins ser$ing his three<(onth senten#e =or the li)el o= ).rn .( ha% a#4. t. She stoo% .C$e got so(ething.siness(an !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(.ietl& that Ar(ans8& onl& saw her li:s (o$e. Call (e when &o. goingB‖ A!o(e.n#e% at a :ress #on=eren#e that lo(8$ist will res. A7ell' isnCt that so(ething'‖ Salan%er sai% so 4.ire% rein=or#e(ents in the =or( o= !enri8 Vanger was a #onsi%era)l& )igger e$ent than Lis)eth Salan%er ha% e@:e#te%.(eB‖ A7hatB‖ AOn the ra%io.‖ The news that Millenni.)lisher when his senten#e is #o(:lete%.(Cs e%itor in #hie= Eri8a erger anno.==.‖ Ithe (agaLine Millenni. Millenni. The news that $eteran in%.( #o(es the sa(e %a& that the =or(er CEO an% :.

: VangerCs #areer an% stating that it was the =irst ti(e in al(ost twent& &ears that the ol% in%. The stor& was so )ig that the 29.((ing .‖ A7hat %o &o.( was $iewe% as >.strial (agnate ha% (a%e a :. .rnalis( will #ontin.r $ersion o= e$ents' whi#h we ha$e not %one th. (ean )& Q=ollowing . The news that he was )e#o(ing :art owner o= Millenni. All o= a s.ita)le o##asion.%%en the 7ennerstrG( a==air was news again.l% ha$e %one that at the as i(:ro)a)le as Peter 7allen)erg or Eri8 Penser :o::ing .e as )e=ore.lte% in the (agaLine )eing :rose#.Cre hol%ing to the stor& that :ro(:te% the in%i#t(entB‖ AI ha$e nothing (ore to sa& on that s.te% =or li)el.)>e#t.(Cs o==i#e.‖ A7e #hose not to %o so.: this stor& at a s.s =ar.‖ .t o.‖ AYo.)li# a::earan#e. #o. A7e (a%e a serio.all& )e telling o.+ e%ition o= Ra::ort ran it as its thir% lea% an% ga$e it a three<(in.r in$estigati$e >o. This is so(ething we regretI an% we will )e =ollowing . AI (ean that we will e$ent.: as :art owners o= ETC or s:onsors o= Or%=ront (agaLine.‖ ADoes that (ean &o.ser$i#e s.te slot.: the stor&CB‖ the re:orter sai%.s (ista8e last &ear whi#h res. Eri8a erger was inter$iewe% at a #on=eren#e ta)le in Millenni.

rate.nt' ).(Cs stor(& histor& as an original an% )een on a st. That Mon%a& ha% )een a slow news %a&' an% Vanger got a whole =o.nte% )a#8gro.strialist !enri8 Vanger was )a#8.n% in 3N(tlan%. !e ha% >. The re:orter )egan )& stating that a=ter two %e#a%es o= ha$ing stoo% )a#8 =ro( the s:otlight the in%.%io so=a where Vanger was sitting :er=e#tl& rela@e%. !e nee%e% a )rea8.tes on the 69++ news. Salan%er noti#e% Dir#h Fro%e at the e%ge o= the TV s#reen :assing a %oorwa& in the e%itorial o==i#es.‖ The #a(era :anne% thro.llR8er Prison' a) .gh the newsroo( while the re:orter 4.i#8l& re#o. An% he was also 4. lo(8$ist was not a$aila)le =or #o((ent. !e wore a &ellow shirt' narrow green tie' an% #o(=orta)le %ar8<)rown s. sa#8e% Mi8ael lo(8$ist a=ter the $er%i#t was %eli$ere%.r =ro( Ksters.AYo.r :ress release.n% in=or(ation on Millenni.t he s:o8e in a #lear' =ir( $oi#e. !e was ga.t an ho.%io in !e%esta%.)lisher later this &ear.‖ AThat is ina##. She =rowne% an% )it her lower li: in tho. !eCll )e )a#8 as CEO an% :.: in R. Rea% o.ght. The re:orter as8e% .ite #an%i%. !e was inter$iewe% in a TV st.r (in. The seg(ent )egan with a sna::& )iogra:h& in )la#8< an%<white TV i(ages' showing hi( with Pri(e Minister Erlan%er an% o:ening =a#tories in the si@ties. The #a(era then =o#.ts:o8en (agaLine.

n8 in his #ell? whi#h re(in%e% hi( o= a #ra(:e% (otel roo( with its tin& ta)le' its one #hair' an% one shel= on the wall' he .gh he ha% )een a #. )o.ghing as he s:ent his =irst e$ening in the TV roo( at R. lo(8$ist ). ‖ Vanger a#te% as stor& ha% &et (ore . . !is =ellow in(ates glan#e% at hi( .n it into the gro.n.l% )e %e:lora)le i= the s:e#ial interests ha% the :ower to silen#e those $oi#es in the (e%ia that the& =in% .n#o(=orta)le.t la.ral ra%i#al es:o.t ICll (a8e it #lear now that Millenni.n8 with the =irst sal$o. It has ene(ies who are organising an a%$ertising )o&#ott' tr&ing to r.n%.( will )e e@a(ining #losel&.rst o.( will not )e s.esse% at on#e that the alrea%& .)li#ation is .t g. AItCs an e@#ellent (agaLine whi#h I ha$e =ollowe% with great interest =or se$eral &ears.‖ AIs this wh& &o.(.s.n%er as:e#ts.‖ The re:orter was not :re:are% =or this' ). To%a& the :. Later that e$ening' when he was l&ing on the ).neasil&.Vanger what ha% :ro(:te% hi( to )e#o(e a :art owner o= Millenni.ght into the (agaLineB‖ AIt wo. A7hatCs )ehin% this )o&#ottB‖ AThatCs one o= the things that Millenni.llR8er Prison.sing =ree%o( o= s:ee#h all his li=e.

l% )e #ostl&. Des:ite the =a#t that lo(8$ist ha% )een in%i#te%' #on$i#te%' an% was now i(:risone%' she ha% #o(e o. Yo.ts:o8en an% #har(ing e%itor in #hie=' it was not har% to g.l% )e (ar8ete%. erger ha% #hosen her wor%s with #are. The .)li#' #re%i)ilit& was no :ro)le(? e$er&one lo$es a #ons:ira#& theor&' an% in the #hoi#e )etween a =ilth& ri#h ).th e@iste%.(.gher #hallenge.t still :resents a #onsi%era)l& to.t her sa&ing that the (agaLine ha% not tol% its $ersion #reate% the i(:ression that there was so(ething to tell.t an% sai%?i= not in so (an& wor%s?that he was inno#ent o= li)el an% that another tr. In the e&es o= the &o. Pre#isel& ) she ha% not .:. VangerCs s.l% lie.siness(an an% an o. !e >.)li#Cs s&(:athies wo. The (essage was #lear9 in the =. The (essage that Vanger ha% %eli$ere% on TV was that he was :re:are% to =ight' an% =or 7ennerstrG(' that war ). She ha% not sai% (.::ort was no (ore or less than a %e#laration o= war against 7ennerstrG(.( =elt it ha% nothing to )e asha(e% o=. will not )e =ighting with a (agaLine with a sta== o= si@ an% an ann.%get #orres:on%ing to the #ost o= a 8new that so(ething ha% #hange% in :eo:leCs attit.ess where the :.t how the news wo.a%(itte% that Vanger an% erger ha% )een right a) the wor% Ainno#ent'‖ his inno#en#e see(e% (ore a::arent than e$er.)lisher e(:hasise% that Millenni.t.%e towar%s Millenni.#h' ).: against the Vanger Cor:oration' whi#h (a& )e a sha%ow o= its =or(er greatness ).n#heon (eeting o= the 7ennerstrG( Gro. The =a#t that he was going to )e reinstate% as :. will now )e .

ght ti(e an% the& ha% shi=te% the )alan#e o= :ower a little.est ho.t erger (a& ha$e %isar(e% a n. lo(8$ist i(agine% that 7ennerstrG( ha% :ro)a)l& ha% an . She went o$er to the )ar an% :o.rne% o== the TV an% the VCR a=ter ha$ing wat#he% =irst her own an% then VangerCs inter$iew.r#esC #re%i)ilit&' an% a tho.t a (agaLine.t what angle to . .ll<)loo%e% arg.t on#e a &ear?an% sat at the win%ow' loo8ing ha% to. . 7ith a gri( e@:ression' erger t.#he% on :rin#i:les that (a%e her aware she was on sha8& gro. !e was lo#8e% .#h' or how little' the& 8new' an% )e=ore he (a%e his ne@t (o$e he was going to ha$e to =in% o.e% heate%l& when the& were alone a=ter she at the entran#e to S8.ation o= their so.nli8el& that he was allowe% to 8ee: his (o)ile. 7ennerstrG( hersel= a health& (eas.n%a(entall&' ). It was *9/1 in the (orning' an% she ha% to sti=le the i(:.l% not 8now how (.se =or a s:e#i=i# arti#le' the %esign o= the (agaLine' the e$al.()er o= #riti#s.t a#ross Salts>Gn to the lightho.n%. The& ha% weathere% (an& =.& the stor& so easil&?). So.:' an% it was .lse to #all lo(8$ist.t.san% other things in$ol$e% in :.(e%ia' howe$er' were not going to ). She ha% arri$e% ho(e so late that her h.(ent in VangerCs g.t the arg.n:leasant e$ening.tting o.s)an% was alrea%& aslee:.t the& ha% )o.ation =.%e% the agree(ent with Vanger.n%. None o= the %a&Cs e$ents ha% #hange% the sit.r single (alt?she %ran8 al#ohol a) o= A)erlo. She an% lo(8$ist ha% arg.r.(ents a)o.

All o= a s.: an% lea$e the (o(ent he tries to =or#e (e to write so(ething that isnCt tr.‖ ARi#8&' Vanger is e@:loiting .t' )e=ore we t&:e . Their #on$ersation ha% gone on =or 4. ha$e' s:it it o.n%resse%' an% #li()e% into )e%.a%e (e to slant the stor& in a wa& I %onCt hol% with.: the #ontra#t an% sign later.ite a while' .to)iogra:h&.rsel$es.ntil erger went into the )e%roo(' . This e$ening a re:orter =ro( Dagens N&heter ha% as8e% her the sa(e 4. U: .r (agaLine?an% the onl& one with the reso.l% ne$er a::ro$e.e' or tries to :ers. AThis (an has hire% (e to ghostwrite his a.%%en IC( sitting on the =en#e' in a :osition that a )oar% o= :ro=essional ethi#s wo. A e#a. She :reten%e% to )e aslee: when he got in )esi%e her two ho.rne% awa& =ro( her an% lit a #igarette.estion9 A!ow is Millenni.s in so(e sort o= :ri$ate $en%etta against 7ennerstrG(.(.AI %onCt 8now what to %o now'‖ lo(8$ist ha% sai%. got a )etter i%eaB‖ erger as8e% hi(.r#es to sa$e Millenni.‖ A!a$e &o.‖ ASo whatB 7e ha$e a $en%etta against 7ennerstrG( o.ntil now IC$e )een =ree to get .se i= &o.‖ lo(8$ist t. (eanB‖ .( going to )e a)le #re%i)l& to assert its in%e:en%en#eB‖ A7hat %o &o. Now heCs a :art owner o= o.

ni#ations?%oes that (ean that an&thing A=ton)la%et :. #o.The re:orter tho.str& is not #re%i)leB Metro is owne% )& the Sten)e#8 a well<8nown =inan#ier with signi=i#ant reso.t the ele#troni#s in%. AAre &o.reB‖ AYo.rn is a (a>or :la&er in IT an% #o((.(Cs o)>e#ti$es is to in$estigate #or:orations.r:rise% loo8' as i= the 4.r#es has entere% the :i#t.)lishe% )& the onnier Gro. !ow will the (agaLine )e a)le to #lai( in a #re%i)le wa& that itCs in$estigating the Vanger Cor:orationB‖ erger ga$e hi( a s.t an&wa&.ght the 4.l% not now #re%i)l& in$estigate the Vanger Cor:oration.: is #re%i)leB A=ton)la%et is owne% )& a h. insin.le that a::lies s:e#i=i#all& to (eB‖ AI (ean' &o.estion were #o(:letel& .ge Norwegian #or:oration' whi#h in t.)li#ation that is =or the (ost :art owne% )& (a>or #or:orate entities. Does that (ean that none o= the news:a:ers :.:. sa&ing that .)lishes a)o.(Cs #re%i)ilit& is %i(inishe% )e#a. AOne o=‖ AIs that a r.(B ‖ AE@#.ating that Millenni.t he s:elle% it o. wor8 =or a' ).estion ha% )een #lear eno. Are &o.

)li#ation in Swe%en that has signi=i#ant e#ono(i# interests )ehin% it is #re%i)leB‖ ANo' o= #o.: his han%.l% ha::en i= lo(8$ist an% Vanger )e#a(e ene(iesB An% a)o$e all?what :ri#e %i% she :. DonCt %o that.‖ AThen wh& are &o.:.#h' sin#e she ha% regaine% #ontrol o$er her )an8 a##o.t on her own #re%i)ilit&' an% when ha% she )een trans=or(e% =ro( an in%e:en%ent e%itor into a #orr.:te% oneB Salan%er #lose% her )rowser an% sh.(Cs #re%i)ilit& :.( with the stro8e o= a :en.t %own her Power oo8.t o= wor8 an% h.nt an% > we also ha$e )a#8ersB‖ The re:orter hel% . I want &o.ngr&.s a little (ore on the onnier Gro.l% )e %i(inishe% )e#a.rse not. #an a%% that i= DN :ro(ises to =o#. The =irst #on%ition %i% not worr& her so (.‖ ANo.ating that Millenni.r(an ha% alrea%& ta8en on the stat. lo(8$ist was wor8ing =or !enri8 Vanger' who was in a :osition to sin8 Millenni. to :rint e@a#tl& what I sai%.s a little e@tra on the Vanger Cor:oration' then weCll =o#.‖ .t it was an ethi#al %ile((a. 7hat wo.s . AOJ' ICll retra#t that 4. She was o. insin. An% &o.

She (a%e three )ig o:en r&e<)rea% san%wi#hes with #heese' #a$iar' an% a har%<)oile% the (agaLine.:)oar%s' an% Salan%er lo$e% h.nger she %ealt with )& swit#hing on the #o==ee(a8er. %i%nCt ha$e to )e a ro#8et s#ientist to see that these e$ents were so(ehow relate%. Mergers MAY "0 TO 3ULY "" . esi%es' she ha% nothing else on at the (o(ent.n% arti#le?A7ith two e(:t& han%s‖?a)o.nting s8eletons. Yo. It see(e% that he )egan his #areer in the $er& sa(e Vanger Cor:oration in the late si@ties. PART . The h.e . All this on the sa(e %a& that the =or(er goes to :rison. A =ew (onths later !enri8 Vanger' also =ro( !e%esta%' >oins lo(8$istCs (agaLineCs )oar% o= %ire#tors an% #lai(s that there is a #ons:ira#& to #r.rnalist who was gi$en a :rison senten#e =or li)elling =inan#ier !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(. Most =as#inating o= all9 a two<&ear<ol% )a#8gro. She ate her nightti(e sna#8s on the so=a in the li$ing roo( while she wor8e% on the in=or(ation she ha% gathere%.o= a $ag.t !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(' whi#h she =o. There ha% to )e a s8eleton in one o= their #.n% in the online e%ition o= Mono:ol& Finan#ial MagaLine. The law&er Fro%e =ro( !e%esta% ha% hire% her to %o an in$estigation o= Mi8ael lo(8$ist' the >o.n:leasantness in her :ast.

#e%. !is =ellow :risoners' hal= o= who( were se#on%<generation i((igrants' regar%e% lo(8$ist as so(ething o= a rare )ir% in the assa.r%a&' Ma& .llR8er ha% )een .Thirteen :er#ent o= the wo(en in Swe%en ha$e )een s. The :rison ha% )een %esigne%' as Sarows8& e@:resse% it' =or hooligans an% %r.llR8er Prison on Fri%a&' Ma& "0' two (onths a=ter he was a%(itte%. The sa(e %a& he entere% the =a#ilit&' he ha% s." Mi8ael lo(8$ist was release% =ro( R. !e ne$er %i% 4. The %ail& an& holi%a& lea$e an% that the :rison :o:.l an% :leasant eno.tines re(in%e% hi( o= li$ing in a &o.)(itte% an a::li#ation =or :arole' with no great o:ti(is(.al relationshi:.n%erstan% the te#hni#al reasons )ehin% his release' ).)>e#te% to aggra$ate% se@.lation was =ort&<two while the o= a hostel. !is ti(e at R.t it (a& ha$e ha% so(ething to %o with the =a#t that he %i% not . !e was the onl& .()er o= )e%s was thirt&<one.:. C!APTER "1 Fri%a&' Ma& "0-Sat.ite .nstress=. In an& #ase' the war%en?Peter Sarows8&' a =ort&<&ear<ol% Polish e@ile?with who( lo(8$ist got along well' wrote a re#o((en%ation that his senten#e )e re%.n8 %ri$ers' not =or har%ene% #ri(inals.

t he still lost a =ew =i=t&<Gre #oins e$er& %a&.l% #ontin. .:te% onl& )& a =ew ho. lo(8$ist an% two others' one o= who( #a(e =ro( S8G$%e an% ha% his roots in Chile' were assigne% to #lean the :rison g&( ea#h %a&.rs o= #leaning or re#reation ea#h %a&.#ation' an% o##.e to wor8 on the )oo8 he was #o((issione% to write.ght' an% he alrea%& ha% a >o). Re#reation #onsiste% o= wat#hing TV' :la&ing #ar%s' or weight training.t =.@' or the o::ort.ter in his #ell. !e was tol% o= his release onl& one %a& )e=ore.:ational #o.nit& =or other a%. On the other han%' he as8e% =or :er(ission to 8ee: his i oo8 in his #ell so that he #o.t si@ ho.est was grante% witho. !e %i% not =eel an& nee% at all =or so#ial reha)ilitation' he ha% #o(:lete% his st. Reg.%ies' he e%.nselling. !is re4.l% ha$e stolen or $an%alise% it or an&thing li8e that. The& rather 8e:t a :rote#ti$e e&e on hi(.((one% hi( to his o==i#e an% the& share% a toast with a4.a$ a %a& on the Vanger =a(il& #hroni#le' wor8 that was to a::ear on the TV news' whi#h lent hi( a #ertain stat.s.l% lea$e the #o(:. Not that an& o= the in(ates wo. On his =irst %a&' he was #alle% in =or a tal8 an% o==ere% thera:&' training =ro( Jo($.rther a%o' an% Sarows8& arrange% to )ring hi( a lo#8a)le #a)inet so that he #o.lations :er(itte% :la&ing =or (one& i= the total :ot %i% not e@#ee% =i$e 8ronor. In this wa& lo(8$ist s:ent two (onths wor8ing a)o. Sarows8& s. lo(8$ist %is#o$ere% that he was a :assa)le :o8er :la&er' ).

r% as it see(e%' he ha% en>o&e% his ti(e at R.r:rise.lo(8$ist went straight )a#8 to the #a)in in !e%e)&.n% o.t his release ha% #o(e so .r:rise when he saw Mi8ael.‖ !e .all& (isse% the #o(:an& o= Sarows8& an% his =ellow :risoners.: the =ront ste:s he hear% a (eow an% =o.t I ha$e no (il8 &et. !e as8e% =or her to #all hi( the ne@t %a&. A .n%$aila)le.: to his e(:lo&erCs ho. The ol% (an raise% his e&e)rows in s. Then he wal8e% . A)s. I =o. ADi% &o.n% hi(sel= es#orte% )& the re%%ish<)rown #at. 7hen he wal8e% .st a=ter 09++ in the e$ening.‖ AThatCs a s.rrie% o$er to Jons.‖ . !e h.t last night.& gro#eries )e=ore the& #lose%. AOJ' & that he ha% ha% no ti(e to let an&one 8now.( to ). !e =o.n:a#8e% his )ags.‖ AFor (e too. #an #o(e in'‖ he sai%. It was >.se. It was as i= he ha% )een on holi%a&' an% he realise% that he a#t. es#a:eB‖ ARelease% earl&.n% Vanger on the gro. 7hen he got ho(e he #alle% erger.llR8er' ). A (essage sai% she was .

gh to (o$e two o= the (eetings .r:rise% lo(8$ist )& throwing his ar(s aro.t to eat.r :artner Mal( were 8in% AI was >.‖ Anna :ro%. ICll tr& to get %own there %.n% hi( an% gi$ing hi( a )ear h.antit& o= )a#on :an#a8es with lingon)erries. A7e ha% a )oar% (eeting.t Vanger tol% hi( all a)o. AItCs a#t. 3oin (e.ght?the ga: )etween in#o(e an% e@:enses is %win%ling.: here' while Dir#h stoo% in =or (e at a (eeting in Sto#8hol(. I wonCt ha$e to :. I reall& wish I were a =ew &ears &o.nger' ).st a)o.t !arriet' ). The& sat there in the %ining roo( an% tal8e% =or al(ost two ho.((er.: here'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.: as (.n IC$e ha% in &ears.t the tr. The& %i% not tal8 at all a)o.g. IC$e ta8en a loo8 at the =inan#es' an% the& loo8 :rett& is that itCs too tiring =or (e to tra$el so =ar.t how =ar he ha% got with the =a(il& #hroni#le' an% where there were holes an% ga:s.ring the s. ASo how %oes it =eel to )e a :art owner o= the (agaLineB‖ Vanger ga$e hi( a wr& s(ile. FrG8en erger an% &o. Then the ol% (an s.#h (one& as I tho.The& loo8e% at ea#h other =or a =ew se#on%s.‖ ANo reason not to hol% the (eetings . lo(8$ist tol% hi( a)o.‖ .(.t Millenni.all& the (ost =.t .#e% a great 4.

A re:orter at DN is sai% to ha$e rea#he% hi( an% got a s.t two =or(er a%$ertisers?(o)ile tele:hones an% a tra$el ).ll:age a%s. That (.‖ A!a$e &o.:. She sa&s that a%$ertising re$en.rl& re:l&.(.‖ AItCs starting to t.Cll =in% o.t itCll ta8e ti(e.r &ear.AI tal8e% with Eri8a this wee8.n#h o= =.t we lea8e% a stor& that 7ennerstrG( is organising the )o&#ott o= Millenni.stling a(ong 7ennerstrG(Cs ene(ies. I sho.‖ AYo.n%' &es' ). are en>o&ing this' arenCt &o.l% ha$e %e$ote% (&sel= to this &ears ago.: a ).e has :er8e% . At =irst the #o(:anies in the Vanger Cor:oration went in an% )o. .st ha$e (a%e hi( loo8 :ett&.‖ !e s(ile% )roa%l&. an% 7ennerstrG(' an&wa&B‖ ADonCt e$en tr&.B‖ AEn>o& isnCt the wor%.‖ . hear% %ire#tl& =ro( 7ennerstrG(B‖ A7ell' not reall&.‖ A7hat is it )etween &o.rea. . A7eCre also %oing a little (ore one<to<one h.ght . An%' )elie$e (e' thereCs a long list.t at the en% o= &o.rn aro. Yo.?ha$e #o(e )a#8.

%%enl& .l%.l% &o. The& stoo% there' s. AI >. . Mi8ael #o.tsi%e an% he hesitate% =or a (o(ent.‖ !e =ollowe% her into the 8it#hen. s. She stoo% with her )a#8 to hi( as she =ille% the #o==ee(a8er with water.t a han% on her sho.rne% her aro. A( I interr.‖ AI wasnCt e@:e#ting & o= ea#h other.n% so that he #o. !e :. AYo.7hen lo(8$ist le=t Vanger aro.n#o(=orta)le as she let hi( into the hall. It was %ar8 o. =or another (onth'‖ she sai%.l% see her =a#e.l% not loo8 hi( in the e&e.ns.r:rise% (e. ANoIno' #o(e in. !e wasnCt what he e@:e#te%. want to gi$e (e #o==ee.larl& gla% to see hi(.ation. Then he (a%e his =a(iliar wante% to sa& hello.l% sense at on#e that she wasnCt :arti#.:ting so(ethingB‖ She a$oi%e% his e&es.l%er' an% she sti==ene%. li8e so(e #o==eeB‖ AI wo. The& stoo% in silen#e =or a (o(ent. ACe#ilia' &o.‖ !e t. She too as8e% i= he ha% es#a:e%' an% he e@:laine% the sit.n% 69++ there was a %istin#t =eeling o= s:ring in the air. %onCt loo8 as i= & an% 8no#8e% on the %oor o= Ce#ilia VangerCs ho. She still wo. Ce#ilia o:ene% her e&es wi%e an% instantl& loo8e% .

‖ Mi8ael =irst wal8e% )a#8 to the #ottage' ). !e sto::e% )elow Ce#ilia VangerCs ho.s %o#8s' a ( on a$oi%ing s.t his tho.shest )oat in $iew.t the #o==ee.n% )eneath the )ri%ge. !e an% stole a glan#e at the lighte% win%ows on the to: =loor. Forget a)o. AMi8ael' IC% li8e &o. 3. DonCt as8.tion o= !e%e)&Cs (arina?Martin Vanger ha% witho.n%e#i%e%. Instea% o= going in he went %own to the water )& the )ri%ge an% sat on a ro#8.n%le o= :ower.n% o= an engine an% saw a )ig white )oat sli: into the o= (otor)oats an% sailing )oats. There were se$eral Pettersson )oats' an% at one %o#8 an IF<#lass &a#ht was ro#8ing in the wa8e. !e stoo% . !e s(o8e% a #igarette while he sorte% o. 7hen it :asse%' Mi8ael saw that it was Martin Vanger stan%ing at the wheel' with his gaLe =o#.%%enl& hear% the so. 7hatCs going onB‖ She shoo8 her hea% an% too8 a %ee: )reath.%e towar%s hi(.t :a. The )oat was a =ort&<=oot (otor #r.iser?an i(:ressi$e ).n8en ro#8s in the water. !e %is#o$ere% that se$eral )oats were alrea%& in the water at $ario.: an% too8 the )ea#h :ath.ghts an% won%ere% what #o. Then he went ho(e .t a %o. to lea$e. !e noti#e% a !all)erg<Rass&.ACe#ilia. Other )oats were larger an% (ore e@:ensi$e $ at the gate' .)t the largest an% the :l.l% ha$e so %ra(ati#all& #hange% Ce#ilia VangerCs attit. The )oats also in%i#ate% the #lass %istri).st lea$e.

The& were :hotogra:hs that ha% )een ta8en on the %a& !arriet %isa::eare%.t on so(e #o==ee o= his own. e=ore he :resente% hi(sel= at the :rison he ha% ret. !e went into his o==i#e while he waite% =or it to )rew. !e ha% e@a(ine% the i(ages one )& one with a (agni=&ing glass on se$eral o##asions :re$ =litte% thro.( the (a>orit& o= VangerCs hi(sel= #o==ee an% )egan going thro. !e his hea%' as tho.( on the to: shel= o= the )oo8#ase that he ha% =orgotten. !e #arrie% it to the 8it#hen ta)le.%%en =e% . Restlessl& he went to the 8it#hen win%ow an% :eere% :. Now he he were rea#ting to so(ething he ha% >.res o= the s#ene o= the a##i%ent on the )ri%ge.t into the %ar8ness.: with the . Now the shel$es loo8e% )are. !e #o.(. It ha% see(e% wise not to lea$e it in an e(:t& ho.rne% his gaLe )a#8 to the al).l% not ha$e e@:laine% the =eeling' ).(entation on !arriet. Then he it.t a .ne@:laina)le %isa::earan#e o= !arriet Vanger an% sla((e% the al). !e ha%' o= the re:orts' onl& =i$e o= VangerCs own note)oo8s' an% these he ha% ta8en with hi( to R.rne% the :ages al(ost a)sent<(in%e%l&H he 8new he was not going to =in% an&thing he ha% not seen )e=ore. !e noti#e% an al).llR8er an% now 8new )& heart. The =irst o= the( was the last :hotogra:h o= !arriet' at the Chil%renCs Da& :ara%e in !e%esta%. Then there were so(e "5+ #r&stal<#lear :i#t. In =a#t he =elt all o= a s.

!e loo8e% at the &o.nger !aral%' a (an who( he ha% still not (et. !e #o. These instin#ts were rea#ting to so(ething in the al). She was %resse% in a thin' loose' light< #olo. She ha% on a light< an in$isi)le #reat.(' ). !e went his it :age )& :age' loo8ing at all the :i#t.res o= the )ri%ge.e >a#8et' #lothes al(ost i%enti#al to those she was wearing in the :hotogra:hs =ro( "600. AMa& I #o(e inB‖ It was Ce#ilia %ress an% a gre&ish<)l. .t he #o.l% not =ail to i%enti=& a twent&<&ear<ol% Ce#ilia in the (i%st o= the onloo8ers.( again. !e o:ene% the al).re% %ress an% a %ar8 >a#8et an% was in at least twent& o= the :hotogra:hs.res.nger $ersion o= an oil<soa8e% !enri8 Vanger an% a &o. It was as tho. !e =elt a =resh e@#ite(ent' an% o$er the &ears lo(8$ist ha% learne% to tr. ha% whis:ere% in his ear' (a8ing the hairs on the )a#8 o= his ne#8 stan% on en%.Cre the one whoCs the :ro)le('‖ she sai%. lo(8$ist ha% a strange =eeling o= %M>] $. The )ro8en railing' the ). !e was still at the 8it#hen ta)le at ""9++' staring one )& one again at the :hotogra:hs when he hear% the %oor' the win%ows an% the $ehi#les $isi)le in the :i#t.seen. AYo.t waiting =or an answer she sat %own a#ross =ro( hi( at the ta)le.l% not &et sa& what it was.

last winter it was an i%ioti#' i(:. IC$e ha% =i$e se@ :artners in (& entire li=e. I wante% to en>o& (&sel=' thatCs all. 8no#8e% on the %oor tonight.‖ APro(ise. 8nowB‖ !e shoo8 his hea%.t &o.nha::& I #anCt slee:. AForgi$e (e' ).‖ A7h& are &o.t &o. IC$e ne$er )een :arti#.s)an%' who( I (et when I was twent&<=i$e an% who t.#e% &o. to 8now that those wee8s with &o.' :ro(ise &o. An% then a =ew ti(es with three g. as (& o##asional lo$er were so(e o= the ha::iest in (& li=e. On#e when I was twent&<one an% a %e).lsi$e a#t.t se@.‖ AMi8ael' IC$e )een l&ing to &o.n8' an% I ha% no intention o= starting an&thing long<ter( with &o.t to )e a )astar%.l%nCt .‖ A7hen I se%.tante.rne% into so(ething else. wonCt la. :ro$o8e% so(ething in ( rela@e% a)o. I si(:l& #o. Now IC( so . AI= I tell &o.ite %r.r:rise when &o. Then with (& h.nha::&B‖ ADonCt &o.‖ AI tho. . Then it t.&s I (et se$eral &ears a:art.ght it was lo$el& too. an% to (&sel= the whole ti(e. too8 (e )& s. That =irst night I was 4..lo(8$ist raise% his e&e)rows. . I want &o.rne% o.

%onCt ha$e toI‖ AShh?%onCt interr. Then I wo.l% %e#i%e on one thing.:t' or ICll ne$er )e a)le to tell &o. this. last winter.‖ AItCs not &o. An% there I was' an ol% (ai% o= =i=t&<si@ again. AThe %a& &o. It h. I wish I ha% the #han#e to li$e (& li=e o$er again.‖ A7hatCs thatB‖ .rt so %a(n (. It was %ar8 here in the &o. were gone' as tho.Cll )e gone =or goo%' an% ICll sta& here =or the rest o= (& li=e.est ho. It was #ol% an% e(:t& in (& ) An% then I too8 sto#8 an% realise% that &o. ha% ne$er‖ She sai% nothing =or a while an% loo8e% lo(8$ist in the e&es.Cre so . #a(e )a#8 =ro( :rison.‖ lo(8$ist sat in silen#e. Yo.‖ AIC( sorr&. in again when &o.‖ ACe#ilia' &o. le=t =or :rison I was a)sol.get eno.#h that I %e#i%e% I wasnCt going to let &o. le=t tonight I sat an% #rie%. It ha% so(ething to %o with the =a#t that &o. AI =ell in lo$e with &o. were onl& here te(:oraril&H one %a& &o. 7hen & (isera)le.t it ha::ene%.n%e(an%ing. I %i%nCt (ean to' ).

Then she got . I sho.l% ha$e 8no#8e%.‖ She loo8e% at hi( again.: when the =ront %oor o:ene% an% so(eone was wal8ing thro. lo(8$ist an% Ce#ilia Vanger wo8e .% o= so(ething hea$& )eing :.: an% went o$er to the )e%roo( %oor.t %own near the woo%sto$e.‖ . still want (e' letCs %o & the 8it#hen.‖ She too8 a ste: )a#8. A . =or telling (e. A!i.t than8 & )e#a. Mi8ael' #an we start againB Can &o. A!i' Eri8a'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. I a:ologise a tho.She loo8e% %own at the ta)le.lle% her %ress o$er her hea% as she went. She %ro::e% her >a#8et on the =loor an% :.l% ha$e to )e totall& insane to sto: seeing &o.san% ti(es =or )arging in li8e this. The& hear% the th. IC( so sorr&.Cre going to lea$e one %a&. AThat I wo. AI= &o. Then erger was stan%ing in the )e%roo( %oorwa& with a s(ile that ra:i%l& #hange% to sho#8.‖ She was still loo8ing %own at the ta)le. AOh' goo% Lor%. =orget what ha::ene% earlier this e$eningB‖ AItCs =orgotten'‖ he sai%. >.

‖ 7hen the& went into the 8it#hen a while later' Eri8a ha% set o.#8e% aro. AUh' III #an go =or a wal8I‖ A7hat %o &o.ntil /9++ in the (orning.l%nCt gi$e a tin8erCs lea$ she wo. erger no%%e% an% :.t her :ast noon.A7e sho. Eri8a?this is Ce#ilia Vanger.t. Ce#ilia?Eri8a erger is the e%itor in #hie= o= Millenni. AListen' itCs OJ'‖ he sai%. She loo8e% as tho.: to her an% hel% o.lle% the )e%roo( %oor sh. It s(elle% goo%. an% I ha$e so(ethingISheCs :ro)a)l& :rett& e()arrasse% hersel= right now.t she %oesnCt #are at all i= &o.l% not %e#i%e whether to ste: =orwar% an% :olitel& sha8e han%s or >.‖ A!i'‖ Ce#ilia sai%.ght sheC% slee: o$er an% that in the who 8new she was slee:ing with Mi8ael lo(8$ist. 3. sa& to she #o. .t. lo(8$ist an% Ce#ilia loo8e% at ea#h other. The& ha% (a%e lo$e an% tal8e% .t #o==ee' >.n% her )reasts.(. Then Ce#ilia sai% she tho.tting on so(e #o==ee instea%B‖ lo(8$ist loo8e% at the alar( #lo#8 on the )e%si%e ta)le.l% ha$e lo#8e% the =ront %oor. 7e see ea#h other now an% then' ). A!i'‖ erger sai%. She ha% sle:t with her )a#8 to hi( an% with his ar( t.i#e' le(on (ar(ala%e' #heese' an% toast. Ce#ilia a::eare% e()arrasse%. Ce#ilia went straight . AEri8aCs (arrie% an% she isnCt (& girl=rien%.

Ce#ilia #leare% the ta)le with her )a#8 to Mi8ael.t this =or a (o(ent. .‖ A=ter )rea8=ast erger e@#.t a::arentl& we get along.‖ A7hereCs she going to slee: tonightB‖ A7eCll =in% her a roo( so(ewhere. ANothing.ght a)o.AI was a little a)r. One o= !enri8Cs s:are roo(s.t weC$e ne$er )een a #o.‖ Ce#ilia tho. I ho:e so. She an% I ha$e )een together o== an% on =or twent& &ears an% will :ro)a)l& )e' on an% o==' together =or another twent&.se% hersel= an% le=t the( alone' sa&ing that she ha% to go an% sa& hello to Vanger.:le an% we ne$er get in the wa& o= ea#h otherCs ro(an#es. This is the wa& it is?Eri8a is (& )est =rien%. .t his ar(s aro. AForget it' =or Go%Cs sa8e.‖ ADear Ce#ilia' IC( so sorr& =or sto(:ing in li8e an ele:hant'‖ sai% a $er& e()arrasse% Eri8a erger. She wonCt )e slee:ing in (& )e%' an&wa&. A7hatCs going to ha::en nowB‖ Ce#ilia sai%. An% letCs ha$e )rea8=ast.‖ AIs that what we ha$eB A ro(an#eB‖ AI %onCt 8now what we ha$e' ).:t in there.n% her. !i. !e went .: an% :.

l% )orrow the roo( again. On :re$io. !er e@isten#e #anCt )e an& great s.‖ Ce#ilia :. !enri8 #o. a)o. ACo(e o$er =or %inner tonight.t this =or a while. an% she (ight =.l% ignore her. AThis her that she was wel#o(e at an& ti(e.: to !e%e)& to $isit Vanger she ha% sta&e% in one o= his s:are roo(s' an% she as8e% hi( straight o.e.‖ AThatCs tr.t o= the wa&' lo(8$ist an% erger went =or a wal8 a#ross the )ri%ge an% sat on the terra#e o= S.t I %onCt 8nowIIC$e ne$erI‖ She shoo8 her hea%.n#tion that wa&' ).t on her >a#8et.t (& relationshi: with Eri8a. ring Eri8a.AI %onCt 8now i= I #an han%le this. I thin8 IC( going to li8e )e=ore #losing ti(e.%i#ro.l% s#ar#el& #on#eal his %elight' an% he ass..s'‖ she sai% with a s(ile.r:rise to &o. AIC( going )a#8 to (& :la#e.‖ Eri8a ha% alrea%& sol$e% the :ro)le( o= where to slee:.sanneCs ri%ge Ca=M >. as8e% (e earlier an% I tol% &o. Yo. I ha$e to thin8 a)o.‖ ACe#ilia' &o. .ation is l. 7ith these =or(alities o. .t as long as she was at a #o(=orta)le %istan#e %own in Sto#8hol( I #o.t i= she #o.s o##asions when she ha% )een .

‖ AIC( not :isse% o==.t that.)s#ri:tions are going .‖ .‖ ACe#iliaCs a goo% wo(an.AIC( reall& :isse% o=='‖ erger IC( >. AI %ri$e all the wa& . For the =irst ti(e in a &ear the a%$ertising re$en.:$ent=. Than8s to !enri8.e is on the rise. AFro( a)o. 7eCre wa& )elow this ti(e last &ear' ).st #. Can%& within rea#h an% then I ha$e to go on a %iet. )a#8 to =ree%o( an% =in% &o.#t. I li8e her.s.t weC$e t.‖ A7hat %o &o.t the weir% thing is that s. an% Miss ig TitsI‖ erger wa$e% her in%e@ =inger.l holi%a&.: here to wel#o(e &o. !ow are things at the (agaLineB‖ A etter.‖ AThe& ten% to =l. .ate.‖ AAha.‖ AIC( sorr& a)o.‖ A!ow long ha$e &o.t the ti(e Vanger )e#a(e :art owner. (ean' ahaB‖ A3. in )e% with the town =e((e =atale.rne% the #orner. !ow was :risonB‖ ALi8e an .

)s#ri)ers then it (eans that the& li8e what weCre r.#h'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.)s#ri)er :ro=ile.)s#ri)ers #an )e %es#ri)e% as (i%%le<in#o(e white<#ollar wor8ers =ro( the s.)s#ri)ers 8ee: #o(ing in.san% in the :ast 4.)leso(e to:i#s o= #on$ersation.‖ ADonCt #hange too (. At =irst I tho. 7e ha% an e%itorial #on=eren#e two wee8s ago an% %e#i%e% to start r. Thir%' the s.nning new t&:es o= (aterial in the (agaLine.n%re% one wa& or the other.:' itCll (ean a signi=i#ant shi=t in o.t weC$e :i#8e% .)s#ri)ers. At the sa(e ti(e' o.)s#ri:tion >. She ha% (a%e a $enison stew.)s#ri)ers are renewing :rett& #onsistentl& a#ross the )oar%.t new s.).s #an . AI= weCre getting new s.t i= this 8ee:s .r)s9 tea#hers' (i%%le (anage(ent' #i$il ser$i#e wor8ers. Nor(all& itCs the other wa& aro.n%. .‖ AThin8 itCs the (i%%le<#lass re$olt against )ig #a:italB‖ AI %onCt 8now.(: e$er.ght it was >.: three tho.‖ Ce#ilia ha% also in$ite% Vanger to %inner' :ossi)l& to re%. Se#on%' 2+ :er#ent o= the( are wo(en.r )iggest s.nning alrea%&. erger an% Vanger s:ent a goo% %eal o= the . None o= . .r e@isting l.#e the ris8 o= tro. ItCs o. I want (ore arti#les on :ro=essional (atters asso#iate% with TCO' the Swe%ish Con=e%eration o= Pro=essional E(:lo&ees' an% also (ore in$estigati$e re:orting on wo(enCs iss.A & a #o.:le o= h.n an& a% #a(:aigns.r s.n%erstan% it.:.arter.#8' ). First' the&Cre all )ran%<new s. 7e ha$enCt r. Christer s:ent a wee8 %oing s:ot #he#8s on what sort o= %e(ogra:hi# is showing .es' =or instan#e.

‖ AA #hroni#le in the s:irit o= the A%%a(s =a(il&'‖ Ce#ilia sai%. AIC( #o. I %onCt 8now what sort o= agree(ent &o. AMi8ael' !enri8 isnCt reall& intereste% in a =a(il& #hroni#le.t !arriet.:i%.all& the #on$ersation (o$e% on to other (atters.t !arriet with her.(Cs %e$elo:(ent an% the new s. Ce#ilia glan#e% at Vanger. an% Mi8ael ha$e' ).#e% that this was his real assign(ent' e$en tho.t gra%.%%enl& t.sse% the he ne$er =or(all& a%(itte% it. Ce#ilia ha% alrea%& e&e)rows %rew together a )it.t his sta& here in !e%e)& is a)o. AM& %ear !enri8'‖ Ce#ilia sai%.)s#ri)ers' ).rne% to lo(8$ist at one :oint an% as8e% hi( how his wor8 was #o(ing along.)>e#t.n his relationshi: with Ce#ilia he ha% tal8e% =airl& o:enl& a)o. !e ha% #ertainl& ne$er tol% !enri8 that he an% Ce#ilia ha% %is#. erger s. AIt %oes ha$e #ertain histori#al as:e#ts'‖ lo(8$ist #on#e%e%. to sol$e the (&ster& o= !arrietCs %isa::earan#e. E$er sin#e he ha% )eg.ssing Millenni. It is' isnCt itB‖ .ti(e %is#.nting on ha$ing a %ra=t o= the =a(il& #hroni#le #o(:lete in a (onth =or !enri8 to loo8 at. Eri8a was silent. !e wants &o. VangerCs ).‖ lo(8$ist %i% not sa& a wor%. AIC( not st.

AI tol% & the al).t he ha% ha% no ti(e to wor8 his wa& thro.r% an% senseless tas8.t =or (e itCs ti(e to go to )e%. !e re=raine% =ro( #o((enting.t.t &o.Vanger no%%e% an% glan#e% at lo(8$ist. AI ha$enCt =o. !e tho.s =orwar%B‖ lo(8$ist a$oi%e% (eeting VangerCs gaLe. =or %inner' Ce#ilia. lea$e to(orrow. AI :res. %o.(e &o.‖ She no%%e%.ght instantl& o= the #ol%' . AAn% I :res.n% a single thing. she was shar:. ATell (e. At last he loo8e% .rne% to erger. AI %onCt 8now a)o. !a$e &o.n:la#ea)le #ertaint& he ha% ha% the night )e=ore.‖ .: at Vanger an% shoo8 his hea%. &o.‖ !e t. Than8 &o.rse &o.‖ !e t. AO= #o. Do see (e )e=ore &o.tinise% hi( with a :enetrating loo8. %onCt ha$e to answer that. . =o.‖ The ol% (an :eo:le'‖ he sai%' A). No' &o.(e that Mi8ael has e@:laine% to &o. Goo% night' Eri8a.( again. It is an a)s. thin8 itCs a senseless . what heCs wor8ing on here in !e%e)&.‖ AI ha$e no o:inion on the (atter'‖ erger sai% %i:lo(ati#all&.t I ha$e to =in% o.n%erta8ing. The =eeling ha% )een with hi( all %a&' ).rne% to lo(8$ist.n% an&thing at all that (ight ta8e .

arri$e%. 7hen he ha% gone to :rison in (i%<Mar#h' snow still #o$ere% the lan%. For the =irst ti(e he ha% . Now the )ir#hes were t.((ing the ol% song o= s:ring' A losso( Ti(e Is Co(ing.tB‖ AI >.t on so(e #o==ee.t I (isse% it.nn& %a&.‖ ASo what were &o.she%. It was a war( an% s.. It was so(ething that al(ost )e#a(e an i%ea' ).rning green an% the lawn aro.(.7hen Vanger ha% #lose% the =ront %oor' silen#e settle% o$er the(. An% then &o.tB‖ AIt (eans that !enri8 is as sensiti$e to :eo:leCs rea#tions as a seis( an al). Last night when &o. #a(e to the #ottage I was loo8ing thro. It was Ce#ilia who s:o8e =irst.t to thin8ing a)o.‖ AYesB‖ AI saw so( #anCt tell &o.‖ It was Mon%a& an% erger ha% le=t earl&. New green shoots were a::earing' an% lo(8$ist #a.n% his #a)in was l.‖ Ce#ilia )l. AMi8ael' what was all that a)o.ght hi(sel= h. I %onCt 8now what it was &et. She a$oi%e% ergerCs gaLe an% went o.

#an (o$e in there i= &o.n% all o= !e%e)& Islan%.n#h in a r. !e wante% to get a #loser loo8 at Gott=rie%Cs #a) .:' an% was gi$en his (a: o= the islan%.rel& :a#e.l% )orrow it. !e s:o8e )rie=l& with Vanger' who was >.t that it ha% stoo% (ostl& $a#ant o$er the &ears. E@#e:t =or the =a#t that itCs st. !e =ollowe% a narrow' :artiall& o$ergrown :ath that ran along the )a& on the north si%e o= !e%e)& Islan%. Gott=rie%Cs #a)in was on a :oint a)o. !e =ille% a )ottle with water )e=ore he set o==' want to ta8e a loo8I‖ Martin #a(e )a#8 with the 8e& in a (in. !e as8e% i= he (ight )orrow the 8e&.#8 right at the other en% o= the islan%' itCs a#t.te.(e the =a(il& #hroni#le has now rea#he% the #ha:ter a)o.t one an% a hal= (iles =ro( the $illage' an% it too8 hi( onl& hal= an ho.l%er. lo(8$ist >.Cre (anage% to #at#h Martin )e=ore he le=t =or wor8.all& a ni#er s:ot than the #ottage &o.#8sa#8 he sl. want.r to #o$er the %istan#e at a leis. O##asionall& so(e relati$e wo. .==ing his :i#ni# o$er one sho.‖ AI >.a #han#e to loo8 aro.t !arriet.‖ lo(8$ist (a%e #o==ee an% s(ile. AI :res. Vanger tol% hi( that the #a)in was owne% )& Martin Vanger now ). AIs it OJ thenB‖ AAs =ar as IC( #on#erne%' &o. Martin ga$e hi( an a(. At 59++ he went o$er an% as8e% to )orrow a ther(os =ro( Anna.

s $iew o= the inlet to the !e%e Ri$er' !e%esta% (arina to the le=t' an% the (a%e o= horiLontal %ar8<staine% ti()er with a tile roo= an% green =ra(es' an% with a s(all :or#h at the =ront %oor. 7hen lo(8$ist #a(e aro. The =ra(ewor8 see(e% to )e an ol% )arn o= less than "'. .n% the )en% o= the narrow :ath' a sha%e% area )& the water o:ene% .sti# str.tters o$er the win%ows =ro( the insi%e. Farther %own on the sa(e si%e was a )roa% war%ro)e. eneath the stairs was a ni#he with a :ro:ane gas sto$e' a #o.#t.++ s4. The insi%e was =inishe% with :lan8s an% #onsiste% o= one roo( with )ig win%ows =a#ing the water on either si%e o= the =ront %oor. There was a (ar$ello.l% ha$e )een a lawn was s#r.are =eet.:.n% ta)le with =i$e woo%en #hairsH a =ire:la#e stoo% in the (i%%le o= the si%e wall.n% the %oors an% win%ows was =la8ing o==' an% what sho.rnishings were )asi#H ).Martin Vanger ha% )een right. It was a r.nlo#8e% the %oor an% .l% ta8e one whole %a&Cs har% wor8 with s#&the an% saw. The :aint aro.ns#rewe% the sh. A stair#ase le% to an o:en slee:ing lo=t at the rear o= the #a)in that #o$ere% hal= the s:a#e. Clearing it wo. The (aintenan#e o= the #a)in ha% )een negle#te%.r to the right.ilt into the wall to the le=t o= the %oor there was )en#h' a ri#8et& %es8' an% a)o$e it a )oo8#ase with tea8 shel$es.strial har)o. lo(8$ist . To the right o= the %oor was a ro.r:rise% that no<one ha% wante% to (o$e into Gott=rie%Cs #a)in.nter' an% a sin8. The =. !e was s.) a &ar% high.

gh the #a)in.))er )oots' a :air o= worn tennis shoes' an% a 8erosene sto$e.rea.n% the onl& tra#es o= an& intelle#t. Mi8ael )ro.)le )e% with a )are (attress' a )e%si%e ta)le' an% a #hest o= %rawers.t the )atteries were %ea%. In a %rawer in the ta)le there were eating . !e went .ght o$er a #hair an% got .:)oar% #ontaine% :lates' (. There were se$eral il%>o.: was. In the %es8 %rawers were writing :a:er' :en#ils' a )lan8 s8et#h:a%' a %e#8 o= #ar%s' an% so(e )oo8(ar8s.l%. !e o:ene% a #o:& o= Le8t&r =ro( "60/ an% s(ile% to see how #haste the :in<.gs' glasses' #an%les' an% so(e :a#8ages o= salt' tea )ags' an% the interests on the )oo8#ase a)o$e the %es8. lo(8$ist s:ent a while sear#hing thro. In one win%ow was an ol% Gr.tensils.n%ig transistor ra%io. There was a %o. !e =o. O= the )oo8s' a)o. In the war%ro)e there were so(e wor8 #lothes' a :air o= o$eralls' r.: the narrow stairs an% loo8e% aro.rnalen =ro( "601 an% "600' Matt Li$s No$ell' an% a =ew #o(i# )oo8s9 The 6"' Phanto(en' an% Ro(ans. The 8it#hen #. lo(8$ist :resse% the :ower ). The ).The #a)in ha% no ele#tri#it&H instea% there were se$eral 8erosene la( o= Se' Re8or%(agasinet' Ti%s=Gr%ri$' an% Le8t&r =ro( the late =i=ties an% earl& si@ties.: on it to see what was on the shel$es. The antenna was )ro8en o==.t hal= were (&ster& :a:er)a#8s =ro( 7ahlstrG(Cs Manhattan series9 Mi#8e& S:illane with titles .tton ). On the lowest shel= la& iss.n% the slee:ing lo=t. was e(:t& e@#e:t =or so(e han% towels an% linen s(elling =aintl& o= (o.

Li=e at the #a)in ha% :ro)a)l& )een :leasant in the s. ehin% the #a)in there were a woo% an% tool she% with a s#&the' ra8e' ha((er' an% a )ig )o@ with saws' :lanes' an% other the $eil o= .t it )a#8 on the shel=. !e sa%l& :. An% %own there' near the whar=' he ha% %rowne%. !e too8 a #hair on to the :or#h an% :o.((er' ).n8.therCs #ate#his(' the oo8 o= !&(ns' an% the i)le. Three )oo8s )& Astri% Lin%gren9 The Chil%ren o= Nois& Village' Jalle lo(8$ist an% Ras(. !e lit a #igarette an% loo8e% a#ross !e%esta% a& thro. It was her Con=ir(ation i) #o==ee =ro( his ther(os. The to: shel= ha% a )oo8 a)o. !e o:ene% the i)le an% rea% on the insi%e #o$er9 !arriet Vanger' Ma& "*' "60.s' an% Pi::i Longsto#8ing.s Fi$e no$els )& Eni% l&ton' an% a Twin M&ster& )& Si$ar Ahlr.:te% )& :erio%s when he was . A##or%ing to what Vanger tol% hi(' Gott=rie% #ontin.n% hal= a %oLen Jitt& )oo8s' so(e Fa( ha$e )een raw an% wret#he%.i%e)oo8' a )oo8 #alle% The E$il E(:ire on the So$iet Union' a )oo8 on the Finnish 7inter 7ar' %ro::e% to =reeLing it (.t short<wa$e ra%io' two )oo8s on astrono(&' a )ir% g. !e ha% (a%e this #a)in his ho(e an% here he got %r. !e s(ile% in re#ognition. !ere was the :la#e to whi#h !arriet an% MartinCs =ather ha% retreate% when his (arriage to Isa)ella was going to the %ogs in the late =i=ties.#h (ore (o%est than he ha% e@:e#te%. !e =o..n%ergrowth. Gott=rie%Cs #a)in was (.li8e Jiss Me' Dea%l& with the #lassi# #o$ers )& ertil !eglan%.%?The Metro M&ster&.e% to wor8 in the Vanger Cor:oration?interr.t when the te(:erat.

t Jitt&' (.)s that it was all ). An% here was also the :la#e that !arriet ha% )een to so o=ten that it was one o= the =irst in whi#h the& loo8e% =or her.ghB Or %i% it ha$e to %o with her religio. It too8 hi( twent& (in.). Anita Vanger' Ce#iliaCs sister' s:ent si@ wee8s with her ha$e )een hers.t i(:assa) she #a(e into the $illage e$er& %a&. Vanger ha% tol% hi( that %.((er she ha% li$e% here =or three (onths' tho.rning she nee%e% to get thro. An% her i)le was here.s )roo%ingB The #a)in was s:artan?was she :reten%ing to li$e in a #on$entB lo(8$ist =ollowe% the shoreline to the so. The =a#t that he was a)le to li$e in the #a)in (ore or less :er(anentl& an% still a::ear =or wor8 sha$en' washe%' an% in a >a#8et an% tie s:o8e o= a s. In her last s. She ha% wante% to )e #lose to her lost =ather?was it a :erio% o= (o. Perha:s the s8et#h:a% ha% )een hers.()er o= )oo8s a)o.theast' ). A##or%ing to the (a: there was a :ath thro. !e went )a#8 to the #a)in an% starte% )a#8 on the roa% to !e%e)&.t the wa& was so interr.r$i$ing :ersonal %is#i:line.t here all aloneB The (agaLines Mitt Li$s No$ell an% Ro(ans' as well as a the woo%s to so(ething #alle% the Fortress.ring her last &ear' !arriet ha% gone o=ten to the #a)in' a::arentl& to )e in :ea#e on wee8en%s or holi%a&s.on wil% )inges?. 7hat ha% she %one o.:te% )& ra$ines an% so grown o$er with >.ni:er shr. The Fortress was what .tes to =in% it in the o$ergrown s#r.ntil "60/.

As =ar as he the woo%s' o= the shoreline %e=en#e =ro( the Se#on% 7orl% 7arH #on#rete ).n%re% &ar%s =ro( the roa% to KstergRr%en.nate' so he waite% a wee8 )e=ore he went to her ho. Ne@t to the )oatho.ghl& :arallel to the =iel%s o= see the :ath en%e% there' a h. !e sat on a =lat ro#8 an% to negotiate?there were :at#hes o= (arsh that he ha% to s8irt.). . e&on% the roa% la& the hill' SG%er)erget.rne% to the Fortress an% too8 a :ath . SG%er)ergetCs s. The :ath was %i==i#.n with long grass an% s#r.r an% the #h. !e sto::e% a)o$e the s.t to a =en#e?he ha% #o(e to KstergRr%en =ro( the other si%e.n% the wre#8 o= a Pettersson ) he =o. E$er&thing was o$err.n8ers with tren#hes s:rea% o.: a stee: slo:e an% ha% to #li() the last )it. !e =ollowe% the (ean%ering :ath thro. !e wal8e% %own a :ath to a )oatho. lo(8$ist %i% not want to )e i(:ort. lo(8$ist wal8e% . She let hi( in.((er #ottages to en>o& the $iew o= the ol% =ishing har)o.((it was an al(ost $erti#al #li== =a#ing the water.n% a #o((an% ).r#h an% his own hi(sel= the last o= the l.8ewar( #o==ee. !e =ollowe% the ri%ge )a#8 towar%s !e%e)&. Finall& he #a(e to a swa(: an% )e&on% it a )arn. Ce#ilia Vanger 8e:t her %istan#e. !e ret.

‖ AI' lo(8$ist . .n#o$ere% three totall& new :ie#es o= the :.n% hi( "-T.‖ ACe#ilia' &o. Two o= the( he =o. (.LLle. wo. I ha$enCt e$er )een goo% at "+ A=ter si@ (onths o= =r. . The thir% he ha% hel:' 3.Cre a grown wo(an. %onCt owe (e an e@:lanation. I #anCt stan%I‖ APlease' &o.l% li8e =or . IC% li8e it i= & thin8 IC( 4. In the =irst wee8 o= 3..ite =oolish' a =i=t&<si@<&ear<ol%' res:e#ta)le hea%(istress a#ting li8e a teenage girl. ha$e the right to %o whate$er &o. want.itless #ogitation' the #ase o= !arriet Vanger #ra#8e% o:en.‖ C!APTER "0 S. I ho:e weCre still =rien%s.s to re(ain =rien%s. Yo.t I #anCt %eal with a relationshi: with &o. an& (ore.n%a&' 3.‖ AI 8now an% thatCs wh& IC$e %e#i%e% not to see &o.l% lea$e (e in :ea#e =or a while.

It was :.rne% on to 3Nrn$Ngsgatan an% it s.res o= the )ri%ge that ha% ta8en o= !arriet Vanger on that it was ta8en the sa(e %a&' ). !e =aile% again' so he :. There he too8 the =irst ).s )a#8 to !e%e)& to #he#8 whether he ha% re(e()ere% #orre#tl&.(' it was the :eo:le an% the %etails in the o= a #row% at the Chil%renCs Da& :ara%e' se$eral earlier. There was no %ra(a in the :i#t.t the al). It was the =irst :hotogra:h in the al).ne he was in !e%esta%' thin8ing a)' loo8ing at one :hotogra:h a=ter another' as he trie% to re%is#o$er what it was that he ha% rea#te% to.l %a& on 3Nrn$Ngsgatan in !e%esta%' while she ha% )een wat#hing the Chil%renCs Da& :ara%e.t there )e#a. .A=ter ergerCs $isit in Ma&' he ha% st.#8 hi( li8e a th. One %a& in 3.%ie% the al).re% their attention.%%enl& #a(e to hi( what ha% )een ger(inating in the )a#8 o= his (in%. The :hotogra:h was an o%% one to ha$e in#l.::ose%E e$er&one else ha% loo8e% at the al).t so(ething altogether %i==erent' when his ). !e =elt so #on=.s all the wa& to the last sto: )& the railwa& that he sta&e% on the ).t it was the onl& one o= the :hotogra:hs not o= the a##i%ent on the )ri%ge.( again' sitting =or three ho.( asi%e an% went )a#8 to wor8 on the =a(il& #hroni#le instea%. The insight str.(.s t.t o= a #lear s8&. Ea#h ti(e lo(8$ist an% Dhe s.(' the last :i#t.%e% in the al).n%er)olt o.

l% ne$er see her again.Vanger (. It was ta8en =ro( a#ross the street' :ro)a)l& =ro( a =irst<=loor win%ow.sers' throwing sweets to the #row%. . The wi%e<angle lens ha% #a.t in =ront o= the =loat.%ien#e sho.%%enl& rose to the s.san% ti(es' a sorrow=.#8 in an i#e ho#8e& rin8.t that was not what lo(8$ist ha% rea#te% to.n%re% other s:e#tators.(:ing a)o.)#ons#io. All e@#e:t one.r=a#e when the ).l%. The e@:ressions on their =a#es were #al(. Chil%ren :ointe%. The ones stan%ing at the =ar le=t o= the :hotogra:h were loo8ing at the #lowns right in =ront o= the(. Three #lowns were >.its an% hare( tro.ght the =ront o= one o= the =loats. So(e were la.n% an% )ehin% the( were at least a h. On the =lat)e% were wo(en wearing glittering )athing s.l re(in%er that he wo. E$er&one loo8e% ha::&.ghing. Their e&es alwa&s =ollow the )all in a tennis (at#h or the :.s :asse% the e@a#t sa(e s:ot. The #row% )eha$e% as an a. !arriet was in the =ront row o= the #row% stan%ing on the :a$e(ent. This is what lo(8$ist ha% noti#e% s. .st ha$e loo8e% at the :hotogra:h a tho. So(e o= the( were %an#ing. The ones #loser to the =loat were all loo8ing at the s#antil& #la% girls. Ne@t to her were three girls' #learl& her #lass(ates' an% an% whi#h s.

!e went in an% saw that the sho: was on two le$elsH a s:iral stair#ase le% to the . At the to: o= the s:iral stair#ase two win%ows =a#e% the street. It was at the e%ge o= what #onstit. !er e&es were wi%e o:en.n% her' !arrietCs =a#e la#8e% e@#ite(ent. .te% !e%esta%Cs town #entre.n%er the win%ow =ro( whi#h the :i#t.t o= the al).::er =loor.nli8e all those aro.(' :.* a##or%ing to a that ho. !er han%s h. Mi8ael too8 the :rint a $i%eo store an% S.t it in a sti== :lasti# )in%er' an% went to wait =or the ne@t ).st ha$e )een ta8en. She loo8e% =rightene%.t .t the )in%er with the :hotogra:h. !er three =rien%s an% e$er&one else in her $i#init& were loo8ing at the #lowns.rne% al(ost .re' ). !er (o. There were onl& a =ew :eo:le in the sho:.e on the =ront %oor. !er gaLe see(e% =i@e% on so(ething a#ross the street' ) was a thin line.1\ to her right. AMa& I hel: & (. Frightene% or =. !e got o== at 3Nrn$Ngsgatan an% stoo% .s )a#8 into !e%esta%. The :hotogra:h was ta8en =ro( too great a %istan#e =or hi( to )e entirel& s.B‖ sai% an el%erl& sales(an when lo(8$ist too8!arriet Vanger was loo8ing o== to the si%e.t the %etails.n%strG(Cs !a)er%asher&' esta)lishe% in "6. It was a two<store& woo%en ). Mi8ael too8 the (agni=&ing glass an% trie% to (a8e o.+\ to .ng li(:l& at her si%es.t )e&on% the le=t<han% e%ge o= the :hotogra:h. !arrietCs =a#e was t.

!e t.lar )ri#8 ). !e #rosse% the street an% stoo% where !arriet ha% stoo%.l%er )ag an% wal8e% to the :ar8 )& the S.n% =ro( the Swe%ish ter(' Anew :roo= (aterial.‖ !e ha% seen so(ething entirel& new' so(ething no<one else ha% noti#e% in an in$estigation that ha% )een (ar8ing ti(e =or thirt&<se$en &ears. !e ha% goo% lan%(ar8s )etween the win%ow o= the .l% tell' she ha% )een loo8ing towar%s the #orner o= the ).il%ing.: his ti(e. In English the& #all it Anew e$i%en#e'‖ whi#h has a $er& %i==erent wante% to see where this :i#t. lo(8$ist #lose% the win%ow' than8e% the (an' an% a:ologise% =or ta8ing .n%strG(Cs !a)er%asher&. . As =ar as he' where a #ross street $anishe% )ehin% it.l% see e@a#tl& the s:ot where !arriet ha% stoo%. 7o.%%enl& =elt sha8en. One o= the woo%en ). 7hat %i% &o.t the :hotogra:h in his ha% )een a stationer& store in "600H now it was a health =oo% store an% tanning salon. The other woo%en ).il%ing that ho. lo(8$ist #o.l% it )e OJ i= I o:ene% the win%ow =or a se#on%B‖ The (an sai% &es.::er =loor o= the ha)er%asher& an% the %oor o= the tanning was ta8en =ro(. It was a :er=e#tl& nor(al #orner o= a ).il%ings )ehin% her in the :hotogra:h was gone' re:la#e% )& an ang. see there' !arrietB lo(8$ist :. !e s.A7ell' I >.rne% his hea% an% loo8e% along !arrietCs line o= sight. There he sat in a :a$e(ent #a=M an% or%ere% a latte.

The :ro)le( was that he wasnCt on the e$ents at !e%e)& Islan%. Morell ha% e$en written that he #o.(:tion that !arriet ha% )een (. Then the a##i%ent on the )ri%ge ha::ene%. . The #hain o= e$ents ha% starte% not on !e%e)& Islan% ).l% ha$e an& at =or(.#8. An% &et he =elt it was going to :ro$e signi=i#ant.nha::il& %i% not ha$e ti(e to listen to her. !arriet was %ea% an% he was h. It was the =irst ti(e he ha% #ons#io.t !arrietCs %isa::earan#e ha% what $al. lo(8$ist :a. Then the (.rs earlier.san% in the streets' &o. lo(8$ist was now #on$in#e% that this notion was wrong.nting =or a' who .tine o= the area.s:i#ion that the a##i%ent an% !arrietCs %isa::earan#e were an% asse()l& on !e%e)& Islan%. It ha% )een a %a& o= #ele)ration in !e%esta% with #row%s o= se$eral tho.e his new in=or(ation ha%' i= in%ee% it #o. It ha% )een the =a(il&Cs ann.l% not ri% hi(sel= o= the s. These two e$ents alone re:resente% %e:art. The Se:te()er %a& when !arriet %isa::eare% ha% )een %ra(ati# in a n.r%erer str. !arriet Vanger ha% seen so(ething or so(eone to =righten her an% :ro(:t her to go ho(e' go straight to her .late% the ass.()er o= wa&s.t in !e%esta% se$eral ho. !e a##e:te% VangerCs )elie=.r%ere%. Ins:e#tor Morell' !enri8 Vanger' an% e$er&one else who ha% )roo%e% a)o. The #rash on the )ri%ge ha% o$ersha%owe% e$er&thing else.res =ro( the %ail& ro.

s. The& ha% #o==ee in the EPA %e:art(ent store #a=eteria an% then went . One o= the girls was going to ).& so(e >eans' an% her =rien%s went with her. .al. 3. !arriet ha% )een with three o= her #lass(ates' all o= who( ha% )een inter$iewe%.: to the s:orts =iel% an% strolle% aro.s.n% a(ong the #arni$al )ooths an% =ishing :on%s' where the& ran into so(e other =rien%s =ro( s#hool.n%s o= the =a(il& :art&.)lishe% in the lo#al news:a:ers while the sear#h was going on. A :hotogra:h o= her was :.!e went )a#8 to the :oli#e re:ort.n.‖ She sai% that !arriet ha% )een ta#it. One o= the( was Inger Sten)erg' the one who ha% %es#ri)e% !arrietCs trans=or(ation o$er the :ast &ear )& sa&ing that she ha% )e#o(e Ai(:ersonal.t no<one ha% re:orte% an&thing o. A=ter she went (issing' se$eral resi%ents o= !e%esta% ha% #onta#te% the :oli#e to sa& that the& tho.san%s o= :ages onl& a =ra#tion %ealt with the e$ents in !e%esta%. The& sai% goo%)&e at a ).ght the& ha% seen her %.%%enl& tol% the( that she ha% to go ho(e. Ins:e#tor Morell ha% tal8e% to all o= the :eo:le who ha% =ollowe% the others. None o= her =rien%s ha% noti#e% an&thing .s sto: near 3Nrn$Ngsgatan. The& ha% (et at the :ar8 )& the station at )e=ore *9++ in the a=ternoon !arriet s.rn that %a&' whi#h was .ring the %a& o= the :ara%e' ).t o= the or%inar&. At noon the& wan%ere% )a#8 into town to wat#h the :ara%e.ntere% !arriet that %a&' e$en i= the& ha% onl& sai% hello in the gro. A(ong all the' an% (ostl& she >.

!e #alle% Martin' e@:laine% what he wante%' an% as8e% who the :i#t.‖ !e showe% Vanger the :hotogra:h an% tol% hi( what he was the tele:hone in the 8it#hen. %is#o$ere%B‖ !e loo8e% the ol% (an straight in the e&e.)lishe%.t it a=ter s. Fro( "600.‖ AIC% li8e to ha$e a##ess to their :hotogra:hi# ar#hi$e. AI %onCt 8now how to go a)o. AI= IC( right' we ha$e to loo8 as =ar as we still #an at what ha::ene% in !e%esta% that %a&' not >. AYo. sai% that the Vanger =a(il& still has an interest in the !e%esta% Co. . Those are the ones I want to loo8 at.rier.n% Vanger at his )rea8=ast ta)le. Vanger sat sa&ing nothing =or a long ti(e.#h a long ti(e' ).st ha$e )een ta8en o= the Chil%renCs Da& #ele)rations whi#h were ne$er :.‖ Vanger set %own his glass o= (il8 an% wi:e% his .t the #hain o= e$ents.t a lot o= :hotogra:hs (.res .‖ Vanger .‖ AThatCs right.::er li:.t I thin8 we (a& ha$e (a%e a (ista8e a) at what ha::ene% on !e%e)& Islan%'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. AMi8ael' what ha$e &o. ANothing soli%.The ne@t (orning lo(8$ist =o.

re ar#hi$e was arrange%. Ol%er :i#t. the reso. She was the =irst wo(an :i#t.t as a :hotogra:her when the .e%itor was these %a&s.res' ).r#es were ins.ters an% %igital :hotogra:hs' the #.tes awa&' an% she (et lo(8$ist at the o==i#e entran#e.res are arrange% )& %ate in negati$e =ol%ers.rrent ar#hi$e is on' the ar#hi$e is rather a ( %es8' an% ten &ears ago' when the ol% :i#t.ll<ti(e :ost on the :i#t.()er o= &ears in the %ar8roo(' while o##asionall& )eing sent o.‖ . She ha% wor8e% at the !e%esta% Co. Sin#e it was Sat. She starte% as a :roo=<rea%er in "60/' #hange% to :hoto<=inisher an% s:ent a n. lo(8$ist as8e% how the :i#t.==i#ient.e%.rier was Ma%eleine lo()erg' #alle% Ma>a. The :i#t.t to li$e onl& =i$e (in.res e%itor lo(8$ist ha% (et in >o.rne% o.t onl& a s(all :er#entage o= whatCs in the sta#8s ha$e )een #atalog.res e%itor o= the !e%esta% Co.rier =or (ost o= her li=e.rnalis(' where :hotogra:h& was still :ri(aril& a (ale art =or(. Sin#e we got #o(:.res e%itor retire%' she too8 o$er as hea% o= the %e:art(ent. ATo tell &o. 7ithin ten (in. 7eC$e ha% an intern here who s:ent so(e ti(e s#anning in i(:ortant ol%er :i#t.t Ma>a lo()erg t.s. She ha% gaine% the :osition o= e%itor' earne% a =.tes the right :eo:le ha% )een lo#ate% an% a##ess ha% )een arrange%.r%a&' the newsroo( was e(:t&' ). The&Cre either here in the newsroo( or in the atti# storeroo(.

s' ).t the =a#t is that IC( ghostwriting !enri8 VangerCs a.::ose an&one will e$er =in% the sol. !as so(ething new t. ItCs rather #on=i%ential' ).r whole li=e witho. .‖ lo()erg loo8e% %.rne% .t also in an& :hotogra:hs that were ta8en that 8nowing a)o.rier &o. AYo.t the e@:lanation was reasona)le an% she was not going to 4.l%nCt wor8 at the Co.iLLi#al loo8.strate that %a&?o= !arriet an% her =rien%s.sions.)io. 8now the stor&B‖ AYo. The stor& o= the (issing girl is an o%% to:i#' ). ANo' an% I %onCt s.‖ FrG8en lo()erg ga$e hi( a )e=ore that (ight ill.AIC( intereste% in :hotogra:hs ta8en o= the Chil%renCs Da& :ara%e in "600' ). IC( loo8ing =or so(ething that hasnCt )een .estion his stor&' gi$en his role. (ean the wee8 that !arriet Vanger %isa::eare%B‖ AYo.tion to that :. lo(8$ist shoo8 his hea% with a little s(ile an% ga$e her his #o$er stor&.LLle.t itCs also a #ha:ter that #anCt reall& )e ignore%.t it' an% when Martin Vanger #alls (e earl& in the (orning on (& %a& o==' I %raw (& own #on#l. #o.:B‖ lo()erg ha% a nose =or news.

A well<organise% %e:art(ent #.t ""+ rolls. s#anner o= (& own.late%' whi#h generall& la#8 an& #o((er#ial $al.: the rolls o= =il( an% :la#es the negati$es in si@<=ra(e slee$es.r #hea: #ar%)oar% storage )in%ers.t one :age in a negati$e )in%er.‖ . Do &o.A :hotogra:her at a news:a:er ta8es )etween two an% ten rolls o= =il( a %a&. E$er&thing is s#anne% in. I wor8 in PhotoSho:.n%e% in "6**' an% the :i#t.s i(ages ea#h %a&' o= whi#h onl& a $er& =ew are :.n.res %e:art(ent is #on$in#e% that the :i#t.t twent&<=i$e )in%ers are =ille% . For )ig e$ents' it #an )e %o.t "'*++ )in%ers' arrange%' as lo()erg sai%' )& %ate.‖ A7e %onCt ha$e a %ar8roo( an& (ore.()er o= )in%ers is a##.e' so the& ne$er throw an&thing awa&. Ea#h roll #ontains thirt&<si@ negati$esH so itCs not .(.t thisB‖ lo(8$ist sai%. The !e%esta% Co. The Co. The negati$es =ro( Se:te()er "600 were 8e:t in =o.)le that.)lishe%.ts . 8now how to wor8 a negati$e s#annerB‖ AYes' IC$e wor8e% with i(ages an% ha$e an Ag=a neg. AI reall& nee% to sit at a light ta)le an% )e a)le to (a8e #o:ies o= an&thing that (ight )e o= interest.: a)o.(.res #ontain a histori#al %o#. A!ow %o we go a)o. A roll ta8es .late o$er three h.n%re%<:l.2.rierCs atti# storeroo( #ontaine% a)o.:. In a &ear' a)o.e an% o$er=low the shel$es in the :hotogra:hi# %e:art( =or a lo#al news:a:er to a##. On the other han%' e$er& :hotogra:her an% $al.rier was =o.s.res %e:art(ent ha% e@iste% sin#e "6. O$er the &ears a h. A )in%er hol%s a) n.(entation o= in#al#.

l% #o(e in an% set the alar( s&ste(.t the( on the light ta)le.s :hotogra:her wor8ing )oth =reelan#e an% as an e(:lo&ee o= S#an:i@ Swe%en in Marie)erg.n% an% :.t the negati$es o= the :hotogra:hs )& the &o. The& agree% that lo(8$ist #o.rt N&l.l A!a$e =.n%' who( lo(8$ist a#t. 7ith a (agni=&ing glass he st.%ie% the( =ra(e )& =ra(e.AThen &o. lo(8$ist too8 o. On the %a& o= the :ara%e N&l.n% se$eral ti(es in the nineties' when Millenni.lar (an with thinning Then she le=t hi( with a #heer=.‖ lo()erg too8 hi( on a 4.e he was going to ha$e to s#an in ea#h i(age an% e@a(ine it on the #o(:. .i:(ent we %o.n% ha% .iring e@:erien#e' whi#h lo(8$ist la#8e%.n.ter s#reen.t that he ha% to #all her when he wante% to lea$e the o==i#e so that she #o.( ha% . Rea%ing negati$es is an art =or(' re4. She showe% hi( where the #o==ee (a#hine was in the #anteen area. To %eter(ine whether the :hotogra:h #ontaine% in=or(ation o= $al. lo(8$ist ha% #rosse% :aths with N&l. So =irst he %i% a 4. That a %a&light =il(' not too =ast' one whi#h (an& news :hotogra:hers .ite general s.ter an% s#anner. N&l.‖ The the sa(e e4.all& 8new.i#8 The one who ha% )een on %.r$e& o= the :hotogra:hs he (ight )e intereste% in.rier ha% ha% two :hotogra:hers )a#8 then.n% was in his twenties in " i(ages =ro( S#an:i@.l% wor8 )& hi(sel=' ).l% ta8e ho.t& that %a& was J. Then he (o$e% to Sto#8hol( an% )e#a(e a =a(o.rt N&l. !e re(e()ere% hi( as an ang. .r o= the s(all o==i#e' ga$e hi( a #hair at a light ta)le' an% swit#he% on a #o(:.

(.9"1 :. N&l. !e %e#i%e% that a %etaile% anal&sis #o.:s' street li=e with hot %og $en%ors' the :ara%e itsel=' an artist on a stage' an% an awar% :resentation o= so(e an% a =a#e' al)eit o.rre% or o= s. One #a. Vanger ha% trie% in $ain to =in% o.n%re% shots.' >.ght his e&e at on#e.!e )egan )& r.n% hi(sel=?ha% le=t o.t o= =o#. lo(8$ist %e#i%e% to s#an in the entire #olle#tion.ntil he ha% =irst s#anne% all the i(ages.n% two h.alit& that the& were not #onsi%ere% :. So(e ti(e )etween .st ha$e )een ta8en at e@a#tl& the (o(ent the win%ow was o:ene%.gge% the Ag=a s#anner into his own i oo8.)lisha)le.t in si@ rolls' aro.l% wait .rs s#anning in the rest o= the i(ages. There was an en%less strea( o= #hil%ren with )alloons' grown<.rierCs #o(:.t thirt& :hotogra:hs that were either )l. lo(8$ist ha% a :hotogra:h on his s#reen that (.rs later he ha% a :ort=olio o= ninet& i(ages' ). . lo(8$ist swit#he% o== the Co.#h :oor 4. Then he e@a(ine% the i(ages o= the Chil%renCs Da& #ele)rations. Si@ all the ones that ha% )een ta8en o= the a##i%ent.t a)o.s. The :erson who ha% #o:ie% the #olle#tion?:ossi)l& N&l.nning thro. !e s:ent two ho. There were a at the ti(e when !arriet $anishe%' so(eone ha% o:ene% the win%ow in her roo(.t who it was.ter an% :l.t he was going to ha$e to #o(e )a#8.9"+ an% .n% ha% :. VangerCs #olle#tion was in#o(:lete.

n%. !e was )a#8 at 69++ on S.ntil T.nti%e holi%a& wee8en%' an% that there wo. The o==i#es were still e(:t& when lo()erg let hi( in. 7hat he ha% s#anne% in was the street li=e an% #row%s.te #hil%renCs =a#es or :i#t. At 09++ in the e$ening there were still =ort& shots le=t o= Chil%renCs Da&. The =irst =ille% hi( with %is(a&. !e ha% not realise% that it was the 7hits. lo(8$ist ha% ins:e#te% the negati$es an% %e#i%e% that #lose< . The ).ght was the )est 4.lse )eat =aster.r an% was th.%e the win%ow alone' an% then he e@:eri(ente% with a%>. .nti%e holi%a& going o$er the new (aterial. !e (a%e two %is#o$eries.l% not )e a news:a:er .:s o= #.s e@#l.l% =ro( the original set.ntil he a#hie$e% what he tho. The =irst was the =a#e in !arriet VangerCs win%ow.res o= a :ainter a::earing on stage were si(:l& not ger(ane to his o)>e#ti$e. Mi8ael #ro::e% the i(age to in#l. lo(8$ist s:ent the 7hits.alit& he #o. The se#on% (a%e his :.n%a& (orning. !e s:ent the entire %a& s#anning i(ages.r#h hill an% sighte% towar%s the )ri%ge.At 69++ he #alle% lo()erg' than8e% her' an% too8 the ). The :hotogra:h ha% a slight (otion )l. The :hotogra:her ha% stoo% on the #h.s ho(e to !e%e)& Islan%.sting the #ontrast an% in#reasing the shar:ness .il%ings were in the )a#8gro.

re with a (ini(al gre&s#ale that showe% a #.res. In :hotogra:hs *-2 the& were stan%ing still an% wat#hing the :ara%e.t =i$e =oot se$en. !e #li#8e% on to other i(ages =ro( )ehin% the a##i%ent an% one :erson =itte% the %es#ri:tion?the twent&<&ear<ol% Ce#ilia Vanger.n ta8ing his :i#t.l%er le$el an% in%i#ate% a wo(anCs =lowing hair' an% she was wearing light<#olo.The res.rtain' :art o= an ar(' an% a %i==. In the last .r. She an% her #lass(ates ha% arri$e% at 3Nrn$Ngsgatan at the sa(e ti(e N&l.res' ).t he was #ertain it was a wo(anH the lighter :art o= the =a#e #ontin. !e #al#.late% her height in relation to the win%ow9 it was a wo(an a)o.n% ha% )eg. It was i(:ossi)le to %is#ern #lear =a#ial hal=<(oon<sha:e% =a#e a little wa& insi%e the roo(.re% #lothes.n%strG(Cs !a)er%asher&. In the =irst :i#t.t si@ &ar%s %own the street.n% ha% ta8en eighteen shots =ro( the win%ow o= was a grain& :i#t. lo(8$ist re#8one% that the :hotogra:hs were shot o$er a :erio% o= =i$e (in. Then the& ha% (o$e% a)o.t a :erson with lighter hair #olo. The =a#e was not !arriet VangerCs' who ha% ra$en<)la#8 hair' ). !arriet was in se$enteen o= the(.e% %own to sho.res' !arriet an% her =rien%s were #o(ing %own the street into the =ra(e.tes. N&l.

