1. Mary is blessed among all women because she is the 'virgin of silence'. 2. The help of Mary is necessary for the conservation of grace and necessary for conversion.- St. Alphonsus 3. To be pleasing to Mary, the smallest thing suffices, as long as one is faithful to it. 4. He who neglects Mary will die in his sins.- St. Bonaventure 5. Whoever desires the fruit must go to the tree; whoever desires Jesus must go to Mary; and whoever finds Mary will most certainly find Jesus.- St. Alphonsus Liguori 6. God through his eternal years looked at all the women from the beginning to the end of the world and chose Mary to be his mother.- Ven. Fulton John Sheen 7. The Body of the Lord to the hungry and the Blood of the Lord to the thirsty. Like Abraham our father in faith, who stood at the opening of the Old Testament, Mary, a woman of faith, stands at the opening of the New Testament, awaiting the unfolding of the Eucharistic Mystery. Mary was the first ciborium, the first tabernacle. 8. Christ, took flesh from the flesh of Mary. In this flesh, he walked on earth and He gives us the same flesh as the food of salvation.- St. Augustine 9. Christ is the bread that was sowed in the Virgin, leavened in Her flesh, kneaded in the passion, baked in the oven of the sepulchre , kept in the churches, taken to the altars and given to the faithful, as Heavenly food. - Peter Chrysologus 10. It is only through her that we can penetrate into the 'marrow of the Eucharist'. - St. Bonaventure 11. The mother of God is the ladder of Heaven. God came down to earth by this ladder, that men might by Mary climb up to Him in Heaven. - St. Fulgentius 12. If you wish to present something to God, no matter how small it may be, place it in Mary's hands if you don't wish to be refused. - St. Louis De Montfort 13. When Mary is praised, when she is loved and honoured, when she is presented with anything, God is praised , God is honoured and God is loved, and through Mary and in Mary God receives the gift. 14. The world was unworthy to receive the Son of God directly from the hands of the Father, so He gave Him to Mary that the world might receive Him through Her.- St. Augustine

15. To have devotion to you, O Blessed Virgin is an arm of salvation which God gives to those whom He wishes to save. - St, John Damascene 16. The Hail Mary is the dew from Heaven that brings fertility to the soul, it is the chaste and loving kiss we give to Mary, the crimson rose we present Her, the precious pearl we offer Her, the cup of ambrosia, of divine nectar, that we give Her. 17. Adam from the virgin earth, Christ from a virgin. - St. Ambrose 18. At the Annunciation the Virgin was asked to give her consent in the name of the whole human race. - St. Thomas Aquinas 19. But when the little maid of Nazareth uttered her fiat to the message of the angel....she became not only the Mother of God in the physical order of nature; but also in the supernatural order of grace she became the mother of all, who ... would be made one under the headship of her divine Son. The Mother of the Head would be the mother of the members, the child is not found without Mary His Mother. - St. Pius 20. The Mother of the vine, the mother of the branches.- Pius XII 21. True devotion to Christ demands true devotion to Mary. - St. Pius 22. The nearer a thing approaches to its principle the more does it partake of the effect of that principle. But Christ is the principle of grace, and Mary is nearest to Him, since He received from Her His Human nature. Hence she ought to receive from Christ a greater fullness of grace than anyone else. - St. Thomas Aquinas 23.