Date: Thursday, February 19 Title: Review for Unit 6 Description (1-2 sentences): Whole class review will be conducted to orient

students towards the assignments they should work on to review for the Unit 6 test. Subject: Algebra Instruction time: 90 minutes Student’s level by grade: 9th grade Standard(s) to be addressed:
Exponents/Radicals 4 3 2 1 Compound Interest and Scientfic Notation Rewrite Radicals Simplify Exponents Basic knowledge but can't execute

Exponential Functions

4 interpreting parameters in an exponential functions in terms of the context 3 create exponential functons from graphs know that exponential exceeds linear AND recognize decay and growth from ratio 2 (delta) 1 identifying ratio (delta)

Learning Objectives for this lesson (Written using verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy): Students will rewrite expressions using exponent and radical rules. Students will create exponential functions from graphs. Students will be able to identify constant ratio in an exponential function. Students will know that exponential exceeds linear AND recognize decay and growth from constant ratio. Identified student needs and plans for differentiation: Students can self-identify in which areas they need more work. The information from the google doc will be used to determine which area students should choose to do practice problems. Specific resources needed for this lesson: eChalk Assignment Student Checklists/Infinite Campus iPad/laptop Instructional method(s) used in this lesson: Mixed groupings to review Lesson Sequence: • Hook (How will you get students excited about learning/Introduce students to your objectives?) Review the Agenda, DDYKI Review at the board, DDYKI • Direct instruction/Modeling Review problems at the board. There will be 1 or two problems from each category: radicals, exponents, tables/functions, graphs clearly labeled. I will lead the review at the board, pointing out key concepts such as perfect square numbers, exponent rules, constant ratio, and growth and decay.

• Guided practice Once students are in groups (teacher-made based on un-met standards), they will work on the practice problems for 30 minutes. The corresponding practice problems can be found eChalk (radicals, exponent rules, exponential functions, tables, and graphing). Then those who want to work individually can do so, those who want to continue in group work may choose a new review assignment. • Independent practice DDYKI and independent work (assignments, review practice problems) • Check(s) for understanding and scaffolding of student learning I will work with groups 1-1 to address their learning needs for a particular standard. At this time, I will hand back DDYKIs and re-teach where necessary. • Assessment of/for learning DDYKIs • Closure of the lesson Answers on eChalk, extra practice on eChalk • Bridge to next lesson Test is Monday • How will you modify or adjust this lesson in the future?