It #on=ir(e% with so(e =or#e the theor& he ha% =or(. !arriet is gone.#hes her ear with her le=t' whi#h (a& ha$e )een ta8en a=ter so(e ti(e ha% :asse%' the girls ha% gone. lo(8$ist e%ite% a series o= :i#t. !arriet s. The e==e#t was a >er8& silent =il( in whi#h ea#h i(age was shown =or two se#on%s.ghs. !arriet s(iles. !arrietCs e&es wi%en an% she has sto::e% s(iling. !arriet o:ens her (o. !arriet la. !arriet sto:s an% loo8s %own at the street.t the )e#o(es a thin line.rns her =a#e towar%s the street. In her =a#e #an )e rea%IwhatB Sorrow' sho#8' =. She #onta#ts Vanger =or a :ri$ate #on$ersation whi#h ne$er ha::ens. !arriet to.late%.res in a se:arate =ol%er' o:ene% the Gra:hi# Con$erter :rogra((e' an% starte% the sli%e show =. !arriet =o#.r&B !arriet lowers her e&es.t a tra#e. lo(8$ist :la&e% the se4. She rea#ts with to sa& so(ething to her =rien%. She sees so(ething?so(eone?on the other si%e o= the street. So(ething ha::ene% on 3Nrn$Ngsgatan. !arriet t. .%%enl& loo8s s. !e :.res in whi#h he #ro::e% the to: hal= o= !arriet an% :ro#esse% the( to a#hie$e the )est #ontrast.r:rise%' her =a#e at a *+\ angle to the le=t o= the #a(era. !arrietCs (o. !arriet arri$es' i(age in her gaLe.en#e o$er an% o$er. She $anishes witho.

t Vanger ha% not =o. She was li$ing in U::sala' ). Against all e@:e#tations he ha% t. Ce#ilia Vanger was one o= those :eo:le in the =a(il& that Vanger li8e% )est.res on 3Nrn$Ngsgatan. At *9++ on T. .So(ething ha::ene%' ). The ti(es were a::ro@i(ate' es:e#iall& the (atter o= when she ha% got )a#8 to !e%e)& Islan%' ). !ow #o. !e was si(. She ha% not seen !arriet there' an% she #a(e )a#8 to !e%e)& Islan% aro. She ha% %ri$en into !e%esta% on so(e erran%.t the :hotogra:hs %i% not e@:lain what. She sta&e% with Isa)ella Vanger.n% was ta8ing his :i#t.ght long an% har% a)o.t *9++ hel:e% to set the ta)le =or the )an4. She ha% sai% that she (ight :ossi)l& ha$e seen !arriet earl& that (orning' ).: new e$i%en#e.t she arri$e% in !e%e)& two %a&s )e=ore that =ate=. She #hange% an% at a)o.n% "9++' a)o.r%a&.t what role Ce#ilia Vanger (ight ha$e :la&e% in the %ra(a.ght hi( not one iota #loser to sol$ing the (&ster&.t the ti(e N& %ownhearte% an% e@hilarate%. !e tho. An% she ha% )een his lo$er.ltaneo.t that she ha% not s:o8en to her.l% not i(agine her as a (.rne% . As an ali)i?i= that is what it was?it was rather =ee) (orning lo(8$ist ha% #o==ee an% san%wi#hes at the 8it#hen )en#h. Vanger ha% relentlessl& #harte% the a#ti$ities o= all :ersons in$ol$e% that %a&' an% Ce#ilia ha% )een no e@#e:tion.l Sat.n% an&thing to in%i#ate that she was l&ing.l% he )e o)>e#ti$eB !e #ertainl& it she% light on the #hain o= e$ents it )ro. The onl& :ro)le( was that that e$ening.

lo(8$ist wrestle% with the :ossi)le signi=i#an#e o= that. She %i% not ha$e to )e a=rai% he wo. Je:t her %istan#e' an% when she let loose there was no restraint.t Ce#ilia. An% i= &o.l% go =ro( her li=e as .sl& a==e#te% )& her getting #lose to :eo:le.l% ne$er =in% that o.t . An% then he ha% a tho.l% in$ent a ti(e (a#hine an% stan% )ehin% her' loo8ing o$er her sho.n8nown :hotogra:h was telling hi( that she ha% lie% when she sai% that she ha% ne$er )een in !arrietCs roo( that %a&.l% #hange her li=e in an& long<ter( wa&. !e (a%e the se#on% %is#o$er& %. Li$e% alone' ha% no se@ li=e' ha% %i==i#.nless he #o. !e wo. She #hose a stranger =or a lo$ she was .t that' what else %i% & in his (in% what he 8new a)o.ring the night. lie% a)o. The 8e& to the (&ster& was what it was that !arriet ha% seen in !e%esta%. !e #li#8e% on to the .she% the a(ate.n#ro::e% i(ages in the series on 3Nrn$Ngsgatan an%IthereT . An intro$erte% :erson o)$io.r :s&#holog& asi%e. !e sighe% an% as he ha% a::eare%. !a% sai% that she en%e% it )e#a. lo(8$ist s.Now a hitherto .ght. lie a)o.tB !e went thro.::ose% that the reason she ha% %are% to start an a==air with hi( was :re#isel& that he was onl& there =or a to li$e with the i%ea that he wo. !e sla::e% his =orehea% an% o:ene% his i oo8.

#8e% his #igarettes as !arrietCs e@:ression #hange%.l% he i%enti=& an% =in% the wo(anB Co.t :hotogra:h&.n% .re o= e@a#tl& what !arriet was loo8ing at. The wo(an ha% ta8en a :i#t. For the ne@t #o.ntil the $er& last :i#t.ehin% !arriet an% a)o. It (.:le' the (an in a stri:e% sweater an% the wo(an in a :ale > he enlarge% ea#h one an% s#r.tinise% it one s4. Right a=ter that N&l. N&l. Then she raise% it an% too8 a :i#t.n%Cs :hotogra:hs =ro( the #row%.res. !ow wo.l% he get hol% o= her sna:shotB !a% the roll e$er )een %e$elo:e%' an% i= so %i% the :rints still e@istB !e o:ene% the =ol%er with N& ha$e )een a=ter *9++ in the a=ternoon. !e %i% not see the #o. The :hotogra:hs were ta8en in a #ar :ar8 )& the entran#e to the s:orts =iel% where the #ele)ration was )eing o= the #lowns' >.ghing heartil&. So(eone ha% ta8en a :i#t.n% ha% :hotogra:he% another #lown with )alloons in his han% :osing in =ront o= his #a(era an% la.t o= his )reast :o#8et. !is heart was )eating har%.are in#h at a ti(e. She was hol%ing a #a(era. lo(8$ist #o(:are% the #a(eraCs :osition with !arrietCs line o= $ision.:le o= ho.:le again .re.t a &ar% to her right were a &o. The wo(an was hol%ing the #a(era at #hin le$el. 7hen lo(8$ist enlarge% the i(age it loo8e% to )e a Jo%a8 Insta(ati# with =lash?a #hea: holi%a& #a(era =or :eo:le who 8now nothing a)o. !e leane% )a#8 an% :l.

!e #ro::e% o.t the (an in the stri:e% sweater was #learl& $isi)le' in :ro=ile.t he #o. R 3K NI J RIFA RIJ !e stare% at the i(age .ntil his e&es )egan to water.nt& #o%es.LL&. The n.t the te@t %issol$e% in a )l.nrea%a)le te@t' in one line. An AO‖ #o.‖ N.r:risingl& si(ilar.ght his :ortraits o= Chil%renCs Da& to a ra:i% #lose.l% see that it starte% with AAC. !e still #o. The wo(an was al(ost hi%%en' ). AAC‖ was =or VNster) o.ha% re#ei$e% the alar( a)o. Then he saw the te@t. !e ha% 8e&s in his han% an% was )en%ing to o:en a #ar %oor.t the #rash on the )ri%ge an% )ro.l% not rea% the wor%s' ). The =o#. ANORS3K SNICJERIFA RIJ'‖ =ollowe% )& .ste% the #ontrast an% shar:ness.t the sti#8er an% a%>.%ing #ertain letters' he was le=t with an .l% )e (ista8en =or a AD'‖ a A ‖ =or an AE'‖ an% so on.()er :lates in the si@ties )egan with a #o%e in%i#ating the #o. It too8 hi( a while. A=ter wor8ing with a :en an% :a:er an% e@#l. Man& letters loo8e% s.n%' an% the #ar was a )it =.LL& sha:es.r. Then he s:otte% so(ething else.t what the letters were' )ase% on the =. !e Loo(e% in' ).s was on the #lown in the =oregro.()er :late was :artl& hi%%en ). On the )a#8 win%ow was a sti#8er o= so(e sort..nt&' an% as a #hil% lo(8$ist ha% (e(orise% the #o.t he atte(:te% to =ig.

( ha% e(erge% =ro( his #a$e. Instea%' when he #a(e )a#8' he went to Ce#iliaCs ho. !e was in his :&>a(as an% a )rown %ressing gown' leaning on a #ane.()er. No<one #a(e to the %oor. !e nee%e% to as8 her wh& she ha% lie% to hi( a)o. C!APTER "2 7e%nes%a&' 3. !e awo8e with a hea%a#he' too8 a shower' an% wal8e% to S.=ig.r%a&' lea$ing when he hear%9 AYo. .t )eing in !arrietCs roo(.se an% 8no#8e% on the "/ lo(8$ist got hel: with the thir% >igsaw :ie#e =ro( an .‖ Goll.res in a s(aller siLe that were .r whore isnCt ho(e.t now so stoo:e% with age that his e&es were le$el with lo(8$ ""-Sat.ght to ha$e gone to see Vanger an% re:ort what he ha% %is#o$ere%.sanneCs =or )rea8=ast. !e loo8e% li8e a Central Casting nast& ol% (an. !e was >.tterl& i(:ossi)le to rea%' :ro)a)l& a tele:hone n.arter. !is =a#e an% ne#8 were s:lot#he% with %ar8 li$er s:ots. !e o. !e was on#e tall' al(ost si@ =oot si@' ).ntil well into the a=ternoon. A=ter wor8ing on the i(ages :ra#ti#all& all night he sle:t hea$il& .ne@:e#te% 4.

ghter' & o= (eeting &o.‖ AIC( not the one who #o(es snea8ing o$er here in the night'‖ !aral% sai% with a toothless s(ile.r whore isnCt ho(e' .A7hat %i% &o. A!aral%B 7ell' well' so' heCs $ent.r )rother'‖ Mi8ael sai%.ote' Yo.n%s li8e !aral%'‖ Vanger sai% #al(l&. !e =o. !e s(elle% =o.r whore isnCt ho(e.n% Vanger in his o==i#e.ghter a whore' =or Go%Cs sa8e.#8ing :ig. sa&B‖ AI sai% that &o.l. ThatCs wh& the& %onCt tal8 (.‖ A!eCs )een %oing that =or &ears.t &o. A!e #alle% his own %a.Cre tal8ing a) ha% the :leas. !e %oes that a #o.t loo8ing )a#8.‖ A7h& %oes he #all her thatB‖ .n4. =.r own %a.‖ AI was 8no#8ing on Ce#iliaCs %oor when this $oi#e )ehin% (e sai%' 4.t.‖ lo(8$ist ste::e% so #lose that he was al(ost nose to nose with !aral% Vanger.‖ AThat so. AIC$e >.:le o= ti(es a & o. AYo. lo(8$ist si%este::e% hi( an% went %own the roa% witho.

arter no<one in his right (in% wo. A )right )o&. It ha::ene% here in !e%esta% a=ter a s. (ean that e$er&one 8nowsI‖ AO= #o.% to ha$e as (& son<in<law i= she were (& %a. !aral% on the other han% has :res. !aral% ( to go to )e% at 59++ e$er& night. ta8e.l% ha$e )een :ro.((er ro(an#e' the &ear a=ter !arriet %isa::eare%.‖ AGoo% Lor%. !e was a =inan#ial assistant at the Vanger Cor:oration.‖ A!e 8new that Ce#ilia an% I ha$eI‖ AE$er&)o%& in the $illage :ro)a)l& 8nows that with the :ossi)le e@#e:tion o= Isa)ella' )e#a.‖ lo(8$ist sat %own' loo8ing =oolish.‖ AAn%B‖ AThe (an she =ell in lo$e with was #alle% Peter Sa(.(a)l& )een =ollowing e$er& ste: &o.‖ A!eCs #alle% her a whore e$er sin#e.ACe#ilia lost her $irginit& when she was twent&<one.‖ . AYo.l% tell her an&thing' an% than8 hea$ens sheCs ni#e his s8.ghter. To%a& he wor8s =or A .ll or #he#8e% his =a(il& tree or so(ething an% %is#o$ere% that he was one<4.rse. The 8in% o= (an I wo.

: =ro( the #o(:.siness. 7hen he loo8e% . !owCs & hi(sel= a #. !e e@:laine% how he ha% =o. She went to Lon%on on Sat.t o. 7hen he was =inishe% Vanger wante% to see all the :i#t.‖ A7here is Ce#iliaB‖ AThe s#hool ter( is o$er.res again.‖ ASo I .t o= his sho.n%erstan%' ).n% the other s:e#tators with the #a(era an% their #ar with the Nors>G Car:entr& Sho: sign. lo(8$ist was .siness.: o= #o==ee =ro( VangerCs ther(os. %onCt (in%B‖ AM& %ear Mi8ael' itCs reall& none o= (& ).AAn% &o.‖ lo(8$ist =elt e$en (ore =oolish.n% so(e new (aterial. AI thin8 IC$e =o.t itCs still none o= (& ).ter his =a#e was gre&.l%er )ag an% s#rolle% thro. A7eC$e sort o= :.‖ !e too8 his i oo8 o.r%a& to $isit her sister' an% a=ter that sheCs ha$ing a holi%a& inIh(((' I thin8 it was Flori%a.r wor8 #o(ing alongB‖ lo(8$ist :o. SheCll )e )a#8 in a)o.t a ( the series o= i(ages showing how !arriet ha% rea#te% on 3Nrn$Ngsgatan.r relationshi: on hol% =or a while.

ght it was Ce#ilia' ). #an' ).rne% . s:ring =ro(B‖ AFro( ho(e' o= #o.t how %i% &o. !e ga$e his %a. For a =ra#tion o= a se#on% he tho. A!i' Pa::a'‖ Pernilla A)raha(sson sai%.t. A7here in the worl% %i% &o.: so(ething #o(:letel& new. !aral% Vanger ha% gone )a#8 to his #a$e )& the ti(e lo(8$ist #a(e o.%%enl& alar(e% an% :.ght was i(:ossi)le. IC( on (& wa& to S8elle=teR.‖ !e %i% not (ention the =a#e in the win%ow. Can I sta& the nightB‖ AO= #o.C$e %one what I tho. Vanger wa$e% hi( awa& an% sat in silen#e =or a while.t a han% on VangerCs sho.C$e t.n% so(eone 4.s.ite %i==erent sitting on the :or#h o= his #ottage' rea%ing a news:a:er. going to %o ne@tB‖ AI a( going to loo8 =or that sna:shot' i= it still e@ists.rse.t the %ar8< haire% girl on the :or#h was his %a.rne% the #orner he =o. Yo.ghter a long h. 7hat are &o.rse &o. AYo. get hereB‖ .ghter. 7hen he t.l%er.g.

& so(e goo% =oo% or so(ething.t &o. !e ha% to learn to sto: treating her li8e a #hil%.‖ AI lo$e &o.e. gla% to see (eB‖ ACertainl& I a(. IC( :rett& grown<. sho. I wante% to wel#o(e &o.l% ). Are &o. Co(e in..‖ AIC( sorr&.‖ AIs that what she sa&s a)o. An% I as8e% at the #a=M i= the& 8new where &o. . too' ).re%l& no longer a little girlH she was al(ost se$enteen' :ra#ti#all& a grown wo(an.AMa((a 8new where &o.t &o. 8nowI‖ AI 8now. Yo.lse. 7hat his %a.Cre alwa&s getting lost in &o.t o.‖ AThatCs OJ. were. The wo(an tol% (e e@a#tl& how to get here.‖ !e (a%e tea an% :. Ma((a tol% (e how &o. I still lo$e &o. She was (ost ass.ghter ha% sai% was tr.t it %oesnCt (atter.: )& now. were sta&ing.t :astries.r own tho. ASo' how was itB‖ . ho(e =ro( :rison' ). ne$er #alle%.‖ AI sto::e% on i(:.ghts.t (eB‖ AMore or less.l% ha$e gi$en (e so(e warning so I #o.

A7o. IC( sorr& that I ha$enCt tal8e% to &o. went to :rison =or what &o.ring the trial. a)o.‖ !e la. go. I %onCt it t.t I wasnCt .ghe%. )elie$e in.t &o.l% &o. )elie$e (e i= I sai% that it was li8e ha$ing a :ai% holi%a& with all the ti(e &o. IC( :ro.t what ha::ene%' ).::ose thereCs (.‖ ANot at all.A!ow was whatB‖ APrison.‖ A7ell' there &o.rne% o.n=airl& senten#e%.t the =a#t that &o.l%. I ho:e it hasnCt )een a :ro)le( =or &o.‖ APernilla' IC( not inno#ent.‖ A . ne$er tol% &o.' &o.' an% I ne$er (iss a #han#e to )rag a)o.r =ather )eing a gaol)ir%.% o= &o.‖ ANo' )e#a.‖ .t that I %i%nCt ha$e :roo=.r si%e o= the stor&. The #o. wante% =or thin8ing an% writingB ‖ AI wo.rt (a%e their %e#ision )ase% on what the& were tol% %.‖ A elie$e inB‖ AI saw Eri8a erger on TV.#h %i==eren#e )etween a :rison an% a #loister' an% :eo:le ha$e alwa&s gone to #loisters =or sel=< re=le#tion.

l% han%le his %a.rite ol% )an%s.. Then answer (e one 4.nit& to =or (e. oth ha% a)sent =athers.AOJ.‖ AThatCs goo% eno. !e o:ene% it an% =o.n %own the )a#8 o= his ne#8. A7h& are &o.l% ta8e the =irst o::ort. lo(8$ist =elt a #ol% =ire r.n%rel or isnCt heB‖ A!eCs one o= the )la#8est s#o.n%rels IC$e e$er %ealt with.s #hoi#e in the worl%.s =anati#is( o= strange se#ts?!arriet to the Pente#ostals an% Pernilla to an o==shoot o= so(ething that was >.‖ She too8 a :a#8age o. Pernilla was si@teen' e@a#tl& the age !arriet was when she a)o.n% a CD' The est o= E. She 8new it was one o= his =a$o. going to S8elle=teRB‖ A i)le s#hool at a s. At the sa(e ti(e' the Light o= Li=e was (ost %e=initel& a se#t o= the t&:e that he wo. IC$e got a :resent =or &o.t it in his i oo8' an% the& listene% to ASweet Drea(s‖ together. oth were attra#te% to the this (atter with her (other. !e wo.ghter an% !arriet Vanger were. !e :.t as #ra#8:ot as the 7or% o= Li=e. !e %i% not 8now how he sho. !e was a=rai% o= en#roa#hing on her right to %e#i%e =or hersel=.((er #a(: with a #ongregation #alle% the Light o= Li=e'‖ Pernilla sai%' as i= it were the (ost o)$io.t o= her )ag.r&th(i#s. . !e realise% how ali8e his %a.ghterCs new interest in religion.l% not hesitate to la()ast in Millenni.(.estion9 is 7ennerstrG( a s#o.

ntil Pernilla ha% to get on )oar%. %onCt li8e the i%ea that IC( going to S8elle=teR' %o &o. The& ha% a little ti(e' so the& )o.Cre not a Christian' are &o..%ies. E$er&one has to ha$e so(ething to )elie$e in.‖ 7hen her train arri$e%' the& ga$e ea#h other a long h.B‖ !e was non<:l. )elie$e' an% ICll alwa&s lo$e &o. sho.B‖ A7ell' IC( not a goo% Christian' at an& rate.r i)le st.t I res:e#t the =a#t that &o.e &o. !e wo8e with a #ri#8 in his ne#8 an% a#hing (. AItCs not %angero. %onCt )elie$e in Go%B‖ ANo' I %onCt )elie$e in Go%' ).‖ A7h& %o &o.sse%. 7ith one =oot on the ste:' she t. %o.ght #o==ee at the (ini<(art an% sat %own on a )en#h at the en% o= the :lat=or(' #hatting a)o. .s.‖ AYo. Pernilla was eager to get going' so he (a%e )rea8=ast an% went with her to the station. . It %oesnCt (atter to (e what &o. sa& thatB‖ .rne%.s#les.l% #ontin.Pernilla sle:t in his )e% while he wra::e% hi(sel= in )lan8ets on the )en#h in the 8it#hen.g . APa::a' IC( not going to :rosel&tise.t all sorts o= things. Until she sai%9 AYo.t I thin8 &o.t &o.

+""* R.n% the )en% %i% the (eaning sin8 in.?. !e ha% ta:e% the note a)o$e his %es8.r )e=ore the ne@t ).*"+6 R. ha% on the wall'‖ she sai%.tes later he was in his o==i#e.s le=t.#h on e%ge to wait that long.t o= the station.AI saw the 4.l% )e al(ost an ho.ll awa&. Ten (in. !e too8 the note with hi(' sear#he% =or the 8e&s' whi#h he ha% le=t in a )owl on the win%owsill' an% >ogge% the whole wa& to Gott=rie%Cs #a)in.‖ She wa$e% an% was gone.*+"5 !e loo8e% aro.n% !.*+*2 Mari?.t wh& so gloo(& an% ne.n% the roo(. Then he realise% where heC% )e a)le to =in% a i)le. !e stoo% on the :lat=or(' )a==le%' wat#hing the train :. A .rrie% o. Mi8ael h. Not .?.roti#B Jisses. !e was too (. !is han%s were . later.3. See &o.L.ntil it $anishe% aro. Mag%a?. !e ran to the ta@i stan% an% =o.otes &o.ssein with the Norrlan% a##ent.*+"0 Sara?. It wo.

()ers.t to %eath' their )loo% is .s' "9"* AAn% he shall #.E Le$iti#.s' the thir% )oo8 o= the Pentate. DMag%aE Le$iti#.:on the(.t it into :ie#es' with its hea% an% its =at' an% the :riest shall la& the( in or%er .‖ DR. The =ig. shall 8ill the wo(an an% the )eastH the& shall )e :.:ra#ti#all& sha8ing as he too8 !arrietCs i)le %own =ro( its shel=.:on the altar.:on the woo% that is on the =ire .#h.s' *"96 AAn% the %a. She ha% not written %own tele:hone n.ghter o= an& :riest' i= she :ro=anes hersel= )& :la&ing the harlot' :ro=anes her =atherH she shall )e ).rne% with =ire.E Le$iti#.‖ DSaraE Le$iti#.‖ DR.res in%i#ate% the #ha:ter an% $erse in Le$iti#.3.L.s' *+9"0 AI= a wo(an a::roa#hes an& )east an% lies with it' &o.s' *+9*2 .

Mag%a' Sara' Mari' R.n#o$ers her na8e%ness' he has (a%e na8e% her =o. 7hat was her last na(eB 7hat in Go%Cs na(e ha% !arriet gotten hersel= (i@e% .s' *+9"5 AI= a (an lies with a wo(an ha$ing her si#8ness' an% . . !e re(e()ere% the =ire $i#ti( in !e%esta% that Ins:e#tor Morell ha% tol% hi( a)o.t o== =ro( a(ong their :eo:le.' an% R. The Re)e#8a #ase' whi#h o##.:on the altar.‖ !e went o.:on the(.()ers. Ea#h $erse ha% )een .t to %eathH the& shall )e stone% with stones' their )loo% shall )e .iti$e lea:.3.t he %i%nCt ha$e the na(es.t an% sat on the :or#h.:on the woo% that is on the =ire .ntain' an% she has .3. !elita #igarette an% listene% to the singing o= )ir%s near)&.t.: inB .t it into :ie#es' with its hea% an% its =at' an% the :riest shall la& the( in or%er . All o= a s.l%ering #oals. The girl was ra:e% an% then 8ille% )& ha$ing her hea% :la#e% on s(o.‖ Re)e#8a.rre% in the late =orties.n#o$ere% the =o.( or a wiLar% shall )e :. R.L.ntain o= her )loo%H )oth o= the( shall )e #. AAn% he shall #.AA (an or a wo(an who is a (e%i.%%en an a)&ss o:ene% as Mi8aelCs )rain (a%e an int.n%erline% in !arrietCs i)le. !e ha% the n.‖ DMariE Le$iti#.

r #leri#al sta==' a :o:.r when she %ie%. 8now a)o.tes.r%er that too8 :la#e in !e%esta% so(eti(e in the =ortiesB A girl #alle% Re)e#8a?her hea% was :.e an% #r&' I ha% a s(all :art in it (&sel=. . .t the (. AThatCs a na(e ICll ne$er =orget' altho.l% $isit the ol% (an =or a =ew (in. wantB‖ AI ha$e a 4.t wh& are &o. AA s. Re)e#8a was on o.estion.‖ AYesB‖ ADi% &o. There was a tre(en%o.t Anna agree% to let hi( in' sa&ing he #o. e$er hear o= a (.((er #ol%'‖ !enri8 e@:laine%' sni==ling. as8ingB‖ . That (.t &o. !e was in )e% when lo(8$ist 8no#8e% on his %oor.‖ A .r%erB‖ AIn%ee% I %o. Re)e#8a 3a#o)sson was twent&<three or twent&<=o.s h.lar girl an% $er& attra#ti$e.t a se#on%C she sitation.‖ ARe)e#8 a 3a#o)sson'‖ !enri8 sai% witho. A7hat %i% &o.Vanger ha% )een ta8en ha$e )een inIIt was in "6/6.t on a =ire.‖ I ha$enCt hear% it (entione% in &ears. %i%B‖ AOh &es.

‖ lo(8$ist %i% not see Vanger the =ollowing %a&. On the gro.se8ee:er' an% he was still there when the (e%i#s #a(e o.Cre =eeling )etter. !e ga$e Mi8ael a )rie= greeting an% then t.n#ons#io.n% a sha8en Anna in the hall.t his ar(s aro. Then he to Anna. he was still at the 8it#hen ta)le' rea%ing !arrietCs i)le' when he hear% the' !enri8' ).ggesting that thereCs a #onne#tion )etween !arriet an% Re)e#8aB There wereIal(ost se$enteen &ears se:arating the two.t with an .t the win%ow an% saw the =lashing )l. . 3. Fille% with =ore)o%ing' he ran o. !e loo8e% Vanger on a stret#her. !is )are =eet were st. AItCs his heart'‖ she sai%.e lights o= an a(). IC( going to ha$e to thin8 this thro.: the :or#h ste:s in two )o.‖ ALet (e %o (& thin8ing an% ICll #o(e )a#8 an% see &o.lan#e :ar8e% )& VangerCs ho.#8 in a :air o= sli::ers' an% he ha%nCt Li::e% his =l&. to(orrow i= &o. The a().tsi%e.n%s an% =o.lan#e.‖ lo(8$ist :. !e ha% )een in )e% when Anna #alle%.AIC( not s.(. !e %ashe% . A!e wo8e (e a little while ago' #o(:laining o= :ains in his #hest.n% o= a #ar (a8ing its wa& at high s:ee% a#ross the )ri%ge.n% =loor all the lights were on.‖ AAre & )e=ore "9++ a.n% the ho. Martin Vanger' loo8ing %e#i%e%l& stresse%' wal8e% )ehin%. s.t I (a& )e on to so(ething.

AItCs Fri%a& the thirteenth'‖ he sai%.t heCs not %oing well.ntil the ne@t (orning' a=ter heC% ha% a )rie= tal8 with Dir#h Fro%e on his (o)ile an% )een ass. Late in the e$ening Fro%e #a(e to see hi( an% gi$e hi( the %etails a)o. !enri8 has )een ta8en to the hos:ital. Ine$ita)l&' the news was re#ei$e% with gloo( an% an@iet&. AAn% tell Dir#h.AICll go with hi( to the hos:ital. It too8 se$eral (in.ll&. A!eCs ali$e' ).tes )e=ore a slee:& Fro%e answere% lo(8$istCs ring at his %oor. !e ha% a serio..‖ . Not . !e glan#e% at his wat#h. AI ha$e )a% news' Dir#h.s heart atta#8' an% heCs also s.‖ AI #an go to Fro%eCs ho.(Cs new :artner ha% )een ta8en to the hos:ital with a heart atta#8.t !enri8 VangerCs that Vanger was still ali$e' %i% he #all erger with the news that Millenni. It see(s to )e a heart'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. #an rea#h Ce#ilia in Lon%on in the (orning'‖ he sai%. Call irger an% see i= &o.‖ AGoo% Lor%'‖ Fro%e sai%. Anna no%%e% grate=. Martin wante% (e to tell &o.==ering =ro( an in=e#tion.

AI nee% to as8 &o. Fro%e loo8e% . AThe #on%itions o= &o. Fro%e loo8e% wret#he%l& .‖ The& sat in silen#e' %ee: in tho. !eCs in intensi$e #are. seen hi(B‖ ANo.‖ A7hat are his #han#esB‖ Fro%e wa$e% a han% )a#8 an% =orth.‖ Fro%e sighe%.t !arriet is >.late% in a #ontra#t that r.‖ .ns .ght.t whatCs going to ha::en now'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.t heCs ol%. %onCt ha$e to worr&. The&Cre sti:. 8now as well as I %o that this whole stor& a)o. !enri8 is in e@#ellent #on%ition' ). a :asti(e =or !enri8. AMi8ael' &o. 7eCll >.nha::&.ntil the en% o= this &ear' whether !enri8 li$es or %ies. IC( won%ering who I re:ort to in his a)sen#e.A!a$e &o.:.‖ ANo' thatCs not what I (eant. A!e s.r e(:lo&(ent %onCt #hange. a) ha$e to wait. Martin an% irger are sitting with hi(.r$i$e% the atta#8' an% thatCs a goo% sign. lo(8$ist (a%e #o==ee.

r%er o= Re)e#8a 3a#o)sson in "6/6' R. Then he e@:laine% how his own %a. AO$er the :ast =ew %a&s IC$e =o. IC( $er& (.n% as #on#isel& as :ossi)le' an% he showe% Fro%e the series o= :i#t.n% signi=i#ant (aterial a)o.ghter ha% . in the :i#t.t is that we ne$er %is#. .‖ A7hat %o &o. AYo.ADonCt sa& that' Dir#h. (. Can I :. 7hat IC( worrie% a)o.n% new e$i%en#e'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. Finall&' he :ro:ose% the #onne#tion' as he ha% =or Vanger the %a& )e=ore' with the (.res =ro( 3Nrn$Ngsgatan.‖ AOJ.‖ Fro%e loo8e% at hi( with a strange e@:ression. (eanB‖ AIC$e =o.3.#h a=rai% that it (a& ha$e hel:e% to )ring on his heart atta#8.Cre >o8ing' &o. AI tol% !enri8 a)o.t !arrietCs %isa::earan#e.nlo#8e% the (&ster& o= the na(es in the %ate )oo8. I ha$e to go on with this.t &o. re:ort to (e.sse% who I sho.l% re:ort to i= !enri8 is no longer right nowB‖ lo(8$ist %es#ri)e% what he ha% =o.t so(e o= it &ester%a&.‖ )eI‖ lo(8$ist shoo8 his hea%.

t !enri8Cs )lessing.rnt o==erings.t.t in the #ase o= Re)e#8a' an% the :oli#e in$estigation was #lose%.l% ha$e tol% !enri8.t what is the #onne#tion with !arrietB‖ AI %onCt 8now &et.ght to in=or( the :oli#e.‖ A . The&Cre not going to reo:en an in$estigation =i=t&<=o. in her %ate )oo8 ne@t to the re=eren#e to the Ol% Testa(ent law a)o. AYo.‖ AAll right.nli8el&' I agree' ).3. Fro%eCs )row was #rease% with #on#ern.The onl& thing he 8e:t to hi(sel= was Ce#ilia VangerCs =a#e in !arrietCs win%ow. 7hat are &o.t I want to =in% o. At least not witho. !e ha% to tal8 to her )e=ore he :. ha$e to (a8e the %e#isions =or hi(. reall& thin8 that the (. Yo. .te o= li(itations has long sin#e r.‖ APerha:s we o.r%er o= Re)e#8a has so(ething to %o with !arrietCs %isa::earan#eB‖ AIt see(s .‖ ANo.s:e#te% o= so(ething. e$er&thing I wo.t her in a :osition where she (ight )e s.r &ears later. The stat.t ).rne% to %eath.t the =a#t re(ains that !arriet wrote the initials R. Re)e#8a 3a#o)sson was ). I will tell &o. One #onne#tion with the Vanger =a(il& is ines#a:a)le?she wor8e% =or the #or:oration. going to %oB‖ .n o.

A#t. AFirst' I want to =ollow .ste%.n%erstan%I.lo(8$ist :a#e% a la: aro.‖ AYo. I nee% a :ro=essional who 8nows ar#hi$e wor8 an% who #an )e an% reso.n% the ol% news:a:er ar#hi$es to =in% QMag%aC an% QSaraC an% the other na(es. I nee% a #ar to go to Nors>G an% =ollow that lea%' where$er it ta8es (e. (ean &o.‖ A7ho %i% whatB‖ lo(8$ist sai%.l% see what it was that !arriet sawIit (ight )e the 8e&.: the :hotogra:h lea%.‖ AI . 7e ha$e one #onne#tion to one (. An% also' I want to resear#h ea#h o= the Le$iti#.l% sto: hi(sel=' he a%%e%' AShe was the one who %i% the )a#8gro. I= IC( right in thin8ing that Re)e#8a wasnCt the onl& $i#ti(.r other #l. To %o thisII nee% so(e hel:.r $erses' :ossi)l& =o.all& I )elie$e I 8now o= an e@:ert resear#her'‖ sai% Fro%e' an% )e=ore he #o.: the want to let so(eone else in onI‖ AThereCs a lot o= wor8 that has to )e %one an% in a h. I= we #o.rr&.l% %i$i%e .s $erses. .n% in$estigation on &o.r#es an% get :eo:le to %ig =or (e. 7e ha$e =o.r%er.‖ A7hat 8in% o= hel:B‖ AI reall& nee% a resear#h assistant with the :atien#e to go thro. I= I were a :oli#e o==i#er in$ol$e% in an a#ti$e in$estigation' I #o.

were.(Cs :ro)le(sB‖ Fro%e shr.‖ AI want to rea% the re:ort'‖ Mi8ael re:eate%.‖ IC( getting ol%' he tho. !ow thoro. 7e wante% to #he#8 . AIt ha% a )earing.t o= the or%inar& a) was this in$estigationB‖ AIt was 4.AI was thin8ing o.‖ .: a)o. )e=ore we hire% &o.gge%.t lo. AItCs %i% a #he#8 on what sort o= :erson &o.‖ lo(8$ist lit a #igarette.t.' an% we >.‖ ASo thatCs wh& !enri8 alwa&s see(s to 8now e@a#tl& where he has (e. It was his =i=th o= the %a&.: on &o. AA written re:ortB‖ AMi8ael' itCs nothing to get wor8e% . AYo.ite thoro.‖ ADi% it loo8 into Millenni.thorise that.%'‖ Fro%e sai%. AOh #o(e on' thereCs nothing o.‖ AI want to rea% the re:ort'‖ he sai%.t this.ght. AI #o. ha% so(eone %o an in$estigation on (eB‖ AItCs nothing %ra(ati#' Mi8ael. 7e wante% to hire &o.l%nCt a.

ICll ta8e the e$ening train )a#8 to Sto#8hol(.: =a#ts that he !e was in#reasingl& astonishe% at how %etaile% the re:ort was.‖ Fro%e ha% :.t . It was a strange e@:erien#e to rea% a)o.rel& no<one to%a& wo.ntil 09++ that e$ening that lo(8$ist ha% Lis)eth Salan%erCs re:ort in his han%.l relationshi: with a wo(an who ha% )een a =la(ing S&n%i#alist an% who was now a :oliti#ian.g .ght ha% )een long ). She ha% s#r. 7ho in the worl% ha% she tal8e% toB She ha% =o. !ow the hell ha% she %one itB .9 either I ha$e that re:ort in (& han%s within the ho.tinise% his =inan#es %own to the last Gre. 7here is the re:ortB‖ The two (en e&e% ea#h other =or se$eral se#on%s. Salan%er ha% %.AReall&B Then hereCs what I sa& to &o.l% re(e()er. It was not .n% his ro#8 )an% ootstra:' whi#h It was al(ost eight& :ages long' :l. She ha% %.: a terri)le =.t hi(sel= in what was :art )iogra:h& an% :art intelligen#e re:ort. AIn (& o==i#e' at ho(e. Then Fro%e sighe% an% loo8e% awa&.r' or I 4.: his &o.rie% in the #o(:ost o= histor&.g .s %oLens o= :hoto#o:ie% arti#les' #erti=i#ates' an% other re#or%s o= the %etails o= his li=e an% #areer.

That was i(:ossi)le.rnalist' lo(8$ist ha% s:ent (an& &ears )een a s:e#tator in #o.ring the trial.t whoe$er wrote the re:ort ha% o)$io.: with a %ist.alit& o= the wor8 =ro( a :.sal to #o((ent %. 7hat sort o= ga(e was he :la&ingB The 7ennerstrG( a==air was (erel& s.)t that this Salan%er was one hell o= an in$estigator. The re:ort 4. She ha% his original wor%ing.nting %own in=or(ation a)o.)(itte% a=ter he resigne% as :.(.As a >o.%ge the 4.ring :art o= the trial. It was %ate% three %a&s )e=ore lo(8$ist was senten#e%.:' har%l& a)le to )elie$e his e&es. S(art wo(an.rt %.r)ingl& :re#ise a::raisal o= Millenni. Salan%er ha% written a )rie= :assage gi$ing her assess(ent o= what wo.#e% $irt. !e glan#e% again at the #o$er o= the re:ort.all& wor% =or wor% the :ress release that he an% erger ha% s. The re:ort #a(e .l% ha$e :ro%.l% >. The ne@t se#on% Mi8ael straightene% .#e% a #o(:ara)le re:ort on an& in%i$i%.estione% lo(8$istCs re=.t Salan%er ha% .al #o(:letel& . . There was no %o.l% ha::en a=ter the trial.t :eo:le' an% he #o. It also %awne% on hi( that there ha% ne$er )een an& reason =or hi( an% erger to 8ee: their %istan#e in VangerCs :resen#eH he alrea%& 8new o= their long<stan%ing relationshi:. The .)lisher o= Millenni.)te% that e$en he #o. !e how sha8& things were when he =irst #onta#te% erger.rel& :ro=essional stan%:oint.((arise%' ).n8nown to hi(.(Cs =inan#ial :ositionH Vanger 8new >.

AYo.ter' FrG8en Salan%er'‖ he sai% alo.%.()er. !e wal8e% slowl&' :on%ering as he went.t. !e :. She %i% not ha$e to t.@. lo(8$ist "5 Salan%er awo8e with a start =ro( a %rea(less sl.t on his >a#8et an% went o. The te@t was ne$er :rinte% o.#8ing ha#8er.sion.t the s. Finall& he sat on a ro#8 an% loo8e% at the =lashing ).n%' :ast Ce#ilia VangerCs :ro:ert& an% the l.s (otor)oat )elow Martin VangerCs $illa. She =elt =aintl& si#8.o& lights in !e%esta% a&. In lo(8$istCs #o(:.==& air o= the )e%roo(. In his i oo8' not on his #o(:.)>e#t.C$e )een in (& #o(:. Salan%er ha% the& ha% tal8e% a)o. AYo.ter at the o==i#e.n8 too (an& )eers the night )e=ore with the E$il Fingers .Cre a =.‖ C!APTER "5 7e%nes%a&' 3.rn her hea% to 8now that Mi((i ha% le=t alrea%& =or wor8' ).t %own Salan%erCs re:ort.ter. !e wal8e% along the shore o= the so.t her s#ent still lingere% in the st.t into the night' whi#h was $er& )right one wee8 )e=ore Mi%s.:ress release e@iste% then in onl& one :la#e in the whole worl%.(( Not e$en erger ha% a #o:&' altho. There was onl& one #on#l.

She sat .: with her an% their ha$ing )rea8=ast together. !er #lo#8 sai% it was 69.#e% to the E$il Fingers. Salan%er?. I= she ha% to #hoose' she :re=erre% g.nstea%il& to the hall to o:en the %oor. Ver& =ew :eo:le rang her %oor)ell at all.r:rise.rne% Salan%er on.&s?an% the& were in the lea%' statisti#all& her %oor)ell at this ho.ght o= hersel= as a les) a #as. She %i% not gi$e a %a(n a)o.rne% .l% ha$e wo8en her when the %oor)ell rang again. .t it was still >. No< one ha% e$er r. Can I #o(e inB‖ . The& ha% (et in a )eer tent at the Pri%e Festi$al a &ear ago' an% Mi((i was the onl& :erson that Salan%er ha% a==air =or )oth o= the(.ll&. She wra::e% a sheet aro.+' an% she was won%ering what #o. The onl& :ro)le( was =in%ing a g.: in s.t la)els' %i% not see that it was an&one elseCs ).siness who( she s:ent her nights with. She stare% straight into the e&es o= Mi8ael lo(8$ist' =elt :ani# ra#e thro.nli8e Mi((i?ha% ne$er tho. It was ni#e l&ing #lose to Mi((iCs war(' so=t )o%&' an% Salan%er %i% not (in% wa8ing .at the Mill. AGoo% (orning' FrG8en Salan%er'‖ he greete% her #heer=. Mi((i ha% her )o%&' an% too8 a ste: )a#8.: not long )e=ore #losing ti(e an% #o(e ho(e with her an% into )e%.n% her an% wal8e% . She ha% ne$er )roo%e% o$er whether she was straight' ga&' or e$en ) AIt was a late night' I see.& who was not a >er8 an% one who was also goo% in )e%H Mi((i was a sweet #o(:ro(ise' an% she t.

riosit& the :ile o= #lothes on the hall =loor an% the ra(:art o= )ags =ille% with news:a:ersH then he :eere% thro. AS:ea8ing o= whi#h' I 8now how &o.‖ .t waiting =or an answer' he wal8e% in' #losing the %oor )ehin% hi(. 8now (e )etter than al(ost an&one else %oes. 8ee: #o==eeB‖ he sai%. She too8 three' hol%ing a >. Then he starte% o:ening her #. owne% the :la#e.i#8 stri%es.‖ lo(8$ist' an% one $egetarian with a$o#a%o' not 8nowing &o.g an% t.:)oar%s in sear#h o= #o==ee.r :re=eren#e.rne% his )a#8 on her an% :o. #anCt #o(e )arging in here as i= &o.r8e& an% Di>on (. AI ass. !owB 7hatB 7hoB lo(8$ist loo8e% at her )ewil%er(ent with a(.ght so(e =ille% )agels with (e.7itho.nning o.(e% that & the water into the (a#hine. IsnCt that soB‖ !e t.t o= the ta:. !e regar%e% with #.l% not ha$e ha% )rea8=ast &et' so I )ro. A7rongT the )e%roo( %oor while Salan%erCs worl% starte% s:inning in the wrong %ire#tion. ADa(n it all' &o. Salan%er stoo% in the hall as i= =roLen .‖ !e (ar#he% into her 8it#hen an% starte% rinsing her #o==ee(a8er. 7e %onCt e$en 8now ea#h other. ASto:T Sto: at on#eT‖ She realise% that she was sho. I 8now &o. %o it. I got one with roast )ee=' one with t.rne% to loo8 at her.ntil she hear% the water r. wo.r se#rets. A7here %o & an% lowere% her $oi#e.

: his han%s. A7e ha$e to tal8'‖ he sai% again.t IC( 4.t I thin8 &o. She was in a state o= (ental :aral&sis. sho.)le' IC( not the one &o..nreal' an% her )rain was re=.t her lea$e. I was >.n%erstan% hi(. A .ni$ersal sign o= :ea#e' or I ha$e no wea:on. A=ter &o.t she still ste::e% )a#8 a :a#e when he #a(e #loser' too8 her ar( an% es#orte% her to the )athroo( %oor.trageo. !e 8nows where I li$eT !e was stan%ing in her 8it#hen. A . !e 8nows who I a(T She =elt the sheet sli::ing' an% she :.)>e#ts =a#e to =a#e.Cre awa8e' that is. to ring hi(?&o.l% tal8 to (& )oss. sho.sing to =. AYo. The #o==ee .l% )e tal8ing %oing a >o).‖ !e hel% .#h her witho.n#tion.Cre thin8ing o= (a8ing tro.l% sto: :it#hing .n%er her =eet.‖ She trie% to s:ea8 sensi)l&. This was i(:ossi)le. Ne$er ha% she (et one o= her s.t her e&es' wishing that the =loor wo. listen to (e?i= &o. AIC$e alrea%& tal8e% to Ar(ans8&.ng o$er. This sit.C% )etter ta8e a shower =irst.Salan%er sh. She %isli8e% ha$ing an&one to. %i%nCt answer his #all last night.s to tal8 to &o.‖ She %i% not sense an& threat' ).t at =irst she %i%nCt . & the wa&' he wants &o.n% her. She was h. It was o. Yo. AI %onCt want to (a8e tro.)le'‖ he sai%.lle% it tighter aro.ite an@io. !e sai% so(ething' ). A .s.ation was .

ADo &o.t on so(e #lothes.l% ha$e tho. She was (ore sha8en than she an%?he wasnCt >o8ing a=ter all?) o= the night. The s(ell o= #o==ee was s:rea%ing thro. She too8 the taser o. Va(ooseT‖ Passi$el& she o)e& o$er a #hair. She sat %own o::osite hi(.:B‖ he sai%. First' a shower.ght :ossi)le.))ish sa#8 an% #leare% the ta)le o= =i$e wee8s o= news:a:ersH he ha% washe% the ta)le #lean an% :.t on >eans' an% a T<shirt with the slogan ARMAGEDDON 7AS YESTERDAY?TODAY 7E !AVE A SERIOUS PRO LEM.ghts. Lis)eth Salan%er is ne$er :assi$e' she tho. :.t o= the :o#8et' #he#8e% to see that it was loa%e%' an% st. 7hen she was %one' she sli::e% into her )e%roo( an% :.(. She leane% against the )athroo( %oor an% the a:art(ent. Gra%. ne$er #lean . !e ha% =ille% the sin8 with %irt& %ishes an% ashtra&sH he ha% :. OJ' letCs see where this is hea%ing.t a ne#essit& a=ter the t.ggle% to #olle#t her tho.t (.sing =or a se#on%' she sear#he% her leather >a#8et that was sl. She too8 a %ee: )reath an% went )a#8 to the 8it#hen.#8 it in the )a#8 :o#8et o= her >eans. .t the ol% (il8 #artons into a r.will )e rea%& )& the ti(e &o. A=ter :a.t o.all& she realise% that a shower was not onl& goo% a%$i#e ).

AYo. %i%nCt answer (& 4.estion; Roast )ee=' t.r8e&' or $egetarianB ‖ ARoast )ee=;‖ AThen ICll ta8e the t.r8e&;‖ The& ate in silen#e' s#r.tinising ea#h other; 7hen she =inishe% her )agel' she also ate hal= o= the $egetarian one; She :i#8e% .: a #r.(:le% :a#8 o= #igarettes =ro( the win%owsill an% %.g one o.t; !e )ro8e the silen#e; AI (a& not )e as goo% as &o. at in$estigations' ).t at least IC$e =o.n% o.t that &o.Cre not a $egetarian or?as !err Fro%e tho.ght?anore@i#; ICll in#l.%e that in=or(ation in (& re:ort;‖ Salan%er stare% at hi(' ).t he loo8e% so a(.se% that she ga$e hi( a #roo8e% s(ile; The sit.ation was )e&on% all rh&(e or reason; She si::e% her #o==ee; !e ha% 8in% e&es; She %e#i%e% that whate$er else he (ight )e' he %i% not see( to )e a (ali#io.s :erson; An% there was nothing in the PI she ha% %one that wo.l% in%i#ate he was a $i#io.s )astar% who a).se% his girl=rien%s or an&thing li8e that; She re(in%e% hersel= that she was the one who 8new e$er&thing; Jnowle%ge is :ower; A7hat are &o. grinning atB‖ she sai%; AIC( sorr&; I ha% not in =a#t :lanne% to (a8e (& entran#e in this wa&; I %i%nCt (ean to alar( &o.; .t &o. sho.l% ha$e seen &o.r =a#e when &o. o:ene% the %oor; It was :ri#eless;‖

Silen#e; To her s.r:rise' Salan%er =o.n% his .nin$ite% intr.sion a##e:ta)le?well' at least not .n:leasant; AYo.Cll ha$e to thin8 o= it as (& re$enge =or &o.r :o8ing aro.n% in (& :ersonal li=e'‖ he sai%; AAre &o. =rightene%B‖ ANot the least )it'‖ Salan%er sai%; AGoo%; IC( not here to (a8e tro.)le =or &o.;‖ AI= &o. e$en tr& to h.rt (e ICll ha$e to %o &o. an in>.r&; Yo.Cll )e sorr&;‖ lo(8$ist st.%ie% her; She was )arel& =o.r =oot ele$en an% %i% not loo8 as she #o.l% :.t .: (.#h resistan#e i= he were an assailant who ha% =or#e% his wa& into her a:art(ent; .t her e&es were e@:ressionless an% #al(; A7ell' that wonCt )e ne#essar&'‖ he sai% at last; AI onl& nee% to tal8 to &o.; I= &o. want (e to lea$e' all &o. ha$e to %o is sa& so; ItCs =.nn& ).tIoh' nothingI‖ A7hatB‖ AThis (a& so.n% #raL&' ).t =o.r %a&s ago I %i%nCt e$en 8now &o. e@iste%; Then I rea% &o.r anal&sis o= (e;‖ !e sear#he% his sho.l%er )ag an% )ro.ght o.t the re:ort; AIt was not entertaining rea%ing;‖ !e loo8e% o.t o= the 8it#hen win%ow =or a while; ACo.l% I ).( a #igaretteB‖ She sli% the :a#8 a#ross the ta)le;

AYo. sai% )e=ore that we %onCt 8now ea#h other' an% I sai% that &es' we %o;‖ !e :ointe% at the re:ort; AI #anCt #o(:ete with &o.; IC$e onl& %one a ra:i% ro.tine #he#8' to get &o.r a%%ress an% %ate o= )irth' st.== li8e that; .t &o. #ertainl& 8now a great %eal a)o.t (e; M.#h o= whi#h is :ri$ate' %a((it' things that onl& (& #losest =rien%s 8now; An% now here I a(' sitting in &o.r 8it#hen an% eating )agels with &o.; 7e ha$e 8nown ea#h other hal= an ho.r' ).t I ha$e the =eeling that weC$e )een =rien%s =or &ears; Does that (a8e sense to &o.B‖ She no%%e%; AYo. ha$e )ea.ti=.l e&es'‖ he sai%; AYo. ha$e ni#e e&es &o.rsel='‖ she sai%; Long silen#e; A7h& are &o. hereB‖ she sai%; Jalle lo(8$ist?she re(e()ere% his ni#8na(e an% s.::resse% the i(:.lse to sa& it o.t lo.%?s.%%enl& loo8e% serio.s; !e also loo8e% $er& tire%; The sel=<#on=i%en#e that he ha% shown when he =irst wal8e% into her a:art(ent was now gone; The #lowning was o$er' or at least ha% )een :.t asi%e; She =elt hi( st.%&ing her #losel&; Salan%er =elt that her #o( was )arel& s8in<%ee: an% that she reall& wasnCt in #o(:lete #ontrol o= her ner$es; This totall& .nloo8e%<=or $isit ha% sha8en her in a wa& that she

ha% ne$er e@:erien#e% in #onne#tion with her wor8; !er )rea% an% ).tter was s:&ing on :eo:le; In =a#t she ha% ne$er tho.ght o= what she %i% =or Ar(ans8& as a real >o)H she tho.ght o= it (ore as a #o(:li#ate% :asti(e' a sort o= ho))&; The was that she en>o&e% %igging into the li$es o= other :eo:le an% e@:osing the se#rets the& were tr&ing to hi%e; She ha% )een %oing it' in one =or( or another' =or as long as she #o.l% re(e()er; An% she was still %oing it to%a&' not onl& when Ar(ans8& ga$e her an assign(ent' ).t so(eti(es =or the sheer =.n o= it; It ga$e her a 8i#8; It was li8e a #o(:li#ate% #o(:.ter ga(e' e@#e:t that it %ealt with real li$e :eo:le; An% now one o= her ho))ies was sitting right here in her 8it#hen' =ee%ing her )agels; It was totall& a)s.r%; AI ha$e a =as#inating :ro)le('‖ lo(8$ist sai%; ATell (e this' when &o. were %oing &o.r resear#h on (e =or !err Fro%e' %i% &o. ha$e an& i%ea what it was going to )e .se% =orB‖ ANo;‖ AThe :.r:ose was to =in% o.t all that in=or(ation a)o.t (e ) Fro%e' or rather his e(:lo&er' wante% to gi$e (e a =reelan#e >o);‖ AI see;‖ !e ga$e her a =aint s(ile;

AOne o= these %a&s &o. an% I sho.l% ha$e a %is#.ssion a)o.t the ethi#s o= snoo:ing into other :eo:leCs li$es; .t right now I ha$e a %i==erent :ro)le(; The >o) I was o==ere%' an% whi#h ine@:li#a)l& I agree% to %o' is witho.t %o.)t the (ost )iLarre assign(ent IC$e e$er .n%erta8en; e=ore I sa& (ore I nee% to )e a)le to &o.' Lis)eth;‖ A7hat %o &o. (eanB‖ AAr(ans8& tells (e &o.Cre "++ :er#ent relia)le; .t I still want to as8 &o. the 4.estion; Can I tell &o. #on=i%ential things witho.t &o.r telling the( to an&one else' )& an& (eans' e$erB‖ A7ait a (in.te; Yo.C$e tal8e% to DraganB Is he the one who sent &o. hereB‖ IC( going to 8ill &o.' &o. =.#8ing st.:i% Ar(enian; ANot e@a#tl&; Yo.Cre not the onl& one who #an =in% o.t so(eoneCs a%%ressH I %i% that all on (& own; I loo8e% &o. .: in the national registr&; There are three Lis)eth Salan%ers' an% the other two werenCt a goo% (at#h; .t I ha% a long tal8 with Ar(ans8& &ester%a&; !e too tho.ght that I wante% to (a8e tro.)le o$er &o.r =erreting aro.n% in (& :ri$ate li=e; In the en% I #on$in#e% hi( that I ha% a legiti(ate :.r:ose;‖ A7hi#h is whatB‖ AAs I tol% &o.' Fro%eCs e(:lo&er hire% (e to %o a >o); IC$e rea#he% a :oint where I nee% a s8ille% resear#her; Fro%e tol% (e a)o.t &o. an% sai% that &o. were :rett& goo%; !e ha%nCt

(eant to i%enti=& &o.' it >.st sli::e% o.t; I e@:laine% to Ar(ans8& what I wante%; !e OJC% the whole thing an% trie% to #all &o.; An% here I a(; Call hi( i= &o. want;‖ It too8 Salan%er a (in.te to =in% her (o)ile a(ong the #lothes that Mi((i ha% :.lle% o== her; lo(8$ist wat#he% her e()arrasse% sear#h with interest as he :atrolle% the a:art(ent; All her see(e% to )e stra&s; She ha% a state<o=<the<art Power oo8 on an a:olog& =or a %es8 in the li$ing roo(; She ha% a CD :la&er on a shel=; !er CD #olle#tion was a :iti=.l total o= ten CDs )& gro.:s he ha% ne$er hear% o=' an% the (.si#ians on the #o$ers loo8e% li8e $a(:ires =ro( o.ter s:a#e; was :ro)a)l& not her )ig interest; Salan%er saw that Ar(ans8& ha% #alle% her se$en ti(es the night )e=ore an% twi#e this (orning; She :.n#he% in his n.()er while lo(8$ist leane% against the %oor =ra(e an% listene% to the #on$ersation; AItCs (eIsorr&I&esIit was t.rne% o==II 8now' he wants to hire (eIno' heCs stan%ing in the (i%%le o= (& =.#8ing li$ing roo(' =or ChristCs sa8eI‖ She raise% her $oi#e; ADragan' IC( o$er an% (& hea% h.rts' so :lease' no ga(es' %i% &o. OJ this >o) or notB IThan8s;‖ Salan%er loo8e% the %oor to the li$ing roo( at lo(8$ist :.lling o.t CDs an% ta8ing )oo8s o== the )oo8shel=; !e ha% >.st =o.n% a )rown :ill )ottle that was (issing its la)el' an% he was hol%ing it .: to the light; !e was a)o.t to .ns#rew the to:' so she rea#he% o.t an% too8

the )ottle =ro( hi(; She went )a#8 to the 8it#hen an% sat %own on a #hair' (assaging her =orehea% .ntil he >oine% her; AThe r.les are si(:le'‖ she sai%; ANothing that &o. with (e or with Ar(ans8& will )e share% with an&one at all; There will )e a #ontra#t whi#h states that Milton Se#.rit& :le%ges #on=i%entialit&; I want to 8now what the >o) is a)o.t )e=ore I %e#i%e whether I want to wor8 =or &o. or not; That also (eans that I agree to 8ee: to (&sel= e$er&thing &o. tell (e' whether I ta8e the >o) or not' :ro$i%e% that &o.Cre not #on%.#ting an& sort o= serio.s #ri(inal a#ti$it&; In whi#h #ase' ICll re:ort it to Dragan' who in t.rn will re:ort it to the :oli#e;‖ AFine;‖ !e hesitate%; AAr(ans8& (a& not )e #o(:letel& aware o= what I want to hire &o. =orI‖ ASo(e histori#al resear#h' he sai%;‖ A7ell' &es' thatCs right; I want &o. to hel: (e to i%enti=& a (.r%erer;‖ It too8 lo(8$ist an ho.r to e@:lain all the intri#ate %etails in the !arriet Vanger #ase; !e le=t nothing o.t; !e ha% Fro%eCs :er(ission to hire her' an% to %o that he ha% to )e a)le to her #o(:letel&; !e tol% her e$er&thing a)o.t Ce#ilia Vanger an% that he ha% =o.n% her =a#e in !arrietCs win%ow; !e ga$e Salan%er as goo% a %es#ri:tion o= her #hara#ter as he #o.l%; She ha% (o$e% high .: on the list o= s.s:e#ts' his list; .t he was

still =ar =ro( )elie$ing that she #o.l% )e in an& wa& asso#iate% with a (.r%erer who was a#ti$e when she was still a & wo(an; !e ga$e Salan%er a #o:& o= the list in the %ate )oo89 AMag%a? ,*+"0H Sara?,*"+6H R;3;?,+""*H R;L;?,*+*2H Mari?,*+"5;‖ An% he ga$e her a #o:& o= the $erses =ro( Le$iti#.s; A7hat %o &o. want (e to %oB‖ AIC$e i%enti=ie% the R;3;' Re)e#8a 3a#o)sson;‖ !e tol% her what the =i$e< n.()ers stoo% =or; AI= IC( right' then weCre going to =in% =o.r (ore $i#ti(s?Mag%a' Sara' Mari' an% R;L;‖ AYo. thin8 the&Cre all (.r%ere%B‖ A7hat I thin8 is that we are loo8ing =or so(eone who?i= the other n.()ers an% initials also :ro$e to )e shorthan% =or =o.r (ore 8illings?is a (.r%erer who was a#ti$e in the =i=ties an% (a&)e also in the si@ties; An% who is in so(e wa& lin8e% to !arriet Vanger; IC$e gone )a#8 o= the !e%esta% Co.rier; Re)e#8aCs (.r%er is the onl& grotes4.e #ri(e that I #o.l% =in% with a #onne#tion to !e%esta%; I want &o. to 8ee: %igging' all o$er Swe%en i= ne#essar&' .ntil &o. (a8e sense o= the other na(es an% $erses;‖ Salan%er tho.ght in e@:ressionless silen#e =or s.#h a long ti(e that lo(8$ist )egan to grow i(:atient; !e was

won%ering whether he ha% #hosen the wrong :erson when she at last raise% her hea%; AICll ta8e the >o); .t =irst &o. ha$e to sign a #ontra#t with Ar(ans8&;‖ Ar(ans8& :rinte% o.t the #ontra#t that lo(8$ist wo.l% ta8e )a#8 to !e%esta% =or Fro%eCs; 7hen he ret.rne% to Salan%erCs o==i#e' he saw how she an% lo(8$ist were leaning o$er her Power oo8; !e ha% his han% on her sho.l%er?he was to.#hing her ?an% :ointing; Ar(ans8& in the #orri%or; lo(8$ist sai% so(ething that see(e% to s.r:rise Salan%er; Then she la.ghe% o.t lo.%; Ar(ans8& ha% ne$er on#e hear% her )e=ore' an% =or &ears he ha% )een tr&ing to win her; lo(8$ist ha% 8nown her =or =i$e (in.tes an% she was :ra#ti#all& giggling with hi(; !e =elt s.#h a loathing =or lo(8$ist at that (o(ent that he s.r:rise% hi(sel=; !e #leare% his throat as he stoo% in the %oorwa& an% :.t %own the =ol%er with the #ontra#t; lo(8$ist :ai% a 4.i#8 $isit to the Millenni.( o==i#e in the a=ternoon; It was his =irst ti(e )a#8; It =elt $er& o%% to )e r.nning .: those =a(iliar stairs; The& ha% not #hange% the #o%e on the %oor' an% he was a)le to sli: in .nnoti#e% an% stan% =or a (o(ent' loo8ing aro.n%;

Millenni.(Cs o==i#es were arrange% in an L sha:e; The entr& was a hall that too8 .: a lot o= s:a#e witho.t )eing a)le to )e :.t to (.#h .se; There were two so=as there' so it was )& wa& o= )eing a re#e:tion area; e&on% was a l.n#hroo( 8it#henette' then #loa8roo([toilets' an% two storage roo(s with )oo8shel$es an% =iling #a)inets; There was also a %es8 =or an intern; To the right o= the entr& was the glass wall o= Mal(Cs st.%io' whi#h too8 .: a)o.t 1++ s4.are =eet' with its own entran#e =ro( the lan%ing; To the le=t was the e%itorial o==i#e' en#o(:assing a)o.t ,1+ s4.are =eet' with the win%ows =a#ing GGtgatan; erger ha% %esigne% e$er&thing' :.tting in glass :artitions to (a8e se:arate 4.arters =or three o= the e(:lo&ees an% an o:en :lan =or the others; She ha% ta8en the largest roo( at the $er& )a#8 =or hersel=' an% gi$en lo(8$ist his own roo( at the o::osite en%; It was the onl& roo( that &o. #o.l% loo8 into =ro( the entr&; No<one ha% (o$e% into it' it see(e%; The thir% roo( was slightl& a:art =ro( the others' an% it was o##.:ie% )& Sonn& Magn.sson' who ha% )een =or se$eral &ears Millenni.(Cs (ost s.##ess=.l a%$ertising sales(an; erger ha% han%:i#8e% hi(H she o==ere% hi( a (o%est salar& an% a #o((ission; O$er the :ast &ear' it ha% not (a%e an& %i==eren#e how energeti# he was as a sales(an' their a%$ertising in#o(e ha% ta8en a )eating an% Magn.ssonCs in#o(e with it; .t instea% o= loo8ing elsewhere' he ha% tightene% his )elt an% lo&all& sta&e% :.t; Unli8e (e' who the whole lan%sli%e' lo(8$ist tho.ght;

!e gathere% his #o.rage an% wal8e% into the o==i#e; It was al(ost %eserte%; !e #o.l% see erger at her %es8' tele:hone :resse% to her ear; Moni8a Nilsson was at her %es8' an e@:erien#e% general re:orter s:e#ialising in :oliti#al #o$erageH she #o.l% )e the (ost >a%e% #&ni# he ha% e$er (et; SheC% )een at Millenni.( =or nine &ears an% was thri$ing; !enr& CorteL was the &o.ngest e(:lo&ee on the e%itorial sta==; !e ha% #o(e as an intern straight o.t o= 3MJ two &ears ago' sa&ing that he wante% to wor8 at Millenni.( an% nowhere else; erger ha% no ).%get to hire hi(' ).t she o==ere% hi( a %es8 in a #orner an% soon too8 hi( on as a :er(anent %ogs)o%&' an% anon as a sta== re:orter; oth .ttere% #ries o= %elight; !e re#ei$e% 8isses on the #hee8 an% :ats on the )a#8; At on#e the& as8e% hi( i= he was ret.rning to wor8; No' he ha% >.st sto::e% )& to sa& hello an% ha$e a wor% with the )oss; erger was gla% to see hi(; She as8e% a)o.t VangerCs #on%ition; lo(8$ist 8new no (ore than what Fro%e #o.l% tell hi(9 his #on%ition was ines#a:a)l& serio.s; ASo what are &o. %oing in the #it&B‖ lo(8$ist was e()arrasse%; !e ha% )een at Milton Se#.rit&' onl& a =ew streets awa&' an% he ha% %e#i%e% on sheer i(:.lse to #o(e in; It see(e% too #o(:li#ate% to e@:lain that he ha% )een there to hire a resear#h assistant who was a se#.rit& #ons.ltant who ha% ha#8e% into his #o(:.ter; Instea% he shr.gge% an% sai% he ha% #o(e to Sto#8hol( on Vanger<relate% ).siness' an% he wo.l% ha$e to go )a#8

north at on#e; !e as8e% how things were going at the (agaLine; AA:art =ro( the goo% news on the a%$ertising an% the s.)s#ri:tion =ronts' there is one #lo.% on the horiLon;‖ A7hi#h isB‖ A3anne Dahl(an;‖ AO= #o.rse;‖ AI ha% a tal8 with hi( in A:ril' a=ter we release% the news that !enri8 ha% )e#o(e a :artner; I %onCt 8now i= itCs >.st 3anneCs to )e negati$e or i= thereCs so(ething (ore serio.s going on' i= heCs :la&ing so(e sort o= ga(e;‖ A7hat ha::ene%B‖ AItCs nothing I #an :.t a =inger on' rather that I no longer hi(; A=ter we signe% the agree(ent with Vanger' Christer an% I ha% to %e#i%e whether to in=or( the whole sta== that we were no longer at ris8 o= going .n%er this a.t.(n' orI‖ AOr to tell >.st a #hosen =ew;‖ AE@a#tl&; I (a& )e :aranoi%' ).t I %i%nCt want to ris8 ha$ing Dahl(an lea8 the stor&; So we %e#i%e% to in=or( the whole sta== on the sa(e %a& the agree(ent was (a%e :.)li#; 7hi#h (eant that we 8e:t the li% on it =or o$er a (onth;‖

AAn%B‖ A7ell' that was the =irst :ie#e o= goo% news the&C% ha% in a &ear; E$er&one #heere% e@#e:t =or Dahl(an; I (ean?we %onCt ha$e the worl%Cs )iggest e%itorial sta==; There were three :eo:le #heering' :l.s the intern' an% one :erson who got his nose o.t o= >oint ) we ha%nCt tol% e$er&)o%& earlier;‖ A!e ha% a :ointI‖ AI 8now; .t the thing is' he 8e:t on )it#hing a)o.t the iss.e %a& a=ter %a&' an% (orale in the o==i#e was a==e#te%; A=ter two wee8s o= this shit I #alle% hi( into (& o==i#e an% tol% hi( to his =a#e that (& reason =or not ha$ing in=or(e% the sta== earlier was that I %i%nCt hi( to 8ee: the news se#ret;‖ A!ow %i% he ta8e itB‖ A!e was terri)l& .:set' o= #o.rse; I stoo% (& gro.n% an% ga$e hi( an .lti(at.(?either he ha% to :.ll hi(sel= together or start loo8ing =or another >o);‖ AAn%B‖ A!e :.lle% hi(sel= together; .t he 8ee:s to hi(sel=' an% thereCs a tension )etween hi( an% the others; Christer #anCt stan% hi(' an% he %oesnCt hi%e it;‖ A7hat %o &o. s.s:e#t Dahl(an o= %oingB‖

AI %onCt 8now; 7e hire% hi( a &ear ago' when we were =irst tal8ing a)o.t tro.)le with 7ennerstrG(; I #anCt :ro$e a thing' ).t I ha$e a nast& =eeling that heCs not wor8ing =or .s;‖ &o.r instin#ts;‖ AMa&)e heCs >.st a s4.are :eg in a ro.n% hole who >.st ha::ens to )e :oisoning the at(os:here;‖ AItCs :ossi)le; .t I agree that we (a%e a (ista8e when we hire% hi(;‖ !al= an ho.r later he was on his wa& north a#ross the lo#8s at Sl.ssen in the #ar he ha% )orrowe% =ro( Fro%eCs wi=e; It was a ten< &ear<ol% Vol$o she ne$er .se%; lo(8$ist ha% )een gi$en lea$e to )orrow it whene$er he li8e%; It was the tin& %etails that he #o.l% easil& ha$e (isse% i= he ha% not )een alert9 so(e :a:ers not as e$enl& sta#8e% as he re(e()ere%H a )in%er not 4.ite on the shel=H his %es8 %rawer #lose% all the wa&?he was :ositi$e that it was an in#h o:en when he le=t; So(eone ha% )een insi%e his #ottage; !e ha% lo#8e% the %oor' ).t it was an or%inar& ol% lo#8 that al(ost an&one #o.l% :i#8 with a s#rew%ri$er' an% who 8new how (an& 8e&s were in #ir#.lation; !e s&ste(ati#all& sear#he% his o==i#e' loo8ing =or what (ight )e (issing; A=ter a while he %e#i%e% that e$er&thing was still there;

Ne$ertheless so(eone ha% )een in the #ottage an% gone his :a:ers an% )in%ers; !e ha% ta8en his #o(:.ter with hi(' so the& ha% not )een a)le to a##ess that; Two 4.estions arose9 who was itB an% how (.#h ha% his $isitor )een a)le to =in% o.tB The )in%ers )elonge% to the :art o= VangerCs #olle#tion that he )ro.ght )a#8 to the g.est a=ter ret.rning =ro( :rison; There was nothing o= the new (aterial in the(; !is note)oo8s in the %es8 wo.l% rea% li8e #o%e to the .ninitiate%?).t was the :erson who ha% sear#he% his %es8 .ninitiate%B In a :lasti# =ol%er on the (i%%le o= the %es8 he ha% :.t a #o:& o= the %ate )oo8 list an% a #o:& o= the $erses; That was serio.s; It wo.l% tell whoe$er it was that the %ate )oo8 #o%e was #ra#8e%; So who was itB Vanger was in the hos:ital; !e %i% not s.s:e#t Anna; Fro%eB !e ha% alrea%& tol% hi( all the %etails; Ce#ilia Vanger ha% #an#elle% her tri: to Flori%a an% was )a#8 =ro( Lon%on?along with her sister; lo(8$ist ha% onl& seen her on#e' %ri$ing her #ar a#ross the )ri%ge the %a& )e=ore; Martin Vanger; !aral% Vanger; irger Vanger?he ha% t.rne% .: =or a =a(il& gathering to whi#h lo(8$ist ha% not )een in$ite% on the %a& a=ter VangerCs heart atta#8; Ale@an%er Vanger; Isa)ella Vanger;

!is wi=e showe% hi( into the gar%en )ehin% the ho. !e ha% )lo#8ages in his #oronar& arteries.t the =ollowing %a&.t it in the :ost. !e #alle% the lo#8s(ith in !e%esta% an% or%ere% a new lo#8.)le i= he #a(e at on#e. !ereCs the #ontra#t =ro( Milton Se#.s relati$es ha% :i#8e% .ght a)o.+ that night an% install a new %ea%)olt lo#8.7ho( ha% Fro%e tal8e% toB 7hat (ight he ha$e let sli: this ti(eB !ow (an& o= the an@io.n% "+9.‖ . The %o#tors sa& that the ne@t =ew %a&s are #riti#al. !eCs not well in his in$estigationB It was a=ter 59++.l% :a& %o. AYo. Yo.t this =or a while as the& %ran8 their Pilsners. ha$enCt tal8e% to hi(' I to tal8.::oseB‖ ANo. AThe& o:erate% on hi(.rit&.: on the =a#t that lo(8$ist ha% (a%e a )rea8thro.ll& a##e:te%. lo(8$ist sai% he wo. Fro%e shoo8 his hea%. The lo#8s(ith sai% that he #o.‖ The& tho.l% #o(e at aro. The& agree% that he wo.l% #o(e o. !ow %i% it go in Sto#8hol(B‖ AThe Salan%er girl a##e:te% the >o). !e as8e% how !enri8 Vanger an% o==ere% hi( a #ol% Pilsner' whi#h he grate=. lo(8$ist %ro$e to Fro%eCs ho. ha$e to sign it an% :.

r wa& ho(eB‖ lo(8$ist was in )e% )& (i%night' ).( on &o.( ha% not gone .==i#ientl& intereste% in what he was %oing to )rea8 into his o==i#e' then the sol. ASheCs e@:ensi$e'‖ he sai%. Or was this :aranoiaB .rre% to hi( that there were others who (ight )e intereste% in what he was wor8ing on. VangerCs s.t he #o. !e too8 a :en o. AItCs a goo% thing that IC( signing it while heCs still ali$e.nnoti#e% )& 7ennerstrG(. :.t it in the letter )o@ at Jons. Then it o##. Until now his wor8 on !e%e)& Islan% ha% see(e% li8e resear#h on a histori#al #.riosit&.%%en a::earan#e on the )oar% o= Millenni.t i= so(eone was s.l% not slee:. . Co. A!enri8 #an a==or% the %o#.ght.‖ Fro%e no%%e%.tion ha% to )e #loser to the :resent than he ha% tho.t o= his )reast :o#8et an% s#rawle% his na(e.(ent.Fro%e rea% thro.l% &o.

t o= )e% an% went to stan% na8e% at the 8it#hen win%ow' gaLing at the #h.nt those she ha% in$ite% on one han%. Un%er nor(al #ir#. A strange li=e allowe% an&one to #ross her threshol% witho. . She was altogether o%%.t an e@:ress in$itation' an% she #o. !e ha% . Ar(ans8& ass. She ha% lo$e )ites on her ne#8 an% she ha% #learl& ha% #o(:an& o$ernight.Mi8ael got o. !er a:art(ent was (ess&' )or%ering on s:ent hal= the night in a )ar.l%nCt hi( that she was their $er& )est resear#her' an% her re:ort on hi( was e@#r. lo(8$ist ha% non#halantl& )arge% into her li=e' an% she ha% . Clothes were s#attere% in hea:s on the in the (i%%le o= the #on$ersation. She ha% hea$en 8nows how (an& tattoos an% two :ier#ings on her =a#e an% (a&)e in other :la#es.r wo. ags =ille% with news:a:ers in the hall.t she was thin8ing a)o.l% ha$e (a%e her (entall& #o#8 a :istol. A 8it#hen that ha% not )een #leane% or ti%ie% in &ears.#iatingl& She ha% ne$er in her a%. Long :a.l% #o.(stan#es that sort o= )eha$io.r#h on the other si%e o= the )ri%ge.t Mi8ael lo(8$ o. !e lit a #igarette.ttere% onl& a =ew la(e :rotests.t she ha% not =elt an iota o= threat or an& sort o= hostilit& =ro( his si%e.t Lis)eth Salan%er. Salan%er was sitting at her Power oo8' ). She ha% o)$io. !e #o. Not onl& that' he ha% tease% her. She was weir%.

estion. 8new what I %i%.l% not )e %is#o$ere% )& an&one . AYo. 8now thatB‖ Salan%er was a)sol.ter.ltant sat %own an% s#anne% the har% %ri$e at the sa(e ti(e as she was a##essing the #o(:.‖ She ha% reason to rea% her the riot a#t' e$en re:ort her to the :ositi$e that she ha% le=t no tra#es an% that her tres:assing #o. Finall& she loo8e% .l% not hel: as8ing the 4.ter as a >o8e. thin8ing o= %oing a)o.rit& #ons. Salan%er sat in silen#e. 7hat are &o. AYo. %o itB‖ he as8e%. That ha% )een the (ost sensiti$e :art o= their #on$ersation.: at hi(' her e&es e@:ressionless. Yo. A!ow %i% &o.‖ A!ow %o &o.‖ AYo.gge%.ter.)>e#t' an% =inall& she #o.C$e )een insi%e (& #o(:. AM& se#ret. A7hat #an I %oB‖ . sai% that &o. (a%e a (ista8e.Cre a ha#8er.nless a to: se#.ote% =ro( a te@t that was onl& on his #o(:. Instea% he ha% treate% e$en her ha#8ing into his #o(:. lo(8$ist see(e% to )e %eli)eratel& not )roa#hing the s.ter.t itB‖ Mi8ael shr.

r ethi#s #o((itteeCs.rnalist.str&' I lea$e o.AItCs e@a#tl& what &o. Does that (a8e senseB‖ AYes.‖ AIn that #ase' it (ight a(.: shit a)o.t hi(' then he %eser$es it.t (& relationshi: with Eri8a.rt a )astar% )& %igging .es.rse.‖ . ThatCs (& ). to 8now that I also ha$e :rin#i:les #o(:ara)le to &o.l%nCt ha$e (entione% thatB‖ AIn (& #ase it %i%nCt (a8e a lot o= &o. thin8 I sho.t itCs a (atter o= :rin#i:le. 7hen I write an arti#le a)o. M& e(:lo&er %oesnCt nee% to 8now who I ha$e se@ with.‖ AO= #o. . en#roa#he% on (& integrit&.‖ ASo &o.e.‖ Salan%erCs =a#e was #rease% )& a #roo8e% s(ile. astar%s too ha$e a right to their :ri$ate li$es.siness. !al= the #it& 8nows a)o.rnalists ha$e an ethi#s #o((ittee that 8ee:s tra#8 o= the (oral iss.t' =or instan#e' his or her :ri$ate li=e. I #all the( Salan%erCs Prin#i:les. An% thatCs wh& we >o. AYo.rne% on )& ha$ing se@ with her %og or an&thing li8e that' e$en i= it ha::ens to )e tr. %o as a >o. One o= the( is that a )astar% is alwa&s a )astar%' an% i= I #an h. I %onCt sa& that a =orger is a les)ian or gets t.t so(e )astar% in the )an8ing in%.

‖ lo(8$ist (et Salan%erCs gaLe.rt. IC( not li8e ea#h other.: with 7ennerstrG(. I= the :erson see(s li8e a goo% sort' I (ight tone %own (& re:ort. A=ter a (o(ent he la.‖ AAn% &o.rt )oth o= &o.siness' an% the onl& thing I wo.t her was to h.s' arenCt &$oi%a)le notions a)' ).B 7h& %i%nCt &o. an% hi(' IC% :ro)a)l& en% .l% ha$e a#hie$e% )& tal8ing a)o.' or to :ro$i%e so(eone with )la#8(ail (aterial.n% with DSM in the eighties ?whi#h wo.t the :erson.tI‖ A .t &o.t the thing is that when I %o a PI' I also loo8 at what I thin8 a)o.) _tre(e an% :la&e% aro. I #o. 7hat &o. AYo.r #o.tral.r se@ li=e. I %onCt 8now Fro%e?the in=or(ation #o.l% ha$e written a )oo8 a)o.AOJ'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. %o in )e% is no)o%&Cs ).lo.‖ AReall&B‖ AIn &o.l% ha$e (entione% to Fro%e that Eri8a erger has a :ast in Cl.Cre reall& (eti#.t it in the re:ortB‖ AYo. are a%. :. I #o.l% ha$e :ro(:te% #ertain . AM& reasoning isnCt too %i==erent =ro( &o.‖ .t &o.ghe%.l% ha$e en%e% .r se@ li=e an% hers. %onCt want to :ro$i%e 7ennerstrG( with in=or(ationB‖ AI= I ha% to #hoose )etween &o.lts who o)$io.: in &o.r #ase I tone% it %own.

ne "6-S. On Th. sa& no' =ine' ICll =in% so(eone else an% &o. .t what sort o= relationshi: &o.terB‖ ALis)eth' IC( not here to )la#8(ail &o. ha$e.r #o(:. to hel: (e %o so(e resear#h. as soon as :ossi)le. IC( here to as8 &o.t &o. AI was a)le to tal8 to hi( =or a while to%a&. I= &o.‖ C!APTER "6 Th.ll thro.r relationshi: isI‖ APlease' I reall& %onCt gi$e a toss a)' 3. ha$enCt answere% (& e$ening Fro%e )ro.n% "9++ on the a=ternoon o= Mi%s.((er E$e' lo(8$ist %ro$e to !e%esta% !os:ital an% went in . !e 8e:t in #lose to. !e wants to see &o.t (& ha#8ing into &o. Yo.AEri8a an% I ha$e aIo.ght hi( the news that the i((e%iate #risis see(e% to )e o$ or not' lo(8$ist s:ent the %a&s going o$er his (aterials.estion9 what %o & *6 7hile he waite% =or wor% on whether Vanger was going to :.Cll ne$er hear =ro( (e again.#h with Fro%e.‖ So it was that' aro.. :lan to %o a)o.n%a&' 3. #an sa& &es or no.

:set hi(.l% not :ossi)l& re#ei$e $isitors' he sai%. .Cre right. are. No (ore. ha$e no ).t o= VangerCs roo(. !enri8 #o. AOh' there &o.‖ lo(8$ist sat on a $isitorCs #hair so that he #o.tes. A n.‖ AYo. AThatCs o%%'‖ lo(8$ist sai%' A!enri8 sent wor% sa&ing that he e@:ressl& wante% to see (e to%a&.‖ Fro%e hel% o:en the %oor an% lo(8$ist wal8e% :ast irger into the roo(.‖ AYo.rse sto::e% lo(8$ist' :.Cre not a (e()er o= the =a(il&H &o.l% see VangerCs =a#e.)e in his nose' an% his hair (ore %ishe$elle% than e$er.tting a han% =ir(l& on his ar(.. ATwo (in. .siness here. !e =elt a ten%erness that astonishe% hi(' an% he stret#he% o.t his han% to gentl& s4. Vanger loo8e% to ha$e age% ten &ears. !e en#o.t IC( wor8ing =or !enri8 Vanger' an% I ta8e or%ers onl& =ro( hi(.ntere% an angr& irger Vanger' who )lo#8e% his wa&. An% %onCt .eeLe the ol% (anCs han%.‖ This (ight ha$e le% to a heate% e@#hange i= Fro%e ha% not at that (o(ent #o(e o. !enri8 has )een as8ing a=ter &o. !e was l&ing with his e&es hal= #lose%' an o@&gen t. IC( not a (e()er o= the =a(il&.sear#h o= the war%.

