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3G Technology
In simplest possible terms, 3G is all about speed. It allows you to send and receive large amounts of data using a cell phone. In fact, many refer to 3G as “WIRELESS BROADBAND” as it enables extremely quick browsing speeds. While estimates vary, most analysts agree that 3G will provide speeds in range of 144KBps to 2.4MBps— a staggering increase from the current speeds. when transferring images, it takes 16-18 seconds per frame. So, if you try to participate in a video-conference or try to stream video, the audio and video will be out of sync. But, with 3G, image transfer also happens simultaneously. So, this improves the user’s surfing experience, enables video conferencing and even TV on mobile,” explains H.S Bhatia, national product group head, GSM Mobiles, LG electronics.

The impact of this can be gauged by the fact that a person using a 3G network can not only make and receive calls but also participate in video conferencing (the main focus of the 3G marketing campaign), browse full-fledged Web pages, watch streaming video, tune into live TV or on-demand video programming, make large in seconds, play 3D games, & much more. Of course, it would be prudent to point out that these speeds are not always availableit depends on the number of people using the network at the time. “IN INDIA, we currently have 2.5G. With this voice transfer is rapid and in real-time. But

How 3G Works???????????
3G works by parceling the data sent on the network into small packets. These packets are then assembled in the correct order at the receiver’s end. This is very different from normal 2G (GSM) technology, in which a small portion of the network is ‘ reserved’ or kept open for a call. Thanks to this parceling process, 3G networks are able to send more data efficiently in a shorter period of time. What’s more, smart 3G technology also enables mobile service providers to know the location (to within a new meters) of the handsets using there service. This not only allows them to send information about offers in

we cannot use the parameters that are utilised for purchasing ‘normal’ GSM phones while buying them. known as 2G. SCREEN: It is not point having video if you have to strain your eyes attempting to find out what exactly is happening . So battery life becomes extremely important.” Not surprisingly. MEMORY: Video-conferencing. So.those who are lost can find their way out or the police can be directed to them. the later will work over CDMA networks & has 2 major variations :. so you need a 3G. 3G enables increased data-handling rates and high speed bandwidth. . Would u? 6. Most major brands have already released 3G compatible phones in the Indian market. While the former is being brought our existing GSM networks. as one might actually be communicating using streaming video. were designed to carry voice but not data.1xEV-DO(data only) & 1xEVDV(voice plus data). based on information from the service provider about the location of the phone! Incidentally.enabled phone to make the most of the 3G.05 Mbits/second to stationary devices. clear screen. & is also working with industry leaders on both WiMAX & WCDMA platforms. running their own operating systems. do make sure that your phone has enough memory . 5. SOFTWARE: Many 3G phones (Nokia N & E series & Sony Ericsson M600i) are actually smartphones. 3. if you are near a restaurant your service provider might send you a message about a special dish being served there on that particular day)but is also immense help in case of emergencies. Older networks. Taneja reveals that Nokia has also established a base station platform that supports multi-radio & GSM/WCDMA/EDGE & HSPA. & CDMA2000. 3G wireless networks support the following maximum data transfer rates: • 2. 2G phones can not work on 3G networks . CAMERA: For video conferencing then do remember to buy one with a camera designed for the purpose.u wouldn’t want ur phone’s battery to fizzle out in a middle of a important conference. BATTERY LIFE: In 3G phones.to take pictures. Specifically. Before making a purchase do ensure that you can get software that will run on them to meet your multimedia needs. 2. But while there are a number of 3G phones available in the market. India cell phone manufacturers are already gearing up for the days of the 3G networks. it would be advisable to go for a phone with a powerful speakerphone facility. ‘talk time’ suddenly takes on a new meaning. Advantages A routine GSM or CDMA phone will not be able to take advantage of a 3G network. video streaming.40 / Department of Computer Science & Information Technology D OSSIER certain areas (say. SPEAKERS: Video without adequate sound facilities is of little use.It therefore makes sense to invest in a phone where the large. there are mainly 2 kinds of 3G service: UMTS (universal mobile telephone service) which is also referred to as WCDMA . Due to this technology. so this feature of providing converged voice and data services makes 3G mobile networks unique. but opposite can. as Bhatia says . so the instrument is totally different. If you are likely to use the phone for a video conference attended by many people. Some phones (like Nokia 6233) are built more for entertainment and therefore have only one camera. Here are just some aspects you need to consider before for a 3G-enabled phone: 1. “ 3G works on a totally different frequency . video downloads & other similar multimedia rich services do hog a lot of space on the phone. 3G mobile phones offer new features such as video conferencing. so a thorough checkup of the speakers/earphones is recommended. 4. video calls and enhanced web browsing capabilities.

Note that UMTS and WCDMA are often used as synonyms.1GHz.p990i Motorola motorazv3c (from TaTa Indicom) iMate JasJar Samsung i600 Future of 3G Technology (Survey by bbc news) The study said the combination of still and video cameras on modern phones. • Bigger mobile phones (due to increased power consumption. w950i. . batteries need to be larger. 6233. • Access to corporate applications. z610i. • Email with full-fledged attachments such as PowerPoint files. which is WCDMA operating at 2. • Instant messaging with video / audio clips. WCDMA. · Social gatekeepers: Fulcrum of a social network and use 3G mobiles to keep friends up to date Piratopians: Creative outsiders who use 3G phones to make short films and other broadcasts High Street hedonists: Use phones to show off new purchases. take pictures of items or asked for instant opinions from a dressing room (hedonist means people who just roam on roads for shopping in order to look always trendy by buying latest fashion). Europe. • 128 Kbits/second for fast moving devices. • Fast downloads of large files such as faxes and PowerPoint files. most of the world’s wireless operators have chosen to use UMTS · · DISADVANTAGES • High costs (the technology and the maintenance are more expensive than the ones in 2G networks. In the USA and other parts of Americas. such as handsets in moving vehicles.” it said. n series. • Multimedia services with streaming audio and video. CURRENT PHONES IN THE MARKET • • • • · Nokia 6280. and TD-SCDMA and on TDMA are FDMA/TDMA and TDMA-SC (EDGE). “Bloggers. Japan. WCDMA will have to use another part of the radio spectrum. and Asia have agreed upon a 3G standard called the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS). such as a handset carried by a walking user. Surbhi Nagpal (05-IT-554) AVAILABLE 3G STANDARDS Standards based on CDMA are CDMA2000.D OSSIER Department of Computer Science & Information Technology / 41 • 384 Kbits/second for slowly moving devices. Main Characteristics Of 3G Technology • IP connectivity. film-makers and clubbers all benefit from 3G phones. The report’s authors dubbed the new generation of mobile phone users Generation C. e series Sony Ericsson m600i. can inspire a generation of users. and the advent of high speed data transfer. which is packet based. reflecting in higher end-consumer prices) • Base stations need to be closer to each other (again more cost). Incidentally. with C meaning content. which makes the whole devices look not very appealing to consumers used to small & slim 2G terminals) .