PMstudy Process Chart PMstudy Process Chart

Process Group Knowledge Area



Direct and Manage Project Work
- Deliverables - Work Performance - Data

Monitoring & Controlling
Monitor and Control Project Work Perform Integrated Change Control

Close Project or Phase
Final product, service, or result transition


Develop Project Charter

Develop Project Management Plan

Plan Scope Management

Scope Statement

Collect Requirements Define Scope Create WBS Plan Schedule Management Define Activities
Activity List Scope Baseline

Validate Scope Control Scope

Accepted Deliverables

Sequence Activities Estimate Activity Resources Estimate Activity Durations Develop Schedule Plan Cost Management
Project Schedule

Activity Resource Requirements Activity Duration Estimates

Control Schedule


Activity Cost Estimates

Estimate Costs Determine Budget Plan Quality Management
Cost Baseline

Control Costs
Verified Deliverables


Perform Quality Assurance Acquire Project Team

Control Quality

Quality Control Measurements

Staff Assignments Team Performance Assessments

Human Resource

Plan Human Resource Management

Develop Project Team Manage Project Team Manage Communications


Plan Communications Management Plan Risk Management
Risk Register

Control Communications

Identify Risks Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Plan Risk Responses
- Procurement Management Plan - Procurement SOW - Procurement Documents - Source Selection Criteria


Control Risks


Identify Stakeholders

Closed Procurements

Plan Procurement Management Plan Stakeholder Management

Conduct Procurements Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Control Procurements Control Stakeholder Engagement

Close Procurements


Stakeholder Register

Issue Log

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Project Documents and Organizational Process Assets.EF or LS .O)/6 Variance = {(P . .e. Deviation = (P . black text on this page). : Shows primary output is “. AC + ETC 2.1) / 2 Normal Distribution 6 sigma = 99. Practice and abbreviate as much as possible.AC BAC .PV EV . The PMstudy Process Chart should be dumped from memory in 15-minute tutorial time before you start the actual PMP exam. Work Performance Information. TC = Target Cost. You do not need to write down the Term Definitions in the final PMP exam (i.AC) EMV =  (Probability x Impact) Communication Channels = N (N . AC + BAC . CV.. • TCPI ratio < 1 is good. Estimating Assumptions not valid 2.EV) (EAC .com.EV) (BAC . the Project Management Plan and relevant Project Documents.73% 2 sigma = 95..EAC (BAC .AC) SSR } + TF Hints for PMstudy Process Chart (no need to reproduce in final PMP exam) 1. For Earned Value calculations. 4. SPI ratios > 1 are good. Current Variances are typical (DEFAULT) Estimate to Complete Variance at Completion To-Complete Performance Index (Based on BAC) TCPI To-Complete Performance Index (Based on EAC) (BAC .AC) EV . PMP and PMI Registered Education Provider logo are registered marks of the Project Management Institute. • Formulas for SV. 5. CV values are good. SSR = Seller’s Share Ratio Formula AF { ( TC . For most Monitoring and Controlling processes.99% 3 sigma = 99. Current Variances are atypical 3.46% 1 sigma = 68. Management Plan” for all marked processes (total = 10). AC = Actual Cost.. 2. V1 © 2013 PMstudy..ES PERT = (P + 4M + O)/6 Std. Outputs typically include Change Requests. BAC / CPI EAC . CPI have EV as first term. All rights reserved. Inc. TF = Target Fee. inputs include Work Performance Data.O)/6}2 or SD2 EAC Present Value = Future Value (1 + r)t ETC VAC Procurement Formula Acronym Term Definitions (Do not reproduce in PMP Exam) AF = Actual Fee.AC EV / PV EV / AC (EV / BAC) x 100 1.EV 3. 3.PMstudy Process Chart Earned Value Formulas Acronym PV EV AC BAC SV CV SPI CPI % Complete Term Definitions (Do not reproduce in PMP® Exam) Planned Value Earned Value Actual Cost Budget at Completion Schedule Variance Cost Variance Schedule Performance Index Cost Performance Index Percent Complete 1.26% Formula Float = LF . • Positive SV. SPI. CPI. and updates to the Project Management Plan.