AMi8aelIi= I %onCtII want &o.n%erstoo%.()er o= lea%s. In a wee8' :erha:s two' ICll )e a)le to tell the res. i= &o.llI‖ A!enri8' I want &o.AAn& newsB‖ The $oi#e was wea8. IC% )e =.t IC$e =o.s with &o.‖ .lts.‖ lo(8$ist s4.n% (ore new st. IC$e rea#he% an agree(ent with Dir#h that I sho.l% (anage was to )lin8' in%i#ating that he . I ha$e so(e resear#h to %o. a re:ort as soon as &o.B‖ ADir#h isI(& (anIin all (atters.l% re:ort to hi(. toI=inish the >o).‖ The (ost Vanger #o.== an% IC( =ollowing . AIC( not >.Cre )etter.‖ !enri8 raise% his e&e)rows.‖ AI will =inish the >o).rio. AI ha$e to )e awa& =or a =ew %a&s. to get )etter.#h :rogress.eeLe% VangerCs han% again. I ha$enCt sol$e% the (&ster& &et' ). AICll gi$e &o. lo(8$ist no%%e%.: a n.(:ing shi:. went an% %ie% a=ter IC$e (a%e s.‖ ADir#h hasI=. Is that OJ with &o.

n% in. For a (o(ent he stare% at lo(8$ist with .t.ght &o.n% in his little ho))&I!arriet.‖ AI %onCt thin8 so an& ( the atta#8. !enri8 ha% se$ere )lo#8ages in his arteries. AI %onCt want &o.:set or %ist.r) &o.ATwo (in. This is (& =a(il& &o.rse sai%.ll %is#los.#8ing aro.:set a=ter a #on$ersation &o.‖ AI tol% &o.‖ AI .: to hi(.‖ AI want =.Cre (.l% ha$e ha% a heart atta#8 >.‖ irger Vanger was a::arentl& not . IC( to ha$ing an&one stan% .l%er. !e #o.‖ AE$er&one 8nows that !enri8 hire% &o. 8now that )& )& ha$ing a :ee.' I wor8 =or !enri8' not =or the =a(il&. An% IC( not going to .re into this l.tes'‖ the n. tho. ANe@t ti(e weCll ha$e a long tal8.:set hi(. !e sto::e% hi( )& la&ing a han% on his sho. to :o8e !e e$en sai% that &o. ha% #a.‖ irger Vanger was waiting =or hi( when he #a(e o. !eCs $er& ill' an% heCs not s. )othering !enri8 an& (ore. ha% with hi( )e=ore he ha% the heart atta#8. Dir#h sai% that !enri8 )e#a(e $er& .::ose% to )e .r #on#ern' an% I s&(:athise.n%erstan% &o.

t whi#h (a%e hi( loo8 (ore li8e an in=late% (oose.rne% his #alls.rge to la.t &o. AIC( so sorr& a)o.rne% an% went into VangerCs roo(. A!i' Ce#ilia'‖ he sai%. An% all alone the (oose he stoo%' woo%. !e ha% trie% #alling her (o)ile a %oLen ti(es sin#e she #a(e )a#8 =ro( her interr.tsi%e VangerCs si#8)e%' whi#h (ight also t.(a)l& (eant to instil res:e#t' ).an e@:ression that was :res.:te% holi%a&' ). This was no :la#e =or la.ghter' in the #orri%or o. In the hos:ital lo))& he ran into Ce#ilia Vanger. o. A7e nee% to tal8. irger )e #ross' ).t she ha% ne$er answere% or ret.‖ AIC( sorr& that IC$e sh. An% she was ne$er ho(e at her :la#e on !e%e)& Islan% whene$er he wal8e% :ast an% 8no#8e% on the %oor.t li8e this.n%erstan% that &o. (.t he tho.‖ Mi8ael :. lo(8$ist restraine% the .ght o= a $erse =ro( Lennart !&lan%Cs rh&(ing al:ha)et.‖ AThan8s'‖ she sai%.rn o. .t to )e his %eath)e%.ghing in a shot<. It was the letter M.t his han% on her ar( an% s(ile% at her. . I #an .t all this with !enri8.t IC( not ha$ing an eas& ti(e o= it these %a&s.

‖ She too8 a ste: awa& =ro( hi(.n% so(e things that I reall& %o ha$e to tal8 to &o. an& real 4. I nee% to go an% see !enri8.C$e got it wrong' Ce#ilia.rel& :ro=essional. re(e()er the =irst ti(e we (et' when &o.‖ ACe#ilia' IC$e =o. Ce#ilia Vanger hesitate%.l% tell &o. AYo. I a( still ho:ing that we #an )e =rien%s.:set again an% )e =ille% with =alse ho:es an%I‖ .st o##.t.‖ Ce#ilia VangerCs =a#e was s. IC( not #ross at all.‖ A7hat %oes that (eanB‖ She was s.:ational thera:& =or !enri8B DonCt &o.estions' I wo.: there %&ing' an% that the $er& last thing he nee%s is to get . ANot to%a&.#8ing :its.A7ait' &o. reall& are the =.%%enl& alert.nt =or that #.%%enl& =l. #a(e to the #ottage in 3an.: o= #o==eeB‖ !e no%%e% in the %ire#tion o= the hos:ital #a=eteria.she% with anger.t I still nee% to tal8 to &o. ADo &o. ItCs I sai% that we were tal8ing o== the re#or%' an% that i= I nee%e% to as8 &o. realise that this )loo%& h. It has to %o with !arriet.rse% !arriet is >.. ADonCt &o. see that he (ight )e . a)o.‖ AOJ' ). Can we ha$e a #..

!e ha% tol% no<one?a:art =ro( the Salan%er girl?that she was the one who ha% o:ene% the win%ow in !arrietCs roo(. E$er&thing was #lose%. !e sat on the terra#e =or an ho.t on &o.t Ce#ilia Vanger. !e was a=rai% that it wo. Nothing o= i(:ortan#e was ha::ening in the worl%. Then &o.ght a)o.ll& %a(ne% =ast. lo(8$ist (a%e =or the Sta%shotel terra#e' whi#h was a#t. erger was awa& a(.estions that %o now nee% to )e answere%.s:e#t' an% the last thing he wante% to %o was h.‖ AI= !enri8 %ies' that in$estigation is going to )e o$er aw=. !is (o)ile was silent. There are 4.r gr. .Cll )e o.l% (a8e her a s.AIt (a& )e a ho))& =or !enri8' ).rt her.s)an%' an% he ha% no<one to tal8 to.sing hersel= so(ewhere with her h.all& o:en' an% there he was a)le to or%er #o==ee an% a san%wi#h an% rea% the e$ening :a:ers.estion was going to ha$e to )e as8e%' sooner or later.t the 4.t the :a:er %own an% tho.r )e=ore he %e#i%e% to set the whole :ro)le( asi%e an% %e$ote Mi%s.t there is now (ore (aterial to go on than an&one has ha% to wor8 with in a $er& long ti(e.))&' sni$elling in$estigati$e )a#8si%e'‖ Ce#ilia sai%' an% she wal8e% awa&.((er :oles at their s. !e :. .((er #ottages. !e%esta% was :ra#ti#all& %eserte%' an% the inha)itants see(e% to ha$e retreate% to their Mi%s.((er E$e to so(ething other than the Vanger =a(il&.

ntr&.est ho.ght it was (ore =.n% KstergRr%en )a#8 to the $ an% set o== at a laL& :a#e along the roa% to Gott=rie%Cs #a)in' t.tsi%e the #ottage' =a#ing the )ri%ge.a$it an% %ran8 a toast to hi( hi(sel= a shot o= a4.t o= )reath )& the ti(e he too8 the last ste:s .t on his a woo%e% terrain than on a =lat tra#8.n thro.n to r. !e ha% %one no orienteering sin#e he was in the (ilitar&' ).: so(e rather li$el& e(otions to%a&'‖ Fro%e sai%.n% 29++ Fro%e %ro$e . At 09++ he too8 a shower. stirre% . !e ha% )een wor8ing o. At hi( a shot o= S8Rne a4. AYo. A=ter that he o:ene% a #ri(e no$el )& Val M#Der(i% entitle% The Mer(ai%s Singing.rne% o== towar%s the Fortress' an% too8 a ro.t reg.nning along SG%er MNlarstran%' ).larl& e$er sin#e he %i% his (ilitar& ser$i#e' )oth at the g&( an% )& r.t he ha% alwa&s tho. !e was a#hing all o$er an% o.: an% sat hea$il& in the #hair a#ross =ro( hi(. lo(8$ist :o.gher #o.#e with #hi$es an% egg on a ri#8et& ta)le o. .t o= the ha)it when the :ro)le(s with 7ennerstrG( )egan. !e :.t ha% =allen o.!e went )a#8 to !e%e)& Islan% at aro.a$it.n% /9++ in the a=ternoon an% (a%e another %e#ision?to sto: s(o8ing.(:ing iron again' (ostl& as thera:&.: to the g.t sin#e his release he ha% ta8en al(ost no e@er#ise. It was at R.rse #ross #o. !e )oile% so(e :otatoes an% ha% o:en san%wi#hes o= :i#8le% herring in (. It was ti(e to start !e =ollowe% the =en#e sa. . !e :o.llR8er Prison that he ha% starting :.

An% what %i% &o.r :art o= the #ontra#t. AM& res:onse was that !enri8 has gi$en (e #lear instr.t what he wants &o.#tions' &o.‖ AI see. will #ontin.%s ha% )eg.l:.#te% (e to see that &o.: at the s8&' where rain #lo. to %o. AI= the win%s get too strong' ICll ha$e to )a#8 &o.t Ce#ilia is not a #on#eite% =ool' an% sheCs =.n to gather.r As long as he %oesnCt #hange those instr.r )est to =. . ALoo8s li8e a stor( is )rewing'‖ Fro%e sai%.n% in the =a(il&Cs a==airs.#tions a)o.‖ AThan8 &o.or in one g.‖ A .AI #o. sa& to herB‖ Fro%e loo8e% at his glass o= S8Rne an% %owne% the li4. sto: :o8ing aro.‖ lo(8$ist loo8e% .s. to %o &o..‖ Mi8ael no%%e%. AShe has instr.e to )e e(:lo&e% .‖ .‖ AI 8now that.l% see that. I e@:e#t &o.n%er the ter(s o= &o.l=il &o.‖ A irger is a #on#eite% =ool.

Cll =orgi$e her i= she sa&s an&thingI.t she #an )e %i==i#. I ho:e &o.The& sat in silen#e =or a while.r going on %igging into o.l% I ha$e another %rin8B‖ Onl& ( want &o. IC( >. ANo' itCs )etter i= I %onCt.tes a=ter Fro%e ha% gone ho(e' Martin Vanger %ro$e .‖ AIC( $er& =on% o= here to #hange (& #lothes an% then IC( going to %ri$e )a#8 to town to s:en% the e$ening with E$ now?she an% !enri8 ha$e alwa&s )een #lose. I >. E$er&one in !e%esta% see(e% to 8now wh& Vanger ha% hire% hi(.‖ lo(8$ist to 8now that sheCs $er& (.((er an% as8e% i= heC% li8e a %rin8.r :ast. !e #a(e o$er an% sai% hello. AIC$e tal8e% to Ce#ilia. .‖ lo(8$ist sighe%.(atise% >.‖ AI 8now that. ACo.#h against &o. .: an% :ar8e% his #ar )& the roa% in =ront o= the #ottage. SheCs a little tra. Mi8ael wishe% hi( a ha::& Mi%s.

l% ha$e a )oar% (eeting to loo8 at the sit.‖ Mi8ael waite%. (a%e an& :rogressB‖ AIC( sorr&' Martin' ).r =eelingB‖ AThis thing with !arriet has )een !enri8Cs o)session =or %e#a%es. want (e to #ontin.::ose we sho.‖ AI .‖ AI wonCt %o that.eB‖ A!a$e &o. AI s.%%enl& he s(ile%.‖ AGoo%I & the wa&' to #hange the s.ation.A7hatCs &o. Dir#h sa&s that &o.‖ . ha$e a #ontra#t that onl& !enri8 #an )rea8' an% IC( a=rai% that in his :resent #on%ition it wo.t it wo.n%erstan%.t !enri8Cs :er(ission. an&thing witho.t a)o$e all' I %onCt want &o. to get his ho:es .l% )e a )rea#h o= that #ontra#t i= I tol% &o.: . A!enri8 is a )it o= a #ons:ira#& =anati#.t so(ehow it =eels all so =ar awa&. .nne#essaril&.)>e#t' we now ha$e another #ontra#t to #onsi%er as well.l=il his o)ligations on the Millenni.‖ S.( )oar%' itCs (& res:onsi)ilit& to ta8e his :la#e.l% %o (ore har( than goo%.‖ ASo &o. Gi$en that !enri8 is ill an% #anCt in the short ter( =. I %onCt 8nowI!arriet was (& sister' ).

g.‖ !e :atte% lo(8$ist on the in the air.‖ lo(8$ist s(ile% :olitel&.l%er to sa& goo%)&e an% was gone.t as =ar as I 8now' itCs )een %e#i%e% that the ne@t )oar% (eeting wonCt )e hel% .l% hol% it earlier. ICll tal8 to her. AYo. At the (o(ent IC( not on the )oar%.Cre right' o= #o. A=ter a (o(ent lo(8$ist :o.ntil A. . AThe two o= . I le=t in De#e()er.((er E$e' arenCt weB‖ he sai%. 7hen it starte% to rain' he went insi%e an% went to )e%.AThatCs a goo% i%ea. sho. She 8nows that !enri8 has )een ta8en ill.: an% s#rat#he% )ehin% her ears.rse.t%oors.Cre reall& tal8ing to the wrong :erson.))e% on his leg.: his Val M#Der(i%. hi(sel= another %rin8 an% :i#8e% . !e li=te% her .l% get in to. The #at :re=erre% to sta& o. Nothing #on#rete ha% )een sai%' ).‖ Martin Vanger ha% not e@:e#te% this res:onse.#h with Eri8a the threat h. The (ottle% )rown #at #a(e to sa& hello an% r.s are ha$ing a $er& )oring Mi%s. .‖ AI 8now that' ). AYo. Martin Vanger ha% set Millenni.( on the )alan#e tra&.t (a&)e we sho.

st a )it o$er the legal li(it.#h an ar#haeologi#al e@#a$ation in the re#or%s :res.t her Jawasa8i on Mi%s. 3. Then he #onta#te% a #ler8 at the (otor $ehi#le %e:art(ent an% en4.sion that the #ar was a For% Anglia' a (o%el that he ha% ne$er hear% o= )e=ore.t at a ti(e' an% she ha% so.t it was hers' an% she #o.ghest )i8e in the worl%' ).all& tol% that s.l% )e %one' ). . A=ter a lot o= tro.ire% a) the& e@#hange% onl& a =ew wor%s' an% when the& %i% s:ea8' her (other %i% not see( to 8now who she was tal8ing to. She ha% restore% it' one n.l% han%le it. D. Not .. A lightweight "*1## (ight not )e the to.((er %i% lo(8$ist get into his )orrowe% Vol$o an% %ri$e north on the E/.)le an% =inall& )& #ons.t the :ossi)ilit& o= getting a list o= all the For% Anglias in "600 that ha% a li#en#e :late )eginning AC.ring three ho. !er (other see(e% (ore re(ote than e$er )e=ore.rsing !o(e' where she s:ent the e$ening in the :ar8 with her ( an% %ro$e to O::el$i8en N.t that it wo.l.((er E$e an% s:ent the %a& gi$ing it a goo% o$erha.ilt. !e was e$ent.Salan%er got o.ntil se$eral %a&s a=ter Mi%s. She =elt a :ang o= #on#ern an% g.l% )e #onsi%ere% :.: >. In the a=ternoon she :. lo(8$ist waste% se$eral %a&s tr&ing to i%enti=& the #ar with the AC :lates.rel& :a#e.lting a retire% (e#hani# in !e%esta%' he #a(e to the #on#l.(a)l& #o.t on her hel(et an% leather short o= the !NrnGsan% ri%ge he sto::e% to ha$e #o==ee at the Vesterl.)li# in=or(ation.n%aries o= what #o.:e% it . !e %ro$e at a leis.n% :astr& sho:.l% ta8e ti(e an% it was )e&on% the )o.

ght a roa% atlas an% #ontin. The Polar !otel %es8 #ler8' a girl in her twenties' ha% ne$er hear% o= the ).strial area an% a sta)leH at the western en% stoo% an .siness' he sho. Two (in.s station a%$ertise% a #alle% Storgatan' that ran thro.r#h an% a Pente#ostal #h.r#h.l% sing at the =air<gro.l woo%en #h.n%s at .ntil her =a#e lit .: an% she sai% that she wo. The Nors>G Car:entr& Sho: was not in the tele:hone )oo8.LLle% =or a =ew se#on%s .r#h.nting (. !e )egan his sear#h earl& the ne@t (orning.r(an' who ha% )een the =ore(an an% who now li$e% on a street #alle% Sol$ the whole #o((. It was line% with sho:s with resi%ential si%e streets o== it.n% 09++ in the e$ening an% too8 a roo( in the !otel Nors>G. A :oster on a ).The ne@t sto: was U(eR' where he :.rne% towar%s Nors>G.(.l% go an% see a #ertain . I= he nee%e% to tal8 to so(eone who 8new (ore a) an% a s8iing (. !e arri$e% aro.siness.n#o((onl& )ea.nit&.lle% into an inn an% ha% the %ail& )oar% at the ). lo(8$ist note% that the $illage also ha% a Missionar& #h. !e )o.e% on to S8elle=teR' where he t. A le=to$er =l&er anno.l% #all her =ather.l% I as8B‖ The #ler8 loo8e% :.n#e% that Veroni8a wo.t the ). Nors>G was a s(all town with one (ain street' a::ro:riatel& eno. At the east en% there was a s(all in%.tes later she #a(e )a#8 an% e@:laine% that the Nors>G Car:entr& Sho: #lose% in the earl& eighties. A7ho sho.ti=.

rger at a hot<%og stan% near the ). !e reasone% that an&one li$ing in Nors>G wo.+' an% he ass. There were two sales #ler8s in the sho:. Earl& in the a=ternoon he as8e% two &o.res that were ta8en in "600.:le who :ro)a)l& li$e% in Nors>G in the si@ties. A!i.:le in the :hotogra:hs' ). The (an (ight ha$e wor8e% =or the Nors>G Car:entr& Sho:.‖ The #ler8 o==i#e' the li)rar&' an% the :har(a#&. At l.tes.Mi%s.tes =ro( the hotel.%ie% the :hotogra:hs =or a long ti(e ).t =i$e (in. lo(8$ist #hose the ol%er one' (a&)e =i=t& or so.(e% that .n#hti(e he ha% a ).s station. !e ha% gi$en .ng wo(en9 the& %i% not re#ognise the #o.t the& %i% ha$e a goo% i%ea.((er.l% not re#ognise either the (an or the wo(an. The street #alle% Sol$Nn%an #onsiste% o= single<=a(il& ho(es an% was a)o.r(an ha% le=t =or wor8 or' i= he was retire%' was o.t on an erran%.: on the sho:s an% ha% (a%e his wa& thro.t =inall& shoo8 his hea%' sa&ing he #o.t I ha$e two :i#t. !e #o.l% wal8 =ro( one en% o= the $illage to the other in less than twent& ( the (. It was 69. . The :oli#e station was e(:t&' an% he ha% starte% a::roa#hing ol%er :eo:le at ran%o(.l% sooner or later :a& a $isit to the har%ware store. I %onCt 8now their na(e' ). There was no answer when lo(8$ist rang the )ell. !is ne@t sto: was the har%ware store on Storgatan. IC( loo8ing =or a #o.

t =inall& allowe% hersel= to )e :ers. to re#ognise it. The .#8.#e% hi(sel= to a wo(an at the =ront %es8 o= the retire(ent ho(e' e@:laining what he wante% to 8now. AThat was #le$er o= & ha% 8nG$elhNra.t all %a&.ght or %eli$ere% ti()er' >oiners' (a#hinists' all sorts.r(ans s:o8e in a %istin#t Nors>G %iale#t to ea#h other' an% lo(8$ist o##asionall& ha% %i==i#.%e% a=ter a (o(ent that he %i% not re#ognise the #o.r(anCs %oor. The .Cre ).l% i%enti=& the #o.t those sti#8ers le=t an% right. .r(an s#rat#he% his hea%' lit a :i:e' an% then #on#l. . The wi=e (eant A#.s)an% sai%. go o$er to the retire(ent ho(e on Sol)a#8a an% as8 thereB‖ lo(8$ist intro%.l' ).r showing the :i#t.res to a gro.t &o. This ti(e he ha% )etter l.:le in the :hotogra:hs.ite right that itCs a sti#8er =ro( the #ar:entr& sho:'‖ her h. To #ontra#tors' :eo:le who )o. 7h& %onCt &o.‖ .n%erstan%ing what the& were sa&ing. The& in$ite% lo(8$ist into their 8it#hen' where his wi=e :ro(:tl& (a%e #o==ee while Mi8ael e@:laine% his erran%.rl& hair‖ when she re(ar8e% that the wo(an in the :i#t.s:i#io.AI= the :i#t.: o= el%erl& :eo:le.t the :ro)le( was that we han%e% o.t none o= the( #o. At 19++ he went )a#8 to Sol$Nn%an an% 8no#8e% on .a%e%. She le% hi( to the %a& roo(' where he s:ent hal= an ho.l% ha$e to )e in their si@ties to%a&.:le. As with all his other atte(:ts that %a&' he again %rew a )lan8.res were ta8en in "600' the :eo:le wo. She glare% at hi( s. A .lt& .r(ans' )oth the (an an% the wi=e' were retire%' an% the& ha% )een o. The& were $er& hel:=.

‖ .: a stor& a)o.ght. an& (ore than that.:le than I tho.rre% in !e%esta% in "600' an% I thin8 thereCs a :ossi)ilit&' altho.s:i#ion' an% I %onCt thin8 the&Cre e$en aware that the& (ight ha$e in=or(ation that #o.‖ A7h& %o &o. An& atte(:t to (a8e .al assign(ent that &o.n%s )iLarre that so(eone wo. Yes' this is #ertainl& an .Cre on. AItCs a long stor&. The&Cre not in an& wa& .t to )e har%er to =in% this #o.r(an tho.t I #anCt tell & a $er& s(all one' that the :eo:le in the :hotogra:hs (ight ha$e seen what ha::ene%.:le' ).res wo.t the #ri(e is still .l% #o(e here al(ost =ort& &ears later' tr&ing to =in% this #o.:le in the :i#t. I wor8e% there =ro( the age o= se$enteen in the (i%<=i=ties . I 8now it so.‖ A!ow (an& :eo:le wor8e% at the #ar:entr& sho:B‖ AThe nor(al wor8 =or#e was =ort& or so.rning o.l% >.th i= an&one as8e% hi(.s.t the #o.‖ AI see.n. Then I )e#a(e a #ontra#tor.nsol$e%' an% itCs onl& latel& that new =a#ts ha$e #o(e to light. IC( in$estigating a #ri(e that o##. .st so.l% sol$e the #ri(e. want to =in% the(B‖ lo(8$ist ha% %e#i%e% to tell the tr.n% =alse an% #reate #on=.sion.‖ AA #ri(eB 7hat 8in% o= #ri(eB‖ AIC( sorr&' ).ght =or a (o(ent.ntil the sho: #lose%.AItCs t.n%er s.

l% tal8 toB‖ AYes'‖ sai% .rit& n..t an&)o%&' ).ter =ile' whi#h e$er&one ine$ita)l& was' then the s.t there is one other :ossi)ilit&.als (ost li8el& %ie% se$eral %e#a%es ago.: in=or(ation on >.r so#ial se#. The g.()er =or a li$ing :erson.AThis (.& in &o.r(an' no%%ing. I= the in%i$i%.‖ Mi8ael no%%e%.l% sooner or later =in% o. .t their inner(ost se#rets. AI realise there are lots o= :ossi)ilities. The wor8 she ha% agree% to %o =or lo(8$ist was altogether a)o.l% not )e on an& #o(:.r :i#t.rit& n.ggest an&one I #o.#h I #an tell &o. She was an e@:ert at %igging .al was liste% in a #o(:. Ma&)e his =ather or so(e other relati$e wor8e% at the sho: an% thatCs not his #ar.i#8l& lan%e% in her s:i%erCs we). Can &o.n%er her s:e#ial t&:e o= resear#h' she #o.ter =iles.t her starting :oint ha% alwa&s )een a na(e an% a so#ial se#. In a%%ition' these in%i$i%.res ne$er wor8e% there.)>e#t 4.ter with an Internet #onne#tion' an e(ail a%%ress' an% (a&)e e$en a :ersonal we)site' whi#h nearl& e$er&one %i% who #a(e . !e (ight ha$e )een a #ontra#tor' ).t I thin8 IC% re#ognise hi( i= he was. ACo(e )& to(orrow (orning an% weCll go an% ha$e a tal8 with so(e o= the ol% g. .&s.()ers )ase% on e@tre(el& $ag.‖ Salan%er was =a#ing a (etho%olog& :ro)le( o= so(e signi=i#an#e. I= the in%i$i%.e %ata. s. This assign(ent' in si(:le ter(s' was to i%enti=& =o. So :ro)a)l& the& owne% a #o(:.

This (eant that the& sho. To her o= her li=e an% the =r.rns to Mag%a Lo$isa S>G)erg in Ran(otrNs8' a gr.(. A=ter that she =o. 59++ :.r%er.r%era.s .:ie% the Jarlsta% :oli#e se$eral %e#a%es ago.r%er #a.t how his li=e was %estro&e% when he was a##. That was the si(:lest =or( o= resear#h she #o.r:rise' she (a%e an instant )rea8thro. !er =irst hit was the :rogra((e listings =or TV VNr(lan% in Jarlsta%' a%$ertising a seg(ent in the series AVNr(lan% M.nnars %es#ri)es the last ho.als ha% =allen $i#ti( to a (.n% (.n% in $ario.r%ers‖ the =o#.r%ers ha% ta8en :la#e' e@#e:t that it ha% to )e )e=ore "600.l% )e =o. A &o.n% a )rie= (ention in a TV listing in VNr(lan%s Fol8)la%.lle% .t who the g.itless sear#h =or the 8iller. In A:ril "60+' the /0<&ear<ol% =ar(erCs wi=e was =o. In the series AVNr(lan% M.e as to when or where these (.ation.eso(e (.s now in the in$estigation.nsol$e% :oli#e in$estigations.r%ers‖ that was )roa%#ast in "666. The (.r%ere% in the =a(il&Cs )arn. The re:orter Claes G.ilt& :art& was. In ter(s o= resear#h' she was =a#ing a whole new a great stir at the ti(e' an% (an& theories ha$e )een :resente% a)o. So' how %o I go a)o. .se% o= the (.lo(8$istCs theor&' )ase% on the Re)e#8a 3a#o)sson #ase' was that these in%i$i%.t thisB She :.r%er (&ster& that o##. There was no relati$e will a::ear on the show to tal8 a)o.l% %o.: the Google sear#h engine' an% t&:e% in the 8e&wor%s `Mag%aa b `(.

r%ere% with the :rongs o= a :it#h=or8.n% 19++.t what aro.s)an%' the l. It was later %is#o$ere% that one o= the ani(als on the =ar(' a #ow' ha% s.)stantial in=or(ation in the arti#le AThe Lo$isa Case Shoo8 the 7hole Co. It #o.r%er o##. The ne:hewCs ali)i was .l o= the law' was e@tre(el& short o= #ash' an% (an& ti(es ha% )orrowe% s(all s.n% on the si%e o= its ne#8. No<one ha% seen or hear% an&thingH the =ar( was =i$e h.nt.s glee an% in a #hatt& an% titillating tone' the arti#le %es#ri)e% how Lo$isa S>G)ergCs )e $eri=ie% that Lo$isa S>G)erg ha% )een ali$e as late as "+9++ in the (orning' when she ha% a $isit =ro( a wo(an =rien%. !e ha% re:eate%l& =allen =o.ntr&si%e'‖ whi#h was :.==ere% a sta) wo.)lishe% in the (agaLine VNr(lan%s8.)>e#te% to gross se@.()er>a#8 !olger S>G)erg' ha% the (ost attention was the =a#t that the :er:etrator' a=ter #o((itting the (. She ha% )een s. The (.n% (ore' sta))e%' an% =inall& (.r%er' ha% tie% her .r.s)an% was s. A=ter %ro::ing the h.(s =ro( his a. All o= the (agaLineCs te@ts ha% )een loa%e% on to the on the $i#ti(Cs twent&<three<&ear<ol% assa.s)an% as a s.r%er' ).t he ha% )een in the #o(:an& o= his wor8 #olleag.n%re% &ar%s =ro( its nearest neigh) =ro( 09++ in the (orning at a #learing twent&<=i$e (iles =ro( his ho(e.r.rre% in the =a(il& )arn' ). 7ritten with o)$io.s:e#t' the :oli#e in$estigation =o#.s:e#te% o= the (.She =o.: in a 8neeling :osition insi%e a horse stall. Initiall& the h.n% his wi=e %ea% when he #a(e ho(e =ro( wor8 aro.

ilt&.r in the $illage' a )a#helor who in his &o.tation =or )eing Ao%%.:on the(.al #ri(e?this was )a#8 when ho(ose@.s:e#te% o= an allege%l& ho(ose@. The 4.nisha)le o==en#e?an% a##or%ing to se$eral state(ents' he ha% a re:.‖ It #o. Le$iti#.sto%& =or a while' ). A :art o= the in$estigation #on#erne% the sear#h =or a :e%lar who was seen in the areaH there was also a r.ght there was a #lear lin8 to the list in !arriet VangerCs %ate )oo8.‖ 7h& so(eone who was s. shall 8ill the wo(an an% the )eastH the& shall )e :.t stealing an&thing was ne$er e@:laine%. The :oli#e =ollowe% another lea%.n% (.: o= Athie$ing g&:sies‖ ha% #arrie% o.r%er witho.s *+9"0 sai%9 AI= a wo(an a::roa#hes an& )east an% lies with it' &o.: in a horse stall. E$en so' (an& :eo:le in the $illage wo.l% #o((it a se@ #ri(e against a wo(an was not e@:laine% either.ght it highl& :ro)a)le that he was g.t a series o= rai%s.t release% =or la#8 o= e$i%en#e.r%ere% in a )arn' with her )o%& so arrange% an% tie% .all& relate% (.l% ha$e #o((itte% a sa$age' se@.s:i#ion was %ire#te% at a neigh)o. None o= these lea%s' or an& others' le% to a #harge.l%nCt )e a #oin#i%en#e that a =ar(erCs wi=e )& the na(e o= Mag%a ha% )een =o.alit& was still a :.(o. For a ti(e s.estion was wh& ha% !arriet Vanger written %own the na(e Mag%a instea% o= Lo$isa' whi#h was a::arentl& the .th was s.signi=i#antl& wea8er' an% he was ta8en into #. Salan%er tho.::ose%l& ho(ose@.r that a gro. 7h& the& sho.t to %eath' their )loo% is .

At /9++ in the a=ternoon' . E$er&one o==ere% the( #o==ee.n%Cs la%'‖ Fors(an sai% as soon as lo(8$ist showe% hi( the :hotogra:hs. I= her =. In the (orning the& #alle% on =i$e =or(er e(:lo&ees who li$e% within wal8ing %istan#e o= .r(an was greete% with war(th' ).r%er o= Mag%a Lo$isa in "60+' an% !arriet VangerCs %isa::earan#e in "600B On Sat.r $illages near Nors>G' where =or(er e(:lo&ees o= the #ar:entr& sho: li$ AYes' thatCs Assar rNnnl.#e% Mi8ael to !enning Fors(an' a retire% (aster #ar:enter.r(an too8 lo(8$ist on an e@tensi$e to.r(an :ar8e% his #ar o.ll na(e ha% not )een :rinte% in the TV listing' Salan%er wo.r%er in "6/6' the (.rse' the (ore i(:ortant 4.&er.estion was9 was there a lin8 )etween Re)e#8aCs (.%ie% the :hotogra:hs an% shoo8 their the $i#ti( went .n#h at the .t no<one was a)le to hel: the(. ingo. AOh' so thatCs AssarCs )o&'‖ .tsi%e a t&:i#al re% VNster)otten =ar( near Nors>G$allen' >.r%a& (orning . An%' o= #o.r o= Nors>G.r(anCs ho.l% ha$e (isse% it. At ea#h sto: .‖ .r(an ho(e' the& got in the #ar =or a %ri$e.n%er. lo(8$ist was )eginning to %es:air. AAssar was a ). A=ter a si(:le north o= Nors>G' an% intro%.r(an sai%. The& $isite% =o. All o= the( st.

t twent& ho.(ents o= a #ase =ro( "612. !is na(e was set relati$el& #lose together in a se(i#ir#le at one en% o= a la8e.Cll ha$e to %ig. !er na(e is Mil%re%' an% she li$es in >.re here.t his wi=e is still ali$e. The one in the :i#t.‖ A >.trNs8.rsele.n%e. It has to %o with the (.se on the right<han% si%e as &o.ntr& $illage.t si@ (iles %own the roa% to ast.A!ow #an I =in% hi(B‖ AThe la%B 7ell' &o. ha$e an& i%ea where those %o#.‖ lo(8$istCs heart san8. !e %ie% in a )lasting a##i%ent in the (i%<se$ the %o#. Do &o. A .r%er o= a wo(an )& the na(e o= Ra8el L. IC% li8e to $isit the :oli#e %istri#t in Lan%s8rona an% rea% thro. She li$es in the long re% ho. ItCs the thir% ho.(ents are to%a&B‖ >.‖ A!i' (& na(e is Lis)eth Salan%er' an% IC( writing (& thesis on the #ri(inolog& o= $iolen#e against wo(en in the twentieth #ent.r&. It #onsiste% o= a)o.nnar' an% he wor8e% at the oli%en (ine.rseleB‖ AItCs a)o. I 8now the =a(il& well. In the #entre o= the $illage was a #rossroa%s with an arrow :ointing .rsele was li8e a :oster =or the VNster)otten #o.Cre #o(ing into the $illage.

(.l% )e %e#i:here% as the >. !e too8 an ho.((er' it was as :rett& as a :ost#ar%. At the height o= s.8ting‖ a #ar was a::arentl& a winter s:ort that in$ol$e% s(ashing .shing ra:i%s. On a :ost near the )ri%ge he =o.(e% was the water' the sel.rne% aro. !e (et two #ats an% saw a %eer' ). !e :asse% a s:ot where the strea( )e#a(e r.n% a :eeling =l&er anno.t not a single :erson' )e=ore he t.( that was no longer o:en' al(ost o::osite the thir% ho.e(ent o= Val M#Der(i%Cs no$el.n#ing the TCC' so(ething that #o.r<long wal8 along the roa% towar%s !e((ingen.trNs8' 2 (iles.rt&ar% in =ront o= a Jons. 7hen he 8no#8e% on the %oor' no<one answere%. Near the #rossroa%s was a s(all )ri%ge with a #ree8 that lo(8$ist ass.n%Cs %oor was still sh. !e waite% .se on the right<han% si%e. .towar%s !e((ingen' "+"[* (iles' an% another :ointing towar%s ast.8ting Car Cha(:ionshi: *++*.: a $ehi#le on the i#e<#o$ere% la8e.ntil "+9++ :. )e=ore he ga$e .t. It was grisl&. At "+9++ Salan%er a%%e% one (ore na(e to !arriet VangerCs list.n%.rsele T. !e :ar8e% in the #o. AT.: an% %ro$e )a#8 to Nors>G' where he ha% a late %inner an% then went to )e% to rea% the %eno. Mil%re% rNnnl. She %i% so with so(e hesitation.

)lishe% a)o.n% an arti#le =ro( "666 with the hea%line AMan& M. There was no Lea on !arriet VangerCs list.#h a )iLarre #oin#i%en#e that Salan%erCs antennae instantl& ). The ol%est #ase to )e re#o.‖ It was a short arti#le' ).ne "60* a :rostit. On the other han%' there was s. The Lea (.t it in#l. There was the Sol$eig #ase in NorrtNl>e' the Anita (.t. She was =o.()er o= others.%e% the na(es an% :hotogra:hs o= se$eral noteworth& (.r%ers' an% in a a great %eal o= attention as a s.ght the train )a#8 to GGte)org. Nor %i% the (anner o= her %eath =it with an& o= !arrietCs i)le 4. At 4.n%a& e$ening' a=ter a $isit o= se$eral %a&s' Lea ha% h.ite She ha% )een ra:e%' an% her )o%& ha% )een s.t ten &ar%s =ro( .te )& the na(e o= Lea Persson =ro( GGte)org ha% gone to U%%e$alla to $isit her (other an% her nine<&ear<ol% son' who( her (other was ta8ing #are o=.lar inter$als arti#les were :.nte% was =ro( the si@ties' an% none o= the (.((er serial stor& in the news:a:er' ).r%erers o= 7o(en Go Free.She ha% %is#o$ere% a short#.n% two %a&s later )ehin% a #ontainer on an in%.t no 8iller ha% e$er )een i%enti=ie%.strial site no longer in .r%ers (at#he% the list that Salan%er ha% )een gi$en )& lo(8$ist.n%a& s.::le(ent to the e$ening news:a:er she ha% =o. .nsol$e% (.t .LLe%.r%er aro. On a S. A)o.)>e#te% to e@traor%inar& $iolen#e. In 3.gge% her (other' sai% goo%)&e' an% #a.r%er in Norr8G:ing' Margareta in !elsing)org' an% a n.t one #ase %i% attra#t her attention.r%er $i#ti(s.

ght that no resear#h she ha% e$er %one )e=ore ha% #ontaine% e$en a =ra#tion o= the s#o:e o= this assign(ent. Cha:ter "* %ealt with the :.r#h an% rea% Le$iti#.))e% the (. Lea #o.n% la& a =lower:ot with a :igeon she (anage% to )orrow a i)le. 7hen she rea#he% Cha:ter "*' $erse 5' her e&e)rows went .rtle%o$es or two &o.r%er.n% the :igeonCs ne#8 an% :. So(eone ha% tie% a string ro.:. Salan%er was no i)le rea%er?she %i% not e$en own one?).elt& ha% an& #onne#tion with the Lea (.lle% it thro."*+5. There was no #ertaint& that this #r. She sat on a :ar8 )en#h o. .ri=i#ation o= wo(en a=ter #hil%)irth.l% ha$e )een a #hil% :la&ing a horri)le ga(e' ).t on a little =ire that ha% )een lai% )etween two )ri#8s. Salan%er tho.t the :ress %.rnt o==ering an% the other =or a sin o==eringH an% the :riest shall (a8e atone(ent =or her' an% she shall )e #lean. Then the :ot was :. It the hole in the )otto( o= the :igeons' one =or a ).where LeaCs )o%& was =o.r#h an% with so(e %i==i#.tsi%e the #h. An% i= she #annot a==or% a la()' then she shall ta8e two t.r%er the Pigeon M.%e% in !arrietCs %ate )oo8 as9 Lea?.l% $er& well ha$e )een in#l.t that e$ening she went o$er to !Ggali% Ch.

s)an% an% a son who was a)o.‖ .n% "+9++ on S. A!i' (& na(e is Mi8ael lo(8$ist.n%erstan% her Nors>G %iale#t' so she swit#he% to stan%ar% )e Mil%re% erggren. !e shoo8 han%s with ea#h o= the(. Yo.riosit& how she #o. lo(8$ist too8 a %ee: )reath.‖ AThatCs right.nt o= &o. AIn Se:te()er "600 &o.‖ Mil%re%Cs h.n%a& (orning.liar stor&'‖ he sai%.#h ol%er' o= #o.t thirt&<=i$e were ho(e' an% witho.r ho.t he re#ognise% her at on#e. The wo(an was (.l% hel: hi(. !e ha% %r.ring the :ast twent&<=o.r ti(e.t IC$e )een tr&ing to =in% &o. AThis is a long an% :e#. (.rse' an% ha% )& now =ille% o.Mil%re% rNnnl.r %oor li8e this' ).n%. 7hen the #o==ee than at an& ti(e in his li=e' ).' an% itCs rather #o(:li#ate% to e@:lain. It was o)$io.n8 (ore #o==ee %.t )& now he ha% learne% that in Norrlan% it was r.n%' re(arrie% an% now Mil%re% erggren' o:ene% the %oor when lo(8$ist 8no#8e% aro.l% #o(e in an% ta8e .#h hesitation she in$ite% lo(8$ist to #o(e an% sit in their 8it#hen.s)an%' G. were in !e%esta% with &o. AI won%er i= I #o.:s were on the ta)le' Mil%re% sat %own an% as8e% with so(e #.t (.s that he %i% not easil& .%e to sa& no.t a goo% %eal' ).nnar rNnnl.‖ AIC( sorr& =or 8no#8ing on &o.r then h.‖ !e s(ile% at her.: a s(all a(o.

r hone&(oon. !e waite% =or her to no% )e=ore he lai% the :hotogra:h =ro( 3Nrn$Ngsgatan on the ta)le in =ront o= her. . re(e()er the o##asionB‖ AOh' (& goo%ness'‖ Mil%re% erggren ta8enB Do &o. A7e were on o. 7as it in !e%esta%' &o. AI was a)le to =in% &o. AThat was a li=eti(e ago.r(an' who in t.rn ha% le% hi( to !enning Fors(an in Nors>G$allen.s)an% an% son #a(e to stan% ne@t to her to loo8 at the :i#t. IC$e )een tr&ing to =in% &o.n% .‖ AYo. I #anCt i(agine how &o. than8s to this :i#t. =or so(e ti(e now' an% it hasnCt )een a si(:le tas8.‖ !er :resent h.‖ !e e@:laine% how' $ia the Nors>G Car:entr& Sho:' he ha% an% were on o. %i% it.She loo8e% s. see an ol% :hotogra:h o= (e an% then' whi#h was ta8en a little later in the %a&.t the :hotogra:h =ro( the #ar :ar8 on the ta)le.all& tra#8 (e %own.‖ lo(8$ist :. A7hen was this :i#t.r wa& ho(e an% ha::ene% to sto: so(ewhere. sai%B‖ AYes' !e%esta%.r:rise%. This :hotogra:h was ta8en at a)o. 7e ha% %ri$en %own to Sto#8hol( an% Sigt.t "9++ in the a=ternoon.

tes with a )o@ in whi#h she ha% store% a 4. i= )& an& (ira#le &o.AYo.ral thing in the worl%' that o= #o. That %a& she %isa::eare%' an% she was ne$er seen or hear% o= these ol% i(ages that I =o.e e&es an% sai%' as i= it were the (ost nat. see( to )e ta8ing a in the %ire#tion o= whate$er it is sheCs loo8ing at' whate$er #a. .(s.res.(stan#es while the #o(:. The general ass. in this :hotogra:h is #alle% !arriet.r%erer. Then he :la&e% her the series o= i(ages showing how !arrietCs =a#ial e@:ression #hange%.' stan%ing with a #a(era right )ehin% !arriet' an% &o.(:tion is that she =ell :re& to a (. She went to another roo( an% #a(e )a#8 a=ter se$eral (in.:. so(e (ore :hotogra:hsB‖ !e too8 o. It too8 a while to =in% the hone&(oon ones.t his i oo8 an% e@:laine% the #ir#.‖ AI %o. AIt was when I went thro. Instea% she loo8e% at hi( with her #lear ) ha$e a goo% reason =or this long sear#h. She ha% ta8en three :hotogra:hs in !e%esta%. Can I show &o. still ha$e the her to rea#t in that wa&.n% &o.antit& o= :i#t. One was )l. is to as8 &o.ter )oote% . (.t the reason IC$e )een loo8ing =or &o. This girl stan%ing #lose to &o.rr& an% showe% the (ain street. I 8now that this is a reall& long shot' ).res in $ario.‖ !e was :re:are% =or Mil%re% erggren to %is(iss the i%ea an% tell hi( that the :hotogra:hs ha% long sin#e $anishe%.s al).res =ro( that %a&.rse she still ha% her ol% hone&(oon :i#t.

ICll e@:lain a little later. Right now I ha$e a 4.: in )e%.ring the :ast wee8. The thir% showe% the #lowns in the nothing. !ow was Norrlan%B‖ AS. An% !enri8 li8es &o.l% sit .se to as8 a)o. AThan8 Go%'‖ he sai%.t the :hotogra:h tol% hi( a)sol. AI realise% that I a#t.Another showe% her h.l &et .l& * The =irst thing lo(8$ist %i% the (orning he ret.‖ .t VangerCs #on%ition.ite a )it %.l% see a =ig. too.s)an% at the ti(e.nsatis=&ing.‖ AGo ahea%. !is #on%ition was no longer regar%e% as #riti#al. lo(8$ist eagerl& leane% =orwar%. .all& li8e hi(.##ess=. !e learne% to his %elight that the ol% (an ha% i(:ro$e% 4. !e was wea8 still' an% =ragile' ).l& "-7e%nes%a&' 3.rne% to !e%esta% was to go to Fro%eCs ho. !e' 3. C!APTER *+ on the other si%e o= the street )ehin% a #lown.t now he #o.‖ Fro%e sai%9 AI 8now that.estion.

all&.re%.l% %ie it is in :oint o= =a#t I ?not Martin?who wo. Martin will ta8e his :la#e on the )oar%.#h too sa$$&.(.:?how wo. A7hatCs ha::ene%B‖ ANothing' a#t. I= !enri8 sho.l% :.( i= I %onCt :.ght I was $er& (. !enri8 an% I ha$e )een =rien%s =or =ort&<=i$e &ears' an% we are in #o(:lete agree(ent in s.ess is that Ce#ilia was a=ter hi(.( i= !enri8 %iesB‖ ANothing at all.A7hat realisti#all& will ha::en to &o.‖ AI . M& g.((er E$e.t what i= a ti#8lish sit.l% &o.t the #on$ersation he ha% ha% with Martin Vanger on Mi%s.n%erstan%. An% re(e()er' IC( also on the )oar% o= the little on &o. A7hen I was in Nors>G Eri8a tol% (e that Martin ha% #alle% her an% sai% that he tho.ation #a(e .r interest in Millenni.)si%iar& we =or(e% when we )o. li8e that on his own.#h (atters.#h nee%e% )a#8 at the o==i#e. a#t thenB‖ AContra#ts e@ist to )e hono. !eCs (.l% inherit .‖ Mi8ael tol% hi( a)o.‖ AIs there an& ris8' h&:otheti#all& s:ea8ing' that Martin (ight #reate :ro)le(s =or Millenni.‖ A .t I %onCt thin8 that Martin wo. I wor8 =or !enri8.t :ress. .t a sto: to the in$estigation o= !arrietCs %isa::earan#eB‖ Fro%e ga$e hi( a shar: loo8.ght into Millenni.

siness?what is the general #on%ition o= the #or:orationB‖ Fro%e loo8e% gra$ a %a&.(Cs e@isten#e.l% Martin wish to start an& (is#hie=?whi#h I %onCt )elie$e he will?then theoreti#all& he #o.#h tri$ia is a waste o= ti(e.‖ AYes' e$en a #o((on =inan#ial re:orter li8e (&sel= #an see that.s is itB‖ AO== the re#or%B‖ A etween .rteen ho. !e %oesnCt ha$e ti(e =or an&thing else.n%erta8en to )a#8 Millenni. Sho.#h o= a rewar% to gi$e to :eo:le whoC$e wor8e% =or the #o(:an& .‖ AThe li=e)loo% o= Millenni.l% :.t loo8 at it this wa&?worr&ing a)o. In Se:te()er weCre going to ha$e to la& o== "'0++ e(:lo&ees in Kre)ro an% TrollhNttan. Martin is :resentl& =ighting =or his in%.strial s.ssian (ar8et.( =or three &ears.‖ AMa& I as8?I 8now itCs none o= (& ).‖ AYes' ).t s.!enri8Cs share in the s.)si%iar&.str& in the :ast =ew wee8s an% are a)o.t the )ra8es on a s(all n.s. 7e ha$e a #ontra#t in whi#h we ha$e . A7e ha$e :ro)le(s.()er o= new a%$ertisers.r$i$al an% wor8ing =o.t to )e e>e#te% =ro( the R.‖ A7eC$e lost two large or%ers in the ele#troni#s in%. Not (. I (ean' how serio.

rther .=or (an& &‖ AMartin is .l% too'‖ Mal( sai%.t it' en#o.Cre star8 ra$ing (a%' o= #o.nts to an atte(:t to get ri% o= (e.n%er(ine%. She was not at the o==i#e' so he s:o8e to Mal(. So his :ro:osal a(o.‖ .lling the loa% o= an o@ an% wal8ing on eggshells.n%er :ress.‖ A!eCs :. sho.: here who wants (e to sto: what I a( %oing an% lea$e town. Martin Vanger has )een a=ter her an% has' how shall I :. Ea#h ti(e we sh.t ICll gi$e her the (essage.t the thing is' I ha$e a #ontra#t with !enri8 Vanger that I #anCt )rea8' an% Martin is a#ting on )ehal= o= so(eone .‖ ASa& hi to Eri8a an% tell her ICll #o(e )a#8 to Sto#8hol( when IC( =inishe% here.‖ lo(8$ist went )a#8 to his #ottage an% #alle% erger. Not )e=ore. .‖ AI .‖ AI thin8 &o. AI 8now that. A!ereCs the %eal9 Eri8a #alle% when I was in Nors>G.rage% her to :ro:ose that I start to ta8e on e%itorial res:onsi)ilit&.rse' ).t %own a =a#tor&' #on=i%en#e in the #o(:an& is =.n%erstan%. Yo.‖ AI see.

‖ Martin Vanger teetere% )a#8 an% =orth =or a )it.t )elie$e (e?IC( going to %o (& )est to (a8e s. AIC( on (& wa& to the o==i#e. Do &o. I %onCt reall& ha$e ti(e to %e$ote to (& ho))& on Millenni.‖ ALetCs hear it.( s. Is Martin ho(eB‖ As i= in re:l& to the 4. o= this now so that &o. !e 8isse% E$a on the #hee8 an% sai% hello to Mi8ael. E$a !assel o:ene% it an% greete% hi( war(l&. AI see.nt on (e )eing on the )oar% )e=ore New YearCs.‖ !e :a. So(ething is going on .AChrister.: here' an% I ha$e no intention o= )a#8ing o. thin8 I want to get ri% o= &o. wonCt #o. .‖ lo(8$ist 8no#8e% on Martin VangerCs %oor.estion' Martin Vanger #a(e wal8ing o. IC( in=or(ing &o.t with a )rie=#ase in his han%..t. Yo.(Cs )oar%' an% I wish IC% ne$er agree% to !enri8Cs :ro:osal. A! want to tal8 to (eB‖ A7e #an %o it later i= &o.rr&.r$i$es.‖ AI wonCt )e going )a#8 to Millenni.t this that Millenni.‖ .Cre in a h.(Cs e%itorial )oar% )e=ore IC( =inishe% with the assign(ent that !enri8 ga$e (e. AMi8ael' weCll ha$e to tal8 a)o.

!e waite% :atientl& as Mi8ael %ran8 a )ottle o= water an% towelle% the sweat =ro( his =a#e. ItCs Isa)ella.( #annot an% went =or a r.%e is that Millenni.Cre #r.all& a==or% to ha$e one o= its 8e& :eo:le sitting .: )& irger.‖ AIsa)ellaB‖ ASheCs a (ali#io.(Cs )oar%. Right now it see(s that she %etests &o. Fro%e was sitting at the gar%en ta)le. (& $iews on the (atter.t to the Fortress an% %own to Gott=rie%Cs #a)in )e=ore he hea%e% ho(e at a slower :a#e along the water. AI= we (a8e an a::oint(ent =or so(eti(e ne@t wee8 we #an go o$er the =inan#es an% I #an gi$e &o. SheCs ). SheCs )eing )a#8e% .‖ lo(8$ist #hange% into his tra#8s. in .: in a #on=li#t o= lo&alties here. .: here on !e%e)& Islan% twi%%ling his th.s& (o)ilising the Vanger #lan to tar an% =eather &o.n o.t &o.AIC$e ne$er ha% an& %o. at the sta8e too.n% . Ce#ilia isnCt the (ain :erson whoCs a=ter Martin. IC$e wo.)t a)o. AThat %oesnCt loo8 so health& in this heat.#ial to that tas8.()s.rn &o. I li8e the (agaLine an% I thin8 we #an (a8e it stronger together' ).t (& )asi# attit. Either I =ollow !enri8Cs wishes or #arr& o.t that'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.t (& >o) on Millenni.s' :ett& wo(an who %oesnCt li8e other :eo:le in general. AI was wrong.‖ AOh' #o(e on'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. an% :ossi)l& ).

‖ At *9++ in the a=ternoon' his (o)ile rang.:arti#. IC$e )een li$ing here sin#e the =irst o= the &ear. SheCs s:rea%ing stories that &o.t what ha::ene% to her %a.‖ AI ho:e no<one )elie$es thatB‖ AThereCs alwa&s so(eone willing to )elie$e (ali#io. ha$e ti(e to answer a =ew 4. A!ello' (& na(e is Conn& Torsson an% I wor8 at the !e%esta% Co. were >.lar.rier. got hi( so wor8e% .Cre li$ing here in !e%e)&.‖ A7hat are &o.‖ AI %i%nCt 8now Do &o.l% ha$e rea#te% a )it %i==erentl&.st release% =ro( :risonI‖ .Cre a swin%ler who %.t when I :.‖ A7ell' !err Torsson' &o. 7hat are &o.' an% that &o.estionsB 7e got a ti: that &o.r ti: (a#hine is a little slow. I= !arriet were (& %a. An% ta8ing a sort o= sa))ati#al.ghter?an% she hates (e.)lish it. wor8ing onB‖ AYo.:e% !enri8 into hiring &o.Cll =in% o. %oing in !e%esta%B‖ A7riting. ‖ AIC( tr&ing to wor8 o.ghter' I wo.s r.: that he ha% a heart atta#8.(o.‖ AYo.

)lishe% the (aterial.‖ A .‖ AI= & that lo(8$ist ha% to gi$e hi( a :.Cre an i%iotB‖ A7h& sho. AI was #on$i#te% o= li)el' not o= =alsi=&ing (aterial.r o:inion &o. on this to:i#.Cre #alling to %is#..‖ ASoB‖ Torsson hesitate% long eno.‖ AI ha$e nothing to sa& to &o. ha$e a $iew on >o. were #on$i#te% o= li) the >.sh.‖ A .t &o.‖ ASo & the trialB‖ .rnalists who =alsi=& (aterial are i%iots. %onCt want to %is#.%ge(ent against (e' I ha$e no #o((ent.‖ AIC% li8e to #o(e o.t an% %o an inter$iew with &o.t &o.‖ ASo in &o. :.l% I thin8 thatB IC$e ne$er =alsi=ie% (aterial.AYesB‖ ADo &o.rnalists who =alsi=& (aterialB‖ A3o.

Cre ri%ing a (otor)i8eT‖ Salan%er sai% nothing' ). She was reall& o. !e #a(e o. She sto::e% at the =irst little ho. Then she saw his #hil%li8e' )o&ish s(ile' whi#h she too8 =or a re%ee(ing =eat.r aro.‖ !e ha% )orrowe% a #a(: )e% =ro( the Nilssons.==el )ag in :la#e. lo(8$ist o:ene% the %oor an% wa$e% to her. !e sat thin8ing =or a long ti(e )e=ore he went )a#8 to his #o(:.==.s' ). !e Salan%er too8 a to.:. esi%es' it was great to gi$e her )i8e its hea% on a long ri%e .t an% ins:e#te% her (otor#&#le with o)$io.n% the #a)in' loo8ing s. settle%. AYo.ter. Most :eo:le who were into (otor#&#les . AThan8s =or #o(ing .rning to her. She %i% not li8e an&one to.#hing her st. .se on the . She :.s. Co(e in an% letCs get &o. AI ha% a (otor)i8e when I was nineteen'‖ he sai%' t.AThatCs #orre#t'‖ he sai%' an% h.t as long as her e(:lo&er was :a&ing' she %i% not (in% i= she went to the North Pole.#he% the han%le)ars an% trie% the a##elerator.t she wat#he% hi( intentl& as he to.all& la.ghe% at her lightweight )i8e.s astonish(ent.: the E/.t the )i8e on its stan% an% loosene% the stra: that hel% her o$ernight %.t she .t in the sti#8s. Salan%er =ollowe% the instr.#tions she ha% re#ei$e% an% %ro$e her Jawasa8i a#ross the )ri%ge to !e%e)& Islan%.s:i#io.

In so(e #ases the :oli#e re:orts ha% )een :.:. I (a%e three %a& tri:s to %i==erent :oli#e %istri#ts' ).s three'‖ Salan%er sai%.‖ !e sa. #hange ICll (a8e %inner.t hel:ings.l% =in% no i((e%iate signs o= an& insi%io.tMe% la() #ho:s in re% wine sa.t%oors in the a=ternoon s. I a( not going to wan%er aro.n while Salan%er showere% an% #hange%.#e an% set the ta)le o. Fas#inate%' lo(8$ist snea8e% a loo8 at the tattoos on her )a#8.t in the national ar#hi$e' an% in others the&Cre still store% in the lo#al :oli#e %istri#t.‖ AOJ' while &o.t awa& two sto. want to ta8e a shower an% =reshen . AIn #ase &o.s tra:.‖ AI ha$e to #hange. The =i$e are i%enti=ie%.‖ .t I %i%nCt ha$e ti(e to get to all o= the(.n% in (& leathers.see(e% to rela@ when she #o.‖ ATell (e. AFi$e :l. She #a(e o. !e showe% her where the )athroo( was.l% ha$e )een on the list.t )are=oot wearing a )la#8 #a(isole an% a short' worn %eni( s8irt.‖ AIC$e onl& )een on this =or ele$en %a&s' an% I ha$enCt ha% a #han#e to %ig . The =oo% s(elle% goo%' an% she :. AFi$e #ases =ro( &o.: all the re:orts.r !arrietCs list an% three #ases that I thin8 sho.

*+"0E "60+?LIV GUSTAVSSON' Sto#8hol( D. "6/6?RE ECJA 3ACO SSON' !e%esta% D.te in Jal(ar who was (.‖ She han%e% lo(8$ist a list.+""*E "61/?MARI !OLM ERG' Jal(ar D. She 4.‖ .r%ere% in her a:art(ent in O#to)er "61/.*"+6E "600?LENA ANDERSSON' U::sala D.+""*E AThe =irst #ase in this series is Re)e#8a 3a#o)sson' "6/6' the %etails o= whi#h &o. alrea%& 8now.n% right awa&' :ro)a)l& nine or ten %a&s later.t a soli% hea: o= :a:er on the 8it#hen ta)le' aro. ItCs not #lear e@a#tl& when she was 8ille%' sin#e her )o%& wasnCt =o.n% was Mari !ol()erg' a thirt&<two<&ear<ol% :rostit.i#8l& sorte% the (aterial into %i==erent sta#8s.*+"0E "60*?LEA PERSSON' U%%e$alla D. ALetCs ta8e the( in #hronologi#al or%er.*+"5E "612?RAJEL LUNDE' Lan%s8rona D.n% 1++ :ages."*+5E "60/?SARA 7ITT' Ronne)& D.Salan%er :. The ne@t #ase I =o.*+*2E "60+?DMAGDAE LOVISA S3K ERG' Jarlsta% D.

‖ Salan%er no%%e%. She was =o. A!arriet Vanger (a%e the sa(e #onne#tion.n%e' =ort&<=i$e.: the $erse that was Le$iti#.n% na8e% an% tie% to a la. She was a =ort.‖ lo(8$ist sat in silen#e =or a (o(ent )e=ore he loo8e% .tsi%e Lan%s8rona in a ho.: an% )a%l& a).th ta:e% sh.t.t o== =ro( a(ong their :eo:le. She ha%' ).se o= %eath was a hea$& ro#8 )eing re:eate%l& thrown at her. OJ.‖ A3es. Lis)eth' this is a long wa& =ro( an&where' an% she was (. #onne#t her to !arrietCs listB‖ AShe was tie% . She wor8e% as a #leaning wo(an an% was a )it o= a ha::& e##entri# in the $illage.sting.s Christ. Ca.ntain' an% she has .t the #a.s *+9"5. She ha% a sanitar& towel %own her throat.ntless #ont.n%r&<%r&ing =ra(e in her )a#8 gar%en' with her ( o= %eath was strang.‖ . She li$e% o.n#o$ere% the =o.ntain o= her )loo%H )oth o= the( shall )e #.r%ere% there so(e ti(e earl& in the (orning.AAn% how %o &o.sions an% =ra#t.res. Ne@tB‖ AMa& "612' Ra8el<teller an% her ho))& was %oing Tarot rea%ings' :al(s' et #etera.n#o$ers her na8e%ness' he has (a%e na8e% her =o. AI= a (an lies with a wo(an ha$ing her si#8ness' an% .#8ing %isg.lation.

nte% the )iLarre %etails o= the Jarlsta% (. 7hen she lit a #igarette he :ointe% at the :a#8' an% she :.:on the(. ItCs eno.‖ lo(8$ist listene% while Salan%er re#o.ll na(e was Mag%a Lo$isa' ).n% the i)le 4.n% tie% to her )e%' s.‖ AThe li8elihoo% o= this wo(an ha$ing se@ with a #ow (.t to %eathH the& shall )e stone% with stones' their )loo% shall )e . ASo the 8iller atta#8e% the ani(al tooB‖ AThe Le$iti#.( or a wiLar% shall )e :.‖ AThe ne@t #ase on !arrietCs list is Sara. The initials R.t :eo:le #alle% her Lo$isa.‖ AThen thereCs S>G)erg in Ran(o o. A (an or a wo(an who is a (e%i.‖ AUn%erstoo%. She was (. SheCs the one !arriet liste% as Mag%a.r%er.L.‖ AThe $erse #an )e rea% literall&. IC$e i%enti=ie% her as Sara 7itt' thirt&<se$en' li$ing in Ronne)&.st )eI well' non<e@istent.l% .n%enia)l& %o e$er& %a&. !er =.)>e#te% .s $erse sa&s that i= a wo(an has se@ with an ani(al' )oth (. are #orre#t?&o.she% it o$er to hi(.gh that she Qa::roa#hesC the ani(al' whi#h a =ar(erCs wi=e wo.r%ere% in 3an.tsi%e )e 8ille%. "60/' =o.AIt gets worse.oteB‖ AO$erl& e@:li#it.

t )& itsel=' an% the rest was ta8en #are o= )& the =ire ser$i#e' who were there in a $er& short ti(e.t the #a.ntaril&. ‖ AAn% the #onne#tionB‖ AListen to this.n% (ore %own to the gro.‖ AIC$e assa.ite a :ro(ising talent.n% three other wo(en who were (.ite li8e !arrietCs list' %oes itB‖ . She was twent&<two an% li$e% in Farsta.n%er wo(an na(e% Li$ G. She was a horse<lo$ing girl ?she ro%e in #o(:etitions an% was 4. The 8iller also starte% a =ire' with the :ro)a)le intention o= ).to aggra$ate% se@. OJ.C% =o.ghter o= an& :riest' i= she :ro=anes hersel= )& :la&ing the harlot' :ro=anes her =atherH she shall )e ). sai% &o. She ha% wor8e% late on the )oo88ee:ing an% was there alone.n% 4.s)an% was awa& that wee8en%.(stan#es an% the& #o. She (. She was ra:e% an% strangle% to %eath.‖ AAn% the %a.sta$sson.t :art o= the =ire went o. Sara 7itt was )oth the %a. That =its on the list. She was =o.rning the whole ho.ghter o= a :astor an% (arrie% to a :astor. The =irst is a &o. Yo.#h si(ilarl& strange o= %eath was as:h&@iationH she was strangle%.n% in the sho:. !er h.rne% with =ire.‖ AThat %oesnCt ha$e let the 8iller in $ol. She also owne% a s(all :et sho: with her sister.n%' ).r%ere% .lt' ).l% ha$e )een on !arrietCs list.

AShe was (. The $i#ti( was a se$enteen<&ear<ol% g&(nast #alle% Lena An%ersson. So it was 4.r%er‖ o= Lea Persson.ite an a::alling s#ene her sister en#o. I %onCt 8now how (an& I (a& ha$e (isse%.t into the sho:. The #ow in Jarlsta% (a& ha$e s. In )oth instan#es the& were wo(en who wor8e% :ro=essionall& with ani(als' an% in )oth #ases there was an ani(al sa#ri=i#e.: her $agina an% then let all the ani(als o.‖ ATell (e a)o.t I #an i(agine it wo.t it.ari. An% )esi%es' there was an a%%itional ani(al "600 in U::sala.g. She %isa::eare% .‖ AA #ase that I %is#o$ere% )& #han#e.‖ A7hatB‖ Salan%er tol% the stor& o= the A:igeon (.ANot e@a#tl&' i= it werenCt =or one thing.%e% his )ar)arities )& sho$ing a :ara8eet .& &o.ght that e$en Salan%er grew i(:atient.r (onths a=ter the (.(.st "60+' =o. A :ara8eet is (ore to sta) a #ow to %eath with a 8ni=e.‖ AFe)r.r%er o= the =ar(erCs wi=e Mag%a Lo$isa in Jarlsta%. The 8iller #on#l.r$i$e%?).ntere% in the (orning. Cats' t.‖ lo(8$ist (a%e a note.rtles' white (i#e' ra))its' )ir%s. AThereCs one #ase le=t.r%ere% in A.r theor&'‖ he sai% at last. lo(8$ist sat =or so long in silen#e an% in tho. E$en the =ish in the a4.l% )e %i==i#. AICll ).

el& tort. The& =o.‖ Towar%s e$ening when the (os4. ItCs not a (atter o= 4. !er han%s an% )reasts were atro#io.l =ire.#h.ite a wa& o.ll?)e #.t .t her han%s were so #harre% that the& (.ote that =its' ).n% three %a&s later in a %it#h on the U::sala :lain' 4.itoes )egan to swar( the& #leare% o== the gar%en ta)le an% (o$e% to the 8it#hen to go on with their' ).sl& ).t there are se$eral :assages that %eal with a =ire o==ering an% a sin o==ering' an% in so(e :la#es itCs re#o((en%e% that the sa#ri=i#ial ani(al?(ost o=ten a ).r%ere% so(ewhere else an% her )o%& %.e :aro%& o= what is written in the i)le?itCs (ore li8e asso#iations to 4. This (.rne%' an% she ha% )een ).: in s. I rea% the :athologistCs re:ort.(:e% there. She was tort. AGoo% Lor%'‖ he with =ire.n% :ara==in stains on her' whi#h showe% that #an%les ha% )een .st ha$e )een hel% o$er a (ore :ower=.t the tr. Fire also re(in%s (e o= the =irst (.n%ing her %eath were ne$er re:orte%.t o= #onte@t. The girl ha% )een grotes4.‖ . AThe =a#t that &o.otation %oesnCt (ean (. %i%nCt =in% an e@a#t i)le 4. Finall&' the 8iller sawe% o== her hea% an% tosse% it ne@t to the )o%&. AI #anCt =in% an& i)le 4.lle% o. She ha% )een (.a=ter a #lass :art& an% was =o.r%er got a lot o= attention in the (e%ia' ).rro. This is a grotes4.t o= town.#h a wa& that the hea% is se$ere% =ro( the =at.(stan#es s.r%er' o= Re)e#8a here in !e%esta%.otations.rne% re:eate%l& at $ario.e #ir#.‖ lo(8$ist ) s:ots all o$er her )o%&.otations :.

ghtering wo(en =or at least se$enteen &ears witho.n)elie$a)le'‖ she sai%' hol%ing .l% ha$e #o((itte% s. AYo.r%ers. That :ro=essor o= #ri(inolog&' Persson' sai% on#e on TV that serial 8illers are $er& rare in Swe%en' ).t that :ro)a)l& we ha$e ha% so(e that were ne$er #a. .‖ A etween "6/6 an% "600' an% (a&)e )e=ore an% a=ter as well.‖ Salan%er :.ght. The i%ea that an insanel& si#8 sa%isti# serial 8iller was sla. A7e ha$e se$eral %oLen .ite a strange ho))& or else she (.‖ She hel% .t o== =ro( their :eo:le i= so(eone has se@ with a girl whoCs ha$ing her :erio%.: another =inger.rse% hi(sel= an% stole another =ro( (ore #o==ee =ro( the :ot on the sto$e.she% )a#8 her #hair an% :o.r !arriet either ha% 4.ring the twentieth #ent.‖ ASo where %oes all this lea%B‖ lo(8$ist won%ere% alo. Mi8ael #. Ta8e =or e@a(:le the 4.t an&one seeing a #onne#tion so. ANo' itCs not so .i#i%e. She lit a #igarette.tterl& .AI ha$e 8nown that there was a #onne#tion )etween the (.r%ers o= wo(en in Swe%en %.n)elie$a)le to (e.: one =inger.nsol$e% (.%.r&. I= thatCs inter:rete% literall&' the 8iller sho. It isnCt e$en logi#al.n%s .ote that )oth ha$e to )e #.

.ntr&. 7hen he trie% to )e so#ia)le o$er %inner' she was ta#it.r%ers were #arrie% o.‖ A7hi#h lea%s to the ne@t 4.strial &ar% an% a :astorCs wi=e who is strangle% in Ronne)& an% has her' ).‖ Three =ingers.‖ lo(8$ist was wat#hing her.rn to the :oint o= r. An%' as &o. 7ith her slen%er )o%&' her )la#8 #a(isole' the tattoos' an% the rings :ier#ing her =a#e' Salan%er loo8e% o.ite %i==erent?a =ar(erCs wi=e in Jarlsta% an% a twent&<two<&ear<ol% in Sto#8hol(.te in U%%e$alla whoCs 8ille% in an in%. Ani(als.s' that is. I= &o.t it see(s that not one o= the in$estigating %ete#ti$es inter:rete% an& o= the (.t the #ir#.n%e% li8e a :ro=essional to her =ingerti:s. !er a:art(ent in Sto#8hol( (ight loo8 as i= a )o() ha% gone o== in it' ). .r%ers were #o((itte% o$er a $er& long :erio% o= ti(e an% all o$er the #o.t (entall& Salan%er was e@tre(el& well Aggra$ate% se@. The (.t when she was wor8ing she so. .rre% #lose together in "60+' ). assa.(stan#es were 4.t o= :la#e' to sa& the least' in a g.r%ers in ter(s o= the i)le.est #ottage in !e%e)&. AThere is no i((e%iatel& a::arent :attern.t there are #ertain things that %o re#.t at %i==erent :la#es an% there is no real set on =ire. AItCs har% to see the #onne#tion )etween a :rostit.AThese (. :ointe% o. %onCt ha$e the 8e& that !arriet ga$e . Two o##.estion'‖ Salan%er sai%.t' a :aro%& o= i)li#al 4.

AMa&)e &o.A!ow on earth %i% !arriet get (i@e% .st )e so(e #onne#tion to the Vanger =a(il&.s ho.#h :ra#ti#es were a waste o= ti(e' ). lo(8$ist :ointe% The& :asse% Martin VangerCs (otor &a#ht an% rea#he% the :oint' an% there the& sat on a ro#8 an% share% a #igarette.: in all thisB A si@teen<&ear< ol% girl who li$e% in a reall& sheltere% en$iron(ent. AThereCs one (ore #onne#tion'‖ lo(8$ist sai% s. !er e@:ression s. lo(8$ist a%$ise% her to #hange into long tro. AThere (.sers )e#a.n%er the )ri%ge an% o. !e r.ght o= it.r%ers an% o= the (os4.t the :eo:le who li$e% in the(.se.‖ A7hatB‖ .r an% then . Salan%er ga$e hi( a #.t towar%s Martin VangerCs :oint.‖ & ""9++ that night the& ha% gone o$er the series o= (.%%enl&.t she agree%.t the $ an% tol% her a)o.itoes.‖ AThereCs onl& one answer'‖ Salan%er when the& #a(e to Ce#ilia VangerCs ho.ggeste% that she tho. !e ha% so(e %i==i#.ght s.sse% the #on#ei$a)le #onne#tions an% the tin& %etails o= si(ilarit& an% %i==eren#e so o=ten that lo(8$istCs hea% was s:inning.))e% his e&es an% stret#he% an% as8e% Salan%er i= she =elt li8e a wal8.s loo8.C$e alrea%& tho. The& strolle% :ast the s(all<)oat har)o.

t thereCs so(ething else I tho. AThe whore' the =irst wo(an' the Virgin Mar&Ithe&Cre all there in this gro.i#8er than she was.ghter was a whore.‖ .:. AThe&Cre all i)li#al na(es.e'‖ she sai%. AMag%alena'‖ she sai%.‖ Salan%er tho.‖ ANot tr. !e ha% )een 4. The onl& ti(e I (et !aral% Vanger he was stan%ing in the roa% snarling that his own %a.ght o= with regar% to the na(es.ght =or a (o(ent an% shoo8 her hea%. The Vanger =a(il& has ha% (ore than its share o= =anati#al anti<Se(ites' NaLis' an% #ons:ira#& theorists. An% #o(e on?whatCs Lena short =orB‖ Salan%er gri(a#e% in anno&an#e.ATheir na(es. AThe&Cre o)$io. A7here is there a Li$ or Lena in the i)leB ‖ AThe& are there. She %i% not li8e that. Li$ (eans to li$e' in other wor%s E$a.‖ Salan%er waite% :atientl&. .sl& all tra%itional 3ewish na(es. This is so =rea8& itC% (a8e a :s&#hologistCs hea% s:in. !e #ertainl& has :ro)le(s with wo(en.

#h a short ti(e'‖ he sai%.: here an% re:ort on it.‖ A7hat ha::ens nowB‖ Salan%er wante% to 8now. =or a wee8 or two (ore asIa resear#h assistant.‖ lo(8$ist loo8e% at her.lse. !e #o.: the #o==ee. A7ellII re#8on the >o) I hire% &o. AIC( not %one with this.n%er (& s8in too.7hen the& got )a#8 to the #a)in the& (a%e a (i%night sna#8 an% heate% . An% than8s also =or )eing ni#e eno.C$e %one a =antasti# >o) o= %igging . Mi8ael too8 a loo8 at the al(ost 1++ :ages that Dragan Ar(ans8&Cs =a$o. AI 8now. !e (a%e the %e#ision on i(:. I %onCt 8now i= heCll want to :a& the sa(e rate he . ICll tal8 to Fro%e. =or is %one'‖ he sai%. This stor& has got .#e% =or hi(.rite resear#her ha% :ro%.r =ee to )e to #o(e .: these =a#ts in s. AYo. AIC( going to tal8 to Dir#h Fro%e to(orrow an% arrange =or &o. For hal= a &ear he ha% )een wor8ing alone on !arrietCs %isa::earan#e' an% here was another :erson?an e@:erien#e% resear#her?who gras:e% the i(:li#ations.‖ AThat wasnCt what I (eant. AThan8s.‖ lo(8$ist leane% )a#8 against the 8it#hen wall an% (et her gaLe.l%nCt rea% an&thing at all in her e&es. 7eCll hire &o.

tes later she o:ene% the %oor an% :.:a&s to Ar(ans8&' ). ItCs >. !e #a(e o.: )e=ore lo(8$ist' aro. She :.rther a%o she went to her roo( an% #lose% the %oor.l& . 7hen lo(8$ist wo8e at 29.n% 09++..((ar& o= the !arriet Vanger #ase on his i oo8.‖ C!APTER *" Th.Cre' 3.n% his waist'' 3. Two ( a #o((on or gar%en )astar% who hates wo(en. ItCs not an insane serial 8iller who rea% his i)le wrong.t =. AThereCs #o==ee on the sto$e'‖ she sai%. She ha% no wish to )e sh.t o.t on so(e water =or #o==ee an% went to ta8e a shower. AI thin8 &o.+' she was rea%ing his s.t we sho.l& "+ Salan%er was .t o= his e&es.l% )e a)le to arrange a )asi# li$ing wage =or &o. .t an% wo.t o.-Th.l% ha$e gla%l& %one the >o) =or =ree. AIC( =alling aslee:'‖ she sai%' an% witho.t to the 8it#hen with a towel ro.‖ Salan%er s.%%enl& ga$e hi( a s(ile.t her hea%.))ing the slee: o.

ANo' !enri8Cs #on%ition is the sa(e as &ester%a&.ite %i==erent reason.n#leCs %eath.)>e#t o= whatCs &o. 7hen he #a(e )a#8' Salan%er ha% t.ter an% :.‖ A7e nee% to ha$e a tal8 on the s.: her own Power oo8.t it )a#8 in its :la#e in his o==i#e. AThat %o#. Salan%er was an in=or(ation >.rne% an% :eere% . Martin Vanger loo8e% so sole(n that =or a se#on% lo(8$ist tho.str& )arel& a glan#e an% a 4.(ent was :asswor% :rote#te%' %a((it'‖ he sai%. lo(8$ist =elt s.!e loo8e% o$er her sho. !e ha% >.#ing hi( to A(& resear#h assistant‖ Lis)eth sat %own to )rea8=ast when there was a 8no#8 at the =ront %oor. that she ha% alrea%& trans=erre% the #ontents o= his #o(:.ter to her own. IC( here =or a 4. She ga$e the #a:tain o= in%. AIt ta8es thirt& se#on%s to %ownloa% a :rogra((e =ro( the Net that #an #ra#8 7or%Cs en#r&:tion :rote#tion.n8ie with a %elin4.ght he ha% #o(e to )ring the news o= his .l%er.: at hi(. She t. She ha% )oote% .ent #hil%Cs ta8e on (orals an% ethi#s.rne% o== his #o( an% whatCs (ine'‖ he sai%' an% went to ta8e a shower.l% I #o(e in =or a (o(entB‖ lo(8$ist let hi( in' intro%.i#8 no% )e=ore she went )a#8 to her .

( in %isgra#e an% that he ha% re#entl& ser$e% a :rison ter(. E$er& sel=<res:e#ting resi%ent o= !e%esta% was :.l8ing aro. The re:orter' Torsson' ha% #o))le% together a s#.e% on :age =o.: o= #o==ee an% in$ite% hi( to ha$e a seat.r#h hill on the other si%e o= the )ri%ge showe% lo(8$ist #o(ing o.(ns on the =ront :age' #ontin. lo(8$ist :o.t the& were slante% to :resent lo(8$ist in an . A7hatCs this all a)o.ter. %onCt s.t o= the #ottage.t loo8e% so %istra#te% that he har%l& see(e% to noti#e her.#o( line that lo(8$ist ha% %e#line% to #o((ent to the !e%esta% Co.n% the area. None o= the #lai(s in the arti#le was li)ello. ha$enCt rea% this (orningCs :a:er. The arti#le en%e% with the .n=lattering lightH the .s.t on noti#e that an Ol&(:i#<#lass shit =ro( Sto#8hol( was s8.ght to. !e ha% )een gi$en two #ol. Martin Vanger greete% her hi( a #.late% the 7ennerstrG( a==air an% e@:laine% that lo(8$ist ha% le=t Millenni.t the %a&Cs :a:er on the ta)le in =ront o= hi(.‖ Martin Vanger :.‖ A :hotogra:h ta8en with a tele:hoto lens =ro( the #h. ACon$i#te% Li)el 3o.n% as i= I o.‖ AThen & ).t so(eti(es I see it at S.s' ). (a8e it so.)s#ri)e to the !e%esta% Co.rnalist !i%ing !ere.tB‖ AYo. !e re#a:it.s :ie#e.r.rierB‖ ANo. .rrilo.sanneCs ri%ge Ca=M.rier.‖ AYo.

A=ter all' he is a #o.: >o)'‖ lo(8$ist sai% #al(l&. Millenni.‖ AItCs a :.‖ ATorsson will )e =ire% to %is#.‖ AI .t other (ore res:e#te% >o.‖ AI see.rier is G.rnalis( was :resente% as a #olle#tion o= A#ontro$ersial #lai(s‖ a)o. AI ho:e &o.nnar Jarl(an' Ingri%Cs son' whoCs :art o= the 3ohan Vanger )ran#h o= the =a(il&.‖ ATe#hni#all& he has no in=l. This Torsson is a s. I #ho8e% on (& (orning #o==ee when I rea% it.n#illor an% :oliti#al =ig. .la&o.t an% t&:e st&le was o= the 8in% that s.#h news:a:ers .lsi$e.((er wor8 e@:erien#e 8i%.nnar ha$e )een #lose =or (an& &ears.‖ AThen who %i%B‖ AI (a%e so(e #alls.t<. ItCs re:.( was %es#ri)e% as a (agaLine with low #re%i)ilit& A)ent on agitation'‖ an% lo(8$istCs )oo8 on =inan#ial >o. irger an% G.ght irger ha% no sa& in the newsroo(.n%erstan% that I %i%nCt ha$e the slightest thing to %o with :oliti#al terrorists.t the e%itor in #hie= o= the Co. AMi8aelII %onCt ha$e wor%s to e@:ress what I =elt when I rea% this arti#le. !e %i% the :ie#e on or%ers =ro( irger.‖ .

r%' when the e%itor in #hie= o= a :. ha% a an% ine@:erien#e% re:orter.‖ AI )elie$e it. It ta8es a lot =or an intern to sa& no when the )oss instr. 7hen he #alle% (e he so. Yo. IC$e ne$er (et hi(.t this see(s (ore li8e irgerCs re$enge )e#a.l% (a8e the sit.n%e% li8e a $er& &o. the tr. )e gi$en an a:olog& to(orrow.ation see(s a )it a)s.‖ AThis #anCt )e allowe% to :ass witho. Yo.l% >. an% !enri8.‖ ASo &o.)li#ation in whi#h !enri8 Vanger is a :art owner an% on whose )oar% &o.‖ ADonCt =ire hi(.t s4.ght to la& the )la(e where it )' I %onCt 8now.‖ AI= &o.ation t.t #onse4.Cre a thorn in his si%e.‖ AI #o.#ts hi( to write so(ething in a #ertain wa&. want (& o:inion' the sit.l% %o an&thingB‖ .l% %e(an% that &o.en#es.n<in with hi( at the hos:ital.r e%itor' Jarl(an' is atta#8ing &o.A!ow ol% is heB‖ ATo tell &o. It wo. (ean' an% I o. %onCt thin8 I sho. Jarl(an is a :art owner in the #or:oration an% has alwa&s ta8en :ot<shots at (e' ).‖ AI see what &o.a))le that &o. sit.)li#ation owne% )& the Vanger =a(il& goes on the atta#8 against another :.‖ A etter not. ThatCs wh& I thin8 Torsson is the last :erson to )la(e.rn into a long' %rawn<o.

on . )elie$e is right. ItCs i(:ortant to re<install &o.‖ AYo.: a =.(Cs e%itorial )oar% so that we #an show a .‖ ASo IC( going to %e(an% the right to res:on%. !owe$er rel.#tantl&' IC( !enri8Cs re:la#e(ent on Millenni.l% 8i#8 .nite% =ront to the worl%.‖ AFair Jarl(an wo. As long as &o. a) an% in the worst #ase &o.. (.st ser$es to ill.: now' ).st %o what &o. M& $iew is that this arti#le stin8s?an% I inten% to (a8e (& own :oint o= $iew #lear. A esi%es?I %i%nCt reall& want to )ring this .(Cs )oar%' an% in that role I a( not going to let an o==ensi$e arti#le li8e this one :ass . An% i= I (a8e Jarl(an loo8 li8e an i%iot' he has onl& hi(sel= to )la(e.n%erstan% that I ha$e nothing whatsoe$er to %o with this $itrioli# atta#8.t this >.e.strate what weC$e alrea%& %is#.‖ AFor (e' itCs also i(:ortant that &o.sse%.‖ APar%on (e' Mi8ael' ).t I %onCt agree with &o.Cre awa&' the gossi: will #ontin.AIt wo.‖ AI )elie$e &o.n#hallenge%.'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. As a (atter o= =a#t' I also ha$e the right to e@:ress (& o:inion.l%nCt )e an& .C% )e :ainte% as a $illain who' in his #a:a#it& as owner' is tr&ing to sta(: on the =ree%o( o= e@:ression. I )elie$e in .

l%nCt want to )rea8 it. all the s. see' I reall& li8e hi(.nning sore =or &o.rse' !enri8Cs?an% then ret.rn to %isagree with &o.r :oint' ).i#8l& as :ossi)le. AOJ' in that #ase the )est thing we #an %o is to sol$e the (&ster& o= !arriet as 4.‖ .)t in Martin VangerCs e&es.t when it #o(es to !arriet' heCs al(ost o== his ro#8er. . ICll gi$e &o. Yo.s?I %o lo$e !enri8 an% he is (& (entor ?).::ort I #an so that & an% that it (ight now )e :ossi)le to 8now what reall& ha::ene%.t I thin8 weCre on the $erge o= a )rea8thro.(. I #anCt )rea8 (& #ontra#t with !enri8' an% the =a#t is that I wo.‖ AGoo%.‖ lo(8$ist rea% %o. An% this thing with !arrietI ‖ AYesB‖ AI 8now itCs a r. So I wonCt ha$e to =ight with &o.rn to Millenni.t now itCs (& t.l%nCt hel: thin8ing that it was a waste o= ti(e. too. At last he (a%e a %e#ision.‖ A3. an% I realise that !enri8 has )een o)sesse% with it =or (an& & )etween the two o= .. =inish the wor8 to &o.Millenni.‖ A7hen I starte% this >o) I #o.‖ AI see &o.(' an% IC( #on$in#e% that we #an win this =ight together.r satis=a#tion?an%' o= #o.

n into a :ro)le(.gh the :oli#e re:ort.nnar Jarl(an was )orn in "6/5 an% wo. !e ga$e her all the :hotogra:hs o= . to iron o. ha$e other iss.‖ The& shoo8 han%s. APerha:s &o.r wa&.t the :a:er %own witho.t. 7hen Martin Vanger le=t she rea#he% =or the !e%esta% Co.t an& sort o= o)sta#les in &o. r.ANo' &o. lo(8$ist sat in silen#e' thin8ing. ICll (a8e %a(n s. A=ter )rea8=ast he as8e% his resear#h assistant to rea% thro. She :. .t (a8ing an& #o((ent. An% ICll tr& to tal8 to Ce#ilia' to #al( her %own.rier an% s#anne% the arti#le.estions' an% sheCs )een resisting (& atte(:ts at #on$ersation =or a (onth now. #an as8 =or (& hel: whene$er &o. Salan%er ha% listene% to the #on$ersation. Yo. I nee% to as8 her so(e 4.‖ AThan8 &o.‖ Martin Vanger la.l% ha$e )een eighteen in "600..t I wonCt get in$ol$e% in that irger wonCt :. !e was one o= the :eo:le on the islan% when !arriet %isa::eare%.ghe%. G.

‖ AAn% nowB‖ AIn the :ast all the in$estigations =o#. lo(8$ist then %ro$e to Fro%eCs ho. !e too8 two #. She see(e% to )e s8i((ing' s:en%ing no (ore than ten or =i=teen se#on%s on ea#h :age. I si(:l& wrote %own That shi=ts the :ers:e#ti$ o= !enri8 Vanger.s.rne% the :ages (e#hani#all&' an% lo(8$ist was a(aLe% at her la#8 o= #on#entrationH it (a%e no sense' sin#e her own re:ort was so (eti#.: an agree(ent =or Salan%er as a resear#h assistant =or the ne@t ( the 8it#hen win%ow. & the ti(e he ret.nstr. It was 4.the a##i%ent' as well as the long s.lo.r notes were %one )e=ore &o.ggling in the %ar8' tr&ing to write a stor&? a #ha:ter in the a.rne% to the #ottage' Salan%er ha% %e#a(:e% to the gar%en an% was i((erse% in the :oli#e re:ort.‖ . U: .re that the stor&' the se4. !e wat#he% her thro.ite . 8new we were loo8ing =or a serial 8iller.((ar& o= VangerCs own in$estigations.‖ AThatCs tr. AYo.: the #o==ee. Now IC( s.#t. lo(8$ist went in to heat .se an% as8e% hi( 8in%l& to %raw .se% on !e%e)& Islan%.en#e o= e$ents that en%e% in her %isa::earan#e' starte% in !e%esta%.:s o= #o==ee an% >oine% her at the gar%en ta)le.ntil now IC$e reall& )een str.estions I wante% to as8 !enri8' an% so(e other things. She t.e.

(Ms' &o. .n% the :i#t. I =o.ation re:orts to &o. I nee%e% to rea% the rMs. AItCs =as#inating. She let (e )orrow all the negati$es =ro( !e%esta% an% IC$e s#anne% the( in. )elie$e' she still ha% the negati$e in a shoe)o@.rnalisti# :oint o= $iew?it was 4.n%' an% he =elt =lattere%. %i%nCt #he#8 the i(ages in (& #o(:.l% &o.r:rise%. On the other han%?=ro( a :.(s.t it was also a %isa::oint(ent. %is#o$ere% with the :i#t. (ean &o.: in Nors>GB‖ AYo. were #hasing .r' ).‖ lo(8$ist was I was loo8ing =or was one o= the(.‖ .rel& >o.rsel=.#h.‖ lo(8$ist starte% his i oo8 an% #li#8e% on the :hotogra:h =ol%er. It was ta8en on #hea: #olo.s (.t it %oesnCt tell . This is what !arriet &o.Salan%er sai%9 AIt was a(aLing what &o.r =il( an% a=ter thirt&<se$en &ears the :rint was in#re%i)l& =a%e%?with a strong &ellow tinge.r sit. Salan%er %i% not see( the t&:e to throw #o(:li(ents aro.terB‖ AThere wasnCt ti(e. AThat wo(an' Mil%re% erggren' ha% sa$e% all her holi%a& :i#t.res. The $isit to Nors>G was a sort o= :rogress' ).rn to =ill in the %etails.t' wo. AItCs &o.res in al). The :i#t. !ow %i% it go with that :i#t.ite an a#hie$e(ent.

res or e$en esti(ate his age.rne%?I (a%e a %rawing o= the #rossroa%s there?an% :artl& )e#a. AYo.t =i$e<=oot ele$en' nor(al ).l% )e seen the #orner o= S.n%erstoo% his %is(a&. AI thin8 this is the :erson she saw. A)o.t ten :eo:le were stan%ing on the :a$e(ent in =ront o= S. Partl& ) =ro( the waist . !e has %ar8<)lon%' se(i<long hair an% is #lean<sha$en. .%ging )& the angle that her =a#e was t.l% )e an&where )etween his teens an% (i%%le age.n%strG( Salan%er i((e%iatel& . Meaning that?:erha:s?he was staring at !arriet.t itCs i(:ossi)le to (a8e o.sers' :ossi)l& >eans.t his =a#ial this is the onl& :erson who see(s to )e loo8ing straight into the #a(era. !e #o.n% o= the Chil%renCs Da& i(age that showe% #lowns in the =oregro.late what she was loo8ing at' >. The :hotogra:h )e#a(e instantl& =.!e #li#8e% on an i(age whi#h now ha% the =ilena(e !ARRIET[)%< " stan%ing a little )it )ehin% the s:e#tators' al(ost in the si%e street. !e ha% on a %ar8 :a%%e% >a#8et with a re% :at#h on the sho.l% (ani:.n% I trie% to triang. #o.n=o#. !eCs a)o.LLier still. lo(8$ist Loo(e% in so that the =ig. She saw an .late the i(ageI‖ .l%ers an% %ar8 tro. AItCs a (an.n%strG(Cs !a)er%asher&.‖ 7hat Salan%er saw was a )l. In the )a#8gro.e:s.: =ille% the s#reen.rr& =ig.

‖ A!err Fro%e :ro)a)l& isnCt the (ost o)ser$ant :erson in !e%esta%.late% the i(age' %a((' an% ea#h $ag.n#ertaint& le% to (ore intense interrogation.t o= it.‖ ANo' ). !e has no i%ea who the (an is.t IC( wor8ing =or hi( an% !enri8 Vanger.‖ AThatCs :ossi) to !enri8 )e=ore I #ast the net wi%er.ring the ne@t se$eral %a&s lo(8$ist an% Salan%er wor8e% on the !arriet #ase $irt. There to an&oneB So(eone (ight re#ognise the (anCs )earing orI‖ AI showe% it to Fro%e. The #a(era is si(:l& too lo.e answer or . Salan%er went on rea%ing the :oli#e re:ort' rattling o== one 4.‖ lo(8$ist #li#8e% .all& e$er& wa8ing (o(ent.estion a=ter another.: a new shot.‖ A!a$e &o. AThis is the a)sol. I e$en sent a #o:& to the i(age :ro#essing wiLar% at Millenni.l% onl& )e one tr.AI ha$e (ani:. I want to show the :i#t.s& an% the %istan#e too =ar. . The& s:ent one whole %a& e@a(ining ti(eta)les =or the #ast o= #hara#ters at the s#ene o= the a##i%ent on the )ri%ge.‖ APerha:s heCs nothing (ore than a s:e#tator.t he (anage% to trigger a strange res:onse =ro( !arriet. shown the :i#t.(.te )est I #an get o.‖ D. .

Salan%er (a%e no #o((ent when he ret.t o= )reath to the #ottage. e$er e@er#iseB‖ AI )o@ on#e in a while.‖ AYo.(ents in the re:ort' she alwa&s see(e% to settle on the (ost o)s#.: to the terra#e at S. lo(8$ist went o.n.nning was o)$io. 8now' with glo$es. The& wo.ise% #oolness. It was not li$ing at his #ottage' an% that?in S. AI ha$e to e@er#ise to 8ee: =ro( getting too =at aro.t e$er& e$ening =or a r.sanneCs e&es?(a%e hi( a %irt& ol% (i%%le< age% (an.rne% o.sanne now treate% lo(8$ist with an .n%isg. !e realise% that Salan%er loo8e% )arel& legal an% she was o)$io.l% swi( in the #hannel or wal8 . S.n% the (i%%le.‖ AI see.n)eara)le o. AIC( o$er =ort&'‖ he sai%. R.‖ ADonCt &o.‖ .t in the gar%en.Salan%er )e#a(e (ore an% (ore o= an enig(a to hi(.sanneCs ri%ge Ca=M. Des:ite the =a#t that she onl& s8i((e% the %o#. The& too8 a )rea8 in the a=ternoons' when the heat (a%e it .re an% #ontra%i#tor& %etails. )o@B‖ AYeah' & not her thing.

‖ ANot (.t at least she ha% tol% hi( so(ething a)o.t her. )o@ inB‖ he sai%' when he e(erge% =ro( the shower.&s in a #l.‖ 7h& is that no s.%ie% in U::sala.A7hat weight %o &o. !ow %i% she #o(e to )e wor8ing =or Ar(ans8&B 7hat sort o= e%. 8now a)o.#h.ght.: li8e a #la(' answere% in single s&lla)les or ignore% hi(.n(arrie%.t hersel=. An% !arriet h.t %own a )in%er' =rowning.#ation %i% she ha$eB 7hat %i% her :arents %oB As soon as lo(8$ist trie% to as8 a)o.‖ A7here %i% he #o(e =ro(B‖ AFro( !e%esta%. . A7hat %o &o. I s:ar a little now an% then against the g. One a=ternoon Salan%er s. !e st. ANone at all.()ent a =ew ti(es earlier in the &ear' an% she tol% (e that Fal8 li$es in so(e geriatri# ho(e in !e%esta%.t Otto Fal8B The :astor. !e 8new no )asi# =a#ts a)o. AlLhei( o.t .%%enl& :.‖ A7h& %o &o.r:riseB he tho.) in SG%er. as8B‖ .t her li=e she sh.‖ A!e was . I (et the :resent in#.t with hi(.

res' es:e#iall& %.all&' there is'‖ Salan%er sai%' with a wr& s(ile.t he went %own to the s#ene o= the a##i%ent an% sta&e% there =or se$eral ho. It was ha$e $anishe%.ral =or hi( to li$e o.AIC( >.e' ).t here on the islan%' #lose to the :ower )ro8ers' so to s:ea8.‖ ASoB‖ . !eCs in lots o= the :i#t.t so(ething else.t a sa%isti# 8iller o= wo(en.‖ AThatCs' an% there (.‖ AI won%er how #are=.t I was a#t.‖ A . AFirst o= all he was a :astor' an% :astors (ore than an&one else ha$e a s:e#ial relationshi: to the i)le. This stor& is a) ha$e )een :lent& o= :la#es to hi%e a )o%& =or a while. Se#on%' he was the last :erson 8nown to ha$e seen an% tal8e% with !arriet.ll& the :oli#e sear#he% the :arsonage. In the :hotogra:hs it loo8s li8e it was a )ig woo%en ho.l% ha$e an& #onne#tion to the serial (.‖ AIn the si@ties :astors en>o&e% a #onsi%era)l& %i==erent sa&ing that Morell went :rett& eas& on hi( in the inter$iew. .‖ AA#t.r%ers or to !arrietCs %isa::earan#e.ring the ti(e when !arriet (.all& thin8ing a)o.s in so#iet&.t thereCs nothing in the (aterial to in%i#ate that he‖ AAll right' I #anCt #ra#8 his ali)i.

ar%ianshi: a.n#ers' who Da:art =ro( the . ani(als an% arson #ro: . One o= the things I rea% was an F I (an.te with hi(.n%erstan%ingH she ha% to :rote#t hersel= =ro( so#ial to gi$e her a hea%a#he' so she set things .: in se$eral o= !arrietCs (.t sa%ists in a rather %i==erent #onte@t.l% )e $er& interesting to 8now i= there were other .ite a )it a)o.natel& so#iet& was not $er& s(art or .re% ani(als in their #hil%hoo%.n#tional ho(es an% tort.t what I was reall& thin8ing a)' #hil% wel=are a.l% also )e worth #he#8ing to see i= there were an& #ases o= ani(al a).thorities' g. She was :er=e#tl& #ontent as long as :eo:le le=t her in Nor(all& se$en (in.t I =in% nothing in the :oli#e re:ort a)o.thorities' ta@ a. Un=ort.r%er #ases' ). For al(ost a wee8 she ha% s:ent :ra#ti#all& e$er& wa8ing (in. It wo. So(e o= the #on$i#te% A(eri#an serial 8illers were also arreste% =or arson.tilation in the area )a#8 then.rne% %own in the late se$enties.: to li$e as a re#l.rators' :s&#hologists' :s&#hiatrists' tea#hers' an% )o.t was the =a#t that the :arsonage ).AI wasII ha% a little ti(e to (&sel= this s:ring an% rea% 4.‖ 7hen Salan%er went to )e% on her se$enth night in !e%e)&' she was (il%l& irritate% with lo(8$ o= the =ire' an% it =ires herea)o.tes o= another :ersonCs #o(:an& was or (.t the #a. It #lai(e% that a stri8ing :ortion o= #on$i#te% serial 8illers #a(e =ro( %&s=.ts in the si@ties. .thorities' :oli#e' #.‖ AItCs a long shot'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. Lis)eth no%%e%. AAgree%.

ation >.nit&' to #orre#t the wa& she ha% #hosen to li$e it. There was a whole ar(& o= :eo:le who see(e% not to ha$e an&thing )etter to %o than to tr& to %isr.gge% an% le=t her in :ea#e.:t her li=e' an%' i= the& were gi$en the o::ort.t).g.rst when he a::eare% =or his )rea8=ast.(:e% her =ro( the #aseH she wo. 7hen she ignore% his 4. That wa& it was OJ i= he %.sing whate$er (etho%s she %ee(e% ne#essar&.n% o. On the other han%' he %i% not rea#t at all li8e (ost other (en she ha% (et.l% still ha$e a##ess to the ( she was twent&< =i$e.n% in her li=e an% as8ing 4.ttere% so(ething sar#asti#' an% gone o== to the got worse.: to her to sol$e her :ro)le(s )& hersel=' .t the har% wa&.r(an ha% =o. Asto. Instea% he ha% loo8e% al(ost resigne%' (. She ha% also learne% that e$er& ti(e she trie% to (a8e so(eone aware o= so(ething in her li=e' the sit.rall& )een to trans=er all the in=or(ation to her own #o(:.s o.&s wat#hing the %oor at J$arnen' who )& this ti(e 8new who she wasE wo. So(ething that A%$o8at >.entl& it was . !er i((e%iate (o$e' when she got hol% o= his i oo8 that =irst (orning' ha% nat.ter. She ha% e@:e#te% a =. . It %i% no goo% to #r&' she ha% learne% that earl& on.estions he si(:l& shr.l% ne$er let her into the )ar e$en lo(8$ist ha% the sa(e tireso(e ha)it as e$er&one else' :o8ing aro. Conse4.n%ing.

entl& she was (il%l& irritate% with hi(.t (& le$el. 7ith the e@#e:tion o= Plag.nlaw=. To her own s.n%er that not e$en a twel$e<&ear<ol% wo. Conse4.&.ste% her.Then he )egan %is#. She ha% ne$er tol% Ar(ans8& how she gathere% the in=or(ation the& were :a&ing her to =in%. There (a& )e two or three others at a)o.l% (ean that her #o(:.l% earn her two &ears in :rison. She %i% not want to )e lo#8e% .:. A strange g. Salan%er was aware that the legal %es#ri:tion o= the 8in% o= ha#8ing she %i%' )oth :ro=essionall& an% as a ho))&' was A.s.l %ata tres:assing‖ an% #o. In her #ase a :rison senten#e wo.: )& wor(s an% that she %eser$e% to )e =logge%.%e% into thin8ing that he tr.%%enl& as8e% her i= she was a goo% ha#8er.()le% on to her se#ret.ters wo. !e ha% #o(e to her )e#a.r:rise she re:lie%' AIC( :ro)a)l& the )est in )e=ore she went to )e%' he ha% s.:ation that she was reall& goo% at. .ssing what she ha% rea%.l% #o((it' whi#h onl& :ro$e% that her )rain was )eing eaten .se she (a%e a )l. 7hen the& ha% a sna#8 >. She (ight e$en )e %el.t her :ro:ensities as a ha#8er was serio.l% )e ta8en =ro( her' an% with the( the onl& o##.e an% a =ew :eo:le on the Net who' li8e her' %e$ote% the(sel$es to ha#8ing on a :ro=essional le$el?an% (ost o= the( 8new her onl& as A7as:‖ an% %i% not 8now who she was or where she li$e%?Jalle lo(8$ist was the onl& one who ha% st.‖ . That he 8new a)o.t instea% o= going #raL& with rage he ha% hire% her.

ra#& o= her re:l&.nn& to sa& the wor%s.She %i% not %o. . On the other han%' it =elt =.t she ha% :asse% hi( long ago. Da((it' he ha% treate% her li8e a h.t on the other si%e o= the wall.t in the 8it#hen' #learing the ta)le an% washing the %ishes. Irritating her &et =.ine% the =eeling )& as8ing another 4.e ha% on#e )een )etter than she was' ).: later than she %i%' ).t sa&ing goo%night. She ha% ne$er %one it )e=ore.t the %oor.rati$el& s:ea8ing when she was on the wrong tra#8' an% a#8nowle%ge% that she was right when she #orre#te% hi(. She ha% )een sharing a ho.t now he was o)$io. She la& listening to hi( (o$ing a) with hi( =or a wee8' an% he ha% not on#e =lirte% with her.tsi%er to ha$e this sort o= #on$ersation with' an% she en>o&e% the =a#t that he see(e% i(:resse% )& her talents.(an ) on his wa& to )e% too. !e ha% alwa&s sta&e% .#8les =ig.estion9 how ha% she ta. She hear% hi( in the )athroo(' an% then he went into his )e%roo( an% sh. !e ha% wor8e% with her' as8e% her o:inion' sla::e% her on the 8n.rther' he %i% not rea#t when she le=t so a)r. Plag.:tl&.ght hersel= ha#8ingB 7hat #o. She ha% ne$er ha% an o. Then he ha% r.)t the a##. Instea% she went to )e% witho. A=ter a while she hear% the )e% #rea8 when he got into it' not a &ar% awa& =ro( her own ).l% she sa&B IC$e alwa&s )een a)le to %o it.

: her (in%.#h to o==er. She %i% not ha$e (. Then she )ent %own an% 8isse% hi( on the (o.l%ers an% :.l% see her =a#e.t her han% on the sheet o$er his sto(a#h.lsi$e.ite nor(al wo(an' with the sa(e %esires an% se@ %ri$e as e$er& other wo(an. She ha% a sheet wra::e% ro. A:art =ro( that she was a 4. OJB‖ he sai%.i#8l& got into his )e% an% sat loo8ing at hi(' sear#hing hi(.tes )e=ore she (a%e . She 4.t it on the )e%si%e ta)le. .she% her awa& a little so that he #o. AYo.t o= )e% an% stoo% )& the win%ow' restlessl& :eering into the %ar8.n% her )o%& an% stoo% in the %oorwa& =or a (o(ent. !er )reasts were :atheti#.: to see Salan%er. She was #on$in#e% that her s8inn& )o%& was re:. The har%est thing =or her was to show hersel= na8e% to another :erson =or the =irst ti( She stoo% there =or the ne@t twent& (in.rn an% loo8e% . lo(8$ist was rea%ing a no$el )& Sara Parets8& when he hear% the %oor han%le t. A7hat is itB‖ She went o$er to his )e%' too8 the )oo8' an% :. !e too8 her sho. She ha% no hi:s to s:ea8 o=. She shoo8 her hea%. lo(8$ist was =la))ergaste%.She got o. 7hen he %i% not :rotest she leane% o$er an% )it hi( on the ni::le. She :.

lle% the sheet o== hi( an% sat astri%e hi(.:t la.‖ 7hen he wo8e . . !e (a& onl& ha$e sle:t =or two ho.‖ A .‖ AI want to ha$e se@ with &o. So whatCs wrongB ArenCt I se@& eno.t I will ha$e a hell o= a :ro)le( with &o.B‖ lo(8$ist shoo8 his hea% an% trie% to thin8 o= so(ething #le$er to sa&.t. An% I wonCt ha$e an& :ro)le( wor8ing with &o.ghe%' an a)r.' ).gh.n% re:ort' & =or &o.:' he hear% her in the 8it#hen. AYo.ALis)ethII %onCt 8now i= this is s.l%nCt she :.. AI %onCt ha$e an& #on%o(s'‖ he sai%.‖ She la. 7e ha$e to wor8 together.Cre one o= these' an% he sta&e% in )e%' %oLing. It was not &et 29++.n%e% al(ost li8e a #o.r wa& )e=ore.#h a goo% i%ea. AS#rew it. In =a#t' as I %i%nCt sa& in (& )a#8gro.&s who #anCt 8ee: his han%s o== wo(en. 8i#8 (e o. 7hen he #o.C$e ne$er let an&thing li8e that stan% in &o.t we har%l& 8now ea#h that so. i= &o.

AYo.t o= the =ront no :oint ha% she e$en with a glan#e in%i#ate% that she was the least )it intereste% in hi(.r. ICll go to the :etrol station. D.t his e&es. lo(8$ist was on his =eet at on#e an% :. AGoo% (orning'‖ she sai% =ro( the %oorwa&.t o==' then the )o%& ha% )een =la&e% an% the g. The& o:en at se$en. .‖ A7e are o. This ti(e she was not s(iling. The #atCs legs an% hea% ha% )een #. At a) ne@t to the #or:se' whi#h see(e% to ha$e )een roaste% o$er a =ire. Then he hear% the =ront %oor o:en again an% se#on%s later she was )a#8 in the %oorwa&.C% )etter #o(e an% loo8 at this'‖ she sai% in a strange $oi#e.lle% on his >eans.‖ An% she was gone. !e re#ognise% the re%%ish<)rown =.t o= (il8.ring the night so(eone ha% )een to the #ottage with an . !e sh.ts an% sto(a#h re(o$e%' =l. A!i. She e$en ha% the hint o= a s(ile. !e hear% her go o.nwel#o(e :resent. On the :or#h la& the hal=<#harre% #or:se o= a #at.This wo(an )a==le% hi(. The #atCs hea% was inta#t' on the sa%%le o= Salan%erCs (otor#&#le.

She %i% not see the( or at least :reten%e% not to. thin8 itCs a warningB‖ A!a$e &o.l% want to e@:lain wh& the inti(i%ation ha% ta8en' 3. !e :. )e=ore lo(8$ist got a r.ght to =ile a :oli#e re:ort =or ani(al #r. got a )etter e@:lanationB It %e=initel& (eans so(ething. OJ' an inno#ent #at to %eath >.s a warning' IC( going to #lo))er hi( with a )ase)all )at.‖ . At 59. !e e@:e#ts (e to )e .l& "+ The& ate )rea8=ast in the gar%en in silen#e an% witho. Salan%er ha% ta8en o.‖ Salan%er loo8e% at hi(' :er:le@e%. A!ow are &o. AOh' IC( =ine.t a Canon %igital #a(era an% :hotogra:he% the (a#a)re ta)lea. %oingB‖ lo(8$ist sai%.t the #at in the )oot o= the Vol$o.elt&' :ossi)l& inti(i%ation' ).t he %i% not thin8 he wo. !e o.‖ AYo.))ish sa#8 an% #leane% it awa&.#8er who tort.+ Isa)ella Vanger wal8e% :ast an% on to the )ri%ge.t (il8 in their to sen% .C!APTER ** Th. A7hen I =in% the (other=.:set.

r %oorste: to%a&. !aral% an% Ce#ilia' he tho.: an% saw Ce#ilia %ri$ing awa& o$er the )ri%ge. Des:ite Martin VangerCs :ro(ise to tal8 to her' Ce#ilia ha% still not answere% an& o= his tele:hone (essages.t I %o.s:e#te% in that #ase are !aral% Vanger an% Isa)ella Vanger.()er o= ol%er relati$es on 3ohan VangerCs si%e' ).tting tort. There are a n.‖ AUnless it was two :eo:le.‖ AI 8now.n% 8illing wo(en in the =i=ties.t thereCs another :ro)le( too.‖ lo(8$ist agree%. One ol%er' one &o.nning aro. This is an ani(al sa#ri=i#e in the st&le o= "61/ an% "60+ an% it %oesnCt see( #re%i)le that so(eone a#ti$e =i=t& &ears ago wo.l% )e ani(al #or:ses on &o. AIsa)ella is a re:.A7hate$er the tr.t the& har%l& s:o8e.)t she was is in this stor&' weC$e worrie% so(e)o%& =or that :erson to %o so(ething reall& si#8. . .lsi$e )it#h who #o.ght' ).l% #ertainl& 8ill a #at' ).‖ lo(8$ist hear% a #ar go )& an% loo8e% . AThe onl& ones who #o.t none o= the( li$e in the area. !aral% VangerII %onCt 8now' he see(s so %e#re:it he #an har%l& wal8' an% I #anCt see hi( snea8ing o$er here last night' #at#hing a #at' an% %oing all this.‖ lo(8$ist sighe%.l% )e s.

: so(e ga%gets. lo(8$ist hi% the #or:se an% the hea% an% g. One o= the =ire e@ting.ts in the r.‖ . !e %ro$e to the hos:ital.AIt (.l% ta8e this t.sting wa&' he or she #o.ishers has to )e halon. I want &o.l% atta#8 . Fro%e )lan#he%. to go into !e%esta% an% ). 7hen she #a(e )a#8 to 8ill a #at in that %isg. ICll )e )a#8 tonight.))ish )in )esi%e the :etrol station )e=ore he %ro$e into !e%esta% to %o his )e so(e)o%& who 8nows weCre %oing this wor8 an% that weCre (a8ing :rogress'‖ Salan%er sai%' getting .t on her hel(et' 8i#8<starte% the (otor#&#le' an% roare% o== a#ross the )ri%ge.rn.t on her leathers. !e ha% (a%e an a::oint(ent to (eet Fro%e in the #a=eteria' an% he tol% hi( what ha% ha::ene% that (orning.t she ha% :. AIC( going to Sto#8hol(.‖ 7itho.t another wor%' she :.s ne@t ti(e.‖ A7hat are &o. going to %oB‖ APi#8 .& two =ire e@ting. I= so(eone is #raL& eno.ishers an% two s(o8e alar(s to%a&. Or set the #ottage on =ire while weCre aslee:. AMi8ael' I ne$er i(agine% that this stor& #o.r%erer' a=ter all.‖ A7h& notB The >o) was to =in% a (.: to go insi%e.

Let (e tal8 to !enri8. I= thereCs a %anger to &o.rre% >.r li=e or to FrG8en Salan%erCs li=e' we are going to #all it o==.sting an% inh.sse% &o.‖ ASa& hello =ro( (e' :lease' an% tell hi( IC( (o$ing =orwar%.: to sa& hello to !enri8 an% got %ragge% into the #on$ not. . !ow (an& other :eo:le 8newB‖ A7ell' I %onCt 8now who Martin tal8e% to.. I %onCt want to ris8 his ha$ing another atta#8.t it too. An%' )& the wa&' G.estions. I ha% :rinte% o. The& were .t it.(an. Yo.A .‖ AAnitaB The one in Lon%onB‖ . Ale@an%er 8new a)o. The =irst in#i%ent o##.r h.‖ A!e as8s (e all the ti(e how things are going with &o.t the i)le $erses' an% the :hotogra:hs =ro( 3Nrn$Ngsgatan were on (& %es8.‖ A7hat is ne@t' thenB‖ AI ha$e a =ew 4.nnar an% !elena Nilsson %i% too.res ar#hi$e )etween the(sel$es.rier o==i#es. 8new an% !enri8 8new.‖ (& o==i#e. The& %is#. An% Anita Vanger. So(e)o%& went thro. A)sol. Martin 8new a :art o= it sin#e he organise% =or (e to get into the a=ter !enri8 ha% his heart atta#8 an% I was %own in Sto#8hol( =or the %a&.t this is %isg.t )oth irger an% Ce#ilia 8new a)o.nting in the :i#t.

t sta&e% at a hotelH as =ar as I 8now' she hasnCt )een o.‖ ASheCs not #a:a)le o= %oing s.t o= intensi$e won%er where sheCs sta&ing. The& sai% hello an% shoo8 han%s.:.‖ AThan8s'‖ lo(8$ist sai%' getting . . SheCs not $isiting !enri8' at an& rate.n into Ce#ilia on his :re$io.ACe#iliaCs sister. A!a$e &o. )een .t she =lew )a#8 when !enri8 #a(e o.t her ho.s $isit.n% !e%esta% !os:ital. ItCs within wal8ing %istan#e to $isit !enri8.‖ ADo &o. In the re#e:tion irger Vanger :asse% on his wa& to the is alwa&s %ar8.‖ A7hereCs Ce#ilia li$ingB I saw her this (orning as she %ro$e a#ross the )ri%ge' ). lo(8$ist waite% .t to the islan%.t to the re#e:tion.ntil he was gone )e=ore he went o. Instea% he ran into Martin Vanger at the entran#e' at e@a#tl& the sa(e s:ot where he ha% r. She #a(e )a#8 with Ce#ilia when !enri8 ha% his heart atta#8 ). 8now where she is right nowB‖ ANo. The Vanger =a(il& was ho$ering aro.: to see !enri8B‖ .‖ ASheCs sta&ing with her )rother' irger.#h a thing' is sheB‖ ANo' I >. Li8e Ce#ilia' she %oesnCt want to see her =ather.

!e ha% a $iew o= the sea an% the !e%esta% (arina.:le o= &ears an% %e$ote% hi(sel= to :oliti#s.r%ere%.6 an% so ten &ears ol% when Re)e#8a 3a#o)sson was (.te wal8 =ro( the hos:ital.' Mi8aelB‖ he sai%. No<one answere% when lo(8$ist rang the %oor)ell.: with his =a(il& in U::sala an% onl& (o$e% to !e%esta% to wor8 =or the =ir(.ANo' I >.riosit&.t he ha% )een in U::sala at the ti(e Lena An%ersson was (. irger Vanger was the wil% #ar% in the %e#8H )orn in " a =i$e<(in. It o##.t o= ti(e.rre% to Mi8ael that he ha% age% a::re#ia)l& %. AMore interesting with e$er& %a& that :asses. .n o.()er ). The in#i%ent with the #at ga$e hi( an o(ino. !e sat in the #ar =or a while' %r.t got no answer there either.((ing his =ingers on the steering wheel.r%ere%H twent&<se$en when !arriet %isa::eare%. !e >.‖ Martin loo8e% tire% an% hollow<e& ha::ene% to (eet Dir#h Fro%e. A!ow are things going with &o.t to r.‖ irger VangerCs was a white<)ri#8 terra#e ho.ring the si@ (onths sin#e he ha% (et hi(. !e #alle% Ce#iliaCs (o)ile n.s =eeling' as i= he were a)o.(:e% shi: a=ter a #o. !e ha% grown . A##or%ing to !enri8' irger an% !arriet har%l& e$er saw ea#h other. . 7hen !enri8 is =eeling )etter I ho:e to )e a)le to satis=& his #.

Fal8 #o.ite well. !e tal8e% a)o.#i% he was now.rse. !e was now se$ent&<two' &o. lo(8$ist :ro(ise% to %o so.:' an% he %es#ri)e% her as a #har(ing girl.==ere% =ro( AlLhei(erCs an% en4. .t at the S$alan #on$ales#ent ho(e' a &ellow<)ri#8 ). A n. lo(8$ist s:ent an ho.t he ha% a $er& =ee)le short<ter( (e(or&' an% %i% not re#ognise all o= his relati$es.t her as i= he ha% seen her re#entl& an% as8e% lo(8$ist to sa& hello to her an% . Fal8 was sitting on a )en#h in the gar%en with three other :atients an% a (ale n.l% not answer.t in a #onsi%era)l& worse (ental state.rse.rse re:lie% that Pastor Fal8 ha% =irst )een %iagnose% three &ears earlier an% that alas the %isease ha% ta8en an aggressi$e #o.rge her to #o(e an% see hi(. !e re(e()ere% !arriet Vanger 4.Otto Fal8 was thirt&<si@ when !arriet $anishe%. lo(8$ist so.r tr&ing to engage hi( in #on$ersation. !e 8new' he e@:laine%' that the :astor s. !is =a#e lit .l% #o((.ni#ate' ).nger than !enri8 Vanger ).#e% hi(sel= to the re#e:tionist an% as8e% to )e allowe% to s:ea8 with Pastor Fal8. !e was also :rone to an@iet& atta#8s i= he was #on=ronte% with 4. . lo(8$ist intro%.estions he a short %istan#e =ro( the !e%e Ri$er at the other en% o= the town.ire% how l.t lo(8$ist was soon aware that the :astor ha% =orgotten that she ha% )een (issing these last thirt&< se$en &ears. !e was on the whole sli::ing into the sha%ows.ght hi( o.

o. At length he sai%9 ASheCs still a see8er. She has to ta8e #are o= hersel= an% &o.s notes. It was when lo(8$ist steere% the tal8 to !arrietCs interest in religion that Fal8 s.‖ A7hat sho.!e o)$io.%%enl& see(e% ha% a negati$e #onnotation =or Pastor Fal8. !e shoo8 his hea% with a %i% not re(e()er the a##i%ent on the )ri%ge.ra an% .%e the(.gh a #lo.ght she was intereste% in the Pente#ostal (o$e(entB‖ . Then Pastor Fal8 leane% towar%s hi( an% whis:ere%' AI thin8 sheCs a Catholi#. 3ose= will #ertainl& e@#l. Fal8 sat ro#8ing )a#8 an% =orth =or a while an% then loo8e% . She lo$es (agi# an% has not &et =o. The& were ne$er a##e:te% into the #anon.n%erstoo% nothing o= this' ).‖ The wor% ACatholi#‖ o)$io. She nee%s g.n%erstan% s.i%an#e.n% her Go%.: at lo(8$ist an% as8e% who he was. lo(8$ist intro%. It was not .#e% hi(sel= again an% the ol% (an tho. AShe has to rea% sola s#ri:t.‖ lo(8$ist .t too8 assi%.rae. ha$e to warn her.ntil the en% o= their #on$ersation that he sai% so(ething whi#h (a%e lo(8$ist :ri#8 .ght =or a while. It was as tho. AI tho. ThatCs the onl& wa& that she #an (aintain sola =i%e.%%enl& agitate%.==i#ientia s#ri:t.tB‖ Fal8 grew s.: his ears.l% I warn her a)o.% :asse% o$er his =a#e.

t one =ire e@ting.isher ne@t to the woo%sto$e )esi%e the )e%roo( %oor an% another one )esi%e the )athroo( %oor.:le o= o##asions an% tal8e% to her a)o. . !e atta#he% one s(o8e alar( to a wall in the 8it#hen an% one ne@t to the =ront %oor.sanneCs ri%ge Ca=M on a #o. She was )are=oot an% ha% :ainte% toenails. She is not a goo% Christian. !e%e)&Cs new :arsonage was 4. Margareta Stran%h was a %ar8<haire% wo(an o= a)o.t the notes o= his #on$ersation with Pastor Fal8. !e wal8e% o$er to Ce#ilia VangerCs an% 8no#8e% on the %oor' ).tesC wal8 =ro( the #h.rt&ar%. 7hen that was %one' he raise% his e&es to the #h.t s. !e ha% a=ter *9++.‖ Then Pastor Fal8 see(e% to =orget all a)o.r#h.()er again ).##ess. !e was gi$en a =rien%l& re#e:tion an% in$ite% to #o(e an% sit in her #o. !e :.n#h' whi#h #onsiste% o= #o==ee an% o:en san%wi#hes' an% sat in the gar%en' where he was t&:ing .r#h.ANo' no' no' not the Pente#ostals. Then he (a%e hi(sel= l. lo(8$ist 8no#8e% on the %oor at /9++ an% e@:laine% to Pastor Margareta Stran%h that he ha% #o(e to see8 a%$i#e on a theologi#al (atter. !e trie% her (o)ile n.t Pastor Fal8. !e got )a#8 to !e%e)& Islan% >. SheCs loo8ing =or the =or)i%%en tr.t his own age' %resse% in >eans an% a =lannel shirt.t no answer.ite an or%inar& (o%ern %welling a =ew (in.t lo(8$ist an% starte% tal8ing with the other :atients.n into her )e=ore at S.

#hes =or the tr. This latter is an e@:ression that esta)lishes the s. in what #onne#tion this #on$ersation o##.rre%'‖ she sai%.s.t I )elie$e that he was =airl& high<#h. Pastor Stran%h listene% an% then as8e% hi( to re:eat it wor% =or wor%.r#h an% nothing .s see8erB‖ ASo(ething along that line.e =aith. ANow I ha$e to as8 &o.==i#ien#& o= a(ong literal )elie$ers. !e retire% se$eral &ears )e=ore that' ). In general itCs the :lat=or( o= the #h.==i#ient 8nowle%ge an% $o.‖ AA religio.e =aith. !e was sa&ing 4.ra?an% that it is s. Sola =i%e (eans =aith alone or the tr.‖ .all& (et Pastor at all. AI was as8ing hi( a)o. 7hat he sai% to &o.t. AI was sent to ser$e here in !e%e)& onl& three &ears ago' an% IC$e ne$er a#t.==i#ientia s#ri:t.‖ AI see.n.ite si(:l&9 QRea% the i)le?it will :ro$i%e s. (eant so(ething on the lines o= Q8ee: to S#ri:t.t a :erson he ha% (et (an& &ears ago' so(eone IC( writing a)o.‖ AAll this is )asi# %og(a' so to s:ea8.lo(8$ist tol% her that he ha% inter$iewe% Otto Fal8 an% what the ol% (an ha% aloneC?sola s#ri:t.C‖ Mi8ael =elt a )it e()arrasse%.

Yo. IC$e hear% a)o.AOJ. These two senten#es esta)lish =airl& . The& are To)ias' 3.%e% in the Ol% Testa(ent. 7hatCs s:e#ial a)o.s was a 3ewish historian' an% the senten#e Qthe& were ne$er a##e:te% into the #anonC (a& ha$e (eant that the& were ne$er in the !e)rew #anon.ne4.ghe%. I thin8 I .r#es' s:e#i=i#all& the A:o#r&:ha. want to listen to it.%ith' Esther' ar.l% )e in#l.‖ AForgi$e (& ignoran#e. 3ose=.‖ AThatCs :ossi)le'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.C Is it :ossi)le that &o.#h' Sira#h' the )oo8s o= the Ma##a)ees' an% so(e others.t the(B ‖ .i$o#all& what he was all. tol% (e that Pastor Fal8 sai% two other things?that Q3ose= will #ertainl& e@#l. (is. AI ta:e% the #on$ersation i= &o.t the )oo8s o= the A:o#r&:ha ).‖ AAn% that (eansB‖ She la.%e the(C an% thatQ the& were ne$er a##e:te% into the #anon.t ha$e ne$er rea% the(.s instea% o= 3ose=B ItCs a#t.n%erstan% the #onte@t.‖ ANo' I %onCt thin8 thatCs ne#essar&. APastor Fal8 was sa&ing that this :erson was enthralle% )& esoteri# so. The Gree8 wor% a:o8r&:hos (eans Qhi%%en'C an% the A:o#r&:ha are there=ore the hi%%en )oo8s whi#h so(e #onsi%er highl& #ontro$ersial an% others thin8 sho.%ing to.n%erstoo% an% that he sai% 3ose=.all& the sa(e na(e.

r#h.%e% in the ol% Gree8 translation o= the i)le.ite right.‖ AI see.‖ AS.AThereCs reall& nothing s:e#ial a)o.ther %elete% the A:o#r&:ha =ro( the Re=or(ationCs i)le an% later Cal$in %e#lare% that the A:o#r&:ha a)sol.‖ .l% )e .re.rse' .r#h.:set )& this.s their #ontents #ontra%i#t or in so(e wa& #on=li#t with #laritas s#ri:t.ste% their #ontent ).st not ser$e as the )asis =or #on$i#tions in (atters o= =aith. The&Cre not #onsi%ere% #ontro$ersial in' =or e@a(:le' the Ro(an Catholi# Ch.rae ?the #larit& o= %og(ati# inter:reters o= S#ri:t.ring the Re=or(ation' theologians loo8e% to the ol% !e)rew i)le. The A:o#r&:ha were %elete% =ro( the !e)rew i)le? not )e#a. For e@a(:le' the A:o#r&:ha #lai( that (agi# #an )e :ra#tise% an% that lies in #ertain #ases (a& )e :er(issi)le' an% s. On the other han%' the A:o#r&:ha are in#l.: on their rea%ing list' or that so(eone li8e Pastor Fal8 the& were written a=ter the ti(e when Go%Cs re$elator& wor8 was #on#l.t si(:l& )e#a.‖ AIn other wor%s' #ensore% )oo8s.‖ A!owe$er' the& are #ontro$ersial in the Protestant Ch.t the( at all' e@#e:t that the& #a(e into e@isten#e so(ewhat later than the rest o= the Ol% Testa(ent.#h state(ents' o= #o.%e%. Martin L. ‖ ASo i= so(eone has a :assion =or religion' itCs not .nthin8a)le that the A:o#r&:ha will :o: . (. 3ewish s#holars (istr.

En#o.r agree(ent.ntering the A:o#r&:ha is al(ost .gh. AUntil now IC$e ne$er ta8en a >o) that &o. 7hat I want to 8now is what will ha::en to o. AO= #o.rse I %o.l% )e :a&ing her )e=ore the en% o= the (onth?). lo(8$ist ha% o==ere% her a #onsi%era)l& higher salar& =or a (onth. %onCt ha::en to ha$e a #o:& o= the A:o#r&:ha' %o &o. She tol% hi( that her wor8 =or Mi8ael lo(8$ist was %one?the law&er wo.‖ AYo.ghe% again.t the %oor )ehin% her an% (otione% her to the $isitorCs #hair.AE@a#tl&.‖ Ar(ans8& won%ere% what was going on when Salan%er as8e% to s:ea8 to hi( in :ri$ate. !e sh.t that she ha% %e#i%e% to 8ee: on with this :arti#. . ha$enCt gi$en (e' in 8ee:ing with o.Cre st. The A:o#r&:ha were a#t.r relationshi: i= I ta8e a >o) on (& ownB‖ Ar(ans8& shr.gge%.%&ing the i)le or the Catholi# =aith' an% itCs e4.)lishe% as a state re:ort =ro( the i)le Co((ission in the eighties. AI a( sel=<e(:lo&e%'‖ Salan%er sai%.lar in$estigation. A )right' =rien%l& la.all&$oi%a)le i= &o.all& :ro)a)le that so(eone who is intereste% in esoteri#a in general (ight rea% the(.B‖ She la.

I= an& (ore it.C$e got talent. I want to 8now i= a #ontra#t li8e this is OJ with &o. to ta8e on #lients &o. IC( >. Than8s =or as8ing.‖ ADonCt e$er %o an&thing =or nothing. want an% #harge what &o.‖ AYo.‖ She :asse% the agree(ent o$er to Ar(ans8&' who rea% ra:i%l& thro. Yo. as8e% (e so there wonCt )e an& (is.n%erstan%ings. IC$e #on$in#e% lo(8$ist to as8 the law&er to 8ee: (e on as a resear#h assistant. . #o(e on )oar% IC% a::re#iate it i= &o.l%' howe$er' )e %islo&al o= &o.‖ AI see.ght =or a (o(ent. #an (a8e a hell o= a lot (ore with (e i= &o.r own (one&. %onCt ha$e to wor8 =or s(all #hange. It wo.ll<ti(e. thin8 itCs worth.t is that I want to sta& on the #ase. IC$e =inishe% the >o) a##or%ing to the #ontra#t we signe% with lo(8$ist. IC% e$en %o it =or nothing.: in the =.ll<ti(e. I want to 8now where this stor& is going. Lis)eth' & .s. 8now & gla% &o. 8now what I (ean. (ight as well )e wor8ing =or =ree.t' Dragan' (& lo&alt& is to &o.' that there wonCt )e an& =ri#tion )etween ..‖ AI %onCt want to wor8 =.‖ !e tho. Yo. Yo. 7hat this is a)o.‖ .‖ AI ha$e no :lans to %o that. =in% thro. #an ta8e an& >o) &o.AYo. A7ith this salar& &o.ations li8e this #ro: .t.s.C$e )een great to (e sin#e I starte% here.Cre (a8ing &o. AItCs "++ :er#ent OJ.Cre a =reelan#er' &o.

neasiness.Salan%er tho.nting a (a%(an o. Instea% she >.ght o$er whether she ha% an&thing to a%%.: or whether it was lo(8$ist who was the attra#tion.r an% too8 her (other =or a wal8 %own to the %.t how she ha% la.t %own the =ol%er an% loo8e% at the %oor thro.ite .lse a with no =arewell greeting. Then he :. An% here she was' h.ght a) an% le=t' as .ghe% with lo(8$ist in her o==i#e an% won%ere% i= she was =inall& growing . !e also =elt a strange .st no%%e% an% then stoo% . On the wa& north again' Salan%er too8 on i(:. !er (other was in the %a& roo(. !e tho.( where a )ig e@hi)ition o= Fren#h I(:ressionists was o:ening soon.r )& wa& o= O::el$i8en N.rsing !o(e to see her (other.n.s.rse o= a =ew wee8s was whi#h Salan%er ha% >.((er E$e' she ha% not seen her (other sin#e Christ(as' an% she =elt )a% =or so sel%o( ta8ing the ti(e.#8 :on% . !e o:ene% a =ol%er with a re:ort on se#. She =i@e% her gaLe on Ar(ans8&' sa&ing not a E@#e:t =or the $isit on Mi%s. She got the answer she wante% an% instantl& lost interest in Ar(ans8&.s. Salan%er sta&e% a goo% ho. !e s(ile% to hi(sel=. !e ha% ne$er )een a)le to sha8e o== the =eeling that Lis)eth Salan%er was a :er=e#t $i#ti(. A se#on% $isit within the #o.rit& at a (.t in the )a#8 o= )e&on%. That she ha% e$en as8e% hi( =or a%$i#e (ar8e% a new high :oint in her so#ialisation :ro#ess.

!er (other was still (.n%s o= the hos:ital.ght ha% o##.%%ling Lis)eth with her sister.t she see(e% tro.r%erer that ha% s:.:te% )& erger #alling hi( on his (o)ile.s. As . She ha% lin8e% a wante% to tell &o. 7hen Salan%er sai% goo%)&e' her (other %i% not want to let go o= her han%. .t her (other gaLe% a=ter her sa%l& an% an@io.nt =or a (.otes to a series o= (.gh the A:o#r&:ha witho.rre% her interest rather than religiosit&B Pastor Fal8 ha% in%i#ate% that in his e&es she was (ore o= a see8er' less a goo% Christian. !ow religio.r wee8s. !e was interr.t gaining a single insight.)le% )& the $isit.r%ers an% then ha% (etho%i#all& rea% not onl& her i)le ).sl&.()er o= i)le 4.%ies ha% starte% the last &ear )e=ore she $anishe%.all& )eenB !er interest in i)le st.t also the A:o#r&:ha' an% she ha% %e$elo:e% an interest in Catholi#is(. !a% she reall& %one the sa(e in$estigation that lo(8$ist an% Salan%er were %oing thirt&<se$en &ears laterB 7as it the h. ICll )e gone =or =o. It was as i= she ha% a :re(onition o= so(e a::roa#hing in the gar%en )ehin% his #a)in going thro.rre% to hi(. that Greger an% I are lea$ing on holi%a& ne@t wee8.s ha% !arriet Vanger a#t. AI >. lo(8$ist s:ent two' she was har%l& :resent' ). Salan%er :ro(ise% to $isit her again soon' ).‖ .t a the gro.

l% ta8e o$er as e%itor' ).a =ro( a =rien% o= GregerCs an% weCre sta&ing there two wee8s.t Christer has sai% he will %o it. I wish &o. !a$e a great ti(e.t he re#ei$e% no answer.‖ In the earl& e$ening lo(8$ist trie% =i$e ti(es to tele:hone Ce#ilia Vanger. IC$e on Antig.‖ A!e #an #all (e i= he nee%s an& se$enth.‖ AThe new iss.e is =inishe% an% weC$e al(ost wra::e% . Greger has an e@hi)ition' an% then we tho. !owCs it going with 3anne Dahl(anB‖ She hesitate%. #o.n%s won%er=. An% sa& hi to Greger. !e sent her a te@t as 8ing her to #all hi(. 7e ha$e a #han#e to )orrow a ho.she% !enr& into )eing the a#ting (anaging e%itor.A7here are &o.‖ AICll )e )a#8 on A. . goingB‖ ANew Yor8.: the ne@t one.‖ AOJ.‖ AThat so.l. !e an% Christer are (in%ing the store.ght weC% go to the Cari))ean.g. A!eCs also going on holi%a&. .

Then he threw hi(sel= into the artiller& tren#h' lan%ing har% on his sho.ste% at the Fortress with his :.t awa& the A:o#r&:ha an% got into his tra#8s.n%ation. !e =ollowe% the narrow :ath along the shore an% then t. Then he =elt the :ain as =rag(ents o= #on#rete an% shra:nel tore a %ee: gash in his s#al:.n%. %onCt want to get &o. !e sto::e% )& one o= the ol% artiller& )atteries an% stret#he% =or se$eral (' lo#8ing the %oor )e=ore he set o==.rne% into the woo%s. !e gro.:roote% trees as =ast as he #o. To the right an% le=t narrow' o$ergrown :assages a &ar% %ee: ran to the )atteries that were s:rea% along a line o= *1+ &ar%s.#8ing hea% %own i= &o.%%enl& hear% an e#ho o= Ca:tain A%ol=ssonCs ini(ita)le $oi#e =ro( winter (anoe.$res at the in=antr& s#hool in Jir. lo(8$ist' 8ee: &o.llet s(a#8e% into the #on#rete =o. thi#8ets an% aro. !e was in the (i%%le o= the Fortress.r =.lse ra#ing. !e got to his =eet an% loo8e% all aro. Years later he still .th thro.r arse shot o==.n% . The ).gh the la)&rinth.%%enl& he hear% a shar: #ra#8 an% the gre& #on#rete wall ne@t to his hea% e@:lo%e%.t o= hi(sel=.l%er an% 8no#8ing the win% o. In a #ro. A se#on% ro.l% go' e(erging e@ha.n% #a(e at the instant he %i$e%.tes.!e :. !e s.n% his wa& thro. For what see(e% an eternit& lo(8$ist stoo% :aral&se%.#h' he starte% r.nning so.

The s.res.n%ing. !e sto::e% to #at#h his )reath' his heart :o.Cre s#o. Mo$e slowl& when &o.t to rea#h the thi#8et he wo.lle% his hea% )a#8 %own an% ran on to the ne@t )atter&. !e ha% no wa& o= 8nowing i= the (ar8s(an was waiting =or hi( to rea::ear. .++ &ar%s =ro( the e%ge o= KstergRr%en =ar(.t he to %e$ise. Co$er' #o$er' #o$ the e@tra :ra#tise %rills that Ca:tain A%ol=sson .' he #anCt hit &o.(an e&e :er#ei$es (otion (. !e #o. It was the onl& wa&. !e :. The h. .t %etails' ).t two (eant that so(e)o%& was tr&ing to 8ill hi(. Ma8e s.i#8er than sha:es an% =ig.n%s ne$er sto: )lee%ing' he tho.#h 4. !e was .ght )e=ore he again #on#entrate% on his :osition. So(e /+ &ar%s =ro( where he 8nelt there was an al(ost i(:enetra)le thi#8et o= low )r.t his own )reathing.l% >.re & lo(8$ist slowl& :ee8e% an in#h o$er the to: e%ge o= the )atter&. It %oesnCt (atter how goo% the ene(&Cs wea:ons are.l% hear nothing ). At his )a#8 was the sea. !e was ha$e )een an a##i%ent' ).n was straight ahea% an% (a%e it i(:ossi)le to (a8e o.ting. One shot #o.l% )e #o(:letel& e@:ose%..l% see no (o$e(ent.Cre ne$er e@:ose%.l% ha$e to s:rint %own a grass slo:e =ro( the artiller& )atter&' an% he wo. I= he #anCt see &o. S#al: wo.%%enl& aware o= :ain in his te(:le an% %is#o$ere% that he was )lee%ing an% that his T<shirt was %ren#he% with )loo%.

l% ha$e a li(ite% =iel% o= $ision i= he was loo8ing =or Mi8ael thro.t.%%en #ra#8s in the thi#8et )ehin% hi(.Cre in a tight s:ot?ta8e the initiati$e. !e hear% a )ran#h #ra#8 so(ewhere )etween hi( an% the Fortress.l% #al(l& wal8 . !e =roLe' la& :er=e#tl& still. 7hi#h wo. Ri=le' (a&)e a (oose ri=le.rite e@:ressions. I= & a sea o= stinging nettles.nning' sto::ing e$er& =i=t& &ar%s' listening.n%s =or two (in.r el)ows was another o= Ca:tain A%ol=ssonCs =a$o. lo(8$ist #o$ere% the ne@t "1+ &ar%s on his 8nees an% toes an% el)ows thro.l% (ean that the (ar8s(an not a goo% i%ea. I= he waite% where he was' the (ar8s(an wo.tesH then he #la()ere% o.sing &o. Crawl .she% asi%e twigs an% )ran#hes.rtain o= ) an% rolle% thro. !e was hal=wa& %own the slo:e as a thir% shot was =ire%' ). Twi#e he hear% s.t o= the )atter& an% ra#e% %own the slo:e as =ast as he #o.: to the Fortress' =in% hi(' an% shoot hi( at #lose the .l%.tio. !e :. Pro)a)l& with teles#o:i# sights.#hing' r. !e Dor sheBE #anCt 8now i= IC$e gone to the right or the sights. etter than waiting.e s(a#8 )ehin% hi(. Then he was on his =eet an% (o$ing awa& =ro( the %ire#tion o= the =ire' #ro.t he onl& hear% a $ag. The =irst see(e% to )e $er& #lose' (a&)e twent& :a#es to the right. !e %ro::e% to his sto(a#h. I= the (ar8s(an was still there' the latter alternati$e was ass. !e wat#he% an% listene% =or so. A=ter a while he #a. !e threw hi(sel= =lat thro. The #hoi#e was to wait or to get the hell raise% .!e trie% to )e #al(' thin8 rationall&.gh the #.

To the right o= the ho. !e retreate% into the )r. A :ath ran insi%e the =en#e.t on the other si%e into a s:arse :ine woo%. The =ar(ho.l% ha$e :i#8e% =or a #lear =iel% o= =ire.((er.his hea% an% loo8e% aro.estion o= #rossing the :ast. This was the ne@t #riti#al (o(ent. !e la& stret#he% the . At the to: o= SG%er)erget he sto::e% an% loo8e% %own on !e%e)&.n%ergrowth . The straight :ath )esi%e the =en#e was the :la#e he hi(sel= wo.n%' wat#hing.n% KstergRr%enCs =iel%s an% SG%er)erget to rea#h ho(e.n%' ).se was /++ &ar%s %own a gentle slo:e. The ne@t #ra#8 was =ro( =arther awa&.ntil he rea#he% the KstergRr%enCs =en#e. !e too8 the long wa& aro. 7h& ha%nCt an&one hear% the shots an% #o(e to in$estigateB S.ll alert' rea%& to =lee or :ossi)l& (a8e a %es:erate he wo.l% ha$e no #o$er at he saw #ows graLing.l% see no<one. Ma&)e no)o%& is at ho(e right now.: a :osition so(ewhere' waiting =or (e to start (o$ing' or has he retreate%B lo(8$ist 8e:t #rawling thro.t he #o.nteratta#8 i= the ene(& #a(e at hi(.ntil he #a(e o. Then silen#e.l% see that their #ar was . In the ol% =ishing . !e 8nows IC( here. !e la& still =or a long ti(e' his ner$es on =. !as he ta8en .t on the gro. 7hen he :asse% KstergRr%en he #o. There was no 4.

!e #o. She was sitting there' o)$io.l% see Martin VangerCs #ar in the %ri$e in =ront o= his ho.t%oor grill.#h al(ost instin#ti$el&.ntering an&one. 7as the (ar8s(an a wo(anB !e 8new that Ce#ilia #o. Then he saw Isa)ella Vanger in her )a#8 gar%en. It was =i=t& (in.ght o= &etB Fro%eB Ale@an%erB Too (an& :ossi)ilities. Chil%ren were s:lashing in the water near the %o#8s in the (arina. !ow long ha$e &o. !ow long ha$e &o. )een thereB VangerCs ho. Then he s(elle% #o==ee an% saw Salan%er thro. !e went into a #ro. Ce#ilia VangerCs ho.t en#o.its were sitting tal8ing on a %o#8. . !e s(elle% so(ething #oo8ing on an o. The =irst thing he saw was that the %oor o= the #ottage was a>ar. Nilsson was watering his lawn' wearing shorts an% no shirt.n.tes sin#e the shots ha% )een =ire%.l% han%le a loo8e% e(:t&' ). !e #li()e% %own =ro( SG%er)erget an% =ollowe% the roa% into the $illageH he got ho(e witho. It too8 a se#on% =or lo(8$ist to realise it was the si#8l& Ger%a Vanger' )orn in "6** an% li$ing with her son' Ale@an%er' in one o= the ho.((er $isitorsH wo(en in )athing loo8e% %eserte% as alwa& a=ter )e&on% ! the 8it#hen win%ow. SheCs ho(e. !aral% VangerCs !e ha% ne$er (et her' ).t =or Anna.#a)ins )& the (arina there were s.t he ha% seen her a =ew ti(es.t then Mi8ael saw a (o$e(ent in her was e(:t& ). )een ho(eB Or was it so(eone else that he ha% not tal8ing to so(eone. 3.

: a )ig =la: o= =lesh.(:e% as i= he ha% ha% an ele#tri# sho#8 an% stare% at her with s. 7hen Salan%er to. F. IC( going to =in% &o.t he tho.She hear% hi( #o(e in the =ront %oor an% t.#8 &o.l% li=t .:)oar%H it #ontaine% two :a#8ets o= elasti# )an%ages' a (os4..ght.n% on his te(:le was a gash so %ee: that he #o. Then he sla((e% his =ist against the tile so har% that he s#ra:e% his 8n. She han%e% hi( the soa: an% went )a#8 to the 8it#hen witho.#8les.rgi#al ta:e. She t. She sti==ene%.#h anger in his e&es that she too8 a ste: )a#8.rne% towar%s hi(.' whoe$er &o.ito sti#8' an% a little roll o= s.l% as8.rne% an% got the =irst<ai% 8it =ro( the #.#he% his ar( he >.' an% I will get &o.n to #ongeal. !is =a#e loo8e% terri)le' s(eare% with )loo% that ha% )eg. !e :. The le=t si%e o= his white T<shirt was #ri(son.lle% on a #lean :air o= >eans an% a new T<shirt' . !e was hol%ing a so%%en re% han%8er#hie= to his hea%. !e hel% the towel against his te(:le while he stoo% .lle% o== his #lothes an% %ro::e% the( on the =loorH then he went to the )athroo(.t itCs not %angero.t a wor%. are' he tho.n%er the shower an% #lose% his e&es.s'‖ lo(8$ist sai% )e=ore she #o.rgi#al ta:e. It was still )lee%ing an% it nee%e% stit#hes' ).t on three stri:s o= s.ght it wo. AItCs )lee%ing li8e hell' ). !e ran a towel .n%er the #ol% ta: an% wi:e% his =a#e.l% :ro)a)l& heal i= he ta:e% it #lose%. !e went into the )e%roo(' :. !e :. The wo.

tile =or( o= o##.te )e=ore she o:ene% the %oor.s he was al(ost sha8ing.‖ She hesitate%.'‖ she sai%.ta8ing the =ol%er o= :rinte%<o.t lo(8$ist #.rist?le=t a horri)l& %ea% #at on (& :or#h.:ational thera:& =or !enri8.‖ A7e %o now' an% &o. 7e ha$e to tal8. #lai( that (& %igging =or the tr. AI %onCt want to see &o.t an ho.r ago so(eone )loo%& nearl& shot (& hea% o==' an% last night so(eone?(a&)e the sa(e it here on the ste:s or in the It was hal= a (in.te%. ALet (e in.‖ lo(8$istCs tone was so %eter(ine% that Ce#ilia ste::e% )a#8 an% let hi( in. %oneB‖ she sai%. A7hat ha$e & the ta:e. ThatCs :ossi)le' ). ASta& here' Lis)eth'‖ he sho. .se an% rang the %oor) a)o. !e sat at her 8it#hen ta)le. Then she saw his =a#e' where )loo% was alrea%& see:ing thro. AYo.t her o==.t :hotogra:hs with hi(.‖ Ce#ilia o:ene% her (o.(o. A7e ha$e nothing to tal8 a)o. #an %is#. !e wal8e% o$er to Ce#ilia VangerCs ho.t. !e was so' ).t !arriet Vanger is so(e =.

Cll )e ri% o= (e.tes.ring those #riti#al (in. The sooner &o.‖ A7hat %o &o.t I re4. s.nt to &o.()er one9 where were &o.‖ AAn% what in hell (a8es &o. answer the(' the sooner &o. AAn ho.ACe#ilia' I %onCt gi$e a shit a)o..te I wish IC% ne$er hear% o= &o. want to 8nowB‖ AN. worr& a)o.t &o. .%e% o$er.‖ AN.n a=ter &o.estions. or r.t or the =a#t that &o.()er two9 wh& %i% &o. o:en the win%ow in !arrietCs roo( the %a& she %isa::eare%B‖ A7hatB‖ AYo.t who o:ene% the win%ow in !arrietCs roo( %.‖ ACan an&one #on=ir( where &o. ICll ne$er #o(e near &o.r ago I was in !e%esta%. an ho. So(eone is l&ing. again' an% &o. or an&one else in the Vanger =a(il&. %onCt ha$e to worr& that IC( going to )other &o.r hang<.%%enl& hate the sight o= (e. Right this (in.ire answers to (& 4. For all these &ears !enri8 has trie% to wor8 o.r agoB‖ Ce#iliaCs =a#e #lo. hear% (e.:s or what &o. thin8 it was (eB‖ . wereB‖ ANot that I #an thin8 o=' an% I %onCt ha$e to a##o. E$er&)o%& has %enie% %oing it..

. AThere were si@t& :eo:le on the islan% that %a&'‖ he sai%. No)o%& 8new a)o.‖ She went to the =ront %oor. .::ose% to )e (eB‖ AI= it isnCt &o. ItCs not (e in the :i#t. She loo8e% .t the :hotogra:h to hi(.t I %o ha$e to ha$e an answer.%ie% the :i#t. AAn% &o.: at hi(. IC$e ha% it =or wee8s an% trie% to tal8 to &o. thin8 thatCs s. I (a& )e an i%iot' ).‖ She stare% intentl& at the :hotogra:h.t this :i#t. a)o. Ce#ilia wal8e% o$er to the ta)le an% st. AAn% twent&<eight o= the( were wo(en.‖ She hel% o. !e =elt a tri#8le o= )loo% IC( %eathl& a=rai% o= #asting the )l.rr& :hotogra:h onto her 8it#hen ta)le. or %oing & :i#t.ght he #o. lo(8$ist tho. Fi$e or si@ o= the( ha% sho.‖ answer.t I ha$enCt showe% it to !enri8 or an&one else )e#a.Cll get & )e=ore.n %own his #hee8 an% %ro: onto his'‖ lo(8$ist sai%' an% =l. thin8 it is. I %i%nCt ha$e the slightest thing to %o with her %isa::earan#e. wrong.s:i#ion on &o.t it.l%er< length )lon%e hair. Onl& one o= those was wearing a light<#olo.' IC% li8e &o. to tell (e who &o.l% rea% sho#8 on her %ress. AI %i%nCt go into !arrietCs roo( that %a&.

ght to go to the :oli#e.t in trees at the =ront an% )a#8 o= the #a)in wo. . A=ter the& le=t the hos:ital lo(8$ist sat =or a long ti(e won%ering whether he o.r answer.:)oar% )& the =ront %oor. It too8 onl& two stit#hes an% a goo% %ressing to #lose the wo.‖ !e shoo8 his hea%. She #a(o.== =ro( Milton Se#.t I thin8 &o.=lage% the #a(eras with %ar8 #loth.‖ She :lante% =o. sho. Now :lease go.‖ Salan%er %ro$e hi( to !e%esta% !os:ital. It was %ar8 when the& arri$e% )a#8 at !e%e)& Islan%' an% that s.rit&' an% itCs ti(e we (a%e . .r )atter&<o:erate% (otion %ete#tors aro.AYo. ALi)el 3o. AI )orrowe% this st.l% trigger a s(all #hir:ing alar( that she set . At the sa(e ti(e' two light<sensiti$e $i%eo #a(eras that she ha% :.l% see the hea%lines now. !e #o.l% sen% signals to a PC la:to: that she set in the #. ha$e &o.ite% Salan%er an% e@:laine% that i= an&one #a(e #loser than twent& =eet' a ra%io signal wo.n% the o= it.l% ha$e a %o#tor loo8 at that wo.: in lo(8$istCs )e%roo(. ALetCs go ho(e'‖ he sai%.n%. !e was gi$en #ortisone sal$e =or the rash =ro( the stinging nettles on his ne#8 an% han%s. She li=te% a s:orts )ag on to the 8it#hen ta)le.rnalist in Shooting Dra(a.

‖ The& ate %inner late.She :. It too8 a low< resol.t what with %ea% #ats an% :eo:le tr&ing to )low &o.ntil we #ra#8 this.l% har%l& tal8 an& (ore' so he went to )e%. She %rille% a hole right thro. lo(8$ist was s.‖ A elie$e (e' IC$e lost all interest in weCre on so(e)o%&Cs trail. %onCt lea$e a lot to #han#e'‖ lo(8$ist sai%' :o.t a :ress. Then she :. !e #o. Salan%er sta&e% . This (a& ha$e starte% o. .t as a histori#al (&ster&' ).t o== the %ete#tors with a 8e& to a )o@ in the war%ro) a)o$e the the wall =or the #a)le. AYo.r hea% o== we #an )e s.%%enl& %ea% tire% an% ha% a s:litting hea%a#he. I= so(eone (anage% to e$a%e the in=rare% %ete#tors an% got into the ho.‖ AIC( not >o8ing. AOne (ore thing. The lens was ai(e% at the roa% an% the :ath =ro( the gate to the =ront %oor.: rea%ing the re:ort .ntil *9++. No (ore >ogging . Salan%er %e(onstrate% =or hi( how to sh.t a thir% #a(era in a )' a ""1<%e#i)el siren wo.tion i(age e$er& se#on% an% store% the( all on the har% %ri$e o= another PC la:to: in the war%ro)e.l% go o==.ring #o==ee =or her. She ha% also )orrowe% a night<$ision<sensiti$e %oor(at in the entran#e.

rs later o$er )rea8=ast lo(8$ist sai%' A!ow are we going to sol$e this :.rt when he a ga: in the #.n% one an8le' another loo: aro.n#o$ere% a hitherto .n8nown serial 8illerB‖ .l& "" !e awo8e at 09++ with the s.C!APTER *.n shining thro.l%er )la%e.rtains tight. !e o$er hi(.lle% the #.rtains right in his weC$e .LLleB‖ A7e s. !e went to the )athroo( an% then :a%%e% )a#8 to )e%' tr&ing to get in witho.‖ AFor (e' the onl& 4. !e ha% a $ag. A #o.:le o= ho.nte% her tattoos.t o= )e% an% :.t wa8ing her. !e loo8e% %own at the %ragon on her sho. As well as a was: on her ne#8' she ha% a loo: aro.n% the )i#e:s o= her le=t ar(' a Chinese s&()ol on her hi:' an% a rose on one #al=.: the =a#ts we ha$e.t !arriet' or )e#a.estion is9 wh&B Is it )e#a. 7e tr& to =in% (ore. !e got weCre tr&ing to sol$e the (&ster& a)o.( . Salan%er was aslee: on her sto(a#h with one ar( =l.e hea%a#he' an% it h. Fri%a&' 3.#he% the )an%age.

AThere (.‖ AThen who was thatB‖ The& t. Onl& one :erson has long )lon%e hair an% a light<#olo. E$er&)o%& is either too ol% to )e o= an& %anger to%a&' or too &o.%&ing in %etail on#e again all the :eo:le $isi)le in the :hotogra:hs o= the a##i%ent on the )ri%ge.nning aro.n% in the woo%s o= FrGs8ogen at al(ost ninet&<three with a to ha$e )een aro.n.n% in the an% the :eo:le who are loo8ing at the a##i%ent.res. It was Se:te()er. Most o= the( are wearing >a#8ets or sweaters. AI= !arriet realise% that there was a serial 8iller' it #an onl& ha$e )een so(eone she 8new.r st. AI #an onl& ass. I thin8 she was telling the tr. To%a& har%l& an& o= the( are le=t e@#e:t !aral% Vanger' who is not r.‖ AUnless there are two :eo:le who are #olla)orating. So weCre )a#8 to s4. One ol%er an% one &o.‖ ACe#ilia Vanger is in a lot o= the :i#t.are one.rne% on lo(8$istCs i oo8 an% s:ent the ne@t )e a #onne#tion'‖ Salan%er sai%.(e that e$er&one in the $illage (.nger. !ere sheCs tal8ing to Isa)ella.‖ A!aral% an% Ce#iliaB I %onCt thin8 when she sai% that she wasnCt the :erson in the win%ow. She see(s to )e e$er&where. etween the ). I= we loo8 at the #ast o= #hara#ters in the si@ties' there were at least two %oLen :ossi)le #an%i%ates. !ere .st ha$e )een %own there' wat#hing all the e@#ite(ent.

r an% all that #ra:.r ne(esis >.gh o=ten )l.nt =or wants . AI thin8 &o. So he too ha% a #a(era.l% ha$e %ie% &ears ago' while o.‖ The& s#rolle% thro.t not that the&Cre in it together.are<sha:e%.t the& %onCt want it the :hotogra:hs one (ore ti(e. ALet (e :ro:ose a theor&.‖ .‖ A7hat i= so(eone o= the &o. That wo.‖ A7hi#h (eans that we go on another h.‖ AGo ahea%. Greger was in (ore o= the(' tho.te'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.nger generation 8nows that so(eone o= the ol%er generation is a serial 8iller' ). The (.r%erer #o.l% )e #learl& seen that he was hol%ing a s4. ItCs %e=initel& a #a(era.rr&.‖ A7ait a (in. It loo8s li8e a )o@ o= so(e 8in%.t letCs lea$e that =or a (o(ent'‖ Salan%er sai%.s to %ro: the whole thing an% go ho(e.Cre right.sheCs stan%ing ne@t to Pastor Fal8. The =a(il&Cs hono.‖ AOJ' ).‖ AItCs a !assel)la%. In one it #o.l% (ean that there are two :eo:le in$ol$e%' ). !ere sheCs with Greger Vanger' the (i%%le )rother.are<sha:e% )o@. A7hat %oes Greger ha$e in his han%B‖ ASo(ething s4.

r :or#hB ItCs an . . !e o:ene% the i)le to the =irst #ha:ter o= Le$iti#. It was as i= she were tal8ing to hersel=. AAn% the ne@t $erseB‖ A)r.rnt o==erings.tilate% #at on o.t a (.t it into :ie#es. AAn% he shall #.t it into :ie#es' with its hea% an% its =at' an% the :riest shall la& the( in or%er .:on the altar.t against the altar that is the %oor o= the tent o= (eeting. AAgain a :aro%& o= the laws regar%ing ).: at the #h.t wh&' in that #ase' :. ADo &o.‖ !er $oi#e was i#e.r#h as she 4.r%ers.n(ista8a)le re=eren#e to the (. An% he shall =la& the ).s.ll )e=ore the Lor%H an% AaronCs sons the :riests shall :resent the )loo%' an% the& shall throw the )loo% ro.A .ote% =ro( the i)le.:on the woo% that is on the =ire .‖ lo(8$ist ta::e% !arrietCs i)le.n% a)o.:. 8now $erse twel$e tooB‖ Salan%er %i% not re:l&. AAn% he shallI‖ he )egan' no%%ing at her.rnt o==ering an% #.‖ Salan%er leane% )a#8 an% loo8e% .‖ She =ell silent' aware that lo(8$ist was wat#hing her with a tense e@:ression. AThen he shall 8ill the ).:tl& she stoo% .

te% a=ter her.rne% on her heel an% ran =or the gate. !e =o.tes later on a >ett& at the (arina.r& that he was asto.l%er. Tal8 to (e.n% her twent& (in.ALis)eth' &o.t I %i%nCt (ean to .t to loo8 =or her. ha$e a :hotogra:hi# (e(or&'‖ Mi8ael e@#lai(e% in s. She =i@e% her e&es on lo(8$ist with s.ter insi%e' set the alar(' an% lo#8e% the =ront %oor )e=ore he set o.:le o= :a#es awa&.l%ers sti==en. Mi8ael #arrie% her #o(:. ALis)eth'‖ he sho. She was sitting there' %i::ing her =eet in the water an% s(o8ing.rne% her hea% an% loo8e% at hi(. AI %onCt 8now what I %i%' ).‖ !er rea#tion was al(ost e@:losi$e. She %isa::eare% . She hear% hi( #o(ing along the >ett&' an% he saw her sho.‖ She t.. AThatCs wh& &o.r:rise. .‖ !e sat %own ne@t to her' tentati$el& :la#ing a han% on her sho.: the roa%.n%e%. Then her e@:ression #hange% to %es:air' an% she t. #an rea% a :age o= the in$estigation in ten se#on%s.:set &o. !e sto::e% a #o. APlease' Lis)eth.#h =.

AAn% &o. !e was onl& hal=wa& . The :ainter' E.: an% le=t her in as the& rea#he% the ho.ght there was so(ething %i==erent a)o.AThereCs nothing to tal8 a)o. A .t on so(e (ore AIC( >.s goo% i(:ression o= an&one =ro( the $er& )eginning.: the hill when he hear% her =ootste:s )ehin% hi(.‖ AIC% )e o$er>o&e% i= (& (e(or& was what &o. 7hat a( I s.gen Nor(an' with who( lo(8$ist still ha% not e@#hange% a single wor%' was sitting in a #hair o.Cre a :er=e#tl& or%inar& girl.‖ So(e #hil%ren #a(e to :.tsi%e his ho. AI reall& want to )e & is. IC( going )a#8 to the ho. Mi8ael sat in silen#e =or a long ti(e. Co(e ho(e when &o.'‖ he sai%.#8ing on his :i:e as he regar%e% lo(8$ist an%' s. ha$e' an&wa&B AI tho. =eel li8e it.: to &o.‖ She tosse% the #igarette en% into the water. .Cre a little %i==erentB 7hat 8in% o= sel=<i(age %o &o.#h a s:ontaneo. She sto::e% hi( >.t'‖ she sai%.t e@#hanging a wor%.t o= a #a)in on the other si%e o= the har)o. 8now whatB ItCs )een a reall& long ti(e sin#e IC$e ha% s.t itCs .r an% >.t &o.Cll let (e'‖ he sai%.::ose% to sa&B a =rea8' thatCs all.‖ !e got . 7hat %oes it (atter i= &o.(:e% into the water..r =rien%' i= &o. The& wal8e% ho(e together witho. the instant I saw &o.

ntil the& #a(e to the #ha:el' whi#h stoo% a short %istan#e awa&' %own )& the water. She sti==ene% an% at =irst she loo8e% =. !e tho.e that he too8 a #at a:art' ).()er to the en% o= ti(e'C‖ Salan%er sai% )ehin% hi(. ItCs tr.t against the altar that is the %oor o= the tent o= (eetingI‖ The& wal8e% o$er the )ri%ge to the #h. All o= a s. It was lo#8e%.t then she rela@e% when she realise% that he was la. A)o$e the %oor he #o.n% =or a while' loo8ing at hea%<stones .ghter. The& wan%ere% aro. lo(8$ist t.::ose it wo.‖ lo(8$ist roare% with la. lo(8$ist trie% the %oor' ).ght =or a (o(ent' then tol% Salan%er to sit %own an% wait =or hi(. She shr.ation.t he #o.lating a theor&I7e tal8e% a)o. lo(8$ist trie% the %oor. .ghing at the #o(e%& o= the sit. It was not a #ha:el' it was a #r&:t. I won%erI‖ She loo8e% .l% rea% the na(e Vanger #hiselle% into the stone' along with a $erse in Latin' ).t heCs =ollowing the )asi# stor&. AI ha::ene% to see that $erse so(ewhere.: at the #h.t it was lo#8e%. AQSl.s' ). !e e@:laine% that he wante% to ha$e a #loser loo8 at the =a(il& .l% )e har% to get hol% o= an o@.t the =a#t that all this is a :aro%& o= the i)le.rne% to loo8 at her. AAn% the& shall throw the )loo% ro. !e wal8e% o$er to see Anna N&gren an% again.AI was in the :ro#ess o= =or(.%%en lo(8$ist o:ene% his e&es wi%e.t I s.r#h.n% a)o.l% not %e#i:her it.gge%.

tter' whi#h the& re#8one% ha% )een . A)o. Salan%er got the #a(era o. lo(8$ist tra#e% the =a(il& #hroni#le =orwar% in ti(e' won%ering where the& ). AThis #o. AOh' we #an as8 the Vanger =a(il& to line . !e (ight ha$e le=t =inger:rints'‖ she sai%.r gra$es in the =loor ho.)t=.l% lo$e to wat#h &o.‖ lo(8$ist s(ile%. Then' gingerl&' she :i#8e% .res. The sten#h o= ).n%. AI wo.s their =inger:rints.l' ). As soon as the& o:ene% the %oor' the& 8new that the& ha% )een right.l% )e e$i%en#e. .rie% =a(il& (e()ers who were .t the #at tort. There was a great %eal o= )loo% on the =loor' not all o= it %r&' as well as a )olt #.s )elonge% to Ale@an%re Vangeersa%' an% =o. In one #orner stoo% a )lowtor#h' the 8in% .rne% #a%a$er an% #harre% re(ains to #.t thirt& ni#hes on the wall ha% the na(es o= the #lan the re(ains o= the earliest =a(il& (e()ers. A raise% sar#o:hag.: the )lowtor#h.: an% gi$e . lo(8$ist loo8e% aro.rer ha% not (a%e a hea$& in the air.‖ AThere are wa&s'‖ Salan%er sai%.t she #olle#te% the 8e& =ro( his %es8. More re#entl& the Vangers ha% a::arentl& settle% =or #re(ation.t o= the :o#8et o= her >eans s8irt an% too8 so(e :i#t.#r&:t' an% he won%ere% where !enri8 (ight 8ee: the 8e&. Anna loo8e% )& s8iers to (elt the wa@ on their s8is. get Isa)ellaCs.t o== the #atCs hea%.

t at night' going =or wal8s.‖ A!eB‖ AI %onCt thin8 that Ce#ilia Vanger wo.t into the woo%s.l% ha$e ta8en the #at %own to the garage or e$en in the (i%%le o= the )ri%ge an% leane% on the rail.lsi$e a)o.r =rien% !enri8.‖ Salan%er shr. .st ha$e raise% Cain' an% there (.n<o=<the<(ill #ra#8:ot who was tr&ing to =righten .gge%. ItCs s.s' he thin8 o= the an& last one o= the(' Fro%e or &o. ANow we 8now'‖ lo(8$ist sai% as the& were re<#rossing the )ri%ge. AI= this was so(e r.t that.rning s(ell. E$en i= he sh.((er an% :eo:le are o= !e%e)&. 3.not gi$en s:a#e insi%e the #r&:t?those not %ee(e% i(:ortant eno. i= the& ha% the #han#e.t he went to the #r&:t.nting =or the #o(:lete l. The roa% thro.‖ A7hat %o &o.l% )e #ree:ing aro. The&Cre all :art o= a =a(il& that wo.t an% a)o.l% swin%le & the #e(eter& is a (ain roa% )etween the north an% ha$e )een a ). (eanB‖ lo(8$ist :a.n% here in the night with a )lowtor#h. A7eCre h. So what %o we %o nowB‖ . ThereCs so(ething #o(:. AI %onCt tr.t the %oor )ehin% hi(' the #at (.nati#.

st (e. A!ow ni#e to see &o. Finall&' =or an answer' she onl& shr.‖ She loo8e% at hi( =or a long (o(ent. (ean. AIC$e )een =eeling g.t &o.‖ ANo<one e@#e:t (e' &o. getting atB‖ AI want to 8now i= &o.. AThereCs nothing I #an %o a)o.gge%.Cre a ha#8erB‖ ANo<one.‖ ADo &o. !e stoo% to wel#o(e the(. tr. I= &o.t it.'‖ he sai%. Fro%eCs =a#e lit .: when he saw Salan%er.‖ This was the =irst ti(e A%$o8at Fro%eCs wi=e ha% (et Salan%er.ilt& that I ne$er :ro:erl& e@:resse% (& gratit. tr. AGoo%. AFor the ti(e )eing'‖ she sai%.%e =or the .‖ A7hat are &o. !ow (an& :eo:le' =or e@a(:le' 8now that &o. She ga$e her a wi%e<e&e% loo8 at the sa(e ti(e as she s(ile% :olitel&. LetCs go o$er to see (eB‖ lo(8$ist :ersiste%.Cre OJ with (e.lo(8$ist sai%' AIC$e %is#o$ere% a lot o= se#rets a)o.

.: the %e$elo:(ents o= the :ast twent&<=o.‖ Salan%er ga$e hi( a s. AI was :ai%'‖ she sai%.t near the Fortress' Fro%e lea:e% to his =eet.((e% .rs. I #anCt ha$e it. I a( going to tal8 to !enri8 an% )rea8 the #ontra#t.t this has to an% =i@e% his e&es on lo(8$ist.s glare.(:tions a)o.‖ lo(8$ist was s.r hea%B‖ The& sat %own. AIC( sorr&' ).l% )e 8in% to :ar%on (e in retros:e#t. lo(8$ist s. Fro%e loo8e% at lo(8$ist. Yo. wo.‖ ASit %own'‖ sai% lo(8$ist. %i% =or . when I =irst saw &o.t &o. %o to &o.r ho. .e@traor%inar& wor8 &o. I (a%e so(e ass. As he %es#ri)e% how so(eone ha% shot at hi( o.r:rise%.s. oth last winter an% now' this s. AThatCs not it. AThis is )ar8ing (a%.‖ !e :a. Salan%er stare% straight ahea%' ignoring hi(. Fro%e was #a:a)le o= as8ing a twent&< =i$e<&ear<ol% :ier#e% an% tattooe% girl to =orgi$e hi( =or so(ething =or whi#h he ha% no nee% to a:ologiseT The law&er #li()e% a =ew not#hes in lo(8$istCs e&es. A7hat %i% &o.((er.s:i#io.

I 8now that !enri8 has a 8e&' an% that Isa)ella so(eti(es goes there' ). I ha$enCt )een to the ar#hi$es (&sel= in thirt& &ears. Yo.n%erstan%I‖ A7hat I . First o= all9 how (an& 8e&s are there to the Vanger =a(il& #r&:t an% who has oneB‖ AItCs not (& :ro$in#e' an% I ha$e no i%ea'‖ Fro%e sai%.l% &o.l% s.‖ .t I #anCt tell &o.‖ AOJ. Yo. Are there an& ol% sta== newsletters or an&thing li8e thatB‖ AAgain I ha$e to #on#e%e that I %onCt 8now.Cre still on the (ain )oar%.t the =ir( o$er the &earsB‖ AYes' there is.n%erstan% is that Lis)eth an% I ha$e got so #lose that whoe$er is )ehin% all o= this is rea#ting in a %erange% (anner' in :ani#. At the !e%esta% (ain o==i#e.AYo. Are there an& #or:orate ar#hi$esB A li)rar& or so(ething li8e that' where the&C$e #olle#te% :ress #li::ings an% in=or(ation a)o.l% ha$e a##ess to the #r&:t. #all her an% arrange that Lis)eth has a##ess to the ar#hi$es this a=ternoonB She nee%s all the ol% :ress #li::ings a)o.‖ A7e nee% a##ess to it. whether she has her own 8e& or whether she )orrows !enri8Cs.estions.::ose that se$eral =a(il& (e()ers wo.t the Vanger Cor:oration. 7eC$e got so(e 4.‖ ACo. AI wo. %onCt . nee% to tal8 to a wo(an na(e% o%il Lin%gren.

%o this :art o= the >o). !e ha% )een awa& =or (ost o= the ti(e that lo(8$ist ha% )een in !e%e)&.res ha$e en%e% .res. wante% to loo8 at ol% :hotogra:hs.r (e(or&I‖ She :. I want &o.: a=ter his %eathB‖ A7ith his wi%ow or his son' logi#all&.r%ers in the =i=ties an% si@ties were #o((itte%. ADir#h sai% that &o.‖ . That (eans that he also (ight ha$e ta8en so(e :i#t.‖ A7hat a( I loo8ing =orB‖ Salan%er sai% when the& were on their wa& )a#8 to the islan%. etter i= &o.l% the :i#t. !e was twent& when !arriet %isa::eare%. Greger Vanger was hol%ing a !assel)la% in his han% on the %a& the )ri%ge a##i%ent o##. Fi$e (in. Ma8e a note o= an&thing that stri8es &o.tes later her Jawasa8i was #lattering a#ross the ) e$er&thing aro. lo(8$ist shoo8 han%s with Ale@an%er Vanger.n#he% hi( in the si%e. An&thing elseB‖ AYes. 7here wo.AThatCs no :ro)le(. It see(s that &o.rre%. APress #li::ings an% sta== newsletters.. Let (e #all Ale@an%er an% as8 hi(. to rea% thro.n% the %ates when the (.

AI= there are an& at all' the&Cll )e in there. . It too8 se$eral (in.AYo.()er o= Greger together with S$en Olo= Lin%hol(' the )ig Swe%ish NaLi lea%er in the =orties.‖ APleaseI7hat wo. ATa8e ho(e the whole )o@'‖ he sai%.‖ As ill.r =ather too8 an& :i#t.‖ The& went .%ing a n. %onCt ha$e to show (e an&thing. 8now that !enri8 has as8e% (e to st.‖ AThatCs right. li8e to seeB‖ AI= &o.%& again what ha::ene% to !arriet.strations =or the =a(il& #hroni#le' Greger VangerCs )o@ hel% so(e real ge(s' in#l.‖ AThatCs what I . Those he set asi%e.t no<one .n%erstan%. ItCs still here' ).l% &o.: to the atti#.rse &o. An% there are :lent& o= :eo:le who arenCt ha::& a) it.res on the %a& o= the a##i%ent' the %a& that !arriet %isa::eare%.‖ AA::arentl& so' an% o= #o.nsorte% :hotogra:hs.‖ AI e@:e#t &o.r =ather ha% a !assel)la%' I )elie$e.t that.tes )e=ore Ale@an%er was a)le to i%enti=& a )o@ o= .

ADo &o.rne& in Ital&. In s:ite o= his e@#e:tional #a(era' Greger was a wret#he% :hotogra:her. !e =o. lo(8$ist s. Then he went to see Anna. Finall& she agree% to allow hi( in.:s o= the tan8er tr.n#h as he tho.res o= the )ri%ge a##i%ent.t e$er&thing )a#8 in the )o@ an% ha% a san%wi#h l.l% #all he 8new that the& wo. !e :.t it was another (atter to let hi( into !enri8 VangerCs o==i#e.ght things o$er.res that Greger ha% ta8en o= =a(il& gatherings as well as (an& t&:i#al holi%a& :hotogra:hs?=ishing in the (o.‖ ACo.r :i#t.res were #lose<.!e =o. Go%Cs writ %i% not e@ten% there. thin8 !enri8 ha% an& :hotogra:h al).(s other than the ones he asse()le% =or his in$estigation a)' IC$e )een tol%.l% tell hi( nothing new. It was one thing to len% lo(8$ist the 8e& to the =a(il& #r&:t?Go% was in #harge there' a=ter all?).n% en$elo:es o= :i#t.ggeste% that Anna sho.l% &o.n% =o. Al(ost three =eet o= the $er& . !e s#anne% in the :i#t.res' e$en tho.ntains an% a >o. show (eB‖ !er rel.n% onl& one in whi#h Ce#ilia Vanger was $isi)le in se(i<:ro=ile.#tan#e was :lain to see. Two :i#t. !e =o.(s in his o==i#e.t !arrietB‖ AYes' !enri8 has alwa&s )een intereste% in :hotogra:h&?e$er sin#e he was &o.#8 itsel=' two were o= s:e#tators' ta8en =ro( )ehin%. !e has lots o= al).

%ie% their =a#es. !e sat at the %es8 an% o:ene% the =irst al). !e re#ognise% !enri8' !aral%' Greger' an% se$eral o= the (ale in<laws in 3ohan VangerCs )ran#h o= the =a(il&.( =ro( long )e=ore his ti(e. The ol%est :i#t.n% a s:rea% on whi#h Vanger ha% written in :en#il AFa(il& Co.res o= VangerCs :arents. & then he ha% rea#he% (o%ern ti(es an% was :aging thro. One showe% his =ather #ele)rating Mi%s. The :i#t.)otto( shel= was ta8en . In the sa(e al).n% Ca:tain Os8ar Granath who ha% trans:orte% Vanger an% his )elo$e% E%ith Lo)a#h to sa=et& in Jarls8rona. Anna #a(e . Two :hotogra:hs showe% the =or(al %inner' =ort& (en an% wo(en seate% at the ta)le' all loo8ing into the #a(era.t )e=ore an&one was aware that !arriet ha% %isa::eare%.: in San%ha(n in "6+0.r :hotogra:hs showe% (en tal8ing an% s(o8ing #igars.l% ha$e . Man& were o)$io.(.res %ate% )a#8 to the "52+s' showing gr.: o= #o==ee.== (en an% stern wo(en. This was the %inner she sho. Vanger ha% sa$e% e$er& last =a(il& :hotogra:h. Other :hotogra:hs showe% wor8ers on the =a#tor& =loor an% in i(ages o= Vanger in his :ri(e' o:ening =a#tories' sha8ing han%s with Tage Erlan%er' one o= Vanger an% Mar#. Another San%ha(n :hotogra:h showe% Fre%ri8 Vanger an% his wi=e' Ulri8a' with An%ers Forn an% Al)ert EngstrG( sitting at a ta)le. !e than8e% her.s 7allen)erg?the two #a:italists staring gri(l& at ea#h other.n#il "600.res were ta8en a=ter the %ra(a at the )ri%ge was o$er ). !e =o.:stairs with a #. !e st.((er with a large an% #heer=.l gro.( he =o.: with :hotogra:h al). There were :i#t.‖ Two #olo.

atten%e%; Di% an& o= the (en 8now that she was goneB The :hotogra:hs :ro$i%e% no answer; Then s.%%enl& he #ho8e% on his #o==ee; !e starte% #o.ghing an% sat .: straight in his #hair; At the =ar en% o= the ta)le sat Ce#ilia Vanger in her light< %ress' s(iling into the #a(era; Ne@t to her sat another )lon%e wo(an with long hair an% an i%enti#al light< %ress; The& were so ali8e that the& #o.l% ha$e )een twins; An% s.%%enl& the :.LLle :ie#e =ell into :la#e; Ce#ilia wasnCt the one in !arrietCs win%ow?it was her sister' Anita' two &ears her >.nior an% now li$ing in Lon%on; 7hat was it Salan%er ha% sai%B Ce#ilia Vanger is in a lot o= the :i#t.res; Not at all; There were two girls' an% as #han#e wo.l% ha$e it?.ntil now?the& ha% ne$er )een seen in the sa(e =ra(e; In the )la#8<an%<white :hotogra:hs' =ro( a %istan#e' the& loo8e% i%enti#al; Vanger ha% :res.(a)l& alwa&s )een a)le to tell the sisters a:art' ).t =or lo(8$ist an% Salan%er the girls loo8e% so ali8e that the& ha% ass.(e% it was one :erson; An% no<one ha% e$er :ointe% o.t their (ista8e ) the& ha% ne$er tho.ght to as8; lo(8$ist t.rne% the :age an% =elt the hairs on the )a#8 o= his ne#8 stan% on en%; It was as i= a #ol% o= win% :asse% the roo(; There were :i#t.res ta8en the ne@t %a&' when the sear#h =or !arriet ha% )eg.n; A & Ins:e#tor Morell was gi$ing instr.#tions to a sear#h :art& #onsisting o= two .ni=or(e% :oli#e o==i#ers an% ten (en wearing )oots who were a)o.t

to set o.t; Vanger was wearing a 8nee<length rain#oat an% a narrow< )ri((e% English hat; On the le=t o= the :hotogra:h stoo% a &' slightl& sto.t & (an with light' longish hair; !e ha% on a %ar8 :a%%e% >a#8et with a re% :at#h at the sho.l%er; The i(age was $er& #lear; lo(8$ist re#ognise% hi( at on#e?an% the >a#8et?).t' >.st to (a8e' he re(o$e% the :hotogra:h an% went %own to as8 Anna i= she re#ognise% the (an; AYes' o= #o.rse' thatCs Martin;‖ Salan%er :lo.ghe% &ear a=ter &ear o= :ress #.ttings' (o$ing in #hronologi#al or%er; She )egan in "6/6 an% wor8e% her wa& =orwar%; The ar#hi$e was; The #o(:an& was (entione% in the (e%ia nearl& e$er& %a& %.ring the rele$ant ti(e :erio%?not onl& in the lo#al :ress ).t also in the national (e%ia; There were =inan#ial anal&ses' tra%e .nion negotiations' the threat o= stri8es' =a#tor& o:enings an% =a#tor& #losings' re:orts' #hanges in (anagers' new :ro%.#ts that were la.n#he%IThere was a =loo% o= news; Cli#8; Cli#8; Cli#8; !er )rain was wor8ing at high s:ee% as she an% a)sor)e% the in=or(ation =ro( the &ellowing :ages; A=ter se$eral she ha% an i%ea; She as8e% the ar#hi$es (anager i= there was a #hart showing where the Vanger Cor:oration ha% =a#tories or #o(:anies %.ring the =i=ties an% si@ties;

o%il Lin%gren loo8e% at Salan%er with .n%isg.ise% #ol%ness; She was not at all ha::& gi$ing a total stranger :er(ission to enter the inner san#t.( o= the =ir(Cs ar#hi$es' )eing o)lige% to allow her to loo8 whate$er %o#.(ents she li8e%; An% )esi%es' this girl loo8e% li8e so(e sort o= hal=<witte% =i=teen<&ear<ol% anar#hist; .t !err Fro%e ha% gi$en her instr.#tions that #o.l% not )e (isinter:rete%; This sli: o= a girl was to )e =ree to loo8 at an&thing she :lease%; An% it was .rgent; She )ro.ght o.t the :rinte% re:orts =or the &ears that Salan%er wante% to seeH ea#h re:ort #ontaine% a #hart o= the =ir(Cs %i$isions thro.gho.t Swe%en; Salan%er loo8e% at the #harts an% saw that the =ir( ha% (an& =a#tories' o==i#es' an% sales o.tlets; At e$er& site where a (.r%er was #o((itte%' there was also a re% %ot' so(eti(es se$eral' in%i#ating the Vanger Cor:oration; She =o.n% the =irst #onne#tion in "612; Ra8el L.n%e' Lan%s8rona' was =o.n% %ea% the %a& a=ter the V; ^ C; Constr.#tion Co(:an& #lin#he% an or%er worth se$eral (illion to ).il% a galleria in the town; V; ^ C; stoo% =or Vanger an% CarlMn Constr.#tion; The lo#al :a:er ha% inter$iewe% Gott=rie% Vanger' who ha% #o(e to town to sign the #ontra#t; Salan%er re#alle% so(ething she ha% rea% in the :oli#e in$estigation in the :ro$in#ial re#or% o==i#e in Lan%s8rona; Ra8el L.n%e'< teller in her =ree ti(e' was an o==i#e #leaner; She ha% wor8e% =or V; ^ C; Constr.#tion;

At 29++ in the e$ening lo(8$ist #alle% Salan%er a %oLen ti(es an% ea#h ti(e her (o)ile was t.rne% o==; She %i% not want to )e %ist.r)e%; !e wan%ere% restlessl& the; !e ha% :.lle% o.t VangerCs notes on MartinCs a#ti$ities at the ti(e o= !arrietCs %isa::earan#e; Martin Vanger was in his last &ear at the :re:arator& s#hool in U::sala in "600; U::sala; Lena An%ersson' se$enteen<&ear<ol% :re:arator& s#hool :.:il; !ea% se:arate% =ro( the =at; Vanger ha% (entione% this at one :oint' ).t lo(8$ist ha% to his notes to =in% the :assage; Martin ha% )een an intro$erte% )o&; The& ha% )een worrie% a)o.t hi(; A=ter his =ather %rowne%' Isa)ella ha% %e#i%e% to sen% hi( to U::sala?a #hange o= s#ene where he was gi$en roo( an% )oar% with !aral% Vanger; !aral% an% MartinB It har%l& =elt right; Martin Vanger was not with !aral% in the #ar going to the gathering in !e%esta%' an% he ha% (isse% a train; !e arri$e% late in the a=ternoon an% so was a(ong those stran%e% on the wrong si%e o= the )ri%ge; !e onl& arri$e% on the islan% )& )oat so(e ti(e a=ter 09++; !e was re#ei$e% )& Vanger hi(sel=' a(ong others; Vanger ha% :.t Martin =ar %own the list o= :eo:le who (ight ha$e ha% an&thing to %o with !arrietCs %isa::earan#e; Martin sai% that he ha% not seen !arriet on that %a&; !e was l&ing; !e ha% arri$e% in !e%esta% earlier in the %a& an% he

was on 3Nrn$Ngsgatan' =a#e to =a#e with his sister; lo(8$ist #o.l% :ro$e the lie with :hotogra:hs that ha% )een ).rie% =or al(ost =ort& &ears; !arriet Vanger ha% seen her )rother an% rea#te% with sho#8; She ha% gone o.t to !e%e)& Islan% an% trie% to tal8 to !enri8' ).t she was gone )e=ore an& #on$ersation #o.l% ta8e :la#e; 7hat were &o. thin8ing o= telling hi(B U::salaB .t Lena An%ersson' U::sala' was not on the list; Yo. #o.l% not ha$e 8nown a)o.t it; The stor& still %i% not (a8e sense to lo(8$ist; !arriet ha% %isa::eare% aro.n% ,9++ in the a=ternoon; Martin was .n4.estiona)l& on the other si%e o= the water at that ti(e; !e #o.l% )e seen in the :hotogra:h =ro( the #h.r#h hill; !e #o.l% not :ossi)l& ha$e h.rt !arriet on the islan%; One :.LLle :ie#e was still (issing; An a##o(:li#eB Anita VangerB Fro( the ar#hi$es Salan%er #o.l% see that Gott=rie% VangerCs :osition within the =ir( ha% #hange% o$er the &ears; At the age o= twent& in "6/2' he (et Isa)ella an% i((e%iatel& got her :regnantH Martin Vanger was )orn in "6/5' an% with that there was no 4.estion ).t that the & :eo:le wo.l% (arr&; 7hen Gott=rie% was twent&<two' he was )ro.ght into the (ain o==i#e o= the Vanger Cor:oration )& !enri8 Vanger; !e was o)$ talente% an% the& (a& ha$e )een groo(ing hi( to ta8e o$er; !e was :ro(ote% to the )oar% at the age o=

twent&<=i$e' as the assistant hea% o= the #o(:an&Cs %e$elo:(ent %i$ision; A rising star; So(eti(e in the (i%<=i=ties his star )egan to :l.((et; !e %ran8; !is (arriage to Isa)ella was on the ro#8s; The #hil%ren' !arriet an% Martin' were not %oing well; !enri8 %rew the line; Gott=rie%Cs #areer ha% rea#he% its Lenith; In "610 another a::oint(ent was (a%e' another assistant hea% o= %e$elo:(ent; Two assistant hea%s9 one who %i% the wor8 while Gott=rie% %ran8 an% was a)sent =or long :erio%s o= ti(e; .t Gott=rie% was still a Vanger' as well as #har(ing an% elo4.ent; Fro( "612 on' his wor8 see(e% to #onsist o= tra$elling aro.n% the #o.ntr& to o:en =a#tories' resol$e lo#al #on=li#ts' an% s:rea% an i(age that #o(:an& (anage(ent reall& %i% #are; 7eCre sen%ing o.t one o= o.r own sons to listen to &o.r :ro)le(s; 7e %o ta8e &o.; Salan%er =o.n% a se#on% #onne#tion; Gott=rie% Vanger ha% :arti#i:ate% in a negotiation in Jarlsta%' where the Vanger Cor:oration ha% )o.ght a ti()er #o(:an&; On the =ollowing %a& a =ar(erCs wi=e' Mag%a Lo$isa S>G)erg' was =o.n% (.r%ere%; Salan%er %is#o$ere% the thir% #onne#tion >.st =i=teen (in.tes later; U%%e$alla' "60*; The sa(e %a& that Lea Persson %isa::eare%' the lo#al :a:er ha% inter$iewe% Gott=rie% Vanger a)o.t a :ossi)le e@:ansion o= the har)o.r; 7hen Fr. Lin%gren ha% wante% to #lose .: an% go ho(e at 19,+' Salan%er ha% sna::e% at her that she was a long wa&

=ro( =inishe% &et; She #o.l% go ho(e as long as she le=t the 8e&' an% Salan%er wo.l% lo#8 .:; & that ti(e the ar#hi$es (anager was so in=.riate% that a girl li8e this one #o.l% )oss her aro.n% that she #alle% !err Fro%e; Fro%e tol% her that Salan%er #o.l% sta& all night i= she wante% to; 7o.l% Fr. Lin%gren :lease noti=& se#.rit& at the o==i#e so that the& #o.l% let Salan%er o.t when she wante% to lea$eB Three later' getting on =or 59,+' Salan%er ha% #on#l.%e% that Gott=rie% Vanger ha% )een #lose to where at least =i$e o= the eight (.r%ers were #o((itte%' either %.ring the %a&s )e=ore or a=ter the e$ent; She was still (issing in=or(ation a)o.t the (.r%ers in "6/6 an% "61/; She st.%ie% a news:a:er :hotogra:h o= hi(; A sli(' han%so(e (an with %ar8 )lon% hairH he loo8e% rather li8e Clar8 Ga)le in Gone with the 7in%; In "6/6 Gott=rie% was twent&<two &ears ol%; The =irst (.r%er too8 :la#e in his ho(e territor&; !e%esta%; Re)e#8a 3a#o)sson' who wor8e% at the Vanger Cor:oration; 7here %i% the two o= &o. (eetB 7hat %i% &o. :ro(ise herB Salan%er )it her li:; The :ro)le( was that Gott=rie% Vanger ha% %rowne% when he was %r.n8 in "601' while the last (.r%er was #o((itte% in U::sala in Fe) "600; She won%ere% i= she was (ista8en when she ha% a%%e% Lena An%ersson' the se$enteen<&ear< ol% s#hoolgirl' to the list; No; It (ight not )e the sa(e' ).t it was the sa(e i)le :aro%&; The& (.st )e #onne#te%;

& 69++ it was getting %ar8; The air was #ool an% it was %riLLling; Mi8ael was sitting in the 8it#hen' %r.((ing his =ingers on the ta)le' when Martin VangerCs Vol$o #rosse% the )ri%ge an% t.rne% o.t towar%s the :oint; That so(ehow )ro.ght (atters to a hea%; !e %i% not 8now what he sho.l% %o; !is whole )eing was ).rning with a %esire to as8 4.estions?to initiate a #on=rontation; It was #ertainl& not a sensi)le attit.%e to ha$e i= he s.s:e#te% Martin Vanger o= )eing an insane (.r%erer who ha% 8ille% his sister an% a girl in U::sala' an% who ha% also $er& nearl& s.##ee%e% in 8illing hi( too; .t Martin was also a (agnet; An% he %i% not 8now that lo(8$ist 8newH he #o.l% go an% see hi( with the :rete@t thatI well' he wante% to ret.rn the 8e& to Gott=rie% VangerCs #a)in; lo(8$ist lo#8e% the %oor )ehin% hi( an% strolle% o.t to the :oint; !aral% VangerCs was :it#h %ar8' as; In !enri8Cs the lights were o== e@#e:t in one roo( =a#ing the #o.rt&ar%; Anna ha% gone to )e%; Isa)ellaCs was %ar8; Ce#ilia wasnCt at ho(e; The lights were on .:stairs in Ale@an%erCs' ).t the& were o== in the two o##.:ie% )& :eo:le who were not (e()ers o= the Vanger =a(il&; !e %i% not see a so.l; !e o.tsi%e Martin VangerCs' too8 o.t his (o)ile' an% :.n#he% in Salan%erCs n.()er; Still no answer; !e t.rne% o== his (o)ile so that it wo.l% not start ringing;

There were lights on %ownstairs; lo(8$ist wal8e% a#ross the lawn an% sto::e% a =ew &ar%s =ro( the 8it#hen win%ow' ).t he #o.l% see no<one; !e #ontin.e% on aro.n% the' :a.sing at ea#h win%ow' ).t there was no sign o= Martin; On the other han%' he %i% %is#o$er that the s(all si%e %oor into the garage was slightl& o:en; DonCt )e a %a(n =ool; .t he #o.l% not resist the te(:tation to loo8; The =irst thing he saw on the #ar:enterCs )en#h was an o:en )o@ o= a((.nition =or a (oose ri=le; Then he saw two gasoline #ans on the =loor .n%er the )en#h; Pre:arations =or another no#t.rnal $isit' MartinB ACo(e in' Mi8ael; I saw &o. on the roa%;‖ lo(8$istCs heart s8i::e% a )eat; Slowl& he t.rne% his hea% an% saw Martin Vanger stan%ing in the %ar8 )& a %oor lea%ing into the; AYo. si(:l& #o.l%nCt sta& awa&' #o.l% &o.B‖ !is $oi#e was #al(' al(ost =rien%l&; A!i' Martin'‖ lo(8$ist sai%; ACo(e in'‖ Martin re:eate%; AThis wa&;‖ !e too8 a ste: =orwar% an% to the si%e' hol%ing o.t his le=t han% in an in$iting; !e raise% his right han%' an% lo(8$ist saw the re=le#tion o= %.ll (etal;

AI ha$e a Glo#8 in (& han%; DonCt %o an&thing st.:i%; At this %istan#e I wonCt (iss;‖ lo(8$ist slowl& (o$e% #loser; 7hen he rea#he% Martin' he sto::e% an% loo8e% hi( in the e&e; AI ha% to #o(e here; There are so (an& 4.estions;‖ AI .n%erstan%; the %oor;‖ lo(8$ist entere% the; The :assage le% to the hall near the 8it#hen' ).t )e=ore he got that =ar' Martin Vanger sto::e% hi( )& :.tting a han% lightl& on lo(8$istCs sho.l%er; ANo' not that wa&; To &o.r right; O:en the %oor;‖ The )ase(ent; 7hen lo(8$ist was hal=wa& %own the ste:s' Martin Vanger t.rne% a swit#h an% the lights went on; To the right o= hi( was the )oiler roo(; Ahea% he #o.l% s(ell the s#ents o= la.n%r&; Martin g.i%e% hi( to the le=t' into a storage roo( with ol% an% )o@es' at the )a#8 o= whi#h was a steel se#.rit& %oor with a %ea%)olt lo#8; A!ere'‖ Martin sai%' tossing a 8e& ring to lo(8$ist; AO:en it;‖ !e o:ene% the %oor; AThe swit#h is on the le=t;‖ lo(8$ist ha% o:ene% the %oor to hell;

Aro.n% 69++ Salan%er went to get so(e #o==ee an% a :lasti#< wra::e% san%wi#h =ro( the $en%ing (a#hine in the #orri%or o.tsi%e the ar#hi$es; She 8e:t on :aging ol% %o#.(ents' loo8ing =or an& tra#e o= Gott=rie% Vanger in Jal(ar in "61/; She =o.n% nothing; She tho.ght a)o.t #alling lo(8$ist' ).t %e#i%e% to go the sta== newsletters )e=ore she #alle% it a %a&; The s:a#e was a::ro@i(atel& ten )& twent& =eet; lo(8$ist ass.(e% that it was sit.ate% along the north si%e o= the; Martin Vanger ha% #ontri$e% his :ri$ate #ha()er with great #are; On the le=t were #hains' (etal e&elets in the #eiling an% =loor' a ta)le with leather stra:s where he #o.l% restrain his $i#ti(s; An% then the $i%eo e4.i:(ent; A ta:ing st.%io; In the )a#8 o= the roo( was a steel #age =or his g.ests; To the right o= the %oor was a )en#h' a )e%' an% a TV #orner with $i%eos on a shel=; As soon as the& entere% the roo(' Martin Vanger ai(e% the :istol at lo(8$ist an% tol% hi( to lie on his sto(a#h on the =loor; lo(8$ist; AVer& well'‖ Martin sai%; AThen ICll shoot &o. in the 8nee#a:;‖ !e too8 ai(; lo(8$ist #a:it.late%; !e ha% no #hoi#e;

!e ha% ho:e% that Martin wo.l% rela@ his >.st a tenth o= a se#on%?he 8new he wo.l% win an& sort o= =ight with hi(; !e ha% ha% hal= a #han#e in the :assage .:stairs when Martin :.t his han% on his sho.l%er' ).t he ha% hesitate%; A=ter that Martin ha% not #o(e #lose; 7ith a ).llet in his 8nee#a: he wo.l% ha$e lost his #han#e; !e la& %own on the =loor; Martin a::roa#he% =ro( )ehin% an% tol% hi( to :.t his han%s on his )a#8; !e han%#.==e% hi(; Then he 8i#8e% Mi8ael in the #rot#h an% :.n#he% hi( $ an% re:eate%l&; 7hat ha::ene% a=ter that see(e% li8e a night(are; Martin )etween rationalit& an%; For a ti(e 4.ite #al(' the ne@t instant he wo.l% )e :a#ing )a#8 an% =orth li8e an ani(al in a #age; !e 8i#8e% lo(8$ist se$eral ti(es; All lo(8$ist #o.l% %o was tr& to :rote#t his hea% an% ta8e the )lows in the so=t :arts o= his )o%&; For the =irst hal= ho.r Martin %i% not sa& a wor%' an% he a::eare% to )e in#a:a)le o= an& sort o= #o((.ni#ation; A=ter that he see(e% to re#o$er #ontrol; !e :.t a #hain ro.n% lo(8$istCs ne#8' =astening it with a :a%lo#8 to a (etal e&elet on the =loor; !e le=t lo(8$ist alone =or a)o.t =i=teen (in.tes; 7hen he ret.rne%' he was #arr&ing a litre )ottle o= water; !e sat on a #hair an% loo8e% at lo(8$ist as he %ran8; ACo.l% I ha$e so(e waterB‖ lo(8$ist sai%;

Martin leane% %own an% let hi( ta8e a goo% long %rin8 =ro( the )ottle; lo(8$ist swallowe% gree%il&; AThan8s;‖ AStill so :olite' Jalle lo(8$ist;‖ A7h& all the :.n#hing an% 8i#8ingB‖ lo(8$ist sai%; A &o. (a8e (e $er& angr& in%ee%; Yo. %eser$e to )e :.nishe%; 7h& %i%nCt &o. >.st go ho(eB Yo. were nee%e% at Millenni.(; I was serio.s?we #o.l% ha$e (a%e it into a great (agaLine; 7e #o.l% ha$e wor8e% together =or &ears;‖ lo(8$ist gri(a#e% an% trie% to shi=t his )o%& into a (ore #o(=orta)le :osition; !e was %e=en#eless; All he ha% was his $oi#e; AI ass.(e &o. (ean that the o::ort.nit& has :asse%'‖ lo(8$ist sai%; Martin Vanger la.ghe%; AIC( sorr&' Mi8ael; .t' o= #o.rse' &o. 8now :er=e#tl& well that &o.Cre going to %ie %own here;‖ lo(8$ist no%%e%; A!ow the hell %i% &o. =in% (e' &o. an% that anore@i# s:oo8 that &o. %ragge% into thisB‖

AYo. lie% a)o.t what &o. were %oing on the %a& that !arriet %isa::eare%; Yo. were in !e%esta% at the Chil%renCs Da& :ara%e; Yo. were :hotogra:he% there' loo8ing at !arriet;‖ A7as that wh& &o. went to Nors>GB‖ ATo get the' &es; It was ta8en )& a hone&(oon #o.:le who ha::ene% to )e in !e%esta%;‖ !e shoo8 his hea%; AThatCs a #rass lie'‖ Martin sai%; lo(8$ist tho.ght har%9 what to sa& to :re$ent or :ost:one his e@e#.tion; A7hereCs the nowB‖ AThe negati$eB ItCs in a sa=e<%e:osit )o@ at !an%els)an8en here in !e%esta%IYo. %i%nCt 8now that I ha$e a sa=e<%e:osit )o@B‖ !e lie% easil&; AThere are #o:ies in $ario.s :la#es; In (& #o(:.ter an% in the girlCs' on the ser$er at Millenni.(' an% on the ser$er at Milton Se#.rit&' where the girl wor8s;‖ Martin waite%' tr&ing to wor8 o.t whether or not lo(8$ist was )l.==ing; A!ow (.#h %oes the girl 8nowB‖

lo(8$ist hesitate%; Salan%er was right now his onl& ho:e o= res#.e; 7hat wo.l% she thin8 when she #a(e ho(e an% =o.n% hi( not thereB !e ha% :.t the :hotogra:h o= Martin Vanger wearing the :a%%e% >a#8et on the 8it#hen ta)le; 7o.l% she (a8e the #onne#tionB 7o.l% she so.n% the alar(B She is not going to #all the :oli#e; The night(are was that she wo.l% #o(e to Martin VangerCs an% ring the )ell' %e(an%ing to 8now where lo(8$ist was; AAnswer (e'‖ Martin sai%' his $oi#e i#e<#ol%; AIC( thin8ing; She 8nows al(ost as (.#h as I %o' (a&)e e$en a little (ore; Yes' I wo.l% re#8on she 8nows (ore than I %o; SheCs )right; SheCs the one who (a%e the lin8 to Lena An%ersson;‖ ALena An%erssonB‖ Martin so.n%e% :er:le@e%; AThe girl &o. an% 8ille% in U::sala in "600; DonCt tell (e &o.C$e =orgottenB‖ AI %onCt 8now what &o.Cre tal8ing a)o.t;‖ .t =or the =irst ti(e he so.n%e% sha8en; It was the =irst ti(e that an&one ha% (a%e that #onne#tion?Lena An%ersson was not in#l.%e% in !arrietCs %ate )oo8; AMartin'‖ lo(8$ist sai%' (a8ing his $oi#e as stea%& as he #o.l%; AItCs o$er; Yo. #an 8ill (e' ).t itCs =inishe%; Too (an& :eo:le 8now;‖ Martin starte% :a#ing )a#8 an% =orth again;

ghe%.‖ Martin ha$enCt tal8e% to an&one' or the :oli#e wo. !e #o. An% what other #hoi#e %o I ha$eB ICll gi$e that so(e tho.t he went to the =a(il& #r&:t. ICll )et that &o.‖ lo(8$istCs heart s8i::e% a )eat. She has )een sitting in the ar#hi$es at the Vanger Cor:oration o==i#es all e$ening. Yo.== awa&' Mi8ael. AI thin8 &o. AI %i%nCt 8now she sta&e% there so long. The :lan was to $isit the ar#hi$e an% then go to Sto#8hol('‖ lo(8$ist sai%.==ing.I ha$e to re(e()er that heCs irrational.Cre l&ing. o)$io.t I %onCt thin8 it is. an% Salan%er are the onl& ones who 8now an&thing. A l. .n#hti(e. ItCs that anore@i# little #. !e 8new.ght.‖ AAn% i= &o.nt whoCs the wea8 lin8. The #at. AThatCs right.Cre )l. A ni#e little )laLe in the g.est #ottage an% the :roo= will )e gone. Yo.l% ha$e )een here )& now. Martin sto::e%. .‖ AShe went to Sto#8hol( at l.l% ha$e )ro. !eCs 8nown all along. The ar#hi$es (anager rang to tell (e that Dir#h ha% let the girl sta& there as late as she li8e%.Cre wrongB‖ AI= IC( wrong' then it reall& is o$er.ght the #at %own here' ).‖ ASto: all this #ra:' Mi8ael.

r girl=rien% when she gets )a#8. .‖ lo(8$ist re(in%e% hi(sel= that Martin was a negotiator e@:erien#e% =ro( (an& in%.+ Ninet&<two :er#ent o= wo(en in Swe%en who ha$e )een assa. AS(art o= &o.strial )attles.r%a&' 3. to #hange the lo#8'‖ he sai%.l& ""-Sat.==. C!APTER */ Fri%a&' 3. !e too8 the 8e&.gh one )l. The night wat#h(an is going to #all (e when she lea$ ha$e not re:orte% the (ost re#ent $iolent in#i%ent to the :oli#e. !e ha% alrea%& seen thro.7hi#h (eans sheCll #ertainl& )e ho( Mi8aelCs :o#8ets.)>e#te% to se@.l& "* Martin Vanger )ent %own an% went thro. AIC( going to ta8e #are o= &o.‖ PART / !ostile Ta8eo$er 3ULY "" TO DECEM ER .

an% !enri8 sat aro. to 8now that while &o.n% )a))ling this winter an% s:ring' there was a girl %own here.ssia. A e#a. Martin )ent %own an% :. MartinCs wor%s hit lo(8$ist li8e a :.A7h&B‖ A7h& whatB‖ A7h& all o= thisB‖ lo(8$ist gest. It was a :leasant e$ening as I re(e()er' noB‖ .: in the #age %own here. This is no histori#al (&ster&.re% $ag. No)o%& (isses the(. Irina =ro( elar.n% hi( Swe%en e$er& &ear.:. 7hores =ro( R. I(( itCs so eas&'‖ he sai%.n%er lo(8$istCs #hin' li=ting his hea% so their e&es ( &o. sat an% ate %inner with (e' she was lo#8e% . Tho.‖ !e let go o= lo(8$istCs hea% an% stoo% . Martin Vanger is (.est right now. 7hile &o.r%ering wo(en to%a&.san%s o= :eo:le :ass thro. A7o(en %isa::ear all the ti(e. .t it (ight a(.t one han% .n#h in the =a#e.el& at the s:a#e aro. An% I wan%ere% right into itI AAs it ha::ens' I %onCt ha$e a g. Christ Al(ight&.

I ta8e the( a long wa& o. I was the one who strangle% her.r =ather.‖ A!e was the one who ta.t to sea.‖ AArenCt &o. I onl& wat#he%' ). !e initiate% (e when I was =o.ght (e.rteen.‖ The :. Fro( "6/6 .‖ AU%%e$alla. !e s. !e s:rea% his $i#ti(s o. . a%(ire &o. M& =ather ta. Gott=rie% Vanger.ght (e.t I was there.‖ .Martin :er#he% on the ta)le' letting his legs %angle.ntil "601.‖ A"60/.LLle :ie#es were =alling into :la#e. Then Martin Vanger' starting in "600 in U::sala. lo(8$ist sh. AYo. A7hat %o &o. The :ain in his g. %o with the )o%iesB‖ AI ha$e (& )oat at the %o#8 right )elow here. Lea Persson. Sara 7itt in Ronne)&. Unli8e (& =ather' I %onCt lea$e tra#es.‖ AI was si@teen.t his e&es. #le$erB Yes' I was there.t he was s(art too. It was the =irst ti(e I ha% a wo(an.t an% in his ri)s see(e% to swell.%%enl& =elt a#i% in his throat an% he swallowe% har%.t all o$er Swe%en.

are a $er& or%inar& little :erson' (e an% %e$elo: a #ertain #a(ara%erie with (e' ho:ing to the $er& en% that this #a(ara%erie (eans so(ething. The 8illing is a nat. #anCt ha$e an& notion o= how %e(ente% this is.‖ ADisa::oint(entB‖ AE@a#tl&. The& i(agine that i= the& :lease (e' the&Cll li$e. I= I %o an intelle#t.en#e' so to s:ea8' )e#a. In =a#t' (ost o= all IC( a serial 8i%na::er. ItCs alwa&s so =as#inating to see their %isa::oint(ent.te #ontrol o$er so(eoneCs li=e an% %eath. The& a%a:t to (& r.les. Goo% Lor%' what a re$oltingl& si#8 =a(il&.estsC $isits here' a=ter IC$e grown wear& o= the(. Disa::oint(ent.l& s#rewe%. AO= #o.!eCs )ragging.ring an% 8illing wo(en' Martin. The& start to tr.‖ . en>o& tort.‖ AYo.ntil the en% o= (& g. The %isa::oint(ent #o(es when it =inall& %awns on the( that the&C$e )een well an% anal&sis o= (& #on%ition' IC( (ore o= a serial ra:ist than a serial (.‖ I ha$e to hi%e (& #ri(e. Yo.ral #onse4. AYo.t (& #ri(e is =irst an% =ore(ost a #ri(e against the #on$entions o= so#iet&.n%erstan% the go%li8e =eeling o= ha$ing a)sol.rse (& a#tions arenCt so#iall& a##e:ta)le' ).‖ AI %onCt thin8 so reall&. wo.l% not )e a)le to . Death %oesnCt #o(e .r%erer.

.t re$ealing (& na(e or ha$ing it t. with &o.rn .: in an& =. AYo. The to. reall& intereste% in all this' Mi8aelB‖ !e )ent %own an% stro8e% lo(8$istCs #hee8.ght.l% ne$er gras: this' ). AAre &o. The&Cre not %one on i(:.san%s o= %etails that I ha$e to weigh.:' =or Go%Cs sa8e' lo(8$ist tho. I ha$e to i%enti=& (& :re&' (a: o.rgeois #on$entions wo. ItCs a s#ien#e with tho. Martin Vanger la. #o. realise that this #an onl& en% one wa&B 7ill it )other &o.ght.t the e@#ite(ent #o(es =ro( :lanning a 8i%na::ing.l% o==er (e a #igarette'‖ he sai%.ll& :la#e% one o= the( )etween lo(8$istCs li:s' letting hi( ta8e a long %rag.t .#h was al(ost AYo. i= I s(o8eB‖ AYo. Martin lit two #igarettes an% #are=.Martin wal8e% aro.r )o.n% the ta)le an% leane% against the steel #age.ghe% again.lse?those 8in%s o= 8i%na::ers in$aria)l& get #a.t her li=e' who is she' where %oes she #o(e =ro(' how #an I (a8e #onta#t with her' what %o I ha$e to %o to )e alone with (& :re& :oli#e in$estigationB‖ Sh. AThan8s'‖ lo(8$ist sai%' a.

Cli#8T For two ho.s gest.rne% the "602' !enri8 Vanger' in a (agnani(' ha% in$ite% =i=t& e(:lo&ees =ro( the (ain o==i#e an% their =a(ilies to a wee8Cs s8iing holi%a& in !Nr>e%alen.sing reason an% a little goo% ( the sta== newsletters =ro( all :oints o= the #o(:ass. see.r 4. I hol% &o. The (ain newsletter was Co(:an& In=or(ation.(a)l& :. at an& se#on%.ttering in the win%' with the :oint =or(ing an arrow. Yo. The #o(:an& ha% .t together )& the =ir(Cs a%$ertising %e:art(ent' an% it was =ille% with :ro:agan%a that was s. 8now that I #an %is:at#h &o.::ose% to (a8e the e(:lo&ees =eel that the& were (e()ers o= one )ig =a(il&. An% &o. %i% so )& .alit& o= li=e' an% &o.C$e alrea%& starte% to a%a:t to the s. Unli8e lo(8$ist' who earlier in the %a& ha% #ho8e% on his #o==ee' she %i%nCt get the water %own the wrong wa&. On the other han%' she %i% o:en her e&es wi%e when she (a%e the #onne#tion. !is heart was :o.r li=e in (& han%s' she ha% )een wa%ing thro.)(ission :rin#i:le.)li#ation was :res. Yo. :lea%e% with (e to i(:ro$e &o. In asso#iation with the winter s:orts holi%a& in Fe)r.‖ lo(8$ist no%%e%. Yo. At ""9"1 Lis)eth Salan%er %ran8 the rest o= the water =ro( her PET )ottle as she t. It )ore the Vanger logo?a Swe%ish )anner =l. were rewar%e%.n%ing so har% it was al(ost .n)eara)le. The :.

t together a :i#t.t twent& :eo:le were in the :i#t.res with a(. Man& o= the :i#t. .gs.ghing e(:lo&ees hoisting )eer (.sing #a:tions were =ro( the slo:es. !e was wearing a %ar8 :a%%e% >a#8et with a %istin#ti$e :at#h at the sho. The #ere(on& was hel% on the terra#e o= the hotel' #learl& right )e=ore :eo:le were thin8ing o= hea%ing )a#8 to the slo:es. The #a:tion e@:laine% the #onne#tion.sse% as so(eone with a :ro(ising =.l%er :at#h was in the #o(:an&Cs (anage(ent.t. I=ar right' Martin Vanger D"6E' who is st. She was gi$en a )on.t Salan%er was willing to )et her li=e that the sho. So(e showe% gro. Sin#e the :.(a%e re#or% :ro=its %.%&ing in re:ort. She swit#he% o== the %es8 la(: an% le=t the newsletters in :iles all o$er the %es8?so(ething =or that sl. !e is alrea%& )eing )ehin% !enri8 Vanger' stoo% a (an with long )lon% hair. AGot#ha'‖ Salan%er sai% in a low $oi#e. The PR %e:art(ent went too an% :.s o= =i$e h.n#tion when !enri8 Vanger :ro#lai(e% Ulla< ritt Mogren to )e the est O==i#e 7or8er o= the &ear.:s in the )ar' with la.ring the :re$io. On the =ar right' >. A)o.)li#ation was in )la#8<an%<white' the #olo.l%er.n%re% 8ronor an% a glass )owl. Two :hotogra:hs were o= a s(all (orning =.t Lin%gren to ta8e #are o= to(orrow.r wasnCt i%enti=ia)le' ).

se on the other si%e o= the water.rne% on her (o)ile an% #alle% lo(8$istCs n. In the last two ho.)s#ri)er #o.t to the #ar :ar8 thro.en#e o= e$ents. She got a (essage sa&ing that the s.t on her hel(et' an% 8i#8< starte% the (otor#&#le.l% ha$e to wal8 all the wa& ro. It too8 her a while to r.n% to the other si%e. Salan%er trie% the #ottage n.strial %istri#t o. The wat#h(anCs o==i#e was on the other si%e o= the ).ght was that lo(8$ist ha% gone to see Fro%e' ).n%.t she also saw that he ha% trie% to #all her no =ewer than thirteen ti(es )etween .t =ro( the )ri%ge she ha% alrea%& noti#e% that the lights were o== in Fro%eCs ho.: the se4. She went into the #ottage' o:ene% the war%ro)e' an% too8 o. A light was on in the 8it#hen. As it #lose% )ehin% her' she re(e()ere% that she ha% :ro(ise% to tell the night wat#h(an when she le=t.ter' :. .t the two PCs that she was .9. Let slee:ing %ogs lie' she %e#i%e%.sing to store the s. She loo8e% at her wat#h9 ""9/+. She sto::e% an% let her e&es swee: o$er the #ar$eillan#e' no #all. e=ore she :.()er.n . She =rowne%' stra::e% on her #o(:.She went o. !er =irst tho.t there was no answer. The ri%e =ro( the (ain o==i#e at the entran#e to !e%esta%Cs in%.t to !e%e)& Islan% too8 ten (in. Salan%er loo8e% aro.()er' ).gh a si%e %oor.res =ro( the #a(eras she ha% installe%. .+ an% 69++. That (eant that she wo.tes.t on her hel(et' she t.l% not )e rea#he%.

ring the %a&. At "69"* Nilsson #a(e ho(e. Three ( he went o.At "19. At "09+.t to the gar%en. he too8 his #o==ee #.t in the gar%en. Salan%er =ast<=orwar%e% thro. !e was )a#8 less than =i=teen (in. !e (a%e three )rie= tele:hone #alls %. She #o.tes later. !e ha% a =ol%er with hi(' whi#h he st. !e ha% not #o(e )a#8. . At *"9++ Martin VangerCs #ar went )&.l% see who ha% gone :ast %. At "59*+ he went to the gate an% loo8e% in the %ire#tion o= the )ri%ge.: o.ring the ho. At *"9+.tsi%e the =ront %oor.r he s:ent o.* lo(8$ist entere% the #a)in.tes later lo(8$ist le=t the ho. At *+9+* the Saa) was on its wa& )a#8. At "29*" lo(8$ist le=t the #ottage. The three #alls #orres:on%e% e@a#tl& to #alls she ha% not answere%.res =ro( the other PC' whi#h :hotogra:he% the gate an% the roa% o.%ie%. At "69/* the Saa) that )elonge% to KstergRr%en %ro$e towar%s ! the :i#t.

t he 8new that he wo.‖ A7h& %o &o. The #. AUn#o(=orta)leB‖ he sai%.rsel= to )la(e. !e sh.te' loo8ing at the ho. AVer&'‖ sai% lo(8$ ha$e %is#o$ere% that the& ha% :. Martin Vanger on#e again le=t lo(8$ist alone.C$e onl& got &o. !e stoo% still =or a (o(ent )e=ore he t.==s were so tight that his han%s were n. !e %i% not 8now how (. !e loo8e% worrie%.t his e&es.: to the :or#h an% trie% the %oor' ta8ing o. !e (.' then :eering thro. !e ha% no #han#e.().==s' ). Salan%er =elt an i#e<#ol% =ear in her g. !e a::eare% in lo(8$istCs =iel% o= $ision.At *"91+' Martin Vanger a::eare% in the #a(eraCs $ the 8it#hen win%ow.t.t in a new lo#8. !e went . AYo. Yo.t a 8e&.n#o(=orta)le :osition with his han%s )ehin% his )a#8 an% his ne#8 =astene% )& a thin #hain to an e&elet in the =loor. !e was still in his . 8ill' MartinB‖ .rne% on his heel an% le=t the ho. !e =i%%le% with the han%#. !e stoo% at the gate =or o$er a (in.l% not )e a)le to get the( o==.#h ti(e ha% :asse% when he hear% MartinCs =ootste:s again.l% ha$e gone )a#8 to Sto#8hol(.

: in the histor& )oo8s. 8ill wo(en.t it wo.: withB‖ ALet go' =or hea$enCs sa8e.(an )eing is a shell (a%e o= s8in 8ee:ing the #ells' )loo%' an% #he(i#al #o(:onents in )elow lo(8$istCs e&e. Ver& =ew en% .‖ AYo.r%er =or :leas.rn his hea% to lessen the :ain in his s#al:. (eanB‖ lo(8$ist gas:e%.n% his ne#8. Tr& to loo8 at it this wa&9 a h.l%nCt #hange an&thing. lo(8$ist =or#e% hi(sel= to (eet MartinCs gaLe. A7hat ha::ene% to her' &o.s who (. The #hain tightene% ro. 7hat ha$e &o. AYo.‖ Martin Vanger let go o= his hair an% sat #ross<legge% in =ront o= lo(8$ist.t a tra#e.‖ A7hat %o &o.AItCs a #hoi#e that I (a%e. !e too8 a 8ni=e =ro( his >a#8et an% o:ene% not the onl& one with this ho))&?we li$e a #o(:lete li=e. #o(e . I #o. !e trie% to t.l% tal8 all night' ). little )astar%B Tell (e.r own sisterB‖ In a se#on% Martin gra))e% hi( )& the hair.() an% %isa::ear witho. .##.‖ AThose o= .l% as:e#ts o= what I %oH we #o. Most :eo:le s. !e set the :oint against the s8in >. 7eCre the (oral an% intelle#t.‖ A . an% Salan%er.t wh& !arrietB Yo.

I #o. Gott=rie% trie% to tea#h her.A7hat the hell ha::ene% to her' )astar%B‖ AI %onCt . All o= a s.: an% wan%ere% an or%inar&I#. I ha% her .t it on the #hair ne@t to the :istol. 8ille% tr&ing to a)sor) this in=or(ation' ).l%nCt get o$er to the islan%.t&' ).n%erstan%.ght a)o.l% a##e:t her %.t it' ).: with the wor%s INFORMATION OVERLOAD.‖ lo(8$istCs )rain was with %i==i#. A!arriet' !arriet' alwa&s !arriet.n% the roo(' thin8ing. .lle% his (o)ile tele:hone o. 7e tho. Sooner or later she was going to tell so(eone a)o.‖ AI wante% to 8ill her.ghe% )e=ore he #a(e )a#8 to =a#e lo(8$ist. I tho.s an% that she wo.t she was :lanning to tell !enri8' an% I realise% that I #o. !e got .ght' ). !e threw the 8ni=e on the =loor an% la.t I arri$e% too late.‖ Martin Vanger stare% at lo(8$ist =or a long (o(ent.t (e. Martin Vanger %i% not 8now what ha% ha::ene% to his sister.n%er #ontrol' or so I tho.l%nCt tr.t o= his :o#8et' glan#e% at the %is:la&' an% :.t she was >.ght that she was one o= . 8ille% her.nt. 7e trie%Ito tal8 to her.‖ AYo.t it =elt as i= a (essage ha% :o::e% .ght & her. Then he rela@e%.%%en Martin :. I tho.

AI %onCt want &o.:tl& he . AIs that too tightB Can &o. )reatheB‖ !e loosene% it a not#h an% lo#8e% the other en% o= the stra: in :la#e' =.s $oi#e. !e loosene% the #hain that hel% hi( sha#8le% to the =loor' ha. !e sli::e% the leather stra: thro.r anore@i# )it#h tonight too.:)oar% an% sli::e% it aro.nLi::e% lo(8$istCs tro. AIC$e ne$er ha% a )o& in here'‖ Martin sai% in a serio.t a :air o= s#issors.==o#ate all at on#e.#he% another (an' as a (atter o= =a#tIe@#e:t =or (& =ather. to s.AItCs ti(e to sto: all this.sers an% t.t&.n% lo(8$istCs ne#8' li8e a noose. As he :. That was (& %. I ha$e to %is:ose o= &o.gge% the( %own' along with his )o@er shorts. Martin went o$er to a #. !e #.t o== lo(8$istCs T<shirt an% tosse% the )its on the =loor.le% hi( to his =eet' an% sho$e% hi( towar%s the wall. Then he too8 . A)r.:)oar% an% too8 o.t a narrow leather stra: =ro( a #.‖ .lle% the( o==' lo(8$ist lost his =oothol% an% %angle% =or a se#on% =ro( the noose )e=ore his toes again (a%e #onta#t with the =loor.‖ The noose was #.‖ !e too8 o. Martin loo8e% at hi( attenti$el&.gh a loo: a)o$e lo(8$istCs hea% an% then tightene% it so that he was =or#e% to stan% on ti:toes.tting so har% into lo(8$istCs throat that he was in#a:a)le o= .rther %own the wall.: a :osition so(e %istan#e awa& =ro( Mi8ael an% regar%e% his $i#ti(. AIC$e ne$er to.ttering a wor%.

n%ing.t e@:ression. . !e :. =. lo(8$ist instantl& =elt the noose #. A!e&' &o.n'‖ he on the noose an% leane% =orwar% to 8iss lo(8$ist on the li:s at the sa(e ti(e that a #ol% $oi#e #.#8ing #ree:' in this shithole IC$e got a (ono:ol& on that one.l% al(ost :h&si#all& =eel the sho#8 when he t. AIC$e alwa&s won%ere% how a (an tastes.rne% aro.lle% %own. For a se#on%' ti(e stoo% still.lo(8$istCs te(:les were :o.t to see her stan%ing in the %oorwa&.n%. ANoIr.‖ lo(8$ist hear% Salan%erCs $oi#e thro. !e #o. !e (anage% to =o#.t he #o. !e trie% to .t )eing strangle%.l% not see the loo8 on MartinCs =a#e' ).tting into his ne#8.t his han% on the stra: an% a re% his =ingers to get a gri: on the #on#rete wall )ehin% hi(' ). AItCs ti(e'‖ Martin Vanger sai%.t his weight on his =eet witho.t there was nothing to hol% on to. !e #o. She was loo8ing at Martin Vanger witho.l% not :. Then Martin rea#he% =or the :istol he ha% le=t on the #hair.s his e&es eno.‖ !e in#rease% the the roo(.

thI‖ lo(8$ist gas:e%. !er teeth were )are% li8e a )east o= :re&.Salan%er too8 three swi=t stri%es =orwar% an% sw.e was :o::ing o. ALisI.#8 hi( =ro( )ehin%' )etween the on her :re& as she sw. She hit hi( with a an% see(e% totall& =o#.l%er ) the #l. The iron =lew in a wi%e ar# an% hit Martin on the #ollar)one near his sho. Martin howle%.t to :ass o.rth )low a gol=' an% the :ain in his te(:les was al(ost . !er $oi#e was as ro. The =o.rne% to hi( an% saw that his =a#e was the #olo.t o= his (o. She t.) again' stri8ing Martin in the ri)s. ADo &o.#8 =or the thir% ti(e' >. Then she str. . She (o$e% with the lightning s:ee% o= a tarant.e% =ro( MartinCs throat.n)eara)le. She 8i#8e% it awa&. !er e&es were glittering' )la#8 as #oal. !e was a)o. The )low ha% a terri)le =or#e' an% lo(8$ist hear% so(ething as san%:a:er. li8e :ain' #ree:B‖ Salan%er sai%. A horri)le #r& iss..% s(a#8 on the hi:.()le% to the =loor at Salan%erCs =eet.l% ne$er =orget her =a#e as she went on the as Martin Vanger was tr&ing to get to his =eet.) she ha% hi%%en at her si%e.l%er.r o= a to(ato' his e&es were o:en wi%e' an% his tong. !e st. As long as lo(8$ist li$e%' he wo.()le% o$er the #hair an% =ell. The :istol t.

It too8 se$eral se#on%s )e=ore lo(8$ist san8 to the =loor. Salan%er t.n%erneath' s#oring lo(8$istCs ne#8 as she trie% to e@:an% the noose.==s' whi#h la& in :lain sight on the ta)le. Salan%er loo8e% again at Martin Vanger. !e ha% :er=e#t hearing an% registere% e$er& )reath' e$er& r. !e ha% :er=e#t $ision an% #o.ll e%ge. It ha% a shar: :oint ).t =inall& she sli::e% the :oint o= the 8ni=e .gh a hea%set' an% he was aware o= the o%o. She loo8e% aro.t the on the 8e&s to the han%#. For a (o(ent lo(8$ist ha% a sensation o= his )o%& an% as Martin Vanger %isa::eare% o.sion ).rst as )loo% )egan strea(ing to his hea%.stle o= #lothing' as i= the& were entering his ears thro.l% not )e (a8ing an& tro.)le =or the ne@t =ew se#on%s.) an% :i#8e% .n% an% =o#.niting.t a in the roo(.r o= Salan%erCs sweat an% the s(ell o= leather =ro( her >a#8et.n%er the noose. She got .lle% tighter ro.t her an% saw the 8ni=e on the =loor. . She trie% to %ig her =ingers . At last it loosene% an% lo(8$ist too8 se$eral sha8&' wheeLing )reaths. Then she s:are% a glan#e at Martin Vanger' who was tr&ing to #rawl awa& =ro( her' one ar( hanging. .:' gra))e% the :istol' #he#8e% the (agaLine an% =li#8e% o== the sa=et&.)le% o$er. !e wo. She stoo% on her toes an% =ranti#all& sawe% at the leather stra: to get it o==.rne% her hea% >. Then the ill.t %o.t e$er& s:e#8 o= %.n% his ne#8.t it' ).t the noose was :.l% (a8e o.: the 8ni=e. At =irst she %i% not %are #. She let go o= the gol= #l. !e was on his =eet ).She loo8e% a)o.l .

==e% the :istol in her >a#8et :o#8et an% %i% not )other with the hel(et as she starte% her (otor#&#le. Fro( the %ri$e she saw a :air o= tail lights :assing !enri8 VangerCs an% )& then she ha% $anishe%. She #o.t he (anage% onl& a ras:ing so.n% o= an engine an% #a.%s.t to her to wait' ).n%er the $ia%.l% #arr& her.: in the #o.t she #o.AIC( going to ta8e hi('‖ she sai%' r.l% not see his #ar.#t.rne% o== the (otor to listen.t it into gear' an% ra#e% . She )ra8e% an% t.nning =or the %oor. She st. !e trie% to sho.:stairs to the :assagewa& )etween the garage an% the 8it#hen.n%a)o.l% hear no so. Se#on%s later she was #rossing the )ri%ge.rt&ar%. On the horiLon she saw a hint o= the %awn.rning %own to the )ri%ge' an% she ran as =ast as her legs #o. !e ha% (a&)e a ninet&<se#on% start when she #a(e into the ro.ght a gli(:se o= tail lights on the E/' going so. Then she hear% the so.n% telling her where her :re& was. She (o$e% stealthil& towar%s the 8it#hen' an% she was al(ost there when she hear% a #ar starting . Salan%er 8i#8e% the (otor#&#le' :. She gra))e% the 8e&s as she :asse% the ta)le an% tosse% the( )a#8han%e% to the =loor ne@t to lo(8$ist. The s8& was =ille% with hea$& #lo. Salan%er ha% not =orgotten that Martin Vanger ha% a ri=le so(ewhere' an% she sto::e%' hol%ing the :istol rea%& to =ire in =ront o= her' as she #a(e .t at the entran#e to the E/.r as . She was %oing /+ (iles :er an% t. She listene%' ).

She a##elerate% again ).st ha$e seen the hea%light =ro( her (otor#&#le' an% he s:e% .: to the a##i%ent site.: when the& too8 a long #. 7hen the roa% )egan to #.r$e along a ri%ge' she was %oing 6+ (:h' whi#h was a)o.rtling )a#8 o= the tr. !e (. Anal&se #onse4. O.#8. 7hat %o I %o nowB She %e#elerate% to a (ore reasona)le se$ent&<=i$e an% 8e:t :a#e with hi(. At the s:ee% she was going' it too8 two se#on%s =or her to #o$er the %istan#e . She saw the trailer start to >a#88ni=e a#ross her lane. Martin Vanger %i% too.t 01+ &ar%s ahea%. She saw no tra==i# an% a##elerate% to =.t o= the #orner o= her e&e she saw =la(es #o(ing =ro( the =ront o= the tr.en#es.r$e o= the entran#e ra(:.#8 )& two &ar%s as she =lew :ast.tes she saw the lights a)o. A=ter two (in. Salan%er saw the tr.ll s:ee% an% =lew$oi%a)le. !e in#rease% his s:ee% again an% %ro$e straight into the on#o(ing lane.l%er' a$oi%ing the h. She lost sight o= hi( =or se$eral se#on%s when the& too8 se$eral )en%s.n% on the )en%s.:e%<.: lightweight )i8e #o.t lost gro.r$e.she too8 the #.t the =astest her so. Then the& #a(e on to a long straightH she was onl& two h.t the #ollision was . .n%re% &ar%s )ehin% hi(. Martin Vanger %ro$e straight into the tr. She a##elerate% an% steere% on to the har% sho. She saw the hea%lights o= a tr.#8 swer$e an% =lash its lights' ).#8 a::roa#hing.l% (anage going %ownhill.#8 an% the so.n% o= the #rash was terri)le. Salan%er )ra8e%.

!is han%s were so n. She went .t a (ile so. .t o= the wre#8age o= MartinCs #ar' whi#h was we%ge% . She was soon rolling a#ross the )ri%ge at a low s:ee%.l% not get a gri: on the 8e&.se. !e %ro$e sla: into the =ront o= a tr.#8 a #o.#8 #li() o.n%.() that he #o. Mi8ael was still =. ADea%.:le o= (iles so.She ro%e on' )ra8ing an% thin8ing' =or another "1+ &ar%s )e=ore she sto::e% an% t.n%erneath the tr. A7e ha$e toI#all the :oli#e'‖ he whis:ere%.tsi%e the #ottage an% wal8e% )a#8 to Martin VangerCs ho. She saw the %ri$er o= the on the E/.nlo#8e% the #.ghing har%. AMartinB‖ he sai% in a hoarse $oi#e.==s =or hi( an% hel% hi( tight as the )loo% )egan to #ir#. !e )egan #o.‖ lo(8$ist stare% at her.#8. At U8er)&' a)o.late in his han%s again. She ha% onl& )een gone a =ew (in. Salan%er . She :ar8e% o. Then she a##elerate% again. ig =la(es were )oiling o.()ling with the han%#.==s. A (an was s:ra&ing the =la(es with a s(all =ire e@ting.: a hill :ast the s#ene o= the #rash.rne% aro. Two #ars ha% sto::e%.tes.isher.rne% le=t an% too8 the ol% roa% )a#8 north' :arallel to the E/.t o= his #a) on the :assenger' she t.

ntil his sense o= to.n%. !e sli::e% on his trainers.). Salan%er st. A7hat e@a#tl& %i% & lo(8$istCs #. ItCs getting light o.rr& .A7h&B‖ Salan%er sai%. She s:ent the ti(e thin8ing.: the )ase(ent stairs an% tol% hi( to wait in the :assagewa& while she :.:. !e was still on the =loor' na8e%' leaning against the wall.t &o. She wi:e% the %oor han%le an% the swit#h an% t. At last he sai% that he ha% to.rn. She hel:e% lo(8$ist .tsi%e.n% the 8e&s in Martin VangerCs >a#8et' whi#h he ha% h.#h starte% to ret. She :i#8e% .==e% his so#8s into her >a#8et :o#8et an% then sto::e% hi(.==s' the 8ni=e' an% the gol= #l.t<. For ten (in.r tro.rne% o== the light. AP.‖ She . to.t the gol= #l. %oingB‖ AGet %resse% an% h.#h %own hereB‖ lo(8$ist loo8e% aro. A7hat are &o. !e (assage% his ne#8 an% li=te% the water )ottle with #l.sers on.: her PET ) o$er the #hair. Salan%er =o.:. !e trie% to re(e()er.‖ lo(8$ist stoo% on sha8& legs an% (anage% to :. Salan%er waite% :atientl& .tes lo(8$ist was in#a:a)le o= stan%ing .#he% nothing e@#e:t the %oor an% the 8e&s.: T<shirt to wi:e =inger:rints =ro( the han%#.ll on his )o@ers an% >eans.) )a#8 in its :ro:er .(s& =ingers.

tsi%e tonight' &o. She sat %own at the 8it#hen ta)le an% was thin8ing har% when he #a(e li(:ing )a#8 into the roo(. Then she :.t with a )are #hest tonight. She st.‖ ALis)eth' I #anCtI‖ AGet in the shower.t to the :oint =or a nightti(e wal8' an% we ha% se@ o. . Now. She le% hi( o. an% I went o. s#a(:ering a)o. Salan%er ha% ta8en #harge' an% :assi$el& he o)e&e% her instr. As soon as the& ste::e% insi%e the #ottage' she sto::e% hi(.‖ She hel:e% hi( o== with his #lothes an% :ro:elle% hi( to the )athroo(. She hel% on to hi( the whole ti(e.‖ lo(8$ist realise% that he was in a state o= sho#8.ises an% s#ra:es on his )o%&. AP. 7hen she #a(e )a#8 she was #arr&ing a %ar8 T<shirt that )elonge% to Martin I %onCt want an&one to see &o.t on water =or #o==ee an% (a%e hal= a %oLen thi#8 san%wi#hes on r&e )rea% with #heese an% li$er sa. AI= an&one sees .:la#e.t there. AGet into )e%'‖ she sai%.n% his ne#8' an% the 8ni=e ha% (a%e a )loo%& gash in his s8in on the le=t si%e.sage an% %ill :i#8les.%ie% the )r.t this on.t o= MartinCs ho.s an% as8s what we were %oing o. The noose ha% )een so tight that he ha% a %ar8 re% (ar8 aro.

ALet the #o==ee #ool =or a while. Then she t. !e was alone in the #ar.))ing hi( with the lini(ent. I %onCt want to ha$e an&thing to %o with the(. lo(8$ist #lose% his e&es =or a (o(ent' then he sat .‖ She s:ent =i$e ( eat'‖ Salan%er #o((an%e%' ta8ing a )ig )ite o= her own #heese san%wi#h. Salan%er too8 o== her leather >a#8et an% =ro( the )athroo( )ro.‖ ANo'‖ she re:lie% with s.s )r. Lie =a#e the #o==ee an% han%e% hi( a san%wi#h. 3.#h that he #ha()er. AYo.‖ ALis)eth' we ha$e to #all the :oli#e. !is throat h.She i(:ro$ise% )an%ages an% #o$ere% the wo.#8ing tort. Martin Vanger is %ea%. AI= &o.n% with a (a8eshi=t #o(:ress.ngr&'‖ he sai%. . !e %ie% in a #ar a##i%ent. Then she :o. #all the :oli#e' IC( lea$ing.#h $ehe(en#e that lo(8$ist o:ene% his e&es in s.ngr&.r:rise. Yo. There are witnesses.rne% hi( o$er an% ga$e hi( the sa(e treat(ent on the =ront.: an% too8 a )ite. AI %onCt gi$e a %a(n i= &o.Cre h. AIC( reall& not h. Let the :oli#e or so(eone else %is#o$er that =.Cre going to ha$e so(e serio.tes (assaging his )a#8 an% r.rt so (.l% s#ar#el& swallow.ght a >ar o= Tiger al( =ro( her s:onge )ag.ises =or a while.

stI‖ AI= &o.r%a&' he was aslee:. )a#8 to MartinCs grotto an% #hain &o. . go on nagging' ICll %rag &o. AI %i%nCt 8now that &o. C!APTER *1 Sat.‖ A7h&B‖ She ignore% hi( an% starte% (assaging his a#hing thighs. :la&e% gol='‖ he sai%' #losing his e&es again. Salan%er #a(e in an% too8 hol% o= his han%s' 8ee:ing hi( still.:le o= (in.‖ As she sai% this' lo(8$ist =ell aslee:' as s.t its e@isten#e as e$er&one else in this $illage.ntil she was s. ALis)eth' we #anCt >.: again. 7hile he sle:t' Salan%er ha% gone )a#8 to Martin VangerCs )ase(ent to e@a(ine an% .an% I are >.l& "*-Mon%a&' as ignorant a)o.tes . She sat with hi( =or a #o.%%enl& as i= he ha% =ainte%.l& "/ lo(8$ist wo8e with a start at 19++ in the (orning' s#ra))ling at his ne#8 to get ri% o= the noose. !e o:ene% his e&es an% loo8e% at her )learil&.

She trie% to .t the )in%ers in a n&lon )ag along with MartinCs Dell PC la:to:' whi#h she =o. . She #o. There was no %iar&.(s. The& ha% =o.l% har%l& i(agine the horrors that (.st ha$e :la&e% o.n% a #olle#tion o= $iolent :ornogra:hi# (agaLines an% a large n. It was a=ter 09++ )& the ti(e she t. In a%%ition to the tort.n% on the hall ta)le . !ow was that :ossi)leB The )in%ers :ro$i%e% a :artial answer. She :.()er o= Polaroi% :hotogra:hs :aste% into al).(ents' she ha% =o.nt =or what the& tho.:hotogra:h the #ri(e s#ene.ring the :ast =i=teen &ears one or two $i#ti(s :er &ear.t the wo(en. The 8illing ha% )een %one so %is#reetl& an% was so well :lanne% that no<one was e$en aware that a serial 8iller was at wor8.ght was a serial 8iller =ro( the :ast.e% her e@a(ination o= MartinCs #o(:.: the h. On the other han%' she %i% =in% two A/ )in%ers with :ass:ort :hotogra:hs an% han%written notes a)o. Together with Mi8ael lo(8$ist she ha% ta8en .ter. Martin Vanger ha% )een 8illing wo(en sin#e the si@ties' %. She lit a #igarette.ter an% ) instr.:stairs. 7hile lo(8$ist sle:t she #ontin.n% so(ething a::allingl& %i==erent.t in Martin VangerCs )ase(ent' in the (i%st o= this well<or%ere%' i%&lli# s:ot.rne% o== the #o(:.n%erstan%.

There were also :rostit. !e ha% %es#ri)e% their s. .t e$er& wo(an an&where near hi( was a :otential $i#ti(.rit& o==i#e' the se#retaries o= ).se or other :ro)le(s in their )a#8gro. There were e(:lo&ees =ro( the Vanger Cor:oration' waitresses in resta. Fro( her own st.n#tione% as re(in%ers that the 8iller #o.rants where he reg.larl& ate' re#e:tion sta== in hotels' #ler8s at the so#ial se#.%ies o= the :s&#holog& o= se@. Martin Vanger ha% %e$elo:e% this :e#.g a).nt that was Martin VangerCs :ri(ar& interest.n%re% wo(en.siness asso#iates' an% (an& other wo( to it.!is $i#ti(s were o=ten new arri$als' i((igrant girls who ha% no =rien%s or so#ial #onta#ts in Swe%en.$enirs =ro( his $i#ti(s. It see(e% as i= Martin ha% :igeonhole% :ra#ti#all& e$er& wo(an he ha% e$er #o(e into #onta#t he ha% e@:erien#e%.liarit& )& 8ee:ing a A%eath )oo8.t#asts' with %r. The #atalog.(ente% his 8illings with $i%eota:es an% sa%is(' Salan%er ha% learne% that this t&:e o= (.e% an% gra%e% his $i#ti(s. !e ha% %o#.‖ !e ha% ha$e %e$ote% #o.==ering. The $iolen#e an% the 8illing were the goal' ). !e ha% 8ille% onl& a =ra#tion o= these wo(en' ).%e% that it was the h.n%.all& #olle#te% so.$enirs =.r%erer .l% .t Salan%er to re<#reate so(e o= the ha% the (ar8 o= a :assionate ho))&' an% he (.tes an% so#ial o. These so. In his la:to: he ha% #reate% a %ata)ase with a list o= (ore than a h.ntless ho.

r%erer. Salan%er =antasies. It was :o.#8 a (at#h. She was l&ing on her sto(a#h on a ) o= %e=en#e' al(ost as i= the :hotogra:her ha% she was #o(:letel& na8e%. !e was =irst o= all a stal8er' an% se#on% a (.rB Fig. In the =irst :i#t.t two (.#ation %oes she ha$eB !air #olo.rne% her =a#e awa& =ro( the #a(era an% was in the :ro#ess o= li=ting one ar( in a gest.rB S8in #olo. 7hen she ha% =inishe% rea%ing' she %is#o$ere% a s(all en$elo:e in one o= the )in%ers.#h han%le% an% =a%e% Polaroi% :i#t.res. She ha% t. The girl ha% on %ar8 >eans an% ha% a )are torso with tin&' :ointe% )reasts.Is she (arrie% or singleB Does she ha$e #hil%ren an% =a(il&B 7here %oes she wor8B 7here %oes she li$eB 7hat 8in% o= #ar %oes she %ri$eB 7hat sort o= e%. !er =a#e was still t.==e% the en$elo:e with the :i#t.res into her >a#8et :o#8et.e )e%s:rea%. A=ter that she #arrie% the )in%ers o$er to the woo%sto$e an% a %ar8<haire% girl was sitting at a ta)le.rne% awa& =ro( the #a(era.r:rise% her. . In the se#on% :i#t. 7hen she was %one with the =ire' she stirre% the ashes.reB The gathering o= :ersonal in=or(ation a)o. She :.lle% o.n%er the ) ha$e )een a signi=i#ant :art o= Martin VangerCs se@.ring %own with rain when she too8 a short wal8 an%' 8neeling as i= to tie a shoela#e' %is#reetl& %ro::e% Martin VangerCs la:to: into the water .t :otential $i#ti(s (.

re% #o==ee an% :. The :ress' the stress' a =o.7hen Fro%e (ar#he% thro.::ose it will sa& on the :la#ar%s.‖ AThatCs sa%'‖ Salan%er sai%' ta8ing a si: o= her own #o==ee.n#o(:rehen%ing.: o$er to hi(. A7hatIB‖ A!e #rashe%.el awa8ening. AMartinII >. Salan%er :o.#8. Fro%eCs =a#e was ashen' an% he loo8e% as i= he ha% ha% a the o:en %oor at 29. Then his e&es o:ene% wi%e.i#i%e. !ow anno&ing. !e #o((itte% s.:.n% o. 8now a)o.‖ Fro%e sat %own hea$il& on a 8it#hen #hair.+ that (orning' Salan%er was at the 8it#hen ta)le s(o8ing a #igarette an% %rin8ing #o==ee. A7hereCs Mi8aelB‖ he sai%.‖ . Fro%e loo8e% . At least thatCs what I s.she% the #.t that Martin was 8ille% in a #ar a##i%ent last night. A!eCs still aslee:.n%ering =inan#ial e(:ire' %ot' %ot' %ot' too (.‖ A7hat %o &o.t thisB‖ A!e %ro$e his #ar right into the =ront o= a tr. At =irst he stare% at her' .#h =or hi(.

#he% his ar( an% #lose% the %oor. She tol% hi( what she ha% =o. She tol% hi( what Martin VangerCs #ha()er o= horrors loo8e% li8e an% how she ha% =o.##in#tl& what ha% ha::ene% %. ALet hi( slee:'‖ Salan%er sna::e%.sions on his #hest.t an% san8 on to the 8it#hen )en#h.n% his ne#8 an% the CEO o= the Vanger Cor:oration stan%ing in =ront o= his na8e% )o%&. Fro%e loo8e% at the slee:ing =ig.ring the night.n% Mi8ael with a noose aro.t to ha$e a #ere)ral hae(orrhage.n% in the #o(:an&Cs ar#hi$es the %a& )e=ore an% how she ha% esta)lishe% a :ossi)le lin8 )etween MartinCs =ather an% the (.nstea%il& to the )e%roo(.r%ers o= at least se$en wo(en. !e saw the )la#8 an% ) loo8e% as i= he were a)o. 7hen she sto::e% tal8ing' he sat (.e (ar8s on lo(8$istCs =a#e an% the #ont.tes )e=ore he too8 a %ee: )reath an% sai%9 A7hat are we going to %oB‖ AThatCs not =or (e to sa&'‖ Salan%er sai%.:te% her re#itation onl& on#e.: swi=tl& an% wal8e% .tel& =or se$eral (in. Salan%er to. !e stoo% . Fro%e )a#8e% o. Fro%e interr. Lis)eth Salan%er tol% hi( s. . Then he saw the =la(ing line where the noose ha% )een.

(stan#es %o I want (& na(e in an& :oli#e re:ort.estion.t the 8e& on the ta)le )etween the(.n%erstan%. Onl& lea$e (e an% Mi8ael o.rsel=.‖ AUn%er no #ir#.n%erstan%.‖ She to answer a single 4.n%erstan%. 8now is that Martin Vanger %ie% in a tra==i# a##i%ent.l% I %oB‖ AYo. AI %onCt . I= (& na(e is (entione% in #onne#tion with this stor&' ICll %en& that IC$e e$er )een here' an% ICll re=. ALoo8 at it this wa&9 the onl& thing &o.tI‖ AAs I see it' IC$e ne$er set =oot in !e%esta%.t the roo( in his )ase(ent.Cll ha$e to wor8 that o.C$e ne$er hear% a)o.‖ Fro%e was %eathl& :ale.t o= it.seating serial 8iller' an% &o.t =or &o.A . Yo.‖ AI %onCt . I %onCt e@ist in #onne#tion with an& o= this. .‖ AYo.‖ Fro%e ga$e her a sear#hing loo8.‖ AThen what sho. %onCt nee% to . ha$e no i%ea that he was also an insane' na.

Ma&)e &o. 7e #anCt >. li8e.sions an% %e#i%e =or &o.‖ AIC( not s.r%ere% wo(enIthere (. This will )e the %eath )low =or the #o(:an&.se the& %onCt 8now where their #hil%ren are.n%er a #ar:et.Cll =in% :ass:orts or ID #ar%s in so(e %rawer.rsel= who &o. %is#o$er the roo(' &o. Thin8 o= how (an& =a(ilies will lose their li$elihoo% i= it gets o. AOh' %ear Go%.C$e got ti(e?)e=ore an&one is going to #lean o.‖ Fro%e loo8e% :ani#<stri#8en.t that MartinI‖ . 7hen &o.r own #on#l.t MartinCs ho.‖ ANot we. want to tell. #an go to the :oli#e i= &o.stI‖ AThatCs right.ggesting that it sho.r one :ro)le(.se an% %is#o$er the )ase(ent.l% )e ) )e =a(ilies that are %es:erate )e#a. %raw &o.t thereCs >. lea$e (e an% Mi8ael o.e' it (eans that Martin has 8i%na::e% an% (. sa& is tr. Thin8 it o$er.t o= it.‖ AThis #anCt )e )r. .t &o. ItCs &o. .‖ AI= what &o.t this. %onCt nee% to %e#i%e to%a&. Ma&)e so(e o= the $i#ti(s #an )e i%enti=ie% =ro( the $i%eota:es.AYo. The )o%ies are that &o.she% . Yo.‖ A7e ha$e to go to the :oli#e a)o.she% an&where' >.

#an tell !err Vanger that I thin8 now that weCre going to sol$e it.i%elines that he hi(sel= was .l% )e ina::ro:riate i= she were the =irst one to light .ggling with a (oral %ile((a. !e was the ol% attorne& an% :ro)le(<sol$er who was e@:e#te% to ha$e a :lan rea%& to (eet an& e$ent.l% sta& awa& =ro( that roo( to%a&'‖ Salan%er sai% shar:l&.‖ AI ha$e to go an% seeI‖ AI thin8 &o. Nothing was re:orte% a)o. (a& thin8 it wo. ha$e to go an% tell !enri8' an% &o. AAn% !arrietIB‖ AMi8ael an% I are not =inishe% &et. ha$e a lot o= things to ta8e #are %e(ise was the to: stor& on the 69++ news on the ra%io when lo(8$ist wo8e .t what she was sa&ing. sho. It s. I= Isa)ella Vanger is to inherit' &o.late. to =or(.:. She ha% so(ehow seiLe% #ontrol o= the sit. !is heart was th. #ha:s %o when &o.(:ing.%%enl& %awne% on hi( that here he was' ta8ing or%ers =ro( a #hil%. ha$e to #all a s:e#ial (eeting o= the )oar% an% %o all those things &o.Fro%e ro#8e% )a#8 an% =orth' >.ation an% gi$en hi( the g.‖ Fro%e tho.r CEO %ies.:on her sonCs ho))&.t &o. AYo. .t the nightCs e$ents other than to sa& that .‖ Martin VangerCs . AThatCs one iss.ght a)o.alit&' &et he =elt :owerless to a#t.e.

rst' ). Sin#e he ha% not i((e%iatel& #alle% the :oli#e' it )e#a(e har%er to %o so with ea#h ho.'+++ o= the townCs *"'+++ inha)itants were e(:lo&e% )& the Vanger Cor:oration or were otherwise %e:en%ent on the :ros:erit& o= the #o(:an&.((e% .%).:.rnit. .n#hti(e the rain ha% sto::e% an% the win% ha% %ie% %own a ) ill a=ter a heart atta#8.n% "+9++ there was another #lo.t )& l.g o= that :asse%.t an% wi:e% o== the gar%en =.the in%.en#es that this %eath wo. !e ha% )een alone in the #ar. Aro.l% ine$ita)l& ha$e =or the #o(:an&. There was no nat.:%ate =ro( the TT wire ser$i#e ha% the hea%line A TO7N IN S!OCJ' an% it s.: the :ro)le(s o= the Vanger Cor:oration. !e went o.n#hti(e .t Salan%er ha% alrea%& set a #ertain :ro#ess in (otion. A hastil& #o(:ose% o= the Vanger Cor:oration an% the #onse4.ral heir. lo(8$ist ha% ha% the o:tion o= going to the :oli#e in !e%esta% an% telling the( what ha% ha::ene% that night' ). All this at a ti(e #onsi%ere% to )e a(ong the (ost #riti#al in the #o(:an&Cs histor&.rne% . It es#a:e% no<oneCs noti#e that in !e%esta% alone (ore than .re an% then sat there with a (.strialist ha% ine@:li#a)l& an% at high s:ee% #rosse% to the wrong si%e o= the E/' tra$elling so. !e was wearing a shirt with the #ollar t. The lo#al ra%io ran a stor& that %ealt with #on#ern =or the =.t. !e s:ent the (orning in gloo(& silen#e' sitting on the 8it#hen )en#h' wat#hing the rain o. The =ir(Cs CEO was %ea%' an% the =or(er CEO was serio.

want to tal8 to the :oli#eB‖ AI ne$er tal8 to the a.rse' o$er the %ail& li=e o= !e%e)&.#8er 8ill &o. Salan%er o)ser$e% the :ro#ession witho.t his han% an% :la#e% it on her as the #lan gathere% to o==er #on%olen#es.l%nCt ha$e s. A!ow are &o.l% %o.t e(otion. AThan8 & an% :.‖ Salan%er s(ile% her #roo8e% s(ile.#h an i%iot as to ta#8le hi( on &o. Cars )egan :ar8ing o.C% see the :i#t.t two an% two together an% #all the :oli#e.l% )e %ea%.tsi%e Isa)ella VangerCs ho. wo.r own.MartinCs %eath #ast a sha%ow' o= #o. AI was hel:less.‖ AI= IC% waite% =or the :oli#e' &o.thorities. I wasnCt going to let that (other=. AI thin8 IC( still in sho#8'‖ he sai%.l% )e s. I =elt the =ear o= %eath an% there wasnCt a thing I #o. For se$eral ho. I was #on$in#e% that I was going to %ie. =eelingB‖ she sai% at last..n%erstan% how &o.r$i$e%. I was #haine% to the =loor %own there' :ra&ing that &o.‖ !e stret#he% o.t =or &o. A .' I wo.'‖ he sai%.‖ A7h& %onCt &o.‖ A7h& notB‖ . AAll the sa(eII %onCt .

.res on the ta)le in =ront o= hi(. Mi8ael st.)>e#t.rnalist who was stri::e% na8e% )& Martin Vanger' the =a(o.%&ing the :i#t. AIt (ight )e her'‖ he sai% at last.sion that lo(8$ist ha% %one so(ething st. I= &o.r #ase' I %onCt thin8 it wo.t the sha:e o= her )o%& an% the hair re(in% (e o= the :i#t. Salan%er ne$er %i% =in% the :hotogra:h that lo(8$ist ha% le=t on the 8it#hen ta)le. Yes.‖ The& sat in the gar%en =or an ho. She ha% gone o$er to Martin VangerCs ho.res IC$e seen.siness.res intentl& =or a while )e=ore he loo8e% .t to %r& as the >o. #an thin8 . AI wo.‖ lo(8$ist ga$e her a sear#hing loo8 an% %ro::e% the s.l%nCt swear to it' ).s serial 8iller.n% the(.se )& wa& o= the shore an% loo8e% in all . A7hat ha::ene% to !arriet. 3.‖ Salan%er lai% the two Polaroi% %onCt ta8e it o.AThatCs (& ).res =ro( the s.r$eillan#e #a(eras.r heroi# li=e. A7e %o still ha$e a :ro)le('‖ she sai%.:i% a=ter st. She ha% #o(e to the #on#l. lo(8$ist no%%e%. %onCt li8e QJalle lo(8$ist'C &o. She e@:laine% where sheC% =o.t o= this #ha:ter o= &o.%ie% the :i#t. The& %is#o$ere% that ea#h o= the(' in%e:en%entl& an% =ro( %i==erent %ire#tions' ha% i%enti=ie% Martin Vanger as the (issing lin8.t in &o.r' :ie#ing together the %etails.:.: a whole new o.l% )e a terri=i# #areer (o$e to )e h.

ation.t he #on=esse% to all the #ri(es he ha% #o((itte%.:stairs. . I thin8 that he wante% to i(:ress (e.: )& the noose.n% the stairs %own to the )ase(ent.n% =loor. lo(8$ist as8e% her how (.t what ha::ene%. She ha% trie% all the %oors an% win%ows on the gro.the win%ows an% seen no<one.t )e=ore he h. ANot (. . Martin ha% )een #areless.#h she ha% hear% o= what Martin as she sear#he% the ho.t what ha::ene% to !arriet' >. !e le=t the %oor to his #ha()er o= horrors a>ar' an% she was a)le to =or( a #lear i(:ression o= the sit. ADo &o. I le=t =or a =ew ( an o:en )al#on& %oor . It ha% ta8en a long ti(e' an% she ha% (o$e% e@tre(el& #a. a)o.‖ AMartin ha% no i%ea what ha::ene% to !arriet'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. AMartin was %a=ter than a s&:hiliti# :ole#at?where %o I get these (eta:hors =ro(B? ).se' roo( )& roo(. )elie$e thatB‖ AYes'‖ lo(8$ist sai% witho. Finall& she ha% #li()e% in thro.t when it #a(e to !arriet' he was as %es:erate as !enri8 Vanger to =in% &o.sB‖ .tes to go )a#8 an% =in% a wea:on. E$ent.tio. I got there when he was as8ing &o.‖ ASoIwhere %oes that ta8e .all& she =o.

. That (a%e (e thin8 thatIwell' the onl& :ossi)le #on#l.t a %& it was ra()ling?was that his =ather starte% his a::renti#eshi: a=ter he rea#he% :.rteen' =or Go%Cs sa8e.‖ AAn%B‖ A!e sai% that he ha% ne$er to. AMartin reall& %i%nCt ha$e a #han#e. !e was there at the (.lts (. There was not an o.C The se@.llshit'‖ Salan%er sai%' her $oi#e as har% as =lint. !e was there at the (. She ha% a st.t&.‖ ATal8 a)o.‖ A .st ha$e gone on =or a long ti(e.#he% another (an?e@#e:t his =ather.‖ AOJ. An% he ) assa. lo(8$ist stare% at her in astonish(ent. Martin #alle% it Qhis %.‖ Salan%er ga$e hi( a strange loo8.r%er o= Sara in "60/ an% that ti(e he too8 an a#ti$e :art.r%er o= Lea in U%%e$alla in "60*.sion is that his =ather ra:e% hi(.)ert&.ght on little Martin.n#e o= s&(:ath& in it. !e was si@teen.A7e 8now that Gott=rie% was res:onsi)le =or the =irst series o= (.n#tional =a(il&'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. !e was =o.))orn loo8 in her e&es.r%ers' )etween "6/6 an% "601. A7hat Martin tol% (e?e$en tho. !e was raise% )& his =ather' so to s:ea8.

en#e o= his =ather' >.eB‖ Salan%erCs e&es )laLe% with =.(ing that Martin ha% no will o= his own an% that :eo:le )e#o(e whate$er the&C$e )een )ro. An% the sa(e is as Gott=rie% was #owe% )& his =ather' the NaLi. AIs this a sensiti$e iss. AGott=rie% isnCt the onl& 8i% who was e$er ( as an&one else to stri8e )a#8.‖ lo(8$ist s(ile% #a.‖ A .‖ lo(8$ist hel% . That lea$es its (ar8.tio.‖ AIC( not sa&ing otherwise.Cre ass.n%er the in=l. .llshit'‖ Salan%er sai% again.:)ringing %oes :la& a role. lo(8$ist 4.‖ .r%er wo(en.r&.st thin8 that itCs :atheti# that #ree:s alwa&s ha$e to ha$e so(eone else to )la( AIC( onl& sa&ing that I thin8 that a :ersonCs . I >. !e (a%e that #hoi#e hi(sel=.AMartin ha% e@a#tl& the sa(e o::ort.i#8l& went on.e o= he li8e% %oing it.t Martin was a re:resse% )o& an% . ACan we not arg.‖ ASo &o. Gott=rie%Cs =ather )eat hi( (er#ilessl& =or &ears.: his han%. !e 8ille% an% he ra:e% )e#a.eB‖ AIC( not arg.: to )e.ght . That %oesnCt gi$e hi( the right to (.

se in the se$enties'‖ Salan%er sai% :ensi$el&. !e also ha% (one& to :. Martin %i%nCt e$en :reten% to ha$e an e@#.n%:roo=e%' win%owless roo( with a steel %oor.lses Gott=rie% was tr&ing to satis=& or how he hi(sel= inter:rete% what he was %oing. !e trie% to #ontin. AI thin8 !enri8 (entione% it was in "625.#h :. !e got a so.t in =or i(:ortant =iles or so(e s. !e was a #. E$er& ti(e Gott=rie% le=t a )o%& )ehin%' it le% to a :oli#e in$estigation an% the ris8 that so(eone (ight tra#8 hi( %own' or at least lin8 together the $ario.(a)l& he or%ere% a sa=e roo( :.‖ AMartin Vanger ).e in his =atherCs =ootste:s.ilt his ho.r%ers.t into his ho))&. 7eCll wor8 it all o.s (. It %oesnCt (atter what it' so(ething to %o with :. AI wonCt s:e#.t what i(:.nish(ent an% "600' in U::sala.‖ lo(8$ist rea#he% =or one o= Salan%erCs #igarettes. AGott=rie% wante% to 8ill wo(en an% #lothe his a#tions in so(e sort o= :se.t an% %rie% serial 8iller. ThereCs so(e sort o= i)li#al gi))erish that a :s&#hiatrist (ight )e a)le to =ig.late a)o.%o<religio. In Fe)r. !e was organise% an% %i% his 8illing s&ste(ati#all&.re o.i%e hi(. 7hat (atters is that Martin was se$enteen when Gott=rie% %ie%' an% he %i%nCt ha$e an&one to g.‖ .t later.r:ose. Pres.s #la:<tra:.AThe& ha$e a :ersonal res:onsi)ilit&. An% he was shrew%er than his =ather.ri=i#ation in a =ig.rati$e sense.

A!eCs ha% that roo( =or twent&<=i$e &ears.lte% !arriet. . 7hen I as8e% a)o.t what atro#ities (. Martin was the :.ght his son to hate wo(en at the sa(e ti(e as he was ra:ing hi(.r%ere% Lea Persson in U%%e$alla in "60*.arter o= a #ent. Thin8 o= the #hronolog&.r&. ANot reall&. An% that (eans that we 8now what her a)orte% #on$ersation with !enri8 was to ha$e )een a) to.C‖ AI hear% hi(.:il.‖ lo(8$ist =rowne%.#hing his ne#8. She was :lanning to tell !enri8. e=ore that' he an% Martin trie% to tal8 to !arriet. !e also assa.l% share his' to :.n%ertoneII thin8 Gott=rie% =antasise% that his #hil%ren wo.t she was >.n#ons#io. Salan%er %i% not nee% to thin8 a)o.t when I got %own to the )ase(ent.t. She noti#e% that lo(8$ist was .t !arriet' his own sister' Martin sai%9 Q7e trie% to tal8 to her. !e %rowne% in "601. 7here %oes that lea% .ght a)o.‖ The& =ell silent =or a while as lo(8$ist tho.sB‖ AMartin wasnCt the onl& one that Gott=rie% assa.t thereCs also so(e sort o= . That was a)o. .t the (atterH she ha% seen the $i%eota:es.t it (il%l&' :er$erte% worl% $iew. AGott=rie% hate% wo(en an% ha$e ta8en :la#e there =or a 4. !arriet was whatB Their :la&thingB‖ .t he too8 Martin with hi( when he (.st an or%inar& #. 7e %onCt 8now when Gott=rie% =irst ra:e% his son' ).‖ AGott=rie% was the tea#her.

all&I 7here %i% the assa.t e$ ha$e )een at Gott=rie%Cs #a)in.l% )e :ossi)le to #he#8. IC( al(ost :ositi$e that these :i#t. .t it. wrote that !enri8 ha% let !arriet (o$e into his %i% what his =ather tol% hi(.l% ha$e so(e :ea#e an% 4.ght Martin to s#rew his sister.t sheCs tr&ing to hi%e =ro( the #a(era.n8 one last ti(e an% %ie% in a (ost )anal wa&.res were ta8en there?it sho.‖ A!enri8 #o. AItCs har% to %eter(ine her attit.‖ Salan%er :ointe% at the Polaroi%' an% he too8 her in so that she #o. Martin . !e tho.n%o. Then Gott=rie% got %r. She %e=en%e% hersel=?#o.AGott=rie% ta.t he an% Gott =rie% ha% =or(e% so(e sort o=I:a#t' an% the& trie% to initiate !arriet into it too.‖ .l%nCt get their han%s on her as easil& or #ontrol her li=e.‖ Salan%er sai%9 AIn &o. The #a)in is in a :er=e#t lo#ation' isolate% an% =ar =ro( the $illage.res )e#a.rteen' in "60/.l%nCt a##e:t it' as Martin :.%e =ro( these two :i#t.)te%l& ha% nothing to sa& in this #onne#tionH he >. .l% see there was so(ething wrong in her =a(il&.se we #anCt see her =a#e' ).%ies.ght it was the )i#8ering an% =ri#tion )etween Gott=rie% an% Isa)ella that was the ta8e :la#eB‖ AIt (.‖ ALetCs sa& that it starte% when she was =o.n=oreseen o)sta#le =or Gott=rie% an% Martin. That was what she was threatening to tell !enri8 a)o.‖ AAn .r notes & in the winter o= "60/.t. The& #o.iet an% #on#entrate on her st.

otes' ).‖ .t it was a &ear )e=ore she too8 an& a#tion.t a)o.t her interest in the i)le %i% not e(erge . AIt was Martin'‖ Salan%er sai%. !arriet ha% (a%e note o= the na(es o= Gott=rie%Cs $i#ti(s' :airing the( .‖ AE@a#tl&. So(ething :.t he was also a serial se@ (.t that wasnCt what she was threatening to tell !enri8'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.ttings a)o.l% ha$e )een right )e=ore Gott=rie% %rowne%.ess is that he %i%nCt initiate her into the 8illing.t (& g.t her on his' tr&ing to #o(e .‖ lo(8$ist realise% that this was a wea8 :oint.: with i)le 4.ASo !arrietCs =ather ha% atte(:te% to ha$e se@ with her' ). It #o.r%erer'‖ he sai%. It (ight also ha$e )een a=ter he %rowne%' i= he ha% a %iar& or ha% sa$e% :ress #.sing her.: with a logi#al e@:lanation.n% o. ASo(eti(e along the wa& !arriet %is#o$ere% that Gott=rie% ha% not onl& #o((itte% in#est' ).ntil the last &ear' an% )& then Gott=rie% was alrea%& %ea%.t the(.‖ A .r%ers. A7e %onCt 8now when she =o. A!er =ather was %ea%' ).t the (.t Martin was going on a).‖ A . !e :a.

A7hat wo. %o i= &o.#h a so)er tone that lo(8$ist )elie$e% her.n% o.t !arriet wasnCt li8e &o. Ma&)e she si(:l& wante% to 8now what her =ather ha% )een . .l% &o. 7e %onCt 8now i= the& tal8e% to ea#h other or i= he sai% an&thing. !e s(ile% >o&lessl&..t that &o.%%enl& she sees her )rother on 3Nrn$Ngsgatan an% realises that heCs )a#8.t %.‖ AAn% then she %isa::eare%. 7hen Gott=rie% %ie%' Isa)ella sent Martin to U::sala. Gott=rie% %ie% )e=ore she (anage% to %o an&thing.rge to go straight ho(e an% tal8 to !enri8.ntil the Chil%renCs Da& #ele)ration in "600.ring that =ollowing &ear he %i%nCt see !arriet $er& o=ten. ha$e loo8e% li8e. !e (ight ha$e #o(e ho(e =or Christ(as or other holi%a&s' ). She )roo%e% o$er it . lo(8$ist an% Salan%er :a#8e% their )ags.‖ AAn% in light o= what we now 8now' it %i%nCt ha$e to )e =or an& religio.‖ AAn% she starte% st. She was a)le to get so(e %istan#e =ro( hi(.s reasons.%&ing the i)le.‖ A=ter the& ha% gone o$er the #hain o= e$ents' it was not har% to .n%erstan% what the rest o= the :.r%erer who ha% )een ra:ing &o. AOJ' ). Then s.: to.t no (atter what ha::ene%' !arriet ha% an .r )rotherB‖ AIC% 8ill the =. e=ore the& le=t' lo(8$ist #alle% Fro%e an% tol% hi( that he an% .r =ather was a (. !e re(e()ere% her =a#e as she was atta#8ing Martin Vanger.LLle (. That also (a8es sense.#8er'‖ Salan%er sai% in s.

The& shoo8 han%s.t to%a& e$er&one is o$er at Isa)ellaCs ho. Di% & Vanger ha% regaine% so(e #olo. Mi8ael no%%e%. The (an so.n%e% so stresse% on the tele:hone that lo(8$ist =elt #on#erne% =or hi(. lo(8$ist nee%e% to 8now what Fro%e ha% tol% !enri8. AOn :. !e h. wante% to see !enri8 Vanger )e=ore the& le=t. e@:e#t the tr. lo(8$ist as8e% the n.: the tr.r in his =a#e an% loo8e% as i= he were on the :ath to re#o$er&.r =a(il& %i%nCt want (e to #o(e at all' ).tes.t that he a)sol. Fro%e sai% that he ha% onl& tol% hi( that Martin ha% %ie% in a #ar a##i%ent.t what ha::ene% to !arriet. AYo.tsi%e !e%esta% !os:ital' an% the s8& was =ille% on#e (ore with hea$& rain #lo.rrie% a#ross the #ar :ar8 >. Yo. A!enri8.rse to lea$e the( alone =or a =ew (in.r:ose. It was to )e :ainlessB ‖ .%s.n%ering again when lo(8$ist :ar8e% o.‖ APoor Martin'‖ Vanger sai%. !is illness ha% le=t its (ar8' ).C$e )een a$oi%ing (e'‖ Vanger sai%. ga$e (e an assign(ent to %ig .st as it starte% to rain.Salan%er ha% to go awa& =or a while' ). Vanger was wearing a )athro)e' sitting at a ta)le )& the win%ow o= his roo(.th a)o.

to %o right now is to (an. 7hat I want &o.t to =in% the last :ie#e o= the :.LLle (issing )e=ore IC( s.t to )e o.l an% e$en i= the tr.‖ AOJ. AMartinB‖ A!eCs :art o= the stor&. ATell (e. still want to 8now what ha::ene%B E$en i= it t.LLle.‖ ADonCt &o. treat (e li8e a #hil%' &o.Cre getting )etter.t &et. . 7hat I ha$e is a theor&.‖ ANo.r assign(ent.'‖ lo(8$ist is worse than &o. The %o#tors sa& that the #risis is o$er an% that &o. Not to%a&.t thereCs one last :ie#e o= the :. The ne@t ti(e .estion =or &o.‖ ATell (e.The ol% (an loo8e% at hi(.‖ AI ha$enCt wor8e% it all o. I thin8 I 8now what ha::ene% to !arriet.‖ ADo &o.‖ !enri8 #lose% his e&es. ANow I ha$e got a 4. That was the :oint o= &o. Then he sai%' AI want to 8now. Then his e&es wi%ene%. I a( going o. i(agine%B‖ !enri8 ga$e lo(8$ist a long loo8.

th. !e $a#. 3.lle% a tar:a. the whole stor&. The th.lle% into a :etrol station. It (a& ta8e a while' ).nnel)ana. Then she stoo% at the win%ow =or a long ti(e' loo8ing at the $iew =a#ing the Sl.l% har%l& see the so.lin o$er her (otor#&#le an% le=t it on the sha%& si%e o= the #a)in.‖ Salan%er :. Then she got into lo(8$istCs )orrowe% #ar.n%resse% an% o= GN$le there was s. The& waite% =or the rain to let . The& got .Cll 8now the tr.ste% while Salan%er went to see Plag.r that lo(8$ist #o.:' so the& %i% not arri$e in Sto#8hol( . She arri$e% at lo(8$istCs a:art(ent at aro.ntil 29++ that e$ening. At noon the ne@t %a& the& lan%e% at Lon%onCs Gatwi#8 Air:ort. .n% (i%night an% s:ent ten (in.n%erstor( ha% an% %ro::e% her o== at the #entral t.e in to )e sa=e' he :.tes e@a(ining e$er& noo8 an% #rann& o= it. lo(8$ist ha% )oo8e% a roo( at the !otel 3a(es near !&%e Par8' an e@#ellent hotel #o(:are% to all the one< star :la#es in a&swater where he ha% alwa&s en%e% .#h a =ier#e %own:o.ssen lo#8s.rne% with renewe% =or#e' an% >.n=a(iliar.(e% an% %. to 8now that IC( #o(ing )a#8 an% that &o..n%)&)erg.t I want &o.: on his :re$io. lo(8$ist ga$e Salan%er the se#.rit& #o%e to his ).&o.s tri:s to Lon%on. The& were (et with rain. !is a:art(ent see(e% . see (e' ICll tell &o.

!e %i% not as8 =or lo(8$istCs na(e. 7hile o) na$igate% thro. %o itB‖ ADo %ogs ha$e =leasB‖ Trinit& sai%.‖ Lis)eth gest.().(.#h :ress. .t an ho. Anita Vanger li$e% in a terra#e ho. !e was al(ost )al%' with a )lon% )ear%' an% he was wearing >eans an% a >a#8et that was too )ig =or hi(.).+ that e$ening.n% the #orner.At 19++ :.rCs %ri$e north.#e% as o) the Dog.ngish (an #a(e towar%s the(. APlag. A7as:B‖ ATrinit&B‖ she sai%.l% ta8e a #o.ter. The& waite% . the& were stan%ing at the )ar when a &o.::er' an% was sitting in =ront o= the TV )e=ore lo(8$ist rang the %oor)ell.‖ ATele:hone ta::ing an% #he#8ing e(ails in a #o( in the attra#ti$e he a::lies. Al)ans' a)o.:le o= %a&s' %e:en%ing on how (. Fro( the $an the& saw her arri$e ho(e an% .gh the Lon%on tra==i#' 7as: an% Trinit& tal8e%. The& no%%e% to ea#h other. Trinit&Cs :artner was the sli%ing %oors an% sat %own on =ol%ing #hairs =astene% to the towar%s lo(8$ist with her th. ACan &o.nlo#8 the %oor so(e ti(e a=ter 29. The& #li()e% in thro.ntil she ha% settle%' ha% her s. !e was in an ol% V7 $an aro.r) o= St. It (ight go =ast' or it #o.e sai% this ha% to %o with so(e #rash<)ang >o).

‖ !er e@:ression #hange% =ro( s.n%erstan%. M& na(e is Mi8ael lo(8$ist.ring the %a&..‖ . She 8new e@a#tl& who Mi8ael lo(8$ist was. A=ter her =ather (o$e% )a#8 to !e%e)& Islan%' she ha% har%l& set =oot there.‖ Anita Vanger ha% sta&e% awa& =ro( !e%esta% =or thirt& &ears. It was altogether a #har(ing roo(. o. :lanning to )e at the =.r:rise to wariness.C$e hear% the news a)o. .t Martin. !e noti#e% a signe% lithogra:h )& An%ers Forn o$er the =ire:la#e. She showe% lo(8$ist into her li$ing roo(. AForgi$e (e =or )othering &o. Please tell (e what this is a)o. AI want to 8now what ha::ene% to !arriet Vanger' Anita.t I ha::ene% to )e in St. %.‖ AI .tB‖ AAre &o.neralB‖ ANo' as a (atter o= =a#t' IC( not.e' ).t o= the )l. A!i' Al)ans' an% I trie% to #all &o. ItCs ti(e =or the tr.estioning. I ass. Martin an% I werenCt #lose' an% an&wa&' I #anCt get awa& at the (o(ent.An al(ost i%enti#al #o:& o= Ce#ilia Vanger o:ene% the %oor' her e@:ression :olitel& 4.t !enri8Cs na(e (eant that she was =or#e% to o:en the %oor.(e that &o. !enri8 Vanger as8e% (e to #o(e an% see &o.

wo.A!arrietB I %onCt 8now what &o. AYo.‖ lo(8$ist s(ile% at her =eigne% s. AYo.Cre going to ha$e to tal8 to (e.‖ Anita Vanger stoo% . were the one she t. Yo. That (eans that &o. In a =ew %a&s IC( going to re:ort to !enri8' an% heCll ta8e it =ro( there.:. ASooner or later &o.t o= (& ho. also 8new a)o.rne% to with her horri)le stor&. (ean. (o$e% to Lon%on not onl& to a$oi% seeing &o. AGet o. sai% to Ins:e#tor Morell.te.‖ AMartin is %ea%'‖ lo(8$ist sai%. were in !arrietCs roo( that %a&.l%nCt ha$e to see Martin.t also so that &o. ne$er li8e% Martin. AAnita' &o. It wo.‖ AI ha$e nothing now' nor e$er will ha$e' an&thing to sa& to &o.t'‖ Anita sai%.l% )e )etter to tell (e what ha::ene%.r =ather ).:.t Martin' an% the onl& .. I thin8 that &o. I ha$e :hotogra:hi# :roo= o= it' in s:ite o= what &o.Cre tal8ing a)o.‖ lo(8$ist got this (in.‖ AI #anCt thin8 what &o. were !arrietCs #losest =rien% in the =a(il&.

The #on$ersation too8 :la#e in English.: the tele:hone a)o.‖ !e swit#he% on his la:to:.l% ha$e tol% &o.t 19++ in the (orning.ntr& #o%e is A.stralia right nowB‖ AA)o. A!i. ItCs (e.: the tele:hone.stralia'‖ Trinit& sai%' :. AThe #o. Salan%er s(ile% with satis=a#tion as she . AOJ' she #alle% the =ollowing n.t twent& se#on%s a=ter she nearl& too8 the %oor o== its hinges'‖ she sai%.‖ Trinit& starte% the %igital :la&er an% atta#he% a s:ea8er.n%er his shirt.estion is9 what %i% &o. want to hear the #on$ersationB‖ lo(8$ist no%%e%. Do &o.tI‖ .‖ A!((' I 8now IC( a (orning :erson ).()er' whi#h is a tele:hone in a town #alle% Tennant Cree8' north o= Ali#e S:rings in the Northern Territor&.nte% eight rings )e=ore so(eone :i#8e% . AShe :i#8e% .n=astene% the (i#ro:hone =ro( . %o with that 8nowle%geB‖ Anita Vanger sla((e% her =ront %oor in his =a#e. A7hat ti(e is it in A. was ! who #o. The 4. Mi8ael #o. AI nee% to #he#8 the area #o%e.tting %own the ear:hones on the little %es8 in the $an.

‖ A .rnalist that !enri8 %. !e see(s to ha$e %ri$en his #ar into a tr. Then what so.AI tho.#8 the %a& )e=ore &ester%a&.sting >o.‖ Then the #on$ersation was o$er.: =ro( so(ewhere has >.t it (ight ha$e )een9 AGoo%.‖ Silen#e.rne' #hanging in Singa:ore.t what ha::ene% in "600.stralia. AAnita.estions a)o. Tell (e whatCs going on.rne% to their hotel >.n%e% li8e so(eone #learing their throat' ). Soon the& ha% reser$ations on a :lane lea$ing at 29+1 the =ollowing e$ening' %estination Mel)o. The& ret. !e 8nows so( 8no#8e% on (& %oor' here in St. The =ront %es8 (anager hel:e% the( to reser$e seats on the ne@t a$aila)le =light to A. P.‖ Again )e=ore ""9++. Al)ans.‖ A . AShar: #hi#8'‖ Salan%er sai%. . !eCs as8ing 4. A %isg. &ester%a&IMartin is %ea%.t %own the tele:hone right now.g .ght o= #alling &o.tI‖ A7rite a letter.t we ha$e got a :ro)le(. Then a #o((an%ing $oi#e. 7e #anCt ha$e an& #onta#t =or a while.

‖ She .gh Soho. .rne% on her (o)ile.t his ar(s aro. She ha% a te@t (essage. A7e #anCt s#rew . 7hen lo(8$ist sai% that he wo. A7hat is itB‖ AM& (other %ie%.l% #an#el the reser$ations to A. I ha$e to go ho(e.rn to hi( with a =roLen e@:ression on her =a#e.: the >o) now. The& s:ent the (orning wal8ing =ro( Co$ent Gar%en thro.‖ Salan%er loo8e% so .n% . !e was at her si%e at on#e. AAr(ans8& sa&s to #all at on#e. ANo'‖ she sai%. lo(8$ist' who was stan%ing a short %istan#e awa&' noti#e% Salan%er t.tsi%e the hotel' ea#h o= the( (a8ing =or a %i==erent air:ort.she% hi( awa&. 7hile lo(8$ist :ai% the )ill' Salan%er a tele:hone in the lo))&.Cll ha$e to go )& &o. The& sat in the hotel )ar.stralia an% go )a#8 to Sto#8hol( with her' she shoo8 her hea%. She :.rsel=.This was Salan%erCs =irst $isit to Lon%on. Aro.9++ the& were )a#8 at the hotel to #olle#t their l.nha::& that he :.ggage. Yo.n% her.‖ The& :arte% o. The& sto::e% to ha$e a #a==e latte on Ol% Co(:ton Street.

a' who was :art o= Plag.stralia9 :o:..n8nown :erson with the )i)li#al signat.l& "1-Th.lation o= "5 (illionH shee: =ar(ers' 1. Co#hran Far( ha% . A.lle% o== the Internet ga$e a sna:shot g.i%e. The e@:ort o= wool a::ro@. An .'+++H' 3. "*+ (illion hea% o= shee:.stralia e@:orts 2++ (illion tons o= (.rne air:ort. to Ali#e S:rings. !e #hose to go )& #ar. .ntr&Cs (ost i(:ortant in%. The n. A=ter that he ha% to #hoose either to #harter a :lane or to rent a #ar =or the re(aining *1+<(ile tri:' 3.all&. It was a shee: station.C!APTER *0 T. Co()ine% (eat an% wool :ro%.1 )illion %ollars ann.l& "2 lo(8$ist =lew =ro( Mel)o.eCs or :ossi)l& Trinit&Cs (&sterio.()er that Anita ha% #alle% )elonge% to a :la#e #alle% Co#hran Far(.n%e% "56" )& 3ere(& Co#hran' A.straliaCs =i=th largest agri#.s international networ8' ha% le=t an en$elo:e =or hi( at the #entral in=or(ation %es8 at Mel)o.s s8ins =or #lothing.striesI Co#hran Far(' =o.ral enter:rise' a::ro@ 0+'+++ Merino shee: Dwool #onsi%ere% es:e#iall& =ineE. The station also raise% #attle' :igs' an% #hi#8ens.tton an% la()' o= 3osh. An arti#le :.#tion one o= the #o.

AIC( sorr&' Ri#8&' ).:le ha% (arrie% in Ital& in "62".aCs note' the #o.: hole o= a town with the ho:e=.i(:ressi$e ann.A. in "66/' an% =ar( r. AChrister #alle% an% tol% (e that Martin Vanger ha% )een 8ille% in a #ar a##i%ent.' 3a:an' China' an% E.S.t IC$e )een so ).‖ Last thing )e=ore he went to )e% he #alle% erger in New Yor8. A##or%ing to 3osh.‖ A7hat the hell is going onB‖ she S:en#er e@:orts to the U. lo(8$ist =o.) he ate roast (.‖ .l na(e o= 7anna%o. At the lo#al :. !er na(e was Anita Co#hran. It showe% a wo(an with short )lon%e hair' her =a#e :artiall& hi%%en' shearing a shee:.rr&' low<resol. The :ersonal )iogra:hies were =as#inating.tion :hotogra:h %ownloa%e% =ro( the Co#hran Far( we)site.s& that I ha$enCt ha% ti(e to #all.tton an% %owne% three :ints along with so(e lo#als who all #alle% hi( A(ate.n )& wi%ow. In "62* Co#hran Far( :asse% %own =ro( Ra&(on% Co#hran to S:en#er Co#hran' e%. lo(8$ist sto::e% o$ernight in a %rie%<.n% her in a )l. O@=or%.#.

It was /9++ in the a=ternoon )& the ti(e Mi8ael =o.n% the hoo% o= a 3ee: ha$ing #o==ee.: the >o).‖ !e arri$e% at Co#hran Far( aro. This ti(e she was silent =or nearl& ten se#on%s. In A.straliaB I= I (ight as8.‖ AAn% wh& %onCt &o. The& all t.AItCs a long stor&.t one h. answer &o. ICll )e )a#8 in a =ew %a&s.n% his wa& there on %.‖ AIC( =inishing . I >. lo(8$ist got o.‖ A7here is hereB‖ ARight now IC( a)o.r:rise erger.n%re% twent&<=i$e (iles north o= Ali#e S:rings.‖ Mi8ael ha% rarel& (anage% to s. that (& wor8 =or !enri8 Vanger is al(ost %one.‖ AIt %oesnCt wor8 here.n% noon the =ollowing %a&' to )e tol% that Anita Co#hran was at a shee: station near a :la#e #alle% Ma8awa8a se$ent&<=i$e (iles =arther #alle% to tell &o.t an% e@:laine% that he was loo8ing =or Anita Co#hran. %oing in A.rne% towar%s a . AAn% what are &o.stralia' that is. !e sto::e% at a gate where so(e shee: ran#hers were gathere% aro.r tele:honeB IC$e )een #alling li8e #raL& =or two %a& )a#8 roa%s.

i$alent o= a =inan#ial (anager in a )an8' altho.%s (anager‖ at the station.lar &o.(.(). . The& #ontin. lo(8$ist than8e% his l. !e e@:laine% that a he a%(inistere% shee:' an% that a Astation‖ was the lan% =or 2++ hea% o= shee:.%e% that lo(8$ist was not =ro( these :arts. 3e== ga$e hi( a si%elong loo8 an% #on#l. Finall& the tanne% athlete sai% that he was hea%ing that wa& an% wo.r %own into a ra$ine with a *+\ slo:e. lo(8$ist as8e% hi( to e@:lain what that (eant.ter #ase. !e as8e% what was %own in the ra$ine an% was tol% that it was the :ast. !e was )are #heste% an% $er& )rown e@#e:t =or the :arts nor(all& #o$ere% )& his T<shirt. lo(8$ist than8e% hi( an% too8 along his #o(:.#h a goo% i%ea to go on in that 3a:anese to& #ar. !e was wearing a wi%e<)ri((e% hat.l% %ri$e lo(8$ist in his 3ee:.%s (anager was rather the e4. !e #ast a s#e:ti#al glan#e at lo(8$istCs $ehi#le an% sai% that it (ight not )e s.e% to #on$erse as 3e== #heer=.#e% hi(sel= as 3e== an% sai% that he was the Ast. The (an intro%.stralian wor% =or ran#h.t eighteen (iles o== in that %ire#tion'‖ he sai%' :ointing with his th.ll& steere% the 3ee: at a) (an' #learl& the %e#ision<(a8er o= the gro.t ten 8ilo(etres an ho.#8& stars that he ha% not atte(:te% the %ri$e in his rental #ar. AThe )oss is a)o.s#.:.

:' rea%& to inter$ene against .%%enl& hear% shots. A!i' oss. A!i' !arriet. She too8 a ste: )a#8' loo8ing sho#8e%.s hea%. Then he saw a wo(an with short )lon%e hair wearing >eans an% a re%<an%<white #he#8e% shirt. 3e== sto::e% a =ew &ar%s awa& =ro( her. lo(8$ist s. In$ol.stralia.n%erstan% it' Co#hran Far( is one o= the )igger ran#hes.isiti$e e@:ression. ItCs )een a long ti(e'‖ he sai% in Swe%ish.stralia'‖ 3e== sai% with a #ertain :ri%e in his $oi#e.t =ro( the ra$ine into a hill& ). Se$eral (en see(e% to )e #arr&ing ri=les. A7e r. 7e ha$e 0+'+++ :l.ght o= the )i)li#al sa#ri=i#ial la()s.t o= the 3ee: an% loo8e% at her.t we ha$e stations in )oth New So.ntaril&' he tho.t 6'+++ shee: here in the Ma8awa8a %istri#t' ).AAs I .n%erstoo% what he sai%' ).th 7ales an% 7estern A. 7eC$e got a to.t gentler lan%s#a:e.rist'‖ he sai%.ghtering shee:.t the& all saw her rea#tion.‖ The& #a(e o. The& were a::arentl& sla. lo(8$ist got o. She loo8e% )a#8 with an in4.‖ A7eCre one o= the largest in all o= A. !e saw shee: #a%a$ers' )ig )on=ires' an% a %oLen ran#h han%s. None o= the (en who wor8e% =or Anita Co#hran . The (en saw her res:onse' sto::e% their >o8ing' an% straightene% .n a)o.

wantB‖ A!arriet' IC( not &o. A!a$e we (et )e=oreB‖ she sai%. She rinse% her =a#e' %rie% it' an% went .l gest. .l wo(an that her #on=ir(ation :ortrait ha% :ro(ise%. Yo.ti=. Yo. A wor% =ro( Anita Co#hran an% he wo. !er =a#e was sweat& an% %irt&.re an% the (en (o$e% )a#8. !er )lon%e hair ha% %ar8er roots. The& wal8e% a =ew h.n%re% =eet o$er to a gro.: o= white #an$as tents in a gro$e o= trees. were twel$e or thirteen at the ti(e. She (otione% hi( to a #a(: stool at a ri#8et& ta)le an% :o.t I nee% to tal8 with &o.%%enl& e$a:orate% an% he a%$an#e% towar% lo(8$ist. 3e==Cs =rien%liness s.. were (& )a)&sitter one s.l% )e %one =or.)le =or &o. IC( not here to (a8e tro. AYes' we ha$ water into a )asin.this o%% stranger.LLle% e@:ression to #lear' an% then he saw that she re(e()ere%.r:rise%. Then the (o(ent :asse%.((er when I was three &ears ol%..lnera)le he was.‖ It too8 a =ew se#on%s =or her :.r ene(&. She #a(e o$er to lo(8$ist an% (et his gaLe. lo(8$ist was 8eenl& aware how $.t she ha% grown into the )ea. She loo8e% s.‖ She t. I a( Mi8ael lo(8$ist.rne% to 3e== an% tol% hi( to ta8eo$er' then signalle% to lo(8$ist to =ollow her. !er =a#e was ol%er an% thinner' ). !arriet Vanger wa$e% her han% in a :ea#e=. A7hat %o &o.

sl&. Then he too8 o== the ri%i#.tinise% hi( =or a long (o(ent.‖ AI hear% that.lo. =in% (eB‖ A7e ta::e% AnitaCs tele:hone.r )rother a =ew (in. shooting the shee:B‖ A7e ha$e a #ontagio. So IC( not in a $er& goo% (oo%.t o= a #ooler.ghter (ore than si@ h.‖ !arriet Vanger =rowne%.tes )e=ore he %ie%. ASo.‖ AFro( Anita' who #alle% &o. She 8new that it was :ointless to %en& the =a#t.‖ She s#r. Most o= these shee: are :ro)a)l& health&' ). Then she no%%e%.s e:i%e(i#. AI saw &o.r )rother #rashe% his #ar into a ha$e %ie% instantaneo.rne% %own his #ollar' an% showe% her the stri:e le=t =ro( the noose.‖ A7h& are &o..insi%e the tent to #hange her shirt.n%re% in the #o(ing wee8. Tal8. A!ow %i% &o. !e (et her gaLe. She got two )eers o.‖ lo(8$ist sai%9 AYo.‖ lo(8$ist %i% not thin8 there was an& reason to lie.#8 a =ew %a&s ago. It was still re% . !e (. 7eCre going to ha$e to sla.t we #anCt ris8 it s:rea%ing.s s#ar= he was wearing' t.

it wor8 =or the %a&' =ires were starte%' an% :ots )egan to si(( (e =ro( a hoo8' ).t )& the gra#e o= Go% (& :artner arri$e% in ti(e to sto: hi( 8illing (e. !e tol% her who he was an% what he was wor8ing on.r )rother ha% h. 7hen he was =inishe% !arriet sat =or a long ti(e in silen#e.i#i%e. The& ea#h ha% another )eer.l% :ro)a)l& alwa&s ha$e a s#ar to re(in% hi( o= Martin Vanger. As he tal8e%' %.C% )etter tell (e the stor& =ro( the )eginning.‖ It too8 (ore than an ho.l e&e on hi(.%%enl& ).rne%.r. !e e@:laine% how the :oli#eCs in$estigation ha% #o(e to a %ea% en%' an% he tol% her o= !enri8Cs long in$estigation' an% =inall& he tol% her how a :hotogra:h o= her with =rien%s in 3Nrn$Ngsgatan in !e%esta% ha% le% to the . AI thin8 &o. The (en 4. AYo. It ne$er o##.s8 set in=la(e%' an% he wo.‖ !arrietCs e&es s.rre% to (e that MartinIIC( gla% heCs %ea%.‖ . At length she sai%9 AI was so ha::& that (& =ather was %ea% an% the $iolen#e was o$er. !e %es#ri)e% how he #a(e to )e gi$en the assign(ent )& !enri8 Vanger.n#o$ering o= the sorrows )ehin% the (&ster& o= her %isa::earan#e an% its a::alling se4.el' whi#h ha% en%e% with Martin VangerCs s. The #oo8 ser$e% the( %inner. lo(8$ist noti#e% that 3e== sta&e% #lose to his )oss an% 8e:t a wat#h=.

Anita was &o..AI #an . 8now IC( ali$e' what are &o. 8new that I was ali$e.n%o. going to %oB‖ AI ha$e to tell !enri8.nrea%a)le e@:ression.rnalist.n%erstan% that.thB‖ .#t in this whole %is(al (ess that the ha% #on=i%e% in' it ha% to )e her?an% also she ha% >. nee%e% hel:. To %isa::ear' &o.t the rest.‖ AYo. #o. IC$e alrea%& )rea#he% so (an& r. I= there was an&one &o.r =atherCs #a)in.‖ !arriet loo8e% at hi( with an .l% ..les o= :ro=essional #on%. !e %eser$es to to wor8 o.‖ She was not a(.r stor& %oesnCt e@:lain how &o.t at &o.r #on=i%ante an% the onl& one &o.((er with &o. sta&e% o.‖ AIC( not thin8ing o= e@:osing &o.)te%l& e@:el (e i= the& 8new a)o. Yo. Yo.l% e$en #onsi%er.‖ AA=ter we realise% what ha% ha::ene%' it wasnCt so %i==i#.‖ AAn% thenB Yo. A!ow (an& :eo:le 8now the got her %ri$erCs li#en#e.‖ !e was tr&ing to (a8e light o= it. ASo now that &o. AOne (ore wonCt (a8e an& %i==eren#e' an% I %onCt want to (a8e (& ol% )a)&sitter angr&. were =rien%s' an% she ha% s:ent the s.Cre a >o.t it.rnalists Asso#iation wo.

!e #hange% the s. !enri8Cs law&er 8nows a)o.ggle% &o. I went to Anita when she arri$e% on the islan% an% tol% her that I ha% to es#a:e. A .straliaB I alrea%& 8now that Anita s(.AThat &o.‖ AA#t.all&' I la& on the =loor o= the )a#8 seat with a )lan8et o$er (e. g. She stare% o.t how %i% & lent (e.lnera)le sit.t two<thir%s o= the stor&' ). %ie% in the si@ties. Mi8ael on#e again ha% an . There are #on$ents where &o.Cre ali$eB Right now' &o.‖ A7h& A. 7e loo8e% al(ost e@a#tl& li8e ea#h other' an% all I ha% to %o was %&e (& hair )lon%e. For =o. She also ga$e (e her :ass:ort.t he still thin8s &o.t at the %ar8.t no<one was loo8ing. #o(e to )e a shee: =ar(er in A. She hel:e% (e' an% sheCs )een a lo&al =rien% all these &ears. Then I (et S:en#er Co#hran. o== !e%e)& Islan%' :res.n.iet to thin8.straliaB‖ AI sta&e% in AnitaCs roo( in Sto#8hol( =or a =ew wee8s.(a)l& in the )oot o= her #ar when the )ri%ge re<o:ene% the %a& a=ter the a##i%ent. #an rent a roo( #hea:' to ha$e :ea#e an% 4.esse% right that I #on=i%e% in her. Anita ha% her own (one&' whi#h she genero. . !e was so(e &ears ol%erH heC% >. an% (e an% Anita an% (& :artner.neas& =eeling that he was in a $. Then he shoo8 hi(sel= an% sto::e% i(agining things. Yo.ation' an% he re(in%e% hi(sel= that !arriet VangerCs own ri=le was on a #a(: )e% three :a#es awa&.st =inishe% his %egree in .)>e#t.r &ears I li$e% in a #on$ent in Ital&?I wasnCt a n.‖ !arriet Vanger see(e% to )e thin8ing so(ething o$er.

l% ha$e %is#o$ere% that there were two Anita VangersB‖ ANo' wh& sho.stralian :ass:ort . I =ell in lo$e.#h :resent wi=e. SheCs )een a tr.t o= (& (in%.stralia (a8es no %i==eren#e.ter =iles )etween Can)erra an% Lon%on. !e %i% too.Englan% an% was hit#hhi8ing aro.t &o.n% an&one. The onl& thing that #o.l% ha$e . !e was a won%er=.l% the&B A Swe%ish girl na(e% Anita Vanger whoCs (arrie% to S:en#er Co#hran. M& (arriage ha% to )e registere% in the Swe%ish national registration =iles.e The one in Lon%on has )een S:en#er Co#hranCs estrange% wi=e. IC$e ne$er ha% an& regrets.‖ A .l% :. QAnitaC Vanger (arrie% hi( in "62". Ver& sa%l&' he %ie% eight &ears ago' an% I )e#a(e the owner o= the station.l (an. .: #o(:.r :ass:ort?s.stralia was his $er& (.sh the :ro)le( o.‖ A .n#tione% :er=e#tl&.n%er (& (arrie% na(e. I went )a#8 an% .t as long as he was in U::sala' I #o.n% E.‖ AShe #lai(s that she ne$er =o.rel& so(eone sho. I was a=rai% o= Martin' ).‖ A7hat was she %oing in &o.t I 8now that she %i% it =or (& sa8e. 7hether she li$es in Lon%on or A. The one in A. esi%es' I soon got an A.t she ne$er %i%. Then there he was in !e%esta%' an% I realise% that IC% ne$er )e sa=e the rest o= (& li=e.:set the stor& was i= Anita hersel= wante% to get (arrie%. The arrange(ent =. ThatCs all there was to it.r roo(B‖ AI wasnCt $er& rational that %a&. The& %onCt (at#h .

E$er&thing see(e% .‖ A7h& %o &o. O= #o. That was when I (a%e .rse I 8now that the a##i%ent on the )ri%ge o$ersha%owe% e$er&thing else =or e$er&one' ).tsi%e.est #ottage in the #o(:o.ght =or a (o(ent. I sta&e% with her the whole ti(e an% %i%nCt %are go o.t o= it.stralia =or so(e sort o= thera:& or treat(ent. thin8B‖ AI reall& %onCt 8now.‖ AYo.t there was one thing I ha% to ta8e with (e?I ha% written %own e$er&thing that ha::ene% in a %iar&' an% I nee%e% a =ew #lothes. !enri8 wo.n%erstan% is wh& &o. .n% with Ger%a an% Ale@an%er.n% the $ on Martin' lea$ing !arrietCs role o.n%erstoo% what ha::ene%.=orth )etween wanting to tell Un#le !enri8 an% wanting to =lee. I ha% (& own :ro)le(s' an% I was har%l& e$en aware o= the a##i%ent. Then I ran into Anita' who was sta&ing in a g. 7hen !enri8 %i%nCt ha$e ti(e to tal8 to (e' I >. Anita got the( =or (e.t at the a##i%ent go to !enri8' as &o. %i%nCt >. .. A7hat I %onCt .l% #ertainl& ha$e hel:e% & assa.t not =or (e.‖ U: to this :oint lo(8$ist ha% onl& re=erre% to Gott=rie%Cs se@.nreal.l%nCt resist the te(:tation to loo8 o. ha$enCt .‖ AI s.‖ lo(8$ist wan%ere% restlessl& aro.::ose she #o.: (& (in%. ha% inten%e%.l% ha$e )een re(o$e% i((e%iatel&?:ro)a)l& sent to A. Martin wo.

tsi%e the stat.ghter.rie% her =a#e in her han%s. An% I %onCt gi$e a shit what :eo:le thin8 a)o.:set his (other. Then she astonishe% lo(8$ist )& stan%ing .%s (anager a h. I also ha$e another son an% a %a. I a##e:t that itCs all o$er. .‖ !arriet Vanger %i% not (o$e a (. AI s.g an% a 8iss on the #hee8.s:e#t that he also (oleste% &o.‖ lo(8$ist stoo% . 8now whatB All o= a s.AGott=rie% (oleste% Martin'‖ he sai% #a.‖ ACri(eB‖ sai% Mi8ael. She t. A3e==' this is Mi8ael' an ol%I=rien% =ro( the :ast. Mi8ael' this is 3e== Co#hran' (& ol%est son.ght :ro)le(s an% )a% news' ).t weCre not going to shoot the (essenger.t (e. For &ears I was terri=ie% that so(eone (ight #o(e ..n% 3e==Cs sho.: to sha8e han%s with 3e==' sa&ing that he was sorr& to ha$e )ro. !arriet e@#hange% a =ew wor%s with 3e== an% then sent hi( awa&. M& #ri(e =alls o. It too8 =i$e se#on%s )e=ore 3e== was )esi%e her' as8ing i= e$er&thing was all right.s#le.: to (e an% sa& (& na(e. !arriet loo8e% at hi( an% ga$e hi( a =aint s(ile.: an% gi$ing her st. In so(e sense IC$e )een waiting =or this %a& sin#e "600.%%en I %onCt #are an& (ore.rne% to lo(8$ist with her ar( aro.te o= li(itations. She sat %own again an% see(e% to ha$e (a%e a %e#ision.t &o. . ANo (ore lies. !eCs )ro.l%er. Then she too8 a %ee: )reath an% ).tio.ght )a% news whi#h ha% .sl&.

rgent loo8' ).rse' ).r =a(il& witho.t I %i%nCt ha$e the #o.r%erer. So I lie% an% :la&e% a role an% trie% to :reten% that e$er&thing was OJ. Anita ha% ne$er 8nown a)o. M& (other 8new what he was %oing' o= #o.t Isa)ella 8nowing.r =ather was a ra:ist an% a (.rage to tell her that (& =ather was also an insane 8iller o= wo(en.‖ AI 8now that.l%nCt re=. It wasnCt &o. M& =ather .t gi$ing hi( so(e e@:lanation. It was so horri)le that when it #a(e %own to it' I %i%nCt %are tell !enri8. I was %es:erate.lts' ).rse she I :ra&e% to Go% to =orgi$e (e. I was all alone.She ga$e hi( an . .r =a.t she %i%nCt #are.t she ignore% e$er&thing that was . I was asha(e%. An% I hi% insi%e a #on$ent =or se$eral &ears.t the se@.t he was (& =ather an% I to ha$e an&thing to %o with hi( witho. M& =ather (oleste% (e =or a &ear. The onl& ones who 8new the tr. AI was si@teen.t. .th were Anita an% Martin.‖ A!arriet' &o. I was s#are%. Nothing e$er ha::ene% in o.t the #ri(e that I #o((itte% (&sel=. An% I (a%e s.n:leasant or showe% her in a )a% light. AO= #o.t I %i% tell her a)o.t that. I %i% e$er&thing to a$oi%I).re that so(eone else was alwa&s aro.t he still %i%nCt .n% when I saw hi(.‖ AIsa)ella 8newB‖ !arrietCs $oi#e too8 on a new assa. I ha% tol% Anita a)o.n%erstan% what she was tal8ing a)o.

She was in#a:a)le o= a#8nowle%ging that an&thing was wrong in her li=e or (ine. !e =or#e% )oth (e an% Martin to %o things with hi(. Man& ti(es Martin #a(e along. !e sta&e% awa& =ro( her' ).ght it was :er=e#tl& nat.l%nCt ha$e noti#e%. SheCs not (& =a$o. I realise% that the& rarel& or (a&)e ne$er ha% se@ with ea#h other a=ter I was )orn. M& =ather ha% wo(en' ).‖ ANo<one %oes in the Vanger =a(il&. .)(it to hi(. !e e@:e#te% (e to )e#o(e his lo$er an% he tho.l% ta8e (e o.l%nCt get a %i$or#e.#o.rteen when he ra:e% (e the =irst ti(e.rite in the =a(il&. 7hen (& =ather %ie%' Martin was rea%& to ta8e o$er his role.ral =or (e to s. An% %.t =or so(e strange reason he was a=rai% o= Isa)ella.t he #o.t to his #a)in.t. An% he hel% (& ar(s while MartinIha% his wa& with (e.n% o.l%nCt )ring (&sel= to sa& an&thing.‖ AIC$e (et her.ghe% =or the =irst ti(e.ring the ne@t &ear he wo. The whole worl% wo. ANo' the& %onCt.t (& :arentsC relationshi:.t the :oint is that I #o.‖ She la.‖ AI was =o. At that ti(e I no longer ha% an& #hoi#e. IC$e o=ten won%ere% a)o.‖ ASheCs )een li8e that her whole li=e. I was =or#e% to %o .l% ha$e =o.l% ha$e ra:e% (e in the (i%%le o= the li$ing roo( right )e=ore her e&es an% she wo. M& s#hool(ates' all (& relati$esI‖ A!arriet' IC( so sorr&.

t the rest. I was ri% o= one tor(entor onl& to lan% in the #l. That night he tol% (e a) an% $iolent towar%s (e when we were alone' ). still %onCt .n8en there was ne$er an o##asion when I was alone with hi(I‖ A!enri8 wo.‖ She stoo% . !e was alwa&sIro.what Martin sai%. 7hen she #a(e )a#8' Mi8ael sai% a single wor% to her. AAll the #ar%s are on the ta)le. This went on =or an ho. !e was )ragging a)o.l% ha$eI‖ AYo.‖ She raise% her $oi#e.g.t 2' "601' (& =ather =or#e% (e to go o.n%erstan%.t#hes o= another' an% the onl& thing I #o.: an% he =lew into a %r. !e 4. She lowere% her $oi#e again an% leane% towar%s hi(. I %i%nCt . .ote% =ro( the i)le.t the wo(en he ha% 8ille%.l%nCt get it .l% %o was to (a8e s.‖ She no%%e%.r. AOn A. lo(8$ist saw that se$eral o= the (en at the ne@t tent were loo8ing at hi(.Cll ha$e to wor8 o. M& =ather was %rin8ing' an% he trie% to =or#e hi(sel= on (e. Then he starte% telling (e what he was going to %o to (e. Yo. !e .t this ti(e he #rosse% the line. !enri8 was awa&. AGott=rie%.rinate% on (e.t to his #a)in.t he #o.: an% got two (ore )eers.

I .n8 that so(ehow I (anage% to get awa&.)t that he reall& was tr&ing to 8ill (e' an% =or the =irst ti(e that night he (anage% to #o(:lete the ra:e.‖ 7hen she sto::e%' the silen#e was %ea=ening.n%er .%%enl& wishe% that she wo.. 7e were .l: o= her ) si#8.tsi%e the #a)in' s:&ing on .se% an oar to hol% hi( .t at the sa(e ti(e he was grinning.ntil he wasnCt str.: in the slee:ing lo=t.ggling an& (ore. AAn% when I loo8e% .l%. !e #a(e staggering a=ter (e.‖ !arriet loo8e% at lo(8$ist. Fro( that .‖ She too8 a g.‖ lo(8$ist s.lle% it as tight as he #o. ASo(eti(e aro. It %i%nCt ta8e long.s. I %onCt ha$e the slightest %o. I >. AI was strong eno. I )la#8e% o.l% not tell hi( an&thing (ore.:' there stoo% Martin.n%erstan%. !e loo8e% terri=ie%' ).n% (& ne#8 an% :. !e was totall& insane. A .(:e% %own =ro( the lo=t an% =le%. !er e&es entreate% hi( to .n8 into the water.t he was so %r.t I realise% that he was totall&' a)sol. !e to sho$e an ol% %r.t.n% (i%night he ha% a =it.t a T<shirt aro.t thin8ing' an% en%e% . I %onCt 8now how long he was o. I was na8e% an% I ran witho.n%erstan% hal= o= what he was sa&ing' ).: on the >ett& )& the water.

!e was terri)l& asha(e% an% wishe% that he ha% le=t !arriet Vanger in :ea#e.‖ lo(8$ist #lose% his e&es. I (anage% to 8ee: awa& =ro( hi(. An% %. I #on=i%e% in her' an% she sta&e% with (e the whole ti(e' (a8ing s.: an% ra:e% (e while o. O= #o. Yo.l%nCt e$en o==er an& resistan#e.r%ere% (& =ather' an% I realise% . I %i% what he tol% (e to he #hange% his (in%' an% s. An% I #o.‖ AUntil &o. It =elt li8e a hi%eo.ring the ne@t &ear he was ho(e onl& =or the Christ(as holi%a&. #an )et that Martin was %isa::ointe%.t o)$io.‖ AI was tol% that he wo. I ha% (.se she 8new what he was %oing to (e' an% it was her wa& o= sol$ing the :ro)le(. !e s(ile% at (e. I went with !enri8 on a tri: to Co:enhagen )etween Christ(as an% New YearCs.(o(ent I was at his (er#&.((er holi%a&' Anita was there. !e tie% (e .: to (e' gra))e% (e )& the hair' an% le% (e )a#8 to the #a)in?to Gott=rie%Cs )e%.l%nCt )e #o(ing to the =a(il& gathering' that he was sta&ing in U::sala.rse this was )e#a. AFro( that %a& on' I was in his :ower.r =ather was still =loating in the water.t her $oi#e ha% ta8en on a new =or#e.%%enl& there he was on the other si%e o= the street' staring at ( that he %i%nCt #o(e near (e.ring the s. . !e #a(e . .s %rea(. D. I =elt :aral&se%' an% the onl& thing that sa$e% (& sanit& was that Isa)ella?or (a&)e it was Un#le !enri8?%e#i%e% that Martin nee%e% a #hange o= s#ener& a=ter his =atherCs tragi# %eath' so she sent hi( to U::sala. saw hi( on 3Nrn$Ngsgatan.

rsing ho(e where she %ie%' an% lo(8$ist . 8now.r%a&' 3. For a long ti(e the& were the onl& (o.neral )egan Ar(ans8& sli::e% in.n%agatan at "+9++ an% %ro$e her to the Norra #re(atori.l& *5 lo(8$ist :i#8e% .t sa&ing .ght twi#e when she t.rne% %ire#tl& to her.(.‖ C!APTER *2 Sat.ght a)o. Then she ignore% the( )oth. She no%%e% o= %eath was a #ere)ral hae(orrhage.t her (other' ). Salan%er loo8e% her straight in the e&e witho.ring the #ere(on&.n%erstoo% that the #a. AIt =eels =antasti# to tell the tr.rtl& to lo(8$ist an% stoo% )ehin% Salan%er' gentl& :. !e sta&e% at her si%e %.t 8illing (&sel=.: Salan%er )& her =ront %oor on L.‖ She ga$e lo(8$ist what was al(ost a loo8 o= relie=.l% ne$er )e =ree o= (& )rother.t the :astor ha% a::arentl& s:o8en to so(eone at the n.that I 7hen it was o$er she t. Salan%er %i% not sa& a wor% %.l%er. So now &o.t loo8ing at hi(' as i= she 8new who was stan%ing there. U: . Salan%er ha% tol% hi( nothing a)o.ntil then' I ha% tho. The :astor lost her train o= tho.ring the #ere(on&.t e@:ression. I #hose instea% to =lee. !e no%%e% #.l& *0-Mon%a&' 3.tting a han% on her sho.t when the =.rne% on her heel an% le=t witho.rners along with the :astor' ).

rit&.r )e=ore she o:ene% her (o. ASheCs =eeling reall& )a%'‖ Ar(ans8& sai%. Salan%er sat in silen#e =or hal= an ho.than8 &o.‖ !e :ro(ise% to %o that.‖ AIC( not so s. A it#h'‖ she sai%.stralia ha% gone.r#h %oor. She ha% to go )a#8 with hi( to !e%esta% to get her (otor#&#le an% the A7hoB‖ . AIt was goo% o= &o. or goo%)&e. two are %ri$ing )a#8 north' 8ee: an e&e on her.‖ Ar(ans8& =i@e% lo(8$ist with his gaLe. The& sai% goo%)&e' an% to the :astor' at the #h. AI= &o. Not .t that.ntil the& ha% :asse% U::sala %i% she )rea8 her silen#e an% as8 how the tri: to A. lo(8$ist an% Ar(ans8& too8 a %ee: )reath an% loo8e% at ea#h other. AI 8now that'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.ring the %ri$e he tol% her !arriet VangerCs stor&. D. Salan%er was alrea%& in the #ar' lo(8$ist ha% lan%e% at Arlan%a late the night )e=ore an% ha% sle:t onl& a =ew ho. to #o( a)o.i:(ent she ha% )orrowe% =ro( Milton Se#.

AI thin8 so. ALis)eth' &o.‖ A!arriet 8new a)o.‖ A .#8 tonightB‖ . lo(8$ist too8 a ste: )a#8. AAre &o.‖ A=ter that the& sat in silen#e all the wa& to !e%esta%.A!arriet F.‖ ADo &o.Cll ha$e so(e)o%& to =.n% an% :.t o= the #ar an% went aro.l%nCt ha$e 8e:t 8illing an% ra:ing =or thirt&<se$en &ears. She =le% =ro( a )rother who ra:e% her an% then threatene% to re$eal that she ha% %rowne% her =ather i= she %i%nCt %o what he sai%.t she ha% no i%ea that Martin ha% an&thing to %o with it. lo(8$ist was late =or his a::oint(ent an% %ro::e% her at the t.n% her.t his ar(s aro.r%ering wo(en' ).t her =ather (.llshit. I= she ha% %one so(ething in "600' Martin Vanger #o. want (e to sta& here so &o.rno== to !e%e)& Islan%H he as8e% i= she wo. want (e to )e hereB‖ !e #li()e% o.Cre (& =rien%. thin8ing o= sta&ing o$ernightB‖ she sai%.#8ing Vanger.she% hi( awa&' al(ost $iolentl&.‖ ADo &o. She :.l% :lease )e there when he #a(e )a#8.

B‖ !enri8 loo8e% %own at the =loor.: to. !er hostilit& was :al:a)le. Then he t. This is =ar' =ar worse than I #o. . SheCs still ali$e.#h has Dir#h tol% &o.lo(8$ist ga$e her a long loo8.‖ oth (en stare% at hi( as i= their worl% ha% >.t =or MartinCs =.n% %own the win%ow. An% i= &o. want otherwise' then &o.‖ AI 8now what ha::ene% to !arriet.:si%e %own.:' %resse%' when Dir#h Fro%e let hi( into the hos:ital roo(. A!e tol% (e a)o.‖ !enri8 Vanger was sitting .t what Martin an% Gott=rie% got . AI want to )e &o. AThe&Cre thin8ing o= letting (e o.‖ ATell (e9 how %i% she %ieB‖ AShe %i%nCt %ie.rne% . li8e' she reall& wants to see &o.neral to(orrow. !e wo.. %onCt nee% to )e here when I get ho(e. AI= & )een t.rne% an% got into the #ar an% starte% the engine.l% ha$e i(agine%.‖ A!ow (.r =rien%'‖ he sai%.

‖ lo(8$ist ha% to tell the stor& =ro( )eginning to en%.t the =lowersB‖ !enri8 sai%.rse' was the one who sent the =lowers.r. 7hen the stor& was %one' !enri8 sat in silen#e.l% . want to see herB SheCs still a=rai% that &o.:le o= ti(es !enri8 interr.%ies an% ne$er $isite% !e%esta%' !arrietCs . =o.estion or as8e% hi( to re:eat so(ething. There was one :erson in the =a(il&' a:art =ro( Anita' who( she lo$e%' an% that was &o.:te% with a 4. She sai% that she ho:e% &o.t what she %i%. want to see her' that is. Fro%e sai% not a wor%.t !enri8 showe% no sign o= e(otion' e@#e:t that his $oi#e (ight ha$e )een a )it thi#8er when he )ro8e his silen#e APoor' :oor !arriet. She arri$e% this (orning an% #an )e here in an ho.l% )e too (.n%erstan% that she was ali$e an% that she was %oing =ine' witho. A #o.n% o.tes to =o. I= onl& she ha% #o(e to (e. She' o= #o.t sin#e her onl& #hannel o= in=or(ation was Anita' who (o$e% a)roa% as soon as she =inishe% her st.‖ A7hat a)o. wo.t sheCs ali$e' sheCs %oing =ine' an% sheCs here in !e%esta%.‖ lo(8$ist glan#e% at the #lo#8.t ha$ing to (a8e an a::earan#e.#h =or the ol% (an' ).r. lo(8$ist ha% )een a=rai% that it wo..AIt too8 a while to #on$in#e her to #o(e' ). I= &o. . AI as8e% her that on the :lane #o(ing ho(e. wonCt want to a=ter &o. It was =i$e (in. ADo &o.

)e s.rne% to !e%esta%. tho. Then he s(ile% =or the =irst ti(e sin#e he ha% ret. !ow %i% &o. =in% o. want to see herB‖ .se this isnCt so(e %a(ne% lo#8e%<roo( (&ster& no$el.r%erer instea%..t she #o. 8now Anita was the one who hel:e% herB‖ AShe was the one in !arrietCs win%ow.(e it was Anita who :oste% the =lowers.t how %i% &o.t she #o.t that !arriet was ali$eB‖ lo(8$ist ga$e !enri8 a long loo8.==ere% or that &o. I= Anita ha% (. She :oste% the( =ro( where$er she ha::ene% to )e.‖ A .l%nCt ha$e 8ille% her.n% the )o%& &ears ago.l% ha$e =o. wo.nting &o. AAnita was in$ol$e% in !arrietCs %isa::earan#e' ).‖ AShe wor8e% =or an airline an% =lew all o$er the o= thatB‖ A e#a.l% &o. s. She ne$er 8new how terri)l& &o.: inIshe #o.ght it was her (.l% ha$e )een (i@e% . Do &o. So the onl& logi#al thing was that she hel:e% !arriet es#a:e an% hi%e.r%erer ta.l% ha$e )een the (.‖ AI ass.r%ere% !arriet' &o.awareness a)o.‖ A .‖ A!ow #o.t what went on here was li(ite%.

rne% he :.ght )rea%' (il8' #heese' an% so(ething =or s.%%enl& see(e% alien an% . Salan%er was not in the #ottage when lo(8$ist ret. She loo8e% ra%iant' an% lo(8$ist )ent %own to gi$e her an en#o.n% !arriet )& the li=t in the lo))&.se.AO= #o.t he #o. The #ottage =elt e(:t&. She too8 a %ee: )reath.rne% to !e%e)&' an% an elegant gre& >a#8et. !e %ro$e to Jons.t thin8ing o= an&thing else.nreal. .sers' a white )lo. Sin#e the& ha% :arte% at Arlan%a Air:ort the night )e=ore she ha% %&e% her hair )rown again. .raging h.l% ha$e to :a#8 .::er. The $i%eo e4.: in )o@es an% #arr& )a#8 to !enri8Cs ho.i:(ent an% her (otor#&#le were gone' as well as the )ag with her e@tra #lothes an% her s:onge )ag. 7hen he ret.t on water =or #o==ee' sat in the gar%en' an% rea% the e$ening :a:ers witho.l% not =a#e starting the :ro#ess. She was %resse% in )la#8 tro.‖ lo(8$ist =o.tinise% her =ro( to: to toe. !enri8 got .rse I want to see her.g. The ol% (an s#r. At =irst he %i% not re#ognise her. It s. Then !arriet went o$er an% 8isse% hi(. !e loo8e% at the sta#8s o= :a:er in the o==i#e' whi#h he wo. lo(8$ist no%%e% to Fro%e an% #lose% the %oor.: =ro( his #hair when Mi8ael o:ene% the %oor.( an% )o. A!i' !enri8'‖ she sai%.

AThis .sl& seen that &o.l% &o. o== the :ro:ert& =or goo%.nha::& a)o. lo(8$ist #a.t her !arriet' a%%ing that &o. A=ter three (in.‖ AShe #o((an%e% !enri8 to %is(iss &o.tes it went )a#8 the wa& it #a(e.At 19.C‖ A7hat ha::ene%B‖ .C% #o(e )a#8 an% was #o(:letel& )esi%e hersel=.n% 29++ he ha% %oLe% o== in the gar%en #hair when Fro%e wo8e hi( .+ a ta@i %ro$e a#ross the )ri%ge. A!owCs it going with !enri8 an% !arrietB‖ he sai%. She (. were the one who %ro$e her son to his %eath with &o.l% he' on#e an% =or all' sto: sear#hing =or ha$e tho.shing into !enri8Cs hos:ital roo(.: an% sai%' Q!ello' Ma((a.r snoo:ing.trageo. I will ne$er =orget the (o(ent when !arriet stoo% . AIsa)ella' wo. SheC% o)$io. Aro.ght a gli(:se o= Isa)ella Vanger in the )a#8 seat.‖ A7ell' sheCs right' in a wa&.:. )elie$e' #a(e r.% has its sil$er lining'‖ Fro%e sai% with a restraine% s(ile. An% wo.ght it was one o= the sta==. She s#rea(e% at hi( that there ha% to )e an en% to this o.‖ A7owT‖ AShe %i%nCt e$en glan#e at the wo(an sitting )esi%e the )e% tal8ing to !enri8. =orthwith an% r.n &o.s =.

She starte% it .i#8l& an% got )a#8 on her )i8e. Right now sheCs re=.rrie% awa&' lea$ing lo(8$ist to his solitar& (. She #o.#8ing Vanger an% Dir#h F.: an% ro%e to the e@it' where she sto::e%' .rio.sings. !e h. She was still in a terri)le (oo%. Salan%er sto::e% an% =ille% her tan8 at a :etrol station north o= U::sala.ring the ri%e. She :ai% 4.l% not (a8e . F.#8ing ri==<ra==.s when she le=t !e%e)&' ).l%nCt e$en ha$e sai% hello to her in the street' let alone entr.: her (in% wh& she was so angr& with lo(8$ist' or e$en i= he was the one she was angr& with.t her (other' who( she ha% #onsigne% to ashes that $er& (orning. are a##.t her rage ha% slowl& %issol$e% her with their re:ellent se#rets.ght o= Martin Vanger an% !arriet F.#8ing Fro%e an% the whole %a(ne% Vanger #lan sitting in !e%esta% reigning o$er their little e(:ire an% :lotting against ea#h other. Nor(all& the& wo.ght a)o.sing to )elie$e that itCs !arriet. She .‖ Fro%e was on his wa& to $isit Ce#ilia an% Ale@an%er to gi$e the( the news that !arriet ha% risen =ro( the %ea%. She ha% )een ri%ing %ogge%l&' staring straight o= %ragging in an i(:ostor. She too8 a %ee: )reath an% tho. The& ha% nee%e% her hel:. She was =. She tho.A7e ha% to #all a %o#tor to #he#8 Isa)ellaCs $ital signs. Yo.

eing angr& with hi( was :ointless.siness an% :o8e% aro.t Mi8ael lo(8$ist an% won%ere% what he wo. I= she ga$e hi( her little =inger heC% ta8e her whole ar(.#8ing ratsC an% who' at least =or the ti(e )eing' ha% )een ne. She tho. An% she tho. At least gi$en hi( so(e sign that she 8new he was there.ght a)o. !e was >.r(an' who was still her g.l% ne$er .r%er so(e)o%&' se$eral :eo:le. She sho. .l% ne$er )e a)le to (en% things. It #a(e to her that she reall& was not angr& with hi(.st the :erson on who( she ha% $ente% her anger when what she ha% wante% (ost o= all was to (.tralise% an% was %oing as he was tol%. An% he wo.l% ne$er heal' sin#e she wo.n%erstan%. She tho.t the law&er' >.l% sa& when he =o.l% ne$er now get an answer to the 4.estions she ha% wante% to as8.ght a)o. She =elt an i(:la#a)le hatre% an% #len#he% her teeth.l% ha$e sai% so(ething to hi(.(. !er (otherCs %eath (eant that the wo.n% wo.#8 his nose in other :eo:leCs ).t i= she %i% that' he wo.tIshe ha% also en>o&e% wor8ing .re her li=e.#t.n% in her li=e an%I).wo.t that she was a war% o= the #o.t Ar(ans8& stan%ing )ehin% her at the #re(atori.ght a)o. !e st. She =elt strangel& a()i$alent towar%s hi(.rt an% that her entire li=e was a =.l% ha$e ta8en it as a :rete@t =or tr&ing to str.n% o.

se% )& the rattle o= the (otor#&#le #rossing the )ri%ge an% saw Salan%er ri%ing towar%s the #ottage. She wasnCt .with hi(.t she ha% ta8en o== her leathers an% sat %own in >eans an% a T<shirt with the slogan I CAN E A REGULAR ITC!. 7hen she #a(e )a#8 o. !e %i% not tr& to tell her how to li$e her li=e. AI t.rne% ro. She was the one who ha% se%. She too8 the #o==ee:ot an% went into the 8it#hen. !e %i% not (ess with her. She #a(e .r:rise. E$en that was an o%% =eeling?to wor8 with so(e)o%&. So wh& %i% she =eel as i= she wante% to 8i#8 hi( in the =a#eB She sighe% an% . She :ainless.‖ .: to the gar%en ta)le an% =elt the #o==ee:ot' whi#h was e(:t& an% #ol%.nha::il& raise% her e&es to see an inter<#ontinental roar :ast on the E/.ght &o.C% )e in Sto#8hol( )& now'‖ he to that' ).t her )i8e on its stan% an% too8 o== her hel(et.#e% hi(' not $i#e $ersa. AI tho. lo(8$ist stoo% .n% in U::sala. An% )esi%es' it ha% )een satis=&ing.:' gaLing at her in s. 3UST TRY ME.t it ha% )een . lo(8$ist was still in the gar%en at 59++ when he was ro.

on this #ase. IC$e ne$er ha% a :ro)le( with rea%ing a te@t an% a)sor)ing what it sai%.Cre a ha#8er an% hang o. get res.n%B‖ No answer.#tantl&' AI li8e &o.ite a ri%e. #an set .‖ AYo.rn aro.t in s.ters.t &o. !e 8new so (an& o= her se#rets. AIt wasIinteresting to wor8 with &o. A!((.st how it is.r #o(:an&. A=ter ten (in.lts. !e waite% her o. OJ' I 8now &o.s:e#t #ir#les in whi#h &o.‖ She loo8e% at hi( =or the =irst ti(e sin#e she ha% sat at the ta)le.AS.tes she sai%' rel.r :hotogra:hi# (e(or&'‖ he sai% so=tl&.‖ A7h& %i% &o.: an illegal wireta: in Lon%on in twent&<=o.‖ AIC( sore.r ho.‖ AThe =a#t is' IC$e ne$er wor8e% with s. I 8now #o(:.t while the& %ran8 #o==ee. too'‖ he' ). AThatCs >. .‖ Those were wor%s that ha% ne$er )e=ore :asse% her li:s. t.#h a )rilliant resear#her.‖ AI en>o&e% wor8ing with &o.

Or so(ething li8e that. li8e so(e)o%&. IC( a n. !e sat 4.‖ lo(8$ist =rowne%.t the (otor in (& )i8e an% TV sets an% $' ).st ha$e no i%ea how it wor8s.lae in astro:h&si#s.t it.AI a%(it it. ARes:e#t an% tr. gla% &o.t what is it that (a8es &o.‖ AS.gge%.‖ ALis)eth' #an &o.t #ase' I a%(it it9 a =rea8. Ma&)e it was a (ista8e.‖ A7eCll %ro: it.n%erstan%ing a)stra#t reasoning where other :eo:le :er#ei$e onl& white noise. #a(e )a#8B‖ AI %onCt 8now. oth ele(ents ha$e to )e there.ght. Are &o.. ItCs not onl& #o(:. Salan%er was staring %own at the ta) A talent =or seeing :atterns an% . . I >.#h a gi=t. AMost :eo:le wo.ilt on two things'‖ he sai%. li8e so(e)o%&B‖ She shr.‖ AI %onCt want to tal8 a)o.ters an% tele:hone networ8s' ).( #leaners an% #he(i#al :ro#esses an% =or(. As:ergerCs s&n%ro(e' he tho. AFrien%shi:?(& %e=inition?is ). %e=ine the wor% =rien%shi: =or (eB‖ AItCs when &o.ietl& =or a long ti(e.l% gi$e an e&e tooth to ha$e s.

want to ha$e se@ with (e or notB‖ AYo.l% :i#8.()le. %onCt want to %is#. tr.‖ AI li8e ha$ing se@ with &o.t.‖ She was still silent. I want .‖ ADi% I (iss so(ething here' or isnCt it tr.‖ ASe@ has nothing to %o with =rien%shi:. %onCt ha$e tr. sho.l%nCt ha$e se@ with :eo:le &o. S. #an ha$e res:e#t =or so(eone' ).s to )e =rien%s' ).e that &o.Cre the one who %oesnCt want to tal8 a) i= & &o.siness.ttere%. get the #han#eB An% sheCs (arrie%.Cre wor8ing with'‖ he (.#8 e$er& ti(e &o.n%erstan% that &‖ AI %onCt get it. An% there I was' learning that =rien%shi: is a (atter o= tr.‖ AOh' I see' all o= a s.t I #anCt %o it all )& (&sel=. The =a#t that sheCs (arrie% is none o= &' the =rien%shi: will #r.t &o.rsel= with (e' ).%%en &' =rien%s #an ha$e se@' ).t i= I ha% to #hoose )etween se@ an% =rien%shi: when it #o(es to &o. an% Eri8a erger =.Cre going to ha$e to %e#i%e whether &o. AIt >.r ). Do &o. Yo.‖ AEri8a an% IIha$e a histor& that starte% long )e=ore we starte% wor8ing (e or not.' thereCs no %o.‖ .rsel=. AI .st lea%s to tro.An% it has to )e (..t so(e%a& &o.)t whi#h I wo.

r )a#8 either.:.t that.r =ather. AI %o li8e ha$ing se@ with &o.r )e% =inishe% . !e (anage% to lose e$er& arg.:s Salan%er ha%' (o%est& #ertainl& was not one o= the(. #anCt ignore &o. I= I ha% to %e#i%e' (en li8e that wo.‖ AI %onCt gi$e a shit a)o.‖ She got .‖ A7ho sai% an&thing a)o. IC% )e )rea8ing her tr.‖ ANo'‖ she sai%' gi$ing hi( her #roo8e% non<s(ile.: a #ase in whi#h (en with =.t at least &o.r age %i==eren#e. A .‖ ANo' &o.‖ A7ell' at least &o.Cre not li8e the(.(ent with her.Cre too ol%' &o. This ha% )e#o(e an aw8war% #on$ersation. A7e >.: se@.‖ Salan%er tho.l% )e e@ter(inate%' e$er& last one o= the(.ght a)o. ANow IC( going in to ta8e a shower' an% then I thin8 ICll get into &o.Cll ha$e to go an% slee: on the #a(: ) %is#.A7hat I (ean is that I %onCt %is#. I wo. She %i% not li8e aw8war% #on$ersations. .'‖ she sai%. ItCs no sort o= )asis =or a lasting relationshi:.t lastingB‖ Salan%er sai%.alit& :la&e% a :ro(inent to )e &o.r age. with Eri8a )ehin% &o.t IC( still ol% eno. I= & a =rien% )ehin% her )a#8.t &o.‖ 7hate$er hang<. thin8 &o. %onCt #o(:ro(ise. AI li8e it tooI).#8e%<.

nning late an% %i% not rea#h the #ottage .ter while lo(8$ist as8e% how !arrietCs rea::earan#e ha% )een re#ei$e% )& the =a(il& as a whole. Mi8ael sai% that wo.‖ .t her too.: at "+9++' too8 a shower together' an% ate )rea8=ast an% loo8e% harrie% when he sat %own on the 8it#hen )en#h an% grate=. She sat at the si%e ta)le with her #o(:.n% 09++ =or a tal8. !e s:ent a =ew ho. Finall& he was le=t with onl& his own note)oo8s an% the two )in%ers a)o.t a)o.n% o.: the #o==ee things an% went into the )e%roo(. (ight sa& that it has o$ersha%owe% MartinCs %e(ise.l% ta8e :la#e at *9++ in the a=ternoon' an% he as8e% i= the& were :lanning to atten%.ll& a##e:te% the #. Fro%e rang to sa& he was r.A=ter a while he washe% . !e sighe% an% st. At ""9++ Dir#h Fro%e #alle% an% sai% that the =.t the !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG( a==air that he ha%nCt o:ene% in si@ (onths. AYo.t in the gar%en.neral sorting the :a:ers into the :a#8ing #rates an% #arr&ing the( o$er to !enri8Cs o==i#e.l% )e =ine.l% #o(e o$er aro.: o= #o==ee that Salan%er o==ere% hi(.==e% the( into his )ag. !e was still in his =.l%nCt thin8 so'‖ sai% Mi8ael. Now the (e%ia ha$e =o.ntil 59++. Fro%e as8e% i= he #o. AI sho. The& got .neral wo.

n% =ort& Vangers in !e%esta% this e$ening. There are :ro)a)l& aro.nger generation too?the ones in their twenties an% . !er stor& is that she ran awa& =ro( ho(e ) )e the )ig sensation. Peo:le ha$e )een has %one well in the worl% sin#e sheCs the hea% o= a $er& s.ationB‖ A!arriet tal8e% with a re:orter =ro( the Co.ite a =ew =ro( the &o.AAn% how are &o.‖ A7owT So whatCs going to ha::en nowB‖ A!onestl&' I %onCt 8now. !al= o= the( are at the hos:ital wearing o.t I %i%nCt 8now the station was %oing that well.r#e o= in#o(e. The Co#hran Cor:oration is in (ining' o:als' (an.:er)l&' ). AI %is#o$ere% that there was (one& in A.stralian shee:' ).t !enri8H the other hal= are at the Gran% !otel tal8ing to !arriet.ring' trans:ort' ele#troni#s' an% a lot o= other things too.=a#t.t MartinB‖ .‖ lo(8$ist whistle%.)stantial enter:rise.rning . e@:laining the sit. The&Cre here =ro( )oth Fre%ri8 an% 3ohan VangerCs si%es' an% she %i%nCt get along with her =a(il&' ).t that isnCt her onl& so. !ow (an& o= the( 8now a)o.‖ A!arriet (.rier.: all %a&' an% the =a(il& has )een together =or the =irst ti(e in &ears.t that she o)$io.‖ A!er shee: station is going s.

t who owns what' how the inheritan#e is to )e %i$i%e% an% so on. AIsa)ella ha% a #olla:se at the (e' !enri8' an% !arriet. I a( to #all a =a(il& (eeting =or ne@t wee8.t !arriet is sta&ing in !e%esta% =or a while. 7e ha% a long tal8 together. ItCs a night(are.ghe%.neral.all& has a share o= it that wo.s #risis =or the #o(:an& to a a)o.t o= the 4.ral heir' ).ASo =ar itCs >.n%erstan% that.t e$er&thing =or .ite large i= she ha% )een here the whole ti(e. It will )e the =irst ti(e in twent&<=i$e &ears that sheCs :arti#i:ate%.s at the (o(ent.estion.‖ AGoo% =or !enri8.‖ Mi8ael la.ntil we hire either so(eone =ro( o. It has )ro.ns:ea8a)le li=e' itCs o$ersha%owing >. She a#t. 7hatCs going to ha::en is that !enri8 will ste: in as CEO :ro te( =ro( his si#8)e% .l% ha$e )een 4. Fro%e was not la.tsi%e or so(eone =ro( within the =a(il&I‖ .‖ AThere is no nat. SheCs in the hos:ital now.r .ght an enor(o. Martin an%I&o. The =a(il& will wor8 o.t heCs o.n#o$ering o= his .ghing at all.‖ A!owe$er' Anita is #o(ing o$er =ro( Lon%on.‖ A7ho will )e the new CEOB‖ A irger is a=ter the >o)' ). !enri8 sa&s he wonCt $isit her.‖ AI #an .

7h& notB AAll o= this will ta8e ti(e to wor8 o.e' ).n%erstoo% the (atter #orre#tl&' he sees to it that the #orre#t shee: (ate with ea#h other.lar (an with his shirt o== who ha% %ri$en hi( into an%‖ ATr.e.t'‖ Fro%e sai%.stralia to loo8 a=ter.s#.‖ A!eCs the st. She #anCt >. A .s. A!arrietB Yo.::ort tea( she #o.l% #ertainl& . #anCt )e serio.t her son 3e== Co#hran is (in%ing the store in her a)sen#e.%s (anager on a shee: ran#h.sinesswo(an.rne.ght a)o.t an e@#e:tionall& #o(:etent an% res:e#te% ).t o= (ore or less nowhere an% start (i#ro<(anaging the #o(:an&.t the Vanger Cor:oration is international' an% we :o: .t she the ra$ineH he trie% to i(agine hi( in a :instri:e s.lo(8$ist raise% his e&e)rows.: o. 7ith the right s.‖ A!e also has a %egree in e#ono(i#s =ro( O@=or% an% a law %egree =ro( Mel)o.‖ AShe %oesnCt ha$e the e@:erien#eI‖ AThatCs tr.‖ AShe has a #o(:an& in A.‖ A7h& notB 7eCre tal8ing a)o.l% )e a :er=e#t CEO. I= I .t the sweat&' (.‖ lo(8$ist tho.l% re:resent a whole new %eal =or the #o(:an&. .

re. to $isit hi( =or a #on$ersation a)o. =ro( an& =.‖ AMi8ael' IC( in aI$er& .tI‖ .its.t we #anCt sa& an&thing witho.t %estro&ing !arrietI IC( gla% IC( not the one who has to (a8e the %e#ision a)o. #an (o$e )a#8 to Sto#8hol( an% %e$ote &o.Cre going to ha$e to =a#e .‖ ADa(n it' Dir#h' &o. %i% an% sa&s that he #onsi%ers the #ontra#t =.n#o(=orta)le :osition. wonCt )e a)le to ).r other :.t.rther o)ligations an% that &o.l=ille%.t this.‖ ASooner or later &o. So' ta8ing e==e#t i((e%iatel&' &o.‖ AI not. no longer ha$e to li$e or wor8 here in !e%esta%' et#.ha$e an A(eri#an CEO who %oesnCt s:ea8 a wor% o= Swe%ishIitCs onl& ). !e sa&s he ho:es that his in$ol$e(ent on the )oar% o= Millenni. !e than8s &o.siness' when allCs sai% an% %one. That (eans he is releasing &o.tstan%ing wor8 &o. .‖ A!e wants (e to $anish =ro( the s#ene' is that the gist o= itB‖ AA)sol. !e wants &o.: to the :ro)le( o= MartinCs )ase(ent.( #an :ro#ee% witho.t the =.rsel= to &o.t restri#tions. =or the o.‖ AI ha$e a (essage =ro( ! .r& the =a#t that Martin was a serial 8iller.‖ ATell (e.

This ti(e I ha$e no #hoi#e.Fro%e loo8e% e$en (ore . (a& write an% :.r #ontra#t re(ains $ali%' i= &o.she% it o$er to Mi8ael. A!e wrote &o. !e :i#8e% . want to #ontin.‖ Dir#h Fro%e a)o. )& tr&ing to tell &o. Yo. ha$e on &o. ADonCt tell (e' Dir#hIhe no longer wants (e to write a histor& o= the Vanger =a(il&. what to write.)lish whate$er & &o.t o= this %ar8ness.' )oth as a =rien% an% as :art owner o= Millenni. Mi8ael' IC$e ne$er )egge% an&one =or an&thing in (& entire li=e. (aterial to =inish the #hroni#le o= the Vanger =a(il&.r integrit&' an% I %onCt inten% to ins. whatsoe$er. I a(' with this letter' )egging &o.t I see no wa& o.)lishing the tr.n#o(=orta)le' i= that was :ossi)le. this letter.ght that a :erson sho. IC$e alwa&s tho.t res:e#t =or &o.: a note)oo8' o:ene% it' an% :. li8e' an% I wonCt e@ert an& :ress. I 8now thatCs wrong' ).(' to re=rain =ro( :.l% =ollow his (orals an% his #on$i#tions.t Gott=rie% an% Martin. O.e. .‖ Dear Mi8ael' I ha$e nothing ). I ha$e to #hoose )etween two e$ils' an% in this #ase there are no winners.

: the stor&.ire #o(:ensation =or =inan#ial losses that (a& arise =ro( &o. #an s.%%enl& =.rel& i(agine what it wo.:.san%s o= e(:lo&ees in the #o(:an&. An% what heCs also sa&ing is that I ha$e a =ree han% to :. $er& (.#h an% #onsi%ers &o. !e was s.l% )e li8e =or !arriet i= the tr.I )eg &o. !enri8 A!enri8 also sa&s that i= &o.rt !arriet.(. !eCs :la&ing on (& e(otions an% he 8nows I li8e hi( too.‖ A!enri8 Vanger is tr&ing to sh.l% ha$e to re$ise his as tro. not to write an&thing that wo.en#es this stor& (ight ha$e =or the Tell hi( that I wish he ha% ne$er gi$en (e this o==er.s.r re=raining =ro( her an% annihilate . Yo. 8now =irst<han% what itCs li8e to )e the s.‖ . The #a(:aign against &o.. to thin8 thro. thin8 =it.ite (o%est :ro:ortions.)lishing the stor&' he is entirel& o:en to %is#.rther h. re4.)leso(e =or !enri8 as it is =or & the #onse4.==er an& (ore =or the %ee%s that her )rother an% her =ather #o((itte%.)lish' an% i= I %o so he wo.ssion.ation is >.‖ AThe sit. A!e wants to h. Yo. Yo. An% I )eg & .th were to #o(e o.t.l% =. #an set an& =inan#ial %e(an%s &o. She has )een tor(ente% =or =ort& &ears an% sho. his =rien%. This #o. !e li8es &o.t (e .l% #r.‖ A!enri8 Vanger is a #le$er )astar%'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.l%nCt ha$e to s. was o= 4.s.)>e#t o= a (e%ia #a(:aign.%e towar%s Millenni.

t an interesting hole an% tie% hi( to that ta)le an% st.ter.tion. #an #ontin. An% i= I #o.e to har( inno#ent wo(en?es:e#iall& that !arriet who( &o. Nothing we %o #an re:air the har( that Martin Vanger %i% to his $i#ti(s.l% ha$e h. On#e again he ha% (anage% to ignore her e@isten#e. Dir#h' we %onCt e$en 8now how (an& wo(en he tort. 7ho is going to s:ea8 .:. A7hate$er agree(ent Mi8ael (a%e with & an% sla.t the wo(en who %ie% in MartinCs )ase(ent.t (e .AE$er&thing #hange% when !arriet ste::e% on to the stage.: =ro( her #o(:.:B‖ Fro%e loo8e% his )alls.t so(e)o%& has to sa& so(ething a)o.ation has #o(e .Cre in a :osition where &o.natel& heCs %ea%.t what (& :ri#e tag (ight )e.' I wo. AI= Martin Vanger were ali$e at this (o(ent' I wo.l% ha$e st.‖ She t.r #o(:an& whoCs going to tr& to sh. AIC( satis=ie% with the sol.‖ AAn% now !enri8 is =eeling o.#8 nee%les thro.: on their )ehal=B‖ Salan%er loo8e% .ghtere%.t to %r&'‖ she went on.l%' I wo.t hi( to the nearest e$ening :a:er.t to %r&' ). I %onCt inten% to hang !arriet o.%i)le as she sai% to Fro%e' AIsnCt there an&one in &o. !er $oi#e was al(ost ina.rne% to lo(8$ist. so war(l& %e=en%e% in the #ar on the .ng hi( o. Un=ort.#8 hi( %own in his own tort. Yo. .l% ha$e sent e$er& %etail a)o.

ACan &o. lo(8$ist =elt onl& %es:air. so(e =or not :.n#o$ering things whi#h other :eo:le ha% trie% to hi%e' an% he' here he sat' %is#.t IC( not a >o.te. is9 whi#h is worse?the =a#t that Martin Vanger ra:e% her o. Ma&)e the ethi#s #o((ittee o= the 3o. to %o &o. !e who ha% la()aste% his #olleag.i%an#e. ha$e a =ine %ile((a. AMartin $i%eota:e% his $i#ti(s.estion to &o.l% not )e :art& to the #o$ering . So (& A .rnalists Asso#iation #an gi$e &o. li$e with that' Mi8aelB‖ Salan%er sai%.wa& .: o= the a::alling #ri(es #o((itte% in Martin VangerCs )ase(ent. wantB‖ Dir#h Fro%e as8e%. .all& an% in :er:et.ssing' negotiating e$en' the (ost (a#a)re #o$er<.l% not (eet her gaLe.‖ Fro%e weighe% the :ri#e tag =or a (in.r %a(ne%est to i%enti=& as (an& as &o.: he ha% e$er hear% o=.)lishing the tr. !e stare% %own at the ta)le. I want &o.rnalist'‖ she sai% at last.‖ She :a. !is :ro=essional li=e he ha% %e$ote% to . #an an% see to it that their =a(ilies re#ei$e s.t in the #a)in or that &o.ita)le #o( to the National Organisation =or 7o(enCs Crisis Centres an% GirlsC Crisis Centres in Swe%en. An% then I want the Vanger Cor:oration to %onate * (illion 8ronor ann. A7hat %o &o. lo(8$ist #o. Then he no%%e%.: here.Cre going to %o it in :rintB Yo.

: his )a#8si%e' an% Dir#h' I want &o. sta& an& longer we (ight not )e =rien%s an& (ore. tonight. That was e@a#tl& what he sai%' ).larl& with the hel: o= the .ation now.t I thin8 that onl& #o(:lete #an%o.r with all the #ar%s on the ta)le #an sa$e the sit.: to the hos:ital an% =la& hi( to(orrow (orning i= &o. !e ha% anal&se% &o.t right now IC( so =. Yo.t he wante% to gi$e it one last tr&.Cre not going to li8e this one either. an% !enri8 an% !arriet that i= &o.l% #o(e o= it.‖ Fro%e (a%e no (o$e to go. I ha$e another (essage to %eli$er' an% &o.r ASo )e it'‖ Fro%e sai%.r :osition' ).ation' :arti#. Fro%e went on.r at last' is itB‖ A7hen !enri8 #on$in#e% &o. I . IC( not %one. AI #anCt lea$e &et. Then he no%%e% his assent. to ta8e the >o) last Christ(as'‖ Dir#h sai%' ignoring his sar#as(' Aneither he nor I tho.ght that an&thing wo. . wish. !enri8 is insisting that I tell &o. AThis has got to )e the har%est thing IC$e e$er %one in (& li=e.‖ lo(8$ist loo8e% .s with &o. to lea$e now. AAn% with regar% to !enri8Cs o==er =or =inan#ial #o(:ensationI‖ A!e #an sho$e it .‖ ASo itCs #an%o.!e sat in silen#e =or a long ti(e.: an% stare% at hi(.n%erstan% &o. #an go .

:. #an ha$e all the %etails later' ).==ingB‖ ANo' no'‖ Fro%e sai%.ghl& the the right )ait. This was long )e=ore =oreign e@#hange =. !e %i% this witho.ation is this9 when 7ennerstrG( was e(:lo&e% in the =inan#e %e:art(ent o= the Vanger Cor:oration' he s:ent se$eral (illion 8ronor s:e#.‖ ADi% he (a8e an& :ro=it hi(sel=B‖ AOh &es' he (a%e o== with a) )e#a(e the see% (one& =or the 7ennerstrG( Gro.res )e#a(e the rage.t. It ine$ita)l& #a(e to light an% he was sa#8e%.t that FrG8en Salan%er :. AYo. !eCs arranging an inter$iew an% is going :.thorit&. !e :la&e% on &o. Partl& )& #oo8ing the )oo8s an% :artl& )& s:e#.r isolation' he o==ere% goo% :a&' an% he .t hal= a (illion 8ronor' whi#h ironi#all& eno. Yo.)li# with a %ire#t assa.lating e$en har%er.t together. . One %eal a=ter another went )a%' an% he was sitting there with a loss o= se$en (illion 8ronor that he trie% to #o$er .lating on =oreign #.‖ Fro%e on 7ennerstrG(. A!enri8 is going to (a8e goo% on e$er&thing he :ro(ise%.‖ A7ennerstrG(. Salan%er raise% an e&e)row with interest.:.rren#&.t a. were )l. 7e ha$e %o#.(entation =or all o= this.

ItCs ti(e &o.‖ AYo.t' an% itCs a )ig ).s &ears ago an% itCs a #lose% )oo8. !e was selling a the in=or(ation howe$er &o.)li#l&. A!enri8 is an ol% shar8. #an .r intention.t' Dir#h' the in=or(ation is worthless'‖ lo(8$ist sai%' sla((ing his =ist on the ta)le.‖ Fro%e loo8e% .‖ AThat will anno& 7ennerstrG( when it #o(es o. #onne% (e'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.: the a##.sations :.tI‖ A .‖ AMi8aelIIC( sorr& thatI‖ .t it wonCt %a(age hi( an& (ore than a %ire#t hit =ro( a :eashooter. AThat wasnCt o.nha::&.gh s(o8e s#reens that no<one will ta8e the stor&‖ AI )la(e (&sel=.#t an% tol% (e what I wante% to hear.Cll get #on=ir(ation that 7ennerstrG( is a #roo8.‖ !e la.:tl&.ghe% a)r.t a :ress release sa&ing that !enri8 Vanger is an ol% has<)een whoCs still tr&ing to steal so(e ). AYo.siness =ro( hi(' an% then heCll :ro)a)l& #lai( that he was a#ting on or%ers =ro( !enri8.t' ). AIt all ha::ene% thirt&<:l. li8e' an% !enri8 will )a#8 . E$en i= he #anCt :ro$e his inno#en#e' he #an la& %own eno.==le the %e#8 )& :. went' Dir#h. I was gras:ing at straws' an% I sho. .l% ha$e realise% it was so(ething li8e that. !eCs going to sh.Yo.tting o.

She was at a loss to 8now what to %o.‖ Salan%er %i% not 8now whether to go o$er to lo(8$ist or to lea$e hi( in :ea#e. !e was not on the :or#h an% the %oor was lo#8e%.t there was no sign o= hi(.t a wor% an% sla((ing the %oor )ehin% hi(.rne%. !e sol$e% the :ro)le( =or her )& :i#8ing . For (ore than an ho.s.ADir#h. Go. She =ollowe% the :ath along the water where the& .r she waite% restlessl& in the 8it#hen.r#h.s that she :.all& too8 their e$ening wal8s. Martin VangerCs ho.t o= the %ar8ness )ehin% so(e trees when she ha% al(ost rea#he% it. She went reg. She went to the #h.all& le=t to lo(8$ist. First she wal8e% to the (arina' where lights were still on in the #a)ins' ).t on her >a#8et an% went o. Then she went )a#8 to her (otor #&#le an% got a =lashlight =ro( the sa%%le)ag an% set o== along the water again.t to loo8 =or hi(. It loo(e% o. Finall& she was so ner$o. Still no sign. .t to the ro#8s at the :oint where the& ha% o=ten sat tal8ing' an% then she went )a#8 ho( was %ar8 an% alrea%& loo8e% a)an%one%.: his >a#8et witho. She =elt so )a% that she #leare% the ta)le an% washe% the %ishes?a role she . !e still ha% not ret. She went o. It too8 her a while to win% her wa& along the hal=<o$ergrown roa%' an% e$en longer to =in% the :ath to Gott=rie%Cs #a)in.s.larl& to the win%ow to see i= there was an& sign o= hi(.

ANow I 8now what (& :ri#e is'‖ he sai%.l% ha$e %one (ore goo% i= IC% gone to S:ain =or a (onth an% then #o(e ho(e re=reshe% an% ta8en on 7ennerstrG(.ght sight o= lo(8$istCs silho. She sat %own ne@t to hi( witho.‖ She lit two #igarettes an% ga$e hi( one.rne% aro. !e :.t an ar( aro.t a wor%. The&Cre going to ). She #a. !e hear% her as she #a(e o.‖ .She ha% t. AI wo. I ha% to )e alone =or a while. Salan%er was the (ost aso#ial h.rne% towar%s the $illage when she sto::e% an% went )a#8' all the wa& o.t an&thing :ersonal' an% she ha% ne$er a##e:te% a single e@:ression o= s&(:ath&. AEri8a was right'‖ he sai%.n% her.t here in the night. At last he )ro8e the silen#e. A7eC$e =orsa8en those girls. AForgi$e (e. Us..r& the whole stor&.‖ Salan%er %i% not answer.all& she ignore% an& atte(:t on his :art to tal8 a)o.(e% into o)li$ion.t to the :oint.t on to the >ett&' an% he t.ette in the %ar8ness on the en% o= the >ett& where !arriet Vanger ha% %rowne% her =ather. She ha% sa$e% his li=e' an% now she ha% tra#8e% hi( o.‖ AI 8now. IC$e waste% all these (onths.n%. She sighe% with relie=. E$er&thing in MartinCs )ase(ent will )e $a#. lo(8$ist loo8e% at her.(an )eing he ha% e$er (et.

:.‖ AIC$e got ti(e. A=ter a while she went to the 8it#hen an% sat in the %ar8 on the 8it#hen )en#h' s(o8ing se$eral #igarettes as she )roo%e%. Tell (e.+ in the (orning. were in%i#te%' wh& %i%nCt &o.‖ lo(8$ist sat .rne% on the la(:' an% shoo8 Mi8ael awa8e.))e% o.t her #igarette an% went into the )e%roo(' t.rsel=B‖ lo(8$ist r. Sit . She la& awa8e listening to hi( )reathe.))e% his e&es. A7hen &o.C% gone to S:ain' Martin Vanger wo. It was in their nat.:' %r. lo(8$ist =ell aslee: )e=ore Salan%er.‖ The& sat together =or a long ti(e )e=ore he s. It was *9. %e=en% &o. Or was itB At last she (a%e a %e#ision.t it was lo(8$istCs :ro)le(' not hers.estion. A7hatB‖ AIC$e got a 4. She ha% ta8en it =or grante% that Vanger an% Fro%e (ight #on hi(. . !e loo8e% at the #lo#8.AI= &o.l% still )e o:erating in his )ase(ent.n8 with slee:.ggeste% that the& go ho(‖ . AItCs a long stor&' Lis)eth. She st.

I =ell into a tra:.l% sa&.t. !e #o.all& his #.))ornl& sitting there . IC( not going to :.ite #lear that it wo.ntil he ga$e in. !e went to the )athroo( an% washe% his =a#e an% :.‖ A7hen I ha#8e% &o. sat here :rea#hing a)o. AYo. 7hat was it that went wrongB‖ ALis)eth' I #anCt let the real stor& get o. She went on st.‖ AListen' Jalle lo(8$ist' &ester%a& a=ternoon &o.!e sat =or a long while' :on%ering what he sho. Then he #a(e )a#8 to the )e% an% tol% her a)o. two 8e:t %is#. (ean that &o.t how his ol% s#hool=rien% Ro)ert Lin%)erg' in a &ellow MNlar<.t the trial an% nothing a)o.r #o(:.t the stor& on the Net.+ in the i= we tol% an&one what reall& ha::ene%.t the whole thing now. The in=or(ation in the arti#le was wrong.ter an% rea% &o. Finall& he %e#i%e% on the tr.r #re%i)ilit& e$en =. Eri8a an% I are 4. AI ha% no %e=en#e.%%& was l&ingB‖ . It was the (i%%le o= the night.t &o.t what a#t.==.‖ lo(8$ist :roteste%.t the #o==ee:ot on.est (arina in Arhol(a' ha% aro.riosit&.ssing :ra#ti#al %etails a)o.r ).st an% st.l% not =a#e thin8ing a)o.t =rien%shi: an% tr.l% %a(age o.r e(ail e@#hange with erger' there were :lent& o= re=eren#es to the 7ennerstrG( a==air' ).

It was a while )e=ore he s:o8e again.tation.%%en a whole ). AI ha% a %a(ne% goo% stor&.‖ AI %onCt get it. I inter$iewe% se$eral o= the :eo:le who ha% )een e(:lo&e% at the #o(:an&.t what I was :o8ing (& nose into' an% 7ennerstrG( was (a%e aware o= (& e@isten#e.s.‖ lo(8$ist sighe%. !e tol% (e e@a#tl& what he 8new' an% I #o. I e$en went to Polan% an% :hotogra:he% the sheet<(etal sha#8 where this nonsense9 lie %own or else weCre going to nail &o. It was the .‖ A7hat went wrongB‖ ASo(ewhere along the wa& so(e)o%& hear% a)o. .:.l% $eri=& ea#h an% e$er& wor% in %o#.%?the %eal ha% alrea%& )een a::ro$e% )& the a.rse' was (a% as a hell#at.t the stor& was airtightH i= I ha% :.l% ha$e shoo8 hi( . The& all sai% e@a#tl& the sa(e thing.)lishe% it at that (o(ent I reall& wo.%it at SI . An% all o= a s.(ents =ro( the a.‖ !e too8 a #igarette =ro( Salan%er. to a )arn %oor' an% so on. First I was threatene%. Eri8a was also threatene%. Anon&(o. She' o= #o.t I wo. I still ha%nCt #on=ronte% 7ennerstrG( hi(sel=' ).l% ha$e %a(age% his )ig Minos Co(:an& was ho.%itors?).ANo' not at all.n#h o= strange things starte% ha::ening. It (ight not ha$e le% to an in%i#t(ent =or #alls =ro( #ar% tele:hones that were i(:ossi)le to tra#e.

))orn.t one o= the( loo8e% li8e an ol% )i8er.AThen so(ething e@tre(el& .s to the ne@t so. It was . !e onl& e$er ga$e .s that the (one& =ro( the Minos a==air ha% )een .‖ AYo. Late one night when I le=t the o==i#e I was atta#8e% )& two (en who >. 7e =o. I #o.n:leasant ha::ene%.s #o:ies o= %o#.r#e was a)le to gi$e .es sha8ing han%s with the ). I got a =at li: an% =ell %own in the street.gosla$ia. )elie$e% hi(B‖ A!e was #le$er.r#e' who wo. 7e were e$en gi$en a :hotogra:h o= one o= 7ennerstrG(Cs #losest #olleag.r#e was literall& s#are% to %eath' an% we were onl& allowe% to (eet hi( in hotel roo(s. 7e )ee=e% .(ents to )a#8 it .se% =or wea:ons %eals in the war in Y.rit& at Millenni.ite %i==erent. Not onl& that' the so. The :ro)le( was that the harass(ent was o.n#hes.r#e' a Dee: Throat in 7ennerstrG(Cs #ir#le.t the stor& &o.t o= all :ro:ortion to the #ontent o= the stor&.: to (e an% ga$e (e a #o.‖ A .l%nCt i%enti=& the(' ).l% #on=ir( the stor&.(. This so. !e tol% wal8e% . S.rse' onl& ha% the e==e#t o= (a8ing Eri8a $er& #ross in%ee%' an% I got st.n% a so.%%enl& we (a%e a )rea8thro.:le o= :.‖ AE@a#tl&.gh in=or(ation to lea% .l%nCt =atho( wh& all this was ha::ening.‖ ASo' ne@tI‖ AAll these goings<on' o= #o. :.&er.)lishe% was so(ething 4. 7e se#.s eno. 7ennerstrG( ha% )een (a8ing %eals with the right<wing Ustashe in Croatia.

str&.se% 7ennerstrG( o= )eing )ehin% the whole thing' no)o%& wo.l%nCt )a#8 %own an% tell the tr. So we :.)or%inate an% the Ustashe lea%er was a (ontage o= two %i==erent i(ages.r original stor& reall& ha% %a(age% 7ennerstrG(.‖ AFas#inating'‖ Salan%er sai%. AIn hin%sight it was $er& eas& to see how we ha% )een (ani:. The %o#.l% :i#8 a:art :oint )& :oint an% :ro$e his inno#en#e. 7e :.ster (aterial' an% e$er&thing see(e% $eri=ia)le.s.‖ AAn% it was a =a8e.thB Yo.l% ha$e )elie$e% .:i%it& on to an inno#ent lea%er o= in%.late%.l =orgeries.‖ AIt was all a =a8e =ro( )eginning to en%. O.r st.l% ha$e loo8e% li8e a %es:erate atte(:t to shi=t the )la(e =ro( o. ha% a)sol.‖ AYo.%etaile% )lo#8).‖ AI see.‖ .)lishe%.(ents were an% a##.)lishe% a stor& that 7ennerstrG( #o. Now that stor& was %rowne% in a #le$er =orger&. 7ennerstrG(Cs law&er was a)le to :ro$e that the :hotogra:h o= 7ennerstrG(Cs s. no :roo= that 7ennerstrG( ha% #o((itte% the =alsi=i#ationB ‖ AI= we ha% trie% to tell the tr. It wo.

A7ennerstrG( is a gangster. An% we at Millenni. I= the =a8e ha% )een re$eale%' he wo.‖ ANo' I (ean' I 8now that heCs a gangster. #hose not to %e=en% &o.A7ennerstrG( ha% two la&ers o= :rote#tion. !e as8e% (e to tr& to =in% o. 8now.t to )e =alse. I ha% >.rne% in (& re:ort to Fro%e he ga$e (e an e@tra assign( starte% wor8ing on it when he #alle% Ar(ans8& an% #an#elle% the >o).l% ha$e )een a)le to #lai( that it was one o= his ene(ies tr&ing to slan%er hi(.rne% o.‖ ASo &o.rne% o== the la(: an% sh.t what reall& ha::ene% at the trial. AI ha% #o((itte% li)el. Salan%er la& %own ne@t to hi(.rsel= an% ta8e the :rison senten#e. (eanB‖ A7hen I t.‖ AI won%er wh&.‖ AI 8now. Now &o.( wo. !e wor8s with e$er&)o%& =ro( the R.‖ A7hat %o &o.g #artels.ssian (a=ia to the Colo()ian %r. Can I go )a#8 to slee: nowB‖ !e t.l% on#e again ha$e lost all #re%i)ilit&' sin#e we =ell =or so(ething that t.t his e&es.‖ AI %eser$e% it'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.‖ .

#an ha$e as (.n.rne% on the la(: an% loo8e% at Salan%er. ADi% &o. A s.rren#& %eal in Paris thro. A #.AI ass.: an% t.l& *6-Fri%a&' O#to)er */ lo(8$ist ha% )een :oring o$er Salan%erCs #o(:.)>e#ts 8e:t #hanging all the ti(e. nee% that heCs a gangster.‖ AAn%B‖ A7ell' I %onCt li8e lea$ing things .ilt&. a##e:te% !enri8 VangerCs assign(ent.t an&thingB‖ AI ha$e his entire har% %is8 on (& #o(:.l% no longer ha$e )een o= i((e%iate interest. I ha% a =ew wee8sI =ree last s:ring when Ar(ans8& %i%nCt ha$e an& >o)s =or (e' so I %i% so(e %igging into 7ennerstrG( =or =.‖ lo(8$ist sat . Yo. It' 3.#h :roo= as &o. A #o(:an& with a :ost<o==i#e )o@ in Gi)raltar.%%en .ts =or three %a&s?)o@es =.ter :rinto. !e (et her e&es. An o:tion %eal in Lon%on.‖ C!APTER *5 an agent. She a#t.nresol$e%. The :ro)le( was that the s.ter. =in% o.all& loo8e% g.(e that the& s#ra::e% the in$estigation as soon as &o.ll o= :a:ers.

l% ne$er )e a)le to inter:ret the (eaning.(ent. as8e% an% how it was #al#. A la)&rinth o= enter:rises owne% )& ea#h other.l% ne$er )e answere%. The& re#8one% that no)o%& ?:erha:s not e$en 7ennerstrG( hi(sel=?#o.#he% a##o. A %or(ant #o(:an&B 7aiting =or whatB A =ront =or so(e other 8in% o= a#ti$it&B The #o(:.l% )e their $al.t a 8e& the& wo.l% see the (essage' ).eB .l% ha$e a #o(:lete o$er$iew.estion (ar8s9 a tra%ing #o(:an& with *++'+++ 8ronor in an . .t i= #o(:anies own ea#h otherCs assets?what then wo.nt registere% =i$e &ears earlier in Santiago' Chile?one o= nearl& thirt& s.a%e% that (ost o= these 4. 7ennerstrG(Cs e(:ire was li8e an onion =ro( whi#h one la&er a=ter another #o.l% )e re(o$e%H a la)&rinth o= enter:rises owne% )& one another.)ling o= =.t there was a :attern' or at least a hint o= a :attern.nt at the Chase Manhattan an8 in New Yor8.nto.estions wo.#h #o(:anies in twel$e %i==erent #o.n%s in an a##o. Salan%er was $al.%o. 7ennerstrG(Cs e(:ire ha% a li=e o= its own.late% in an ele#troni# %o#. .ter ga$e no #l.late%.LLling 4.e as to what was going on in 7ennerstrG(Cs (in% or what (a& ha$e )een :er=e#tl& o)$io.t witho.rities. Co(:anies' a##o.e% at )etween "++ an% /++ )illion 8ronor' %e:en%ing on who( &o. 7ennerstrG(Cs e(:ire was $ario. The& #o.s to hi( an% so was ne$er =or(.ntries?an% not a hint o= what t&:e o= a#ti$it& was in$ol$e%. An% then all those :.n%s' se#.nts' =.

r#e #o%e are a%%e%.: with.ter. It ta8es a while to ha#8 the #o(:.The& ha% le=t !e%e)& Islan% in great haste earl& in the (orning a=ter Salan%er %ro::e% the )o() that was now o##. AO= #o. This is re:eate% e$er& ti(e he %ownloa%s an&thing to his #o(:. a)le to o:erate his #o(:.== an% we #an rea% it )e=ore it e$en :asses thro. One o= the( was :. That (eans that all the in=or(ation is on a single har% %ri$e. Plag.n#tions as a t&:e o= =irewall.res are e$en )etter. .ter this wa&.ter' =ro( a :.e #a(e .re #.t the his =irewall.t the :oint is that the #.rse he has a =irewall. Pi#t.estions. . ALis)eth' how are &o. !e %oes a lot o= . The& %ro$e to Salan%erCs :la#e an% s:ent two %a&s in =ront o= her #o(:.rel& :ra#ti#al :oint o= $iewB‖ AItCs a little in$ention that (& =rien% Plag. !e has a )roa%)an% #onne#tion to his :ro:ert& at ho(e. =asten aro.e in$ente% a t&:e o= #.== that &o.n% the )roa%)an% #a)le' an% IC( testing it o.i%e% hi( thro. !e ha% :lent& o= 4.‖ ADoesnCt he ha$e a =irewallB‖ Salan%er s(ile%.t =or hi(.==' whi#h =orwar%s the %ata to a ser$er so(ewhere else. E$er&thing that 7ennerstrG( sees is registere% )& the #.ter while she g. LetCs sa& that 7ennerstrG( gets an e(ailH it goes =irst to$erse.eCs 7ennerstrG(Cs . 7ennerstrG( has an I M la:to: that he wor8s on' )oth at ho(e an% at the o==i#e.== also =.:&ing e$er& wa8ing (o(ent o= lo(8$istCs li=e.riosit&.s :art is that the e(ail is rewritten an% a =ew )&tes o= so.

re or o:ens a new ho(e :age' we a%% se$eral rows o= so.s. Plag.n#tions >. A=ter a while' in se$eral ho.r=s' weC$e a##.ter an% trans(its )its o= in=or(ation e$er& ti(e he #li#8s the (o.ter' 7ennerstrG( has %ownloa%e% an entire :rogra((e o= a::ro@i(atel& three (ega)&tes in whi#h ea#h )it is lin8e% to the ne@t ) that e$er&thing is Internet E@:lorer.‖ .late% a #o(:lete (irror i(age o= the #ontents o= his har% %ri$e on a ser$er so(ewhere.e #alls it the !T.‖ A!TB‖ ASorr&.#h he s. An% then itCs ti(e =or the !T.ring the restart a whole new so=tware :rogra((e is installe%.r=ing. To hi( it will loo8 as while heCs s.ter has lo#8e% .#h he . Then it starts to s#an the #o( or se$eral %a&s' %e:en%ing on how (.(.st li8e E@:lorer' ). The ne@t ti(e he starts E@:lorer' heCs reall& starting a whole %i==erent :rogra((e thatCs in$isi)le on his %es8to: an% loo8s an% =.‖ AAn%B‖ A7hen the last )its are in :la#e' the :rogra((e is integrate% with his Internet ) the #o(:. !e .‖ AI see. A=ter a while' again %e:en%ing on how (.: a :orn :i#t. Ea#h ti(e he :i#8s . !ostile Ta8eo$er.:' an% he has to restart it.r=ing on the Net. First it ta8es #ontrol o= his =irewall an% (a8es s.t it also %oes a lot o= other his #o(:.r#e #o%e. D.

? & is rea%&' 7ennerstrG( has two #o(:lete har% %ri$es' one on his own (a#hine an% one on o.)tle thing is what ha::ens ne@t.AThe reall& s.all& the (irrore% #o(:.::ose that I ne$er (et &o.t o= it so#iall&' ).'‖ she sai%.:tB‖ ANo)o%& as8e% (e to e@:ose 7ennerstrG( =or what he is'‖ Salan%er re:lie% in a 8now<it<all $oi#e.‖ AAn% i= I ne$er %i% as8 &o. AS.r ser$er.?letCs s. wo.ter thatCs starting.()er two9 wh& %i%nCt &o. 7hen the str.r =rien% is also a ha#8erB‖ A!e was the one who arrange% the tele:hone ta: in Lon%on.ter' itCs a#t.n a little slower' ). An% when IC( #onne#te% to the ser$er' I #an ta: his #o(:.t 7ennerstrG( earlierB‖ AYo.all& not noti#ea)le.terH in realit& heCs wor8ing on o.t on the Net heCs a legen%.estion n.‖ AYo.t itCs $irt.ter in real ti(e. tell (e a)o.‖ AOJ'‖ lo(8$ist sai%' gi$ing her a resigne% s(ile.l% ha$e sat here 8nowing that 7ennerstrG( was a gangster while Millenni.( went )an8r.r ser$er.ter will r. .t what i=B‖ AI %i% tell &o. Ea#h ti(e 7ennerstrG( :resses a 8e& on his #o(:.ter I see it on (ine.#t.: his #o(:. !eCs a little o. AYes' ). ne$er as8e% (e. The ne@t ti(e he )oots . !is #o(:. !eCs no longer wor8ing on his own #o(:.

rit& #ons.ter.t he see(s to ha$e trans=erre% all his ol% #orres:on%en#e an% e$er&thing else on to the har% %ri$e instea% o= storing it on CDs.ter.ter itsel= is relati$el& new.‖ .t =i$e giga)&tes?on to ten CDs' an% she =elt as i= she ha% (ore or less (o$e% into lo(8$istCs a:art(ent.‖ AThe #o(:. She waite% :atientl&' answering all the 4.n%r& on one har% %ri$e'‖ he sai%. AI= it e$er got into the han%s o= the :oli#eI‖ APeo:le arenCt $er& rational.‖ A7hi#h is totall& .t he (.ter an% rea%ing the :asswor%s e$er& ti(e he t&:es the( in. I agree that heCs an arrogant )astar%' ). ThereCs (aterial on this (a#hine going all the wa& )a#8 to "66.t at least heCs .rne% the #ontents o= 7ennerstrG(Cs har% %ri$e?a)o.n%erstan% how he #an )e so a &ear ago' ).sing an en#r&:tion :rogra((e.estions he as8e%.#8ing %i( to :. It was (an.t all his %irt& la.lo(8$ist %ro::e% the s.=a#t.Cre insi%e his #o( ha$e se#.ltants telling hi( how to han%le his #o(:.)>e#t..l% ne$er thin8 o= #on=is#ating his #o(:. Salan%er ). AI #anCt .‖ AA)o$e s. !e has to )elie$e that the :oli#e wo. .seless i= &o.

rnalist' an% he (ight )e an ol% =rien%.:.‖ AAn%B‖ A!enr& re#ognise% the (an =ro( his )&line :i#.&. thereB‖ AIC( here.‖ ANot a $er& goo% :la#e =or a se%.9++ in the (orning. SG%er is a >o.A=ter the&C% )een )a#8 in Sto#8hol( =or =o.‖ .‖ AUh<h.r %a&s' Mal( #alle% on lo(8$istCs (o)ile at .‖ lo(8$ist sat . AOn the wa& ho(e the& en%e% .#tion. That (ight not (ean an&thing. Dahl(an is on holi%a&. AAre &o. !enr& %is#o$ere% hi( sitting at a ta)le with so(e g.tI‖ A!e wor8s =or Mono:ol& Finan#ial MagaLine' whi#h is owne% )& the 7ennerstrG( Gro.: at CentralenCs )ar.h'‖ lo(8$ist sai%' slee:il&. A!enr& CorteL was at a )ar with his girl=rien% tonight. Jrister SG%er.: straight in )e%.‖ AListen.‖ AI %onCt thin8 I re#ognise the na(e' ).

AMillenni.ter' an% another two (in.(.ntil ne@t wee8. 7ant to #o(e alongB‖ The e%itorial o==i#es were his %es8to: #o(:.)lish it' SG%er ran an e@:osM that was al(ost i%enti#al.ght a stor& =ro( a =reelan#er.t thro. .rer an% the %e=e#ti$e #o(:onent.t a while ago Millenni.tes to #ra#8 the :asswor% :rote#tion on Dahl(anCs #o(:.AMa&)e IC( )eing :aranoi%. ICll #all &o. tal8e% to Eri8aB‖ ANo' sheCs not )a#8 .( )o. Fi$e (in. It too8 Salan%er three (in.nt in a%%ition to his (illenni.Cre sa&ing. !a$e &o.t the (o)ile tele:hone (an.(' Salan%er was a)le to %is#o$er that Dahl(an ha% a !ot(ail a##o. AI ha$e to go there. . It was the stor& a)o. The wee8 )e=ore we were going to :. .t that sort o= thing %oes a%%ress.tes later lo(8$ist ha% e$i%en#e that Dahl(an . It too8 her si@ (in. Most o= Dahl(anCs e(ails were :ro)a)l& on his own la:to:' an% the& %i% not ha$e a##ess to it.ter at Millenni. APro)le(sB‖ Salan%er as8e%.‖ AI hear what &o.('‖ lo(8$ist sai%.tes to #ra#8 the #o%e an% %ownloa% his #orres:on%en#e =ro( the :ast &ear.tes to trans=er its #ontents to lo(8$istCs i oo8.=a#t.‖ ADonCt %o an&thing. )a#8 later'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.

rs. !e #alle% Christer Mal( at "+9++ a.ters an% went )a#8 to Mi8aelCs a:art(ent to slee: =or a =ew ho.t. Mal( loo8e% tire%.ation at Millenni. IC( #o(ing o$er.ha% lea8e% in=or(ation a)o.‖ There were si@ :eo:le aro.t hal=. AI ha$e :roo= that Dahl(an is wor8ing =or 7ennerstrG(. The& t.‖ ANo' #all a (eeting =or *9++B DonCt sa& what itCs a)o. Great' IC( going to =ire that =. The s:&ing ha% )een going on at least sin#e the :re$io.n% the #on=eren#e ta)le.t the sit.( an% 8e:t the e%itor o= Mono:ol& Finan#ial MagaLine . DonCt %o an&thing at all.(n.s a. Is Dahl(an still on holi%a&B‖ AYes' heCs )a#8 on Mon%a&.#8ing :ig to%a&.‖ ACan &o.‖ ANothingB‖ AChrister' tr.(.‖ A!ow (an& are in the o==i#e to%a&B‖ A7ell' a)o.:%ate% on whi#h stories erger was :lanning =or whi#h (e.‖ AI 8new it. CorteL loo8e% li8e so(eone newl& in lo$e' the .t.rne% o== the #o(:.

al was the :art<ti(er Ingela Os8arsson' who wor8e% two %a&s a wee8 %ealing with si(:le a%(inistrati$e tas8s' the s. A7hat weCre going to %is#.(e that either &o.ll& lo&al an% to 8now that so(ething o. Nilsson loo8e% on e%ge?Mal( ha% not tol% an&one what the (eeting was a) he was still on holi%a&.(Cs =. I ha$e to ass.l& rela@e% sin#e she )e#a(e a (other two &ears ago.‖ .)s#ri)er list an% the li8eH she ha% not loo8e% tr.s.t' ).t o= the loo:.r<&ear<ol%s #an loo8. Mal( ha% also (anage% to get Magn.sson to #o(e in' altho. =or one last e==ort.t. IC( s.Cre star8 ra$ing (a% or won%er=.r:rise% an% :ro.t she ha% )een with the #o(:an& long eno. The other :art<ti(er was the =reelan#e re:orter Lotta Jari(' who ha% a #ontra#t si(ilar to CorteLCs an% ha% >. lo(8$ist )egan )& greeting e$er&one war(l& an% a:ologising =or )eing so long a)sent.t o= the or%inar& was going on' an% she was anno&e% that she ha% )een 8e:t starte% )a#8 to wor8 a=ter her holi%a&. No<one as8e% an& 4.estions.all& en>o& wor8ing on this (agaLine. has re#onsi%ere% an% =o.t I #an ass.% that none o= &o. that in this #ase I s:ea8 =or her too.: with Eri8a' ).se% to let the wor%s sin8 in. AThe :ast &ear has )een ro. ThatCs wh& IC( going to la& the #ar%s on the ta)le an% as8 & To%a& weCre going to %eter(ine Millenni.n% a >o) so(ewhere else.wa& that onl& twent&< &o. The onl& one who loo8e% the sa(e as .‖ !e to%a& is so(ething that Christer an% I ha$enCt ta8en .

(n. I 8now that &o.s.Cre thin8ing o= sh. lo(8$ist #. es:e#iall&' Sonn&' when a%$ertisers who see(e% :ositi$e :. ThatCs wh& I also 8now that &o. AThat so.:.)le ga(e. Then the& all noti#e% his )roa% s(ile. Yo. E$en Mal( tho. ItCs $er& i(:ortant that 7ennerstrG( )elie$es that Millenni.. AAn% than8 &o.r hea%s s#rewe% on straight.r e%itorial o==i#es.( will =ol% at Christ(as an% that &o.:. AThe reason that IC( telling &o.( .tting %own the (agaLine.‖ Dahl(an ha% ne$er )een :o:.t. This e@:lains a n.ring that starte% .se I ha$e a)sol.t short the (.gh the gro.s all together =or a gloo(& e%itorial (eeting an% to tell .ght =or a (o(ent that lo(8$ist was serio.lar in the o==i#e' an% the re$elation was a::arentl& not a sho#8 to an&one.n%s as i= &o. ha$e to %o this a. The %isagreea)le =a#t is that o.(n is :la& a %o. 7hen she gets )a#8 Eri8a is going to gather .r(.()er o= set)a#8s weC$e e@:erien#e%. =or that. A7hat &o.s that Millenni.‖ AE@a#tl&' Moni8a'‖ lo(8$ist sai%.C$e all got &o.r %ear (anaging e%itor' 3anne Dahl(an' is (oonlighting as an in=or(er =or !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(.AOne last e==ortB‖ Nilsson sai%. This (eans that the ene(& is )eing 8e:t in=or(e% o= e@a#tl& whatCs going on in o.t.Cll :la& along with what ta8es :la#e this a.Cre all =ire%.t witho. this is )e#a.t warning.‖ Now alar( )egan s:rea%ing thro.te #on=i%en#e in all o= &o.lle% o.

t IC( writing a new stor&' an% this ti(e weCre going to %o it right.l% ha$e =elt i= he were one o= the( sitting listening to all this. lo(8$ist won%ere% how he wo.‖ A7hatCs o.Cll =ollow %.: his he %oes. I gi$e &o. Then weCre going to #li: 7ennerstrG(Cs wings.nts Millenni.ring the #o(ing (onths. It will )e &o. .ationB‖ CorteL sai%.rne% #heer=. (& wor% that thatCs not going to ha::en.l. Millenni. D. ASorr&' Moni8a.( sho. First o= all' itCs i(:ortant that nothing we %is#.(Cs s(all #a:ital‖ a(ong Millenni. AOJ' here it is9 )& all a##o.s #riti#s =or %essert. the %etails' ). !e hel% .( is stronger to%a& than it was a &ear ago.l% )e on its wa& to the gra$e.r real sit.)io.( is on the $erge o= #olla:se )e#a. 7hen this (eeting is o$er' IC( going to %isa::ear again =or a)o.t two ( here to%a& is written %own or is re=erre% to in . IC( thin8ing o= ha$ing roast 7ennerstrG( =or the Christ(as :art& an% $ario.r >o) to (a8e on the $erge o= #olla:se.‖ The (oo% t. I %onCt want to gi$e &o. So weCre going to start writing a s#ri:t that & I %onCt want hi( to start so(e sort o= retaliation or in%ee% get ri% o= the e$i%en#e whi#h we (ean to e@:ose. Towar%s the en% o= O#to)er ICll )e )a#8.sB Most li8el&. AI= this is going to wor8' itCs i(:ortant that 7ennerstrG( )elie$es that Millenni.: o= e(:lo&ees.‖ A!ow are we going to %o thatB‖ Nilsson sai%.t a::arentl& he still ha% so(e Atr. ) !enri8 Vanger is serio. So?weCre going to %o this orall&.r agree(ent with the Vanger Cor:oration ?whi#h is in =a#t gi$ing . an% Eri8a to ha$e a serio.t la&o==s.s its =.ters' an% IC$e )e#o(e aware that itCs alar(ingl& si(:le to rea% #owor8ersC :ri$ate e(ail. 3. Christer' I want &o.ll rein.r$i$es. all 8now that itCs a . AThir%' when Eri8a #o(es ho(e' her >o) will )e to see to it that 3anne Dahl(an thin8s o. to start s4.t (e when Dahl(an is aro.n%. a)o. 7e %onCt 8now to what i= an& e@tent Dahl(an has )een %igging aro.‖ !e wrote Astart )it#hing‖ on the white)oar%.( s.‖ lo(8$ist wrote Ano e(ail‖ on the white)oar%.‖ !e wrote the wor% A%isin=or(ation. DonCt e@aggerate.r #o(:.t the agree(ent reall& is soli%B‖ Nilsson sai%. A elie$e (e'‖ lo(8$ist sai%' Athe Vanger Cor:oration will go to great lengths to ens.e(ails. Use & ill an% Martin Vanger %ie% in a #ar gi$e &o. In a =ew wee8s' letCs sa& at the en% o=$es' #o(:laining a)o.s %isagree(ent.ll s.‖ A .r i(agination an% )e se#reti$e a)o.::ort?has =allen' Eri8a will #all a (eeting to warn &o.ral )it#h& sel$es =. =eel the nee% to air an&thing' go an% see Christer at ho(e. that Millenni. Ver& %is#reetl&.n% in o. ASe#on%' I want &o.r nat.t the #a.a))ling a(ong &o. I= &o.

‖ AThis so.t together a =a8e re:ort ea#h (onth showing =alling a%$ertising sales an% showing that the n.s roles.( %own.t it' weCll )e a)le to tell the(9 &o.: an&where' weCll 8now who :. I= &o.t it there.#h the )etter. ASho.C$e )een listening to )aseless r.t loo8ing =or new >o)s an% sa& what a lo.r C.t a :la.s& re=eren#e it is to ha$e Millenni. The )est thing that #o.t start tal8ing a)o.n%a(entall& i%ioti# stor&' so (.(o.s a)o.t =.Cre a)le to gi$e Dahl(an a ti: a)o.r #on#o#ting a s#ri:t an% %i$i%ing .(B‖ Magn.‖ AAn% &o. I= the stor& shows . In a $er& =ew (onths' i= an&one as8s . An% Sonn&' I want &o.n'‖ Nilsson sai%.l% we 8ee: it internal here in the o==i#e' or sho.: the $ario.: sa$ing ).l% ha::en is =or Dahl(an to go' an% weC$e ne$er #onsi%ere% #losing Millenni. to :.( on &o. .t an% ti: o== the other (ass (e%ia.sson sai%.l% we lea8 it to other (e%ia tooB‖ AJee: it internal. AI 8now it will.‖ The& s:ent an ho.s#a(' an% that the onl& one whoCs going to )e lea$ing is Dahl(an. reall& thin8 that this ga(e will en% .n%s =.()er o= s. .)s#ri)ers has also %ro::e%.V.

wor8ing onB‖ A7ennerstrG(. . AChrister' itCs reall& i(:ortant that &o. I want &o.n#o(=orta) it.' Mi8ael.‖ AAn% see to it that Eri8a sta&s awa& =ro( her e(ail . :i#8 . ItCs :rett& li8el& that thro.‖ A7ill %o. Let hi( install the so=tware as i= it were a :er=e#tl& nat.t Mi8ael?what are &o. Yo.ral wa&.r& the e$i%en#e. I= I 8now her' sheCll want to #on=ront Dahl(an instantl&?). Does this (ean that &o.LL an% then (anage to ). ha$e to #on$in#e her to :la& along with the ga(e. I %onCt want 7ennerstrG( to hear an& 8in% o= ).ntil she installs the PGP en#r&:tion :rogra((e an% learns how to .t that #anCt ha::en. %onCt tr.ste% & (eB‖ .‖ A7hat e@a#tl&B‖ AFor the ti(e )eing' that has to re(ain (& se#ret. Get the na(e o= a #o(:.ter #ons. an% e$er&one else in the e%itorial o==i#es to install PGP.A=ter the (eeting lo(8$ist ha% #o==ee with Mal( at 3a$a on !orngats:.‖ Mal( loo8e% . AIC$e alwa&s Dahl(an' 7ennerstrG( is a)le to rea% e$er&thing we e(ail to ea#h other.: Eri8a at the air:ort an% =ill her in.ltant to #onta#t an% ha$e hi( #o(e o$er to ins:e#t the networ8 an% all the #o(:.ral :art o= the ser$i#e.‖ AICll %o (& )est.ters in the o==i#e.#8eln. Do it in a nat.

en#e on Millenni. 7hi#h (eans that I no longer ha$e an& o)ligation to 8ee: her in=or(e%. !e was %eli)eratel& a$oi%ing erger.Cre (a8ing (e aw=.. or Eri8a or an&one else at Millenni. AO= #o.l% get (e two &ears in :rison.s #ri(inal a#ti$ities that #o.ght =or a se#on%.ll&.ghe%. Reall& )ig.‖ AEri8a will insist on 8nowing what &o.n%erhan% (etho%s as 7ennerstrG( . .st &o.sIIC( :la&ing with the sa(e . The (ost .)io. ATell her that she (a%e it $er& #lear to (e in the s:ring when she signe% a #ontra#t with !enri8 Vanger )ehin% (& )a#8 that IC( now >.t I :ro(ise that i= she )eha$es hersel=' ICll gi$e her =irst o:tion on the stor&.( to )e in$ol$e% in an& wa&. lo(8$ist 8new that he ha% not )een entirel& honest with Mal(.re o= (& resear#h thatCs a little %. Then he s(ile%.Cre wor8ing onI‖ Mi8ael tho.ll& ner$o.s. .ses.t right now IC( in$ol$e% in rather serio.‖ ASta& #ool' Christer' an% tell Eri8a that the stor& is going to )e a )ig the roo='‖ Mal( sai% #heer=. I %onCt want &o.lo(8$ist la.( :oli#&.st an or%inar& (ortal =reelan#er who no longer sits on the )oar% an% has no in=l. ItCs the nat.rse I tr.‖ AYo.‖ ASheCs going to go thro.

nat. . A)o$e all' he %i% not ha$e the energ& to %eal with that :ro)le( at the sa(e ti(e as he was ta#8ling 7ennerstrG(.ght the news:a:ers' an% sho::e% =or gro#eries. !e 8new what the :ro)le( was.%e% two )o@es o= :rinto.: in whi#h he ha% :arti#i:ate% in !e%esta% was .ral thing wo.l% e@:lain it to her witho. So he :.n=orgi$a)le =ro( a :ro=essional :oint o= $iew.t he %i% not want to tal8 to her. !e sat in =ront . !e ha% no i%ea how he #o. lo(8$ist s#ar#el& too8 in his s.: on =oo%' lo#8e% the %oor' o:ene% his i oo8' an% starte% writing. .rro.l% not loo8 her in the e&es.n%ings. The g.l% onl& )e te(:orar&. !e sto#8e% .est (arina was still =ille% with &a#hts' an% &o.t the in=or(ation in his :ossession.t to his #a)in in San%ha(nH he ha%nCt )een there in o$er a &ear.t l&ing' an% i= there was one thing he ha% ne$er tho.t o== seeing her' :eo:le who ha% )orrowe% their =atherCs )oat were .ght o= %oing' it was l&ing to Eri8a erger.l% ha$e )een to #onta#t her at on#e an% tell her a)o.rne% o== his (o)ile' an% a$oi%e% tal8ing to her.t he 8new that the re:rie$e #o.all& sitting in the Di$ersC ar' %rin8ing the(sel$es sill&.s. The #o$er<.ts an% the CDs that Salan%er ha% gi$en hi(. A %oLen ti(es he ha% stoo% with his (o)ile in his han%' starting to #all her. Right a=ter the e%itorial (eeting' Mi8ael (o$e% o. Ea#h ti(e he #hange% his (in%. !e #o. !is )aggage in#l. Ea#h %a& he too8 a short wal8' )o.

P. Yo.r wor%s. Are &o.(.D. I want to 8now whatCs going on?goo% grie=' IC$e #o(e )a#8 =ro( holi%a& to total #haos.n%erstoo% the insin. I a( tr.t &o.)ergerY(illenni.seZ to :.)lo(8$istY(illenni.)ergerY(illenni.: in #o.)lisher on lea$e o= a)sen#e W(i8ael.: with.seZ9 Mi8ael.ntil he =ell into )e% at night' e@ha.#h #ross with (eB P. Fro( W(i8ael. En#r&:te% e(ail =ro( e%itor in #hie= Weri8a.(. serio.sting &o.B Is there a stor&B 7h& %onCt &o.Cre going to ha$e to eat &o.ter (ore or less =ro( the (o(ent he o:ene% his e&es .t 3anne Dahl(an an% this %o.)lo(8$istY(illenni.)le ga(e &o.(. answer &o.rt?on 3. are going to ha$e to gi$e :roo=?&o. !arriet Vanger ali$e. =or the ti(e )eing' ).ste%. P.(. re(e()er' the st.== that stan%s .seZ9 .o= his #o(:.C$e #o(e . Martin Vanger %ea%.S.seZ To Weri8a. I . The news a)o.r (o)ileB[E.ation that Christer rela&e% with s.S. 7hatCs going on in !e%e)&B 7here are &o.

i((e%iatel&.(.:%ate%' ).r$&.st (e.seZ9 Not right now. . M. There is a stor&' ).seZ9 San%ha(nB IC( #o(ing to see &o.t the :ast =ew (onths o= (& li=e ha$e )een to:s&<t. !. . Tr.(.seZ To Weri8a.e% to (& #o(:.ntil IC$e got the stor& organise%.(. No' =or Go%Cs sa8e' IC( not #ross.)ergerY(illenni. Fro( W(i8ael. Forgi$e (e =or not 8ee:ing &o.)ergerY(illenni. ICll tell &o.seZ To W(i8ael.)lo(8$istY(illenni.(.!i Ri#8&. IC( at San%ha(n. Then itCll )e o$er.)lo(8$istY(illenni.:le o= wee8s' at least .ter here =or a while. Fro( Weri8a. e$er&thing when we see ea#h other' ). 7ait a #o.t not )& e(ail.t the stor& is not !arriet an% 8isses. IC( going to )e gl. esi%es' IC( e@:e#ting #o(:an&.

rre#tion is ta8ing its toll on his strength. !enri8 Vanger has )e#o(e CEO again' an% he %oesnCt answer (& #alls.seZ9 In that #ase' o= #o.t he is still wor8ing onl& a short %a&' an% IC( g.estion o= !enri8 :.)lo(8$istY(illenni.seZ To Weri8a.t.seZ To W(i8ael.rse ICll sta& awa&.essing that the #haos a=ter MartinCs %eath an% !arrietCs res.Fro( Weri8a.(.(.t I ha$e to 8now whatCs going on. Ri#8& P. 7ho is sheB Fro( W(i8ael.seZ First o= all9 no nee% to 8now. . . .(.S.lling o.)lo(8$istY(illenni.)ergerY(illenni.(.)ergerY(illenni. I= the %eal with Vanger is o==' I a)sol.

i#8 h.(?nothing has #hange%. as soon as an o::ort. On the wall near the %es8 was a shel= with a CD :la&er an% a )ig #olle#tion o= El$is an% har% ro#8' whi#h was not Salan%erCs =irst #hoi#e.S. Thir%9 M& li=e is .: straight there' >. ICll intro%.r li$es' an% when we :. The #a)in ha% one large win%ow =a#ing the water' right ne@t to the =ront %oor. IC( wor8ing on the (ost i(:ortant re:ort o=$en an% hollow<e&e% lo(8$ist' who ga$e her a 4. an% (e an% Millenni.t it ha% s.n% an .gh =or )oth o= the(.l% ha$e to stoo:. Jisses[Mi8ael.)ling as his %es8. It was onl& =i=teen )& eighteen =eet ).#h a high #eiling that there was s:a#e =or a slee:ing lo=t. It was right ne@t to a >ett&' with the water three :a#es =ro( the %oor. P.l% stan% .Se#on%9 Millenni.)lish it' itCs going to sin8 7ennerstrG( on#e an% =or all. 7hen Salan%er went o.r$i$e. lo(8$ist wo.t as =or &o. . The )e% was wi%e (e. Tr. That was where his 8it#hen ta)le stoo%' %o.n% his #a)in an% %e#i%e% al(ost at on#e that she li8e% it.g an% as8e% her to (a8e so(e #o==ee an% wait while he =inishe% what he was writing.nit& :resents itsel=. Salan%er loo8e% aro. She #o.( will s.#e &o.: an% %own right now' ).t to San%ha(n she =o.

She #o. D. It was raining an% win%&' an% the& 4.i#8l& retreate% to the inn.s' an% si(:le' )or%ering on s:artan. Un%er the s:iral stairs to the lo=t lo(8$ist ha% ). Then she too8 hi( .))&holes =or stowing things.#h.n#tione% as a washing al#o$e )ehin% a shower #.ring her :ersonal in$estigation o= Mi8ael lo(8$ist' Salan%er ha% =o. She wo8e .rnit.ter in =r.:%ates =ro( 7ennerstrG(Cs #o(:.ilt the =.stration' sha$e%' an% too8 her o. The rest o= the s:arse she (anage% to %istra#t Mi8ael eno.n#he% o$er his #o(:.sion %rawn =ro( the #o((ents o= an a#4. She :eere% %own =ro( the lo=t an% saw hi( sitting hi(sel=?a #on#l. The whole #a)in was arrange% li8e the #a)in on a )oat' with #le$er #.l% see wh& he lo$e% this #a)in in San%ha(n so (.n:retentio.: to the lo=t an% (anage% to get his #lothes o== an% %istra#t hi( e$en =. lo(8$ist tol% her what he was writing' an% Salan%er ga$e hi( a CD with .rnishings #onsiste% o= a large war%ro)e =or #lothes an% linen an% a sin8 that also =.aintan#e who ha% sent Mi8ael an e(ail a=ter $isiting San%ha(n an% was i(:resse% )& his han%iwor8. She la& .t that he ha% re(o%elle% the #a)in an% ). E$er&thing was #lean' .rther.ter.i%e% to. Near the sin8 was a s(all win%ow on one si%e o= the #a)in.In a #orner was a woo%sto$e (a%e o= soa:stone with a glaLe% =ront.ter. A=ter two ho.n% o.ilt a se:arate s:a#e =or a #o(:osting that he t.: late that night to =in% hersel= alone.t =or a g.rne% o== his #o(:.rtain.r.

The& got .r) hi( %. The& ate %inner rather late an% onl& then %i% Salan%er ta8e the initiati$e an% =or#e hi( . 3anne Dahl(an has resigne% an% starts wor8ing at Mono:ol& Finan#ial MagaLine in three .rne% to San%ha(n.: to the slee:ing lo=t' where she saw to it that he %e$ote% all his attention to her.r together. !e see(e% ha::&' an% she too =elt strangel& #ontent with li=e.ring the %a&.tine. The sta#8 o= :rinte% :ages ne@t to Mi8aelCs i oo8 was growing.: at 59++' ate )rea8=ast' an% s:ent an ho. ItCs now o==i#ial. The& =ell into a ro. Salan%er sta&e% onl& =i$e %a&s )e=ore she went )a#8 to Sto#8hol( to %o a >o) =or Ar(ans8&. She trie% not to %ist.(. Salan%er s:ent (ost o= the %a&s in )e%' either rea%ing )oo8s or s. En#r&:te% e(ail =ro( Weri8a.seZ9 !i M.r wee8s.r=ing the Net .(. This ti(e she sta&e% =or =o.)ergerY(illenni.ntil late in the a=ternoon' when the& too8 a wal8 an% tal8e%. Then Mi8ael wor8e% intentl& .seZ To W(i8ael.)lo(8$istY(illenni.sing lo(8$istCs ADSL (o%e(. It was as i= she were on the $er& =irst holi%a& o= her li=e. She s:ent ele$en %a&s on the assign(ent' (a%e her re:ort' an% then ret.there =or a long ti(e' leaning on one han%' wat#hing hi(.

seZ To W(i8ael.wee8s.n.n% :la&ing (on8e& ga(es. Fro( W(i8ael.(.n%erstan% how he #an (iss seeing that itCs all a :.)lo(8$istY( an% 8isses[M.(. as8e% an% sai% nothing' an% e$er&one is going aro. .: >o).t<.S.(. IC$e %one as &o. !enr& an% Lotta ha% a =ight an% starte% throwing things at ea#h other a #o. !. The& see( to )e ha$ing =.)ergerY(illenni.seZ9 .: the sil$erware.:le o= %a&s ago.)lo(8$istY(illenni. Fro( Weri8a. The&C$e )een (essing with Dahl(anCs hea% so )latantl& that I #anCt .t lo#8 . P. E.#8 =ro( (e' will &o.)ergerY(illenni.' an% let hi( go straight awa&.(.seZ To Weri8a.seZ9 7ish hi( goo% l.

)ergerY(illenni.e thatCs going to )e . M.(.)ergerY(illenni. Mi#8e' IC( on (& 8nees.t in San%ha(n re=.seZ To Weri8a.r (in%B . An% start :lanning =or a De#e()er iss.sing to tal8 to (e.)lo(8$istY(illenni.t another #o. Fro( W(i8ael.(. o. Fro( Weri8a.t o= &o.)lo(8$istY(illenni.seZ To W(i8ael. Can &o.I ha$e no (anaging e%itor two wee8s )e=ore we go to :ress' an% (& in$estigati$e re:orter is sitting o.(.nli8e an&thing weC$e e$er %one.:le o= wee8s' then weCll )e ho(e =ree.seZ9 /+ PAGESTTT Are &o.: /+ :ages.(. #o(e inB[Eri8a.seZ9 !ol% o. The :ie#e will ta8e .

)ergerY(illenni.n%er the Millenni.seZ9 S:e#ial[E.)ergerY(illenni.t Dahl(anB .e. An% )& the wa&' weCre going to nee% #a:ital to :rint o.i#8l& an% #hea:l&.Fro( W(i8ael. .)lishing #o(:an&' an% D/E =in% a goo% :rinter that #an :ro%.)lo(8$istY(illenni.(.( na(e' D*E get an IS N n. oo8 :. P.l% &o. Jisses[Mi8ael Fro( Weri8a.(e &o.t what %o I %o a)o. I ass.seZ9 ItCs going to )e a s:e#ial iss.e.r =irst )oo8.r new :.seZ To Weri8a.)lo(8$istY(illenni. 8now what &o.(.)lisher.)lishing #o(:an& .S. Mone&.seZ To W(i8ael. %o the =ollowing9 D"E register a :.Cre %oing. An&thing else I #an %o =or &o.B Dan#e na8e% at Sl.(. Co. Yes' (aster.(.E as8 Christer to :.#e a :a:er)a#8 4. I nee% three (ore wee8s.t together a #ool logo =or o.()er' D.

#an :a& his wages an&wa&. An% hire a new (anaging e%itor' =or Go%Cs sa8e.(.re &o.t Dahl(an.S.)lo(8$istY(illenni.[Ri#8&. . Mono:ol& isnCt going to s.(. ring in (ore =reelan#e (aterial =or this iss.Fro( W(i8ael. .)ergerY(illenni.t weC$e alwa&s %one the hiring together. Sl.)ergerY(illenni. arenCt ItCs a %ate.seZ9 DonCt %o an&thing a)o.r$i$e =or long.seZ To W(i8ael.seZ9 Sl.[M. Tell hi( heCs =ree to go right awa& an% &o.(.ss:lan?in &o.(. Fro( Weri8a.r %rea(s.seZ To Weri8a. P.)lo(8$istY(illenni.

She tol% lo(8$ist a)o.ghter' !arriet Vanger' latel& ret.stralia.(.Fro( W(i8ael.seZ To Weri8a.)ergerY(illenni. En#r&:te% e(ail =ro( Weri8a.l% hire. 3.t who we sho.)lo(8$istY(illenni.seZ9 An% weC$e alwa&s agree% a)o.rne% )& her let (e =inish this in :ea#e.seZ9 !i Mi8ael. Isa)ella Vanger ha% %ie% a=ter a short illness.t it.ti=. A )ea.n:re:are%.(. She #alle% =i$e (in. !arriet Vanger #a(e to see (e at the o==i#e to%a&.[M. 7e will this ti(e too' no (atter who &o.rne% =ro( A. 7eCre going to s#.(. #hoose.tes )e=ore she arri$e%' an% I was totall& . In earl& O#to)er Salan%er rea% an arti#le on the Internet e%ition o= the !e%esta% Co. She was (o.(.)ergerY(illenni.rier.::er 7ennerstrG(. .)lo(8$istY(illenni.seZ To W(i8ael. ThatCs the whole stor&.l wo(an' elegant #lothes an% a #ool gaLe.

In .rio.She #a(e to tell (e that sheCll )e re:la#ing Martin Vanger as !enri8Cs re:resentati$e on o.s a)o. were e@tre(el& reso. She %enie% it ). She was :olite an% =rien%l& an% ass.n%er (& =eet' that &o.t &o.(e% it was OJ to sa& that.E She raise% an e&e)row an% s(ile% an% as8e% i= I ha% %o.l% slee: a little easier i= I 8new e@a#tl& what &o. On the #ontrar&' the =a(il& stan%s =.C% s.rse I tr.r )oar%. ha$e =or)i%%en (e to #o(e to San%ha(n' an% that I %onCt 8now what &o. .)ts that &o.E I sai% that I also gathere% that so(ething %ra(ati# ha% ha::ene% .Cre wor8ing on' other than that &o.Cre %ri$ing (e #raL&. were writing.ll& )ehin% !enri8Cs o)ligations to the (agaLine.r o= the e%itorial o==i#es' an% she wante% to 8now how I see the sit. She is on the )oar%' a=ter all. 3eeL' o= #o.r#e=.t sai% that it was her i(:ression that &o.. 7hat was I s. I as8e% her i= she 8new what & &o. That it =eels as i= I %onCt ha$e soli% gro. were wor8ing on.##ee%. I tol% her the tr. are :lanning to sin8 7ennerstrG(.t the stor& regar%ing !arriet Vanger hersel=. She as8e% =or a to.ation.t o= the agree(ent. DI (e that the Vanger Cor:oration ha% no :lans to )a#8 o.::ose% to sa& to thatB I sai% that I wo. D!er wor%s.l' with an inno$ati$e wa& o= thin8ing.n% .: in !e%esta% an% that I was e$er so slightl& #.

Then she sai% so(ething o%%.t who is this :ersonB[Eri8a P.l% tr. an% I ha$e a s:e#ial relationshi: an% that &o. Then she :ro(ise% to tell (e the stor& so(e%a& i= &o.::ose% to sa&B SheCs on the Millenni. reall& ha%nCt tol% (e an&thing.n%o.l% reall& li8e it i= she an% I #o.%e' an% she wo. Christer sa&s that &o.)ergerY(illenni.seZ To Weri8a. She sai% that she . too harshl&. I ha$e a =eeling that so(ething nast& ha::ene% in !e%esta%. She as8e% (e whether &o.n%erstoo% that &o.)te%l& tell (e the stor& when &o.)lo(8$istY(illenni. I (iss &o. Then she as8e% i= she #o. !al= an ho.%ge either her or &o.l% also )e =rien%s. ha$e a strange (ar8 on &o. She as8e% (e not to >.l%nCt %o it..(.(. so(e sort o= %e)t o= (e. #o.r ago she le=t' an% IC( still in a %aLe. 7hat was I s.seZ9 .r ne#8. wo. I thin8 I li8e her' ).S. ha% ti(e. Fro( W(i8ael.( )oar%' an% &o. She sai% she owe% &o.short' I =elt li8e an i%iot.C$e le=t (e here totall& in the %ar8.l% .

IC$e )een tr&ing to =in% ti(e to write to &o.seZ9 !i in the %a&.rn to Swe%en' (& %a&s ha$e )een =ille% with )ewil%ering i(:ressions an% har% wor8. An% sheCs a hell o= a ).%e to (e?an% )elie$e (e' she will ne$er %o an&thing to har( Millenni. She was telling the tr.sinesswo(an. li8e her. I #an har%l& )ring (&sel= to thin8 a)o.l% tell &o.( o==i#esH ICll )e !enri8Cs re:resentati$e on the .[M. It wo. =or se$eral wee8s now' ).(.$angerY$ when she sai% that she owes a %e)t o= gratit.t its a==airs in or%er. The stor& a)o.t it. Fro( Wharriet. Sin#e (& ret. a)o.t !arriet is so (isera)l& aw=.)lo(8$istY(illenni. #an tr. e her =rien% i= &o. & the wa&' &o.t it hersel=. The Vanger Cor:oration is in #haos' an% along with !enri8 IC$e )een wor8ing har% to her.(. #anCt e$en i(agine it.%%enl& =ro( !e%e)& that I ne$er ha% a #han#e to sa& goo%)&e.l% )e great i= she #o. Yester%a& I $isite% the Millenni. The ne@t %a& Mi8ael re#ei$e% another e(ail.t it see(s there are ne$er eno.l that &o. le=t so s.#o(Z To W(i8ael.!i Ri#8&.stries. Yo. She %eser$es res:e#t.

I a( in great %e)t to &o. I= thereCs an&thing I #an %o' let (e 8now. I= &o.' as the& sa& in A. Dir#h Fro%e tol% (e how !enri8 :.t I %o ass. %onCt want (e Dor an&one else =ro( the =a(il&E on the )oar%' ICll .re &o. I wo.t what ha::ene%.seZ . will a##e:t ha$ing (e show .r #olleag.)lo(8$istY(illenni. Fro( W(i8ael.S. I .r:rise% to hear that &o.n%erstan%' ).Cre :lanning to ta#8le 7ennerstrG( again.ght o= (e' an% I was what she tho.l% $er& (.(.: li8e this.' an% I will alwa&s ha$e the )est o= intentions in this regar%.::ort Millenni. I= &o. est regar%s' !arriet P. that ICll %o all I #an to s. !enri8 has =ille% (e in on all the %etails o= the (agaLineCs sit.n%erstoo% =ro( Eri8a that &o. ha%nCt tol% her a)o. IC( not s.(.stralia.e Eri8a erger.)oar%.r =rien%.#h li8e to )e &o. 7hat #an I sa&B IC( sorr&. I ho:e that & I (et &o.lle% a swi=t& on &o.ation an% &o. #an stan% to ha$e an&thing (ore to %o with the Vanger =a(il&.

‖ A7hatCs horri)leB‖ A7ennerstrG( ha% an a==air with a twent&<two<&ear<ol% waitress an% he got her :regnant.rr& an% a( now wor8ing on what I reall& sho. )eing on Millenni. rea% his #orres:on%en#e with his law&erB‖ . I ho:e &o.%. Yo.t what ha::ene%' i= &o. I sai% that this is horri)le. an% Eri8a will )e =rien%s' an%' o= #o. She loo8e% .To Wharriet.#o(Z9 !i !arriet.l% ha$e )een s:en%ing (& ti(e on this &ear. thin8 thatCs wise.#h.t right now I %onCt ha$e the ti(e or the energ& an% I nee% a little %istan#e =irst.t at =irst she #o.t. LetCs see' ). est[Mi8ael Salan%er was not es:e#iall& intereste% in what Mi8ael was writing. ASorr&.rse' I ha$e no :ro)le( with &o.Cll )e a%$ise% in :lent& o= ti(e )e=ore the arti#le goes to :ress' ). LetCs 8ee: in to. ICll tell Eri8a a)o.: =ro( her )oo8 when lo(8$ist sai% so(ething' ). I was tal8ing alo.t I thin8 I #an sa& that the :ro)le(s o= the :ast &ear will soon )e o$er. !a$e &o. !enri8 wante% (e ne$er to sa& an&thing to an&one. I le=t !e%e)& in a )ig h.(Cs )oar%.$angerY$angerin%.stries.l% not (a8e it o.

Then the :ers.‖ A7hat ha::ene% to the girlB‖ AShe ha% an a)ortion' an% 7ennerstrG( was :lease%.t she wasnCt intereste%.n#h.rse en#r&:te%' ).tes. !er e&es ha% s. An% 7ennerstrG(Cs i%iot writes all this to the law&er in an e(ail?o= #o. I %onCt =in% 7ennerstrG( so =as#inating that IC% #ra( si@ gigs o= gar)age into (& hea%. !e got her :regnant in "662. AOne (ore (an who hates wo(en'‖ she (.a%ing en%e% .t e$en soIIt %oesnCt sa& (.gh 7ennerstrG(Cs e(ails an% other %o#.n%erwater in a )ath .(e the intention was to o==er her a s.ntil she agree% to lea$e 7ennerstrG( in :ea#e.rne% %ar8.‖ Salan%er sai% nothing =or ten (in.ttere% at last.(ents. I rea% thro. I ass.#h =or the IS o= this ).%%enl& t.liar e(:ire.riosit&' an% that was eno. She )orrowe% the CDs an% s:ent the ne@t =ew %a&s rea%ing thro. . 7hen she wante% #o(:ensation' his law&er got so(eone to tr& to #on$in#e her to ha$e an a)ortion.( o= (one&' ).: in the slee:ing lo=t with her Power oo8 on her 8nees' :on%ering 7ennerstrG(Cs :e#.: with the hea$& hol%ing her .gh to tell (e that heCs a gangster. ha$e ten &ears o= #orres:on%en#e' e(ails' agree(ents' tra$el arrange(ents' an% Go% 8nows what on that har% %ri$e.AM& %ear Mi8ael?&o. 7hile lo(8$ist 8e:t wor8ing' Salan%er was .gh a =ra#tion o= it' (ostl& to satis=& (& #.‖ AOJ.

ght . A7hat %oes she 8now a)o. Most o= all she won%ere% wh& it ha% not o##.: o= his wor8.)lish this i= I #anCt e@:lain how I got hol% o= the (aterial. Salan%er ha% ne$er (et her an% was not s. A7hat the two o= .st a=ter *9++ in the (orning' lo(8$ist (a%e the last )a#8. Salan%erCs holi%a& was o$er.t (eB‖ .: to the slee:ing lo=t an% han%e% Salan%er what he ha% written.)>e#t as the& were %rin8ing #o==ee =ro( :a:er #.:s on the Va@hol( =err&.An i%ea ha% o##. The ne@t %a& he #lose% the sh.rre% to her an% she #o.:. !e #li()e% . Then he =ell to :.rne% o== his #o( that she wante% to either.l% not let it go. In late O#to)er Mi8ael t.s nee% to %e#i%e is what to tell Eri8a. The& went )a#8 to Sto#8hol( together.r)an#e in her li=e. lo(8$istCs e%itor in #hie= an% long<ti(e lo$er.rre% to her sooner.: the s. 3. She wo8e hi( that e$ening an% ga$e hi( her o:inion o= the arti#le. SheCs going to re=.ter when it was onl& ""9++ in the (orning.tters on the win%ows an% lo#8e% . erger see(e% li8e so(e in%e=ina)le %ist.‖ Eri8a erger. !e )ro.

%onCt want (e to. ha$e to tellB‖ AA)sol.:le o= ho.‖ A!ow (an& others wo.l% I tell herB ‖ A7hat %o &o. .t. She sheCll ha$e the (an.‖ .tel& no<one.r se#ret i= &o. She 8nows' o= #o. It see(s to )e :art o= how we #o((.: so(e so. want to tell herB‖ AIC% li8e to tell her the tr.e al(ost all the ti(e.‖ !e sighe%.‖ AIn a #o.l% rather %ie than re$eal who & On the other han%' itCs not an o:tion =or (e to lie to Eri8a' (a8e .‖ Salan%er =rowne%.estion is' what sho.r#e. AThe =a#t is that IC$e )een a$oi%ing her e$er sin#e the s.‖ A!((.t at San%ha(n an% writing this stor&' ).t sheCs a)sol.t the =a#t that I #o. SheCs $er& =r. It will go to the gra$e with (e an% Eri8a.l% &o.t I wonCt tell her &o. are.strate% a)o.Cre a so. ALis)eth' Eri8a an% I arg.ANothing.stworth&.r#e that %oesnCt tr.l%nCt tell her what ha::ene% in !e%esta%. . Yo.t she %oesnCt 8now what itCs a)o.rse' that IC$e )een sta&ing o. The 4. Then sheCs going to gi$e (e the thir% %egree.((er.

(o.ntil the& %o#8e% )& the Gran% !otel. A . She ha% ne$er hel% a :er(anent >o) an% ha% starte% to %o.‖ . Anal&sis o= #onse4. Eri8sson was twent&<nine &ears ol% an% ha% )een wor8ing as a te(: =or =i$e &ears.( !e %oesnCt li8e :eo:le who wor8 =or Millenni. erger was l.( is ha$ing a %i==i#. AItCs har%l& a tra%e se#ret that weCre in #on=li#t with 7ennerstrG(.ght a)o.l% li8e to a::l& =or the Millenni.#tantl& she =inall& ga$e lo(8$ist :er(ission to intro%. A!eCs going to wor8 at a (agaLine owne% )& !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(I‖ erger no%%e%. that Millenni.‖ AIC$e hear% r.‖ AThis Dahl(an that I wo.t it .l%.#e her to Eri8a. Rel.l% )e re:la#ingI‖ Eri8sson ti(e. AItCs a te(:orar& :ost =or three (onths'‖ erger sai%.)t that she e$er wo. AYo.t i= things wor8 o.n#hing with Malin Eri8sson' who( she was #onsi%ering hiring as (anaging e%itor.(.en#es.l%nCt )elie$e r.‖ erger s(ile%.t' it #o. !e swit#he% on his (o)ile an% (a%e the #all.l% )e :er(anent. erger #alle% her on the $er& %a& that MalinCs latest te(: >o) en%e% to as8 i= she wo.Salan%er tho.( :osition.

ASo i= I ta8e the >o) at Millenni. want (e to startB‖ ThatCs when lo(8$ist #alle%.‖ A . A7hen %o &o.t hi(. Are &o. erger tilte% her hea%. !is .t that was )e=ore she loo8e% into her e&es.l% en% . !e loo8e% haggar%' thinner than she re(e()ere%. At =irst she tho.n% an anore@i#all& thin girl sitting on the so=a' wearing a worn leather >a#8et an% with her =eet :ro::e% .t Dahl(an got a >o) with Mono:ol& Finan#ial MagaLine' %i%nCt heB‖ AYo. (ight sa& that itCs 7ennerstrG(Cs wa& o= :a&ing =or ser$i#es ren%ere%. There was so(ething %i==erent a)o.(' I wo.((er that she was (eeting hi( =a#e to =a#e. AForgi$e (e =or )eing #o(:letel& i(:ossi)le'‖ he her own 8e& to o:en the %oor to his a:art(ent. still intereste%B‖ Eri8sson no%%e%.t =i=teen' ).re when lo(8$ist #a(e in with a #o==ee:ot an% #o==ee #a8e.: in that #ategor& too.: on the #o==ee ta)le.ght the girl was a)o.‖ AItCs $er& li8el&' &es. She . She was still loo8ing at this #reat. It was the =irst ti(e sin#e his )rie= $isit to the o==i#e at Mi%s. She went into the li$ing roo( an% =o.

‖ Salan%er st.t that laterINow I want to intro%.t realise% that it wo. She saw a :ale re% line' #learl& %isting. I= e$en a =ra#tion o= these #lai(s were a##. The i(:ortant thing was the (an. She ha% ne$er %o. ItCs a $er& long stor&' an% IC( not :ro.t in her han%s.estions ).)te% that he was an honest :erson' ).n:a#8ing two )o@es o= :rinte%<o.e&es ha% a sha(e% e@:ression' an% =or a (o(ent he a$oi%e% her gaLe. erger )lan#he%. She s:ent an ho. lo(8$ist was at that (o(ent .ation ha% e(erge%.t weCll tal8 a)o.isha)le. to this &o.( an% (& )est =rien%.r rea%ing :arts o= the (an.rse' to 8now how it ha% #o(e into his :ossession.san% 4. She wante%' o= #o. Eri8a' this is Lis)eth Salan%er. She glan#e% at his ne#8.l% ta8e wee8s )e=ore she got the( answere%.%ie% ergerCs elegant #lothes an% sel=<#on=i%ent (anner an% %e#i%e% a=ter ten se#on%s that she was (ost li8el& not going to )e her )est =rien%.r#e ( %own. Lis)eth' Eri8a erger' e%itor in #hie= o= Millenni. . Their (eeting laste% =i$e wo(an.% o= (& role in it.s#ri:t that lo(8$ist :.#e &o.t now she =elt %iLL& an% won%ere% whether the 7ennerstrG( a==air ha% )ro8en hi(?that what he ha% )een wor8ing on was all a =ig(ent o= his i(agination. .s#ri:t' whi#h she =inall& :. She ha% a tho. AIC$e )een a$oi%ing &o. erger twi#e (a%e #alls to #an#el other (eetings.t so. erger loo8e% at lo(8$ist.rate' a whole new sit.

t that the& ha% no o)ligation to e@:lain how the& ha% a#4.ste% an% still ha% 4.n8 on wine. Christer an% I %ro$e . ergerCs i((e%iate rea#tion was that the& #o.l% not . 7e got %r.: shar:l&.ter who ha% ).ters o= se$eral o= his law&ers an% #lose asso#iates. IC$e (et her twi#e.t her han%s. The& #o.l% >.rne% e$er&thing on his har% %ri$e to a CD.t' o= #o.ter. AMi8ael' what ha::ene% .‖ . A!ow are &o. An% not >.ire% the (aterial.It too8 a while to #on$in#e her that this o%% girl' who ha% sai% not one wor% illegal (eans. Finall& erger realise% what a wea:on she ha% in her han%s.: to !e%esta% =or a )oar% (eeting last wee8.: in !e%esta%B‖ Salan%er loo8e% . At last she leane% )a#8 against the so=a an% threw o. . lo(8$ist :ointe% o. She =elt it.ring the (eeting' ha% . getting along with !arriet VangerB‖ his?she ha% also ha#8e% into the #o( as well ha$e a so.estion.estions' ).t she %i% not 8now where to )egin. lo(8$ist answere% with a 4.nli(ite% a##ess to 7ennerstrG(Cs #o(:.r#e with a##ess to 7ennerstrG(Cs #o(:.l% . I thin8.rse' the& the (aterial sin#e it ha% )een o)taine% thro.

t. She was no :art o= it.: with e@#.#8ing &o.n% &o.‖ ARi#8&' I 8now &o.t' ).t what she saw in his e&es was so(ething she ha% ne$er seen )e=ore.e.t IC$e s:ent se$eral (onths s. Yo.‖ ergerCs e&es wi%ene%. an% #o(ing . Salan%er wat#he% their wor%less %ialog.‖ A7hatCs that (ar8 aro.‖ erger (et lo(8$istCs gaLe.r ne#8B‖ ALis)eth sa$e% (& li=e . what ha::ene%. She 8new hi( insi%e an% not to tell &o.%%en thereCs si@ (onths o= (& li=e that IC(Inot :re:are% to tell &o. I :ro(ise to tell &o. a)o. instea%. I= it werenCt =or her' IC% )e %ea%.' ). She stare% at the girl in the leather >a#8et. IC% :re=er it i= !arriet tol% &o. !e was )egging her not to as8. an% I ha$e ne$er ha% se#rets =ro( ea#h other' an% all o= a s.::ressing (& =eelings while 7ennerstrG( has a)sor)e% all (& attentionIIC( still not rea%&.: there.Cre =r.strate% that IC$e )een %. . IC$e )een %rea%ing this #on$ersation. A7as it that )a%B‖ AIt was worse.AAn% the )oar% (eetingB‖ AShe 8e:t her wor%.

C!APTER *6 Sat.t to )e :.ter' so(e %a&s (ore' an% the rest o= her wa8ing noo8 o= her )rain %. A' No$e()er *1 Salan%er was s. Salan%er 7ennerstrG(Cs #&)er<e(:ire.r%a&' No$e()er "-T.r wee8s she ha% isolate% hersel= in her a:art(ent an% ignore% an& #o((. She ha% )een staring at her #o(:.r=ing thro.: an% went aro.r#e.r so.ring the last wee8 at San%ha(n ha% grown into a (ani# :reo##. erger stoo% .r:rise% e$en she ha% )roo%e% o$er the sa(e :ro)le(. For =o. nee% to #o(e to an agree(ent with her.n% the girl. She is o. The i%ea that ha% (aterialise% in so(e .ter s#reen =or al(ost ele$en ho. The whole ti(e she ha% )een sitting at Mi8aelCs li$ing<roo( ta)le' she ha% =elt Salan%erCs e&es on her.‖ erger sat =or a ti(e' thin8ing. Then she %i% so(ething that astonishe% lo(8$ist an% startle% Salan%erH she =ro( Ar(ans8&. .n% the ta)le an% threw her ar(s aro.:ation.AAn% right now &o.rn girl with hostile $i) li8e a wor( a) a %a& in =ront o= her #o(:.t on a She ha% s:ent twel$e ho.

This (. A thoro.nts an% )an8 hol%ings all o$er the worl%.:%ate% on 7ennerstrG(Cs #orres:on%en#e an% other a#ti$ities. She #al#.#h< a.siness. That was a )l.%it o= the entire #or:oration wo.late% the real assets to )e worth )etween 6+ an% "++ )illion 8ronor' whi#h was nothing to sneeL eat.s& at the Millenni.( o==i#es.: esti(ate% its $al. 7ennerstrG( was %e$oting hi(sel= to =ra.l% ta8e & 7ennerstrG( hi(sel= was )& no (eans :oor.san% se:arate a##o.e at (ore than 6++ )illion 8ronor. It #onsiste% o= o:tions' )on%s' shares' :artnershi:s' loan interest' in#o(e interest' %e:osits' )an8 a##o.D.n%erstoo% how e$er& one o= the intri#ate #onne#tions =itte% together. An in#re%i)l& large :ro:ortion o= the assets was %e:osite% in :ost< o==i#e<)o@ #o(:anies that owne% one another.==' or at least a =ig.% that was so e@tensi$e it was no longer (erel& #ri(inal?it was ).lsating organis( that 8e:t #hanging sha:e. The& ha% #on=erre% )& tele:hone a that was grossl& e@aggerate%.:le o= ti(es ea#h wee8' an% she ha% 8e:t hi( .san%s o= other ele(ents.nts' :a&(ent trans=ers' an% tho. The =inan#ial :.ring the :ast (onth she ha% ha% inter(ittent #onta#t with lo(8$ist.t she was not s.n%re%th ti(e she went o$er e$er& %etail. All in all Salan%er ha% i%enti=ie% #lose to three tho.sse% e(:ire was li8e a li$ing' =or(less' :.:ie%' ). O)$io.n%itsC (ost in=late% anal&ses o= the 7ennerstrG( Gro. She was not a=rai% that she ha% (isse% an&thing' ). !e too was :reo##. .re that she ha% . For the h.

She note% %own the latest trans=ers.ssia.s a##o.siness with the :ost<o==i#e<)o@ #o(:anies in :la#es s.n%erstoo% how it wor8e%.@e()o. A =ew h.lses in #&)ers:a#e.So(ewhere in the 7ennerstrG( organis( there was also s. She tra#8e% a s(all transa#tion in 3a:an to Singa:ore an% on $ia L.s:e#t enter:rises in Colo()ia' an% e@tre(el& . The PGP en#r&:tion :rogra((e Drattle' rattleE was a >o8e =or an&one who was alrea%& insi%e his #o(:.nt?#li#8?e(ail ?#li#8?)alan#e sheets?#li#8. Three assets 8e:t showing .(.s an% Ma#ao.nt in the Ca&(an Islan%s was .n%re%ths o= a :er#ent o= e$er& %eal that 7ennerstrG( (a%e wo. The stor& was in the ). It was as i= she were :art o= the i(:.ter an% =or the illegal wea:ons tra%e' (one& la. The a##o.#h as Gi)raltar an% C&:r.ine' a$aila)le to :.nassaila)le an% gen.l% )e si:hone% into the Ca&(an Islan%s $ia the :ost<o==i#e<)o@ #o(:anies. The =i@e% Swe%ish assets were . She . One )rie= (essage o= so(ewhat :eri:heral interest was sent at "+9++ :.n%ering =or s. The latest e(ail.northo%o@ ).)stan#e.tin&' )alan#e sheets' an% a.eH it was :ersonall& #ontrolle% )& 7ennerstrG( ).ni4.i% #a:ital.l% rea% the (essage in :lain te@t9 .: in the hierar#h&.sinesses in R. Salan%er wor8e% in a tran#e<li8e state. S(all #hanges. An anon&(o.rg to the Ca&(an Islan%s.)li# s#r. The A(eri#an =ir( was soli%' an% a )an8 in New Yor8 ser$e% as the )ase =or all li4. 7ennerstrG( was li8e a #learing ho.%its.t was not #onne#te% to an& #o(:anies.

lo(8$ist has )een wor8ing at San%ha(n =or the :ast =ew wee8s' ). She ha% %r.(e% so(e ina::ro:riate an% :res.t no<one 8nows what heCs writing.t a new :a#8 o= #igarettes.=lage shirt a%$ertising Sol%ier o= Fort. Can &o.r so. arrange =or an a%$an#e #o:& o= the ne@t iss. At 19.n%s as i= the& >. She =o#. Cli#8. An% Ar(ans8&.n% hersel=. Cli#8.rne% o== her #o(:. The gol= #l.t it so. Cli#8.l%nCt =orget e$en i= she a)o.eB[!E7[ Nothing %ra( (agaLine' with the slogan JILL T!EM ALL AND LET GOD SORT T!EM OUT. Fin% o. She was wearing onl& 8ni#8ers an% a washe%<o. Cli#8.erger has sto::e% arg. E$il Fingers. She =elt high' as i= she ha% #ons.r#e at the e%itorial o==i#es ass.r( hire% a new :erson. Martin Vanger. . Ma((a?#li#8?sister?#li#8?Mi((i?#li#8?!olger Pal(gren.)stan#e.r' no' =i$e Co8es %.+ in the (orning she t.s that the& were on the )rin8 o= r.). The >o).r goose is #oo8e%' ol% (' ).t #a( her gaLe on the street la(: o.: or %oes she ha$e so(ething #oo8ingB Yo.tsi%e the win%ow an% sat still while her )rain wor8e% at to: s:ee%.t the a%s. !as she gi$en . She realise% that she was #ol%' so she rea#he% =or a )lan8et' whi#h she wra::e% .n8 =o.t whatCs ha::ening. Yo.(a)l& illegal s.t a si@th an% went to sit on the so=a. E$er& single =.ring the night' an% now she got o. Let hi( worr&.#8ing %etail that she #o.ter an% got o. The law&er >. !eCs )een seen at the e%itorial o==i#es the :ast =ew %a&s. !arriet Vanger.

(.lar s#oo: in the . !e ha% an in%. Cli#8.n%erstoo% onl& one lang. with a #ri#8 in her ne#8 an% with her hea% leaning against the wall )ehin% the so=a.)t the )iggest stor& o= their li$es. It was witho.n)eara)l& nai$e with regar% to #ertain ele(entar& (oral iss.ght o= hi(.l% he a$oi% ta8ing o== his #lothesB An% Mi8ael lo(8$ist. She #onsi%ere% hi( to )e a goo% :erson' :ossi)l& with a Pra#ti#al Pig #o(:le@ that was so(eti(es a little too a::arent. For the =irst ti(e in a &ear an% a hal=' erger was ha::& in the wa& that onl& an e%itor who has a s:e#ta#. She %i% not re(e()er =alling aslee:' ).r(an wo.l% ne$er get it that the ra:tors o= the worl% .l% e$er ta8e his #lothes o== in =ront o= a wo(an again' an% i= he %i%' how was he going to e@:lain the tattoos on his sto(a#hB An% the ne@t ti(e he went to the %o#tor how wo.lgent an% =orgi$ing :ersonalit& that loo8e% =or e@:lanations an% =or the wa& :eo:le )eha$e%' an% he wo.t she wo8e .t a %o.She won%ere% whether >.age. She =elt al(ost aw8war%l& :rote#ti$e whene$er she tho.: at 69++ a. An% he was .es. She tottere% to the )e%roo( an% =ell )a#8 to slee:.

‖ a#8 to Salan%er.‖ A7hatCs it worthB‖ A7hat %o &o. AThe :rinter'‖ he e@#lai(e%.Cre 8ee:ing a li% on the e%itorial o==i#es' there arenCt (an& other :ossi)ilities. Now.‖ lo(8$ist t. AThan8s. AI= &o. 8nowIah' =orget is :lanning to :a& &o. li8eB‖ .o$en #an )e. An& i%ea what he :lans to %oB ‖ ANi@.‖ A!ow %o &o.e. 3.ess. An% #all Dragan Ar(ans8&?I want se#. A oo8 a new :rinter =or this iss. (eanB‖ A7hatCs the ti: worthB‖ A7hat wo.rit& here at night =or the ne@t wee8.t what &o. AI =orgot to sa& that 7ennerstrG( is starting to get worrie% a)o. a nightti(e $isit. She an% lo(8$ist were :olishing the arti#le one last ti(e when Salan%er #alle% hi( on his (o)ile.rne% to erger.C$e )een %oing latel&' an% heCs as8e% =or an a%$an#e #o:& o= the ne@t iss.ght =or a =ew se#on%s.l% & one logi#al g. erger raise% her e&e)rows.‖ lo(8$ist tho. Pro$i%e% none o= his th.

AYo.Cll get &o.ghl& "/+'+++ 8ronor in &o.rn to.nt right now. !ow (.‖ !e :.#hB‖ A"*+'+++ 8ronor.r share &et' ).C$e got ro. AS. AIC( not it o$er #o==ee. Right now. I nee% to )orrow "*+'+++ 8ronor =orIletCs sa& si@ wee8s.‖ .‖ The& (et at Ja==e)ar on !ornsgatan. Yo.‖ No :oint #o((enting on the =a#t that Salan%er ha% ha#8e% his )an8 :asswor%.AIC% li8e to %is#.r (one& )a#8. Salan%er loo8e% so serio.t his wallet awa&.re. AI nee% to )orrow so(e (one&.s. want to ) to #o$er what &o.rrent a##o.t I %onCt ha$e an&one else to t.t itCs (ore than eno. A7e ha$enCt %is#.s when lo(8$ist sat %own on the )en#h ne@t to her that he =elt a :ang o= #on#ern. %onCt ha$e to )orrow the (one& =ro( (e'‖ he re:lie%.‖ AStea%&' stea%&.sse% &o. I ha$e a #han#e to (a8e an in$est(ent' ).‖ lo(8$ist ga$e her one o= his (ost =oolish grins an% rea#he% =or his wallet.r #. As .al' she #a(e straight to the :oint. Yo.

t &o.t s:litting the (one&.r )irth%a& is. IC( :lanning to s:lit the =ee with &o. AICll )e ha::& to go to the )an8 with &o.( wo.Cre a >o.#h her share wo.rnalist.n%er.‖ AIC( to her silen#es. to%a& an% len% &o. the . Che#8 it o. AI %onCt want &o.s' Lis)eth. Finall& she shoo8 her hea%.‖ Salan%er ga$e hi( a sear#hing loo8.‖ AIC( serio.' . Fi=t&<=i=t&. A =rown ha% a::eare% on her )row.r (one&.‖ She %i%nCt e$en as8 how (.‖ ACo(e to thin8 o= it' I %onCt e$en 8now when &o.t.l%nCt )e a (e an% Millenni.‖ A .l% )e.nless it #o(es in the =or( o= :resents on (& )irth%a&. lo(8$ist was .' there wo.s too. I onl& want to )orrow it' an% I nee% it to(orrow.l% ha$e gone .‖ AYo.AM& shareB‖ ALis)eth' I ha$e an insane =ee to #ash in =ro( !enri8 Vanger' an% weCre going to =inalise the %eal at the en% o= the &ear. A)o.tI‖ AI %onCt want one single 8rona =ro( &o. 7itho.

She showere% an% s:ent a long ti(e (as8ing the tattoo on her ne#8 with a thi#8 la&er o= s8in< #olo. AVer& =itting' %onCt &o.rgis Night'‖ she re:lie%. She la& on the )e% an% loo8e% .gh she ha% a%%e% in e$er& 8rona o= her own sa$ings' she was still on a tight ). She )o.( sheC% )orrowe%' an% e$en tho.ght another )lon%e wig' .sing a Norwegian :ass:ort in that na(e. The se#on% ite( on her #he#8list was to (a8e an a::oint(ent at the )ea. She awo8e >.+ that (orning. She sto::e% thin8ing an% =ell aslee: al(ost at on#e.nt &o.r )irth%a&B‖ AOn 7al:. She ha% alrea%& lotion an% :ow%er o$er it. She went to her roo(' lo#8e% the %oor' an% got .n thro.t at the en% o= the &ear letCs ha$e another tal8 a)o.r share.%get.a(o.‖ She lan%e% in Fcri#h at 29. Salan%er ha% )o.eCs international networ8.‖ !e hel% .l%er<length )lon%e hair. thin8B ThatCs when I ga% aro. Irene Nesser ha% sho.n%resse%.t &o. She ha% )oo8e% a roo( .t& salon in the lo))& o= a signi=i#antl& (ore e@:ensi$e hotel =or "+'+++ 8ronor o= what she ha% )orrowe% =ro( lo(8$ist to ). She =elt e(:t&.n% with a )roo( )etween (& legs.: at the #eiling in the roo( that #ost "'0++ 8ronor :er night. .& two :ass:orts thro. AAn% )& the wa&' when is &o. nee%.: his han%.ght a wig in Sto#8hol( an% .n%er the na(e o= Irene Nesser' an% she i%enti=ie% hersel= .gh hal= the one o= the #onta#ts in Plag.+ in the e$ening an% too8 a ta@i to the Matterhorn ! a=ter 19++ in the (orning.

No #hange =ro( 5'+++ 8ronor. The #rowning$e leather )rie=#ase an% a s(all Sa(sonite s. The& were (a%e o= late@ an% ha% )een )o.n% her ne#8. She ga$e a genero.this one in a :age<)o& st&le' an% then she ha% a (ani#. The #re%it #ar% ha% )een %e)ite% //'+++ 8ronor. She ha% let the sales girl (a8e the o= Fashion %own the street. A=ter an ho. For the =irst ti(e in her li=e Salan%er ha% a ).ge' an% =inall& li:sti#8 an% other (a8e< . She ha% also #hosen an e@#l.: her s8irt with (at#hing )lo.s ti: to a )o& who #arrie% . She also got =alse e&elashes' (ore :ow%er' ro.stline that (a%e her? when she glan#e% at hersel= in the =.#hes were %is#reet earrings an% a si(:le gol% #hain aro.ll<length (irror?#at#h her )reath. The )reasts were as =a8e as Moni#a SholesC i%entit&.r she #a(e a=ter 69++ she wal8e% two )lo#8s to the $enera)le Fi((ertal !otel' where she )oo8e% a roo( in Moni#a SholesC na(e.ite was a s(all one' #osting **'+++ 8ronor a %a&. She :ai% with a #re%it #ar% in the na(e o= Moni#a Sholes' an% she showe% the( her ritish :ass:ort with that na(e. E$er& ite( )ore an e@:ensi$e %esigner la) Dwhi#h #ontaine% her tra$el )agE.' )la#8 tights' a waist<length >a#8et' an% a )eret. 7hen she was alone she too8 a loo8 . She was rea%& =or )attle. Ne@t sto: was Ca(illeCs !' getting :in8 nails atta#he% to her own #hewe% ones. She ha% )oo8e% it =or one night. The s.t wearing )la#8 )oots' a san%<#olo.:.ght in Co:enhagen where the trans$estites sho::e%.

:lin8 in !awaii.+ she ha% )rea8=ast in the hotel )ar9 two #.#tions to start a :rogra((e that Salan%er ha% written es:e#iall& =or this :.n%.tes e@a(ining hersel= in the (irror. The =.l. .ste% Moni#a Sholes in a )lon%e :age<)o& wig' wearing (ore (a8e<.r:ose. She loo8e%I%i==erent. The #ost was *"+ 8ronor.aro. In !onol.:' o:ene% her (o)ile' an% :.#tions to start another :rogra((e in another ser$er' whi#h in this #ase was a :er=e#tl& or%inar& #o((er#ial ISP o==ering Internet ser$i#es in !ollan%.n#tion o= that :rogra((e' in t.()er o= a (o%e( .s ho(e :age on a ser$er that was o==i#iall& lo#ate% at the .n#tion was to sen% instr. She ha% a %aLLling $iew o= La8e Fcri#h' whi#h %i%nCt interest her in the least. Moni#a Sholes re:lie% )& :.n#hing in a si@<%igit #o%e on her (o)ile an% te@ting a (essage #ontaining instr.rn' was to loo8 =or the (irrore% har% %ri$e )elonging to !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG( an% ta8e #o((an% o= the :rogra((e that showe% the #ontents o= his a::ro@i(atel& . .n% the worl%. The (o%e( was #onne#te%.: than Lis)eth Salan%er %rea(e% o= . The :rogra((e was si($ersit&.n#he% in the n. ig<).st )e=ore "+9++ Moni#a Sholes set %own her #o==ee #.:s o= #o==ee an% a )agel with >a(. Its onl& =. She saw a total stranger.sing in a whole (onth.t she %i% s:en% #lose to =i$e (in.nts aro. Are these :eo:le so=t in the hea%B 3. At 69. the :rogra((e #a(e to li=e on an anon&(o.'+++ )an8 a##o. A=ter three rings' the han%sha8ing tone )egan.

l% ha$e o##.r short tones #on=ir(ing that the :rogra((e ha% starte%. Salan%er ha% note% that 7ennerstrG( loo8e% at the a##o.()er o= transa#tions'‖ she sai% in O@=or% English.ll& re:ort that it ha% )een 7ennerstrG( sho.()er on the note:a% on the %es8 in =ront o= her. Moni#a Sholes swit#he% o== her (o)ile the (o(ent she hear% =o. She ga$e hi( an ar#h s(ile an% wrote an a##o. She le=t the Fi((ertal !otel an% wal8e% o$er to an8 !a. She was there three (in. The :rogra((e showe% s(all #hanges' whi#h were to )e e@:e#te%' )ase% on nor(al =l.ring the ne@t =ort&<eight ho.rre% onl& on the (irrore% har% %ri$e in !ollan%.lar =ile' e$er&thing wo. . 7hen she o:ene% her )rie=#ase' she let %ro: a :en =ro( the Fi((ertal !otel' an% !err 7agner :olitel& retrie$e% it =or her. I= he t.ations in the a##o.tes ahea% o= s#he%.nt n.nt o= an& interest.ser General' a#ross the street' where she ha% (a%e an a::oint(ent to see !err 7agner' the general (anager' at "+9++.#t.There was onl& one a##o.r$eillan#e #a(era' whi#h too8 her :i#t.rne% on his #o(:. In realit&' the #hange wo.l% %.l% go in an% as8 to ha$e the =.:le o= ti(es ea#h wee8.le' an% she s:ent the waiting ti(e :osing in =ront o= the s.n%s :ai% o. I= %. AI nee% so(e assistan#e with a n.nt' the :rogra((e wo.ring the :ast si@ (onths.nt a #o.l% a::ear to )e nor(al.ter an% loo8e% at that :arti#.t or (o$e% =ro( the as she wal8e% into the %e:art(ent with o==i#es =or %is#reet :ri$ate #ons.nt %.ti=.

rall& & :ast noon' slightl& later than :lanne%' an% she wal8e% )a#8 to the Fi((ertal.()ers witho.nts at the an8 o= Jroenen=el% in the Ca&(an Islan%s.t on#e re=erring to an& :a:ers.: to her roo( an% too8 o== the #lothes she ha% )o. Not . She starte% re#iting se$eral series o= si@teen<%igit n.t she was no longer .t re:la#e% the :age<)o& wig with Irene NesserCs sho.n#h' an% he was going to ha$e to re$ise his :igeonhole =or FrN. ha$e all the re4. She :. She %i% not lea$e an8 !a.ngs)o%en in Sto#8hol(. AFrN.sers' a si(:le shirt' an% a ni#e )la#8 leather >a#8et =ro( Mal. AThere are a n.lein Sholes.#h a hea$& a##ent that it was o)$io.lein Sholes' nat.()er o= a##o.ential #learing #o%es'‖ she sai%.n8e(:t )& an& (eans' ).s she ha% onl& s#hool<le$el Ger(an. She trans=er #an )e %one )& se4.ght.ire% #learing #o%esB‖ he as8e%. She 8e:t on the late@ )reasts ).t =or a / :er#ent #o((ission on the transa#tions' he was :re:are% to s8i: l. She st.ser General .ntil >.l%er<length )lon%e hair.%ie% hersel= in the (irror. !err 7agner saw that it was going to )e a long (orning' ).!err 7agner :igeonhole% her as the s:oile% %a.ghter' or :ossi)l& (istress' o= so(e )igshot. AA)er natcrli#h'‖ she re:lie% with s.t on (ore =a(iliar #lothes9 )oots with stiletto heels' )la#8 tro. A.t in an a::earan#e at the =ront %es8 )e=ore she went .

()ere% a##o.lein'‖ !err !assel(ann sai%.nts' whi#h she #o. !er ). She a:ologise% =or )eing late.le' she went into an8 Dor==(ann' a)o.t se$ent& &ar%s awa& =ro( an8 !a.l% a##ess $ia the Internet an% whi#h were owne% )& an a::arentl& anon&(o.s :ost< o==i#e<)o@ #o(:an& in Gi)raltar. She s:o8e i(:e##a)le Ger(an with a Norwegian a##ent.tes )ehin% s#he%. A!ow #an I )e o= ser$i#eB‖ AI a n.ser General.siness at the an8 Dor==(ann also too8 (ore ti(e than e@:e#te%' so now she was e$en (ore )ehin% on her .nt. She o:ene% =i$e n. Ea#h )on% was worth the e4. e=ore Irene Nesser le=t the roo(' she sorte% thro.‖ Irene Nesser :la#e% her :ort=olio on the %es8 in =ront o= hi(. ANo :ro)le( at all' FrN.l% li8e to o:en an a##o.: =or her =or 1+'+++ 8ronor o= the (one& she ha% )orrowe% =ro( lo(8$ist. !e raise% an e&e)row an% s(ile% :olitel&. Irene Nesser ha% (a%e an a::oint(ent in a%$an#e with a !err !assel(ann.()er o= :ri$ate )on%s that IC% li8e to #on$ert.()er o= )on%s' whi#h she :la#e% insi%e a thin :ort=olio. At "9+1' a =ew (in. I ha$e a n. She #ashe% in =i=t& o= the )on%s an% %e:osite% the (one& in the a##o.i$alent o= one (illion 8ronor. !err !assel(ann e@a(ine% the #ontents' hastil& at =irst' an% then (ore slowl&. A )ro8er ha% set the( .an heiress.

She ha% no #han#e to ta8e #are o= her =inal transa#tions )e=ore the )an8s #lose% =or the %a&. It was #lose to 19++ :.ght so(e as:irin at the =ront %es8 an% or%ere% a wa8e< .nt was owne% )& 7as: Enter:rises' registere% in Gi) an% al(ost i(:ossi)le to tra#e.rne% to the Matterhorn !otel' where she s:ent an ho. She )o.r e(:t&ing the her (o)ile.r hanging A(eri#a were it to :a& in$oi#es =or a large n.' an% all the )an8s in E.le. She (a%e one :a&(ent =ro( the a##o. She %i$i%e% the (one& . 7hen she was %one' the (one& ha% strangel& )een trans=erre% )a#8 to the an8 o= Jroenen=el% in the Ca&(an Islan%s' ). Then she went )a#8 to her roo(.ro:e were #lose% =or ). Irene Nesser #onsi%ere% this =irst stage to )e se#.: her Power oo8 an% .nts she ha% o:ene% at an8 Dor==(ann earlier in the %a&.n% to esta)lish her :resen#e.: into s(all a(o. So Irene Nesser ret.nt than the one =ro( whi#h it ha% )een with%rawn earlier that %a&.()ere% a##o.(. .()er o= =i#tional #o(:anies aro.: #all =or 59++ a.nt9 the s.:lin8e% to the Net thro. She )oote% .t the )an8s in North an% So. She s:ent an ho. .n% the worl%.siness.t she ha% a hea%a#he an% went to )e% earl&.nt lin8e% to a #re%it #ar% that she ha% in her wallet. .nts an% . The a##o.(.( o= nearl& one (illion 8ronor was %e:osite% into an a##o.t this ti(e to an entirel& %i==erent a##o.

nt o= irritation a(ong the other g. Moni#a Sholes wal8e% to the Fi((ertal !otel' no%%e% :olitel& to the %es8 #ler8' an% too8 the li=t . 7hen he went to the )athroo(' she )e=ore (i%night' when Moni#a Sholes noti#e% that a hall :orter was 8ee:ing a stern e&e on the(' she hel:e% her Italian )o&=rien% .: )& a %r.tes later a girl with )lon%e :age<)o& hair le=t the Matterhorn )& a %oor into the hotel )ar.eeLing so=t late@.ite a while allowing hersel= to )e :i#8e% .: to his roo(.: to her roo(.tting on Moni#a SholesC #o()at .rant an% ha% an insanel& it #ost "'*++ 8ronor' %ran8 one glass' an% non#halantl& le=t the rest )e=ore she went into the hotel )ar.Se$eral ( Italian with an aristo#rati# na(e whi#h she %i% not )other to re(e()er. She s:ent 4.% that the& a #ertain a(o. She or%ere% a )ottle o= $intage wine that she ha% ne$er hear% o= )e=ore tho. 3.she% Roh&:nol slee:ing ta)let. !e %i% not see( to ha$e noti#e% that he was s4. There she too8 her ti(e' to. one last glass o= wine.: her (a8e<.s =ish %inner.n% ""9++ her into@i#ate% s. !e :asse% .itor leane% =orwar% an% )ol%l& s4.ests.r% ti:s' whi#h #ertainl& (a%e the sta== noti#e her.n8 &o. She o:ene% a =ol%e% :ie#e o= :a:er an% s:i8e% the wine with a #r.:' an% a::l&ing an e@tra la&er o= s8in #rea( to the tattoo )e=ore she went %own to the hotel resta.eeLe% her )reast. She le=t a)s. The& share% two )ottles o= #ha(:agne' o= whi#h she %ran8 al(ost one glass. At ti(es the& were so lo. She (o$e% his han% %own to the ta)le' =eeling :lease%.#hing .

t o= the Fi((ertal at 0911.#he%.t in a (isera)le hea: on the )e% within a (in.: an% :. Irene Nesser wo. e=ore lea$ing her roo(' she s:ent =i$e (in. She too8 a ta@i an% le=t her l.: Moni#a SholesC :ass:ort into little :ie#es' =l.nts.n% 59.rr&.+' shortl& a=ter the wa8e<.shing the( %own the toilet. The rest o= the )on%s she ).rs $isiting nine :ri$ate )an8s' where she %istri). Irene Nesser #he#8e% o.t the )its in =i$e %i==erent r. She wi:e% the )ottle #lean' then washe% the glasses in the )athroo( an% wi:e% the( o== too )e=ore going )a#8 to her roo(. Then she s:ent the ne@t =ew ho.tes wi:ing o== =inger:rints =ro( the %oor han%les' war%ro)es' toilet' tele:hone' an% other o)>e#ts in the roo( that she ha% to.: an% :.o. & .9++ in the a=ternoon she ha% #on$erte% a)o. She loosene% his tie' :.t .l% nee% to (a8e se$eral (ore $isits to Fcri#h' ). Moni#a Sholes ha% )rea8=ast in her roo( at 09++ an% #he#8e% o.()ere% a##o.: #all.t "+ :er#ent o= the )on%s into #ash' whi#h she %e:osite% in thirt& n. The #re%it #ar% she also #.te% so(e o= the :ri$ate )on%s =ro( the Ca&(an Islan%s.t .+ that a=ternoon Irene Nesser too8 a ta@i to the air:ort' where she went into the la%iesC roo( an% #.lle% o== his shoes' an% %rew a #o$er o$er hi(.te a=ter she %ran8 a toast with hi(.))ish )ins' an% the s#issors too.n%le% .ggage in a lo#8er at the railwa& station. At /9.t o= the Matterhorn aro.t there was no i((e%iate h.t in a sa=e<%e:osit )o@. A=ter Se:te()er .

She stoo% there si::ing at her #o==ee as the train rolle% o.#h ti(e an% too8 on so(e =. 7hen she lo#8e% the %oor to her #o(:art(ent' she #o. She :la#e% all ite(s )elonging to the Moni#a Sholes :ersona?the :age<)o& wig an% the %esigner #lothes?in three :lasti# )ags an% tosse% the( into three %i==erent r.el in the =or( o= a ha().rne% to nor(al. She o:ene% the #o(:art(ent win%ow an% %e=ie% the no< s(o8ing reg.r )aggage.lations.=thansa =light GD56+ to Oslo an% #a."" it was not a goo% i%ea to attra#t attention )& ha$ing an& shar: o)>e#ts in &o.nlo#8e% lo#8er.s to the Oslo train station' where she went into the la%iesC roo( an% sorte% thro.s hesitation' Irene Nesser %e#i%e% to 8ee: the =a8e late@ )reasts. She )o.ght the air:ort ). She arri$e% as the %oors were #losing.l% )e tra#e%H the& %isa::eare% %own a %rain in the street o. A=ter a (o(ent o= an@io.t o= Oslo. She ha% )oo8e% a :ri$ate slee:ing )erth. She :.t the e(:t& Sa(sonite s.l% =eel that =or the =irst ti(e in two %a&s' her a%renaline le$els ha% ret.))ish #ontainers an% waste)as8ets in the train station.rger =ro( M#Donal%Cs while she trans=erre% the #ontents o= the l. The gol% #hain an% earrings were %esigner >eweller& that #o.@. & then she %i% not ha$e (.gh her in an .ght a latte to go at a 8ios8 an% ran to #at#h the night train to Sto#8hol(.tsi%e the station. Irene Nesser too8 L. 7hen she le=t' the e(:t& )rie=#ase re(aine% . .n%er the ta)le.r& leather )rie=#ase to her tra$el )ag.

She ran thro.tes she #re:t into )e% an% =ell aslee:.+' De#e()er .#h the (e%ia %i% not 8now how to han%le the s#oo:.t that e$ening She on TV/ le% o== with an ele$en<(in. The (ain stor& a::eare% .rnalist #ontaining (.(Cs s:e#ial re:ort on !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG( too8 .)le.((age% thro.lte% in lo(8$ist )eing #on$i#te% o= li)el' an% it ha% also a::arentl& res. So(e :arts o= the re:ort were so a)s.: all o= =ort&<si@ :ages o= the (agaLine an% e@:lo%e% li8e a ti(e )o() the last wee8 o= No$e()er. A si(ilar stor& >.%ie% it =or se$eral ( that she ha% =orgotten no %etail.s allegations than the arti#le =or whi#h he ha% r. For that reason his #re%i)ilit& was regar%e% as rather low.(.t o= the win%ow.#h (ore serio. .gh her #he#8list to )e s. Now the sa(e (agaLine was )a#8 with a stor& )& the sa(e >o.r% that the& %e=ie% #o((on sense. A=ter a (o(ent she =rowne% an% a &ear earlier ha% res.tes )e=ore she tosse% it o. EPILOGUE9 FINAL AUDIT Th.((ar& o= the highlights in lo(8$istCs a##. She too8 o.lte% in his )eing %is(isse% =ro( Millenni. A=ter =i=teen ( her >a#8et :o#8ets. The Swe%ish (e%ia sat an% waite%' =ille% with (istr.te s.n%er the >oint )&line o= Mi8ael lo(8$ist an% Eri8a erger.n into so (. .t the #o(:li(entar& :en =ro( the Fi((ertal !otel an% st. For the =irst =ew' No$e()er *2-T.

.erger ha% l. !e %is(isse% his se#retar&Cs =ranti# #alls that there A(ight )e so(ething‖ to lo(8$istCs #lai(s with these later =a(o.t that was the onl& #ontri).t its =irst wire with the #a.(Cs #lai(s. The e%itor in #hie= then went to a %inner :art& as TV/ starte% )roa%#asting its news :rogra((e.ntil then' the :a:ers ha% (ore or less %e#i%e% to ignore the Millenni. .r =inan#ial re:orters wo.l% ha$e =o.s wor%s9 ANonsense?i= there were' o. The e%itorial #ontaine% :hrases s. TV/Cs )$e.nleashe% =e$erish a#ti$it& at the Conser$ati$e (orning news:a:er an% at a %oLen o= the larger regional :a:ers as the& reset their =ront :ages )e=ore the :resses starte% rolling.entl&' the Li)eral e%itor in #hie=Cs e%itorial was the onl& (e%ia $oi#e in the #o. The Li)eral (orning news:a:er #o((ente% on Millenni.tion the e%itor in #hie= (a%e %.‖ Conse4.n#he% with the host se$eral %a&s earlier an% gi$en her an a%$an#e e@#l. & then the TT wire ser$i#e ha% also sent o.(Cs s#oo: in the =or( o= an e%itorial' written :ersonall& )& the e%itor in #hie=' earlier in the a=ternoon.#h as9 :ersonal $en%etta' #ri(inall& slo::& >o.n% o.t the =a#t that TT a%%resse% the s.res )e ta8en against in%i#ta)le allegations regar%ing %e#ent #itiLens.t a)o.)>e#t at all .n news #hannels' whi#h %i% not #la()er on to the )an%wagon .s hea%line9 CONVICTED 3OURNALIST ACCUSES FINANCIER OF SERIOUS CRIME.ntil the 69++ news.ntr& that ).ring the %e)ate. The te@t was a rewrite o= the TV stor&' ).t#here% Millenni.( allegations. U: .t it long ago.tal :ro=ile s#oo:e% the state<r.rnalis(' an% %e(an%s that (eas.tio.

%e% that she was going to en>o& wor8ing at Millenni.(.t the ne@t %a&' a (e%ia =renL& er.(.r =or(er sta== (e()ers an% hal= a %oLen reg. the entire sta== was still there' an% the& ha% also )een >oine% )& no =ewer than =o.‖ The =renL& %i% not (ean' howe$er' that the (e%ia swallowe% Millenni.( #o.t )& "+9++ :.ring the =ollowing wee8' the Swe%ish Sto#8 E@#hange tre()le% as the se#. That was when an ol% a#4. .aintan#e sent o$er an a%$an#e #o:& =ro( one o= the e$ening :a:ers' whi#h %e$ote% si@teen :ages to the 7ennerstrG( a==air .s =or that.n%er the hea%line T!E FINANCIAL MAFIA.t .ll& sta==e%. A##or%ing to their :lans' onl& erger an% the new (anaging e%itor' Malin Eri8sson' were %.e to )e there to han%le an& #alls.rities =ra.ter' whi#h #ontaine% )alan#e sheets =ro( se#ret )an8 assets in the Ca&(an Islan%s an% two %oLen other #o.:te%' the li8es o= whi#h ha% sel%o( )een seen )e=ore. Eri8sson #on#l.% :oli#e )egan in$estigating' :rose#. D.tors were #alle% in' an% a :ani#8& selling s:ree set in.ntries' se#ret agree(ents' an% other . At (i%night Mal( o:ene% a )ottle o= #ha(:agne. . 7hen the e$ening :a:ers #a(e o.That night the Millenni.(Cs #lai(s witho.t #riti#is(?the re$elations were =ar too serio.nli8e the =irst 7ennerstrG( a==air' this ti(e Millenni.l% :resent a #on$in#ing ).)li#ation the Minister o= Co((er#e (a%e a state(ent on Athe 7ennerstrG( a==air.lar =reelan#ers. Two %a&s a=ter the :.r%en o= :roo=9 7ennerstrG(Cs own e(ails an% #o:ies o= the #ontents o= his #o(:.( e%itorial o==i#es were =.

(Cs #lai(s hel% .late on how (an& laws ha% )een )ro8en. 7ennerstrG( an% his &o.ger #rash o= " sto#8)ro8ers' :artners' an% Ar(ani<#la% law&ers e(erge% li8e a )an% o= hoo%l.l% not )e rea#he% )& tele:hone. She ne$er lie%' ). D.s &earCs e@:osM o= 7ennerstrG( ha% )een s.t she (a& not alwa&s ha$e tol% the whole tr.rt o= a::eals?an% e$er&one agree% that the #ase wo.rre% li8e a #at as she was inter$iewe% )& the Swe%ish national (e%ia an% i(:ortant regional news:a:ers' an% e$ent. O== the re#or%' when she %i% not ha$e a .%s :ale in #o(:arison.)l.ring the =irst %a&s o= the (e%ia =renL&' lo(8$ist was in$isi)le.l% en% .#h a =ias#o' she was e$en (ore in a #o. !e %i% not answer his e(ails an% #o.r#e. 7hen she was as8e% wh& the :re$ to re$eal the (agaLineCs so. The 7ennerstrG( a==air (a%e all the Gota)an8 i()roglios an% Tr. This was =ra.% on s.( ha% #o(e into :ossession o= all those :ri$ate an% internal %o#.))le to ). For the =irst ti(e in Swe%ish =inan#ial re:orting' the ter(s Aorganise% #ri(e'‖ AMa=ia'‖ an% Agangster e(:ire‖ were .*.all& also )& a growing n.s ra#8eteer wo.( were (a%e )& erger' who :.(ents' she re:lie% si(:l& that she was .n%ers that a (ore #a. Ea#h ti(e she was as8e% how Millenni.: there sooner or later?then it was )& =ar the )iggest ).th.stor =ra. All e%itorial #o((ents on )ehal= o= Millenni.()er o= o$erseas (e%ia.(s.#h a gran% s#ale that no<one e$en %are% to s:e#.rst in the Swe%ish =inan#ial worl% sin#e the Jre.tio.l% ne$er in his li=e ha$e le=t on his har% %ri$e. It soon )e#a(e #lear that i= Millenni.

(e% legen%ar& :ro:ortions' #lai(ing that Mi8ael lo(8$ist ha% not :resente% an& sort o= %e=en#e at his trial an% ha% $ol.tter a =ew (&sterio.(i#ro:hone .ghter an% other =a(il& (e()ers were :.#h l.ste% #ir#le.: as :ossi)le #an%i%ates.t .l% ha$e le% ine$ita)l& to the i%enti=i#ation o= his otherwise his %o#.ra)le :ortrait o= erger.rnalis(.ntaril& s.ite e()arrasse%.(entation wo.een o= in$estigati$e >o.strations with a :arti#. She was na(e% the A4.(entation ha% to )e so(eone within 7ennerstrG(Cs (ost tr.s #at#h :hrases' whi#h' i= :ie#e% together' le% to so(e rather rash with reason to )e %issatis=ie%' law&ers' e$en 7ennerstrG(Cs #o#aine<a%%i#te% %a.sions.(o. That is how a r.‖ That sort o= thing won :oints in the ran8ings o= the .)>e#t. .%ing ill. There was one thing that e$er&one agree% on9 the :erson who ha% %eli$ere% the %o#.%i#ro. erger s(ile% ha::il&' 8nowing that the& ha% won when an e$ening :a:er on the thir% %a& o= the =renL& ran the hea%line MILLENNIUMCS REVENGE.r was )orn that soon ass.larl& =a$o.t who the ADee: Throat‖ was9 #olleag. The arti#le was an ingratiating :ortrait o= the (agaLine an% its sta==' in#l. This le% to a %e)ate a)o.r#es' an% lo(8$ist was %es#ri)e% as a hero in s.l% .)(itte% to the :rison senten#e an% hea$& =ines )e#a.n%er her nose' she wo. Neither lo(8$ist nor erger #o((ente% on the s.t this was no ti(e to %en& the ( =lattering ter(s that he was 4. !e was #o(:are% to role (o%els in the A(eri#an (e%ia who ha% a##e:te% gaol rather than re$eal their so.

n#he% %i% he gi$e an e@#l.:le o= %a&s' an% erger or%ere% "+'+++ (ore #o:ies. It was a )ri#8 o= a )oo8' 0+5 :ages in :a:er)a#8.)lishe% .n a#t.n%er the .n%er Millenni.(entation =ro( 7ennerstrG(Cs #o(:.t the :rint r. In this regar% the& were right. The =irst e%ition o= *'+++ #o:ies was $irt.%e% that this ti(e' at an& rate' Mi8ael lo(8$ist ha% no intention o= hol%ing )a#8 sin#e it was a (atter o= :. lo(8$istCs e@traor%inar& a)sen#e was :art o= the (e%ia strateg& that he an% erger ha% :.entertain(ent :ages' an% there was tal8 o= the ig 3o.r#e re=eren#es. The re$iewers #on#l.rnalis( PriLe.all& g.( =ire% the =irst sal$o' lo(8$istCs )oo8 The Ma=ia an8er a::eare% in )oo8sho:s.)lishing e@tensi$e #o:ies o= the %o#.t(ost se#re#& it was :rinte% )& !all$igs Re8la( in MorgongR$a.arantee% to )e a losing :ro:osition' ). Not .ring those =e$erish %a&s at San%ha(n in Se:te()er an% O#to)er' an% in great haste an% .ter as so.ntr& was loo8ing =or hi(. E$er& news:a:er in the #o.ter. It was e##entri#all& %e%i#ate%9 To Sall&' who showe% (e the )ene=its o= the s:ort o= gol=. The )oo8 ha% )een written %.(Cs own logo.r#e (aterial in %ownloa%a)le PDF =iles on their we)site. It was the =irst )oo8 to )e :. At the sa(e ti(e as the )oo8 was$e inter$iew to She .( :.t together. Two<thir%s o= the )oo8 #onsiste% o= a::en%i#es that were a#t. Fi$e %a&s a=ter Millenni.)lishe%' Millenni.ntil the )oo8 was la.t in a #o.t the te@ts =ro( 7ennerstrG(Cs #o(:.all& sol% o.

The Swe%ish e#ono(& is the s.: 4.::ies were threatening to throw the(sel$es o.estion he was ho:ing =or.( o= all the goo%s an% ser$i#es that are :ro%. thin8 thatCs nonsenseB‖ AYo. AThe i%ea that Swe%enCs e#ono(& is hea%e% =or a #rash is nonsense'‖ lo(8$ist to S8G$%e.‖ !e :a.on TV/' on#e again s#oo:ing the state<r.ish )etween two things?the Swe%ish e#ono(& an% the Swe%ish sto#8 (ar8et.n% itsel= in =ree=all an% a han%=.estions were an&thing ). The host o= She on TV/ loo8e% :er:le@e%. A7eCre e@:erien#ing the largest single %ro: in the histor& o= the Swe%ish sto#8 e@#hange?an% &o.l o= =inan#ial &.t o= =or e==e#t an% too8 a si: o= water.(Cs res:onsi)ilit& with regar% to the =a#t that Swe%enCs e#ono(& was now hea%e% =or a #rash.t s&#o:hanti#.n stations.#e% in this #o.t the as strong or wea8 to%a& as it was a wee8 ago. There are tele:hones =ro( Eri#sson' #ars =ro( Vol$o' #hi#8ens =ro( S#an' an% shi:(ents =ro( Jir. lo(8$ist was es:e#iall& :lease% with one e@#hange when he wat#he% a $i%eo o= his a::earan#e. . . !e was as8e% what was Millenni. ha$e to %isting.ntr& e$er& %a&. The inter$iew was )roa%#ast li$e at the $er& (o(ent when the Sto#8hol( Sto#8 E@#hange =o. ThatCs the Swe%ish e#ono(&' an% itCs >. lo(8$ist got the =ollow<. !is re:l& %i% not =ollow the :attern she ha% e@:e#te%' an% she was =or#e% to i(:ro$ise.

AIt onl& (eans that a ).‖ ASo &o.n#h o= hea$& s:e#.estion that lo(8$ist ha% ho:e% =or. There is no e#ono(& an% no :ro%. For at least twent& &ears (an& =inan#ial re:orters ha$e re=raine% . There are onl& =antasies in whi#h :eo:le =ro( one ho.Cre sa&ing that it %oesnCt (atter i= the Sto#8 E@#hange %ro:s li8e a ro#8B‖ ANo' it %oesnCt (atter at all'‖ lo(8$ist sai% in a $oi#e so wear& an% resigne% that he so.l% )e re:orter sho.l% i%enti=& an% e@:ose as traitors. !is wor%s wo. So itCs the =inan#ial gno(es that so(e to. thin8 that the (e%ia %onCt ha$e an& res:onsi)ilit&B‖ AOh &es' the (e%ia %o ha$e an enor(o.s res:onsi)ilit&.ote% (an& ti(es o$er the =ollowing &ear. Then he went on.#tion o= goo%s an% ser$i#es. It %oesnCt ha$e a thing to %o with realit& or with the Swe%ish e#ono(&. AAn% so &o. The&Cre the ones who are s&ste(ati#all& an% :erha:s %eli)eratel& %a(aging the Swe%ish e#ono(& in or%er to satis=& the :ro=it interests o= their #lients.AThe Sto#8 E@#hange is so(ething $er& %i==erent.lators are now (o$ing their sharehol%ings =ro( Swe%ish #o(:anies to Ger(an ones.n%e% li8e so(e sort o= ora#le.r to the ne@t %e#i%e that this or that #o(:an& is worth so (an& )illions' (ore or less.‖ Then She on TV/ (a%e the (ista8e o= as8ing e@a#tl& the 4.

Cri(e re:orters were not e@:e#te% to in$estigate intri#ate %ealings on the Sto#8 E@#hange.gosla$ #igarette s(.all& hel:e% to ).ssian (o) or Y. The :a:erCs hea%line rea% SELLING OUT T!EIR COUNTRY.( ha% )een all o$er the hea%lines =or a wee8' re#ognise% that the stor& reall& %i% hol% .%e set the #o. lo(8$ist ). . A=ter the inter$iew the 7ennerstrG( a==air i(:er#e:ti)l& sli::e% =ro( the =inan#ial se#tion o$er to the %es8s o= the #ri(e re:orters. !is attit. On the #ontrar&' the& ha$e a#t.)lishing )rainless' i%olatro.tinising !ans<Eri8 7ennerstrG(.=ro( s#r.t =inan#ial #ri(e' e@#e:t i= it ha% to %o with the R. I= the& ha% )een %oing their wor8 :ro:erl&' we wo. All the )ro8ers were in$ite% to #o((ent on the allegations.t the tra%ing o= shares %e#rease% signi=i#antl& that %a&' an% so(e )ro8ers who wante% to loo8 li8e :rogressi$e :atriots starte% going against the strea(.rities.: his :restige )& :. In hin%sight' erger was #on$in#e% that it was onl& when lo(8$ist went on TV an% #al(l& %e=en%e% his #lai(s that the Swe%ish (e%ia' in s:ite o= the =a#t that Millenni. In the :ast' or%inar& #ri(e re:orters ha% sel%o( or ne$er written a)o.rsel$es in this sit.rse =or the stor&.‖ lo(8$istCs a::earan#e (ar8e% a t. One e$ening :a:er e$en too8 lo(8$ist at his wor% an% =ille% two s:rea%s with :ortraits o= se$eral o= the )ro8erage ho. E$er& one o= the( %e#line%.s :ortraits.rst o. .ghing.sesC (ost i(:ortant :la&ers' who were in the :ro#ess o= ).: Ger(an .&ing .ation to%a&.gglers.rning :oint.l% not =in% o.t la.

tion in New Yor8' an% e$en in%ire#tl& to the #hil% se@ tra%e in Me@i#o.ation' an% it was a (atter o= %istan#ing the(sel$es as #o(:anies was lin8e% to the heart o= the international Ma=ia' in#l.).s #a.tinise%' :.t that he was >.th A(eri#an %r.g #artels to :rostit.rani.%e% al(ost with one $oi#eE was not' a=ter all' a real in%. .: e$er&where' lin8e% to all (anner o= sha%& enter:rises.t on airs.i#8l& as :ossi)le =ro( the 7ennerstrG( Gro.sness o= the sit.%ing e$er&thing =ro( illegal ar(s %ealing an% (one& la. One 7ennerstrG( #o(:an& registere% in C&:r. E$er&one realise% the serio.) that (a%e .re :ost<o==i#e<)o@ #o(:anies see(e% to )e #ro::ing .t 7ennerstrG( =or &ears?he was too )oast=.%%en retire%$e #l.ring the =ollowing wee8s' as Millenni.The :ress. 7ennerstrG( Dthe& a %ra(ati# stir when it was re$eale% that it ha% atte(:te% to ). So(e %es#ri)e% his a#tions as a :ersonal trage%&.estions in an atte(:t at %a(age #ontrol.lle% a:art' an% :ie#e% together again' the 7ennerstrG( e(:ire o= o)s#.::l& o= o)s#.‖ So(e :ointe% o.)ts a)o.(Cs %o#.strialist' an% he ha% ne$er )een got to )e so great that so()re (en in %ar8 s.e.& enri#he% .##ess (a& ha$e gone to his hea%.strial lea%ers an% )an8 :resi%ents were a::earing on TV an% answering 4.t on a #on#erne% e@:ression an% )ro8e with the (ost i(:ortant r. 7ennerstrG(Cs a::arentl& ine@ha.: an% she%%ing an& shares the& (ight hol%.n%ering =or So.(entation was s#r.sti)le s. D.its :.l& a##e:te% into Athe #l.: the inner(ost #ir#les o= Swe%ish =inan#e?the& #o((ente% on a #olleag. Others %is#o$ere% that the& ha% ha% their %o.( on the )la#8 (ar8et in U8raine.l an% he a si(:le wor8ing<#lass )o& =ro( Norrlan% whose s. All o= a s.le o= the e@#l.

On the %a& that Millenni.l% hel: ). & #han#e lo(8$ist ran into his ol% a%$ersar&' the =or(er =inan#ial re:orter 7illia( org' in =ront o= J$arnen when lo(8$ist' erger' an% Mal( too8 the e$ening o== to #ele)rate the Santa L. orgCs #o(:anion was a $er& %r. lo(8$istCs loathing =or org was :al:a)le.t to %rin8 the(sel$es senseless at the #o(:an&Cs e@:ense. D.n=o.r& that no rea%er$en st&listi#all&' an% in :la#es the writing was a#t. erger interr. !e re(in%e% .ring )& ta8ing lo(8$ist )& the ar( an% lea%ing hi( into the )ar.ght that the )oo8 was the )est thing lo(8$ist ha% e$er written.all& rather :oor?there ha% )een no ti(e =or an& =ine :olishing ?). lo(8$ist %e#i%e% that when the o::ort. !e %e#lare% the allegations . 3.n%e% an% sai% that the %o#.ring the whole (e%ia stor( the (ain #hara#ter in the %ra(a' the =inan#ier 7ennerstrG(' was =or the (ost :art in$isi)le.( :.erger tho.r:ose.)lishe% its arti#le' the =inan#ier was =or#e% to #o((ent on the te@t at a :ress #on=eren#e that ha% )een #alle% =or a %i==erent :.l% as8 Salan%er to %o one o= her :ersonal in$estigations o= org.:te% the (a#ho =or =or(Cs sa8e.t noti#e.t Salan%erCs age.n8 girl a)o.nit& arose' he wo.#ia holi%a& along with the (agaLineCs other e(:lo&ees' going o. It was .t the )oo8 was ani(ate% )& a =.(entation re=erre% to was =a)ri#ate%.

t' a :ersistent r. !e #o. !e ha% )een shot three ti(es in the hea% at #lose range.ght' an% on the %a& )e=ore New YearCs E$e' an all<:oints ).l% not )e i%enti=ie% with #ertaint&' ). The $er& sa(e %a& one o= 7ennerstrG(Cs a%$isers was seiLe% at Arlan%a as he was )oar%ing a :lane =or Lon%on. Then 7ennerstrG( was =o.nglasses' an o:en white shirt' an% light<#olo.rities =ra.giti$e )illionaire.l% answer 4.rist s.(o.‖ D. Two %a&s a=ter lo(8$istCs )oo8 #a(e o.% :oli#e trie% to #onta#t 7ennerstrG(' he was nowhere to )e =o.n%. A=ter si@ (onths the h.##ess to tra#8 %own the =. The S:anish :oli#e were wor8ing on the theor&' their state(ent sai%' that he ha% the wor% A=le%.ite a %istan#e awa&' showing a white (an wearing s. In (i%<De#e()er the :oli#e #on=ir(e% that 7ennerstrG( was =or(all& so.r:rise% a ).lating that 7ennerstrG( ha% le=t Swe%en.lletin was sent o. As :roo= o= his #lai(' the to.estions =ro( the (e%ia. A=ter that onl& 7ennerstrG(Cs law&ers wo. The e$ening :a:ers .rglar.t s.nt was #alle% o==.t $ia the international :oli#e organisations.ring the se#on% wee8' when the se#.r )egan #ir#.rist re:orte% that he ha% seen 7ennerstrG( get into a #ar in ri%getown' the #a:ital o= ar) sla#8s.n% %ea% in an a:art(ent in Mar)ella' S:ain' where he ha% )een li$ing .n%er the na(e o= Vi#tor Fle(ing.e$er&one that the sa(e re:orter ha% )een #on$i#te% o= li)el onl& one &ear )e=ore.t the e$ening :a:ers #onta#te% stringers who trie% witho. Se$eral wee8s later a Swe%ish to. .)(itte% a :hotogra:h' ta8en =ro( 4.

l% ti: o== the :oli#e' ).)lish a stor&.l% )e =orewarne% an% again :.t there was 4.r:rise to Salan%er. 7ennerstrG( was to ta8e along the #o(:.estion that re(aine% to )e answere% was how =ar her own in$ol$e(ent sho.t the on#e<:regnant waitress whose hea% ha% )een sho$e% .t there were other %e)ts that ha% to )e :ai%.7ennerstrG(Cs %eath #a(e as no s. She tho. .l% :ro)a)l& >.n%erwater in her own )ath.ntries an% re(ar8e% a growing %es:eration in his e(ails. Not e$en lo(8$ist wo. The 4.t he wo. . She #o.l% ha$e tol% the( al(ost on a %ail& )asis where he was.ghl& :enetrate%. A=ter si@ (onths Salan%er grew tire% o= tra#8ing 7ennerstrG(.)t an Ol&(:i#<#lass #ree:' ).l% ha$e tho.l% rea#h.s:e#te%' with goo% reason' that his %e(ise ha% to %o with the =a#t that he no longer ha% a##ess to the (one& in a #ertain )an8 in the Ca&(an Islan%s' whi#h he (a& ha$e nee%e% to :a& o== #ertain %e)ts in Colo()ia. Via the Internet she ha% =ollowe% his =light thro.ite a #han#e that 7ennerstrG( wo. esi%es' on :rin#i:le' she %i% not tal8 to the :oli#e.ter that ha% )een so thoro.l% ti: o== lo(8$ist' ).t a %o. She #o. I= an&one ha% as8e% =or Salan%erCs hel: in tra#8ing 7ennerstrG(' she a %oLen #o.:i% eno. She s.ght a)o.giti$e e@<)illionaire wo.t he was not her :ersonal ene(&' an% she ha% no interest in in$ol$ing hersel= against hi(.ght that the =.l% )e st.

All the sta== an% (an& o= the reg.: her (in%.( :. !e :i#8e% . Than8s =or & a %ra(ati# re:ort a)o.: the $er& last #ar% an% wrote9 Merr& Christ(as an% !a::& New Year. !e signe% his na(e an% a%%resse% the #ar% to 3anne Dahl(an' #[o the e%itorial o==i#es o= Mono:ol& Finan#ial =inall& he #o.t on so(e #o==ee an% =i@e% hersel= a li$er :dtM an% #.rne% o== the TV news hal=wa& thro.Fo. lo(8$ist trie% =or the longest ti(e to withstan% the te(:tation ).l%nCt resist.r s:len%i% e==orts %. That was all. The na(e 7ennerstrG( an% an a%%ress in Mar) Christ(as arrange(ents while lo(8$ist sat in Eri8aCs #hair' %rin8ing glGgg an% loo8ing on. She t. erger an% Mal( were ta8ing #are o= the ann. A=ter wra::ing the :resents' the& sat %own to write an% sta(: a)o. She tal8e% to a se#retar& an% as8e% her to :ass on a #r&:ti# (essage. She swit#he% on her (o)ile an% #alle% a law&er in Mia(i' who see(e% to )e one o= the :eo:le 7ennerstrG( was (a8ing a )ig e==ort to hi%e =ro(.lar =reelan#ers wo.#.t *++ #ar%s to sen% to :rinting #o(:anies' :hotogra:hers' an% (e%ia #olleag.ring the :ast &ear.t 7ennerstrG(Cs %e(ise.l%er )ag with the new Millenni.()er san%wi#h. . She logo.r %a&s )e=ore 7ennerstrG(Cs )o%& was =o.n%' she (a%e .)lishing ho.l% re#ei$e a Christ(as gi=t?this &ear a sho.

( :. !e %i% not ha$e to )e :resent at the )an8H it was eno.a$it.: the ne@t (orning' o:ening it when he got to the o==i#e.((er E$e. !is a##o.1 )illion Swe%ish 8ronor ?ha% )een e(:tie% the %a& )e=ore Millenni. It was the %a& )e=ore Christ(as E$e when lo(8$ist' al(ost )& #han#e' ha::ene% to rea% an arti#le in the Finan#ial Ti(es s.tinise the #olla:se o= the 7ennerstrG( e(:ire. The arti#le sai% that the #o((ission was wor8ing on the h&:othesis that 7ennerstrG( ha% :ro)a)l& )een ti::e% o== at the last (in. The strain on the s(all sta== ha% )een enor(o.( o==i#es were #lose% the wee8 )e=ore Christ(as an% thro.: the =in%ings o= the international )an8ing #o((ission that ha% )een esta)lishe% in all haste to s#r. %onCt ha$e other :lans' ICll )e %o#8e% at Arhol(a on Mi%s.()er o= a##o.nt at an8 o= Jroenen=el% in the Ca&(an Islan%s' #ontaining e*0+ (illion?a::ro@i(atel& *. This &ear it %i% not wor8 o. The (one& ha% )een s:rea% o$er a n.l% (a8e with%rawals. Tra%itionall& the Millenni.t the i(:en%ing %is#los.res. The :a#8age #ontaine% a (os4.ito<re:ellent sti#8 an% a )ottle o= Rei(ershol(s a4. The #ar% rea%9 I= &o.s' an% >o.rnalists were still #alling =ro( all o$er the worl% on a %ail& )asis.te a) =or hi( to :resent a series o= #learing #o%es in or%er to trans=er the .)lishe% its e@:osM. !e went to :i#8 it . It was signe% Ro)ert Lin%) the New YearCs holi%a&.nts' an% onl& 7ennerstrG( :ersonall& #o.((ing .7hen lo(8$ist got ho(e that e$ening there was a sli: noti=&ing hi( o= a :ostal :a#8age.t that wa&.

Pernilla got the #o(:.i#8 glan#e an% then loo8ing at it with in#reasing s.res in the news:a:erCs s#reene% i(age.%ie% the' #onsi%ering that it #a(e =ro( a s.ter she wante%' whi#h lo(8$ist an% Moni#a ha% )o. Unli8e the :re$io.(one& to an& )an8 in the worl%. lo(8$ist got a tie =ro( Moni#a an% a %ete#ti$e no$el )& U8e E%war%son =ro( his a stolen ritish :ass:ort in the na(e o= Moni#a Sholes an% who was sai% to ha$e li$e% a li=e o= l.s :ri$ate )on%s. On the (orning o= Christ(as E$e lo(8$ist went o.ghter' Pernilla' an% e@#hange gi=ts. Then he starte% la. The (one& ha% )een trans=erre% to SwitLerlan%' where a =e(ale asso#iate ha% #on$erte% the' gi$ing it =irst a 4.s:i#ion.ghing so h&steri#all& that Mal( st. lo(8$ist st. A=ter se$eral se#on%s he r.t to Ursta to see his e@<wi=e an% his %a.t what was going on.((age% in his %es8 =or a (agni=&ing glass an% trie% to (a8e o. All the #learing #o%es were in or%er.@.n#he% a sear#h =or the wo(an who ha% .#8 his hea% ro.tes.ght together.n% the %oor to =in% o. A relati$el& #lear :i#t.s Christ(as' the& were .ghter.n%s into anon&(o.t the %etails o= the =a#ial =eat. At last he :.t %own the :a:er an% sat there' s:ee#hless' =or se$eral (in.r& at one o= Fcri#hCs (ost e@:ensi$e hotels.r$eillan#e #a(era' showe% a short wo(an with a )lon%e :age<)o&' wi%e li:s' an% :ro(inent )reasts wearing =ashiona)le %esigner #lothes an% gol% >eweller&. ha% la.

se o= the (e%ia %ra(a that ha% )een :la&ing o.t :ro=o.n#h an% (et Salan%er at Sl. !e ha% not tal8e% to his %a. lo(8$ist stole a si%elong glan#e at Pernilla.l% not tell the( that it was his %a. !e ha% not seen his %a. The& ha% not seen (.n% 8nowle%ge o= the i)le that ha% set hi( on the right tra#8 regar%ing !arriet VangerCs %isa::earan#e.ghter sin#e she t. The& ha% l.t on an El$is CD' an% %e$ote% the(sel$es to so(e :lain ol% se@. The& arri$e% late on Christ(as E$e an% sta&e% =or the holi%a&s.ghter goo%)&e a=ter the l.(.rne% .: =or air' she trie% to anal&se her =eelings.n#h together.ghter sin#e then.: to $isit hi( in !e%esta%.( )o() e@:lo%e%.#h o= ea#h other sin#e the Millenni. The& went o. 7hen Salan%er =ro( ti(e to ti(e #a(e . .ghterCs o)$io. lo(8$ist was entertaining #o(:an&' as alwa&s' ).n% Millenni. !e realise% that he ha% =aile% to %is#. !e #o.t Salan%er ha% an . !e 8isse% his %a.neas& =eeling that he was loo8ing at her with an es:e#iall& o%% e@:ression when she :ai% )a#8 the loan with a #he4. !e was not a goo% high s:irits )e#a. The& too8 a wal8 to Tro$ill an% )a#8 Dwhi#h Salan%er #onsi%ere% a waste o= ti(eE' ha% Christ(as %inner at the inn' an% went )a#8 to the #a)in where the& lit a =ire in the woo%sto$e' her (ania =or that se#t in S8elle=teR with her (other.e =or "*+'+++ 8ronor.t to San%ha(n.

te #ertaint& that Mi8ael wo.::ose% to #o:e with it.()ering =or( an% listene% to hi( snoring?she =elt that she ha% ne$er )e=ore in her li=e ha% s.estions' she tal8e% a)o. .n%er threat o= %eath' ha$e i(agine% %oing with an& other :erson.l% ne$er . E$en sense to ignore (ost o= his 4. She was in lo$e =or the =irst ti(e in her li=e.(an )eing. Not sin#e )e=ore rea#hing :. At so(e :oint on the (orning o= the se#on% %a& she #a(e to a terri=&ing realisation. !er :ro)le( was that she #o.lnera)le to his what he 8new a) she ha% eno. She 8new with a)sol.ite honest' he ha% a tr&ing a)ilit& to :enetrate her %e=en#es an% to get her to tal8 a)o. An% he ne$er trie% to a :h&si#al attra#tion.l% ne$er' e$en .#h a tr.She ha% no :ro)le( with lo(8$ist as a lo$er. It =rightene% her an% (a%e her =eel na8e% an% $. To )e 4.t her to h. The onl& thing the& ne$er %is#.rt her.tor her.sse% was their relationshi: to ea#h other. She %i% not %are' an% lo(8$ist ne$er )roa#he% the s.l% not inter:ret her own =eelings =or hi(.)>e#t.)ert& ha% she lowere% her g. She ha% no i%ea how it ha% ha::ene% or how she was to let another :erson get so #lose as she ha% with hi(. It was not in his nat. At the sa(e ti(e?when she loo8e% %own at his sl.t hersel= in a wa& that she wo.t :ersonal (atters an% :ri$ate in another There was o)$io.

7hat %i% he nee% her =orB Ma&)e she was >. .tral' . 7hat she ha% realise% was that lo$e was that (o(ent when &o. Nor %i% the =a#t that at the (o(ent he was one o= the (ost newsworth& :eo:le in Swe%en' an% his :i#t.#8ing rat hole.l% ha$e to #o(e to an en%.: to !e%esta%. It wo.& )rea8=ast rolls.t there was also a great %eal that ha% gone .That he was al(ost twi#e her age %i% not )other her.ietl& #ongrat.t to ). It was the =irst ti(e sin#e that he ha% $isite% !e%esta%' an% it was al(ost e@a#tl& one &ear ago sin#e he ha% $isite% it =or the =irst ti(e.t.n#o(:rehen%ing loo8.g. !e was wearing his war(est #lothes an% his :ro:er winter shoes when Fro%e (et hi( at the station an% 4. On the =irst %a& )etween Christ(as an% New YearCs' lo(8$ist too8 the train . !e >oine% her at the ta)le an% noti#e% at on#e that so(ething in her attit.n#o(=orta)le.rst.t lo(8$ist was no eroti# =antas& or %a&%rea(. It #o.nsai% )etween the(' an% lo(8$ist =elt a wa& to :ass the ti(e while he waite% =or so(eone whose li=e was not a =. .: late that (orning' she ha% (a%e #o==ee an% )een o. 7hen he as8e% her i= an&thing was wrong' she ga$e hi( a soa: o:era.l% not :ossi)l& wor8 o. The& #hatte% :olitel&' ). 7hen lo(8$ist wo8e .late% hi( on the (e%ia s.r heart was a) was e$en on the #o$er o= Newswee8?that was all >.%e ha% #hange%?she was a )it (ore reser$e%.t to ).

()er o= his own things in the #ottage when he an% Salan%er ha% a)an%one% !e%e)& in great haste.ghing. Fro%e o==ere% to %e:osit the (one& in a #on$enient =oreign )an8 a##o. Vanger was still =rail a=ter his illness' ). wo.:set hi(.r:ose o= his $isit was not solel& =inan#ial.t he was at ho(e.nt' ).ntil he starte% la. AI #anCt a==or% an& other t&:e o= :a&(ent'‖ he sai% #. D.siness with Fro%e too8 onl& a =ew (in. the tr. !e was )eing loo8e% a=ter )& a :ri$ate n.l% )e.llen loo8 .‖ ATo tell &' I ne$er tho.ght IC% sol$e it.tes.E$er&thing ha% )een :re:are%' an% the ).‖ . Vanger ga$e hi( a s.l% a==or% an& s.rtl& when Fro%e :ersiste%. The :. A7hat the hell' &o.: stairs' or %is#.ring the holi%a&s he ha% also #o(e %own with a slight #ol% an% was or%ere% to )e%.t lo(8$ist insiste% that it sho. I 8new &o. lo(8$ist 8new that the ol% (an #o. A esi%es whi#h' sheCs e@:ensi$e'‖ Vanger #o(:laine%. were worth e$er& 8rona.#h e@:ense? #onsi%ering how (an& 8ronor he ha% written o== his ta@es all his li=e.rse' who re=. lo(8$ist ha% le=t #lothes' )oo8s' an% a an&thing that (ight .se% to allow hi( to ta8e long wal8s' or wal8 .l% )e :ai% li8e a nor(al' legiti(ate =ee to his #o(:an&.

wo.‖ AYo. IC( not going to write it.‖ Vanger #. I #anCt write a)o.t MartinCs :erio% as CEO an% :reten% that I %onCt 8now whatCs in his )ase(entB I also #anCt write the stor& witho. IC( >.t the Vanger =a(il& an% lea$e o.C$e )een #orr.t the (ost #entral e$ent o= the :ast %e#a%es. AThatCs what it =eels li8e.‖ AI 8now here to tell &o.l =or the %e#ision that &o. AI 8now that. In =a#t' I #anCt write it.‖ . AI %i%nCt e@:e#t &o.lations. IC( going to %estro& all (& notes an% the ta:e re#or%ings IC$e (a%e o= o.r #on$ersations. Yo.n%erstan% &o.rle% his li:s. An% I thin8 thatCs what it is. AYo.‖ ACongrat.C$e (a%e.AI ha$e no intention o= than8ing &o.‖ AI %onCt thin8 that &o.‖ AI .t %estro&ing !arrietCs li=e all o$er again. ha$enCt =inishe% the >o)'‖ he sai%.r %ile((a' an% IC( grate=.l% I write a #ha:ter a)o. that I #onsi%er the >o) %one.C$e (anage% to #orr.:t (e.'‖ Vanger sai%. ha$enCt written the Vanger =a(il& #hroni#le' whi#h was agree%.:te%'‖ Vanger sai%.l%. !ow #o.

She went a)roa% =or a while.‖ lo(8$ist shr.' Mi8ael'‖ Vanger sai%.l% ha$e e@:ose% . She an% !arriet will )e in #harge o= the =ir( =ro( now on.::ort =ro( so(eone in the =a(il&. She also 8nows now what &o.r role as a h. I was e$en a=rai% she wo.‖ A .ght &o.ite #ertain that &o. wo. ASo than8 &o. A esi%es' I #o. tho.r silen#e. Ce#ilia will :la& an a#ti$e role on the )oar%.AYo.s i= !arriet ha% t.t in so(e wa& to ha$e )een i(:li#ate%' or i= &o. %i% =or the =a(il&.(an )eing.l%nCt write the stor& )e#a.rne% o.: to here with the Vanger =a(il&.t hi(. A7eC$e tol% Ce#ilia the whole stor&. An% IC( 4.l%nCt #o(e )a#8.gge%. .th a)o.ght I was a #retin.r role as a >o. I #o.‖ A!ow %i% she ta8e itB‖ AShe was $er& sha8en.rnalist an% &o.‖ lo(8$ist %i% not re:l&. ha% to #hoose )etween &o. It was $er& har% =or her to =in% o.t she %i%.t tell (e' how %oes it =eel to )e CEO againB‖ .‖ AMartin was one o= the =ew :eo:le in o. Fro%e an% I will soon )e gone' an% !arriet is going to nee% s.t the tr.r =a(il& that Ce#ilia alwa&s got along with.l% ne$er ha$e ) IC$e ha% it .

:er#ent o= the #or:oration.AItCs onl& te(:orar&' ).tII wish I were &o.t all %e#isions are (a%e with !arriet' an% sheCs the one whoCs %oing the legwor8 in the o==i#e. irger is tr&ing to tri: her .t . M& )rother !aral% has #an#er an% wonCt li$e (. Plent& o= sharehol%ers with one an% two .#h longer.nior e@e#.‖ AThen together &o.Cll #ontrol' what' /1 :er#ent.‖ AThe >.:.t also so(eone who sol$es :ro)le(s =or &o.ti$es (.rs a %a&.:..‖ AE@a#tl&.‖ A!ow are things going =or herB‖ AShe inherite% )oth her )rotherCs an% her (otherCs )e 4. Ale@an%er has seen that he has a #han#e to (a8e an i(:a#t an% has allie% hi(sel= with irger.‖ AThat 8in% o= $oting #artel has ne$er e@iste% within the =a(il& )e=ore. It too8 (e a while to realise that Dir#h wasnCt >. All the (eetings are hel% in this roo(' an% Dir#h has ste::e% in again as (& en=or#er i= an&one a#ts .. !e was the onl& re(aining :erson with large sharehol%ings o= 2 :er#ent' whi#h his #hil%ren will inherit.a8ing in their )oots. She #ontrols a)o.ghB‖ AI %onCt 8now. Ce#ilia an% Anita will )e on !arrietCs si%e. .nger. IC( onl& wor8ing three an ol% sweetie o= a =inan#ial a%$iser ).‖ AIs that eno.

SheCs in Lon%on.stralia.l% en% .ss what ha::ene% in the si@ties with an&one e@#e:t =or Eri8a erger' an% I %onCt see wh& Eri8a nee%s to 8now.‖ AI thin8 that she realises that I will ne$er %is#.#h li8e to see &o.‖ AICll warn her. 7e also ha$e the #han#e to #olla)orate with her #o(:an& in in the (agaLine.t itCs ne#essar&. 7e ha$e to ta8e in so(e new :artners an% new )loo%.‖ AICll see her at o.. .‖ A . The Vanger Cor:oration wonCt ha$e a =ree :ass =ro( s#r.r )oar% (eeting in 3an.‖ A7hereCs !arriet to%a&B‖ AYo.t o= l.##ee% (e as CEO in Fe)r.‖ AI i= sheCs going to ta8e &o.Cre a :erson with (orals' Mi8ael.#8.t she wo.t also tell her that e$er&thing she %oes =ro( now on #o.‖ ANo' ).‖ AThat wonCt (a8e her ha::&.s. !arriet is going to s.‖ . Yo.Cre o.r :la#e.:er#ent will $ote against .tin&.‖ AShe %oes. There are :ossi)ilities.l% $er& (.

She =elt as i= she ha% %e#i%e% to start a new li=e. She wante% to hear hi( sa& that he li8e% her =or who she ). !e too8 o. !e too8 the last train )a#8 to Sto#8hol(.n% so(ething s.n%' hol% her in his ar(sB Passionatel& ta8e her into the )e%roo( an% tear o== her #lothesB No' she reall& >.se an% 8no#8e%. Then she sat as i= :aral&se%' thin8ing. She %i% not answer her tele:hone an% she %i% not t.n%le% . As he #lose% the %oor to the #ottage =or the last ti(e' he :a. She ha% ne$er in her li=e =elt s. She wante% Mi8ael lo(8$ist to ring the %oor)ell an%Iwhat thenB Li=t her o== the gro. !e :a#8e% his )elongings into two s.t the note in her letter )o@.n%r&' s#r. Mi8ael.ita)le?). She s:ent two %a&s washing la.rn on her #o( o.))ing' an% #leaning . She was not ho( an% then went o$er to Ce#iliaCs ho.lo(8$ist le=t Vanger when he starte% to %oLe wante% his #o(:an&.ring the holi%a&s Salan%er t.&ing a new a:art(ent?when she =o. She %ragge% o.))ish )ags an% twent& :a:er )ags =.ter.ll o= news:a:ers. An ele#tri# Christ(as #an%le shone in the 8it#hen win%ow o= Martin VangerCs e(:t& Year<ol% :iLLa )o@es an% news:a:ers were ). She tho.t his :o#8et #alen%ar' tore o. !e :. That she was so(eone s:e#ial in his worl% an% in his .l% )e (ore %aLLlingl& #lean than she #o. Tr& to =orgi$e (e.#h a longing.t a total o= si@ )la#8 r.ght a)o.t the rest o= the worl%.: an% #arrie% %ownstairs.: her a:art(ent. D.l% e$er re(e()er.t =or now her ol% :la#e wo. all the )est.t a :age' an% wrote9 I wish &o.

One o= the signs showe% El$is Presle& with a g. It #ost 25+ 8ronor' an% on :rin#i:le she haggle% an% got the :ri#e 8no#8e% %own to 2++. She ha% no sense =or interior %esign' ). She ha% not gi$en hi( an& Christ(as :resent' ). It too8 her se$eral ho.t it . She ha% no =aith in )e .: her ( an% so )la#8 that it was o= :ho)i# :ro:ortions' was that :eo:le o= lo$e' not >.gh at her =eelings.t' she tho. nee% (e =orB Salan%erCs greatest =ear' whi#h was so h.rage' ).l% tell that the sign wo. .() to (o)ilise the ne#essar& to 8no#8 on his %oor.ll& #onstr.itar on his hi: an% a #artoon )alloon with the wor%s !EART REAJ !OTEL.n8 sho: she ha% seen a n. An&thing else wo. In a >.t she ha% to see hi( an% tell hi( how she =elt. She wante% hi( to gi$e her so(e gest.&.t she 8new what she was going to ). 7hat %o &o.#te% sel=<#on=i%en#e see(e% to #r.()er o= (etal a%$ertising signs =ro( the =i=ties' with e()osse% i(ages. ThatCs when she (a%e .n%er her ar(' an% hea%e% o$er to his :la#e on ell(ansgatan.late% )& :eo:le with res:e#ta)le >o)s' :eo:le with or%erl& li$es an% lots o= grown<. She nee%e% so(e e@#. An% all o= a s.ght. IC( =li::ing o. !is =rien%s %i% things' went on TV' an% sha:e% the hea%lines.n)eara)le.t e$en she #o.l% la. lo(8$ist li$e% in a worl% :o:.l% )e :er=e#t =or the #a)in in San%ha(n.: o= =rien%shi: an% #o(:anionshi:.%%en all her #are=. She ha% it wra::e%' :.

At !ornsgatan she ha::ene% to glan#e towar%s Ja==e)ar an% saw lo(8$ist #o(ing o.n% his waist an% 8issing his #hee8. are' Salan%er'‖ she sai% o. Their )o%& lang.rne% %own rNnn8&r8agatan in the %ire#tion o= ell(ansgatan. !e sai% so(ething' an% she la. A NOTE A OUT T!E AUT!OR Stieg Larsson was the e%itor in #hie= o= the antira#ist (agaLine E@:o' an% =or twent& &ears the gra:hi#s e%itor at a Swe%ish news agen#&. The& t.rne% on her heel an% went ho(e to her newl& s:otless a:art(ent.t lo. A lea%ing e@:ert on anti%e(o#rati#' right<wing e@tre(ist an% NaLi organiLations' he %ie% in *++/. Anal&sis o= #onse4. She %i% nothing as tho.(:ster.en#es. She wante% to ta8e the (etal sign an% . Finall& she #al(e% %own. She tosse% El$is into a %. Part o= her wante% to r.t with erger in tow. A7hat a :atheti# =ool & a=ter the(.se the shar: e%ge to #lea$e ergerCs hea% in two.ghe%' :. .gh her (in%.s what the& ha% in (in%.%. As she :asse% Fin8ens%a((' it starte% to snow.age le=t no roo( =or (isinter:retations?it was o)$io.tting her ar( aro. She t.ghts swirle% thro. The :ain was so i((e%iate an% so =ier#e that Lis)eth sto::e% in (i%<stri%e' in#a:a)le o= (o$e(ent.

)lishe% in Great ritain )& Ma#Lehose Press' an i(:rint o= S. Li)rar& o= Congress Cataloging<in<P. www.#o( Originall& :.T!IS IS A ORFOI OOJ PU LIS!ED Y ALFRED A. JNOPF Translation #o:&right f *++5 )& Reg Jeelan% All rights reser$e%. `MNn so( hatar 8$innor.s' Lon%on.' New Yor8.)lishe% )& arrange(ent with S. Co:&right f *++1 )& Norste%ts Agen#&.)lishe% in Swe%en as MNn So( !atar J$innor )& Norste%ts' Sto#8hol(' in *++1.)lishe% in the Unite% States )& Al=re% A.aa8no:=. This translation originall& :. Englisha .er#.)li#ation Data Larsson' Stieg' "61/-*++/. P.)lishe% with agree(ent o= Norste%ts Agen#&.er#. P.'' In#.s P.)lishing PLC DUJE. Jno:=' orLoi oo8s' an% the #olo:hon are registere% tra%e(ar8s o= Ran%o( !o. Jno:=' a %i$ision o= Ran%o( !o.

Na(es' #hara#ters' :la#es' an% in#i%ents either are the :ro%.6. eIS N9 625<+< :ersons' li$ing or %ea%' e$ents' or lo#ales is entirel& #oin#i%ental. Originall& :. v1.+2<*2*""<6 I.0 *++5 5.)lishe%9 Sto#8hol(9 Norste%t' *++1. ?"st A(eri#an e%.#t o= the a.thorCs i(agination or are . :.A06. PT6520.0 .se% =i#tio.The Girl with the %ragon tattoo [ )& Stieg LarssonH translate% =ro( the Swe%ish )& Reg Jeelan%.**. An& rese()lan#e to a#t.M.g5?%#** *++5+"222" This is a wor8 o= =i#tion. #(.2.